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STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 7 January 2019

Humpty Trumpty sat on a wall...

Trump Has Promised to Bring Jobs Back. His Tariffs Threaten to Send Them Away.

Why not just say there's a new material called Trumpoleum that lets 'good people'

A few days before the new Congress took over, I posted this

Durbin: Shutdown deal remains elusive because Trump "doesn't care"

Bill Bailey - Major / Minor (We Are Most Amused and Amazed 2018)

Should Adam Schiff think about adding his name to the long list running for President??

Trump Administration Won't Stop Lying About Terrorism and Immigration

OK - Is this why impeachment is off the table for now?

Bearded Dragon chases laser pointer like a cat

Eagles 16, Bears 15

Heads Up - Golden Globes

Lawsuit over contaminated water in Flint, Mich. moves forward

Pelosi's Popularity Is Surging and Tops Trump's For the First Time

Fabulous Kitty Kat doesn't give a fuck, because Fabulous Kitty Kat is too busy being fabulous

Dylan 'Mr. Tambourine Man' Live Newport Folk Festival, 1965.

Double ricochet???

Declare national emergency? Challenge him to do it... See which repubs support him.

Useful Fiction 1236: Drugs come across the Southern Border out in the boonies.

A question, re: gift of wine

'Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse' wins Best Animated Film

Crew being moved off container ship on fire headed for Halifax

2020 US Senate Election Prediction- Democrats floor is 47 seats, Democrats ceiling is 50 seats.

When You Dance ...

Democrats are just way to much fun but whose says Republicans can't dance?

Dylan 'Like A Rolling Stone'

As a DNC (maybe) project during the shutdown . . . . .

Run #Bernie2020

Hungary's unions threaten strikes as anti-Orban protests resume

'Death sentence': butterfly sanctuary to be bulldozed for Trump's border wall

In my opinion the Democratic State of the Union response should be each

Janis Joplin - Me and Bobby McGee (Lyrics)

The Nancy Pelosi Town Hall repeats at 9.00 on MSNBC. I saw it Friday and it was a great hour.

I really like Eric Swalwell

What percentage at DU....?

A lot of "Executive Time" for tomorrow:

Argentines stage nationwide protest against new round of Macri tariff hikes

I'm in a foul fucking mood.

Argentines stage nationwide protest against new round of Macri tariff hikes

The Wall

Nope nope, not this Star Is Born. This one didn't need to be made.

Sanders repeats claim on terrorists at the border refuted by administration's own data

I watched the ENTIRE interview, dammit!!!! Can't you at least quote her correctly????

Belgium bans kosher and halal animal slaughtering methods

The People vs. Donald J. Trump

Venezuela Supreme Court judge Christian Zerpa flees to US

2019 will be the worst year of Donald Trump's life

Biden likely to make decision on 2020 run within next two weeks: report

The Shutdown, According to Trump

Malcolm Nance says Syria could release 3,000 ISIS fighters when US pulls out

From The Bucking Jenny on FB: Why do liberals think Trump supporters are stupid?

Trump sticks to demand for border wall funding as shutdown drags on

Idaho group blasts acquittal in puppy-fed-to-turtle case

More than 10 thousand homicides occurred in Venezuela during 2018

Was Trump Or Any Of His People Successful In Setting Up Backchannel....

Republicans In Congress Have Been Very Loyal To Trump. Will It Last?

US and North Korea 'negotiating' on site of next summit, says Trump

'I Feel Fine' The Beatles, Sing It John Boy-o!

How Elizabeth Warren Could Win The 2020 Democratic Primary

OMG Christian Bale

Food Stamps Face Cuts Amid Government Shutdown

Unveiling of Trump's Israeli-Palestinian peace plan to be delayed by months


Trump has lost the military.

Isn't it ironic...

The Beatles Royal Performance, 'Just Rattle Your Jewelry' 'Twist & Shout'

Comcast, Dish, and AT&T plan to raise rates to combat cord cutting

Please Watch Madam Secretary Tonight As It....

I'm feeling more and more that PUTINS plans are to take America down the road to a

Roma has won 3 Golden Globes so far.

