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Archives: January 10, 2019

Longtime Reporter Leaves NBC Saying Media Is "Trump Circus" That Encourages Perpetual War

The term CORPORATE DEMOCRATS is used by the KGB and GOP on FB

A rather appropriate toon for today

When someone flies a plane into a building, the motivation matters

Why is Trump not talking about building a wall/fence in the Northern Border?

Link to House votes today and yesterday:

LOL! Democratic rebuttal had higher ratings than Trump's speech

Trump has no idea who he's up against

A Flathead area man called 911 to see if Two Bear Air could airlift his broken down snowmobile.

It's Happening - The MSM Has Given Trump The Green Light To Call It A National Emergency.....

From 1958: A con man named Trump.

Swarm of mysterious radio bursts seen coming from deep space

January 29th.

The Vatican moves quickly toward punishing ex-cardinal McCarrick for sexual abuse

The 3rd Women's March in 10 days, Jan 19th. Hundreds of marches planned.

Sanders will donate his Senate pay to Vermont charities while federal employees go without

Homeless man in GoFundMe case arrested

Women's March 2019 on Jan 19th. TRUTH TO POWER

Government restaffs wildlife refuges during shutdown to allow hunters access

Hubble Space Telescope's premier camera shuts down

Nancy Pelosi keeps up the pressure on republicans.

Aaaand...they're out of the gate! The first House bills introduced...

Four years ago, today, I lost my best friend

Terry Callier - Occasional Rain (1972)

Why would a VP kiss up to a smarmy misogynist lying dopehead idiot?

Fiat Chrysler to pay around $650M in emissions cheating case

Fiat Chrysler to pay around $650M in emissions cheating case

...and you undocumented children are gonna pay for this.

Amongst all the Trump filled news!

Awesome!! Rep. Nadler is wasting no time putting the pressure on Whitaker.

Au pairs win $65.5 million settlement in Denver lawsuit

This shutdown is already one of the longest ever.......

The World's Water

There's always one wiseass that just has to ruin the group photo.

Did Nancy make a mistake today?

Watching A Series of Unfortunate Events. Twitler is Count Olaf

The Daily Show: Paul Manafort's PDF Faux Pas - Between the Scenes

"Urbie" Green - Jazz Trombone Virtuoso

Fancy Flapjack.

The Daily Show: Paul Manafort's PDF Faux Pas - Between the Scenes

Research Details How Junk Food Companies Influence China's Nutrition Policy

Research Details How Junk Food Companies Influence China's Nutrition Policy

Coyote vs. bald eagle

Is Trump Punishing California for Being Progressive and Brown?

2020 CO US Senate Election- Joe Neguse-D should run and get the Democratic Nomination.

Texas landowners dig in to fight Trump's border wall

Photos unlock 40% of Android phones with face recognition

Manafort intended for polling data to go to 2 Ukrainian oligarchs who owed him millions

Manafort intended for polling data to go to 2 Ukrainian oligarchs who owed him millions

I once met an atheist who was a very annoying person.

Does this sound fishy to anyone else?

Exclusive: Mueller Is Holding Top Secret Intelligence That Will Sink the Trump Presidency

If the GOP blocks Mueller's report the Dems can have him testify

Daily Show has 2004 video of Trump telling grads "never give up, get to the other side of that wall"

Janz: Targeting Voter Suppression

Seth Meyers - Trump's Primetime Address, 15-Pound Newborn - Monologue - 1/8/19

Nothing matters and what if it did?

Pelosi and Schumer need to insist on the presence of reporters in all further meetings

House Democrats asking questions about Mnuchin.

Guarantee Health Care for Every New Yorker

Florida House committee: Misusing leftover operating money was 'multi-year strategy' for UCF

Let's assume there is a negotiation. What is Trump offering the Democrats?

Shutdown's economic damage: $1 billion a week

trump has no class. He calls them Chuck and Nancy. He should be saying Madam Speaker

Trump is absolutely terrified of Nancy Pelosi.

Wheeler at EPA -- coal, climate denier, DC experience

pitbull enjoys kitty smooches

Oh God, someone left grandpa alone with his VCR again and he's been watching old Mad Max movies.

"Cave of Bones" by Anne Hillerman

The importance of diversity in technology development. Watch this:

Prediction: the shutdown will end shortly after

I pray the furloughed workers march on Washington

Both sides need to compromise???

I just checked the International Space Station's Twitter feed and it has been confirmed ...

New Clues Emerge About The Mystery Mueller Grand Jury Case

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Deal or No Deal!

Maddow reporting that WH just hired 17 new Lawyers to handle the Mueller probe. whow

Members of the commentariat need to stop giving DJT implicit permission for national emergency.

They couldn't approve $250 million to secure our elections

24 Eye-Opening Traveler Tweets That Show The Dangers Of A Government Shutdown

NPR: Coast Guard Members...Work Without Pay...

Only For a Short While

What Senator Warren's Mixed Election Bag Could Mean For Her Presidential Aspirations

Congressional Democrats should tell Donald Trump if we wants to build a wall,

his tweet today includes "we are rebuilding our military"... implied lie that Obama gutted it

Does the press pitch policy ideas to tRump through their questions?

So when does Donald try to bite someone?

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 10 January 2019

Americans' health at risk as shutdown slashes EPA

NYT - Gail Collins goes there -"Trump Hits the Wall... And what's all that sniffling about?"

'He's a gut politician': Trump's go-to negotiating tactics not working in shutdown standoff

CNN - "Facing gridlock, GOP senators seek big immigration deal to end shutdown" (just say NO, Dems!)

Actor Neal McDonough says he lost a job because he refused to do a sex scene

Video of playing piano with cats!!!

There's a tweet for that? No. But there's a video!!! Now with better link!!

Watching Rachel talk to Schiff - thinking must be a real treat for him to talk to her because

Grassley requests a briefing on requesting Trump's tax returns

brilliant negotiator donnie has created a win-win for democrats to deny him a deal.

