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Archives: July 18, 2018

I came home at lunch today

Russian spy agencies plan to boost activities against the West CNN One day

Trump Decided Russia Indictments Should Come Pre-Summit, Sources Say

And the winner of "Hitting the New Bottom" contest goes to.....

Liz Longley - Weightless

As Sarah Palin says.....

States sue U.S. to void state and local tax deduction cap

On twitter - This morning in Lower Manhattan someone put a life sized, fake Putin....

My Trump supporting sister-in-law may never come back

I spoke to Thanos...

A Wonderful World

I think this photo is accurate. CNN got splainin to do.

Ari Fleischer shoots down Trump's walkback: His dismissal of US intel was 'from the heart'

Trump falsely claims queen reviewed guard for 1st time in 70 years

Boeing gets $3.9 billion contract for new Air Force One jets

Japan-EU trade deal 'light in darkness' amid Trump's protectionism

Please explain this to me.

"This Was the Nightmare Scenario" - John Kelly gave GOP lawmakers permission to criticize Trump


Pundits are trying to figure out if...

Businesses "Going Cashless" Is Discriminatory To Many w/o Credit; Action To Stop It.

"Meddle is too innocuous" Here are some synonyms is we can't get to "Attack" yet

Aaron Rupar on Tucker's crazy Trump interview & prologue, w/video - FYI, and for lulz

Dr. Dena Grayson posts an interesting Maria Butina photo.

POLL-Majority of Americans think Trump mishandling Russia -Reuters/Ipsos poll

Trump calls it 'fake news' that Helsinki summit with Putin wasn't perfect -- then tries to change...


Go ahead, tell them your name

Somewhat snarky question/statement...

'Did the dog eat his homework too?' CNN's Erin Burnett slams Trump's explanation that he misspoke

5 words that reveal Trump still isn't convinced Russia meddled in the 2016 election

A VERY STABLE GENIUS - Randy Rainbow Song Parody

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TREASON!

Remember When

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 18 July 2018

What trump really meant

The day the lights went out...

Avenatti calls Trump a 'Manchurian candidate' in front of the White House

Breaking: Trump WH official says walk back comments were a lie...

Playing the part of Cassandra has become a bit tiresome hasn't it?

2018,2020,& 2022 US Senate Election- Democratic & Republican held US Senate seats likely to flip.

Before Trump's meeting with Putin, Fox couldn't stop gushing about how "strong" he is

Robert Driscoll is Butina's attorney? Where have I heard that name before?

Kurt Eichenwald: 'Russian Reporter Identifies Fox News As Belonging To President Of United States'

Butina's attorney is a frequent Fox News shill.

Top voting machine maker admits to installing remote-access software on systems sold to US

I keep hearing trump isn't convinced Russia is responsible or he is unsure...

The Biggest Spender of Political Ads on Facebook? President Trump

Ex-supervisor in Adam Putnam's gun-license unit warned of 'gross misconduct,' sued and got $30,000..

Excellent summary of Obama's Mandela lecture. HE'S SO SMART!!!

SD-AL: Republican House nominee met with Butina in South Dakota

Kelly Lobbied Republicans To Rebuke Trump After Press Conference: Report

republican congress and senators are cowards! Need proof?

Rachel is HOT RIGHT NOW ..... Congress could hold investigations into ........

I saw a mama black bear and her cubs today in the Adirondacks.

A New Species Of Venomous Snake Has Been Discovered In Australia

O M G THIS. Sooo this!

Well-known progressive groups join forces for midterms organizing push

So are guys the only ones who can do all these?

Per 3 sources, Kelly privately lobbied congressional Republicans to rebuke Trump publicly for Putin

'Putin's Favorite Congressman' Now Engulfed in NRA Spy Case

MSNBC "This is a national emergency" "This is a world emergency"

Russian hackers didn't penetrate Omaha-based Elections Systems & Software, executive says FBI told h

Cambridge Analytica's Facebook data was accessed from Russia, MP says

"It's always something" - a new wrinkle in Alabama elections

Updates: Storms nearing Beltway, and likely to affect MLB All-Star Game.

Poll: Corruption message gaining traction against GOP

What Trump is saying in the Tucker Carlson interview is even worse than the Putin presser

I have a theory of what is on the "tape", and it's not two women urinating...

Comey just tweeted: "All who believe in this country's values must vote for Democrats this fall"

Roby wins Alabama primary runoff

*THE* definitive picture from Helsinki

Breaking news from Russia!

*Music Man's on TCM now.

watching The Last Word...showing dotard reading his walk back. His eyes look bruised

Who thinks trumps "clarification" makes sense?

Has this been used to mitigate spear fishing on the web?

Lawrence is telling it how it is...

Considering the Russian "thing", as dumpster refers to it,

Jill Wine-Banks on MSNBC tonight...

Oh my God Jill Wine Banks' pin!!!!!

Wake up, Maggie, I think I got something to say to you (ridiculous Haberman spin on Trump / Putin)

Laurence O'Donnell's Show: Jill Wine-Banks wearing a Trump Brooch with hammer & sickle

Has anyone experienced the effects of twitlers tariffs yet?

Rick Wilson on Don Lemon's CNN show, re: trump - "Putin has his pecker in his pocket".

DOJ Releases The Server Trump Is Hounding On About...

A little good news prediction from Sam Wang

Trump's Appearance With Putin In Helsinki Keeps Getting Brutal Reviews From Around The World

'The lamps are going out all over Europe; we shall not see them lit again in our lifetime' qte 1914

will someone please award dumpf a "participation award" - maybe then he will go away. I swear...

So where were the other journalists when Trump and Putin thugs removed him from the presser?

World-first melanoma blood test detects early stages of deadly skin cancer

RW saying its nuts to accuse Trump of treason; Trump accused Democrats of treason for not clapping

Cambridge Analytica's facebook data was accessed from Russia.

