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Poland Purges Supreme Court, and Protesters Take to Streets

Victim of shooting outside Kansas school has died; suspect tried to escape custody

LaVar Ball says that Lonzo won't play off the ball with LeBron James

92-year-old woman accused of fatally shooting son in Arizona

Teen Taken at U.S. Border Tells of 'Icebox' Cages With 60 Girls

Judge reportedly denied protection orders for woman cops say was killed by ex

Trump Voters May Be the Biggest Losers From Trump's Auto Tariffs

In Los Angeles, Where the Rich and the Destitute Cross Paths

'One America': Small town welcomes thousands of refugees with Southern hospitality

Strange "democracy" indeed...

'Dog Whisperer' Cesar Millan revealed he illegally crossed the US border with only $100 to his name

Exam board to be fined record £175,000 after mixing up Montagues and Capulets in GCSE paper

Westbrook neighborhood's wandering cat Simba, a high school regular, dies at 21

Political Cartoonist Fired For Trump Criticism Tells His Story In Comic Form

I know the 4th of July is tomorrow, but it feels like just a ho hum day anymore.

No matter who is placed on the Supreme Court and the others. Our society will have

Neo-Nazi loses defamation lawsuit to Muslim comedian Dean Obeidallah

Congressional Race - Arkansas 2

Agreed price of a carton of eggs in Venezuela is more than the minimum wage

"At this point the Republican Party has become organized crime..."

Smack in the middle of my busyness

NY: State Senate candidate Julia Salazar Runs to Upset Longtime Incumbent

Measure to allow more rent control appears headed to California ballot

Pfizer hikes prices on 100 drugs

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Not in My Name!

Mother Nature

Rachel opens with Jim Jordan story!

"Let's give Trump and his supporters their own separate country."

Tweet of the Day

Trump administration rolls back racial diversity guidelines for colleges

Mitch McConnell Claims School Shootings Are Basically Out Of Congress' Hands Now

Outrage after American hunter poses with dead giraffe

Pluto: Preparing for the Perfect Alignment ( {CORRECTED}

National Democrats return to deep-red South Carolina district

Kevin Drum: We Are All Social Democrats Now

Vandals' bricks, anti-ICE graffiti cause $1,200 damage to Nebraska GOP office

Just one question about the GOP senators visiting Moscow:

Surf's up!

Ecuador court orders arrest of former President Rafael Correa in kidnap probe

NC Influencers say state needs to give schools enough money and close achievement gap

Its hard for me to imagine what it is that Putin has on Trump

So a bunch of Republican senators and one congresswoman were in Moscow today.

GOP Likely to Sneak Cuts to Food Stamps Through the House This Week

Trump administration rolls back Obama policy of encouraging racial diversity Trumps uses dubious Fox report to slam Obama.

Many asteroids might be remnants of 5 destroyed worlds, scientists say

Trump biographer: Trump didn't write any of his books

Found on Facebook -- a warning from Trump's cousin

our Senator Ron Johnson...perhaps the dumbest Senator of all time, in Russia to make nice ???

Those 'Sonic Attack' Victims Are Actually Experiencing Mass Hysteria, Expert Claims

Those 'Sonic Attack' Victims Are Actually Experiencing Mass Hysteria, Expert Claims

So where is Kirsten Gillibrand?

If you are not listening to Rachel tonight, I suggest you get a recording of the

Wedge question for republicans:

JK Rowling - tweets Trump

Can Democrats win back the Obama-Trump voter? This race is the test.

Claude Taylor has hired an airplane banner company to fly around Jim Jordan's district tomorrow

Leon Bridges - River

Realism is dad's forte

I surmise from news reports a contingent of Senators who are Putin boot licking

Ok, this is weird. I had no idea that frogs could crawl up the side of a house!!

The World Cup provides a learning moment in time for the Fourth of July.

Nydailynews cover... "the clown who plays king ..."

US to allow ZTE to resume some operations temporarily

Interesting data re: so-called #WalkAway movement (Democrats abandoning the party)

I was at an outdoor concert tonight and they played Lee Greenwood's

Trump's leading contender for SCOTUS is not bat sh*t crazy enough for social conservatives

Anonymous person buys $1M worth of toys at closing Toys 'R' Us

Oh Democrats . . . . The Jim Jordan thing is tailor made for some STRONG calls to action.

