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Archives: June 26, 2018

Internal letter: 'Amazon is implicated' in separating migrant children, employees say

Replay Lincoln Park bar bans MAGA hats! Way to go Chicago!

Recent 2018 Texas statewide election poll

Trump tweet storm: "Why is Senator Mark Warner (D-VA), perhaps in a near drunken state..."

Dow closed at -328.09 today

Top Dem: 'Buckle up' for 'wild' months ahead in Mueller probe

Speaking Of Baseball

China bans recycling from the USA-garbage bills to soar!

Anyone on an oxygen concentrator?

Biggest single week jump in disapproval for Trump

Trump rally - Trump confuses Appalachian Trail - calls it the Tallahassee trail

SHS's appeal for political correctness is so tender and touching.

Hot Cracks and Addressing Questions in the Origin of Life.

A tweet like this one enlightens a day. Be blessed Sir.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders and the Question of 'Tolerance'

Is there a national tipping point? Do you have one?

Maxine Waters coming up on Chris Hayes

Rep Maxine Waters Is On Chris Hayes Next

Let Me Get This Straight: 'Conservatives' Are Not Upset Over Screaming Toddlers Being Torn Away

Red Hen owner had turned away another Republican a few years ago

Here's what to tell Mitch McConnell if he wants to be seated in your restaurant:

Chief Inspector Murphy licks a suspect

Sam Waterston "Why I'm Fighting To Protect Mueller"

#1MillionVeteransMarch Share please, it's worthy

Michael Avenatti to be guest of Rachel Maddow tonight.

'You're a villian': Watch protesters corner Stephen Miller at his home

Friday the 13th...

The lies never stop

Who knew? Who knew that the TPP would be great for keeping US jobs in the US?

Every time I hear Trump talk about

On Civility: Not Ready To Make Nice

#1MillionVeteransMarch Share please, it's worthy

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Not Spiders! Bob Kincaid Subs

Wait wait Mueller has Eric Prince's phone and computer

Stone's Conduit to Assange Will Likely Be Subpoenaed

The Harley Davidson Fiasco Proves How Unbelievably Stupid Trump's Trad Policy Really Is.

2018 US House Election- Democrats guide to 218.

When you fuck with people's lives, you should not be surprised when theyb decide to fuck with yours.

Democrats Want to Be the Health Care Party

My new, upscale restaurant in Washington, D.C. is opening soon.

Separating kids from their parents for the purpose of raising the kids in a different culture

Is actor underwear model Antonio Sabato in the Mafia?

"I don't Care" or "Me Ne Frego" was Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia's favorite gesture

Needed: Cooking school in DC ..for Misunderstood Republicans

RAchel: video from inside kid facility; Avenatti on now; he's representing employee who shot video

Anyone watching TRMS?

Trump stacks key renewable energy office with former Koch officials

Rachel Maddow: "They're threatening children"

Maxine Waters reads list of times Trump has called for violence

Trump says he's 'surprised' by Harley-Davidson moving some production overseas

Trump did this to these children to play to his base.

Occupy the mindset. Here we go..

Anthrax confirmed in South Dakota cattle herd

List the diversions you employ to live through the Trump years

DNA evidence leads to DJ's arrest in teacher's 1992 killing

H.W. Bush and Big Dog(s)

"She's very smart. How smart is that? How smart is she? How smart. How smart."

well ,,,,, Anthrax - Indians

woman berates landscaper and his mother as 'drug dealers, rapists and animals'

Constitutional Problem With Call to Deport Immigrants Without Judges

Way to go, Britbox! What a screw up.

Collingwood restaurant mistakenly targeted

Why, YES...he DID get the crowd in South Carolina to chant "lock her up."

Jurors begin deliberations in cold-case racial murder trial

Tweet of the night:


Hoisted by his petard..not that he would ever understand what that means

African flamingo escaped from Kansas zoo in 2005 spotted in Texas

So true tweet:

Kansas high court again orders state to boost school funding

I'm Calling For a Million Propaganda Minister March on Washington in Support of Sarah Sanders (F/SC)

OMG! A Handmaid's Tale Quote on the wall of the

Fuck Civility

Avenatti: 'What Mr. Trump and Mr. Miller's immigration policy really looks like'

Anti-government Sen. Rand Paul files civil suit against his neighbor

*Attorney Peter Schey coming up on Laurence show.

Ted Lieu: "This is your monthly reminder that North Korea has NOT..."

Zinnia tarted up a bit, and two Japanese Beetles making mad love on my Basil.

lady and gentlemen , Shake It Out.

That had better not be splashing I hear in there ....

Is anybody watching Don Lemon?

Stranded fox rescued from iceberg by fishermen who fed him Vienna sausages

So who may Refuse Services: A poll

ALL ABOUT TRUMP ::: Then they came for me ... ...

Power line put in Thai cave to help search for missing boys

DAMN IT, Haberman is STILL arguing over the use of the word "LIE" when reporting on Trump

This is explosive: From Sept, 2017 and today (put them together).

AP PHOTOS: Incan festival pays homage to sun across Andes

DJT and his calls for violence

Five North Korean Conventional Military Proposals: Does it Hurt to Ask?

"The woman, who speaks in Spanish, warns that talking to the press could put their case in limbo."

Our constitution is too impotent against these monsters.

