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Police Officer kicked pregnant woman in the stomach

Orange is the New Black Season 6 - Tomorrow on Netflix.

Teen burglar runs out of data, wakes homeowners to ask for WiFi access

Hackers changed votes because they could...

E-cig maker Juul facing class-action lawsuit on addictiveness (related to nicotine levels)

Mexico speeds decline of U.S. as global wheat supplier

A twitter account that I feel bears a close look

Jeff Koterba's cartoon: Harvest yields unintended crop (Trump's tariffs)

Downward mobility among the white-collar middle class

May Republicans be forever branded with the scarlet letter "T"

Joe Biden gave St. Louis some love yesterday, and got some in return.

Twitter says it doesn't 'shadow ban' after Trump tweet

Vukmir and Nicholson really getting nasty with each other...

Co-worker who reported inn cook missing killed her on hike

Not the Onion: EU official used colorful, simplified cue cards to explain trade issues to Trump

How Movie Trailers Manipulate You - VICE News

Housing market looks headed for its worst slowdown in years

Need Flower Advice

Trump Drug Pricing Proposals May Actually Raise Out-of-Pocket Costs for People with Medicare

This Abdul El-Sayed campaign commercial is damn inspiring:

Jerrold Naddler on Chris Hayes

After over 40 years of voting I have switched from registered Independent to Democrat

GDP - Get ready for some more bull!

Are the steel and aluminum industries REALLY COMING BACK?????

MI-GOV: Gretchen raised $3.8 million in 2018, 82% of donations under $100

WaPo's Plum Line: Trump's most ardent defenders are a bunch of clowns

'Hold my banana' sparks disciplinary action

MI-GOV: Whitmer leads Schuette 47% to 38%

Russian Humor...Learning English

Cohen Tapes/Secret tapes/Apprentic Tapes/Hooker tapes

Melissa McEwan: If you had told me in 1992, as I was graduating high school, that one day...

Remember when Elian Gonzalez captivated the nation over being separated from his father?

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TREASON!

Rachel Up! Here she is! Buckle up!

Report: Tad Devine Assisting Mueller in Investigation

Chris Cuomo show: Michael Cohen claims Trump knew in advance

A new football League, the Alliance of American Football

*** BREAKING*** Cohen alleges he witnessed Don Jr telling dad about upcoming Russia meeting

A new football League, the Alliance of American Football

Cohen claims Trump knew in advance of 2016 Trump Tower meeting

I'm dying here......I just can't grasp it all.....what the hell is going on.

I have a feeling the hammer is coming for Junior

Two Republicans could switch affiliation to "Independent" and change course of history..

Infowars now banned from Facebook

On November 6th we vote on whether to become a Russian vassal state or not.

It looks like Kimberly Guilfoyle will be giving Jr. conjugal visits

Governor Declares Emergency As Fires Rage Throughout State

Man who brought guns and explosives near 2016 L.A. Pride gets 7 years in prison

Man who brought guns and explosives near 2016 L.A. Pride gets 7 years in prison

Poll shows Walker trailing Democrat by double-digits in Wisconsin

I guess there is someone dumber than Trump?

A woman who is mentally ill and big supporter of twitler is being interviewed by Sean Hannity

The comedy stylings of Rudy Giuliani on CNN now!

Uber packs a $3.2 billion economic punch in California


Michael Cohen just admitted Trump knew in advance Trump Tower Meeting

Uber packs a $3.2 billion economic punch in California

Lies, lies and more lies...

And one other bombastic line of bull we'll be hearing - "Workforce Participation."

Sorry, switched to hairman during ads on Rachel.....

Hundreds of migrant children still separated from parents as deadline nears

Trump's portrait isn't on display in the Colorado Capitol, but Putin's briefly was

A Dark Veil

Vice President Pence was in Wheeling WV today, made a speech and

Quick. Rachel just reported that Cohen said trump knew and approved of the trump tower...

Feds say 711 immigrant children can't be reunited with parents ahead of deadline

A Dark Veil

Senate GOP shoots down talk of impeaching Rosenstein

Whoa. Rachel just reported Lanny Davis said Trump's people leaked the Cohen story breaking tonight

Rudy is having a sad because everybody is picking on his BFF Trump

Time to resign Donald.

'Disappeared' U.S. Records on Detained Migrant Kids Sparks Probe

I think that before Labor Day DT45 will have kicked in issue 25 and we will have an acting POTUS.

