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Archives: January 25, 2019

Prominent gay congressman flees Brazil, citing death threats

Prominent gay congressman flees Brazil, citing death threats

RCMP plane has been circling over Kingston, Ontario for weeks.

APNewsBreak: Iranian TV anchor says US jailed her as warning

Ok one more question and then i should be done for awhile

Bernie: 'My Opponents' Want Black, White, Gay, Latino or Women Candidates 'Regardless...

Maybe the People's produce of Putinstan will run a tab....

Bryan Fischer's Understanding of the First Amendment Grows Ever More Incoherent

Belt buckles and beer: Federal shutdown hits businesses hard

2 militia members admit role in attack on Minnesota mosque

Interesting point about Mueller Today.

Rudy Guiliani and his own Ukraine links

Traveling Wilburys End of the Line

Whoever usually does his spray tan has been sleeping on the job

Joe Biden Defends Himself for Praising Republican: 'Bless Me, Father, for I Have Sinned'

Maybe Putin and Erdogon will tag team him...

US Army wants a cannon that can hit Chinese warships in the South China Sea from 1,000 miles away

Impeachment Now...

twitter-+GOP senators, including Leader McConnell, tell Vice President Pence

Top Florida official resigns after photos surface in blackface, mocking Katrina survivors

And another one bites the dust...

Medicare for dentists...

Utah company donates $100k to fund parks during shutdown

A crisis of conservatism creates gridlock on both sides of the Atlantic


Free steak and Diet Coke at all Trump it on internet

Short-Spine Dog Is Everyone's Best Friend

Exclusive: White House preparing draft national emergency order, has identified $7 billion for wall

Is it considered torture when the GOP inflicts suffering on Americans?

How to deal with hateful family members?

Before Venezuela, US has long involvement in Latin America

Before Venezuela, US has long involvement in Latin America

Prosecutors meet with Florida teens over possible hate crime

If these four were a band, What would you name them..?

Is anyone talking about how immigration services are also affected by shutdown?

Expel McConnell

Michael Bennett is Hawkeye Pierce, Ted Cruz is Frank Burns.

"The 2020 presidential election...a battle of the bases, and the Democrats' base is simply bigger."


Jeff Koterba's latest cartoon: Lincoln looks on

No spoiler here, but my wife and I just watched Black Klansman.

Turn on Tweety right fugging now - he's about to do his commentary

Impeachment, State of Emergency, Shutdown questions...

Hawaii coral reefs stabilizing following bleaching event

'Schiff, Waters plan joint Deutsche Bank investigation' 😊

Cher: "Trump says he needs a wall, well he just got one."

Trump shutdown could derail trial of El Chapo that US spent years and millions prepping for

Exclusive: White House preparing draft national emergency order, has identified $7 billion for wall

"Make America Great Again" is the new "Sieg Heil"

Pompeo's Dilemma: Heed Maduro's Demands or Put Diplomats at Risk

sometimes, when i feel overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of is one of those days

Either bored or because he was bluffing, Trump blinks on State of the Union

Fox News reporter stunned after Trump-backed bill gets less votes than the Dems' bill in GOP-led Sen

Where's that global warming when we need it!

'Roma' actor Jorge Guerrero has been denied visas to the U.S. -- and might miss the Oscars

Wealth Tax! Sen. Warren is talking now on MSNBC

There is only one way to break Trump's pathology. Pelosi has found it.

Senate seeks solution to open U.S. government, Trump insists on wall

I think an emergency declaration is forthcoming.

Big Lebowski star Jeff Bridges reprising role of The Dude in mystery project

Goodwill stores are well worth visiting.

The worst part of the whole story is that Biden wouldn't even DISCUSS endorsing the Democrat

I'm glad our Democratic Party leaders are holding tough

Out of touch? Trump aides struggle with shutdown empathy

Illinois office may seek new sentencing in McDonald slaying

Trump is a gambler learning for the first time that the House always wins. nt

Officials REJECTED Jared Kushner for top secret security clearance, but were overruled

White House officials wanted to reject Kushner's top secret clearance -- but their superior overruled

Renato Mariotti...on National Emergency

After 19 years in prison, NY man cleared in mother's killing

Creditors allege Lampert orchestrated scheme to steal Sears

To be clear.

Craziest right wing trumpkin conspiracy theory I heard lately

The Irish in America: Long Journey Home: All Across America

US states that voted for Trump most vulnerable to job automation

Spread Their Shame

Trump says grocery stores will 'work along' with federal workers to give them free groceries during

Bank shooting victims' IDs withheld under new amendment

Shutdown showdown: Senate votes down two bills to end shutdown after Trump agrees to postpone State

How Worried Should Trump Be When Michael Cohen Testifies?

Wilbur Ross...'only the best'

School denies that 12-year-old girls were strip-searched

People screaming at Joe Biden for praising a single House Republican are ignoring a key fact

Questions About Robert Mueller, Russia and the NRA

Man trying to carve peace sign into world-famous ice disc appears to have broken it

Ha ha Ha!

I didn't know that Steve Daines

GOP senators read Pence riot act before shutdown votes

Picture from my BIL of his meeting today with Pelosi

Bluster, bombast, backing down: What happens when someone says no to Trump?

Today: Bodeans-- Paradise

Colbert just gave Pelosi a nickname when Trump couldn't: "Congratulations to Neuterin' Nancy!"

Bill puts W.Va. teachers back on edge a year after strike

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Change is Gonna Come!

Feeding the narcissist's ego

National air traffic controller union leader: 'Stressed' workers 'making mistakes' amid shutdown

"Who'd've guessed a Cabinet of out-of-touch billionaires would be so bad at running the country?"

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 25 January 2019

Question for People who Live in Washington.

Delaware Officials Approve Relief For Federal Workers, GOP "This Sets A Bad Precedent"

Officials rejected Jared Kushner's top security clearance, were overruled.

Senate Democrats reject Trump's 'pro-rated' wall funding pitch

Police: Man may have targeted Asians in fatal hammer attack

The right uses web ads to spread propaganda

Liar, liar, pants on 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥.

'Roma' actor Jorge Guerrero has been denied visas to the U.S. -- and might miss the Oscars

A true leader. Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Buy up all ladder mfg...then sell licenses to buy ladders...

Bennet (Colorado) slams Ted Cruz over wall (MUST WATCH):

Sen Bennet (CO) full speech on the wall (historical speech):

Utah anti-trans legislation

GOP senators read Pence riot act before shutdown votes

n 2014 Fox News Video, Trump Touts 'Disaster' As A Way To Make America Great Again

Kudlow is volunteering his time ... LoL

Anyone watching women's skating on NBC Sports station???

How To Write Unmaintainable Code

I am seeing on twitter that Trump has a new hairstyle.

This is NOT NEWS...It has been known since 2017...

US no longer announcing deaths, damage in Somalia airstrikes

This Shutdown Must End

Superintendent is charged with using her son's insurance to help sick student

Well, here we we are again, asking "What will it take? If this doesn't do it, what in hell would?"

Maggots feast on death and destruction--so do MAGAts

Trump is really trapped with this shutdown thing, when should the Dems let him save face?

reading through some of the stuff from trump and his minions came out with today...

Father and son dance to Frozen

Just Lost His Leverage for Building a Wall

Working a trip right now as an airline pilot.

