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Archives: November 23, 2019

Timing - could a major "Ukraine Affair" movie be made in time to be influential ?

Queen Elizabeth, Prince Andrew Spotted Horseback Riding Together

DOJ watchdog expected to say FBI erred, but absolve top leaders of anti-Trump bias: report

Sad because it's true.

Not A Cult

Charges of Ukrainian Meddling? A Russian Operation, U.S. Intelligence Says

Time: Ukraine Naftogaz CEO preparing to testify in Giuliani probe.

How do loners avoid isolation

Alabama jury convicts police officer of manslaughter for killing unarmed black man

Brace Yourselves!

Exclusive: U.S. Navy secretary backs SEAL's expulsion review, despite Trump objection

Alabama jury convicts police officer of manslaughter for killing unarmed black man

#ByeByeElise is the #1 Trend on Twitter. We have so many clever folks on our side.

How I feel today...

Watching the recording of trump's call-in to Fox.

Democrats are preparing four different Articles of Impeachment against Trump

Newspaper From Devin Nunes' Hometown Receives Letters From People Around The Country...

'Tuesday Afternoon Impeachment' Is as Big as 'Monday Night Football'i

Wema, wild living orphan Wendi's 2nd calf is so tiny!

How much $$$$$ is Trump giving GOP Senators NOT to convict him?

Larkin Poe - "Honey Honey"

The extraordinary final test to become a Shaolin Master Sacred Wonders - BBC

F--CK YOU, Marsha Blackburn! 'Senator' Blackburn Trashes Vindman In Tweet.

Dysfunctional family portrait

'Well, what can you expect of a country that commits matricide?' Said mid 70s by Canadian to my husb

Trump opens up Camp David as an 'adult playground' to woo GOP lawmakers during impeachment

'I think he won my vote': In Atlanta, Andrew Yang shows off a movement

Heads up! "Soylent Green", a 70s science fiction film about the dissolution of the environment,

He's Just a GURL Who'll QUID PRO QUO! - Randy Rainbow Song Parody

Wolf Blitzer has struck a nerve...

Schiff isn't ruling out more impeachment hearings

Admits on live TV to doing what he's accused of

Republicans have a new enemy: Truth itself

stats on this ad? anybody?

The War On Christmas has begun!

None of Sondland's words will sway Republicans

Why did 'real Americans' support trump in 2016?

Kasich, Tressel, possible candidates for Ohio State University President

Bribery using other peoples' money: Votes on the Ukrainian aid bills.

Over 20 Democratic Senators Call On Stephen Miller To Resign White House Post

Ignoring Fiona Hill's warnings, Trump echoes Russian propaganda

Seriously- What does Putin have on Lindsey Graham?

Elizabeth Warren introduces her three campaign co-chairs. Three VERY impressive women:

Hey Mealy mouth Marsha

Recursive Delivery

Lev Parnas claims to have 'hard evidence' of wrongdoing for Trump impeachment inquiry.

Justice Dept. finds political bias did not taint top officials running the FBI's Russia probe

They're not "conspiracy theories"

Lindsey Graham Is a Coward, Exhibit 39204

Please hold my calls. The Movies! network is showing "Bullitt."

Republicans Are Knowingly Using Putin's Talking Points to Defend Trump

How Homeless People Become Homeless- An Invisible People Report

Gargantuan Dumbfuck Just Can't Stop Live-Tweeting His Own Impeachment Like The Dumbfuck He Is

Fire From The Gods-Right Now

Our darling Bill Moyers is on Chris Hayes right now

Amazon's formal challenge to massive Pentagon award uses videos that mark potential influence

The pious right:

Trump has finally run into someone he can't bully and he can't buy

Is there a viable alternative to Facebook? Should we start one?

Bill Moyers (on MSNBC now) is the last known survivor of this photo from 56 yrs ago today:

Watching Bill Moyers with Chris Hayes is like...

So, I Cleared The Cookies On My Laptop Today...

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! Almost Finished!

Promentory - Trevor Jones - The Last of the Mohicans.