Loud orgies of Mexican fish could deafen dolphins, say scientists

Being in full uniform while performing a vegetation inspection: While black

Nazis in action

Go back.

US Judge Throws Out Climate Change Lawsuits Against Big Oil

Not today, Satan

Civility? CNN's Jim Acosta was heckled while covering a campaign rally with President Donald Trump

Santorum: Gay guy buying donut is OK. baker using artistry to MAKE donut supporting gay guy IS NOT

Crosspost from breaking news - US Judge Throws Out Climate Change Lawsuits Against Big Oil

From those on the single highest & largest soapbox tonight (CNN+ other TV news) to the rest of us:

Call Donald Trump the ultimate two faced politician that he is

Tonight I Will Go To Bed Without Sending SHS My Thoughts and Prayers

Am I the only one who HATES potlucks?

Go Cry Me A River, Bryan Fischer.

Baker Who Refused To Serve Biden Featured At A Ryan Campaign Rally in 2012

Donald Trump Calls Stephen Colbert A 'LowLife,' Jimmy Fallon a 'Lost Soul' During Fiery S.C. Rally

Lost my SIL today.

Lackawanna mayor wants 'ugliest building on planet Earth' torn down

I'm curious about where the Sanders Party went after the Red Hen

Cuomo gains CSEA endorsement after 2014 snub

The Daily Show: White House Officials Get Left-Swiped, Trump's Starburst Tantrum

'Pablo Escobar's former hitman financed Duque coalition congress campaign'

'Pablo Escobar's former hitman financed Duque coalition congress campaign'

Psychologists, please pitch in - how is it that chronic hostile and mean people don't

Seth Meyers - Trump Goes to Nevada Amid Migrant Detention Crisis: A Closer Look

I am wondering what I can do to help the Dems retake the house in November...

Here is what's funny. The most mean and vicious

Civility my ass

We Have Met The New Double Standard On Civility. GOP/Trump Can Trash Anyone. No ONe Else Can.

Quote of the day...Sitting Bull...6-26-2018

Meet Putin's top influencers behind Russia's election attack on America.

Does it cost 200+ percent more for dairy products in Canada?

This is not how it began. This is already several stages along the way.

What Do We Want From White People?

Dear Don Trump, Be A Racist Prick On Your Own Time..

I Stand With Maxine

Eric Burdon & War - Spill The Wine (VIDEO)

Word matters. So is Donald Trump a Nazi?

Doc's method of keeping babies from fearing shots.

DOJ rebuffs Nunes request for more info on Russia case informants

The tenderhearted woman A lesson for those who preach civility

If the Pope Asked to See the Kids and Babies , Would they Let Him ?

Trump Lawyer's Firm Knocked From Top 100 Prestige List

For the first time in my political life I am getting scared. The trump supporters I deal with on

Whitehouse counsel Don McGahn

Gergen: The Civil Rights and anti-Vietnam War movements were more civil

Bruch: "Adagio with a Celtic Motif" for violin & orchestra/2 from Wm. Grant Still: Lyric Quartette,

Our country is being lost to fascist authoritarianism

Cardinal Rule: Female Birds Sing Too

Got my critter cam working.

A galactic test will clarify the existence of dark matter

The James Webb Space Telescope will bring us closer to a galaxy far, far away

The Milky Way Has Swallowed A Dozen Galaxies, And It's Eating A New One Right Now

An Asteroid Exploded Over Russia This Week And We Didn't See It Coming... Again

Woman learned from Trump... calls Hispanic landscaper "Rapist" and "drug dealer"

Climate change devastated homes of ancient Scots, new research finds

We're About to Experience The Longest Lunar Eclipse in This Century

Orthodox-Kedrov: "The Lord's Prayer" in Slavonic & English/Karbanos: "Holy Martyr St. Sophia"/

Trump tells supporters: Uproar over immigration debate is "fine for us"

A great blow to this Trump racist, nazi-esque bull shit...

I have just completed my first week at my new job and I hate it.

If You Want To Give A Donation In Donald's Name. . .

Orthodox Christian chant: "Psalm 102 (103)", Mt. Athos

Guess what's making headlines in Europe this morning?

Canned Heat - Let's Work Together (VIDEO)

Shakespeare speaking of trumpsters and their treatment of separated families.

Billy Elliot 'gay propaganda' row exposes purge in Hungary

Trump appointee overseeing migrant complaints left previous job over 'stress'

This - Interlude - That

Sweet dreams, y'all... Mercadante: "Flute Concerto in D major", Eng. Chamb. Orch., Rampal on flute

Other top stories this morning in Europe... Trump's hair !

Trump, Fallon feud heats up as president and host trade jabs

Congressional intern who shouted 'f-k you' at Trump identified

Spain's Stolen Babies: Doctor Faces Court Over Franco-Era Abductions

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 6/25/18


Hawley, who slammed McCaskill for raising money in California, raises money in California

Macron au Vatican : operation reconquete

As Activists Confront Trump Officials, Democrats Confront Democrats

In Miami Beach, more than $6 billion worth of real estate could be wiped out by 2045

Why Does Trump Keep Insisting Melania didn't get Plastic Surgery ?

Can Sports Betting Do for Atlantic City What Donald Trump Couldn't?