White nationalists plan Stone Mountain rally Super Bowl weekend

Travel advice from those who have been to the Utah National Parks...

With all the BS from MF45 et al...

NFL's first male cheerleaders to make Super Bowl debut in Atlanta

The rotten cherry on top of their "let them eat cake" day - Trump crows about stock market earnings

So, who is going grocery shopping and telling the cashier to "work along" with them" or (poll)

Only some honest dialog will restore civility to DC

It's ALWAYS fun when a championship team gets to meet the President...

Post a song with the most angelic voice ever

Beginning to wonder about Mueller. Or is it Whitaker?

Pennsylvania governor sets special election date for GOP Marino's seat

A high school stoner parking lot classic! Long version

Michael Bennet is my new hero

Warriors visit Obama during trip to DC

Sick CSN cover!

Was Michael Bennet's RIGHTEOUS rant against Ted Cruz a violation of Senate rules?

Faye Smith on Lawrence: You show more love for Putin. Stop it! Show your love for us.

How Nancy went from San Francisco housewife to the most powerful woman in politics

Trump just posted an insane attack on one of his biographers, Michael D'Antonio

As Jared Kushner did not have a clearance to read the PDB, did he read it illegally?

McConnell tells Senators the shutdown isn't his fault, and pulls out his stupid effing "mule" quote

Kushner's security clearance was rejected by security specialists--until they were overruled

Inflation - I guess the cats are going to have to go on a diet

Gordon Ramsay Savagely Critiques Spicy Wings 😂😋

"If they REALLY wanted food, government workers would just inherit some loans"

New record drops tomorrow baby! Rival Sons!

Grover wanted to drown government in a bathtub - shutdown needs to be used to drown the republican

Missing 3-year-old Craven County boy found alive

A bad day for Donald Trump

Yanno, this shutdown is the political approximation of Munchausen syndrome by proxy

The Daily Show: A BuzzFeed Story and a Teen's Standoff with a Native American Come Into Question

Kudlow: Federal workers impacted by shutdown are 'volunteering' in part due to 'allegiance' to Trump

Only A Kudlow Would Call His People In, Make THem Work Without Pay And Consider That...


Young voters actually did rock Florida's vote in 2018 ... +15 points in 2018

Both sides. Both sides. Both sides. Both sides. Both sides. Both sides. Both sides. Both sides . . .

The Daily Show: Trump's Border Wall Demands, Fox News's Gaffe & Kamala Harris's Big Announcement

Wilbur Ross

US-Born Marine Detained By ICE Was Carrying His US Passport When He Was Arrested

Ever seen a rock drummer play standing up and singing lead?

Seth Meyers: Trump's "Build the Wall & Crime Will Fall" Tweet, Gender-Reveal Lasagnas Monologue 1/23

Tom Petty - Asshole

four black female middle school student stripped searched b/c "hyper and giddy" during lunch

For the first time in U.S. history.....

Seth Meyers: Guest Senator Sherrod Brown Is Considering Running for President


Japan to resume commercial whaling one day after leaving the IWC

CNN reporter: There's a 'big clue' Robert Mueller will drop new indictments on Friday

Yet another group who will have to wait to get paid. (This one made me cry)

So what's next? Just wait President Collusion out? Idea...


Venezuela crisis: US pulls out staff and tells citizens to 'strongly consider' leaving

Venezuela crisis: US pulls out staff and tells citizens to 'strongly consider' leaving

Pence caught checking Trump out

I'm not a cowboy, but I have a straw Bailey and a pair of Tony Lamas.

*Ahem* About his Hair

Tubbs Fire: Homeowner equipment caused California wine country fire

Another sick CSN cover...if I say so meself.

GOP Congresswoman needs her paycheck during shutdown 2013

Strong Texas Winds Hit Elon Musk's Starship Prototype and Down It Goes

Bipartisan Legislation Allows Federal Workers Impacted by the Shutdown to Receive Financial Assistan

U.S. warships pass through Taiwan Strait amid China tensions

Seth Meyers - Trump's Shutdown Is Making America Less Safe: A Closer Look

Koch network tells donors it plans to stay out of 2020 race, once again declining to back Trump

Witness in special counsel probe, former Stone associate, collected payments from Infowars through j

Sarah Jarosz: "Ring Them Bells" (Dylan)

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Donald Trump's SAVAGE Alternative to State of the Union

Wilbur Ross says furloughed workers should take out a loan. His agency's credit union is charging ne

The Daily Show: A BuzzFeed Story and a Teen's Standoff with a Native American Come Into Question

The Daily Show: Trump's Border Wall Demands, Fox News's Gaffe & Kamala Harris's Big Announcement

federal worker with kid on breathing tube now regrets voting for trump

Larry Kudlow: Federal Workers are 'Volunteering' to Work Because of Their 'Allegiance to Trump"

Puppies From Radioactive Chernobyl Are Starting New Lives In North America

Any novel ideas for a "tacky tourist" outfit?

Social Distortion Ring of Fire

TCM Schedule for Friday, January 25, 2019 -- What's On Tonight: SAG Lifetime Achievement Award

TCM Schedule for Saturday, January 26, 2019 -- What's On Tonight: SAG Lifetime Achievement Award

Statement from Chairman Cummings on Jared's security clearance

Red hats are new white hoods

The Latest: Cohen, Senate panel agree on Feb. 12 interview

Milwaukee secures line of credit for its 2020 Democratic convention bid, clearing last major hurdle

New track from Tedeschi Trucks Band..

Donald Trump once asked Paul Ryan 'Why can't you be loyal to your president, Paul?', new book says

Watching the PBS show The Dictator's Playbook.

Study links gum disease-causing bacteria to Alzheimer's

Manafort due back in court over allegations he lied

US missionary who engaged with reclusive Brazilian tribe could be charged with genocide

US missionary who engaged with reclusive Brazilian tribe could be charged with genocide

In 1925 my mom played piano on the stage for silent movies in Spokane.

Japan requires transgender people to be sterilized before their gender can be changed on official

We May Have Found Earth's Oldest Known Rock. It Was on The Moon

Trial in Wisconsin gerrymandering case delayed until at least July

Astronomers Have Made a Breathtaking Image Staring Deeper Into Space Than Ever Before

'Gamechanger' in the treatment of type two diabetes

Distant galaxy forms stars at incredible pace, study reports

Intermediate black holes can bring stars back to life

NASA releases image, video, of Saturn's auroras

Senate Republicans Clash Over Shutdown

New Horizons takes first picture of distant second target

Racine police sergeant's BAC was .182 after Dec. crash; charges expected soon

Weird new landmarks on Ultima Thule come into focus with sharpest image yet

Militia member admits role in attack on Minnesota mosque

I Hope You're Taking Note

NY has legalized the right of women to control their own bodies.

"Draw me like one of your French girls."

$25k reward for missing abducted teen- Is given to the teen for saving herself by escaping!

New Heiltsuk website explores 6,000-year-old village

Rescuers were combing the woods when they heard the missing 3-year-old boy call out for his mom

The 'very strange' prehistoric platypus that hunted by touch using its beak 250 million years ago

Minnesota Democrats unveil new 'red-flag' gun plan. Here's what it would do.

