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Max Bruch Violin Concerto #1 in G Minor, Op. 26

Bitcoin could rescue Rockdale's future

Actor John Goodman in Missouri ad opposing right to work

My daughter tossed a Trump Humper from a family gathering

It hit me late one night - we're living a gangster movie

Nurse stole more than 10,000 tablets of painkillers, other meds from Spring Hill rehab facility

so... you're one of "those" who dissed the landline and went 100% mobile...

Iowa voter ID law: Judge tells state to undo some early voting restrictions for 2018 election

Mensch: Eric Garland was right and Cohn, NYTimes were wrong.

How about some nice refined, sedate, cello music for a Friday night?

What is the history of past presidents and their pets?


(N.Y.) Stonewall Democrats Club Chooses Cuomo Over Nixon

Hannity's hypocrisy bites him in the ass again. But will the MAGAts care? I'll just bet

(N.Y.) Stonewall Democrats Club Chooses Cuomo Over Nixon

Anne Hathaway:The murder of Nia Wilson-

Blood Moon Eclipse or Steve Bannon? tweet:

Gay Teen Kicked Out of Home Becomes School's Co-Valedictorian

Meet Muller's 25 witnesses......good information here....

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! TREASON! Best of Malloy

CDC: Firearm-related homicides rose 30 percent between 2014 and 2016

Plea for arrests in Kay Bee, Fingerhut, eToys & Toys R Us cases

Joe Biden - doing his best to wash the taste of bronzer out of St Louis

He's at Bedminster. 175th day at a Trump property as president, 132nd day at a Trump golf club.

Pa. Supreme Court okays release of 'interim' report naming 300 'predator priests'

I think we may have found one of the topics at that Helsinki "summit" or as I call it,

How well is DU protected?

Today I went to Sen. Wyden's 901st town hall since he got elected. He always makes me feel better.

TCM Schedule for Sunday July 29 - Directed by Jean Negulesco

TCM Schedule for Monday July 30 - 50 States in 50 Movies

I like a lot of covers better than the original songs.

WH -Secret Service agent: "So how long are you guys going to keep protesting?" - "Until he leaves."

Avenatti: We will not be silenced.

my son the dr.

Prankster puts Putin portrait in Colorado Capitol where Trump's portrait would be

Prankster puts Putin portrait in Colorado Capitol where Trump's portrait would be

Top Trump Officials Clash Over Plan to Let Cars Pollute More

A 6-Year-Old Girl Was Sexually Abused in an Immigrant-Detention Center

Presidential qualifications?

Obama to Republican Disavowing Trump: WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG

Alex Jones Claims Donald Trump Requests and Receives InfoWars Transcripts

GOP Lawmaker Said Black Welfare Recipients 'Substituted One Plantation For Another'

Downtown Daytona hotel destroyed by fire

What do you look for most in a Democratic candidate?

rtump Says He'll Stump for Vulnerable Republicans 'Six or Seven Days a Week'

Besides Trump, which of the ReThugs do you despise most?

Per Frank Schaeffer on the 2018 election:

EMILY's List puts Gwen Graham over $10M mark in total fundraising

You never know what's going to push you over the edge

Why is it if a fraudulent charge is put on one's credit card...

Progressive group canvassing for Bill Nelson, other Democrats on Saturday

About the GDP. These numbers come from people. People who might worry about being fired

To anyone who wants to support the on-going White House protests, here's some info:

Six Texas Republicans Sponsor Proposed Ban on LGBTQ Pride Flags at U.S. Embassies

Brawl at Trumps Hollywood star - pro Trump vs anti trump

Russian Hackers Appear to Shift Focus to U.S. Power Grid.

The grass really is greener: Rep. Michael McCaul used more water than any other Austin resident

Largest police group in Texas endorses Greg Abbott over former Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez

Help Me Think of an Ailment for the Rump to Contract

No deal yet: Ted Cruz digs in as Beto O'Rourke pushes for 6th debate, more town halls, and not all

From Robert Mueller to trump:

Who has the ability to open up an avi file and enlarge for details?