I believe in a connected world, but this is ridiculous

I have a problem. I am looking at the synopsis of a movie which is suppossed to be a suspensful

Critically endangered marine mammal, the vaquita, NEEDS YOUR HELP NOW!!!

Trump is so desperate, he has a YUGE banner ad on the front page of YouTube

Schiff plans to make interview transcripts 'fully available' to Mueller

NYT-Joe Biden sees himself as the Democrats best hope in 2020

Boo. Fucking. Hoo. Trump supporter biz may move to Mexico due to tariffs

Trump won't end shutdown because unstaffed, unfunded, and no plan is all he knows.

North Korea Issues New Stamps for the New Year

Anybody here feel like i do that ONE indictment (RUMP JR.) would start the pardon process?

Yasuaki Shimizu

Has Whitaker ALREADY shut down the Mueller investigation?

While Trump wallows in the White House, America's allies are left on their own

repubs lying to put the $2 trillion deficit increase on Dem shoulders. THEY HAVE NO SHAME

No words to describe this !! LOLOLOOL

Federal workers in Washington aren't the only ones going without pay

If "misogyny" was the only thing going against Hillary Clinton in 2016...

Donald Trump Was Never Vetted

Hundreds of federal scientists miss conferences in government shutdown

LOL! Listen to trump at 1/2 speed

Nudie and the Turks - Dear Departed

The Xbox God is mad at all y'all.

Brave cop shoots 9 pound Chihuahua in the face because he felt threatened.

Who was the reporter who asked Trump if he plans on declaring a national emergency

Wolf Alice - Moaning Lisa Smile

Illinois Democrats have control - can they get work done?

I keep remembering this remark made on Russia State Television from February 2018:

How to make bears cry

Doturd Donnie's new TV ads are very offensive, IMO.

Whenever this guy takes his boat out, the goose he rescued years ago flies right next to him

Anyone looking forward to tonight's National Championship game?

Illinois company to help expand Corpus Christi Ship Channel

Brazil's indigenous people fight back against Bolsonaro's attacks on Amazon

Brazil's indigenous people fight back against Bolsonaro's attacks on Amazon

Rahm on ending federal shutdown: 'Chisel away at the will of the Republicans'

Preckwinkle returning Burke cash, stripping his power to help get judges elected

Seth Abramson tweet:

Samurai Jack S04E01 XL Samurai versus Ninja

Guatemalan farms shift to palm oil, fuelling family migration

Water Tower Place cracks down on teens with 4 p.m. Friday and Saturday curfew

Richard Painter said WHAT???

Ocasio-Cortez's Popularity Is Spooking Congress

2 from Griffes, 1 from Suk, 1 from Leifs

Nature up close: Birds, snakes and bats of Costa Rica

Nature up close: Birds, snakes and bats of Costa Rica

People like this make the world much more tolerable!

Jimmy Carter building a wall.

Nation's first fully-inflatable hotel opens in Texas

Government Shutdown Contributing To Backlog Of Immigration Cases Across US

Fort Bend County DA's Office Fires 15 As Middleton Succeeds Healey

watching "Dr Malbuse, the Gambler", 1922 pre Hitler Germany.

Trump aides may be in legal jeopardy as Democrats give evidence to Mueller

These Rural Panhandle Towns Should be Shrinking. But Thanks to Immigrants, They're Booming.

TCEQ is Finally Doing Something About an East Texas Polluter

Gabon soldiers declare coup attempt 'to restore democracy'

Will Adam Schiff pose a bigger threat to Trump than Robert Mueller?

I wonder if that GoFundMe page is still up: Collins getting ready to run in 2020

The cartoon I want to see. . . .

No do I access these podcasts?

Seagrass Safeguards Human History

Decapitated bodies found in Roman cemetery in Great Whelnetham

Sino-Egyptian joint archaeological team works to crack password to ancient Egypt

LGBT and HIV/AIDS communities: An eye on Austin

Climate change: LED lights making dent in UK energy demand

Fox News viewers literally have no idea how bad things are under Trump: historian

Wisconsin's ousted Gov. Scott Walker says he may run for governor or Senate in 4 years

Mandela Barnes embraces the visibility and opportunity for change he'll have as Wisconsin's first

Golden Globes Light on Politics, Aside From Christian Bale Scorching Dick Cheney

Wisconsin Supreme Court allows a lawsuit against New Berlin over 8-year-old's swimming death

Morning Joe is tearing down the Con's Caravan of lies

R Kelly - predator?