Humans burdened cattle 6000 years ago

Rare Ancient Peruvian Death Mask Found Off Florida Coast

Rare Ancient Peruvian Death Mask Found Off Florida Coast

Minnesota recoups $3.1 million in fraud, deceptive-marketing claims

Florida Secretary of State Michael Ertel Resigns Over Photos of Him in Blackface Costume

Mitch McConnell Is Spending the Shutdown Confirming More Trump Judges

Texas Border Sheriffs: There is No Crisis and We Don't Want Trump's Wall

'Don't bet against Nancy Pelosi', former top aide warns Donald Trump

(Jewish Group) Looking at Anti-Semitism on the Left and the Right:Interview with Deborah E. Lipstadt

(Jewish Group) Anti-Semitic Environmentalism Is The Latest Social Justice Threat To Jews

Venezuela crisis: US pulls out staff and tells citizens to 'strongly consider' leaving

Holocaust Memorial Day 2019: How the Kindertransport rescued 10K Jewish children from certain death

New report reveals far-right individuals committed every extremist-related murder in US in 2018

Big rise in atmospheric CO2 expected in 2019

South Carolina group can deny gay couples as foster parents

Why Is Gay Underage Sex Criminalized When Straight Sex Is Not?

Exclusive: Europe tops buyers for U.S. LNG with winter cargo influx

Who the fuck would put a down payment on a house they never intended on buying?

Statement from President of the Association of Flight Attendants on the Shutdown.. Wow powerful!

Egard Watches makes response Ad to the Gillette Ad.

'We'll never see that money back' -- how small business owners can recover from the shutdown

Roger Stone arrested -breaking n/t


FBI arrests Roger Stone

Sen. Sanders: Six Republican Senators Just Voted to Reopen the Government

Stone charged with seven counts, CNN say Mueller has all text messages. Arrest video added.

Donald Trump's ship of fools is heading for the rocks in Venezuela (Simon Tisdall, The Guardian)

I hate Fridays when I expect a major news story to drop and there's NOTHING. Really hate them.

Okay I've been waiting **months** to be able to say this :

Trump campaign to Stone after Wikileaks released emails: "Well Done"

They got Roger Stone!

In lieu of the arrest of Roger Stone, and his closeness to the Trump campaign,

Just heard msnbc; willie geist; mitch was against shutdown

Wow! Wikileaks already has posted Roger Stone's

Trump: "I can tell you this, I have no idea who this Roger Stone guy is"

Barrel paging Roger Stone...

Stone Indictment - read now here

Breathe. Breathe in the air.

Trump ally Roger Stone arrested on seven charges in Mueller inquiry

From the Stone indictment: Trump Campaign official sent text message to STONE that read "well done"

Roger Stone will make appearance at 11 a.m. before U.S. Judge Lurana S. Snow in Fort Lauderdale

Boom boom boom boom

Is it not delicious that Roger Stone is brought to justice?

Trump Confidant Roger Stone Indicted On 7 Counts Related To 2016 Election Attack

Just turned on Fox and Friends.

Ok. When does the media finally admit they helped a hostile foreign government interfere in the 2016

Minnesota lawmakers moving to address rising price of insulin

I just want to see Stone in an orange jumpsuit


Friday TOONs - "What problem? Just use your crown jewels as collateral, of course" Edition


Throwing the Stone to the wolves!

Does Mueller finally have his "collusion"?

Wake Me Up When They Indict Don Jr., Jared &....

I would never ever argue for police brutality. That said...

Where should Hillary construct her Presidential Library? The shenanigans of

Very interesting read

Who will Roger Stone rat out?

Sean Hannity is having a problem getting people to come on his show.

Trump hasn't Tweeted for 10 hours,did he die??

No worries, Roger. Donald Trump will have your back.

Boy fox news is really having a problem with felony arrests

It's a beautiful morning

Indictments -- what am I missing?

READ: Roger Stone indictment by federal grand jury

The Navy Won't Pay Damages To People Who Drank Camp Lejeune's Toxic Water, But It Is Throwing Money

EXCLUSIVE: Close up front door footage of Roger Stone's arrest.

'We're talking': McConnell and Schumer attempt to defuse shutdown

Don't tell me it is "unprecedented". What isn't lately? Don't bother saying there is no

I wonder if his pointy head got bumped when the unpaid FBI guys put him in their cop car

Unpaid federal employees recalled so they can pay federal contractors

US missionary who engaged with reclusive Brazilian tribe could be charged with genocide

So wanting a female president is "identity politics"?

Rick Wilson astutely anticipates the right wing media's reaction to Rodger Stone's 6 AM wake-up call

Everyone Who's Been Charged in Investigations Related to the 2016 Election

Why is this so much like Watergate? Simple: Trump is a crook too.

Stone, Manafort, Flynn, Cohen, others. Noose tightening on

Pg. 2 STONE was an official on the presidential campaign of Donald J Trump ....

Other items of interest from the unsealed indictment:

Hillary needs to be sworn as our LEGITIMATE president!

He didn't asked to tinkle? lol

The origin of Super Villains: Captain Nazi

Casey, I'd like to dedicate this to Roger Stone

Kyle Griffin:CNBC reporting Bannon reached out to Stone

Karma's train runs over Roger Stone

Prediction:Giuliani will try to spin Stone's arrest as a positive for Trump

When the dust settles, SCOTUS theft matters most.


Trump/GOP will try to change the subject today.

This government does not have the moral standing to criticize Nicols Maduro

I just heard that SHS is going to be on CNN

The FBI does not raid the home of "small fish"...

Former Cincinnati Bengals receiver Chad Johnson: "FBI arrested my neighbor Roger..."

John Dean: Trump's got his wall, it's called.....

Steve Bannon Reportedly the 'Senior Trump Official' Who Spoke to Roger Stone About WikiLeaks

We're coming for you trump

YET ANOTHER Trump tweet that has not aged well, 12/03/18, RE: Roger Stone #StableGeniusIsScrewed

Flying my Flag for the FBI!!

#TrumpShutdown now squeezing seniors, families in subsidized housing

Pick of the Week: "Exorsisters" #4

Sarah Sanders has been on CNN ranting about the need for Wall. on and on

Mueller: Trump campaign officials communicated with Stone on WikiLeaks in 2016

Greece vote settles 27-year Macedonia row

South Lawn Sarah live on CNN

Were FBI agents that arrested Stone working without pay?...


I can predict what Giuliani will say...

Revisiting Trump's Inauguration Speech on the Shutdown's 34th Day

Biggest protests 'in living memory' hit Sudan

'Extraordinarily angry and very upset taxpayers': IRS faces chaotic tax season amid shutdown

Elephant Mom Has Her Baby's Back No Matter What

SHS: Stone bust has "nothing to do with the president," asks if CNN is "guilty of collusion?"

This is it - the trump administration:

Everybody Must Get Stone(d)

Sure Mexico will never pay for Fat Donny's wall like he promised but ...

I hope I can use this many more times in the near future:

Can we start using the phrase "The Trumpano Crime Family".

This Lion cub trying to roar is the cutest thing you'll see all day!!

A caravan of Trump Crime Family members has been spotted heading toward the Mexico border

Does Elizabeth Warren's "wealth tax" proposal make her more electable or less electable?