Offspring. "She's got issues" (, and I'm gonna pay")

If we have a Democratic majority in the House and Senate, and a Democratic

Ving Rhames held at gunpoint in his own home...911 " a large black man broke in"

MI-11: Haley Stevens(?) seen as best Democrat to swing seat form red to blue

MI-08: Detroit Free Press endorses Elissa Slotkin

MSNBC has done 455 Stormy Daniels segments in the last year -- but none on U.S. war in Yemen

"He Hates the Same People They Hate"

17-year-old anti-gun violence advocate shot while sleeping

BP buys big into Permian, U.S. shale with $10.5 billion deal

Hi. Are there any computer gurus who can help me with an avi file?

So it all comes down to this:

Trump will Campaign Full Time This Fall

As changes loom over retired teachers' pensions, retirees look to Legislature for more money

Access to water continues to be jeopardized for millions of children in war-torn Yemen

Trump's Election Security Meeting Lasted Less Than 30 Minutes Before He Left To Play Golf

Weezer "Buddy Holly"

MI-GOV: Party regulars first dismissed Gretchen Whitmer because of her gender.

Prospects for "red flag" gun law in Texas plummet as Abbott sees "coalescence" against it

Khaleesi the Bulldog gets a fright

Seth Meyers - Betsy DeVos' $40 Million Yacht, World Snail Racing Championship - Monologue - 7/26/18

Overwatch League Grand Finals brought 11,000 mostly booming fans to Brooklyn

Friday Night Wine-And-Gin Buzz. Ask me anything.

Colorado State Capitol Hall of Presidential Portraits Briefly Displayed Putin in Trump's Place

Tried on about 15mg of THC tonight, to help the weekend get started.

Nicaragua's Political Unrest and Its Unstable Future

He quit his State Department job to play video games. Now he's a star in the NBA's 2K League.

Funny thing is...

ELO at Wembley!

Nancy Pelosi read the clues in a Congress category on Jeopardy, and Republicans are butthurt.

Brazil's Lula to revoke privatizations through referendums

Three women stabbed in Chile pro-abortion march

Khaleesi the Bulldog gets a fright

HHS official who spread Pizzagate conspiracy theory out at agency

Vanessa Trump to Jr at divorce court:

'Trapped in Hell': Family Accused of Keeping Autistic Woman in Cage, Making Her Eat Mom's Ashes

Rural Texas is Struggling to Keep Doctors. A Proposed Medical School Wants to Change That.

A solar-powered night school for Pakistan's child labourers

Fox News books wrong guest, she slams Trump

Sylvius Leopold Weiss: "Allemande" (Sonata No.35), "Suite in D minor", "Sonata 27 in C minor"/

Full Moon Through The Trees...

Police: Native American activist accused of rape

The "other" Miles...pick your favorites from this selection.

EPA seeks dismissal of lawsuit over 2015 Colorado mine spill

Researchers Have Discovered a New Shape, and It's Inside Your Skin

This Teen Got Hookworms After His Friends Buried Him In The Sand At The Beach

Minke whale hunting ends in Iceland


Randi Rhodes Show --Jul 26, 2018

Grieving orca mother carries dead calf for days as whales fight for survival

Alaska launch shrouded in secrecy

Here's Why Psychopaths Are Unable to Love Their Own Children

The only way to eventually eliminate fossil fuels....

A Mission To Boldly Go To Uranus And Neptune

Glaucoma breakthrough a step towards 'stopping people going blind with age', researchers say

In Mississippi, closed bridges and crumbling infrastructure threaten lives and livelihoods

Another slimeball in the Con House...not surprised

Jordan has now guaranteed his own loss...

Russian military guard Trump's star on Hollywood Blvd

Lawmakers' meeting focuses on closure of generating station, threatens jobs near Four Corners

Leopard geckos can grow new brain cells, study finds

Star Zooms Past Monster Black Hole, Confirms Relativity

NMSU professors get $1.4M to study mosquito reproduction

Mapping mountaintop coal mining's yearly spread in Appalachia

Listen To The "Shriek Of Death" Made By These Mysterious Skull-Shaped Aztec Whistles

Listen To The "Shriek Of Death" Made By These Mysterious Skull-Shaped Aztec Whistles

People Were Messing Around In Texas at Least 2,500 Years Earlier Than Previously Thought

Fossil of new dinosaur species unearthed in Northwest China, findings to overturn old theory of dino

