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I'm watching 60 Minutes tonight

Isis Briton Shamima Begum pleads to return to UK after giving birth

Isis Briton Shamima Begum pleads to return to UK after giving birth

Bernie Sanders might launch presidential bid at Brooklyn College

Bernie Sanders might launch presidential bid at Brooklyn College

Flashback: Sons of New York - Bernie Sanders

Anthony Weiner has been released from federal prison

McCabe is eviscerating trump on "60 Minutes" NOW.

Halmark Channel to air "2019 American Rescue Dog Show"

60 minutes

NYPD investigating commander accused of telling officers to shoot 50 Cent

Change in the way we see news. The internet, makes it instant, what are consequences?

Day 2 of our "national emergency"

Trump replied, "I don't care. I believe Putin."

CA AG Xavier Becerra says a group of other states are joining CA in suing Trump...

Andrew McCabe: The full 60 Minutes interview

Trump Rails Against 'SNL,' Again, And Suggests 'Retribution' for NBC

2020 CO US Senate Election- If Romanoff-D is the Democratic Nominee- Can he win without CO-6?

Plastics reach remote pristine environments, scientists say

Legal experts say Trump's national emergency comments could undercut him in court

In appointing Robert Mueller, Rod Rosenstein may have saved the republic--but also Donald Trump?

Bernie Sanders Stumbled With Black Voters in 2016. Can He Do Better in 2020?

Martina Navratilova criticised over 'cheating' trans women comments

'Answer my question': Fox News host grills defiant Stephen Miller on Trump's national emergency

And Trump called the White House a dump?!

Lithium-air batteries can store energy for cars, houses and industry

Senate Dems introduce bill to prevent Trump from using disaster funds to build wall

Kellyanne Conway's Husband Thinks We Should Be Worried About Donald Trump's Mental Stability

Tiny fibers create unseen plastic pollution

He is quoting Limbaugh now

"Because Putin told me...."

Season 6 of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver is on tonight. 11PM on HBO (in Canada at least)

Baldwin vs. Trump side by side:

Throughout the Midwest, U.S. farmers are filing for bankruptcy protection at levels not seen

How much does it cost to buy Lindsey Graham? Apparently $870,500.

How the Georgia speaker of the House pockets big bucks to delay cases for alleged criminals

Why the answer to climate change lies in data

서문탁 - Rolling in The Deep

Fox News listeners on Chris Wallace

Economic trends turn downward for farmers

The Go-It-Alone Presidency

Children carry evidence of toxins from home flooring and furniture

Dolphins Seem to Use Toxic Pufferfish to Get High

McCabe said tonight Rosenstein was pressured by Trump to include

I believe RUMP is getting guidance from SOMEONE (He has to be)

Andrew McCabe: The full 60 Minutes interview

More of 60 Minutes' interview with Andrew McCabe. Plus reaction from Scott Pelley

A President responds to TV comedians making fun of him...

Muons reveal the whopping voltages inside a thunderstorm

Last survivor of the Great Escape, Dick Churchill, dies aged 99

Snowmageddon! Sierra update...who else is over it?

A new insulation material is practically weightless yet still durable

Running an LED in reverse could cool future computers

McCabe: Trump talked to me about his election victory during 'bizarre' job interview

Trump told McCabe to ask his wife what it felt like to be a loser

If you could watch one player, past or present, for one game who would it be?

John Fogerty - The Old Man Down The Road

A Scientist Who Resisted Trump Administration Censorship of Climate Report Just Lost Her Job

Tweet of the Day

Please DU this poll.......

With everything thing we've seen....

*Economic Fairness*: To Get Any We Need To Be Demanding It, By Name

"Ask your wife how it feels to be a loser".