Violating the emoluments clause: that alone would have had Obama impeached.

Why petroleum jelly may not be the best thing to heal cuts

A.A. Firefighters are verboten in Trump's AmeriKKKa: Police are called to verify Firefighter I.D.

RemoveDebris: Mission to clear a huge mess above Earth

Texas robbers scald boy in bathtub to make his dad hand over valuables

Brilliant..."Deteriorata" - National Lampoon by Christopher Guest

This Army Hero Fought Off 600 Nazis Virtually Alone. Now He's Getting The Medal Of Honor

For those who say calling actual nazi's nazi's is not ''useful'' for civil discourse....THIS

Dallas-based investor sues NPR for $57M for pointing to him as source of Seth Rich story retracted

The President of the United States is stark

Former 'First Lady of Aggieland,' Reveille VIII, dies at age 12

NYT Opinion: We Have a Crisis of Democracy, Not Manners by Michelle Goldberg

"The enemy of the people," Trump says pointing at the free press at the back of the room.

Pompeo accidently admits that Trump's "historic" NK-summit has no goalposts and no timeline.

Bernie Sanders: Wage theft is an essential part of the business model of many large corporations.

Rachel Maddow: Unaccompanied children are cautioned not to speak to reporters about their situation

How to make a profit from Trump-supporters, as a liberal.

'You're a villain': Protesters corner Stephen Miller at his home

The Many Moods Of Beloved DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen...a photo essay.

Austin's paid sick leave ordinance draws criticism during court hearing

Tuesday TOONs - HuckaBS does not get top spot (and then BOOM!) Edition

Local officials in Venezuela will start offering houses to non-Chavistas

Cancelling Brexit might spark a hard right backlash. But delivering Brexit definitely will

Occupy Protests Freeze ICE Operations From Oregon to Manhattan

Here's your due process..

It just hit me why the GOP (for DT) is demanding to see the FBI files on the Mueller investigation.

More migrant children separated from their families arrive tonight at LGA on a United Airlines...

Detention Camps on Military Bases 'Smacks of Totalitarianism,' Troops Say

Page from Cuban playbook: Venezuela government starts deep blocking of internet news

For Sarah Sanders and Her Lot, Shame Trumps Civility

Wow, was Steve Schmidt taking Trump apart on Morning Joe! + Raw Story article / VIDEO

"...Meantime, Trump has been calling Kim Jong Un, "Chairman Kim"..."

Mueller Poised to Zero In on Collusion Allegations

Really Mika & Joe!

Eugene Robinson: You can smell Trump's fear

Representative Curbelo is on MSNBC and he is making me want to throw up.

Morning Joe just brought up the Red Letters in the Bible.

I just listened to talking heads on CNN

Mueller Poised to Zero in on Trump-Russia Collusion Allegations

Trump: Harley-Davidson "just using Tariffs/Trade War as an excuse"


Trump on Tariffs: "In the end it will all even out...and it won't take very long!"

Secret Prisons on American Soil, with Children, No Less. What Have We Become?

The Rundown: June 25, 2018

-No Shoes, -No Shirt, -No Rudimentary Human Decency, No Service.

Trump warns Harley-Davidson of 'big tax' for shifting some production abroad

Hey tRump, you sowed the wind...guess what dumbass..

An atheist answering apologetics questions:

National Enquirer Boss Is Building a Gossip Empire to Do Trump's Bidding

The first layoffs from Trump's tariffs are here

Carlos Curbello thinks the kids are giddy with joy

Michael Cohen's lawyers seek to withhold 12,000 files from prosecutors

If you blame the GOP for rising health-insurance premiums, make sure to quote Trump:

Trump Starting To Sour On Sanders, Plans To 'Grade' Her Press Briefings

Republicans Really Just Oppose All Immigration

Jimmy Fallon: "Donald, I don't know if you've seen my ratings the past 2 years, but you didn't help"

According to the Greenville News trump actually said this at his rally last night....

Fallon to Trump: 'You're the president! Why are you tweeting at me?'

White Woman Echoes Trump in Anti-Mexican Rant Against California Construction Worker (WATCH)

Trump's Legislative Agenda Is Over

ACLU of OR won temporary restraining order to allow immigrant detainees access to lawyers

The Twit tweets: A Harley-Davidson should never be built in another country-never!

and so it begins the state of no net neutrality........

now there is amerika

Capitol Hill Intern Who Shouted 'F*ck You' at Trump Is Suspended

Harley-Davidson develops bone spurs

Sarah Huckabee couldn't have a peaceful dinner with her family

Maryland voter registration snafu affects 80,000, four times as many as initially announced

Trump, today: Attacking iconic American company. Tomorrow: Fuming about apple pie.

One order of gaslighting, coming right up...

Donald Trump lectures Democrats on civility !

My fear...

Say it louder for the people in the back.....MELANIA TRUMP was a birther....

Trump cultists attack The Olde Red Hen--a Canadian restaurant.

