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Archives: January 21, 2019

Watching "The Matrix" on AMC...interesting censorship choices.....

...all for want

Ex-deputy to Argentine bishop says Vatican knew of misdeeds

The Supermoon is stunningly beautiful

The GOP Rep for the Covington High Racists says he is proud of them

A break from the anxiety and stress with otters

Statement from Nick Sandmann the teenager who was in Nathan Phillip's face

Taunted Native American gives emotional response to incident during Indigenous Peoples March

Ana Cabrera on CNN is trying to get someone to say that Dump's become more empathetic

Melissa Sargent's too cool for school.

I Hate the Patriots.. Brady...Because he's a "friend of Trump"

Gap between rich and poor growing, fuelling global anger: Oxfam

The Covington boys were in D.C. for the sole purpose of promoting male control of women's bodies.

Noir me, baby!

The Mayor of Covington, Kentucky, Explains What His City Stands For

Did Rudy put himself in jeopardy?? Or is he giving trump a defense? An out?

James Fallows on the Covington incident and Gary Hart on the Trump moment

So mcTurtle will not vote to help American workers, but will allow a vote to save a Russian oligarch

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez rejects Aaron Sorkin's call for new Democrats to grow up

"Here's what I wish the Democrats would say to Trump:


I like this tweet

Trump: "To all of the great people who are working so hard for your Country and not getting paid..."

You didn't live unless you had the Oscar Goldman with the exploding briefcase

"Friendship is the best!"

Trump - A loser without empathy

Tulsi Gabbard says she has no regrets about meeting with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad

"If it weren't for double standards, the Republican Party would have no standards at all."

NYT Krugman: The Real Governments of Blue America

Keb Mo-You Don't Have To Explain

If the tRump GOP were a separate party from the regular GOP

Pelosi is winning battle with Trump because she's better at her job

Israeli military strikes Iranian targets inside Syria

Here they come; Andrew Yang doesn't mince his words.

Terrorism in a broader definition is the killing

McConnell to Pair Bills to Reopen Government With Trump's Immigration Plan

How many Scaramucci's will Anthony Scramucci last on CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER?

In Business and Governing, Trump Seeks Victory in Chaos

Amazing interactive of the US-Mexico Border from WAPO: Please take the time to look at it.

Here we go again: Blackface Video Has Elite New York Private School in an Uproar

Thousands of caravan migrants request temporary asylum in Mexico; some try returning to US

On the Texas-Mexico border: Crisis? What crisis?

The Washington Post has published a detailed geographic analysis of the entire US/Mexico border

McConnell and Pelosi Have a Fraught Relationship. The Shutdown Hasn't Helped.

GOP senators try to figure out how closely to run with Trump

***ANOTHER*** Bad Referee Call !!!

another brick in the wall

Trump two years in: The dealmaker who can't seem to make a deal

George Conway: 'Insane' if Trump spoke to Cohen about testimony

US is winning globalization's next wave without the trade wars

Rep. Thomas Massie claims media misrepresented Covington Catholic incident

Costly neutral zone infraction

Fun pics of Obama's inauguration .

Experts warn of persistent ISIS threat after suicide bombing

Santo & Johnny - Sleep walk

Mark of the beast

Nicholas Sandmann Statement

Israel strikes Iranian targets in Syria - military

environmental laws waived to build wall

When the media or people come out, and say the Democrats "need" to compromise, I hope that the

Melania tweets about her "unforgettable two years. serving this great nation," while at Mar-a-Lago.

Ready to rumble?

Another overtime game

Trump's new hairstyle

East coast West coast. May the best cheater win!

Another Tom Brady Superbowl.....

Trump has no public events on Monday

I am already predicting this will be the least watched

New England again...(yawn)

god damnit

Name a sport with a worse overtime setup than the NFL

Lake effect snow in full color, brought to you by Mother Nature, BEAUTIFUL !!

Smoking cessation

Rams-Patriots Reboot.

my common law wife of 20+ years is in ICU --- updates in thread

'I will stand up for what I believe in' Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand says -- but what she believes quickly

It's a Grandson!

MAGA kid thinks he did nothing wrong

Watch Live Now! Slooh Webcast of Super Blood Wolf Moon

NYMag - Bernie Sanders and the Lies We Tell White Voters

Feedback on Lyft sought

Happy birthday 🎂 ACLU!

