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Archives: January 22, 2019

Impeachment is what we ALL want for sure! BUT

Platteville, WI policeman finds and adopts black kitten...

"Out of many. We are one."

Trump lauds federal employees as 'great patriots,' promises to 'win big' on border wall

Wow! Today's my 79th birthday! Simply impossible to believe!

Donald Trump: The First Catholic President? NEW from CVTV:

Rudy walking back his lies....

All this talk about helping the FedWorkers brings home to me how many of us know ZERO about poors

"It wasn't roaring, it was weeping."

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Dawg gonnit. Good girl!

If we had known....?


Labour Calls For Vote That Could Spark Second Brexit Referendum

Who is Nathan Phillips? Years ago, Omaha Tribe member said spiritual journey was grounded in .......

Might Trump replace TSA furloughed workers with the military?

New York Passes a Ban on 'Conversion Therapy' After Years-Long Efforts

Trump asked Paul Ryan why he couldn't be 'loyal': book

Paul Krugman: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez exposes average congressional Republican as "dumb as a rock""

Merkley Reveals Secret Trump Administration Plan to Create Border Crisis.

NY City Council discuss workers 'Right to Disconnect' bill

Wouldn't you agree that it's time we had a smooth function...

Covington Catholic High School video still available!

Sandman, AKA, 'Jack Merridew' character from "Lord of the Flies": mommy got him a PR agent?

I saw my oncologist today for my 6 month follow-up

Do Not Give in to Trump Blackmail

Kentucky gay Kid being harassed by Covington Catholic Boys

What happened to trump's hand?

From Facebook - From DC

Fascinating list of the 7 social classes in 1841 England. Esp. the 7th.

Twitter suspends account that helped ignite controversy over viral encounter (false flag account)

This seems like a good time to post (again) about opportunity costs.

Republicans are still convinced that ActBlue won us the 2018 election.

Now For Something Totally Different

Five reasons Trump may be a one-termer

THIS why is this not being played as a commercial?

Tribal Rights Attorney Disputes Teens Account: 'I Witnessed Something That Was Very Aggressive'

Photo: Bernie Sanders, Florence SC

Senator Whitehouse: 'Bad Email' Could Show GOP Obstructed Justice

Giuliani: Trump does not remember whether Trump Tower Moscow talks went through election

MAGAts emboldened after Cov Catholic?

We need more police officers like this.

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Treason's Greetings!

John Kelly said getting fired 'would be the best day I've had': report

Ministry - Jesus Built My Hotrod (Video Version)

Trump Is Turning America into Another Bankrupt Casino

Ministry - Just One Fix-

Rep Swallwell on people at ATL affected by #TrumpShutdown

Rachel: easy way to really screw up the FBI's ability to function is to take away their

Twitter suspends account that helped ignite controversy over viral encounter

Hindsight is 20/20 and the power of dollar cost averaging

Georgia hunter threatened over photos with dead elephant speaks out

More videos - CatholicCovington boys will be boys -

Deripaska will make MILLIONS due to lifted Russian sanctions!

Ministry - N.W.O

Which Presidential Candidate would you most like to work for?

26 Billionaires Own The Same Wealth As The Poorest 3.8 Billion People

Jolene - Pentatonix & Dolly Parton


Funniest headline I've seen today, from Crooks and Liars.

To my fellow members of the Who Dat Nation

Reading a novel about the ice age, more patriarchy

Need a link please - when Trump and Sessions came into office

Beautiful portrait of Nathan Phillips

376 migrants, including 179 kids, used 7 tunnels to get under the US border fence in Arizona

Donald Trump chooses a side...again

Your safety is in his hands...

Note to wingnut media yakkers: Learn the pronunciation of "Kamala" - long two years ahead

I HATE AP Radio News:

Barbara Boxer says that there is an "emergency" but it is not the "wall"...

Found on Facebook regarding CovCath.

Martin Luther King Jr on Berlin wall-On either side are God's children and no wall can obliterate it

Sorry if this has already been posted, but this illustration perfectly sums up Trump on MLK day.

(NOT an endorsement) Of the currently announced 2020 candidates I think Harris is the frontrunner.

OK - How bad can these Covington kids get? Another photo I haven't seen before

Trump's Former Chief Of Staff Says His Best Day In The White House Was When He Was Fired

Dailymail's lead story: points out that no one is covered in blue paint at covington "blue out"

As always, David Brooks gets it totally wrong...or at least, incomplete.

The Lonesome River

My response to David Brooks and to all other Covington defenders

'Bikini Hiker' Who Posed on Top of Mountains in Swimwear Freezes to Death Following Fall

Trump tags Tucker Carlson in his tweet about Covington student.

Ron Perlman doesn't hold back!

"Somehow we will soldier on"

Is Trump done with the Presidency?

Glenn Kirschner, on Lawrence's Show, said everybody was looking for a "smoking gun"...

How MLK's Assassination was Hidden by William Barr

Bankruptcy judge gives Ford, Toyota permission to sever RDAG relationships

How will Congress investigate Drumpf

"Never mind!" Gilda Radner as Emily Litella, 1975-79; Rudy Giuliani as an attorney, 2019. nt

Real Time w Bill Mahar joke:

Lindsay Graham is a weasel!

