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"We Are Changing Everything"

FLIPPABLE: Raj Salhotra Houston City Council At-Large Seat 1

NYC Bids Adieu To Donald Trump (In Song)

Retire GDP Metrics That Don't Factor Social Progress, The Environment, Natural Resources; Stiglitz

Apple Watch saved a grandma's life by catching heart condition

FLIPPABLE: Janaeya Carmouche for Houston City Council At-Large Seat 3

FLIPPABLE: Sallie Alcorn for Houston City Council At-Large Seat 5

When The Nightinghoul Sings...

Outgoing Navy Secretary: "I no longer share the same understanding as the Commander-in-Chief..."

WH asked Lindsey to block Armenian genocide resolution after Erdogan Oval Office heated visit

FLIPPABLE: Tiffany Thomas for Houston City Council District F

House Intel Committee in possession of video, audio recordings from Giuliani associate Lev Parnas

Another Thanksgiving holiday tweet from President Scutt Farkus.

Thank you Louise. Our pussyfooting media is at it again.

Sounds, looks, and acts like a mob boss......

So I have some bad news everyone. I've been accused of knocking over a 7-11, but I've got a plan!

Proposed Changes To FL Building Code; Raising All Coastal Buildings, Regulating Septic Tanks

Trump tapes have arrived....!!

Bats in Pennsylviana headed toward extinction, 99% decline, from white-nose syndrome

Classified briefings mean nothing to traitors...

Did Pentagon chief demand sec of Navy leave b/c sec cut deal with Trump?

Meanwhile, Nunes sues again...

Trump in 3... 2... 1... "Rudy? I wish I had the guy from that movie on my team!"

"The Whistleblower Must Testify"

New Florida Majority endorses Warren

The real enemies of the state...

BRILLIANT Take On Everything Wrong With Oz PM Morrison, Especially On Climate

2 boys, ages 11 and 14, shot to death outside California elementary school

Rick Wilson Tweet: No one will ever forget, or forgive.

Gallagher already committed dishonorable act...besides being a murderer which everyone knew..

In St. Louis County, the anti-Stenger primary for county executive begins

Scientists may have discovered the fifth force of nature

The mystery of neutrino mass could soon be solved

Tom Brady threw a TD pass tonight.

New warm Jupiter alien world discovered

Three supermassive black holes discovered at the center of one galaxy

In Missouri, people who can't speak and see wait in line for help Jim Jordan was imposed on us for egregiously partisan reasons. Now he's afflicting...

God: Do Unto Others. Joel Osteen: Dolla Dolla Bills Y'All!!


Study finds sex bias in bird conservation plans

Sarah Sanders Eyes Possible Run for Governor of Arkansas

Does tRump have Frontotemporal Dementia?

Criminal history questions for job seekers could be banned in St. Louis under proposal

The greed and impunity of the richest 1% is costing us $5,000,000,000,000.

Elephant Rides Are Now Banned at Cambodia's Angkor Wat

I'm watching the AMAs (American Music Awards)

This CNN program on now, "In the words of the Witnesses", is very well done.

Negligent landlord doesn't show up in court as Bridgeton stands up for tenants with no heat

Nov 26 - Senator Bernie Sanders - The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Missouri's high court says NFL owners' phone records are fair game in fight over Rams

The Robert Cray Band 2010 Time Makes Two

Don the Con is history

Well, MSNBC is doing a good job on one thing

"All the Presidents Lies" coming up on CNN

Dead Can Dance - Host of the Seraphim

Please Note:

It's not the Secretary of the Navy who should resign.

A baby kept on a vegan diet died. His parents have been arrested on a manslaughter charge.

Impeachment: White House in Crisis with Ari Melber - rerun starting now. nt

Whooping cranes are back at a national wildlife refuge in Alabama

Oh Rudy, Lev Parnas has videos. So much for your insurance. In the movie Joe Pesci should play Lev

What would Jesus do? (updated)

Bloomberg: "I've never been in favor of raising the minimum wage"

It's an *awards show* night!1 The big deal is the Taylor controversy, will she get to sing her songs

Duggars Deny Report That Their Family Home in Arkansas Was Raided by Homeland Security

I wish the various media would stop using the word "investigation"

Ed Dague, longtime Albany NY / WNYT anchor, has died

top one percent in the USA pays 39 percent of federal income taxes according to CBS (2015 data)

This CNN show on the Lyin' (wannabe) King

Bloomberg: Trying to legalize marijuana "is perhaps the stupidest thing we've ever done".

