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Archives: February 10, 2019

Soak the rich? Americans say go for it

E. WARREN 2020 Speech: 'Enough Is Enough' 'Our Fight Is For Big Structural Change'

The Last Survivor of the Black Wall Street Oklahoma Disaster: Olivia Hooker (1915-2018)

Global Temperature in 2018 and Beyond -- James Hansen et al.


This immigrant-owned restaurant feeds the homeless and poor for free everyday

WaPo: "What could happen next in Virginia: A flowchart"

Trump and Trump, Jr. blasted for joking about genocide in attacks on Democratic 2020 presidential ca

Dumpocracy? Take heart, my Democratic pals

WaPo: Northam says he wants to focus rest of his term on racial equity

I read an article today about Sen. Whitehouse.

'Quit F**king With Me, Boy': Florida Deputy Under Investigation After Grabbing Black Dad's Neck in V

Make America Happy Again #Bernie2020 💛

NY woman resorts to baseball bat after beef patty not available

Mister Rogers Documentary, "Won't You Be My Neighbor" is on PBS tonight

Thousands of black votes in Georgia disappear:

"Americans are obsessed with their refunds.... " "expect and even rely on that refund."

The tax that pays for MinnesotaCare is set to expire at the end of the year. So far, legislators

I am so SICK of Dems saying Trump is a symptom, not a cause.

Senior Chief Shannon Kent, USN - Fair winds and following seas...

Mumps confirmed in 7 detainees at Houston ICE facility

Twitter video: Getting Ready for the Club I guess?

Its official the Repuke talking point is

If you thought Trump was too historically ignorant to joke about genocide, think again.

Now, I don't know if this was posted... I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. I felt sorry for him

Pablo Escobar's hippos keep multiplying and Colombia doesn't know how to stop it

Tear The Fascists Down: Woody Guthrie

Thank you so much for the heart

Obama health official blasts Trump's physical exam

House Of The Rising Sun

List 6 Startling Things About Sex Farms During Slavery That You May Not Know

Census 2020: Judge declines to block citizenship question on privacy grounds

Two found guilty in major Minnesota Medicaid fraud case

Trump's lawyers have a tough job. And it's probably going to get harder.


Show me your friends and I'll tell you who you are

Rep. John Dingell's farewell message to America includes dig at Trump

Cory Booker says having 'run something' distinguishes him in pack

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

So true sarcastic Patton Oswalt tweet:

A grandma helped her boyfriend register to vote. She was just sentenced to prison for it.

The small city of Sandusky, Ohio, has declared Election Day a paid holiday

In surprise, VA Senate panel advances bill to raise minimum wage

Obama health official blasts Trump's physical exam: 'No doctor can predict someone's future health'

As Trump administration negotiates peace with Taliban, some retired U.S. generals see defeat

Pelosi goes viral again, recreates State of the Union clap with Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom.

Follow your arrow

2019 Road to the Kentucky Derby

Spill The Wine

Trump might well be a pedophile

People Rescue Giant Manta Ray From Fishing Net

Paul Revere & The Raiders' Mark Lindsay slaps down Mike Huckabee's racist bullshit

Lead Belly. Gallows/Gallis Pole.

Trump's tax law was a giant FU to blue states, because blue states

Sunday Houston Chronicle series Abuse of Faith---100s of children abused by SouthernBaptist leaders

Build the Wall!

'Disgusting' razor wire must go, say U.S. border city residents

CIA may have used contractor who inspired 'Mission: Impossible' to kill RFK, new book alleges

Streets of Bakersfield

Okay, I've seen some odd "safety signs" in my life, but this one takes the cake.


I Can't Stop (My Lovin You)

A Boy Named Sue (with lyrics)

Thank you DU for our annual heart drive!

It's my birthday and I have 10 hearts left to give

HOLY SHIT! Johnny Cash wrote a tune about where I live! My mind is blown baby...

Fascinating thread detailing the AMI/Trump/MBS connection

Mr L's Saturday Night Dinner ... Whole Chicken on the Barbie ...

More about Klobuchar

In case you're wondering how so many people could like Trump...

No longer a dirty word? More Democrats call themselves 'liberal'

Man In Black

Chinese Luna Moth from caterpillar to gorgeous, orchid-like moth.

