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Archives: November 13, 2019

I wonder if Trump really thinks he can ...."Get Away With This One."?

Texas had 7 mass shootings over 10 years. Meanwhile, gun control has loosened statewide.

Too many sweet things happening in one video!!!! 💛🐶🎶👶

Ohio Rep. Stephanie Howse of Cleveland heading to El Salvador to learn about criminalization of abor

Austin council nixes plans for South Austin homeless shelter

Trump Declares Support for Coup in Bolivia

Colin Kaepernick to hold pro day-style workout for NFL teams

Joe Biden's statement on 550th anniversary of the birth of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the founder of Sikhism

Breaking: Schiff says Trump could be impeached for bribery

Trump Declares Support for Coup in Bolivia

Nation's leading milk producer Dean Foods files for bankruptcy, pursues sale

Disturbs me that democrats not talking about impeaching Pence also. He's as treacherous as Trump.

Flamenco, Albuquerque, New Mexico

You believe your friend is falsely accused of a crime. Which thing do you do?

Republicans plan to focus on Trump's 'state of mind,' intentions about Ukraine call

Legitimacy and Democracy in Bolivia

Court rules against warrantless searches of phones, laptops

'No truth whatsoever': Nikki Haley denies rumors that she's gunning for Pence's position

I really effed up at work today.

The US Navy canceled a routine Black Sea patrol after Trump complained that it was hostile to Russia

Shut the fuck up, Tweety

Democrats warn State Dept against punishing individuals who testify in impeachment hearings

steve miller is what happens when you piss on a dung beetle. n/t

Dallas police to drastically cut the number of hours officers can work off-duty jobs

Hate crimes remain at heightened levels, FBI report finds

#Erdogan descending for Joint Base Andrews

Paula White hawking products while working for White House

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 13 November 2019

In 'The Report,' setting the record on torture straight

Anonymous anti-Trump book is already a hit and it's not on shelves until next week

Following violent coup, right-wing Senator Jeanine Anez proclaims herself president of Bolivia

Following violent coup, right-wing Senator Jeanine Anez proclaims herself president of Bolivia

Adam Schiff: Impeachment inquiry hearings next week:

Car winter emergency kit

Trump warns Wall Street his defeat would endanger market gains

This Is What a White Nationalist Administration Looks Like

The Legendary Carmen Amaya

Who will play Sondland in the movie?

Just Thinking Ahead

This is a new one on me

Extra Bonus Quote of the Day

This is a broad conspiracy. At the highest levels of government.

Just a few cute memes....

Here's an out of context clip of Hannity pointing to his brain while saying "it's not working"

In case you missed Malcolm Nance on Morning Joe today-

The Carbon Bomb: Deforestation and CO2 release

It's so cold tonight that....

NFL teams invited Colin Kaepernick to private workout this weekend

Does baggage worry you?

Jill Wine Banks: "Whoever thought my organzied crime experience would be as relevant as my...

Nikki Haley and the ETTTD phenomena.

Schiff called Republicans a "cult of the president " today

During the hearings tomarrow will Fox have

College gymnast Melanie Coleman dies after a fall on the uneven bars

At donor dinner, Giuliani associate said he discussed Ukraine with Trump, according to people famili

Senate Democrats assail Trump's $16B bailout for farmers

I have three chairs in my house;

Duque's spy agency illegally wiretapping Colombia's congress: senator

4/18 Parnus/Fruman tell Trump: Ukraine was unfriendly-Trump immediately suggested firing Yovanovitch

Hardboiled NYPD Detective Lenny Brisco singing "Be Our Guest"

More intervention from Trump in war-crimes cases could come soon, officials say

RNC sending mailers to Oregon voters that resemble census forms

The Distraction Story for Tomorrow

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Almost Finished!

SpaceX Launch Highlights Threat to Astronomy.

I do hope Trump gets a good night sleep tonight...tee time is 10 AM!

Things are heating up in the South China Sea

Here's a REAL Stable Genius

Trump,Erdogan visit tomorrow.

Bolivia, before the Spanish invasion, had "floating gardens," too, like Mexico.

Bolivia, before the Spanish invasion, had "floating gardens," too, like Mexico.

Jeff Koterba's latest cartoon: Making a splash

White House official says it is anti-semitic to criticize Stephen Miller

Jim Jordan

Napolitano urges impeachment.

"Give me some of that. Give me some of that money. I want some of that money."

Nice News today concerning Colin Kapernick ..

Trump's 10 interactions with indicted Giuliani associates

I hope during Mr. Schiffs opening statement

Brand new here.

Big improvement for most Rokus!

U.S. Steel lays off employees at Gary Works, Midwest Plant in nationwide sweep

Hillary Clinton says 'many, many, many people' pressuring her to consider 2020 presidential run

Keyboard on tablet

To hell with Godwin! Trumpies are nazis, y'all! There are the in-your-face nazis, like

My son is living in the world I want, courtesy of the Italian Government.

