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Archives: July 12, 2018

Man Who Draws

North Dakota soybean processors hit hard by tariffs as China cancels orders

I fear many will forget these horrible images of separated kids in cages and Trump cruelty

David Cronenberg could make 'Naked Lunch 2'

Trumpass Mr. Bankuptcy, bilker extraordinaire owes

I swear, it looks as if the planet wants us gone in the worst way.

LIVE Now--debate between IronStache and Cathy Myers for #WI01 US House seat

Parkland Students Who Survived Shooting File Federal Lawsuit

U.S. Embassy In U.K. Warns Americans To 'Keep A Low Profile' During Trump's Visit

The GOP are traitors...full stop

Himmlers Daughter Died

Arizona still has a law banning abortion on the books and the legislature is up for grabs.

The Utah Gun Exchange is following the Parkland students around the country to combat their call for

Shepard Smith Torches Trump Over NATO Remarks: Could 'Turn Back the Global Clock Centuries' (VIDEO)

What Do You Think Putin and Trump Will Talk About Behind Closed Doors?

Maine Republicans block state public campaign matching funds

Rosenstein asks prosecutors to help with Kavanaugh papers in unusual request

Supreme Court Removes Minister of Labor after Federal Police Detected Evidence of Involvement in a S

Scary Hot Dogs

HHS secretary: Separating immigrant families is 'one of the great acts of American generosity'

George Lopez Gives Trump's Hollywood Star the Golden Shower Treatment

So Krysen Synema said she won't vote for Chuck as leader

Millionaire Republican reportedly bought a yacht the same day he voted to cut his taxes

George Lopez "Pees" on Donald Trump's Hollywood Star

The House committee tasked with making sure US immigration police follow the law has given up

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin facing criticism over tone-deaf comment he made on social media

You wanta know what is weird for me?

Trump's administration can't clean house because its leader is too soaked in scandal

When you lose in the World Cup, they send Trump to your country the next day to remind you.....

Rep Ted Lieu's 1 page memo to Trump - with pictures & colors to remind him who our allies are

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Independence Day!

Racist white man caught on camera after throwing a chair at black woman while she's reading outside

Never Surrender (Cory Hart)

A few days ago there was a link is pushed from Eleanor Cliff how it was all President Obama's fault

Ex-Fox News Analyst Ralph Peters Tears Into Trump Over NATO Comments: We Have a Fool for a President

Someone's gonna make a lot of money

What will Trump do or say next??...

First Fire Chief To Rush Into Twin Towers On 9-11 Becomes Last To Retire

Didn't the White House say that Kelly looked disgusted today...

Japan Torrential Rain, Floods, Prompted Evac Orders & Advisories For 4.72 Million People

Marcy Wheeler Interview w/ Sam Seder @ The Majority Report "How deep does the Russia attack go?"

Rachel's story on Foley and Heathfield Russian Spies is FASCINATING

Democratic Party leadership and mainstream media, give up the pretense and call a spade a spade.

What does $700 a night get you if you're not buying lodging from an ICE contractor?

White man blames Hispanic employee in ice cream factory for hit-and-run, injury crash

Meditating cartoon

Moron Jr, who is also Misogynist Jr, likes his daddy calling Lisa Page an ex-FBI "layer"

GOP growing nervous Trump's policies will plunge party into peril

Handmaids tale, season 2 finale

Why haven't we seen federal forces

Julia Ioffe: Moscow sees Trump "as a total idiot, a useful battering ram" against US elite & NATO

To fuck over Russia, should Germany stop buying their natural gas and get it from

Rhode Island bill would require candidates to release their tax returns

The 'King' of Shambhala Buddhism, Undone by #MeToo

All the children in all the facilities the government used to house the immigrant children


July 4, 2018 will live in infamy

In today's WTF Edition:3 Georgia women charged after filming Snapchat video in room with dying

Manafort Loses Bid To Stay In 'VIP' Jail, Could Face Evidence From 1980s

Poll: Obama tops list ranking best president in Americans' lifetime

Strange photo from NATO:

No Matter What ...

Compared to What?

Tower of secrets: the Russian money behind a Donald Trump skyscraper

trump's 2020 campaign hat (if he stays in office long enough to run for re-election):

Kavanaugh "dismissive of fundamental rules of judicial restraint"; waging 'judicial jihad'-WaPo 2012

TX-SEN: Beto O'Rourke raised $10 million in last 3 months

Sen. Murkowski says she's factoring in the volume of calls...including from other states

Colbert: International Simon Says

Facebook gives Russian Internet Giant special data extension.

Democratic candidates raise money at a freakish pace.

Darla Shine had radio show where she said women in military should expect sexual harassment

Trump reportedly will visit Missouri again to help Hawley raise money for Senate race

Exceptional imagery, great track. "Like Sugar" - Chaka Khan

IMHO, SHS's "Kelly was pissed off over pastries & cheese" beats out Conway's Bowling Green Massacre

Mueller files reasons for no continuation of Manafort's trial to November.

FL-16: Vern Buchanan bought yacht after voting for GOP tax bill

Immaculate twitter researcher SpicyFiles does her best impersonation of Manafort:

More Russian money for Trump.

Can someone more talented than I

McCaskill raises more than $4 million in second quarter

"Blue Moon of Kentucky"

Gen. Clark: Trump doesn't understand NATO.

