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Bernie Sanders Is as Radical as Teddy Roosevelt

I was chatting online

Fed government sues attorney/rancher Gentner Drummond over destruction of 40,000 trees on Corps land

Bernie Sanders Is as Radical as Teddy Roosevelt

Susan Collins Defends Brett Kavanaugh's Abortion Vote

How to See Comet Iwamoto Fly Past Earth This Week

Amazon, GM in talks to invest in electric pickup truck maker Rivian: sources

Fox News' Shepard Smith Shuts Down Trump's Claim He's Building the Wall: 'Simply Not True'

When a relative raped a child, her family agreed to keep it quiet, investigators say. When she learn

Rep. Liz Cheney Goes On 'Hooey' Rant About The Green New Deal

Dumpster Junior looks like shit in that ridiculous beard

Protesters rally at Capitol in support of bill proposed in Oklahoma Legislature that would consider

My state is looking up. Grethen Whitmer is now giving her first Michigan State of the State Address

NEMF - New England Motor Freight Files for Bankruptcy, Plans to Wind Down Trucking Operations

Trump Lied About Getting Special Permission From El Paso Fire Dept, Says Fire Dept

Damnit! The job I love just screwed me! 😥

If DT really works harder than any other President. (Executive Time)

How do tightly packed parking lots work?

My WiFi went out this morning for like five minutes

Laurence Tribe torpedoes POtuS's "Emergency" crapola

Tweet of the Day

FYI Ryan, Rubio, and Gabbard on Finding Your Roots PBS

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 13 February 2019

R.I.P. Lyndon LaRouche

Medical marijuana sales in Oklahoma top $4.3 million in January

BuckTick compilation

Ai Otsuka: kingyo hanabi 金魚花火 / 大塚 愛

Fleeing Maine bank robber slips, spills money, gun in front of lieutenant, police say

Arkansas white supremacist gang accused of brutal tactics

Koda Kumi(倖田來未)-Cutie Honey[MTV]

Just heard about this for the first time, found an article from years ago:

Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly

Stationary Bikes Get Brazilian Prisoners Closer to Freedom

"Finding Your Roots" doing Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio and Tulsi Gabbard

Arctic sea ice loss in past linked to abrupt climate events

Now we Know Why Trump Likes North Korea!

One of the most amazing cars I've ever seen. All 4 tons of it

The Purpose of Brainpower: Are We "Misusing" Our Minds?

Tool Identifies Locations for Re-establishing Oyster Beds that Maximize Their Ecological Benefits

WOWOWOWOWOWOW! Another heart!

Our terrier-mix Luna is watching the Westminster Dog Show, thinking

Ohio teen defies mother and gets vaccinated after turning to strangers online

Tiny Rabbit Is Obsessed With Giant Girlfriend Who's 4 Times His Size

Biden, Sanders, Harris, Warren top 2020 Dem field in new poll

Study: Aquaculture Does Little, If Anything, To Conserve Wild Fisheries

Hillary Clinton zings Trump, GOP for ripping off her 2016 campaign slogan

GOP leader presses Trump to agree to border deal

Trump plots Independence Day parade

Founder of extremist militia had front row seat at Trump's latest rally

German researchers discover how sleep can fight infection

Predator on the Reservation Tonight on PBS Also online

NYU Abu Dhabi researchers discover new frog species on remote Ethiopian mountain

AQUA TIMEZ - 虹 - NIJI - MP3 - 歌詞付き -Rainbow

Go, TurboRoo!

Kansas Republicans Make Moves That Could Derail The Democratic Governor's Budget Plan

Remember when Rashida Tlaib called Trump a dirty name?

Don't Act Like Mussolini

25 captivating pictures of Cuba

Rain, power outages, and icy roads continue in wake of 'great melt-out'

Border Collie doing it super fast

Border Collie doing it super fast & All The Treats!

"We were never going to find a contract signed in blood saying, 'Hey Vlad, we're going to collude'"

Sen. Elizabeth Warren's Address To Native American Conference Received Warmly

OMG! Who just watched this weeks NCIS episode?

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Analyze This!

What 'the wall' will do to the National Butterfly Sanctuary...

I'm in the early memory loss phase. It does have a bonus.

RIP Lyndon LaRouche. We hardly knew ye.

I want to tell all of you exactly why I'm upset Mark Kelly is running for AZ Senate in 2020

John Brennan tweet on the Senate intel committee

A new 2-D material uses light to quickly and safely purify water

Trump....Spreading cruelty like he was Hurricane Maria

Schumer Woos McGrath to Challenge McConnell

The Human Element (2019) Trailer -- Stunning!!

Why the news is useless now.

Trump Traffics in Same Jewish Stereotypes

Another heart!?!?!?!

Rick Wilson: Nothing tells me more about Trump's character than that he hates dogs

I don't think I can tell him...

