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Archives: February 12, 2019

Another Shutdown? How can any shutdown be legal?

FDA targets illegally marketed dietary supplements

Ouch! MSN has a daily poll question

A Comet, Meteor, Nebula and the Pleiades Combine into One Epic Space Photo

Tweety is at it again. Trying to excuse DT's behavior.

High-Ranking Regional Official Suspected In Ukrainian Activist Kateryna Handzyuk's Death

Sims sues Trump for allegedly approving campaign's NDA claim against him

Senate Democrats Running For President Don't Always Agree. Just Look At Their Vote Record.

'Bad news for the president': Fox News analyst explains why Trump could go down in Bezos blackmail

Newspaper bans comic over hidden anti-Trump message

UAE woman who fled family begs to be allowed to claim asylum

After a Slow Start, Milky Way's Neighbors Have Upped Their Star-Forming Game

From the huffington post....... how the dem presidential candidates voted on issues.

We are taking second submissions for the February Contest.

Trump urges U.S.-owned TVA to keep coal plant open

I think there will be some money for the stupid wall

Bezos, the National Enquirer, the Saudis, Trump, and the blackmailing of U.S. democracy

'We will build a human wall if necessary'

Indentured Servants In The U.S.

Bolsonaro's Party Created Phony Candidate To Pocket Public Campaign Funds

Sing it, Johnny ... my new favorite love song ....

A Lime scooter accident left a Florida woman in a vegetative state. Now her mother is suing.

President Donald Trump rips Beto O'Rourke ahead of dueling El Paso rallies

Sheriff Suspends Police Activity Due to Lack of Funding

Dazzlingly bright on-coming head lights.

'Historic' storm hurls huge waves and 191-mph winds at Hawaii; rare snow hits Maui

If there was collusion with Russia, here's where it might have occurred

Bwahaha. president PT Barnum and hoopla. Said tonight on Hardball

Now I know why Chris Hayes was out last week

Cliff Sims, White House Tell-All Author, Sues Trump for Going After Him Over Book

The Latest: Critics protest drilling in Arctic refuge

El Paso County passes resolution: 'Disillusioned by President Trump's lies'

Space will likely be a battlefield in any conflict between U.S., China, Russia

Jeff Koterba's latest cartoon: Uncle Sam wants YOU ... to get in better shape

Sing me another one, Johnny!

It's been almost 100 years since America's 1 percent had this much wealth

CNN showed Beto marchers by the highway. Good size crowd!

Mr. Bojangles.

Long Haired dachshound made #1 hound

All Female Mariachi Band at March For Truth El Paso! (facebook video)

I have suggested this before and it was pretty much dismissed as "You can't do that because

Democrats Are Taking a Stand on Immigration, and This Time It's Not About the Wall

and yeeeehaaaaa a long hair wiener dog just won the hound group at Westminster

Feral Roots

Police: Man accused of having 3 wives is in custody in Ohio


2 universities to miss South Padre Island spring break party

Fake Crisis!


Dog trainer found dead covered in dog bites

I am going to have a really hard time here.

How sad it must be for Trump supporters

El Paso march size estimated at 22,000.

Newsom blasts 'political theater,' pulls hundreds from border duty

Utah reduces voter-backed Medicaid expansion in rare move

Atheist Experience really good this week

Mississippi sues federal government over river flooding

Lawmakers reach agreement 'in principle' to avert shutdown

Appeals court sides with Trump in border wall prototype dispute

This is me...

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Funny toon:

Thanks for the heart, whoever you are...

Tony Abbott has not changed, not even the Speedo pose looks different

Lawmakers say they have reached an 'agreement in principle' to avoid government shutdown

Saving daylight? Bill would keep Arkansas on standard time

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Analyze This!

Thank you for my hearts!

'If you care about democratic society, fight anti-Semitism'

Prosecutors make secret filing in case linked to Mueller

Media double standard on hate speech is sickening...........

Beto Live NOW YouTube link (Speech Over Now)

At various times in history, the leader of particular countries are mad men.

My Guess: Senator Klobuchar 'spiked the muskets'

Booker focuses on race relations in initial 2020 White House swing

Blackalicious - Swan Lake

Beto live Now stream link (Speech Over Now)

"Hon, Mueller's got this."

What makes this song great? Rick Beato plays Rush. Closer to the heart.

Kamala Harris Says She Has Smoked Pot, and She 'Did Inhale'

Border Patrol nabs 290 migrants

Beto O'Rourke marching

Texas students wear wigs as a tribute to late painter Bob Ross

San Diego neuroscientist says brain-buzzing device causes weight loss

I unapologetically love Beto.

"I'm proud to be an American...

Amy Klobuchar on Rachel tonight.

Hearts - 25 down, 15 to go.

Kamala Harris nails it

trump not blonde tonight

Details on the new shutdown agreement per Dems:

The Alan Parsons Project - Sirius/Eye In The Sky

Has anyone gone to this site?

signs i'm seeing at Beto rally........

I want to thank you wonderful people for my hearts.

Why are people twisting themselves into knots defending Northam's indentured servant remark

Wild Otters playing in the snow..Vashon Island, WA

You guys thinking the same Thing I am?

Thank you heart givers. I am humbled by your generosity and kindness. NT

Utah GOP Defies Voters on Medicaid Expansion

5 Kings Who Fought and Fell on the Front Lines

Via WaPo, Trump runs down his El Paso crowd size numbers. He has the best numbers.