Ohio Trump Supporter Spray Paints Neighbors House With the N Word Swastikas and "Hail Trump."

secret service prevents kushner from being served

Arizona Senate Senate candidate shot mother, speaks on gun control

Haberman tweet:

In Helsinki, Putin looked awfully chipper compared to Trump.

Here is twitter thread concerning Kushner and secret service

I'm thinking there's a certain Russian translator needing witness protection....

He wants a Mulligan



Hannity to Trump following Putin press conference: 'You were very strong'

The Daily Show: Trump Blames a Slip of the Tongue for his Putin Summit Debacle

Sadly Summit Disaster Has Not Lowered Trump Approval. Putin Gains In Republican Approval.

Just when you thought you'd heard the last of Joe Lieberman

A letter for Rethug senators and reps

Brian Williams said fucks news,

Your a puppet.....................

Randy Rainbow Parody

"...and I've said this many times..."

Seth Meyers - Trump and Putin Meet, Melania's Yellow Gown - Monologue - 7/16/18

PANTERA "Cemetery Gates" Gone Polka by STEVE 'N' SEAGULLS

Trump & Putin's secret 2 hour talk. Expert said the Russians will have a recording of it..

The post-truth era

Wall Street Bull Decorated Overnight With Shirtless Putin and Rainbow Dildos

MI-08: AFGE endorses Elissa Slotkin for Congress

Democrat Frances Tarlton "Sissy" Farenthold A Noble Citizen

Doug Ford's Conservative Ontario Government is going to do a new audit of their

Scary stuff from Slate "The Real Threat to American Democracy Isn't Russia. It's the Right."

Kimmel: "I would rather have a chimpanzee as president of the United States."

Slate "Nothing Trump Says Can Be Trusted" (yes, I know...and water is wet)

Ex-CIA Chief: I'm Laughing At Trump

World Wonders What Trump Has On United States That's Forcing Nation To Keep Him In Power ..

KS-03: Sharice Davids....Strong. Resilient. Indigenous

Trump now says no 'time limit' to denuclearize North Korea, notes 'Putin is going to be involved'

Florida man faked his murder using a gun and a weather balloon

Kim Jong Un misspoke too

Mexico: Lopez Obrador government to consider legalization of drugs

Mexico: Lopez Obrador government to consider legalization of drugs

'The President's Brain is Missing' by John Scalzi---has anyone here read the book?

Leading sovereign citizen guru gets 57 months

Russian Pilgrims Mark 100th Anniversary of Czar's Execution

US offers no details as Russia claims Trump and Putin reached military agreements

'Morally repugnant': Homeland Security advisory council members resign over immigration policies

'Go Back to Mexico' was spray-painted on a hair salon run by a Cuban-born US citizen

'Go Back to Mexico' was spray-painted on a hair salon run by a Cuban-born US citizen

Mexico: Pres-elect Amlo promises to create truth commissions for disappeared people

Holy Shit! C-SPAN caller THANKS Russia for interfering in 2016 election.

Here's the Trump/Pence Media survey I just sent back (my responses/comments bolded)

In Mom's arms...

Death threats against journalists - or 'disguised guerrillas' as some in Colombia say - spike

Ex-FBI head James Comey urges public to vote Democratic

FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION: Coleman Young II for Congress MI-13

Colombia's former army chief submits to war crimes tribunal

Lost society hidden in Ecuador's 'pristine' cloud forest

Lost society hidden in Ecuador's 'pristine' cloud forest

No Western Terrorist Attacks in a while, they are watching us destroy ourselves

FEMA Has Either Denied Or Not Approved Most Appeals for Housing Aid in Puerto Rico

The Republican donor class, the Republican base, Donald Trump and Republicans in Congress.

FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION: Donna Mercado Kim for Congress HI-01

FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION: Tish James for NY Attorney General

School Bust

Maria Butina Case; More Understanding of 'Infiltration' In Russian 2016 Attack, NPR

Celebrity cosmetic surgeon in Brazil vanishes after patient dies

Brazil center-left candidate says he would stop Boeing-Embraer deal

Lula's party weighs Brazil northeast vote in search for stand-in: sources

putin violated NATO airspace

Crowley could fairly easily beat Ocasio-Cortez in the general election

If Democrats regain control of the US Senate in 2018 and the US Presidency in 2020,

5,500-Year-Old Megalithic Tomb Discovered In Ireland Heralded As "The Find Of A Lifetime"

Alabama police officers suspended for making hand gesture linked to white power

You have got to see the pin former Watergate prosecutor Jill Wine-Banks wore on her jacket!

HI-01: Ed Case far ahead in congressional race

Judge Hears Arguments in Case Challenging New Hampshire Absentee Ballot Law

And Enough of THIS Bullshit

Top Voting Machine Vendor Admits It Installed Remote-Access Software on Systems Sold to States

Democratic Party's chance of winning the 2020 TX US Senate Race.

Michael McFaul tweeted that Putin wants to arrest him

Russian state brazenly asserts, 'Trump is ours and US lawmakers came to Russia to rig midterms

Need a laugh? (who doesn't these days?!) #TrumpAndPutinAMovie hashtag might help

OH-12: Republicans begin ritual trashing of their nominee ahead of special election

"How can atheists value life if they don't believe in God?"

Oh hell no you don't!

College Students Protest Voter Residency Bill At New Hampshire State House

Third Dartmouth Professor Ousted After Harassment Investigation

How is Russia viewing our orange traitor?

Well, One Sign of Progress ...

