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Archives: June 5, 2018

2018 US House Election- Democrats guide to a majority

Rep. Dave Brat (R-Va) explains why red states are turning blue.

Robert Kennedy: What if US presidential hopeful had not been killed?

Former 49ers great Dwight Clark dies at 61 after battle with ALS

The tRump oath:

Forget "Where's Melania?" this is now "Where are the Eagles?"

Greitens scandal could influence Missouri special election

Merkley asking people to sign petition RE detention centers/family separation:

Interesting. Apparently the Philadelphia Eagles have been disinvited to the White House...

Democrats, you're being PLAYED with respect to "the Clintons"

My son's first botox treatment

Jon Stewart on Sam Bee Controversy: Trump Doesn't 'Give a Sh-t About the Word 'C-nt''

Does EVERY interaction between a man in power and a woman fall under the #MeToo umbrella??????

When New Means No: Picky Eating as a Normal Toddler Phase.

Ex-Navy sailor pardoned by Trump says he's suing Comey and Obama

"Melanie is gone...miss her...miss her..."

What's your favorite revenge movie?

Do we really want to know why Pruitt wanted a tRump mattress?

CNN Trump said Philly Eagles disinvited from the WH because of kneeling

BREAKIMG: Paul Manafort busted for witness tampering

Matthew Miller tweet.....

Trump's 'pardon' storm grows deeper

Russian special counsel wants Manafort in jail pronto.

What I think the Trump Team is doing with this "I can pardon myself" trash....

UK, US offer different versions of Trump-May phone call

"Quote of the Day" by Adam Schiff....6-4-2018

tRump does not know the words to the National Anthem...

Pennsylvania lawmakers invite Eagles to Capitol after Trump disinvites them

Manafort attempted to tamper with potential witnesses: U.S. special counsel

A door on a Royal Caribbean ship crushed her hand. She sued for $20.3 million -- and won

formula cars racing while dragging a caravan?

Poll: Ex-GOP lawmaker who pleaded guilty to felony leads Trump-backed candidate in NY

Fox ad execs are having difficulty selling ads for Hannity and Laura Ingraham.

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Checkmate!

Gov. LaPage ordered to implement Medicaid expansion by judge

Giuliani at the Western Wall in Jerusalem. Talking the Chris Como. Said

Police chief was fired while investigating mayor. Now he's filed a whistle-blower suit.

Witnesses with whom Manafort attempted to tamper were European politicians.

...actual legal scholars dismiss Trump's notion without breaking a sweat...

Wikistrat not Wikileaks....

Trump Told Kim Kardashian She and Kanye West Are Helping Him With Black Voters

Giuliani on shifting Trump Tower story: 'It was a mistake. I swear to God.'

Trying to do some research on the DACA for the Trump Wall deals

An FBI agent loses his gun doing a backflip on the dance floor. Watch as it goes off

Any Netflix users out there? I've become addicted to "Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries."

Witness tampering! Hah!

The Bricks We Stand On

Elon Musk's War on Journalism, Unions, and Safety & MORE - SOME MORE NEWS

Netflix users: I've become addicted to "Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries."

Obstruction will be icing on the cake when Mueller is finished....

Any Word On Melania Showing for the Gold Star Families Today??

Final California Primary Preview: High Stakes for House Democrats

Wow. Y'all watch Rachel tonight. Good one.

I AM FURIOUS because children are being kidnapped!!

Mueller has got the fugging collusion posse

UPDATED with full doc. First three pages of Manafort Motion to Revoke

Shep Smith: Someone in White House is lying about Trump Tower meeting

Wasserman Schultz, other South Florida Democrats face scant primary opposition in 2018

Anyone else filling out their ballot tonight?

(OR) Sen. Jeff Merkeley introduces Medicare for All

Melania...I can't believe

You even make a championship team visiting the WH all about you. What is wrong with you?

"Our president is a fragile egomaniac": Philadelphia mayor slams Donald Trump after president takes

History - 1st woman driver in Saudi Arabia getting her license

My next-to-last defense of Bill CLINTON

When a one dog bed isn't good enough

Children locked in cages!!!

Manafort is petrified and gonna sing like songbird when detained....

Is there any website that logs business that deny service to LBGTQ folks?

Had a few folks here question whether photos of immigrant children held in cages were accurate

Pentagon investigating White House doctor who withdrew his nomination as VA secretary

"Help! I've fallen and I can't get up!" I'm thinking I'm in my 70s and live alone and have...