If Larry Hogan(R-MD) runs for the US Senate, Which US Senate seat does Hogan run for?

While Wee Don Whines About Work, Amy, Liz, and Beto Take Turns Whoopin' His Ass (Ferret/Shower Cap)

One year ago this weekend

U R Wrong!

Wild Geese - read by Mary Oliver

thank you for the heart ❤️

They went inside a vacant Houston home to smoke pot...and found a tiger inside

His tweet about African Americans in Virginia

De Blasio Heads to New Hampshire

funny this...all the signs at Trumps's rally say FINISH THE WALL..

Dem NC Congressman challenging my biases:

Beto is great, but I think his body language while speaking could use some work

How He Hurt the Gun Lobby

Is Anyone actually Surprised..This Type Of Breaking News Has become Commonplace !

trump got nothing

Star Tribune "Winning progressive votes could be a challenge for Klobuchar"

trump's presidency - golf, tweet and lie, do rallys and lie. Insult. Collude.

Tweets in Persian to send message to Iran

So, no comment - Hoping we aren't caving and giving Trump some $$ for border barrier??

Trump: "Babies come out, talk to the mother and then execute the baby. Execute the baby. Incredible"

Trump: "By the way - there is nothing better than a good old-fashioned German Shepherd"

Trump: Having a dog "feels a little phony to me. Obama had a dog."

Thank you all for the valentines heart!

Decline In Hunters Threatens How U.S. Pays For Conservation

MAGATS are proud of Donald Trump. Very Proud Indeed.

So, will he rip up the agreement this time too?

El Paso FD says 6500 attendance at Trump event.

What a great deal! My favorite email of the day. for onion lovers only

Please stop calling it "pro life"...

pics snow on Maui - Haleakala volcano

MSNBC: Border "deal" includes $1.375 B for a "border barrier"

Thank you for the valentines DUers are the best

Puma Rescued From A Contact-Type Zoo Can't Be Released Into The Wild, Lives As A Spoiled House Cat

Lawrence O'Donnell's coverage of the Manafort revelations and AMI fiasco were excellent.

Agency defends officers who used stun gun on handcuffed man

The Daily Show: Virginia Governor Bumbles Through His Blackface Apology Tour

Andrew Yang: What is the Freedom Dividend?

If a hidden organization begins to control the pistachio market would one call that

House Democrats partner with Black Caucus on criminal justice overhaul

Unsolved mass lynching grand jury testimony set for release thanks to N.J. lawyer who took on Trump

Judge won't end decades-old Everglades cleanup oversight

The Daily Show - CP Time: The History of Civil Rights Marches

Pot-smoking tipster finds tiger in abandoned house, police say

How do some of you avoid nausea when watching these Trump Hitler rallies?

Seth Abramson: Media needs to 'effing stop it' with these false stories that Mueller is almost done.

Many Arctic lakes give off less carbon than expected

Chess is the best game for a primary lesson of life.

New filing related to Mueller: US vs Patten

Seth Meyers - Trump Attacks the 2020 Democrats: A Closer Look

UN: Belgium must apologize for colonialism, face its racism

I think it is time for a few of us old retired teachers to get together

Seasons change: FSU researchers provide new definition for major Indian monsoon

Thank you to my two new secret admirers.

Party leaders reach deal to avoid fresh US government shutdown

Sifton seeks answers on 'dramatic' reduction of children on Medicaid

More than 200 Baptist ministers, deacons and others have been found guilty of sex abuse, report says

Dismantling Public Schools: Training First World Kids For A Third World Life, As Inequality Grows

Thank You for the hearts, whoever you are !

Patten's Cooperation With Feds Stays Secret As Inaugural Probe Heats Up

The One Thing All the 2020 Democratic Candidates Agree They Hate

My new favorite t-shirt:

Opinion: Guatemala Must Not Grant Amnesty To War Criminals

The Daily Show: Virginia Governor Bumbles Through His Blackface Apology Tour

Thank you for the heart!

The Daily Show - CP Time: The History of Civil Rights Marches

Kamala Harris, pushing legal marijuana, says she smoked pot in college: 'And I inhaled'

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Chemical conversion process gives plastic waste new life as fuel

Preventative car maintenance.

Thanks for the hearts.

Today: Brewer and Shipley.

St. Louis Dad Sues Sperm Bank After Baby Is Born With Genetic Disorder

Black History Month 2019 #5- NASA's Black Pioneers of the 1960s

Doing a "pay me" spell for my Disability

W/ all the talk of walls, here's one I'd never heard of: WWI, Dutch-Belgian border electrified fence

Gas-powered vs. Electric Cars: Which Is Faster?

The Commodores - Lady(You Bring Me Up)

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Pittsburgh synagogue shooting suspect pleads not guilty

Pittsburgh synagogue shooting suspect pleads not guilty

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UPDATE: Union Pacific agrees to stop trains for Tucson Rodeo Parade

Tests for Oil in Arctic Refuge Won't Happen This Winter, Officials Say

Repost because goddamn! Is there a better Temptations tune?