Rachel too Young to Remember

When Squirrels Were One of America's Most Popular Pets

Stephen Miller's Affinity for White Nationalism Revealed in Leaked Emails

Bolivia Crisis: Jeanine Anez Declares Herself Interim President

Biden town hall on CNN finishes third in cable news race

Bloomberg, Buttigieg and the Rise of Mayors - Seib

Note to Nikki: (She says) let the people decide. Uh, the people elected the House, TOO!

De Niro: Trump_has to be held Accountable

FTC Approves Toothless Settlement with DFW Staffing Agencies over Wage Fixing Allegations

Anyone wanting to see more of the Floating Gardens of Mexico can see them

So who was the mystery foreign company fighting the GJ subpoena? Did they ever comply?

I just ran into the energizer bunny of stupid on Twitter

Historic Venice flooding.

NBC: Bolton spot on in private speech

As seen on Rachael tonight, the theme for the NBC Watergate coverage: March to the Scaffolds

Nation's Largest Milk Processor Files for Bankruptcy

Bernie Sanders: Mandatory Gun Buyback Is 'Essentially Confiscation' and Unconstitutional

Stephen Miller is Even Racister than we Thought, & Other News About Buttholes (Ferret/Shower Cap)

Dear Democrats: Here's How Not to Blow It - RAHM EMANUEL

Silent No Longer: Trump's Betrayal Stirs DFW's Sizable Kurdish Community to Action

Greta Thunberg Leaves US With Simple Climate Crisis Message: Vote

A Star Ejected from the Milky Way's 'Heart of Darkness' Has Reached a Mind-Blowing Speed


Big Business Is Overcharging You $5,000 a Year

Can we stop with the articles from The Hill?

Why does Chuck Rosenberg always put so much emphasis of proof of whether some act is

Mick Mulvaney is reportedly telling associates Trump can't fire him because he 'knows too much'

The Ultimate Piss-Off


Maybe not Mueller but Barr?

Chairman Schiff Says Dems Can Impeach Trump For Bribery - The Beat

Are you a raging psychotic Democrat? Trump tweets

What Trump Is Hiding From the Impeachment Hearings

The Daily Show: The Trump Administration Book Club

The worst is still their treatment of migrant children.

Former US senator hints at CIA role in Bolivia

The Great American Ripoff is something all Democratic candidates should be talking about

Yes, the Ukraine. Bad stuff. But.. YES, Russia. It simply is hard to imagine that

Trump threatening to fire Mulvaney

Democrats challenge election laws in battleground states

Sanders meets with Hispanic lawmakers

Chuckie and Andrea's idea of "balance"

U.S. orders family members of government employees to leave Bolivia

U.S. orders family members of government employees to leave Bolivia

O.M.F.G. This is the new campaign ad just retweeted by @realDonaldTrump.

Seth Meyers - President Trump Plans to Develop Safer Vaping Policies - Monologue - 11/11/19

COLBERT's Christmas tree ornament: "Lindsey GRAHAM's balls. He's not using them these days."

Glenn Beck's TV Station Set to Go Off the Air

LOVED Colbert most wonderful time of of the year but LIndsay's BALLS was the best

Rumor has it that Trump is eyeing another boot-licking soulless loyalty oath POS as his next COS.

Straight Pride march planned for Dallas

Ari Melber: How Did We Get Here? Because of 'Weaponized' Propaganda from John Solomon, Hannity,...

Archaeologists find ancient site older than Machu Picchu

Archaeologists find ancient site older than Machu Picchu

A Suspicious HFT Says Politics, Not Concern For Students, is Behind TEA Takeover of HISD

The Right Wing Circle Jerk author who may bring down Putin's Puppet

Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher On How Houston Could Recover Quicker From Floods And Hurricanes

Greece, China Sign 16 Deals in Sectors Including Energy

It's official: Tarleton State University moves to NCAA Division I

Set your expectations - Re: TV Coverage

So it's a ride on a lake Mulvaney is looking for...

Maybe it's about more than money...?

Noel Ignatiev, scholar who called for abolishing whiteness, dies at 78

happy impeachment hearing eve!!! (video...)

Finally some Justice....

SPIKE JONES:Tchaikovsky Medley

Jesus Walks: Kanye West Will Perform at Joel Osteen's Church in Houston on Sunday

Adam Schiff...Overwhelming evidence...

Substitute Teacher Arrested After Video Shows Her Hit, Stomp Student's Head at Central Texas School

If you have Venice on your bucket list, consider moving it up to #1...

One of the major reasons Tillerson quit is to protect his investment...Dirty Oil

Duncan Hunter couldn't afford daughter's dance lessons, spent campaign funds on trip to competitions

A Farewell to Dairy Queens

For the first time ever, a US cheese is named best in the world

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Trump Judging MAGA Rap Competition

The similarities between Fred Trump and Fred Olmsted are undeniable...