What is the most useless gadget that came with your car?

PARNAS willing to tell Congress that Rep NUNES met with ex-Ukrainian official to get dirt on BIDEN

Charges of Ukrainian Meddling? A Russian Operation, U.S. Intelligence Says.

Giuliani associate willing to tell Congress Nunes met with ex-Ukrainian official to get dirt

...or else.

Who has qualified for the December debate

CDC warning, Romaine lettuce again.

Listen to Rachel. Or watch if you can.

Anyone ever read Footfall?

Politico: Vulnerable Democrats spooked by GOP impeachment ad onslaught

Could the House Impeachment vote be before Xmas?

"Pete Buttigieg, Donald Trump, and the privilege of inexperience"

Jimmy Carter tells the truth: Trump did not win in 2016

I want to die peacefully in my sleep like my grandfather...

@DevinCow responds to Milk Dud

Al Pacino in Chinese Coffee from 2000

Defecting Chinese spy offers information trove to Australian government

Joe Biden gets surprising endorsement:

Friday Talking Points -- And Here We Are

So Donald Trump's team is into faking CNN videos now??

Online letter to New York Times re Buttigieg and blacks

Let Me Coax Poo Jokes Out of the "Impeachment Hoax" for You Folks (Ferret/Shower Cap)

Retrumplican impeachment trial

How To Write A Bestseller: GOP Spends $95,000 Buying Donald Trump Jr. Book

He cares about his grievances and his reelection, and that's it'

Flew to Kenya yesterday after seeing all of the Big Five in

CNN is running a one-hour @jaketapper special on Trump's incessant lying. (Sunday 9PM ET)

125,000 Bengazi Docs turned over by Obama Admin-Docs Turned over by Trump ZERO ZIP NADA

#DumpDevin Nunes

The satisfaction of watching Firefly DVDs and a glass of icetea is not understated

We know what happened. Now it's time to compel Republicans to refute it or condone it.

Mark Shields on Pete Buttigieg

Lt. Col. Vindman was wounded by an IUD

Friday Nite News Dump: Entire Russia Hoax Conspiracy MAGA Media Peddling Is Totally False

and seriously Stephen Colbert is not that funny anymore.......

Amazon Challenges Pentagon Award with Trump Videos

A group of hunger strikers protested peacefully in Pelosi's office. Then they decided to storm it.

Giuliani Associate Sent Evidence to Impeachment Investigators

Poetic Justice....

In Memory, JFK & Jacqueline Bouvier Wedding, Sept. 12, 1953

Putin has relished US political chaos. He may now fear Trump's impeachment

Just why don't we have truth anymore?

A Ukranian soldier asks: "While they were playing with our aid-Did you know we were dying out here"

Life is getting me down and my faith is being tested

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Walter Shaub Tweet Re: Bolton

Whatever color Texas is, everybody's running like it's purple

State Department docs have been released!

12 minutes with Orson Welles - fascinating

State Dept Releases Ukraine Docs Show Links Between Pompeo, Giuliani, Oval Office

Trump's senate defense will be to put Biden on trial.

Here are American Oversight's just released documents. 100 pages of them.

Working link: State Department releases Ukraine documents to American Oversight

How did Steyer make the debates when Castro and O'Rourke didn't?

I love, love Ali Velshi...

After SF Progressives Win Big, a Shift in Dynamics at City Hall

You say Rosemary Woods, I say Madeline Westerhout. Potato, potato, let's call the whole thing off...

Breaking: American Oversight gets documents show that links between Pompeo, Giuliani, Oval Off

Stray kitty:

EXPOSED: Paper trail between Pompeo, Giuliani and Trump revealed in State Department documents

Republicans are out of arguments in the Trump impeachment inquiry. So they're trying props.

Holy Shit. NUNES used a SECURE LINE to screw BIDEN,

Dana Milbank points out how tRump has stonewalled

Vilsack expected to endorse Biden on Saturday in Iowa

Joe Biden says Stacey Abrams, Sally Yates could be potential VP picks while speaking in Iowa

Madeleine Westerhout arranged Rudy's call with Pompeo

Right wing in canada having a crisis over the creation of Ministry of the Middle Class Prosperity.

