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*A. McCabe interviewed tonight on PBS NewsHour.

I would like to add comments and all I see is the Thread Title, no comment box

The American people, by all generally accepted notions of justice, are ENTITLED to see,

Justice is coming....

if the judge had thrown stone in jail,

Neal Katyal: Mueller report may be 'very bad news for Trump".

Tiniest, Cutest Animals Have The Biggest Hearts

This from Bill Gates is not helpful...

Representation matters, and it isn't identity politics

What about the millions of people *YOU* insult with those stupid hats?

Gloria Borger just made me laugh.

Fabien Clain, French jihadist and 'voice of Paris attacks', reported killed

'He is not going to be the nominee': Dems slam Sanders over Maduro stance

Don't Bogart That Joint

NBA officially proposes lowering draft age from 19 to 18

Special song for Roger, eat it

Admittedly, it's early days, but I've decided to make my own bumper sticker

McCabe interviewers avoiding the biggest factor in Clinton losing

Steve King: 'I have nothing to apologize for,' plans to run for re-election

Roger Stone's dirty tricks just caught up with him

*Greta Thunberg, Youth Activist Wins $1 TRILL EU Pledge for Climate Crisis

Rapa Nui's Stone Statues and Marine Resources Face Threats from Climate Change

Scientists Say Coral Bleaching Is Threatening Caribbean Communities

White House braces for Mueller report

Bernie is going to be on All In tonight coming up on

Acosta ... Dershowitz and Ken Starr ... grrrrrrr

Does anyone think Roger Stone WON'T violate the gag order?

Rachel Maddow is airing "a true-blue live special report" tonight:

Chris Matthews' show is much better w/out Chris Matthews

Crazy Animal Encounters That Led To Amazing Rescues

San Juan Mayor Carmen Yuln Cruz to co-chair Bernie Sanders 2020 campaign

The last Democratic US Representative from IA-4 is Neal Smith(1959-1995)

Interesting info about our Senators running for Pres & good advice to media

Jussie Smollett's alleged lies will bring great harm to innocent victims - Eugene Robinson

Is Muller a bureaucrat or a patriot?

TCM Schedule for Sunday February 24 - 31 Days of Oscar: Best Picture With No Other Wins

Nina Turner, a 2020 Bernie campaign chair, refused to support Hillary days before the 2016 election.

TCM Schedule for Monday February 25 - 31 Days of Oscar: Favorite Gangster

Over 1/3 of the federal money Trump wants to plunder for his wall HAS ALREADY BEEN SPENT.

Chris Hayes on the silence re the white supremacist and the fact that it

Congress person Katie Hill on All In talking about a Michael

Anyone else receiving a plug for a historic launch in cape canaveral?

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! The End?


McConnell Underwater in Kentucky

NC-09 Remains in Toss Up After New Election Ordered

Labor Secretary Broke Federal Law While U.S. Attorney

So did MF45 know that Mikie "The Rat" Cohen was wandering around Capitol Hill today?

Think about this. A serving officer in the US military was plotting mass murder of political figures

"at first I thought oh my goodness we're getting $8k back & then I realized it was the wrong color"

See this guy? He's so cute. 😍 Marry me!

Black History: Day 21 - Lorenzo Dow Turner - identified the African influences in Gullah dialect

Listening to Rachel Maddow. Wow!

Rachael has a very good program on tonight.

Fox News guest tell Tucker Carlson white supremacists are preferable to undocumented immigrants

RACHEL SHOW TONIGHT. Trump can get nailed ??? Sitting on the edge of my chair.


Maduro "gone within days" according to FANB military source

Bernie Sanders enlists Ro Khanna for presidential campaign

Betty Bowers' tweets are a wonder to follow:

Adam Schiff Writes an Open Letter to His GOP Colleagues and It Is Lit.

Here's a chance to use a smilie that you've always wanted to use,

The memo said you could indict the Vice President but not the President. It was not based on

San Juan Mayor Carmen Yuln Cruz to co-chair Bernie Sanders 2020 campaign

AOC has this doggy's vote!

If the argument is that a sitting President can't be indicted because his duties are too demanding..

Hate In 3 Dimensions: The Challenge Of Being A Black Muslim Woman In America

Cue up Chariots of Fire and watch this...

So a legal opinion prepared to get rid of a corrupt Republican in 1973 is going

Howard Schultz doesn't vote in this month's school levies

Official Why I like Sherrod Brown thread.


Do you need some union printed run Liz run items?

The Obama Bomber Jacket Moment happened at a Duke-UNC basketball game.

Transwoman killed in El Salvador; had sought asylum in U.S.

Score 1 point for each item you eat

EU blacklists American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, USVI and other countries

Another building to remove 'Trump Place' name

UW-Stevens Point no longer planning layoffs of tenured faculty; program cuts still on table

Could the queen cancel Brexit?

