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Anyone watching Conan Travels on Netflix? So far I have seen him in Cuba, N. Korea

I went to Faux 'news' cuz I am a masochist....distract, distract.............

Newt Gingrich admits that the FBI is investigating Trump for what amounts to treason.

Trump Has Concealed Details of Discussions with Putin

The Shape of Things to Come


Houston police chief writes 140 mph speeding ticket to driver of Dodge Viper

Yes, but more than Puzzling and Suspicious

Anyone else "give up" drinking this year that is drunk?

Venezuela state internet company blocks Wikipedia

How many of you signed up for "the failing" New York Times and Washington Post

Lisa Traeger nailed it

'This is the biggest political story ever'--experts react to the Trump-Russia FBI investigation

No, in this gov. shutdown, it is not both sides

Has anyone here seen the movie "Elysium" with Jodie Foster?

If the New York Times article is true of a counter intelligence investigation of Trump then

"U.S. Consulate in Europe Running Out of Toilet Paper"

Dems struggling to help low-wage contractors harmed by shutdown

RBG documentary on CNN now.

While we spend billions on defense, Russia shows us how to take down an enemy without firing...

Mueller investigation could have classified communications intercepts proving Trump worked with Russ

Tulsi Gabbards Problematic Associations/Positions

Oh great- Troy Aikman calling the Cowboys' game tonight.

American monitored for Ebola at Nebraska Medical Center released

How To End The Shutdown With Everyone Sorta Winning......

Damn "liberal politions"!!

Fans who sent mean tweets about kickers try to make real field goals

The last time the Rams won a playoff game at the Coliseum?

Where is the ad campaign?

Concealed details from meetings with Putin

Programming note regarding Trump appearance.

Dems should ask for an itemized list for those $5.7 billion:

How Cohen's testimony could complicate life for President

Tariffs Are Siphoning $35 Billion From Consumers And Corporations

Thank you, President Clinton

Private Landowners Along Proposed Border Wall Risk Losing Property

US sends stealth B-2s to the Pacific, warning regional rivals that America's bombers are 'on watch'

Using female pain for political gain

'We will be out for a long time' unless Democrats budge, Trump says, as shutdown enters 4th week

Here is someone claiming these are direct orders from Russia to Trump???

TSA workers to get $500 bonuses during shutdown

So, in the past 24 hours we have learned . . .

Senator wants teachers to be allowed to restrain violent students; other legislative bills

Mitch McConnell is deathly afraid of something?

Storm dumps snow on Midwest; at least 5 dead in crashes

Trump DOJ had evidence that the Harris/GOP's NC-9 vendor had committed election fraud in 2018

The Full Wolf Moon Is Coming

Did you get a pay raise in 2018? This explains why you still feel broke

Canadian firm to purchase Cabela's building

As Big Retailers Seek to Cut Their Tax Bills, Towns Bear the Brunt

Teen seeking asylum compares Texas detention center to "prison"

Wow! Kurt Eichenwald thread about how he started covering Trump/Russia, & his foreign intel sources

Before Trump Insisted on His Wall, Border Security Was an Issue That Could Be Discussed

Think about this...what would have happened if the last REAL President

POtuS tells Jeanine Pirro that he hasn't left the White House in months.

This should be the highest trending hashtag ever...

Is there any possibility that NSA has audio of Putin Trump mtg in Helsinki..

BRB... searching for stories about Obama or Clinton seizing linguist notes, swearing them to secrecy

Texas Congressman to Trump: "Take Your Border Wall and Shove It Up Your Ass"

Analyst says Trump's base will support him if he backs off wall funding demand

Is anyone else wondering if 45 will defect?

Eventually Trump is going to sell Delaware to Putin and.....

Mnuchin Tells Democrats to Just "Trust" Trump on Russia

Funny Cats Hate Being Kissed

Pirro asks Trump "Are you now or have you ever worked for Russia" and he deflects the question!

The Party's Over

10 of Donald Trump's Business That Completely Failed

Trump has yet to deny that he is a Russian operative.

I'm 70 years old. (Updated)

The Borgia's of the 15th & 16th centuries versus the Trump family

Federal employee's wife gets a lucky break

When will we get to see the first draft of the letter written to fire Comey?

Twitler does NOT deny direct question from Jeanine Pirro if he's a Russian asset!

Nadler Statement on Reported FBI Inquiry Into Whether Trump Was Secretly Working on Behalf of Russia

How We'll Forget John Lennon

The Simplest Secret Instruction Putin Could Give to Trump

Can Congress Subpoena The Interpreter From Trump's Putin Meeting? Experts Aren't Sure.