Colludey Rudy actually tweeted this today

The Daily Show - Trump Club: Fresh Presidential Excuses

Lindsey Graham runs away from Marine Corps vet who confronts him. What a coward

Can this be stopped?

The Daily Show: Trump's Never-Ending Phone Call

Wow - NYT - wingnut Bret Stephens calls for impeachment and removal. Op Ed tonight

Watch All In with Chris Hayes tonight. Great explanation about why "Ukraine did it" hoax is dumb.

Has anyone traveled on I-80 through Pennsylvania and Ohio?

Naive question: Why were the State Department documents just released?

I'm sure getting lots of spam from Republicans!

Biden WENT THERE! In the second hour of his interview with Don Lemon he said....

Seth Meyers: David Holmes Testifies That US Diplomats Didn't Want to Work with Rudy Giuliani

Speaker Pelosi seems to be quietly revealing the grand strategy.

The failed leadership of US bishops is clear - National Catholic Reporter editorial

Seth Meyers: Guest Rep. Ro Khanna Talks About the Impeachment Inquiry and Supporting Bernie Sanders

Prince and the Revolution's first public performance of Purple Rain.

Does anybody subscribe to Josh Marshall's site?

Charges of Ukrainian Meddling? A Russian Operation, U.S. Intelligence Says

Irish people watch Fox News

Friday Night Wine-Buzz. Ask me anything.

Just watched the re-run of Rachael Maddow tonight....

White nationalists are openly operating on Facebook. The company won't act

Wednesday's marijuana legalization vote was truly historic -- here's why

Beaulah Mae needs help!

Why are people talking like the impeachment inquiry is finished?

So I found an iPad

How catnip gets cats high

Joe Biden unloads on Lindsey Graham amid signs GOP senators will target Hunter

Trump opens up Camp David as an 'adult playground' to woo GOP lawmakers during impeachment

Judge Napolitano: Enough Evidence 'to Justify About Three or Four Articles of Impeachment

Devin Nunes Accuses Witnesses of Misleading American People with Facts (Borowitz Report)

A Florida dog put a car into reverse and drove it in circles for nearly an hour

Critical Masses of the Three Accessible Americium Isotopes.

Nunes was involved in the Biden and Son smear campaign organized by Trump

Students protest UT's handling of faculty misconduct during 3rd Sit-In for Student Safety

Trump said the US is "getting raped" by NATO, US should leave.

Ex-doctor who admitted to bribes in healthcare fraud scheme sentenced

Tesla sees the future in the past today!

Lindsey Graham's Guide to GOP Impeachment Talking Points

Former Hollywood Digital Marketing Executive and Professional Poker Player Admits Embezzling $22M

Will the Republicans regain their minds and souls once Trump is gone?

Former Marijuana Warehouse Employee Convicted of Planning $2 Million Armed Heist with Corrupt L.A.

Late night rabblings.....

Samsung Heavy Industries Company Ltd Agrees to Pay $75 Million in Global Penalties to Resolve

Houston Engineering Corporation Enters Into Corporate Resolution and Agrees to Pay $1.6 Million Fine

Just feeling really down. Seems like the perfect song right now.

Listening to 'Firing Line'--Will Hurd, repub, Intelligence committee.

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening / The Newest Zealander - 11/22/19

Orthopedic Surgeon Sentenced to 2 Years in Federal Prison for Receiving Kickbacks in Massive Health

Baker: Silence like a cancer grows

Why is Charlie Baker Donating to Democrats? What is he up to?

'Is That a Blunt?': Here's Elizabeth Warren Completing an Escape Room with Desus & Mero

Randy Rain impeachment parady.

Ethics officials say Mass. secretary of state used public resources for political gain

Pompeo is in this up to his grubby lying neck...