UBI: Stockton, California Starts Universal Basic Income Experiment

An Underground Railroad station emerges near Guilford College

Trump calls for retribution against television actors, writers

Levon & the Dirt Farmers: "Deep Elem Blues"

Sen. Schumer responds to SNL poking fun at him last night

Climate change could increase foodborne illness by energizing flies

Peter Schilling - Major Tom(Coming Home)

EPA cites Chemours with multiple notices of violation; co. allegedly failed to provide key documents

Trump policies unite allies against him at European security forum

Reindeer Cyclones Are Real, and You Definitely Don't Want to Get Caught in One

The Most Interesting Science News Articles of the Week

This is simply horrifying

PBS: Meet the Lords

A dog finds love and a home

Amazing Images: The Best Science Photos of the Week

Detonation with lyrics

Trump official quits after coming under fire for commute to North Carolina

An historic appointment and a classless response

Why did/does Trump go after McCabe so hard?

Black Snow Is Falling from the Skies in Siberia, and It Is Toxic

Trump and Putin

The name Donald Trump will replace Benedict Arnold in American vernacular

So, did Bill Barr get to see these memos today?

I knew about the phenomenon of a "gap year" but THIS was a new one for me. Anyone encountered this?

This dog has insomnia -- and her mom has the sweetest way of lulling her to sleep 💕💤

Why America's New Apartment Buildings All Look the Same

Patty Hearst: How the Outlaw Heiress Became a Chameleon

9th District: Dowless crew handled 1 in 5 absentee votes in Bladen County

Neil Young - Cinnamon Girl

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, February 19: 31 Days of Oscar: Favorite Best Actor Win: Spencer Tracy

Immigrant activists question use of work truck; ICE backs plainclothes enforcement actions

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, February 20: 31 Days of Oscar: Who Played It Better: Henry VIII

Has anyone ever seen Jim Jordan in a suit coat?

Did Mark Meadows fudge his degree?

Medicare For All Executive Summary Excerpt - Age Groups Transition

Adding my two cents re: income taxes

I don't know if trolls started this but we need to be wary. Remember Nancy Pelosi

Study blames YouTube for rise in number of Flat Earthers

I think that the only way Fool and the Gang DON'T go to prison is if the work product

Rate Bureau requests rate increase in mobile home insurance

A dead planet costs more


Airbus warns of no-deal Brexit, says has spent tens of millions preparing

Let's See Action. The Who.

'Casino Night' fundraiser at NC Museum of History canceled after legal questions

Facebook needs independent ethical oversight: UK lawmakers

A very strange way that Trump could get some positive comments from many people.

U.S. agency submits auto tariff probe report to White House

Interesting service today at church - The Universal Day of Prayer for Students

Girlfriend let him have sex with another woman, but he lost his pants and $10K, NC cops say

Rare owls thrive in ghost town near Los Angeles airport

Name a tourist destination you went to...then later found another with a connection.

Genesis - Your Own Special Way

Argentina: pro-Macri candidate trounced in first electoral test of the year

surviving another south dakota winter

gratuitous kitteh pic - i still get a heart?!?!?!?!? edition

The triviality of our politics is the real emergency

Grand Lake Theatre marquee in Oakland

Neil Young - Cinnamon Girl

We have a national emergency: Donald Trump

TJ Quote

Neil Young: Like a Hurricane.

Gallop: Americans Maintain a Positive View of Bernie Sanders

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Russia bristles as fresh US sanctions loom

Military Exercises in the Far East

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - Brexit III

Yoshimatsu: "And Birds Are Still...", Manchester Camerata/Martynov: "Come In", Gidon Kremer/Higdon:

Germany is using the world's first hydrogen-powered train which emits nothing but water and steam

Re: Valentine Hearts, I'm a bigger fucking asshole than you..

Germany's wolves are on the rise thanks to a surprising ally: the military.

14-year Taylor Energy oil leak could prove larger than BP spill, new research says

Venezuela Denies EU Lawmakers Entry Given 'Conspiratorial Motives'

SLC police searching for man seen on video assaulting gay man

New York City councilman (D) 'blames gay agenda' for scuppering Amazon deal

Build that wall!

Brexit : Seven MPs resign from the Labour party !!!

Seven MPs quit Labour in protest over Brexit and antisemitism

Australian political parties hit by 'state actor' hack, PM says

Why Trump and his team want to wipe out the EU

Trump has a tell when speaking at his rallies.

