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Archives: January 16, 2019

Gov. Kevin Stitt Plans to Use His Office to Align 'With What God Is Doing in Oklahoma'

Michael Strahan invites Clemson champions to a lobster dinner -- on him!!!

Family behind Purdue Pharma pushed opioid marketing, Massachusetts says

01/16 Mike Luckovich: Now frowned upon

Gurl, He Can't Get Shit!

Did you know that Ivanka Trump was booed in Germany?

APNewsBreak: New pen may allow sale of horses for slaughter

Guess where I went today...

As shutdown persists, Trump's plan to divide Dems fails miserably

APNewsBreak: Feds say 'star' DEA agent abroad stole millions

APNewsBreak: Feds say 'star' DEA agent abroad stole millions

Funny video of an immigrants view of the wall

Antarctica ice melt has accelerated by 280% in the last 4 decades

Favorite Hamberder?

The name Wimpy is spot on.

Today: Van Morrison-- So Quiet In Here

Reina del Cid.

Radio Host accuses man of white privilege

Trump tried to bypass Nancy Pelosi and negotiate with members of her caucus.None of them showed up

40 years later, we forget the hate frustration and anger that wrapped us like blankets

What's your favorite Rolling Stones song?

Fugelsang: It is not possible to cheer on Trump unless you reject almost every teaching of Jesus...

Tlaib slams 'anti-Muslim rhetoric' after Florida official says she might 'blow up' Capitol Hill

The Big Con cannot have this power...CANNOT

Randy Rainbow interviews Mike Pence

The Prince of Vulture capitalism is exactly who we thought he is...

One of 'our' former astrologers here,

Mueller: Paul Manafort Misled Federal Grand Jury on Trump Administration Contacts

Why mortgage lending at Wells Fargo, Chase and Citi plunged

Hey GOP!

Hamberders and covfefe

Sherrod Brown will be here with an announcement?

King rips GOP leadership after criticism over 'white supremacist' remarks

William Barr's Slick Performance Shouldn't Fool Anyone

Trump on wall: Never Gonna give You Up.

Illinois New Dem Governor yesterday signed some sweet deals:

Mystical Photos of the Enchanting English Forests of Wistman's Wood

The Killers: Land of the Free

Nearly 4 in 10 have firsthand experience with U.S. shutdown: poll

Trump has said as many racist things as Steve King.

Not sure what they're offering, but saw this when I logged into my AMEX account...

Explain to me how it is a shutdown if they are still working without pay?

4.7 magnitude earthquake reported off shore near Ocean City, Maryland

Sioux City Journal (Previously Endorsed Steve King) Now: "Steve King should resign"

MSNBC Pundit Speaks For ALL Of Us When She Rips Lindsey Graham

Just want to talk about my Credit Union

Senators ask FDA to update rules on certain pot products

Brace yourselves, 2019 looks to be a bumpy ride for Trump and Company.....

I have been thinking about recovering from the mess Trump and the GOP will leave us with

Mike Pence and Mike Pompeo belong to a doomsday cult -- and may be trying to bring on the apocalypse

Omarosa: Trump is 'losing his mind' because he hasn't been golfing during his shutdown

Barr signals support for ending marijuana legalization

US gambling operators have 90 days to comply with new rules

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Deal or No Deal!

Bob Costas Officially Departs NBC After 40-Year Tenure

Heads up! Chuck Schumer will be on Rachel's show

South Carolina voting machines miscounted hundreds of ballots, report finds

Dem lawmaker to Ann Coulter: Tell Trump 'it's OK to open up government'

Too much brine? Study highlights growing toxic brine problem

Does anybody gotta link handy from the RNC platform being changed about the Russians?

Federal judge: Government employees can't refuse to work unpaid during partial shutdown

Seth Meyers - Trump Denies Working for Putin, the Most-Liked Post on Instagram - Monologue - 1/14/19

Non-violent protesters following McConnell to raise awareness?

Just askin': Can we declare that Trump is a non-essential employee,

House vote fails to quell storm surrounding Steve King

Good news for ROKU users: After complaints, ROKU is REMOVING INFOWARS from its channel store

New Push For Eminent Domain Reform Expected At Texas Legislature

Do you want cold fries with that MEME?

Defying Trump, U.S. Senate advances measure critical of easing Russia sanctions

Cuomo to propose stretch limo ban in New York following fatal crash

Tap, pinch, pull? Supreme Court says minimal force can raise minimum sentence for 'violent' criminal

How to rescue a snapping turtle

Ocasio-Cortez to join House panel overseeing financial sector

Trump Summons Thousands Back to Work Without Pay as Shutdown Drags On

Clemson quarterback dismisses fake quote about White House visit

HEY DRUMPT Yesterday I bought 10 chocolate and 10 vanilla shakes for my schools NAL team

GOP lawmakers in 2 states want to spend state funds on Trump's border wall

Mother Pence just started a new job at a Virginia school. She signed a pledge before being hired.

Americans Now More Likely to Die From Opioids Than Car Crashes

Bill Maher: If We Don't Impeach President Donald Trump, Where Is The Bar? - Hardball - MSNBC

Pelosi shuts critic out of Judiciary Committee in favor of Florida freshman.

"Hey Trump...just a reminder..."

