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Best defense against MSM playing both ways? Boycott...

The Clash, The Rolling Stones or The Who? I know I know

Devin Nunes Alum Scott Glabe Joins Trump White House

I have been doing a lot of thinking.

Bernie Sanders Is the Democratic Front-Runner

We are learning a lot about our wealth class.


Trump administration to cancel $929 million in California high-speed rail funding

CNN hires GOP operative with no journalism experience to run its 2020 coverage

I wonder, has the gas-lighting and constant MSM normalization of rump and friends

LOL!!!! Trump FINALLY got a dog :)

Any recs for good British mystery series?

Fighting Together - from a year ago but great example of teamwork!

'If I was raped, I would move': Speaker Glen Casada doubles down on support of Rep. David Byrd

Anyone know where the states OR Democratic Party is officially on TAX RETURNS ?

Update: The Latest: Sanders' 2020 campaign raises $4M in half a day

Any recs for good British mystery series?

Bill would make Section 8 and other assistance not count as rent

It's more helpful to define criteria we care about than picking candidates

'This primary is going to be a choice between socialism and a more just form of capitalism.'

Trump grows frustrated with Coats, leading some to fear he might be fired

CNN Staffers 'Demoralized' by Hiring of GOP Operative Sarah Isgur to Edit 2020 Coverage

I posted my thoughts on riding to a post elsewhere on the board

Anyone here love the Oscars?

Joe Crowley stepping down as Queens Party Chair, taking lobbying gig in DC...

We're Not Interested

The "national emergency" is Trump has a deadline to collect Citizens United bribe money

In 2020, First, we must win.

My mind just can't forget the Bernie bots, how they were used by Russian bots and what it cost us.

Television: Marquee Moon

'Irritated' US admiral sends destroyer to Black Sea after Russia fires on Ukrainian vessels

Tribe: This makes Nixon's impeachable obstruction of justice look like a kindergarten exercise.

White House moves forward with wall funding despite lawsuits

When is someone going to talk about the chain migration of Russian, Asian, and Slavic pregnant women

Is Imprisoning Women the Latest Anti-Choice Crisis Pregnancy Center Strategy?

Is Imprisoning Women the Latest Anti-Choice Crisis Pregnancy Center Strategy?

Ben Carson's 'signature' HUD initiative has gone nowhere

West Virginia House Tables Bill That Prompted Teacher Strike

'Not Surprising' But 'So Shameful': Ousted by Ocasio-Cortez, Joe Crowley Heads to K Street Lobbying

Republican Mark Harris to be called next to testify in 9th district election hearing

Cohen attorney says client will detail working for Trump: He uses 'bigoted words'

White House moves forward with wall funding despite lawsuits

Falcon sex hats

Which CO US Senate seat does Jared Polis-D run for?

Tennessee woman stabs customer in McDonald's drive-thru line, police say

Robert Reich: Dictator Trump

Hill Democrats say Education Dept. tried to interfere in probe, remove investigator

Egypt Turns Back Veteran New York Times Reporter

Elizabeth Warren wants to fund universal child care with a millionaire tax

So how many Court filings happened today? Re:Emergency

I posted about this before....

Have all or any of the Democratic candidates produced their tax returns yet?

Little Boy Gets The Best Surprise After Beloved Dog Passes Away

For Comcast is an honorable company ...

Trump Seems to Have Made a Habit of Obstructing Justice

When Nazis Took Over Madison Square Garden

Daily KOS Democratic Primary Straw Poll February 19

.....Can't tell where the couch ends and the cat begins.....

Lifehack, cat timer

How Elizabeth Warren's Universal Child Care Plan Would Affect You

Update: It's now more than $4 million.

Dems think they're beating Trump in emergency declaration battle

Halifax: House burns down, killing seven children

Marty, Canadian.

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! National Emergency!

Roger Stone invokes gag order in new fundraiser

John Fugelsang busts apparently illiterate MAGA nationalist.

Soothing the Breaking Bad nostalgia...remember this?

Time to switch off CNN.

Nature's Path recalls kids' cereal due to undeclared gluten

Listen my children, and you shall hear ...

Snopes claims every President since 1976 has declared a National Emergency.

John Wayne's racist and homophobic 1971 Playboy interview resurfaces: 'I Believe in White Supremacy'

Massive Resilience- Black History Month luncheon today. Pretty incredible.

Honk if you happen to find Trump's lost moral compass

A Navy Ship Sailed to Hawaii and Back With No One on Board

2017 Lawrence segment on Nunes: so important he covered it twice to call more attention to it

Per Rachel, Flynn was never fired by trump. He left on his own. AFTER Yates and DOJ warning

McCabe: I think it is possible that Trump is a Russian Asset

Go on, tell me you can shake your booty better than this turtle.

Analilia Mejia will be Bernie's National Political Director

Socialite Yells at Family for Staging 1-Year-Old's Birthday Photo Shoot on Neighborhood Sidewalk

Time to wear your shitty logic...

Rachel and Congressman Raja...