Baylor sorority in hot water after singalong video with N-word

Marc Edwards Is a Sad Victim of Our Modern Political Era (Flint water crisis)

S T- "Alone"

NC-09 voter fraud hearing on Tuesday Jan 22

You can find a lot of movies on this Russian website

NC09 hearing set for Tuesday; Mark Harris will not attend

Seeing people on FB say the wall for DACA is a good deal.

Sign of the year!

Officials: De Queen hospital owner delinquent on taxes; operator owes in seven states

Sarah Silverman responds to Trump's "Melania is a great first lady who doesn't get credit" tweet.

We had to hit the reset button on the cat.

Did my prelim taxes today and I am paying more than last year, sucks!

The Daily Show - Martin Luther King, Jr.: Not Just an Excuse for a Mattress Sale

The Daily Show - Martin Luther King, Jr.: Not Just an Excuse for a Mattress Sale

Greta Van Fleet on SNL sent me into a flashback...

new Fyre documentary on Netflix. Wow...

Seth Meyers - No One Likes Trump's Latest Shutdown Offer: A Closer Look

Body Count au Hellfest 2018

Anybody catch the ending to Steven Universe, Diamond Days?


What is the point of giving Rodeo Clown Giuliani any air time?

Razzie Nominations out. Donnie's not gonna be happy .

It's even worse than you saw, and I'm still not over it.

I Knew This Was Coming. Now They're Innocent Little Angels Being Victimized By Meanie Liberals

I have a Trigger Finger

TSA and Air Traffic Control

Logically, in ANY national emergency, ALL US Federal Govt agencies should be fully operational n/t

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Trump vs The Left, Pelosi & Cardi B

Should Kamala Harris be Worried ? SHe already "Lost" Bill O'Reilly's Vote

The firm that put out the statement re Covington has ties to Mitch McConnell and KKKarl Rove

Tweet of the Day

Trump proposal to re-open the government is out and it's more than a 1,000 pages long

Kamala Harris is known to be hysterical

when the earths shadow eats the moon

It's the Lack of Shame

Congresswoman AOC Was Just Interviewed On Stephen Colbert.....

"I shouldn't have said 'tapes' ": the Rudy Giuliani of Rudy Giuliani fuckups

One of the biggest and possibly most impactful story was just given by Rachel.

Is this what we pay the President to do for the USA?

Joan Baez: "Nasty Man" (about Trump)

Sen. Elizabeth Warren: Government shutdown is Trump's fault

Memo from the boss

Self Delete

On PBS TV news, tRump took a quick photo-op at the Martin Luther King monument

39-story tower to break ground in Oakland

We already knew the GOP hated the 14th and 15th amendments, but now we've learned

Victoria Drake plays Mozart: "Concerto in C Major for Flute and Harp"/Manuel Ponce: "Prelude No.1",

"5 minutes of sheer terror": Hackers infiltrate East Bay family's Nest surveillance camera, send

France Is Trying to Reinvent Global Capitalism


So Devin Nunes says that Fusion GPS & Clinton Campaign likely set up the Trump Tower Meeting.

MLK said it:

Wait, Nancy Pelosi is responsible for 'disgusting' San Francisco streets?

Trump's Greatest Folly ...

well I found this funny

Money is the root of all evil...

Tired of the power going off and on and off when it's 8F outside...

Los Angeles proposal: Raise carpool threshold to five people

Fresno County court sues union in attempt to end court reporter strike

Fresno farmworker reaches $1 million settlement in precedent-setting retaliation case

Kamala Harris was shaped by the crucible of San Francisco politics

Shipyard activists take aim at Newsom over Camp Fire cleanup contract

My favorite MLK quote...

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 1/21/19

Huntington Beach 3rd-grader who aspires to be ''first girl president' bumps into Bill Clinton after

The Trump Administration Quietly Changed the Definition of Domestic Violence and We Have No Idea Why

Stephen Colbert: Guest Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez And Stephen Eat Ben & Jerry's

'Solidarity forever': Meet the ardent socialists throwing their weight behind the LAUSD teachers

Hospitals 'furious' at Trump's Medicaid block grant proposal

Denver man, frustrated by virginity, says he'll kill 'as many girls as I see'

Former prosecutor explains what Giuliani may be trying to do -- and why it would be devastatingly bad

Columnist explains how the Republican party switch to the Pro-Russia party

Tesla refuses to pay earned bonuses to laid-off worker, man's wife claims

A rare Stephen Curry dunk attempt did not go well

Medical Students Push For More LGBT Health Training To Address Disparities

Pelosi 'playing chess on 3 boards' with health care

(Jewish Group) Take Note, Women's March: Jewish Existence Is Resistance

@CharlesPPierce: Yeah, they're pretty much the entitled little jackeens you thought they were.

Brea divided over school named for man who some say had ties to Ku Klux Klan

Oz Open spoiler - American Danielle Collins

Florida bill would ban abortions if fetal heartbeat detected

Brexit is a mess - what would Yes Minister's Sir Humphrey ((a fictional character)) do?

Berkeley proposal would force restaurants to charge 25 cents for disposable cups

Conservative Christians decry Parents magazine over gay couple on cover

Prolonged frustration causes divisiveness, but remember...