Kansas AG wants new law after judge labeled child victim the 'aggressor' in sex case

'We're building the wall anyway'

Unknown musician claims to receive death threats after wearing "Build the Wall" dress to Grammies

Ds deliver a big FUCK YOU to tRump by REDUCING border funding in new bill

Most of the MAGATs attending trump's event were not from El Paso

To those of you in the USA struggling with anxiety these months and years:

James Thompson, weighing U.S. Senate run, arrested for driving with suspended license

Has anyone noticed or is it just me?

More hearts! This place really is my second home!

A hedge fund's 'mercenary' strategy: Buy newspapers, slash jobs, sell the buildings

Well, it's snowmaggedon in Wisconsin.

Ironic twist: Mike Sanders sought to pay legal fees out of same campaign fund he looted

Kamala's husband confirms: "We met, fell madly in love"

Thank you so much for the hearts!

With eye on Supreme Court, Missouri Republicans file flurry of anti-abortion bills

3 Handel "Trio Sonatas"/2 from Mendelssohn/2 versions of Britten's "Simple Symphony"

Thank you for the hearts.

New report recommends $1 billion in annual savings with overhaul of Medicaid in Missouri

Iowa Democratic Party Proposes Historic Changes to 2020 Iowa Caucuses

Heisman winner Kyler Murray chooses NFL and bails on the Oakland A's

May I ramble Welch wg 59 Les paul

Galaxy 500

John Oliver hilariously nailed it re RBG staying well until 1-20-2025: Clap for her like Tinkerbell!

Baby, I'm Drunk

Arkansas governor announces $300M highway funding plan

Jay is just so sick!

Trevor Noah says firing people for blackface controversies "doesn't solve the problem"

Trump supporter attacks BBC cameraman at El Paso rally

Arkansas legislators address recess time, teachers' salaries with bills

School is canceled weather I have to start on my hand to hand airborne infantry fu with our sons

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 2/11/19

French police investigate antisemitic attacks in Paris

As his crowd belted out "Build the wall" -- Trump tried to grope for a way out:

Stephen Colbert: Guest John Oliver Anticipates A Brexit 'No Deal'

phone scammer calls ex fbi/cia director

Anti-Semitism Is Becoming More Brazen, Including in LGBTQ Spaces

(Jewish Group) Anti-Semitism Is Becoming More Brazen, Including in LGBTQ Spaces

State Senator to LGBTQ Teens: Gay Love Akin to Pedophilia, Bestiality

newspaper cuts comic strip after finding "We fondly say go fuck yourself to Trump." tucked in corner

Looks like shutdown deal is DOA: Co-Presidents Hannity, Meadows and Jordan fiercely opposed

Fight Cancer!

(Jewish Group) Ilhan Omar's Very Bad Tweets

(Jewish Group) David Duke Defends Ilhan Omar From Anti-Semitism Accusations

The best Country tune ever

Tennessee Again Tries to Undo Marriage Equality, Force Court Case

Tennessee Again Tries to Undo Marriage Equality, Force Court Case

Why is there so much hate on both sides?

A Sincere Thank You For the Roses

Thanks everyone for the hearts! You are the best!

As Sesame Street Turns 50, a Gay Writer Reflects on Bert & Ernie

Beto crowd last night!

Arkansas Senate approves measure banning abortion if Roe overturned

Climate and economic risks 'threaten 2008-style systemic collapse'

Brazil to Erase LGBTQ, Feminist Movements From School Textbooks

Patricia Nell Warren, The Front Runner Author, Dies at 82

Trump rally El Paso :- BBC cameraman Rob Skeans attacked by a Trump supporter.

Rachel Maddow is totally gonna vote for Klobuchar in 2020

Here's a revolutionary idea that will go nowhere

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(Jewish Group) Antisemitic Flyers Accusing Jews of Attacking First Amendment Found at U of Montana

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tЯump's approval soars to 52% (Rasmussen)

Russian islands declare emergency after mass invasion of polar bears

A Carolina Dog.

(Jewish Group) Ilhan Omar's tweets were appalling. What happened next was inspiring.

Uh...About That Poll Showing 52% Approval Trump Is Quoting Today?

Has anyone tried the Keto diet?

This just in: Joe Scarborough is an idiot!

Southern California Will Soon See Another Booming Superbloom

Steve Schmidt Throws A Tantrum When Asked About Advising Howard Schultz.

I did not watch the Con last night but I see he stole

Why Trump lies

Ligue du LOL: Secret group of French journalists 'targeted women'

Steve Schmidt: "This is Bullshit. I'm Not Doing This..." Feeling A Little SORE, Steve?

Australia government loses bill blocking sick asylum seekers

Catalonia independence leaders on trial in Madrid

EU targets palm oil for road fuel phase-out, but with exemptions

Man Lets Jesus Take The Wheel And Truck Flips 5 Times

U.S. solar jobs down for second year as Trump tariffs weigh

Were the ReTHUG attacks on George Soros

Trump Supporter attacked BBC cameraman at rally last night

North Korea may have made more nuclear bombs, but threat reduced: study

Ilhan Omar Was a Target for Sincere Criticism... Also, Opportunistic Hypocrites

Illinois attorney general challenges Van Dyke murder sentence

A last-minute Brexit agreement 'cannot fix it all'

Highly photogenic duo

The recession caused by GOP/Trump tax cuts and immigration policies is coming straight for us.

So how many bus loads of Trump supporters were bused in and how much was paid to them?