Hurd says 1,000 Texas farmers could have land seized to build Trump's border wall

Happy President's' Day*. 9 states have no observance.

Visualize Presidents' Day 2021

Trump Supporter Convicted of Fraud

No $1,000 refunds, but SCE&G customers should see their bills go down ... by a few cents

New Bill by NCGA Idiots Claims Gay Marriage Is a Religion, Attempts to Ban It

Seven MPs leave Labour Party in protest at Jeremy Corbyn's leadership

49 Years Ago Today; Chicago Seven acquitted of inciting riots at 1968 Democratic Convention

Oh, the shame!

Lindsey Graham voted to protect Mueller in 2018. Now: "I think we're OK right now."

Oops, the DU Lounge has sprung a leak...

Why Donald Trump Jr.'s 'loser teachers' comment was 'a chilling moment' for educators around the wor

Shorpy pic of the day; Other Voices: 1941

McMaster Removes Entire Richland County Elections Board

Timely purchase of presidential placemats

Richland County to Pay Back Millions to Penny Fund for Unallowable Expenditures

Ameren Missouri To Invest $5 Billion To Improve Statewide Electrical Grid

Fake University Set Up By ICE To Lure Foreign Students

No Drugs, No Crime And Just Pennies For School -- How Police Use Civil Asset Forfeiture

When future historians look back to this time, will there be a pre-trump era and a post-trump era?

North Carolina To Decide As Early As Monday If New House Election Is Needed

"Welfare queens"

Five things to watch as Barr takes the reins of Justice, Mueller probe

Outflow From Massive Queensland Flooding A New Bleaching Threat To GBR; May Also Smother Seagrass

A ban on bans: Are SC legislators killing local control as favor for Big Business?

Beth Callori of Long Island: "I thought, wow, Trump is great, I love him." Then it was TAX TIME.

So Trumpy actually asked someone to nominate him for the Nobel Peace Prize?

Trump: "...millions of people who had just elected a president who they really like..."

Attention Triangle Liberals! Drinking Liberally Meet Up

After corruption scandal, South Carolina lawmakers push changes at electric cooperatives

An oldie but goodie

It can't happen here

The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald - Gordon Lightfoot (HD w/ Lyrics)

Stephen Miller stinks

Former South Carolina lawmaker won't get new job until senators probe his House votes

Alibaba is the force behind hit Chinese Communist Party app: sources

'Illegal and treasonous!' Trump calls his own deputy AG a traitor in crazed early morning tweet

Why Trump and his team want to wipe out the EU

Happy President's Day

Alabama jury awards $152 million in Ford Explorer rollover case

"The Green Police" by Tom Tomorrow

EXCLUSIVE: U.S. Intelligence: Russia Tried to Con the World With Bogus Missile

The Democrats have an Israel problem -- and it's not Ilhan Omar

The Band & Neil Young & Joni Mitchell - Helpless

Rush Limbaugh Denies He Influences Trump. Hours Later, Trump Quotes Him in Coup-Touting Tweet.

State pension plans that 1 in 9 SC residents rely on are short $25 billion in funding

Hey, can I get someone on DU to nominate for the Nobel Peace prize?

Remote Option Would Increase Iowa Caucus Turnout

The Rundown: February 15, 2019

McCabe on '60 Minutes': FBI had good reason to open counterintelligence investigation into Trump

Obama Quietly Gives Advice to 2020 Hopefuls

EU states say taking ISIS recruits back "not as easy" as Trump thinks

Woodward & Bernstein watching potus who called *their* reporting fake news resigning from office.

How to Spot a Russian Bot on Social Media

Please DO NOT keep #MarALardAss trending on TWITTER.

4% Pantomime - The Band. With lyrics.

Biden's polling lead shaky ahead of 2020 decision

MARQUEE OF TRUTH: We Have 4 Actual National Emergencies...

Trump can't run the Mueller playbook on New York feds

I'm an amateur painter who likes to paint with soft pastels

WI Gov says yes on pot..all pot...bravo Wisconsin, you are coming back

Looking for interest in a fellowship, humanist , support group

Iowa operatives say ethanol worship is now as corny as The West Wing

Looking for interest in a fellowship, humanist , support group in the Arkansas

Little Lindsey is going coo-coo over the "attempted bureaucratic coup" against Individual 1.