(Jewish Group) How safe are Jews living in Germany?

Louisville PR firm played a key role in Covington Catholic controversy

Cal State, buoyed by Newsom's generous budget proposal, to boost enrollment

Simple - the Con said he had no business with Russia

China's economy is weakening, spurring fear of a global slowdown. The trade war isn't helping

Rachel Maddow: The shutdown sabotages the FBI more than you think.

Book of Daniel (Hunter/Freiberg)

Cory Booker speaks at MLK Event in Columbia, SC: full speech

Scientists discover three new species of salamander in Central Texas

Keys to the Rain (Hunter)

These 2020 hopefuls are courting Wall Street. Don't be fooled by their progressive veneer

Antarctic krill: Key food source moves south

So the WP has a piece today about the Con asking Ryan why he couldn't be loyal?

LOL! The town where I live was trolled by AeroMexico

Turtle from the paper

Inside Kamala Harris' 2020 campaign plan

AeroMexico trolled Wharton, Texas.

Anxiety is rising for millions of renters on government assisted housing

Tuesday TOONs - America Held Hostage: Day 32

Kamala Harris Has Entered the 2020 Democratic Race. Here's Who Else Is Running.

The president has not spoken to Nancy Pelosi

Shutdown Hits Industries Nationwide

whew so glad we didn't elect that lady with no stamina who traveled 956,733 miles as Sec of State...

Twitter suspends account that helped ignite controversy over viral encounter

Lawsuit Claims Gearbox CEO Got Secret Bonuses, Possessed Child Porn

AOC Visits H.Bomberguys Twitch stream for Donkey Kong 64 and LGBTQ+ Rights.

Louisville PR firm played a key role in Covington Catholic controversy

Beto O'Rourke is blogging about the fog and blackberry cobbler. But is he running for president?

Trump Jr. Blames Cohen for Moscow Deal

Uh, oh. Twitter Trump just blocked me.

Chris Brown: US singer arrested in Paris on suspicion of rape

KPMG subject of second UK investigation over Carillion audit

Harris Wofford, civil rights activist who helped Kennedy win the White House, dies at 92

The Rundown: January 21, 2019

Dear gawd. Just how many more people are linked to Russia??

Pants are getting tight. It's back to the weight loss grind for me.

Academy Award nominations coming up in one minute

Democrats Turbocharge Committee Probes of Trump

The MAGA hats is all you need to know about the Covington!!!!

Combine alcohol and flat-out stupidity...

Warning: Coyote Activity

I wonder how many high school kids have quick access to Republican PR firms?

Karma's Gonna Getcha!

Bill would bar border wall from New Mexico state land

President Trump Posts Altered Photos to Facebook and Instagram That Make Him Look Thinner

Not So Fun Fact: Did you know that locking your luggage is absolutely pointless?

Amazon Knows What You Buy. And It's Building a Big Ad Business From It.

"It's a great time to be a con man in America."

Reminder: Hearing Today in Stormy Daniels v. Essential Consultants et al.

Need help. Can't remember name of this Batman-villain:

"Trump reportedly sipped a Coke, peered outside, stared aimlessly at the walls and, finally..."

Trump Lauds MAGA Hat Kids as 'Symbols of Fake News and How Evil it Can Be'

My peeps and I have gone dark, we are sending fewer and fewer articles and text messages.

Don Jr. Goes Off Over BuzzFeed Report: The Media's 'Trying to Subvert This Democracy'

Have old broken stuff? These people will fix it for you - for free

Rudy Giuliani's Latest Interview Flub: 'I Shouldn't Have Said Tapes...No Tapes'

A 10-year-old boy had an idea to help poor people. 14 years and 8,000 bikes later, he's still at it

Saw my first "Lock Him Up" bumper sticker today.

Trump's "compromise"-bill on wall would basically wipe out the rights of asylum-seekers.

Bohemian Rhapsody - Pentatonix

Giuliani Afraid His Gravestone Will Say: 'He Lied for Trump'

A suggestion until the shut down is over everybody should change their sig line to #where'smitch

why GOP wins sometimes, imho

OK, there IS a crisis at the border. So let's solve it.

Democratic congressman calls Trump 'grand wizard of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue'

AOC agrees she gives "zero" f---s about pushback" from Dems telling her to wait her turn, go slow

Shell Corporations....What are they good for...absolutely nothing.

US banker with ties to Putin's inner circle sought access to Trump transition: Sources

CNN coming up with how the shutdown is affecting the FBI...

CovCath--a local newspaper had a chaperone (dad) quote that kids did nothing wrong

Trump Insists He Won't Budge on Border Wall

C. Pierce: There simply is no more loathsome creature walking the political landscape than the ...

CNN to host Kamala Harris Town Hall event in Iowa

Senate Republicans announce bill to end shutdown on Trump's terms

Ex-Trump Organization exec: 'Trump has always felt that men are superior to women'

Trump Topped 8,000 Falsehoods Or Distortions In 2 Years, Fact Checker Says

Taliban militants kill dozens at Afghan intelligence base

State secrets were on US man during Russia arrest, says his lawyer

Intriguing Short Documentary On Kayaking Powell/Glen Canyon & San Juan River

With all the crazy stuff going on

No-deal Brexit would mean hard Irish border, EU confirms

How tax brackets actually work

Zimbabwe president Mnangagwa skips Davos over protests

Jerome Corsi Accuses Mueller of Being Source of BuzzFeed Report, Ups Damages in Lawsuit to $1.5B

The reason we have Brett Kavanaughs is because Nick Sandmanns were never held accountable

"Sea of Trees." Beautiful, subtle movie.