Tweet of the Day

Papa John's founder John Schnatter resigns as chairman of company's board after apologizing for raci

That time when Spanky shoved Montenegro PM out of the way

The Founder Of Papa John's Has Resigned After Using The N-Word In A Conference Call

Is the Trump-Putin interpreter safe?

Study: Florida's policies are keeping hundreds of thousands from voting

It's NOT #AmericaFirst but #TrumpFirst. A reporter on 11th Hour just made this comment and I just

TX-SEN: I have a genuine concern about this race

Watergate reporter: we are becoming different because of Trump and it will change American Story

*'Rubbing Salt In The Wounds': Trump Won't Take Yes For An Answer At NATO*, WaPo

Millionaire Republican reportedly bought a yacht the same day he voted to cut his taxes

It sounds so simple: "Saying something does not make it so".

"Everybody Knows" by Leonard Cohen

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh lauded Rehnquist for dissenting in Roe vs. Wade

Maddow will talk about Foley and Heathfield Russian Spies AND Peter Strzok who Lead the

I hope to be in an immigration courtroom by the end of next week.

Breaking: Racist admits to being CEO of Papa John's Pizza

(Jewish Group) How Supreme Court pick could affect the Jews

Ralph Peters on CNN says Merkel, May and Stoltenberg were talking to Trump like

(Jewish Group) Knife-wielding man threatens Swiss Jewish family on way to synagogue

Oh, the Huge Manatee

Rolling Stone: The Cost Of Getting Backstage At Different Concerts

(Jewish Group) Antisemitic vandalism found on welcome sign at Oregon University's Hillel

Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers - Keep A Little Soul (New)

Merkel Asks Mueller If There's Anything She Can Do to Help (Borowitz)

Beto O'Rourke raises $10.4 million in Q2 (compared to around $4 million for Ted Cruz)

Justin Nelson (candidate for TX AG) is only four points behind Paxton

Oddly, most Americans have no idea what's going on.

Mike Collier is within 2% of Dan Patrick for Lt. Governor

What if that POS in the White House pulled out of NATO?

Malcolm Nance: The Fix Is In

Hawaii Supreme Court sides with lesbian couple in B&B case

Why Union Support Matters In The Hawaii Governor's Race

Governor Reverses Himself: Hawaii Will Get A Police Standards Board

Stephen King tweet: "Ted Cruz called me a limousine liberal..."

Former pageant queen heading back to prison on fraud charges

58 Hawaii priests accused of child sex abuse; deadline to file a civil claim extended

***Breaking: Stormy Daniels just ARRESTED in Columbus, OH, for her REGULAR ACT***

(Avenatti) Stormy Daniels [politically] arrested while performing same act she's performed for years

Great twitter thread: Imagine if Republicans were in charge of the Thailand cave rescue.

ICE Officers to Asylum Seekers: 'Don't You Know That We Hate You People?'

Stormy Daniels arrested in Ohio while performing, her attorney says

Everyone -- look up and to your left!

Black man asked to leave his own pool by officer in viral video

Is it just me, or have the GOPr campaign ads gone off the deep end

Widespread Atmospheric Tellurium Contamination in Industrial and Remote Regions of Canada.

Michael Avenatti: Michael Cohen Will Be Arrested By End Of Summer The Beat With Ari Melber MSNBC

NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg trolls tf out of SpankMe45:

Democrats frustrated Nunes left mid-hearing after questions about Russia probe

Lawyers for Ohio State contradict Jim Jordan's claim he's not been contacted.

Scorching Heat Wave Reveals Signs of Ancient Civilization in the UK

'Miracle' forest baby: Montana man ... says he left infant because it was 'very heavy"

What the Hell did she dress for NATO cocktail party ???

Cambridge Analytica whistleblower on Facebook fine

I am going to watch the questioning of Strock tomorrow, even though I work nights, and I will miss

trump nominated Kavanaugh because he believes any investigation of POTUS is unconstitutional

Johnny Rivers - Slow Dancing

It's morning in Brussels, and SpankMe45 wants to know where the Attorney General is!!!

I'd like to post some poetry regarding domestic violence

Prosecutor: UT student's belongings link suspect to slaying

India Says 'Yes' to Net Neutrality

Player - Baby Come Back

Court hears challenge to Texas campus carry law

I am the Walrus - Styx & The Contemporary Youth Orchestra (quite good actually)

Stormy Daniels arrested after strip club performance in Ohio: lawyer

On eve of impeachment meetings, Ketchum quits West Virginia Supreme Court

volcano update: Hawaii STILL growing EACH DAY, a mile of new land added

Finzi: "Eclogue"-New Philharmonia Orchestra/Debussy: "Printemps"- Pierre Boulez/John Thomas:

Lawsuit: Gov. Justice's coal companies didn't fulfill coal contract

Chinese Tariffs on U.S. Energy Would Signal a New Attitude

Dem redistricting group picks targets, unleashes Obama

Shepard Smith Torches Trump Over NATO Remarks: Could 'Turn Back the Global Clock Centuries

Manchin hosts roundtable on pre-existing conditions

So the President of the United States is coming to Great Britain

Armless man (from you know where) stabs tourist, police say

Risky contraceptive methods some women are forced to use - in pictures (Graphic warning)

House Democrats demand 'transparency' in Trump's review of Palestinian aid funds

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 7/11/18

European DUers please help me with tonight's Stephen Colbert opening...