Former CIA Officer Sentenced for Conspiracy to Commit Espionage

I hope next week there will be some more hearings on the news about

CEO of Nigerian airline indicted for bank fraud and money laundering

Vape users, businesses rip Baker's sales ban

Trump wooed Republican legislators to back him by watching the Joker.

Passengers at risk on Greyhound, other bus lines

Cancer immunotherapy drug 'less toxic and prolongs life'

Former CIA Director: We worried arming Ukraine would hand technology to Russian spies

Bill Browder bot warning 2020, shaping Putin as a smart, level headed man.

5 Stories from Europe You May Have Missed

Bill O'Reilly alma mater foots bill to secure speech by guy who denies slavery's lasting impact

They. All. Took. The. Dirty. Russian. Money.

Man found guilty of killing heavily pregnant ex-wife with crossbow

In Syria, A Mutilated Corpse, Video Evidence, And New Scrutiny For Russian Mercenaries

I love hearing boog the chocolate lab tap on deck slider

Who Is The Ethnic Serb Nationalist Slated To Lead Bosnia-Herzegovina?

The Trump Effect on the Massachusetts Cranberry Industry

Just remember, when Lindsey Graham says he didn't see anything in the hearings that changed

They have nothing other than pounding the table and yelling like hell...

RCP POLL AVERAGES: Biden 29.8, Sanders 19.3, Warren 18.5 [Biden +10.5]. Also Wikipedia's Aggregate

Lawmakers botch budget bill negotiations

New hearing, same sentence for convicted Penn State child molester Jerry Sandusky

New hearing, same sentence for convicted Penn State child molester Jerry Sandusky

Trump accuses impeachment witness of lying, defends use of Giuliani

Rhode Island official applauds wind farm layout announcement

Damn! I haven't made tRump's enemies list yet! What does a guy have to do??

Colorado man faces new charges for plotting to bomb synagogue

U.S. Supreme Court to hear Trump appeal in 'no-fly list' suit

U.S. Supreme Court to hear Trump appeal in 'no-fly list' suit

This young man is severely colorblind & class, studying issue surprised him w special glasses. Watch

Rhode Island veterans agency has multimillion-dollar deficit

Buttigieg takes on Trump (re Navy SEAL Gallagher) and Blackburn (re her slander of Vindman)


Weekend TOONs - Greetings from 1989

What happened with the document dump

Whoa! MOOnes had a mad yesterday with CNN!

Republicans can no longer say: that is just the way he governs.

Trump is dating republican lawmakers.

Resister thought for the day.

Pope Denounces 'Evil' of Nukes as He Fulfills Japan Dream

Florida man's best friend!!!

Fall River Revising Policies Following Unexplained Charges On Mayor's Credit Card

US judge awards $180M to Post reporter held by Iran

Well, with hindsight...

CNN Busts Nunes - Watch Clip

Ex-R.I. senator's 'pig' comment at women's protest causes furor

Just imagine..

Labor leaders: R.I. must stop requiring taxpayers to subsidize health care for corporations

State Department Doc Dump Link Puts Nunes in the LOOP

"Deep state" is just the dark Batman series version of "big government"

General election 2019: Corbyn defends 'neutral' Brexit stance (BBC)

NYTimes Bret Stephens: Why the president must be impeached and removed.


UK citizens at risk of death penalty or Guantanamo Bay under new deal with US, parliamentary inquiry

Trump golf cart rentals have now cost US taxpayers more than half a million dollars

Trump opens up Camp David as an "adult playground" to woo GOP lawmakers during impeachment

#NunesResign is trending today on Twitter

66 Years Ago Today; USAF Lt Felix E Moncla disappears during pursuit of UFO

Secret bunkers and mountain hideouts: hunting Italy's mafia bosses

McCarthyism has returned to America

long windup here from @AmbJohnBolton (another Bolton tweet)

Giuliani associate willing to testify Nunes went to Europe for Biden dirt CNN Vicky Ward

November 23 - Happy Birthday Senator Chuck Schumer (D) NY

November 23 - Happy Birthday Rep. Bobby Rush (D) IL-1st

Oh, WOW.