Pakistan Election: Imran Khan Claims Victory Amid Rigging Claims

MO-SEN: Elizabeth Warren calls on us to show our support for Claire.

Is this all just a plan to drive us all crazy? Discuss.

I have changed my mind about Lanny Davis.

Trump finally feels gravity's unforgiving pull

Rosa Parks' Detroit Home Is Now Up for Auction

The leak about Trump knowing of the tower meeting is from the Russians

In honor of tonight's breaking news (and Shark Week)

Will Kimberly Guilfoyle call off the wedding if Jr. is indicted ?

Rosa Parks' Detroit Home Is Now Up for Auction

HOLY SHIT! Greater Detroit Chamber of Commerce endorses Michigan Promote the Vote Ballot Initiative

Ever wonder what's under that dead thing on his head? Continued.

IF the Trump crew leaked Cohen's latest claim and IF

Ron Reagan Jr destroys Trump's delusional base: They'd 'elect Putin' US president over any Democrat

Apparently Fox News isn't even covering the new story about Cohen's testimony yet

He didn't just know about it, he approved the Russia meeting:

Avenatti: Evidence apppears to be there to indict Trump

Lesbian couple denied housing in senior living community

Trump Tommorow; "Did I say I Didn't Know About Meeting--I meant "Did Know"

Lesbian couple denied housing in senior living community

Jim Jordan Thinks He's Going to be Speaker of the House. He's the Don Quixote of Douchebags. (F/SC)

Wow. I have not been watching TV

TRUMP'S FAMILY and others. .... in deep doo doo #LockThemAllUp

Ha ha, so now NBC News confirms: Cohen asserts that Red Don knew about TT meeting:

It's not only amazing about how much the Trumps lie, it's also crazy about how badly they lie

Given how the dam appears to be breaking on Drumpt does he

John Schindler: Don will die in jail. Don Jr, we'll see.

So, DID he or DIDN'T he leak it himself?

GA-GOV: Democrats weighing 2020 runs are rushing to Georgia

Shareblue writer / editor makes a VERY INTERESTING POINT about the Trump Tower meeting.

US military plane leaves North Korea with remains of soldiers from Korean War

Chris Cuomo....The toughest interviewer out there

Seriously, We Are Supposed To Be At Awe That Trump Knew...

U.S. Attorney Manual: 18 USC Sec. 371

Hopefully this is all retribution for an entire life malevolently spent.

It would be totally justified that, given Drumpt's rumored dalliance of a pee

The Dam Is Breaking! Happy music thread y'all! Have at it.

one word.

Devine signed onto the Sanders campiagn while doing business with Gates and Manafort.

Russian intel agents busted for attempting to hack Sen. Claire McCaskill's 2018 reelection campaign

I know a lot of people here (myself included to an extent) don't trust the Palmer Report but

That Trump approved the June 9 2016 TT Russia meeting puts a whole new light on him asking Russia

I just heard frank Sinatra,s song "...and now the end is near" how appropriate!!!!!

Did Michael Avenatti leak the explosive story on Cohen that came out tonite?

"We knew Donald Trump was a playboy when we voted for him."

Maybe now Drumpt should crack open some Russian Literature

So Will The Repugs Circle The Wagons For Trump....

TPM - Josh Marshall - "Putting Tonight's Revelation Into Perspective"

Right now on faux snooze: Roseanne Speaks Out!

Maybe it is irrelevant who leaked it?

This song seems appropriate tonight

At present this latest bombshell is a "he said, he said"

Alfonce Capone had an accountant like

and really, is it US vs THEM???

The Daily Show: Trump's Favorite Problems to Fix Are the Ones He Created

Trump won't admit Russia attacked our election because, if they did, it was an act of war

Seth Meyers - Michael Cohen's Secret Recording, Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame Star - Monologue 7/25

You all should go to bed and turn in for the night.

Hillary out on the town -

"Reminder: Trump said that he was going to give a "major speech" on Hillary Clinton the same day..."

NoShit it is Fricking nuts...

Seth Meyers - Trump Avoids Reporters and Lies About His Tariffs: A Closer Look

Golly gee whiz, I guess I should have told them about innocent until proven guilty...

Ya have to believe The Jesus myth...