Trump supporters left Drumphfounded. Again.

Trump Shutdown Isn't About a Wall...

Shutdown has shutdown Ernst's use of the word or topic of shutdown.

It's always something. Just when I thought I was getting ahead...

The God Damn Wall

I have a question about ancient ruins.

Harvard Law Prof: "Donald Trump Is The Real National Emergency"

Is Bolton next to go?

US Rep Brendan Boyle on Trumps claim that 4000 suspected terrorist caught at the border ...

As Straight-Up Lies Fail, Expect Lots Of "Innovation" From Republicans When Talking Climate, Energy

White House may try to block release of parts of final Mueller findings: report


Time for Chinless Mitch to do something.

As Paradise Burned Down, CA Utility Execs Lobbied State Legislators To Avoid Liability, Costs

Tomorrow Arrives As Virginia Legislature Faces 30 Million Tons Of Toxic Coal Ash

Is Sarah Huckaby Sanders under any legal liability for lying to the public?

Know Who Else Longs For Increased Use Of Coal, "Energy Independence"? Why, North Korea!

Rahaf al-Qunun: Thailand vows not to deport Saudi woman

The "shutdown" is a grand distraction.

India scientists dismiss Einstein theories

Black Oatmeal...

I have concluded the media needs to put all TRUMP coverage--press converences etc ON TAPE DELAY...

A friend who teaches federal tax law explained to me how marginal tax rates work

A jellyfish 'epidemic' has Australian scientists wondering whether climate change is to be blamed

Saudi woman detained in Bangkok airport not facing immediate deportation, meets U.N. officials

Lindsey Grahmn has a meltdown..

USA is the only major country on Earth that does not provide paid family and medical leave

Pope Francis warns of resurgent nationalism, urges help for migrants

Trump's Self-Massacre

Chimps Tested On In Labs Can't Believe Their New Home

President Trump bets big on Supreme Court to uphold controversial policies after lower court losses

UK's no-deal Brexit truck 'war game' prompts scorn

New Hampshire City Deems Pho Restaurant's Punny Name 'Offensive'

Passing The Torch, California Gov. Jerry Brown Tells Newsom, 'Don't Screw It Up'

Torture apologist Liz Cheney weighs in on somebody else saying a swear word

Top Trump Backer Financed Supreme Court Confirmation Fights Through Shadowy Network

POLITICO Playbook: Is this the dark before the light?

Michigan family of 5 killed in fiery crash caused by wrong-way driver

Liz Cheney Fires Back at Christian Bale for Calling Dad 'Satan' by Bringing Up Assault Allegation

How the Republicans can rescue the country without a Trump impeachment?

The Note: Missing middle prolongs spending standoff

Happy National Bobblehead Day!

The Perfect Song forthe vile MAGAcretin and his goons

Trump in No Hurry to Name Permanent Cabinet Members

Danger Grows For Environmental Journalists; At Least 10 Killed Globally 2010-2016

US states and cities that passed new progressive laws under Trump

Trump doesn't want Border Security, he wants Border Theatre..

Trump: 'Fake News Media in Our Country is the Real Opposition Party'...'Enemy of the People!'

Warren leans towards reparations for redlining in Des Moines Q&A

Do Not Forget: A republican House AND senate would not fund his wall.

The college football national championship game busts one of amateurism's greatest myths

Trump's presidency has literally hit a wall. And he continues to bang his head against it.

Kool-Aid! Oh yeah!

Trump Will Soon Be Buried By Subpoenas and 'It Could Be Brutal'

Every. Single. Time.

Question - Is the government shut-down

Canine performance art:

John Heilemann Explains How Trump Owns Republicans: Fear, Panic, Stupidity and Cowardice

What I'm actually doing when I tell people that I'm too busy to go out on Saturday night.

