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Archives: February 23, 2019

Four new DNA letters double life's alphabet

Best-Ever View of Distant Object Ultima Thule Reveals Weird Circles, Pits

Just curious. Any (tRUMP) RUSSIANS come here(U.S.A.) while we

U.S. and China Extend Talks as the Two Sides Race to Reach a Trade Truce

Trump on charges against Robert Kraft: "It's very sad. I was very surprised to see it. He's proclaim

Advice on being a beautiful woman from a tool on Twitter

Reporter challenges Trump to his face as he desperately deflects from North Carolina's ballot fraud

Legislative Update: Tort Reform, Heartbeat Bills, Teacher Pay Moves Forward

India orders 'staggering' eviction of 1 million indigenous people. Some environmentalists are cheeri

Family crisis: Pregnant family member cannot tolerate garlic!!!!!!!

R. Kelly charged

Chinese 'Muslim tracker' surveillance system monitoring movements of 2.5m people in Xinjiang

BREAKING NEWS: Dems call on Trump to fire Acosta

The Supreme Court just unanimously voted to stop the police from stealing your stuff for no reason.

You may be reading the Bible wrong. Pete Enns says the Bible itself shows a better way

Quote from Trump on Jeffrey Epstein:

You may be reading the Bible wrong. Pete Enns says the Bible itself shows a better way

Elizabeth Warren live on C-Span around 8:20 PM ET nt

NE Patriots owner

Christianity the only religion whose founder starts with the belief that the world is to end soon?

Botswana mulls lifting big game hunting ban

Clark Gable III, grandson of legendary actor, dead at age 30

Is that 'more prominent name' on the massage parlor list still operative?

Norwegian mass murderer inspired Coast Guard officer

After further review........... Patriots non-fans enjoy

Why Joe Biden has not stepped into the ring yet.. most best guess

He'd "rather do it faster"

Some comic relief from Trevor Noah

NASA Picks Payloads to Be Toted by 1st Private Moon Landers

If the 2020 election were today, Trump would lose - by Chris Cillizza andLauren Dezenski

Breaking - New York preparing state charges for Manafort

Image of the Day

This President is incredibly cool.

Hubble Spots Gassy Objects Jetting Away from Newborn Star

MSNBC is doing its job at least

What I believe Michael Cohen will be revealing that will finally show what a depraved immoral evil

Is insurance fraud a federal crime or a state crime? :

Who I'd rather NOT Vote For:

In case you don't know how to fold your burrito

Class of 2020 US Senators if Democrats regain control of the US Senate.

Damn cat....

Church of England says Sunday services no longer mandatory

Of coarse Trump nominated Kelly Craft to become Ambassador to the UN!

Seth Abramson explains why the "standard of proof" for DT's bad acts should be WAY BELOW that used

Trump picks ambassador to Canada for UN post

Help : what does this mean? (filed with SCOTUS)

Emptywheel: the Manafort sentencing memo might not be released tonight.

Bart Scott: NFL should strip Patriots of 'whole draft' over Robert Kraft scandal

Judge tosses North Carolina mandatory voter ID amendment citing gerrymandering

More Water Resources over the Sahel region of Africa in the 21st Century under Global Warming

"For a handful of hours next week, Nancy Pelosi will be the..."

NFL punishment could be swift and severe for Robert Kraft

Trump administration directs 1,000 more troops to Mexican border

Border wall prototypes in San Diego to be removed

Scientists Reveal Impacts of Anthropogenic Nitrogen Discharge on Nitrogen Transport in Global Rivers

US approves extradition of Colombia's former agriculture minister

Democratic hopeful Klobuchar backs legalizing marijuana

Refuses meeting over hurricane relief, Puerto Rico governor says

Friday Talking Points -- Muellermas Eve?

Stare down red scare

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Here Come De Judge!

YouTube bans anti-vaccination videos from running advertisements

These are quite possibly the funniest comments I have ever seen

Thoughts on how Senator Feinstein handled this?