Victoria, Texas, mosque opens doors to displaced congregation

"Pittsburgh Stealers" by The Kendalls

Arkansas faces more fights over abortion limits after court ruling

I have decided to cast my lot in with Smugmug.

Does anyone else have anxiety problems because of head trauma?

To our Dem candidate in 2020...Say: "When I am president, ALL the Eagles

Are the Democrats being aggressive enough to sweep to victory in the 2018 elections.

Lesson: don't try to communicate using encrypted apps while Mueller has you in two ankle bracelets.

These distant moons may harbor life ( {maybe}

DEA raids two chemical supply firms for selling Fentanyl on the internet

Watching Voices from Parkland. These students give me more hope than I have had

TUES. JUNE 5 PRIMARIES: KEY RACES To Watch, Impact on Fall Congress Battle: IO, NJ, NM, More

America's Mayor....up to his neck in ........

If ABC does a Rosanne spinoff where Rosanne Barr's character is dead

Ted Cruz silent for 18 seconds when asked if the president can pardon himself.

Here is today's court filing alleging Manfort witness tampering.

Apparently destroying public property while drunk is illegal....

"Swanee River Boogie Woogie" - Piano Solo by Luca Sestak

Serena Williams Withdraws With Injury Before Facing Sharapova.

How dumb is Paul Manafort?

An outright pardon request from Collusion gang member...Papa wants out...

One question. Where are the so-called Congressional Leaders?

Washington Capitals Win and the question of the hour is

Let's hope the "Jungle Primary" is not an idea that catches on.

He's just pissed that the whole team wasn't forced to attend.

The Epigenetics of Fish in Warming Water.

My Tribute to James Baldwin

Chief of staff to Philly's mayor tweets: "Our party was bigger than yours"

Do others wake up and wonder what the fucker will screw up today?

Feds question proposed sale of Navajo Generating Station

Can we get the Red Cross to check on the detained children?

Australian investigative Special, Part 1: Trump/Russia Follow the Money

Defendants reject plea offers in Corp Comm bribery case

The Daily Show: North Korea Gets Back on Trump's Good Side

Mueller accuses Manafort of witness tampering

Some music for this warm Monday evening

Theranos conducted 'giant, unauthorized medical experiment' in Arizona


west-coaster watching Rachel...

Seth Abramson: Probable jail for Manafort

What bugs about my Democratic candidates

When you mess with the Eagles....

Recall now what Holder just said a few days ago "Buckle up"

Arizona settles suit over handling of voter registration

Michael Eric Dyson Talks National Anthem Protest, Kanye West's Comments On Slavery The View

Iowa 1st Congressional district - reported on PBS NewsHour

Giuliani's barely veiled threat is a a deliberate test for Congressional Republicans

What We Had

Iowa Democrats on pace to set a new record for midterm primary turnout.

If you did not catch John Oliver piece about guardianship

Maricopa residents call out city for 'scam' partnership

Mueller Puts President Trump In Desperate Position; Pardon Spree A Bad Idea Rachel Maddow MSNBC

Early Vincent Van Gogh Landscape Bought By American for 7 Million Euros

Will RedforEd mean a tilt toward blue in November? Teacher rebellion looms large in legislative

David Hogg....#RoadToChange March for our lives!

There is a pictire of Melanie sitting next to the moron tonight

Review of Cohen's records finds a fraction fall under attorney-client privilege

The world Bobby Kennedy hoped for isn't here yet - we need to try harder

Education is.....

Notable point about the Eagles rescinded White House invitation

Iowa primary may not decide Democratic nominee for governor

Nation of Islam says leader Louis Farrakhan's son has died

One thing I'm learning while living through this Trump-Putin-GOP attempt at stealing our country...

Taking Aspirin with Acid Reducers Can Slow Advance of Esophogeal Cancer

NFL players should take a knee during the anthem in a respectful way to remember those w CTE

Attorney General's Office charges Michigan State University physicist with bestiality

This was a test. It was only a test...........and it finally worked!

Culinary Union, Caesars Entertainment reach tentative contract agreement (Updated: MGM, too)

By Trump's logic Pence could kill Trump, instantly become President and then pardon himself

Bruch: "Scottish Fantasy"-two renditions by female violinists: Julia Fischer and Heidi Hatch,

We didn't say Nobel Prize, we said...