I want Democratic victories

2020 Presidential Pre-Announcement Speech

Baby EMU! Squee!

Time to quit calling it a shutdown, this is a lockout

NFL looking into report of laser beam flashed at Tom Brady

Tea bagger (canine edition)

The Sunk-Cost-Fallacy.

"Cat? No mate, not seen it all day."

BREAKING: Supreme Court reinstates Trump's ban on trans servicemembers in the military

'Golden visa' schemes pose risk to EU security, Brussels to say

Breaking News: Supreme Court allows transgender military ban to go into effect

If you're losing an argument, just shit on the stairs and strut away like a boss.

FELONY Report: Trump Directed Cohen to Lie to Congress

what worries me about the shut down is this...

White House & Rudy Giuliani DON'T DENY Trump Spoke to Cohen

Russia frees model from police custody who claimed Trump secrets: TASS

Trump endorses Curt Schilling for Baseball Hall of Fame

Care Petition Site

Trump does NOT care about hurting people. So how can dems get govt working???

What Other Employers Can Force Employees to Work without Pay?

U.S. to formally seek extradition of Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou: Globe and Mail

If you've seen the movie "The Ballad of Buster Scruggs" on Netflix, you should get this:

The Uncanny Similarities Between President Trump and MLK Jr.

Left in the Dust: The dismantling of a U.S. workplace safety rule, and the political battle behind i

Get out of my military

The shut down (lock-out) has started to hurt our business

Keep humans in good jobs in the robot era, ILO commission urges

Starbucks rolls out delivery service for coffee drinkers in some major cities

"Fuck it, it's too high."

Supreme Court to weigh New York City curbs on transporting handguns

My top 4: Harris, Gillibrand, Gabbard, Warren

Embattled Trump Inaugural Committee Failed To Disclose Key Finances To IRS

Would someone explain to me Covington High School?

'Trump Slump': Gun Sales Down In Shifting Political Climate

AP-NORC Poll: Disasters influence thinking on climate change

Tom Brokaw on Morning Joe

It will be interesting to see how many Senators break with Trump and McConnell.

Stunning Oscar snub: Fred Rogers documentary 'Won't You Be My Neighbor?' overlooked in nominations

Firefighters march in support of striking LA teachers

So, Lordy there ARE tapes

Kamala Harris Is Resisting Attempts to Pigeonhole Her

Chris Hedges: Confronting the Culture of Death

Pic Of The Moment: How The Media Should Start Reporting On Regular Hostage Situations

Therefore the United States of America exists today because of Muslim women in Turkey

Thousands of disabled federal contract workers sent home due to shutdown, managers say

Who is responsible for the shut down?

"Americans in the military can be turned away by a guy who faked bone spurs to dodge the draft"

Covington Catholic High School Is under the Authority of the Diocese of Covington

Aporrea: Report of disturbances in several points of Caracas

So Mitch can end the shutdown with a vote, should we start focusing on him instead of Trump?

Shutdown's Pain Cuts Deep for the Homeless and Other Vulnerable Americans

Covington Catholic closes Tuesday, first school day after D.C. incident

A monster who is inflicting suffering and hardship on over one million people

I don't get it, viagra costs more than transgender medical care in the military

Is it just me or...

The "white power" hand sign

Monica Crowley: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a "monster" that Democrats won't be able to control

Posted photos

BREAKING - SCOTUS DECLINES to take up DACA case this term

Trump: I told Sanders to stop briefings because press covers her 'rudely'

USSC ruling on Transgender Ruling

This is the part where I'm supposed to say something snarky

The end of 'America's place in the world': Former ambassador to Russia explains the consequences

🐦JAN 22 at 4-6PM - Meet Sen. Sanders at Royal Missionary Baptist Church in North Charleston.

"Low Energy": Donald Trump Works Less Than Most Americans - The Beat With Ari Melber - MSNBC

"My job literally requires me to monitor the government funding process..."

Another CovCath tape from last week emerges: "It's not rape if you enjoy it."

Called my Congresswoman to suggest a bill allowing Air Traffic Controllers to strike

READ: Mystery Grand Jury Company Asks SCOTUS To Hear Appeal In Redacted Filing

Far more transgender persons have served in the US military than have Trump family members.

Give it a rest

A Rise In Meat and Poultry Recalls

House Democrats Set To Grill Wilbur Ross On Census

YouTube and Covington Catholic High School - The Leavings

People with extreme anti-science views know the least, but think they know the most: study

Trump: I've told Sarah Sanders "not to bother" with press briefings

Trump: 'Why is Nancy Pelosi getting paid when people who are working are not?'

READ IT: Mueller's mystery case filing has been posted

Fox News anchor Baier's car flips during Montana vacation, family hospitalized

Ok, how many of you are actively involved in supporting the Democratic agenda

SCOTUS Lifts Two Injunctions Against Trump's Trans Troops Ban--but the Policy Remains Blocked

Don't Doubt What You Saw With Your Own Eyes

Republican Constant State of War.