WANTED: Jaywalking turtle escapes from sheriff, still on the loose

The 'King' of Shambhala Buddhism, Undone by #MeToo

Democrats Take Major Step to Reduce Role of Superdelegates

Officer resigns amid probe over lack of response to man harassing woman for wearing Puerto Rico shir

Progressive activists seek Providence City Council seats

"Why does Trump hate Germany?"

Federal Prosecutor Charges Coal Company With Faking Dust Samples Amid Black Lung Surge

Exclusive: Sean Spicer new book - Contradict Trump on Manafort role

Imagine living in a country that....

The 2007 Ohio law against touching a nude dancer has NEVER been enforced -- before Stormy.

Holocaust & Humanity Center Breaks Ground on New Home at Union Terminal

Morning tweet/ we give you permission to keep him .

Spontaneous Presser this AM in Brussels

Trump says NATO nations make major new defense spending commitments after he upends summit

PayPal Apologizes for Letter Demanding Payment From Deceased woman

Trump's Brussels Presser right now

MSNBC: Trump presser getting simultaneously fact checked.

O'Rourke Crushed Cruz In Fundraising

Peace Bad Strong Men Good

Thursday TOONs - Be Best Bear Edition

'I'm a very stable genius': Trump insists he won't change his mind about leaving NATO

"Fuck Trump" Crop Circle in UK will greet the Idiot and be visible on flight path...

Today's WSJ Editorial Trump Plots to Erase His Tax Cut Your paycheck may be bigger, but tariffs will

Worthless scuz vp..making promises it can't keep..

Scoop: Trump wants tough new Air Force One paint job

Hey Donald, the British do not "love" you as you claimed in your press conference......

Trump Threatens NATO That He'll 'Do His Own Thing'

HHS Plans to Delete 20 Years of Critical Medical Guidelines Next Week

Trump Administration Gives Order to Reject Domestic Violence Asylum Seekers

Can Macron just call Dolt45 a liar and be done with it..


Can the POTUS withdraw from NATO without the consent of Congress?

If you travel to Europe this summer, beware of this:

France's Macron says Trump's claim of NATO spending increase is false

"Stateless" boy who emerged as leader in Thailand cave was key to rescue

This is why

Whomp Whomp! Right-Wing Group Built To Smear Climate Scientists Collapses In Lawsuits, Tax Fraud

Home Prices Begin To Diverge In Key Biscayne - Lower-Lying Property Prices Dropping Or Flat

TX-Sen: Beto O'Rourke's 2nd quarter donations more than double the amount reported by Cruz

darth delivers...

"Everybody's going to go wild with my new idea!" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

'The Purge' coming to USA


If your head is spinning, let yourself calm down because...

Colbert: "My condolences to Trump for his crushing defeat in 1st round of international Simon Says"

Stormy Daniels arrested at Ohio strip club. Her attorney calls it a setup.

Trump administration to turn away far more asylum seekers at the border under new guidance

Just Woke Up - So Tell Me How Did Our President Embarrass Us & Himself.....

Houston model bitten while swimming with sharks in Bahamas

BULLSHIT: Trump Administration Completes Reunification for Eligible Children Under Age 5

North Koreans Are No Show at Scheduled U.S. Talks

Just Last Year, Brett Kavanaugh Suggested Roe v. Wade Was Wrongly Decided

DU Constitutional Lawyers

APNewsBreak: Government reopens probe of Emmett Till slaying

Putin is laughing his ass off...

The Rundown: July 11, 2018

Fugitive Cop Says He's Behind the DNC Leaks. It's His Latest Hoax.

Protestors inflate 'Trump baby' ahead of UK visit

BREAKING: Trump Made "Deal" for SCOTUS Retirement

OOPS: Giuliani Admits Trump Obstructed Justice

Reason why there was no Government official to welcome Trump... Is a reason to laugh a bit more

Starring on Fox News: "Hillary"--faux news' obession with Clinton continues

Ryan-Backed PAC Reports Massive War Chest

Does a Clinton Campaign Staffer Stand a Chance in Trump Country?

Where can the hearing today be watched?

If you want to make America more like Russia you suck.

The asshole is in the U.K.

Excuse me---- Excuse me---Mr and Ms Congressperson----

Nearly Two-Thirds of Americans Want Roe v. Wade to Stand

UK Poll: Favourable view of Trump 17%, unfavourable 77%. "Honest": 16%

Macron Denies Trump Claim That NATO Allies Agreed to Increase Spending Beyond Goals

Trump, I'm a very stable genius

The STRZOK line that will *infuriate* House Republicans:

What time do the Strozk hearings begin ?

VIP Manafort's new facility experienced in housing "foreign & domestic terrorists, spies & traitors"

'He was wrong so many times': MSNBC's Mika torches Trump's 'blithering' NATO news conference

He showered them with gifts and utopian promises. The people unaware, forgave all the tyrants sins.