Thoughts and Prayers for the border

To do business with L.A., city contractors now must disclose ties with the NRA

Here's the real and terrifying reason Trump is pushing for a coup in Venezuela

McCabe will be on @Lawrence at 9 pm CT--coming up (10 ET)

Trump nominates Jeffrey Rosen to replace Rod Rosenstein at DOJ

Here's the real and terrifying reason Trump is pushing for a coup in Venezuela

Andrew McCabe

Randy Rainbow: Boarder Lies


Warren's universal child care plan is the most important idea out there right now

Kindergartener found with handgun on school bus

"Former Sanders campaign manager: Don't expect email list to be shared with DNC"

Here's why the Independent Group launch was a massive success

I'm so fast I can play ping pong by myself

Lawrence asked McCabe if T thinks only people who like him should be allowed to investigate him

Bezos is having a bad month:

Right-Wing News Outlet Calls for McCabe, Rosenstein to Be Waterboarded

NYT: Justice Thomas makes a move against freedom of the press.

Why Bernie Sanders' radicalism can take out Trump

Attacks on Human Rights Defenders: A Daily Occurrence in Latin America

Amy Klobuchar on no free 4 year college

Mining Grabs Up Land, Deals Blow to Agriculture in Central America

Harris/Beto Biden/Harris Biden/Beto

The Newsroom: Aaron Sorkin's HBO series could be returning to cover Trump years, says Olivia Munn

Here's the ad that led to NYT v Sullivan

VISION Bernie 2020

Finally! An extended interview of a great patriot.

Teen in Lincoln Memorial protest sues Washington Post for $250 million

John Dean - where we are with trump is so far beyond watergate

Silly original joke time

Covington Catholic Student in Viral Mall Standoff with Native American Activist Sues Washington Post

The Daily Show: Bernie's Back, Kamala Gets Questioned, Gillibrand Eats Chicken & Booker Doesn't

The Daily Show: Spike Lee - Connecting America's Past and Present in "BlacKkKlansman"

Why would an innocent person attack an investigation unrelated to themselves? Unless...

Brexit backstop: Theresa May to put new proposals to EU

Fuck Bill Barr

Seth Meyers - Trump Declares National Emergency, Presidents Day - Monologue - 2/18/19

Eighth Labour MP quits party to join breakaway Independent Group

Trump v California: administration wants to get billions in rail funding back

Seth Meyers: Guest John Oliver Thinks It's Too Early to Talk About the 2020 Elections

What can we do about him?

Meet the 'Fab Five' women behind the big shake-up in Colorado politics

Just now got this email from Sanders:

Cover songs

Ancient spider fossils have reflective eyes (

Trump administration moves to pull funding for California bullet train

#44 is expected to be at the UNC-Duke game tomorrow nite.

North Korea defector: Trump fell into 'trap' set by Kim Jong Un

Petition to sell Montana to Canada is gaining support

HUD official gets stuck in elevator during public housing PR stunt

From Chelyabinsk to Cuba: The meteor connection (

Will Kim take his personal train to Hanoi?

19FEB2019 MC Democratic Primary Poll: Nationwide and Early Primary States

Republicans refuse to pay the workers hurt most by Trump's shutdown

A puppy surprise

House Panel Probes Trump Advisers' Push for Saudi Nuclear Deal

Microsoft says it has found another Russian operation targeting prominent think tanks

Please consider signing Elizabeth Warren's petition that every candidate for President

Darla Shine doesn't get it. Childhood illnesses of old are no joke.

Chris Cuomo and the lasagna of lies

Darla Shine doesn't get it. Childhood illnesses of old are no joke.

Goebbels defense....

Technologies for removing CO2 from the atmosphere will need to be integrated into climate policy ...

Microsoft: Fancy Bear targeted European think tanks

Deep Ocean Live: Plastic wrecks remote Indian Ocean turtle nesting island

'It was insensitive': Burberry apologises for 'noose' hoodie after model complains

New research suggests a different approach to protecting reef-building corals

Tweet of the Day

The invasive species are likely to spread to a community that has not adapted to climate change.

Excellent advice from Trea Crowder, aka Liberal Redneck

Renewable Energy Generation with Kites and Drones

Seattle will provide free transit for some low-income residents

Climate Goals of the Paris Agreement: Impact of Land Use

Before I get to revved up over any candidate

Paper: Carbon taxes could create new winners and losers among countries

CNN's new Politics direction does not like "social justice warriors"

Jobs versus Death Toll: Calculating Corporate Death Penalties

Elizabeth Warren wants to fund universal child care with a millionaire tax

Claude Taylor: Wikileaks has already tweet 7 times about Bernie Sanders

Joe or Mick and which one is the John and which one is the Paul

Editor who wrote Klan editorial has penned countless racist, sexist, xenophobic pieces

postal worker pepper sprays dog secured behind fence.

Chinese 'Ivory Queen' Sentenced To 15 Years In Jail In Tanzania

House panel approves bill to quash political activity in classrooms

Showdown over water bill averted, clearing way for Arizona to finish Colorado River deal

This is obstruction of justice! Corruption! Lock him up!