Imran Khan journey from Zero to Prime Minister of Pakistan

ICE set to deport wife of former US Marine, Iraq war veteran


Emails: Lawyer who met Trump Jr. tied to Russian officials

*** Michael Avenatti, says 3 other women claim they were paid by AMI, Trump, one was preggers***

Johnny Lang 'Lie to Me."

One of 9 yachts, this one is 160 feet long....

Seems that the "drip drip drip" is now a full blast fire house.

evangelical humor

Happy shark week

Here's The Evidence Paul Manafort Doesn't Want A Jury To See About His Work In Ukraine


Dirty Work.............Steely Dan...........1972

My Theory As To Why Ivanka And Jared Plan To Stay In D.C. Awhile....

and come on.......are we falling for the biggest joke on the world EVER.????

Michael Avenatti to represent three other women Trump's team paid off after affairs

Greenwald covering his tracks, trying to get ahead of Assange shit...

April the Giraffe is pregnant -- again!

Lenny Kravitz 'It Ain't Over til it's Over

should we refer to trump as a flip flopper

Akon "Don't Matter"

GOP lawmaker dined with alleged Russian agent

It's just taking money from the poor and giving it to the rich...reverse Robin Hood

Sabbath with a horn section? You're shitting me right?

What Awaits Julian Assange?

Cairo zoo denies its zebras are painted donkeys. you be the judge

Hillary at Bette Midler on Broadway at Hello Dolly



About That "Pickaxe Guy"

What would cause the Russians to release the pee tape or whatever they have on him?

The pearly gates will be locked for this guy...

Voting by mail

Giving billions to farmers is called FAIR. Helping children,the elderly, vets, the sick is SOCIALISM

Collusion of course...back at the ranch, pa yawns and says get me another beer

Will Trump's downfall be similar to Al Capone's?

Trump has scheduled a rally for July 31st and August 2nd. Needs them to feel better about himself

Sheryl Crow "Soak Up the Sun"

*Climate Change Is Supercharging A Hot & Dangerous Summer* Wash. Post

People: Don't fall for the Giuliani ratf*ckery regarding Cohen tonight

*Climate Change Is Supercharging A Hot & Dangerous Summer* Wash. Post, July 26, '18

The Last Temptation of Trump


Trump is creeping into stay out of jail mode.

Opinion: Trump cannot keep his corruption hidden forever. Here's what's coming.

FOUND - Judge Mary Elizabeth Bullock's missing Blind friend.

Why Did Freddie Mercury Write Bohemian Rhapsody?

Nunes used political donations for $15K in NBA tickets, winery tours, Vegas trips: report

History will judge Colombia's outgoing president kindly

Court grants ban of fish imports from Mexico caught with nets that hurt endangered porpoise

Court grants ban of fish imports from Mexico caught with nets that hurt endangered porpoise

A pathological liar who committed treason, is accusing other people of lying.

Breathing by Permission

Facebook Shareholders Have Drawn Up A New Proposal To Fire Mark Zuckerberg As Chairman

Report Finds Flint Water Crisis May Have Killed 119--Nearly 10 Times Official Death Toll

Ron Reagan On President Donald Trump: It's Going To Get Worse - Hardball - MSNBC

Song SoHee - If I Leave 송소희 - 나 가거든 [Immortal Songs 2]

Colombian gang puts $100,000 bounty on top sniffer dog's head

Guardian slammed for 'wildly inaccurate coverage' in open letter signed by 28 academics, journalists

Guardian slammed for 'wildly inaccurate coverage' in open letter signed by 28 academics, journalists

tRump's next job. (NSFW?)

The Art of the Australian Breakfast

*National Arts, Humanities and Science Awards Absent Under Trump*

The Regulation That Could Push Oil To $200

Cyril Scott: "Symphony No.1"/Villiers Stanford: "Cello Concerto"/Hovhaness: "Elibris"

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 7/26/18

What Is The Osaka Bang? ASIAN BOSS

Stephen Colbert: Guest Jake Tapper Reacts To The White House Banning A CNN Reporter

Borowitz shows us why Mueller is taking so long.

Confirmed: Russian freelance-lawyer at Trump Tower meeting actually works for russian government.

What Mueller Indictment Reveals About WikiLeaks' Ties to Russia

Palast Announces Suit Against 26 Crosscheck States

Can it be proven that Trump "did it because he was paid or extorted"?



