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with all happening today

Tweety is pissed over the Supreme Court

Putin and the moron are finally going to talk about russia electing an idiot to be 'president'?

Did You watch any of the hearings Today..

Pro-Trump candidate denied from having fundraiser at Franklin Hills (Detroit) Country Club

Rep. Maxine Waters cancels events after 'very serious death threat'

Planning for Trump's military parade finally getting underway

Steve Irwin has been reincarnated as a killer whale.

The Gazette Shooting..Breaking..

Support for Immigration Has Grown Steadily

Tom Wolf Campaign Webstore Now Open!

EXCLUSIVE Jeff Flake Shopping Around for a Possible Post-Senate Cable News Gig

Jarrod Ramos...shooter ( twitter feed)

"I can tell you this: we are putting out a damn paper tomorrow" (Capital Gazette Editor)

Shooter Jarrod Ramos' appellate decision for defamation lawsuit appeal against the newspaper...

So a week or so ago my TV died, and today I dropped my air conditioner out the window

Trump Hires Sexual Harassment Facilitator Bill Shine as Comms Director

I see they've ruled out terrorism in the Maryland shootings.

Quid pro quo....

Melania and Don respond!

IRS nominee owns property at Trump hotel

Protesters Occupy Senate Office Building --- 6/28/2018

Planning for military parade underway

Tired of subsidizing Alabama? Not happy with letting WY and SD determine the next SCOTUS justice?

Trump trip could cost Police Scotland 5m

UK nervous over unpredictable summit with Putin

Things that piss me off

NBC: Police Name Annapolis Shooting Suspect as Jarrod Ramos

We must remove the blinders

Strange how the police haven't given out the shooter's name yet.

How do you spell "money laundering"?

Kushner family company in lawsuit accuses Jersey City of anti-Trump 'animus'

Shooter's tweet: "Referring to @realDonaldTrump as "unqualified" could end badly"

Amazing article in Slate "The America We Thought We Knew Is Gone"

Drought Monitor 6/26 - Four Corners D3/4 Expanding; California Range & Soil Condition Worsening

"I don't give a fuck about your prayers if that's all there is"

Listen to a distraught Guatemalan child call his mother from a U.S. immigration shelter

Hannity wrong! Shooter is not Maxine Waters!

Migrants transferred to understaffed federal prisons by Trump admin are now getting sick

Young Republicans Want To Do Something About Climate, At Some Point In The Future. Yay.

Three indicted in Travis County tax office fraud investigation

Shitstain Admin Sued By 11 States On HFCs (1,000s X More Potent Than CO2 At Trapping Heat)

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Shine On!

We're the heroes in this story.

I had a chance to speak to the leadership of the American Red Cross tonight...

Two times the American people overruled the Supreme Court

NJ-07: Malinowski Neck-and-Neck With Lance in Internal Poll

Woman sues Waxahachie buffet for $1 million after getting 'fried rice syndrome'

US On Track To Miss Obama-Era Emissions Targets By As Much As Half, Because Of Course We Will

OK, so we have a white male gunman again

MARCH FOR OUR LIVES summer road trip.

UT-04: Mia Love Holds Slim Lead Over Salt Lake County Mayor

U.S. cruises toward record-breaking debt on Trump's watch

Texan who put up phantom cattle as collateral jailed in $5.8 million fraud case

Oman Nails Hottest Overnight Low On Record - 108.7F - On Tuesday June 26th

Why Do We Value Country Folk More Than City People?

NBC to Trump: "Why are you walking away?"

Planning Underway for Trump's Parade

Joe Biden: The rule of law is at risk.

Three GOP Clowns Join Climate "Solutions" Caucus; Last Ice Age Was Ended By Asteroid Strike, You See

Rachel tonight.

News: White House meeting tonight

I understand and respect different member have varied points of views

Caught on video: Squirrel steals doughnut from Alaska cop

Paul Ryan addresses Trump's divisive rhetoric and why our president needs to act in a civil manner

Rachel: Mueller has hired a veteran espionage prosecutor for Manafort's trial

WOW Pic: Sen Duckworth joins women from across the country as they are arrested

Jon Stewart will be on The Late Show tonight, with a message for Trump

Reporters and Americans should be concerned by what happened today in Maryland.

Trump could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and Hannity would blame Maxine Waters for it

"A president under active criminal investigation of whether he won legitimately..."

One of the victims of the Annapolis shooting was Rob Hiaasen

Senator Joe Donnelly's statement after meeting with Trump tonight.

I think the most important question for Americans is

Welcome to Trump's America, where it is now easier for a mentally ill people to purchase a firearm..

Apparently the President of Portugal paid attention

The reason Jim Jordan wears a tie

Freddy Jones Band - In A Daydream

PNAS Study: Hotter Earth Could Cut Vegetable Yields By 35%, Legume Yields By 9%

Jim Jordan.