Spanish city protests against 'too friendly' devil sculpture

A Damning New Timeline Argues Trump's Collusion Is Hiding in Plain Sight

"The ground is shaking..." but don't lose faith.

John Kasich... new CNN regular commentator... coming across as reasonable

How one heatwave killed 'a third' of a bat species in Australia

Regional powers call emergency summit as new evidence emerges Congo election was rigged

Trump gets his wall

This tweet is so spot on!

In Portland, Scooter Start-Ups Played Nice. Regulators Took Note.

TCM Schedule for Friday, January 18, 2019 -- What's On Tonight: Music by John Barry

Santana - Soul Sacrifice 1969 "Woodstock" Live

I just made a beautiful guitar

Kitten Frozen Solid Brought Back To Life by Family

Bernie Sanders to speak Monday in Florence at NAACP's MLK Day event

How Much Do You Trust Bill Barr?

Erin Burnett: Mueller's filing brings us closer to Trump admin

It seems a reasonable tactic: If No Mitch Then No Schumer

Breaking news from the Kremlin...

Serious question---can Trump pull us out of NATO on his sole authority? Does Congress

A tearful Donald Trump prepares for almost certain death as he readies himself...

The Bonespur Butthead Bigot's Burger Blunder, and Other Bnews (Ferret/ShowerCap)

Colbert: Grimace Puts Trump On The Hot Seat

Memo Describes False Statements by Manafort

Bill Maher: If We Don't Impeach President Donald Trump, Where Is The Bar? Hardball MSNBC

Freshman Hypocrisy Award Goes To - Chip Roy

Immediate fossil fuel phaseout could arrest climate change - study

Gates Still Cooperating with Mueller Probe

Truck spills Chocolate All Over the Road, Very Special Story .(not Florida, but Arizonia)

Jesus, would you look at the time...

Why Is A Progressive Group Targeting Fellow Democrat Henry Cuellar?

I finally figured out what the R after some elected officials names means!

El Chapo Trial: Former Mexican President Pena Nieto Took $100 Million Bribe, Witness Says

I'm With Her.

One of the BEST tweets I've ever seen!!!

Republicans spent two years resisting border wall

Karen Pence Is Working At A School That Bans Gay Employees And Kids

Veterans groups demand end to shutdown: 'Get your act together'

The Dam Is Breaking As Republicans Flee Trump and McConnell On Russia Sanctions

The Banality of the White House Fast-Food Banquet

"Trump is doing immense damage. He has a hidden helper" - McConnell.

Hey Mitch... Does Trump have a grip on you?

I Wish Al Franken Had Been in the Senate Today to Question William Barr

TCM Schedule for Saturday, January 19, 2019 -- What's On Tonight: Mayoral Elections

The Daily Show - Is Rep. Steve King Racist? Enter Trevor Noah: Racism Detective

Seth Meyers - The Check In: Trump Country

The Accomplice

A conservative challenged liberals to "make a case, not based on emotion" against trump's wall...

The Daily Show - Is Rep. Steve King Racist? Enter Trevor Noah: Racism Detective

GOP senators introduce bill to permanently end government shutdowns

Trump Summons Thousands Back to Work Without Pay as Shutdown Drags On

Roku deletes Alex Jones' Infowars after user outrage and canceled orders

San Antonio PD officer suspended for using homophobic slur while breaking up crowd on SE Side

We need to Boycott them...everyone enabling Moscow Mitch

Virginia governor announces bill to repeal voter ID requirement, allow no-excuse absentee voting

"You broke it, you bought it"

From my Trumpist neighbor's Facebook timeline -- the most sickening thing I've seen yet

So POTUS can even be an agent of Russia with impunity?

Eisenhower on why the 90% corporate tax rate caused such robust economic expansion

Red Sox are scheduled for a White House visit Feb. 15

Trump is now picking and choosing what is government.

Should Hillary run again in 2020?

2 from Reynaldo Hahn: "Sonatine" and "Piano Concerto"/Erkki Melartin: "The Blue Pearl"

Donald Trump's 'slenderizing' fashion trick? Long ties

Dirty Little Secrets: Karen Pence Is Working At A School That Bans LGBTQ Employees And Kids

Trump thinks that NATO is a trade organization??

White non-college Americans move away from Trump during shutdown

Federal Shutdown Assistance Portal Montgomery County MD Gov.

Some good ole rock n roll and pretty good 🎸 too!

Former pitcher and World Series MVP John Wetteland arrested on child sex abuse charge

Mitch McConnell should do the obvious right thing, reopen the government.

Trump replacement for Obama climate plan worse than doing nothing - study

Hampshire College, facing financial challenges, weighs whether to enroll a new first-year class

One in three Christians face persecution in Asia, report finds

YouTube's guidelines now address dangerous pranks following Bird Box, Tide Pod challenges

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 1/15/19

Sears chairman prevails in bankruptcy auction for retailer with $5.2 billion bid: sources

Turkish prosecutor seeks extradition of NBA's Kanter over Gulen links: Anadolu

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Trump Eats "Hamberders" While Government Remains Shut Down

Sen. Sherrod Brown to tour early states before 2020 decision

Admiral to Coast Guard troops: Today you will not be receiving your regularly scheduled paycheck.