Tweet of the Day

TX SOS apologized for inaccurate claim of 95,000 non-citizen voters that Trump tweeted as evidence o

I just donated to North Carolina's Dan McReady. He was robbed of a win in November,

Residents of another Manhattan building vote to remove 'Trump Place' name

You say "Trump hater" like that's a bad thing.

Weather in AZ is freaking trippy today man ... 10 years I been here, never seen this ...

Cats sleeping

Hogan rips RNC for shielding Trump from primary challenge

We have our own system ....

How Many People Do You Meet In A Lifetime?

One of six officers who fired at Willie McCoy had killed unarmed man in 2018

Japan's Hayabusa 2 successfully touches down on Ryugu asteroid

I have a bit of advice for dog (and cat) lovers ... check out Dog Food Advisor

Virginia elementary school "slave game"

Trump, adult children urge dismissal of marketing scam lawsuit

Tomorrow is Friday.

Sydney nanny accused of role in Pinochet-era kidnappings

Resolved: That the criteria for Oscar be RE-watchability - whether best movie or performance

The Daily Show: The Strangeness of Jussie Smollett's Alleged Attack

Trump stays silent on media-hating Coast Guard officer

Research Underscores Importance of Cold-Temperature Variability in Evaluating Climate Change

The Daily Show: Dorothy Butler Gilliam - Why the Media Is More Important Than Ever

Happy Birthday Rep John Lewis

Coastal Waters Are Unexpected Hotspots for Nitrogen Fixation

Hillary Rodham Clinton's presidential run focus of Marin photographer


Putin threatened the US w/nuclear war, trump said nothing. He did attack the press, DOJ and the FBI

People Are Making Trump Photos With Extremely Long Tie To Annoy The President

Seth Meyers - Robert Mueller's Russia Investigation Report, Staten Island's Sea Wall- Monologue 2/20

House report lays bare White House feud over Saudi nuclear push

For Soph0571

Another NYC building votes to take Trump name down

Seth Meyers: Guest Donny Deutsch Thinks New York Courts Will Take Down Donald Trump

Guess what happens tomorrow?

Kamala Harris "You must start the marriages immediately"

I will say it proudly. I love Donald.

Flowers - Netflix

What To Do If You See A Dog Left Outside In The Cold

Dumbest Tweets Ranked

Seth Meyers - Trump Prepares for Mueller's Final Report: A Closer Look

Laurence Tribe Sues Individual-1 Over Border Wall - The Last Word - MSNBC

ICC warns Colombia about "implications" if Duque refuses to sign war crimes tribunal bill

New boots!

Captain Marvel' Passes 'Aquaman,' 'Wonder Woman' in Ticket Presales

NJ Senate passes bill that would keep Trump off 2020 ballot unless he releases his tax returns

Snow Pandas

Who Has the Best Chance in 2020

Black History Month 2019 - #7: Fourteen Black Doctors who Made History


Coast Guard lieutenant used work computers in alleged planning of widespread domestic terrorist atta

Fearing Their Dogs Will Develop Autism, Some Owners Are Declining Vaccinations

U.S. to leave about 200 troops in Syria, White House says

Advocacy group says trans woman was killed after US deported her back to El Salvador

Judge grants citizenship to twin son of gay couple

Judge grants citizenship to twin son of gay couple

Indiana lawmakers approve watered-down hate crimes bill

Alabama woman who joined Islamic State sues to return to US

Video of Ocasio-Cortez being lovingly attacked by a dog goes viral after #NationalLoveYourPetDay

Amid loss of leaders, unknown militant rises in Philippines

*Greta Thunberg: Youth Climate Activist's Speech To EU Wins $1 TRILLION Pledge

Colombia to demolish Pablo Escobar's former fortress home

The Latest: US envoy Elliott Abrams is heading to Colombia

The Latest: US envoy Elliott Abrams is heading to Colombia

NATO study experimented with using social media to influence soldiers

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Six from Rick Sowash/2 renditions of Sibelius' "Humoresque"-one violin & orchestra, the other by a

Snow in San Diego!

Video: Cerrado farmer shot amid escalating conflict with agribusiness

Chile: New state terror as police kill Mapuche activist Camilo Catrillanca

(Jewish Group) Anti-Semitism must be called out

NASA spots mysterious 'dragon' aurora in the sky

(Jewish Group) Never again: Calling out the Editorial Board's anti-Semitism

(Jewish Group) Survey of 27K Twitter accounts shows nearly a 1/5 promote or engage in anti-Semitism

(Jewish Group) An idiot's guide to anti-Semitic tropes

I'm always Quixotic in the primaries, so: Andrew Yang 2020

(Jewish Group) Remains of hundreds of bodies discovered at former Jewish ghetto of Brest, Belarus

India again threatens to restrict flow of river water to Pakistan as tension builds

'Lives are hanging on the line': Kenya halts landmark ruling on gay rights

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 2/21/19

Stephen Colbert - Guest Ana Navarro: Trump Won't Push Me Out Of The GOP

(Jewish Group) How Judaism inspires the first openly gay politician in Michigan state office

How Judaism inspires the first openly gay politician in Michigan state office

Venezuela crisis threatens disease epidemic across continent - experts

US company to stop selling China equipment to build Uighur DNA database

Indiana waitress in viral video addresses customer who wrote gay slur on receipt

Myanmar's Suu Kyi woos investors to crisis-hit Rakhine, decries 'negative' focus

'Andi Mack' Star Perfectly Responds To Claim His Gay Character Is 'Poor Choice' For Kids

Australian lawmakers recommend stronger oversight of payday lenders

Barnstable official criticized over poll asking if gay politicians are 'too self-absorbed'...