Evo Morales heads to Mexico after refueling stop

☦ Eastern Orthodox Christianity: St. Michael and the Bodiless Powers-06 November/Gregorian Calendar

The V - November 10, 2019 - Special Guest: Rep. Chris England

Ella still makes my jaw drop

Watching an old History Channel doc about HITLER

Will Wednesday Bring a Stunt from the Republicans

Here is the link for streaming PBS impeachment coverage


Sen. Doug Jones: Fighting for our HBCUs

Thousands of Years Ago, a Human Stepped in a Mammoth Print. Those Tracks Still Exist

Shareholders set to vote on GateHouse-Gannett deal

Resources and Support for Long Term Effects of Bullying

Southern Poverty Law Center won't voluntarily recognize employee union

School shooter sentencing: South Carolina teen killed one student, plotted to kill dozens

Florida panhandle locations of Paula Deen restaurants are now closed

37 Years Ago Today; Boxer Kim Duk-Koo loses to Ray Mancini in a TKO, Kim dies 4 days later

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 11/12/19

NASA renames distant ice world after Nazi-link controversy

Blue Origin's Alabama rocket engine plant shaping up, and it's big

US teenager receives double lung transplant after damage from vaping

Dueling Alabama Democrats continue to battle in court

#ETTD:Aides are counseling Trump not to fire Mulvaney, as acting chief of staff changes course again

Three judges suspended for drunken 3 AM fight at White Castle -- that ended with two shot

November 13th 2019

Mike Espy announces bid for U.S. Senate against Cindy Hyde-Smith

Leeds, ND, Man Sentenced in a $11 Million Dollar Fraud Scheme

Carl Bernstein's advice for viewers watching the Trump impeachment hearings

Serial Con Artist Sentenced to More Than 9 Years in Federal Prison for $6.7 Million Swindle of

Billy J. McCoy, former Speaker of House, dies

Thompson Holds ICE Raids Hearings in Jackson; ICE agent defends poultry plant raids during hearing

Bernie: I love nurses because they are the backbone of American health care.

Help me out here. I can't decide if this Ann Coulter tweet is sarcasm or what.

Britain's post-Brexit choices

Miss. forfeits $1 million daily in Medicaid funds. Could the money help the 77,000 uninsured citizen

Breakfast Tuesday 13 November 2019

Climate change: Bigger hurricanes are now more damaging

'Fantastic Adventures' YouTube mom accused of abusing her children has died

It's Not Easy Being a White Democrat in Mississippi

EVERY dog has his day. Today is Trump's day.

Bernie Sanders ROASTING The 1% - "We Only Have $150 Billion And They Want Us To Pay Taxes!!!"

Towns fund boosts Tory-held marginals over poorest areas

Overweight cat body-double flight scam leaves owner without thousands of air miles

She inflated her resume and peddled a fake Time cover. Trump appointed her to the State Department.

My kitteh, Happy, is on his way to the vet this morning.

Ryan is endorsing Biden for President

I couldn't help myself.

Wednesday TOONs - Basket (of Deplorables) Cases

Remember when Rep. Ilhan Omar was attacked for calling Stephen Miller a white nationalist?

United States admits zero refugees for the first time since records began

Bill Withers, Lovely Day

The president of Turkey was brought here today for one reason.

What Impeachment Will Cost the GOP

Fugelsang for the score

Scoop: The GOP's ditch-Rudy strategy on impeachment

Did the Con meet with noun/verb/9/11 while in New York?

Good day to post this...

David Rothkopf: "the bribery case against Trump is the strongest..."

Buttigieg woos 'future former Republicans' in wide-open N.H. primary

Australian MP: Two NSW Residents Who Burned To Death "Most Likely Voted For The Green Party"

NSW Planning & Environment Staff Specifically Ordered Not To Discuss Link Between Fires, Warming

Trump's Aides Are Begging Him Not to Fire Mulvaney, Says Report

Venice Mayor Blames Climate Change for Worst Floods in Over 50 Years

Former Rival Tim Ryan Endorses Joe Biden's White House Bid

Democrats' impeachment lawyer cut his teeth prosecuting mobsters, Wall Street cheats

Handy Guide to the GOP Impeachment Fog Machine

We went to bed as Great Britain and woke up as Little Britain

Mitsubishi transformer plant hopes to preserve majority of jobs in sale

The Democrats will attempt to get the facts to the American people today.

Trump administration plans live-streaming border wall construction: report

The Rundown: November 12, 2019

The Webcomics Weekly #61: Roads? Where We're Going, Our Infrastructure Crumbled 4 Years Ago (11/12/1

The world will be watching, will Jim Jordan find his jacket?

Hampton Hawes was born on this date. Dig it! :)

Jack Guthrie was born on this date.

'Insect apocalypse' poses risk to all life on Earth, conservationists warn

It is time for the Dems to shine!

"Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back." Carl Sagan

Univ of Florida's student president faces impeachment after bringing D Trump Jr. to campus for $50K

Seth Abramson impeachment thread.

David Frum tweet: Trump was not "democratically elected"- he lost by 2.9 million votes

Gaza Flare-up: Hundreds of Rocket Targets Israel, 21 Palestinians Killed

TPM "What Dems Need From The First Public Impeachment Hearing"

An example of not thinking before you lie...

