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Presidents Day protests

Americans among group arrested in Haiti with arsenal of guns: media

Post a line from a song & see if anyone knows the song without using Google - Part 8

2020 CO US Senate Election- Democratic Nominee.

Trump says U.S. has the world's "hottest" economy -- he's way off

And so it begins...

New York to ban hairstyle policies that discriminate against black people

Roger Stone's attorneys apologize to court for stone's picture/stunt

Air Force to push Congress for military housing tenant bill of rights

The Lesser-Known Measles Outbreak That's Killed Nearly 1,000 People In Months

White Room

Hillary TOLD US he'd get tax payers to pay for his wall (AUG. 2016)

Active tuberculosis found at University of Missouri

Jeff Koterba's latest cartoon: But first, the hurdles

I wanted to see the lighthouse at Point Vicente today...

Scotland to step up efforts to keep EU citizens after Brexit, Sturgeon says

Will emergency declaration stand?

Majority Disapprove of Trump's Emergency Declaration

Roger Stone's Attorneye File a Notice of Apology to Juge Jackson

The great significance of a small speech.

Union reps: Statewide WV teacher, service personnel strike to begin Tuesday

McCabe: 'I was fired because I opened a case against the president'

I guess I owe a local bagger an apology.

Kiev shopping center showed visitors a huge swastika

Hey Kornacki

R Kitty

Let's play, "But where will all the money really go?"

Feisty Foster Kitten Stays So Little

Anybody else noticing increase in gasoline this week? I bought a

The new scandal within the Catholic Church: Dozens of women in their 60's and 70's have

Trump, Donald J 2025

Russian language question

Georgia high court strikes down part of DUI law

Harris Supports Renaming Columbus Day

The Picture Stone Posted of Judge Jackson Originally Came From A Russian Propaganda Site.

My hometown Democratic women protest

16 states sue Trump over his border wall national emergency

Breaking News, HAHAHA!!

Alabama newspaper editor calls for Klan return to 'clean out D.C.'

Lady and the Tramp

On Chris Hayes' Thing 2

Roger Stones should be in jail, YESTERDAY!

How Republican men take their fitness steps:

Turn in Venezuela Crisis Hinges on Aid Showdown at Border

Which Republican US Senator loses re-election in 2020 by a wider margin? McSally-AZ or Gardner-CO?

Raid Roger Stone's house again.

5 Most Eye-Opening Insights From McCabe's CBS Interview

A formal apology from a scared Roger Stone filed in court this evening

Kornacki had a great program tonight.

Why allegations of a 'coup' against Trump are unfounded

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! National Emergency!

Smaller tax refunds put GOP on defensive

I'm afraid this young woman is a perfect illustration of what we're up against

Trump's border wall faces Texas-size backlash from landowners

A friend of mine is pissed!

Congress closer to forcing Trump's hand on Saudi support

There it is. On Page 30 of lawsuit against Trump's emergency declaration is Trump's line from Friday

TOMORROW FEB 19 - Senator @BernieSanders will join @JDickerson for a revealing interview.

TOMORROW: Senator @BernieSanders will join @JDickerson for a revealing interview.

Spanish Warship Ordered Ships to Leave British Waters Near Gibraltar

Rick Wilson predicts GOP officials will 'double and triple down' on Trump trusting Putin

Hillary Clinton: The real national emergencies...

EPA plans to scale back federal protection of waterways

Amazon's plastic mailers are gumming up recycling operations

@JillWineBanks 🗽 This should become the most popular hashtag ever. #WhyAllTheLies.

Can Commander in Chief be tried Military Court?

Breaking news: Donald Trump declares national emergency because (fill in the blank).

Nicolle Wallace's advice to Republicans: 'This is your moment to get off of the Titanic, folks'

WMUR: Bernie Sanders Presidential Announcement Coming Tuesday

2006 US Senate Election vs 2020 US Senate Election.

WMUR: Bernie Sanders Presidential Announcement Coming Tuesday

Watch a Satellite Fire a Harpoon in Space in Wild Debris-Catching Test (Video)

To contact the Alabama paper calling for the KKK to return:

Was in Praire di Chien on Saturday, and I swear I saw a license plate that said KUKLXKLAN!

Tweet of the Day

Oh Man.... Stone is Fucked.. I mean Fucked,!,


Patrick Caddell, Self-Taught Pollster Who Helped Carter to White House, Dies at 68

Sheriff: 3 kids, 1 adult shot dead in northern Kent Co.

Rep. Maxine Waters Coming Up On MSNBC Rachel Maddow

'What's The Point Of Congress?': Katy Tur Rips GOP For Turning Blind Eye To Trump's Power Grab

CNN reporting Rosenstein will leave DOJ in mid March

I Have a Question About Jim "Jacketless" Jordan. House Dress Code?

School system's debated new logo back to the drawing board. Does it resemble female genitalia?

BLM to rip, tear, and burn huge area of public lands in southwest Idaho

Happy Presidents Day, You Say? Nah, I Believe Putin...Owns the Current Guy. (Ferret/Shower Cap)

The paranoia is being started in canada. I was on a facebook thread

Baby Reveal Cholcoate causes outrage in NZ

THIS from Paul Krugman

David Lapan former DHS spokesman

Kamala Harris NH Town Hall Overflow in the Snow


Watching the Amy K town hall on CNN. Smart, impressive, and..