November 23 - Happy Birthday Rep. Sean Casten (D) IL-6th

November 23 - Happy Birthday Rep. Debbie Dingell (D) MI-12th

Before Elvis, and everyone else who sang it there was Faye.

Shunned by their party, Democratic Women's Caucus votes to go it alone

Hayes talks impeachment, stress, and being a mom in Congress

BREAKING: @EliseStefanik seen wandering the streets babbling incoherently to passersby...

DU this poll!! Right Fkn NOW!!

LMAO - Trump's 45 Minute Tirade on Fox & Friends Has Been Removed! I found rogue copy!

Why Fox News Slimed a Purple Heart Recipient

New Yorker Toon: "A centrist-billionaire hero will rise."

Pence Makes Unannounced Visit to Iraq to Reassure Kurdish Allies

Here you go. The FOIA released document courtesy of DUer Adelante.

Doctor Saves Traveler's Life by Sucking Urine from Man's Bladder During Mid-Flight Emergency

Head of Ukraine's stage gas firm ready to testify against Rudy G. In Fed Investigation in NY

Slouching Towards Camp David

Only in Utah!

Natasha Bertrand: Pompeo called Giuliani in March and Nunes in early April.

Partisan politics or efficiency? Lamont's plans for school building program sparks debate

Why are they so blatantly brazen? Interesting Question.

R.L. Burnside was born on this date.

Is 2019 the new 1983?

My Granddaughter is coming into town for Thanks-day and she is 2.5 years old

Trump's Defenders are his criminal accomplices-not just enablers-but ACTIVE participants

Attention dog lovers! Lucky Dog coming up at 9 on CBS

Bette Midler ?s Laura Ingraham Statement: "Dems have a smug and snotty approach to governing" WTF??

Waging interview by attrition. . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

Chris Hayes spanks Trump with facts...

Not a single mention of Devin Nunes on the entire Fox News homepage.

I no longer refer to our opposition as the "Republican Party"...

Exclusive: CEO of Ukraine State Gas Firm Preparing to Testify in Giuliani Probe

Question to the lawyers here

Pete at Morehouse

Happy Doggo Gets So Excited When Human Come Home

Carter Page FISA had proper legal and factual basis.

Fans of Durrells of Corfu will love who is playing the young Prince Charles in s3 of The Crown...

THEORY... What happened to the republicans

Golden Retriever and Rescue Cat Love Each Other To Bits

Austrian Grandmas Fighting Extremists In Europe, Survivors of WWII Warn Younger Generations

Breaking News?

Biggest Takeaway From Impeachment Hearings? No, Not Trump's Guilt But Schiff's Brilliance

Is Russia Backing Tulsi in 2020? Up Next on MSNBC Joy Reid

Identity and Toxicity of Off Gases in Thermolysis Lithium Battery Recycling Schemes.

Favorite Books?

What is the "racism card" Donnie Short Fingers and Sondland

Trump's never-ending phonecall...funny.

Bill Moyers uses the word "Solipism" to describe Trump

can joe work w the thugs? he can prove that right now.

Wow, maybe there is still hope-Washington Examiner columnist: "I am sickened to be a Republican"

You raised $93.00 on November 22, 2019 ActBlue POTUS donation links

A few church signs

Remember: Barr ignored CIA lawyer's criminal referral of Trump Ukraine call

Democratic rep: Ethics investigation of Nunes likely.

TRUMP confirms to pool on AF1... that he's likely to commute Rod Blagojevich's sentence.

Pompe-O want go home to Kansas..funny. Colbert.

patty griffin w. robert plant - ohio (studio-2013) from her brilliant 'american kid' record ...

Shannon Freshour, Gym Jacket Off Jordan's challenger, is hoping to hit 200K Twitter followers today.

How deep is this corruption?

The many ways Gordon Sondland was STILL full of shit

From the Ministry of Silly Walks. Great Dane version

Debate To Eliminate Religious Exemption Begins With Airing From Both Sides

A conversation and a question.