Congressional Black Caucus Bashes Trump's Move To Scrap Affirmative Action

The buzzword at center of Supreme Court clash

Why does Don hate America so much?

Ohio bill would require teachers, health providers to 'out' transgender students

The First Purge

Good news. They have figured out the calculations for the human catapult for tomorrow's raid.

gop delegation snubbed by putin on Independence Day week

Walmart pulling anti-Trump merchandise from website

Rick Wilson: "Oh, Don..."

Green Day - Last Of The American Girls (VIDEO)

RMS updating on the Malaysian situation which DU has been following for 8 weeks

Chris Hayes: "ICE doesn't enforce the border. Seriously, just google it."

Picture: U.S. Senators make nice with enemy that interfered with our last presidential election

Businesses seek answers from Mayor Jenny Durkan on stalled streetcar project

Ivar's plans first new restaurant since 2013; search continues for space in six other cities

My every morning media hope: To hear, "(SHITLER) has resigned/been indicted/whatever..." n/t


Reward tripled in the 38-year-old disappearance case in the Chiricahuas

Ohio State sex scandal complicates Jordan's possible Speaker bid

Scotland wind farm opposed by Trump generates first power

omfg the dictionary is trolling Trump.

Trump To "Pretty Please" Putin To Claim No Collusion...

In memory of Tom Petty....


So, who do you think said "they will know me by shadow"

New dog cross-breeds (theoretically) seeking recognition by AKC: (humor)

Billionaire Richard Branson: America should give out free cash to fix income inequality

Isn't the CIA or FBI supposed to do something to stop Rump from giving away the farm to Putin?

MSNBC: Cohen not seeking pardon, interview sought in urgency.

McConnell the racist

Former Malaysian Prime Minister charged with corruption.

Was wondering, do I need to get up early for the start of the Civil War tomorrow,

Seen on twitter:

J.K. Rowling responds to a Trumpster

PHOTO: It's just two hands, a back, and a head, but somehow it makes my skin crawl.

Michael Cohen's New Legal Strategy - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Nice Tweet:

Leading Contender To Be Trump's Supreme Court Pick Faces Questions From Social Conservatives

Bouillabaisse...taste treat that can't be beat, or the chum bucket from Hell? Discuss.

Strange looking Florida insect that might be a butterfly.

Scott Pruitt: When Is Enough, Enough? - Deadline - MSNBC

Hen and Chicks

Well here's a turd that was dropped tonight

DU....What I Like About You...

Science Paper: Zero Emission Hopes Are Ignoring Some Intractable Issues.

Florida teachers sue state over anti-union law

Republican Theme Song in 2018

Whasssup, Elliot Broidy? Yer good pal Najib Razak just got perp walked, oh dear (#1MDB scandal)

Born In The USA

Cruise ship rescues crew member who went overboard

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Replacing Anthony Kennedy


"Hope Never Dies"

News photo of a captured MAGA patriot...

2 from Tchaikovsky: "Orchestral Suite No. 1" & " Suite for Orchestra No.3, Op. 55"/Horner:

Will 2018 be the year of the donkey in Arizona?

Trump tariffs could add $5,000 to price of new vehicle in US

Chavista says the world is excited about the Petro... but nobody can seem to find it anywhere

secondcivilwarletters from watertiger and scoutprime

J.K. Rowling's trolling of this "corrected" Trump tweet will make your day.

Dubious Fox News article appears to have sparked Trump attack on Obama

My wish for all: "Quiet City"- Copland

In Honor of the 4th of July....

NY Daily News Cover: Happy Birthday America!

DFL targets suburbs to flip control of Minnesota House

As my screen name echos, I have returned!

New York Daily News 4th of July cover. Sad, Unfair, Fake AND WONDERFUL.

GOP Senators In Russia Meeting W/Russian Officials. US Officially Russian Satellite.

W.H. 4th of July Concert HEADLINERS: "two "American Idol" finalists. As in, not actual winners"

Question about Presidential records/archives:

OOPS: Rep. Konni Burton Demands Fort Worth Schools Release Information Already Available

Mark O'Connor's "Appalachia Waltz" four ways:

What are y'all wearing to the Civil War on Wednesday?

On this 4th of July, let us remember William Harvey Carney.