Iran starts Gulf war games, to test submarine-launched missiles

Iran starts Gulf war games, to test submarine-launched missiles

Comparing Star Trek: Discovery and The Orville's Big Gay Episodes (possible spoilers)

(Spoiler alert) Comparing Star Trek: Discovery and The Orville's Big Gay Episodes

Why Does Film & TV Treat Men's Sexual Assault Like a Punchline?

Twitter Accidentally Allows 'No Homo' Emoji, Then Bans Prominent Gay Influencer For Using it

There's yet another Trump administration scandal brewing. And it's a doozy

Really Virginia?! Did we tell Florida to "hold my beer" for the month of February?!

Hurricanes create natural climate change labs in Puerto Rico

ACLU asks Trump administration to determine how many children were separated from their parents at b

Doug Jones, John Lewis, Terri Sewell, and Martha Roby to lead Congressional Civil Rights Pilgrimage

Alabama Power closes coal-fired plant, cites Obama-era regulations

QT: Tory MP shredded by audience member for saying the government are looking after least fortunate

Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris

Adam Schiff Writes an Open Letter to His GOP Colleagues and It Is Lit.

Editor who wrote Klan editorial has penned countless racist, sexist, xenophobic pieces

Editor who wrote Klan editorial has penned countless racist, sexist, xenophobic pieces

Pentagon asks DHS to justify moving funds for Trump's border wall

Trump and his kids are being sued for running a marketing scam

Shamima Begum has a right to British citizenship, whether you like it or not

Montgomery Church Removes Pew Honoring Jefferson Davis

Another Rural Hospital Closing

Dark Money Org Puts Up Lame Billboard in Times Square, Gets Owned By AOC

QUESTION: What's the difference between Atheists and Evangelicals?

Mitch McConnell is on the verge of facing the 18 longest days of his political life

Southern Company Closes 100-Year-Old Alabama Coal Plant; PSC Whines About Obama, Liberals

Enron swindler Jeffrey Skilling freed from Texas halfway house after 12 years behind bars

Largest Oz Coal Firm Embraces Climate Action, Will . . . Keep Producing Coal At Current Levels

Zombie Lobbyist Hack And Convicted Felon Jack Abramoff Will Oppose Green New Deal

Beneath the guzzling and slurping of our swarming, feasting government...

Doctors reject feds' claim they lined their pockets at patients' expense in big Dallas medical

Austin abortion provider says opponents bought out clinic's lease, forcing move

Standing Tall Amongst The Ruins

Friday TOONs - Stone-faced Gig Gag

Republicans call everything they don't like 'socialism' -- #1

Hey Aristus, salt or no salt? Either way, it's National Margarita Day!

Why is the media "surprised" that Donnie Short Fingers would tweet about Smollett, but be silent

Washington state: at least 20 county sheriffs refuse to enforce new gun laws

So Roger Stone has been put on double secret probation. GOOD

Kirsten Gillibrand, Democratic candidate for president, speaks at Ann Richards School

How the US government created a fake university to snare immigrant students

Autopsies On 50 Marine Mammals Washed Up On UK Beaches Show Microplastics In Every Gut

Arizona lawmakers approve measures that could result in fewer children being vaccinated

This just in.....

Democratic senators urged to unite against Texas' top voting official

AGU - Carbon Buildup In Atmosphere Now @ 9-10X Rate Of Last Major Extinction Spasm 56 MYA

Amazon: No taxes to pay! WTF!!

Perversion of Justice

Al Gore and Rev. William Barber III rally against environmental injustices in the Black Belt during

Al Gore and Rev. William Barber III rally against environmental injustices in the Black Belt during

Israel's first moon mission lifts off after SpaceX launch

'He is not going to be the nominee': Dems slam Sanders over Maduro stance

Sanders Has an Advantage, and It's Not About Economics

Kamala Harris' call-them-out Twitter strategy

Has Trump said anything about the Coast Guard domestic terrorist?

And I left a smaller deficit that I inherited.....

Cops get called on gun-toting, screaming Nazi disturbing customers. Cops say that's free speech.

Sanders Has an Advantage, and It's Not About Economics

Democrats to subpoena Mueller's report if Barr doesn't make it public

Estonians rescue wild wolf from ice thinking it was a dog

Kamala Harris on Jussie Smollett

Dogs know.