New Film, DARK WATERS, Mark Ruffalo: Chemical Waste, Corporate Corruption

That's not God, that's the other guy.

If You Have MAGA Relatives Visiting For The Holidays...

New Film, DARK WATERS, Mark Ruffalo: Chemical Waste, Corporate Corruption

Lemme see if I've got this straight: Esper fires Spencer because supposedly Spencer "went

The Swag Primaries: Nominate The Coolest Campaign Swag

New Film, DARK WATERS, Mark Ruffalo: Chemical Waste, Corporate Corruption

So the Trump Tapes that the House Intelligence have

WSJ Editorial: Elizabeth Warren Is Right

Giuliani associate wants to testify that Nunes aides hid Ukraine meetings on Biden dirt from Schiff

Bloomberg Says He Regrets Marijuana Remarks (2002, he said he enjoyed getting high)


28 years ago

Missouri settles federal lawsuit by agreeing to make 'Motor Voter' registration easier

Stacey Abrams focuses on voting rights and keeps her name in the mix as a potential running mate

#YangGang - Our Values

Damn, I'm all screwed up. Everytime they said hearsay in the hearings, I thought it was heresy.

If you are a fan of Jean Stapleton

Giuliani associate wants to testify that Nunes aides hid Ukraine meetings on Biden dirt from Schiff

Faure: Ballade for Piano and Orchestra, R. Casadesus and Bernstein

New Film, DARK WATERS, Mark Ruffalo: Chemical Waste, Corporate Corruption

On CNN's show on trump lies and Impeachment now, they said Nixon

How does one stop the monthly PayPal contribution?

20% of CEOS are psychopaths. And many more have traits. Good information about Trump for

2,153 billionaires in the world

who else here listens to podcasts?

Giuliani associates tried to recruit Ukrainian gas exec. to take over energy industry

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

Galloway issues second subpoena in two weeks to Clay County

My niece was found dead tonight

Tornado intensified Jefferson City housing shortage

DUers in the Hendersonville/Asheville area? We are about to move there!

a couple more insect photos

Mayor of St. Louis suburb charged with felony voter fraud

Did Facebook extend HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS IN CREDIT to the Trump campaign?

Tweet of the Day

People, please sign up:

I have gone from Undecided to:

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Man admits attempted arson at Planned Parenthood clinic

Truman Medical Center lab and tech workers are still fighting for a union

Mid-Continent Public Library board member believes 'homosexual activists' and 'globalists' are

Rick Perry: Trump is "the chosen one" and was "sent by God".

Devin Nunes Dodges Questions About Whether He Met With Ukrainians For Dirt On Biden

Ukrainian energy official details how Giuliani associates tried to recruit him

does anyone mix anything w their flower?

The Doors - The End

Sirius Radio

Sanders leads in contributions from the military

Democrats sense Pompeo is wounded: Senate race is 'effectively abandoning ship'

The Moral of the Russian Hacking Story...

Missouri judge says: Represent yourself in court or plead guilty to save time

Was Trump blackmailed by Turkish government?

Jackson County official says 'chaos' will ensue, if 2019 assessment is reversed

Timely thesis provides historical backdrop to current South Korea vs US + Japan disputes

'Knowing is better than not knowing:' Bill Clinton on 200 years of the Arkansas Gazette

Okay, Rick Perry ...

Well, going to be alone for Thanksgiving again this year...

Indivisible group writes in to protest French Hill on impeachment

U.S. Navy chief fired over handling of SEAL saga involving Trump

Feds file motion to reclaim $3.73 million from Rusty Cranford corruption scheme; sentencing set for

Monday ruling on freedom to speak to House!

emmylou harris - boulder to birmingham (live-1977) a tribute to gram parsons

what will tomorrow bring?

Clintons hold daylong conference in Arkansas, focus on inequality

Little River News to suspend publication, owners seek buyer

Bernie Sanders Wants a New NATO, Including Russia, to Fight ISIS - Still True?

Secretary of the Navy forced out

Policy aims to limit handouts of state Capitol access cards

Connections, connections...