House Democrats asking questions about Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin

Something I haven't seen discussed yet: McConnell's possible reasoning

Facing gridlock, GOP senators seek big immigration deal to end shutdown

The government shutdown spotlights a bigger issue: 78% of US workers live paycheck to paycheck

'Throwing tantrums for 72 years': Trump biographer

House votes to reopen Treasury Dept., IRS

A humble proposal concerning Trump's wall.

Adam Schiff on Rahel

Lindsey Graham launches last-ditch push to end shutdown

Comparing the defeated incumbent Republican US Senators in 2006 to 2020.

North Carolina Governor Begs Trump To End Shutdown So State Can Use Hurricane Aid

National Transportation Safety Board investigators largely furloughed, halting accident work

Clarification on Mueller Investigation

Beware when you hear Trump wave a flag for African Americans

Trump farm bailout money will go to Brazilian-owned meatpacking firm, USDA says

Beware when you hear Trump wave a flag for African Americans

Facebook's ad-generating tendrils must be the smartest AI around...

Florida bill seeks to repeal post-Parkland gun control measures

Fault line

Say it ain't so, Cher!1 (I understand)

A Norwegian Air Jet stuck in Iran due to Trump sanctions.

CNN's Erin Burnett Pans Trump: He Has to Lead, Not Just Say 'Bye-Bye!'

"Because then you won't give me what I want"

For a real-world example of Ocasio-Cortez's tax proposal, look to Sweden

Seeing Green: John Boehner Stars In Pot Ad Hyping 'Rapid Growth!'

Malcolm Nance: I say, go directly to jail. Do not pass go Stephanie Miller Show

Sorry for all of you Georgia folks who live in Rep. Doug Collins district.

"It's no longer collusion, it's conspiracy." Malcom Nance.

Re Speaker Pelosi...No means NO!!! Love it!

Texas landowners preparing to fight eminent domain over proposed border wall

Muslim youth volunteers show up to keep national parks clean amid government shutdown

Call for a vote in the Senate

She bragged to a man on a dating app about poaching deer. He was a game warden.

Is Trump's gov shutdown an attempt to destroy government as a whole or really for "security"?

New Moon, today Jan. 9, 2019.

Interior Remains Open for Business--for Oil Companies

Carbon Dioxide, Oxygen Depletion, and the Mass Extinction in the Permian Era.

Alternate Facts?

The end of Trump's affair with 'his' generals

Robotic dildo barred from top tech showcase, prompting sexism claims

Awwww, LOOK! Dan Scavino was so moved by Trump's TV address that he took a photo to treasure.

Interesting idea from Lawrence: "He doesn't really want the wall...he wants the fight"

It's bake sale time!!

The rant light is on---

Trump's Wall Advice ... whoops

SpaceX will soon launch and land its giant Mars spaceship

Oh my........... Cher rage tweeting at Chuck and Nancy

The Daily Show - Trump's Oval Office Address: Sniffing & Scaring the S**t Out of People

Massachusetts banned from using Breathalyzer test pending reforms at state police agency

Felix Tshisekedi: Opposition leader named winner in DR Congo poll

Here's what we offer for 5 Billion for the wall...which will never really be built

The Daily Show - Trump's Oval Office Address: Sniffing & Scaring the S**t Out of People

Seth Meyers - Trump's Wall Has Changed a Lot: A Closer Look


Is Trump such an unhinged narcissist that he only wants the wall to be built...

New Ebola-like virus is discovered in China

Democratic Leadership (very good) Response to Today's Temper Tantrum and Storming out of Meeting

NC House candidate literally runs away from press. Sets off fire alarm

Biggus Dickus

Trump's team had over 100 contacts with Russian-linked officials, report shows

Petulant Trump throws a tantrum

Seth Abramson: " Hey, I'm super confused.."

Top Bernie Sanders 2016 adviser accused of forcibly kissing subordinate

Mitch note

Elizabeth Warren to headline major fund-raising dinner for N.H. Democrats

Why a Wall Won't Stop Immigration

Will the US Really Withdraw Troops from South Korea?

Meghan McCain suggests that Democrats do not care about border security - and smear people who do

Government Shutdown Curtails F.D.A. Food Inspections

trump brought candy to the meeting today. Anderson Cooper reports with a wry grin:

Stray Pug Makes The Most Amazing Transformation

With the government shutdown, American scientific progress is disrupted - PBS NewsHour

Lindsey Graham: "The Radical Left Can Kiss My Ass."

Were the districts of Nunes and McCarthy affected from the fire?

Critics Call For Change To Rhode Island Legislative Rules; Leadership-Backed Plan Moving Ahead

Facebook took advice from a far-right figure who blamed gay marriage for hurricanes

Lamont: "Fix This Damn Budget, Once and for All!"

Christian activists want LGBT people excluded from Senate's anti-lynching bill

The Department of Defense Cannot Build a Border Wall, Emergency or Not

Dear fellow Californians

There always is a Godfather 2 quote for everything:

Mueller must file a report with Congress and Trump can't block it!

What? Trump raised money off last night's speech?

Battle Over Tolls Begins

My two very dear friends, both Republicans,

KEY RACE: Lisa Neubauer for Wisconsin State Supreme Court (APRIL 2nd)

Cop Stops For Something Furry On Highway And Ends Up With New Family Member

Here is the true national emergency: Nearly 40,000 gun deaths last year.

Trump is mad at MSNBC

Ooops, Trump gives speach about how to defeat a wall.

Any MIRT here?

The state was reviewing Speaker Tim Moore's chicken plant. Then Moore's aide got involved.

Republican Describes Donald Trump's Handling Of The Shutdown As Total Chaos - The Last Word - MSNBC

the Nation: It's not a government shutdown; it's a right-wing coup

Watching Donald Trump run this country is like watching a dog flying an airplane.

MF-45 Building His Wall

Wile E. Coyote and Roadrunner and MF-45

Did past presidents require so much ego stroking... "our great POTUS"

Rep. Jerry Nadler: 'The Walls Are Closing In On The President Donlad Trump' - All In - MSNBC

Mnuchin has experience with counseling distressed homeowners.