Fun exercise: In 25 years, "socialism" will be considered ___ (Fill in the blank)

For just one moment imagine that the Coast Guard domestic terrorist was a Muslim...

Stop. Think. When it comes right down to it, are we not ALL going to vote for WHOEVER

Harris: "I am not a democratic socialist"

I don't think the Mueller Report release is imminent

Democratic Family Values, from Liz Warren

Guess What Time It Is, D.U.!

Is the division in our country deeper than Dem vs Rep, left vs right?

Scarborough Blasts GOP's 'Pathetic' Silence on Coast Guard Officer's Plot to Kill Dems:...

BREAKING: Black Man Debunks The Narrative Bernie Has A "Black Problem"

Lawmakers Pass Bill to Force Trump to Release Tax Returns or Be Left Off Ballot

Laura Ingraham: Media Coverage on Massacre-Plotting Coast Guard Officer is a Diversion From Smollett

Smollett is a dog and pony show BTW Chicago hade 555 murders last year

Gabbard: If guilty, Smollett should apologize, 'be prosecuted to fullest extent'

That Awkward Moment

Alabama woman who joined ISIS sues to return to the U.S.

Kamala's sister Maya wrote the (book) on women of color civic engagement

Police Took 1-Year-Old Son From Her Arms

Trump aides worry he'll get outfoxed in North Korea talks

Sanders has early lead over Warren in battle of the left

Purity Toon

Jim Risch tries to calm Republicans furious with Trump

I'm honored to once again have the support of my good friend @KillerMike.

EXCLUSIVE Trump Won't Rule Out Using Stolen Data in 2020 Campaign

In my opinion...

MAGA Ouch.

For weeks the corporate controlled media has been headlining the antics of a crazy actor

Nom nom nom . . . dreaming of treats.

Mom records heartwarming video of police officer playing with dolls

"They're not here for you, Carol" (cat walk drama)

The Right's Empty Rage Against Jussie Smollett and Loud Silence on Coast Guard Terrorist...

Cat expires from foul stench; can't be revived:

Somebody let that poor pogo stick in!

This has to stop.. the attacks on the Democratic Leadership and the Press

Canadian traffic jam

House Democrats move to block Trump's national emergency declaration

Roseanne Barr looks more relaxed since she took some time off.

May we discuss the pros and cons Democratic Socialism?

DNA results found in 900+ untested rape kits in Austin police backlog

I report. You infer. Are Democratic Primary Voters Feeling "The Bern"?

Heads up - Speaker Pelosi has introduced the resolution to terminate Emergency

Ten questions we hope Robert Mueller will answer

Bernie Sanders gets Danny DeVito endorsement in 2020 presidential race

Congress could block big chunk of Trump's emergency wall money

The origin of Super Villains: Composite Superman

The Rundown: February 22, 2019

Pick of the Week: "High Level" #1

Venezuela Forces Reportedly Open Fire on Civilians at Closed Brazil Border

Sunshine Superman- Donovan

The person at the top of my list seems to be a non-starter.

A.B. Stoddard is a conservative mouthpiece masquerading as a centrist.

One dead, multiple injured after Venezuelan national guard opens fire on opposition supporters

The Rude Pundit: "Call me old-fashioned, but..."

"The contest for ages has been to rescue liberty from the grasp of executive power."

LEAKED VIDEO: Tucker Carlson Triggered in Unaired Interview

ALERT: Trump Appoints Son-in-Law of New Atty General

Sarah Sanders lays groundwork for Trump-Kim "summit" being a participation trophy visit

Absorbing Vincent: Van Gogh goes immersive in Paris exhibition

The Guess Who - No Sugar Tonight

Why would we think he's a crook?..trump started his term with a $25 MILLION DOLLAR fraud settlement.

Trump SHOULD be nervous as to what Michael Cohen will be revealing.....

Sugarloaf - Green-Eyed Lady

'Pathological liar' Sarah Sanders blasted after insisting Trump has never encouraged violence

Former patients accuse ex-Fox News medical pundit of sexual exploitation

7.5 Magnitude Earthquake strikes near Ecuador's Border with Peru

Trump continues ranting 'witch hunt must end' -- even as Mueller reportedly nears probe's completion

Donny Deutsch presses reporter to name names in Epstein scandal -- and drops some big hints

Popcorn time! Mueller's sentencing recommendations in Manafort's DC case are expected TODAY

N.C. board declares a new election in contested House race

Why I'm excited about Elizabeth Warren's candidacy.

It's a "coming to Jesus" moment for the GOP...

Ex-Trump campaign official calls him 'un-American' and says his supporters were 'taken for fools'

Shake vs Nod

Sanders first to get non-home state congressional endorsement

New York Has Prepared Paul Manafort Charges If Trump Pardons Him

Trump Won't Rule Out Using Stolen Data in 2020 Campaign

Smollett suspended from Empire TV show

Profiles in Crazy, LII. . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

Has there been an investigation into how Trump enthusiasts....