Republican values and the President of the U nles S

Activists push for removing asset limits on welfare programs, which top administrator says has no

If IQ45 pardons himself guess what? He will have to admit that he is guilty.

J. Sanders: If the Democratic party doesn't become progressive, there will be a third party

A matter of point of view...

Boomtown to pay $40,000 fine

If someone wrote to you...

Nielsen: "Symphony No.3, Op.27" ("Sinfonia Espansiva, I. Allegro")-New York Philharmonic, Gilbert

George Takei endorses Mark Leno for San Francisco Mayor.

'All hell is going to break loose,' under Heller wilderness bill, aide says

My best thoughts and wishes to Antoinette Sedillo Lopez today

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 6/4/18

"Is accepting a pardon an admission of guilt?"

Is it ok to disrespect Salafi Sunni Islamic beliefs?

Jacky Rosen outraising, outspending Dean Heller in Nevada Senate race

Is President Above The Law? Cruz: "I dunno..."

Bernie Sanders Speaks with the Weekly on Disneyland and the Fight for Fair Wages

Kansas governor candidate decries 'snowflake meltdown'

Bernie Sanders Speaks with the Weekly on Disneyland and the Fight for Fair Wages

Nevada candidate for governor reveals past abuse in TV ad

Ellison 'seriously considering' run for Minnesota AG

'Carbon bubble' could spark global financial crisis, study warns

Republican morals in a nutshell.

These reservoirs keep Boise from flooding. But irrigators don't like how they're run.

If they had Fox News in 1865

I sent an alert

Welcome to the mad king phase....

Philadelphia Eagles issue statement on WH disinvite - take high road by ignoring Trump

Nikki Haley fails to get - any - U.N. support to block Kuwait Condemnation of Israel

No Eagles player ever intentionally stayed in the locker room during the national anthem last season

GOP Staffers Who Wrote Tax Bill Cash In

It was so embarassing, on Morning Joke, when Rep Moulton (D) was asked

States defy FCC repeal of net neutrality

White Fragility Digest #16: 5 June 2018

Charlottesville Hate Marcher Elected by Republican Party

Abraham, Martin, and John.

Papadopoulos's wife asks Trump to pardon her husband in Mueller probe

Trump: "What is taking so long with the I.G.'s Report on Crooked Hillary and Slippery James Comey?"

Mellody Hobson to Become Starbucks Vice Chair When Howard Schultz Steps Down

This morning's Trump tweets channel The Dude...he also hates the f*cking Eagles.

Law professors torch Trump legal memo

Grimm leads Donovan by 10 points in new NY1-Siena poll

William Strampel, Larry Nassar's boss was charged with sexually assalting 4 female students.

Philadelphia Mayor: Trump "a fragile egomaniac obsessed with crowd size"

You can stand under my umbrella (Ella, ella, eh, eh, eh)

Inside the Mysterious Intelligence Firm Now in Mueller's Sights

As you know, I've strongly warned against telling Mueller how to do his job. That said...

Republicans are Warehousing Babies in Cages - On the Taxpayer Dime

Ok, a bit naughty but funnnneeeee

The Rundown: June 4, 2018


Trump Says He Regrets Picking Jeff Sessions For AG: 'So Many Lives Ruined'

Canpur Residents Choking On World's Worst Air Pollution; Lung Cancer Spiking Among Non-Smokers

Australia's Wild Fish Stocks Drop 1/3 2005-2015; Fished Reef Biomass Down 36%

Russian spies in U.S

Puddles will star today at Comrade Casino's Public Pity Party

Manafort used a russian intel asset to tamper witnesses, thats 100 on a scale of 1 to 10 of dumbness

CSIRO: Holding Warming To 2C "Aspirational" At Best; China's Carbon Output Up 1.5% Last Year

Cruz Hits 'Dishonest Journalists' For Reports He Took '18 Seconds' to Comment on Trump Pardon Tweet

His Majesty Czar Donald I claims imperium

April & May 2018 Hottest For Germany Since 1881; No Monthly Low Temp Records Since 1956

A 'Suicide' Mission: White House and GOP Leadership Fear New Obamacare Repeal Push

Donald Trump's Father Arrested at KKK Riot in 1927

"Unprecedented" Collapse Of Great Barrier Reef; Half Of Northern Reef's Coral Already Gone

U.S.-Led Liberation of Raqqa Killed Hundreds of Civilians: Watchdog

Naturally Acidic Reefs "A Desert Of Turf-Forming Algae" - Coming Soon To A Coast Near Everyone

50 years ago

4 women sue Idaho over law that voids your living will if you're pregnant

UPDATED: Calls grow in Germany for expulsion of disputed US envoy

Can we crowdsource fund this?