Horse Racing Bill Filed as Constitutional Amendment, "Rural Georgia Jobs and Growth Act"

Israeli leaders' Nazi comments derail European summit

Got my ticket

Breaking news: What Jeremy Bash told Nicole Wallace this afternoon!

McCabe on Lawrence show tomorrow.

Trump tweet just now: McCabe didn't go to the bathroom without approval of Leakin' James Comey

Happy pResident's Day, Spanky!

Ron Johnson, genius, says Republicans didn't control Congress in 2017 and 2018

Man with banner scales crane before Trump speech in Florida

Trump's national emergency declaration unpopular among majority of Americans

Grand Canyon tourists exposed for years to radiation in museum building, safety manager says

How much does this cost the taxpayers? Trump family trip to Caribbean Island...Saint Lucia

House bill just first step in shoring up Teachers Retirement System

Fireworks fill first day of NC9 investigation hearing, Dowless declines taking the stand

Sanders Will Announce White House Bid Tomorrow

McCabe has 6 media appearances tomorrow, this week is on 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

As Presidents' Day comes to a close, Lincoln's 2nd Inaugural

The Daily Show: Trump Admits There's No Emergency While Declaring a National Emergency

Georgia Power faces class-action suit accusing it of inflating fees

Nicaraguan farmer who protested Ortega gets 216-year prison sentence

The Daily Show: Conservatives Slam Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Green New Deal

Chinese traders halt Australian coal orders as customs delays pile up - sources

Seth Meyers - Trump Undercuts His National Emergency Declaration: A Closer Look

Venezuela stages own concerts in response to Branson's Live Aid show

2020 CO US Senate Election- Jena Griswold-D and Crisanta Duran-D.

Video of officer punching teen prompts AG investigation

Minimum teacher pay going up by $1,000

Circulation of Lindon Ala Newspaper 3000.- Total town population - 2000

Politically Awkward?

Colombia confronted with two massacres in one weekend

Scientist who popularized term "global warming" dies at 87

More than half of Colombia's media reliant on state propaganda funds

Report: Honda to shut UK plant, imperiling 3,500 jobs

More than half of Colombia's media reliant on state propaganda funds

Southern Baptist president calls for action on sexual abuse

Bolsonaro Tries To Whitewash Political Scandal And Military Influence Grows

Death Of Young Black Man At Grocery Store Sparks Protests In Six Brazilian Cities

Trump EPA OKs 'Emergency' to Dump Bee-Killing Pesticide on 16 Million Acres

I've fixed the title of Andrew McCabe's new book.

Texas AG's wife proposes new law that protects people like her husband

Traditional Samba School Will Pay Tribute To Rio Slain Councilwoman

Trump considers Ivanka for UN ambassador after he said he wouldn't

A $300 billion business tax break meant to raise wages is instead helping companies replace workers

Lindsey Graham Calls For Investigation Of 'Attempted Bureaucratic Coup' Against Trump

Immigrant in Border Patrol custody dies in McAllen

Mexico to close infamous island penal colony, region's last

Mexico to close infamous island penal colony, region's last

Looks like the teachers are all going on strike again tomorrow in WV all

Trump pleads with Venezuela's military to back Guaido

Trump pleads with Venezuela's military to back Guaido

EU warns of reduced imports if Trump puts tariffs on cars

Scott Pelley on his "astonishing" interview with Andrew McCabe

$1.8 billion Steel Dynamics mill may come to San Patricio County in South Texas

New Mexico weighs requirement for no-cost contraceptives

Taekwondo adopted as part of regular school curriculum in Honduras

Sonora: Journalist killed another injured in Hermosillo -3rd in Mexico in 2019

2020 US Senate Election- Republican held seats likely to go Democratic are CO,AZ,NC,and ME.

Brazil president sacks close aide amid political scandal

ACLU files lawsuit for two women, one an El Paso native, detained by Montana CBP agent

Dozens at FIU protest Trump administration's Venezuela involvement

Inhabiting Planet Earth: Titicaca

Two hundred thousand protest in Barcelona against show trial of Catalan separatists

Elections have consequences. Michigan is now one of the 16 states suing Dump.

Bill would allow new higher-ed tuition rates for dreamers

Young Black Man profiled, cuffed, searched, and harassed with K-9 search.

World View, beneficiary of $15 million in Arizona taxpayer funds, lays off workers

If Russia were to hit the U.S. with a nuclear first strike, would Trump respond?

University of Arizona prof sues state over denial of health-care coverage to transgender employees


$10M Claim Blames Ducey, State for Uber Self-Driving Crash That Killed Woman

Misogynist trolls attack Captain Marvel movie ahead of premier.

Arizona has $1 billion surplus, but likely won't be restoring benefits for poor families

Archaeologists discover Incan tomb in Peru

Exclusive: China ride-hailing giant Didi plans Chile, Peru launches to take on Uber

10 reasons U.S. must hold Peru to trade deal and protect Amazon (commentary)

I did it, I got Juju to become a Monster Hunter!