Claire McCaskill ID'd As First 2018 Target Of Russian Hackers: Report - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Friday TOONs - O.P.A.T.A.L.O.P.O.T. Edition

The Evolution of A Narcissist

McCaskill Hack Likely Sign Of Massive Pending Attack Of Dems By Russian For November. GOP Happy.

Sen. Bernie Sanders Bail has criminalized poverty and undermined the tenet of 'innocent

Exclusive: Kimberly Guilfoyle Left Fox News After Investigation Into Misconduct Allegations, Sources

Democrats Are 'Substantial Favorites' to Win House

Lynchpin Of All Donald Trump Financial Matters Subpoenaed In Cohen Case - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Mama Duck leads 76 ducklings across lake in Minnesota--WOW

Sloop John B live at Capitol Studios - Brian Wilson and Al Jardine 2016

The White House Quietly Corrects Its Putin Transcript

There's no reason Lanny Davis would--I mean wouldn't--tell the truth

They'd 'elect Putin' US president over any Democrat

Avenatti--3 more women have come forward!:

Joe Scarborough evoled into smart, kind, and sexy.

I'll tell you one lesson to be learned from this Mob,

sounds like somebody knows a blue wave is coming-

Where Trump Stands. It's time to accept how unpopular Donald Trump really is.

Trump up and tweeting. 7;45am DC time

Blerdcon Is Back

It was two years ago today, Donald Trump taught the band to play

Phish - Sample In a Jar - Live in Brooklyn

Twitter tanks pre-market

Ween "Frank" @The Brewery Ommegang Cooperstown NY 6.9.2017

Tangling with Mueller, Trump's lawyer may have to face his past words

Who would have believed that Trump is a liar!!?

Comic Reviews from Multiversity comics: 7/26/18

Trump accuses Michael Cohen of lying about Trump Tower meeting

The Rundown: July 26, 2018

Trump: The "highly conflicted Robert Mueller and his gang" ruined my "very emotional" trip

Here. This will make you feel better about life.

Trump: Cohen "is trying to make up stories in order to get himself out of a jam (Taxi cabs maybe?)"

The origin of Superheroes: Kick-Ass

Melania knows?

You know where I get my best ideas? (toon)

US Second Quarter GDP Accelerates to 4.1%

Porky was about to learn he'd messed with the wrong Kitty this time.

More than three dozen lion trophy permits issued as Trump rolls back protections

Woman and building make a face

U.S. GDP Grew An Unpresidented 4.6% In Second Quarter

Maybe if farmers didn't buy iPhones...

Dan Rather on Giuliani....😎

Venezuela propaganda minister doubles down on stupid. New monetary system brings new prosperity

Robin Roberts signs movie deal with Lifetime

Robin Roberts signs movie deal with Lifetime

Police officers who flipped a coin to determine speeding woman's arrest fired

Pierce: If Cohen Is Telling the Truth, That Ought to Be Ballgame

Putin Says He's Inviting Trump to Visit Him in Moscow

Russians Unsuccessfully Tried To Hack Computers Of Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill

Happy National Scotch Day! 🥃 What's Your Pleasure?

Trump accused of making hush payments to three more women

Donny Deutsch: Michael Cohen has 'led me to believe' he can tie Trump directly to Russia

Panel shreds Trump and Rudy's frantic attempts to discredit Michael Cohen

Anyone else having problems tweeting DU?

North Korea confirms new military chief of staff

You have been taken hostage by evildoers. Your rescuer is the last DUer to respond to one of your

Study: Media-reporting of mass-shooters strongly depends on race of mass-shooter.

Keep an Eye on the #NeverHillary Voters

Let's stop for a second and admire the beautiful poetic irony of Trump's 3-part tweet this morning.

Avenatti: 3 women paid 'hush money' for Trump relationships

The one word that seems to silence the tRump-supporting deplorables: weakling

Republicans Start Impeachment of Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein

He promised 6% GDP growth, but now...

White House Retracts Putin Invite Which He Already Rejected

Secretary of State Pompeo blindsided by White House moves

Race of shooters influences media coverage

6. 🌊 Wave watch: GOP's toughest map in 88 years

Cook Political moves FL-15 to Leans Republican, TX-02 to Likely Republican

President Fuckwit is on TV bragging about HIS economy right now.

What do people think of Michael Cohen? Is he a former liar, now coming clean?