We Have a Crisis of Democracy, Not Manners

Trump Praises David Lynch, Rips Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert, and Jimmy Kimmel at Extra-Nuts Rally

A Splendid Example Of Conservatives' Abhorrent Sanctimonious Duplicity

Just so everybody is clear:

Any suggestions for the best ad-blocker?? Thanks

Texas Democrat's viral video could be trouble for Tea Party Republican in deep red Texas

Steve Schmidt hammers 'imbecilic' Trump for undoing American democracy with a 'blizzard of lies'

In Media-Land, 'Civility' Is Always A One-Way Street

Morning Joe pounds Republicans for standing by as 'jackal' Trump wrecks the economy

trump at rally last night...'Get your Asses out and vote'

Does Trump really have a 90% approval among GOP?

London Underground Tube drivers to strike during

CNN analyst pummels Trump for getting in 'celebrity slap fights' while kids are in cages

Anybody see the dame on MOJO saying we got to get back to the 1950s??

Spider Chip Cookies 🕷🍪😋

Honest question, not judging: How many people thought Trump would change or soften...

Kanye: I Felt 'Castrated,' Forced Into 'Arranged Marriage' To Support Hillary

Here's How the Media's 'Civility' Game Helps Trump

Nothing says freedom like jailing little Hispanic kids.

Trump: "The face of the Democrats is now Maxine Waters"

House GOPers Ask Rosenstein For List Of People Working For Mueller

Civil or uncivil isn't the point. It's what will help us win in November

Trump: Harley-Davidson's Decision To Manufacture Overseas Isn't My Fault

Modified polio vaccine helps fight deadly brain tumors

'Hold in your belly . . . legs together': Chinese college teaches female students to be 'perfect'

When will we see a trump lovin' hog rider

Trump Falls for Kim Jong Un's Latest Bait and Switch

Trump Calls for Deportations Without Judges or Trials (Unconstitutional)

Fox Interview Off Rails As Republican Calls Black Man "Cotton-Picking"

Steve Schmidt responds to Rep. Carlos Curbelo's (R-FL) praise of Trump's "uplifting" baby jails

Any predictions for the Dow today?


Today's conservatives do things BECAUSE of the perceived shock value

The conservative political machine runs on outrage

I am no longer angry at my brother who supports Trump.

18 minute "unboxing" video of Guns N' Roses $999.99 "Appetite For Destruction" box set

Ryan, Brown, decry GM plans for Mexican expansion as 1200 are laid off in Lordstown

Trump lashes out at Harley-Davidson, Maxine, Nancy, and Hillary

Kind of a weird place for a potential Atlantic tropical storm to form

So Trump is going after an iconic American Brand like Harley Davidson

Further plunge into civil rights nightmare for America: Leaked audio footage of employee at child...

As His Numbers Drop, Trump Says Polls Should Be 'Illegal'

Speaking of Potlucks, what is your go-to dish?

There Is No Biological Difference Between Male And Female Brains

Republicans press ahead with narrow fix to migrant crisis created by Trump

Trump quotes Andrew Napolitano's "most profound question of our era"

People Questioned, Filmed And Called The Police On Black Oakland Firefighter

We can either have civility or civil rights. We can no longer have both.

Middle of the Road

Are Democrats too consumed with taking down Trump? Many Democrats worry they are.

The New Tax Form Is Postcard-Size, but More Complicated Than Ever

Jack Daniel's price to jump 10% thanks to Trump's trade war, whiskey maker warns

trump now using CATCH AND RELEASE at border...remember how evil that was when Obama did it?

Melania Trump Is Just a Typical ***** Woman

IOWA @GOP: 'We're riding a tiger': The Iowa GOP bets it all on Trump

After on-air racial slur, top DeSantis fundraiser reportedly suspended from Fox News

Trump warns Harley-Davidson of 'big tax' for shifting some production abroad

Trump SINGS About Eliminating Due Process For Immigrants

Texas Tech frat leader steps down after he suggested hunting border crossers for sport

'The Best Recruiter Out There Is Our Commander In Chief'

The Rude Pundit: In 2010, Republicans Won Because of Incivility and Anger


Macaulay Culkin funny tweet : We should have voted for John Candy...

Paul Ryan once held a rally for the baker who refused to serve Biden, where was civility then?

The 'civility' debate isn't about language, it's about power

"When they go low..."

A poll commissioned by Bush and Biden shows Americans losing confidence in democracy

Steve Schmidt: It's A 'Blizzard Of Lies' That's Tough To Stop

Trump threatens Harley-Davidson with taxes 'like never before' and predicts its eventual collapse


Belated anniversary: June 25, 1956: the last Packard rolls off the assembly line.

Intern Who Yelled 'F**k You' As Trump Walked Through Capitol Suspended

Rare performance: Moody Blues singing "Across the Universe" in Tribute to John Lennon 1990

Supreme Court voids part of crisis pregnancy center law

Trump sends us down a rabbit hole of white supremacy - By Dana Milbank

Messing about on the river

Breaking: 3rd Version of Bone Spurs' Travel Ban Upheld 5-4

New tool for voter registration in Texas

Trump Travel Ban Upheld by SCOTUS 5-4

Pompeo: Border Crisis Will Not Tarnish US Reputation As 'Beacon Of Hope'

UPDATE: Supreme Court upholds Trump travel ban

Well, that's not good?

If Trump Can Screw Up The Healthy Economy He Was Given....

Justices Back Pregnancy Centers That Oppose Abortion, in Free Speech Case

Michelle Wolf nails it

lordy lordy Judge Andrew Napolitano has gone off the walls

Beto O'Rourke within 5 points of Ted Cruz in UT/Texas Tribune poll

Voter registration and intimidation.