Twitter Explodes After Homeland Security Headline Appears to Mimic '14-Words' Neo-Nazi Slogan

Annapolis survivor: 'Thanks for your prayers but I couldn't give a f*ck about them'

19 ICE special agents have signed a letter to DHS Secretary Nielsen, calling on her to eliminate ICE

Trump treats politics like a knife fight. Democrats can't pretend it's a garden party.

David Cay Johnston 'It's Worse Than You Think: What the Trump Administration Is Doing to America'

Gerry Rafferty - Baker Street

Joy in for Laurence........

Any lawyers out there?

U2-With Or Without You

In 'Major Step' Toward Making Democratic Party More Democratic, DNC Votes to Roll Back Power of

The shooters tweets

Did tRump ever get a woman pregnant who later had an abortion

Your welcomed. n/t

Anybody ever had thrush? Mine started as laryngitis 4 days after I

Steve Sack

Phil Collins - Against All Odds

California Passes Sweeping Law to Protect Online Privacy

Had Harkin(D-IA),Baucus(D-MT),Johnson(D-SD),and Rockefeller(D-WV) not retired/resigned in 2014,

TCM Schedule for Sunday July 1 2018 - James Dean

Steely Dan - Deacon Blues

Photos and Twitter Video of the reception Melanie received today in Arizona

CNN has some great folks on re the murder of the newspaper people.......

Ok Jarrod Ramos is not the face of his twitter acct. FYI

TCM Schedule for Monday July 2 - 50 States in 50 Movies

Democrats better embrace progressive millennials or get used to losing

Feels So Good - Chuck Mangione [FULL VERSION]

Shut up, Moronia Dump

Rob Rosenstein is Digging In

Rob Rosenstein is Digging In


Maxine Waters says she's faced increased threats, cancels attending 2 events

WOW! Melanie's sending thoughts & prayers too! BE BEST! DO U?

Trump and Putin - A Love Story

Trump and Putin - A Love Story

If you were attacked by a grizzly bear, would you fight him fairly?

Elections Matter: Trump Will Choose New Supreme Court Justice

LOL WINNING: North Korea Upgrading Nuclear Facilities

My first post since the hacking in Nov 2016.

The Rumpeteer Rambo killed Carl Hiaasen's brother

i fear we may need an UNDERGROUND to continue our battle

South Florida's Rob Hiaasen, novelist Carl Hiaasen's brother, killed in newsroom shooting

FL-GOV: Gwen Graham warns that abortion will be illegal in Florida if another Republican wins.

OK-05: Democrats outnumber Republicans in primary.

The Latest: Pence demands more from Central American nations

The Latest: Pence demands more from Central American nations

New Caledonia Crows Have Shown They Can Do Something Never Before Seen In Animals, Besides Us

Long term DUers, do you remember an old thread "my name is..."?

Stunning Video Shows a 'Lava Boat' Carried by Molten Hot Rock in Hawaii

Putin told me he didn't do it

New Study Shows How Truly Earth-Like Two Exoplanets May Be Because Of Axial Tilt

Micheal Moore coming up on Steven Colbert nt

Senior Ice lawyer sentenced to prison for stealing immigrants' identities

Have you seen this cover of Black Dog?

Study leads to new scale of earthquake understanding

Why has Guliani suddenly disppeared from TV?

Climate change sinking Arctic archeological treasures

Cohen encouraged to become 'hero' that saves us from Trump.

Man, I'm in tears after that Jon Stewart rant on Colbert.

2018 US House Election- Republican held seats likely to go Democratic.

The Daily Show: SCOTUS News Devastates Dems But Hasan Minhaj Has Hope

Girl at center of debate over brain death dies, mother says (Jahi McMath)

Happy Sts. Peter and Paul's Day!

US trial over Roundup cancer link set to open

Schumer introduces bill to decriminalize pot federally.

Seth Meyers - Justice Kennedy's Retirement, Gay Swans - Monologue - 6/27/18

Now, this is a real leader

How many more mass shootings need to occur before our elected officials not kowtow to the NRA?

High times as US seniors join cannabis craze

Tweet of the Night

Seth Meyers - Trump's Rally; Kennedy Retires; GOP Attacks Russia Probe: A Closer Look

None of these people should be talking about civility!

Rob Reiner On Donald Trump: You Don't Want A Potential Criminal Picking A Justice Hardball MSNBC

Power-multiplying exoskeletons are slimming down for use on the battlefield

'German Stonehenge' Yields Grisly Evidence of Sacrificed Women and Children

MS-13 Member Kills 10 Year Boy who Came Out as Gay

The Milky Way Is Full of Toxic, Sticky Grease

Fahrenheit 11/9 ---coming to a theater near me after September 21

The ultimate 'smell test': Device sends rotten food warning to smartphones

Trump tried to break up the EU

Jicks Selection Of The Day - Mama

NASA Uses Earth as Laboratory to Study Distant Worlds

Twilight Zone on now on MT-TV The Obsolete Man.

