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Tell ya something interesting...

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Yup. I'd love to see Steve Kornacki replace Tweety.

Dem Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand gauges Wall Street execs' interest in backing a potential 2020

Chaplain Patrick J. Conroy outlasts Ryan; continues his role in new Congress

This bullshit shutdown/wall debate is getting tiring

What can the House do to push back BIG on orange maggot's fake emergency to build a wall?

Conan Mexico Interview With Diego Luna

The more you know....

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Hits Back at GOP With New Dance Video

So, if Trump "declares a national emergency" to use military manpower and funds to build his wall

Beat Kidz "Who Did You Exploit Today?"

Shutdown has started to affect work.

Just got hit with a RWNJ talking point ...

Arlo has an idea for a "Wall"..

Right-winger begs liberal neighbors to take down signs after he quits violent group he founded

Deputies Accused Of Leaving Women To Die In Hurricane Florence Charged With Manslaughter

''If Leader McConnell allows the Senate to vote, we can end the government shut down now.''

I don't get the cult of personality thing

The unsettling list of Trump's made-up conversations keeps growing

Tim Gunn, Mickey Hart, Tony Bennett

Sitting GOP Congressman Matt Gaetz Hosts Fox News Program

Americans and Koreans trade snacks!

Is the Coast Guard now getting paid?

Trump casually says former presidents have privately told him they should have built the wall.

I think the phrase Trump was looking for is "Enabling Act"

Police Investigate After Woman In Vegetative State For Over A Decade Gives Birth

Who is this obnoxious twit on with Kornacki?

Deer Prezident Trump:

Three have died in accidents at national parks that were closed during past shutdowns

What would be wrong with The RUMP family being the House's FIRST target AFTER

Sanders campaign staffer who ignored harassment complaints resigns as new Dem's chief of staff: repo

Trump threatens shutdown of 'months or even years' over border wall

Teacher Accused of Supplying Booze and Weed to Minors at NYE Party She Hosted

Comcast, Dish, AT&T to raise TV prices to counter cord cutting

Bolsonaro "declares war" on Brazil's indigenous people

Obama speechwriter: "the growing # of GOP obsessed with Putin - a truly bizarre trend" (in 2014!)

Bolsonaro "declares war" on Brazil's indigenous people

Know anything about a book by Flynn and Michael Leeden about fighting Islam?

Iran says warships coming to the Atlantic for 1st time

Trump admin lawyers working out details of using national emergency to build wall

*Puppy Bowl XV, Sun. Feb. 3, Animal Planet. Woof!

He is Our President and we should support Him!

Courts Run Out of Cash Next Friday. Here's What Happens Then

Supreme Court weighs whether to hear first challenge to Roe v. Wade since Kavanaugh joined bench

If you have a GOP Senator and/or Rep -- CALL THEM

Major "The Sopranos" marathon on HBO right now!

House Dems target Trump tax returns as part of lead-off ethics package

The government shutdown will cost more than Trump's $5 billion border wall funding

Over the rainbow

Millions face delayed tax refunds, cuts to food stamps as White House scrambles to deal with shutdow

What the partial federal shutdown could mean for tax season

My song/video of 2018 , Mushroomhead - We Are the Truth (Official Video)

Recently re-elected Maine state lawmaker leaves Republican Party

Soooooooo -- Puppet. Puppet indeed. Pure puppet.

Trump Administration Officials Are Getting Raises During Shutdown

Senate Confirms Four Trump Nominees to Top Environmental Posts in Last-Minute Vote

Trump Claims Most Furloughed Federal Workers Are Rooting For Him On Wall Funding

Our northernmost state is also the most vulnerable to climate change

Trump Referred to Shutdown as 'Strike' in Profanity-Laced Meeting With Democratic Leaders

Federal employees are not allowed to strike

Career gop operative Ed Rollins refers to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as "the little girl"

Right now Warren is my top candidate and as a former Sanders supporter I hope he stays out

'President has met his match'

Yes, it's me. In defense of AOC.