Love the smell of an indictment in the morning

Warriors come to DC to visit the President...President Obama that is, and totally snub 22.5

Typo? "Because of tromp"

Mexican woman jailed for miscarriage released after conviction is overturned

Mexican woman jailed for miscarriage released after conviction is overturned

So, if Bannon was the Senior Campaign Official directed to reach out to Stone...

Has anyone checked into FOX's coverage of Stone arrest?

Crooklyn Dodgers - Crooklyn

No trump tweets in 12 hours......

Will trump start to negotiate with Mexico to pay for the wall?

Stone is the 34th person Indicted by Mueller

Sarah Sanders React To Roger Stone's Arrest In A Combative Interview.

Mulvaney starts to draw ire as shutdown drags on

The Internet's New Favorite Puppy Might Get Lifesaving Surgery, After All

The Internet's New Favorite Puppy Might Get Lifesaving Surgery, After All

Brennan: Stone Indictment Shows Effort to Swing Election 'May Have Gone to the Very Top'...

Andrea Mitchell in 2016: "But her emails!"

How many of Trump's top campaign staff have been indicted?

Hmmm, look at this tweet from Trump about Roger Stone ...

What's the temperature where you are now?

Uncredible Huck quote. Doing her Ari Fleischer or Baghdad Bob bit

Pic Of The Moment: So This Is The Official Spin...?

In 2014 Fox News Video, Trump Touts 'Disaster' As A Way To Make America Great Again

Fox & Friends React to Roger Stone Arrest: 'Where is the Russian Collusion?'

Hottest All-Time Temp Record Set In Adelaide: 46.6C (115.9F); 17 Records Fall In S. Australia

Neko Case.

Why Trump Will Lose in 2020. Our base is bigger than his base


FBI Agents Are Not Being Paid Due To The Shutdown!

Is there a reason indictments tend to drop on Fridays?

Denver Public Schools apologizes for letter that said striking teachers on visas could be reported..

Florida Man Arrested

Annapolis One Of Most Vulnerable Cities, Has No Way To Pay To Cope W. Sea Level Rise

Rudy Giuliani Diminishes Roger Stone Indictment: 'Another False Statement Case? God Almighty'

It Begins: FAA halting (some) flights into New York's LaGuardia

28% Of Americans Surveyed Willing To Pay $10/Month To Address Global Warming

Texas Border Sheriffs: There is No Crisis and We Don't Want Trump's Wall

Video: Sarah Huckster with the official non-denial denial ...

Texas Border Sheriffs: There is No Crisis and We Don't Want Trump's Wall

Paul Manafort to appear at the E. Barrett Prettyman US Court House in DC today

Just going down to my local Harris Teater to see if I can barter some steaks and potatoes

What the Roger Stone Indictment Tells Us About Collusion

I only need a Don Jr. or a Steve Bannon indictment

"I'm just a PATSY"

FBI issues search warrant for Roger's NY residence

So when did conspiracy become devalued as "collusion"? Call it what it is.

Sarah Sanders asks if CNN is 'guilty of collusion' in trainwreck interview after Stone arrest

Bloomberg says Trump, at this point, 'cannot be helped'

Brennan predicts Mueller will indict 'a significant number of names' familiar to Americans

Report: Giuliani Drinking Before Insane TV Appearances

Pelosi Wins: No Trump SOTU Until Shutdown Ends

Donald Trump Is On A Losing Streak

Let him in

Gator Aid: Man says emotional support alligator helps his depression

For those of you that complain about "process" crimes

FAA halts flights into La Guardia amid staffing shortages, shutdown

PG&E Stock Jumps More Than 70% Because Someone Else Was Ruled Responsible for a 2017 Fire

Why has NO MSM asked for wall plans from these assholes?

George Conway: GOP senators bear responsibility for shutdown because they took 'idiot' Trump serious

"Bernie Sanders Enters New Territory: A Wealth Tax," September 20, 2017

Roger Stone --Breaking news!:

A few things to remember about Venezuela:

I got a cooking job...

When you're celebrating the Stone indictment tonight, don't forget to toast Senator Al Franken.

Trump Wanted His Disney Animatronic To Brag About His Skyscrapers

***FAA-Delays at La Guardia, Newark, and Philadelphia due to government shutdown****

What the hell does trumpass think?

Where have all the nuts gone?

So, who's left to indict outside of the Trump Family?

Elephant talk - King Crimson...Just because

Roger Stone's attorney bizarrely claims he has been 'vindicated' by Mueller indictment

Geo. Conway: GOP senators bear responsibility for shutdown because they took 'idiot' Trump seriously

Hide and seek level: Expert.

Realising too late that you accidentally mixed your whites and colors:

Post seen on Yahoo thread about Stone.

Dem chairman on Stone arrest: 'What did the President know and when did he know it?'

Finally...Fucking Finally.. .Kellyanne Conway

Deputies: Florida Woman's Home Was So Filthy We Arrested Her for Child Neglect (photos)

Avenatti joining in on the fun this morning.

Queens, NY: "Incoming Flights to LaGuardia Airport in New York Halted Amid Shutdown"

'Open the freakin government before somebody gets killed.'

The most honest Trump tweet you'll ever see.

Arguing on Twitter.

New: Manafort closed hearing set for Feb. 4th regarding whether he intentionally lied

Pastor Rick Wiles: "If You're Not a Christian, Then Satan Is Your Father"

Will stone appear in a jump suit and cuffed?

When will Trump cave on the wall?

With a Godfather reference and a Nixon quote, Mueller accuses Roger Stone of witness tampering

Preet Bharara: Why isn't Senator Bennet running for President since everyone else is?

SO Now It's His Time In The Barrel

Laurence Tribe: Sarah Sanders is a useless tool.

Cargo flies overnight

Pelosi On Stone Arrest: 'Interesting' To See People POTUS Surrounds Himself With

i will be the one to make air travel terrifying. i'm not going to blame you for it.

Catholics want New York's Gov. Cuomo to be excommunicated for his abortion policy

TSA to Give Officers Partial Pay for Work During Government Shutdown

Lawmakers Close In on Shutdown Deal and Brace for Trump to Blow It Up: Sources

The next stop for the Mueller train is the Whitehouse.

LIVE VIDEO: Roger Stone Appears In Court After Arrest

Walking the dogs...


As we watch air travel begin to break down, here is James Burke's "Connections"

Trump Furious that F.B.I. Not Stopped By Shutdown

From Kathy Griffin to Roger Stone

Will Stone flip?

CNN's Manu Raju: Dems waiting to hear from Turtle, Turtle waiting to see what WH wants

Can the FBI do a no Knock raid at the White House?

All of Dump's indicted pals

Fremont, Calif. to pilot a Tesla Model S police cruiser

How many of you check several news outlets daily?

Insult to Injury: Having to roust a sleeping Roger Stone without Battle Pay

As we read Stone indictment, remember: Stone said that he spoke with Trump on August 3, 2016.

trump finally tweets....

CNN: Stone entered the CH with his legs shackled and his hands shackled to his waist.

Collusion: "In the full knowledge that Russia was already trying to swing the election"

Sen. Bennet had the most views ever of any C-SPAN video from the Senate floor


The "Stone was only indicted for lying" argument is monumentally stupid.