U.S. Border Patrol agents detain a group of 103 migrants near Lukeville

Petitioners favor sale of Montana to Canada to reduce national debt

I love educators Teaching the blues Friday as a honorary teacher

Arizona House speaker blocks repeal of law that allows lawmakers to avoid arrests

Russian hackers 8 times faster than Chinese, Iranians, North Koreans, says report

Trump administration on decriminalizing homosexuality: Do as we say, not as we do

2020 US Senate Election- Top Tier Democratic Nominees in all GOP held US Senate seats up in 2020.

Smaller tax refunds put GOP on defensive

Democratic National Committee to request 2020 candidates affirm they'll run and serve as Democrats

Former top Arpaio aide says he'll run for sheriff in 2020

Thousands rally against anti-Semitism in France after spike in attacks

Israel should apologize to Poland, U.S. ambassador says

Illinois mass shooting reveals gaps in gun laws; state seeks to close them

Utah Senate passes bill tightening state rules governing property seizures by police

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 2/19/19

Stephen Colbert: Guest Andrew McCabe Had Robert Mueller As A Boss

Malaysian hitman faces deportation from Australia after losing asylum appeal

The Daily Show: Bernie's Back, Kamala Gets Questioned, Gillibrand Eats Chicken & Booker Doesn't

Fake milk is real news, as synthetic alternatives threaten traditional dairy farms

Church cardinals urge end of 'homosexual agenda'

The Daily Show: Spike Lee - Connecting America's Past and Present in "BlacKkKlansman"

Bramble Cay melomys: Climate change-ravaged rodent listed as extinct

Residents in heavily GOP Utah County pepper Rep. Ben McAdams at town hall with questions on abortion

Bill that would give Utah among strictest abortion law lengthened from 15-week window to 18 weeks

Not sure if if this is the right place to post this

A bill that would clarify what Utah teachers can say about condoms and other contraception passed in

Bernie Sanders Shatters Donation Records with $3.3 Million in 10 Hours

Hannity wants AG Barr to investigate HRC. That would backfire hilariously.

Warren: Government should value people more than corporate profits

Bill would outlaw rejecting job applicants who flunk a pot test

Chinese 'Ivory Queen' Sentenced To 15 Years In Jail In Tanzania.

Huawei cloning Apple parts, rewarding employees for tech theft

More than 1,100 times - that's right

So, German cars are a "threat" to the national security of the USA? Here's the German view:

Still trying to get to know my old man a 173rd Vietnam vet

'Red for Ed' rallies draw attention to school funding as lawmakers weigh changes

"the President thinks you can't investigate him unless you like him." Lawrence last nite..

Jay Inslee, potential 2020 contender, on climate: 'We need to blow the bugle'

CNN Staffers 'Demoralized' by Hiring of GOP Operative Sarah Isgur to Edit 2020 Coverage

Nevada lawmakers probe teacher pay raises amid renewed questions about school funding

Emails Reveal Coordination Between Chao, McConnell

Deutsche Bank Weighed Restructuring Trump Loans on Default Risk

Activists make a case for paid sick leave in Carson City

57 Years Ago Today; John Glenn is first American to Orbit the Earth

Three Tory MPs defect to fledgling Independent Group

Officials ask if marijuana taxes can sustain $54M for Nevada school safety

LULAC, State Face Off In Federal Court Over Voter Purge List

Here's an incomplete list of Trump's impeachable offenses so far:

House Dems reveal new info on a shady White House plan to sell nuclear tech to Saudi Arabia

Christian Conservatives Bring Alarmist #BanTheBible Message to Texas Capitol

16 Tears Ago Today; The Station Nightclub Fire kills 100

42,000 Pounds of Avocados Ruined After Driver Overturns Truck Into Texas River

Wednesday TOONs - Emergency Alert Edition

Per Bill Browder: possible Russian $ laundering at Swedish bank/Sergei Magnitsky connection

Customer Writes 'Build the F-king Wall' in Lieu of Tip at Mexican Restaurant in Texas

WSJ argues that Trump-investigations must be shut down, bc there are too many going on right now.

FEMA Panel Of Flood Experts, Mapping Specialists Can't Meet - DHS Can't Finish Security Checks

Want a morning laugh?

859 EU Companies Surveyed; 75% Say Warming Is Serious; Less Than 50% Have Any Carbon Reduction Plan

The Age Of Bolsonaro: At Least 14 Native Reserves In Brazil Invaded Or Threatened W. Invasion

Illegal Gold Mining Gutting Madagascar's Flagship Park; Officials Enforcing Enviromental Laws Killed

Houston Police To Cease 'No Knock' Warrants, Chief Announces After Deadly Raid

Shitstain's Sciencey Panel To Decide IF Global Warming Is A Security Threat; Led By Heritage Hack

'Sustained and ongoing' disinformation assault targets Dem presidential candidates

Here's the most relaxing thing you'll see all day 💚

35 Think-Tanks Across US, Oz, NZ, UK Take Money From Both Tobacco & Oil To Promote Their Lies

NO City Council Approves Gas Plant Even After Entergy Hired Astroturf Actors, Enraging Residents

White House readies panel to assess if climate change poses a national security threat

Putin threatens to target the US if it deploys missiles in European nations

In 91% Of 244 US Cities Surveyed, Cold Spells Shrank 1970-2015; On Average, 5 Days Shorter

Arizona Atheist Lawmaker Stands Up To Christian Bully

Bernie Sanders - Starman 🌟

This Idaho lawmaker wants to ease requirements for public notice on some IT contracts

Sen. Whitehouse: There's a 'Crisis of Credibility' at the U.S. Supreme Court

Trump Cheers on Covington Student's Lawsuit Against Washington Post: 'Go Get Them Nick!'