NAACP condemns lawyer Norm Pattis over 'racist' image

The Cure - A Forest

Trump graduation speech on "11th Hour" telling grads to "get over,under, or around any wall"

Oracle buys naming rights to San Francisco Giants' waterfront ballpark

Tweet of the Day

Legal recreational weed moving closer to Connecticut

Watchdogs accuse Colombia's government of ignoring mass killing of social leaders

Evangelicals Think LGBT People Shouldn't Be Protected From Lynching

Brazil's New President Strips LGBT Rights On First Day

Brazil's New President Strips LGBT Rights On First Day

Color me cranky

Shutdown Shuts Down Ben Carson's Taxpayer-Funded Trip to Speak at Missouri Prayer Breakfast

Colombia's opposition leader charged with election fraud after denouncing massive corruption scheme

Vice-President's Son Is Promoted With A 200% Raise

Prosecutor who sent profane posts on Obama, Waters resigns

A medieval woman's work left blue pigment on her teeth

Don Jr compares border wall to zoo fences that hold animals

Englanders' greasy fish and chips blamed for 64-meter-long fatberg

Shutdown's economic damage: $1 billion a week

El Paso strained by government shutdown, migrant policies

Here's why Elon Musk is tweeting constantly about a stainless-steel starship

Ezra Klein On The President Donald Trump Shutdown - The Last Word - MSNBC

Archaeologist debunks the myth of "the nearly naked Bushmen"

Accused Kroger shooter pleads not guilty to hate crimes

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 1/9/19

Oldest D.C. synagogue relocated for new Capital Jewish Museum

Oldest D.C. synagogue relocated for new Capital Jewish Museum


Helicopter rescues skiers with its nose to the slope

Manhattan's iconic Chrysler Building up for sale

Congo election: opposition leader Felix Tshisekedi declared surprise winner

Trade war: China says US talks 'laid ground' to resolve dispute

Arkansas moves closer toward launching medical pot program

Mother's VP called Rush yesterday

Trump tells graduates: don't let a wall ever stop you.

New abortion-related fight in Kentucky heats up over fetal heartbeats

Pastor who called Orlando Pulse victims 'scum' is fired following prostitution allegations

Florida lawmaker files bill to repeal gun restrictions enacted after Parkland high school massacre

Michigan dems and repubs work together to end police property grabs

Man brings dead raccoon into a San Francisco McDonald's, forces location to close

Senate president wants Montana to send $8 million for Trump's border wall

(Jewish Group) Women's March leaders still embrace Farrakhan

Bill would mandate Bible study classes in public high schools

US apparel firm cuts off Chinese factory in internment camp

Guatemala court blocks president's expulsion of UN team

(Jewish Group) Rashida Tlaib should at least learn the history behind the dual loyalty canard

SF Giants' home now called Oracle Park after AT&T split

Companies argue against proposal not to house separated kids

Lawyers wrangle in federal court over Planned Parenthood request for abortion clinic license

3 Facts About the US Border We Didn't Hear in Trump's Speech

3 Facts About the US Border We Didn't Hear in Trump's Speech

Doctors ban gay conversion therapy as risks 'mental damage'

NOAO: A Survey Machine and a Data Trove - Dark Energy Survey's Rich Legacy

10-Year-Old's Heartbreaking Suicide Note Before Killing Herself: 'Mum Will Be Happiest'

Freshmen Democratic US House Members likely to get elected to the US Senate in 2020.

Brenda Snipes gets partial win in court fight over suspension as Broward elections supervisor

10-Year-Old's Heartbreaking Suicide Note Before Killing Herself: 'Mum Will Be Happiest'

House Intel Democrats start up the investigation machinery on Russia. GOP playtime is over

He's been president a week - and already Bolsonaro is damaging Brazil

He's been president a week - and already Bolsonaro is damaging Brazil

I just can't get my head around Pence calling Rush to thank him for his help in dumbing down

Dreamer who won Rhodes scholarship fears he won't be allowed back in the US

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez hits out at 'disgusting' media publishing fake nude image

Empire of the Sun.....

How long will it take to build the entire wall from SE CA to SW TX?

UCF QB McKenzie Milton leg presses 40 pounds a month after major injury

South Park should do a parody on Trump negotiating with Pelosi and Schumer.

The Associated Press pipes up with a 'both sides' Trump take so dumb it may redefine the genre

When one voice is silenced, we all lose:

Why are we talking about marginal tax rates?

The government shutdown spotlights a bigger issue: 78% of US workers live paycheck to paycheck

Special Counsel must write 2 reports: a secret one for DOJ and a public one for Congress.

The new cover of Time Magazine: Pelosi shooting subpoeanas to Trump's slinging tweets

William Arkin on Homeland Security's Creeping Fascism and Why the CIA & FBI Won't Save Us from Trump

Neal Katyal (principal writer of Special Counsel statute) on why Trump can't hide Mueller report

"Our rent is due, the electric bill is due, our cellphones are now past due,"

Swastika and 'Trump 2020' Graffiti Appear at St. Louis County Park

trump : Emergency order is wall "backup" plan

Pastor Ticketed for Feeding Homeless People Sues St. Louis

No Endgame On Wall

Trump, "unbelievable vehicles... stronger, bigger, and faster vehicles than our police have..."

1950s TV Series "Trackdown" Featured a Conman named "Walter Trump" who was pushing for a wall...

Tom Steyer to Spend 40 Million Dollars on Impeachment Efforts

Dear Media, Please Cut the Sob Stories About Trump Voters Hurt by Trump Policies

The American crises Trump has ignored

15 years ago, Trump had some advice about what to do when encountering a wall...

At last, a worthy opponent.

Ayanna Pressley lets drumpf have it in her first speech on the House floor

Thursday TOONs - Not Hard to Miss Edition

Burglars target Houston dog rescue group

Interstate 10: A Personal History

I saw this today on facebook...

Woodland animals leap from the screen in Finnish photographer's work

Complaint about Camden County Courthouse images raises questions over constitutional rights

Trump can't make up his mind

No Wonder The NRA Is Going Broke!