Trump had an epic fail in front of the world

As Russia wants to question Steele and Browder, here's a recap of the Magnitsky-case:

Liquor Commission Seeks to Ban Union President From Entering State Liquor Stores

kavanaugh is used in defense by russian company indicted in Mueller investigation

A puzzling purchase: Sold college campus remains virtually untouched

Welcome to the Meghalayan Age - a new phase in history

2018,2022,and 2026 US Senate Election prediction.

Dunbarton taxpayers demand one-time tax break from $1 million school surplus

Plenty For Congress To Do If It Wants To Deal With Donald Trump Crisis - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Australian researchers develop 'world first' melanoma blood test

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 7/17/18

Stephen Colbert: Guest Lewis Black Wants To Reclaim The Summer From Trump

Comey: All who believe in this country's values must vote for Democrats this fall.

How Utterly Bizarre

Kudos to Douglas Brinkley for a powerful battle cry and perfect bumper sticker!

One year in, is Rep. John Delaney's early White House bid paying off in New Hampshire?

Anderson Cooper rips Trump's damage control

Vermont Law School Revokes Tenure, Cuts Salaries for Faculty In Bid to Close Budget Deficit

2022/2026 US Senate Election Prediction if Democrats regain the US Senate in 2018 and

Wife blames medications for her husband's naked stroll through Walmart

Will this Trump Rape Case be resurrected?

Kim Jung Un "clarifies" his position, too:

Las Vegas hotel seeks immunity from lawsuits by shooting victims

2022 and 2026 US Senate Election Prediction with a Democratic POTUS.

U.S. hits $1.1 billion Texas oil pipeline with steel tariff

Putin insinuates America kills for political reasons just like he does.

Library board kills proposal to rename Mount Ascutney

Google hit with 4.3bn euro Android fine from EU

Report: Russian mob money helped build Trump business empire

The Majority Report - Trump Shocked By His Own Stupidity During Hannity Interview

'Steep increase' in Canadian-Vermont border arrests

An important clarification from Adam Schiff

Brattleboro police officer alleges gender discrimination

People of higher intelligence loved his Helsinki performance.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Will Be The Leading Democrat On Climate Change

Trump: "So many people at the higher ends of intelligence loved my press conference performance"

If Republicans lose control of the US Senate in 2018 and the 2020 and 2024 US Presidential Election,

Democrats will win the US Senate Race in TX in 2024 or 2026 if.

Jay Peak Developers To Pay In Immigrant Investor Fraud Case

"I am not a crook." And because it's written in Sharpie, it's true and official and true.

Samuel L. Jackson tweets

"...So how does my political suicide help?"

Wednesday TOONs - Taking a Knee Edition

Trump's Carlson interview: White supremacist talking points, crime rate changing "more than rapidly"

Let's see?

Trump's Russian Laundromat

Trump outdoes Orwell in role as Moscow's Agent Orange

I have a question.


Trump: "Some people HATE the fact that I got along well with Putin! Trump Derangement Syndrome!"

"So many people at the higher ends of intelligence loved my press conference performance in Helsinki

The IRS will no longer ask the NRA and other nonprofit groups to disclose donors.

Trump: My "appropriately late endorsement" of Martha Robey "opened the flood gates" for "landslide"

Where are your papers!!!

David Remnick: The Unwinding of Donald Trump

Search 'idiot', get Trump: how activists are gaming Google Images

Trump calls out 'very aggressive' Montenegro in latest NATO jibe

A modest proposal:

Humor (sort of) in the lounge...tRump did not commit treason...

MH17 Victims' Dad Condemns Trump as a Putin 'Arse-Kisser'

World Wonders What Trump Has On United States That's Forcing Nation To Keep Him In Power

Kneeling For the Flag is Unpatriotic!

This week strikes a record pace, don't you think?

Wildfires rage in Arctic Circle as Sweden calls for help

Wednesday Dance time, Y'all!

Trump Embarrasses The Entire Country During Putin Meeting

Corruption Message Gains Traction Against GOP

Trump's migrant fiasco diverts millions from health programs

David Corn: "You should be so proud...What a big boy you are! Have a cookie."

Harley Rouda Statement: Dana Rohrabacher now entwined in FBI investigation of "Russian NRA Spy"

Trump seems to question US commitment to defending all NATO allies

Wanda Sykes: Ya first I wanted a female President.

Reminder- DOJ presser on indictments of 12 Russian Intel Officers For 2016 Election Hack

To paraphraes Epicurus

NBC News poll: Americans turn more anti-Russia under Trump

I am so sorry. I seem to have gotten it wrong. Feel free to correct me.

Trump: "I meant to say...."

White House Braces for Trump's Temper

Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana, a republican is on CNN.

Canada's high Arctic glaciers at risk of disappearing completely, study finds

The Rundown: July 17, 2018

Judicial Watchdogs Are in Court to Make Brett Kavanaugh's Entire Record Public

Ex-CIA director suspects Trump repeated Putin's anti-NATO talking points on Fox News

When O J Simpson said "I didn't killed my ex-wife" what he meant to say is "I did killed my ex-wife"

It's not like we all didn't clearly say he didn't know why they WOULD be.

Paul LePage visits Montenegro but his office is mum on details

Trump says 'big results will come' with Putin

Russia's state TV host: "he really smells like an agent of the Kremlin."

Scientology made tens of millions of dollars by forcing it's cult members to repurchase books

Trump voters sorry now that tariffs are killing their Missouri nail factory

Trump Has Betrayed America

'Traitor Trump' projected on San Francisco federal building by protestors

Corruption Message Gains Traction Against GOP

Repubs Had a Chance to Grill Facebook Over Russia. Instead, They Talked About Censoring Chick-fil-A

Elon Musk apologizes to British caver for "pedo" tweet

Seriously, no one believes you.

'I want him to fix it': Trump voters sorry now that tariffs are killing their Missouri nail factory

and on and on#5

UPDATED: Thai soccer players & coach speak publicly for first time since their rescue...