This is a test of the National Emergency System...

Retrumplicans LOVE "Socialism"...the "Corporate" kind that is

The White House Plan to Exploit McCabe's Book

Ethically challenged: Three scandals rock Trump administration in one day

The Nobel Committee should award Peace Prize to Alec Baldwin just for epic Trump meltdown

Morning Joe's Interview with McCabe was very interesting

Panel to Assess Climate Change as Security Threat

Andrew McCabe: 'Coup' and 'Treason' Have 'Nothing to Do With What We Were Doing'

the 'president' is cheering on a lawsuit against Washington Post

Trey Gowdy: 'I Will Continue to Not Believe' McCabe Comments on Briefing Gang of 8 Over Trump Probe

Trump ramps up criticism of press: 'In six years, they all go BUST!'

Obama, Steph Curry team up to tell young men of color: 'You matter'

New Maga Hat:

If President Trump is found to be a Russian agent or used by the Russians..

In Garlic Capital, Tariffs And Immigration Crackdown Have Mixed Impacts

I woke up disappointed again

Scarborough Grills McCabe Over FBI's Treatment of Hillary: 'Deep State Elected Donald Trump!'

*** Official "I will vote for whoever the Dem candidate is" thread ***

The Rundown: February 19, 2019

Do you believe "God favors America"? This is a quote that

The Webcomics Weekly #23: The Year Bat-Wayne Hung Up the Beyond Suit (2/19/19 Edition)

All canidates of all parties and or no party need to show their tax returns

BREAKING: Putin warns new Russian weapons will target US if it deploys missiles to Europe

Justin Fairfax accuser speaks out as Virginia House Democrats end calls for impeachment

How many languages do you speak?

Humpty Trumpty sat on a wall.

James Clapper: Donald Trump May Be A Russian Asset 'Whether Witting Or Unwitting'

It's snowing here...

McCabe: 'No Pushback Whatsoever' from Gang of Eight After Presentation of Trump Investigation

DU: you teach me something everyday, you put your terrific minds around me in a mental hug...

Trump Welcomes Sanders Into The Race By Resurrecting Uninspired Nickname

When Trump is questioned about a crime his entire tone, demeanor changes.

O'Rourke, in Spanish, doesn't rule out being vice presidential candidate

Thanks a lot, John Kasich

Did yesterday's NY Time's article get to Trump?

Thanks a lot, John Kasich

North Korea's Kim replaces key diplomats ahead of Trump summit

Doomed Star Eta Carinae - Astronomy Picture of the Day

Iowa lawmakers reject anti-vaccine proposals

Trump declares New York Times 'enemy of the people'

Maggie Haberman Blasts Trump's Claim Her NY Times Report is 'Fake News': 'That's a Lie'

America needs to face some basic truths:

48 Years Ago Today; EBS False Alarm of 1971

German Town Sees A Smurf Invasion, As Thousands Gather To Break World Record

Practicing for the 'Toilet Paper Massacre' event:

"I'm melting, melting. Ohhhhh, what a world, what a world!"

Religion turns children into assholes

May's government now does not hold a majority in the Commons

Bernie Sanders is Running for President

"I always feel like . . . somebody's watchin' me"

Trump Golfs 3rd Day in a Row Since "National Emergency"

Mother of 5, beaten, assaulted and murdered at adult slumber party....Who killed Tamla Horsford?

Kitten Becomes The Leader Of Her Dog Pack

Virginia voters -- including African-Americans -- got Northam's back

Cow Vigilantes in India Killed at Least 44 People

Mud slide!

Mexican Cops Do Trump's Dirty Work Thwarting Asylum Seekers

Trump's insane 'wall emergency' speech makes more sense when set to the tune 'Thriller':

Bernie Sanders's 24 hour haul: 223,047 individuals gave $5,925,771.

Let me attempt to put McCabe's assertions into perspective

Bernie Sanders Raises $6 Million After Announcing Presidential Bid

A change in 2020 on caucuses

Terry Crews amazing video on toxic masculinity

Bernie Sanders Raises $6 Million After Announcing Presidential Bid

Pete Buttigieg has been listening to The Resistance!

US Capitol and snow hut in 1888 DC blizzard:

IS: Lorries evacuate civilians from last Syria enclave

Disinformation assault by foreign actors targets Dem presidential candidates on social media

Former Clinton Aide Slams Times' Stealth Correction On Uranium One

Jared Kushner may have benefited from Trump White House scheme to sell nuke plants to Saudis...