Angry bird! Man is left clutching his head after he is dive-bombed by a blackbird in the street

Vivaldi: "Concerto No.10 for 4 Violins & Cello", Cafe Zimmermann/Giuliani: "Variation on a Theme by

Democrat Eva Putzova mounting primary challenge to Rep. Tom O'Halleran

Latam Eco Review: Twilight for Darwin's foxes, nightlife for jaguarundis

Rarely-seen fish caught in popular Peru tourist resort sparks earthquake fears

Judge to rule Tuesday in Chicago Obama Library lawsuit

Inmates save baby from locked SUV using theft skills

Sea Slug Steals Photosynthesis Genes From Algae

Rarely-seen fish caught in popular Peru tourist resort sparks earthquake fears

Congress members want federal investigation into students' missing money at Argosy University

Late-Night Hosts Question Emergency

Salt Lake City police locate man who 'messed with the wrong queers' when he punched a gay man in a

Amazon Strikes a Blow in the Logistics Industry Jeremy Bowman

If you haven't read Seth Abramson's thread on NY rogue FBI "resistance" -- better do so.

Now there's a $50 million plan to save Utah's famous Bonneville Salt Flats, but will it work?

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 2/18/19

Has the president EVER elaborated on this statement he made back in 2011?

Stephen Colbert - Guest Jake Tapper: Republicans Don't Want To Vote On A Wall

Key witness testifies to tampering with absentee ballots in N.C, House race

The Daily Show: Trump Admits There's No Emergency While Declaring a National Emergency

The Daily Show: Conservatives Slam Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Green New Deal

TV Alert: McCabe on the VIEW today...

Gatherings against Anti-Semitism to take place in France

Sepsis: New rapid test 'could save thousands of lives'

(Jewish Group) Norwegian Paper Apologizes for Evoking Nazi Occupation by Using Phrase 'the Jewish ?'

(Jewish Group) French far-right weekly barred from Twitter over anti-Semitism

(Jewish Group) Gilets jaunes: How much anti-Semitism is beneath the yellow vests?

States Introduce Bills to Ban Marriage Equality to Get It Back in Front of SCOTUS

UW study: Exposure to chemical in Roundup increases risk for cancer

Lisa Borders steps down as head of Time's Up organization

Trump Confidant Says Dan Coats Could Be Fired

For sake of pupils' pupils, China to ban homework on apps

Knight Foundation doubling spending to boost local news

W.E.B. Griffin, prolific military novelist, dead at age 89

Trump supporters lose it after the Daily Mail posts malicious article about Obama's daughter....

Why Is CNN Paying John Kasich to Seemingly Trial-Balloon a 2020 Run?

'Free pass for mobs': India urged to stem vigilante violence against minorities

If we have any pictures of Judge Berman Jackson, please refuse to post them. Her life

Be The Woman Whacking The Nazi With A Handbag

Vatican's Secret Rules for Catholic Priests Who Have Children

Bernie Sanders Enters 2020 Presidential Campaign, No Longer An Underdog

UPDATE: Sen. Bernie Sanders will seek the Democratic presidential nomination in 2020

Bernie Sanders Enters 2020 Presidential Campaign, No Longer An Underdog

Senator @BernieSanders tells @CBSNews in an exclusive interview that he will run for president.

Senator @BernieSanders tells @CBSNews in an exclusive interview that he will run for president.

Raffle Prize Offers Killing Animals With Donald Trump Jr.

Emails reveal coordination between Chao, McConnell offices

Germany's ban on arms exports to Saudi Arabia after Khashoggi's killing is having a bigger impact th

Germany's ban on arms exports to Saudi Arabia after Khashoggi's killing is having a bigger impact th

I am a member of the Democratic Party... Are you??

I am so ready for a woman president.

Fashion designer Lagerfeld dead at 85

Baby gripe water sold at Dollar General recalled due to choking hazard

David Horowitz Dead at 81

Sen. Sanders: I'm running for president. ...

''I'm running for president. I am asking you to join me today ...''

It wasn't pitch-black when I awoke this morning

Klobuchar Runs to the Center

Senator Sanders: I'm running for president.

Knight Foundation doubling spending to boost local news

Overflow Crowd for Elizabeth Warren in California

CNN Town Hall With Sen. Amy Klobuchar FULL

I owe how much? Americans shocked by impact of new tax law

Emails reveal coordination between Chao, McConnell offices

I will never vote for a Presidential candidate that doesn't show their tax returns.

Sen. Sanders - Presidential Campaign Announcement - Full Video

'Are you with us?': Bloomberg calls in his chits

I refuse to honor George Washington, and other 'founders' who enslaved and sold human beings

Sen. Sanders - Presidential Campaign Announcement - Full Video

diffusers for calming dogs

Alex Jones Launches Full Scale War On Joe Rogan

Senator Sanders: Presidential Campaign Announcement

Offshore oil & gas drilling -- who owns the resource?

Jewish graves desecrated near Strasbourg in eastern France

Vatican admits to secret rules for children of priests

Tuesday TOONs - Demotivational Poster-dent Edition

I'm in the kitchen and just heard on CNN that Merkel is...