Teen Archaeologist Finds a Tooth That's More Than 500,000 Years Old

John Perry: 'Opposition behind the violence in Nicaragua'

Protect the lone Amazonian tribesman. He deserves to live in peace

Nichole Black died because she could not pay for an ambulance

Anne Hathaway attacks 'white privilege' after death of black teenager in California

Iran's Wolf Wall, Second-longest in the World, is Still Shrouded in Mystery

Eroding river exposes old gravesite outside Tagish, Yukon

Spaceport violated open government law, AG's office says

Nearly 100 Forced Laborers Buried More Than A Century Ago Recovered From School Grounds

Neanderthals used stone hand axes to strike a light

Japan's iconic extinct mammal

Ancient handprint from 'lost people' of Scotland found on island

Just watched the Axelrod Files on CNN. The guest was Mitch Landrieu...

Yellowstone Super-Volcano Created By Ancient Slab Of Oceanic Crust Wedged Under North America

Antarctica: Rising bedrock raises hope

Top Trump Officials Clash Over Plan to Let Cars Pollute More

The only excuse Cheetoh has not used

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 7/27/18

Just how HOT is it in your part of the UK or continental Europe ?

SCOTUS nominee Kavanaugh lied in his confirmation-hearing in 2006. About GWB torture-policies.

found cat on the porch

North Carolina man awarded $8.8M from wife's boyfriend after affair

Labour MP Kate Hoey vows to fight deselection

Veterans cover swastika site with U.S. flag and recite the pledge


Photo: It was great to speak tonight at the Tumble Down Festival in Burlington, Vermont!

Dave Mason - We Just Disagree

Moonvies IS the TV guy who said "Trump is good for US", remember?

Trump Has Almost Cashed His Check

Puerto Ricans Who Fled to Florida Not Registering to Vote

Men, don't leave a mess while urinating as a guest in someone's home.

A simple trick to quickly tell the difference between left and right.

Link to Cal Fire for updates on the fires including Redding ((Carr Fire))

NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll: Majority think Russia will interfere in November midterm elections

Santa Fe Public Schools Superintendent 'Begs' State Not to Appeal Education Ruling

Top Obama official hits Trump for taking credit for economic growth

Halestorm - The Silence (new)

City official: 5 dead in Robstown shooting

Fake news a democratic crisis for UK, MPs warn

Dear M$Greedia

Federal judge allows new lawsuit against Baylor, Briles, McCaw, Waco PD

BREAKING: Maurice rejects any and all future interviews on the subject of the pompitous of love

Russia comes down to either "willful colluder" or "useful idiot".

Sitting in the dining area of the Holiday Inn, Ranson, WVA

New Blue Bell flavor hits stores Friday

Homicides using guns up 31 percent, CDC finds

Steve Bannon to Trump Voters: You May Have to Vote For 'RINOs' in Midterms To Prevent Impeachment

Back in the U.S.S.R.

Southwest: Other carriers finding cracked fan blades

Trump: 'Incompetent' Democrats Have Fake News 'Almost Totally on Their Side'

Collusion?? Can someone explain to me this?

Trump to Hannity: I Can Get GDP Growth Up to 8-9%

Arkansas utilities told to submit plans following tax cut

Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, facing sexual abuse reports, resigns from the College of Cardinals

one of these is not like the other.....

Harvard denies discriminating against Asian-Americans

Michael Avenatti, Alan Dershowitz debate gets personal

Findings from Trump Voter Brain Study.

just FYI

How they did it (and will likely try again): GRU hackers vs. US elections Latest Mueller indictment

A time capsule look at the worlds worst economist: Mark Weisbrot and Venezuela success

When Trump gets caught on tape eating babies...

Rep Ted Lieu: Dear Sec Nielsen: You should read this article. Then you should resign.

Pennsylvania SC approves release of 900-page grand jury report about Catholic clergy sex abuse

Are the trumps tweets from the white house considered campaigning?

Stapleton must wish his KKK-stained great-grandfather was his biggest problem

Do you know if all of your friends are registered to vote?

U.S. citizen's family was denied visas under Trump's travel ban. Then he died by suicide.

Accused Russian agent met with suspected Kremlin spy

Despite Trump's assurances, states struggling to protect 2020 election

David Hogg Posts A Great Tweet: Robert Kennedy Answering drumpf's Braggadocio About the GDP.