How I met your mother:

When you come home late from the pub:

Trump and Kim Jong Un to Choose Hanoi for Second Summit, Report Says

In Scathing Editorial, Vermont Newspaper Begs Sanders Not To Run

It may be wrong to call the President a "motherfucker", but it's worse to call

Nucor to set up plate mill in U.S. Midwest for $1.35 billion

How long before Con a way and Hucksterbee Slanders use the following mantra

And It Stoned Me

I am beyond thrilled

Trump ramps up attacks on media: 'Crazed lunatics'

Kevin Hart/Ellen Degeneres

After More Failed Negotiations, Pelosi To Push Individual Bills To Reopen Agencies

Trump still digging in on immigration. But public opinion and the midterm scoreboard aren't with him

National parks face years of damage from government shutdown

Andrew Gillum is so inspirational. Could listen to him all day

Ginsburg missing Supreme Court arguments for 1st time

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg misses Supreme Court arguments for first time as she recovers from cance

Just got this from a "friend" on FB, it's long but it gives an insight into the deplorable mindset

From The Sopranos....Nils Lofgren "Black Books"

Syria walk-backs underscore the rashness of Trump's initial withdrawal announcement

Alabama civil rights institute rescinds Angela Davis honor

When Mueller Issues Report, Trump May Try to Suppress Some of It

Conservatives lose it after Christian Bale thanks Satan for 'inspiring' him to play Dick Cheney

Trump Aides Flogging Phony 'Border Terrorist' Data

Trial to start in California over Census citizenship query

Do-It-Yourself Democracy - Jim Hightower

Sunrise in Raleigh

Yesterday's leftover meatloaf is today's chili!

Pope: Vatican meeting aims to 'shed full light' on sex abuse

Big beautiful men are sexy too!

Trial begins over Census citizenship question

Federal employees to miss another paycheck this week

"I hope you are proud of what we've done."

U.S. towns with federal workers brace for impact as the shutdown continues

U.S. Supreme Court rejects Exxon in climate change document fight

U.S. Supreme Court rejects Exxon in climate change document fight

Forbidding terrain and foreboding feelings at remote border crossing

Trump's political 'crisis' over border wall may soon turn into a real one

558 million years - Earliest animal fossil discovered

Censure rather than impeachment.

BTRTN: The Great Wall of Trump... How The Shutdown Ends

Bolton in Turkey to negotiate Kurds' fate amid Syria policy confusion

BTRTN: The Great Wall of Trump... How The Shutdown Ends

U.S. top court declines to take up Fiat Chrysler hacking case

U.S. top court declines to take up Fiat Chrysler hacking case

The Rundown: January 4, 2019

Anyone else see Spider-Verse?

Venezuela's PDVSA inks oil deal with firm part-owned by Florida Republican

Venezuela's PDVSA inks oil deal with firm part-owned by Florida Republican

WikiLeaks Warns Journos Not To Publish 140 'False' Statements About Assange

Your Kids may live on Mars......TED Talk

What's closed during the partial government shutdown?

Immigration Courts backlog grows 50 percent

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

'He's lying to them': Ex-coal miners blister Trump for giving false hope about coal jobs returning

This should get me blocked - graveyard stone eroticism

U.S. Supreme Court won't reinstate murder conviction for Kennedy kin

Trump is already airing commercials about the Shutdown.

Gabon foils coup attempt by Army rebels

'Mike Pence is lying through his teeth': MSNBC's Morning Joe shames vice president over border lies

U.S. top court snubs actress de Havilland's suit against FX Networks

The government has no idea how many gig workers there are, and that's a problem

here's a list of the most compelling, logical arguments for republican policies of the last 20 years

Credit Suisse settles New York state RMBS lawsuit

Did anyone else hear Tony Romo say "Rivers is pissed" during the game yesterday?

Don't let them Gaslight or Distract you

Head of Brazil environmental protection agency resigns

Man Denies Ownership Of Syringes Found In His Rectum During Jail Strip Search

Head of Brazil environmental protection agency resigns

Let's do a cost-benefit-analysis of the wall:

Winter 2015 vs Winter 2019

Brazilian oversight of NGOs will be tightly controlled: new president

Did I get the wrong IRS web site..Is the 1040 form now so

I do not want to give Trump any ideas BUT

Britain's May to hold parliamentary Brexit vote on January 15: BBC

Ted Lieu to Trump: Here's a tip: You shouldn't remind people of the concept of "crazed lunatic."