Largest Texas solar farm to be built in West Texas for $400 million

Tina Turner

Happy Independance Day my friends

Am I the only that thinks news online sites are becoming unusable?

A Civil War mural

South Texas ex-mayor gets 8 years plus a month in prison

Men plead no contest in deadly California warehouse fire

Eastern Orthodox: "Blahosloven Jesi, Hospodi" ("Blessed Are You, O Lord")/

Grapevine lender UDF's execs pay more than $8 million after SEC sues for misleading investors

TX congressman claims he's under surveillance. Is Gohmert 'paranoid' or a target of the 'deep state'

'We're just as patriotic as the other side': Valdez celebrates Democratic values at rural campaign

Republicans On Board With President Trump In Odd Deference To Russian Goals - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Eric Holder group is making an impact in Wisconsin.

Happy Second Civil War Day!

Frisco wealth manager Bobby Guess sentenced to 12 years for securities fraud

KEY RACE: Anita Earls for North Carolina State Supreme Court

When is the 4th of July this year?

"My eyes are up here!" (toon)

They liked the original Red Dawn so much they had to try to make it come true.

Former DeVry University students sue for fraud in San Antonio federal court

It's 4th of July - Let's just call it what it is: Treason & Conspiracy!!!

David Weissman: "I was a Trump Troll"

Libertarians pay for recount in governor primary

The Republican Party Moves From Family Values to White Nationalism

Rep. Jim Jordan Accused Of Turning Blind Eye To Sex Abuse At Ohio State Hallie Jackson MSNBC

State, national Republicans agree to fund Hawley ahead of primaries

Court shake-up renews Democrats' effort to legalize abortion in New Mexico

Photos: Sen. Sanders - Montpelier's Independence Day Parade July 3, 2018

Yeah, Bob, I really would like to go to your cookout except I sort of have this... thing...going on

to all friends of 4 footed furry companions

The Dead Daisies - We're An American Band

Those fabulous nuns are back!!!!!

The irony of Commander Bone Spurs / Private Vietnam "honoring" the Military with one of his tweets

Would someone please post Jefferson Airplane for me?

International capture order for former Ecuador president Correa for kidnapping, corruption

Trump pressed aides on Venezuela invasion, US official says

July 3, 1973: David Bowie's final performance as "Ziggy Stardust," London's Hammersmith Odeon

Our Alies Must Be Pissed, Angry & Horrified. British Should Cancel Trump Visit.

I find comedies about gangsters entertaining. Other than "Analyze This," anyone know of any? Nt

A Blog For Iowa Independence Day Post

Let America Be America Again

Trump proves again how removed from reasoned thought he is. Invade Venezuela?

In no way should top brass allow Trump to meet with Putin in private!

Wanna know why dinosaurs went extinct?

Getting Restless Under The Rule Of The Republican Minority

On July 4, A Message For Patriots


Trump is going after people who have become American citizens next!

'I would have done something': Jordan rebuts claims he knew of abuse

An appreciative Independence Day to all !

Judge tosses suit alleging Trump campaign conspired with Russia in DNC hack

My comment to a NYT editorial about a need to start over

Pruitt denies he urged Trump to dump Sessions, install him at DOJ

Is anyone still following Louise Mensch?

Malcolm Nance says Trump will lift sanctions on Russia after his meeting with Putin.

Well GREAT! I'm gone 4 days and you all plan a Civil War without me

Victims blame FDA for food-recall failures

Wanna see something spooky? Campground Killer Clown Coke machine

#HeyBobHugin! Nice 4th of July TV spot!

Mounting allegations against environment chief trouble White House

What is "normal"?

4th of July sunrise

I would show this to my kid, but she is dead.

Hell of a combo! Today is both National Spareribs Day and National Caesar Salad Day!

Hate no one can afford a dentist anymore...but this is funny

I am wondering

I very much needed to see this quote, this 4th of July:

Somalia's terror group bans 'harmful' plastic bags

As we celebrate the Fourth of July in America, some of its congressional traitors

The Spirit of 2018, 4th of July March

Hey, what's everyone doing later today after we wrap up the Civil War?

Senator Richard Shelby to Russian counterpart in Moscow

The Inventor of the Bump Stock Is Ending His Business

Keep one eye on the Atlantic

Surmounting Trump Derangement Syndrome

Trump is about to drive America's largest nail maker out of business!