Nunes billed taxpayers $63,000 for a jaunt to Europe chasing fraudster Lev Parnas' disinformation

Joe Biden has stood the test of time. He should be the next president: Tom Vilsack

Rachel Maddow: Trump echoes Russian propaganda.

inxs - don't change (studio-1982) cuz there's not a lot of utterly perfect songs

Diane Lane, Piper Perabo Arrested At Jane Fonda-Led Climate Protest

Court Hands Municipal Broadband Supporters A Victory

Twitch.TV Link: Town Meeting with Bernie in Franklin, NH

So, for Idiot and his minions, things are like being in quicksand while continuing to flail around.

🔥 Town Meeting with Bernie in Franklin, NH

"reveals a clear paper trail from Rudy Giuliani to the Oval Office to Secretary Pompeo to facilitate

100 Page State Dept. Documents Released

Benjamin Tod Flippo formerly of Spit Shine and still part of Lost Dog Street Band

Amazon Challenges Pentagon Award with Trump Videos

A Warning by Anonymous.

Watch @MarshaBlackburn defend her shameful attack on Lt. Col. Vindmand that has her trending on twi

Fashion: Cardigans are hip

Giuliani Associate Sent Evidence to Investigators

An argument for not rushing the process.

Trump's removal has to be in the Republicans interest...

With regard to Tesla's "Cybertruck:"

The reason for their lunacy is clear, guilt. The entire Republican party betrayed our country.

The war on the Solstice has begun.*

Key FB insider that helped Trump in 2016, is now working to stop him.

Jim Jordan-as described by his hometown newspaper: "The 2nd most contemptible human being in the USA

New Democratic plan scraps cars and proposes truck-only tolls at 12 sites across Connecticut

sisters of mercy - this corrosion (studio-1987) when the kids in black would emerge from shadowy

If Trump is not convicted, I fear he will go on an election fraud frenzy.

Feels good - we're getting closer to the truth.

Who will present the evidence for the Democrats in the Senate trial if House votes to impeach?

Paul Krugman has answered a question I've had for a long time.

sinead o'connor - mandinka (studio-1987) her first single served notice, man ...

150 lbs. of black market bologna seized in TX.

I just finished erecting our Holiday Tree in our living room.

Yes, Congress should be talking about the president and bribery

The answer to this HAS to be in the money trail.

The great Republican lie. They want it both ways.

Trump: Park rangers will patrol Mexican border, arrest migrants


Bernie Sanders Blasts Michael Bloomberg's $30 Million Ad Blitz, Says He's Disgusted

Celtic woman found buried inside a TREE 'wearing fancy clothes and jewellery' after 2,200 years

Jim Jordan "We will never get the chance" Hip Hop

This should brighten a dreary cold Saturday

Women finally have a chance to make history in Virginia. They already have.

You can never be sure where you will wind up on the youtbue

U.S. warns: Don't eat romaine lettuce from Salinas, California

check out Bolton's swoon over Putin in this short video clip

The Pressure Is On Trump & The Repugs To Win At All Counts.....

the jam - town called malice (studio-1982) there's 'catchy', and then there's 'you must dance now!'

Pressure mounts on Prince Andrew to talk to FBI about Epstein

Bolton claims White House blocked access to his Twitter account after departure

Giuliani-Pompeo contacts before Yovanovitch ouster are seen in newly released State Dept. documents

Legislator faces foreclosure on his trailer park; state continues to investigate

I was a juror in Roger Stone's trial. I am proud of how we came to our decision.

The 66-year alliance between the U.S. and South Korea is in deep trouble

Roody spends his morning doing a little...witness tampering?

Trump being triggered by Laura freakin' Ingraham is all kinds of pathetic.

A tale of two audiences; one of them 'Foxified'

Cold, wet weather rolls into western Washington, could lower snow levels to 1,000 feet by Tuesday

Aretha Franklin (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman - Kennedy Center Honors 2015

Cartoons 11/23/19

The Guardian: Giuliani, Parnas, Pompeo at heart of new revelations.