Michael Isikoff: House 'will open up money-laundering inquiry' into Trump-Russia ties, says key Dem

Something like 40% of food stamp (SNAP) recipients are working class whites

As a guest on Chris Hayes said

So Trump thinks the word fuck is inappropriate.

2020 US Senate Election- Who is more vulnerable? Jones(D-AL) or Gardner(R-CO)?

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! Winter is Coming! Best of Malloy!

Arizona GOP chairman warns state Republicans they are forbidden from criticizing Trump: 'Non-negotia

Today I realized that I no longer get called for juries and discover my profile

California utility PG&E explores bankruptcy filing - sources

Rachel is brilliant.

Hear About It Later - Van Halen

Trump's Emergency Powers Are 'Ripe for Abuse' (Dec 05, 2018)

So, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Mitch Mc Connell (R-KY) were in the room today

"Access before honesty"

Montana judge insults reporter over right-wing conspiracy

Trump claims support from past presidents for the wall: Clinton, Bush and Obama beg to differ

FBI investigating after someone impersonating Pence aide texted GOP lawmakers: WSJ

Someone needs to tell individual bone spur that we have new technology...

Proud Boys founder asked neighbors to take down anti-hate signs: report

Judge orders governor's company to provide financial info

ALERT---- Stealth approach in Northfacing hallway

Mean Street - Van Halen

President Trump Curiously Well Versed In Specific Russian Talking Points -Rachel Maddow

CNN panel explodes after Steve Cortes flips out about Rick Wilson calling him a 'toothless rube'

Congress is now 3 times more Jewish than the United States as a whole

Lounge knows all, so for low sugar which: Pinot noir or merlot?

US Sends Troops to Gabon to Watch for Congo Violence

"Trump swore so frequently during today's immigration meeting he ended up apologizing to Pelosi"

What a coincidence. I posted a rant in the Lounge, which explained what I thought

Congress Is Examining Decision to Lift Sanctions on Russian's Firms

A woman's place.....

Somebody should do at Trump's birthday party what Homer Simpson did at Mr. Burns birthday party.

Keiko Fujimori to Remain in Peru Jail After Court Upholds Ruling

Panel: WV's path to fix medical marijuana banking remains unclear

More Lounge guidance: What do we do with OURS who have screwed up royally

Congress Is Examining Decision to Lift Sanctions on Russian's Firms


Gavin McInnes has a sad - Neighbors post anti-hate signs, writes letter how awesome he really is.

Senior Discounts

Joy's interview with Nancy Pelosi........

Trump's Cracked Afghan History - WSJ Editorial

Remember the bunny eating the carrot in front of a microphone? This time it's a parsnip

Vicious cat fight

Nancy Pelosi is BACK, and I Don't Know How You're Gonna Build a Wall with Her Boot Up Your Ass, Don

Legislation introduced to secure miners pensions and health care

Good night, little monkey!

Young men are changing their definitions of sexual harassment

National Emergency now, is it? Yes it is to Trump. My take on the last 2 weeks.

I think he's going to attack St Ronnie Reagans legacy...with impunity

The iPhone Canary - WSJ Editorial

Navy tests two-ship littoral combat group with South America deployment

Fools - Van Halen

I can dig it...

Supreme Court justices plan to unveil new financial policies

As a woman, I sometimes wonder if we've made any progress at all

Eight science apps that turn your phone into a laboratory

Shutdown Spares Federal Park Rangers At Site In Trump Hotel

1974 KS US Senate Election between Bob Dole-R and William Roy-D was the last time,

Have you ever seen a more realistic looking painting?

Four Hazelton prison workers injured; staff works without pay during government shutdown

Your Brain Is Wired to Suck the Joy Out of Good News

Nancy Pelosi is killing it in the town hall with Joy!

Madame Speaker is a BAD ASSSSS

Kick Out The Trumps, Motherfuckers

Nancy Pelosi pushes back hard on question of censuring freshman Rep. Rashida Tlaib for language

Nancy Pelosi is

Education panel talks reform, teacher pay, absences, charter schools

Nationals offer Bryce Harper more than $300 million: report

Speaker Pelosi was brilliant in her conversation with Joy Reid on MSNBC.