Moscow Times is purging content that links alleged Russian Mafioso to Rudy Giuliani.

Painter: The wall was a political ploy dreamed up by Stone. Now he will get his wall.

5 days after sr campaign official told to contact Stone, Trump makes plea to Russia

The 7 Republicans who voted against back pay for furloughed government workers.

John Pavlovitz response to Trump's Witch Hunt/NO COLLUSION tweet this morning

Didn't Rudy Say Something About Info Will Be Coming To Discredit HRC.....

I'm starting to think a dementia defense is Chumpy's best option.

For those interested in tracking the flight delays, this is a great resource

Pelosi: Trump 'pushing airspace to the breaking point' with shutdown

I whooped it up at 6:30AM; with the Breaking News at Noon I was hoping for *ANOTHER* indictment!1

Naked Eyes - Promises, Promises

Pelosi: It is very interesting to see the kinds of people that the president surrounded himself with

GOP senator reportedly slams McConnell over shutdown: 'This is your fault'

Who is responsible for the government shutdown? The TURTLE and the HAIR

Northwestern Grad wins $1.25 million over Evanston police brutality.

At least 14,000 IRS workers did not show up for work as shutdown disruption hit tax agency

Are the FBI Agents Who Arrested Roger Stone Working Without Paychecks?

The Father, the Son or the Son-in-Law.

Russell Baker, Bard in a Buick The Times columnist and author was a true American original.

Layers of safety in aviation

Chris Christie: Stone indictment once again proves "how smart and careful" Mueller is being

Best Way to Wake Up

"indictment reports that Corsi and Stone decided to instigate the "Clinton is sick" lie on August 2.

RED ALERT! I talked with a few sources on Capitol Hill and am hearing Trump folks are paying to...

Julian Assange must have gotten the news about Roger Stone ...

TCM is running 'A Face in the Crowd' again, at 1:45 pm, est, today.

How can anyone say Trump may not have known Russia was involved? Stop it!

Stone's Case IS related to SCO Russian Indictments. Don't let them spin it.

Flying on Pan-Am's Round the World Flights

Stone's about to speak... Here's a fun bingo card

How long does it take Stone to put on his make up and fix his hair? Media outside CH for hours now

There will be no drug review of any drug by the FDA after 2/17

Roger Stone's present home looks really nice. Here's a photo of his future home

If you don't watch fox news omg

WATCH Roger Stone in June 2018: "I had no advanced knowledge of the source, content or the exact di


Roger Stone: A loser to the very end.

A customs agent who hasn't been paid for a month sure would find a few hundred dollars persuasive

they are taking my wife off of life support and letting her expire today

The crowd chanting, "LOCK HIM UP!" as roger is trying to speak.

Stone's attny said FBI terrorized his dogs...awwww

Walmart wants to hire 900 truckers and pay them nearly $90,000 a year

Texas Dam Wall

Looks like Wall Street is trying to protect Trump. WTF is it going up at this time.

What do you think of Rep. Clyburn's offer?

Fox News website : Mueller, Roger Stone fibbed...

The NFL should say to trump....

Song of the Day!

and that Nixon salute......

Japan's supreme court rules in favor of forced sterilization of trans people

Twitter CEO says Mark Zuckerberg once served him a goat he killed with a stun gun

Get ready for a diversion. Media setting up on the White House lawn.

Holy shit, it's working

Nazi blueprint for North American Holocaust acquired by Canada archive

CBS's Garrett: Senior admin officials expect Trump to endorse short term funding bill in next hour

Lunasun introduced me to this guy about a year ago, Thanks for that Lunasun

Right now Fox News' Web Page: Australian woman bitten by 5-foot snake while on the toilet

Longtime Trump adviser Roger Stone says he's falsely accused after indictment by special counsel...

Jared Kushner Security Clearance Rejection Overruled By Trump Appointee Rachel Maddow MSNBC

Knight Fight

Indictment Details Ties to Wikileaks (USN&WR)

Connect the Dots: Watergate to Russian Collusion in One Dot! Roger Stone!

Once old Roger finds out what Mueller has, he will fold like a cheap suit.


Schiff: "It won't be the last"

I can hear Coulter screaming already. Love it

Roger Stone Tried to look very calm while talking to the Press Today..

M_W word of the day: Myopic: lacking in foresight or discernment : narrow in perspective and without

A song for this occasion

Southwest Airlines: New Flights To Hawaii On Hold Due To Shutdown

Flight attendant union president issues statement: "Do we have your attention now, Leader McConnell?

14,000 of 26,0000 IRS employees didn't show up for work

70's hard rock that the radio doesn't play- But should

Former DNI James Clapper: Roger Stone Indictment Is Evidence of Trump Campaign, Russia Coordination

Ted Lieu: "It's reported Bannon was the official directed... If true, who directed Bannon?"

Amazon facial-identification software used by police falls short on tests for accuracy and bias,...

Ana Navarro on the View today, talking about Roger Stone - starts around 2:15

The people this President has abused including former CIA and NSA officials

Trump expected to float deal to end shutdown, for now, without border wall money

Lost in the news...........

The President will make remarks regarding the shutdown in the Rose Garden today at 1:30pm.

Amazon facial-identification software used by police falls short on tests for accuracy and bias, new

Ok! Let's open the government to distract from the Roger Stone story?

Trump seems to be handling the Roger Stone news pretty well.

Do I have to?

Lighter note- petition for Maroon 5 to play SpongeBob's "Sweet Victory" at Super Bowl halftime

Gender is the one thing keeping Sarah Sanders from being taken seriously as a fascist.

Sweet Victory 😆

Manu Raju: McConnell will speak after Trump speaks this afternoon

Trump likes the shutdown... he will do it again, if given the chance.

No! Don't look! Trump tries to distract from Roger Stone indictment by offering temporary shut down

Sooooo...this is a GOOD day for Roger Stone, according to his definition of "good"!

Bette Midler on Venezuela and Trump...

Trump will accept a deal to end the shutdown in order to get the news off Roger Stone

This is what we're up against - "Swingers" - Obama voters who switched to Trump

"Putins turn in the barrell?"

Food stamp payments (SNAP) will be gone as of Feb. 20th

SO much happening on this Friday that my head is spinning.

Who's got roger stone's back?

John Podesta : Karma Karma Karma !!!

"Stone's indictment outlines a conspiracy..."

Secretary of State calls Wikileaks " A Hostile Intelligence Service aided by Russia"

🔥🔥🔥 Sealed criminal cases filed in DC District Court 1/24/2019 🔥🔥🔥

Florida Ethics Commission finds probable cause in complaint against Andrew Gillum

Trump is about to speak. Time to place bets.

Trump Statement on Government Shutdown

MCI moving flights back an hour ... seems like things are starting to break starting with LGA & ATC

If I were a reporter in the Garden of Roses I wouldn't ask about shitty Roger Stone

So, why only "process" indictments, as SHS, Fox and Rudy call them?

People, Trump is apparently going to cave on the shutdown because he LOST, not to divert from Stone

I think this is appropriate now!

Haaland and Hogg Helping Federal Workers

Happy Anniversary!!!! On this date in 2001...

A joke for Roger Stone to cheer him up. Knock, knock...

Can I keep him?