Looking for interest in a fellowship, humanist , support group in the Arkansas

Sunrise at the eagle's nest shows one bird hard at work building a secure spot.

Graham on alleged discussion of using 25th Amendment to remove President Trump

Anthony Weiner leaves prison for halfway house in Brooklyn

Record number cite poor leadership as US's greatest problem: poll

Baldwin on Trump 'Saturday Night Live' attacks: I wonder if this qualifies as 'threat to my safety?'

It's John Travolta's 65th birthday today. Where does one begin?

A serious post, but I think okay for the lounge.

Most Americans Would Fail Citizenship Test

Huh? John Bolton: Refugees are ... good?

This is so simple and apparent that posting about it is almost insulting, BUT---

Does this mean Obama discouraged O'Rourke from running, or...

2007: The year that both Al Gore and Rush Limbaugh were nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize

How many licks does it take? Owl let you know.

Ex-Trump official calls BS on president's love for the military and shames him for the government..

I don't know if I should be happy or scared.

On President's Day: Record number cite poor leadership as US's greatest problem: poll

Flamenco Kid

When you partied too much over the weekend but have to show up at work on Monday:

When they haven't found what you've broken yet:

Lawmakers launch new probe into 'complex web' of alleged ties between NRA, Russians

Dramatic reveal of new hairstyle:

Dog's best friend is a water bottle. Not just any water bottle. THIS WATER BOTTLE:

...Morning Joe guest sounds the alarm on GOP letting Trump seize dictatorial powers

I remember when Republicans did everything in their power to hep Hispanic refugees settle in America

Japan's Abe Declines to Say If He Backed Trump for Nobel Prize

McCabe: Rosenstein considered asking Jim Comey for advice after firing

The FBI: Trump does not understand this and he will pay a big price for his ignorance.

Defining the Dem primary "lanes"

I see that Miller left off the fake hair yesterday

2019: When you take a moment to consider if this is true or not (Sarah Sanders)

I was sorry to see that O'Rourke advocated tearing down the wall.

AP fact check: Trump spins fiction about diversity visas

Just some wildly meaningless statistics about the popularity of democratic 2020 candidates.

Parasitic Ideas and the Endarkenment make us the victims of our own successful civilization

The signs of McConnell's malign influence were always there

FEMA trailers stored at Texas airport being auctioned off for a fraction of what they cost

"Who's your best friend?"

found today on Bildungblog:

Get the Republicans on record as soon as possible.

What if it's NOT the "pee" in the tapes?

Presidents' Day consolidation ruined kids' lives.

France is way ahead of us... WAY ahead!

I've been bringing in some pots to start planting new herbs, and look what I found

President's Day Democratic Presidential Straw Poll

Man climbs crane to protest the Con near FIU

Yeah!... Colorado is expected to join dozen states in suit against Trump Border Wall Power Grab

Tim Ryan: "I would do anything in my power" to bring Amazon to Ohio

How "Cowboy Pinball" works

DNAeXplained - Genetic Genealogy

I got to say I resent being painted as some kind of backwards rube...

Climate Change: We're going to pay for it one way or another.

Here's a typical 1962 GPS System for cars in that day.

Monday TOONs - Trump Twister and Republican Pets

Lord of the Winter Woods

This German Shepherd is so cute

"as loud a clanging alarm as could be"!

The Wilderness Society - National monument conservation legacies

How Mitch McConnell Enables Trump

We Dems are playing by the rules. If we lose, America is over.

Alan Dershowitz - Lindsey Graham and the Russians

Lawmakers launch new probe into 'complex web' of alleged ties between NRA, Russians

Fitness goals

Did anyone else notice McCabe's expression when he told 60 minutes Mueller had his memos?

George Mendonsa, sailor kissing woman in iconic V-J Day photo, dies

* The President blasts his enemies, but never insists a thorough investigation will exonerate him

So on President's Day...