More Turmoil Envelops North Kansas City Company That Took Over Rural Hospitals

Senator Cory Booker on TRMS now

The fact that Hannity hates the budget deal

Something to tell those who say AOC is inexperienced and unqualified for office

Thanks for all the new HEARTS!!!

Their chips are down: New Zealand seagulls under threat after 'unbelievable declines'

I think this graphic artist flunked anatomy class ....

I feel like I've been angry and worse everyday since November 2016.

2,000 baby flamingos rescued after being abandoned in South African drought

So, this happened today at work...

Six California police officers fire shots at rapper asleep in car, killing him

Trump just retweeted someone else's tweet showing beautiful big cats - like the ones his kids kill

Anyone notice Rachel Maddow has a big head?

FBI launches hate crime investigation into Planned Parenthood fire

I previously said "thanks" for the hearts and said I was "sorta dumbfounded" at receiving some. I

Antidepressant based on party drug gets backing from FDA advisory group

Kansas Declares Staff Shortage At El Dorado Prison An Emergency

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Politico: Second woman who accused Fairfax of assault was subject of 2008 restraining order

My two hearts had a baby!!

Here's a Clever idea. Build Moon Bases in Craters and then Fill them in with Lunar Regolith

"We are not elected to get re-elected. We are elected to govern and use our best judgment."

Anybody up for a Rainbow!

Lawmakers line up to avert shutdown


I am tired of everything Trump!

Researchers use X-rays to understand the flaws of battery fast charging

Thanks again for the second heart!

Anyone watching Schultz on CNN? If so, please post some notes

My hearts say thanks

Today is Basketball Legend Bill Russel's 85 birthday. He is considered one of the best players

Thanks again DU for the hearts.

Singapore-based investor Jim Rogers to visit North Korea next month

Schumer recruits famed fighter pilot to challenge McConnell in 2020

I feel like an earthworm!!

Chimp gestures are underpinned by human language rules, study finds

Lufthansa sues passenger for not taking last leg of flight

Booker: I will be 'looking to women first' for potential running mate

Butterfly Center Files For Restraining Order Against Trump's 'Unconstitutional' Border Wall

New tradition that already exists

Tallahassee yoga studio shooter was 'disturbed' and hated women, police say

Scientists Have Spotted Mysterious Explosions In Our Atmosphere

You know the scary thing about the wall?

WTF Burr; there is direct evidence of collusion in plain sight. What are you hiding?

North Dakota to sue feds over pipeline protest police costs

Skeleton of Teen Girl Found Buried Next to Mysterious Pyramid in Egypt

Seriously? Wth Esquire?

I can attest, being married to a diehard fisherman, they will say this.

Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio Featured on "Finding Your Roots" Tonight

Felix Sater's email dump--why now?

Maya bones bring a lost civilization to life

Maya bones bring a lost civilization to life


State's costs in gay discrimination lawsuit reaches $1.2M

"I'm Lyndon Larouche, and I approved this message"

KY-SEN: Schumer recruiting Amy McGrath to challenge McConnell in 2020

Heart and Soul

"STATE OF THE UNION" -- A Bad Lip Reading

Went axe throwing Sunday

Rudy the bulldog crushes the agility course

Seven moral rules found all around the world

The Daily Show: Trump's Call to Finish the Wall that Hasn't Been Started

The Tragic Life of JFK's Sister

Just remember, this all started with the Art of The Meal . . . . .

Michael Cohen denying he blew off testimony for wining and dining

Hawaii: The Stolen Paradise

HRC claps back on the plagiarism of her slogan

Rosemary, The Hidden Kennedy Daughter

Another MAGAt meltdown...

Seth Meyers - Trump's Annual Physical, Live Action Aladdin - Monologue - 2/11/19

Jimmy Kimmel Live: "No President Ever Worked Harder" Than Donald Trump

When people saw this little horse with a broken leg, they knew nothing was impossible 💖

Bad night.

Susan Collins: Promises made, promises broken.

Mills tells lawmakers her $8 billion state budget is 'sustainable'

Sundance Winners

Howard Schultz Has Nothing to Say

Finally watching Rachel Show, and gotta say I LOVE our candidates,

ALi - Desert Island 알리 - 무인도 [Immortal Songs 2]

Andrew Yang talks UBI on Joe Rogan's podcast

This Woman Is A Shark Whisperer

lyndon larouche fans rejoice, he does not actually appear to be dead today...

How is it that de-vegetation can begin along the Rio Grande without environmental studies?

So Trump is now Talking about a "Great 4th of July Parade."

My goodness! Is it that late already?

Cruz urges Senate to pass bill to make 'El Chapo,' drug lords pay for border wall

Please forgive me because I'm crying but

2022 US Senate Special Elections in MA,MN,NJ,NY,OH,OR,and VT.

Young People Explore Creative Strategies To Spur Action On Climate Change

Valentine Hearts - I do this every year - Who needs one?