For Sarg :) You might dig this The original Xibaba :) (Airto Moreira)

Nick Sandmann: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Clouds clear just in time for eclipse

What is really behind the shutdown and comments by some administration and Congressional

Patriots the early pick in Las Vegas books

Man Saves Tiny Puppies From Dumpster

trump's missed opportunity

Has Buzzfeed gotten specific as to what they got wrong yet?

What is "whataboutism"?

I hate it when I agree with Ann Coulter....

Rick Steve's produces a story on fascism. I don't know how to embed it.

Giant rotating ice disk stops moving

While it is colder than a well digger's ass here in the DC suburbs, it was worth braving it . . . .

Wall? What wall?

Defiant Pelosi Begins Swimming To Afghanistan After Individual-1 Denies Use Of Government Plane

LA Times: SpaceX moving some Mars spaceship and booster work to Boca Chica

MAGA Hat-Wearing Teen Claims He Was 'Helping To [Defuse] The Situation'

Individual1 Postpones Grand Opening Of Trump Tower Moscow Until Fuss Over Bombshell Report Dies Down

Echo and the Bunnymen - The Killing Moon (Video)

Plastics company fined almost $122K for polluting South Texas waterway

What Is the Far Right's Endgame? A Society That Suppresses the Majority.

AtlanticLIVE - Running for president on a universal basic income platform (Andrew Yang)

Lunar Eclipse update; w/ multi-media video and comedy:

How I almost always shut down an argument with Trumpers

Unions look to take advantage of Democratic leadership and strong economy in 2019

A Call to Reinvestigate American Assassinations

Homeless Vietnam Vet sweeps Vietnam Memorial every day during shutdown.

Total Lunar Eclipse tonight!

For Penguin Awareness Day, Enjoy This Rare Photo Of 5 Different Penguin Species

Book by Former Staff Member Describes a White House 'Out of Control'

Jeanne Atkins Will Not Seek Re-Election as Chair of Democratic Party of Oregon

No Daylight Between Chuck and Nancy

In Trump country, Republicans cheer on shutdown: The 'government is our biggest enemy'

For Decades, Clients Trusted a Portland Lawyer to Get Compensation for Their Injuries. It Turns Out

full size chevy made of legos

fotzepolitic - cocteau twins (studio - 1994) - in honor of natures beauty ... a soaring song ...

Farms, More Productive Than Ever, Are Poisoning Drinking Water in Rural America

Tweet of the Day

Farms, More Productive Than Ever, Are Poisoning Drinking Water in Rural America

W.F. Bach: "Duets for Flute & Oboe"/Guillaume Lekeu: "Barberine"/Shafer Mahoney: "Shining River"/

Oregon lawmakers propose unorthodox approach to rent control

Lawmakers eye taxing tourists as gold mine

White Male Privilege Disrupting Portland City Council Meetings, Commissioner Says

Democrats decry Shultz idea to run as independent in 2020

Why the bad reviews for "Glass"? I liked it. (Little bit spoilers.)

WATCH: Natalia Rybka is accosted and brutally manhandled by FSB the moment she touched down in Mosco

Yes. "Roundabout" What Makes this Song Great with Rick Beato

Be Best. America First!

Climate change threatens a majority of mission-critical military bases, Pentagon report says

The 'exhausting' work of factcheckers who track Trump's barrage of lies

Mali: Ten UN peacekeepers killed in 'jihadist' attack

China's economic growth slowest since 1990 amid trade war with US

(Jewish Group) Former Women's March Leader Upbraids 'Antisemite' Linda Sarsour

(Jewish Group) Auschwitz victims laid to rest in UK synagogue ceremony

Auschwitz victims laid to rest in UK synagogue ceremony

Egypt sentences TV host to year in prison for interviewing gay man

Former MLS player Matt Pacifici comes out as gay by introducing his boyfriend to the world

Point to Point Horse racing, amazing jockey skill !!!

As it gets cold animals are attracted to the warmth of vehicles. Check your car before driving.

Quiz: Who shut down the government?

Pelosi's powerful stance has prevented Schumer from looking like a wimp in

Negative cash flow may strain options to fix Oregon PERS

Time: Ivanka granted 5 new trademarks by China

Goldman's tactic in huge Malaysian fraud case: Smear an ex-partner

Bill would allow Oregon to shut down unlicensed food operations

PSA: How to Prep Your Car for Winter

Nothing changes.