To be fair to Kimberly Guilfoyle

Trump policy shop filters facts to fit his message

Barbara Lee looks to seize her moment

Coke is raising prices, and it's citing Trump's tariffs

Trump's ex-lawyer: Giuliani hurt Trump's case by flip-flopping on Cohen

In 100 Days Democrats Will Win Back The House

Why Bank of America asked Kansas man for proof of citizenship -- and may ask you, too

Three transgender Puerto Ricans win suit to change gender markers

Bach on Piano for Blind Elephant

Judge in migrant reunification case says government at fault for 'losing several hundred parents'

Trump policy shop filters facts to fit his message

Saturday DU Rally!

PR Propaganda vs The Law ?

I am curious about why I have to pass two close voting sites and be assigned to one farther away.

It's back on the store shelves, baby!

Has anyone here ever taken an NYC tour hosted by broadway actors?

Donald Trump, Jr's interview with Hannity re:Trump Tower meeting

Just taking a short moment to one has to comment...

Donald Trump Jr. And Robert Mueller's Close Airport Encounter

All-Boys Catholic School Run By Monks Acknowledges Decades Of Sexual Abuse

Jeff Fortenberry (R-NE) hears about tariffs, immigration and elections at Bellevue town hall

Idea: When they say "Trump Derangement Syndrome", you say "Trumpish Schizophrenia?"

Life isn't fair.

My dog is a Jedi...

NC police chief arrested on corruption charges

NC police chief arrested on corruption charges

pResident Weakling will be holding Treason Rallies

So we have verbal reassurances that the 2018 election will be safe.

Firestone Ad, they must be Trump voters

China Expands Its Reach in Latin America

The 'New Anti-Semitism' in France with the rise in Muslim population

The Impossible Burger

FDA Gives Green Light To Impossible Foods' Bleeding Burgers

Taliban claims it held preliminary peace talks with U.S. official over Afghanistan

Beto does not pander. Beto shows that Democrats are not afraid of ethnic diversity.

Pharma lobby discovered covertly financing the effort to kill the ACA

Cop admits framing 2 black men ...

Cop admits framing 2 black men ...

Pence is coming to Ohio12 to campaign against DannyO'Connor.

Gazpacho for people who don't have a garden

Manafort's trial not televised is it?

1986 Bernie: Who is Patriotic?

Danny O'Connor, OHIO12th is scaring the GOP. Pence to campaign against him.

Meghan McCain says dad John McCain is 'hanging in'

There are many primaries scheduled during August.

Road bike wrist pain....

Hammer of God - Supercell weather in Wyoming

If you think you're about to overheat

Kitten laying his claim to human stuff

Ocasio-Cortez campaigning for El-Sayed in Michigan

White House needs to update its Russian Speel Chek

Nick Saban's contract sends message to college football

Thank god we dodged THAT bullet.

"Libtard" is a truly awful term that has to go away.

Remember this song from right after the election? We need to.

"Believe me. Believe me, folks."

Consumer prices increased 2.9% in June.

Thoughts for Health Care Reform.

Floating park built from recycled plastic waste debuts in the Netherlands

A Burger, but Better

Shaun King announces $100,000 reward to identify this white supremacist:

Hi. I would like to insert a large avi into a post. How do I do it?

Michael Beschloss has the ticket!

Dennie Heck on MSNBC was asked about what he thought of Putin's invitation to trump:

I have a garden gnome. His name is Chomsky.

A great GOTV tweet from the OH-12

Meanwhile last night at the Trump Hotel

The Atlantic on Cohen's claim regarding the Trump Tower meeting:

The Trump Chronicles: It's not rocket science.

For Anybody Else Cohen's Revelation Would Have Been Game, Set & Match.....

Seth Abramson on media's attempt at false equivalency.

How Europeans Imagined Exotic Animals Centuries Ago, Based on Hearsay

Egypt court sentences 75 to death over 2013 pro-Morsi protests

His heart belongs to Vladdy.

How the Republican Party Became The Party of Racism

Salon: Democratic moderates fear the socialist left will wreck the party...

American white people really hate being called "white people

No tweets today?

All hands on deck. A call for national service.