After reading "The White House Quietly Corrects Its Putin Transcript", read this for a good laugh:

Media coverage of shootings. Xpost from AA Group

Julian Assange must eventually leave London embassy, says Ecuador

Housing market is showing signs of cracking: 'Anything-goes list-price strategy is no longer working

Doug Ford to slash Toronto city council to 25 councillors from 47

Trump Thanks Kim Jong Un For Handing Over Remains Of Troops Killed in Korean War

Ahhh...Good old Larry Kudlow is on TV.

CA-SEN: Republicans favor Kevin de Leon

Woman who escorted Trump around Moscow in 2013 was well-acquainted with Maria Butina.

Thoughts about Trump's good news about the economic growth.

Trump promised 4% of ANNUAL economic growth.

American white people really hate being called "white people"

Donald Trump could be ready to order a strike against Iran

'Dead to Each Other': Team Trump Prepares to 'Bury' Michael Cohen, 'Weakling' and 'Traitor'

An Unjust Burden: The Disparate Treatment of Black Americans in the Criminal Justice System

Marketing idea for the DCCC.

Big Short 2.0

Who better to wrestle the Dems to the ground? #JimJordan4Speaker !

Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein explains why Trump won't be able to 'wiggle' out of the truth

Joaquin Castro talks about twin's possible 2020 presidential run

Rudy Giuliani vs. Rudy Giuliani

Joaquin Castro talks about twin's possible 2020 presidential run

Second quarter's economic growth may have been helped by increased activity to get ahead of tariffs

Why Does Trump Keep Lying About His Dealings With Russia?

Ken Cuccinelli gives Jim Jordan a hand in his quest for Speaker (NOT A PARODY!)

Today's Fire Tornado

Jake TAPPER delivered a ringing condemnation of wingnuts attempting to stymie Russia investigation

Michael Cohen and Doanld Trump Feud is Turning into a Pissing Contest

Canada Cuts U.S., China Out of Talks on Reforming Global Trade

Coincidence I'm sure.

Slovak Party Leader Kotleba Indicted for Promoting Nazi Ideology

A president and a witness arguing on twitter about a criminal conspiracy is, well, "unpresidented".

Instead of anal bleach...

U.S. Senate quietly votes to cut tariffs on hundreds of Chinese goods

Funny joke.

In spite of the many revelations about Trump that caused us to think "This is it! This

NYT conservative compares Trump Organization's finances to Corleone family business

Trump is a mean, disrespectful, hate filled, arrogant, lying, extremely selfish, person.

Is a Blue Wave on Its Way?

Lewis Black for the early WIN.

I have a solution to who is telling the truth.

POLITICO Playbook: Democrats are 'substantial favorites' to win the House

Bill Clinton's speech at international AIDS conference disrupted by protesters

Bill Clinton's speech at international AIDS conference disrupted by protesters

bullshit and bluster...

Let's not forget that numerous people can corroborate Cohen's claim.

Facebook bans Alex Jones for 30 days

Florida Governor Democratic Primary. -Graham 27% Levine 18% Gillium 10%

Congratulations to the courageous workers and their unions at Disneyland for their wonderful victory

Wow. Look how much voter turnout has surged among Democrats in states that already voted

If these numbers are correct

The Daily 202: Puerto Ricans who fled to Florida after Hurricane Maria are not registering to vote

"Just stop it!"

EPA tried to discredit retirees after The Washington Post published their criticisms

I just registered a Fraud, Waste, and Abuse complaint about trump's parade

In tentative deal with E.U., Trump touts parts of global trade deals he once rejected

Remembering San Diego LGBT icon Rev. David Farrell (RIP)

DeVos to Eliminate Rules Aimed at Abuses by For-Profit Colleges

A fist bump, then a rancorous call: How Trump's deal to free an American pastor in Turkey fell apart

Citing Trump, some Republican women to vote Democratic in Ohio election

Citing Trump, some Republican women to vote Democratic in Ohio election

Taos, NM Pride celebrations - Celebrating the LGBTQ Community

No Longer Gun Shy Young voters concerned about gun deaths are registering to vote in record numbers.

Conservatives back down from effort to force a vote on impeaching Rod Rosenstein

Does anyone on DU know about raising chickens?

Traitorous Turd's true identity finally revealed.

The cameras captured the exact moment the meth kicked in.

Avenatti to Iowa on August 10 for Democratic Wing Ding Dinner


"free gasoline" in Venezuela. That ought to help.