China says U.S.-led trade war has become biggest 'confidence killer' for world economy

Dems need Leadership with capital L


our future is in the past?


SHOCK: Traitorous Trump Confirms He is Owned by Putin

Just in: GOP Accepts Moscow's Bid

OOPS: Jordan Peterson Calls for Equality of Outcome

"I spoke to Hirohito..."

Republicans join Trump in deceiving the American people.

Ted Lieu is on point even early in the morning...

What Trump Didn't Take Back

IRS drops "dark money" rule, will no longer require disclosure of donors to political nonprofits

Trump Has Betrayed America - The Financial Times Editorial Board

I watched Trump's original statement again this morning.

Trump falsely claims Queen reviewed honor guard for first time in 70 years

'It's just not wise': In past year, Trump's company repeatedly paid property taxes late

Woman admits to stealing $134K from Adirondack resort

After the yawn by the Rethugs to Putin's poodle traitorous behavior it

Danziger: A Problem Like Mariia

What Was Maria Butina Doing at the National Prayer Breakfast?

A simple contraction is a simple distraction.

LOL! Russian D*ckTaster

New Rule: The Kremlin Konnection Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

U.S. Dealers Expect Foreign Cars to Cost More If Auto Tariffs Enacted

Vermont Democratic Party hires new executive director

James Comey, Longtime Republican, Tells 'All Who Care' To Vote Democrat In November

Its My Birthday! Here's my wish:

Facing The Russian Dictator, Our Bullyboy President Cowered

He fears the "legitimacy" of the election being questioned?

He He

His follow ups this morning, prove he is really stupid.

Kellyanne Conway: Ignore what Trump said in Helsinki and on Twitter...

How Trump retreats: Grudging apologies, plus a wink and a nod to the original insult

We we were the blueprint for Trump's America..How Conservatives Bet Big on Wisconsin and Won

Traitor don continues to survive because of his spineless party and rw noise machine

Fitness app Polar revealed not only where U.S. military personnel worked, but where they lived

A cancer lives among us

As seen on a billboard on an interstate in Indiana.....

Damn, what a celebration the U.S. will have if Trump is taken down !!!

SEN-TX: Beto O'Rourke wins 2018 Prize for Civility in Public Life Award

EPA eases rules on how coal ash waste is stored across U.S.

George Will exposes the 'terror' Republicans face after the Trump-Putin summit

Heritage Action Creates Pro-Kavanaugh Activist Toolkit To Secure The Supreme Court For Decades

Better than Wimbledon

Nurses, UVM Medical Center to resume negotiations July 24, but for now, remain far apart

Read all about it...

Lawmakers warn Trump tariffs threaten local newspapers

What Trump crossed out of his speech, more important than his writing in 'No Colusion' lie

George Will exposes the 'terror' Republicans face after the Trump-Putin summit

George Will: Republicans are terrified that Trump-voters could turn against them in the mid-terms.

Slate"Poll Finds 71 Percent of Republicans Approve of Trump's Handling of Russia,Even After Helsinki

Will Rohrabacher's Russia entanglements affect his re-election?

To paraphrase Michelle Obama

New logo for NRA

Trump wants to "hand over" Americans who crafted Magnitsky act

Two hour, meeting, with Putin, behind close doors...... What was discussed?

Farmers Fed Up With Trump's Trade War Are Running Against Him

"Will you would or will you wouldn't?" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!

Rasmussen has about a five point Republican lean but the trend is interesting.

Wreck of Russian warship found, believed to hold gold worth $130 billion

#TrumpAndPutinAMovie is trending on Twitter and it is hysterical

Elon Musk Has Donated Nearly 7 Times As Much To Republicans This Cycle

Australian Couple Who Lost Children In MH17 Blame Trump For Not Confronting Putin

More than half of Trump voters worry MS-13 will target their family

Pelosi says House is bringing appropriations package to floor that eliminates

***Breaking News Poll*** TN GOV - Dean (Democrat) 39% Black ( All-Russia People's Front) 35%

Is it possible that Putin threw Trump under the bus at Helsinki?

NY-GOV: Cuomo Thumps Nixon In New York Dem Primary, Quinnipiac University Poll Finds;

Middlebury College making plans for staff reductions

Kavanaugh: I would 'put the nail' in ruling upholding independent counsel

Russian state TV host pegs Trump as a Putin asset: 'He really smells like an agent of the Kremlin'

The Trump administration is reportedly nearing a move that could result in tariffs on uranium import

NY-AG: Leticia James leads the primary field

Brooch Burn: Queen Wears Pin From Obamas During Trump's Visit


U.S. housing starts hit nine-month low; permits fall

Kushner Has Been Dodging A DNC Lawsuit Service Notice For Months

If Trump uses the Iraq War as reason to not trust US Intel services, remember the OSP

Just got home from ass surgery.

Trump Defends Russia: 'I'm Not Pro-Russia,' But They Did Help Us Win Wars

Trade war puts the hoof into U.S. pig part exports to China

Man gets 5 years for killing friend during Russian roulette


Georgia pecan farmers could be casualties of US-China trade war

***Breaking News Poll*** NY GOV - Cuomo (Democrat) 57% Molinaro (All-Russia People's Front) 31%

Your guess on what Putin has on Trump?

I think Trump is desperately trying to buy off Putin.

Mandela ❤

Texas server receives racist note

Doubling down on his traitorism

REALLY? - Mayonnaise haters???

This event with Trump, and the Republicans Party's failure to strongly condem him could

'That's Not An Option' - Trump's Immigration Policies Are Getting Trashed By Federal Courts

Don't agree with EVERYTHING that Ocasio-Cortez says or does, but I strongly support her

Bodies of 95 black forced-labor prisoners from Jim Crow era unearthed in Sugar Land after one man's

EXCLUSIVE: Darla Shine said women fail in politics "because we are hormonal crazy b**ches"

Re Mariia Butina: I wonder if any sex traps were involved?:

Americans should know that the Queen OPENLY dissed Trump

Even the Russians dislike Trump-but want better US ties

House bill offers $5B for Trump's border wall, security

Happy 😃 National 🇺🇸 Hot Dog 🌭 Day! What's Your Pleasure?