Anti-Semitic Attacks Fuel Continuing Rise in Hate Crimes in New York

Climate Scientist Wally Broecker Dies At 87; 1st To Recognize Deep Ocean Conveyer, Among Other Work

CBS This Morning: Bernie Sanders announces 2020 run: "We're going to win"

Man Who Died in Democratic Donor Ed Buck's Home Called Him 'The Devil'

CBS This Morning: Bernie Sanders announces 2020 run: "We're going to win" UPDATED

Sanders campaign takes aim at doubters who say he's too extreme to win

MIT: Warming Making Storms Stronger, Slowing Air Movement In Mid-Latitudes

Autotuned the cat because he won't shut up in the mornings. I don't know how this helps but...

The Benefits of a Bernie Candidacy

Ah! Are McConnell and his wife under an ethics investigation?

The Midnight - Los Angeles

Where El Chapo Could End Up: A Prison 'Not Designed for Humanity'

Man Gets 12 Years in Prison for Starting California Wildfire Stop Massachusetts SD1840: A Clear and Present Threat to Energy Work

Did Sanders say he's going to run for the democratic nomination as a democrat? thx in advance

Nancy Pelosi to Europe: Trump is not the boss

16 CITIES are suing?

Any good orchardist will tell you that one of the chores esssential to producing a

More McCabe - Gang of 8 informed of FBI Investigation into Trump

The Rundown: February 18, 2019

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 02/13/19

Bernie Sanders announces 2020 run: EXTENDED INTERVIEW 29 Minutes

Windows 7 users: You need SHA-2 support or no Windows updates after July 2019

Zombie Harold Stassen* tosses hat into Presidential contest

"Room". Very powerful movie with great acting.

Cory Booker campaign announcement video:

Brexit begins to decimate British economy

Rod Rosenstein will be leaving the Justice Department next month

Trump the pundit handicaps 2020 Democratic contenders

Two Challenges for Bernie Sanders

Intel Chief Coats should run against drumpf. That would be hilarious but possible.

GOP Grabs 'Socialism' as 2020 Lifeline

Kamala Harris Tells Fox News 'I Am Not a Democratic Socialist' When Asked About Bernie Sanders

Does this mean we get to see Sanders's tax returns?

Black History: Day 19 - Sarah Rector, "Richest Colored Girl in the world"

Schultz Pledges Not to be a Spoiler

Jacobin: Bernie Is Running, Thank God

My opinion of Bernie Sanders today is the same as it was in 2016

'Gang of Eight' Did Not Object to Trump Probe

YouTube to blame for rise in Flat Earth conspiracy theorists: study

How do you move from for profit to single payer/Medicare for all?

I owe how much? Americans shocked by impact of new tax law

Crowley, Shuster moving to K Street

Should Democrats pass a "resolution of disapproval" against Trump's "national emergency"?

Walmart flexes in the fourth quarter, beats all expectations

Trump says 'Radical Left' politicians are suing to stop his emergency declaration

Andrew Yang DESTROYS Fat Cat Fox News Host

The Real National Emergency is Donald Trump

Maryland town hopes new Civil War memorial featuring John Wilkes Booth will bring tourism riches

Study: Polar Vortex may have killed 95 percent of stink bugs. Some are in Whitehouse hiding.

Jazz hands!

***The Official "I voted for Bernie in the 2016 Primary, but won't do it again this time" Thread

'Random' Photo of Judge That Was Posted on Stone's Instagram Can Easily Be Found on Pro-Russian Site

Look, Mom. No legs!

Nature's great hunter, stalking his prey with efficiency and precision:

Bernie Sanders Mocks Media's Obsession With 'Billionaire' Howard Schultz: 'Oh Isn't That Nice'

Trump supporters lose it after Daily Mail posts malicious article about Obama's daughter drinking

Would this headline really surprise anyone if it happened?

Don't cry, little human.

McCabe Filing Civil Lawsuit Against Justice Department: I Was Fired Because of Trump Investigation

Lifestyles of the rich and feline:

Amy Klobuchar Rebuts Reports of Mistreating Staff: 'Have I Pushed People Too Hard? Yes, But...'

The danger of labels - and why I liked Klobuchar's message last night

What? It's called 'executive time'.

Help please. Who is in McCabe's gang of 8?

'A new day is coming to Latin America': Donald Trump warns Venezuelan military leaders

Anyone else stuck using a CPAP/BIPAP?

Alabama senator demands resignation of newspaper editor who called for return of KKK

Hey Mr. Stable Genius: 16 States NOT 16 Cities Filed Suit Against Your Fake Emergency!

N. Carolina elections board weighs re-doing marred election

The Hill (April 2016) - Sanders will be Democrat for life, campaign says

The presence of such a divisive figure on our Democratic stage will only harm us.

"Border Lies" by Randy Rainbow

More websites blocked in Venezuela. Bing. Google. YouTube

What if Trump was born to a family without money?

The Metaphor

Bernie Sanders is running for president again. This time, he's a frontrunner.

IIRC when Commonwealth citizens began moving to England there was White Supremacy pushback

TPM. Marshall. Shameful. "Downside of Local Journalism"

We Won't Get Fooled Again

New Bertrand/McCabe interview: Trump runs his org like the mob, and Mueller is targeting him

This is how we stole memes back in my day

Bernie Sanders Announces that he is a Candidate for 2020 Democratic Presidential Nomination

Poughkeepsie HS Under Lock Down Tuesday(updated) all clear


National Emergency, 1942:

Political Wire Straw Poll Results

Alabama Newspaper Publisher Calls On KKK To Get The Ropes And 'Clean Up D.C.'