Sentenced to life: Florida lawyer stages trial to propose to girlfriend

Retrace the Legacy of the Buffalo Soldiers in National Parks

Emma Thompson quits film after John Lasseter joins production

New Zealand's former prime minister appeared to cheer China in a state newspaper op-ed. She says she

Gemma Johnson Is Not So Much Into Working Out 😂

Pic Of The Moment: Obviously It's Because He's So Incredibly Innocent

Russia views Kamala Harris as the greatest threat to Trump?

Yet Another Winter Storm Tests the Nation's Patience

Bernie crushes 2020 Democratic field in first-day money chase

Taiwan government to unveil draft same-sex marriage law

NYT Opinion: Bernie 2020, Pro and Con

1918 Suffragette advice on marrying

U.S. high court buttresses constitutional ban on 'excessive fines'

At this point I really don't care who runs in 2020

OFFICIAL I pledge not to be a Whiny McWhinerson from Whinerville during the primaries

"Dogs are great. Bad dogs, if you can really call them that, are perhaps the greatest of them all."

I think Lindsay Graham has emotional issues

The Daily 202: Barack Obama criticizes pop culture for promoting the wrong values to young men

CNN Just Set the New Standard for Corporate Media's Chickensh*t Catering to Republicans

Russia to target US with missiles


On dog ownership

How many licks does it take...

Kui Lee was the sponsor of my surf club "Southern Unit".


Supreme Court rules for ex-US marshal in W.Va. tax dispute

Academic: Very few climate change doubters, issue now action

Commodities giant Glencore to cap coal output over climate

Sign Elizabeth's petition calling for 10 years of tax returns from all 2020 candidates.

If you get a letter in the mail that that looks like this, DON'T THROW IT AWAY!

Honduran lawmaker loses seat for defamation conviction

Maduro 2/2 NO GRINGO AID NEEDED! No humanitarian crisis! But 16 days later...

Marine biologist discover new bottom feeder

It is still early in the primaries. I'm holding off making a decision yet.

This MLB power couple is fighting to save 200 union jobs

Stairway to Heaven - canine version

The Trump Fairy

Sanders campaign says it has raised $6 million in its first day


Robert Reich schools ousted GOP lawmaker after she freaks out over 'socialist Democrats'

"Does this tie make me look guilty?"

The Catholic Church is Breaking Peoples' Hearts

My, my, my. This definitely goes against his conventional "wisdom"

'That's a lie': NYT reporter absolutely obliterates Trump's latest claim that her reporting is 'fake

Have DUers noticed that the vile MAGAcretin is using the words

Lindsey Graham branded as the perfect symbol of Republican stupidity in conservative's brutal column

On Garage Door Opener Remotes and Why Sears is Dying

***Official "let's hunt down and beat the shit out of anyone responsible for russian bots" thread***

Meet the dogs of the 2020 presidential race

Emptywheel: A Report Talking About "COLLUSION" Is Coming This Week From Mueller

Southwest probes cancellations, says shutdown cost $60 million

What I'd love to see Judge Amy Berman Jackson do to roger stone on Thursday

Trump Administration Says It Will Rescind $929 Million For California High-Speed Rail

Barack Obama criticizes pop culture for promoting the wrong values to young men

Hey, has anyone heard that Sanders raised a shit ton of money yesterday?

Who's that guy in the background?

Credit Suisse loses bid to dismiss lawsuit in U.S. over writedowns

Happy 92nd Birthday to Sidney Poitier, Actor & Activist.

How great would it be

FEC gives Jeanine Pirro 24 hours to stop flouting law and come clean on 14-year-old campaign debt

No one embodies the incoherence of the modern digital age quite like Trump does

Propaganda campaigns against 2020 Dems already on social media -- and it looks like foreign actors

Pro-Confederate groups to march in support of Mississippi monuments

Durbin after reading Green New Deal: 'What in the heck is this?'

Today i'm feelin that Lindsay Graham was actually a spy!

Sarah Isgur: CNN's hiring of a GOP operative as political editor is even worse than it looks

Stephen Colbert: 'He's not just Bernie Sanders, he's Grey Guevara'

As an experiment I trashed by keyword every thread containing...

Elizabeth Warren's universal child care proposal comes as child-care costs in America have soared to

Guerrilla Art Anti-Trump Ad Takeover of New York City - A Presidential Parody #apresidentialparody

Andrew McCabe: We Had Good Reason To Open The Investigation MSNBC

How would you like the next year to go?

US mining sites dump 50M gallons of fouled wastewater daily

Big Bang Theory predictions

Nine executed in Egypt over Hisham Barakat assassination

Nine executed in Egypt over Hisham Barakat assassination

Smirky Boy wants $250 Million from Wash Post..why not go for Billions???

Anne Arundel County police to stop asking sex assault victims to waive rights to investigation.