I knew Dave Mustaine was a kook...

Twitter double negative post!

Alleged Russian agent Maria Butina had ties to Russian intelligence agency, prosecutors say

Conspiracy theorist QAnon promoted, then deleted, by Hillsborough County (FL) GOP

Fundraising magic disappears for Wasserman Schultz foe Tim Canova

Soy "milk" may soon be targeted for not coming from cow

Trump is no longer our leader': Texas GOP lawmaker says it's time to impeach Trump after Putin meeti

Russia calls arrest of alleged spy a 'political put-up job'

What is Putin capable of doing to Trump?

Austrian State May Require Jews to Register to Buy Kosher Meat

New court filing: Butina offered an individual sex in exchange for position in an organization:

Finding and deporting illegal space aliens?


2-year sentence for teacher who fired gun in classroom

Putin admitted he wanted DT to win and directed his officials to help

Exclusive: Philippines could breach U.S. sanctions if Russia arms deal proceeds

Spain to introduce 'yes means yes' sexual consent law

Tucker Carlson's racist attempt to deflect outrage over the Trump-Putin saga

GOP state lawmaker in Texas calls on Trump to be impeached

Sergei Rachmaninoff Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini

I know the competition is tough these days, but this has to be the tweet of the day!

Brexit : Boris's resignation speech

Alleged Russian agent Maria Butina had ties to Russian intelligence agency, prosecutors say

Questions raised about payment made by lawyer to Randy Bryce's ex-girlfriend

**Photo Contest Finals**

70+ Democrats Outraised Their GOP House Opponents Last Quarter

john kelly's lack of integrity

July Finals are posted in GD

'I'm so sorry': Health department attorney confessed to faking threats about marijuana rules

'I'm so sorry': Health department attorney confessed to faking threats about marijuana rules

Beto O'Rourke goes ALL-IN: "I'd Impeach Trump"

Racism at DI

President Donald Trump Changes One Word. What About The Rest?

Here's the new "Get A BRAIN! MORANS":

I hope that some agency is monitoring Trump in away that cannot be corrupted. The

***Breaking News Poll*** NY GOV DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY - Cuomo 59% Nixon 23%

US secret service agent dies after stroke during Trump visit to Scotland

Alabama officers suspended for alleged 'white power' gesture

Scott Walker says his interaction with accused Russian spy Maria Butina was brief

President Trump's next tweet:

Trump In A Bad Mood Because He Woke Up With

New York-London in 3 Hours? Supersonic Travel May Be Back

Stop Baker's 'More School Cops and Surveillance' Plan

BUT....We are going to vote on defunding state election funds this week..

Ivanka Trump Touts Hire American Program As Mar-a-Lago Seeks to Recruit More Foreign Workers

Canada PM shuffles cabinet, seeks to reduce reliance on US



Prayer, Guns Paved Path to GOP Influence for Accused Russian

Proxy Warfare: The US Senate Race in Massachusetts May Get Ugly, But Not Serious

Crying Nazi bond in question ... again.

Trump-Putin October Surprise - War?

Maybe I'm wrong - but have Russian bots invaded newspaper comment sections?

I Paid Less Income Tax Under Obama

Russia is attacking former Ambassador Michael McFaul, and I know exactly why.

Are you sick of hearing about Trump's brain dead base ???

Let's stop Trumpism ...

We are relying on Russia to give us a version of what happened for two hours when trump/Putin met

Take a close look at Jill-Wine-Banks Brooch at about the 13:51 mark

Trump asked just now if Russia is still targeting the U.S.. Guess what his answer was?

Russia wants to interrogate ex-U.S. ambassador McFaul, other Americans in criminal case

No President hasn't ever been tougher on Russia is what he really meant, pooty poot.

Trump: "No" Russia is not still targeting the U.S. (MSNBC)

How wonderfully successful Putin has been at fucking over the UK and the US

Simons Cat. I needed a laugh

Here's what accused Russian spy Maria Butina told ThinkProgress in 2016

I am really starting to believe that the majority of repukes in congress are being blackmailed

Native American leaders tell Senate to act to protect their voting rights

Trump's migrant fiasco diverts millions from health programs

Lets call it for what it is, the man is clearly a traitor and he thinks we are all too dumb

Tucker Carlson's racist attempt to deflect outrage over the Trump-Putin saga

Russia is the United States best friend, period !!!

Hipster coffee shop liberals

So the Russian gun totin female spy was part of a honeypot operation

"Rare to see "treason" raised as a question about the President on front page of The NYT"

If Don the Con has accepted the findings of the US Intelligence Agencies

Democratic Strategy

Melissa Francis, Fox News: "Totally insane" that Trump denies Russia is targeting midterm

Montenegro tells Tucker's son, "please stay home, just send us your dad".

Tomorrow's statement prediction: He meant to say "yes"

"Monster" (for Donald Trump) as performed by Steppenwolf (America, where are you now?)

Nice reply

Michael Avenatti gives fiery speech at demonstration in front of WH

Trump protesters thank the Secret Service...

Dont see any reason why Trump would be guilty of Treason

The View's Sara Haines busts "puppet" Trump: Putin calls him Donald -- and he calls Putin "president"

Customer who left racist 'we don't tip terrorist' message banned from Texas restaurant

Trump probably thinks Montenegro is a small African country.

WashPo: Butina had ties to Russian intelligence agency say prosecutors.