Texas lawmakers indicate they may use rainy day fund for school security, hurricane recovery and

House Democrats eye reported FBI probe of Trump

Today: Dave Mason. Don't It Make You Wonder

A simple thought: If there wasn't any substance to all this about Trump being an asset to

Honest Question - why are we not on General Strike?

In A Private Meeting, Kirsten Gillibrand Signaled She Will Run For President

Just my opinion, but if "Judge" Pirro felt the need to ask Trump if he was working for the Russians.

Stop. Collaborate And Listen: Trump Works For Russia

Brilliant....ffffing brilliant

Does the FBI leak things like Trump being investigated for being a Russian asset so the public can

My husband thinks Trump will defect to Russia.

Trump Presidency Reveals The GOP's Craven Opportunism

''T for Treason "

On Executive Privilege...

The Lawfare Podcast: Special Edition: The FBI's Counterintelligence Investigation of Donald Trump

Just discovered True Detectives

Schumer to force vote on Russian sanction relief

Kellyanne Conway's husband just explained on Twitter that Congress CAN subpoena the interpreter

Assuming arguendo,*45 is guilty of espionage, obstruction etc; what punishment would fit the crime?

George Conway: If a CEO acted like Trump he'd be fired or placed on leave for psychiatric assessment

I really hope this woman accomplishes her agenda.

A witch hunt? Looks like we hit pay dirt.

Introducing one of the world's sweetest dogs: The Dude!

If it sounds too crazy, come at it from the other side

This just makes me love Mark Hamill even more.

Map shows how much Trump's approval ratings have changed in each state since he took office

If Trump just admitted many of his "base" would give a shit...?

The Darkest Hour

Steve Mnuchin Briefed Congress on Why He Dropped Sanctions on Russian Companies. It Didn't Go Well.

Middle-aged white man/conspiracy theorist/gun owner murders police officer in cold blood

Jim Carrey: It's Lindsey Graham's turn in the barrel.

Trump, GOP blamed for shutdown; no crisis seen but fewer oppose wall (POLL)

Pro Publica is Expanding Their Investigating of the Federal Government:

Donald Trump: "I haven't left the White House in months"

The skimming of food packaging is now industry wide.

I have been asked by fellow DUers to post this here.

I miss Obama's concerts - always good music!! Hell, I miss Obama!

Orthodox Christian: "Evlogison ton Kyrion" ("Bless the Lord"/"O Give Thanks Unto the Lord"

Trump: "I'll show you how to make the Caesar salad"

Trump Picks Mitch McConnell's Brother-In-Law,

Poor mans' humidor

Tina Turner - Better Be Good To Me

DEC Wants Rare 'Exotic' Deer Spotted Upstate Targeted, Killed As Precaution

Once again, karma is a bitch.

Citizen scientists discover strange new world that pro astronomers missed

Cuomo seeks to raise tobacco, e-cig sales age to 21

Salon - Paul Krugman shuts down right-wing attacks on Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

The real question is WHO....??

New York's liberal activists outline agenda for 2019

Police in western Germany launch massive raids against criminal clans

Bring beer, make friends: New congressman tries to bring 6-pack to House floor

US Ambassador Richard Grenell threatens German firms over Russian pipeline

Spektr-R: Russia's only space telescope 'not responding'

(Jewish Group) Everything You Need to Know About the 2019 Women's March

(Jewish Group) Following anti-Semitic incident, plans to host workshops, town hall still on hold

(Jewish Group) Hate speech case against Norwegian rapper cursing 'f***ing Jews' dismissed

DEC: Man illegally dumped asbestos in nature preserve

Crude cheerleader video is latest racially charged incident to hound St. John Fisher College

There is only one way to stop the shutdown

Buying access? Texas Senate grants media status to Empower Texans

$7K or Strike: CUNY Union adjunct professors speak out against low wages

Trump Doesn't Deny He's a Russian Agent When Asked By Fox News' Jeanine Pirro

Texas tent city that holds migrant teens to close

V.A. Seeks to Redirect Billions of Dollars Into Private Care

(Jewish Group) Why Many Progressive Jews Are Turning Away From the Women's March

I find happy In even a Les Paul set up and maybe one day I'll play wembley 😂

Bernie Sanders' Supporters Call On Him To Run For President Again

Political cartoon- Pelosi sets a trap for Trump ...