Not Only Am I NOT Offended By "Impeach The Motherfucker"........

Brazil's Bolsonaro considers US base to counter Russia

Brazil's Bolsonaro considers US base to counter Russia

Parkersburg mayor has sign taken down, streaming stopped; cites contentious atmosphere

Corsi's request for specific judge denied

Supreme Court Will Take Up Gerrymandering Cases

Speaker Pelosi and candidate Warren seem to on the same page with respect to the middle class,

Activist group calls for end of diplomatic relations with Brazil

Activist group calls for end of diplomatic relations with Brazil

"Listen you mother f*ckers-we're gonna tax you 25%" Trump said regarding China.

State approves third voting machine model

Failed Green party candidate was secretly behind this popular QAnon account

Trump: Safety net for federal workers who need their checks is going to be having a strong border

Just tell his supporters the wall is built and Mexico paid

If you were sworn into Congress, what book would you like to place your hand on?

Icelandic a cappella group does impromptu song in German subway

Speaker Pelosi on Black Lives Matter

The Sounds That Haunted U.S. Diplomats in Cuba? Lovelorn Crickets, Scientists Say

The Sounds That Haunted U.S. Diplomats in Cuba? Lovelorn Crickets, Scientists Say

Does Mitch McConnell know he's part of the first branch of government?

The President of the United States is echoing directly the line of the Kremlin

FBI will investigate where Trump got made-up Russian history of Afghanistan invasion: Former intel c

What does it mean that job leavers increased by 142,000 in December?

pffffttt not even a whole week late...

Yale psych prof explains Trump's pathology--and why he's more dangerous than ever

Friday Night Wine-Buzz. Ask me anything...

Let's be careful out there


Fox's newest singing show reminds me of Fifth Element..

Everyday, I drive under two bridges that are close to falling.

Yale psych prof explains Trump's pathology--and why he's more dangerous than ever

New Mexico reconsiders permission for more natural gas wells

Millions Of Women In India Join Hands To Form A 385-Mile Wall Of Protest

Brazil Was a Global Leader on Climate Change. Now It's a Threat.

Brazil Was a Global Leader on Climate Change. Now It's a Threat.

Ocasio-Cortez gets praise from 'The Breakfast Club'

Dems Move to Block Trump From Lifting Sanctions on Russian Oligarch Oleg Deripaska

Amazing Images: The Best Science Photos of the Week

Laser-Blasted Plasma Is Cooler Than Deep Space...Literally By Mindy Weisberger, Senior Writer Janu

Mayor Cranley Proposes Bias Training for City Workers After Cincinnati PD Racial Slur Incidents

Billy Squier - Lonely Is The Night (VIDEO)

Body slam

Did fed govt send furloughed workers letter they could barter services for rent, mortgage pay?

Macho Pickachu

Tee Set - Ma Belle Ami (VIDEO)

Cleveland Plain Dealer Busts Union, Moves Forward With Plan to Cut 29 Local Journalism Jobs

4,000-year-old cave site unearthed on Tibetan plateau

I love this take on the m###er fu##er remark....

Egypt uncovers intact 4,400-year-old pharaonic tomb near Giza pyramids

There's a real possibility of Pelosi becoming POTUS before 2020.

Endangered cranes welcomed by Tibetans during migration

Is It Too Much To Expect A Full Construction Plan From Trump On The Building Of A Wall?....

In pics: international ice sculpture competition in Harbin

Akron woman avoids jail time in Geauga County embezzlement case

Given the day's events, sometimes you just need some Benny Goodman...

Interesting stats: About 63% of Americans are looking for work today compared to 67% in 2000

New Dem committee chair summons Kirstjen Nielsen to testify about 'outright lies'

Rep. Jennifer Wexton Flies Trans Pride Flag Outside Her Capitol Hill Office

Bernie Sanders' Ugly Campaigning Is Bad for Democrats -- and Great for Trump

A Looming Threat to US South Korea Alliance

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Dances, People Lose Their Minds - All In - MSNBC

Frame this correctly: Trump is holding federal workers hostage.