No pardon for Trump, Julian Castro says at first New Hampshire stop as presidential candidate

BBC's interview with Dump's 2020 campaign manager - Mica Mosbacher

New "Ghostbusters" will be shot in 2019. Which is good bc the 2016-version sucked.

Hidden Beneath a Half Mile of Ice, Antarctic Lake Teems with Life

My prediction: How the GOP will disown and reject Trump AFTER he has been ousted.

10 factors that will shape the 2020 Democratic primary

IRS Recalling 46,000 Workers To Handle Tax Returns Despite Partial Shutdown

Barr seems to want to protect the pot business owners and growers who are mostly white but

Texas Senate wants billions for $5,000 teacher pay raise

No one could order me back to work if I were not being paid

Katy-area mosque shot at from roadway, deputies looking for suspects

40 Years Ago Today; Shah of Iran flees Iran amidst revolution

So trump picked Barr for one reason only? No indictment (while in office)?

Judge hears major Puerto Rico debt restructuring case

Matthew Whitaker: The Ethical Mire of Trump's Top Law Officer

28 years ago today; The beginning of the 1991 Gulf War

In first 2020 campaign trip, Julian Castro says Trump "failed" Puerto Rico

W T F happened in Luzerne County (PA)? Trump won an Obama county by 20%! Torshin involved??

Oppression charge against former Williamson County judge dismissed

Republicans Break Ranks Over Sanctions on Oligarch

'At least light blue:' Virginia's new Democratic delegation is a sign of a changing state, observers

Brazil's Bolsonaro signs decree loosening gun ownership rules

UNC Board of Governors wants UNC-Chapel Hill Chancellor gone by January 31

Wednesday TOONs - Hamberder Helper Edition

There's no way like the Republican way!

Juliet and friends found for Romeo the lonely water frog

Trump called reporter after meeting Putin in 2017, said Russians falsely accused of election inter

Juliet and friends found for Romeo the lonely water frog

Ducey urges lawmakers to pass drought plan, but farmers have concerns

Now is the time for all good men and women in the Senate to come to the aid of their country.

When is a good time for people to turn against Rush, Ann, Laura, and Hannity and call them out

Just now...unhinged -45 tweet about walls

Furman fraternity suspended until 2023 for repeated hazing, alcohol violations

Trump's strategic planning inspiration: Mike Tyson

Trump's war on science: how the US is putting politics above evidence

Libertarian Party Members Continue Lobby for Ballot Access, Draft Legislation

Cern draws up plans for collider four times the size of Large Hadron

A President, that cannot be indicted, is above the law.

'You didn't get fired': Christie offers new evidence Trump avoids confrontation

The Dotard feeding the Clemson team McDonalds food was a publicity stunt.

If you think money corrupts, wait till you see what the lack of money does

Virginia ERA Update

Virginia ERA Update

A GP, a psychiatrist, and a surgeon go duck hunting

T-Mobile announced a merger needing Trump administration approval. The next day, 9 executives had re

3.7 magnitude Earthquake in San Francisco

20 Years Later - Two decades after discovery of deadly asbestos contamination in Libby

18,164 off Medicaid in 6 months of work rule

Georgia Senate weakens internal harassment investigations

Hackers hack into Walt Disney's Hall of Presidents

Live feed of the UK Parliament "No Confidence" debate for Theresa May

"I thought he was going to do good things. He's not hurting the people he needs to be hurting."

The Rundown: January 15, 2019

The Webcomics Weekly #18: We're an Adult! But Can't Rent a Car (1/15/19 Edition)

Stop calling it a wall. It's an Iron Curtain.

Sackler Family Led Effort to Mislead Public About OxyContin, Opioids, Emails Show

Revisit A. Bourdain's No Reservations Season 2, USA/ Mex Border episode, 2008

He is up and nutz

Millions face eviction if shut down continues

Poll: Should Democrats allow our country to be extorted so the wall can be built?

MUST READ -- The Suffocation of Democracy

Reeling California Republicans elevate social conservative

Nancy Pelosi's Winning Strategy

Putin blasts US, West over NATO before Serbia visit

Pelosi gets revenge against one of the Dem rebels

Ronnie's shining city upon a hill's beacon light now guides GOP suckers to Trump-branded properties

How shutdown is upsetting US economy

2018 was the hottest year ever recorded for the planet's oceans

Telling you right start F-ing with business is over

Shakespeare buffs, lend me your expertise.

I think a lot of people in this country want to be pissed off and look for reasons or excuses

WH kitchen staff Trump says: First & Second Ladies could have made "little salads"

A wild guess, what kompromat Russia could have on Trump:

the peachy hamberdler is now falling consistently into the 30s in polling

Profiles in Crazy, XXXXIV. . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

NY Times: Trump is Stuck With a 'Team of Morons' in the White House

This toy factory is run by volunteers who give away all the toys for free

Trump is not my president. Therefore, I have no reason to watch his "fake news" State of the Union

Tax Cut Is Better (for Companies) and Worse (for Everyone Else)

Mechanism helps explain the ear's exquisite sensitivity

Katelyn Ohashi, a UCLA gymnast

U.S. troops reportedly killed in Syria suicide attack by ISIS. Trump said ISIS was vanquished

CNN analyst Areva Martin accused radio host David Webb of 'white privilege.' Webb is black

Ann Coulter: Trump 'Is Dead in the Water If He Doesn't Build That Wall -- Dead, Dead, Dead'

FYI Malcolm Nance will be on Stephanie Miller Show at the bottom of the 2nd hour

Chuck Todd: Republicans Condemn Steve King's Racism But Stay Silent on Trump

I guessing that salads made by Melania and Mother would have been better than cold hamberders?