Russian Doll

The Daily Show: Trump's Call to Finish the Wall that Hasn't Been Started

Good tweet:

Just a thanks for the hearts

Trump Pal Tom Barrack Defends Khashoggi Murder

I've wanted to thank each and every DUer who gave me a heart - from the bottom of mine...

Throw bread crumbs and watch Ivanka vacuum them up. Endlessly.

(Jewish Group) Tree in memory of murdered French Jew chopped down in act of anti-Semitism

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 2/12/19

Who Needs a Secretary of Defense, Anyway?

(Jewish Group) I'm Black And Jewish. Ilhan Omar's Tweet - And The Backlash - Are Tearing Me Apart

(Jewish Group) Ilhan Omar's tweet revealed core truths about anti-Semitism in America

Trump floats new 'tradition:' 4th of July parade that already exists

Gay rape victim jailed after cops claim 'exam' proved consent

Gay rape victim jailed after cops claim 'exam' proved consent

Trump's Trade War Leaves American Whiskey on the Rocks

Jussie Smollett Responds To Critics That Say He Lied About Attack

Activist calls for NAACP boycott after local VP refused to support gay candidate

CNN's Don Lemon opens up about being gay and black

Killers wrote 'gay' on wall in victim's own blood after slitting his throat

Consumers to pay a hefty price for Trump's rollback of light bulb efficiency standards

New Likud candidate calls LGBT community 'unnatural,' slams Gay Pride

The Photographer Documenting Anti-gay Discrimination Across the World

WH quietly issued statement to Senate, proclaiming right to ignore laws at will.

NASA about to pull plug on Mars rover, silent for 8 months

Things Trump is taking credit for:

Trump's sacrifices are hard. You think it's easy working 11 to 5?

Wow, the GOP really is scared sh*tless of the Green New Deal.. check out this short video

Stephen Colbert: Guests Bill & Melinda Gates Talk Taxing The Wealthy

Late arriving Chistmas present: what do give a wife who wants nothing, is perfectly happy?

Potomac Maryland...supposed to be progressive and tolerant?

Kansas elections director: Crosscheck last used in 2017, when audit found security risks

It would be fantastic if every Democrat would vote FOR the Green New Deal.

KPERS' retirees urge House panel to embrace $185 million cost-of-living adjustment

I am sitting having breakfast in a motel in OH

McCain wipes the grin off McConnell's face

Just imagine for a second if Jamal Khashoggi was murdered while Obama was President

Ex-prosecutor, brother hit with drug charges in Hawaii

Mueller Is Just the Beginning

If McConnell (and hence, the Senate) weren't supportive of the new Budget Deal,

UT scientists advance new technology to protect drinking water from Lake Erie algal toxins

Because Own The Libtards: Shitstain Begins Process To Eliminate Light Bulb Efficiency Standards

MN Jewish leaders talked with Ilhan Omar about anti-Semitism last year. Why they remain frustrated

A Better Way to Make Acrylics

Nebraska lawmaker says case against Husker player illustrates need for bill banning 'revenge porn'

Scarborough: " entitlement system that will buckle under the weight of its own debt..."

Congress poised to put Trump in veto bind

Union Pacific cuts 250 employees, most in Omaha; another 450 employees are furloughed

Kangaroos Dead In Trees, Entire Herds Of Cattle Erased - Scope Of Queensland Flooding Becoming Clear

Prison, mental hospital workers say they're being 'worked to death'; bill targets overtime

How's about this combo: Kamala and Eric Holder?

Shitstain Defends 50-Year Old TVA Coal Plant: Bob Murray Sells The Coal The Plant Uses

UPDATE: Trump intends to sign border deal to avoid another shutdown

Should I read The Daily Mail link

Solution to wall problem

Wednesday TOONs - Seeing the Writing on the Wall

Will Joe Ricketts' racist emails affect his political clout? Don't be too sure

Trump is weak. The Republicans are even weaker.

How Allied Flyers Used Monopoly to Escape From German POW Camps

Brazl's Environment Minister: "I Don't Know Chico Mendes"; Will Visit Amazon For The 1st Time

Senators vote to leave abortion funding provision out of Nebraska budget

Maria Ressa: Head of Philippines news site Rappler arrested

Another heart overnight!

Sorry, ladies. George Zimmerman just got kicked off dating app

Woman Breaks Into Houston Home To Smoke Pot And Is Greeted By A Tiger

Nurses sue CHI Health alleging hospital violates law with on-call pay rate

Restaurants oppose wage raises for tipped workers

Thank you for my hearts!

4 Major Calvings From Pine Island Glacier Since 2013; Another Coming Soon - British Antarctic Survey

Progressive groups launch ads, website to draft Gallego for Arizona Senate

Schumer recruiting Amy McGrath to run against McConnell in 2020

Woke up, this morning, to NO Weather Advisories, Watches or Warnings!!!