Tax advocates push for Oregon to close offshore corporate loophole

Report finds another undisclosed North Korea missile site, says there are 19 more

Historian blisters Mike Pence for comparing Trump to MLK:

Democratic fundraiser Terry Bean charged with sex abuse of minor

"The Rev. Ernest Angley admitted sexual encounter"

Oregon bar failed to protect female customers from drugged drinks, sexual assault, $5M suit says

No transit, no problem (amazing video of guy snowboarding in Montreal)

Standing in -30c on frozen Lake Inari in Finnish Lapland with wide eyes, a big grin and frozen.....

****JANUARY Photo Contest FINALS****

***January Photo Contest Finals are up in GD***

Dunleavy promises budget cuts that could devastate Alaska

Report finds another undisclosed North Korea missile site, says there are 19 more

Governor calls for back payments on Permanent Fund Dividends

Kamala Harris just entered the race. Nt

Why are there no protests of Republican shutdown?

Kamala Harris jumps into presidential race

Good thread about Covington Catholic and the kid in the photo

Kamala Harris. It's Official. SHE'S RUNNING!

What I don't get

Kamala Harris just announced her run for president (videos)

Why are there no protests of Republican shutdown?

Manhunt - binge worthy Netflix show

Loss of accreditation could put university's school of education 'years behind'

Noah Rothman is so far up Donnie Short Fingers ass

Jewelry, guns and money were stolen from the home of one of Alaska's Olympic medalists. But her

Why doesn't msnbc fly a helicopter along the border

Well, once again Ivanka is granted 5 more trademarks approval from China!

Ocasio-Cortez speaks for first time on the House floor.

Anxiety in Alaska as endless aftershocks rattle residents

IMF Sees Weakest Global Growth in Three Years as Europe Slows

World's wealthiest saw their fortunes increase by $2.5 billion a day in 2018: Oxfam

Grassley to test GOP on lowering drug prices

I'm tired of Republicans saying "the ball is in the Democrats court".

Recommendation: Bad Times at the El Royale

What to Do With All the Spices That Have Piled Up in Your Kitchen

HBO is now showing "Brexit" with Benedict Cumberbatch...

China grants Ivanka Trump's defunct company five trademarks

Martin Luther King's Powerful Defense of Identity Politics From Birmingham Jail

Philippines removal from H-2B visa surprises CNMI

I saw that Bird thing movie everybody is talking about. No Sandra Bullock and hardly

Police officer gunned down is the 5th killed in the US this year

The Freepers acted predictably to the Covington students fiasco...

Guam Archbishop Byrnes calls for patience as archdiocese undergoes bankruptcy process

Senate Republicans Surrender to Trump on Shutdown

Live coverage link MLK Events: (Live Now)

Kamala Harris: 'I am running for president of the United States'

OMG this is perfect - The Onion nails the AOC phenomenon

The Rundown: January 18, 2019

"Devin Nunes' Mom" tweets a much-needed ray of hope on this Monday morning.

George Prez Announces His Retirement

Kellyanne Conway stands 'in a class of her own' when it comes to slimy White House power games:...

If one wears a MAGAt hat they might as well be wearing a Klan hood.

Ex-prosecutor takes shot at Jim Jordan over Ohio State sex assault claims before he can question...

Great black hawk in Portland rescued during snowstorm (Maine)

Lady Gaga Shreds Mike Pence: He's the 'Worst Representation' of What It 'Means to Be a Christian'

So Giuliani is pre-confirming what he knows Michael Cohen's Congressional testimony will be?

How Bloomberg plans to create his own lane in 2020

Nothing less than stopping the shutdown should be accepted before the Dems talk.

Only one side is to blame for the shutdown.

Fox & Friends Apologizes for Accidental Graphic Saying Ruth Bader Ginsburg is Dead

Kamala Harris campaign launch video: "For the People"

Just for the record:

Governor approves pay cuts for CNMI lawmakers

Patriots by 3 over the Rams

Another moon pic from last night

Giuliani complicates the Trump-Moscow story for the president

Booker and Bernie plunge into South Carolina

Trump once called CNBC to sad.

Patriots' Win in KC is a Result of a "Heady" Union Rep.

No hamberders for you

Warner: 'News To Me' That Trump Tower Moscow Talks Went On Through Nov. 2016

I don't get the MAGA clown's excuse for harassing the Native American protester

Martin Luther King Jr. and the White Delusion of a 'Non-Racist' America

First salvo fired in Venezuelan independence

American Samoan Prime Minister slams lengthy funeral and church services

MLK's son hits Pence for comparing Trump to his father: He 'was a bridge builder, not a wall builder

Slow motion kick of a water balloon

I received an email from Lamar Alexander . . .