SCOTUS appears to overrule Korematsu, the decision that upheld the internment of Japanese American

Let this sink in...

Pic Of The Moment: So Let Me Get This Straight

I thought I loved books


If you are a person of color, "Presumption of Innocence" does not apply today.

Another day and another broken heart wondering how this country has become so disgusting.

It occurred to me that Trump has been silent on the Senate race in AZ.

Tweet of the Day

Colbert should be good tonight - Trump called him a lowlife last night

A country without the Rule of Law

Trump laying the groundwork to accuse Democrats of stealing election in November.

Trump began his presidency with a racist ban on Muslim immigration. It morphed into bad policy

Church pastor booked into Porter County Jail for failure to report sexual misconduct

Trump's VA pick, a longtime aide to polarizing politicians, has defended extreme views

America is now officially off my list of places to visit for the duration

Economic Collapse Confirmed! $70 Trillion Dollar Dark Cloud Of Debt - Stock Market Crash 2018

These faces come to mind as I consider today's Supreme Court decision:

Joy Reid: Muslim ban; Separating migrant parents and children, even babies; Planned internment camps

The SCOTUS headline should read

The Supreme Court Devastates Antitrust Law


On trial for his part in taking thousands of children from "undesirable" parents

20+ Hilarious Dog Snapchats That Are Impawsible Not To Laugh At

Clips of Sarah always treating people respectfully

Vintage Matchbox-Style Artworks of Cats Making Questionable Decisions

Sessions "had a big smile on his face" when SCOTUS decision was announced

On civility vs. dictatorship

The founding fathers could never have envisioned this

Pretty soon, immigration laws and travel bans will be a moot point

What was Mona Charon babbling about on MJ today?

The terror of parent/child separation

Christian Aid calls on new President of Colombia to implement peace agreement

Dan Rather writes Facebook post on "President Trump and civility"

(Jewish Group) Jokes for Jews

Wisconsin Ave shutdown in #Georgetown right now as FF battle fire at Wingo's

Highly literate Republican Party of Virginia has a message for "Red Hen and it's liberal supporters"

'This fascist govt is not valid': Internet erupts in rage after 'stolen' court upholds Muslim ban

Feb. 2, 2017 Trump meets with Harley-Davidson CEO @ White House

Violent Muslim: KILL THEM ALL! Violent black man: CRACKDOWN! Violent white man: Meh. Move along.

I have fucking had it....Children in cages, the Muslim ban, dotard being hateful but not us

McConnell & Gorsuch victory lap photo: "You were worth every penny."

In Colombia, it's dangerous to be left wing


We need help from the world

They're reframing the debate on us...again.

Separating children for nefarious reasons has happened before.

The fucking Russian Judge.

WE are a SIck Nation,,,,,,

Shaquille O'Neal makes endorsement in Florida governor's race

Media Fraud: For WaPo, Subsidizing Bus Fare Is a Lot Like Giving the Rich $5 Trillion

PSA: hidden cameras!

Donald Trump Is Responsible For Premium Increases - No Narrative Change Allowed

Toys "R" Us employees seek severance from private equity

Note to Anthony KENNEDY: The only worse damage left to do is to retire

Fearing Deportation, Immigrant Parents Are Opting Out Of Health Benefits For Kids

Migrant kids could end up in already strained foster system

Migrant kids could end up in already strained foster system

Separated mother and child removed from Brown v. Board mural

The courts are not going to save us from Donald Trump

Sadly! I used to be a proud citizen of this once great nation.

Trump: "I chided" Harley-Davidson during WH visit, "won't sell to US without paying big tax!"

McConnell is a fraud

Trump's GOP is looking to deeply cut food stamps -- hitting his voters hard

I've heard of Mona Charen...

Protesting racists and liars is not equivalent to being a racist and liar.

Congressional intern suspended after yelling obscenity at President Trump at the Capitol

3 young progressives look to topple longtime incumbents in New York's Tuesday primaries

I unfriended my right wing facebook friends this morning. I am tired of seeing their ignorant shit

Recipe help, please.

What a great morning!

Help I am being repressed

Mother Feeding, father eating

Today is Primary Day in the following states...................please vote

The thing that I find the most striking with the Conservative SCOTUS judges is. . .

Popehat on the NIFLA and travel ban decisions:

If a tRump indictment goes to the SCOTUS

**Great News - Virginia 10th District - Weston 50 Comstock 41**

I am 72 and god I hope you young people

Democrat's viral campaign video could be trouble for tea party Republican in deep-red Texas

I'm just done. I'm so depressed by the rising fascism. How can

Largest US nail manufacturer 'on the brink of extinction' because of the steel tariffs

Netanyahu accuses Israeli broadcaster of 'Bolshevik propaganda' against his family

Trump threatens Harley-Davidson with taxes

So I just read the whole Muslim ban decision

US debt explodes under Trump and the GOP's leadership!

Spokesholes That Creep You Out?

Pathetic, has-been actor, James Woods, threatens liberals.

Trump figures he has three kinds of supporters...

Veteran sets himself on fire

Priest who slapped baby at baptism is suspended.