Spanish prosecutor characterizes wiretap of Butina's handler as "Mr. Trump's son should be concerned

The Quiet Anger of Adam Schiff

12 Dead, Nearly 10,000 Hospitalized Through Last Sunday As Heatwave Punishes Central Japan

Plans to Cut Down Massive Redwood Tree in Arlington Neighborhood Attract Stiff Opposition

The moment Maria Butina showed up in the news

No question about it. The GOP is a traitorous organization

JUST IN:Trump said "no" when asked by reporters if Russia is still meddling in U.S. election

Russian state TV host pegs Trump as a Putin asset: "He really smells like an agent of the Kremlin"

Let this sink in...

Trump contradicts his own intel again -- claims Russia not targeting midterm elections

Putin for Nobel Peace Prize

Early Sarah three names presser

Ariz. senate candidate who fatally shot mother calls for more 'good guys' with guns

Any body see Melania's horrified face after shaking Putin's hand?

If he confused would/wouldn't

How Can One Even Measure Donald Trump's Intellect?

Not that we need another example, but ... Trump is a dangerous fool

Simon's Cat: 0 Monster: 1

Making America Great

No. And when I say that, it's obvious I do.

The details of the Butina indictment is proof positive of GOP & Trump collusion with Russia

"Nights in Rodanthe." Decent romantic movie.

I just bought Malcolm Nance's book The Plot to Destroy America.

Suspicion: Secret Service Agent Nole Remagen saw something he shouldn't have.

Mueller team and attorneys for Roger Stone aide meet in sealed courtroom.

Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump Cost Taxpayers $250,000 in Just 1 Month For Family Business Trips

Yippee! It Is Also National Caviar Day! Delishy 😋 or Yukfishy 🤢?

RNC panel votes to recommend Charlotte as site of 2020 convention

Puppy love (in pictures)

Lol, Richard Marx: "I misspoke"

Breaking: Protestors block streets around Miami ICE field office

Opinion: Putin Is Running a Destructive Cybercrime Syndicate Out of Russia

Milo Đukanović, president of Montenegro, is Pro-EU/Pro-Western and Pro-NATO

''What world is Trump living in? Does he not understand what's going on? ''

Exclusive: Russian Military Spies Backed Attempt to Assassinate Leader of Montenegro, report says

Tucker Carlson, Trump Question NATO: 'Why Should My Son Defend Montenegro?'

Orange County Congressman Rohrabacher met with accused Russian agent in St. Petersburg in 2015

'Trump is no longer our leader': Dallas Republican calls for impeachment in scathing editorial

Brown University Undergrads Launch The Little DIY Satellite That Could

Rep. Mark Sanford (SC) calls on * to release his tax returns to clear things up after what

Actual photo of Donald Trump and White House staff this week.

'I'm no good.' Ohio executes 'homosexual panic' murderer and killer of Hyde Park man

Money Surges Toward House Democratic Hopefuls

Candidate for Alaska House doesn't live in Alaska

This makes me sick! Charlotte's been chosen for RNC2020

Biden: McConnell Refused To Sign Bipartisan Statement On Russian Interference

Mark Zuckerberg Doesn't Want to Ban Holocaust Deniers or Sandy Hook Truthers

Mueller Team And Attorneys For Roger Stone Aide Meet In Sealed DC Courtroom

Caption Contest: Queen's View Of Visiting Indignitary (who else?)

Montenegro at crossroads with expensive Chinese motorway

Senator Corker is playing like he's weak

Going on a bear hunt: the animal activists signing up to 'shoot' grizzlies

What happened with Smokey eyes?

Ask the Administrators - is there a notice about changes to it anywhere?

Democrats Cut Way Back on Caucus States

Jim Jordan Interviewed By Law Firm Probing Ex-OSU Doctor Abuse Claims

How disgraced anti-vaxxer Andrew Wakefield was embraced by Trump's America

So, Did Trump hand over Reagan's "Cold War victory" back to Russia?

Sinking land, poisoned water: the dark side of California's mega farms

California GOP Congressman Rohrabacher met with accused Russian agent Maria Butina in St. Petersburg

Trump misunderstood.

How the Right Wing Convinces Itself That Liberals Are Evil

Emmer, Lewis quiet on Trump and Russia as Paulsen criticizes anew

The Republican Party isn't shrinking.

Massachusetts Lawmakers Announce Deal On Overdue Budget

Rick Wiles: We're 72 Hours Away From A Coup During Which Trump Will Be Decapitated On The White Hou

Sarah Sanders, who respects EVERYONE, just threw some SERIOUS fucking shade at April Ryan

150+ Rallies tonight in US cities DEMAND DEMOCRACY

My Passion Plant is in bloom

This is getting ridiculous now...... Breaking : The whiplash I am getting from contradictions.

Website with funny misspellings

Trump loyalists at VA shuffling, purging employees before new secretary takes over

SHS tells reporters to "take a step back and quit going after the Trump administration."

"This was the nightmare scenario": The West Wing revolts after Trump embraces Putin

Republicans are just dastardly enough to say, if they lose the midterms,

When Prophets Come Alive

When Prophets Come Alive

A friend just sent me a text and told me to google "idiot". Trump is the first thing that comes up.

Court filing details abuse and torture of children at Trump migrant concentration camps

Well, he can't read and he's certainly not intelligent, so why don't you talk to him, Senator Burr?

Why trump picked Kavanaugh: 'I would 'put the nail' in ruling upholding independent counsel'

(Bernie) Sanders Rips Trump Attempt to Walk Back Helsinki Remarks:

Papa John's founder John Schnatter said it was a "mistake" for him to resign

Sarah Suckabee confirms Donnie will start rounding up Pootey's enemies for him.

ONCE AGAIN Trump chooses Putin's word over that of DNI Dan Coats.....