Memo to Media: Don't Screw up the Impeachment Hearings

Tips for watching the impeachment and subsequent online posting.

Is this appropriate for the first day of hearings

On November 13th.....

Inviting Erdogan to the White House today is a slap in the face of all of America.

Air pollution nanoparticles linked to brain cancer for first time

Federal Court Rules Suspicionless Searches of Travelers' Phones and Laptops Unconstitutional

Part of the GOP Fog Machine Rep. Mike Johnson D-Bag Louisiana

They are pandering to the worst in people and it is working across the West.

Japan spacecraft Hayabusa2 starts yearlong journey home from asteroid

Rosemont Mine construction likely delayed to 2023, company says

Here's what the city of Pearland is doing to address the growing Muscovy duck explosion

Toy Caldwell (Marshall Tucker Band) was born on this date.

The part of a legal complaint that specifies what relief is being requested is termed the "prayer".

It's #ImpeachmentDay, make sure you know the ABC's of Impeachment

Salon Accused of Bias Will Be Taught to Style Black Hair


WashTimes editor Charles Hurt and Peter from Fox and Friends.........

Motivational quote by Gandhi - First they ignore you....

...It's Latin. It basically means..

Afghan Paedophile Ring May Have Abused Over 500 Boys; Officials May Be Involved, Victims Killed

House on fire Firetrucks here but do nothing until GOP knows who the hell called 911 and why.

Trump invites GOP senators for unusual meeting with Erdoğan to 'clear the air'

Cuccinelli expected to be elevated to acting deputy secretary of Homeland Security

Ah, the problems of the rich - just like you and me (sarcasm)

Since November is the month back in 1991 the Berlin wall started being torn down

Black Staff At Facebook Describe Workplace Racism In Anon Letter; Treated Like They 'Do Not Belong'

Students chip in to buy color blind teacher glasses so he can see colors

Why Dems see 'bribery' among Trump's potential offenses

Worker injuries, 911 calls, housing crisis: Recruiting Tesla exacts a price

This quote seems very appropriate for today:

Rick Wilson: Jim Jordan to use whistleblower's name repeatedly to blow up hearing

George Conway is on MSNBC for the hearing now!

In a few more minutes trump will be up "Schiff's Creek"!

His time in the barrel is now!

i like presidents who don't commit crimes and require #ImpeachmentHearings

Do you want HRC to enter the 2020 race for the nomination?

AJC Georgia poll: Biden 51.1% (+8.6) Trump 42.5%; Sanders 47.5% (+3.9) Trump 43.6%...

It is time that Giuliani and Hannity be called to testify and jail time if you dont.

BBC livestreaming: Trump Impeachment: Public Hearings To Begin

Impeachment hearings: An examination into the mental health of the American people.

Another watch live impeachment link


umm. looks like George Conway is just not a one time spot guest............msnbc

Astros stole signs using camera

Which live bloggers will you be following today?

Pic Of The Moment: Trumpworld Logic

No Jacket!

Listen to C-Span radio before the gavel...

What, exactly, is Hillary Clinton doing? Chris Cillizza Analysis by Chris Cillizza,

What do the signs say behind

Why journalists call people who might not want to be contacted for stories.

All smoke and mirrors and utter bollocks. It is all they have.

Sanders meets with Hispanic lawmakers

Guest Opinion: Bernie Sanders values working people

S.F. Giants youth movement extends to front office (along with some added controversy, of course)

At 10:04 p.m. on November 12, 1955, lightning struck the Hill Valley, California, courthouse.

Nunes up..the bullshit is high.

Devin Nunes.....Bastard.....

Joe Biden Can't Get Any Respect

He talks. Words and phrases come out of his mouth, presumably in English. And yet all I can hear is:

Not nice to shit on the first witnesses, devin

I just watched Devin Nunes opening statement

What is that big 93 sign in the back of the room of the impeachment?

State the whistleblower laws on record, in front of everyone for crying out loud!

Republicans are already sabotaging the hearings...

Trump's Remarks at the Economic Club of New York - New York, NY

El Quemazon "The Bern" Corrido for Bernie Sanders


What a shocker. TRUMPRAVDA, er Fox is the only network not broadcasting the hearings.

I give credit to a DUer I cannot remember, Gym Jordan has started Twerking!!!!

The whole room should be under oath.

Oops - awkward typo in a text to my 97 yr old mom.

Trump is evil

Seth Abramson with perfect description of Nunes opening statement.

Nunes Insults Impeachment Witnesses: Congrats on Passing Democrats' 'Star Chamber Auditions'

George Kent's opening statement is brilliant.

Any witnesses questioned by the despicable Jordan need to bring up him enabling a pedophile.

Sarah Palin found out about husband's plan for divorce in email, insists marriage is not over

In my 1st car I kept a shoe box full of 8track tapes (Part 3)

Swede Activist Greta Thunberg, AU Boaters Depart US On 48' Sailboat, 'La Vagabond' From Hampton, Va

Bill Taylor-What a voice!