Thais give Russia, US right to extradite hacking suspect

Jill Wine-Banks' pin today:

Chicago prosecutor recuses herself from Jussie Smollett case

US mining sites dump 50M gallons of fouled wastewater daily

French court hits Swiss bank UBS with $5.1 billion penalty

I'm beginning to warm up to a Joe Biden run.

Have any of our candidates discussed their positions on Russia?

Practically speaking, what is Stacey Abrams' best next move?

Vegas favors the Yankees to win the World Series this year

Police: Man says he stole Pepsi truck to get to the airport

Chief: Houston police will end use of no-knock warrants

A tale of two men found in their cars ...

9-0 SCOTUS ruling against asset forfeiture, this is a big deal

Have any of the 'Gang of Eight' pushed back on McCabe's assertion?


A new kind of crazy. Trump predicts that at the end of his second term, the media will "all go BUST"

RBG Delivers Majority Opinion Banning Excessive Fines for States, Citing History of Black Codes

What if: If Al Gore had been elected President in 2000, what would have happened in 2004?

Travelers can retrace 'Green Book' path with some research

One-time pro-Trump "preacher" dumps on the Jews...

Handy imperial measurement conversion guide

Here's my take on the Russia Investigation, using an educated guess

GRAPH/Map of EACH Day TRump Attacked the INvestigations from @NYTimes....

Anyone think it's a coincidence that Clarence Thomas wants to weaken the libel laws

UK strips Isis bride of UK citizenship...

Cohen granted two-month extension on when he must report to prison

Try something new this election. Say good things about your choice.

Pope Francis decries critics of church as 'friends of the devil'


This child's parents need their rear ends kicked. What would a 7 year old even know of or care

Deutsche Bank weighed extending Trump loans on default risk

CNN is reporting that Mueller's report may be delivered to Barr as early as next week.

Conservative group blasts Ocasio-Cortez over Amazon with Times Square billboard

oh my gawd...

Trump is using Twitter to manipulate the country.

Question on registered voter databases.

Justice Department preparing for Mueller report as early as next week

WMNF Tampa fires host, staffer and co-founder Rob Lorei

This was from "(Rowan and Martin's) Laugh-In Looks at the News, Sports"- 1968:

Kurt Cobain would have been 52 today

Trump administration to end fuel economy talks with California: official

Op-Ed: Bernie Sanders' 2020 presidential campaign will face the scrutiny Clinton got in 2016

Number of U.S. hate groups hits all-time high, watchdog says

Are we really the ones playing Chess,,,,?

From The New Yorker: "Does Congress Care About Trump's Emergency?"


Consultant says unaware of fraud in U.S. House race in North Carolina

Consultant says unaware of fraud in U.S. House race in North Carolina

Um... WHY is this godless dark arts witchcraft on family television?

Tory modernising wing has been destroyed, say defecting trio of MPs

Russia must build own internet in case of foreign disruption: Putin

Cat on springy legs -

Cardinals blame 'homosexual agenda' for abuse crisis

From this meme to God's ears

Iowa caucuses 2020: Candidate John Delaney says voters aren't looking for 'socialism'

Happy birthday, Pisceans - I know I am, but what are you?!1

Netanyahu Orchestrates Merger To Bring Extremists Into Knesset

Kompromat: Or, Revelations from the Unpublished Portions of Andrea Manafort's Hacked Texts

Sustained Disinformation Campaign Targets 2020 Democrats

Ohio music store would rather close than take money from trump sympathizers

Illinois: Pritzker wants to tax insurance companies, legalize marijuana +regulate sports betting

We need some more indictments

The 10 Dems most likely to win the 2020 presidential nomination

"Just trying to get some ranch." 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Tucker Carlson destroyed by guest--Fox refuses to air it:

I Live In L.A.! My Woman Friend Moved To Nebraska..20 Yrs Ago.

Bernie Sanders Is Quietly Building a Digital Media Empire

Venezuela security forces kill, punish anti-Maduro protesters: Amnesty

Everyone in Trump orbit is corrupt...including the pundits

Why were former U.S. military driving around Haiti heavily armed?

The global impact of coal power

As Maduro holds on, Venezuela opposition eyes negotiated transition


Dad would have been 90 years old today......

Saudi to free 850 Indian prisoners from its jails: India government

Trump Agrees To Wear Wire To Take Down Roger Stone

Want to know why Trump continues to act lawless..?

International Research Collaboration Computes Climate Past, Present, and Future

Russia bans smartphones for soldiers over social media fears

Supreme Court says constitutional protection against excessive fines applies to state actions

Humor for the Day

Pompeo says Alabama woman who joined ISIS cannot return to US

Do you prefer coffee or tea?

Does anyone know where Granny Starver Ryan landed?

Google admits error over hidden microphone

Nationals pitcher and wife join campaign to stop union busting:

First in! And just for fun: who's going to be our next president?

Fernando Valenzuela

So we had a primary Tuesday total a city of almost 30,000..shame on us....

Shawarma (a cat) aka "Queen Of the Station," greets commuters at this train station every single day

Let's see...