Jussie Smollett's 'Empire' Character Booted From Final Episodes Of Season

How do you envision a conversation between William Barr (AG) and Robert Mueller (Special Counsel)?

In campaigns and in life in general you're going to have to do things that make you uncomfortable.

Acosta Must Go.

Meet The Lone US Attorney Leading Trump's Non-Citizen Voting Crusade

Teenage Tolkien's early glimpses of Middle Earth Smollett 4, Hasson 0, Epstein/Acosta 0...

Teenage Tolkien's early glimpses of Middle Earth

Looks like Manafort has been checkmated:

Bloomberg: NY state will file criminal charges against Manafort is Trump pardons him on federal.

White House 'looking into' Alexander Acosta's prosecution in billionaire pedophile case

Trump headed to Vietnam next week...

The "Isis Bride" . . . . let her come back or not?

Covington Catholic lawyer 'looking very carefully' at Bill Maher over 'defamatory' statements

'Empire' producers cut Smollett from season's last episodes

Here's What Beto Could Unleash on Trump

The Daily 202: Will supporting reparations become a new litmus test for Democrats in 2020?

Shocker! Roger Stone's "volunteers" are all Proud Boys.

Why haven't we just called the trumpass supporters

A question for folks hee: Could Mueller be releasing an initial report?

Joe diGenova...People Should Buy Guns...America is In 'Civil War': 'It's Going to be Total War'

With apologies to Monty Python, my version of Brexit negotiations as "The Cheese Shop"

Rachel Maddow's interview with J. T. Smith last night:

I want everyone I see running!!! I love all of them

Today I've got no f***ks to give....

Shoeless Joe batted .408 in 1911

What is the best word for being both horrified and fascinated at the same time?

Some folks don't need help to look bad

All the President's broken men

I think Beto O'Rourke might be a great candidate for vice president

The President Of The Time's Up Movement Resigned Over Allegations Of Sexual Assault Against Her Son

His first hike after leaving the shelter

An Elementary School Apologized After Students Were Instructed To Play A "Runaway Slave" Game

Maddow: Trump officials have been pursuing an illegal plan to transfer nuclear tech. to Saudis:

B Sanders Taps Jill Stein Supporter to Co-Chair his Campaign for the Democratic Nomination

House conservative cosponsors bill to block Trump's emergency declaration

Kansas GOP pushes for cheaper health plans that may not cover pre-existing conditions

Kansas GOP pushes for cheaper health plans that may not cover pre-existing conditions

"What's the point of holding onto your office if you have to betray your country?"

Anyone else see "The Orville" last night?

UN nuclear watchdog: Iran maintains compliance with 2015 pact

The media is going to continue to do what they do unless enough people demand that they STOP!

Greetings from Jet Blue Park

NE Patriots owner Robert Kraft charged as a "john" in human trafficking/prostitution investigation

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft charged as a 'john' in human trafficking/prostitution invest

Trump Trade War Triggering $1.9 Billion Plunge In Farm Exports: USDA


Twitter: Venezuelan GNB try to stop motorcade seeking to bring humanitarian aid. Gets OWNED

Owner of the Patriots arrested for soliciting the biggest prostitute of them all

Petco announces it will close Drs. Foster and Smith, eliminating 289 jobs

Donald Trump Hails 'Just Built' Border Wall, But Uses Months-Old Footage

Bernie 2020 'Stamp' (printed envelope design)

Trump Admin To Stop Giving Permits To Spouses Of High-Skilled Immigrants

So Robert Kraft was arrested for going to a jack shack.

Just in case...

WTF happened to Ghouliani?

Any DUers edit Wikipedia?

Central Plains to Upper Midwest brace for blizzard set to unload nearly 2 feet of snow

A third of money Trump wanted to grab w/ natl. emergency had already been spent elsewhere.

Swarm Theory: A good model to describe GOP priorities and support of Trump

Here is a link to Robert Kraft arrest for soliciting a prostitute

Va. Republicans plan hearings into sex assault allegations against Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax

The problem with 'Socialist'

South Dakota governor says Trump trade wars have 'devastated' the state

Fmr GOP Candidate to Plead Guilty ...Allegedly Spent $1M in Donations on Strip Clubs, 'Escorts'

College educated, wite, suburian and don't forget PROUD! I wish it were a cartoon

The media is still beating the 'Mueller report soon' drum.

Laura Loomer strikes again!

Always something good on Twitter..........

I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch) -- Four Tops -vs- Bonnie Pointer

Pharmaceutical residues in fresh water pose a growing environmental risk

It's Blast Off for Israel's Mission to the Moon

Graham sums up how stupid the GOP has become

Emptywheel Blog - Questions to Ask Before Reporting a Breaking Mueller Report

The RacheL Maddow Show 9PM 2/21/2019 FULL RacheL Maddow MSNBC NEWS TODAY February 21, 2119

So what's the deal with Donny Jr and Vanessa halting their divorce?