Debate builds over making Mueller report public

A Pentagon Campaign to Keep the Public in the Dark

Living dinosaur:

Don the Con lived 'paycheck to paycheck' too--$10mil to $10mil from dad!

"Get off my porch!" Pup chases bear cubs away:

Trump's shutdown is 'unraveling' the aviation system -- and soon planes will stop flying: union reps

Hide your car keys! Dogs are evolving:

"Where's my rubber ducky?"

Exclusive excerpt: Chris Christie says Trump hired "riffraff"

"That was my high score, Karen!"

Scores of Afghan troops killed in suicide bombing claimed by Taliban

Covington Catholic racist MAGAts . . . there's a pattern:

Dream Maker 1, Dream Taker 0

'Fox & Friends' accidentally shows graphic saying Ruth Bader Ginsburg is dead

Prison in Puerto Rico for Trump

Watch this young boy explain the importance of Martin Luther King's life & death

"Why not President Donald J. Trump Day?" . . . Please come CAPTION the Spud himself!!!

In 4 days, Federal Courts will shut down

Just figured out the perfect allegory for Trump's "deal"...

Reagan-era GOP economy-expert predicts imminent recession, blames Trump.

What the earliest fragments of English reveal

Another reminder: When it's a white man's word against a colored man's, the white man always wins.

Covington Catholic Basketball game

The Tradition of Disrespect for Native Americans

"For here on either side of the wall are God's children and no man-made barrier can obliterate..."

Report: Senate Intel Committee Subpoenas Roger Stone Associate Corsi

How come only ugly women care about feminism???

Are we heading for another economic collapse?

''I give special thx to @BernieSanders and @CoryBooker for joining us here in SC''

And stop this unconventional candidate shit, CNN

The Pontchartrain Causeway this morning....

'Celebrate is not the word that comes to mind.' Ijeoma Oluo honors Martin Luther King

Always look for the silver lining

You know what I'd love today

Monday TOONs 1 - MLK day 2019, 90th anniversay of his birth

Monday TOONs 2 - A Firehose of Corruption and Dumbassery

'Would you like to speak to the president?'

Trump Lashes Out After Democrats Reject Offer To End Shutdown

I went to a Catholic school. Covington is only a Catholic school by name.

Brexit: Theresa May announces plan B after Commons defeat - Politics live

As if I needed more junk calls on my cell phone!...

Trump wants the House back, so he can get things done. NOT THE ONION, folks.

Escaped black lab returns home the next day with some new friends:

Literally, billionaires could chip in and have the 5.7 billion dollars for the immoral wall...

I watched the almost 2 hour video of the conflict with Catholic school kids. Here is my take

NPR - Nathan Phillips says he approached the boys to defend the Black Israelites

'Ancient' Scottish stone circle was built in 1990s

France fines Google nearly $57 million for first major violation of new European privacy regime

Liar-in-chief cannot be trusted with billions

The shutdown has exposed the disaster that is Trumponomics

What the Super Blood Moon looked around the World

''Bernie Sanders was on our flight to Columbia, SC, stopped for photos as soon as he stepped off.''

Notice how Trump has no nickname for Nancy Pelosi?

MLK is rolling in his grave.

Student Nick Sandmann says video of him next to Nathan Phillips has been misrepresented, leading to

Why Trump Lies and Why You Should Care

Hawaii legislators introduce measures to protect sharks, rays

Trump Crows About Manufacturing Job Growth, Swipes at Obama: 'I Guess I Found the MAGIC WAND'

World's 26 richest people own as much as poorest 50%, says Oxfam

Trump voters now blame him for the government shutdown

Fred Guttenberg replies to Don Jr's "stop trying desperately to destroy my family" tweet.

Will Trump pardon the folks who left food and water for immigrants?

McConnell and Pelosi Have a Fraught Relationship. The Shutdown Hasn't Helped.

New proposal would ban hotel guests in Hawaii to bring firearms or ammunition into rooms

Not even once

Covington Catholic High School's Tradition of Bigotry

So appropriate for the day

It's past time to investigate the entire Retrumplican party

Someone must have shamed Donnie Short Fingers into going to the MLK memorial

What does a $1.1 million lobbying contract buy in Trump's Washington?