I know what i mean!!!!!

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Bon Jovial Edition

Commuters to Long Island Rail Road: Trains are dirty


Fast start in Albany: Democrats say they will approve voting bills Monday

Ocasio-Cortez's climate genius stroke: Her Green New Deal is the most serious response to the crisis

A perfect example of illogical nature of right wing racists (with potentially VERY dodgy jobs)

A boog dilemma it snowed

NYC teacher threatened to kill 2 federal judges: records

Texas couple convicted of keeping African girl as slave for 16 years

Schumer to force vote on U.S. decision to lift sanctions on Russia firms

N.C. county commissioners demanded Christian-only invocations, now they have to pay the ACLU $285K

Jeff Masters - Which Kills More People: Extreme Heat or Extreme Cold? Gppd Read

Unpaid airport screening agents to get a day's pay and $500 bonus during shutdown

Unpaid airport screening agents to get a day's pay and $500 bonus during shutdown

Quinones-Sanchez and Cruz, after years of fighting, face off in the 7th District

How will it end?

The Great Boston Molasses Flood: why the strange disaster matters today

The Great Boston Molasses Flood: why the strange disaster matters today

Into the Brexit abyss....

Trump's GOP lapdogs, Rep Jim Jordan, in the House are very nervous about Cohen testifying

Americans Blame Trump, Republicans for Shutdown

Trump touts shutdown plan, but advisers say 'no one knows what he will do'

Trump's Risking Financial Disaster for America

Theresa May: Brexit deal rejection risks democratic 'catastrophe'

Congress now interested in that other Trump Tower once planned for Russia

Gingrich: Trump should put Schumer, Pelosi on TV every week

Religious Right Circles Like Vultures Over Supreme Court; Hopes to Replace Ginsburg With 'Anointed'

109 Years Ago Today; The Birth of public radio broadcasting

Trump knocks Biden: 'Obama took him off the trash heap'

Traffickers at the El Chapo trial say drugs aren't smuggled through open parts of the border

Bolton asked Pentagon for options to strike Iran: report

Wall Around Your Heart

If that wall is so important, why doesn't Trump just knock down his tower and start with the rubble?

"BTW, 'I would' is not the same as 'I will'"

NYT's Maureen Dowd Spanks 'World's Brattiest 72-Year-Old' Trump in Scathing Op-Ed

My kids used to roll their eyes when I graced them with one of my "sayings", but

Not a denial

Congressional Black Caucus Calls For GOP to Act Against White Nationalist Congressman Steve King

Blue states buck Trump to expand health coverage

Mueller will investigate decision to hide private Putin meeting notes: National security expert

37 Years Ago Today; Air Florida Flight 90 plunges into Potomac River after takeoff

CBS disenfranchises DEMS' most reliable voters

Russia Says U.S. Leaving Syria 'Step in the Right Direction' But Condemns Its Wars 'Around the Worl

Unplugged: what I learned by logging off and reading 12 books in a week

No Fucks Given

Why would a loving God send people to Hell?

The Con really said elections have consequences

It's weird. The USSR's power ended when a wall came down

How cold was it?

Of Ancient Times

"I haven't actually left the White House in months," Trump says.

Volcano Vaporizer

***CNN Poll: Trump bears most blame for shutdown, job approval 37%, disapproval shoots up to 57%***

Can Louise Mensch now say "I told you so"?

Some clown named Ron Johnson says we are in cahoots with the Russians

Well, that is CERTAINLY one way to do it...

Lindsey Graham's solution for Trump's ransom demand is to open gov't for 3 weeks

Lindsey Graham's extra special version of "thoughts and prayers" for RBG's cancer recovery

Trump ran on being seen as the CEO of America, running the govt as a business

The Divine Miss M strikes again!!

Got an authoritarian streak? Study says odds are, you're for Trump.

Federal Election Commission shutdown

Graham says he'll ask FBI director about report of investigation into whether Trump was working...

Trump tweets this AM (so far) Blaming others and attacking others....

"People are such animals"

Dem demands 'ironclad assurances' from Barr on Mueller investigation ahead of confirmation hearings

...but, but...

Trump Says Michael Cohen Should Rat Out His Father-in-Law, Doesn't Know His Name

Biden / Obama 2020!

Tulsi Gabbard's Homophobic Remarks Surface After 2020 Presidential Announcement

A 'No' Would Have Been Helpful Here - By Josh Marshall

"You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours." 💙💙💙

Top Intel Dem: 'We've interviewed more witnesses than Mueller & we have an important story to tell

If you are on furlough and you have a pet, go to Whole Pet Central for free pet food

If your income is affected by the shutdown, Whole Pet Central is providing pet food for free.