Some european dance-music from the mid-2000s. (With NSFW-videos.)

House Democrat: Kavanaugh Will 'Likely' Be Investigated for Perjury

Arguments Democrats should make about the border wall funding

This is my first opinion piece, but I felt compelled to write this because of the economy ...

MAGA-troll tries to start birther-movement against Kamala Harris.

Trump isn't our 45th American president; he's our 1st Russian one.

California Town Launches 'Goat Fund Me' Campaign to Prevent Wildfires

Fmr. WH Aide: Trump Thought Scaramucci Was 'Completely Out of His Mind -- Like, on Drugs or Something

FBI report: The shutdown has eliminated any ability to operate.

Embattled Trump Inaugural Committee Failed To Disclose Key Finances To IRS

Supreme Court will let mystery foreign company file sealed appeal papers

Top diplomat for European affairs resigns from State Department

Day 31 of Shutdown...Stolen from Reddit

Virginia General Assembly votes on ERA

MAGA troll behind plot to smear Mueller kindles new racist 'birther' movement to derail Harris

Here's the message from the White House, requesting a SOTU walk thru for yesterday

Opinion: Government shutdown exposes a harsh truth: Most Americans are unprepared for the next

High School Boys Are Not Generally Noted for Their Good Sense

Mormon gay cure therapist comes out as gay and is looking for boyfriend

Karen Pence Inspired an #ExposeChristianSchools Horror Story Hashtag

These videos, Covington High and others, are going viral due to RUSSIAN BOTS

Biblical literalist

What the 'Both Sides Brigade' gets wrong about the shutdown

MAGA troll behind plot to smear Mueller kindles new racist 'birther' movement to derail Kamala Harri

Kaitlyn Raitz: "Don't Think Twice, It's Alright" (Bob Dylan)

How long could you last working at a job for which you are not being paid?

The View's Sunny Hostin drops epic rant on Covington Catholic and their Trump-loving students

Molly Tuttle and Kaitlyn Raitz: "Landslide" (Fleetwood Mac)

Debating w/conservatives online. Is there a list online of anti-gay pastors who were secretly gay?

Good point here. The harm continues while the investigation rolls on.

"Fuck everybody but me."

Reuters: Trump plan to reopen govt., build border wall undercut by Supreme Court

A Statement from the Diocese of Covington and Covington Catholic High School

Goat Family At Nightmare Farm Always Hoped Help Would Come

Deripaska and Allies Could Benefit From Sanctions Deal, Document Shows

"How Trumpian"

Fox News stops TV recording service that let journalists search for clips

Toxic MAGAsculinity

Dog Thinks Going To The Vet Is The Greatest

Trump Polling At Only 41-42% Against Possible Democratic Foes

Republicans not only expect Democrats to clean up the mess they created...

The only way to end this shutdown

Virginia Senate approves grants for Amazon jobs and rejects $15 minimium wage

Amtrak is replacing its fleet of DC-to-Boston passenger railcars

"WH has sent letter to Senate Sergeant-at-Arms asking for State of the Union walk-through"

550,000 Marylanders eligible to receive food assistance are not participating

Judge blocks Wisconsin GOP's lame-duck voter suppression: "Not a close question"

Along with shave and a haircut, this dementia-friendly barber offers 'a bit of dignity'

Crystal City Restaurants Offer Free Lunches for Federal Workers This Week

Does Congress know zero Trump family tax dollars would pay for his wall?

Crystal City Restaurants Offer Free Lunches for Federal Workers This Week

Leviticus 19:13

Crystal City Restaurants Offer Free Lunches for Federal Workers This Week

Fireman with rescued cat -

Another responsible gun-owner

What's for Dinner, Tues., Jan. 22, 2019

MOVIE REVIEW: VICE Underplays the "Evil" of Dick Cheney - Wilkerson and Jay Review the Movie (1/3)

Congressman Schiff-trump is treating US govt workers like he treated vendors

Government worker who voted for Trump: I feel betrayed

Gay-bashing televangelist caught admitting that he slept with a man in leaked recording

I've been reading up on Kamala Harris....

John Kerry: Trump Should Resign

Trump preparing two State of the Union speeches for different audiences: Sources

Bad news for Deripaska... there are tapes!

Reuters news: House Democrats increase investigations of Trump

Kamala Harris raises $1.5 million in first 24 hours

So Can We Call This A Constitutional Crisis Yet?.....

Carbon capture system turns CO2 into electricity and hydrogen fuel

Lanny Davis pushed Cohen to testify before Congress, GOP lawmakers say


If Justice Ginsburg were to leave the bench next year...

So Ivanka Trump has a new trademark from the Chinese for voting machines?

A Trump victory in the shutdown would be a victory for authoritarianism

The three intersecting threads linking Trump's campaign to Russian intelligence

Centrist Dems urge Pelosi to break shutdown stalemate

trump's economic fantasies coming home to roost....Dow falls 300 points on weak economic outlook

"Start the car... start the car... START THE CAR!! 🐾"

Republicans load spending bill with hard-line measures targeting asylum

I have One Question for My Friends here? Its. Serious!!!