FBI agent: My work has never been tainted by political bias

Game of Thrones - 7 years ago today

The 'Stable Genius' strikes again

Trump on Tour (graphic warning)

Simon Schama, Historian and all around genius tweets about Cheetolini

Bombshell report reveals how shady Russian cash flowed through Trump's Toronto hotel

the "ineligibles" , god, how appalling

The US has a lot of money, but it does not look like a developed country

Dan Rather at twilight

DL Hughley: 'The most dangerous place for black people to live is in white people's imagination'

Part of the problem

How long before Hollywood makes a movie about Thai cave rescue?

Trump says he will raise election meddling with Putin at summit

What he told NATO this morning

Scientists discover fossil of ancient sea creature, name it after President Obama

DE-SEN: Ocasio-Cortez deploys staff to campaign against Tom Carper


Beware of Republicans in Democratic Clothing

Wife of top Trump aide had radio show where she said women in military should expect sexual harassme

Hillary predicted this:

The obituary of 5 year old Garrett

Cohen Lawyer Says Trump May Have Committed 'Impeachable Offense'

WaPo: Trump threatened to 'do his own thing' if NATO members didn't increase spending

Consumer prices rise at highest annual rate since 2012

Peter Strzok Hearing Link

FBI agent Peter Strzok: My work has never been tainted by political bias

Illinois officer resigns after not helping woman harassed for wearing Puerto Rico shirt

Facebook told to grant grieving mother access to daughter's account

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Accuses Defeated Dem Joe Crowley of Plotting a Third Party Challenge

His ultimate goal: stop sharing intelligence with us.

Editorial cartoons from Europe

WATCH LIVE: Peter Strzok Testifies Before House Judiciary Committee

follow here for live updates FBI's Peter Strzok testifies Also C-span 3...

IMO, it's not a question of "if" as much as "how"

Kellyanne Conway on Claims Trump Nicer to Putin Than NATO Allies: Why is Everything So Political!

Please watch Maddow blog. She did excellant job of covering Strozok's excellant spying jobs for

That Brett Kavanaugh has a tell.

Trump welcoming - Cartoon

Illegal Immigrants Pay Billions in Taxes Each Year

Kavanaugh lauded Rehnquist for dissenting in Roe vs. Wade and supporting school prayer

Like his father, Strzok served as an officer in the United States Army before joining the FBI

Tower of secrets: the Russian money behind a Donald Trump skyscraper

"...Trump isn't even bringing checkers to a chess match."

Who knew giving the kids LSD would be such a great idea?

Devastating explosion in Sun Prairie, WI......

German news broadcaster loses it over Trump...

Pelosi: I'll be holding my weekly press conference today at 10:45 am ET. You can tune in here:

Stormy Daniels Just Got Arrested, but Did Cops Ignore This Loophole in the Law?

and on and on it goes

Today, the republican house is again investigating Hillary's Emails.

I agree with Donald Trump: we should consider pulling our troops out of Europe...

If one wants to stay married why would you insult your spouse in public before millions of people?

fucking racist pig

@BernieSanders should explain why he's wasting his time coming to my hometown to campaign for @irons

opinions? Best way for muellers investigation to end?

and on and on it goes 2


people are starting

Cats aware of earthquake prior to event

Joe Manchin (WV-SEN) outraises, leads Morrisey

Bill Browder, Magnitsky Act author and Putin's most despised enemy, offers pointers to LOSER45:

It's live right now--Strzok

Ocasio-Cortez takes a parting shot at Crowley

typical of amerika today

I am watching the Peter Strzok hearing. I could never be a politician !!!!!!!!!!!

Delta to Trim Flights as Fuel Prices Rise

Don't feed the trolls, and other hideous lies

How to make a slush puppy - or one cool dog

Jason Kessler has settled in the lawsuit to ban paramilitary activity in Charlottesville

Elon Musk commits to clean up Flint drinking water

NATO allies looked at Trump like an 'old uncle' who 'gets nuts' during wild rants: European diplomat

Strzok: "This hearing is just another notch in Putin's belt."

Trump's top Hill aide leaving White House amid Supreme Court battle

Maduro brings Chavista sycophants into military positions. Desperate times for Chavismo!

Donald Trump's global chaos tour: As he runs wild in Brussels, GOP senators start to back away

What is it with Goodlatte?

This hearing is a joke right off

lying as usual

Too furious to speak coherently: Farmers Markets about to lose SNAP processing ability

This Strzok hearing is a war right out of the gate!

How do Goodlatte and Gowdy sleep with such guilty consciences??

Re Strzok hearing: Republicans are always assholes.

Tune into the Peter Strzok hearing!

South Korea's Moon says North Korea-U.S. talks 'on track', criticism a ploy

Damn, a walking flowerpot - I want one

"Are we just going to make up rules as we go along?"

Holy crap..I move to adjorn!!!

This is not mine. I just found it while Googling Tump baby.

I would call Bob Goodlatte a scum bag but that does a disservice to scum bags.

THIS is cool.

Toothless trade resolution demonstrates Congress's unwillingness to check Trump

ATTN D. Trump Renewables cover about 100% of German power use for first time ever

A Question......

Bannon hosts Europopulists in London ahead of Trump's visit

Ryan urges Trump to pursue trade deals, not tariffs

Are Trey Gowdy and Roger Stone BOTH...

Can we finally drop all pretense that we have a functioning government.