Stephen Colbert: Without Due Process, 'We're All Undocumented Immigrants'

Sanders Statement on Muslim Ban Ruling

Ruddy's 1930's General Store Museum - Desert Views Road Trip Part 4

Trump just started his round-table bullshit where everyone kisses his ass and CNN cut away....

Senate Passes Sanders Amendment to Fund Williston Solar Regional Testing Center

Veteran sets himself on fire

Disgruntled veteran sets himself on fire outside Georgia Capitol, GSP says

Mayor and his husband had a bloody brawl -- over who was drunker ...

With this Supreme Court ruling, America can celebrate our government's embrace of Racism.....

"Peckerwood Royalty"

Do You Think The Minority SCOTUS Judges Are Frustrated?.....

Painter - Smith debate?

Republican tax law hits churches

**More Good News VA SENATE- Kaine 54% Stewart 36%**

Trump wants to ignore the Constitution. Due process is just bullshit to him.

This is my 9,502 post. After 15 years, I'm on my way to 10,000.

All the assholes who exercised their right...

Today is the Anniversary Of Obergefell, Windsor, And Lawrence Rulings For LGBT Civil Rights

Stoneman Douglas school guard had sexually harassed massacre victim, family says

What do you think?

I just love how the orange piece just throws numbers around.....

If you Netflix, please watch Hannah Gadsby's "Nannette."

"Mueller, Don't Be Late" Sandy and Richard Riccardi

The only travel that should be banned is Gorsuch's UNCONSTITUTIONAL trajectory to the Supreme Court

"Witch Hunt" Sandy and Richard Riccardi

Union teachers join union nurses in striking in Venezuela.

Reuters: Ukraine says Russian hackers preparing for massive strike.

He has turned us from a country of Hope to a time of increasingly desperate hopelessness

Uh, uh - Mall of America will be dethroned as the "largest mall"

Hey media, call it what the 'president' called it. A Muslim Ban.

Was Congressman Scalise shot in the head?

"Democracy's Failing Today (PARODY on "Not Getting Married Today")" Sandy Ricahrd Riccardi

If there was a Republican that we need?

The Supreme Court upheld Japanese internment too.

Engadget: Domestic Abusers Are Exploiting Smart Home Devices

What would it take to change Supreme Court tenure to 10 years?

For those of you feeling defeated today - Bob Marley This is war- Get up Stand Up

The Supreme Court is aiding and abetting The Creature

I'm just about at the end of my rope

"Disrespectful" Sandy and Richard Riccardi

Experts say U.S. among 10 most dangerous nations for women

Apparently the tRump administration is telling its staffers to arm themselves in light of Sara

The Roberts Court is on track to overtake the Taney Court

Kinks to reunite. Really.

CRAZY CUOMO interview with drumpf supporter Antonio Sabato

The amazing return of the starfish: species triumphs over melting disease

NY Times article from 1934 asking for civility.

The US is in an awful place, caught between FEAR and GREED, enabled by APATHY

GHW Bush is supporting Houston's bid for 2020 DNC convention

Dan Rather 6/26

Visited Mom (87) in the nursing home today..She asks me "How did this guy get elected, Jody?"

This is for a laugh on this heavy news day.

Women Deserve Better from Walgreens--and Their Lawmakers

Women Deserve Better from Walgreens--and Their Lawmakers

Women Deserve Better from Walgreens--and Their Lawmakers

Women Deserve Better from Walgreens--and Their Lawmakers

Judge: Agency failed to justify Idaho wildlife killing plans

Women Protested Iran's Stadium Ban During the World Cup

And just when I thought I couldn't love Michael Avenatti more...this:

Women Protested Iran's Stadium Ban During the World Cup

Ex-Pilot Flying J president apologizes for racial slurs

GMO Grass is Creeping Across Oregon

republicans were not heroes in the 30s for blocking Roosevelts attempt to stack the supreme court

So how soon will it be until they finally enact The Purge?

Military members respond to Trump's plan to create a "kiddy Gitmo". Excellent article.

Jacinda Ardern's (Prime Minister, New Zealand) Maternity Leave is a Milestone

Jacinda Ardern's (Prime Minister, New Zealand)Maternity Leave is a Milestone

Automakers to Trump: Higher prices on vehicles from tariffs will cancel out tax cuts

DU POLL: My worst fear is Trump is being normalized, the boiling frog and Stockholm syndrome. And

When I argued in 2016 if for no other reason to vote for the Democratic nominee was the Supreme

Iran economic protests shut Tehran's Grand Bazaar

Are there protests scheduled this weekend? How to find?

Some pertinent info re refugees, global warming (goodbye FL) etc

Sheshe2's post about white people saying white people without saying white people

Babies are in

PHOTOS: Saudi Women Start Driving, But Activists Remain Jailed

PHOTOS: Saudi Women Start Driving, But Activists Remain Jailed

Remembering when a baker turned away Joe Biden and received praise from conservatives

Laura Ingalls Wilder's name stripped from children's literary award

Whatever happened to "Be Best"?

David Lynch responds to Trump being excited by his taken out of context comment...

Reminder: Medical Marijuana vote today in OK.