"Under Bernie Sanders, there will be no children in cages... ''

"The" Whistleblower vs. Whistleblowers

"Under Bernie Sanders, there will be no children in cages... '' -San Juan Mayor @CarmenYulinCruz

Isn't George Kent Superman's human dad?

Trump Impeachment EXPLOSION, Tweets 82 Times in ONE DAY!

Trump's Damage to America Will Outlast His Presidency

Tweets from Biden's campaign manager & from Tim Ryan on Ryan endorsing Biden

I thought I understood enough about what happened, to not get chills down my spine

Natasha Bertrand: Big new revelation from Bill Taylor's prepared remarks:

Fred Guttenberg on Ryan's endorsement of Biden

Devin Nunes is like dog shit on your shoe

Nunes Insults Impeachment Witnesses: Congrats on Passing Democrats' 'Star Chamber Auditions'

"More Ukrainians would die without the US assistance"

Sanders Senior Advisor: NNU endorsement, Latino caucus, upcoming trip to California, polling

Katie Phang: "Observation on Ambassador Taylor: This dude got receipts."

You know DUers the Lyin' King Con (of bone spurs) with his girly voice

International impeachment watchers check in.

Are committee members given copies of the opening statements, in advance of the hearing?

Nicolle Wallace is pretty awesome.

Amb.Taylor: I was told drumpf

We have a Pence sighting!

Russian hackers who stole DNC emails failed at social media. WikiLeaks helped.

Russian hackers who stole DNC emails failed at social media. WikiLeaks helped.

Graham: I won't watch this hearing. It's 'un-American'

Taylor just buried Trump with his new evidence

Did Taylor just drop a bomb?

I'm guessing every repub who announced their retirement is going to acquit and blow town.

Ambassador Taylor is doing an exquisite job with his statement. Speaking in clear English, using

This is so huge.. I'm stunned! So will everyone who loves sports!!

Where did Gym Jordan go?


Taylor testifying..that Trump ordered the Pres of Ukraine to go to a microphone and announce an

Normally EU Ambos does't call POTUS-Doing so via cellphone from Kyiv means whole world was listening

A penny for President Zelensky's thoughts

David Corn: As Trump Attacks, Death Threats Against the Whistleblower and His Lawyers Increase

"Venice Is On Its Knees": Mayor Blames Worst Tides In 50 Years On Climate Change

fox's graphic for bill taylor vs. msnbc's graphic - you already know how this is gonna play out

Sondland was all.....

Trump Trails Top Democrats In Georgia

What does faux look like right now I wonder

This, from William Taylor's prepared remarks, is new:


Funny tweet about Nunes:

Centrists entering race out of fear a centrist won't get nominated???

Justice Department withdraws secrecy argument on McCabe files

About that cellphone call from Sondland to Trump from Kyiv

BREAKING NEWS: Drunken Matt Gaetz breaks into hearing, demands George Kent do science experiments

Hey, will LOSER45 get mad at Pompeo for bringing Amb Taylor out of retirement and sending him

Jordan is now sitting in front of a sign

Impeachment Smoking Gun: Trump Heard In Call Asking About Biden Investigation

is there anyone willing to do a quick recap of the hearings for us cubicle dwellers? thanks. :) nt

Press sec Grisham is booooored, dammit...hey Dems, get to work like Dear Leader, he is WORKIN HARD

I guess this is safe for work.


Jim Jordan is the definition of Sleaze..!!!

RBG is sick today, evidently. If anything happens to her and rump/putin/mcconnell

Even the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court will be working two jobs to make ends meet.

For those who can't watch the hearing's live audio/video coverage....

Ned Price on the use of cellphones between Sondland and Trump

YouGov/The Economist National Poll: Warren 26% (+1), Biden 23% (-3), Sanders 17% (+3)

Diplomat testifies Trump cared more about investigations of Biden than Ukraine

Oh oh! Sounds like Benjamin is in deep doo doo! A message was left on my phone for him.


During this break:

I found a silver lining for the cold snap here in Texas

Erdogan Threatens to Buy Russian Jets

The GOP attacked Ilhan Omar for calling Stephen Miller a 'white nationalist.'

Taylor staffer who overheard Sondland's call with Trump just added to the calendar for Friday

Josh Marshall: Impeachment worthwhile just for this momentary display of hand signals betw witnesses

BREAKING: WH Photographer Captures Trump's Image As He Reacts to Testimony Today

A bombshell a day keeps Trump 2020 away

Soldier deaths in South Korea put spotlight on US military suicide crisis

I realize that George Conway is extremely conservative, but

'This time of the year is the worst': Homeless residents await opening of winter shelter

Soldier deaths in South Korea put spotlight on US military suicide crisis

Taylor testifies he was told Trump cared more about 'investigations' than Ukraine

Ann Telnaes is Live-Tooning the Impeachment Hearing

Read: Chairman Adam Schiff's opening statement at today's impeachment hearings

World Folk and Traditional Music - Radio Mini Jukebox - Asia, Africa and Elsewhere

GOP senators plan to pressure Erdogan during unusual White House meeting

omg I just want to slap the shit

"Call summary" vs. transcript? BS. nt

Nunes LYING again.....