'Flying brain' designed to follow German astronaut launches Friday

I wish

Archaeologists stumble on Neolithic ritual site in Suffolk

Biodiversity is the 'infrastructure that supports all life'

GOP again criticizes Sen. McCaskill over personal wealth

Milo Yiannopoulos: My call for shooting journalists was just a 'troll'

Hi! I'm a newbie and here's some info about me:

Ocean spray on Saturn moon contains crucial constituents for life

Anthropologists help drill down on company culture

Politics After Dark: Where Cable News Viewers Go For Late-Night TV

Archaeologists armed with spears demonstrate how Neanderthals hunted

50,000 year old Siberian bones may be the 'oldest Homo sapiens' outside Africa and Middle East

Sen. McCaskill to tour Poplar Bluff, MO business affected by steel tarrifs

Neanderthals Hunted in Groups, One More Strike Against the Dumb Brute Myth

Absolutely this in a nutshell

Idaho Democratic Party Convention

Orthodox Christian Feastday of Apostles Peter & Paul: "Explanation of the Feast"/"Tropar to

Stare into Korla Pandit's ancient dead eyes and accept the exotidelic...

Symbol that Jarrod Ramos used

'It's not just one district': Ocasio-Cortez pushes back on Pelosi

Bundt cake tantrum could cost this guy his $204,000 job

Hundreds of new genes may underlie intelligence--but also autism and depression

Arguing with a Drumpf supporter...

Why Can't We Be Friends

Pod Save America: Expect McConnell to eliminate Uanimous Consent Rule

On civility and incivility

Three things inexorably linked

Colbert's guest Jon Stewart

Vice News: Trump now has a Tennessee weed bill with his name on it

Satie:"Pieces Froides, II.", Egoyan on piano/Bloch: "Concerto Grosso, No.1"-

Stephen Colbert - Monologue (with Jon Stewart and his message to Trump) - 6/28/18

Stephen Colbert: Guest Michael Moore Believes America Is A Liberal Country

Stephen Colbert - Guest Alexandria Ocasio Cortez: Trump Isn't Ready For A Girl From The Bronx

Allegheny County Health Department fines U.S. Steel $1 million for Clairton pollution

Milford doctor who prescribed more than 2 million pills indicted

Now he lies about NK returning bodies of fallen US soldiers from Korean War.

'Thanks for your prayers but I couldn't give a fuck about them'...

Trump Lied About Parents Of Korean War Vets, Now He's Lying About Returned Bodies

Allentown Diocese removes monsignor, alerts authorities of sex abuse allegation

Who they were: 5 killed in Capital Gazette shooting

Pheonix. Trump as KKK EEEUGE Balloon. Priceless!

Who is Jarrod Ramos?

What is American Democracy?

Gov. Tom Wolf gives $1.80 hourly raise to lowest-paid state employees

Loans of over $1 Billion to Trump by SCOTUS justice Kennedy's son, but nothing to see here...

Ana Kasparian DESTROYS 'Lazy Fraud' Dave Rubin

IHOP Review

Frugal gardening ideas for frugal times

Make your own SCOTUS:

Gov. Tom Wolf signs law that opens the door to giving ex-criminal offenders a 'clean slate'

Danny Dyer on Brexit (NSFW)

Insolent, Intransigent, Invidious and Irksome

Wolf campaign: Wagner would be a 'disaster for working people'

Fuck you very much

A word please

Who remembers the manga/anime "Captain Future"?

Scoop: Trump's private threat to upend global trade

ON THE BRINK. Obama Breaks Silence: 'You Are Right to Be Concerned'

Trump admin ran 'pilot program' for separating migrant families in 2017

Republican Candidate that Own Brothels is Accused of Rape by Multiple Women

Report: Trump Rushing to Announce Supreme Court Pick by July 11

Telemundo suspends hosts who made racist gestures on live TV

Friday TOONs - Freely and Without Fear of Harm (for Some People) Edition

Obliterate. Annihilate. Destroy

"Do not wait for the perfect message..."

The removal and replacement of Kennedy is nothing short of obstruction of justice.

Trump Wants to Name Supreme Court Pick by July 11

Trump is trying to destabilize the European Union

Netherlands Mobility Scooter Race

Capital Gazette Puts 'Damn Paper' Out Hours After Newsroom Attack

Karma's a bitch

Jon Stewart Delivers Fiery Address to President Trump: 'We Will Prevail'

Is tRump going to try to announce a SCOTUS candidate before Mueller can hand down an

"Controlled burn" accidentally torches dozens of homes in Florida

Amazonian psychedelic may ease severe depression, new study shows

Robert Mueller Must Finish Investigating Before Trump Gets His Supreme Court Pick

Recession fears are flaring as Trump's trade war has markets behaving in a way not seen since the fi

America to Justice Ginsburg: Just. Keep. Planking.

An Algorithm to Detect Low Blood Pressure During Surgery

McConnell Laughs Off Dems' Call To Delay SCOTUS Confirmation: They Forget I Said 'Presidential' ...