Shamima Begum will not be allowed here, Bangladesh says

Shamima Begum will not be allowed here, Bangladesh says

Thank you! NT

And so it begins...the beginnig of getting Trump out of the People's house.

Is vaping itself harmful?

And since I had to, and since I've had a crush on her and predicted she would be

Trump seeks to discredit news report that he sought ally to oversee hush money investigation

Biden Leads in UMass Amherst Poll of New Hampshire Voters One Year Before Primary Voting

Pentagon chief briefing irks lawmakers, draws expletives from Lindsey Graham

Seem to be missing Andrew Yang in the choice of candidates

Sanders campaign says it has raised $6 million in its first day

Conway Suggests Mueller May Never Produce Report

If you live long enough, you will see a lot of people ruin their reputations...

Is this going to be where that "post removed" person will hang out?

Justice system -- deep state corruption?

Denver: immigrant teachers threatened with deportation if they join strikes

Denver: immigrant teachers threatened with deportation if they join strikes

Andrew McCabe a true American Hero....

Catholic cardinals urge end of 'homosexual agenda'

The timing of the release of the Mueller report looks to be the new Friedman Unit.


Does not Congress's Oversight duties,,,,

As an undecided voter

Sustained Disinformation Targets 2020 Democrats

May the best candidate win.

PFAS: 'This has poisoned everything' - pollution casts shadow over New Mexico's booming dairy indust

It's nice to see so many people undecided.

THREAD: Roger Stone, Wikileaks and WHERE ARE WE NOW?

Hello 2020

Britons may need L52 visa to visit mainland Europe after Brexit

The question is really...Will they be held accountable..?

How can we decide without the 4 B's?

Right now I'd pick Kamala.

This "threshold question" requirement for forum access needs to be modified.

Executive Time by Jim Carrey:

The 7 Beatitudes vs the 10 Commandment.

United Methodists confront possible split over LGBT issues

United Methodists confront possible split over LGBT issues

Tucker gets nailed by Dutch historian....LoL

Driver hurt by air bag shrapnel as investigation drags on

Italy confirms daughter of missing North Korea diplomat returned home

Florida officer goes on trial for killing black motorist

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan isn't ruling out a primary challenge to Trump

Wisconsin school ends cheerleading awards for body parts

Can someone explain why this is not as bad as it looks?

So thankful for this forum..This is where the discussion belongs.

Trump's former lawyer Cohen gets two-month delay to report to prison

I think we should all wait until the eve of Iowa 2020

This Friday: New Hampshire Democratic Party dinner with Elizabeth Warren

NC-9: Mark Harris' SON throws him under the bus

Netanyahu boosts racist far-right party with pre-election deal

Facing ethics violation, Wilbur Ross says he didn't mean to file inaccurate financial disclosures

A Former Trump Staffer Filed A Class Action To Invalidate All Of The Campaign's Nondisclosure Agreem

We have some great options.

I've probably been accused of being dumb before, but there is something I really don't understand.

Yay! This will be the busiest forum on DU!


EPA: Carbon dioxide from power plants rose last year

When every day is "Love Your Pet Day."


80 years ago, New York hosted a chilling Nazi rally. Watch N.J. director's Oscar-nominated short fil

Spicer interviews Pompeo as 'special DC correspondent' for 'Extra'

BREAKING: House Dems to file Resolution of Disapproval on National Emergency

So everyone knows..Date for Iowa Primary: February 3, 2020...

New York Times Publisher A.G. Sulzberger responded to President Trump's continued attacks

Beaty's comments about gays spark outrage

Trump labeled The New York Times "the enemy of the people"

To get Trump's tax returns, Democrats just need to send a letter

Biden leads in SC poll of likely 2020 Democratic presidential candidates

Mass. GOP official cites Trump to defend tweet about gay politicians

Best blues album ever, ever, ever!

Question: If Amy K is your top pick are you so gobsmacked by her charisma/policies or the geography?

If CNN story is True and Mueller is ready

The most likely scenario is this one: The Yogi Berra: The Russia investigation will not end next wk

The Minnesota 2020 Primary will be on March 3, 2020

Asian woman transforms into Johnny Depp

I believe our Party's nominee will be EITHER...

Asian woman transforms into Johnny Depp

Their men were away at war. What am i gonna do. 1970.

Done Deal

Per Skinner: for now, we are still allowed to discuss CO-specific aspects of 2020 P elections here

Let's go, Joe. Bring it on home!

Ocean acidification harms cod larvae more than previously thought

CPAC: A Conservative Festivus

It's time to end the myth that black voters don't like Bernie Sanders

About Andrew McCabe's TV appearances

The Mueller train will soon pull in to its first stop...OBSTRUCTION

Status update. Three years since my feeding tube was inserted.

J. Geils was born on this date-

If I were going to choose today.. it would be for someone who is not even in the run yet

Whaddya know. "Operation Divide The Left."

Legislation aims to reduce wilderness study areas in Idaho

Virginia State Police report 800 crashes on their roadways today after snow,

Biden / Harris

The Brave New World of Political Advertising

If we have any luck at all, it will be...