Alaska Supreme Court upholds single-vote GOP victory for state House seat

The crazy new evidence that Trump's Russia problem is far worse than we all thought

Daniel Borden's sentencing for the beating of DeAndre Harris is scheduled today

Profiles in Crazy, XXXXI. . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

'Buddha boy' under investigation in Nepal over missing devotees

Labour backs cross-party amendment to block no-deal Brexit

NPR SCOTUS reported just said RBG wasn't on the bench this am

Donald Trump Is The Real National Emergency, Harvard Law Professor Lawrence Lessig Says

Salvator Mundi a $450 million painting and the Mueller investigation collide.

Sylvia Plalth: An index to the themes and motifs in Sylvia Plath's poetry:

Two Democratic senators call for blocking votes unrelated to shutdown

Could Leonardo Da Vinci's Salvator Mundi hold the key to unlocking the Trump-Russia investigation?

Time to fund this President and help him build all the walls he wants!

There are undocumented workers everywhere. And we should be afraid. (Sarcasm alert)

Another MAGAt portrait in crazy

The Failure of Gerrymandering In 2018

2014 - Sen. Bernie Sanders, Keynote Speaker - 10th Anniversary of PDA and Tim Carpenter

Governor Cuomo pledges to codify Roe v Wade by next month

More Americans Are Independents

Brexit Question. What if, after the separation from the EU, the UK defaults on its debts?

When has the right ever been factual about anything?

Was MSNBC REally Following Kevin Spacey's SUV ALA OJ?

Trump claims Syria withdrawal plan hasn't changed

Where can I find a list of Golden Globes winners?

Former Reps. Mia Love, Luis Gutirrez join CNN as commentators

Six Mexican states are running short on gasoline, prompting frantic rush to the pumps

White House wants $7 billion more for DHS to fund wall

Jesus H Christ another reason to hate Megan McCain, she just said she has a huge crush on...

HUD Instructed Landlords to Use Reserve Funds During Shutdown - Not Knowing Fed Program Had Expired

YAY! Great news! Saudi teen fleeing Saudi Arbia granted temporary admission to Thailand

SNAP benefits are poised to hit the fan if the #TrumpShutdown continues into February

Trump's dangerous "national emergency" gambit: Can he get away with it?

Shutdown is costing farmers, says Farm Bureau official

Trump wants a wall? Let's give him four..

Pic Of The Moment: The Latest From Washington

My prediction. Remember: You have read it here first.

Ocasio-Cortez Slams Fox News Guest Who Called Her a 'Little Girl'

GA Town of Bartow evacuated after derailment

trump kept his promise to run our government like he ran his companies: shut down, w/unpaid workers

I never have trusted the "Palmer Report," and never will.

Latebreaking CHiPs news:

Contradicting Trump, Bolton says no withdrawal from Syria until ISIS destroyed, Kurds' safety guar

Wow. I'm convinced. Ok. The wall is now a GOOD thing!

Rep. Ilhan Omar prompts new rule that allows for head coverings the first time in 181 years.

Analizing the game....for $$$

This is the Nancy Pelosi moment and Donald Trump should be very afraid- a new era has dawned.

Gov. Bill Haslam grants full clemency to Cyntoia Brown, sets Aug. 7 release from prison

Gov. Whitmer is off to a good start!

I do think there is a tiny chance that impeachment in 2019 could result in a conviction

National parks face years of damage from government shutdown

Lesbian EEOC appointment dies in Senate

Trump to visit U.S.-Mexico border amid shutdown stalemate

Motherfucker to visit boarder

Maple Cat goes for a stroll:

Thought of Anthony Bourdain this morning

Clinically proven testimonies?

Elizabeth Warren has almost lost her voice campaigning in Iowa......

How'd that work out for ya? 02/27/2011: "GOP bets future on Wisconsin"

Can you win the Democratic nomination having voted for NAFTA, the Iraq War, and the Bankruptcy Bill

Gov. Bill Haslam grants full clemency to Cyntoia Brown, sets Aug. 7 release from prison

If you believe that climate change is an existential threat to humanity on this planet...

Elected officials cannot silence critics on social media, appeals court rules

" the U.S. Army will be the primary contractor building President Trump's border wall.".............