Florence Price: "Symphony No.1"/Corelli: "Concerto Grosso No. 6"/ Schreck: "Sonata for Bassoon &

Detroit Spinners Rubberband Man

Former Cleveland Clinic resident who posted anti-Semitic remarks apologizes

GOP Congressman Gets Confronted By His Own Wall Contradiction - The Beat With Ari Melber - MSNBC

Report: President Donald Trump Golf Club Concealed Undocumented Worker - All In - MSNBC

45 States and Territories to Receive Preschool Development Grants

Drug companies want gag order against Ohio Governor-elect Mike DeWine and lawyers because of '60 Min

Trump judges his own "greatness" from his ability to destroy the things that other men build.

Cleveland investment firm fined $100,000 for campaign contributions that violated pay-to-play rule

What's on tap in the Kentucky legislature? Pensions, taxes and anger

I hope the media does as good a job reporting on all the legislation coming from the new House

Ohio could soon raise minimum age to marry and ban child marriages

Nancy Pelosi Discusses Mueller Investigation, Impeachment And More - TODAY

Feds: Dayton-area woman made $2.5 million in sex-for-money scheme

OAS Lima group will not recognize Maduro as leader of Venezuela

Ford Credit won't approve proposed Reagor-Dykes Auto Group reorganization, asks to seize assets

Venezuelans abandoning homes as they emigrate

What a waste !

What's Going On Here?

California shooting: 'multiple victims' at Torrance bowling alley

Texas state senator gives up his chairmanship after sexting probe

Faulkner County won't return $350,000 to public defender's office

AG Nessel Asks Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy To Take Over Flint Cases

VIDEO: R.E.M. - Nightswimming (Later... with Jools Holland on BBC1, 14 October 2003)

Mitch McConnell, 'Mr. Fix It,' is not in the shutdown picture -- (Lexington Herald Leader)

experts say that counterintelligence will want to know where Trump he got his latest lies

Democrats Paint Stark Contrast With Outgoing Republicans - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Lawrence Lessig: Trump's border wall demand is constitutionally illegitimate

Coast Guard and Government Shutdown

Ukraine Orthodox Church granted independence from Russian Church

Indianapolis paid $30 million to solve one problem. Now, it has created another.

"Hamilton" creator Lin-Manuel Miranda's Obama tribute: "One Last Time (44 Remix)"

Toni Preckwinkle's administration hired Ald. Edward Burke's son to nearly $100K-a-year county job

Kevin McCarthy's face when Trump says he can declare martial law to get his wall

DEMS: Don't let those motherfuckers do it again...

Corruption! Acting AG Matt Whitaker Whispered DOJ Secrets In Edwin Meese's Ear

Fact Check: Did the U.S. catch 4,000 terrorists at the southern border in 2018?

Trump's Labor Secretary Cut a Deal for Multimillionaire & Serial Sexual Abuser Jeffrey Epstein

my favorite way to listen to Trump is slowed down to 1/2 speed; his logic is that of a drunk

Nancy Pelosi is now the highest ranking LEGITIMATELY elected individual

The shutdown needs to end. McConnell needs to bring it up for a vote.

Trump's up and tweeting, thanking Kanye West and pimping a book by psycho pastor Robert Jeffress.

'Dukes of Hazzard' star's Livingston Parish property up for sale following default, seizure

Dems in the room shook their heads, as if to say "so, you're doing it for leverage..."

"Don't worry, GOP, "impeach the motherfucker" is just lady locker room talk"

Deterrence through cruelty is a failure.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren visits Council Bluffs

You wanna be outraged about a politician dancing, start here.

Confirmed: No Subpoena Power, No Legislative Jurisdiction For Climate Cmte - It's 2007 Once More

The President told lawmakers he wouldn't negotiate on the $5.6B for the wall

At Least 1 Species Loves A Destabilized, Bulldozed World As Much As We Do - Fire Ants

Save America - Pray the Rosary

Gov. John Bel Edwards makes staff changes as campaign for re-election starts to gear up

2018 Likely Hottest Year On Record For New Zealand

With all the great thinkers, how come no one has question the timing of trumps play?