Bernie Sanders hands in letter demanding freedom for Lula at Brazilian embassy

Not the Onion: EU Chief Used Bright, Simple Flash Cards to Explain Trade War to Trump

I met a 15 year old yellow lab last night in New England

RNC Chair complains about internet bias on Fox News after Republicans killed net neutrality

LGBT in Columbus Ohio!🌈

trump and Putin are still working together. Last night it came out that trump okayed...

Re: whether certain GOP'ers have broken the law by Obstructing Justice with Mueller's investigation

Pic Of The Moment: This Really Says It All

🌈LGBTQ canvassing in the 12th for Danny O'Connor, Columbus, Clintonville🌈

L.A. County sheriff announces inquiry into secret societies of deputies and their matching tattoos

Giuliani will forever be a punch line. Maybe justice exists.

Who believes that any of that $12 billion will go to actual farmers?

Republicans Are Now Conceding Their Core Values

CT Cable Installer Sends Customer's Half-Naked Pictures To Himself

EMILY's Lists Endorses Slate Of Iowa Statehouse Candidates

CT Cable Installer Sends Customer's Half-Naked Pictures To Himself

Bernie Sanders hands in letter demanding freedom for Lula at Brazilian embassy

John Fugelsang has a real talent for distilling a situation right down to its essence:

Trump acolyte Roseanne Barr regrets apologizing to Valerie Jarrett for saying she looks like an ape

Bernie Sanders hands in letter demanding freedom for Lula at Brazilian embassy

White House says Trump is 'open to visiting Moscow'

odd wifi question from a luddite - update - SOLVED

Officers fired, charged after allegedly beating man and calling him "fake American"

Disneyland agrees to pay its workers $15 an hour

Trump Just Made It Legal to Bring Back the Heads of Slaughtered Lions

Breaking News: Judge Lets Secret Service Hide White House Visitor Logs

A guy who smashed Trump's Walk of Fame star in 2016 just bailed out another guy in jail for smashing

Well, Hello Dolly!

Released memo points to Hirohito's role in Pearl Harbor raid

Through the Decades

The E.P.A.'s New Chief Reverses a Dirty-Truck Loophole Left by Scott Pruitt.

Robert Reich: We're Living a Constitutional Crisis

Top Trump Officials Clash Over Plan to Let Cars Pollute More.

Leslie Moonves Accused of Sexual Misconduct in Ronan Farrow Expose

Colombian cartel puts bounty on drug-sniffing dog

San Diego Sheriff's deputy calls sexual misconduct accusations 'false'

TrumpBabyBalloons are now available for $20.

Let's face it. The entire GOP are traitors.

"Just for Men"...?????

Trump's back in Jersey this weekend

"Baby, Without You"-- a love song written by Sandy and Richard Riccardi

"The Wedding Registry Song" Sandy and Richard Riccardi

Just had a patient with an elaborate, curlicued, Western-style handlebar moustache.

Adam Schiff's tweet is terrifying. I think we need UN observers for the midterms. Seriously.

Removing the stench from the WH when Trump is gone

The UK is fighting the Russian infection, too. I'm convinced that Brexit was a trial run for 11/8/16

Fugitive couple found after nearly 2 decades on the run

Bookmark this: How to permanently delete your Facebook account

Snowboarder Ellie Soutter dies aged 18


New Observations

101 days till midterm elections.

MoviePass out of money?

Why would Michael Cohen say that he didn't tape the meeting with Trump and his son?

The Trump crime that can never be healed


Tribe on Cohen news last night:

Minnesota's own Jason Lewis.

Spotted: Mueller & Trump Jr. both waiting for their flights this am at DCA - and there's a photo

Trump appears 'smack dab in the middle of a conspiracy to defraud the United States'

The Case for Collusion, by Mr_Lebowski ... using known facts and simple logic ...

Evo Morales Calls for More Opportunities for Afro Descendant Women

Does anyone on DU know about raising dickens? 😏

I'm just sitting here completely appalled that potus was elected knowing he was cheating on his 3rd

Architect Freddy Mamani Has Transformed El Alto, Bolivia, Into a Mecca of Modern Architecture

Trump brags on 4.2 GDP: but he evades real math

Times are so tough....

Old Glory, Old North State, Trump?

"Nirvana reunion" Facebook campaign launched...with Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger

No more Necco Wafers? Or Clark Bars, or Sweethearts, or Mary Janes or Squirrel Nut Zippers ?