An interesting comparison. Does it make sense?

McCabe - Re Nunes' presence at the Gang of 8 briefing on the Russia investigation

Leadership: In Turblent Times

Kamala's Eggs & Politics

Already, the Democratic Primary Field of Candidates Is Crowded

Oh look he's referring to himself as "your favorite president" again.

Judge Amy Berman Jackson is not happy with Stone this morning.

What would the Retrumplicans do if Angus King wanted to run as a Retrumplican in their primary?

I needed this song - No More Fucks to Give - enjoy!

A little humor on Roger Stone's "Notice of Apology"

McCabe - full interview with Natasha Bertrand

Someone from Cambridge Analytica just flipped on Trump:

The chairman of the far-right Proud Boys sat behind Trump at his latest speech

Even after Roger Stone's court filed "apology", he still openly lashed out at his judge as "corrupt"

Thought experiment

Watch live: North Carolina holding hearing on election fraud in 9th Congressional District (day 2)

So, I'm watching the great documentary on Jimmy Breslin and Pete Hamil, and I was awestruck by...

Amy Berman Jackson Orders Roger Stone to Show Cause Hearing on Thursday

Clarence Thomas declares war on New York Times v. Sullivan.

Alabama Newspaper Publisher Calls On KKK To Get The Ropes And 'Clean Up D.C.'

Andrew McCabe Couldn't Believe the Things Trump Said About Putin

Petro-Canada to add more than 50 fast charging EV stations from coast to coast

President Trump to sign directive approving scaled-back Space Force

AG Barr's SIL is now a legal advisor to trump!

Barney Frank: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Green New Deal 'would be a loser' for Democrats...

Profiles in Crazy, L. . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

Supreme Court refuses to hear defamation lawsuit against Bill Cosby by one of his accusers

House Opens Inquiry into Proposed U.S. Nuclear Venture in Saudi Arabia

Broad disapproval of Trump's national emergency mirrors a critical 2020 problem for Trump

Walls are better than schools............

Stone has to appear before judge he threatened, and meet his fate!

A friendly reminder for Sanders supporters:

"Calling all STONES"!

Justice Thomas calls for reexamining landmark libel decision in case involving Cosby accuser

For how long is a 2020 POTUS candidate allowed to stall release of their tax records before the DNC

Flynn-backed plan to transfer nuclear tech to Saudis may have broken laws, say whistleblowers

Didnt bernie vote against russian sanctions

The Nazi Officer's wife

Roger Stone summoned to explain Instagram post about judge

There is no "infanticide debate", correct?

White House Plan To Stop HIV Faces A Tough Road In Oklahoma

The letter that made thousands cry

'Ivory Queen' Yang Fenglan jailed in Tanzania

caught an ad for the new (female) Captain Marvel. LOVE the release day -March 8,

Pulwama attack: Pakistan warns India against military action

Supreme Court won't allow 'Downton Abbey' ex-congressman to challenge his fraud indictment

Dan Coats may be gone soon...He didn't kiss trump's ass sufficiently and told the truth.

Top Trump appointees promoted selling nuclear power plants to Saudi Arabia over objections from nati

Trump wants to fire Coats because he would not lie to Congress for him.

Harris on election security: 'Russia can't hack a piece of paper'

Will we have the same duck and dodge from Sanders on his tax returns?

Roger Stone's Posting of the Judge's Photo with Crosshairs Demonstrates the Hubris

'Air Cocaine' drug-trafficking trial starts in France

The official "I didn't vote for Bernie last time, but I will now" Thread

Bernie Sanders' birth was closer to Lincoln's assassination than the present day.

Italy Senate blocks investigation into Salvini for holding migrants on ship

The difference a year can make

Supreme Court won't head off former Rep. Schock's trial

***The Official "I voted for Jill Stein in the 2016 Primary, but won't do it again this time"

Pink Floyd's Waters slams Venezuela border aid concert

Diagram of Kushner fishy business ties

Republican backlash against Trump EPA pick fueled by 'biofuel reset'

German government unlikely to make quick decision on Huawei: source

Trump made sure he fired Comey before his meeting with Sergey Lavrov and Sergey Kislyak

"Executive Time" Sandy and Richard Riccardi

This Brett Kavanaugh Valentine's Day Card Is So Wrong But So Funny

Have you ever been fired from a job?

CNN to host Bernie Sanders at 2020 town hall

The number of companies quitting Britain or slashing jobs can't be attributed to bad luck any more.

BAE Systems wins funding from U.S. Army to start production of new armored vehicles

Flynn-backed plan to transfer nuclear tech to Saudis may have broken laws, say whistleblowers

Brothers questioned in Jussie Smollett attack no longer suspects, police say

'The pope ignored them': Alleged abuse of deaf children on two continents points to Vatican failings

USA Gymnastics hires ex-NBA executive to help lead it past sex scandal

Pic Of The Moment: Americans Say Meh To National Emergency

Sri Lanka Seeks Executioner With 'Excellent Moral Character'

Oh boy. Judge Amy Berman Jackson doesn't seem happy with Roger Stone.