Exclusive excerpt: Chris Christie torches Jared

Karen Pence Is Working At A School That Bans LGBTQ Employees And Kids

President Trump Denies Being a Russian Agent on Live TV

"Single Payer is Slavery" Rand Paul Going to Canada for Surgery

How much money has the Congress voted for and passed to make sure that the 2020 election is safe?

Sacklers Directed Efforts to Mislead Public About OxyContin, New Documents Indicate

Christie Book: Trump Surrounded By 'Amateurs, Grifters, Weaklings, Convicted and Unconvicted Felons

Pelosi asks Trump to reschedule State of the Union address

The Women's March in DC - who is going? Any boycotts? Controversy?

BREAKING: Speaker Pelosi just asked to postpone the SOTU until after the shutdown. Dems don't want

Senators Were Right to Ask Those Questions on Religion

Ten years ago today, I woke up from what was to have been minor

Vladimir Putin Must Be Smiling Now

Does anyone even read posts here anymore?

NY Times: Trump Called Times Reporter to Argue Russians 'Falsely Accused' of Election Interference

Turkish religious teacher dismissed after defence of atheists stirs controversy

Trump signals he'll make shutdown a 2020 issue

Trump Orders Thousands Back to Work Without Pay

Trump on shutdown: 'We'll be out for a long time'

Who holds the key to opening our government?

U.S. troops killed in Syria suicide attack claimed by ISIS

Going past the ignorance, racism, cheating, lying and misogyny,

"A Future to Believe In" by Sarah Slamen

Most Americans oppose the wall -- and oppose ending the shutdown by funding it

Gymboree closing all 900 of its stores - link and a rant!

Jamie Dimon says shutdown could reduce economic growth to zero

New home sales tank 19 percent to end 2018

Kremlin says its 'stupid' to think that Trump could be a Russian agent

Pelosi postpones [Redacted]'s State of the Union address...

Does the constitution still work?

The Next Likely EPA Chief Has Almost Completed His Former Coal Client's Wish List

We'll soon know why the appeal on that subpoena was sealed

Sen. Mark Warner Calls for Bill Barr to Withdraw: 'Disqualified Himself' with Unsolicited Mueller Me

Right now, C-Span 3 Judiciary Committee hearing pro/con remarks re Barr.

Damage inflicted by shutdown shaves off projected US economic growth on Day 26

What a Bam Bam - big chess play Sister Nancy

T-Mobile announced a merger needing Trump administration approval. The next day, 9 executives had re

It is now clear that Trump does not know how to negotiate. He only knows how to bully.

If Only Obama Had Done the Things Obama Actually Did

House Democrats introduce bill to hike federal minimum wage to $15 per hour

Can Congress override Spanky's Veto?

US service members killed in ISIS-claimed attack in Syria

TEXRail opens for passenger service

The forest for the trees...

Nancy Pelosi is a bad ass ...I mean that in a good way!!!! "postponing" the state of the union

Air traffic controllers union: Flying is 'less safe today than it was a month ago'

'Barely Treading Water': Why The Shutdown Disproportionately Affects Black Americans

i think we will have the first state of the union speech ever delivered to the senate only

"He can give it in the Oval Office if he wants to." GO NANCY!!!

Adam Schiff makes specialty hires for reopened Russia probe

How Wilbur Ross "aggressively" tried to alter the 2020 Census

I have stated openly on this platform that we need stronger democratic leadership when Nancy was

Ocasio-Cortez: Trump is more interested in photo-ops than ending shutdown

General Strike By Americans

Americans donate $15 million to pay Coast Guard since Trump won't

President's Daily Brief

Nancy Pelosi is chasing Donald Trump off of Hamberder Hill.

Contact Pelosi? Nope

Speaker Pelosi isn't asking Trump to postpone the SOTU, she's effectively telling him it's postponed

Russian state media talking about polls asking if Russians miss Soviet Union, want it revived

Most Border Wall Opponents, Supporters Say Shutdown Concessions Are Unacceptable. Trump arrroval 37%

Trump and Putin Have Met Five Times. What Was Said Is a Mystery.

Breakfast links: As the shutdown lingers on, the region is losing millions

Kirsten Gillibrand Campaign Video: "Search"

I think the idea of "civil religion" is a contradiction in terms.

Who's gonna tell the new Gold Star families? US soldiers killed in Syria

Plural:"Hamberders," as in "He said he bought 300 but later on camera claimed it was 1000."

Breakfast links: As the shutdown lingers on, the region is losing millions

Breakfast links: As the shutdown lingers on, the region is losing millions

Pelosi's letter effectively canceling the State of the Union is a reminder:

Has anyone else noticed a reduction..