Nunes ponitificating right now.

Jordan's sign in its entirely


Democrats schedule two additional closed-door witness depositions

University student president faces impeachment after bringing Trump jnr to campus

Looking forward to Taylor and Kent slapping down nunes

OMG Trump w-Erdogan: "We have the oil. The oil is secure. We left troops behind only for the oil."

OMG, Nunes...

Pic Of The Moment: Republican Impeachment Rapid Response Team Springs Into Action

Was Taylor looking at Nunes like he was an idiot.


25 Brutally Hilarious Trump Impeachment Memes

20 ingredients for a frugal pantry

Sanders Has Denounced Coup, But Biden, Warren, and Buttigieg So Far Silent on Overthrow

US$1.35 billion needed to help Venezuelan refugees and migrants and host countries

(Jewish Group) Anti-Semitic Hate Crimes Are Becoming More Violent

Question about Sondland

The drink menu at @CapLounge for the #ImpeachmentHearings:

The GOP attorney has nothing.

Devin Nunes: It doesn't matter if Ukraine was "out to get Trump" as long as Trump THOUGHT they were

GOP lawyer stumbles around and reveals his cluelessness

Venezuela's water system is collapsing as a million people exposed to contaminated supply

Stephen Castor, the minority counsel

Somebody Better Hit The Fire Alarm Quick, Because The Republican Lawyer Is Laying An Egg.

Zelensky sounded like he wanted to meet American's Mayor?

Ari Flesicher: "It's Not Working"

Matthew Miller: Steve Castor is not going to like the SNL version of himself.

The good and bad of Republicans going second

This asshole is now going after Hunter Biden...this is trump's direction 1000%

Democrats PLEASE ask about Trump's spawn foreign profiteering nt

Denver Post: "shale boom is over."

Now GOP counsel is claiming that the "irregular channel" isn't as "outlandish" as it could be!

Why Almost Nobody Will Defend the Iowa Caucuses

Tweet of the Day re: Castor

FOX vs MSNBC Coverage of the Impeachment Hearing -- Mother Jones

I keep hearing that Trump demanded that Ukraine investigate Biden and Burisma. Not! Actually,

Josh Marshall tweet: "Trump was pressuring Ukraine to be more corrupt, not less..."

For a thrilling blow-by-blow paraphrase of the proceedings

Rachel Maddow song: March to the Scaffold

Deadly superbugs pose greater threat than previously estimated

Tweet: Your next "guy in the background" meme:

A win for Attorney General Ferguson: Judge blocks 3-D 'plastic gun' blueprints

How do you spell turd?

The Sexism Is Getting Sneakier

jordan must think that talking fast makes him look smart

Has anyone heard how this hearing is being taken by the morans in freeper ville?

Fukushima to be reborn as $2.7bn wind and solar power hub

Pissi Myles Reporting live on Capitol Hill

Snohomish County's budget surpasses $1 billion this year

Olympia working to relocate homeless camp under Fourth Avenue Bridge

OMG Zelensky doesn't have a choice.N/T

Anheuser-Busch Plans to Fully Own Another One of Seattle's Original Beer Pioneers

If Zelinski said he felt "pressured" or whatever from the US president wouldn't he have been making

Washington Transit Advocates Push For PNW Bullet Train

Enough already of the Iowa bashing..

The party of trump is the party of putin

Trump Presidential Library...CAUTION! Contains image that can not be unseen! You've all been warned.

Ratcliffe and his ilk: Evil clowns.

Here's how concerned LOSER45 is about C O R R U P T I O N

Sahil Kapur tweet: Just got this message from a Republican operative:

Cartoons 11/13/19

The republicans have comported themselves with great shame.

For lawyers,

Today's Hearing

"The gentleman's time is expired." Gym Jordan...

Closing arguments underway in Roger Stone trial

How to Defuse the likes of Jim Jordan with nearly 100% success.

tRump released Ukraine funds because the jig was up.

Duh... it was Obama's fault.

So many clowns in the @GOP , but the worst of them all is @Jim_Jordan 🤡

The only down side to these public hearings is having to endure GOP guerilla theater

Impeachment cocktails in DC:


On CNN now:Trump-Erdogen WH press conference

Schiff just 'shat' up Radcliffe's BS re Obama and Ukraine

We're now at the "LOUD NOISES" portion of questioning.

What is it with Gym Jordan always being jacketless?

The GOP protest posters displayed on the easels...

PSA if you don't have cable but do have youtube

Justice Ginsburg taken ill, absent from Supreme Court

"Must See TV"

WTF? Is Chris Stewart (R-UT) A Double Agent For Democrats, Or Is He Really THAT DUMB?

Republicans putting Obama on trial, parsing words and going for confusion...

Seth Abramson...Devastating to Trump

Anybody know for sure

Kooky Blinders says she is not going to watch or read anything about impeachment...

Jordan doesn't wear a suit jacket, but he does wear a tie. Do you know why?