Push on to get pot proposals on Arkansas ballot; foes in state also gearing up for 2020

Corps' $26.7M part of funding to repair damage from spring's Arkansas River flood

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - Chiijohn

As activists are arrested in Baton Rouge, in-depth coverage shows Louisiana's 'Death Alley' to the

The Witch Band-Living in the Past

An employer invited six people for a 7am interview

Shreveport United Daughters of the Confederacy seek restraining order against Caddo commission

Hey, Republicans - A Word to the Unwise

Origin Bank to become Louisiana's largest bank

Governor John Bel Edwards: Minimum wage, equal pay, early education top priorities

Inside John Bel Edwards' reelection: How Louisiana's 'accidental' governor held off Eddie Rispone

Technical problem shuts down Tricare online enrollment in the midst of open season

Physicists Have Finally Seen Traces of a Long-Sought Particle. Here's Why That's a Big Deal.

Should service in Iraq and Afghanistan be a recognized health hazard for vets applying for benefits?

There's a Violent Battle Between Solar Wind and Cosmic Rays, and Voyager 2 Just Passed Through it

In-depth look at Tigerland today: bars still big with LSU students despite shootings nearby

Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles to reopen some locations Monday following cyber attack


Man shot to death inside Southern University at New Orleans campus building

Patriots owner Robert Kraft calls Donald Trump 'divisive and horrible' in leaked recording from 2017

An Open Letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Bolivia From Canadian Writers and Scholars

The Calling Cards of a Rightwing Coup

Cold morning in Tucson. Able to find WiFi .....

Denka-area cancer study to start soon; Louisiana health officials lay out blueprint

Breakfast Monday 25 November 2019

Your "good morning" smooch from a baby giraffe

In 2020, CLEET mental health training to be reviewed by state's department of mental health

Climate change: Greenhouse gas concentrations again break records

District days: Rep. Kendra Horn spent several days this month meeting with constituents

Republic? What Republic?

Five Tribes say they're waiting for an offer from governor on gaming compacts

'Treasury chamber' museum in Dresden robbed: German police

America's 'Shame': Medicaid Funding Slashed In U.S. Territories

Gov. Kevin Stitt should look at Puerto Rico's Medicaid mess before he signs up Oklahoma for block

Oklahoma County may let voters decide on expanding hours of operation for liquor stores

It's bigger than the "dirt on Joe Biden".

Deleted my Facebook account a week ago -- crazy how addictive it was

35 Years Ago Today; Supergroup Band Aid records "Do They Know It's Christmas?"

Trump asks if he, in actuality, is the one dividing the country

Economists Say Forgiving Student Debt Would Boost Economy

Monday TOONs - The RePutincan Party

The sums don't lie...

The final word on the "Merry Christmas" VS "Happy Holiday" debate

Yang & "white f******s"

20 Years Ago Today; 5 yr old Elian Gonzalez rescued by fishermen off FL

A ruthless Mexican drug lord's empire is devastating families with its grip on small-town USA

Your political views can affect how you pronounce certain words.

Excess Weight Can Weaken The Flu Shot

Bernie stops by the studio to chat on this week's episode of #hearthebern

America Will Never Live Down Trump's War Crime Pardons

Katyal Lays Out Legal Argument to Impeach Trump In New Book (audio, NPR interview)

MSNBC highlights the disconnect between the National polls fand the early states' polls

Pete Buttigieg has a big new plan to shake up the retirement system It's not what Trump did; it's what Republicans accept

The Rundown: November 22, 2019

Gahan Wilson, Macabre Cartoonist, Dead at 89

Trump appointee sues Democratic bosses at Oklahoma State University

Elie Mystal on Washington Journal C-Span this morning, Mon, 830 est

Climate Deniers As Michael Myers - Though Their Influence Is Shrinking, They Neither Shut Up Nor Die

Politics Are Creeping Into Everything It Seems

Democracies on the verge of a nervous breakdown (disturbing read)

Sumatran Rhino Now Extinct In Malaysia; Iman Was About 25 When She Died

Self-confessed liar Sarah Sanders says: 'I don't like being called a liar'

CAMS - Indonesian Land/Forest Fires Released 708 Million Tons Of Carbon - 2X Amazon Fires Output

How do you beat an opponent who lies about everything and is 100% supported by his political party?

John Solomon is just Robert Parry with a less impressive past resume.