Oversight Dems troll GOPers with signs of all of Mueller probe's guilty pleas

Former New Orleans mayor: It's not my 'intention' to run for president

I have been a shadow juror. I have sat in on mock trials.

can someone please explain the point of order dispute in the strzok hearing?

Does Trey Gowdy have any self-awareness?

Top House GOPer Threatens Strzok With Contempt Minutes Into Questioning


Watch out...Cheeto may appoint Gowdy to the Supreme Court....

Thank you!!! The Dems have shown up and giving

The Rs don't know how to handle such strong pushback

Jordan's Boss, The Head Coach, Admits He Knew - By Josh Marshall

Russian Influence Campaign Sought To Exploit Americans' Trust In Local News

Strozk applause! lmao

Everything known about

Good job Britons ! You did not much more than us to "welcome" Trump !!!

A grim 45th anniversary: the fire at the National Personnel Records Center, this day in 1973

Somewhere in England don trump is so proud of the republican house

Oversight Dems Troll GOPers With Signs Of All Of Mueller Probe's Guilty Pleas

So they subpoenaed Lisa Page

Why Donald Trump Likes Brett Kavanaugh So Much

Country Seems To Be Heading For A Meltdown. So Much Chaos.

You suck at cooking -Blueberry Lemon Scones

Wonderful photo-within-a-photo from airport as rescuers and press leave Thailand:

Which Deity Created the No-see-um?

The rise of the Repub Messaging Machine (or how we got HERE)...

Guy Verhofstadt tweet on Trump looking to the opposite on NATO pic LOL

Ex-ambassador says US voters' ignorance is Trump's biggest asset

Where's the hearing thread?

Peter Strzok nukes Trey Gowdy for attacks on FBI to cover Trump's 'disgusting' behavior

This is what back-alley abortions were really like

Who's sitting behind Strzok?

Republicans try to stop Elijah Cummings from listing guilty Trump officials at Strzok hearing

So the point of this hearing is to discredit the FBI and Mueller

WA Post reporter just posted a *womp womp* photo:

I thought trump secured the return? North Korea snubs US, skips meeting on returning soldier remains

women live longer than men-- as I reminded a friend yesterday while we were bemoaning

Manafort moved to Alexandria jail

Nadler is getting his moment.


Will the gentleman yield ?

Stephen Colbert's comments last night might help open the eyes of people who don't watch the news

Kessler, Redneck Revolt agree to court order barring return to Charlottesville in armed groups

Kavanaugh lauded late Chief Justice Rehnquist for dissenting in Roe vs. Wade and supporting sc


Kavanaugh lauded late Chief Justice Rehnquist for dissenting in Roe vs. Wade and supporting school p

Is the commercialization of the internet...

Kavanaugh lauded late Chief Justice Rehnquist for dissenting in Roe vs. Wade and supporting school p

About the Strzok hearing---DAMN! These are the Democrats to be proud of!

"You need to be quiet and more civil! You're playing into Putin's hands, he wants us divided!"

WOW! Love how Strzok used smarmy question to highlight Trump's despicable behavior during campaign

Finally, I know who is Trey Gowdy's doppelganger

Kavanaugh has spent his career protecting polluters, scammers, corporations, and gun sellers

Here it is -- Paul Manafort's mugshot

Trey Gowdy gets his ass handed to him by Peter Strzok.

Whoa! Gowdy got GOT!

Rep. Stensenbrenner, Repug WI is as rude and creepy as Gowdy!! Listening to Strzok

Rep David Cicilline to release Strzok's pvt interview transcript-Unless someone tries to stop him

'It is the people, in open primaries and caucuses, who should determine the Democratic nominee ...

Why is it whenever there's a group photo they always

1905: "Los Angeles to Chicago in 45 Hours? Today It Only Takes 43!"

FREE bags of fish guts to throw at #trump--Diaper Don.....

Poll: 64 percent of Americans want Roe v. Wade to stand

Dear Donald, Obama could hold his breath under water for 20 minutes

Updated thread: Republicans concerned about fairness and bias now that they're under investigation.

Is anyone going to The Big E this fall?

Good gawd. Duncan's statement was dripping with so much kiss-ass....

Please join me, along with workers from Amazon, Disney, McDonald's, American Airlines and Walmart...

Conservative analyst: 'High likelihood' that Nicaraguan crisis will impact US migrant flow

Forest preserve cop resigns after failing to help woman in Puerto Rico shirt.

FBI's Secrete Society..?

Charges against Daniels dismissed

About those bodies of US soldiers from the Korean War that Trump bragged about...

Lawyer says charges against porn actress Stormy Daniels have been dismissed

Ocasio-Cortez Confronts Crowley Over His 'Third-Party Challenge'

Whats the Biggest Threat to American Democracy?

How Come - re: hearing

Who is talking right now? 1:07 PM in the hearing?

"Press Captures UK Arrival!"

I see a Supreme Court appointment in this man's future.....

Love This: Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee is holding up Manafort's same-day Mug Shot at Strzok Hearing.

If ALL Democrats would display the indignation, knowledge, preparedness and PASSION

90,000+ acre County Fire in Napa-Yolo area blamed on faulty electric fence

So a guy buys a new 70, 000 muscle car

Stop! Just STOP IT!

Venezuelan doctors now join nurses in strike. Wages less than $2 per month

Pierce: How 'Blind' Is Governor Rick Scott's Blind Trust, Really?