Amy Klobuchar Campaign Launch Emphasizes Democrats' Midwest Momentum on Rachel Maddow

Dimwit45 rips off Hillary's Stronger Together slogan for 2020

Israel is not a race or a religion

What was the real reason that Trump went to El Paso?

When will Trump stop this crap!

Has anyone called the vile MAGAcretin on that

110 Years Ago Today; NAACP is founded

Last night in El Paso, Trump completed his transformation into the late "shock comic" Sam Kinison.

White House Plans Cash Grab for Border Wall

Americans Say Mueller Is More Credible Than Trump

Tuesday TOONs - Orange Herring Edition

From Larry the Cat--It's Darwin's birthday:

Joe Scarborough: Michael Bennet could be the answer to the question every Democrat is asking

Trump pretended that Congress hadn't just demolished his wall

Games that Trump plays!

CNN jumped the shark, again...

Mark Kelly campaign announcement: "My Next Mission" (AZ-SEN)

Woot! Retired astronaut Mark Kelly running for Senate in Arizona

?!'You shall not spread a false report.' Exodus 23:1--tweet by JohnPiper after article re SBC abuse

"The Christian Right, Not AIPAC, Drives the GOP's Pro-Israel Stance"

Post a "Clean" joke

FACT CHECK: El Paso Fire Department confirms - Donald Trump lied about his crowd size

PA Gov Suspends Permit For Energy Transfer Partners On NGL Pipeline Network

Is Manafort's health REALLY failing him? Or is that just a ploy?

Mark Kelly, retired astronaut and husband of Gabby Giffords, announces run for US Senate

The Rundown: February 11, 2019

Seven moral rules found all around the world

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 02/06/19

You think Mueller or Congress is looking into this guy?

Twitler incites crowd against the Press and trumpanzee attacks BBC Reporter

Hannity Pans Preliminary Border Security Agreement: 'Garbage Compromise'

Trump Blasts 'High School Term Paper' Green New Deal at El Paso Rally, Ocasio-Cortez Responds

Thank you for my first hearts! n/t

SBC claims 'autonomy of local congregation' makes it impossible to act vs abuse

Butterfly sanctuary asks for restraining order to block wall construction

Turkey issues 1,100 arrest warrants for Gulenist coup suspects

2nd Fairfax accuser says she was raped by former Duke basketball player Corey Maggette

Great - more icy stuff coming down on Flint. My cabin fever is turning toxic!!

Bezos story is fucking with my Fire TV cube...

Great Firewall fears as Russia plans to cut itself off from internet

The Atlantic, March 2019 cover story! Impeach!

Sarah Silverman gently informs Trump that his views on global warming may be slightly flawed.

There is a CRISIS at our BORDER and we need a WALL! ASAP!

Screw 'Uniting the Country'-- That's Not What Democrats Need in 2020

Mitch McConnell will not allow the government to be shut down again.

Black history: day 12 - Robert Smalls, desperate times/desperate measures

Connecticut looking to make Election Day a state holiday

The Mark of the Beast?

Trump Compares Crowd Sizes

Kamala Harris to vote NO on William Barr

💃😂 ✊: How Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez beat everyone at Twitter in nine tweets

Trump calls to save coal plant supplied by major supporter

Former Trump lawyer slams Mueller probe, maintains president will be cleared: 'Knock it off and...

Reminded of this nostalgia by a FB post, the 14 famous "Batman" wall climbing window cameos

Thanks for the heart!

House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy: Pelosi and Democrats caved on Trump's border barrier demand

Pittie's Adopt-a-versary Is The Most Heartwarming Thing Ever

Tlaib: 'People hear you differently' when you're a woman of color and a 'first' in Congress

I wanna be a part of it.....

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Jake Tapper fact-checks Trump El Paso border wall claims

GOP livid with Trump over ignored Khashoggi report

Aren't the clowns at Rasmussen ashamed to publish crapola numbers like

California judge will keep Planned Parenthood names sealed

The Best Border Deal Trump Will Get

Obama warned us about the Supreme Court we have right now

When billionaires speak...

Kitteh spa day:

The "Not-Quite-Ready-for-Prime-Time" Duo:

Totally Toxic Trump Tool Implodes

Americans view Mueller as more credible than Trump, but views of his probe are scattered

It's Time to Admit That Many Americans Are Stupid

Twitter reminds Trump of his own racism after he tries to speak for African Americans

All in all you're just another kitten the wall:

"Sour Grapes". Sweet documentary about a rare wine scam

A fatal Houston drug raid is a familiar story of needless violence, death and destruction

From: El Paso!

Wait! I got this.

Manafort at the "heart" of the Russia investigation?

Hello? Anybody home?

October 3, 1993...........this is a whining asshole, and his double talking racist BS

We all know that one guy who's got to be in the middle of everything:

New Era Cap reaches severance agreement with workers, will close plant at end of March

Sharing something beautiful

Let Centrists unite with the Left for a change

Pull tab to raise dog.

Arkansas senators criticize Martin Luther King Jr.-citing group

"Miss June" of Romper Room died, age 87.

Happy 210th Birthday Abraham Lincoln! n/t

Republicans Keep Admitting Everything They Said About Obama Was a Lie

Up against the wall you redneck mothers

Rao Says She Was 'Sheltered' In College When She Made Comments On Rape

Judge dismisses suit claiming Walmart extorted shoplifters

Once a majority, Protestants now account for fewer than a third of Germans

John Bolton Admits US-backed Coup in Venezuela Is About Oil, Not Democracy

WATCH: Trump supporter goes berserk and attacks BBC cameraman at El Paso rally

Camerota laughs off idea that Trump could stand up to Hannity and Coulter: 'Stop your crazy talk!'