Federalist Paper # 65 - aka Hamilton's Lament on Impeachments...

Who really believes that Ukraine is the only victim of extortion?

Kansas Colleges See A Rise In Cost Of Mental Health Care For Students

Senate Climate "Solutions" Caucus Awash In Fossil Fuel Money; $500k+ For Dems, $9 Million For GOP

Kansas Cattle Town Dodge City Bucks A Rural Trend With Growth Driven By Immigrants

Maybe one of you can answer this question...

For people who have given up Facebook/fast food/soda/cable TV/whatever percieved vice or ill:

Do assholes ever change their spots?

What unites Trump's apologists? Minority rule

Had a strange experience a little while ago...

Meanwhile, in Canada ...

Mystery grows over Trump administration hold on Lebanon aid

What's the current thinking of the damage from Brexit ?

Black Farmers In Kansas Hope New State Office Can Help Reverse Trend Of Land Loss

Let's see Ukraine was the one who dun it?

Open letter from a constituent: "I am relieved to say I no longer think of myself as a Republican"

Prison board to Kansas governor: Don't pardon sex-trafficked teen

The Last Refuge Of A Scoundrel

Volulsia, Flagler County, FL Beaches Narrower Than In Past; Gee, I Wonder Why . . .

Pete Buttigieg Releases His Plan for Securing Long-Term Care

Intoxicated home invader picked the wrong house to break into...

Greg Sargent: Trump's impeachment trial will be a sham. Here's how to blow up his lies.

Another one is out!

In firing Richard Spencer, Trump recklessly crosses another line

AOC to Trump "Try to keep up"

Trump is crazy...Rick Wilson is right*. "You know on his best days he's barely coherent and sane."

Wilco's "Bull Black Nova"...

The myth of the undeserving poor

Oligarch: Giuliani Offered to Help With Legal Problems, if I Helped Pressure Ukraine

5 one-liners to fight back against your right-wing family members at Thanksgiving dinner

WIth $1 Million In The Bank, Tiny Colorado Border Town Considers Opening More Pot Stores

Ukrainian oligarch Dmytro Firtash says Giuliani offered help w/ legal problems if he did him a favor

Nevada Rep. Dina Titus, dean of NV delegation, backs Joe Biden for president

CNN Covering for Repubs Again. Headline Reads:

Biden Tells Dems: Cut Out the 'Lock Trump Up' Chants

Critics Rip Devin Nunes For Threatening To Sue Over Reports He Sought Biden Dirt From Ukraine

My Favorite Thanksgiving Tradition

The mystery of Trump's unannounced hospital visit

Bloomberg Is Starting His Campaign With A Big Asset--His Gun-Control Group's Email List

Historians find another spy on the Manhattan Project. No one knew Godsend shared info w/ Soviets

When you're so sleazy you make it possible for Dmitry Firtash to say he didn't want to get involved

November 25 - Happy Birthday Rep. Jimmy Gomez (D) CA-34th

We've all heard a lot about employees

Trump has stopped cheating at golf!

Why Giuliani Singled Out 2 Ukrainian Oligarchs to Help Dig Up Dirt

Rudy has nothing!

If we rush impeachment hearings to close within a month I think big mistake

A beautiful fall morning here at #SCOTUS where we'll get orders at 9:30

#SCOTUS did not act on Trump's request to block D.C. Circuit's ruling that would allow House of Repr

Here's A Great Story/Idea

This is Ghalia

Worker flags safety issues at Hard Rock construction site. Two days after collapse, ICE arrests him

Paul Desmond was born on this date.

My granddaughter is in the 2nd grade

Breaking - trump ordered Esper for Navy SEAL to keep trident pin

Updates: Court ruling on McGahn testimony expected; more transcripts could be released

Nat Adderley was born on this date.

Gallagher shot a little girl in stomach -This is no hero-this is not even a man-this is a monster

I have a dessert idea for Thanksgiving, but want your advice

Enjoying your meal while racists rant

TV ad spending by 2020 Democrats (thru 12/3)

Pic Of The Moment: Inside The Mind Of Devin Nunes Right Now

I need a quick, easy

Rick Perry Calls Donald Trump The Chosen One Sent By God To Rule Over Us

Graham's about-face on Biden? In 2008, "They tore the bark off of John McCain."

Trump's impeachment trial will be a sham. Here's how to blow up his lies.