The OSU radio station articles. WOSU FM 89.7 has been covering this since mid spring

Democracy Is Coming To The U.S.A.

Red and White, Blue Suede Shoes

We made it to another Wednesday, my peoples...


Time for a Happy Birthday, America Wednesday Dance...

Kayla Yaako-10 Year Old Motorcyclist Racing the Pros

The United Nations should issue a world wide travel warning to America.

Harry Truman by Chicago

If Republican voters want to drain the swamp they should stop doing this.

Bruce Springsteen

Sarah Churchwell, American & Prof at University of London tweets for me

The Declaration of Independence

"Turbo! I didn't see you at camouflage practice this morning!"

If there was true justice in the world...

People deemed to be a danger can lose gun rights under new Massachusetts law

Thank you to all the supporters and volunteers who joined me in yesterday's Independence Day Parade

Here's to the philosophers and writers

Hey everyone

Happy 4th of July my friends

Is God male? The Episcopal Church debates whether to change its Book of Common Prayer.

Alan Dershowitz says 'friends on Martha's Vineyard' are shunning him for defending Trump.

Australia to issue monthly fines to parents who don't vaccinate children

Merkel warns Trump against trade war over car tariffs threat

Feds Debunk Right-Wing Conspiracy Theory 'Pakistani Mystery Man' Leaked DNC Emails

Frederick Douglass

Poland Purges Supreme Court, and Protesters Take to Streets.

Will uniforms be provided?

Making America Gory Again: how the Purge films troll Trumpism (The Guardian)

The Democrats who are coming out calling for the abolition of ICE this close to the midterms may be

Happy Fourth...the day that "Gave proof through the night, that we still had a flag"

withtrump as potus

Gender issues and blood donation

Trump-Russia investigation: Further evidence Kremlin meddled in 2016 presidential election, says

FYI, no TOONs post today

Could some brave reporter bring up the trade deficit with Russia

Aberdeen, Scotland wind farm opposed by Donald #Trump generates first power

Commentary: Police tackled me for stealing a car. It was my own.

Sick Child Couldn't Walk After U.S. Took Him From His Mom

Went to Fox 'news' website and did a search...not a single word about R-senators meeting in Moscow

Happy Fourth of July from Hillary Clinton

A lesson to Trump "the writer" :-)

Working Class Hero/ Peasants Revolt

Police tackled him for stealing a car. It was his own.

On the Fourth of July there are naturalization ceremonies at Monticello.

X post from the OHIO group reJordan & WOSU FM radio

"Don't think for a moment these people want to be our friends."

heyyy, baby!

"Ven ze fuhrer says, ve is ze master race, zen ve heil! heil! right in ze fuhrer's face!"

Official: Pruitt 'inching forward to the tipping point'

'They treated us as though we were animals': Letters from inside an immigration detention facility

Cool! The prototype for The Star Spangled Banner!


Declaration Of Independence

Ron Perlman Tellin' It Like It Is

British anti-terrorism police called in as unknown substance leaves two people critical

Anyone have $8,800 to spend on Buy it and make blue "TSAS" hats.

Attorney: Strzok may not comply with House subpoena

Michael Avenatti may consider 2020 run for President

America. Lonely People.

Los Angeles Approves $10M To Help Separated Children

Kobach will not defend himself on appeal

What this proves is Trump doesn't care about children. Only making a "political statement"

Over 40 countries sound the alarm on Trump's plan for auto tariffs

The Vanity of Gain and Honor

New York's Plaza Hotel, formerly owned by Trump, now belongs to Qatar

Ignorance is destroying America.

Puerto Rico's deadly record blackout is almost over

Did Something Massive Smash Into Uranus?

Daily News cover

Jordan is up shit creek without a paddle

#SecondCivilWar is trending on Twitter. If humor were weapons, we'd be nuking everything.

8-Year-Old Japanese Girl Stuns Led Zeppelin Lead Singer By Mastering His Drum Solo

Ex-wrestlers say powerful GOP Rep. Jim Jordan knew of alleged Ohio State abuse

Regardless of all - I'm a Yankee Doodle Dandy

The best way to celebrate the Fourth...

Donald Trump 'banned' from Sheffield, says city's lord mayor

Flash from the past: What Richard Shelby was doing in June 2001.