Great quote about Manafort

What's at Stake if Brett Kavanaugh Joins the Court

Dill Cream Cheese Smoked Salmon Canape recipe

Internet buries Trump in ridicule after he tweets a 'very nice note' from Kim Jong-un

"Roe v. Wade" Movie Crew Member Assaults Reporter

In that press conference this morning Don the Con said his father was born in Germany

#Strzok ripping Gowdy to shreds.

Common Ground: For Secure Elections and True National Security

Trump confidant claims US President 'MIGHT SUE' over Sadiq Khan-approved protest balloon

So that you don't forget your cake

Charges Dropped Against Stormy Daniels After Ohio Strip Club Arrest

M$NBC's Christy Pristy asking her panel,,,,,,

Blackwater founder makes new pitch for mercenaries to take over Afghan war

Human Zoos in the Age of Trump

and now a GOOD event happening--Watch President @BarackObama's 🎬 about gerrymandering:

Ireland commits to divesting public funds from fossil fuel companies

Rare Double Asteroid Revealed by NASA, Observatories

Dem burns down 'scared' GOP chairman for using hearings to distract from Russia probe

A new motto for Democrats: "The party of opportunity that has your back."

Goodlatte: Judiciary, Oversight Committees Will Interview Lisa Page Friday

Does anyone know...

trumpy takes a shot at who is next to resign....

Beware of Darkness

New York museum rescinded job offer because I was a mother, curator claims

New York museum rescinded job offer because I was a mother, curator claims

Aaaaaaaaand we're back! (Strzok afternoon hearing)

New York museum rescinded job offer because I was a mother, curator claims

Man Controlled By Russia Says Germany Is Controlled By Russia--Stephen Colbert

Blenheim Palace protests

Mark Taylor: God Confirmed My SCOTUS Prophecy With A Train Horn

Strzok is kicking some GOP ass!

Australia is way ahead of us... WAY ahead!

Strzok: Anti-Trump Text Based On His 'Horrible, Disgusting' Treatment Of Gold Star Family

How a country can welcome immigrants without triggering a massive populist backlash

Curbelo once again stood up the Keys at a meeting last night.

PM May & the spray tanned fool

Muslim Community In Tampa FL Offer to US Gov-That they will host ALL 2300 CHILDREN with ALL EXPENSES

The GOP is accomplishing what they set out to do w/ this hearing

Ad for Amazon Show "Man In the High Castle"

Is it just me or is the um "crowd size" rather sparse?

Mysterious black sarcophagus found in Egypt

TX D goes line-by-line through all of Trump's links to Russia that have nothing to do w/ P. Strzok

This is the most corrupt administration ever

Goodlatte At Strzok Hearing Circus: 'What Does Trump Support Smell Like'

Steve Bell 'toon - The Trumps visit The Royals

Liz Crokin: Trump Confirmed The Existence Of A Video Showing Hilary Clinton Torturing A Child


Congressman Cohen from Tennessee (dem) is GREAT!

Jim Jordan is an asshole

The chief wanted perfect stats, so cops were told to pin crimes on black people, probe found

Peter Strzok Testifies in Front of Congress on FBI/DOJ Actions During the 2016 Election (PART 1)

facebook fights fake news by allowing infowars

Deraa, birthplace of Syria uprising, retaken by government forces

Border Agent Who Questioned Reporter Is Investigated for Computer Misuse

Dem pollster: Kavanaugh nomination outcome won't impact how people vote in November

Secret money funds more than 40% of outside congressional ads

The Strzok hearing is political theatre absurd

"Everybody knows"

CNN cut away from hearing to show Red Don; MSNBC stays with hearing

American Embassy curtains in London have been stolen

Trump's stinking up Blenheim Palace

Watching the hearing, it's more than a little obscene

According to Repugs, If you hate sexual predators you can't prosecute them because bias.

How will history judge the NFL palyers who kneel for the Anthem, and how will it judge us?

N Korea a no show for US war dead talks.

Melly finds the Baby Blimp "mortifying"

AT LAST! A Chavista lackey admits to the failure of Bolivarian Socialism!

DC Circuit on Paul Manafort's motion for release from detention while his appeal is pending: Nope

didn't watch the hearing. anyone point out that it's nuts to insist investigators be unbiased?

Today's dedication goes out to "Donald," who might encounter some hostility over the next few days.

Pelosi: Jim Jordan 'should have known' about OSU abuse

So, if an FBI agent investigates a...

THE SCOTSMAN: Trump-due to arrive in UK later today, is a racist, a serial liar & appalling human

Happy National Pecan Pie Day!

What do you call bigotry wrapped in prayer?

Louie Gohmert needs to be restrained.

Gohmert getting personal now

Holy facting shite

Talk About A Witch Hunt.....

Worthless just two years ago, West Texas sand now brings in billions

F--k you, Louis Gohmert, you disrespected the guy and then you won't let him respond.

The GOP leading this charade

Johannes Brahms Double Concerto

The Borowitz Report: Queen Elizabeth Says Bone Spurs Will Prevent Her from Meeting Trump

Rep. Connolly!

Ted Poe (R-TX): "...the self-pity you have shown this committee..."

Boy - A Lot Of The Words Of The Repugs Taking Shots At Strzok......