Two years after Trump asked black voters what they have to lose, the answer is clear: Plenty

President Trump Posts Altered Photos to Facebook and Instagram That Make Him Look Thinner

Twitler's statement at MLK memorial today:

Trump and Pence make brief photo-op at MLK memorial

It's not just Covington Catholic High School

Ten Years Ago Today: First inauguration of Barack Obama as the 44th President of the US

Bill Would Lower Voting Age To 16 For State And Local Elections

A word or two about PC -- A free association rant.

"A MAGA hat is just a Klan hood that was made in China."

OMG: Say hello to Sancho. He is extremely puppared for his walk today.

Trump and Pence Spend 'About a Minute or Two' at MLK Memorial After Media Criticism

Zimbabwe high court orders government to restore full internet

Minimum Wage Hike Gets Immediate Support As Legislature Convenes

U.S. issues security alert for Juarez after wave of drug cartel, gang attacks on police

President Trump made 8,158 false or misleading claims in his first two years

When do we build a wall around Kentucky? I hope this shit storm never ends for that school.

An electability test that you can apply to any Democratic candidate.

Covington Catholic High School is an example of an "Exclusive" School.

Who's Really Behind the World's Most Popular Free VPNs?

if the shutdown continues for another month...

One 1st grade teachers "assignment" for her students...MLK Day...🕯

What about repealing the tax cuts to pay for the wall

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Casually Joins Gaming Live Stream For a Good Cause

When will the media figure out Trump is taking his orders from Putin?

He Jiankui: China condemns 'baby gene editing' scientist

Fox and Friends Apologizes for False Ruth Bader Ginsburg Obit Graphic

GenXers - We're officially forgotten.

Food Banks around the country are helping the federal workers who are having a hard time.

2,500 retailers unable to process food stamps; can't renew EBT debit card licenses due to shutdown

We need a president who will honor our leaders and our history

Are there any good books out there about American WWII maintenance depots?

LIMBOsevic fiendishly defending the Kovington KKKids because of course.

"You've got to be taught to hate"

Any guesses when they are going to hit the 21st Century?

Trump thinks he's talking to a random citizen, asks them if they are "Trump or Hillary?"

Photos: @BernieSanders is still out here fighting the good fight on #MLK day.

Air traffic delays in BOS... not ice!

Have a hypothetical question....

Russia acknowledges new missile but says it does not breach treaty

An incendiary tweet from one of our newly elected Congresswomen:

Trump's utterly moving and presidential 2 fucking minute "surprise" visit to MLK memorial

The NFL will consider making pass interference calls reviewable after Rams-Saints gaffe

Team of Vipers: Book by Former Staff Member Describes a White House 'Out of Control'

Former Covington Catholic basketball player Jake Walter charged with rape, sodomy

House speaker proposes new tax to fund paid leave for Maine workers

First to download from the cloud ever.

With House, Dems eager to bring DeVos under closer oversight

Trump paid for good print and polls - investigators must assume he'd pay for good talk radio too

Kamala Harris, African American???

As Beto O'Rourke Weighs 2020 Run, Democrats Chafe at His Go-It-Alone Style

Has anyone posted their resume on Indeed or Monster?

Bernie Sanders Goes There: 'We Have a President of the United States Who is a Racist'

And God Spoke

Fucking Dave. He's only been to the gym once. (shadow boxing cat)

Kamala Harris holds a news conference after announcing her presidential bid.

"No one said shit about a fucking dress code." (march of the penguins)

Post a line from a movie & see if anyone knows the movie without using Google..Part XXl

Stephen Miller has expanded his power in the White House 'because there is no one else there'

"Steve, I clogged the toilet again." (A man and his bear)

Sen. Kamala Harris's 2020 policy agenda: $3 trillion tax plan, tax credits for renters, bail reform,

"Surprise, Motherfucker!" (cat vs dog edition)

"Draw me like one of your French girls."

BTRTN's Annual Major League Baseball Hall of Fame Predictions: Mariano, Edgar and the Moose

"Say hello to my little friend!"

BTRTN's Annual Major League Baseball Hall of Fame Predictions: Mariano, Edgar and the Moose

Security forces in Zimbabwe kill 12 protesters in broadest crackdown on unrest in years

BTRTN's Annual Major League Baseball Hall of Fame Predictions: Mariano, Edgar and the Moose

Trump voters now blame him for the government shutdown

I'm getting pretty worried here.