Chicago Police Credit Their Extensive Experience Falsifying Evidence For Helping Solve Smollett Case

Question for SHITLER (not that his any "answer" would be insightful, meaningful, or honest) :

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaid arrives in Colombia, defying travel ban and risking arrest

Leave Bob alone! Sympathy after sting

Trump steps up attack on Planned Parenthood

Arkansas gov calls emergency declaration 'worrisome'

Understanding high efficiency of deep ultraviolet LEDs

Arkansas state legislator proposes cutting school lunch funding to improve reading.

Microsoft workers again upset about US military work

Is lab-grown meat actually worse for the environment?

Picture to caption

Over a dozen senior hires means Harris campaign will be shaped by women of color like no other

"The Coast Guard terrorist is a distraction"

NYU Tandon Team Charts Path to Sustainable, Solar-Driven Chemical Manufacturing

We don't deserve dogs

Does anyone else remember when Special Prosecutor Ken Starr issued his report in the form of a book

The truth about cheese: The terrible costs of our favourite food

China Uses DNA to Track Its People, With the Help of American Expertise

So. In 2014, Trump Tweeted About His Massage Parlor... in Jupiter, FL

The State of NY is like syphilis to tRump and Manafort...

Tonight on Real Time with Bill Maher: Adam Schiff, Claire McCaskill

'Goldilocks' thinking to cut cost of fuel cells in electric vehicles

So, what's the Lounge plan for the Oscars? (I always miss the first half hour, for reasons.)

Tom Harkin-IA, Tim Johnson-SD, and Jay Rockefeller-WV 2014 hypothetical.

LSU ME Grad Student Uses E. Coli to Create Bioproducts

Man this has been a long road trip. The job has been shitty as well. But I'm going home in

What are the chances that Trump says something wildly inappropriate about Vietnam and the war while

Justice Don't Be Slow - Steppenwolf - 1974

Full video of Senator Feinstein and children

No Job for A Lady - british comedy series - Labour (liberal) lady elected to parliament and all

I'impressed at how anchors like Richard Liu can just pick up

Elie Mystal: "SDNY is coming at Trump like's going to make him crazy"

Three of the Biggest Political Scandals of my Lifetime, & I'm Writing "Jussie Smollett" for Clicks

Doggie makes me feel bad about myself

For a generation of garage bands this song was a godsend

PBS: American Masters-Charley Pride

Florida human trafficking: Billionaire equity firm owner John Childs wanted on prostitution charge

Last one before bed - Melvin can play really well & more importantly - He ain't too proud too SHRED

Pro-Confederate Groups Planning Rally at the University of Mississippi

Ex-Port Richey mayor held without bail; says he didn't mean to shoot at deputies

This Kraft thing has to be bigger than what we know so far...

Someone on Twitter says the DC Court's 12 a.m. deadline is really 12 am Pacific time --

5 guys

Friday Night Wine-Buzz. How is everyone tonight?

Where is the D.C. Manafort sentencing filing that was due today??

OMFG - there really is a tweet for EVERYTHING

Please feed dis doggie, plllleeeeze

More proof that 45 is senile and needs to be put into a home

New Mexico may block right-to-work ordinances

Cohen expected to reveal additional trump Sleaze

2020 CO US Senate Election- If Crisanta Duran-D runs for the US House against Diana DeGette-D,

Alaska senator says she's likely to back Trump disapproval

Gov. Lujan Grisham asks court to enforce protections from ICE arrests.

What a couple of pathetic snowflakes!

the who - join together (live-ish lol - 1972)

Just some Nixon/trump Comparisons

Report: Barr likely pushed back against story that Mueller report was coming soon.

JOHN PILGER: The War on Venezuela is Built on Lies

JOHN PILGER: The War on Venezuela is Built on Lies

The Daily Show: The Unraveling of Jussie Smollett's Hate Crime Claims

'The money's used up:' Raises unlikely for state workers, senator says

Some Interesting Details of How the Hubble Space Telescope Was Used to Discover Neptune's 7th Moon.