Southern Baptist Convention report on sex abuse shines a light on evangelical culture

Lock Your Doors': Sheriff Suspends Law Enforcement Over Lack Of Funding

Ice Storm "Survivors" with cars left outside yesterday:

So, You don't like Democratic Socialism - Please Select All Items You Wish To Give Up:

Trump critizing a Congresswoman for her unwarrented comments?

2015: Donald Trump's speech to Republican Jews was filled with anti-Semitic stereotypes

Hannity Blasts 'Pathetic' Border Agreement... But Says He Wouldn't Be Too Concerned If Trump Signs It

Howard Schultz Refuses to Promise He Would Sell His Starbucks Shares if He Runs and Wins

I spent a day with an Uber, Lyft and Juno driver in NYC: here's how much he earned in 9 hours

Ilhan Omar is right about the influence of the Israel lobby GUARDIAN

Surface lakes cause Antarctic ice shelves to 'flex'

Before I leave for work, THANK YOU (!) for my most recent heart!

Trump backer Tom Barrack defends Saudi Arabia

The Problem with the Green New Deal

Howard Schultz: I will not run "if...."

Roll call vote on the public lands bill

New Mexico House Speaker says he won't impeach governor for National Guard pullback

Franklin D. Roosevelt Letter to the Democratic Convention - July 18, 1940

Oh my goodness, thank you for the hearts!

Now I'm crying

The Truce of God

North Korea: General Robert Abrams

Christie Dishes on Trump

Pence Calls Omar Tweets A 'Disgrace,' Says She Should 'Face Consequences'

Tony Evers joins governors group fighting climate change by pursuing reduced carbon emissions

Here's How The White House Is Spinning The Border Legislation Deal

Boxing cat:

Santorum On Border Deal: 'The President Clearly Is Not A Winner'

Pool pup having WAAAY too much fun:

Don't forget to wear your mac!

Robert Mueller: Singin' in the Rain!

re: "The Wall"; The House Dems need to put language in the funding bill

In Tweets, Trump Signals He Will Support Bipartisan Spending Deal

House Dems Mull Subpoenaing Notes, Interpreter From Trump-Putin Meeting

'Unlike Nancy Pelosi, we actually like to read legislation before we agree to it'

No Escape? El Chapo Likely Off To 'Prison Of All Prisons'

Rachel Maddow Just Exposed How Broken Trump's Brain Really Is

Wow! thanks for the hearts!

Thank you for the hearts! I love this time of year...

The Kominsky Method - Netflix

Photos from the 2019 Westminster Dog Show

New Olympic sport idea: Synchronized Butt Licking!

'Fox & Friends' tells Americans it's their fault their tax returns are smaller this year

Ilhan Omar's perfect response to Trump:

The Rundown: February 12, 2019

Webcomics Weekly #22: Blackjack Bust Edition (2/12/19)

Valentines Day can be lonely for some people.

Donald Jr, math genius. Not.

Head of Philippines news site Rappler arrested

Art of the Deal: Republicans Accept NO WALL FUNDING

White House "About to Catch Leaker" Moments Before More Leaks

Consumers to pay a hefty price for Trump's rollback of light bulb efficiency standards

Olympic champion rower Maximilian Reinelt of Germany dies at 30

2 underreported stories thx to Trump's idiotic wall

Michelle Obama: 'When your mom doesn't think you're a "real" celebrity'

... 2019 Tyler Prize ... awarded to ... Michael E. Mann and Warren M. Washington

Howard Dean Set To Make Comeback As Head Of New Dem Voter Data Program

Thanks For The Hearts!

I am all smiles for my hearts 🥰.

This explains MAGA Cultist to a T

One year after Parkland, Florida lawmakers renew push to arm teachers -- with help from Ron DeSantis

Ice volume calculated anew...previous calculations overestimated...glaciers in High Mountain Asia

Appeals Court Rules Key Anti-Age Discrimination Protections Don't Apply to Job Seekers, Only Employe

Maria Ressa: Head of Philippines news site Rappler arrested

A very special message to Donald Trump

Climate of North American cities will shift hundreds of miles in one generation

Rapping, deconstructed: The best rhymers of all time

How Team Trump keeps changing its story in the Russia investigation

Squee! Maine Coon Kittens That Are Actually Giants Waiting To Grow Up

HUD's System for Processing Public Records Requests Died During the Shutdown

Fox News tells Americans to stop complaining about their shrunken tax refunds

U.S. Ranks Low Among World's Most Reputable Countries

TO "ALL" of my DU partners in being progressive and to all of the hearts that I have received

Ivanka Trump's next policy push: Paid family leave

The much heralded "end" of the Mueller Investigation

Omaha woman pleads guilty to defrauding Children's Hospital of $4.6M

I am so tired of Trump theater

The very rare Catdeer captured on film

Biggest debt in history, eh?