Senate overwhelmingly passes sweeping farm bill, setting up fight with House

trumps enabling

America thanks You all. Democracy is literally resting on shoulders of our outstanding Free Press

On CNN, Brian Karem Rips Hannity's Capital Gazette Shooting Remarks: 'He Couldn't Make It'...

Morning Joe shames GOP lawmakers going 'unhinged' over Russia probe instead of Trump's baby jails

Tom Steyer and 'Need to Impeach' says:

Avast is ruining CCleaner -- malware, bundled software, popup ads... what's next?

Remember, GOP senators vowed to block ANY Hillary Clinton SCOTUS nominees for her ENTIRE TERM

...Marco Rubio faces the internet's wrath for whining about Annapolis reporter's F-bomb

Canada Targets Whiskey, Toilet Paper in Trump Tariff Response

Shitler hasn't Tweeted for 15 hrs from what I can record

Harvested a few shiitakes yesterday...

New Fears In Russia As Researcher Of Stalin Purges Arrested

Eric Holder has a helpful suggestion for Trump RE: resolving Mueller's "conflicts."

Comic Reviews from Multiversity comics: 6/28/18

The Rundown: June 28, 2018

Why, YES, IS "easier to judge quickly than taking time to understand"

The origin of Superheroes: The Six Million Dollar Man

THE NEW WORLD ORDER... is still in process!!!

Republican Politician Ejected From Texas Dem Convention After Apparently Brandishing Gun

Was Trey HowdyDoodie drunk

Defendants in Diapers? Immigrant Toddlers Ordered To Appear In Court Alone

Justice Kennedy's son worked at Deutsche Bank. Was Trump's "most important lender"--more than $1bn

White House waged quiet campaign to create a Supreme Court opening

'They're freaked out': CNN guest says US allies terrified Trump is giving 'a huge windfall to Russia

Supreme Court Justices

I've Been Reporting on MS-13 for a Year. Here Are the 5 Things Trump Gets Most Wrong.

Comedian John Melendez 'hoax calls President Trump on AF1 while pretending to be a NJ Senator..

U.S. candidate loses race to lead U.N. migration agency

Tweet of Abigail Hauslohner of the Wash Post speaks to me

Once again, the fate of civilized society rests in the hands of Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins

'They're freaked out': CNN guest says US allies terrified Trump is giving 'a huge windfall to Russia

Google Maps Navigation told me to take exit 67 to M L King Blvd. Guess what the Google Girl said...

...Freed from Trump, Michael Cohen Sees a New Identity: National Hero

"Hope is a verb with its sleeves rolled up" do you like this for my shirt tomorrow?

Velarde, NM, man charged with raping 8-year-old boy

Obama: I told Trump to just rename Obamacare and take credit for it

Trump's tweet yesterday morning about "conflicts of interest" ?

The Lost City of Trump

Gov. Carney signs budget, awards bonuses to state employees

Republicans burn Curbelo after taking his PAC money

Recession fears are flaring as Trump's trade war has markets behaving in a way...

Collins, Murkowski to play pivotal role in Supreme Court abortion battle

When all seems grim, you see something like this:

Marijuana legalization effort defeated in Delaware House

This weeks idiot awards goes to...

Carney signs "Red Flag" legislation

Justin Trudeau Pays Tribute to Capital Gazette Victims

Casino bill passes House, goes back to Senate Saturday

If you watched the house interrogating Rosenstein & Wray yesterday, you saw Obstruction of Justice

The quintessence of ReTHUG civility

Who does more business overseas as a percentage of sales.

Oh, the inanity! . . . Please come CAPTION Hannity!!!

E.U. Leader Warns of 'Worst-Case Scenarios,' Citing Trump

TRUMP SWAMP Trump's Cloud Of Legal Woes Will Hang Over Midterm Elections

It just hit me. I've seen this movie before (so to speak).

Seasoned Judge And Relative Newcomer Rise To Top Of Trump's List

My granddaughter is awesome.

Reading the article from the NYT about Kennedy

Here's your answer to the "Where's Rudy Been?" question. And, oh...he's bringin' NEWT with him.

"Spectacular streak and illuminated exhaust plume of Falcon 9 as seen from the VAB roof."

Playing Dancing Queen on a didgeridoo, now that's

The NRA doesn't care if a newspaper office or school gets shot up.

Everybody Knows This is Nowhere.

Bonus Quote of the Day

Milo: "I can't wait for vigilante squads to start gunning journalists down on sight"

Faith leaders across nation arrested for acts of civil disobedience in protest of family separation

Big Majority Don't Want to Overturn Roe v. Wade

Come on Mr Mueller

Sick of hearing the phrase Company X is "providing jobs", as if it is a GIFT to workers

Trump to Justice Kennedy: "That's very nice coming from you. And say hello to your boy, special guy.