Bottom line: Trump is on strike until taxpayers build a massive monument to him in the desert

Has Schiff turned over the interview transcripts of the House Intelligence Committee to Mueller?

CPR guidelines sure have changed a lot since I qualified.

Weekend TOONs 1 - Donnie Want a Cracker?

Weekend TOONs 2 - Dancing on the Ceiling

How The Shutdown Is Harming America Now

Illegal U.S. northern border crossings up 142 percent from last year

Arabic anti-Trump music video

Trump digs in on border wall ahead of negotiations with lawmakers on shutdown

"Do as we say or we'll shoot 'em all!"

Trumping Trump with truth

Happy National Whipped Cream Day!

President Trump, senior White House staff head to weekend retreat at Camp David

trump dropped the F-bomb 3 times in his meeting with democrats yesterday...

I just heard a talking head caution Democrats that impeachment should be a "somber" undertaking

The shutdown is taking a human toll across America

Trump said if you can't pay your rent because you didn't get paid your landlord would understand.

i think we should give him the money for the wall, but

Pelosi: Trump's Relationship With 'Thugs' Like Putin Is 'Appalling'

Was so embarrassed at the grocery store I give out the op order

Landlords do not all sit on gold thrones and sip champagne

Trump attacks President Obama in Twitter accusation

I suspect out of a federal workforce of 800,000 who aren't getting paid some are Deplorables.

I like impeachment...


Trump/Russia: Follow the money (1/3) Four Corners

NASA invite to sanctioned Russian official postponed indefinitely

Trump's shutdown feels like payback for our giving the Dems the House majority

Trump Floats Declaring National Emergency To Build Border Wall

Anyone with a Fitbit Charge 3?

Dumpy Trumpy wanted a wall

Trump is off to Camp David leaving Pence to negotiate with the Democrats.

The Extinction of the White American Male Dinosaur

Trump to China" "Listen you mother blah blahs--we're gonna tax you 25%"

Pelosi Knows the Art of the Deal. Trump Just Talks About It. - Margaret Carlson

"Home of the Brave" my ass!

"I watch Fox News all day ..."

One point from Trump's idiotic press conference

McConnell, Thune notably absent as Trump, House GOP leaders talk about shutdown

Trump: 'I don't care' that most federal employees working without pay 'are Democrats'

Cities could be teeming with more rats, thanks to the shutdown's festering trash

A few points about the wall

Blockbuster News, Pretty Much Brushed Aside

Neoconservatives Are Ascendant in Donald Trump's America

Expect the resignation of the turtle's wife

Bluefin tuna sells for record $3.1 million at Tokyo fish market, but scarcity clouds celebration

They Don't Care!! As long as he keeps the Brown, Black and the "Other" people out of the US

Southern border "crisis/emergency" is Trump's WMD moment

Jim Carrey Art - MAGA hat de-evolves back into an ape

Looks like Sanders is announcing, or not, on Jan 12

Why is the White House maintenance staff essential personnel?


The Gadsden Purchase is an interesting thing...

Funny and real - White House Press Office Inadvertently Suggests Donald Trump Has A Time Machine

Opinion: What Have the Elites Ever Done for Fox? With apologies to the People's Front of Judea.

Don't call it a shutdown - call it a LOCKOUT

Way to fight domestic-right wing terrorism - shut down the studies

PSA: posting from Twitter to get the tweet, not just the link--

Conservative editorial board takes "eviscerating shots at the president".

Fed workers go without pay while adm. officials due a 10K raise

Treasury wants to lift Russia sanctions, don't let it happen

an obnoxious, entitled infant crapped his diaper. he wants his binkey - and any attempt to help him

Noam Chomsky - The 5 Filters of the Mass Media Machine

Saw my pal at the gym this AM...retired attorney...he said the courts will close in another week.

"My favorite day." said Pooh


Sally Yates: POTUS' latest temper tantrum is not about border security

Trump National Monument

If Trump seriously wants his wall...