A Calvinesque and Hobbesian look at the border wall

Ojeda to Resign from West Virginia Senate, Will Focus on 2020 Presidential Run

Kamala Harris to enter presidential race on or around MLK Day: report

Network Execs Needn't Imagine Broadcasting Trump's Address Will Stop His Attacks On Them

The 5 Key Constituencies of the Democratic Primary

no pay?

Texas landowners prepare wall fight; Trump to visit border

After all is said and done...

Test of steel prototype for border wall showed it could be sawed through

Trump's Negotiating Tactics Not Working

How the fossil fuel industry got the media to think climate change was debatable

Jan. 18 Artist talk and poster making party for Womens March

Trump Goes on Late Night Tirade Against Media For Reports About Off the Record Meeting:...

Visit Viet Nam Memorial 26 December 2018 ...

Video Emerges Reportedly Showing Khashoggi's Butchered Remains Being Removed from Saudi Consulate

CATO Institute: Why the Wall Won't Work

The Note: Democrats' resolve grows as Trump hits border

The Rundown: January 9, 2019

Art of the Week: Week of 1/9/19

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 1/9/2019

CNN's Navarro files nails during immigration debate with Trump ally

Democrats Introduce Bill To Shield Unpaid Federal Workers From Lenders And Landlords

Judge Throws Out Ashley Judd's Sexual Harassment Claim Against Harvey Weinstein -- For Good This Time

NM rated worst state for raising a family

Hakeem Jeffries: Rudy Giuliani 'Was a Failed Mayor' Then, And a 'Failed Lawyer' Now

Let me share my latest earworm with you.

Trump: 'Cryin Chuck' Schumer lied about 'temper tantrum'

Rep. Castor Urges "Quick Action" As Chair Of Toothless Climate Cmte w/o Deposition & Subpoena Power

Will extortion work?

Advice that should have been given to trump*, but it's also advice he'd never, ever follow

NPS Response To Visitors Trashing Parks, Cutting Down Trees - Forbid Park Superintendent Interviews

The Shine Is Off: Trump Already Cooling On His New Communications Director

The real crisis facing our country!

Red Tide Back In Town In Sarasota, Manatee Cos; Too Bad Federal Scientists Can't Help Track It

Judge Rules That Scott Violated Rights Of Broward County's Brenda Snipes

Wiki Loves Earth photo winners just announced

The Daily 202: Wall fight underscores Trump's weaknesses

Debbie Wasserman Shultz Demands Action From EPA & DOJ On Water Contamination; Good Luck With That

"The main thing is that we need to go shopping."

Andrew Yang for President 2020....Any thoughts?

Trump AG Pick Won't Meet With Klobuchar, Blumenthal Before Confirmation

This Monty Python sketch comes to mind.

Trump Cannot Learn How to President

"I'm not angry with you, Susan, I'm just disappointed."

Donald Trump And The TIME Cover: An Animated History TIME

Sir, that was the Fast and Furious film.

White nationalist, white supremacist, Western civilization -- how did that language become offensive?

"What the fuck, Gary."

...Here's a roundup of the world's top 10 defense contractors, by sales

Trump Border Wall Sets Record for Lies Per Minute

Prototype for Trump's steel border-wall was destroyed with a metal-saw during test.

BREAKING: Paul Manafort's Lawyers Accidentally Confirm Russian Collusion

Trump's team had over 100 contacts with Russian-linked officials, according to think tank analysis

On Day 20, the shutdown is all about political pain, not gain

"If you can't do the rolls, you're wasting my time."

Texas landowners prepare wall fight; Trump to visit border

Flo's cake is stunning, not sure about the taste though.

Ned Lamont cutting loose at his inaugural ball:

James Mackler announces Democratic bid for Lamar Alexander's US Senate seat

Trump returns to calling Schumer "Cryin Chuck." Seems like a GREAT tactic to get his $5.7B.

It's all fun and games until a chimp throws shit at your Grandma.

Latin America has never seen a crisis like Venezuela before

Mnuchin to brief lawmakers on easing sanctions against Putin ally

"This is your first time, isn't it, Barry?"

"Fake news, Donna."

White House Intervened in Case of Trump's Casino Pal Steve Wynn

You're at a party, you dance with a cute girl...

"What the fuck happened last night?"

Some say he's still sliding.

Turkey says it will launch Syria offensive if US delays pullout

Pompeo repudiates Obama Mideast policy, takes aim at Iran

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro to celebrate second term as crisis deepens

Times People Realised Their Grandparents Were Cooler Than Them

Trump Would Destroy This Historic Church to Get His Wall

So it turns out Trump doesn't need a Reichstag fire at all.

This one's called "where's my dinner."

Sounds to me like some of the media are trying to help the GOP shift the blame to Democrats and

Pic Of The Moment: Trump: Walls Work, Unless You Try Really Hard

The orange menace is not playing to his base, he is playing to Pootey Poot

Trump is an Illegitimate President Due to a Conspiracy with a Hostile Foreign Power

Pentagon Accepts Flawed Boeing Tankers for Air Force

Feeling poorer? That's because "real" wages fell last year

In 2004 Speech Trump Said That Walls Don't Work

Test of steel prototype for border wall showed it could be sawed through

So graceful...

"Mexico, time to cough it up!" . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

About the steel slat design for the stupid border wall:

Meanwhile....out in the Dessert (sic) 😆

Reporter Christina Wilkie provides an update from Trump on Mexico paying for the wall.

Aren't both climate change and gun violence more critical issues than

'This is ridiculous': Small-business owners can't get loans as shutdown enters Day 20.

OMG #TRump on WH lawn talking with his #MAGA hat on!!

Samsung Phone Users Perturbed to Find They Can't Delete Facebook

Another Trump hissy fit when he's confronted by CNN's Jeremy Diamond on the "national emergency"

Tulsi Gabbard is providing right-wingers with ammunition to accuse Kamala Harris

"If there's a concrete wall in front of you, go through it, go over it, go around it."

The fucking lunatic of a President just said that China is easier to deal with than

What do you call someone who repeats himself over and over for hours, days, and weeks?