Quote of the Day

California sues nation's largest student loan servicer

The Plan to Overturn Roe v. Wade Is Already In Motion

Excerpt from a Carl Hiaasen column written in February in the wake of the Stoneman Douglas shooting

To all repukes, I heartily endorse what Mr. Goodbar says:

NFL players head to border to bring supplies to detained children

How cute! Financial analysts still think that "he's nuts, but not that nuts."

Abortion is already emerging as a top issue in the midterms with Supreme Court vacancy

Honest Larry Kudlow:"The deficit, it's coming down and it's coming down rapidly" YES! MAGA! USA!

Bette Midler FTW

GOP 'Credit-Card' Policies Rack Up $4 Trillion More In Debt - by David Cay Johnston

Have our Gang of Three posted a list of their choices for SC yet?

If The Diagnosis Fits... - by Gene Lyons

Trump's pick for top UN migration job voted down in Geneva (wanted to build a wall in the Alps)

New Claims: Justice Kennedy Was Bought Off and Must Be Investigated (DU mentioned)

Has Donald Trump commented on the Annapolis shooting?

Top Ivanka Ally Leaves White House, Signals Giving Up On Paid Family Leave

I just found out that a dear friend lost his dear friend in the shooting yesterday.

"Justice Kennedy's son was the person bailing out Donald Trump via massive loans" at Deutsche Bank

Migrant crisis: EU leaders plan secure migrant centres

Why did Justice Kennedy hire 4 clerks for the upcoming Oct 2018 term?

At the Newseum's website this morning:

Trump SCOTUS pick should be grilled about Mueller probe 'before their rear end hits the chair,'...

Take control,,,,,

1978 NBC news segment on the horrors of The Sex Pistols coming to America

Now, Everyone...Be Nice to the Jill Stein Voters!

This morning: CNN - Shooting at Maryland Newspaper. Fox - "Who Won the Week?"

Trump is kowtowing to the Kremlin again. Why? - By The Washington Post Editorial Board

He will be your next mass shooter - woman who was harassed by Ramos

June 28, 2018 - American Gun Violence (not counting suicides)

Carole King - It's Too Late

Pic Of The Moment: Trump Quietly Celebrates Victory Over Enemies

The Red Hen Restaurant In Lexington, Virginia Was Forced To Close After Protests And Threats

Real Time with Bill Maher guests line-up;

The plan to overturn Roe v. Wade at the Supreme Court is already in motion

Maryland shooting: Trump ducks questions over Capital Gazette killings, as president's ....

Did Hannity say anything about the Annapolis murders on his show6/28?

50 years ago, Bowie gathered to watch RFK's funeral train rumble past

So my father the Trumper calls this morning....

Reports of Trump to Offer Putin Alaska Back

Do you Remember

A madman (trump)is destroying America

Authorities are giving an update on the shooting

In Charlottesville, plans for a white nationalist rally MAY be thwarted by a petting-zoo party

Getting ready for the Trump visit in London. Bawhahhahaaaaaaaa!!!

10 Democratic rising stars to keep an eye on for the post-Pelosi era

White House official 'not aware' of Trump plans to pull out of WTO

"KELLYANNE CONWAY: (no answer)"

The Dark Parts Of The Internet Are Celebrating The Capital Gazette Slayings

UMD alumni Gerald Fischman and John McNamara killed in Capital Gazette shooting

So whom are holier-than-thou Jill-Stein-voters supposed to vote for?

Iraq executes 13 death row jihadists to avenge killings

Capitol Hill needs to be buzzing with the Trump/Kennedy scandal

Scorching, long-duration heat wave to roast much of U.S.

Grieving Capital Gazette journalists cover the massacre of their own newsroom

Video of conversation between Trump and Supreme Court Justice Kennedy

Sometimes I feel so ashamed of what we do to our pets

Jeff Sessions reportedly wants to make it almost impossible for undocumented immigrants to qualify f

Has the Trumpster pardoned the Shooter ,,,,,yet?

Going to my home town that has been hit by tornadoes 2 times in 23 months. Most are 45ers

Legal Match

The "UPS Dogs" Facebook page

Trump starts outreach to Democrats on Supreme Court pick

Dems wrestle with hardball tactics in Supreme Court battle

Is there an unspoken rule somewhere

Michael Avenatti: "This is a travesty"

"Do you have any words of condolence for the families, Mr. President? Why are you walking away?"

Worldwide middle finger :-))

Newspaper shooting suspect 'barricaded exit'

White House lawyer expected to be named new head of DEA

What can I get you ?

Wow, here's a shocker....trump is going to speak on teevee right now.

Mueller looking at UAE, Saudi possible funnelling of money to trump campaign.

I told you "The Vet," not "The Met."

$40 drug now $39,000. This is the best health care in the world? Hell no!

Such language!

She would have turned 75 today: Little Eva

Only options after losing Supreme Court to Trump's cabal for a generation (VIDEO)

My Friend Jack

Passenger who smelled so 'unbearable' that plane had to make emergency landing dies from tissue

Coincidences? Feds cancel meeting with Avenatti, congress attacks Rosenstein, Kennedy retires,

Is this possible regarding abortion?