Haute cuisine at the White House - Guilding the Lily

'Grifters, weaklings and felons': Chris Christie burns down Trump's entire inner circle

Skater's Waltz Emil Waldteufel

Reynolds could restore felon voting rights today

Michelle Obama's 'Becoming' has the longest run atop Amazon since 'Fifty Shades'

Pic Of The Moment: Useful Idiot Is Useful

Tiny Kitten Was Going To Be Put Down Just Because He 'Looked Different'

The State of our Union is FUBAR

Exclusive: MoveOn's leaders step down ahead of 2020

RUMP will keep shutdown forever SO

Top Judiciary Democrat: Vote to confirm Barr hinges on commitment to release final Mueller report

How are furloughed federal workers going to afford food, gas and child care if they are forced

What Kind of Statement Is: "There's probably no God?"

Presidential Campaign Websites

Who doesn't LOVE a Badass Woman?

Don't wait until your deathbed to tell people how you feel

"Genuinely creative move from Pelosi.This may be 1 of the very few things this president cares about

In a real emergency, don't hesitate to call the lutefisk hotline.

D.C.'s Biggest Food Pantry Is 'Definitely Busier' As Unpaid Workers Struggle To Make Ends Meet

Just had a thought.... i.e New Caravan of Refugees

Durbin to McConnell: You do not need a permission slip from President Trump to do your job.

Good Morning to the DUMA!

Trump loses support from key constituency of white people without a college degree: poll


I'm not saying I hate Donald Trump ...

GOP Sen David Perdue: If Trump agrees to reopen government, then 'where's the leverage' ...

1 877 Wall For Trump - 1 877 Wall For Trump - 1 877 Wall For Trump...

David Frum: Trump built the trap and walked into it. Pelosi just locked it behind him.

The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell 01/15/19 Lawrence O'Donnell MSNBC News Today Jan 15, 2019

Dumb question...

Wild Orca Family Spotted Swimming With Tiniest New Member

I bet, Republicans are relieved that Pelosi postponed the SOTU.

Ok, heres another Fantastic Negrito tune, but -

Second dumb question?

Trump snubs highlight Pelosi's grip on Dems

MUELLER action figure: "Batman to (SHITLER's) Joker, NESS to (SHITLER's) CAPONE"

Kevin McCarthy Appears to Swipe at Paul Ryan When Asked Why GOP Never Punished Steve King

When, not if BARR interferes one way or another with Mueller or outcome...then what?

White non-college Americans move away from Trump during shutdown

Today: Kool and the Gang. Mislead

Home of the Whoppers:

Does Pelosi actually have the power to postpone the State of the Union?

Stephen A. just said serving the collegiate national football championship fast food was classless

Donald Trump meeting with 'Problem Solvers' not to include Darren Soto or Stephanie Murphy

Kudos for Madame Speaker! I was hoping she would deny him the

Fake editions of The Washington Post handed out at multiple locations in D.C.

Houston Airport Terminal Still Closed Due to TSA Worker Absences

WATCH LIVE: Senate Democrats hold news conference on longest government shutdown in history

How hard would it have been for Trump to give the national champs a decent party?

How can a shuttered admin. hold a sotu address at all?

"I thought you didn't give pretty girls tickets."

I don't think Chumpy has the mental ability to know how this shutdown is damaging the US,

Selling stuff you don't need online

Since Trump is so fond of fast food and serves it at ceremonial events...

Pence declares 'ISIS has been defeated' on the same day as deadly Syria attack

Mike Pence Says 'ISIS Has Been Defeated' Hours After Deadly Bombing Kills American Troops

Spike Lee Directs The Killers Protest Song - Land of The Free -

Super Bowl LIII planners: Shutdown brings 'uncharted territory'

87-year-old's obituary: Trump 'hastened' her death

Full text: Pelosi letter to Trump asking to reschedule State of the Union. edited

Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony #7

Marine vet held by ICE for possible deportation is U.S. citizen, lawyer says

This Blind Buffalo's Bodyguard Is A Loyal Pig

"Take This Wall and Shove It" Eileen Weiner

More evidence linking the Venezuelan regime with El Chapo Guzmn, drug cartels

Missing Jill Biden, who used her Second Lady role to advocate for safe schools for LGBTQ students

How a Miami tech whiz groomed and molested exchange students -- and evaded cops for years

My letter to Sen. Harris re: Barr's comment about maybe not revealing the report

During the SOTU, all Dems, all together shout:

Lindsey Graham interrupts Barr hearing to rebuke Trump on Syria: 'You make people wonder about us'

Warning of 'Catastrophic Event, ATC Union Official Says Flying 'Absolutely' Less Safe...

Limp balls just said they are finding prayer rugs at the border.

When Barr becomes AG

Kellyanne Conway's husband: 'Laughingstock' Trump can't govern if even Burger King is mocking him

The women fighting a pipeline that could destroy precious wildlife Activists fight to stop constru

Barr is lauded by the media...

The women fighting a pipeline that could destroy precious wildlife Activists fight to stop constru

The women fighting a pipeline that could destroy precious wildlife Activists fight to stop constru

The women fighting a pipeline that could destroy precious wildlife Activists fight to stop constru

Mike Pence- "The Caliphate Has Crumbled And Isis Has Been Defeated."