"Alleged militants in the War on Terror who have lived in United States"

It just gets worse every day with revelations on Republicans

Why I Posted about My Parents in the Religion Group

Trudeau Was Offered A Beer to Shove Trump From Cliff

Americans aren't making enough babies to replace ourselves

This Cleftie Kitten Is A Teeny-Tiny Superhero

Individual-1 insisting the border is a tremendous crisis

MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE - a true story (not my story, found on twitter)

How is it that whenever Trump wants to focus on the WALL a new caravan forms (according to him)?

If there's a national emergency, shouldn't Trump declare a national emergency?

What do you call someone who lies every time he opens his mouth?

Xi and Kim have Trump exactly where they want him...under their feet.

Is the MAGA hat wearing nut case in violation of the Hatch Act?

JHan keeps schooling me with artists that I should have already known. Yesterday it was this man

Holy Wow. A movie from 1958 of a conman named trump wanting to build a wall.

The new Dunkin' Donuts Mascot . . .

Speaker Pelosi Press Conference coming up at 10.45am n/t

How long can a "national emergency" last, once it is declared?

Trump just dis-enfranchised the Democratic Party

Nancy and Chuck stand up to Trump like the GOP should when they disagree.

Some handy "Border Crisis" links

Hallucinations and $100,000: the poker player who shut himself in a pitch-black room for weeks

The "National Emergency" is an insane President

John Kennedy (GOP _ LA) is as bad as Trump. He ascribed "Hate" to Nancy. Said she is allowing her

Shutdown Leaves Restaurants Without a Tool to Vet Status of Workers

Slate "The Government Shutdown Is Like a Hostage Situation"

After Bush, conventional wisdom was to go with someone "safe and electable". Then came Obama.

Let me make this pellucidly clear

Oh, to be blissfully ignorant!

Trump isn't surrounded by yes sycophants anymore and he isn't handling it well at all.

Gamblers Made $270,000 Betting That Trump Would Lie a Bunch in His Address

WTF don't the CNN hosts ask about McConnell bringing the bi-partisan bills to the floor for a vote?

I. Find. Very. Annoying. The. Way. Mike. Pence. Puts. A. Period. After. Every. Word. He. Utters.

Texas governor defends Muslim party official as GOP faction seeks his ouster

Here are the facts...

An investigative journalist explains why Mueller will take down the entire Trump family

Sen. Kamala Harris on fellow Democrats AOC and Rashida Tliab.

"Pompeo extolled the Trump administration's actions across the region...

All aboard the Flat Earth cruise - just don't tell them about nautical navigation

Most Tribes are NOT angry about Elizabeth Warren's DNA Test

As the body count rises, remember what I suggested?

Last night Rachel said she "was an Agnostic " when it came to Mueller's

Important reminder as we head toward the primaries - "Democrats are not clay pigeons"

There Is NO National Emergency, President Trump!

Bullying linked to support for Trump

Why does this man lie all day long?

Mitch McConnell is now characterizing Democrats in the Senate as closing down The Senate.

You know, bottom line, I don't care that much whether the Wall is buildable or cost-effective.

The true reason why Republicans are AWOL from shutdown-negotiations: poll-numbers.

If the wall is a "national emergency" why did Donald wait 2 years to do something about it?

Let me get this straight, theres an national emergency and not an national emergency.

As Trump heads to border, McAllen residents ask: What crisis?

Toy Bomb No Joke As Deputy Loses Job, Gets Arrested

Good Lord, They're Cloning Them

Here's Trump Allies' Plan To Meddle In The 2020 Democratic Primary

The 8-Year-Old Boy Who Died In Border Patrol Custody Was Healthy When He Left Mexico, Shelter Says

How does a foreign power use our voting data

how do i post images on DU using Firefox?

ManBaby Trump won't let go of "ByeByeGate," wants to give Schumer "Pinocchios"

Go ahead and declare a national emergency and get people back to work.

NatGeo: 6 ways the border wall could disrupt the environment.

Between Mueller and 2020 - at what point can Dem's say..."'s your wall!"?

McConnell: Ben Cardin's Senate floor call to reopen gov't "an absolutely pointless show vote"

Matters Wall - this MF is a LIAR

Man needs leg amputation after Labrador Retriever shoots him.

Muffaletta Sandwich Recipe

A beefed-up White House legal team prepares aggressive defense of Trump's executive privilege claims

We need a Trump Shut Up not a Trump shutdown

Get people back to work so they can focus on what Mueller's investigation is about to turn up.

"Bruce Springsteen's run for home" Critical reflections on his musical.

The 5 Key Constituencies Of The 2020 Democratic Primary

Evangelicals are lobbying against anti-lynching law because it includes LGBTQ people

Salon: Why Donald Trump and his children will be charged with crimes.

Schumer on Senate floor, to McConnell's FACE: "Leader McConnell is hiding behind President Trump"

Trump Openly Admitting He's Declaring 'National Emergency' To "Make A Deal"

I would like to see the media and the Resistance on social media (including us)

Donald Trump Jr is tied to El Chapo's Mexican drug cartel...this shit never ends...

Coming soon! Special Crossover

The Democrats need to keep pushing the point that Mitch refused to take up their bills to open

Pelosi: "I don't think [Trump] really wants a solution. I think he loves the distraction."

Do we have any coin collectors here?

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magik Album Medley

Sparkly (Mrs Stinky) to Stinky: What about Jackie Speier for President? Everyone else is in.

Shutdown in the States: 'We Need to Start Taking This Seriously'

Conspiracy against the United States is one step below treason.

Want to see the email that I got back from Sen John Cornyn?

Trump's Border Wall Could Cost Him In 2020

Could Leader Pelosi fund insurance to protect workers?

Who would make a better President, Trump or Grover from Sesame Street?

Has he been asked yet:

Relationships Matter In Politics

McConnell blocks House bills to reopen government

Thank you, Donnie-- my car got repo'd Tuesday nite...

"Prophet" Mark Taylor is still at it, nothing succeeds like absolute failure.