Shepard Smith Blasts 'Garbage & Lies Masquerading As News' In First Public Speech Since Leaving Fox

If Pompeo is really as involved as the FOIA docs indicate, shouldn't he be impeached ?

Lindsay Graham on Joe Biden

BREAKING: State Department releases Ukraine documents to American Oversight

'Our Nation Is Being Torn Apart. Truth Is Questioned.'

The Moral Injury of Pardoning War Crimes

My country: Where did it go and will I ever get it back?

Help me work through this Nunes-complicity thing-- What's it mean if Nunes is involved?

Why you shouldn't wash your turkey

Jim Jordan (Ru-oh). The media have been spelling it wrong. n/t

Here is that Crowdstrike Server that the Con keeps on ranting about....!

President John F. Kennedy argues for Medicare for all in 1963:

Same excuses, different century.

What we are going through is the Same Old Song and Dance.

Historians Find Another Spy in the U.S. Atomic Bomb Project

Bombshell!! Trump team reportedly helped Saudi Arabia cover up murder of US journalist

Bolton's quid pro quo...

Navy Secretary strongly considering resignation over tweets...

Navy Is Said to Proceed With Disciplinary Plans Against Edward Gallagher

Penn State molester Jerry Sandusky resentenced to 30 to 60 years


San Antonio paid sick leave requirement blocked by state judge

CBS Survivor's MeToo controversy

The IRS - Making a Check and Listing It Twice

Gov. Greg Abbott orders state agencies to reduce licensing regulations, cut fees

South Texas is known for its moderates. A primary challenge to U.S. Rep. Henry Cuellar could test

Jim Jordan was imposed on us for egregiously partisan reasons. Now he's afflicting the nation.

Harvard and Yale students disrupt football game for fossil fuel protest

Feds order Texas Education Agency to pay fired special education director more than $200,000

A reminder of what we are dealing with here

I wonder, is the Trump family beginning to feel hunted?

How has congress not been able to get his tax returns already?

Nurses across the US just endorsed Bernie Sanders -- here's why

Going to new Tom Hanks Mr. Rogers movie tonight -

Bloomberg releases charitable donations showing fight against tobacco

Pregnant woman wearing a headscarf kicked in the head in Australia

In the richest country in the world, why have 100 rural hospitals closed over the past decade?

Look what this fucker has done now: Trump 2016 campaign shakedown of facebook

The More You Point Fingers, The More Guilty You Look - Trumps 53 Minute Soliloquy

Woke up this morning with wicked vertigo.

So the SCOTUS said that congress CAN hold a person in contempt AND arrest them!

The Yale-Harvard football game has been delayed because of students taking over the field at halftim

Reddit: 'Jeremy Corbyn & Bernie's Speeches Are Almost Identical And It Is Amazing'

American couple held captive in Mexican hospital unless they pay bill

Forgotten Great from 1979 - $5 says you don't know the title, nor artist, but u know the tune

'Nonlethal weapons' fired at protesters in Hong Kong, Chile and Iraq are having very dangerous

David Bernhardt (Department of the Interior) blast from the past.

January 20, 2017 to the present date.

Let's blue-sky think. Is there any path for removing Trump judge appointees if 2016 election is ...

Great news from Texas!

Rudy Giuliani in TV-interview: "I have insurance against Trump throwing me under the bus."

Randy Rainbow Does It Again

Trump Jr. Should Be 'Concerned' - Putin Ally's Wiretapped Calls Sent to FBI, Says Spanish Prosecutor

UVA Doctors Decry Aggressive Billing Practices By Their Own Hospital

A great American designer and more

please lend support to Il-06 Congressman Sean Casten, going on the record on twitter...

Trump deep fake video on Alberta separation false narrative (by 22 Minutes)

Marsha Blackburn defends 'Vindictive Vindman' tweet on Fox News, says he's 'going after' Trump

Devin Nunes has himself a sad

On this date, November 23, in 1968, Harvard Beat Yale at football, 29-29.