MAGATs are the most ignorant, vile, unpatriotic & un-American bunch in America today.

Malcolm Nance on CSPAN (VIDEO)

Potato Salad Recipes, submit yours

Why are there 7 US Republican Lawmakers in Russia Right Now?

What is likely to be the grounds used to undo Roe v. Wade?

White people

I need some advice

Best wishes tweet from Justin Trudeau. Did we see anything like this from trump on Canada Day?

Need some help with my Android phone (won't connect to PC) (updated 7/8/18)

"Independence Day" Lee Greenwood? No.

Attention: Civil War Postponed!

WTH? I just cut into a watermelon and it was yellow!

Why are there no knock knock jokes about America?

On this 4th it would be appropriate if Drumpt reviewed a military parade

Long time apple user, but now I'm getting all kinds of crap on it.

#CampaigningWhileBlack: Someone Called the Cops on an Oregon Legislator Who Was Out Canvassing

michael Cohen just changed his twitter banner. hmm.

Jicks Selection Of The Day - Lariat

Urban Dictionary: Definition of Treason Weasel.

After my chores today, I'm going to write a postcard of gratitude and send it to Mr. Mueller & Co!!

I have two pork butts

Another Roe question...

Seth Abramson fears Mueller will wrap up his investigation.

EPA whistleblower Kevin Chmielewski tells @chrislhayes in one instance, Pruitt's chief of staff "lit

Last month we visited the Jewish Museum in Philadelphia

Michael Avenatti says he will run against Trump in 2020 in surprising July 4 announcement

Giuliani misses yet another self-imposed deadline in Mueller's Russia investigation

We have to concentrate on all local elections to protect the right to choose

Colin Kaepernick:

McConnell: "... school shootings are a darn shame, but ..."

Scott Pruitt asked Trump to fire Sessions and appoint him as AG.

"I believe I can fly!!!"

Half the country thinks Donald Trump is a racist. HALF. in new poll

I believe DT45 will announce Gov Romney next Monday.

Why would Pruitt want a used mattress from Trump tower?

Tom Reed lying on CNN

What would Fox News do if news orgs all had "fact checker" sections that included other news orgs?

Jim Jordon is the rightest of the rightwing.

Refugee who fled violence mourns 3-year-old daughter slain at her birthday party in Idaho

CNN's Cillizza: Why Democrats' SCOTUS secret weapon may be a dud

Know any adages or old sayings that are just not true?

Donald J. Trump's Salute to American Independence

Donald J. Trump's Salute to American Independence

An unambiguous judgment from Georges Washington

a WTF headline "Senate panel says Putin tried to help trump win"

Great message from Kamala Harris

Response to Dershowitz...

Who would give us the biggest pain in the gut as SHITLER's SCotUS pick? Mike LEE?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: "We hold these truths to be self-evident..."


Rep. Jim Jordan Questions 'Timing' of Allegations He Ignored Sexual Abuse: It 'Makes You Wonder'

Rep. Jordan's office to contact police after receiving emails from alleged sex assault victim

Mexico's Lopez Obrador sets $7.5 billion for youths, elderly

Houston has to name its floods

***Remember 10:15 PM 1776 The founding fathers struggle to draft the Declaration

The Things Trump Gets Away With

Campaigning While Black

In Congress, July 4, 1776

Spirit of 2018

Trump's life has been one failure after another

***Remember 10:15 PM 1776 The founding fathers struggle to draft the Declaration

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez slices through Trump's weaponization of ICE

Greetings from Europe

Happy Creepy Vintage Fourth

Black female leaders criticize Pelosi, Schumer for 'failure to protect' Waters

The Capital Of Tunisia Elects Its First Woman Mayor "I dedicate this victory to all Tunisian women,

Being Poor Can Mean Losing a Driver's License. Not Anymore in Tennessee.

Woman unleashes on bus passengers in racist rant

Illinois Gov Says Voters Shouldn't Support Dem Over Nazi GOP Candidate


At 9 He Lost His Mom to Gang Violence. At 12 He Lost His Dad to Trump's Immigration Policies.

Suffolk Resolves

If things weren't sweet enough,,,,,,,,,


Well I thought it was hot yesterday but today is worse.

BBC: Vote Leave broke electoral law, Electoral Commission expected to say.