McCabe: Then Devin Nunes walked in, and the chance was less than zero

Sorry if this was already posted.... but it's hilarious

Meredith Wilson: I'm willing to testify in public. Justin Fairfax should, too.

whatever they were doing before Trump helped create Trump

I see Amy Klobuchar as having a decent shot at the VP nomination.

U.S. top court takes case that could limit water pollution law

Can somebody explain the rationale for Amy Klobuchar?

Dems to Probe Flynn-backed effort to sell Nuclear power to Saudi Arabia

The public sees through Trump's national emergency lies. A new poll confirms it.

RBG was back on the bench today

She's back!

Machado to the Padres.

Palestinians' lawsuit in U.S. vs. Adelson, others is revived

Song dedicated to RBG: "Back in Black"

My 1st try at a political cartoon...

U.S. top court rejects bid to block Indivior opioid drug copycat

Rival Sons - Do Your Worst

"Alcoholics Anonymous" group and Facebook

U.S. Supreme Court rules for Texas death row inmate for second time

The KKK is still here, active, and ready for more lynchings

Weezer - Take on Me (good cover!)

Joe Biden Might Well Be the Anti-Trump.

Remember When the United States Controlled Puppet Governments?

Aaron Rupar: this is CNN's new political editor (thread)

Dog shoots man-Court rules against man

Beto O'Rourke - Barefoot Boy with Cheek

Andrea Mitchell had someone on her show.

Shoutout to Senior Official 1:

Trump denied a trans woman asylum & deported her. She was killed when she returned.

Manny Machado lands with the Padres on a 10-year, $300-million deal

Why is Roger Stone being handled ,,,,,,with Kidd Gloves,,,,,?????

This sounds about right to me...

McCabe on AC 360 tonight at 8:00 ET

Backlash at home and abroad

DO NOT GET between a Honey Badger and its kit

A history of cheese - Why not?

Newly-weds join One Billion Rising

hmmmm, more popcorn anyone?

Wake DA: No immunity deals for 9th District hearings

Newly-weds join One Billion Rising

CNN Town Hall with Bernie - Monday Feb 25 at 8 PM

Why we love Scotland!

Cab Calloway and the Nicholas Brothers - Something to perk you up

One Billion Rising for Justice in Stuart calls for end to violence against women and girls

N.C. election workers admit counting ballots before polls even closed

Supreme Court won't allow 'Downton Abbey' ex-congressman (r) to challenge his fraud indictment

One Billion Rising for Justice in Stuart calls for end to violence against women and girls

Marjorie Orr On Bernie Sanders

**NYT- OBSTRUCTION-Trump wanted his crony put in charge of Michael Cohen case despite his recusal**

Intimidation, Pressure and Humiliation: Inside Trump's Two-Year War on the Investigations Encircling

How to give your dog drugs

News is breaking about Individual-1 and his cronies at warp speed!

Seth Abramson wants us to emphasize this: Gang of Eight had no objection to investigation of Trump

NYT today: Trump raised with Whitaker the idea of getting US Atty NY to unrecuse

Trumps followers mirror him....

Bernie Sanders campaign confirms they raised $1 million in the first 3.5 hours since announcement

Bernie Sanders Bests Kamala Harris' First-Day Donor Total in Four Hours

Intimidation, Pressure and Humiliation

Former Colorado Football Player T.J. Cunningham Fatally Shot

Newspaper publisher Goodloe Sutton stripped of journalism honors

Intimidation, Pressure and Humiliation: Inside Trump's Two-Year War on the Investigations Encircling

When it's all just too much

Breaking: Trump asked Whitaker to get US Attorney to "unrecuse" himself in Cohen case.

Native American tribe fears border wall will destroy historic cemetery

How Realistic Are China's Plans to Build a Research Station on the Moon?

The antithesis of news...newsmax

Fracking in Colombia given go-ahead despite risks and broken election promises

Oh boy. Judge Amy Berman Jackson doesn't seem happy with Roger Stone....

Winter storm to unleash burst of heavy snow for Wednesday morning commute, then an icy mix and rain

The Official "I'll wait to see who gets into the primary then vote for whoever best aligns with...

One Billion Rising 2019 #OneBillionRising

One Billion Rising 2019 #OneBillionRising

A more serious article about baseball

I just looked up the words liar, illegal and grifter to what the meaning of words where?

Raffle prize offers killing animals with Donald Trump Jr.

Clarence Thomas writes SCOTUS-opinion that would wipe out freedom of the press.

The History of Bacon

Five Best Friends Elected to Colorado's State Senate NBC Nightly News

A History of Bacon, Why not?

Grand Canyon visitors may have been exposed to radioactive material for two decades

Off we go, into the wild-blue blunder.

It's starting. Told my granddaughter I couldn't loan her $20 for the movies

Anyone can run

Bernie Sanders in Iowa and New Hampshire

Looks like everyone's going with the favorite son for the moment...

Bernie Sanders running means a less "progressive" or more establishment candidate will win

Farrakhan Tells Ilhan Omar to Not Apologize for AIPAC Comments, Blames 'Wicked Jews'

I feel like doing a full societal blackout.

McCabe will be on the last word tonight at 10:00 PM!