Trump says he'll 'probably, almost definitely' declare national emergency - live

Trump says Mexico is 'not going to write a check' for the wall

Trump officially denies that he knew Manafort shared the data with Russians.

ha ha. The Repugs decided to oil the squeeky door (Amy Klobuchar--gets her Barr meeting)

Trump: 'I never meant' Mexico would 'write a check' for the wall

Lawmakers warn Federal shutdown delays House oversight of Trump

Beto is Instagramming his dental cleaning

So on SNL will play Kamala Harris if she is our Dem nominee for President in the pres. debates?

The 'unbelievable vehicles' used to smuggle immigrants are mostly factory-issue sedans

Could we be headed for another Electoral College debacle in 2020?

Trump just told the media he has more respect for China than Pelosi and Schumer

The GOP Is Getting Ready To Bolt On Trump As 800,000 Workers Brace For No Paychecks

Nancy Pelosi Says Shutdown Meeting Was Set Up For Trump To Walk Out

Shortcut Cooking From Jamie Oliver

50 Years Ago The Wire Service Guild Stuck Against The Associated Press And Won

Trump says: "The buck stops with everyone."

Lying liar POtuS lies again about Mexico & his dumbass wall.

Trump denies knowledge of Manafort's correspondence with Russian associate

Air traffic controllers miss first paycheck

ALWAYS remember to floss...

Something heart warming that happened on an airline flight

'Green Book' Director Peter Farrelly 'Deeply Sorry' For Flashing Genitals

I'm loving Nancy Pelosi more & more every day.

2 million rent-assisted tenants face potential eviction. "They'll manage."

Is this an accurate statement?

Trump Insists Mexico Will Pay for Wall After U.S. Begins the Work (1/17)

Corey Long Drops Appeal, will Report to Jail February 1

Now wrapped in the rhetoric of a 'humanitarian crisis,' his product still isn't selling-And he know

Very Very Cheap...but among the very best things to own...

'rumps destination

Fake Jason Garrett vs. fake Wade Phillips trash talk

The real national emergency: Gun deaths

I said: "Alexa, list tRumps lies."

Another anti-choice screed in today's NYT by Charles C. Camosy

JohnnyRingo update

Kamala Harris on AOC and Rashida Tlaib

Say hello to Dylan aka Big D. aka Little Buddy aka Little Bubba aka Bob Dylan S. aka Goofus Maximus

The Latest: FBI agents say shutdown affecting operations

We have become immune to the abnormal.

As it says in the bible, "Spare the Rod Rosenstein, spoil the child"

Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard accuses fellow Democrats of 'religious bigotry' in questioning judicial no

He would have turned 80 years old today: Philip Wallach Blondheim III.

Brexit: Jeremy Corbyn demands election to 'break deadlock'

I never said Mexico is going to pay for it

Trump's latest press gaggle was remarkably nasty, even by his standards

Reading novels set in your hometown--Mercedes Lackey, Marilyn Pappano for Tulsa

Did you see this segment on MSNBC?

in absence of Rangers, Joshua Tree National Park visitors are behaving like a**holes, at crisis pt

Trump's favorite Bible verse: "Eye for an eye"

"Steve, what is this 'personal space' of which you speak?"

Report of Bounty Hunters Buying Phone Location Data Leaves U.S. Senators Seething

Is a discharge petition possible in the Senate?

Steel slat wall prototype sawed through in DHS test, report says

Does Trump use adderall?

US to expel every last Iranian boot from Syria - Pompeo

What Are The 'Unbelievable' And 'Stronger' And 'Better' Vehicles Currently Assaulting Our Border?

Exclusive video: 'Unbelievable' And 'Stronger' And 'Better' Vehicle Currently Assaulting Our Border!

Kyle Craft - Before the Wall

The Skeptic's Annotated Bible

Modern psychedelic rock music.

Salvini invokes God and Russia on Poland trip

Norovirus outbreak sickens 277 on Oasis of the Seas

Laurence Tribe on MSNBC at 2:50 est.

Rethugs reject any power held by Democrats

How to send a fax via email (for free)

Merriam Webster word of the day: Venal

So brave of Trump to head to Texas!

Exclusive: Robert Mueller met with Trump's pollster

''To the women on my 2016 campaign who were harassed or mistreated, ... ''

Here it comes....

Montana Republican proposes state give $8M for border wall

Legalize It

For those beginning to consider "some sort of compromise" with Trump and

I find it amazing that corrupt, lying, ignorant, immoral MF like Trump can control GOP men who spent

Stormy book..this passage kind of startled me..had not heard this before..

GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN: Prince George's County Officials discussing

Trump cancels Davos trip "because of the Democrats intransigence on Border Security"

Can the turtle be replaced?

"Today, we say to this President: grow up, do your job, #EndTheShutDown!" @SenSanders

Trump Cancels Trip to Davos Gathering as Shutdown Grinds On

"We want our pay! We want our pay!" Federal workers gather at anti-shutdown rally in Washington, DC.

Bernie Sanders apologizes, says he didn't know about 30k settlement of 2016 campaign staffer

If trump can use his executive powers to declare a national emergency when none exists, and gets

Oh, no, that's fine. You just keep the dang slipper, yer eminence.

My LTE made my local paper regarding the Government Shutdown. ..

Did Opus Dei Lie to Protect Priest Who Baptized Newt Gingrich?

Busy bridge.

"Today, we say to this President: grow up, do your job, #EndTheShutDown!" @SenSanders

Billionaire Tom Steyer says he will not run for president in 2020

Oregon begins killing sea lions after relocation fails

With Mueller "almost done".. What about Don Jr., Kushner, Ivanka and others that...

Another problem for workers in this shutdown...

Anyone know where I can buy a case for my iPad Generation 1, model A1219?

Donald did say Mexico was going to pay for the wall directly

1958 TV Series Featured Con Man Selling a Wall

America's Electric Grid Has a Vulnerable Back Door--and Russia Walked Through It

GOP candidate for KY governor backs 'effective ban' on abortion because women 'need to be more respo

Virginia General Assembly ERA Ratification News

Maduro told to step down by Venezuelan general Vlad Padrino

Virginia General Assembly ERA Updated

White House legal defense for 'national emergency' includes saying 'crisis' on TV a lot

So Donald attempts to rob America

Coast Guard families told they can have garage sales to cope with government shutdown

Steve King complains of "white supremacist" censorship: "How did that language become offensive?"