CEO of Puerto Rico's bankrupt power company abruptly resigns

Is there one republican at this hearing who has one shred of honor?

A Dem can be overheard saying: "Insane asylum," referring to Gohmert.

Strzok to Gohmert (?). Burn!!!!

Peter Strzok is acquitting himself magnificently

Committee Erupts In Shouting As Jordan Trucks Over FBI Agent's Answer To His Question

Florida Man Ted Deutch (D) Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! nt

Love the movie recs -- and I have one!

Okay, who's the congresswoman who yelled that Gohmert was "off his meds?!"

WATCH: Hearing Goes Off Rails As Louie Gohmert Accuses FBI Agent Of Lying To His Wife

Nicaragua crisis: '38 killed in bloodiest day' - NGO

Best Headline for NYT: "Trump Claims a Big NATO Victory, Over Allies of the U.S."

Stormy: "Going onstage TONIGHT to perform for my fans & register voters as planned"

Manafort mugshot released

Fugelsang: Somewhere Irony is huffing gasoline fumes out of a brown paper bag

One thing is for certain

Group carves 'F--- Trump' in Russian into crop circle ahead of UK visit

When is Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) up for re-election??

Here's How Ukraine's Ousted Government Got Away With $40 Billion

My take on the GOP and law enforcement

Rep Luis Gutierrez Nailed it.

Trey Gowdy is as slimy as he looks n/t

This should make your blood boil!

Trump baby balloon not allowed to fly over Scottish golf course

Rep Gerry Connolly: "Republicans seem obsessed with Strzok's texts about Trump SO I read theirs"

Hakeem Jeffries is taking it to the Republicans

I hope all FBI agents and Intel officials are paying attention to this circus.

Piano Concerto #1: III Johannes Brahms Leon Fleisher (piano) Cleveland Orchestra

Cover-up Caucus

"Parade of Degenerates"

gowdy is an asshole n/t

The Origin of the Political Terms Left and Right

Next Air Force One will be all red and say "MAGA" on the side

Bernie Sanders on John Fetterman, Pittsburgh politics and the rising tide of Democratic Socialism

We are getting sucked into the side show

You go Bonnie - THIS IS NOT BENGHAZI!!!

After this charade

Louie Gohmert is a vile, disgusting human being

Pictures from Trump protests

Joe Scarborough: Didn't Trump promise the remains were already returned?

Oh, the humanity!

Dems will unilaterally release closed-door transcripts of Stzrok's previous testimony at 5 (UPDATED)

Apropos of nothing, I used to eat at a lovely family restaurant with a particularly sassy waitress.

Justice Department appeals Time Warner-AT&T merger approval

STRZOK on what he meant by text in which he said he would "stop" Trump:

I hope David Cicilline's comments are repeated everywhere at prime time

Bias Bias Bias Bias

Howdy Amarillo Dems/Libs/Progressives, i'm about to relocate to Amarillo from DFW

What's for Dinner, Thurs., July 12, 2018


Rep. Gerry Connolly reads into the record statements made by members of Congress about Trump

"You need your medication."

Russian Influence Campaign Sought To Exploit Americans' Trust In Local News.

Feinstein fights to deny Democratic rival official party nod

At FBI Agent's Hearing, Congressman Connolly Shades Republicans Who Also Criticized Trump

One week and counting.

Peter Strzok Summoned Before Congress Again For Texts Calling Trey Gowdy 'A Pissy Little Shithead'

Trey questioning so far today

The Republicans on the Committee are very "biased"...

I'm kind of on the same side on adultery as Louis Gomer (sp) with a huge caveat.

Trey Gowdy Shutdown by Bonnie Watson Coleman during Peter Strzok Hearing: 'This is not Benghazi!'

Congressional Investigation of Peter Strzok (Humor)

Audio Link: I talked with @BernieSanders today on @905wesa ...

David Corn: "Hey Jim Jordan. It's all very simple. Read this:"

An obversation I've never seen made about the 2 investigations before the election

Those old enough to remember

America in one photograph

Cohen Buys $6.7 Million Apartment from Trump Friends

The Sun (UK) has an interview with Trump dumping all over Theresa May

The Sun: Trump Dumps May

Just One Party Is Committed to Democracy

Man seen harassing a woman for wearing Puerto Rican flag shirt charged with hate crime

How Do You Say 'Tradition' in Yiddish?

Since Strzok has been dismissed from the intelligence agency, he should run for political

The Clown Show Exposed

Peter Strzok DESTROYED the Party of Alex Jones Today

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 13 July 2018

Paul LePage says he'd go to jail before he expands Medicaid without funding

Reporters chasing congressmen out of the Strzok hearing. Meadows: amused. Gowdy: not so much

Question about the texts from Peter Strzok

Louie Gohmert: GOP and POS.

President Hillary Clinton Scares the right death. They CANNOT leave her alone.

Cohen's new apartment...I'm just sayin, this mobby mofo has more money than the law allows grrrrrrrr

Republicans' favorite FBI conspiracy theory goes up in smoke during Strzok hearing

Exxon quits ALEC

"When you see a circus

A video of Barack Obama speaking about the NDRC (National Democratic Redistricting Committe)

Man Caught on Video Confronting Woman over Puerto Rico Shirt Charged with Felony Hate Crime

Polling data reveals a shrinking GOP filled with climate deniers

'Coin-flip arrest' uncovered in 11Alive investigation Officers placed on leave

Rage against the Machine send Nigel Farage a cease and desist letter

Rick Wilson: GOP wanted Peter Strozk for a punching bag. He knocked them out.