How Blizzard convinced sports billionaires to buy into the Overwatch League

Questions Rise About Shortcomings Of DNA Tests For Dogs

Finally CNN

A Dumb Question - If Juliani Knows Trump Has Committed Obstruction ....

Assange faces 'imminent expulsion' from Ecuadorean Embassy

Master Level Fashion Trolling

Gary Johnson says he is considering running for US Senator in NM (Journal).

There is only one interpretation for

What Trump CFO Weisselberg will reveal to investigators after they offer him immunity

Donald Trump tries a victory lap, but probes encroach

Malcolm Nance: 😂😂😂 Good times man. Good times. 🤔

A Pizza That Lets the Mozzarella Shine

Trump has made my life so miserable.....

"I'm going to need those TPS reports..."

Girl escapes detention center, hides in auto shop sobbing. Owner, a Trump supporter, turns her in...

Round Fire near Bishop, California

OMG OMG This is wonderful. But it's a video from Twitter.

Issa: 'Nobody's going to be surprised' if Trump approved Russia meeting

Precinct Data Shows Rich, White Neighborhoods Flipping Democratic in 2016. Will It Last?

Don Jr. gets schooled on daddy's GDP numbers

Calamity in the making: Filipino domestic workers in Kuwait to get one day off per week.

Cohen Ally: He Has 'Treasure Trove' Of Info On Trump

If only predictions were Russian proof...

Exactly what ma and pa kettle say....So What

The Gym Jordan Rules

We're having a very good year

Mr. Smug doubles down on the creep...resurrect Hastert

Actor says police came to his home after neighbor reported 'large black man' broke in


OSHA to reduce Obama-era injury report requirements for large companies

Jill Winebanks' latest pin is a beatiful blue wave with a diamond-looking...

Report: State Department retroactively revoking passports from transgender women

When wild conspiracies come to life

Pick-Axe Guy

9th Circuit Court panel rejects prayer at Chino Valley school board meetings

Brilliant suggestions for casting a movie or TV show about this

"With All Due Respect..."

Politico: Butina met with suspected Kremlin spy.

Did you miss this tidbit about Allen Weisselberg, the Trump organization's CFO?

Breaking: Fox News Changes Long-Time Slogan

'Deleted' families: What went wrong with Trump's family-separation effort

That move will NOT protect them...

LA Times 7/28 --- Was The 2016 Election Legitimate?

Have you ever been asked your age when buying Bic lighters ???

Video: Bernie Sanders Intro at Twiddle Tumbledown 7/27/18

Funny Trumplandia Plate

Takes more than 2 brain cells...

Bernie Sanders Intro at Twiddle Tumbledown 7/27/18

Redding, CA on fire...

If the Russians' Plan Is to Disrupt American Politics,

NYT: Trump Laments That He Could Have Had Tom Brady, Not Jared, As Son-In-Law

CDA: "The first five of our official endorsement list for the 2018 midterm elections is up!"

Possible Gary Johnson Senate Bid Scrambles New Mexico Race

Today's Voter Suppression Tactics Have A 150 Year History

Who knew? The Very Black History Of Punk Music

Shocked and disappointed in Amazon Prime

Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, facing sexual abuse reports, resigns from the College of Cardinals

Damn - Husband has got huge ones

Ivanka the heiress has no clothes

Why can't we sue repukes for bringing us the Con fantasy...?

Let's talk about police procedure.

Video: Fire tornado in California.

Atlanta Falcons' owner Blank defends players' rights in on-field protests

I agree with Rep. Eric Swalwell...

Avenatti: Presidential candidates should be required to take an intelligence test

Do you read novels? Which topics do you refuse to read? Me--zombies, vampires

Ving Rhames Says Police Held Him at Gunpoint in His Own Home After a Neighbor Reported a Robbery

Pressure mounting, former Trump 'fixer' turns aggressive

Why do they keep demanding that Dump tell the truth on the various cable channels?

The junk debt that tanked the economy? It's back in a big way.

Local billboards feature GOP with Soviet hammer and sickle

Pentagon creating software 'do not buy' list to keep out Russia, China

A withering verdict: MP's report on Zuckerberg, Russia and Cambridge Analytica

Hannity renews support for Jim Jordan's House speaker bid

NRA sues to block vote on Washington's gun safety initiative

The Russia Investigations: Will Michael Cohen Turn State's Evidence?