Could Congress vote to override Trump's veto on the shutdown?

Trump White House urging allies to prepare for possible RBG departure

Detectives: Burglar in Closed Police Substation Left ID

Border Patrol agent sues President Trump over shutdown

Officials vote to postpone policy to arm teachers

PUTIN wants an America that is SHUTDOWN!!!

Q13 FOX staffer fired after TV station airs altered Trump video

Q4 2018 RANKINGS - Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) was the most popular senator for the 11th time in a row

Youth protest against Trump permitted during Davos Forum

chemo report

Trump Campaign Literally Demanded Mexico 'Make a One-Time Payment of $5 to $10 Billion' For Wall

Facebook took advice from a far-right figure who blamed gay marriage for hurricanes

Things a traitor might say....

White House lawyers prepping legal justification for national emergency

How to respond to a "national emergency" crisis

I really don't like how M$Greedia is framing this Constitutional Crisis

"I sure hope Beto ORourke isn't due for a prostate exam."

2018 Shaping Up As Hottest Year On Record, Thanks To Rapid Ocean Heating; 2017 Likely 2nd-Hottest

I heard it put this way

McConnell blocks Senate Democrats' move to reopen government

I crossed a bridge somewhere,,

3 dead after commercial crabbing vessel capsizes off Oregon

Exclusive: Robert Mueller met with Trump's pollster

"Sir, I Need to See Your License and Registration"

Individual 1 wants a wall?

Qanon-Believing Proud Boy Accused of Murdering 'Lizard' Brother With Sword

Science: Earth's North Magnetic Pole Moving Rapidly Away From Canada Towards Siberia

The Write Attitude

Homicides and massacres in Colombia up in 2018 after years of decline

Acosta video of SHEER NATIONAL EMERGENCY CHAOS at Texas / Mexico border prior to Trump's photo op

Kuschner- "DACA FOR THE WALL" give me a break !!!!

Should ALL affected by shutdown get interest on their money??

My (ridiculously cheap) alternative to The Wall.

TSA agent hammers Trump for forcing her to work for free after she receives eviction notice

We need a class action suit against the mfer for denying the US functioning government.

Kamala Harris photos of her childhood and life before politics

Trump in Texas: "They have tape over their mouths, electrical tape. Powerful stuff. Not good."

Rosenstein is leaving after Mueller finishes because

CNN: Paraguay breaks diplomatic relations with Venezuela

Chicago TSA agent working without pay receives a five-day notice to pay rent on her land

"What Happened When A Trump Supporter Challenged Me About the Wall"

The Fort Worth Public Library has started lending Sprint hotpots.

The Fort Worth Texas Public Library system has started lending Sprint cellular hotpots.

NEW and in-depth: Accumulating snow is likely in two waves this weekend. The question is how much:

Infowars Host Blames Neo-Nazi Murder on Media Outlets That Run Positive Stories on Alexandria Ocasi

'Green Book' Screenwriter's Resurfaced Anti-Muslim Tweet Sparks Backlash

Our little Gypsy got spayed today

Is v Is Not

Trump eyes emergency powers to pay for border wall, end shutdown

Border lawmakers spurn Trump's wall proposal

Trump's ex-lawyer Michael Cohen will testify at House Oversight Committee before entering prison

Can someone explain to the white/male "bros" why calling Harris and Booker racist towards blacks...

Wealth Is 'in the Wrong Hands,' Mayor de Blasio Says, Pledging to Redistribute It.

I just had a weird encounter and I'm wondering whether I responded as I should have.

Katie Hill (D-CA): "I know this is a strong word, but this is political terrorism."

American Boy, 16, Caught Fighting for ISIS in Syria, Militia Says

Michael Cohen agrees to testify before House committee before heading to prison!!

Get yer peanuts, get yer popcorn!

No Deals. Make him declare a National Emergency if he wants his Wall.

The 'doomsday' scenario: Here's what happens if the shutdown drags on

Dem compromise - bills to open government not related to the border - minimize the pain/cost

Trump attempting to pick his Democratic opponent in 2020 election.

Survey shows recession probability is at a 7-year high

Colin Kaepernick deserves NFL roster spot, according to 95 percent of players in recent poll

Trump obviously wrong that "I have the absolute right to do national emergency if I want."

American Tune.

The Green New Deal Is a Great Deal for the Outdoors

Dardanelle School Resource Officer Left Gun in Elementary Bathroom

Wall or no wall?

Republicans slam colleague for what they call racist remarks

Emergency declaration option for wall tests GOP

Am I the only one who didn't realize that mnuchbag was Finance Chair of the Trump campaign?

I think Trump knows he is done.

Black Caucus sees power grow with new Democratic majority


Everlast Ends

How tax brackets actually work: A simple visual guide

Trump: The wall will work because really expensive Secret Service cars all have wheels #25for45

NBC EXCLUSIVE: Wall steel barrier prototype sawed through. Jan 10 2019

Brennan calls on Congress to end shutdown before negotiating border security

Raging, weakened Trump is running out of options

Cohen is going to testify in a open hearing!

Curious picture emerges of American arrested on espionage charges in Russia

Male-only no more: The next House Speaker will be a woman

Get yer popcorn here.......... get yer popcorn here.....

Editorial: We can pay a little now for care we'll need later

Never ending song of love.

"If we don't have a wall, there will be death. A lot death."

Seattle hotel workers take fight for worker protections measure to state Supreme Court

Drawing is better than writing for memory retention

Did anyone hear anything about Rupert Murdoch visiting Mitch McConnell today?

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee plans New Hampshire visit

Why Your Detox Is Bullsh*t

GOP conference chair: Steve King's comments were 'abhorrent' and 'racist'

CBS News in Talks to Hire Former Sen. Jeff Flake

Trump Explains Steel Wall Prototype Penetrated in DHS Test: 'Designed By Previous Administrations'

Cartoons 1/10/19

94 percent of Latinos who voted in '18 plan to continue voting

Trump: "The nice part about the wall or the barrier, is I can have that worked out in 15 minutes"

The President's attack on the Democatic Party today should be the dominant headline across media

My sentiments exactly:

Trump is going to be very upset!