A VERY STABLE GENIUS - Randy Rainbow Song Parody

49 years and two days ago:

Lies Abound Trump/Bolten Fired Cyber Security Joyce & Bosert 4/16/18 NOT REPLACED

Why is Russia dumping it's US Treasury holdings?

Today, reporter Jordan Fabian (The Hill) is deserving of some serious DU props.

*** BREAKING NY SENATE*** Gillibrand (Democrat) 57% Farley (All -Russia People's Front) 31%

I hate meetings.

Former White House Stenographer Speaks Out: 'Trump Was Lying To The American People'

Crazy question: Can anyone read Russian caligraphy?

Trump's comments about Montenegro maybe starting WWIII echo Putin's attitude toward the tiny country

** MORE GOOD POLLING NEWS*** PPRI Generic Ballot Democrats 53% All-Russia People's Front 42%

**WOWZA** PPRI POLL -Trump Favorable 37% Unfavorable 60%

Behind closed doors, Guantanamo secret court talks about the CIA, torture and rights

SHS ties herself in knots trying to explain Traitor Tot's lies; sounds like a lunatic.

Why did no journalist ask how changing 1 word in a 45 minute and 59 second press conference


Ex-Montenegro leader fires back at Trump: 'Strangest president in history'

Rep. Jim Jordan Is Named in New OSU Sexual Abuse Lawsuit

White House: Trump Was Just Saying 'No' To More Questions, Not Russia Threat!

Vice News; Over 60 House Democrats are forming a Medicare for All Caucus

Judge orders alleged Russian agent to remain in custody

Let HIM be shocked!

White House: Trump open to Russia questioning US citizens

Dems Want Interpreter From Trump-Putin Meeting To Testify Before Congress

State Department Silent on MH17 Anniversary Following Trump-Putin Firestorm

Exclusive: Over 60 House Democrats are forming a Medicare for All Caucus

"Doublethink means the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one's mind simultaneously, and

Pollster: GOP base is shrinking

In Battle for Putin's Affections, Cupid Favors Xi over Trump

Notably absent: Calls for Trump's resignation

HOLY CRAP - Cam footage of live shoot-out in LV high speed chase !

A weasel walks into a bar.

House Dems select new midterm slogan: 'For the people'

Trump Just Nominated a Pesticide Exec to Oversee Science at the USDA

"That this Putin request has not been forcefully rejected is a travesty." (McFaul-Frm Amb to Russia)

Court rules against Trump admin on transgender military ban

Dog days in the Big House...

Anyone else think Jeremy Bash looks like the Allstate

The Trade War Is Already Having A Huge Impact On The US Economy

And, Silly me

Article from April abt Putin's harassment of Obama's Ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul

"I'm Rested and Ready to Fight"--The Reverend Barber's Battle Cry Is One for the Ages

Was Georgia's Election System Hacked in 2016?

A scarey thought... Donald isn't the only one.

Infowars: Deep State Trump Assassins Will Use 'Internet Kill Switch' In Cover-up

Fox News Host: Trump 'Sounds Insane' on Latest Russian Meddling Denial

Cecilia Vega (ABC) on exchange with DT today about continuing Russian interference

the kiss the cost CEO his job and $3 million was caught on camera

NATO Article 5 has only been invoked once. This was in support of the US after 9/11.

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #5-5: Diary Of A Wimpy Trump: Nyet Rules! Edition

Basketball player calls police after hard foul during pickup game

Another Trump fix it upper--White House tries to clear up another one-word flap

Ambassadors are off limits

Trump doubles down on never not re-reversing no non-unchanged double non-negative un-denials

California Supreme Court blocks measure that would divide state in 3 from appearing on Nov ballot

Montenegro begins trial of alleged pro-Russian coup plotters

Joe Lieberman on fox

Standards for Impeachment

Measure to split up California pulled pulled from November ballot by State Supreme Court

Bernie Sanders rally outgrows Orpheum, moved to Century II

Schumer demands Kavanaugh recuse himself from Mueller cases

Jill Stein's Recount Cash Pays for Her Russia Legal Defense

MARIIA BUTINA, Accused Russian Agent Tried To Trade Sex For Influence, 'Flight Risk,' NBC, BBC

Bernie Sanders rally outgrows Orpheum, moved to Century II

Reporter who asked Trump if Russia was targeting US: He was answering me when he said 'no'

DT's military parade expected to cost nearly as much as 'tremendously expensive' canceled war games

Massachusetts House Votes To Repeal Old Anti-Abortion Laws

Massachusetts House Votes To Repeal Old Anti-Abortion Laws

David Hogg brilliantly trolls GOP in Twitter

"I'm Bill Browder. Here's the Biggest Mistake Putin Made When Trying to Get Access to Me Through

Swalwell to Trump: Millions of us will make you an ex-president if you turn McFaul over to Putin

A GOP congressman once lamented not being able to call women 'sluts' anymore

Chump behaves like a demented peacock. Thinks he's the most gorgeous thing on earth,

Sanctuary state repeal initiative makes November ballot

Trump's military parade expected to cost nearly as much as 'tremendously expensive' canceled war gam

#1🎶 07/18/63 🌊🏄🏼‍♀️🌊🏄🏼‍♂️🌊

Andrew Cuomo: New York to launch criminal investigation of Trump Foundation

Statement from Counsel to the Governor Alphonso David on Attorney General Underwood's Ongoing Invest

I like Jesus, but I'm told he loves me! So, that's

The Takeaway - radio news show on NPR. Great discussion last night about the Mueller probe

From the Wild Boar Thai Soccer Team Presser

Yahoo article: Trump is making the Clintons look clean

So what's with all the 30 something guys, with a short haircuts or clean heads,

Great moments in Cultism

IA-03 moves from Lean Republican to Toss-up

I heard Trump shot a double negative on the golf course recently.