Bill Morrisey was bornn on this date.

Baltimore Museum of Art will only buy women's art in 2020

The Senate is Not Going to Convict Trump, So Where Do We Go from Here?

Ohh, how the animals suffer at the hands of grandmaws with too much time on thier hands

SecNav's Letter of Resignation

WTF? ....U.S. Resumes Operations Against ISIS in Northern Syria

Let's be honest and acknowledge that we are seeing a rapid movement

So, tRump is god's chosen one, but as there is no

My idea of a Happy Thanksgiving

About "high crimes and misdemeanors"

trump is the devil's spawn. Nuf said

Kevin McCarthy's twitter acct uses Russian stock footage

Bloomberg Is Starting His Campaign With A Big Asset--His Gun-Control Group's Email List

The phrase is: Treason, bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanors.

We are going to have a great Thanksgiving.

Sasha Barron Cohen on how social media us used by our enemies to destroy us

Supreme Court lets lawsuit by climate scientist continue against conservative outlets

These are crazy people.

Treasures worth 'up to a billion euros' stolen in Green Vault heist

Sumatran Rhino Is Extinct in Malaysia as Lone Survivor Dies

🔥 Worker Appreciation Tour Brunch with Bernie

How can it be that the Rs are now widely using talking points from Russian Intel?

A 230-year-old Mount Vernon tree, a witness to history, is no more

Before Gary Lewis, there was The Cascades

Opinions: We can stop this entire impeachment process right now


Nunes can kiss that lawsuit goodbye...

Sarah Sanders said she doesn't like being called a liar, and Twitter users were quick to respond

So the U.S. pullout in Syria bought us almost two months!

Forget the national polls. Only 5 states matter in 2020.

Mitch McConnell's Opposition to Federal Election Security Is Hitting Home

Alice's Restaurant - Arlo Guthrie (Original 1967 Recording)

Sarah Sanders defends Trump: He reads 'more than anybody I know'

On this date, Monday, November 25, 1963, Washington, D.C., ground to a halt for Kennedy's funeral.

I sort of wish Schiff and others hadn't emphasized Yovanovitch so much.

So Thrump Wants Eddie Gallagher To Be Able To Retire A Seal But...

Candidate positives and negatives

I Invented the World Wide Web. Here's How We Can Fix It.

Refugee chorus from Maine releases new song on World Children's Day.

Trump is about to speak to reporters in Rose Garden for unscheduled event.

Election in Hong Kong had over 70% turnout - Pro-Democracy candidates won 90% of seats

Lindsey Graham's smell test backfires spectacularly

Rick Perry Calls Donald Trump The Chosen One Sent By God To Rule Over Us

Deval Patrick: Democratic primary is 'wide open'

The sole and only difference I can see between Lavrenti Beria and Bill Barr is...

"Don Jr. is an effective surrogate for his father"

Trump directed Treasury, DOJ to address Erdoğan 'concerns' about Turkish bank

Uruguay awaits final vote count, with Lacalle Pou holding a thin lead

a "barking carnival act" and a "toxic mix of demagoguery, mean-spiritedness and nonsense."

Defense secretary confirms he shut down the probe into pardoned war criminal Gallagher on Trump's

Brilliant - Eric Swalwell Just Used Ivanka Trump To Destroy Lindsey Graham

missed this on Nov. 10 2016 more relevant today

Mike Bloomberg's $34M ad buy is the equivalent of the typical American writing a check for $39 bucks

Be sure to change your wifi password before the family gets there for the holidays

Is there any credible evidence corroborating the story that SecNav Spencer secretly

Fed Judge grants FOIA request seeking OMB/Def Dept docs on the withholding of Ukraine aid

Coup 101 - All 4 Military Branch Secretaries Replaced Since July, 2019

Obituaries: Wat Misaka, who broke pro basketball's color barrier, dies at 95

My admiration for young kids coming up today increases.

Not sports really - NFL player left game due to anxiety issues

Elizabeth Warren: Banks Get Wrist Slaps While Drug Dealers Get Jail (2013)

Vic Power

Defense secretary says Trump ordered him to allow SEAL in war crimes case to keep status

Invisible death camps.

Audio: Sen. Tim Kaine on Dems Needing to Nominate a "Practical Progressive" for 2020

What do you think about the new "Ok Boomer" trend? (from Quora)

This is spot on......sadly.