Joe Walsh blasts Trump apologists: You can't explain 'all the lying' about Russia

NASA's new administrator says he's talking to companies to take over the International Space Station

What does it mean to be frugal?

Judge narrows issues, but allows most of state Dept. of Labor whistleblower case to proceed

Drunk hipster spews racist and homophobic slurs outside bar

Trump: "Sessions knew better than most that there was No Collusion!...Russian Witch Hunt Hoax!"

Judge: 'In God We Trust' on Money isn't Religion Endorsement

Warmest May On Record For Norway's Arctic Islands; Late May On Mainland Warmer Than Most Med Resorts

Same-sex spouses have EU residence rights, top court rules

Sorry, I have to shout this

Chuck Schumer: "If there was "NO COLLUSION" why won't he sit down with the Special Counsel?"

U.S. appeals against ruling that Trump could not block Twitter followers

Rising Conservative Hero Candace Owens is Stunningly Ignorant

Trump's Memo to Robert Mueller Is Literally Tyrannical

Eagles star shames Fox News for twisting photo of him praying to spread Trump 'propaganda'

Eagles' Zach Ertz to Trump: "Praying before games is being used for your propaganda?!"

RAW STORY ARTICLE: Are Americans a broken people?

wypipo are partly pissed

Patrick plans 2020 decision by end of the year

Trump abandons loyalty test in midterm primary endorsements

America's allies should respond to steel tariffs with targeted sanctions on the Trump Organization

lots of questions

Trump criticizes 'numerous delays' in release of IG report on Clinton's email use

Manafort is FUCKED. And that means...

Illinois governor's race spending surges past $200 million

Former Kentucky lawyer in $550 million fraud pleads guilty after escape

Less than 5 Members Of The Super Bowl Champion Eagles Were Going To Show Up At The Trump House

If Manafort is jailed will Trump pardon him and get him out immediately ?

Hundreds of migrant kids separated from parents are stuck at border stations

California Primary May Be Leading Indicator for Midterms

An Epic Mistake by Paul Manafort

The Long-Shot Presidential Candidate Gaining Ground in Iowa

RFK's speech in apartheid South Africa remains relevant 50 years after his assassination

Please remember that Paul Manafort picked Mike Pence to be V.P..

Trump's BS machine.

STFU !! You're not only evil but you're trying to justify the unjustifiable with limping argument !

'Roseanne' Spinoff Inches Closer to Reality at ABC

4 takeaways on Donald Trump's absolutely appalling statement on the Eagles' White House visit

This one will make you LOL x 1000, freshly baked tweet...

Donald Trump's trade war masks a darker agenda: Aiding the far right in Europe

His Majesty, Donald the Demented - First King of America

More lawless

Billionaire conservative icon David Koch stepping down from business and political activities.

Joe Walsh - I Can Play That Rock and Roll

Trump may seek separate trade deals with Canada, Mexico: U.S. adviser

What does the Democratic straw poll mean in the Wisconsin governor's race?

Conservative icon David Koch leaving business, politics

A very, very, very interesting question about presidential pardons:

Fox News used images of Eagles players praying to suggest they kneeled during the national anthem

Miss America Ends the Swimsuit Portion of Its Competition

The only antidote to a president promiscuously pardoning people is impeachment.

Keith Ellison Is Seriously Considering a Run for Attorney General in Minnesota

I Was 'Roseanne's' Muslim Neighbor, This is My Story of Shock and Grief

Feinstein for a sixth term?

"Being king is good." . . . Please come CAPTION the Tantrum in Chief!!!

Important tweet about watching the California vote count.

Mouth gets Duterte in trouble again, this time for kiss

Trump legal team readies for fraught showdown with Mueller, even as president declares broad powers

Guilty plea for man accused in beating of 11-day-old daughter

50 years ago today Bobby Kennedy was killed

Bernie Sanders' Revolution Isn't Carrying His Candidates Through The Midterms

CEOs are scaling back hiring and spending because of trade fears

What On Earth Is Going On With George Papadopoulos? - By Josh Marshall

Worldwide editorial cartoons

Manafort Learns Encrypting Messages Doesn't Matter

Sessions: Migrants shouldn't bring children across border if they don't want to be separated

on a lighter note

Wanna pay 11% Income Tax on $1,000,000? Just get part of your salary in stock.