Meet the Activist Fighting Louisiana's Bayou Bridge Pipeline Resistance-environmental racism

Pelosi asking Trump to postpone his State of the Union is her latest power play in this shutdown...

Kremlin Names Trump Employee of the Month

What is up with seven Democrats from Problem Caucus meeting with Trump today?

EPA Administrator Confirmation Hearing

Heh, heh, Rudy911 hates his job.

Trump's Shutdown Is Officially Hurting the Troops

Great read from the Atlantic

DC court says Holocaust survivors can sue Hungary in the US for huge reparations

Only in DC would someone build a Ruth Bader Ginsburg instead your run-of-the-mill snowman

WE wont be fooled again.

Sanders Questions EPA Nominee Wheeler: Is Climate Change a "Hoax"?

Senator Sanders Questions EPA Nominee Wheeler: Is Climate Change a "Hoax"?

What? I said I was done? C'mon now, ya knew I was lyin' the second I said it...

I hate to say it, but it's prolly gonna take an ATC mishap, or food poisoning event from...

Three-Dimensional Chess: Nancy Pelosi throws a wrench in Stephen Miller's "Blame the Dems" speech.

Limpballs said he had nothing to do with Trump shutting down the government. Now he..

Jan 16 at 2PM - Led by Bernie Sanders, Democrats Introduce $15 Minimum Wage Bill

Jan 16 at 2PM - Led by Bernie Sanders, Democrats Introduce $15 Minimum Wage Bill

The Nation needs to take a very long lunch break or a day off

Senate rejects effort to block Trump on Russia sanctions

Another question about Barr vs pelosi

Whenever there is an outcry they bring back government workers, without paying them, so that issue

Seth Abramson on Manafort filing: Hints at several new indictments.

Here's Donald Trump desperately trying to get Vlad's attention at the G20 dinner.

Can Trump just re-open the security portions of govt that Pelosi mentions?

Trump tells VFW convention that he likes stealth planes because you literally can't see them

Laurence Tribe to be on with Ari Melber today.

Actual Explosion that Killed American Troops Today, CNN:. WARNING: GRAPHIC DETAILS

Why does anyone expect a low life who stiffed workers, contractors

GOP blocks Senate rebuke of Trump on Russia sanctions

Sanders faces former staffers about sexual harassment on 2016 campaign

Trump is loving the shutdown and Moscow Mitch is like Janice from accounting

Steve Carrell to star in 'Space Force' comedy series on Netflix

I don't know why, but I have a sudden urge to say this.

Trump's Nato blunder: one stick versus a bundle of sticks.

Today, activists passed out fake versions of The Post around D.C.

Ali Velshi's Silver Lining: Americans helping Americans during shutdown

UK Commons "No Confidence" vote coming up shortly...

Who will get rid of our real and present danger?

'Space Force' Workplace Comedy Series From 'The Office's Steve Carell & Greg Daniels Ordered By Netf

Can government employees accept tips?

Theresa May No Confidence vote beginning now...

Protesters disrupt Wheeler confirmation hearing

Rick Wilson: "Why not just hang a red lantern outside, boys?"

Please tell this ReTHUG loser on my TV that it's Speaker Pelosi and not Nancy and CHuck

Why the hell is the stock market taking off. t's almost like Wall Street likes mainstream suffering

Pelosi to Drumpt on SOTU Address

Johannes Brahms Piano Concerto #1

Turkey seeks warrant for NBA player Enes Kanter

GOP just upheld lifting sanctions

William Barr Supported Pardons In An Earlier D.C. 'Witch Hunt': Iran-Contra

WaPo, April 7, 1913: Wilson To Read Message In House... Washington Is Amazed

Filing: OxyContin maker forecast 'blizzard of prescriptions'

BREAKING: Theresa May survives "No Confidence" debate by 19 votes....

We're talking about Trump's wall instead of Mueller -- and that's the point: CNN host

Nancy is Brilliant!

Government shutdown likely to delay Skagit steelhead fishery

This barbershop gives cash rewards to kids who read while getting their haircut 💈💵

County harassment trainer let go after harassment complaints

The spin cycle will say that Deripaska has aluminum price control ....

May's government survives no confidence vote

A not very bright person tried to impersonate Comey to Benjamin Wittes...

Pelosi Brings Down The Gavel, Punishes Dem Who Opposed Her Speakership Bid

Washington governor highlights climate in State of the State

Hidden Motives behind Key GOP Leaders' Cooperation with Trump & Russia

Commentary: What Inslee brings to the campaign stump

Don't Negotiate with Hostage Takers - By Josh Marshall

Charlie Shamp: Pete Rose Will Enter The Hall of Fame as a Sign of Christ's Imminent Return

Paccar rolls out zero emission electric Kenworth truck with Toyota at CES

Roku U-turns on InfoWars

Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence calls out fake Twitter quote praising fast food at White House

Ferguson v. Trump: Judge's census ruling is AG's 18th victory

Homeless man rewarded for helping Chiefs player before playoff game

BTRTN 2020 Vision: The Democratic Field by the Numbers

BTRTN 2020 Vision: The Democratic Field by the Numbers

BTRTN 2020 Vision: The Democratic Field by the Numbers

Rick Gates Tells Mueller About Trump Team's Dealings With Israeli Intelligence Firm

White House Calls King's White Supremacist Comments 'Abhorrent'

John Engler, Michigan State's Interim Leader, Says Some of Larry Nassar's Victims Enjoy Spotlight

Cartoons 1/16/19

John Engler, Michigan State's Interim Leader, Says Some of Larry Nassar's Victims Enjoy Spotlight

The only things Trump has in common w/Jesus is they both hung out with hookers & used ghostwriters.