Let's predict the outcome of the wall thing (trump's binkie)

If you can stand it - Tomi Lahren on plastic straws and cow farts

This Lou Dobbs poll could do with a little help.

Avenatti can go F himself

Santa even comes for naughty dogs

Santa even comes for naughty dogs

Sen. Elizabeth Warren's debut trip to Iowa ignites voter passion

Mueller to end probe right after midterms. Well, maybe February. Oh, wait..

This is your daily reminder that Congress can re-open the government without Trump

When Trump goes down he may try to take the country down with him.

Warren Nabs Obama Chief Digital Strategist

Put me down as Yes for Impeachment AFTER Mueller complete's his investigatiom.

Trump is threatening a national emergency because he's scared of Ann Coulter

If the MFer wants a wall, as a monument to himself ...

Now that's a lot of calamari

NYT Op Ed Leonhardt "The People vs. Donald J. Trump He is demonstrably unfit for office. What are we

Trump is becoming more and more incoherent. They should impeach and convict now.

David Perdue's WP op-ed defending POtuS is being merilessly mocked.

This is Al Franken.

Entire staff resigns at Burlington-area sexual assault support center

I think the shutdown is about something other than his wall

Fact Check: Did the U.S. catch 4,000 terrorists at the southern border in 2018?

You will be asked to lend support when that support may not be what you want to do.

Atlantic: What the President Could Do If He Declares a State of Emergency

1/4 of the way there 😁

In 2019, The Media Has to Do Better in Calling Out Trump's Shit

If Trump declares a national emergency in order to appropriate the military to build his wall...

Dear Seema Verma, head of the CMS (Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services)

Trump Administration Freezes Raises for Pence and Cabinet Members

The Republican Party is in full suicide mode

The next two years will be endless reports, investigations about Trump and Republican corruption.

Keen insight regarding this mother******

NPR: Federal Workers, Burdened By Shutdown, Face Trump-Ordered Pay Freeze

Results of my visit to gastro doc yesterday.

I want the House to pass a bill that would build another statue of liberty on the border.

Funny (Highly Disrespectful) Trump F-Bomb Compilation

Steve McCarthy literally has the worst job in Washington D.C.

Trump wants all the Federal Workers to stop showing up/quit, then they'll be replaced by Blackwater

The Mueller Investigation is not ending in february as reported. Maybe this will happen. favorite way to listen to the president is slowed down to 1/2 speed

Now it (agent orange) does not want us to buse the word "shutdown"

trump tweets to his base that most of the workers not getting paid are they don't care

Democratic Primary Straw Poll

A simple question:

"I like beer"

Get to the airport early:Government shutdown could double security lines as TSA agents call out sick

Lessons Learned at GOP School

It's pure sexism, folks...

Let Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez Speak

The Extinction of the White American Male Dinosaur

Trump had to ask Nancy Pelosi why everyone wants to impeach him

Government shutdown affecting air travel, national park safety

All Federal Worker Unions should call for protests when off the clock.

The deceit and fraud was literally there the whole time!!

Does anyone here work for a member of Congress?

WHY didn't 'the moron' throw a tantrum for his wall when the GOP had both houses of congress?

What's for Dinner, Sat., Jan. 5, 2018

Sometimes cats are SUCH jerks. I'm gonna talk litter-box here...

How to end the shutdown

You've come a long way, baby...uh, wait....

Bill Maher weighs in.....

A Russian agent is destroying our government and our nation. Putin is pleased, I'm sure

An oldie but a goodie... given the faux outrage at AOC

good read from NYT "After a Rocky 2018, Populism Is Down but Far From Out in the West"

Another recent Republican telling us how to behave

"Everyone, other than drug dealers, human traffickers and criminals, wants the wall very badly!"

What we are about to witness will be like witnessing an interstate pile up.

Does anyone here work for a member of Congress?

Trump is taking his orders from Putin. Why does MSM ignore this??

The Thanksgiving Address of The Haudenosaunee People

Does anyone here work for a member of Congress?

This wall fetish is mind numbingly idiotic

Pete Souza: A different--and better--kind of wall. 😎

Little Big Man 1970

Fascinating book - "Sophie's World" - I am reading it to my wife - we are taking it in bite sized

It's official: Trump is an expert on everything.