CEOs confidence drops in second quarter on concerns over Trump trade

He went AWOL after being sexually assaulted. After 30 years, the Navy finally believed him.

Pic Of The Moment: Patriotism In Trump's Bizarro World

Circumstantial evidence is overwhelming Putin gave Trump his false cover story about 2016 meeting

Five Years After Deadly Center City Building Collapse, Philadelphia Unveils Memorial to Victims

David Corn: "I'm asking everyone who gives a damn about the Trump-Russia scandal to read, and share"

White soldiers used black child for target practice

How in the hell can Jim Bakker get away with this shit?

50 Years Ago Today

Young and cute, but the tiger is there lurking

Text messages directing voters to the wrong polling places

Here's the humiliating reason Paul Manafort got busted for alleged witness tampering

BLS report: Job openings (6.7 million), hires, and separations little changed in April

Family of Stoneman Douglas student advocate David Hogg 'swatted' at home

LOL... Old Soviet list of banned Western Music

Respect, laughter, or derision?

I wonder if any of the EAGLES who wanted to go to the WH have served in the military?

The NRA's "GOOD GUY WITH A GUN" MYTH, Just Had A Bad Weekend

ABC News - Judge sets hearing for June 15 re: Manafort/revoking bail

In VZ, armed "colectivos" begin confiscations of property. Maduro shrugs.

Is he President or a (bad) salesman ? - Rhetorical question...

The Trump Wizard of Oz Game. Fill in the blank. "If I only had a (blank)"

Eagles star shames Fox News for twisting photo of him praying to spread Trump 'propaganda'

Can someone explain why interest rates are still so low?

Twitter is joining the S&P 500

Dan Rather on Trump's Legacy: "I think history will mark it as akin to McCarthyism."

"'A good guy with a gun' is from the Bible, isn't it?"

Great licence plate

Cake Boy

Gary Cohn reportedly kept the jobs report away from Trump out of concern he would break protocol and

UPDATED: Mexico to hit US with tariffs on pork

It is patently obvious now...

Half of the political prisoners released by Maduro are his own henchmen, the violent "colectivos"

Family of Stoneman Douglas student advocate David Hogg 'swatted' at home

For the last two days, I've been getting occasional alerts

what will happen to Paul Manafort?

UPDATED: 'Apprentice' contestant lawsuit will proceed as Trump seeks stay: NY judge

Can An Illegitimate President Commit Obstruction Of Justice And Pardon Himself?....

It is time for the players to take a stand on the NFL national anthem issue

drumph is the gestapo The GOP is the Waffen SS

French Open - Spoiler

When will the UN step in and demand to see the children who have been

Trump pardoning himself would be "arrogant statement of power," Newt Gingrich says

What Jesus left behind - The foreskin and its powers

A friend was dropped from the voting rolls in Pasadena.

Congratulations! another badge of honor on the chest of this Administration.

Globalism is not a bad thing

POLITICAL DATA publishing detailed demographic scan of returned California Absentee ballots

Fox apologizes for their false "Eagles kneeling during anthem" horseshit

Who's the Red Queen now?--'have to run as fast as possible just to stay in place' IMO T gang

Harvey Weinstein pleads not guilty to rape charges in court

German politicians call for expulsion of Trump's Berlin envoy

Eric Trump.....His Father's Life Is 'Exponentially Worse'

Fox News ripped for misleading photos of Philadelphia Eagles players kneeling


Has anyone done Canvassing?

Is this what the orb told Trump too?

CNN panel on Sarah Sanders: "They may spin, but they're not supposed to lie"

if trump pardons Manafort:

A vision disorder or a tarnished mirror ? Who knows!

China dangles U.S. farm goods purchase if Trump drops tariffs

David Corn: "This is far bigger than a bribe, a break-in, or a blow job."

If A Poor Person In Mississippi Can't Pay A Traffic Fine

Immigration petition hits 215 signatures as two Dem holdouts join

Great, the U.S. gets a king...

I think I found out how Mueller could indict Trump:

Kate Spade Dead From Suicide

Business says its reputation tanked after shunning LGBTQ group, sues for $2.3M

'I Don't Discriminate Against Anybody' Claims Anti-Gay Baker After Winning Supreme Court Case

The Great Johnny Carson Predicted Consummate Liar Sarah Sanders.