This Issue Will Give Dems the One Vote They Need to Block Kavanaugh

The Repugs Must Condone Russia Interfering With The Nov 2018 Midterms......

Good, Trump has a sad.

Have a really good laugh: German newscaster cold open on Colbert

German news on Trump at the NATO summit. You need to see this.

Ok, the dump got ink at the NATO summit,

Banana Republican!!!! I love it..

You still watching???? Springsteen....

Protest against what Donald Trump represents, not who he is

My rollercoaster of home buying continues to be fraught with dips and rises.

Matt Gaetz is trying to appear intelligent and thoughtful....

Elon Musk Pledges to Fix Flint's Water Contamination Crisis

Val Demings from Florida.

Heckuva weekend coming....

Lawsuit resolution could thwart Charlottesville violence

Jody Hice is a rude SOB

After NATO chaos, Trump met by protest, pomp in Britain

2024 US Senate Election Rating based on the 2018 US Senate Election outcome.

Response to Palin

Republican: We are not a democracy.

Arab Prince Put sheep in Rolls-Royce

Brazil's Lula found not guilty of obstruction of justice

Peter Strzok is Bad Ass! I'm Glad He's on America's Side!

Rep. Jefferies Blasts 'Kangaroo Court' Strzok Hearing: Not Worthy of an Ace Ventura Investigation

Brazil's Lula found not guilty of obstruction of justice

Contest submission deadline is Monday. Now open for second entries

Native Americans who protested Dakota Access get handed the longest prison sentences

What am I not understanding -- where are the Democrats right now?

'Businessmen in northwest Colombia plan to kill social leaders to prevent land restitution'

About those small black garden ponds. A warning.

I notice the republicans are not questioning, but maknig statements

I can't listen to this vitriolic crap any more

U.S. Accuses North Korea of U.N. Sanctions Breach, Demands End to Fuel Sales

Strzok attacked because he led major cases

Trump: Brexit plan 'will probably kill' US trade deal

GOP Rep tells Strzok he knows what he was thinking because he's a dentist.

PHOTO: Crop Circle on Flight Path to Donald Trump's Meeting With Theresa May Says 'F*** Trump' in R

How do you get anything done sending 100 texts a day!!!!!

Ted Lieu slams Republican hearings on Peter Strzok

Ted Lieu, IQ45 and NATO

These fucking Republican traitors make me want to barf.

Ex-CIA head Brennan: 'Putin must be very happy' with Goodlatte and Gowdy 'protecting Mr. Trump'

Exxon quits ALEC

Updated monthly donation portfolio

The smug, arrogant blatant hypocrisy of the party which hates minorities, women, and the rule of law

Trump baby balloon not allowed to fly over Scottish golf course

JFC anybody watching now?

Top 10 Quick Takes: Trump Is A Stable Genius II

Luxury mall in Mexico City partly collapses - video

Paul Begley: Peter Strzok Is A Part Of A Demonically-Controlled Illuminati Secret Society

Wow. These old white guys

I think I made a #MAGits head explode

The Peter Strzok fiasco wrecks the GOP's bogus conspiracy theory

Trump says he feels "unwelcome" in London

Does Anyone Here Think That Al Franken Can Launch A....

*Alexander Hamilton Died 214 Yrs. Ago; Immigrant, Statesman, Founding Father

Trump Inserts Himself Into Brexit Debate, Criticizing Theresa May.

Jared Kushner lacks security clearance level to review

What is a blazar? Its high-energy flares could unlock the foundations of the universe

Trump: soft Brexit will 'kill' UK's chances of US trade deal

BREAKING: We Finally Know Where High-Energy "Ghost Particles" Are Coming From

Scientists Cautiously Optimistic About HIV Vaccine Candidate

Steve Schmidt tweet on hearing is brutal to GOP

Welp, they can't get him on facts so they're going after attitude.

The theme for this evening: Strzok is arrogant!

Handel is a POS.

Wow, Karen Handel is a COMPLETE SHIT.

Representative Handel is a real peach

Why are they letting DeSaulnier talk? I thought they locked all the Democrats in the cloakroom.

Just when we thought that the GOP could not go lower guess what.... surprise!

Just sitting here watching Republicans question Strzok.

London Breed Says [to #cruel #Trump] 'We Don't Put Children in Cages, We Put Them in Classrooms' -

Jeezus! I left 8 hours ago and they're

To me the ultimate irony in all this TRUMP/Putin stuff


Dear London: Can We Borrow Your Blimp?

Trade disruptions are putting nation's healthy economy at risk, Union Pacific's CEO says

I truly feel sorry for Mr. Strzok. This is such a Waste Of Time.

Email proves Russians did hack into voting systems. Why no investigations?

FYI Peter Strzok spent 11 hours with this same committee on June 27, 2018 behind closed doors

Goodlatte, you are the stupid one.

Trump says immigration has changed "the fabric of Europe" and not "in a positive way"

What is Kavanaugh's position on gay issues?