This #TrumpShutdown

Los Angeles teachers reach agreement with district leaders to end strike

My $.02 about the Oscar nominations.

By Jove! I think I figured out how Republicans see the world when it comes to drugs and immigrants

Wild NFL rule allows Roger Goodell to reverse Rams-Saints outcome, but would he actually use it?

Nancy should offer to let Trump give his SOTU speech...

Malcolm Nance

While America is fixated on Mexico and the wall, thousands of migrants are fleeing for Canada

Judge denies Mark Harris request to certify his win despite election fraud investigation

Activist Nathan Phillips says now is not the time to meet with students at Covington Catholic

CBS won't air ad touting benifits of medical marijuana during Super Bowl

If Rudy Is Such A Bad Attorney For Trump....

Trump defends Covington students, calls media coverage 'evil'

After all the concessions Trump gave Putin..,

Billionaire Ray Dalio says Ocasio-Cortez's ideas are taking root

Paul Krugman explains why Trump's popularity won't improve -- and warns he may 'lash out' in response

Judge Ridgeway rules AGAINST Mark Harris. He will not order the NCSBE executive director to ....

US service member Killed in Afghanistan

White House planning to proceed with State of the Union, but details up in the air

Senators urge WMATA to guard against spying in new subway cars

Trump's shutdown proposal faces uncertain fate in Senate

Per Laura Ingraham: Convington HS Students to meet with Donald Trump...

Trump preparing two State of the Union speeches for different audiences: Sources

In my opinion, the shutdown nullifies the law blocking federal workers from striking.

Is it possible for Pelosi to do a real press conference?

At Least Four Dem-Led Panels Will Push DeVos On Her Most Polarizing Policies

Joni Ernst says she turned down chance to be Donald Trump's vice-president

He desperately needs this culture war crap. Desperately

Phillips has changed his mind and will now meet with the kids

Supreme Court Revives Transgender Ban for Military Service

Colorado lawmaker claims blacks, whites were lynched in 'nearly equal numbers' for being Republican

Trader says he has 'no money at risk,' then promptly loses almost 2,000%

Russia denies bail for former U.S. Marine accused of spying

COVFEFE CATHOLIC. Why don't they fix their name?

Joni Ernst abuse victim

A Texas Judge Interrupts A Deliberating Jury To Claim That God Told Him The Defendant Is Not Guilty.

Savannah Guthrie's interviewing Nick Sandmann on the Today Show

Donald Trump Jr. says '99.9 percent' sure Schiff leaking

WRT SOTU Address, Speaker Pelosi outranks Moscow Mitch

Dow not happy −377.14 minutes ago n/t

Fawlty Towers: I know nothing

Who are the Black Israelites at the center of the viral standoff at the Lincoln Memorial?

Why everyone can't see that Trump's shutdown is a perversion of our system?

Government shutdown exposes a harsh truth: Most Americans are unprepared for the next recession

Stocks decline amid fears of a global economic slowdown

Be sure and vote in the DK Democratic straw poll this week

"Let's Open Up the Government and Return to Regular Order"

Trump Proposals Could Increase Health Costs for Consumers

Elise Stefanik seeks to tackle GOP's women 'crisis' ahead of 2020

Pollster says shutdown's economic effects will negatively impact Trump

Former Obama energy advisor warns EPA is being 'hollowed out'

Last night and coming on reruns--Rumble-The Story of Native American Music

We have much to be hopeful about in 2020 election

Could A Slew Of New Congressional Investigations Erode Trump's Approval Rating?

Covington Catholic, school at center of D.C. March video, closed for security reasons

Chelsea Clinton announces an addition to the family.

If Trump holds a rally outside Washington and calls it a SOTU speech, Speaker Pelosi should...

Plan knots together carbon fee, gas tax and new US 2 trestle

AND...Birtherism redux

Senator Says House GOP May Have Obstructed Mueller

Washington Post issues correction on Nathan Phillips and the Vietnam War

Who but a bully is cruel for sake of cruelty?

Minnie Riperton - Lovin' You (Midnight Special, 1975)

Covington Catholic MAGA Boys harass women in DC

Democrats' H.R. 1 offers boost for accountability

The super rich at Davos are scared of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's proposal to hike taxes on the wealt

Chelsea Clinton is pregnant again.

Anti-vax crowd spreading a plague of ignorance

Why AOC is AOK

DACA not likely to get Supreme Court review this term

I would say the PR firm hired by the Covington school is working.

Supreme Court will review gun restrictions for first time in nearly a decade

Odds Are Very Strong That Trump

Under the Constitution, the SOTU must be given to Congress and not a rally

On the Anniversary of Roe v. Wade, We're Still Fighting for Access to Safe, Legal Abortion

Here is A Possible Suggestion

'Search party' event planned to find Trump's wall in San Antonio

Contact your Senators--especially if they are Republicans--and tell them to do their job

Covington boys at the White House?

President Obama will hit Vancouver, B.C., on lecture tour

Stocks fall to session lows after US cancels trade meeting with Chinese officials

HHS chief refuses to testify on child separation policy

Oklahoma representative proposes bill that would prohibit teacher walkouts

What would happen if "conservatives" stopped lying?