Asked why everyone wants to impeach him

Neil deGrasse Tyson show pulled from the air as sexual misconduct probe continues

Tomato-Basil Red Lentil Chips

Trump supporter escorted from Sen. Warren rally after assaulting an attendant: Now in CUSTODY!

So many Republicans

Shutdown Stories: "Dear Mr. President, No Sir, We Are Not...Excited To Miss Paychecks"

Speaking of the TSA: A Friday flashback to an old favorite.

A Trumpian Modest Proposal or "What's next from the Orangina"...

Trump wants to get a wall that looks like this

Entire staff resigns at Burlington-area sexual assault support center

Mueller's office may have dropped a hint about the mystery grand-jury subpoena case

I have a question

Biden: Rush Limbaugh and the 'conservative blonde woman' to blame for shutdown

Didn't we fight a war in the 1700's to prevent such a man as trump* from being in power?

Toll on Science and Research Mounts as Government Shutdown Continues

Go figure.

Spot the difference - shouldn't be toooo hard

How the government shutdown is disrupting mortgage, real estate transactions

House Homeland Security Committee chairman asks Nielsen to testify on 'flawed' border agenda

Jill ABRAMSON gets Foxified critique-ing NYT, SHITLER loves it, Jill replies:

Governor opens pardon process for low-level pot offenders

The HU - Wolf Totem

Pelosi Says She Will Skip Trump and Negotiate Directly with Putin (Borowitz)

Don't worry Righties, "Impeach the Motherfucker" is just a LW dog whistle...

New aircraft, beers on hold as businesses feel shutdown pain

Break the U.S. Government

When you can't win elections, protect minority rule

Vox - Conservatives won't trade the wall for anything good because they know it's a bad idea.

If we cave on the border wall he will do it again and again for other things he wants....

Overseas investment in Seattle-area real estate rebounds sharply

A green light from bankruptcy judge: AG Ferguson can pursue Eyman

Ted Nugent: I guess you'll never stop being a dick.

Storm spinning off Calif. coast likely to hit Seattle area Saturday

Stupid Paranoid Fucker Conservative Meme

The Border Wall: How a Potent Symbol Is Now Boxing Trump In

If President Trump is really concerned about national security then why isn't he paying employees...

SO...Little Lindsey is RIGHT. According to NYT, the "wall" IS a metaphor. cooked up in 2014.

So, acting AG Whitaker flies with Jared/Donnie, then meets with Ed Meese to report on DOJ secrets

MSNBC Trolls Donald Trump With Supercut Of His Most Ridiculous Boasts

MFer wants Federal employees to talk to their landlords about giving them a break ...

Is "The Wall" a code word - dog whistle for all the GOP racists. I think so.

In an Astonishing Letter, Delta & United Airlines Pilots Just Told President Trump To Stop and Think

Story behind AOC Boston U video describes her as a "leading student ambassador."

Back again Sunday: No breakthrough in Saturday discussions on shutdown

TSA Plays Down Concern on Safety, Says Next Week Could Be Key

Biden on Trump's claim former presidents wanted to build wall: 'Come on'

We have an impeachable offense. Right here and right now.

Democrat Warren takes economic message to Iowa in kickoff to 2020 race

Camp David

One good thing Trump has done is sensitize people to lying.

Literally nobody in the Big Con administration can tell the truth...

Here's Trump using cun*t in public... also fu@k, motherfu@ckers, bit@h, a$$, bull$hit, $hit, pu$$y

Been there, Done that...

Speaker Pelosi and the House Democrats should ask Trump for the building plans for the wall.

MSNBC conservatives gang up on Trump for the 'sheer ignorance' of his 'national emergency' land grab

Ivanka and the trade war China?

The Pittsburgh Hays Eagles.


Jill Wine-Banks' pin(s) today:

CO will get 2 new US Senators by 2021.

"He doesn't give a fuck about anybody except himself." 9 words OF TRUTH, said about Mr.Trump-

I think the shutdown is more than just about a wall...