I'm a few days late but a wonderful birthday wish....

FISH STICKS! Yeah Trump is serving the Russians on this too.

I need advice on how to block someone. How is it done.

Cat kneading ASMR for a Saturday night

Photos to make you say "Aww.." and lift your spirits, because don't you need it?


a little surprise in red state hell-got to see Jeff Dunham tonight some of his pro-trump jokes

Will Joe Ricketts' racist emails affect his political clout? Don't be too sure

Kajagoogoo - Too Shy(Instrumental)

Average tax refund down 8.4 percent in first filing week

The Bone

The Founders Created the Electoral College to Prevent a Foreign-Influenced Candidate From Winning--It

How Mar-a-Lago's denizens nurtured his ego

Dear Democrats, please start every sentence with 'Average tax refund down 8% so far this season'

Allman Brothers Live @ The Fillmore East '71

Ricardo Hausmann Is Taking Milton Friedman's Lessons to Venezuela

Ricardo Hausmann Is Taking Milton Friedman's Lessons to Venezuela

le bon Dieu

Rival Sons cover Rolling Stones

The Byrds

To all the DUers who gave me know who you are__back at ya

Obey the road signs folks

Many, many thanks to the two kind souls who donated hearts to me.

Two more stars!

Glamrock said I must post this ;)

Robin Trower

Mondale on Klobuchar: 'She has got a much better chance'

Forecast suggests Earth's warmest period on record

Virginia Lt. Gov.'s accuser willing to testify at impeachment hearings: lawyers

Experts: Yes, chronic wasting disease in deer is a public health issue -- for people

SNL skewering Chuck Todd for the live opening

Queen....I so miss Freddie Mercury

SNL Cold Open was lame and needlessly harsh to Eugene Robinson

?!? Claim that Kamela Harris' crusade vs 'revenge porn' is anti First Amendment?!?

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Donald Trump Rants About 'PRESIDENTIAL HARASSMENT!

9 to 5

Payout for sexual harassment leaves oversight failures unexplored

Update on Chunk Chunk, the stray cat who asked for shelter during the polar vortex.

Trump tweet about Elizabeth Warren's run for president and a Stop It reply that is on point

Dedicated to my favorite "after last call" restaurant.

Women of Congress Skit Could Have Been Better

Republican power grab for Iowa courts takes shape

Lightning strikes. Yikes!

Joe Kennedy III's introduction of Elizabeth Warren made me sob in front of my TV screen

Deputy City Attorney Contracts Typhus at L.A. City Hall

The 5 W's of caucus campaigning, as Democratic presidential hopefuls prepare to flood Siouxland


Thank you for the Valentine Heart

Reynolds: Late-term abortion legislation 'unconscionable'

Remember the local union that didn't want to endorse Klobuchar? Well,

In honor of Black History Month. Thanks for making history. Thanks for keeping it classy 🌺

Guilty before tried.

Cory Booker talks jobs, health care in Waterloo

Duke investigating sexual assault allegation made against former basketball player

Handel: "Recorder Sonatas"/Vivaldi: "Concerto for Oboe & Violin"/The Samuelsens play

Jack Bruce. Bill Lordan. Robin Trower.

Is Iowa to blame for this town's 'desperately needed' $9 million housing project sitting unfinished

I wonder how long it took him to finally figure it out.

Pete Buttigieg, the youngest Democratic presidential candidate, says it's time for the 'newer

Stevie Wonder: "Ribbon In The Sky" 💓

Such A Night -- Dinah Washington

thank you

SNL: Women Of Congress

Faith-based student group accuses University of Iowa of continued discrimination

SNL: State Meeting

WHAT? I'm still awake after 12?

Elizabeth Warren makes presidential campaign official

Sandusky, Ohio, dumps Columbus Day and declares Election Day a paid holiday

WaPo Flowchart of what could happen next in Virginia

Thank you for my hearts and back at you.

David Bowie - Valentine's Day

Kinda drunk? Sorta Happy? Looking for some energetic music ?

Gonna be a preacher... So I don't hafta work

last one

One thing you guys need to understand: Virginia is the birthplace of slavery in the US

Where mah pillow an' blankie...