Shar Yaqataz Banyamyan and Ephraim Israel were two of the Black Israelites in the DC video

Juanita Jean-Head Up! Alex Jones Warning

WP: Trump's dual Korean challenges: Talks with North and U.S. troop payment impasse with South

Government shutdown exposes a harsh truth: Most Americans are unprepared for the next recession

Moscow Mitch

David Corn: Yes, there was collusion

Mormon Gay Conversion Therapist Now 'Choosing to Pursue Life' as Homosexual

US Health Department Secretary, Alez Azar, has declined to testify before Congress

Three NJ Transit rail lines remain suspended as federal shutdown continues

Apprentice's Mark Burnett Tried to Set Up Meeting w/ Trump Team & Putin-Tied Banker

State Department's head of European affairs resigns

DACA program that protects young undocumented immigrants not likely to get Supreme Court review this

Have Trump give the SOTU in writing and have Mark Hamill read it to Congress in Joker voice

The Government Shutdown Is Threatening the Lives of Your Favorite Ocean Animals

BERNIE LIVE IN SOUTH CAROLINA: Watch Senator Sanders speak with students at Benedict College

Here's President Trump's stock-market scorecard after 2 years in office

School officials: CovCath closed until police say to reopen, investigation to begin this week

When Did God Create the Liver Fluke?

The Question

Entire country is held at gunpoint to the head by a POS turtle-faced Senator from a shithole state

Black Israelites caused all of this and Dan Quayle has more combat experience than Nathan Phillips

Senate Floor: Sen. Kaine makes a move...

Any network that covers Donnie Short Fingers fake SOTU, needs to be boycotted out of existence

A dramatic (but cold) Ohio sunrise

Trump Admin's Sloppy Wet Sanctions Kiss For Oleg Deripaska Sloppier, Wetter Than We Knew!

Trump should tweet the State of the Union

Democratic leadership and all others in the spotlight should begin to say that

Just started a Go Fund me and I feel horrible...

Furloughed workers will still be counted as 'employed' in January jobs report

The Covington bros: It's not Rape if you Enjoy it! Damned Black Israelites! They made them say that!

Panick? Michael Flynn Jr scrubs his Twitter account clean of all but two tweets.

The incredible secret life of London's bees

Please spell the word "subpoena" and use it in a sentence.


Senate Leaders Reach Deal That Offers Possible Path to Reopen Government

Instead of Sanders, we get economic adviser Kudlow worrying out loud about "the fate of the nation"

Democracy dies in darkness...

NYT: Senate Leaders Reach Deal That Offers Possible Path to Reopen Government

Harass women, bully a vet, get invited to the White House.

Trump administration asks Supreme Court to quickly take up census citizenship question

I am shocked, Well, Not that shocked...

Rock Me Gently

Should the Black Israelites be invited to the WH since their views closely align with Mike Pence's?

'Hola, I'm Mike Pence': U.S. VP delivers message of support to Venezuelans

One thing is for sure!

Ex-University of Okla. students apologize for racist video

Life and death at Montana Academy

The Covington Catholic boys harrassed my friends and I before the incident with Nathan Phillips

The Latest: 4 charged with plotting attack on Muslim enclave

One neat trick...

Undercover officer: Colleagues beat him 'like Rodney King'

At what point in the #TrumpShutdown does he start handing direct control to Putin??

Miami prosecutor probing MLK traffic incident as hate crime

Weird gmail issue

Exploring Why Many Muslim Converts Are Coming From The Latino Community

Gonna wall off Michigan now??

Greenland's Ice Melting 4 Times Faster Than 2003, *New Study

Mueller wants to know about 2016 Trump campaign's ties to NRA


Thank You, Nathan Phillips

McConnell and Trump Lied About the Contents of Their Immigration and Border Security Compromise Bill

I pray that Speaker Pelosi will close the Capitol Building on State of the Union day

"Went to pee along my favorite fence line and found this curious head. WTH!"

Panel votes down Equal Rights Amendment in Virginia

Dan Patrick Pulls Kel Seliger Chairmanship After Seliger Suggested Patrick Aide Kiss His 'Back End'

2020 DailyKos straw poll #2...

"This is causing affected investigations to be put on hold."

Sen Warner bill - Stop S. T. U. P. I. D. I. T. Y. !!!

Update: I just interviewed the Black Hebrew Israelites

RUMBLE: The Indians Who Rocked the World

Mueller asked Trump campaign about ties to NRA

Questions over payments involving son of Brazil president

This 'shutdown' is obviously a slow, bloodless coup by the GOP. People are waking up to this

You know those boys go to Catholic School

Son of Colombia's richest man was informed about bribery: Odebrecht's former Colombia chief

Sen. Mark Warner introduces 'Stop Stupidity' act to end government shutdowns

State Rep. Eric Johnson Files Employment Nondiscrimination Bill

Ex-PM Tymoshenko launches bid for Ukraine presidency

If you're this guy on the weekends, please stop...

Steve King Has a Friend in Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert

Harry Reid...on Mitch McConnell

Bolsonaro's Davos debut overshadowed by growing scandal around son

A UK doctor works to get past racism and it's inspiring.

GOP does not care about voter disapproval because their Despot is in control...