The Proper Way To Celebrate Independence Day Is To Save The Planet!

Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down)

Arizona woman, 92, shot, killed son who tried putting her in assisted living

Family says Georgia Subway restaurant employee called police on them because of race

Rick Wiles: God Will Destroy America If Anthony Kennedy Is Not Replaced With An Anti-Choice Justice

American soldiers of WWI drawn by a French schoolboy

KEY RACE FOR REDISTRICTING: Zack Space for Ohio State Auditor

More Dow Bad News For MAGATs

CNN: Michael Cohen drops Trump attorney label.

Latest Quinnipac Poll on Trump.

KEY RACE FOR REDISTRICTING: Kathleen Clyde for Ohio Secretary of State

Happy Fourth Of July!

Found on FB - GOP senators surrender to Russian counterparts.

NBA Fans during Free Agency -- Hilarious

Principal forbids first black valedictorian from giving speech

Repukes at a local July 4 parade.

Neil Young - Rockin' In The Free World - Accor Hotel Arena Paris 2016

'MERICA! Nathan's Hot Dog eating contest is on

Trump Proposed Invading Venezuela

So I was flying across the upper Midwest yesterday

Steve Winwood. " While You See a Chance..Take It."

One-third of the world's population lives in a declining democracy. That includes the United States.

I'm leaving this right here because you all need to take a moment to check it out...

Dozens of immigrant women moved outdoors during Nielsen visit to detention center: report

We're being led by bad characters

Mr. Trump please stop

Love this letter from Twitter's #SecondCivilWarLetters

Giuliani says no decision on cooperation with Mueller

Stand By Me

At 37:00 Mark - Sen. Sanders Contingent Marching in Warren, VT 4th of July Parade

AT&T Raises Prices After Saying Merger Would Make Things Cheaper For Consumers

The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America

The American Flag Was Sewn in Part By A Teenage Black Girl

Lest we forget

Germany: Merkel pledges 'every effort' to avert US trade war

The government is refusing to release new stats on migrant children from separated families

U.S. softens North Korea approach as Pompeo prepares for more nuclear talks

Isaiah Thomas and the Orlando Magic are negotiating a possible deal

Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinds guidance safeguarding the right of refugees, asylum seekers

Interesting connection to Jim Jordan

Saudi Arabia Promised More Oil. So Why Are Prices Rising?

.....the chance to have choice

US pig farmers, asked to be 'good patriots,' brace for new round of pork tariffs from China, Mexico

Fourth of July chicken:

Intel Dem worried that Russia 'never left'

If they teach the Thai kids to dive to get them out of the caves they should

Senate panel upholds finding that Russia backed Trump, contradicting House

Trump tensions peak ahead of NATO summit

Tina Turner's eldest son has committed suicide

Trump a racist? Half of Americans in poll say yes

The Most Consequential Midterm Election EVER! The Republic itself is at stake!

Avenatti will run against 45 if no decent challenger

Breaking Maybe? Avenatti wants to Run against Trump!

Every precinct in every state should only use PAPER AND PEN and hand count in the mid-terms.

Jeff Koterba's cartoon: It's agreed: Happy Birthday, America

Abolish ICE protesters climb Statue if Liberty.

Protesters climb Statue of Liberty to protest ICE. People get creative and

Because it's Wednesday, also known as Hump Day

Why does this surprise me? (Breitbart pictures of Melania). It may be...

Fintan O'Toole: Trial runs for fascism are in full flow

July 4th WH concert used to be a sea of stars; for Trump it's a drought.

Dubious Fox News article appears to have sparked Trump attack on Obama

Michael Avenatti is starting to remind me of Tom Arnold.

Visiting voters led to a visit from police for Janelle Bynum, a black lawmaker from Oregon

Trumps approval numbers have never reached anywhere near 50% since he's been in office

Mikey the "C" removes "Personal Attorney to President Donald J. Trump" reference from Twitter

How's the civil war going? Are we winning. Not much happening here. It must be in other states

Angered by Trump Tariffs, Canadians Say #BoycottUSA

We don't need Oprah to run for POTUS. We don't need Avenatti to run for POTUS.