Jim Jordan Crashes And Burns At Trump Impeachment Hearing

John Delaney campaign ad: "Real Solutions"

I'm sick and tired of two specific lies being told by the Trump supporters

The REASON the Ukraine got their money and why none of the threats by Trump actually happened

Challenge to caller who thinks immigrants must learn English

Pete Buttigieg: "Rules of the Road" for the 2020 Campaign

Moscow Mitch McConnell brushes off calls to 'do your duty,' plans to ignore impeachment hearings

Deval Patrick tells allies he's running for president

Chuck Woolery: Supporting Trump 'pretty much destroyed my career'

I hate them, I hate them, I'm sick of them

Bill Taylor fires back at Jim Jordan: 'I don't consider myself a star witness for anything'

Jim Jordan yelling

Rep. Peter Welch my new hero. Mr President have a seat and tell us your story.

Who is that asshole who just sat down? Listening in the car with no TV to throw things at.

David Nakamura tweet: large anti-Erdogan demonstration in Lafayette Park, which could be heard at WH

Rep. Welch (D - VT) for the win!

Zandi walks it back: Warren's plans add up, and her MFA plan won't raise taxes on the middle class


"I'd be glad to have the person that started it all come in & testify. President Trump is welcome"

Rep. Peter Welch responds: "I'd be glad to have the person who started it all come in and testify.

71 Stunning Photographs ...

And over at Fox' Chris Wallace: Testimony from Impressive Bill Taylor is very damaging to President"

Telnaes nails Gym

For some, Trump's Ukraine scheme carried a life-and-death cost

The one question that should end all debate on the impropriety of Trump's actions.

Idiots like Jordan keep repeating---like it makes a difference---that the July 25th call could not

John Brennan...for Bingo

This - FINALLY - is the point. WH finally released aid ONLY when they knew they were caught

Barr says watchdog report on Russia probe's origins is 'imminent'

I need some Fresh Air

8 Ice Skating Rinks To Glide On This Winter

Thank you, Dems and Adam Schiff

This needs a thread of its own, via blogslut: "Peter Welch just did the sound bite of the day"

You focus on the bank robbers, not the person who witnessed/reported the robbery.

Opinion: An Alabama man popped the Baby Trump balloon and that sums up this state

Don't know if minds have been's only the first day of testimony

What's for Dinner, Wed., Nov. 13, 2019

Jusdt woke up in New Zealand is it fair to say.. (impeachment hearings)


Too bad trump won't be able to use Ineffective Assistance of Counsel as an appeal after he's removed

Erdogan& Trump presser not start yet? 3:50 pm, eastern

Elizabeth Warren campaign ad: "Elizabeth Warren Stands up to Billionaires"

Pastor: Jimmy Carter walking, in 'good spirits' after brain surgery

Kitties and puppies----awwww....

Denny Heck (I'm a little behind)

What the Republicans accomplished today?

The awful truth hovering over today's hearings

Northwest real estate experts: Inventory shortages the 'new normal'

So, my fellow brethren

Gymbo wants to hear from whistleblowers so much why don't they subpeona the referee from Ohio State?

Bernie Sanders: AOC would have key role in my White House if I'm elected in 2020

Oh Snap (of the towel)

Brave Woman Saves Man from Jumping in Front of Train

Rep. Krishnamoorthi was fantastic. His questioning

Drumpf should have asked FBI CIA to investigate Hunter Biden

Adam Schiff and the whistleblower could be lovers, what DIFFERENCE does it make?

What is Putin thinking right now about today's hearings

New testimony ties Trump more directly to Ukraine pressure campaign

Pete Carroll: Seahawks WR Tyler Lockett 'should be fine,' won't miss games

Sarah Kendzior:Fiona Hill confirmed KGB had been eyeing Trump since his early days as a businessman

Those Ukrainians who died while aid was withheld

Wow. Twitler speaking with Erdogan. He sounds totally out of breath

Is anyone watching Trump? He's not even bothering to look up ...

why can't I copy/paste tweets today? "This Tweet is Unavailable"

Welcome home! Bison released into new territory in Badlands National Park

WH/Repubs tried to portray hearing as "boring & waste of time" however news headlines differ

Raymond Poulidor, eternal runner-up of Tour de France, dies at 83

I doubt that we will ever have another president like Donald Trump in our lifetimes.

Is retirement dying? The old work model is disappearing for Boomers, Gen Xers

Wait. Did I just hear Erdogan chastizing our Representatives in the House?

Is Kelly Ann Conway, Anonymous?

GOP senator: Republicans don't have votes to dismiss impeachment articles

Dancing with a Basset Hound

Obamacare early sign-ups plunge as Trump-backed lawsuit challenges constitutionality

NOV 14 at 3PM ET - Sanders and AOC Press Conference on Green New Deal Housing Legislation

Pastor: Jimmy Carter walking, in 'good spirits' after brain surgery

House Republicans Lash Out Because They Can't Defend Trump's Conduct

Educate me please

Somebody pushed its buttons (slightly graphic)

WHOA! Speaker Pelosi tweet: "No One Is Above The Law"

Idiot is the perfect example that one can be evil and stupid, yet still rise to power,

'I've Got Other Things to Do': GOP Leaders Admit They'll Ignore Public Impeachment Hearings

CNN Breaking News: Trump press conference with Turkey's leader

Anyone else see George Stephanopolous on ABC spinning hard for the toad?