Banks in UK have already moved $1 trillion out of country due to Brexit

Whoopie Goldberg on The View today:

A New York Times Columnist Makes the Case for Removing Donald Trump From Office

Sanders Reminds Liz Cheney of Iraq War Lies After Daughter of Bush VP Attacks So-Called 'Fraud of So

My Feminist New Year's Resolution

The Great Wall of China didn't work either

Trickle down shutdown. My library's announcement on website.

My Feminist New Year's Resolution

Has anyone seen sun dogs before?

My retired, long-time Democrat, aunt: "This time we're finding us an old white male."

When I was a kid my mom would send me too the store with $1.00. I'd come home with eggs, bacon,

Japan warns that relations with South Korea are in a 'severe state'

I do not like the sound of Coons saying this at all........

More fear-mongering, no doubt: Trump Wants to Deliver Prime Time Address on Government Shutdown...

Would Peace in Afghanistan Be Possible Without Women's Rights and Participation?

Would Peace in Afghanistan Be Possible Without Women's Rights and Participation?

Would Peace in Afghanistan Be Possible Without Women's Rights and Participation?

Something postive! 'You can feel the love': Syrian who lived in airport on new life in Canada

More coal-fired power plants have closed under Trump than in Obama's first term

Poetry Corner...

If you listen to Fugelsang on Sirius XM tomorrow should be fun!

Local elections have consequences-Harris County Bail lawsuit

Here are lawmakers diverting pay in solidarity with shutdown employees

Stretch. Now, guard the bed! Run around in circles! Groom a little bit. Now, run back and forth!

Trump says acting cabinet members give him 'more flexibility' Trump 'in no hurry' to fill role

I wonder why the term that Woodward and Bernstein mentioned in their Watergate book,

Welcome Governor Evers!

Dog attacked by vicious predator animal (GRAPHIC)

Welcome Governor Walz!

Trump's dangerous "national emergency" gambit: Can he get away with it?

Expecting a tax refund this year? Better hope the government shutdown ends soon

BREAKING: Trump Reportedly Looking For Primetime Spot to Address Nation -- But Networks Reluctant

Wag the Chihuahua: How long before we see more Border Skirmishes?

There are two chambers of Congress. The other one needs to pass a bill.

Shutdown is costing farmers, says Farm Bureau official

Federal Courts run out of cash on Friday...

Why did the chicken run the obstacle course?

Monday TOONs - Mother*#%@er of All Pearl Clutching

Trump Cannot Build His Wall By Declaring a "State of Emergency."

I found one thing i can think trump for

Special North Korean train reportedly crosses Chinese border

Turn off your TVs if the media give him prime time for this fucking political shit

Legal Scholars to Trump: No, You Cannot Declare Emergency to Build Wall That Public Doesn't Want and

Re: Belgian law on kosher slaughter.

AOC: "A lot of folks want to brand me a flamethrower."


Trump Can 'Relate' To Being Deadass Broke Like You Poor Slobs

Trump's ability to drive the news needs to be countered. Now.

See all the transit from Boston to DC on one animation

I have to correct an thread I posted a week or so ago

Daily Kos 2020 Straw Poll

Escaped rhea set to stay at Evesham Golf Club

My Prediction: Trump Will Declare National Emergency On Tuesday Night

Thomas Jefferson and his vision of American Islam

Will the government shutdown affect Section 8 rent payments?

If Trump offers to sign the same bill as passed the Senate on Dec. 19, should we take the bait?

Like her or not, Rashida Tlaib shouldn't have referred to the President using

Great news re: Cyntonia Brown. I have not see this news posted yet.

KITTEN BOWL 2019--coming 3 February to Hallmark!!!

Is it true that the President is granted 123 extra powers during a "national emergency"?

Trump and his stupid wall

The last time a President was so adamant about something we "must do"!

Interesting notion for tomorrow's speech

San Antonio Sinclair outlet airs anti-vaxx crap...

House Democrats' first bill aims big on election security (Joseph Marks, WaPo)

Tomorrow, Democrats will attempt to pass bill to open IRS so refunds can be sent out on time.