Democrats Lambaste CNN's Howard Schultz Town Hall As 2016 All Over Again

Probably been posted before, but needs repeating - Paul Ryan putdown

Trump, self-proclaimed 'king of debt,' sets new national debt record

I'll pass on those internet connected thermostats, thanks....

The Rude Pundit: Media Already Fucking Up the 2020 Campaign By Giving Trump a Pass on His Lies

Bernie Sanders would like to talk about Social Security

Trump supporter goes berserk and attacks BBC cameraman at El Paso rally

Brexit: UK has rolled over just L16bn out of L117bn trade deals

Per CNN the ApricotHellbeast will sign the antishutdown bill

Trump wants to gut housing for military families to pay for his wall

I'd like to praise the Lord and thank Him for letting me be here today.

Shameless Donald Trump Favor For Donor Threatens To Normalize Corruption Rachel Maddow MSNBC

Taiji dolphin hunt: activists to launch unprecedented legal challenge

Report: Trump Allegedly Paid Hush Money For Eight Abortions

Okay, if no one else is going to ask, I will. What is with Trump's random retweet of a jaguar video?

Hungary tells UK Jewish group to 'mind its own business' over antisemitism

"Let's Talk About Donald Trump Jr, it's time"

Malcolm Nance on Stephanie Miller

This is why abortion is a personal issue - not political

Klobuchar raises $1M within 48 hours of launching 2020 bid

Thank you for the hearts!

To all of the women who post here

Kamala Harris secures big win for HBCUs

House expected to vote on border deal Thursday evening

Stop sniffin' around our wombs with your religion

Hardline Brexiters threaten to vote down Theresa May's motion

Muslim Influence is Declining in Turkey

Pic Of The Moment: Another Not-So-Bright Idea From The Dim-Bulb Trump Administration

'Bring back our childhood diseases!' Wife of top Trump official goes on unhinged rant against vaccin

Christmas Island: Australia 'to re-open' controversial detention centre

Science as denied by the Reich Wing

Venezuela: clash looms over 'politicised' aid as Guaido vows to bring in supplies

Ethiopian singer Dadhi Gelan killed by stray bullet

Thank you to @MSNBC!

U.N. court rules it has jurisdiction to hear Iran claim against U.S.

Now You Can Dial -- Bell System, 1954

Ford recalls 1.48 million F-150 pickups in North America over transmissions (also 2 other recalls)

Even Florida Woman has tired of Florida Man's antics

Why the United States will never have high-speed rail


U.S. charges former Air Force officer for spying for Iran

Suicide attack kills 20 members of Iran's Revolutionary Guards: Fars news

Trump's Payback to Payday Lenders, NY Times Editorial: 2/12/19.. (in yesterday's paper)

Resisting the Weaponization of Ignorance in the Age of Trump

Senate panel delays vote on nominee to lead immigration agency

Senate panel delays vote on nominee to lead immigration agency

Kansas Woman Donates Part of Farm Sale Profits Back to Tribe

Los Angeles ditches plan to invest billions in fossil fuels

Uh guys... Trump just 69 memed us!

'Uniquely American': Senate passes landmark bill to enlarge national parks

The snowplows are on my street. They just went by on the

Happy Galentine's Day to the women of DU!

Tulsi Gabbard hires Russian linked "fixer"...

FBI investigating top Vitol executives in Americas - sources

If the traitor signs the CR that is being voted on to keep our country running until Sept 2019

Sarah Sanders: 'Absurd' to say Trump has encouraged violence at rallies

$1,000-a-month universal basic income gets put to a test

A madman has been taking a huge dump on America for two years

The Social Security Expansion Act is Wise Policy and Winning Politics

Thank you for my hearts

Netflix & Amazon Prime: Anyone else here going though old shows you may not have watched regularly?

Iconic Florida Gulf Coast bar burns to ground this morning

Undersea gases could superheat the planet

5 Star Uber driver

Dark money is pushing for a no-deal Brexit. Who is behind it?

The Dictator's Playbook! Thank you, PBS!!!

Fairfax calls on FBI to investigate sexual assault allegations against him

ESPN reporting that the Ravens will trade Joe Flacco to the Broncos

Good answer

If cats and dogs were people: cat friend vs. dog friend

Trump has $50,000 room-sized golf simulator installed in his W.H. quarters. #ExecutiveTime

Why the attack on our cameraman was no surprise

The accomplishment that I am most proud of (long post, picture heavy).

Sen. Warner: "President is terrified about where our investigation/Mueller investigation may lead"

Drug-Dealing Arkansas White Supremacist Gang Ordered Hits on Suspected Informants: Feds

How Manafort's 2016 meeting with a Russian employee at New York cigar club goes to 'the heart' of Mu

David Bowie - Space Oddity

MJ Hegar -- Texas veteran behind viral "Doors" ad -- is considering challenging John Cornyn in 2020

LIMBOsevic is calling him "The Turtle" - *repeatedly!1

Who is Richard Burr, Really? Why the public can't trust his voice in the Russia probe

I got hearts! Thanks, whomever.