Senator Kamala Harris at the 2017 HRC National Dinner

"Look at me not keeping off the lawn, fuckers!"

This video contradicts Sandmann's statement.

MLK was a militant RADICAL, not a Disney character..63% of Americans were against him in the 60s

It pains me to post this (Tom Brady related)

Theresa May's Brexit Plan B leaves Parliament underwhelmed

"Risky Business", owl edition:

About the 'Jamaicanness' of Kamala Harris

Senators Booker, Sanders, call for action in King Day speeches

27-year-old INCEL arrested in Provo after alleged threats against 'as many girls as I see'

My take on why noun verb 9/11 is changing the story

Fugelsang schools College Republicans RE: MLK Day...

summary of the events leading to the stare down.

Honest questions that I am unsure of.

University of Oklahoma sorority kicks out student who filmed blackface routine

The prick and vice prick visited the MLK memorial for two minutes

Charles Pierce: State of Play-Covington Catholic School

Islamic State targets US convoy in northeast Syria

RI Ranked One of Most Impacted States by Federal Shutdown

Louisiana eyecare clinic offers free exams to NFL refs

I do not want to hear one shutdown complaint from any Grover Norquist cultist.

Get used to it: The 'I-word' -- impeachment -- is about to dominate Trump coverage

So Mitch can I call you Mitch, is this how you work...............Where's Mitch................

The Atlantic: IMPEACH

Even on a Monday morning, Rick Wilson is wicked funny. 😂😂😂

Stephen Miller has expanded his power in the White House 'because there is no one else there'

House GOP revives long-shot FBI probe

Ruth Bader Ginsburg to have cameo in The Lego Movie 2

Money - TSA Workers Are Now Quitting Because of the Government Shutdown, Union Says

AP FACT CHECK: Trump's murky claims on weather, shutdown

I trust the Democratic Presidential nomination process

Draw your own conclusions: Trump legal team "reached out" to Mueller's office RE: BuzzFeed article

Egypt TV host Mohamed al-Ghiety jailed for interviewing gay man

Cook for the Beloved Community.

Battle of the billionaires: Trump could face a super-rich challenger in 2020

something really cool happened to me this weekend

Trump thanks federal workers awaiting paychecks, calling them 'great patriots,' as partial shutdown

Pelosi shows how to perfectly own a narcissist like Trump: therapist

Gizmodo: Trump Posts Altered Photos to Facebook and Instagram That Make Him Look Thinner

It's hard to make a list of shameful Trump moments when 'collusion' is threatening to dwarf them all

Russian warships scrambled to intercept two U.S. Navy destroyers in Baltic Sea - media Read more on

Senate GOP could change rules to speed Trump nominees' confirmation

President Donald Trump Lays Wreath At MLK Memorial Statue NBC News

More video: The poor babies are so innocent!

10% of TSA workers called off Sunday.

Trump's approval ratings are historic--historically bad, right as debate rages about his fitness

Joe Biden: White America 'has to admit there's still a systemic racism'

Rep. Larsen says ending shutdown comes before other issues

France and Germany to seal new deal as Brexit looms

Worst actors? Johnny Depp and Amber Heard among Razzie Award nominees

You say you want a revolution?

Waiting and waiting for the utility guys to come for an annual furnace cleaning....

Martin Luther King Jr.'s other dream for children

Hey you you know this has to be done with the FAA......

Local federal workers react to Trump's announcement

Do you know where your children are?

Graham angers Dems by digging into Clinton, Obama controversies

Don't be mad at the Pats. Be mad at the horrible AFC East and How to Fix It

Think About This For A Second....

news is confirming... the Covington Catholics in blackface... here if video

'We're one bad email away' from proving House GOP is guilty of obstructing justice: Senator

MLK Jr. on walls

Wrong Forum...Sorry

I love Connie Schultz's columns

Which one of you broke the vase?!?!

Spurned Utah man arrested for threatening to go on shooting rampage and kill 'as many girls as I see

Post a line from a TV show & see if anyone knows the show without using Google..Part 22

Covington Catholic High School Motto - "They Have to be Carefully Taught"

Kamala Harris 'For The People' - After Announcing

Why there were so many Russians hanging around the White House?

Silly swipes at AOC

I shudder to think what Jesus would go through if he went to a Catholic high school...signed,his Dad

Cartoons 1/21/19

I understand NASA would like to put a man on Mars. I can get them there, easy-peezy.