Facebook under pressure to halt rise of anti-vaccination groups

Mark Kelly to run for Senate

Bell County JP testifies as her trial begins

White House says Trump undecided on deal to avert another shutdown

Ted Lieu just tweeted the real crowd numbers from El Paso to Trump

I just subscribed to the Washington Post

Laurence Tribe: On top of being more than Trump can handle, Amy Klobuchar is

The Talent Pool for President Is Olympic-Sized

trump really can't read

BLS report: Dec job openings reach a series high (7.3 million); hires and separations little changed

Who would be on your "Dream Ticket" for 2020?

Each day that Northam and Fairfax don't resign is a victory for the rule of law

Kick Northam out the Democratic party, but let him continue on as an Independent?

Of course criticism of Israel isn't anti-semitic unless...

5 members of Texas family, including infant, fatally shot

HRC claps back at GOP use of "Stronger Together"

Sinclair Broadcast Group's Chief Political Analyst Boris Epshteyn is trying to argue with an @AOC pa

Waiting for Mueller is just like waiting for a pregnancy to deliver.


MSNBC Headline very reckless

The Tribulations of Tommy Tiptop

Reporters Without Borders looking into attack on BBC cameraman at last night's Trump rally

Quick question for someone how may know campaign finance laws.

William Webster, ex-FBI and CIA director, helps feds nab Jamaican phone scammer

Hillary responds to GOP copying her campaign slogan

Jr. Slammed for 'Loser Teachers' Comment: 'At Least I Never Had to Ask My Daddy for a Pardon'

Weather is Not Climate, but It Is Something to Watch

The Note: Trump show upstaged by Beto O'Rourke and congressional realities

May I please have a straight answer?

TRUMP: "You're not allowed to own cows anymore."

Why was Stax Records so damn good?

It's time to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour.

Pharma closes in Venezuela. Chavismo nationalizes. Now produces... nothing.

Hmm? Trump's fingers & hands look tiny.

Harvard Law Prof Says Trump Tweet Proves His 'Real Agenda' Is 'White Supremacy Pure & Simple'

Rep. Nina Lowey: We Didn't Talk to Hannity, Coulter, or Drudge Before Striking Border Deal

RAP? Would like some opinions

McConnell Sounds Positive On Funding Deal, Calls Compromise 'Good News'

Grocery store owner who made "heaven has a wall" advertisement is "really proud" of his message

"If being a twat was a TV show, Trump would be the boxed set." Great screed from FB

This One Policy Can Solve the Immigration Crisis & Strengthen Unions

Sen Kamala Harris: "Bacon is a spice!" . . . That's all I need to know. She has my vote!

How many years has it been since YOU heard Labi's masterpiece?

BBC cameraman attacked at Trump rally

'I Just Don't Like Bullies': Former Aide Sues President Donald Trump

Uh oh. Coulter's not happy with Trump's newly-minted "FINISH THE WALL" campaign slogan

Poll: Nearly twice as many Americans have more confidence in Mueller than Trump

Thank you for the hearts!

''Together'' ❤️ 🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜

'It will create a firestorm': Mulvaney's border wall cash grab sparks dissent in White House

Trump lied about El Paso crowd size

So funky you can smell it

Zulu says blackface tradition isn't going anywhere

Senate investigation: No direct evidence of conspiracy. They remind me of the OJ trial.

The Early Field of Democratic Presidential Candidates

First president in a century with no dog

Materialism and Death

"In the age of Trump, marijuana should be mandatory."

I've doubled my number of hearts! 2....

Florida Man - thinks he's God, wants to "heal and kill people"

Nik Kershaw - Wouldn't It Be Good

Not ready to admit neither Mexico nor Congress will pay for wall

Trump to MAGAT --"You alright?" :

It's been said that the guiding principle of conservatism is "Never do anything for the first time!"

Please watch this and tell me Bannon et al are not involved

Nigeria: Ogoni widow testifies against Shell in The Hague

Irrelevant, incoherent, upstaged in El Paso

Trump claims that Beto's rally drew only 300 people

A record 7 million Americans are 3 months behind on their car payments, a red flag for the economy

I'm really hoping we can UNDO all RUMPS bullshit when

I hate icy driveways!

French mayor issues ban on 'excessive dog barking'

Here's the New Red Hat for 2020!

Joe Biden, John Lewis to speak at John Dingell's funeral in Michigan

So I'm thinking of going to see Kiss this weekend.

Need a good comeback for a right-wing meme

Sen. Josh Hawley subpoenaed in Sunshine Law case

If I had a dime for every heart........

New name for MF45's wall

William Webster, ex-FBI and CIA director, helps feds nab Jamaican phone scammer

William Webster, ex-FBI and CIA director, helps feds nab Jamaican phone scammer

I got a job today

Thank you for the dear hearts 💕 dear hearts 💕!

Captain America DESTROYS Trump-Loving Fox News Host On Twitter

Elkhart Indiana getting new voting machines with paper trails.