House Democratic leaders try to avert censure vote on Rep. Steve King

Michigan State president faces ouster amid Nassar fallout

Try to imagine missing a paycheck

Active Measures

List of YEAs, NAYs, and Not Voting on sanction vote

There are now 77 major or significant Walls built around the world, says you know who...

Last night I saw Barry Jenkins' "If Beale Street Could Talk"

Pharmaceutical Advertising

What Happens Now May's Deal Was Rejected? - Brexit Explained

How Is It OK for CNN to Hire John Kasich?

Why is Trump taking credit of the US being the hottest economy in the world?

Trump's pick to replace Kavanaugh on Appeals Court -- this is the best he could do?

I'm glad that MI Secretary of State is pushing back against GOP lame duck

Kevin McCarthy blames Paul Ryan for Steve King situation...

Bill Barr in 2017: "uranium deal" & "emails" warrant investigation, not "so-called" collusion.

Chef Jose Andres sets up relief kitchen "right on Pennsylvania Avenue, between the Capitol & the WH"

Winter Storm Harper a Major Snowstorm Friday Into the Weekend From the Midwest to Northeast

-- more than a half dozen House freshmen (including @aoc) have come over here and come into the senat

Update: Suspect in Boise mass stabbing seeks to change name to 'Eternal Love'

TV journalist Chris Hansen arrested for bouncing checks

Waters says she'll investigate Mick Mulvaney's actions at CFPB

American Jason Spindler, 9/11 World Trade Center Survivor, Among 14 Killed in Nairobi Terror Attack

Interesting: Sean Patrick Maloney (Gay) defends Tulsi Gabbard...

Anyone thinking Mitt Romney is gonna be any different than any other Repuke??

Tiny Cleftie Puppy Grows Up Into A BIG Boy:EARL!

Senator (Whitehouse) says congress almost ready for Trump indictment.

Remember when the GOP was concerned about guests in the Clinton WH sleeping in the Lincoln bedroom?

Evaluation of GSA's Management and Administration of the Old Post Office Building Lease

Here's an idea - trump can give the SOTU address at this year's White House Correspondents Dinner!

Michelle Obama is 55 tomorrow Jan 17th....

Former House candidate launches PAC to convince young mothers to run

"It took a woman."

"Submit Your SOTU In Writing." Pelosi Is An Absolute GENIUS.

Nancy Pelosi isn't "asking"

Here's my contrib of a pleasant thread regarding things in nature

Cat knows how to finish what others start:

"Where did you park the fucking car, Brenda?"

"I hope you haven't spent your month's wages on something expensive and unnecessary again."

When you're at a party and you only know one person.

Support Mesa Verde National Park: Special Colorado License Plate Petition

When you wave at someone you think you know and then realize you don't.

He's going to be indicted

Soon the world would know his name and what he was capable of.

When people try to make me eat healthy food.

What's for Dinner, Wed., Jan. 16, 2019

Luckovich-You are on a time-out

Why is God so Angry?

Federal agency 'improperly' ignored constitutional concerns before allowing Trump to keep lease to h

Gates Tells Mueller About Dealings With Israeli Firm

Maybe it's time to revisit this metaphor.

The next move-not sure how it will be justified.

Civilians beaten and abducted in major Zimbabwe crackdown

republican party's view of steve king's career:

Shut down the airports to open up the Gov't

The Falkirk Wheel. Cool engineering and fascinating public works project

Federal agency 'improperly' ignored constitutional concerns before allowing Trump to keep lease...

Fifty-five years ago today, "Hello, Dolly!" opened on Broadway.

House Democrats have neat trick to force GOP to choose either help for their states or Trump's wall

How the hell do these racist morons think we're going to put a border wall on 1,200 miles of river??

Bernie Sanders does NOT SHOW UP to vote on Russian sanctions

I hope the government workers who are not getting paid don't have to put up with it much longer.

The Pain of Trump's Shutdown!?

Mason Lowe, 25-year-old professional bull rider, dies from injuries at Denver event

This one thing will always be true . . . . .

Republicans voted to lift the sanctions on Russia? Are they now openly, officially Russians?

Massive spinning Ice Disc forms on Maine river

Here's How the Shutdown Is Delaying Climate Data and Undercutting Scientists

Damage to Ancient Carving of Egyptian Couple Was Meant to Hurt Them in the Afterlife

The Faux president and McConnell and the Rethugs need to be asked on a daily basis

So Russia fucks with our election - we get shithead. fucks with Brexit - they are in their mess.

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez and Rep. Himes to discuss aspects of engaging constituents via Twitter

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #6-2: House Of Carbs Edition

So, are the shutdown and the wall just a distraction

Boy, when will it be acknowledged that the Republicans are colluding with Russia?

Manafort was chatting with A SENIOR ADMINISTRATION OFFICIAL (I missed this part yesterday!!!)