Judge Urges U.S. To Focus On Reuniting Deported Parents With Children

From the Cybersecurity correspondent for POLITICO...

400 pages in black and white and yet Trump & Co. persist

Trump is a dangerous animal and he is cornered.

Unbelievable that this creep actually has a shot at speaker...

Federal judge orders independent monitor to evaluate conditions in border jails housing children

Trump wants to visit Putin in Russia? I'm fine with it.

Two words: Russian Money

Is it possible for a President to be tried for treason?

Sean Spicer accused of using racial slur at a heated book signing event

African Coconut Chicken Curry KukuPaka

Why Michael Cohen's Testimony Could Send Donald Trump Jr. to Jail

July 28, 1973: The Band, The Allman Brothers and The Grateful Dead for $10 (Watkins Glen)

new poll shows Trump is losing Hillary haters. 51% of "never Hillary" disapprove of Trump

What kind of lawyer do you hire to fight HOA?

We're #1! We're #1! We're #1...

Malcolm Nance Warns Trump: Everything Discussed In Secret Russia Meeting Will Soon Be Exposed

Luckovich - Giddyup

What's for Dinner, Sat., July 28, 2018

Sen. Moran (Russian Caucus) faces fervent anti-Trump backlash during his stop in Baldwin City

Polar bear shot dead after attacking cruise ship worker in Arctic

Hi Aritus.....

Putin: Christianity is the foundation of the Russian state

NYT: Trump Laments That He Could Have Had Tom Brady, Not Jared, As Son-In-Law

Trump's approval rating is in the pooper in Michigan, 28% believes he deserves re-election

Scientists revived tiny Siberian worms that had been frozen in permafrost for 42,000 years -- and the

Avenatti on Ted Lieu...

voter study identifies 5 types of Trump voters and why they stick with him no matter what

Pennsylvania Supreme Court orders release of report listing more than 300 'predator' priests

The republicans talking point on collusion...

Is Faux News finally seeing the light?? Interesting tweet

Prove it

Why we need to nationalize Facebook, Amazon, and Google?

Excellent article on: Why facts don't change minds...

I guess Trump must have our decaying infrastructure moving along on being rebuilt.

Trump Policy Shop Alters Facts to Fit Message

Complete the following sentence:

So, Howdy Rudy how did Cohen violate attorney client privilege?

Trump defenders downplay evidence of Russian collusion: "So what?"


(Toronto) Anti-Islam Protester Thrown Into Fountain At Danforth Shooting Memorial In Toronto

iPad making changes I didn't ask for and have no idea how to reverse...

Warren, Ocasio-Cortez added to Netroots Nation lineup

Churches may have to pay taxes, and members of Congress may pay politically

Trump doubles record for longest time without science adviser

Spare a thought for the folks in Northern California

Trump 'has no strategy' says German defence minister

Top Koch Network officials vent frustration with White House, GOP-led Congress

Navy Carrier's Water No Longer Testing Positive for E. Coli

EXCLUSIVE: Black Lives Matter planning march from NYC to D.C. to create 'wave of love'

Moonves next for his bye bye from CBS

Found on Facebook: "You Trumpsters better pray"

Giuliani: we warned Cohen.

Some Hillary / Trump food for thought.

Heads up to beware of phishing emails.

U.S. says farmers could get cash aid by October but will not be made whole

Trump officials urge patience on North Korea

Navy practices with key anti-mine asset: dolphins

Local farmer calls it like he sees it

Immigrant Youth Shelters: "If You're a Predator, It's a Gold Mine"

Two days, Aug 5th & 8th, The Big Lebowski will be in theaters.

Where should we put our money in 2018?

The model minority myth

**SMFH-Kimberly Kimberly Guilfoyle was allegedly showing images of male genitalia at work**

San Juan mayor Cruz to endorse Nelson in Florida Senate race

Imam bayildi Turkish stuffed roasted eggplants

'Hero' FDNY firefighter sidelined by racist bosses: suit

'Hero' FDNY firefighter sidelined by racist bosses: suit

Is The End Of The World Old News? Summer Climate Horrors & The Media

Trump screws farmers; offers 'hush money' says Trump supporter