'Tinder for cows' matches livestock in the mood for love

林俊傑 JJ Lin - 丹寧執著 Own The Day (華納 Official HD 官方MV)

Where is the praise of liberals to set beside 'Small town Country Gentleman'? Alan Jackson song

Without further comment:

Moving artificial leaves out of the lab and into the air

First DH to hit in the regular season

What contracts, Donnie!

When a nonsense parody president is somehow less insane than the real one.

Lower gasoline prices restrain U.S. consumer inflation

'the wall is being built as we speak'

Why is John Dowd saying he thinks there will be no Mueller report?

Texas A&M researchers develop fire-retardant coating featuring renewable materials, better protectio

"Gratitude". Adult language, a little crude, just a little....but honest.

Judge Rebukes Arizona Walmart for Firing Employee With Medical-Marijuana Card

Hello - Shinee Versin .JP (Sub esp+Karaoke)

Hello - Shinee Versin .JP (Sub esp+Karaoke)

New Mexico House speaker rejects impeachment push against governor over border troop decision

Cheesy Valentine's day pickup lines I stole

Foreign Affairs chairman: US military intervention in Venezuela 'not an option'

Foreign Affairs chairman: US military intervention in Venezuela 'not an option'

Johnny Depp is a middle aged Asian woman?

Push to include contractor back pay in funding deal hits GOP roadblock


Boston prosecutor offers to investigate sexual assault allegation against Fairfax

What Ilhan Omar Said About AIPAC Was Right

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is still on the anti-vax wagon.

''I will vote against William Barr's nomination ... ''

Liz Cheney calls for House vote on Ocasio-Cortez's Green New Deal

House committee endorses bill to put Bible class in Virginia schools.

Michael Bloomberg's $500 million anti-Trump moonshot

Inventing the wheel and the republicans.

Former Chesterfield County, Virginia, teacher sues district over discrimination

Former Chesterfield County teacher sues district over discrimination

Congress poised to put Trump in veto bind

Eric Holder says he'll decide on 2020 run in March

For healthier lakes, rivers, and drinking water, hold the salt

Russian cab driver throws out trash

Most Americans in new poll support Democratic investigations of Trump administration

NARAL Pro-Choice America Statement on Sen. Sinema's Support of Michael Liburdi

Ilhan Omar tweets back at Trump and it is a doozy......

Pink Floyd dissected by BBC's The Record Producers

Thank you to everybody for the hearts.. You are so very kind... 2 more today !! WOW!!

Former Air Force intelligence specialist charged with spying for Iran

Connelly: Senate bill rescues conservation fund for Wash.

Transgender group bathes in Ganges River

The Republican Plan for Mexico to Pay for the Wall

AG Bob Ferguson pens open letter to sheriffs: You could be held liable

Severe conditions, avalanche risk cause closure of Snoqualmie Pass

NYPD mourns detective killed by friendly fire

As snow turns to rain, flood warning issued in Seattle and other urban areas

Bombing Kills 41 Revolutionary Guards in Iran, Government Says

Trump Again Caves, This Time for Even Less Wall Money (Art of the Deal, Folks)

Why it's shocking to look back at med school yearbooks from decades ago

National debt tops $22 trillion for the first time as experts warn of ripple effects

Investigation finds no evidence of 'racist or offensive statements' by Covington Catholic students

Cartoons 2/13/19

NARAL blasts Sinema for support of Trump judicial nominee

Afua Hirsch: Nationalist strongmen are bent on controlling women's bodies

Cohen Will Testify Before 3 Congressional Committees

Snyder pardoned 'career drunk driver' as term neared end

Nobody needed this: Brian Burston levels sexual harassment allegations at One Nation leader

Senate Intel Chief Richard Burr Covered for Trump While Russia Attacked 2016 Election

NC substitute teacher resigns, saying MLK committed suicide

Wisconsin GOP spikes Colin Kaepernick's name from Black History Month resolution

So will Trump pardon El Chapo?

anyone know whats going on with oroville reservoir?

The Trump admin proposed former landfill as place to house immigrant children. (multiple toxins)

Breaking Bad movie is a sequel to tv series.

A Green New Deal is unaffordable. It is a question of priorities.

Dogs everywhere are happy and relieved.

President Trump installed a room-sized golf simulator at White House

White supremacist who confessed to NYC sword killing of random black man gets life in prison

Mazapan the dog steals the show:

Gay Muslim comic gone from Instagram after Indonesia warning

You Don't Need A Recipe.

Thanks for the hearts!

There are salt mines under Lake Erie? Wow!