Evil Trump Administration hurts scholarship

Today's Jaeger shots game word is "coup," but please...drink responsibly. #FakePalaceOverthrow

Seven MPs leave Labour Party in protest at Jeremy Corbyn's leadership

France has lightsabers? Germany has Jugger!

The Groove Tube (1974)

Explaining Lindsey Graham

When will Trump be held accountable?

If Trump was a Democratic president, would he still be in office?

Question for the eagle experts

Ken Nordine has died

LIVE at the White House demanding Congress stop the #FakeTrumpEmergency & protect immigrants & peopl

Why isn't Vladimir Putin being talked about in the same breath as Osama and Saddam Hussein?

And how will you celebrate President's Day?

When Trump leaves office, I hope he'll come to southern Illinois to live.

Kamala Harris sets her sights on South Carolina with first campaign swing

Abrahamson thread this morning

Florida Boy, 11, Arrested After Refusing to Stand For Pledge of Allegiance

Nothing personal against Amy K but the MN Senator that should be running is our Al Franken

"To Kill a Mockingbird" on Broadway right now is a wonder to behold.

My biggest takeaways from the McCabe interview.

Sockpuppets and Spambots: How states manipulate social networks

So it was the lowest box office turn out in 20 years

'The Punisher' & 'Jessica Jones' Canceled By Netflix; Latter's 3rd Season Still To Air

Oh no! My Father-in-law passed away last night.

Me, as soon as I get home from work:

Does Trump have compromising "stuff" on Lindsay Graham?

My son's migraine journey

YouTube aids flat earth conspiracy theorists, research suggests

Trump EPA OKs 'Emergency' to Dump Bee-Killing Pesticide on 16 Million Acres.

"Come for one, face us ALL!"

Something to be wary of for those on the left. . . .

'While tomorrow (Tuesday) brings 2019's nearest, biggest supermoon,

New York City to Ban Discrimination Based on Hair

America Needs Radical Solutions

How's about a little 1940s Cab Calloway...

No need for Shinzo Abe: Trump already nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Medicare for all versus the current situation

Any info on how to recycle old videos and cassette tapes?

Your Company Wants to Know if You've Lost Weight

Did anyone else hear what Malcolm Nance had to say today with Ali Velshi?

New evidence emerges that she was dropped on her head as a child

Trump to say Venezuela's military at risk for supporting Maduro

Trump to say Venezuela's military at risk for supporting Maduro

Compassion and leadership. Happy President's Day.

FAA investigates Southwest over baggage weight discrepancies: WSJ

Polarizing 'End-of-Life' Bill Returns in Legislature.

DC Presidents Day protests underway in response to Trump's declaration of national emergency

U.S.-backed Syria force seeks help with Islamic State prisoner 'time bomb'

U.S.-backed Syria force seeks help with Islamic State prisoner 'time bomb'

Voters Believe Obama Is A Better President Than Trump By Nearly 20 points

Irene Cara - Fame

Semenya arrives for landmark case at Swiss sports tribunal

China seizes $1.5 billion in online lending crackdown

AP FACT CHECK: Trump spins fiction about diversity visas

Legal circles are also buzzing over whether SDNY might seek to indict a sitting president.

New research has shown that psychopathic traits tend to be stronger in Republicans than Democrats.

A little context may be in order. The Democrats who are now referred to as "centrists"

Critics urge Presidents Day protests against Trump's emergency declaration

Alec Baldwin suggests Trump's latest attack on 'SNL' could be 'a threat to my safety'

Eddie Glaude sounds the alarm on GOP letting Individual-1 seize dictatorial powers

Try explaining the year 2019 to a time-traveller from the past.

China's leaders want more babies, but local officials resist

Roger Stone now directly attacking the federal judge presiding over his case and posting a pic...

Chavismo spokesman says its time to double down on the stupid

Elizabeth Warren endorses use of 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office

Well, dufus will fire Rosenstein by the end of the week.

Obama Quietly Gives Advice to 2020 Democrats, but No Endorsement

Who is Lara Logan? And should I care?