Trump remains stone Silent on Plot to Kill Critics

Why are people so convinced that Trump will be issuing pardons?

No mention of HASSON but Limbo non-stop about Empire guy being Left Activist

Trump faces legal issues for the rest of his presidency, no matter what Mueller finds

Breaking! White Male Attacks Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez!!!

The slowly written Mueller report that's sitting in plain sight

U.S. farmers receive $7.7 billion in trade aid to date: USDA

Yashar Ali thread about new hire (former Sessions spox) to manage CNN political coverage

An upcoming report need not be final or signify the end of Mueller's investigation even IF final.

February Finals in GD

Graham: 'Handful' of GOP senators will vote to block Trump's emergency declaration

Roger Stone threatens a judge and walks free

National Margarita Day-- 22 February

Union leader says Green New Deal would make infrastructure bill 'absolutely impossible'

Robert Kraft..Patriots Owner and Trump's friend....

Why We Think Cats Are Psychopaths

Arizona marshal disciplined after he threatened to arrest a 12-year-old journalist

Biden gets closer to a White House bid but serious concerns remain

What's on your bucket list?

DL For The Win!

OK gotta ask this here

20 Million Family Values Republicans Spontaneously Develop Erections

What are you waiting for, Senator Portman? a great LTE

Estonians rescue wild wolf from ice thinking it was a dog

Location, location, location: Proximity to the mainland determines how coral reef communities resp...

North Korea Cutting Food Rations By Almost Half

Brotherhood of man. United we stand.

Traveling to the UK this year - what groups to join to get passes?

Kraft is "not the biggest name" caught up in this sting (re: Patriots owner Robert Kraft)

Succulent Sausages, Golden Vegetables and a Single Pan

House Dems push ahead with bid to terminate Trump's emergency declaration

My American Hero:

Trump administration changing definitions of domestic violence and sexual assault

North Carolina, north Georgia, east Tennessee

Rep. Duncan Hunter gets help with legal expenses from government contractors, others

Republicans blast Cummings over 'irresponsible' claims regarding Trump ethics disclosure

Signs you have cabin fever

R Kelly charged in Cook County (IL) with with aggravated criminal sexual abuse

50 mph winds, possible 'bomb cyclone' could hit Michigan

Medical journal retracts article due to "racist characterizations"

Japanese spacecraft successfully touches down on an asteroid, grabbing a sample of dust

Republicans are 'so scared' of challenge to Trump they're changing primary rules: Conservative colum

Fox Removes Jussie Smollett From Final 2 Episodes of 'Empire' Season 5 Following Arrest

So is it really a WEEK that we've been in a National Emergency?

R. Kelly charged in Cook County with aggravated criminal sexual abuse

Max Bruch Violin Concerto #1 in G Minor, Op. 26

Sarah Sanders: No need for Trump to tone down rhetoric following Hasson arrest

Trump to Bar Abortion Referrals By Family Planning Clinics

Sarah Sanders: Trump hasn't 'at any point' done anything but 'condemn violence against journalists'

Sub Chasers of The Civil Air Patrol

Sarah Sanders: No need for Trump to tone down rhetoric following Hasson arrest

Renaming Highway 530 the "Oso Slide Memorial Highway"

Malia Obama's rose-shaming is the latest in drinking double standards

Malia Obama's rose-shaming is the latest in drinking double standards

Is state ready for another massive transportation package?

Malia Obama's rose-shaming is the latest in drinking double standards

Chicago prosecutors charge R&B star R. Kelly with 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse

Two dead after Venezuelan soldiers open fire on opposition supporters

As Amazon Air Expands, FedEx And UPS May Suffer.

The pervasiveness of racism in everyday life.

Theresa May must go in three months, cabinet ministers say

[FULL] MSNBC Live The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell 10PM 02/21/2019 Breaking News

The next stage of the Seattle Squeeze is coming, this time for your downtown buses

Cliff Mass: 'Seattle should buy more snowplows'

Bostwana, home to nearly one-third of Africa's elephants, mulls lifting hunting ban

Flypast on 75th anniversary of US bomber crash

Kraft reasoning?

Cartoons 2/22/19

So Mueller will release his report next week?

The Robert Kraft Scandal is Remarkable for Its Sadness

Trump was sued for rape by minor girl in a "fixed" Epstein case

Puerto Rico Gov: Trump refuses meeting over hurricane relief

Puerto Rico Gov: Trump refuses meeting over hurricane relief

W.A.S.P. - Hold On To My Heart

Judge dismisses charges over boy's death on water slide

Core problem w/USA - Too damn many authoritarians, politicians, liars, lawyers and wacky religious

California parents of 13 plead guilty to torture, abuse

Sleeping (In The Fire) - Melissa VanFleet (W.A.S.P. cover)

United Methodists gather for crucial session

The mainstream media is freaking out

Get ready for some Cohen Bombshells on Wednesday in spite of trump Threats

Pioneering transgender singer Jackie Shane dead at 78

Pioneering transgender singer Jackie Shane dead at 78

Mayor arrested in raid on home, firing twice at deputies who came to assist

Another Trump Place decides to take down the name

#Mueller Report

Mueller to file sentencing memo in Manafort conspiracy case

Food for thought.