California's housing market is a nightmare if you're not rich

Houston Chronicle today has five headlines that depict Trump world.

New clean CR being considered in Senate

Trump: I Will Deliver State of the Union Address as Scheduled, Wherever I Want

UT: Safety taken seriously, but Bevo's here to stay

What I Learned Inside the Lonely, Sad World of QAnon Facebook Groups

Americans' climate change concerns surge to record levels, poll shows

CBS rejects Super Bowl ad for medical marijuana

John Kerry on his message to Trump: 'Resign'

Defenders of the MAGA-hat youth: Spare us your concern for children, please

Supreme Court releases censored appeal by foreign government in mystery Mueller case

A $15 minimum wage?: State Rep. Ron Reynolds introduces bill to increase state minimum wage

A few predictions for conservatives next week:

Chiefs fire defensive coordinator Bob Sutton

Scum kohack still a drain on kansaas taxpayers..

Plain and simple.

Wittingly or unwittingly, the US Senate is falling into the trap of the Trump-Putin Alliance.

Well,I just wrote Joni and Chuck

Brexit: Now stockpiling cat food. Plus 182 year old shipping company reflags in Cyprus

This is handy for destroying data on those old hard disk drives!!! LOL

Dashcam captures CN train derailment (no injuries)

Tulsi Gabbard claims Dems partially to blame for shutdown

Anyone, I mean anyone, who works for earned income ought to outraged by the treatment of

Pelosi Delivers Knockout Blow To Trump Over Govt Shutdown After He Loses DACA To S. Court

Peterson says Democrats should 'give Trump the money' for border wall

Nathan Phillips offers to meet with students, community, and Catholic leaders

Please republish this column, Tim Martin, you Brexit-loving pillock

Bizarre! Empress Zita's father had 12 children with 1st wife, 12 children with 2nd!

Dons "deal" is even worse than presented.

"Squiggy Trump" gets a clap back from Jake Tapper:

If you see video of Figluzzi on Deadline WH today, grab it.

what do we do?

The Deep Ties Between the Catholic Anti-Abortion Movement and Racial Segregation

This principal (in China) taught students to shuffle dance for more exercise.

In Arizona, Possible Prison Time for Leaving Food andwater for migrants.

CNN Mueller wants to know about 2016 Trump campaign's ties to NRA

To Fulfill MLK's 'Revolutionary' Vision, Sanders Says Corrupt, Divisive, and 'Racist' Trump...

Jimmy Kimmel's Halftime Tribute to Trump

Still shutdown? No network should cover tRump's State Of The Union!

Has anyone seen the latest Covington kids video on the news?

'Medicare for All and Equal Rights Aren't Trends': Ocasio-Cortez Fires Back....

Priest explains why Covington students shouldn't have worn MAGA hats

Convington Catholic Boys set to meet their Grand Wizard at the KKK White House tomorrow

How long is this piece of shit going to hold the nation hostage?

I'm shocked!

Considering how much DT tweets what is the likelihood

MLK Day 2019- A Reminder of Islamic Teachings on Racism and Diversity

eclipse composite

anyone besides me done allen carr to quit?

CNN: Mueller poking into Russia/NRA ties in February 2018 and as recently as December.

Could the House Intelligence Committee subpoena Don Jr?

1st except of the Guthrie/Sandmann interview released

Snack time...

The case for $15/hr minimum wage

It's NRA's time in the barrel. This is the end for Trump. GOP will

Shocking news on income inequality.

Breaking News: Mariano Rivera first unanimous MLB Hall Of Famer.

Mariano Rivera, MLB's all-time leader in saves, voted first unanimous Hall of Fame inductee

Federal judiciary has enough funds to operate through end of January

Mariano Rivera, Edgar Martinez, Mike Mussina and Roy Halladay are now in the Hall of Fame.

How to Stay Likeable When Reporting Sexual Misconduct

Virginia that much closer to undoing gerrymandering!

Just another shutdown anecdote...

Former White House aide: Trump offered NASA unlimited funding to go to Mars

Luckovich-Eye exam for NFL Ref

Goodnight Irene #1 1950

FBI agents detail damage to counterterror, MS-13 probes, in anonymous report (due to shutdown)

McConnell blocks bill to temporarily reopen DHS

Story about cops beating up protester, (who was a cop) evidently planned ahead of time to do so.

Salon: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is right: There should be no billionaires

Malvina Reynolds - Little Boxes (1962)

Just when you think you couldn't possibly love her any deeper

Whiteness At Work by Matt Bors

Eleanor Clift was on Ari discussing the 13th Amendment

Newsweek: More voters than not support impeachment of Trump.

Poll shows 25 percent view McConnell favorably, lowest among leaders in survey

Don't tell me it's raining when you are pissing on my leg...

Nancy Pelosi will be president and I can tell you exactly why.

What Catholic-School Alums Think of the MAGA Teens

Mariano Rivera, Edgar Martinez, Roy Halladay and Mike Mussina joining Hall of Fame

"I'm the mother of five, grandmother of nine, and I know....

Watch the entire video!!:

Sarah Sanders says that WH has reached out to the Covington Catholic kids and invited them...

who, in this universe does not

Rudy Giuliani, Fog Machine and Trump Whisperer