Mysterious red lights over Edmonton

Joe Hill on Religion

Former Va. governor McDonnell getting divorced By Max Smith @amaxsmith January 7, 2019 11:36 am

Don Lemon to Kevin Hart: Walking away right now is your choice

Such Irony re the trump wall tantrum. comparing trump and national parks

TV exec texts: "He calls us fake news all the time, but needs access to airwaves... If we give him the

If I didn't know better I'd worry that ReTHUGs appear to have seized the US government

Yet another discussion with a non con who votes usually for Democrats but who thinks most Democrats

More coal-fired power plants have closed under Trump than in Obama's first term

So Trump lied about networks covering him Tuesday night

What's for Dinner, Mon., Jan. 7, 2019

Katy Tur clamins it does not matter to Trump fans if there is no wall--they will love him anyway...

A $20,243 bike crash: Zuckerberg hospital's aggressive tactics leave patients with big bills

More Americans Are Independents

The Failure of Gerrymandering In 2018

Trump wages PR war as shutdown talks falter

Daily changes due to effect of climate change

What the President Could Do If He Declares a State of Emergency

U.S. Supreme Court's Ginsburg to miss Monday's oral arguments

In preparation for the speech...Blow Up Your TV

Republican deception regarding tax rates

Buckhannon, West Virginia, votes down non-discrimination ordinance

I'm going on the Cheerios diet. Have you ever heard of it?


"Get Out": Black Families Harassed in Their Own Homes

Buckhannon votes down non-discrimination ordinance

We interrupt our regular programming for the president of the United States:

How much would Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's tax plan cost Americans?

Sears picks liquidator in case rescue talks fall through

"I have not discussed the border wall with President Trump, and do not support him on the issue."

The field at Levi's Stadium is usually a mess, so they brought in a new one for the CFP title game

Bluefin goes for $3 million at 1st 2019 sale at Tokyo market

Call McConnell's office(s) --Washington DC: (202) 224-2541

3 pedestrians have died on I-5 in recent months

Pelosi is progressive, pragmatic -- and a fighter

Memo to conservatives: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez understands federal taxes better than you do

James Fallows: Trump Is Grinding the System to a Halt

Born 81 years ago today: Paul Revere, of Paul Revere & the Raiders

Milbank: If united, Democrats can be effective against Trump

The Dems Need A PR Counter-Offensive...Loud & Proud

Robert De Niro Says Trump Is a Con Artist and White Supremacist

Simple: Run him on a 5-minute delay and fact-check with a live chyron.

If he claims there's a National Emergency, we need to give him one.

What are we going to do if trump declares

Government shutdown could lead to millions of evictions

The Sopranos is being repeated this week on HBO

The talking point all Democrats need to have ready for the next shutdown milestone,

Trump Offers to Station Pence at Border with Binoculars in Lieu of Wall

Broadcast networks opt out of Obama immigration speech -- except for Univision

Update on JohnnyRingo

Will the Democrats get a rebuttal to Tuesday's address? nt

How the Partial Government Shutdown Is Hampering Climate Efforts

Call your rep!

Young Marble Giants: Looking for Mr. Right

As a THANK YOU to y'all, for helping me select a wine gift for friends/neighbor/landlords,

Trump denies backtracking on Syria, even as withdrawal possibly delayed

Vice, the movie is it worth seeing?

Cuomo: Kavanaugh, Gorsuch are 'going to reverse Roe v. Wade'

Can I say this? trump, a wall will not make

Died, 23 years ago yesterday (January 6): Chubby Wise

Quick question about Emergency order by RUMP

Cartoons 1/07/19

Any Network that Gives Trump prime time for his partisan speech must give equal time to Democrats!

Daniel Borden's sentence for the beating of DeAndre Harris is 3 years and 2 months

Mick Mulvaney Has Two Jobs. He Has Been Discussing Another.

Trump's lock on the GOP matters less and less - By Jennifer Rubin

Jimmy Carter joins former presidents who deny discussing border wall with Trump

Political analyst: conservatives showed how sensitive they are to betrayal in border wall dispute

Trump wants to declare a state of emergency.

Man and boog chocolate lab Trying to explain posse comitatius to a fellow vet

May I suggest Black Arm Bands if Trump declares his dictatorship?