Intellectuals, Politics and Bad Faith

Kate Spade, Fashion Designer, Found Dead At Home

Sexual Harassment Victims Could Lose Under Tax Law Meant to Help

SHS: Eagles "offered to send only a tiny handful of reps" to tiny-handed Trump. Seems fair to me!

Is Putin trying to create division in California?

White House blames Eagles for canceled visit

"They're bringing beaks. They're bringing feathers. They're raptors & some, I assume, are good birds

Sheriff hires officer fired for striking suspect with car

DeVos: Safety commission won't look at role of guns in school violence

"Honor Thy Mother and Father...."

EXCLUSIVE: Former Fox News reporter says Russians colluded with Trump campaign through Roger Stone

America needs more white men like Pete, my Starbucks buddy

CEO non-profit center who called police on Sen. trying to visit detained kids makes 770,866 a year.

Ed Martin: 'The True Meaning Of Covfefe ... Is Love'

The Vast World of Islam, in 300 Recipes

Manafort seems to have relied on an asset of Russian intelligence to abet a plot to tamper

Tuesday TOONs - His Royal High(chair)ness Edition

Video of some devastation in Santa Rosa 2017

HellofA Middle school grad gift - ballistic shields

Former Eagles player: Obama should invite players over for a BBQ instead

Jerry Boykin: 'Our Whole Legal System ... Came From The Bible'

Fox News Contributor Newt Gingrich: 'Fox is Relatively Obedient' to Trump

"Senator Merkley and his staff saw children in cages."

GOP new logo : outstandingly accomplished !

Oh Snap - LeBron James on Trump...

U.S. lawmakers set bill seeking to control Trump on tariffs: key lawmaker

A Game!

Just how thick is he?

Republican Senator Calls Pruitt 'as Swampy as You Get'

Grandpa smells like...

Melanie is ALSO skipping the "Celebration For America"

The Privilege of Mental Health JULY 5, 2016 / JOHN PAVLOVITZ

Luxury resort to host Singapore summit between Trump and Kim

Shep Smith: Someone in White House is lying about Trump Tower meeting

Symphony #4 Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Kate Spade hung herself and leaves behind a 12 year old child...prayers for her family.

Puerto Rico ordered to release death records to CNN and others

Oregon Sheriff's Office Reviewing Video Of Deputy Punching Homeless Man

Scott Pruitt enlisted an EPA aide to help his wife find a job -- with Chick-fil-A

Melanie "will make her first public appearance in front of press cameras since May 10" tomorrow

Judge gives Manafort team until Friday to reply to witness tampering allegation

I love the simplicity of a wild rose

EXCLUSIVE: Former Fox News reporter says Russians colluded with Trump campaign through Roger Stone

I'm guessing for the "Celebration of Trum--I mean America, Celebration of America" this afternoon...

DAMMIT -Missed "Hug Your Cat Day" - June 4

Poor dogs ! They look so sad. What curse made them land there?

Dan Rather Hitting Back At Trump Raw story article

Charlottesville Hate Marcher Elected by Republican Party

The World Cup will soon be upon us.....

Family of Stoneman Douglas student advocate David Hogg 'swatted' at home

Eye on Trump strongholds, Mexico hits back with pork, bourbon tariffs

Go Eagles!

McConnell cancels most of August recess

Putin says he and Trump "... regularly talk over the phone."

PaigePatterson on program for SBC conventon sermon. Man who can change this is Paige minion!!

Conservative Billionaire David Koch Steps Down From Political, Business Roles

We now take you to a live look in at Donald Trump's Celebration for America/Infrastructure Week

Breaking : McConnell cancels August recess, blames Dems.

Watch this spoken word poet break white privilege down

China cuts off Venezuela line of credit.

Trump has to be deposed : Judge rules in Zervos case.

ARGH! Any recommendations for a new fridge?

If mueller finds proof of conspiracy can Pence, sessions etc. be indicted and removed

Maryland primary is June 26. Are you registered? TODAY, JUNE 5 IS THE LAST DAY.

Ellison launches bid for Minnesota attorney general

IRA is coming due

You can tell McTurtle is scared of losing the Senate

The only Eagles who were going to show up were the kicker, the owner, and the mascot

major road rage, broke window and woman's arm with his bare hands

Another scam? "Your internet connection has been compromised, you need to change your iP address"

Tom Seaver

BREAKING: Government: Medicare will become insolvent in 2026, three years earlier than expected.