Trump's Tweets Might Be Used Against Him In Court

**Primary Poll** Biden 12 Harris 11 Sanders 9**

A U.S. trophy hunter paid $110,000 to kill a rare mountain goat in Pakistan

The older I get, the less I am deterred by

Sherrod Brown: Trump's new NAFTA will face strong Dem opposition

'Per Te Ci Saro' (Cover) - Team: Cai Chengyu. Gao Yang & Li Qi

Indonesia sexual violence bill sparks conservative opposition Proposed draft legislation aiming to

Indonesia sexual violence bill sparks conservative opposition Proposed draft legislation aiming to

Sen Richard Burr caught on tape suggesting Hillary Clinton be shot..Don't trust him!

Indonesia sexual violence bill sparks conservative opposition Proposed draft legislation aiming to

Dueling opinions: Democrats should be meaner! No, they should be nicer!

Criticizing AIPAC is not anti-Semitic and it's absurd that this even needs to be said.

Pic Of The Moment: The Art Of The Republican Deal

Susan Collins defends her Brett Kavanaugh vote after he dissents in abortion access case😳

Someone is missing a gold pom.

Mexican druglord Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzmn is found guilty on all counts

High end D.C. restaurant feeds the poor and homeless every single day..

Immigration officers union opposes Trump's pick to lead key agency

Trump says he's not 'happy' or 'thrilled' with bipartisan border deal

Sierra Leone's president declares rape a national emergency Statistics revealed the reported cases

Sierra Leone's president declares rape a national emergency Statistics revealed the reported cases

Sierra Leone's president declares rape a national emergency Statistics revealed the reported cases

You silly motherfuckers keep giving me hearts

Hearts to give. If you have only one or two and would like to...

Thanks to all those who gave me hearts..

Trump is not thrilled with what the democrats have given him (in new bill). it's bipartisan fuckhead

Let's REBUILD the American Middle Class with POLICY

BBC says its cameraman was attacked at Trump rally

Dems are large and in charge

Hungary: Scientists protest govt proposal on research funds

How Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez beat everyone at Twitter in nine tweets (from the Guardian)

How Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez beat everyone at Twitter in nine tweets (from the Guardian)

Approval rating lower than Mueller's

Drug lord 'El Chapo' found guilty in US

Drug lord 'El Chapo' found guilty in US

The REAL 'genius' of the Anti-Vaxxers isn't going to be seen for another 5-10 years ...

First campaign rally of 2019 sets tone for reelection effort

This Republican lawmaker said he would drown his own kids if they're gay

USDA threatens food security

Seth Abramson on what is being reported today related to Senate intelligence investigation.

"Something is about to happen b/w now and the 28th of Feb."

Four in five Vatican priests are gay, book claims

"What have you got to lose?"

Ever wonder why a candle flame smells like

As we all speculate re:tRump/russia, what does Hillary know?

El Chapo guilty. Is the "Drug War" won?

Texas hunter pays $110,00 to take "easy and close shot" to kill rare goat

Washington awash in foreign money and shady lobbyists

Just gonna leave this here without comment.

Wow. All of a sudden I have

What a surprise! Burr and GOPers on committee find no direct evidence of collusion.

So, has a viable compromise been reached or will "Lucy" Trump pull the football away again? nt

The French Philosopher Who Loves America

"I love a parade" redux...

What the "Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzmn Loera" guilty decision means to me.

I have 7 hearts left to give. If you do not have any and want one, reply to this message

Thank you for all of the hearts.

An early Valentine's gift

Time in 22 Time Zones + Native Speaker Pronunciation and Wikipedia - 200+ Cities, States, Countries

yes another thread about the Virginia governor

NASA Saw Something Come Out Of A Black Hole For The First Time Ever

Do any of the candidates have a foreign policy?

Peter Jackson's Cartoon War Sanitized images like these are war pornography. That they are no longe

Poll shows looming mess

Toulouse, It always happens this way. From Letterkenny.

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Stop Attacking Local Taxpayers (SALT) act of 2019

Florida's Prisoners Are Getting Screwed Out of $11 Million of Music They Purchased

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Are the Valentines we have to give, good pastValentines Day.

Amid uproar, GOP chairman satisfied with probe into Khashoggi killing

Amy Klobuchar will be on Fox News tonight at 6ET with Brett Baier

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Last defendant pleads guilty in $40M securities fraud

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Sherrod Brown blames Trump for encouraging violence against reporters at rallies

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Black leopard spotted in Africa for first time in 100 years

'...the Age of Environmental Breakdown': Report Details World on Edge of Runaway Collapse

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Marco Rubio takes aim at stock buybacks

1985: Billy Crystal portrays Prince on SNL, 2004: Fred Armisen portrays Prince on SNL

There is video on line of the MAGAt who attacked a BBC cameraman. His face is clearly

When Donald Jr. is indicted, how exactly do you see things changing?

FIRE presents the 2019 edition of its annual list of the 10 Worst Colleges for Free Speech.

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The Note: Trump show upstaged by Beto O'Rourke and congressional realities

Coulter calls border agreement Trump's 'Yellow New Deal'

Former Trump lawyer slams Mueller probe, maintains president will be cleared: 'Knock it off and get

Dems seeking path to Senate majority zero-in on Sun Belt

Trump's prediction of the evils of Socialism sounds vaguely familiar.