Profiles in Crazy, XXXXIII. . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

People Are So Determined To Rescue Trapped Elephant *Whew*

Evan McMullin on Trump: "I've always been fascinated by traitors..."

John Gray says he made 'faith deposit' on wife's $200K Lamborghini as she defends lavish gift

James Watson: Scientist loses titles after claims over race

The Wall Fiasco Now Illustrates All the Most Essential Elements of Trumpism

NYT op-ed: Why Autocrats Love Emergencies

When will the National Debt Clock hit $22 trillion?

What's in it for him?


Shop Dog, Villefranche-sur-Mer

Jill Wine-Banks' pin today:

I have news for you McCarthy, YOU are not the party of Lincoln.

House Foreign Affairs chairman says committee will hold hearings on Trump-Putin relationship

Am joy panel on senator Harris going to run in 2020

Psychiatrist about Trump: We're entering perhaps the most dangerous period of his presidency.

WaPo-ABC News poll. Shutdown blame 53% Trump - 29% Dems. WALL support 42% (+8 from last year)

Congratulations to the Dallas Cowboys!

Straightsplain, Whitesplain or Mansplain - take your pick every single day

Los Angeles Rams with "Ram It"

Gender rolls

Vladimir Putin Welcomes Escapee Donald Trump to Russia,

What's a trump's favorite kind of son?

Curious - poll on your views on Trump/Russia tango

Are You Authoritarian? (Take the Test to Find Out)

A beautiful woman, dancer and life long democrat.

How about this for shutdown negotiations?

My FB gift to evangelical wall-mongers quoting scripture today.

Sarah is now an Attack Dog

My daughter is getting a new golden retriiever in March -- so excited!

The Middle East, Africa and Asia now drive nearly all global energy consumption growth

note how the "stable genius" is trending.....

Jane, you ignorant slut.

caption "Dear Leader"

Venezuelan congress leader briefly detained amid standoff

Looking for a really good ham recipe

Does mueller have proof Tump gave away secrets to Russia? That could be treason.

Sen. Marco Rubio has a brilliant idea!

Active Measures...

Maduro will finally accept humanitarian aid to Venezuela... if...

Texas wild canines found to have link to endangered red wolf

De Blasio on 2020 bid: 'I never rule things out'

Spot the Difference - A simple quick 'game' I play each day

Greba Cras

In the end, the Trump wall may be a prison wall.

Pompeo: Qatar diplomatic crisis 'has dragged on too long'

Beef-friendly Nebraska eyes regulations on the word 'meat'

AfD party votes to campaign for German exit from EU

New stress reliever -- push trump off a cliff

Saudi Prince al-Faisal warns against US Syria pullout

Snow storm takes out power in US mid-Atlantic after five deaths in midwest

Can someone tell me how I can "do" Uber when I need a ride to the doc's office, etc...?

Tillerson sat in on that first Twitter and Boss Putin Meeting in Germany

Mrs. Betty Bowers, ouch! 😂

Religious Right Circles Like Vultures Over Supreme Court; Hopes to Replace Ginsburg With 'Anointed'

Today's word!

Just did a preliminary tax return for 2018.

The 1909 Triangle Shirtwaist Strike.

Susan delPercio

Trump Goes to Extreme Lengths to Hide What He and Putin Talk About Behind Closed Doors

Illegal tRump PAC 'Rebuilding America Now' burns through $917K in fees & meals of its $1,005K it had

Steve King could be expelled for his racism from congress by two thirds vote.

Close asteroid flyby

The Greatest Gift I Ever Received

This shutdown, in the face of passage of bills to end it

MSNBC: What is Trump prepared to offer in exchange for a border wall?

Trump Claims There Is a Crisis at the Border. What's the Reality?

It's ruining people's lives': federal workers count cost of shutdown

Dogs are THE BEST!

I have nothing against people who don't believe in spirituality, but people who proselytize non-

Federal employees showing up to food banks in the hundreds as shutdown enters fourth week

You can add this to the Russia thing.

Iran protests to Poland over Iran-focused summit

Bangladesh garment manufacturers raise workers' pay amid further protests

Saw Harris on Colbert and now I am rethinking my earlier Warren support...