Socialism is no longer a dirty word, and here's why Opinion

Modi give responsibility to Pakistan

Trump golfs third day in a row since declaring national emergency on border

Amazon aims to cut shipment carbon footprint in half by 2030

Five bystanders shot during New Orleans police shootout with armed suspect

Five bystanders shot during New Orleans police shootout with armed suspect

Surprise, no income tax refund for you!

"Manifest" season finale is tonight

Eugene Robinson: The emergency is not at border; it's in Oval Office

I was going to buy a car from a Japanese car company

Portland mayor calls for investigation following texts between Patriot Prayer leader and police

Japan nominated Trump for Nobel Peace Prize after White House asked

Tory minister and four Conservative backbench MPs poised to join new Labour splinter group

John Oliver: National Emergency

Anthony Weiner Released From Prison, Must Register as Sex Offender

When I see Trump bad-mouthing McCabe and Rosenstein, and Roger Stone bad-mouthing his Judge...

Roger Stone lashes out federal judge with threatening picture of her next to crosshairs

Stone Posted A Picture Of The Federal Judge On His Case With Crosshairs

Booker seeks dialogue about race as he kicks off 2020 campaign

E. Warren will host an organizing event in Glendale, Ca. Feb. 18

Democrats brush off GOP 'trolling' over Green New Deal

trump's behavior - and those enabling him - indicate they feel like they are protected and

Clearly Roger Stone wants to paint himself a political prisoner and create a circus trial atmosphere

Cartoons 2/18/19

The White House Is Worried Mueller Will Bust Trump For Obstruction Of Justice

More than 100 Southern Baptist youth pastors convicted or charged in sex crimes

- He shouldn't even be there

I can imagine my dogs doing something like this

Angel Alex would have already eaten the eggs

Bill Barr Being Bombarded By Bullshit

Sociologists study the impact religion has on child development

Republican campaign paid for 'coordinated, unlawful' absentee ballot scheme in NC 9th District elect

Chinese and Iranian Hackers Renew Their Attacks on U.S. Companies

Presidents' Day Sale

Someone please tell Roger Stone about the Internet.

13 States File Lawsuit Over Trump's 'National Emergency'

This is so simple and apparent that posting about it is almost insulting, BUT---

John Kasich Rips Trump For 'End Runs Around Congress'

Rush Limbaugh Hates Presidential Power Grabs -- But Not By Trump

Presidential scholars rank the presidents: #Trump ranks 42nd, the BOTTOM 5!!

Alec Baldwin suggests Trump's latest attack on 'SNL' could be 'a threat to my safety'

What's for Dinner, Mon., Feb. 18, 2019

Black History: day 18 - Josiah Henson the real Uncle Tom

McCabe worried PresTrump was a potential national security threat. America should listen to him.....

The Soul Queen of New Orleans is 78 today.

Why is MSNBC covering trump's stupid rally in Miami?

It repulses and sickens me that the media still treats this traitor as the POTUS.

Say what you want about Mika Brzezinski, but her rescue cat, Meatball, is MAGNIFIQUE!

Cats are among the smartest creatures in the animal kingdom. Then there's Gary:

Stone desperately claims 'crosshairs' photo of judge is not threatening:

Army Base Housing Hazards Called Unconscionable

Baby Seal Trapped In Net Saved By The Sweetest Rescuers

This could be trouble?

I think it's important for all Retrumplicans to remember

Toddler attacked by pack of wild dogs!

Kellyanne Conway's Husband Thinks We Should Be Worried About Donald Trump's Mental Stability

Slate. Must read. I Can't Stop Analyzing Trump's Friday Rose Garden Speech

Trump voter quits supporting president after her tax bill increases five fold

Gerald Butts quits Justin Trudeau's team because of the SNC Lavelin Affair I'm guessing.

Dog trying to hide hard boiled eggs

When will this illiterate illegitimate excuse for a POTUS be held accountable..?