She's becoming a US citizen on Independence Day

Woman climbs on the bottom of the Statue of Liberty, 7 arrested

What's for Dinner, Wed., July 4, 2018

By export value, Everett's 'quiet' port surpasses Seattle's

The Pittsburgh Pirates Pitcher who chose Baseball and Music

3 former wrestlers say Jim Jordan was told about team doctor's sexual misconduct

Has anyone here seen The Sinners on

Police fear Wiltshire couple have been exposed to same nerve agent as former Russian spy...

Wedge Salads Don't Need Gussying, Just the Proper Assembly.

Thom Hartmann: Must see! The TRUE story of the Tea Party

You're a Grand Old Flag....

As republican senators suck up to Putin, another UK attack w/same poison Russia used on Skripals

Luckovich--Remember when Obama wore a tan suit?

Photos: ''Today, I visited the towns of Warren, Rochester, and Bristol.''

I made a dress with the Rosie Riveter pic saying "It's Mueller Time" for our Parade today....

Photos: Spending a day walking in parades, meeting with volunteers, speaking to supporters ...

Photos: Thank you to everyone who joined us, and happy Independence Day!

Rhode Island Dems in uproar as party seeks to oust three progressive women

he wants to attack Venezuela?

America Today

Angered By Trump Tariffs, Canadians Say #BoycottUSA

So why do you think those Republican Senators went to Russia?

Red-hot planet: All-time heat records have been set all over the world during the past week

Rev. Canon Lee Curtis ....Indy church detain Jesus, Mary, and Jospeh in a cage

Average American worker takes less vacation time than a medieval peasant

Reading of The Declaration of Independence: Morgan Freeman/Whoopi Goldberg

Jim Jordan questions Hillary Clinton on Benghazi. Gets all self righteous

How Colombia does nothing while its social leaders are being exterminated

I'm hearing whispers that McCain might not be able to get to Idiot's SCOTUS vote.

Top 10 Conservative Idiots Best Of: Civility Edition

Zippy is an inter-species love child

No, kitty, no!

"Jim, can you believe this dude?" Jordan would say something like: "If he touches me, I'll kill him"

Is Twitler doing the shock doctrine or is it his general incompetence that everything he touches

Requiem for the Soul of the Republican Party

Restaurant employee calls 911 on African-American family

Australian scientists sound the alarm (again) about the Great Barrier Reef.

Forty years and still going strong

In case anyone feels like sleuthing. Every link in this article from Daily Kos 2013 is bad

What incredibly bad luck.

When ducks flunk swimming lessons. Sad, really.

3 officers injured, gunman fatally shot in Illinois standoff

Rachel Maddow 7/3/2018 "We Hope it's Going to be Very Big"

Catholic Priest Slaps Baby, it's tough to watch, be forewarned.

Fourth of July, 2018

Mexican Bean Salad

The Latest: Columbus statue protest over migrant deaths

Charles Pierce: This Fourth of July, We Have a Clear View of Everything We Have to Lose

Mexico's Lopez Obrador sets $7.5 billion for youths, elderly

Mexico's Lopez Obrador sets $7.5 billion for youths, elderly

Happy Independence Day, USA, from Canada !!

Attorneys: Parents in fragile state for asylum interviews

Attorneys: Parents in fragile state for asylum interviews

Rob Rogers' firing is a frightening omen (the cartoonist)

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 5 July 2018

Philippines deports US missionary over 'political activity'

This is a "patriotic" as I can about you?

Court of Appeal upholds Kim Dotcom extradition decision to the US

Democratic Rep. Steny Hoyer, 79, hospitalized with pneumonia

Went to see "The First Purge" and got a glimpse of our country's future

Law against wearing USA Flag as apparel- But

Objections and Answers Respecting the Administration...

Embryo breakthrough 'can save northern white rhino'

"What to the Slave is 4th of July?"

New Mexico regulators work on new rules for payday loans

I witnessed America at it's best today

In searching for some explanation for Trump's slavish dedication to whatever Putin

Sing It! THIS LAND IS YOUR LAND: Pete Seeger, Bruce Springsteen, Obama Inaugural

Victor Jara killing: Nine Chilean ex-soldiers sentenced

Victor Jara killing: Nine Chilean ex-soldiers sentenced

Is it me, or is the weather hotter and

WTF Would It Take ?!!

I hope that Mueller is investigating all the reThugs that went to Russia this week.

I wonder if MAGATs in Iowa who're soybean farmers are bored with so much winning...