Cruz: People outside DC are not concerned with Russia investigation

French media denounce violent 'yellow vest' attacks on press

What happens if Mexico starts building ladders on their side of the wall? A question I found on

"are you now or have you ever worked for Russia?"

Mass drug overdose in California kills 1 person and leaves 12 more hospitalized

A president should NOT have the ability to arbitrarily shut down the government!

Robbie Williams 'torments' Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page in home row

Sen. Mark Warner: "We may have spoken to even more witnesses than Mueller"

I'm reading a FB thread where people say they don't speak up against Trump....

Gov't shutdown strands pelican, injured owl in Rhode Island

Zinke Honked About Fixing The National Parks, Leaves Office With The System In A Fecal Shambles

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, January 15: Star of the Month: Kathryn Grayson

John Delaney: Democratic Don Quixote or genuine American dreamer?

WSJ In 2016 (Latest Data Available) $297 Billion Spent On Renewables, $143 Billion Coal/Gas/Nuclear

What Fiction are you reading this week, January13, 2019?

New: House Chairmen Issue Warning After President's Statements on Cohen Testimony

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, January 16: TCM Special Theme: Directed by Elia Kazan

'A death sentence': migrant caravan member killed in Honduras after US sent him back

American Petroleum Institute President Warned Of Global Warming In Public Speech In 1965

The Juxtaposition of Faith and Politics

I do hope we will not have our own "clowns car"

Anyone else watching "FutureMan" on Hulu?

THE MOOCH is back! "Celebrity Big Brother" with Kato Kaelin and others.

GOP senator says Trump declaration of national emergency wouldn't get wall built

Scottish Research Team: Greenland's Glaciers Melting From Below In Mid-Winter

Wait...what? A mob lawyer is the IRS Commissioner??

CNN poll: Trump approval at 37%, 10 points below The Gipper's low in 1982.

Elijah Cummings talks to 60 Minutes in first interview as House Oversight Committee chairman.

December 2018 Atmospheric CO2 - 409.23 ppm; December 2017 - 406.75 ppm; December 2016 - 404.45

So Far, So Good!

What my father's death taught me about 'Being Mortal' - Kevin O'Connor

I thought that ALL government records---correspondence,

Federal employees showing up to food banks in the hundreds as shutdown enters fourth week: report

You're the Puppet!

Residents rally to maintain Christian images in Camden County Courthouse

"Can you believe it! The FBI was investigating the President of the United States...!"

Bernie Sanders is the leader America needs now. Just NOT by running for president in 2020

New England / Kasas City should be a barn-burner!

Trump was right! Hillary met and discussed policy with Russian agent:

Oh, 2019 Is Promising to Be a Very, Very Interesting Year, Indeed!

If Congress weren't getting paid, the shutdown would be over by now.

Oy, get out of the shot!

Starting my prep for my colonoscopy today (sorry if this is TMI).

Carl Bernstein Explaining the New Reporting from NYT and WaPO:

Caption this Putin amf Trump picture!

Anyone hate New England like I do?

Yeah. This sums up Twitler quite well....

Ted Lieu doesn't mince words regarding Trump's "embarrassing impotence."

My friend Alan is running for President to bring to light 4 issues harming the US. Today, Racism

Doggies are the Best

Why has M$Greedia failed to play that Hillary Clinton video

It's nice to see some new names in the Religion Group today.

CNN Poll: Whose shutdown?

so, hypothetically of course, if a Russian agent were to shut down the American government...

Why doesn't Pelosi state the onvious - Trump is afraid of Colter and Limpballs

African nations call for recount in DRC election

Snow increasing. Expect deteriorating conditions into this evening.

So it was MRGA all along.

Just saw that the 'Mooch" is going to be on Celebrity Big Brother

Remember Biggus Dickus? Now, There's IMPOTUS DICKUS!

Trump Confronts the Prospect of a 'Nonstop Political War' for Survival

Graham urges Trump to reopen government -- but declare national emergency if border deal remains elus

The Logic Problem With Theistic Religions

'So many questions': Lawmakers respond to bombshell Trump, Russia reports

Meet The Press: The Round Table on Conspiracy No One Backed trump

Graham urges Trump to reopen government -- but declare emergency if border deal remains elusive

Forget Mexico, Democrats turn focus to porous Canadian border

Tara Murtha & Susan Frietsche: Nothing 'pro-life' about overturning Roe v. Wade

Manafort developments trigger new 'collusion' debate

A cartoon that speaks a thousand words

"Trump Dodges Q's On Whether He's Worked For Russia,..."