At Least 13 States Will Join Lawsuit Challenging Trump's Emergency Declaration

Mueller subpoenaed a Cambridge Analytica director (Slowly but surely)

Sailor in iconic World War II photo dies at 95

Trump will decide if auto imports are a national security threat, as EU retaliation looms

2020 CO US Senate Election- experienced potential female Democratic US Senate candidates.

Defrocked cardinal will remain in church housing temporarily: report

World's biggest terrestrial carbon sinks are found in young forests

13 States File Lawsuit Over Trump's 'National Emergency'

US. Great Britain. Both countries are a mess.

Democrats Launch Probe Into NRA-Russia Connections

What if a real disaster happens?

TCM Schedule for Thursday, February 21, 2019 -- 31 Days of Oscar - Foreign Language Winner - Fellini

Another of myriad MAGA ironies....

Cross in Stone's threatening tweet is also a "white power" symbol

Climate change makes summer weather stormier yet more stagnant

TCM Schedule for Friday, February 22, 2019 -- 31 Days of Oscar - Best Movie Mutiny

TCM Schedule for Saturday, February 23, 2019 -- 31 Days of Oscar - A Star Is Born

Hundreds hold competing protests at Greenville's Drag Queen Story Hour as deputies block media entry

Patriot propaganda

Trump campaign adviser Roger Stone directly colluded with Russian operatives behind DNC email hack

Fucking Scumbag is FUCKED....I cannot wait to see him in prison garb...

Vermont is only state whose majority can pass citizenship test: study

Did I just hear that Dan Coates is in the departure lounge

Teri Kanefield (atty, UC/Berkeley) : How fascists come to power: by creating crisis and spectacle

An idea for how to get a new house with a security system in these trying times.

Where is Ken Dilanian's objectivity....Is he being manipulated...?

Just got info re Hempfest In Seattle and this was included....pertains to Wash State laws..

Most Americans Can't Pass A Citizenship Test On Basic History

Has Bernie Sanders declared himself to be a Democrat yet?

North Greenville University ordered to pay $2.5 million over recruitment efforts

How is discussing something that is in the Constitution over the line?

My theory of Trump's sing song chant about his National Emergency

Tweet of the day!

Clump's 'SNL' attack crosses the line By Dean Obeidallah

Let's assume we have a "national emergency" on our hands...

Breaking - there will be hearings in the House next week on

Trump Tweets in last 24hrs...

"Winners always want the ball... when the game is on the line."

Anti-vaxxers have a rich history

Multiple people dead in western Michigan shooting, police say

The major reason for Immigration is ....

When will the cognitive dissonance become overwhelming...?

US threat to Germany's car sector bears greater economic risk

Tweet Pete for Prez

Kaepernick - Michael Wilbon just went OFF, I mean OFF, on PTI

Why doesn't FOX start their own version of SNL to please Trump?

Happy President's Day Sir...

Klobuchar at a CNN Town Hall meeting, today 9:00 PM Central

An amnesiac walks into a bar...

New UGA Environmental Group Calls for Chick-fil-A Ban

Audio: LePage denies knowing he paid up to $1,100 a night at Trump hotel

Why do repubs think they are rugged individualists?

for pike mence to use when nobody claps, canned clapping!

If not for Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid we would be serfs___

Not about Brexit Guv. Nothing to see here...

Her one qualification, blonde...

Trump is going to fire coats and then mueller. What is going to occur to make this stop?

We need to use the word, "purge"

Campaign Status Check (Kamala Harris)

As the primary campaign begins, I'll be supporting

I just watched McCabe's 60 Minutes interview.

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 19 February 2019

EU Foreign Ministers welcome vision for climate neutral Europe, ... strengthened global response ...

Elizabeth Warren To Unveil Sweeping Plan For Universal Child Care

Maduro orders the shutdown of humanitarian aid, volunteer website

To Trump Means To Fart In UK English Parlay. So For Presidents Day. HEHE

In his first 2 years as president, Trump made 281 promotional visits to his properties...

The difference between one lie and a million lies

Declaration unpopular among majority

At Least 13 States Will Join Lawsuit Challenging Emergency

Kid Signs

Dan Rather's Epic Response to Trump's Fake Emergency

Courts defer to the office of Pres, what about the person

Luckovich-Look at what is stuck on the bottom of foot

Giants manager Bochy to retire after this season