Nancy Pelosi and Donald Trump

for those video challenged, what did the blithering orange idiot have to say? nt

McConnell was targeted by Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) who told him, "This is your fault."

Maine drivers aren't just wicked bad. They're apparently the worst.

Just saying... I called it

House to release all Russia probe transcripts : Schiff

Trump Folds while Nancy's Gold

Watch CNN Predict Friday's Roger Stone Arrest Hours Before it Happened: Mueller Left a 'Big Clue'

"People who wear suits to work do not do well in federal prison."

The late president......

Schiff: House to release all Russia probe transcripts to Mueller

Roger Stone: I will not testify against the President

How one university changed overnight when it let 25 semiautonomous robots roam its campus

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

CNN Hits Back at Trump's Conspiratorial Tweet About Roger Stone Arrest Coverage...

Donny Goes To School...

Venezuela's Juan Guaid offers Nicols Maduro amnesty if he goes quietly....

Johns Hopkins to buy Newseum building in D.C. as journalism museum plans to relocate

Top Senate Intel Dem Suggests There's More To Come On Stone And Wikileaks

Does Queen speak to your dog?

Cabinet Parade in WH Rose Garden makes me think something is going to stink.

A Health Insurance Story

Pelosi 2...Big Con 0

Marjorie Orr On Roger Stone

Roger Stone Appears 'Disheveled' In Court, Clad In Jeans And Shackled

Now the fun begins... Roger Stone says Jerome Corsi sold him out

Does anyone think Trump will be able to shut things down again on Feb. 16?

Wanna bet that this will be like one of the bills the House Dems passed, but Senate wouldn't?

Step back for a minute . . . the government and people have given Trump

Trump said the govt workers did not complain about not being

Wait, so he is going to open the govt for 3 weeks then back to chaos. This guy is evil

The first thing out of Trump's mealy mouth


He's sniffing

Is He On Teleprompter?....

I am sorry his mouth looks like an asshole.

Oh man, Trump is gaslighting himself!

What a pathetic speech he's giving.

"We survived Bush, you'll survive Obama".....

He is one ugly bastard inside and out!

Trump's shutdown is reversible

So after the govt workers get paid in two weeks they wont get anymore money...

Trump: "Bipartisan committee of lawmurkers and leaders" will discuss border security

Donald Trump eating crow in the rose garden right now

Make no mistake: End of shutdown was NOT for any reason than it's what's best for HIM.

Random Trump comment. n/t

Hey Don, "Nancy" ate your lunch, gave you a wedgie in the hallway, tied your shoelaces together . .

What a fucking gaslighting piece if dog shit he is.

Frank Schaeffer speaks for me today & every day since 1/20/17.

Is he opening the government or a salesman for walls?

Nancy really hurt him by cancelling the STOU. He wants that more than anything.

Talk about a caving wall!

"We don't need 2000 miles of concrete wall from sea to shiny sea. We never proposed that."

Adam Schiff Hints That Trump and Kushner Were Directing Roger Stone

Coyotes, smugglers. n/t

He's Still Sticking To The Wall....

Lord he is delusional!!!

Well, two years delayed, we finally have an American woman who is the Leader of the Free World.

Trump plagiarized the Democrats' "smart wall" technology language

if these issues are happening to these women, why won't you help them

When Democrats control Congress and the WH, there needs to be a law that

Corsi, 'Person 1' in Roger Stone indictment, says he's done nothing wrong

He's rambling again. Women being bound up and can't breathe.

Duct tape? He's out of his mind.

ARREST who ever wrote that speech!!!!

Somebody buy Nancy "Bad Mutha Fukkah" Pelosi a beer and send me the bill

Oh for FFS!!! We never needed a wall? Is that your position this minute?

A link to the live address:

The shutdown song!

OMG, I can't believe this speech! n/t

Is this the state of the union speech now?

For fucks sake! We don't want a fucking wall! If this gaslighting shit doesn't stop we need to

How did we manage to be so great with all the horrible immigration? If we are the laughing stock

Is this the preview to the SOTU??? Can we shut it down again???

Does he need to blow his nose?

Please give this man the hook! Grab him by the elbow and get him into a

NO SOTU FOR THIS! Does anyone believe this wall salesman will not close the government AGAIN in

DOTUS caves! Pelosi gets government re-opened for 3 weeks, with no wall funding conceded.

Trump just made a veiled threat to release detained immigrants into Democratic districts

I am happy for Federal workers & families, but 3 weeks is pointless

Shut up Trump...

Good Read : "The smearing of Nathan Phillips."

Who knew that a racist conspiracy theorist like Jerome Corsi would also be a snitch?

Somebody hand him a box of strawberries!

Here's a thought.

The Big Con is giving his SOTU...

All Hail Nancy Smash!

Oh good, he just threatened to shut it down again Feb 15...

He is threatening the country again....

God Bless America? Nah, to hell with them. nt

Trump is insane and saying crazy shit on television.

Anyone watching our sick President??

Threatening shutdown again OR using emergency powers if he doesn't have a wall in 3 weeks

Who the fuck was cheering that gibberish???

Is Trump drugged? Supposedly he does not drink. Why is he slurring so many words? Stroke? nt

NLRB Returns to Long-Standing Independent-Contractor Standard

Trump just wrested his Presidency from the clutches of Ann Coulter. Take that Ann!

Tweet of the Day

Indicting Roger Stone, Mueller Shows Link Between Trump Campaign and WikiLeaks Video

If you want to see some sad mental gymnastics, go troll The_Donald right now

Get him to sign the papers before he talks to -

Donald Trump blinks

Duffus' statement in 15 seconds.

Yup, looked constipated.

Nancy Has Forced Humpty Dumpty Off His Wall

Dana Bash: Only one word to describe it: Cave

Trump: "They are bound. Duct tape put around their many cases, they cannot even breathe."

Did the Nutjob just say that EMPLOYMENT is the lowest blah, blah, blah....

I turned him off

LOL How can you postpone an emergency? What a maroon!

Grandpa fucking Simpson

Today's MEME OF THE DAY!!!

Will all those funding bills passed by the House now be approved? the meantime FOX "well at least sotu is back on"

Can't he be Baker Acted now? There's the proof!

The Republicans will deal with him to get the courts packed.

Roger Stone's Arrest Is the Signal for Congress to Act

Well I Guess They Put Her, Nancy Pelosi, In Her Place

The motherfucker's TelePrompTer just froze

"4 women duct taped in a van." Where does this come from?

Well, he got the Stone arrest off the headline

Individual-1's timing to re-open the government comes within hours of Roger Stone's arrest?

Trump responds to Roger Stone arrest: 'Human Traffickers are treated better'

Just got home after listening on my car radio.

Nancy and Chuck!

Trump must fantasize a lot about duct taped women

Imagine having spent money on "the Art of the Deal"!!

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.

5.7 billion is $1,000 bills stacked 2000 ft high or 66 stories. 5.7 million 24"

Poll: Majority of Americans hold Trump and Republicans responsible for shutdown

When will federal employees receive their back pay?

He said that it is good that the U.S takes any glimer of hope away from

Tweet of the Day: Nancy dog-walking Donny

RNC votes to give Trump 'undivided support' ahead of 2020

Jim Acosta goes for the jugular, brings up tRump, 2016, Wikileaks.