Parchment Paper Question

Anyone remember how Ted Koppel started?

NYS Senate Dems say thanks, but no thanks to Simcha Felder's return to Democratic conference

I posted this as a dig at conspiracy theories but now ...

Finally, defining voices in Congress for Native Americans

Washington Rep. Kilmer gets challenging job: modernize Congress

President Trump May Roll Back Federal Anti-Discrimination Rules

Trump Administration Won't Stop Lying About Terrorism and Immigration

Pompeo seen as top recruit for Kansas Senate seat

Trump's growing anger with Fed chief poses market risks

Congresswoman lhan Omar ‏tweet on well-behaved women vis-a-vis history

Lucky that book didn't spontaneously burst into flame

Benefits of limiting toxins obviously outweigh cost -- except at Trump's EPA

So how and when will the government open?

It's got to really chap some misogynist asses that the two most important people in government...

Another win for the Dotard! TSA workers calling out sick en masse ...

Cartoons 1/05/19

For those who found Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez dancing to be embarassing

Who determines what is sin?

Poor dog is losing it - cartoon

Stop, stop, stop, media

Nancy Pelosi is more popular than trump

What did the trump keep insisting ...

Pelosi Will Fly Commercial

Moscow says FBI arrested Russian a day after it detained ex-U.S. Marine

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee was just on with Rev. Al and SHE MEANS BUSINESS. "No stone left unturned"

Surveillance in restaurants? An experiement...

Paul Krugman - Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tax policy is 'fully in line with serious economic research'


Bwahahahahaaaa.... Mulvaney: Saturday shutdown meeting 'did not make much progress'

Bolton warns Syria against use of chemical weapons

Democratic vs GOP diversity...

Michael Sembello - Maniac

Kevin McCarthy's face when Trump says he can declare martial law to get his wall

Republicans rob everyone the opportunity of real policy debate by resorting to this.

Indian PM lampooned for 'manufactured' interview

Harold Brown, defense secretary who oversaw failed hostage-rescue raid, dies at 91

trump's face when Nancy Pelosi explains to him he isn't getting a single dollar for a wall

It's not "BOTH SIDES" are responsible. It's Trump and the Republicans who are solely to blame

Ocasio-Cortez jabs GOP's 'faux-outrage' over congresswoman's profane impeachment remark

Guess which party is which in the swearing in ceremony

Dems redirect your fire from trump

GOP lawmaker calls Warren 'Sacagawea' during Fox News appearance

E. Warren is in Iowa.. and the rest of the crew is soon to follow.. the Democratic Primary

It's big, it's red, it's noisy - quick - To the tree

Tweet of the night:

The Sounds That Haunted U.S. Diplomats in Cuba? Lovelorn Crickets, Scientists Say

The Sounds That Haunted U.S. Diplomats in Cuba? Lovelorn Crickets, Scientists Say

Hearing Drumpt's revisionist history on the Soviet Union's invasion of Afghanistan

Trump sure does have a hankering for that wall, so it's got me wondering...

Amtrak riders between St. Louis and Chicago are still waiting for 90 and 110 mph speeds

US sends troops for possible 'violent' Congo vote protests

DR Congo on edge as presidential election results delayed

US halts cooperation with UN on potential human rights violations

We should convince 20 Republican US Senators that they can make Mike Pence POTUS ASAP.

Democrat Accuses Kirstjen Nielsen Of 'Outright Lies' On Border, Calls For Hearing

m. pence, the real Russian connection. How you say?

We should trade leaders with Mexico and let Mexico do whatever they want to Trump.

Iovino(D) vs Raja (R) special election for state SD37 set for April 2nd

Ironic: National Geographic Channel is running a National Parks marathon

Given Drumpt's habit of overriding VP Dense via the Twitter account

Allegheny County voters will fill Reschenthaler's Pa. Senate seat in an April special election

Sen. Elizabeth Warren's debut trip to Iowa ignites voter passion

Donald Trump Just Said Only "Criminals" Don't Like the Wall. Actually, a Majority of Americans Don't

Citizen Murdoch's critical grip on democracy