Welcome Governor Sisolak!

If Shitler gets to speak on tee vee tomorrow the Dems

This is the only wall Trump should get.

Democrats Will Sue Trump If He Declares An Emergency To Build His Wall

Doink Doink

Only 6 from the terrorist list encountered at Mexican border.

The greatest trick Donald Trump ever pulled

National emergency reason poll

The Southern Border fear drama is the Con's version of

Progressives Will Get Their Debate On Medicare For All -- And Questions Abound

Only six immigrants in terrorism database stopped by CBP at southern border in first half of 2018

an Italian deputy mayor trashed a homeless man's blankets, and citizens are outraged


Remember then: "Give that chicken fat, back to the chicken!"

Did anyone notice the funny throwing motion that Rivers had Sunday?

Isn't calling someone a "mofo" as bad as calling someone a "c*nt"?

All 4 Living Former Presidents Contradict Trump's Claim That They Support Border Wall

White House rules IRS can issue tax refunds during shutdown, bring back employees (unpaid)

American justice?

Magic Box Origami

A dark thought

It finally happened.

Discarded Christmas trees used to restore creeks and streams, protect fish in Halton

I have a solution to trump's speech tomorrow night.

You know he PROBABLY doesn't want a Wall...

I hate it when Katy Tur does her chuck todd impersonation....

Here, play with these, Donald...

Stuck in traffic, listening to faux snooze. Pure irrational hate.

Senate Democrats considering blocking all legislation that doesn't reopen the government

Rutland Herald: Don't run

NOT just 2 kids, BUT ** 22 immigrants died in ICE detention centers during the past 2 years

'Draft Beto' effort builds momentum

Democrats Are Not Clay Pigeons

A Judge Told The Defense In The Russian Troll Farm Case To "Knock It Off" With Attacks On Mueller

Nancy Pelosi: The Art of the Deal

This National Emergency bullshit is gonna backfire big-time.

I hate tRump

A Different Kind of Comfort Food for an Italian Chef

I found this lovely pic on FB a few days ago, and just learned how to post it here

I'm the social studies equivalent of a grammar nazi. And I'm Beto-curious.

"He is not even (a legit) President. He is a fraud destroying our country"

After boxing himself in on shutdown, Trump tells aides to find way out that doesn't disgrace him

The Russians are preparing Trump for his national address!

When I saw #BoycottTrumpsAddress trending on Twitter.

Who is my neighbor?

Nancy Pelosi. 'Waiting 2 Exhale'.

Newsom's 1st official act as Cali governor...Healthcare for all...

The Articles of Impeachment of Andrew Johnson included thwarting the will of Congress.

Netanyahu said he had an important announcement to make. Instead, he denounced investigations agains

How to Make Shanghai Soup Dumplings, with Andrea Nguyen

Think Dems should air rebuttal tomorrow night. Even

2013 - Chairman Boxer & Senator Sanders Introduce Major Climate Change Legislation

Trump is Putin's pawn in Putin's game of Chess

How to Make Shanghai Soup Dumplings, with Andrea Nguyen

flub or slur? Meterologist fired over "Martin Luther Coon King Jr. Park"

World Bank president resigns, paving the way for a Trump appointee

Jim Yong Kim, President of World Bank, abruptly resigns

My Take on Our 2020 Candidates:

Jim Yong Kim, President of World Bank, abruptly resigns

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 8 January 2019

President Obama would be great in response to tRump's prime time lie tomorrow

Pilots' Association says the shutdown is threatening airline safety

The doctor stole the baby

CNN just had on about 10 minutes that many parts of the Steele Dossier are true.

Every year I see these, holier-than-thou preachers, caught in sex and/or money scandals.


This is what really happens when you rescue a dog ❤️

Joyce Beatty, Ohio 3rd(D) post your photos of your Representatives & Senators

01/08 Mike Luckovich: Met the enemy and he is me

So why should Americans pay taxes on a shutdown government. We need a line in the tax forms

CBS News will take Donald Trump's address to the nation tomorrow.

Cyntoia Brown granted clemency

Listen the EFF up NBC, CBS and ABC

We hear that unearthed dance videos from a decade ago are pretty hot right now.

How long can a government force you to work without pay? n/t