Too all of those who did not want Nancy Pelosi as Speaker,

If Trump's cringe-inducing Rose Garden spew is not justification for the application

FAA: Flights delayed at 3 major airports due to 'staffing' issues amid government shutdown

Roger Stone's pose is a Stone's throw away from Nixon's

I thought this Trump womp womp speech was to be a news conference too?


I will BOYCOTT the STOU... Will you?

tRump has never looked more defeated...

Mueller says Paul Manafort should not get credit for cooperating

Exclusive footage of me leaving work for the weekend (and celebrating the arrest of Roger Stone):

Paul Manafort faces sealed Feb. 4 hearing on Mueller probe allegations he lied after pleading guilty

Here it is. If you know Ann (Coulter), this is a big insult.

You need go no further than to Freeperville to see how big a miscalculation Trump has made

This dumb ass Trump could have done this weeks ago.

Calif. state lawmaker leaves GOP, blasts Trump

Born on this day in 1924, Speedy West

For the legal minds Rodger Stone on Tucker tonight

Nancy Pelosi appreciation thread

Dem Richard Ojeda drops out of presidential race

Trump Announces Deal to End Government Shutdown for 3 Weeks.

Has Trump now entered a death spiral of bad polls and self-inflicted negative media stories?

Pink Says She Will Not Apologize for Her 'Very Polarizing' Political Opinions

Pelosi's comments to reporters about Trump & McConnell at lunch briefing today

Nuclear Nancy!! SOTU....boom, SHUTDOWN....Boom, MILLIONS FOR A WALL....Boom!

Ivanka Granted Preliminary Approval for Chinese Trademark for Childcare Centers

Caught the last few minutes of * in the Rose Garden on CBS online.

Who is Roger Stone? GOP operative worked on campaigns from Richard Nixon to Donald Trump

Schiff: House Intel will release all Russia probe transcripts to Mueller

Songs for Trump today

Happy 72nd anniversary, the video arcade game with a CRT

Y'know, I like to think I'm way above gloating, and I grew out of it, and so forth,

CNN, minutes ago: Trump weakened his own legal case for declaring emergency later with this delay.

Political cartoonist Jack Ohman on Facebook re Tiny

Man who worked as top 'conversion therapist' (David Matheson) comes out as gay

This is beginning of the end of the tRump presidency...

Guess who didn't get indicted today?

Ann Coulter is pissed!

"You've got the Mike Pence faction..., a guy who did an unbelievable job for President-elect"

Trump: Who knew that the federal government could be so important?

Who is this Individual-2 being reported in Stone's indictment?

Opinion: President Trump lost. Period.

I Remember When Government Shutdowns Used To Be Temporary.....

He's a Spelunker In Chief

We haven't heard much from the Congress critters who wanted to sack Pelosi

That Stone arrest was some serious shit.

Elizabeth Warren's proposed tax on enormous fortunes explained

Fucking Fabilous News Dump Friday.


Rex Huppke tweet, with Trump saying, "If you see Ann Coulter..."

Roger Stone Draws the Judge Who Threw Paul Manafort in Jail

Dems hoisting Pelosi on their shoulders

Sarah Huckabee Sanders says Stone indictment has nothing to do with Trump

The two people Trump fears the most - Nancy Pelosi and Ann Coulter - are women.

After Snubbing Trump Once Already, The Warriors Quietly Visit Obama On Trip To D.C.

Exclusive: Kremlin-linked contractors help guard Venezuela's Maduro - sources

The Government Shutdown Is Already Causing Havoc for the Super Bowl

Man, I have such a monstrous crush on Nancy Pelosi...

Trump only opened the gov so he can give his little sotu bs fest

Pelosi said Dems could plant flowers on border & Trump would say, "I got my wall"

Trump: I fold

Trump administration to start sending asylum seekers to wait in Mexico

"the president" should pardon Reality Winner.

The WikiLeaks-Russia Connection

Dems strengthen hand in shutdown fight

MSNBC - Pelosi and Schumer are about to speak. Heads up!

Can HRC sue the Trump campaign?

The great negotiator!

Damn. Chuck Shumer is really kicking his balls.

It can truly be said today.............

Roger Stone to appear with Tucker Carlson on Fox News tonight

NYTimes: Everyone whose been charged in investigations related to 2016 election.

US counternarcotics operations in Colombia suspended over government shutdown: report

Migrant children illegally held in unlicensed facilities, attorney says

I swear I heard Dump say: the Congress and the Senate Law-mockers."

Jim Carrey shoots---and scores!

We talk about 800,000 federal government employees

Stone and the Big Con go way 1980

So how many indictments were handed down by Mueller today

Democrats blast Trump administration for oil and gas activities during shutdown

Bet you Trump goes to Florida now for awhile.

Layoffs underway at HuffPost a day after parent company Verizon announced cuts

Speaker Pelosi & Minority leader Schumer are giving a press conference and m$nbc & cnn cut away

video scenes from MLK Jr. march in Honolulu Jan 21, 2019

Pierce: At Least We Got to See Trump Get Beat Like a Drum

Property taxes ease for most in 2019

A memory book of Roger and Nikki STONE

I know there's bigger and better news today....

A song to celebrate the day...

Did Nancy Pelosi just "tsst" Trump

All In.........with.higher than a kite card...

Madam Speaker - 3, Orange cheeto President - 0

FAA briefly halts flights into LaGuardia amid staffing shortages, shutdown

From start to end, this article places blame on Trump and praises Pelosi. Nice to see accurate news.

There will be no wall because

Government Restricts Brazil's Freedom Of Information Law

The Shutdown's Tipping Point

Government Restricts Brazil's Freedom Of Information Law

We just had another earthquake, about a 5.0 (getting good at guessing).

What if

Government Seeks To Legalize Homeschooling With Executive Order

Stephen Colbert: Donald Trump Is Shutdown's 'Biggest Loser'

Organized Attacks Throughout Brazil's Ceara State Continue

Researchers make plans to assess ailing orcas during government shutdown

Washington will give benefits to federal employees forced to work

The Rose Garden should be well fertilized

Can we just cut the "speaker" shit and call her Madam President?

CoulterGeist turns her wrath upon . . . Jared Kushner?

RWingers gotta RWing: Fire at Comet Ping Pong was intentionally set, fire and police officials say


Canadian Arctic Ice Retreat Exposes Ancient Lands

As orcas ail in the Sound, contiguous United States loses its last woodland caribou from Washington

Warriors skip meeting Trump, meet with Obama instead

Roger Stone says he won't cooperate with mueller...good, go to prison you dumb fuck. Mueller

Japan's supreme court rules in favor of forced sterilization of trans people

Nancy Pelosi is the only qualified President in DC...

Jared Kushner Assures Reporters He Never Revealed State Secrets Without Turning Huge Profit

Nancy with the Laughing Face

Roger Stone gets drowned out by "lock him up!" chants as he holds news conference after his release

Jennifer Rubin, WaPo: "You cannot get thumped any worse than Trump did on this encounter w/ Pelosi"

Krugman: "The taped-up women thing isn't just divorced from reality. It's creepy, says very

Rep. Dan Kildee (D-MI): Trump taking a defeat lap after he lost everything in the shutdown

Bill Maher tonight: LOOK at the top of the guest list. Will my TV screen survive the stuff I throw?