Tiedrich claims Giuliani Bar status is "inactive" and that is why he works for Trump for "free"

There is an anti Peterson ad running these days.

Leonard Cohen

What's for Dinner, Sat., Nov. 23, 2019

Far From the Front Lines, Javelin Missiles Go Unused in Ukraine

Republicans Demanded Bribe Money From Ambassador Before His Confirmation

Joy Division - Decades

Trump Jr's NYT Bestseller Scam CONFIRMED

Tweet of the Day

Even M$NBC is putting it all into perspective

A great American

NY-21: Pay-To-Play? Rep. Stefanik's Largest Donor is New York City Hedge Fund Elliott Management

Senate Dem on Armed Services panel: Trump lying about CIA report on Khashoggi

NPI on Eyman's purported gubernatorial candidacy: Let's see that paperwork

Songs you wish had been written for you ... a fun Saturday PM topic!

Hair Plug Hitler by Tiny Fingers Resistance

RW, Libertarian Koch Billionaires Shape Social Studies Curriculum, Bill of Rights Institute

Are there usually state regulations regarding the scattering of your cremated remains?

Asshole at Subway Shop

Navy Times - OP-ED: A SEAL His Commander The CNO and the boss

Top Dem says ethics investigation into Devin Nunes likely

Labour immigration video advert - general election 2019

I thought the universe was to explode when two evils meet each other

Open Thread Where We Are With the Impeachment Inquiry

California Homeowners Have 20 Uninhabited Bedrooms for Every Homeless Person

Eric Trump uses father's impeachment hearing to promote his wine

Time to Bind tRump tonight... Midnight EST, 9PM, PST

Tom Vilsack: Joe Biden has stood the test of time. He should be the next president

House Democrats' strategy was nothing short of genius - Opinion

A return to feudalism? The aftermath of Bolivia's coup

Big retailers are pushing tariff costs on to smaller merchants

Deval Patrick up on Van Jones at 7PM on CNN

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Shocking, huh? Study Shows Strip-mined Regions Of Appalachia More Vulnerable To Flash Floods

Coal Industry Knew More Than 50 Years Ago Warming From Fossil Fuels Was Real And Was A Threat

Outside Magazine - I Got A Vasectory Because Of Climate Change

This Spurs fan just winced.

Pete is just another white guy

Twitch.TV Link: Labor Solidarity Dinner with Bernie

Cartoon: So You're Getting Impeached

This guy gave up his old life to change the world for dogs ❤️

This is pure joy

🔥 Labor Solidarity Dinner with Bernie

Climate Divestment Protestors Disrupt Harvard-Yale Football Game For An Hour

Caturday rewind: One person's trash is another person's treasured family member 😻

I wish they would stop with the ads for Alexa enabled products...

This very nice dog can get you a sandwich and beer

Sea Level Rise Moving Fast On North Carolina Outer Banks

Giuliani attacks foes, claims again to have 'insurance' to keep Trump loyal

Watch these eggs hatch into the fluffiest baby owls!

Shitler is *NOT* America!

Incoming US Senators from 2020 if Democrats regain control of the US Senate.

Local Union Laborers Rally For Bernie Sanders


I finally got a flu shot yesterday. I was in Rite Aid & made an impulse decision. I'm going to

Michigan DNR fabricates stories about wolf threat to humans

If you create a Republic

FUN FACTS: Geoffroy's marmoset

The Age of MAGA is here...

Trump asked Smoky Mountain park rangers to help secure the U.S. Mexico border

Justice Ginsberg was admitted to hospital with fever and chills last night.

If a cat sang a Christmas carol ...Sylvester!

"Trump ought to be impeached and removed from office. This isn't what I thought two months ago."

Thoughts, prayers, and well wishes going out to the hospitalized RBG

2022 US Senate Election cycle is more Democratic friendly than 2020.

Tweet of the night. But will big oil see it? They breathe the same air.

McAuliffe hire suggests he is interested in a second bid for Virginia governor