Legal briefs

Manchin to vote for Trump's attorney general pick

After watching Nina Turner last night on TV

Another storm brings crashes, mounds of trash and an igloo

Happy Darwin Day you heathens

Milbank: Accidental AG Whitaker's five minutes are up

Washington initiative promoter Tim Eyman lashes out at fellow Republican

How Trump's Swamp Works Now

Trump says dog ownership in White House feels 'phony,' calls out Obama for having one

Question about the Genius Bar and Macbook security

Trump calls on Omar to resign over remarks condemned as anti-Semitic

Swiss Mystery Company Is at the Heart of a Mueller Puzzle

Gavin Newsom abandons SF-to-LA high-speed rail, pushes for route between Bakersfield and Merced

Wyden calls on Apple, Google to remove Saudi app that allows men to limit women's travel

Trump is actually a bad spin doctor, and we lucked out

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Cartoons 2/12/19

Physician Assisted Suicide debate.

Lt. Gov Fairfax stays strong in the face of accusations

Judge: US must reconsider climate impacts of Montana mine

Ex-US attorney shuts down Trump's premature victory dance re: Senate Intel Findings...

Scientists in Hungary protest govt takeover of research

$1,000 monthly in universal basic income gets put to a test

Pitchers and catchers report

Pitchers and catchers report

Rare financing could be key to building $1B Mississippi River bridge in Baton Rouge

Two questions re. Ilhan Omar

It appears that the media is enabling the "black face" issue to divert our attention from more

feds got el chapo. now they need to get el cheeto

Reference (one page) world times, place pronunciation, Wikipedia for 200+ cities, states, countries

Julian Edelman loses beard for $20K to Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston


The rats are running thru Trump's tiny mind!

FOX News Website's take on Border Deal

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Accountant accused of stealing $1M from Metairie shipping company

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Don't let them re-frame the "tax cuts". People are angry they are getting smaller refunds.

Mrs. Betty Bowers vs. Don Jr's insignificant other, Kimberly Guilfoyle. OUCH.

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CONTACT NEWSOM to protest decision to end high speed rail LA to SF

1984: Billy Crystal as Sammy Davis Jr on SNL:

Larry Barr had hoped to live out his life in the peace and quiet of his community in West Virginia.

Wreckage of World War II aircraft carrier USS Hornet discovered

Top Leader at Interior Dept. Pushes a Policy Favoring His Former Client

How fucking ignorant are the Moron-Americans chanting "Finish The Wall." I'm asking them here:

Lindsey Graham spills the beans: Trump will declare a national emergency even if he signs bipartisan

Harrison Ford knocks Trump, others who 'denigrate science'

F4 - 在這裡等你

Seth Abrams to media

F4 - 在這裡等你 Zai Zhe Li Deng Ni (OT: No Escape)

Seth Abrams to media

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Wei Ni Zhi Zhuo (Persistence for You) Vic Chou

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McConnell Will Hold Vote on Green New Deal

Parched -A-Mei Chang

Mueller Investigation May Soon Break Even

林俊傑 JJ Lin - 超越無限 Infinity And Beyond《中華電信大4G形象廣告曲》 (華ಁ

JJ Lin - Infinity And Beyond

Prehistoric Sailors May Be Responsible for Stonehenge, Other Megaliths

Huge Meteor Left Crater Hidden Beneath Greenland Ice

Well, you must have heard the news from the Senate intel. committee.

This grievance board for federal workers has one person left -- and he's about to leave

Truth about US financing the wall expressed by 3 laid back familiar faces

YAHT - Yet Another Hearts Thread

What's So Special About the Atacama Desert?

Trump's failed shutdown strategy produced an even worse deal than he started with

What's So Special About the Atacama Desert?

Moving artificial leaves out of the lab and into the air

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Historic Black Church Donates $100,000 To Pay Off Debts Of Howard U. Students

Trump administration still separating families at border, advocates say

Stop Stop It (Japanese Version) - GOT7 [1st Japanese Album 'Moriagatteyo (モリ↑ガッテヨ)']

To do business with L.A., city contractors now must disclose ties with the NRA

A record 7 million Americans are 3 months behind on their car payments, a red flag for the economy

Mark Warner is breaking with Richard Burr's assessment on Intel Committee Russia probe

Bill and Melinda Gates Unveil Big Plan for the Environment

New Orleans, LA the place where diets go to die

BTS V - 'Stigma' [HanRomEng lyrics] [FULL Version]

BTS V - 'Stigma' [HanRomEng lyrics] [FULL Version]

Greenwald and Snowden were unavailable for comment:

Earth's Magnetic Field Booms Like a Drum, But No One Can Hear It

This little pup is REALLY determined to nab a branch:

Dog Who's Mouth Was Taped Shut Is So Happy These Men Found Him

Sub teacher tells students Martin Luther King killed himself

Was the MAGAT assaulter arrested last night?

'Pro-family leaders' ask House GOP leader to reinstate Rep. Steve King's committee memberships

"Donald Trump would have to climb a very very tall ladder

The Senate just passed the decade's biggest public lands package. Here's what's in it.

Brazilian Foreign Affairs Minister's Father Barred Nazi Officer's Deportation

Brazilian Foreign Affairs Minister's Father Barred Nazi Officer's Deportation

What's for Dinner, Tues., Feb. 12, 2019

Interactive map: what will the weather be in your city in 60 years?

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GOT7 "A-Japanese-" (モリ↑ガッテヨ) Japan Tour

Trump supporter: He's living in a Fantasy world

What the Ilhan Omar Controversy Is Really About

When is Dotard going to be asked "Where is the new wall being built?"