Wait, What Was Watergate Again? July 25, 2018 Act 2 Full Frontal on TBS

Trump disputes Cohen claim he knew of Trump Tower meeting

Should Dems play up Russia in midterms?

07/29 Mike Luckovich: Giddyup

I feel just like I did during the war against Iraq

GOP rep in 2012 said 'parasites' on welfare 'substituted one plantation for another': report

The Break with Michelle Wolf FULL EPISODE - I Pledge Allegiance Netflix

Texas Democrat pumps the brakes on the left's new rallying cries

Reaction to hit mailings by GOP's McMorris Rodgers, Democrat Hader

Ignatius: Goal of Russia's sloppy spycraft not intel but chaos

Donny Deutsch: Cohen Told Me Trump Knew EVERYTHING

Rainy overcast skies right now...

Sexual Abuse in Immigrant youth shelters?

**Trump at National Security Council meeting.....**

Dumpsterdive to freeperville: Sanitized: no names or links. All about their poor Donny

Marijuana jobs surpass the sawmill as an old timber town pivots to cannabis

When you see it...

Cruz, O'Rourke will debate later; but this week were on the same team

So, When Trump Goes To Moscow


Betcha Cohen has tapes....

Trump's Feud With Michael Cohen Will Not End Well

WH tweets message with "United States" spelled incorrectly - because, of course.

Team Trump touts GDP growth with gaslighting and brazen lies

Statutes (Laws) implicated by Mueller investigation...

Looking for a list of every false claim Traitor Tot has made? The Toronto Star has an excellent

The Christian Right Doesn't Care About You

Fox Shareholders Approve Walt Disney's $71 Billion Deal

Italian minister takes aim at same-sex couples who seek surrogacy abroad

Two guys dressed as Russian soldiers guarding the remnants of Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame Star

Chile's President Washes His Hands of Blame for Nation's Credit Downgrade

The White House misspelled "United States" on their most recent tweet

Man admits growing weed but Georgia jurors refuse to convict him

Man... The Media is sure giving Trump

Political junkie pre 2016 vs. Political junkie post 2016

WATCH LIVE: Longest lunar eclipse of the century- Blood Moon (7.27.2018)

Trump admin has no central strategy for election security, and no one's in charge

I'd like to tell you about my grandfather a Pearl Harbor survivor and an incredible character.

KenPaxtonTX will debate no one in re-election campaign

A life hack for climate change deniers

Follow the Blood Moon now

'If I kissed that one, would it lead to more?' Federal housing chief investigated for sexual...

These two guys stood guard over Trump's Walk of Fame Star and its hilarious.

Judge: Gag order unlikely against Stormy Daniels' lawyer

Former New York Assembly Speaker gets 7 years in prison

- Donald Trump's Last Best Friend: Vladimir Putin- Opinion

Trump speaks with Juncker on trade negotiations

Role reversal: Architect of 2010 GOP House takeover in trouble

Michael Cohen got an award

Trump's Economic 'Miracle' May Have Already Peaked

100 Days From The Elections, Dems Hold Upper Hand In Fight For House Control

We have the first documented case of Russian hacking in the 2018 election

Immigrant Youth Shelters: "If You're a Predator, It's a Gold Mine" (ProPublica report)

ProPublica shares police reports, call logs from 2/3 of shelters housing migrant children (GRAPHIC)

I have something that has been weighing on my mind.

10 More Former Students Sue Ohio State Over Alleged Abuse by Dr. Strauss

Two years ago today...

Randi Rhodes on now

Immigrant Youth Shelters: 'If You're A Predator, It's A Gold Mine'

Leaked police emails suggest Stormy Daniels's strip club arrest was 'pre-planned' by an officer

CNN Article Compares Entire Republican Party to Southern Slaveholders

Seen on Twitter:

Shine's Wife Defends Anti-Vaccine Conspiracies and Racist Rhetoric: Media Made Me Look Like...

Wall Street unimpressed by donald's economic bragging

LOL -- So much for Trumpolini's "victory lap"

Mueller has released Manafort trial witness list:

Twitter's stock plunges on weak user numbers

Beto launches first Ad

Just a reminder that the Sanders campaign informed the Clinton campaign of the influx of trolls

Rick Scott Is Getting a Boost From a Private Prison Company. Too Bad It Might Be Illegal.