SNL: Meet The Press Cold Open

new investigative twitter thread on inauguration corruption

New bill would give North Dakota parents time to grieve after loss of a child

A Funny Exchange

SNL: Weekend Update

South Korea, US sign new cost-sharing deal for US troops

Schumer announces fentanyl sanctions bill before China talks

Schumer announces fentanyl sanctions bill before China talks

US-backed Syrian forces launch attack on final Isis stronghold

Anti-opioid protesters target New York's Guggenheim over Sackler family link

SNL: Black History Presentation

Rob Lowe Deletes Tweet Mocking Elizabeth Warren After Backlash

Anderson East - This Too Shall Last

In 1933, Nazis Declared a 'National Emergency' Then Kidnapped, Tortured and Murdered Queer People

'Andi Mack' makes Disney Channel history with first character to say 'I'm gay'

LGBT State of the Union

LGBT State of the Union

SNL - Them Trumps: State of the Union

Thousands march in first Mumbai Pride since decriminalisation

28 US states still lack basic equality for LGBT people, State Equality Index says

28 US states still lack basic equality for LGBT people, State Equality Index says

Pardon me as I ramble It seems I amuse our one son we have adopted miss k

SOMEbody had to say it. phew. Knock it out of the park, why don't you Bill.

The final data's in: 2018 was the 4th worst year ever recorded at Mauna Loa for CO2 increases.

Iranian man 'publicly hanged for having gay sex'

Ivanka Trump's fashion brand recently won approval for a new Canadian trademark.

Just came up with the funniest joke about genocide. Wanna hear it?

U.S. to Press Maduro With New UN Resolution on Venezuela

U.S. to Press Maduro With New UN Resolution on Venezuela

Venezuela moves to replace US executives on Citgo board

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Stinky Fingers Edition

A Rare Bird Indeed: A Cardinal That's Half Male, Half Female

Israel fights BDS movement as pro-Palestinian campaign gains global support

'Big Bang Theory' Co-Creator Chuck Lorre Takes Vanity Card Shot At Press Sec. Sarah Sanders

The real face of terrorism in America looks like this...almost always......

John Cleese MSNBC just gave a precise explanation of Trump's thinking:

The Con is afraid of Elizabeth Warren

30 Years Ago Today; Ron Brown named DNC Chair - 1st African-American to lead major party

Conversation in an Inn in Wales (just now)

South Carolina Republicans introduce new 'personhood' bills banning nearly all abortions

North Dakota bill would keep universities from canceling speakers for political ideology

Europe's new Reformation

North Dakota House rejects collective bargaining for police, firefighters

He should read a book....supposing he knows how to read, of course!

"The Lying King"

Now or later? Disagreements emerge over how quickly to act on new North Dakota ethics rules

Pelosi's Pragmatism Debunks GOP Image Of Her As Captive Of Left-Wingers

Bill to give free year of tuition to STEM students fails in North Dakota Senate

[Friday:] Spotted at the Trump Hotel earlier tonight - Matt Whitaker, post-testimony.

What the rest of the world sees....

Changes sought to North Dakota high-level radioactive waste bill

Durham 10-year-old kneels during Pledge of Allegiance


Two Things We've Learned from the Russia Investigation...

If you don't like socialism, then your complaint should be with Republicans who overplay "socialism"

Brit Hume's superlame excuse claiming that Trump wasn't referencing genocide in his Warren tweet:

Higher speeding fines rejected by North Dakota lawmakers

Is part of being free tolerating the intolerant?

According to trump, regarding Richard Burr. Is this true? I missed it.

Thank you so much

Exclusive: Venezuela shifts oil ventures' accounts to Russian bank - document, sources

Stormy Tower

North Dakota Senate approves change to wind tax

death threats by white supremacists on Facebook against AOC

Ex-CIA agent: US allies fear Trump will leak classified intel to Putin

Bernie Sanders may struggle in the 2020 primaries -- and that could be a good thing for Democrats

Momentum grows for a Sherrod Brown presidential run during his final day in New Hampshire

North Dakota House defeats bill to increase oil extraction tax

Your move .....

Parents Protest For Kids' Right To Suffer From Preventable Illness

This library encourages you to lie down and sleep

El Paso mayor: Despite Trump's State of the Union claim, our relations with Mexico thrive

Doctor: 1 hospitalized, 7 more injured after Boiling Water Challenge in Chicago area

One example of what is feasible with AOC's Green New Deal:


Why has Klobuchar not denied the rumors.......