Marijuana meetings start in Harrisburg with strong showing of support for legal pot

Manu - 甘く堕ちる Amaku Ochiru - Official Home Made Video Clip

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Westminster Dog Show Photos: Best in Show and More

Elizabeth Warren gets standing ovation at Native American conference

The Senate Intel Committee, why now?

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Seattle snow brings out a T-Rex

Kentucky's Republican governor says he would be happy to sign a bill to make marijuana legal for med

Geggy Tah--Whoever You Are

Arkansas white supremacist gang arrested in string of violent crimes

Bill Clinton was impeached for lying about a consensual blowjob.

Louisiana revenue standoff complicates agency budgets

How Trump's Swamp Works Now

Cheney's cardiologist says WH is "hiding something" re: Trump physical exam

Federal Jobs by State, surprise, Red States get the brass ring

*A US Tax On Wealth Is Long Overdue:* Thomas Piketty

Am I hopeless? I loved both bossa nova and disco...

U.S. EPA may issue E15 gasoline plan without biofuel credit trade limits - sources

If you have your own gas meter, make sure it is clear of snow and ice

Just defeat them...mercilessly

Attacks in governor's race begin right away

Commuting in style

Trump Forgets He's Racist and Vile, Calls on Rep. Ilhan Omar to Resign Over Anti-Semitic Remarks

Go AOC. Go Tibet for leading the way

But the S.I.C. wasn't even investigating collusion!

FDA issues warning letter to drug distributor McKesson for allegedly shipping 'illegitimate' opioid

"A Jabba the Hutt of privilege."

Pele leads Gordon Banks tributes as England World Cup winner dies aged 81

Mar A Lago has walls

Don't ever let anyone tell you that you can't do something because of your age or gender

Pure Michigan, lol...

SHOCKER: The Senate just passed the decade's biggest public lands package

Once again, David Hogg NAILS IT!

The End of Ice: Dahr Jamail on Climate Disruption from the Melting Himalayas to Insect Extinction

'Pro-family leaders' ask House GOP leader to reinstate Rep. Steve King's committee memberships

Democrat demands new election after reports of widespread vote theft by Republican operative in Nort

Elizabeth Warren Doesn't Have A DNA Problem. She Has A Sexism Problem

Westminster Dog Show Photos: Best in Show and More

2020 AZ special US Senate Election- Mark Kelly-D is running.

What franchise has the best all-time all-star team...?

Do you think Bezos knows he was set up by the Sanchezes?

Senate Intel chairman: No 'goodwill' left for Michael Cohen

Ohio lawmakers reintroduce 'heartbeat' abortion bill

A Brit describes Trump

How can strength and intelligence be magically transformed from good things to bad things?

El Paso fire department says Trump's crowd size claims were false

Senate votes to extend key funding mechanism for parks (LWCF)

Photo of two boys pausing in road to honor US flag goes viral

Is this budget deal a sign that Trump is toast?

You know how black Americans are afraid an interaction with police may be more likely to be fatal?

Senate moves closer to confirming Barr as attorney general

Rescued Baby Rhino Has The Best Life Now

Before Bezos Fight, Enquirer Publisher AMI Faced Steep Losses

A political 'bomb' over drug prices could threaten NAFTA 2.0

2022 NY Gubernatorial Election- Is Cuomo-D more vulnerable in the primary or the general?

Trump Wants Socialism for the Rich, Brutal Capitalism for the Rest of Us

It's all about the Apocalypse:Another disturbing reason behind the right wing's pro-Israel obsession

Admiral defends Navy after disasters at sea: 'Other ships weren't having collisions'

A Reminder ....Pecker has a safe

Five rescues to warm your heart on a cold February day.

LIVE FEB 13 at 11AM - Sen. Sanders Introduces Bill to Expand Social Security

This grievance board for federal workers has one person left -- and he's about to leave

When your friend won't get off of their phone 😼

I think I know what Trump wants from Saudi Aabia.

LIVE FEB 13 at 11AM - Sen. Sanders Introduces Bill to Expand Social Security

Can't wait for the new Trump book:

Stitt shuffles Medicaid stance

Heidi Toffler, Unsung Force Behind Futurist Books, Dies at 89

Q: Why did the arrest of Roger Stone take 27 agents?

From BlueVirginia: Sen Warner and Kaine oppose Barr nomination

The world has imprisoned children behind barbed wire, fences and cages before

Trump plots Independence Day celebration

Rapper 21 Savage will be released from ICE detention on Wednesday

Bad news for California's High Speed Rail project.

Would you Trump me? I'd Trump me

The Shameful Arrest of 21 Savage

National debt hits new milestone, topping $22 trillion

Pentagon outlines its first artificial intelligence strategy

Luckovich-Who needs a dog when you have Lindsey Graham

Lance Wallnau Hails God's 'Brilliant' Plan to Re-elect Trump in 2020

'Staggering': 30,000 Oklahoma teachers have left profession in the past 6 years, report shows

Veterans' discount at Lowe's.

YIPPEE!! The View producers fed up with Meghan McCain for her on-screen outbursts and 'sulking'

Hallelujah. Gov Cooper names Cheri Beasley as Chief Justice of N.C. Supreme Court.

Brazil minister blasted for calling murdered Amazon defender 'irrelevant'