Erdogan's opening statement for the presser is still going.

You raised $27.00 on November 12, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

Trump to release Ukraine call "transcript" tomorrow

I Don't Know WHO to Believe In This Impeachment Hearing

Just in case anyone needs to hear this today.

MSNBC is playing Trump, "moments ago from the White House"...

Flowers getting close

FBI report: Jews the target of overwhelming number of religious-based hate crimes

Rep Welch won the day. Responding to Jerk Jordan who had referenced the whistleblower, he said we'd

There are transcripts, and there are transcripts.

Trump: "We have a great relationship with the Kurds".

Jonathan Karl tweet: After Trump urges Erdogan to call on "a friendly reporter from Turkey"...

Dreary Dumpster press conference with the Turkish president

A new FEC Account and a new web address..... (CA-25)

George on MSNBC just now "trump can't conceive that he's done something wrong"

Oldie but goodie---with new characters:

george conway (?) on Nicolle Wallace

Anyone here good at identifying US artillery?

Atlanta Journal Constitution finds POTUS reelection difficult in Georgia!

Risks of President Jimmy Carter's operation for brain pressure

Navy says it never got a Trump order to stop patrols in Black Sea

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #7-19: No Country For Old Snowflakes Edition

"If this information came out it would look really bad for his long time associate Donald Trump"

Today, I am proud to introduce the Tax Excessive CEO Pay Act with @RepBarbaraLee and @RepRashida.

Are they done for today?

The Feds Have a Problem with Old Man Neil Young's Cannabis Use

The thing is, Gordon Sondland can somehow bumblefuck his way into being an American hero if he wants

Hold on. Something doesn't add up.

Turkish forces launch attacks on Syrian Christian communities as Trump welcomes Erdogan to the WH

The important thing to know about Jim Jordan's statements and questions

State Department staffer got job with embellished resume, fake Time magazine cover

Trump contradicts aides and says troops in Syria 'only for oil'

How Gym Jordon saw himself today.

Kefauver Hearings at

Google eyes banking as it widens its reach

"AP Source: Deval Patrick Tells Allies He Plans 2020 Bid." Official Announcement Before Fri.

Ahead of Trump meeting, Erdogan threatens to buy Russian jets

TODAY @SenSanders , @RepBarbaraLee and @RepRashida introduced the Tax Excessive CEO Pay Act

If Mark Meadows replaces Mick Mulvaney, who will validate and pal around with GymShorts Jordan?

Today, I am proud to introduce the Tax Excessive CEO Pay Act with @RepBarbaraLee and @RepRashida.

Chuck Todd is a fucking joke

On one of jim jacketoffs 5 minutes he didn't actually ask a question

Mina Chang: Senior Trump official 'faked Time magazine cover and inflated claims in CV'

Please tell me we will have an SNL this week featuring this hearing?

Latest sign in Token Creek, WI....this patriot is on the mark!

Brain science suggests "mind wandering" can help manage anxiety

Regardless of how the hearings go, how the media spins things, the final senate vote, etc...

How California Became America's Housing Market Nightmare

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 14 November 2019

Ecuador probing influx of Cubans before anti-austerity protests

"Devastating": Privately, Repubs saying testimony from diplomats Taylor and Kent bad for Trump

I think Trump and his three oldest children

US losses from Trump's China trade war will never be recovered, shipping data tells us CNBC

Question about legal/hearing strategy...

Senate Dems to DOJ Watchdog: Is AG Barr Going After Trump Enemies?

I guess Barron isn't into sports.

Today, elections had consequences.

Watch how the Chesapeake and Delaware bays become cloud-making factories.

For dignity's sake, Jim Jordan, put on a jacket

This. Republicans. Today.

3 castaway cows swam to North Carolina's Outer Banks to escape Hurricane Dorian

I M P O R T A N T ! If you missed it today, HLN (owned by CNN) is replaying the ENTIRE hearing....

Impeachment Hearings Kick Off - Bill Taylor Provides Explosive New Testimony

Rescue puppy named Narwhal has a tail on his forehead and is 'perfectly healthy'

Narwhal The Puppy

Today was a very sad day to be a Republican.

Christmas from Oreo?

Sid Caesar and Gene Krupa

Luckovich-Schiff: Democrats get 5 minutes for questions followed by 5 minutes of GOP rants

Mr Weissman & Dan Rather on The Beat

Atlanta Rhythm Section

Cenk Uygur Files to Run For Congress in Katie Hill's District

So there was a Drag Queen at the proceedings?

Video of Devin Nunes playing to his audience of 1 earlier today. Video MIGHT have been manipulated.

Republicans discuss a longer Senate impeachment trial to scramble Democratic primaries

Moscow Mitch is a Russian Asset

Holy Shit - look at Venice

Enough said.