Sen. Gillibrand eyes Troy, New York, for 2020 campaign base

Opinion: Donald Trump is the world's worst negotiator

Ted Cruz nods approvingly as Trump predicts "Death. And death. A lot of death" without a fence

For Donald Trump, storming out of a meeting is a signature ploy

House passes bill to fund Transportation Dept., HUD

Trump slams reporter for 'playing cute' by pointing out he did nothing on wall for two years

By their fruits you shall know them...

Revenge is so sweet, thank you Cohen!!!!!!

Russia's state TV vs Fox News

Luckovich-trump-Got my wall and it even has a corner

Nicolle Wallace: Trump's terrible week just got worse

Can a SC justice function from home or the hospital?

Federal Workers are demonstrating demanding their pay

Former Lawmaker Nick Sauer(r) Turns Himself In On Revenge Porn Charges

Women's March - January 19th...BE THERE or be square.

I know it was a tall order, but....

How Do Repugs Even Think That Trump Has A Chance For Re-Election In 2020?.....

The Dictator's Playbook PBS Series

So will Trump pardon Manafort? Laurence Tribe thinks not.

As Robert Mueller writes his report, a potential battle brews over obstruction of justice

CNN: Michael Cohen consulted with Special Counsel Robert Mueller before agreeing to testify

Fiat Chrysler agrees to nearly $800 million settlement over emissions cheating charges

What if the Supreme Court green lights Trump's Exercise of Emergency Powers?


Pence rules out any deals that include protecting Dreamers

Dems threatening to not allow Senate to adjourn tonight (over govt shutdown).

Trump could take billions from disaster areas to fund wall

My challenge to the media

Despite flaws, Air Force accepts Boeing's long-delayed and troubled tanker

Damn it, Beto... There *IS* such a thing as being TOO accessible

Protesters bring signs and "Baby Trump" balloon to President's border trip

When you know you're not allowed in the baby's room but didn't know they installed a camera:

1958 film about trump...damn near prophetic!

Is anybody wondering how many people who have testified in front of special council have had to

As Robert Mueller writes his report, a potential battle brews over obstruction of justice

Drone footage of a pod of dolphins swimming alongside a surfer off the Southern California coast:

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Jan 10, 2019

Russians Indicted by Mueller Linked to Murder of Journalists in Central African Republic

A person was decapitated by helicopter at the Brooksville-Tampa Bay Regional Airport

Ruh-roh. LINDSEY. . .

Anyone hear of a TSA strike at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport over govt shutdown?

remember the "Whole Earth Catalog"

Juanita Jean-Wanna Know Why Trump's Speech Was So Bad?

THE WALL, by Pink Floyd, may be played at the US/Mexican border.

'I want to go back to work': Federal workers rally at White House for end to shutdown

MEANWHILE, in California...

Here's a wall we all can back:

Trump warns of 'death -- a lot of death' if Congress doesn't build his wall

Mitch McConnell and the Republicans have chosen the desires of Donald Trump over the American people

Speaking of the wall, and deaths, I present:

Doctors Warn Drinking A Shot Every Time Trump Lies During Speech Will Result In Death

Pelosi points out that Trump has no right to withhold emergency funds from California

Could any republicans be charged as an Accessory After The Fact for their actions?

May 2017 (Tony Fabrizio, the Republican pollster Muller questioned)

Donald Trump believes he can declare a "national emergency" at the time of his choosing.

As Trump visits border, Texas landowners prepare wall fight

LYING is so disastrous to our politics!!

Trump and THE WHEEL.

Trump administration lays groundwork to declare national emergency to build wall

Lying Fuckwad Halfwit Speaks

Trump flies over walls and fences to get to Texas photo op.

"One of the worst classified briefings we have received from the Trump Administration,"

We Had to Elect the Dumbest Guy Available. Not even the second dumbest. - Charles Pierce

Trump's messaging is nearly identical to Fox News. Here are the receipts form his immigration...

Trump said he knows a border wall will work because wheels work, and the Secret Service uses 'really

How a Petty Snub Led to Clinton's Government Shutdown--and the Lewinsky Affair

Gov Newsom releases his budget for the state.

"Alexa, order ALL the popcorn!"

Mueller Probes Public Statements as Effort to Obstruct

Trump was 100% correct about the wall/wheel analogy.

On the left: #Russia's state TV. On the right: Trump's state TV, @FoxNews. Don't get confused.

Letter: 'No American Will Be Untouched by This Shutdown'

Fact-check: Did top Democrats vote for a border wall in 2006?

Historical Catholic Church in Texas threatened by border wall, fighting back.

PHOTO: Wow, the new Wolverine movie looks like it really sucks.

President Obama Also Faced A 'Crisis' At The Southern Border

How to provide 5.7 Billion to build the mango Mussolini's wall...

AP Fact Check: Trump falsely claims Obama support for border wall

BREAKING: 50 years later, the band Chicago still can't find anyone to tell them what time it is.

This is how Russian State TV Views Trumpski's Shutdown

POTUS says he isn't worried about Cohen, others say BS!

So Lindsey Graham is now telling Trumpy to just go ahead and declare an emergency now ?!?

Charles Pierce...

Poor Don the Con

'Cohen has tapes': John Dean explains Trump won't be able to dodge revelations from fixer's testimon

The wall narrative

Schedule of "who's paying for the wall"

Trump wants to raid FEMA for wall funds

Kirstjen Nielsen is on Hannity repeating DeBUNKED Trump claim that Terrorists are crossing border...

Someone catapulted 110 lbs. of fentanyl over the WALL all the way to Philadelphia

Cache of drugs and guns shown at Trump's TX photo op were SEIZED AT LEGAL POINTS OF ENTRY.

Top cancer doctors expect Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg back on the bench by February

The End of Likability Politics

America desperately needs fiber internet, and the tech giants won't save us

Watch: Sea Shepherd films attack on ship by fishermen caught using banned nets

Laurence Tribe's LEGAL predictions re: Trump and "Emergency" declaration to build the wall