Supreme Court ruling means more information on mystery Mueller grand jury case may become public

Betsy DeVos vs. Student Veterans.

Ex-Sessions spokeswoman to join CNN as political editor

Justice Clarence Thomas calls for reconsideration of landmark libel case

103-year-old woman sworn in as junior ranger at Grand Canyon

When all of 45's corrupt, treasonous moves are eventually revealed, including his concealment

State Sen. Angela Paxton, R-McKinney and Ken Paxton. Lock them both up

VPR Audio Link: ''I wanted to let the people of the state of Vermont know about this first,"

'He just picks up': Trump and the lawmakers he loves to talk to on the phone

Howard Schultz digs in, says 'radical left' Democrat can't beat Trump

#VT Rep. @PeterWelch endorses @SenSanders for president.

sanders on women's reproductive rights (negotiable)

@SenatorLeahy is also endorsing @BernieSanders.

Bernie Sanders enters 2020 presidential race: 'Complete the revolution'

sanders on women's reproductive rights (negotiable)

North Carolina Officials Counted Votes Before Polls Closed

A Bernie Sanders thread.

Former Trump Administration Official To Lead 2020 Coverage For CNN

"I would vote for a cactus over Trump."-Anna Navarro

Next time a Trumpian says we need the wall and talks about keeping drugs out print and show this

Illinois Gov. signs bill raising minimum wage to $15

Funding bill leaves out Violence Against Women Act extension

Inside Trump's War on the Investigations Encircling Him

Funding bill leaves out Violence Against Women Act extension

Gov. J.B. Pritzker signs law raising Illinois' minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2025

Jan and Dean Live - Little Old Lady from Pasadena

Milbank: Speaking of the 25th, did you watch Friday's speech?

Little Deuce Coupe The Beach Boys Stereo HiQ Hybrid JARichardsFilm

Trump administration launches global effort to end criminalization of homosexuality

Trump says nuke testing under the last year of Obama was terrible. The last nuke test was....

Republicans Move to End Death Penalty

Barbara Ann- Jan & Dean with the Beach Boys

Bernie Sanders aiming to take on both President Trump and the Democratic establishment

'I'm Back, Finches'

Trump Admits There's No Emergency While Declaring a National Emergency The Daily Show

He would have turned 95 today: Lee Marvin

Trump's 'National Emergency' Has Already Become a Legal Nightmare

Seattleites spent almost 6 days stuck in traffic last year

Trump likes Bernie: "I like Bernie . . I wish Bernie well"

Ballard's National Nordic Museum? Designation part of federal lands bill

First daughters' club: Chelsea and Jenna rush to Malia's rescue - while Ivanka stays silent

The trump Presidency and the role the GOP is and has played is an object lesson on how to create

Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden should do the Democrats a favor and drop out (opinion piece)

Dems launch investigation into Trump administration's dealings with Saudi Arabia

Flynn Wanted to Transfer Nuclear Tech to Saudi Arabia

Isis Briton Shamima Begum faces move to revoke citizenship

So much disturbing stuff from this admin...

Proof Trump is incompetent: He declared a national emergency when there is no emergency!!


Yeah, I'm past my motorcycle riding and driving years.

What some people won't do for an emotional support animal...

Pulitzer Prize-Winning Reporter David Fahrenthold to Speak at Winthrop on Feb. 19

Pulitzer Prize-Winning Reporter David Fahrenthold to Speak at Winthrop on Feb. 19

White House Spokeswoman Lindsay Walters Leaving for Edelman Firm


Mafia President....

FOR RENT: Roger Stone's FBI-raided Florida home

Andrew McCabe: We Told Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan About the FBI Counterintelligence Investigation

Muller's song for trump, a Stinger

White customer at Mexican restaurant swears at Spanish-speaking manager

FBI had backup plan to save Russia probe evidence

Why is Bernie Sanders running for the Democratic nomination since he's not a Democrat?

I hadn't planned to post yet another photo so soon after the last ones...

And this anti American idea has at least 2 more votes on our Supremacy court...

Nunes is a Russian asset...

Alabama mother begs to return to US, says moving to Syria

Donald Trump has a cash problem

Trump disputes report about call with Whitaker over probe into hush money payments

Trump in 'no rush' to denuclearize North Korea

Trump reportedly wanted top federal prosecutor in charge of probing Stormy Daniels hush money...

Born on this date

Born on this date

My favorite board game

Happy 20th birthday to Office Space

Notes on the Winter DNC meeting

His Presidents' Day tweets showed why Trump is unfit to be president - By Max Boot

Americans need to STOP being "thankful" that they have a job

JUST ANNOUNCED: "Rule of Law in America." @GeorgetownLaw on March 8.

Kushner & the power plant manufacturer involved in the proposed project in Saudi Arabia

Don Newcombe, one of the greatest pitchers in Dodger history, passes away at age 92

Not laudatory? Fake!

What's for Dinner, Tues., Feb. 19, 2019

Note to WH Press Pool: Every follow up question to a Trump denial must be: "Are you lying to me now

Does the Machado deal mean now that the Padres *aren't* the most boring team in baseball history...?