Dwight Clark, SF 49er, The Catch... has passed from ALS.

The Guardian: german politicians call for expulsion of Trump's Berlin envoy.

Bakery Rule:

Eisenhower's statement written on this day, 74 years ago, in case the D-Day landing failed.

If by some shocking outcome the Democrats get back the House PLUS 67 Senate seats...

NFL at the White House? Nope. NBA? Nope. Well, there's still the World Squash Finals.

Lebron's Beard

David Corn and the Dem Messaging Deficit

What's the latest news on Ben Affleck and Gwyneth Paltrow? Will Mark McGwire hit 62 homeruns?

Unwittingly, Trump has revealed the shady, criminal side of Big Real Estate

Now CrossFit gym is discriminating against LGBTQ

Has Trump ruined the National Anthem for you too ?

For what job Trump would be qualified ?

The Guardian: UN says US must stop separating migrant children from their parents.

Anything that is quickly and easily learned is not worth learning


Smokey Sanders is unbearable and

Massive snake removed from car's dashboard (video)

Man shot by dancing FBI agent offered free drinks forever at nightclub


Trump Must Sit for Deposition in the Zervos (Apprentice) case by January 2019

Clinton and "whataboutism"

For many church-goers, familiarity with churches other than their own

Miss America is scrapping the swimsuit portion from its pageant

Does anyone actually like voting in person best?

Is there a thread on CA voting today.

White House Celebration of America

No picture so perfectly captures America in 2018 as this one -

CNN: Bolton intentionally blew up NK talks by using Libya model.

Trump doesn't know the words to God Bless America:

The pResident of the United States is throwing a temper tantrum

Did SHS tell the media that she is honest with them everyday or something like

Social Security Expected to Dip Into Its Reserves This Year - DUE TO TRUMP TAX CUTS

At his Celebration of America event, Trump doesn't appear to know the words to "God Bless America."

Dolt45 was NOT heckled and booed today when he came out to celebrate America.

Sarah Snowflake: "Spend a little bit more time reporting the news instead of trying to tear me down"

"I've asked 6 of the "fans" at WH who was Eagles quarterback during super bowl. Not ONE person knew"

planted Eagles fans

McConnell cancels Senate's August recess preventing Dems from campaigning for midterms

Trump Rescinds Invite To Philadelphia Eagles The View

Prank Caller Sends SWAT Team to Home of Parkland Survivor David Hogg

Dan Savage hits the nail on the head about elections

When this Administration goes down...

i remembered to watch Shep!

Trump: "I wanna take this opportunity to 'splain why young Americans stand for our Nat'l Anthem"

CNN just now: Putin and 45 talk regularly on the phone.

Am I losing my mind or are these people evangelicals? CrossFit

Pierce: Paul Manafort, International Criminal Mastermind, Done F*cked Up Again

So Trump now has fake Eagle fans at the White House:

Good Grief - Pastor killed by crocodile while baptising

Kids These Days!

Remember when 45 issued the anti-Muslim order and lawyers rushed to intl airports to help travelers?

MY HERO: A man takes a knee during Trump's celebration.

(African-American Group) Gullah and HBCU (United Shades of America)

Gyasi Ross: WA AG Ferguson, racist like Trump

Seems to me

Where have all the "Progressives" gone?

Former Eagles player: Obama should invite players over for a BBQ instead

When George Washington was proven to be a British plant, the Founders were helpless because words.

I'm a New England Patriots fan, and was disappointed when they were defeated by the Eagles....

Just heard a reporter say that he asked 6 "fans" at the WH stunt who the QB of the Eagles was

(Jewish Group) Hollywood: Where Jews Don't Get To Play Jews

Does anyboby know...

Here's who from the Eagles was reportedly still coming before Trump disinvited the team.

(Jewish Group) Stop Bringing Up Palestine When We Bring Up Anti-Semitism

David Hogg Cries Out Against 8th Graders Getting Bulletproof Gift

Pennsylvania eighth graders issued bulletproof backpack plates as graduation gift

I didn't watch dotard's dumbass flop. My puppy needed his anal glands expressed

(Jewish Group) Holocaust education 'not enough' to tackle antisemitism, Unesco warns

Super Bowl Champions at the White House - THIS is how to do it!!!!