Cartoons 1/25/19

VP Coulter is pissed......

Ann Coulter is so furious. (How furious is she?)

This is why Republicans were so desperate to keep Nancy Pelosi from becoming speaker again

Ghost Riders in the sky. Some good old boys Dueling.

Pelosi says Trump's State of the Union will still be delayed

Dem lawmaker shares mock version of 'Art of the Deal' with Pelosi as author

The Staples Genius

Nancy went right after Donald's weak spot, his vanity

The Big Con should Never have happened...

If Trump gets "tired of winning", this has been a really restful week for him.

What's for Dinner, Fri., Jan. 25, 2019

These Boots are Made for Walkin'

Tattoo of Nixon


Stone should have been arrested a long long time ago...

David Frum: Roger Stone's Arrest Is the Signal for Congress to Act

"Any plans for the weekend?"

Norm Ornstein's Roger Stone story:

Budweiser's latest Super Bowl commercial has a dog, Bob Dylan and the Clydesdales

@brookebcnn: "This man single handedly shut down the government. It is shameful."

Senate approves bill to reopen the government

That 52-44 and the dis-invite did it thank you Madam Speaker

Fox Snooze is implicated in Stone fraud charges...Kurt Eichenwald

republican tariff bribe to farmers less than promised

Hundreds missing after Brazil dam collapse deluges community in liquid waste

Remember when some people wanted Nancy Pelosi

Hundreds missing after Brazil dam collapse deluges community in liquid waste

So in three weeks: National government workers strike?

NEWS: More on the mystery Mueller grand jury subpoena.

Lopsided blame for shutdown

Trump gets dominated

Nancy Pelosi has revised Donald Trump's book.

The wildly popular show, President Bozo's Short Circus, may be re-run in three weeks!

Bernie Sanders ‏: President Trump shut down the government...for absolutely nothing. Pathetic!

How come we are so thrilled with our win...we only got 21 days...

A Hillary email indictment

Obama and HRC reaction to Trump caving...

'Resistance' Media Side With Trump to Promote Coup in Venezuela

'Resistance' Media Side With Trump to Promote Coup in Venezuela

51 Dems ask House defense panel head to block Trump from using military funds for border wall

I think this 14 min TED talk could benefit us all.

Dirty Tricks Catch Up to Roger

So...did LGA just save America?

Trump tried to grab Nancy by the pussy. Instead she grabbed him by his tiny balls.


I heard Kushner had taken on the negotiations for Trump

Indictment recalls the business of a gangster film

Afghanistan's Ghani says 45,000 security personnel killed since 2014

BREAKING NEWS: FBI Arrests The Penguin

Perfect tweet from Senator Schatz (who really is a treasure)

NY : Gov Cuomo signs transformative New Early Voting Bill

trump's negotiation skills, and his wall:

Sanders Speaks on Deal to End Government Shutdown

Senator Sanders Speaks on Deal to End Government Shutdown

Pundits are already saying the stone indictment is nor enough for collusion.

Thanks Senator Schumer!

Remember what he really said...

REMINDER: These FBI agents aren't being paid. They did it for FREE!

2 years later, blood donors get to meet 13-year-old boy they helped save

As regards the wall -

John Fogerty live. Have you ever seen the rain.

Dems 2020 messaging must feature front & center the cost of Shutdown to remind all of America

I hope this doesn't mean the State Of The Union speech is back on track

So, if McConnell wants to avoid a repeat in Feb it's pretty simple....

Fucking banner ads following me around the intarwebz

"No wall just a cave," says CNN's Jim @Acosta .

Shutdown cost more than Trump wanted for the wall

Read current charges against Stone....

Cuomo signs gender identity discrimination, conversion therapy bans into law

I shall equate Speaker Pelosi to "Brienne of Tarth"....

Funniest and best tweets from today:

State Of The "You, NONE"...Trump's "very proud announcement" of zero dollars for his beautiful wall

Chuck Todd's "Help me out, I'm an idiot" act isn't an act.

What's wrong with this picture?

For anyone with PACER acct. New filing in United States v. Stone

The Million $ Question:??

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 1/24/19

What's everyone's current count of people they've hired who've been indicted on Federal charges?

They all talk tough, til prison....

Hey Freepers and other delusional right wing nuts....

Instructions on how to come for Nancy Patricia D'Alesandro Pelosi....

Stephen Colbert: Guest Michael Moore Proposes A Different Wall

'It's over for him': Right-wingers furious as 'biggest wimp' Trump caves to Democrats on border wall

Pink Donald

'Pelosi should give SOTU because she's obviously running the country': Dem Congress member

Lindsey is right.

How ironic that the Con caved on the same day that

There should be NO SOTU address

Don the Con. I didn't get what i wanted

Disapproval with Trump Soars

Can Stone be pardoned?

State Rep Brian Ellis, R-Butler

The most delicious part about Trumpass getting NADA WALL!

While Nancy rightly gets most of the credit. Don't forget Chuck's most valuable contribution.

Hawaiian Air flight diverted after flight attendant dies

Art of the Fool

Does anyone know any specifics on the wall??? Obama/Boehner

Trump Folds In Trump Style

Have you seen the new and improved MAGA hat?

Hillary says

I Am Afraid It's To Late...

SNL tomorrow night

Hey! It's the 25th! It''s like it's......

To EVERY Naysayer who tried to get Nancy P out of the Speakership

The Nixon Foundation releases statement to distance itself from Roger Stone

Jill Wine-Banks' pin today:

Angola Has Decriminalized Gay Sex

Since Dear Leader is often consumed by revenge I suspect much of his focus

Ann Coulter will be on Real Time with Bill Maher tonight.

Like a Rolling Stone....

After a lifetime of dirty tricks, Roger Stone finally takes a fall

When the Russia scandal dwarfs Watergate in our history, can we stop adding "gate" to everything?

Please remember that Roger Stone was the man behind the Brooks Brothers Riot

Forget 2nd in line

Is there a special prison for Zippy/Roger?

Former CIA director: Indictments with names 'quite familiar to the average American' are coming

Speaker Pelosi earned a new title today: World's Greatest Speleogist

Question: Did Hannity/Fox Coordinate The Wikileaks Cover Story With Stone? Guess We'll Find Out...

No MAN nor woman was better suited for the Speakership!!

Stone will be on Cuomo's show tonight on CNN

Oh my, GS Warriors skip WH..visit Obama

Ten Thousand Students March in Berlin as Global #ClimateStrike Movement Rises

Great comedians sparring..

Is this legal...??

He still has 37% approval?! WTF!

Butler County(PA) state lawmaker(R) urged to resign over sex assault claim

Fwafefewawe Gawefawef arrested April 2018. Death threat guy!

Insanity Hannity logic: Bank robbers are really bank security...

Schiff: House Intel will release all its 73 interview transcripts to Mueller.

My town is getting dial service!

FDA identifies contamination source in blood pressure medicines used by millions

Tomorrow's NY Daily News cover

Cold wave striking Hawaii tonight - bring your wool lined tank top and shorts. brrrr

Difference between Nixon and Stone....Nothing, Zero, ZIP, Zilch, 00

Can a Vice President get indicted?

Apparently, the short term spending bill contains another bonus!