Snow Queen Noem Ices Power-Hungry Legislators

As Venezuela crisis deepens, troops block border to halt arrival of food and medicine

Comb your hair and stand up straight!

Trump Rips Democrats' Green New Deal: It Would Be 'Great' to Eliminate 'Planes, Cars, Cows, Oil,...

Ex-FBI Official Says He's 'Interviewed Terrorists Who Are More Cooperative nd Respectful'

These El Pasoans Are Rejecting Trump's False Claims About the City's Border Fence and Crime

Carly Fiorina: Trump 'Wasn't the Only Man I Faced Nastiness From' While Campaigning in 2016

Pete Buttigieg tickling the ivories in South Bend

Republicans can't wait to debate Medicare for All

If Fairfax were accused of any crime but rape, would he be forced to resign with no investigation?

Slow cooking bacon

Black History: Day 10 - On Staten Island, one of NYC's oldest African American enclaves is preserved

Klobuchar's Launch Sidetracked by Staff Horror Stories

Great Sherrod Brown⁩ impression

Interview with Bernie Sanders on Norwegian television from 1987

Border talks at impasse as shutdown looms Friday, officials say

U-Haul move data reveals shifting American political landscape

Susan Collins: Brett Kavanaugh's attackers 'haven't even read' dissent

Proposal to block online porn, 'obscene material' voted down by lawmakers

💙 Bernie Sanders Stands By Me ❤️

Anti-opioid protesters target New York's Guggenheim over Sackler family link

Trump Twitter rants 'NO COLLUSION BETWEEN TRUMP AND RUSSIA!' to kick off Sunday morning

Drug companies are sitting on generics--43% of recently approved aren't for sale

South Dakota Senate panel advances indigenous language bill


Will any of our candidates escape right wing smears?

Thanks for the hearts

Thank you for the Heart!

Collins/Kavanaugh...It Was All A Sham (Video: The beginning of the end of Roe v Wade)

Collins/Kavanaugh...It Was All A Sham (Video: The beginning of the end of Roe v Wade)

RAW VIDEO: Man tased 11 times by Glendale police officers during traffic stop

Cops handcuff guy, then throw him to ground, then kick him in testicles, then tase his testicles

Vonn wins bronze medal in the final race of her career

Measles is deadly. Vaccines are not. We need our laws to reflect this reality

8 things everybody should know about measles

One of the strongest principles of justice is the right to face one's accusers.

Trump Administration Wants to Deny Health Care to LGBTQ People

Turn on AMJoy right fugging now - The Con's illegal pipeline

Anybody demanding Fairfax resign w/o an Investigation is INDEED "Franken-ing" him.

The Steve Schmidts and Ana Navarros of this world

'This golf course was built by illegals.' Trump's N.J. club hired undocumented workers for years

Anybody here give their pets CBD oil?

Angela Merkel has decided to close Germany's coal power plants. Аll of them.

Bannon Joins Right-Wing Cabal Pushing 'Privatized' Border Wall

Poll: Just 13 percent want 'Medicare for all' if it means end of private insurance


Two things happen to me every day and I don't know why

Why I refuse to say the system is broken

The Bill Murray Stories documentary, watch it

Trump supporters & his wall; doing it his way

I was a child in a time before there were vaccines for most

Ursuline Academy apologizes for old photos showing students in blackface for 'Senior Slave Day'

Cory Booker at Stanford (college football clips)

Benefit of Single Payer that is not often discussed.

As -- Stevie Wonder -vs- George Michael & Mary J. Blige (Which version is your favorite?)

Yellowstone's Steamboat Geyser Is Gushing at a Record Pace

Michelle Goldberg said her husband is working for Elizabeth Warren

Snow at sea level!!!

Get the Party Started -- Pink -vs- Dame Shirley Bassey (Which version is your favorite?)

Feds will get oversight on Dallas area psych hospital after reported patient safety lapses

Nancy Pelosi treated like rock star at pre-Grammy awards event.

Dogs with flat faces.... WHY?

School Shootings -- A Pattern Emerges -- Almost All Shooters Signal Need for Help!