I heard of a possible PLAN on Morning Joe this a.m.

Kirsten Gillibrand, Bill De Blasio Call To Abolish ICE

Kellyanne Conway speechless when asked if Trump will stop calling reporters 'enemy of the people'

Can you turn this in car sticker ? It would be great

Trump: Journalists 'Should Be Free From The Fear Of Being Violently Attacked'

People Have Passively Planted Over 30 Million Trees Simply by Surfing the Web

I find this very refreshing....

People Have Passively Planted Over 30 Million Trees Simply by Surfing the Web

12-year-old black kid gets cops called on him for cutting neighbors' grass

Filing your taxes on a post card

Trump: "Journalists should be free of the fear of being violently attacked while doing their job"

Atlanta 6-year-old with lemonade stand raises $13,000 for separated migrant families

Former ICE Chief Counsel Gets 4 Years In Prison For Stealing Immigrants' Identities

Just a reminder, Next month the tariffs hit us, The Trump/Manafort espionage trial begins.

Michael Moore gives details on his anti-Trump documentary and shares the release date

I need help identifying the name of a particular rhetorical fallacy.

Jim Acosta asked trump 3 times if he would stop calling journalists 'enemy of the people'

Venezuela's Maduro calls Pence a 'poisonous viper'

Any fans of Ironic Times?

Calling All Resistance Members! Roe V. Wade Is In DANGER!

Note to Trump: Killing Members of the Press Will Not Win You Good Press

Yesterday was my dad's 75th birthday. I didn't call him.

As Treasury Targets Workarounds to Tax Law, Impact May Extend Beyond High-Tax States

Obama: "You are right to be concerned"

Trumper Supporters starting to break down on my Facebook feed

The Latest: Abortion rights leader praises Iowa court ruling

Shoe camera blows up on pervert...

Looks like a Comcast outage across much of Eastern US

Trump: "If I have another daughter, I think I'm going to name her LaSonya. Is that okay?"

Disgusting shirt at Trump rally -pic

Man convicted in shooting that wounded Kansas tax agent

D Kos: Steele Dossier information didn't just go from Russia to Trump, it went from Trump to Russia

Emails from a Republican friend

John Fugelsang Tweet is a nice summary

Video captures officers using stun gun on sitting man

Duque returns to Washington, this time as Colombia's president-elect

WOW! A Military Parade in his honor on AND a MAGA rally in Montana? #MidtermsIn129Days

For a minute there, it looked like the whole internet was down

Words from an empty mind!

Ted Lieu to Republican-controlled Congress as they leave for Recess: "Have a nice vacation."

"He is so in debt": Paul Manafort fights use of financial records at trial

Ted, Adam, Maxine -or as rtrump calls her Max 🤣 - add your favorites.

U.N. migration agency rejects Trump-pitched leader. Trump will fume... :)

Hillary Clinton: 'What is more uncivil than taking children away?'

"She wants to draw ice cream cones and hearts instead"

Hillary Clinton: 'What is more uncivil than taking children away?'

African Dust Storm


Heartland Institute wants to abolish EPA for 50-state committee

EPA's Scott Pruitt reportedly ordered media attacks on former aides

On a bridge between Mexico and Texas, CBP is making asylum seekers wait for days in the sun.

SHS, Jun 29, 2017: "The president in no form or fashion has ever promoted or encouraged violence"

Post a true but little known fact about someone famous, living or dead -- Part 6

to all reichwing, woman-hating hypocritical, xian evangelicals--FUCK YOU.

Trump's immigration & voter suppression could be related

FBI Agent: Federal Investigators May Have Learned Of Manafort Storage Unit From AP Reporters

to all the reichwing, woman-hating, hypocritical, xian evangelicals: FUCK YOU!!

Dave Barry: Sorry, I'm not feeling funny today -- my heart aches for slain journalists

When is the last time Kennedy voted with the liberals?

Lawsuit alleges migrant child prescribed antidepressants in US shelter after being separated from fa

Trump's top economics adviser lies about 'rapidly' falling budget deficit

"Shut Up, and Do Your Motherf&%*ing Job" for our reichwing pukes in congress


I have a question about taxes

Trump threatens cuts to Central America aid. He'll have to go through Granger first

Resignation of Republican regulator who didn't tow the party line surprises energy world

Virgin airlines says it will no longer help to deport immigrants

Uruguay sees 24-hour general strike for education and health funding

What constitutional rights do undocumented immigrants have?

UMD journalism lecturer Rob Hiaasen killed in Capital Gazette shooting

Revealed: how US sex traffickers recruit jailed women for prostitution

Prank caller patched through to Trump on Air Force One + Audio

Dog in the cargo plan?

American 12-year-olds can't buy cigarettes. Why can they work in tobacco fields?