Post a line from a TV show and see if anyone can guess what show it's from without using Google

It's racism

Bid to repeal legal marijuana law dies in Maine Senate

Immigration Attorney Says ICE Broke Her Foot, Locked Her Up

Anyone have Rachel's quote from

18 AGs just filed suit to stop Trump's family separation policy.

Mexican local candidate killed along with others in ambush

A Japanese Probe Is Closing in on an Asteroid 180 Million Miles from Earth

Mexican local candidate killed along with others in ambush

Here is a suggestion or hope for the activists living in Washington. Troll and harass Neil Gorsuch

Jicks Selection Of The Day - Baltimore

U.S. cruises toward record-breaking debt on Trump's watch

Family separations bring call for rare language interpreters

Bikers for Trump head whines about Harley leaving US -- but says he won't pay more to buy American

The Democratic Party needs a Leader now

Biden: European leaders reeling from Trump's hostile behavior

If you think the travel ban decision was bad, wait until Janus tomorrow

Anyone else not feeling particularly celebratory about the 4th this year?

Why Are Mainstream Media Slandering Mexico's Lpez Obrador?

Why Are Mainstream Media Slandering Mexico's Lpez Obrador?

It may be time to split into the Real America and Gilead

Waiting for civility

Trump sees justification to rev up hardline policies

A quote to deploy to both increase understanding across the aisle & defeat Trumpism

Is America Ready to Love Cottage Cheese Again?

I'm thinking about getting ordained and selling Rapture Kits on infomercials! Question is, what

We need a Democratic leader right now!

Trump's North Korea farce is now plain for all to see

Bank Stocks Are On Their Longest Losing Streak Ever

The party of Donald Trump has the gall to complain that someone else is being uncivil

It seems that DT is digging to find people to give medals.

U.S. states sue Trump administration over family separation

(Jewish Group) After banning Jewish flag, Chicago Dyke March displays PLO flags

U.S. states sue Trump administration over family separation

Republican tax law hits churches

David Lynch rebuffs Trump: "If you continue as you have been, you will not have a chance to go down

Sound familiar? Headlines from 1934.

A VERY good day for polling...

The number-crunchers in admin want to move us to a clinic that has gotten NO foot traffic.

Bye-bye baby. Our longtime love, dB, has passed.

Tense exchange between Elaine Chao and people protesting family separations at the border

Maryland voters encounter range of delays, problems at polls in primary election

Brush with micro-fame. The woman mocked and removed from Duluth Trump rally is my friendly barista.

Oh dear: Trump Administration Now Has Fair Housing In Its Sights

U.S. urges judge not to require reuniting of immigrant families

Former U.S. prosecutor leads legal team for migrant children at Villages in Topeka

Rep. Jayapal: How to Protest Trump's Cruel Immigration Policy

Protesters across Dallas-Fort Worth hope rallies against immigrant separation will bring change

Michael Bloomberg Considering 2020 Presidential Run, Sources Tell CBS2

My buddy David lost his ID!

You Can Own the Aston Martin DB5 from 007's GoldenEye

Dime Store Mussolini

Wi-Fi's getting a crucial WPA3 security upgrade, starting today

Jim Carrey: I fixed the cover of time, here's your due process

***Breaking AP: This horrible day just got better! Manafort to stand trial on all charges in VA!****

Advice for those considering joining the military

did dotard tell Rudy to shut up?

Dershowitz the gaslighting "Democrat"

Virginia judge rules against Paul Manafort, will let fraud case continue

Va. Gov. Northam grants paid parental leave (8 weeks) to state employees

I wonder what would happen if instead of asking RW'ers to leave...

You know that racism that was under the surface as has been bubbling up?

"For a good time, call 606-4311. Ask for Ken"... BRILLIANT Parody by Christopher Guest..

What's for Dinner Tues., June 26, 2018

When reading Supreme Court opinions it's important to consider not only who won,

Twitter Thread by Padraig O Mearan


So nothing could be done about McConnell and the SCOTUS hostage ?

can someone tell me how to contact the gentltman from the UN that was here to find out

Battery in fatal Tesla crash in Florida reignited twice: NTSB report

The Russian Pop Star Behind the Trump Tower Meeting Has a New Music Video Trolling America

Migrant Children In Detention Facilities Are 'Not Doing Well' - Velshi & Ruhle

"FUCK YOU!" earns a week "vacation".

Trump changes direction on China investment restrictions

Biden jokes he's 'not looking to live in the White House'

Women over 85 are happier because their partners are dead by then

NBC/Marist - Democrats lead in Arizona, Florida, Ohio senate races

Spanish 16th c. St. George Statue Amateur Restoration, 'Ecce Homo, Monkey Christ' Flub?

'Leave my husband alone': Elaine Chao yells at protestors confronting Mitch McConnell

What should we do first?

WOW! MELANIE is making ANOTHER trip to her husband's kid prisons. #IDontCareAboutMelanieDoU

It's a tough couple days for Chief Inspector Murphy

Does anyone know what this Tom Arnold tweet is about:

Eugene Volokh concisely summarizes today's travel ban decision.

Justice Sotomayor dissents in Trump v. Hawaii. She's mad.

I was so happy today at physical therapy!

Watching the race in Staten Island. I just had a hmm moment

I love Frank Bruni


I hope the displaced trump voting Harley workers keep their chins up

Nelson Leads In Florida

CBO Warns of Ballooning U.S. Debt

Large explosion reported at Texas hospital

Conservative Supreme Court reasoning swings like an old man's flaccid balls

Americans Losing Confidence In Democracy

So, Now You Want Civility?