Bernie Taps Faiz Shakir, Natl Pol Dir of ACLU, & former aide to both Reid and Pelosi as Campaign Mgr

Baby Wild Horse Comes WAY Out Of Her Shell

I'm not getting the big NYT bombshell..Trump has been doing this in plain sight for over 2 years

$9000 year for health insurance with $8000 deductible !!


🐦@SenSanders will be on @TheYoungTurks tonight at 6pm ET

The Vile MAGAcretin is going down

Bernie Taps Faiz Shakir, Natl Pol Dir of ACLU, & former aide to both Reid and Pelosi as Campaign Mgr

Life with boyfriend vs. life with dog:

Support No More Deaths

Anyone try one of those rotating compost drums?

Why isn't Stone in jail?

In blow to Obama Presidential Center backers, judge allows lawsuit challenging Jackson Park location

Cats who make things more difficult than they need to be (Episode 482):

N. Carolina Election Fraud Story Continues...Just now

Trump Has Publicly Attacked the Russia Investigation More Than 1,100 Times

A Day to Remember in Infamy...77 years, February 19th...Executive Order 9066

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Is Our Town still taught in US high schools?

I would just love to hear one of our women candidates start

Don Newcombe, pitching star who later led programs to treat substance abuse, dies at 92

This is why you need a wire when talking with Shitler.

Randy Rainbow - Border Lies

Something to gag on - Raffle to hunt with Trump Jr.

Good boys get special cupcakes, just because

I must say

Trump Has Publicly Attacked the Russia Investigation More Than 1,100 Times

Napolitano on Explosive Report of Trump-Whitaker Call: Would Clearly Be 'An Attempt to Obstruct...

NYT: Trump Has Publicly Attacked the Russia Investigation More Than 1,100 Times

A picture to make you weep OR go purple with anger OR both

Jussie Smollett and the No Good, Very Bad Tale

Flight reaches 801 mph as a furious jet stream packs record-breaking speeds

Proud Boys Chairman Sat Behind Trump At A Speech Monday

Rep Joe Crowley (NY 14th now represented by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) and Shuster head to K Street

Democrats drop lawsuit against former acting attorney general

Star Parker spoke some yrs ago at conservative Christian college social work class

Speaking Truth to Stupid in the age of the don.

Little Boy Gets The Best Surprise After Beloved Dog Passes Away

Bernie Sanders' first campaign video

Protest against anti-Semitism in France, after more graves vandalized in cemetery

The U.S. Just Got a New National Park

Chinese 'Queen of Ivory' jailed for 15 years in Tanzania

The Freedom Caucus....pre Mueller...

Who is this Aguilar douchenozzle on MSNBC?

Emerdata...Cambridge Analytica...same thing

Democrats accuse Education Department of interfering in probe of DeVos

That Proposed U.S. Nuclear "Venture "in Saudi Arabia is treason, you know.

Good for Joel Benenson on MSNBC

And now for the weather on Mars, courtesy of new NASA lander

When yo insurance won't cover the ambulance ride...

Alec Baldwin: Getting the Trump makeup off isn't that bad...

Bernie Sanders pushed the Democrats to the left. But now it's time for someone else to take the lead

Got a new aerial camera

💣 CNN Panel erupts over report that Trump tried to interfere...

BUSTED: Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross caught lying about selling bank stocks he held onto

Leo Kottke -- "Eggtooth" and "Airproofing 2" (sub-heading: if God could play a 12 string guitar)

60% of Americans Want Trump Sued For 'National Emergency'

Maduro orders maritime border closed between ABC islands, Venezuela

New: Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross violated his ethics agreement

And the dead in Kent, Michigan

space force uniform ideas?

Jeff Koterba's latest cartoon: Bernie, then and now

Primary Calendar Shifts Influence to Voters of Color

NY court: Public allowed to see police body camera footage

A Wisconsin School District Shrugged After High School Coaches Body-Shamed Cheerleaders

A question for BritBox subscribers,

Now Wilbur Ross is in trouble:

Flooding State Capitol, WV Teachers Save Public Schools from Privatization, Charters

Even Fox News Is Now Saying That Trump Is Committing Crimes

Lawmakers seek probe of ICE force-feeding of immigrants

Labour MP apologises for suggesting Israel funds Independent Group

Ex-detective faces charges in sexual assault of witnesses

Students can skip Pledge of Allegiance, school district says

APNewsBreak: Feds share watchlist with 1,400 private groups

Snow storm here 6-9 inches of snow on the way

How former ref Tim Donaghy conspired to fix NBA games

Is Roger Stone in JAIL today after threatening a judge?

Lawmakers tour Florida migrant teen camp, want policy shift

Corey Lewandowski again????

I'm burned out

When's the last time you cuddled an elephant?

Teen builds working nuclear fusion reactor in Memphis home

Pence couldn't believe... Flynn got caught.

Baltimore sues chemical company Monsanto over PCB pollution

What do you make of this?

Matt Schlapp needs to be slapped

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas calls for re-examining landmark libel case

Pulling a 10 hour shift today, and stepping away from the Internet and cable news, was a blessing

Nick Sandmann (Covington student) is suing WaPo for $250 million dollars

Luckovich-trump finally has a dog chasing him

Dog reunited with family 101 days after California wildfire

AZ Bill to require DNA swabs of anyone who has to be fingerprinted by the state

Ari Melber sucks