Frum tweet:

Great Dan Rather Facebook post from Monday

Lawyer: California siblings 'survivors' of years of torture

Led by Bernie Sanders - Democrats Introduce $15 dollar Minimum Wage Bill

Ballistics tests prove Illinois man innocent in murder case

Photo of some great eggs:

In Trump world, Reality is negotiable...

Bogus Washingtonpost distributed saying Trump has left office "Celebrations breakout worldwide"

He's a punk.

STRONG Democratic field in our future but is there a future?

Unbearable stench: Giant sewage spill befouls Peru's capital

Trump is a Russian agent because the alternative is too awful...

Pelosi is right to say no to Trump's speech. Holding it now would convey that things are normal.

Mayor's killing in Poland sparks anger against hate speech

Brian Kemp is not the legitimate governor of Georgia. (THREAD)

It's almost time...a few short weeks...

So when do we just cut to the third act and freeze Russian assets in the US? Just sayin...

I agree Speaker Pelosi, there should be no State of the Union speech.

'Not the greatest crisis': Trump's EPA pick downplays climate threat

USDA recalls workers to help with farm loans, taxes; data uncertain

Central American women fleeing domestic violence deserve refugee status

Pressure should be put on media

Ann Coulter runs our immigration policy...!

Moschino has been accused of using the code word "Serena" to refer to black shoppers

Nancy Pelosi's Power Move on the State of the Union

Trump's shutdown has nothing to do with a wall. Part of obstruction.

More than a shutdown: this is a hostile restructuring

Shopko Stores files for bankruptcy, plans 100 store closings

Why making clergy mandatory reporters won't solve the Catholic abuse crisis

Who is REALLY in charge???

Grammy-nominated album shines light on transgender pioneer

Grammy-nominated album shines light on transgender pioneer

"The Standing Dead of Aspen Ridge"

Anyone watch Undercover Boss on CBS? Next episode will be a blockbuster!!

"You cannot rant against the elite when you're behaving like one of its members."

Women strive for larger roles in male-dominated religions

SOTU DIY - complete this sentence: "Fellow Americans, the state of our union is..."

Seth Abramson working on unveiling the massive Middle Eastern influence on Trump campaign

The 64,000 dollar question.

Houston native, a 9/11 survivor, killed in Nairobi terror attack

Key West moves to ban sunscreens that could damage reefs

Pence declares 'ISIS is defeated' hours after attack kills Americans in Syria

Rhetorical question

Heh. Point?

Bernie Sanders meets with 2016 campaign staffers who raised sexual harassment allegations

How One Socialist Lawmaker Is Trying to Change His State's Pro-Business Policies

Seth Abramson....Erik Prince and Elliott Brody are both Russian tools

Trump taps free government labor to execute political agenda

Line for Crawfish/mud bugs outside Houston

Trump 'inclined' to impose new U.S. auto tariffs: senator

Don't worry, she'll be OK. It's just a stage she's going through.

Rick Gates Tells Mueller About Trump Team's Dealings With Israeli Intelligence Firm

Hundreds gather to see new Navajo Nation leaders sworn-in to office

After four Americans die in Syria, Jim Jordan (R-Gropeywrestling) celebrates ...

Ari is going to look at Hillary's warnings about Putin's puppet

Fugelsang: This yr's SOTU address could be a lot like Vietnam, as Trump may well not be there.

"There's no difference between Democrats and Republicans." Riiiight.

Gym 'the Creep' Jordan hits the shower...where no one hears

seize trumps property

ESPN's Stephen A. Smith: Trump serving fast food to Clemson team was 'disgraceful' and 'classless'

GOP holds meeting. All Hail Putin becomes new ceremonial opening. They await Kremlin desires.

Steve King is toast....burnt...

I miss the voice and sensibilities of Al Franken

Luckovich-SOTU to be given only White House staff

[Video] Singer Cardi B speaks out against 45 and the government shutdown

Memo to Steve King, Congressman R-IA!

John Engler to resign from job as Michigan State University 'Interim President' post

Behind the scenes at the White House during Trump's government shutdown

Those Tiny Cotton Sprouts China Grew on the Moon? They're Dead Now

I still think Jon Tester would be a hell of a candidate

I was given a 30 day free access key to Showtime... What should I watch?

Top HUD official's departure follows disagreements over housing policy and Puerto Rico disaster fund

Pentagon developing plan to scrutinize recruits with green cards and other foreign ties, memos show

Al-Shabab says Kenya attack in response to Trump

Two Republicans Push 'Border Bonds' to Let Americans Finance a Wall

White Supremacist Who Harassed Vermont Lawmaker Crashes Her Press Conference

3 minutes & 57seconds.. Don't Give Up..Josh Groban..a favorite of mine..enjoy

I am so thankful for Nancy Pelosi....

Shopko files for bankruptcy, will close 105 stores, including 16 in Wisconsin

The Hamberder King in chief with Puttie and Kimmie,

Newspaper Apologizes After It Removed Trump Dig From 87-Year-Old Woman's Obituary

El Chapo trial shows why a wall won't stop drugs from crossing the US-Mexico border

El Chapo trial shows why a wall won't stop drugs from crossing the US-Mexico border