David Corn: Donald Trump Is Getting Away With the Biggest Scandal in American History

School safety panel will not look at role of guns in school violence

Betsy DeVos Says School Safety Panel Will Not Study Role of Guns

I just voted in my very Republican state house district in the Iowa primaries

Am watching Nicole Wallace and she asked Harry L.(don't know last name)

Victor Borge at his Best

Keith Ellison to leave Congress and run for attorney general in Minnesota

Imagine the person who has colluded with Russians

Strains Credulity

How long before we see a similarly captioned photo from Trump's Eagles 'fans' rally?

Trump fixates on pardons, could soon give reprieve to 63-year-old woman after meeting with Kim...

Where are the missing children?

Micro$oft buys GitHub!!! No!!!!! Uggggghhhh!!!

I'm almost as tired of pointing this out as noticing it, but...

Dennis Rodman will be in Singapore for Trump-Kim summit

Trump is beyond disgusting. WH event was "black people aren't patriotic"

Trump just sent a horrible message about African American dissent

Two Women Senators Will Introduce A New Bill About Workplace Harassment

Conservatives Finally Speak: "He's Acts Like He's a King"

Trump unable to remember words to "God Bless America" at replacement event...

LeBron James, Stephen Curry agree that next NBA champs won't visit White House

School Safety Panel Will Not Look at Guns

Ladies and gentlemen, president Enrico Pollazzo!

Saw the perfect bumper sticker today.

Another GOP poll- What percentage of Deplorables, i.e. Republicans would imprison Anthem kneelers ?

Pummeled with Shopping Pressure

Wildwood cops won't face criminal charges in violent beach arrest

Melania not going to Singapore. Rodman is.

My TV seems to have just died.

🐦 June 6 at 9:30 AM ET Watch LIVE @SenSanders sits down for The Daily #202Live w/ @jameshohmann

Press aide who mocked McCain is out at the White House

We didn't throw batteries at Santa Claus,Chuck

June 6 at 9:30 AM ET Watch LIVE @SenSanders sits down for The Daily #202Live w/ @jameshohmann

Hey Donald, See What Happens When You Fuck With An Eagle

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 6 June 2018

GOP strategy think tank

The Potomac River is swollen at Chain Bridge

EXCLUSIVE: Former Fox News reporter says Russians colluded with Trump campaign through Roger Stone

I guess Melania had better things to do rather than honor our military:

Mitch McConnell cancels Senate's August recess

Justify draws the rail....

By cancelling the Eagles event Trump Collectively Punished the team

It's time to indulge our prejudices about Africans again!

Need advice for a database program

Free Speech is just different for Republicans....

Little Seized from Cohen Is Deemed Privileged

I have a question for people who are basketball fans,/and know a lot about the sport.

What's for Dinner, Tues., June 5, 2018

I heard Manafort has chosen a new theme song:

Judge Rules Trump Can Be Deposed

Zephyr Teachout was just on the Beat

"Swatting" David Hogg wasn't a "prank," it was attempted murder

Trump Believes That Kim and Kanye Are Helping With His Popularity Among African Americans!

Anybody have any early vibes about the CA jungle primary?

How cowardice ended the American republic.....

Hopefully, with Doug Ford a tiny bit ahead, Ontarians will break for the NDP.

Just watched Ari interview Zephyr Teachout who is running to replace Schneiderman as

Sessions says the government is taking immigrant babies from their families

White Nationalist Who Marched In Charlottesville Elected To Local GOP Office

CA Exit poll: Gavin, Eleni and Dianne leading in their races

Politico: Law professors torch Trump legal team's memo (to Mueller)

Republican's playbook: abortion, next same sex marriage...

Mike Luckovich: Commencement

Ted Cruz was asked if he thinks Trump can self-pardon. It took him 18 seconds to say nothing.

An invitation to President Donald J. Trump

Trump Profited, when Obama Put Sanction on Russia (The Truth about Russian Interference)

Can Germany boot our bigmouth jackbooted Ambassador? Yes they can.

Philly. My town.

Der Fuehrer tRump called out Professional Football OWNERS, not players

Fucking Jonah Goldberg

How did the Rapa Nui people do it?

George Papadopolous: an Israeli agent? According to his wife, who might be lying, of course,

Social Destabilization - ((The Russian Plot and the Republican Agenda))

If I could ask a favor, please read Kathleen Dehmlow's obituary

McConnell open to amendment pushing back on Trump tariffs


Social Security and Medicare trustees confirm: GOP policies have hurt both programs

Social Security and Medicare trustees confirm: GOP policies have hurt both programs