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Described FBI Probe Critics as Losers

I have been gifted a 13 Oz bottle of

David Paulides Missing 411 Series - Wow !!

I'm guessing this won't be in Tulsi Gabbard's campaign video...

Trade war's wounded: Companies improvise to dodge cost hikes

Rethug Hypocracy

Saudi refugee 'I needed consent to leave the house'

Breaking: Intel & FA lawyers meeting tomorrow to evaluate subpoenaing Trump's interpreters (Putin)

Trump renews attacks on Comey over report he was investigated by FBI

Video, via Josh Marshall, TPM: 3-1/2 years in 140 seconds...the whole collusion story.

Cat just found out he has ears. 😍

Since Individual 1 works for me, a U.S.citizen and taxpayer,

The S'cool bus. Maybe the coolest way ever to get to school.

Trump making demands out of fear, fear he's losing

don't compare the FBI to Nazis the week you're inaugurated if you have stuff in your past

18 Reasons tRump could be a Russian Asset...

Only thing Trump's wall protects is his ego

Welcome the Dem House Committee Chairs!

Wrong again, Ted Cruz

Samirah wins Democratic nomination for 86th House of Delegates District special election

Just watched RBG, the CNN documentary. Wow!

Trump stars in Season 3 of Putin's Apprentice, but the show is expected to be canceled mid-season.

Lindsey Graham explained

Graham: Trump's 'not going to give in' on shutdown fight

State Sen. Kevin Ranker announces resignation amid harassment investigation

House seems slow with hearings

Can you beat this brain fart?

Cartoons 1/13/19

Message on the home page for my Discover card account.

I was awakened from my afternoon nap today by this voice on the radio:

Life, Death and Insulin

Excellent article Benjamin Wittes, Lawfare: "What If Obstruction Was Collusion?"

If you are reading this you could be President

Schumer to force vote on U.S. decision to lift sanctions on Russia firms

Schumer to force vote on U.S. decision to lift sanctions on Russia firms

How about we take the money Trumps wants for the Mexico border wall

Why Walls Won't Secure The U.S.-Mexico Border

Is There a Historical Precedent for Trump's Conspiring with the Russians?

PG&E talking to banks on multibillion dollar bankruptcy financing - sources

What's for Dinner, Sun., Jan. 13, 2019

Which elected ReTHUG will volunteer to tell all for

UK rejects case for relaxation of fracking regulations: FT

How many more seasons will the Patriots be a contender?

Gabbard family video

He's staring outside at the beauty & majesty of the snow filled WH lawn and the Rose Garden, folks.

Today's Doonesbury is a must see

Just found out that Anthony Scaramucci will be on Celebrity Big Brother..nt

A 🔟 isn't enough for this floor routine by @katelyn_ohashi. 🔥

Why does Jared Kushner have foreign policy responsibilities concerning so many countries where...

A question about fresh ginger

Who supports the shutdown?

Students in Rural America Ask, 'What Is a University Without a History Major?'

Donald Trump: The Moscow Candidate

We do realize that Trump has become an external decorator, right?

Massive fire erupts at the Shakespeare American Theater in Stratford

Dumpster: "I've never been so insulted"

To be or not to be: Star Wars meets Shakespeare

Leontyne Price -"Pace, pace mio Dio" [La Forza del Destino]

after you read this thread, there will be no doubt.

Mother Jones: Can Tulsi Gabbard shake her ties to nationalists and dictators?

Leontyne Price - 'La Vergine degli Angeli" [La Forza Del Destino]

Scoop: Trump dressed down Mulvaney in front of congressional leaders

The U.S. is losing badly.....

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

Individual-1 and Pence private covfefe talk. What ever do they talk about???

This Makes Me So Angry

In Soviet America, TV Watches You: Vizio to charge premium for TVs that do not spy on you.

Mueller Draft Report Says Trump 'Helped Putin Destabilize the United States', Watergate Journalist S

So, your child is involved with drugs,

After Reading Threads Just Now


Democrats' Trick to Beating Donald Trump in 2020: Don't Talk About Him

The Surprising Health Benefits of Drumming

Individual-1 and Pence private covfefe talk. What ever do they talk about???

Tea Pain and the wall

If you subscribe to Britbox

Ted Cruz: "nobody outside of Washington cares about the Mueller probe".

If you subscribe to Britbox,

The whole collusion story over three and a half years. (Josh Marshall, TPM)

BoingBoing: Medieval peasant food was frigging delicious

Houston GWB Intl airport closes TSA checkpoint