'Tennessee Natural Marriage Defense Act' seeks to strip gay marriage rights

'Tennessee Natural Marriage Defense Act' seeks to strip gay marriage rights

Trump former inaugural committee chair defends Saudi Arabia

Trump former inaugural committee chair defends Saudi Arabia

Sherrod Brown sponsors Bill to allow earlier Medicare buy-in

"Medicare at 50": Sen. Debbie Stabenow explains her Medicare buy-in plan

Deliberate disinformation is behind a massive measles outbreak in Washington

States look to boost oversight of struggling small colleges

Babysitting Wolf Pups

Marvin Gaye - You're the man

Income Taxes are for the little people

AOC: Today I left a hearing on homelessness & saw tons of people camped outside committee.

U.S. senators to again try to pass Russia sanctions bill

Push for Medicare buy-in picks up with '50 and over' bill

Howard Schultz: Green New Deal backed by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is "immoral" and "not realistic"

House Democrats postpone vote on leadership term limits

'If it gets me, it gets me': the town where residents live alongside polar bears

Miracle Cat Survives Being Almost Completely Frozen In Snow

Former US air force officer charged with spying for Iran

Rare African black leopard captured by camera trap's extraordinary photos

Buy organic food to help curb global insect collapse, say scientists

Trump official freaks out after Rep. Omar asks him if he'd back genocide in Venezuela like 'you did

28 Days of Literary Blackness With VSB Day 13: Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe

Frank Schaeffer hits the nail on the head again.

Trump Installed 'Golf Simulator' at White House

Annals of small victories: confronting a real live war criminal

Climate change increases potential for conflict and violence

New findings on the shape of Ultima Thule - pancake joined to a walnut!

DC lobbyists paying homeless to keep their places in line

Flights Delayed At DFW Airport And Dallas Love Field After Smoke In Radar Room

Turning desalination waste into a useful resource

These freshmen Democrats continue to make me proud and inspire me more every day!

Michelle Obama makes surprise visit to Gila River Indian Community students

Device could deliver wave energy to thousands

Article on Stephen Miller

Future of US citrus may hinge on consumer acceptance of genetically modified food

What "Saving Unborn Babies" While Protecting Women's Rights Over Their Bodies Looks Like

McConnell pushing rules change to speed up nominees

Fate of Meerkats Tied to Seasonal Climate Effects

Jim Acosta on Trump rallies: Worse than they look

''Thank you SO much @SenSanders for meeting with us, supporting our movement''

DOJ investigating Avenatti leaks that led to discovery that Cohen was 'selling access' to the Trump

Senate Democrats Are Still Figuring Out This Whole Resistance Thing

Trying to figure out what the catch is re: the Wall deal and the Conservation deal.

After Parkland, everything is different: NRA's in decline and gun control is possible

Bill to 'repatriate' deported veterans gets new life in Democratic House

Trump FEMA chief Brock Long calls it quits amid scandal: 'It is time for me to go home'

Congressman Gonzalez revives deported vets bill

What do you think of this web site publication? It's new to me. Just Security. (National security)

Aviation enthusiasts; Cool footage of fighters performing low-level flight in Death Valley.

Lawmakers Call on FBI to Investigate Reports of Undocumented Workers at Trump Properties

Democrats Defend Omar from GOP Attack By Threatening to Censure King and McCarthy

Computer mystery - calling all DU computer geeks.

Bad news for the barber!

'Brewery church' is the latest in craft of luring folks to church

'Alarm' over climate change in US doubles in five years

So, the Summit that the VP is attending in Warsaw, Poland....

DNC Winter Meeting (Washington, DC) Schedule (Washington, DC).

AZ Atheist Lawmaker Gives Invocation, Then Gets Mocked by Christian Colleague

The Director of FEMA is stepping down!

Lyndon LaRouche dead

Ok, so there's a mouse in my house.

**BREAKING ** NYT confirms Lyndon LaRouche dead

He was born 100 years ago today: Tennessee Ernie Ford.

Commas! USE THEM!

Why is American currency green?

Welcome to the human race - Oh, so long ago

How 50 million trees have changed the world

Now we know how he spends a lot of that "Executive Time"

My grandkids are hams!

Chicago Cubs, Sinclair to launch sports network in 2020.

Black History: day 12 - Benjamin "Pap" Singleton (1809-1900) American activist and businessma

"You'll see" if US will send 5000 troops to Colombia: Trump

Trump caused the shutdown in order to Harm people

Two Bald Eagles are sitting on the nest eating.

"You'll see" if US will send 5000 troops to Colombia: Trump

Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler Omits 'So Help Me God' From Oath as He Swears in Witnesses

'Whistleblower' seeks protection after sounding alarm over White House security clearances

President Donald J. Trump Announces Intent to Nominate and Appoint Individuals to Key Administration

Will narcos be allowed to snitch at war crimes tribunal?