UN nuclear watchdog: Iran stays within limits of 2015 deal

Trump Intends to 'Cause Chaos' In Democratic Primaries

China bars millions from travel for 'social credit' offenses

wonder what people with real winters think about desert rats freaking out?

Private Mossad for Hire - Inside an effort to influence American elections

More on the prostitution ring that has implicated New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft

At Kraft Heinz, a fed investigation and a $15.4B write-down

Tool - Pushit (Salival - Live)

"How Amy Klobuchar Treats Her Staff" - New York Times

Can you read threads here without registering a preference? Are you...

HHS: Fact Sheet: Final Title X Rule Detailing Family Planning Grant Program

The tabs at the top of the page:

Puerto Rico governor says 2020 Democrats must support statehood

Devin Townsend performs 'Kingdom' for EMGtv

Democratic candidates are not clay pigeons. Support the nominee even if they're not your 1st choice.

CIA gave details of 9/11 suspect's secret torture to film-makers, lawyers say

Trump administration issues rule to strip millions from Planned Parenthood

Why Bernie Sanders Matters More Than People Think by Benjamin Studebaker

Trump admin cuts off Planned Parenthood from $286 million in federal funding

You can never be too young to save a life ❤️

'El Chapo' is facing life in prison. Here's why he may get a new trial.

trump, epstein, Labor Sec. acosta, kraft...rough week or something more?

The new workplace: how many monitors is this guy watching?

Hannity following his boss to Vietnam to do an interview.

Puerto Rico quietly abandons plan to move thousands of prisoners to Arizona

Edvard Grieg Piano Concerto in A Minor, Op. 16


Crap...MSNBC Breaking news...Mueller says he will not deliver report in the next week.

A Book Featuring the Unique Cat Ladders Residents of Bern, Switzerland Attach to the Exterior of The

Question for legal minds

Report: Robert Kraft is not the biggest name involved in prostitution case

Robert Mueller won't submit report to attorney general next week, DOJ official tells NBC News

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Political Assassination should be a major story

Porn star paying off president expresses sadness over Kraft soliciting sex???

Hi folks. I just clicked a link here on DU for a video and it loaded

Does Trump know what's in the report?

The 1st time I went into an Asian massage parlor where prostitution was suspected.

Putin/Trump launch 2020 campaign

BTRTN: Part 5: The Jeremy Lin Saga Continues: First Hawked and Then "En-Raptored"


Trump's response regarding Labor Secretary Acosta: "...that seems like a long time ago"

Booker speaking at Selma voting rights commemoration


Trump on Robert Craft arrest for soliciting a prostitute: "He's proclaimed his innocence, totally."

The Hill - News media has sought to 'delegitimize' Tulsi Gabbard, says liberal journalist

The House will vote Tuesday on blocking Trump's national emergency

TPM "Trump: Mueller Report Will Show 'No Collusion' If It's 'Honest'"

Hoda Muthana's family files lawsuit

Trump on his incendiary rhetoric and Coast Guard officer plot: "I think my language is very nice"

Kushner Cos. Pays $1.1 Billion for Suburban Apartment Portfolio

Looking for vegetarian keto diet information

If Biden gets in I'll have another difficult choice

List of those involved in sex trafficking operation out of Jupiter.

I have this vision of a typical day for Robert Mueller over the last 2 years. It goes like this;

I am looking for guidance on a vegetarian keto diet.

I am looking for guidance on a vegetarian keto diet.

How many abortions has Trump paid for in his life? And yet he is trying to stop them now?

To be added to the growing annals of Trumpian bumblefuckery:

I think I'll make a cocktail to sip on while waiting on Mueller's sentencing memo.

You Give Apps Sensitive Personal Information. Then They Tell Facebook.

What If Giant Cats Lived Among Us?

The story behind a Palm Beach sex offender's remarkable deal

None of this is normal...2/22/2019

02/24 Mike Luckovich: Who asked you?!

Judge Appears Set to Demand Full "Accounting" of Thousands More Separated Kids

Cooper knows the drill when it's raining

Grand jury is examining whether former interior secretary Ryan Zinke lied to federal investigators

Wake DA: Criminal prosecution anticipated in District 9 case (NC)

Putin denies any aid from Russia arriving in Venezuela

BREAKING NEWS: No it's not, please stop with the new breaking news chyron cable news people.

How do the authorities know Robert Kraft received sex in the massage parlor?

Wow! No Mueller report next week?