Conservative groups attack gay rights bills as effort to 'ban the Bible' in Texas

Profiles in Crazy, XLVIII. . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

Amy Klobuchar spotted in snowy Minneapolis (getting ready to kick things off on Boom Island)

Italians build giant statue of Trump in parade float

One of Senator Klobuchar's accusers

Hey, Chuckie Toad! Correct Nick Mulvaney

On MTP....Dumbass Mick Mulvaney says......Democrat Party......

Abuse of Faith: Investigation reveals 700 victims of Southern Baptist sexual abuse over 20 years

Lieutenant Governor Fairfax says Interactions were 'consensual'. Accusers are willing to testify

Record player/turntable help! My adult daughter wants to go vinyl...

The trump baby blimp will be in El Paso for the trump's event

Vince Young on DWI arrest: 'Just an allegation, I'm not guilty'

Alabama competitor sues Texas' Buc-ees for allegedly pricing gas too low

Sweet Cherry Wine.

The defenses of Fairfax are a mirror

Ivanka Trump: Father 'Had No Involvement' In Security Clearances

Another media attack against a woman in power. Amy Klobuchar is a tough boss.

I want to go on the record to personally

Thank you for the hearts. I truly appreciate them!!!

We need to protect our candidate against the tidal wave of GOP attacks

If you like mystery novels

Could Bryce Harper end up in San Francisco?

GOP Issues 2020 Target List Of 55 House Democrats: "Freedom Or Socialism, That's The Choice In 2020"

Here's the GoFundMe page for the Second Chance Wildlife Rescue on Barton Rd., Orlando.

Here's the GoFundMe page for the Second Chance Wildlife Rescue on Barton Rd., Orlando.

So I went to file my Trump can go to Mar-a-lago consistently. period

In 2020, we will roll over and crush the insane Trump voters.

A Scandal For The Ages - Even During Trump's Presidency

Mick Mulvaney: Another Shutdown Is Still On The Table

Donald Trump Jr. Praises Native American Genocide Joke About Elizabeth Warren: 'Savage!!!'

"Never be alone when you can help it..."

Venezuela: Nicolas Maduro's demise is 'irreversible', Trump adviser (Claver-Carone) says

Venezuela: Nicolas Maduro's demise is 'irreversible', Trump adviser (Claver-Carone) says

Fox News pundit argues Trump is too ignorant to make racist taunt about Native American genocide

Donald F__king Trump Doesn't Like Brown People

Trump's home planet found

I'm going through some getting the heart means a lot, thank you

New Zealand wildfires set to worsen as thousands flee

ty for the heart

Harris - Biden Summit

Trump has his own Point of Entry for illegal immigrants to his golf clubs.

So trump demanded to see Obama's birth certificate. Now some demand to see trump's belly button

Alan Dershowitz: "Extortion of Jeff Bezos was just extortion-ish."

thank you for the hearts

China's treatment of Uighurs is 'embarrassment for humanity', says Turkey

Neil Diamond has it right!

Sherrod Brown Is the Real Deal--Could He Win It All in 2020?

5 alleged Hitler watercolors go unsold at German auction

"We are all walking contradictions of what "normal" looks like"

Scientists scour the cosmos to find the origins of the periodic table's 118 elements

Egypt's el- Sisi elected new chairman of African Union

We need universal, publicly funded childcare

Vaccinations Soar by 500% in US County Where Measles Is Out of Control

Father: Fort Bend volunteer at a juvenile detention center sexually abused his son hundreds of times

Nancy Pelosi, the potential shutdown and MSNBC

Fight fire with fire, right??

The next two weeks MAY make us very happy.

Thank you to the kind hearted DUers for my hearts.

Author Ian Rankin and

Sen. Warren: Trump "may not even be a free person" by 2020

I am just "Biden" my time.. hoping Joe will join the race,but why the 'all outs' against the women

What Fiction are you reading this week, February 10, 2019?

Thank You for the Hearts!

Dean Phillips wore white for the State of the Union address

We Democrats are

Single Mom Of Five Dies Saving Her Kids From California House Fire

Pete Buttigieg's Quiet Rebellion

Orthodox Jewish ambulance service faces fight from L.A. fire department, and a powerful fire union

Beto O'Rourke will deliver speech at the exact same time Trump's rally starts - one mile away.