Pierce: Only This President* Could Make Montenegro a Foreign Policy Problem

Tribe: Trump "is a turncoat and has become a clear and present danger to the United States"

State Dept calls Russia's request to investigate US citizens "absurd"

The Divine Miss M has such a way with words.

Mamma Mia Here we go Again

Orange Blot tries another walk-back to his walk back...


What's for Dinner, Wed., July 18, 2018

Trump-regret syndrome is spreading among Republicans after Helsinki: How far will it go?

Regarding The Orange Buffoon's Dissing of Montenegro:

Kids training in Japan

4 things Trump has done for his Master Puting..........

Sharice Davids: Fighting for Progress

Of course there is fucking collusion and conspiracy

Should /Shouldn't...

What's the difference between Donald Trump and a bag of Cheetos?

Nunes declares war on the media

Researchers find link between Trump tweets and spike in anti-Muslim hate

George Papadopoulos' wife gets grilled by lawmakers

Michelle Obama, celebs launch voter registration drive for midterms

President Trump says he holds Putin responsible for election meddling

Mueller probing Roger Stone.

U.S. Officials 'at a Fucking Loss' Over Latest Russia Sell Out

Evidently treason is a bridge too far.

Trump will do anything to get what he wants

I'm thinking of changing my real life name.

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 19 July 2018

House Democrats Unveil New Campaign Slogan

Democrats Have Massive Cash Edge In Key Senate Races

Editorial: Sacrificing two kayaks and a Toyota for free speech

Republicans Count on Trump to Drown Out Democrats

Trump's Military Parade Estimated To Cost $12 Million

Critique of the Prosperity Gospel

Walter Shaub: Lafayette Park, DC - tonight at sundown:

John McCain by way of Laurence Tribe on Montenegro, NATO, Putin, and Trump

Sending one out to Donnie from his Pootie Poot! 😍

"So many people at the higher ends of intelligence loved my press conference performance in Helsinki

Every Republican votes to confirm judicial nominee hostile to voting rights

Has anyone else noticed when watching MSNBC,

Vladi Daddy is getting in elderly!

Wait, WHAT is that plane in the background?

Great News Shocker...FCC Disapproves Sinclair Broadcasting Merger!

All Hell Breaks Loose As Reporter Hammers Sarah Sanders And Questions Trump's Credibility

man and boog

A private meeting with Putin

Could Joe Biden pick Barack Obama as his running mate? Yes. But.

Here Are The 5 Things That Paul Ryan Should Be Doing To Protect America From Trump And Russia

Sign on Houston Freeway

Europe and Asia Move to Bolster Global Systems That Trump Has Attacked

New Poll Shows Democrats Have Strong Desire for New Faces in 2020

DC judge denies Manafort's motion to suppress seized evidence

ICYMI - Mount Hood Summit Rescue - Talk about trusting your pilot !!

Luckovich-Moose and Squirrel

Cuomo widens poll lead over Nixon in New York governor race

So the NRA will no longer have to disclose their major donors who give more than $5,000.

The Rude Pundit: Republicans Won't Save Us Because Their Voters Don't Want to Be Saved...

Maria Butina and John Wayne Bobbitt? Our National TV Show Has Jumped the Shark.

"Sidestep" song& dance - Best Little Whorehouse in Texas

Why isn't there a travel ban on Russia?

Trump again blows off work for 'executive time' today

Global Temperature Projections Could Double As the World Burns

*AMB. MCFAUL will be on Maddow tonight*

"Sarah, has Trump offered up a former US ambassador to Russia and 11 American troops to

Sam Bee

What the Actual Everliving FUCK?!?

The verb meddle has to go. Media, stop parroting yourselves.

GOP state lawmaker in Texas calls on Trump to be impeached

More trouble on the horizon for Junior

Trump: Clapper "wrote me a beautiful letter, and all of the sudden he's haywire. They got to him."

Boater accidentally drains Kennet and Avon Canal

Woman Allegedly Defaced Black Neighbor's Home With N-Word, 'Hail Trump'

If the Dems regain control of the US Senate this year, Here is the year when they will lose control.

Rep. Jim Jordan reportedly named in new Ohio State wrestler lawsuit

This Trump CBS interview with Jeff Glor is worthy of a PhD dissertation

Did A Shell Company Help the NRA Secure Tillis' Victory?

Very interesting POV on Slate "Accusing Trump of Treason Will Only Help Him"

What's the argument for each state having the same number of US Senators?

Dozens of bodies exhumed in Texas likely those of black inmates

Make no mistake -- Trudeau's cabinet shuffle is his re-election kickoff: Chris Hall

Melania exchanges handshake with Putin.

So, I mentioned Vladi Daddy earlier...

Trump-Kim statement overpromised on return of war remains

Trump administration handing over voter commission docs

All Hands On Deck: OH-12 could flip red to blue in two weeks

To "all" of the citizens of Ohio, did you just see and hear your representative on Ari Melber

"The Worst Case Scenario Has Been Obvious For A While" Josh Marshal, Talking Points Memo:

Bernie Sanders should use his influence positively by holding get-out-the-vote rallies,

The lesson For Today.. Diff between would and would not.

House Intelligence Chairman: Justice Department hoping 'Republicans will lose the House'

Senate Democrats Send Trump Reeling With Massive Effort To Expose Private Putin Meeting

"We can't have meddling. We can't have any of that. It better not be. It better not be."

AL County Commissioner Who Said She Had the Endorsement of Jesus Loses Election

Judge denies Manafort's request to suppress evidence seized from his home

California Supreme Court Unanimously and Unsurprisingly Removes Measure to Split CA into 3 States

Jewish Group: Zuckerberg Tries to Clarify Remarks About Holocaust Deniers After Outcry

Complaint filed over NRA support for Tom Cotton