Trump's top economics adviser lies about 'rapidly' falling budget deficit

Guinness to open its first American brewery in 64 years

Organizers Behind Deadly Charlottesville Rally Are Inviting More Skinheads This Year

do, donnie dimwit, you thik that the scum you will appoint to scotus will be screwing up

Climate change has turned Peru's glacial lake into a deadly flood timebomb

Climate change has turned Peru's glacial lake into a deadly flood timebomb

Bob voted for Trump, his girlfriend Sally voted for Clinton

Mexican police force armed with slingshots after guns confiscated Municipality mayor stages symbolic

UN snubs Trump by rejecting US pick for migration agency

Trump reportedly wants to pull the US out of the WTO, would wreck the international trade system.

Remaing Trump voters seem to fall into 3 camps

Can somebody please explain to me

Trump should not be able to step away from the five dead "enemies of the people"....

Flynn Still Singing?

A unique nature insurance policy aims to preserve Mexico's Great Mayan Reef

A unique nature insurance policy aims to preserve Mexico's Great Mayan Reef

Why Mexican presidential front-runner Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is winning the hearts of voters

Susan Sarandon arrested at anti-Trump protest

-- Trump's Pentagon Quietly Made A Change To The Stated Mission It's Had For Two Decades

I have a question

14-yr old boy at mtg to talk about immigration-Grown woman screams at him-Crowd passively watches

The Democrats' lost generation of leadership

Groaner joke for a Friday

Recession feared in Argentina as cracks in economy grow

Recession feared in Argentina as cracks in economy grow

Bloomberg Holds Fundraiser for GOP Rep. King After Pledging Millions to Help Dems Win House

Bill Deagle: Liberal Protesters Who Harass Conservatives Are 'Going To Get Death'

Russia files lawsuit in WTO against U.S. tariffs

Heard any good jokes lately?

The True Power of the Internet Affects Almost Everything

World Cup Fans We Timed every game - from 538 - fascinating

We better wake up!

"Super Rich" worried that if East Hampton airport shuts down, they can't land their private aircraft

Krugman on Kudlow ...

BREAKING: Federal Court Strikes Down Kentucky's Medicaid Work Requirement

Massive asteroid speeding past earth is visible to the naked eye

BREAKING: Michael Flynn's sentencing hearing pushed back...

The meaning of Civil Disobedience, Civility, Civil Society. Some need clarification...

Treasury, IRS announce postcard-size form 1040 for next year

"Not what we expected": Trump's tax bill is losing popularity

Jon Stewart on Colbert last night (for the day crowd)

NYT - critical reading "White America's Age-Old, Misguided Obsession With Civility"

"This is flirting with fascism in the open, in broad daylight now." -@SanhoTree

The Snip

Creedence Clearwater Revival's 'Fortunate Son' Now Has Its First-Ever Video Treatment

Exclusive: Trump administration plan would bar people who enter illegally from getting asylum

Don't look at this photo for more than two seconds. The human eye can not process this much.

Laurence Tribe's tweet on designating a Supreme Court contender

Hatewatch: Far Right Praises Shooting At Capital Gazette

If it's the Fake Media that is the problem then let's make a law that says newspapers, TV,

Hope Hicks could return to the White House as Trump seeks new chief of staff: report

G.M. Says New Wave of Tariffs Could Force U.S. Job Cuts

He is going to his golf club in NJ again for the weekend.

Tim Tebow makes Double-A All-Star Game

If Trump is allowed to fill the Kennedy vacancy, four of the nine SCOTUS justices will have been

Susan the same as .....Ralph that...?

Identify the intruder

The Decline of Civility

Diplomacy experts terrified of what Donald Trump will 'accidentally' give away to Putin

Spotted on facebook

IF Rosenstein/Mueller is fired...NATIONWIDE PROTESTS IMMED.!

The year is '09. Trump is fresh off his 6th bankruptcy

Did Justice Kennedy's Son Bail Out Jared Kushner on The 666 Building? It Appears So.

Rosenstein: "I have not received any 'improper orders' from the President"...

New Polls: Trump is Politically Killing Republican Candidates

Oh my god "Stuttering John" just prank called Spanky and was put through!

G.M. Says New Wave of Tariffs Could Force U.S. Job Cuts #PleaseStopWinningSoMuch #SeriouslyPlease

Toyota: Camry would see a cost increase of about $1,800 which would be passed on to buyers

David Corn. Mike Huckabee. Who ya got?

Mike Luckovich: Frightened babies.

Did anyone else think it was weird . . .

The Trump campaign just sent out this text-message to supporters.

I don't care what Melania Trump does anymore...

Tomorrow. Families Belong Together. Find a site. Go

NYT: Inside the WH quiet campaign to create a SC opening

Jeff Koterba's cartoon: Gobbling up freedoms

Schwarzenegger mocks the republican Draft-Dodger-in-Chief*

Tucson Families Belong Together June 30 Saturday, come and join in

Three years after Supreme Court ruling, at least 8 Alabama counties won't issue marriage licenses

How much longer do we have to endure this ass in the WH. Thank god for Mueller. The world is

HSS denies Murphy, Blumenthal & Courtney (CT) ability to visit to child separated from family

Man Arrested for Threatening to Murder Family of FCC Chairman

Consultant: Democratic turnout way up in NY primary

CNN: Trump appointee guts UN document on racism...