I have five hearts.

This may be the most accurate and succinct summary of US immigration policy since the Reagan era

A heartfelt thank you for the hearts!

58% of Virginia African Americans was Northam to stay in office.

Trump and Kanye West image on military meal packages?

Want to Win in 2020 ?

Could some of trump*'s vile animosity towards Native Americans be 'casino' related?

Someone gave me a heart!!!

Whoever gave me a heart a couple of days ago...

Gimme Some of that Ol' Atonal Music

House panel opens investigation into Trump's VA 'shadow rulers'

Republicans Seize Venezuela Moment in Miami

Guilty dog. Oh my god! So funny. I'm literally crying ova heah! That face!

Separation of Uranium from Lanthanide (Rare Earth) Ores.

Trump tweet, minutes ago: In fact, I probably work more hours than almost any past President

Paris 2019 Berlin 1938? Antisemitic tag 'Juden' on window of Bagelstein shop in Paris

Shutdown talks stalled

Luis Carrasco: Trump's irresponsible rhetoric is hurting border communities

{Not really} Trucks launched off USS Gerald Ford to test its catapault

County rain guage information

Amy about to launch her presidential campaign!!

Schiff questions if North Korea tried to 'flatter' Trump

Trump jr replies "savage", "I love my president" to Trump's Pocahantas tweet

To the person that sent me a heart

This is what happens when a duckling grows up in a pack of dogs 💚💚💚

Robinson: Green New Deal demands huge committment; it has to

Bezos' character is flawed; Pecker's is malevolent


Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Calls Out Dark Money

floating swan origami

Mulvaney: Trump can 'move money around' to get wall funding

Repost 'cause I'm still blown away that Johnny Cash wrote a song about me hometown!

Michael Cohen talked of bid for New York mayor: report

DUers, what is this small tree with magenta flowers blooming in SC right now. nt

Thank you for the two hearts.

Trump: Top Dems aren't allowing negotiators to make border security deal

I dont know if I can stand it if the Dotard wins in 2020.

Credit errors upend lives of thousands of consumers

Yak - Fried

Cartoons 2/10/19

To my DU family

Denver is so expensive that teachers have to get creative to make ends meet

Trump EXPLAINS "Executive Time"..."I probably work more hours than almost any past President"

Gov Northam calls Virginia slaves "indentured servants"

It is snowing, literally, on Klobuchar's parade..

This tin man wants to again thank the blessed, unnamed wizard(s) for the hearts!

An Educational Experience Happened here at DU at 1:00pm ..

Dubious characters surround him

Office chair or... err....uhm...

Whitaker's Audition For Chief Of Staff

I think we just had an earthquake!

None of my friends nor immediate family have ever been indicted

Live Eagle cam, Hays nest, male on nest now, no eggs yet though.

WHUT/PBS: *The African Americans: Many Rivers To Cross* With Dr. Henry Louis Gates

Watch LIVE: Amy Klobuchar unveils decision on 2020 presidential election run MINNESOTA....

Windows 10 question re: screen resolution

Renault denounces Nissan over Ghosn investigation: report

Trump's only hope to stay out of prison is to win in 2020. No one can save him from state charges

Tourists in awe as enormous Yellowstone bison runs past them

Black History Month sneakers?

Maybe the most beautiful sentiments put to music...

A Badfinger cover for Stevil (can we all agree that's a pretty badass handle)

Who's that pretty boy in the kitty tunnel?

Trump Gets Toe Tagged and Bagged by Black Twitter After 'African-Americans Are Very Angry' Tweet

What I learned today - John Punch.

Whatever happened to the Segway?

Yamma Ensemble (music videos)

Inspirational message from head of Arlington Co. Dems:

Amy Klobuchar is giving an excellent speech.

Amy is going full on platform. Good for her!

Those are animals dad...

Question: who kicks off a Presidential campaign in the middle of a snowstorm?

Music Reaction YouTube you like them?

Viktor Orban: no tax for Hungarian women with four or more children

Put out to grass: when animals are allowed to grow old

This stark photo taken this week in Knoxville tells a very different story about the economy

Just like the Beatles song .....

Sen. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota joins Democratic race for 2020

Miss Liberty and Freedom, Hanover Pa's Bald Eagles, are busy building their 2019 nest.