My current personal rankings of announced and probable Democratic presidential candidates

WHy is the DU advertising "Free Trump Hats" for 2020

Onion: Fox News Debuts Premium Channel For 24-Hour Coverage Of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

WOW! dumdum visited Martin Luther King memorial today!!

Emin Agalarov, Russian singer linked to Trump family, cancels upcoming North American tour

"Impeachment will rip the country apart"

After being in Europe and Africa and Asia a few times

It would have been a nice olive branch to have Elija Cummings there w/Pence, Individual-1

Abraham Martin and John

Here are your poor little victimized white boys.

Covington Catholic High School Has Apparently Shut Down Its Website.

Oh Rudy!

Cohen Threatened CNBC That Trump Would Sue After 2014 Poll Disappointment

On MLK day, a little 2018 revisit: Donald Trump's Racism: The Definitive List (NYT)

Hakeem Jeffries: "Jim Crow may be dead he's still got some nieces & nephews that are alive & well."

GOP leader: Pelosi bears responsibility for party's lack of diversity

On #MLKDay remember...... Trump's base views on ANYTHING are meaningless

Robert Reich: Trump's Shutdown Reveals Trumponomics for the Failure That They Are (Grifted)

MLK's Son Shuts Down Pence: My Father Was A 'Bridge Builder, Not A Wall Builder'


I like Kamala Harris. I'm on the Kamala Harris train until further notice.

Is the idea of an all boys or all girls school a good one?

CNN: Trump's Team Contacted Mueller Morning After Buzzfeed Report!

The Best Breakfast Sandwich I've Ever Made

'Doesn't Matter How People Spin It': Native American Says MAGA Teens Were Harassing Tribal Elder...

New York Dem Legislature is on Fire! Bundle of new laws passed...

My Client Resigned From the WH. It's Time for Trump to Think About His Children and Do the Same

New videos show moments before students' confrontation with Omaha Tribe's Nathan Phillips

Sen. Harris has assembled an amazing team including best election law lawyer-Marc Elias

I'll take a thousand migrants.

House GOP revives long-shot FBI probe

Jon Cryer's zinger tweet on the Groping Donald's planned trip to Vietnam...

The government that goes wrong


Above the clouds

Finding A Way In Trump's America Through MLK's 'Drum Major Instinct'

MLK at the Berlin Wall

Do all religions want sheeple, while Jesus wants sheep dogs, like Gnostic Christians?

Expelled? I want those little shits EXCOMMUNICATED

Mitch McConnell..."gravedigger of American Democracy"

For those attempting to defend the Covington Catholic High School boys:

The Pope meets with indigenous peoples.

Trump Photoshops Images To Make Himself Thinner

You KNOW that if he could get away with this one, he'd do it in a heartbeat.

CNN - What TSA is telling key officials to say about the shutdown

The Hill - MLK weekend marks longest span without a press briefing in Trump presidency

U2 - Pride(In the Name of Love)

The Wonkette: A 2020 Democratic Primary Primer, For Kids!

Gay mayor Pete Buttigieg might be running for US President in 2020

It's the 61st anniversary of the first gay rights wins at the U.S. Supreme Court

"Are you tired of winning yet?"

'Gay' 10-year-old's sister details extreme torture their parents inflicted before his death

I'm excited about our Dem and potential Dem

Peace vs hate. The context of Nathan Phillips and the Indigenous Peoples March.

Covington is a suburb of Cincinnati...

Why Michael Cohen did not get a job in the Trump White House?

Literally the STUPIDEST analogy EVER

What we are coming to (1895):

Idle no more

To Save the Sound of a Stradivarius, a Whole City Must Keep Quiet

What Trump could do to bring the country together.

Post a line from a TV commercial & see if anyone knows the product without using Google..Part 6

Echol Cole and Robert Walker

To Those Interested Listen To Randi Rhodes

Well, well, well... So I was NOT crazy to think something didn't smell right.

Kat Chi

More Undisclosed Missile Sites Found In North Korea

Trump has no intention of re-opening the Government.

I've No More F***s To Give!

A real President would invite Nathan Philips to the White House and start a national discussion

Occupy Hart

Trump voters now blame him for the government shutdown

Climate: 'The Garden of Eden Is No More' David Attenborough To DAVOS

Republican claims blacks and whites were lynched at equal rates in MLK Day message

Now for some old time jazz guitar...

Where the fuck has the gravitas gone?

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