Early Odds for the Democratic Vice Presidential Pick

At least they didn't shoot it or taze it

Ilhan Omar (MN) calls out Elliot Abrams for the liar he is

House Freedom Caucus Pushes Short-Term Spending Bill To Avoid 'Bad Border Deal'

Among the numerous shitty things Reagan did to us

Trump Friend Tom Barrack Apologizes For Khashoggi Comment

2 millionaire senators introduce plan to make sure Congress is only for the rich

UT Dallas moved to fire instructors because Dallas Morning News prepared story, lawsuit says

Jake Tapper is pissed. He just did a whole thing on CNN where he calls

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #6-6: A Tale Of Two Crowd Sizes Edition

Anyone out there use LED lights...

House Votes to Halt Aid for Saudi Arabia's War in Yemen

If the 'Father of lies" helps you achieve your goals,

OMG! Tapper just mocked the hell out of rump and his Omar hypocrisy. An instant classic!

Ted Cruz wants 'El Chapo' to pay for the border wall

Wolf Blitzer to Senator Ben Cardin 'Were democrats forced to cave?'

Senators target Russia with massive bipartisan bill

How you actually win elections and change the country

"Judgment without context is the worst sort of cowardice"

Warren listed herself as white on University of Texas employment paperwork

Bad Lip Reading did part of the State of the Union

Did Trump jump-start a Beto O'Rourke campaign for president?

Lobbying group opposing single payer comes out against 'Medicare at 50' bill

GOP Congressman Under Fire for Most Racist Office Display Ever

U.S. posts another budget deficit as tax revenues sag

BuzzFeed votes to unionize after layoffs

Trump to Keep Latin Americans out of the U.S. (w/ Mark Pocan)

Rep. Omar asks Trump official if he'd back genocide in Venezuela like 'you did in Guatemala'

Lyndon LaRouche Jr., conspiracy theorist and presidential candidate, dies at 96

Ryan Adams Dangled Success. Women Say They Paid a Price.

Prime Time Sports closing in Colorado Springs

Mr. Blue Sky -- Electric Light Orchestra (Dr Who: Love and Monsters)

Fox News host stunned by Trump's non-stop lying about the border wall being built

Manafort-Linked PAC Failed To Report $1 Million And The FEC Wants To Know Why

Michael Avenatti accused of hiding millions of dollars from bankruptcy court

30 women accuse RCMP doctor of sexual assault: NO CHARGES!!!

Democrats Need to Watch Their Far Left

Rep. Johnson calls out Judiciary Chairman for leaving out "so help me God"

I wish McConnell didn't look like a Turtle.

CNN: Boston-area DA ready to investigate claims against Fairfax

Do Democratic political office candidates read our threads and comments on DU?

All 4 suspects in gay couple's beating now in custody, police say

Republicans supportive but wary about Trump reprogramming funds for border wall

"Finish the wall'? Facing failure, Trump tries rebranding

House passes measure to end U.S. military involvement in Yemen, repudiating Trump's backing of Saudi

A Campaign About Nothing


Thanks for the ❤️ 💕 ❤️ 's

Blast from the Past - Muslim Bans

Thanks for all the 💕💕💕

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 14 February 2019

Abbott backs bill to prevent local governments from regulating sick leave, other benefits

What's for Dinner, Wed., Feb. 13, 2019

You know the March For Our Lives movement? The thing where kids don't want to be shot in school?

McConnell Wants to Troll Democrats With Green New Deal Vote

Rep. Adam Kinzinger deployed to active duty on southern border

Trump Has Willed the Wall Into Existence With His Mind

Worst Boss of the Year goes to Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Publisher John Block

NASA Shares Stunning Image Of Mercury Impact Crater That's Bigger Than Texas

Luckovich-He just left a trump rally

Another MAGAt hits Disney. Disneyland this time

If you're under the weather, 😨: This should make you feel better! ☺️

San Diego Zoo Live Elephant Cam

Bill Gates: Taxing the rich is fine, but '........' politicians like AOC are missing the point by

Do you know what the right wing conservative plan is to bring in more revenue.....

Parkland, Florida, February 14, 2018

Ari's taking down the Collins creature tonight

A Happy Valentine's Day....a day early.

Tomorrow marks one year for the Parkland shooting.

Why are we spending money on a wall in the border when the place is worse than the Bermuda Triangle?

CNN Breaking News: Judge rules Manafort intentionally lied to the FBI, OSC and Grand Jury

Eye candy?? Kansas says ya gotta pay for it...

Pete Souza throws some SHADE: President Obama's golf simulator (with Bill Murray).

The Grand Havana Club

UPDATE: Judge voids Paul Manafort plea deal, says he 'intentionally' lied to the FBI

If Frankenstein decided to make a monster assembled entirely from human flaws, he would make a Trump

Does anyone here have spinal problems?

And just where do you think modern attitudes against abortion & contraception came from?

Trump installs White House-sized "Administration Simulator" at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

I applaud my House colleagues for today's historic passage of HJ Res 37 ...

"may you know the secrets of your heart..."

I would like to express a very deep gratitude

Bald Eagle Webcam