Fixing a Whole

CNN's John King on Nunes' charges against the media: "Horseshit"

JUST RELEASED: @NikkiHaley on whether God put @realDonaldTrump in place as president for...

If Obama had given press credentials to Farrakhan and his Nation of Islam...

Trump impeachment: Republicans dig in as hopes of bipartisan support dashed

Trump makes his mark on courts amid impeachment storm

Trump Got Caught Ratf*cking Joe Biden Just Say It

Trump threatens reporters, with special forces dog.

Snowy conditions over Cascade passes for Thanksgiving travel, plus a chance for lowland flurries

Last living carver of Mount Rushmore dies at 98

How Richard Spencer's firing illustrates some of Trump's most corrupt impulses

Why the pro-impeachment polls went down?

Trump is degrading the U.S. military

The worst commander in chief ever

NEW & unnoticed amid everything else: POTUS asked Mnuchin & Barr to intervene in the Halkbank case

No, no, no. You're not the Messiah.

Kamala Harris Sums Up In 90 Seconds Why Trump Should Be Impeached And Removed

'Rule of law is what sets us apart': Richard Spencer's scathing final letter as Navy secretary

'He will be missed': Schumer praises fired Navy Secretary

Nunes denies allegation he met with top Ukrainian prosecutor about Bidens

Trump Thinks 'Hero Dog' Is Male

Elizabeth Warren attacks Mike Bloomberg

Why we risked arrest to protest Harvard and Yale funding fossil fuel giants

Cartoons 11/25/19

Trump's Defenders Embrace Nihilism

My nephew gave my 70yo "birthday girl" sister a sweatshirt that says:

Denver Weather: Biggest Snowstorm In Likely Three Years Arrives Tonight

Turn your car/truck into a snowmobile

Trump looks like an angry clown. Does he not own a mirror?

AHA: Caladrius single injection helps heart disease that hits women the hardest

Please do not underestimate the anger and rage on the left.

Where to Give Locally in Alexandria

Judge orders Pentagon and White House budget office to release Ukraine aid records

We must take at least 3 States from Trump

America has an infant mortality crisis. Meet the black doulas trying to change that

Blase' Day is observed annually on November 25.

You raised $115.00 on November 24, 2019 ActBlue POTUS donation links

'Rainbow' (Cover) - Michael Pangilinan

Flagship observatory faces major interference from private companies' satellites

Christian group wrote legislation eerily similar to Ohio religious liberty bill

"Never has a president supported the military like I have"...

Carbon dioxide in Earth's atmosphere reaches record high, researchers say

Evo Morales: 'I have nothing to regret ... this is an age-old fight'

Just In: Federal Subpoenas Seek Information on Giuliani's Consulting Business


When the glaciers go so will the glacial flour. When the flour goes so will those pretty pale

"It's not about him, it's about his supporters."

National Enquirer company chief David Pecker talking with New York prosecutors

Should Adam Schiff be interested in this big news?:

Bernie stands in solidarity with all 42 MiLB teams fighting for fair wages.

"Potential charges under consideration, per WSJ."

Whatever happened to The Magistrate?

Internal Car Wash Report Shows that Moro Did Not Release Tapped Call in Other Cases


Jordan's performance brings in cash -- for a challenger

WeWork chairman posts extravagant dinner on Instagram one day after mass layoffs

Call out to my sisters and brothers who have eating disorders

Just learned that a former client's son was found dead over the weekend. An OD is the suspected

Elizabeth Warren is the top candidate among LGBTQ people according to new polling

Ah HA! Navy SEAL Gallagher's lawyer works for trump org. There's the connection

Man adopts baby monkey--the sweetest thing you'll see all day

Investigators scrutinize Giuliani firm and donations to Trump super PAC as part of broad probe

The standard deduction is rising for 2020: Here's what you need to know

Anglican Church of Canada Fears "There Will Be No Members" by 2040

If you type "gun control" or "climate change" into Google ... the first result is a Bloomberg ad."

trump, while you're at pardons for war ciminals, Lt. Calley

Americans are paying 40 billion a year in import taxes thanks to trump.

Just saw a Bloomberg for President ad

I miss Warpy.

Drawing a dog penis with a Sharpie?