Dixie Chicks......Not ready to make nice

In praise of Older White Men and Women

Black History: day 22 - Bryants Grocery, Money, Missippi

Maduro blocks live feeds of Venezuela Aid concerts

More Speculation on Kim's Transportation to Hanoi

Robert Kraft Sting: What were the police thinking? They are just as guilty as the john's!

Superdelegates may have the ultimate say.

Thrill seeking behavior?

No offense to Rep. Adam Schiff but Democrats need to stop counting on modern Republicans

GOP Governor slams Trump for his trade war that is crippling her state: He's 'driving a lot of...

Make America Safe Again

Update: Mueller Report NOT coming out next week

Trump branded spas, escort services, massage parlors. Were the Kraft girls Chinese?

No Mueller Report Next Week

Dancing stray dog steals the show at Mexico festival

Happy 60th birthday, the Daytona 500.

Why Isn't Mark Harris Behind Bars for His NC Election Fraud Scheme?

Trump Intends to 'Cause Chaos' In Democratic Primaries

He would have turned 86 today: Ernie K-Doe

Media, with brave exceptions, fear Epstein and similar stories. Reasons:

What Beto O'Rourke Could Unleash on Trump

I've spent the afternoon trying to unpack a shipment of several heavy, prehung oak doors.

Acosta should resign....

Did I Call It or DID I CALL IT?!?!

Where's the Worst Place You've Ever Spent the Night?

Update: Alabama newspaper that ran KKK editorial now led by African-American woman

MSNBC Panel discussion saying Mueller's grand jury could issue report themselves

Cohen Gave Prosecutors New Information on the Trump Family Business

Robert Kraft is a multi Billionaire

First court appearance for alleged domestic terrorist plotting mass killing

Sanctioned Russian oligarch's think tank might expand to the U.S.

The White House has a new argument against collusion!

Another right wing crook....

Cohen Gave Prosecutors New Information on the Trump Family Business

The slowly written Mueller report that's been hiding in plain sight

And I say FU CTodd

"Senior official" at DOJ says no Mueller report next week?

The irony of Trumpism

Jarod Pollis (CO Governor) on MSNBC (the Toad) NOW--first major interview

How stupid is trump thinking he could run the Federal

Kamala Harris - For The People - at Women's 'Power Rising' Summit in New Orleans

New Jersey Senate has passed bill that would take Trump off of the 2020 ballot unless he releases hi

Alabama lawmaker files bill to allow Bible history elective in public schools

Why does Lindsey Graham get so much coverage?

Well, that trick did not work!

Former longtime Alabama senator Zeb Little accused of stealing thousands from clients

Correct spelling of her name is Klobuchar

13 - now 14 - threads about Robert Kraft in General Discussion

Librarians DO have a sense of humor!

Conservative co-sponsors bill to block emergency

I see Massachusetts Man has been visiting his cousin, Florida Man in Florida.

USDA has paid out $7.7 billion to help farmers hit by tariffs

Who made a predicition that the US President would

Video refutes Sanders's claim that Trump never encouraged violence

What is the "best" report Trump can expect from Mueller?

I would really appreciate it if Jay Inslee were included in the list of primary choices.

Fourth-grader dies same day she's diagnosed with flu, strep throat

Whatever happened to idea of disclosing names of those in Congress who had settled...

Can I post in Here, this once about the Republican Primary?

maybe time for GD to get ahead of the narrative

Operation "Divide the Left'

So, to wander into tinfoil hat territory a bit here....

Kelly Knight Craft new UN ambassador for Trump. CNN

Study finds 31 Mississippi rural hospitals at high risk of closure

An Arizona cop threatened to arrest a 12-year-old journalist. She wasn't backing down.

Can anyone get onto the site?

Dreaming of treats 😊

Georgia House Speaker David Ralston uses post to delay clients' criminal cases for years

Possible Chronic Wasting Disease cure found at LSU

Facing Protests, Sudan's Leader Declares Yearlong State of Emergency

Trump admin weighs softening demands ahead of second North Korea summit

The American Destruction of Venezuela - The Real Story

Want to get depressed..Ari now...Mueller may not be done until I am dead...

Mueller rebuffs Roger Stone's claims that he tipped off CNN

12 Senators have come out against David Whitley's nomination to be our top election official.

Mexican environmental activist murdered in Morelos

Ending the filibuster is critical. And only Liz Warren supports ending it.

Elementary School Celebrates Black History Month by Having Kids Play Runaway Slave 'Game'

What's for Dinner, Fri., Feb. 22, 2019

In my opinion Mueller is just the tip of the spear. His report, when it comes, is not the end...

Is Africa going backwards on democracy?

KTLA anchor Chris Burrous died of methamphetamine overdose, coroner says

Dan McCready is on Ari now n/t

Medical and small amount of Marijuana decriminalised in St Kitts-Nevis

Does anyone know why SpicyFiles Twitter account was suspended?

A public service video in response to the passing of an LA media personality

Let us not forget.....