Bernie Sanders Says VP Pick Will Be a Woman...Hours After Saying People Shouldn't Consider Gender

Head of Trump Favored Anti-Immigration Group Confronted Over Promoting 'White Nationalist' Website

When you heat your house with wood, everything looks like a BTU.

Derek Hatton suspended from Labour after two days

TPM - Marshall re Mueller - Josh asked if "the fix is in" and Barr is shutting Mueller down.

Andy McCabe is Geeky-Sexy

According to the announcement, this group will be closing tomorrow ...

IMHO, Nicole Wallace hit a home run with her interview with Andrew McCabe-best one yet!!

Lack of intelligence (Trump) fires his intelligence chief for telling truth....NOT THE ONION

If a president is sent to jail does he still get secret service protection?

"It will be made of CONCRETE & Mexico will PAY"...Trump takes victory lap for a fence in New Mexico

Shoppin' for clothes The Coasters

Fed. Elections commission has a very clever Dem. chairperson now...

We don't live on a level playing field. I really wish Conservatives would stop pretending that we do

Pro-Russian Coast Guard lieutenant arrested with hit list of liberal senators wanted to establish 'a

French TV cuts Facebook live feed from Jewish cemetery after anti-Semitic abuse

Of all the McCabe interviews, I think Nicole Wallace's was the best

What's for Dinner, Wed., Feb. 20, 2019

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #6-7: In Soviet America Wall Does You! Edition


I think that person has not yet entered the race.

Trump's New Defense: Congress Can't Investigate Because There Are Too Many Crimes

UPDATE: Statue of Liberty climber Patricia Okoumou is on top of the Southwest Key building in Austin

I really like the new rules for this forum. Do the rest of you? nt

This is fucked up. . .

For those officials put in place by Trump to protect him

What, aside from wishful thinking, makes anyone think...

Alec Baldwin, Donald Trump Jr. exchange Twitter jabs over 'Saturday Night Live' skit

New York City settles U.S. claims over Superstorm Sandy

Ex-Trump lawyer Michael Cohen gets prison surrender date delayed two months to May 6

WP: Self-proclaimed white nationalist planned mass terror attack

'El Chapo' lawyers may challenge conviction over juror remarks

Self-proclaimed white nationalist planned mass terror attack, targeting liberal politicians , msm

Rosen In...Rosenstein Out...

Neo-Nazi USCG lieutenant arrested with guns, hit list of liberal senators

'Enjoy your life': Trump puts new attorney general in an awkward position from the start

😂 Ties that bind.

John Harris warned his father about legal red flags involving Bladen operative (NC-9)

Bill Barr, become a hero for the ages

20 bucks, She changes her mind...

The 10 GOP senators who may break with Trump on emergency

Snow plow driver accused of spraying anti-Trump protesters with slush

As strong as that machine gunned uncle he had....

Eyman's attorneys: Not paying for $70 chair was inadvertent

2020 CO US Senate Election- Gardner-R vs Romanoff-D based on Congressional Districts.

Last gasp for lowland snow season in Seattle -- Cliff Mass

This is just SO WRONG....

Warren meme:

The DNC feels Sanders qualifies to be a Democratic candidate for president.

Pro-Russian Coast Guard lieutenant arrested with hit list of liberal senators wanted to establish...

Tom's Diner -- Suzanne Vega (Bonus Video: Jeanie's Diner)

FEC gives Jeanine Pirro 24 hours to stop flouting law and come clean on 14-year-old campaign debt

I have a preference, ya but.........Undecided.

WTW? No more indictments from Mueller. Something stinks!!!!

Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto: III

A Simple Question? Is Bernie Sanders a Democrat??

You're a mean mommy!

Ari Melber did it again

Dems' measure blocking Trump emergency will come Friday

Tammy Duckworth

Welcov Healthcare Refuses to Pay Workers

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 21 February 2019

Ana Brnabic: Gay partner of Serbian PM gives birth

Welcov Healthcare Refuses to Pay Workers

Evans op-ed: Let's See Who Really Is 'Gaming The System'

Quarter of a million attendees expected at Venezuela aid concert

Quarter of a million attendees expected at Venezuela aid concert

A pack of fucking Numpties

Trump has no clue:

The Latest: Trump takes credit for blocking IS woman from US

Wisconsin governor vetoes tax plan; early showdown with GOP

That young piss ant kid who rudely stared down the Native American Warrior in DC a few weeks back....

Tucker Carlson gets unhinged when called out

Washington Post says Mueller report coming in days

Get Ready Kids....Ari breaking Wa Post says Mueller report in "THE COMING DAYS AHEAD"

'Breakneck speed' mini moon hurtles around Neptune at 20,000mph

Gosh, I Wonder Where The White Nationalist Terrorist Got The Idea To Call Sen. Warren 'Poca Warren?'

When I first registered my preference to get into..

O'Rourke supporters build student network ahead of possible White House bid

Trump's New Climate Czar: Carbon Dioxide Has Been Treated Just Like "Jews Under Hitler"