Northam is in enough trouble but this isn't part of it.

Opposuits . Are they a real thing?

The frustrating thing about the Mueller report ...

Nate Silver: How Amy Klobuchar Could Win The 2020 Democratic Nomination

Wow. Small world.

Let's hear from all of folks trump never paid what he owed

10-Year-Old Boy Scout Wins Praise After Taking a Knee During Pledge of Allegiance

Fox News shares with their audience the horror of AOC's socialist agenda

So who Torpedoed the Budget talks?

Let me tell you a story, not long ago ...

Amy Klobuchar responds:

The "double-bind" bias all our female leaders & candidates face

A Discussion of Direct Air Capture of Carbon Dioxide.

New York city councilman won't apologize for saying chamber is controlled by 'homosexual community'

Amy! Amy! Amy! Amy!

Before National Airport, there was Washington Airport at Hoover Field

Yes, one can hop across the Mississippi as Klobuchar said

Rush...Recording, ...Limelight...

What's your favorite album artwork?

Stephen Colbert and 'Saturday Night Live's' mockery only makes Trump stronger.Lakoff promoted it.

Watching The Vikings Saga On Netflix

So when did the US adopt Napoleonic Code of Justice for American males?

Trump's SOTU sleight-of-hand disappears the growing wealth Pyramid

What's for Dinner, Sun., Feb. 10, 2019

The No-one-goes-heartless thread.

"We" are the ones that let Trump slip into office...

Amy Klobuchar Is Minnesota Nice

Lincoln nurses sue CHI Health, alleging they were not paid proper wages for on-call hours

Just in time for Valentines Day 😆

Brandi Carlile - The Joke (Live from Studio A) Grammy Winner!

Republican mayor will tell him he's wrong

Thanks for the hearts.

Former president describes his approach to the world

Ivanka's a feminist, just like her father and brothers

Johannes Brahms Double Concerto

Huffpost has their favorites...

With regard to the Bezos story, something important to add to the sex talks we have with our kids:

Jimmy Carter wins his third Grammy

Cohen's secret agenda

What do you call 3 rabbits hopping backwards?

Why was the horse so happy?

Get the decoder ring.... stat...

How tech guards the border

Stacy Abrams on NPR this morning

That's the thing about love

Take this with a grain of salt ..Infowars exclusive

Thank you for the heart!

FYI - this company advertizes on TV when they should be investigated

Thank you so much for the hearts.

Seth Abramson suggests a Dem candidate break out and run NOW against PENCE for POTUS 2020.

Thanks out to someone AGAIN!!!

Alabama church removes pew honoring Confederate president

Declared major Democratic candidates Poll

Canadian road rage caught on camera (21 seconds)

Trump Considering Declaring Wall Emergency To 'Protect' Troops That He Sent To The Border

This is the best definition of conservatism that I've seen.

Walter Jones, who worked to atone for his Iraq war vote, is dead at 76

Rather than talking about "taxing the wealthy"...

Another Heart today, thanks much!

SUNSHINE predicted

"Initially, the privilege of incorporation was granted selectively to enable activities that benefit

Thoughts on the "Horse Race" that we will be witnessing in the coming months in the media

I found something wonderful to share with you guys

Small plane "lands" on highway near Culpeper, VA

58% of African Americans in VA say Northam should stay

Green New Deal and calcified thinking

Sen. Amy Klobchar just walked on stage in Minnesota--announcing she is running for President..

Here's A Heaping Helping Of Paranoid Right-Wing Bullshit About The Green New Deal

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 11 February 2019

tRump working hard for America!!!

As we watch our riches of candidates, we have a trailblazer who has been showing the way for years

Trump says undocumented immigrants burden the safety net. He's wrong.

Fire Fighters ordered to give up their pet cat due to "anonymous complaint".

Chimps use branch to make ladder, escape Belfast Zoo

Tom Cotton: Green New Deal Will Lead To The Gestapo; Twitter Dragging Ensues

Saudis don't know where Khashoggi's body is: official

Aw you guys and gals... thanks for the hearts!!! Overwhelmed.

Reframing wealth: I don't know WHY Democrats don't say this

Australian conservatives headed for big election defeat - Newspoll