Bernie Sanders condemns MLB proposal to cut 42 minor-league teams

This Ohio farmer is considering a run against Rep. Jim Jordan

Press kept saying Liberal talk on Conservatives being pro life agitators was a false issue.

Trump Isn't Righting A Wrong, He's Covering Up SEAL's Alleged War Crimes

"Rudy's going down every which way."

It is really disappointing to see Tim O'Brien on Bloomberg's campaign team.

"Nihilism" may be a term we hear more and more frequently as Senate Republicans continue to stammer

What's for Dinner, Mon., Nov. 25, 2019

After a lifetime of lying and cheating to enrich himself and his billionaire friends,

Soldiers & Contractors Can Police Us!

X doesn't mark the spot: As Millennials and Baby Boomers feud, a generation is left out

'This is Terrifying': CNN's Joan Walsh Freaks Out Over Trump's Interaction With Conan the Dog

Suffolk New Hampshire poll Sanders 16%, Warren 14%, Buttigieg 13%, Biden 12%

Rick Perry is such a pathetic douche

What's the difference between a garbanzo bean and a chickpea?

Wow. Public hearings are over for Impeachment. Findings to be released after Thanksgiving

According to Nate Silver, Joe Biden leads in three of the first four states

Do you agree with Michael Smerconish that Time's person of the year should be the diplomats...

Very strong & inspiring message here from @LynzforCongress who is challenging the incumbent...

I don't want a billionaire president.

My theory on Rudy Giuliani


About these wealth taxes proposed by Warren and Sanders.

This powerlifting 82-year-old grandma made an intruder regret breaking into her home

Luxury Cadillac with multiple Trump bumper stickers bursts into flames in Brooklyn

MSNBC Tur Show Obsessed With Bloomberg 😂😂

I didn't watch the whole photo op. Did Trump even bother petting Conan the dog?

McGahn has to testify!

McGahn Must Testify! Read 2 Page Ruling Here

Bernie Sanders's Loyal Voters Could Keep Him in Race for Months

Former White House counsel Donald McGahn must comply with House subpoena, judge rules

Judge rules former White House counsel McGahn must obey House subpoena to testify

Gentle Goose Watches Over Newborn Puppies

When it comes to trial ...

Don McGahn, come on down!!!

Trump worried about Pecker leaking.

Swastika Painted On Statue Of Prominent Jewish Writer In Kyiv

Swastika Painted On Statue Of Prominent Jewish Writer In Kyiv

Worst. White House Turkey Pardon. Ever.

Meanwhile, Rudy looking at 9 charges...

Just an idea can we trade Trump to Canada for Justin Trudeau?

It's Mueller time

🔥 Town Hall with Bernie and SEA/SEIU 1984

I plead the Fifth...the Fifth...I don't recall cannot make me talk

He warned about construction issues. Then the building collapsed. So ICE deported him.

Neal Katyal-Ruling is a win for Nancy Pelosi and a major loss for trump

It's so much fun watching the Con's dolly house come crashing down

Thursday's temp

The judge kicks the DOJ's butt in the McGahn subpoena case.

Dan Rather.... 'they [repubs] are doing the bidding of Vladimir Putin'

Supreme Court blocks House committee from immediately reviewing Trump's financial records

David Corn Is Right Nunes Definitely Met With Crooks To Get Dirt If He Didn't He Would Say No

House will not get Trump's financial records for now - Supreme Court decision

Frank Gore passes Sanders for No. 3 on rushing list


Lindsey Graham Just May Have Gotten Trump's Kids Investigated

DEC 7 at 5PM - Teamsters Presidential Candidate Forum, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Two words: Merrick Garland

Bloomberg Announces running like accepting the nomination. God cannot create a humble billionaire.

2020 US Senate Election- US Senate seats likely to flip.

Jared and Ivanka made 82 million last year...!

Cleveland Browns fans hit Mason Rudolph piata with Steelers helmet

🔥 Bernie Meets with Interfaith Leaders - Manchester, NH

Saints' Sean Payton lobbies for three-person replay booth

DOJ will appeal McGahn ruling and seek a stay in the meantime

Micheal Bloomberg announcement speech

'He don't care about anyone but himself': 'Worn out' Trump supporters are getting sick of the presi

ACMoore Bankrupt -- I wonder if Trump's Tariffs were the final nail in its coffin.