Come on. The White House can't even be trusted to spell "United States" correctly.

Coca-Cola's CEO announced unusual mid-year need to raise prices on consumers.

After rosy report, Dotard says economy going to go 'higher'

The perfect response to Traitor Tot's breathless JOBS JOBS JOBS! tweet:

Every time Trump endorses someone on twitter he uses the exact same sentence

Mueller releases list of 35 potential witnesses for Manafort's Virginia trial

Official: Russian Hackers Targeted 2016 Montana Election

Antonn Dvork Symphony #9 "From the New World": IV

Special counsel releases 35-person witness list for upcoming trial against Manafort - Gates is #9

Free Advice for Michael Cohen From Ex-Federal Prosecutors: Shut Up

New polls show Democrats with huge leads in the Midwest in 2018 midterms

You should watch Fox New for This Reason...

Don't 'Brexit' on AIDS, pleads Bill Clinton

Not Your Childhood Chicken Salad

Trump Seeks to Revive 'Arab NATO' to Confront Iran

Teacher talks with a young Trump supporter in Granite City

Is the NRA continuing to donate dirty money to gop candidates?

Remember when your mom told you....

Trump's Election Security Meeting Lasted Less Than 30 Minutes Before He Left To Play Golf

What if Schumer can get 2 GOP senators to switch parties NOW? And they

Charges Don Jr. faces if he is busted for lying about Trump Tower meeting

NTSB: Recordings show change in weather before boat sank

Brexit : Dominic Frisby(Money Week) on the spot by asking him why it's a good idea to leave the

What I love about cats-coolness personified

Trump Family Fued

Sen. Tim Kaine's dog Gina has passed.

The 'New Anti-Semitism' in France, New York Times

John Harwood Doing Work: Pretty Certain He Will Not Be Invited to the White House

Trump supporters can sue police for attacks by protesters, court says

Middle America Reboots Democracy

A Six-Year Old Girl Was Sexually Abused in an Immigrant Detention Center

Must see documentary on the American Dream - Dream On with John Fugelsang

4.1% Get in line!

New HIV strains in Saskatchewan lead to faster progression of illness

Howard Jones "No one ever is to blame"

Police called to Trump Tower after 3 suspicious packages, in 3 separate

Best wishes to Xemasab. Haven't seen her here in sometime, but she's in Redding CA.

Venting about press, Trump has repeatedly sought to ban reporters over questions

Boeing steps in to help the manufacturer of the world's biggest plane

Shale based residual fuel contaminated with plastics making problems for ocean shipping

Donald Trump, Jr. is really weird.

Reading Comey's book, A Higher Loyalty, A picture came to me.

Inside the Mind of Donald Trump He's grandiose, deceitful, paranoid-- don't let him drive you crazy

Ari Melber is subbing for RM tonight at 09:00 PM on MSNBC.

Media rips Trump for taking no questions at 'news conference'

Friday Talking Points (494) -- It's Always Silly Season Now

GOP lawmaker's home listed as top single-family water user in Austin last year


Maine's historic cod fishery had worst year in history in 2017

AP FACT CHECK: Trump skews claims on economy, GDP growth

County auditors say officials told to ignore judge's order

Roseanne Barr: I Was 'Terrified' Living on an 'Island Full of Brown People' After Racist Tweet

Happy Spa employee arrested for prostitution

what will Russian hacking look like this time around?

Take a Deep Breath friends

There will be peach pie in my home this weekend!

If Congress cares about ending family separation, why do they keep paying for it?

Need help-weird guy I know always talking about moth testes & anal bleach

SHS: "President Trump is the most accessible president in modern history"

No, Dems Aren't Disarrayed, Riven, Imploding, Eating Their Young or Battling for the Soul of the Par

Even turtles know that in order to move forward you have to stick your neck out.

Am I the only one who finds it amusing that these are blue?

Gary Johnson Mulling Run for US Senate

Initiative 97 Colorado Rising

Dems want Don Jr. to come back to testify; this time under oath.

Seth Abramson on Manafort going to trial:

How making 'Redneck Boot Sandals' became this former sheriff's full-time job

Wisconsin Legislator Finally Pays State Over Stolen Sign

Who Is Allen Weisselberg?

Taking care of my grandkitties

Jeopardy Regulars

OH-12: O'Connor pulls to within 3% of Republican Balderson. Green Party at 2%

My new favorite thing: Pomegranate Martini!