17 States Sue Trump Over Migrant Family Separation

Trump Hole Covers - Get 'em while they're hot!

Question about trump's stupid travel ban and his "win"

Republicans face outrage at town halls

Trump's Tax-Cut Scam Will Only Deepen Racism and Inequality

Farmers in America are killing themselves in staggering numbers

Trump - Pence "MAGA Committee" fundraising letter: "Sarah Sanders was kicked out of a restaurant"

Good news Nelson +4 in Florida, AZ and OH looking good too

please be civil

Death sentence overturned for Sudanese teen who killed 'rapist' husband

Guilty Pleasure Movie

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 27 June 2018

State trooper flies Confederate flag above his cruiser parked at home

Massive crowdfunded blimp of Trump as a big baby to hopefully fly over London when he visits

North Carolina Republicans renew voter suppression efforts that were struck down by Supreme Court

Rising seas: 'Florida is about to be wiped off the map'

Algeria has expelled more than 13,000 migrants and left them stranded in the Sahara Desert

Seriously are we witnessing the end of the great American expirement?

Winning! So much winning...U.S. cruises toward record-breaking debt on Trump's watch

David Lynch clarifies his Trump "could go down as one of the greatest presidents" remarks

Feds get access to nearly all raid materials later this week.

Supreme Court RULES on lies not constatutionality

Sarah lol

Facebook removes fake pages in Latin America ahead of elections

Cancer in the blood streamMy sister has been cancer free @ 6 mo until today. Its back in her blood

Winning! So much winning, Part Deux: Republican tax law hits churches

The Guardian: 17 state sue Trump admin. over separation of immigrant families.

Now that Harleys are on the outs, which motorcycle will Trump declare as the official MAGA brand?

"Greatest Tweet of all time, period."

Did Trump Threaten Maxine Waters?

MSNBC rolls out clips from the briefing room to destroy Sarah Sanders boast of "being respectful"

...Transportation Sec'y yells at protestors confronting McConnell with Trump's crying migrant kids

Debt projected to reach 78 percent of GDP by the end of 2018, highest level since about 1950.

The heatwave is causing problems in Ireland....

Bloomberg: A decison that will live in infamy.

Milo Yiannopoulos Wants Vigilantes to Begin 'Gunning Journalists Down'

These are wypipo. Any questions?

Program sets up Pa. children with seed money to start saving for college

Steve Schmidt...: Trump is Responsible For the 'Fulfillment of Osama bin Laden's Vision'

The goal was $1500 but they raised much more

Brilliant post on Facebook...

Uber Wins Back License In London But Is Put On Probation

WATCH: Russian Pop Star's Music Video Pays Super Weird Homage to Alleged Trump Golden Showers Tape

I do believe we are in the midst of a "cold civil war"

Maryland voters encounter range of delays, problems at polls in primary election.

It's almost impossible to keep one's civility when children are being abused by our govt.

DOJ: 35 Suspects Arrested in 'Darknet' Drug Sting

Twitter Video: The Trump administration's travel ban was never about keeping America safe.

Today was a national disgrace. The shame will live forever.

Divisive and getting worse

Luckovich-Momma-I dreamed that a Monster took me

Trump wants you to give him $15 b/c people are confronting his top administration officials about...

Federal Judge Launches Meandering Attack On Mueller And Special Counsels

Can someone direct me regarding getting

Mueller: Putin Ally Could Get Info About U.S. Efforts To Stop His Ongoing Crimes

Video shows enraged passenger's outburst on diverted Spirit Airlines flight

Trump to GOP: Dump the filibuster before Schumer does

"The Gift." Excellent but creepy movie.

Republican group plays N. Korea national anthem at event

Senator Warren posts about her Sunday visit to the Texas detention/prison camps

Trump's Trade War Is Hurting Red-State Farmers--and Ripping Their GOP Senators Apart

Texas ex-arson investigator hung a doll with a noose outside his black neighbor's apartment: police

Franklin D. Roosevelt - Inaugural "The Only Thing We Have to Fear is Fear Itself" Speech

Hey patricia, here's a swai recipe for ya.

Jeff Sessions: People on 'the other side' are immigration radicals

Time for a General Strike

Farmers Are Killing Themselves In Staggering Numbers

Trump twittering against Harley Davidson this morning.

David Lynch rebukes Trump: 'You are causing suffering and division'

Sarah Sanders to receive Secret Service protection

Trump's Tariff Problems Are Entirely of His Own Making

Another great tweet on civility:

Ex-Rethug Operative Steve Schmidt: 'The Party of Trump Must Be Obliterated. Annihilated. Destroyed'

Foreigners Unsure Why Anyone Would Want to Travel to U.S. at This Point


Bannon takes victory lap after Trump travel ban win

ISP Disconnects several times a day

Kentucky bourbon warehouse collapse kills fish in waterways, officials say

Down a rabbit hole of white supremacy

Guts. Intestinal fortitude. Grit. Gumption. Backbone. Old fashioned "quaint" terms for

A crisis of democracy, not manners

US VP Mike Pence tells Central Americans: 'Build your lives in your homeland'

I don't give two shits and a popcorn fart what Steve Schmidt has to say about the GOP