Niccolle Wallace...

On Episode 5 of "We the People", we talk Transformation with Sen. @BernieSanders.

We will not end Trumpism by voting.

Update - CNN: Trump to announce SCOTUS pick July 9, considering 2 women.

Dangerous republican LIES about climate change are steaming, reeking

The America We Thought We Knew Is Gone - damage cannot be reversed with a single election

Democratic Party slogan

I propose a neologism - "cromit."

Not one. When the Russia case goes before the Supreme Court Trump will have picked TWO of the judges

Legal analyst says Mueller delayed Flynn sentencing because "he still has a lot more to give them"

Nice try, Ivanka!

Mueller investigating Nigel Farage, ties to Trump, Russian colluders.

I hate TV shows with the premise: "The Conspiracy Runs Deeper Than You Know!..."

1st Med MJ farm in Ohio gets state permission

Hope Solo nails the state of American soccer "rich kids sport"

X post from Ohio group

How the 'Bad Boys of Brexit' forged ties with Russia and the Trump campaign

"Our president is fearless when it comes to life and conscience. We're just getting started."

Investors pull $30 billion out of stocks in 2nd-largest weekly outflow on record: BAML

Investors pull $30 billion out of stocks in 2nd-largest weekly outflow on record: BAML

The Lindesfarne Gospels - manuscripts from the Early Middle Ages

The Perfect Pie for Less-Than-Perfect Berries

I bought a supply of blank postcards today. And postcard stamps.

Donald Trump mad Justice Kennedy an Offer He Couldn't Refuse

See How Cats React to Trump. Its hilarious !

Rosenstein Got Manipulated By Trump And He Promises The Full Story Will Vindicate Him

Tony Perkins: We Can Do For Gay Rights What We've Done To Abortion Rights

tRump to push for another round of corporate tax cuts...

This made me feel better today

INDIVISIBLE has a strategy to resist SCOTUS reimagining by tRump.

This warmed my heart...

Experts say auto tariffs would raise prices, cost jobs

What's for Dinner, Fri., June 29, 2018

The Gawd damned Nazzies running DHS should try to be a little less obvious...

Gudrun Burwitz, daughter of Heinrich Himmler, has died

Steele Dossier Says Information Went Both Ways Between Trump and Russia

Reporter: Detained child was physically struck for not eating

But...but...but... Kim Jong Un told President Trump he wasn't gonna do that any more...

Whenever there is a mass shooting like the one in Annapolis...

To Protect Children From Trump Border Policy, Canadian Youth Refugee Choir Cancels US Performance

Respect the hustle!

The Koch Brothers Tried to Spread Fake News in Black Churches. It Did Not Go Well.

In case you were wondering which is the best way to escape from the RCMP ...

Trump calls for another round of tax cuts, further reductions to corporate tax rate

Trump says he is considering 2 women for Supreme Court, will announce pick July 9

'Shaken' Rosenstein Felt Used by White House in Comey Firing

They are shooting the messengers

Jicks Selection Of The Day - Spazz


Steve Schmidt: By A fluke, Voters Elected An Imbecilic Con Man Morning Joe MSNBC

I wonder if the red wave Twitler is talking about is Russian coming in again and affecting our

"Clear and Present Danger:" TPM on Trump, NATO, and Putin

You do realize that soon there will be a 5-4 majority to suspend the November election right?

Good news: Faith-based agencies open doors to kids separated at the border

Trump appointee guts UN document on racism

Pro-Choicers Are Sending Coat Hangers to Sen. Susan Collins

Officer accused in jaywalker's beating won't be charged

Dr. Georg von Tiesenhausen, last of German rocket team, dies in Alabama

Ivey tells Trump Administration Alabama could lose 4,000 jobs due to tariffs (

What does a racist look like?

Robert Reich: Is tRump the worst president?

Liberty University professor accused of sexual exploitation

ERA Constitional Amendment, won't need Roe/Wade

Democratic leadership the base and especially the base of Democrats

The road to zero tolerance (Meredith/

Paul Manafort in Solitary

World Bank: Warming World Will Cost India 2.8% Of GDP/Year, Cut Living Standards Of Half Its People

White House 'scrambling' to find out why Trump called back prankster from Air Force One

Spain creates Mediterranean Sea reserve for whale migration

Triple the rent on poor people

Even Slight Temperature Increases May Be Enough To Wipe Out Bees In Southwestern U.S.

Hey Columbus! I had this Food

U.S. Coal Industry Needs "Fundamental Shift" To Fight Spike In Black Lung Cases, Fatalities

Jeopardy regulars

X post from Ohio group. I had this food in Columbus Ohio I'd spend$ again

Crank Call From Stuttering John

North Korea has increased nuclear production at secret sites, say U.S. officials #VeryTalentedGuy