Seth Meyers - Black History Month, Karl Lagerfeld's Cat - Monologue - 2/21/19

Virgin Galactic spaceplane reaches space with first passenger on board

Billionaire equity firm owner John Childs wanted on prostitution charge in Vero Beach

Why Venezuela's Chavistas are fiercely loyal to Maduro, despite economic crisis

Humanitarian aid for imperialist war

Humanitarian aid for imperialist war

Bernie Sanders Announces His 2020 Presidential Run (Jimmy Fallon)

So weird if you just read through our topic threads we know instantly

The Special Counsel report is like trying to contain...

Sirius XM Fires Frank Conniff: He Was 'Mean' To Chris Christie

Tweet of the Day

Bolton cancels South Korea trip 'to focus on events in Venezuela'

Bolton cancels South Korea trip 'to focus on events in Venezuela'

Forrest bust protesters clash with House speaker

Venezuela Coverage Takes Us Back to Golden Age of Lying About Latin America

Turns out the DiFi video is a fake.

San Francisco Public Defender Jeff Adachi has died.

Venezuela Coverage Takes Us Back to Golden Age of Lying About Latin America

Haiti police fire rubber pellets at mourners as protests resume

Labour seeks to stem antisemitism crisis after Ian Austin quits

Labour seeks to stem antisemitism crisis after Ian Austin quits

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 2/22/19

Stock Market Soars After Investors Decide That Would Be Fun Thing To Make Happen Today

Chevy Volt discontinued: Chevrolet's last Volt rolls off the assembly line

Mueller sentencing memo in Manafort case not yet public

Americans arrested in Haiti with arsenal of guns won't face U.S. charges

Money for the Wall

Trump administration signals ISIS foreign fighters could be sent to Guantanamo Bay

White Savior: The Movie Seth Meyers

Saudi prince's trip to China highlighted by $10 billion petrochemical deal

Viral Feinstein video was edited.

Quote re: sweetness

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Trump might want to keep a closer eye on Texas

"They slept on the massage tables, cooked on the back steps, got no breaks."

Skinner can you put a header for this section oh homepage? Nobody would know it's here.

Andrew McCabe and Colbert

Tailleferre: "Sonata for Harp-I., II., III.", Bennett on harp/Borodin: "Symphony No.3"

Did Bronze Age Europeans Keep Foxes As Pets?

Thought of the night.

Researchers Reaffirm Remains in Viking Warrior Tomb Belonged to a Woman

Inca Ritual Baths Fed by Waterfall Reveals More of Its Secrets

Inca Ritual Baths Fed by Waterfall Reveals More of Its Secrets

Amazing Images: The Best Science Photos of the Week

Real Time with Bill Maher

So R. Kelly is indicted and arrested for

The ancient people in the high-latitude Arctic had well-developed trade

Bill to close primaries, require voter registration by party in Tennessee advances

Where has Rudy G. been? Haven't seen him around lately? nt

A Volcanic Binge And Its Frosty Hangover

In A Growing 2020 Field, Dems See Sanders Among Most Viable Contenders So Far

Trump's wall prototypes to come down along U.S.-Mexico border

Is it time to legalize prostitution?

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 2/22/19

187th Rakkasan we met at the ymca yesterday

Are our senior Democratic Party members able to grasp the immediacy felt by our nation's youth?

Tainted alcohol kills at least 84 people in India

I love my little blues players I'm doing sloppy joes next Friday

Good Morning We are waiting for redactions...get them a stash of black markers please..

The GOP Keeps Changing The Rules After It Loses Elections

US head trade rep changes names to soothe Trump's feelings after Chinese rep laughs at him

Trump administration blocks funds for abortion clinics

These Are the Americans Who Live in a Bubble

Once again, legalizing prostitution INCREASES the incidence of human trafficking.

Pete Buttigieg...

You have to wonder about the agenda of HuffPost....

How can we teach objectivity in a post-truth era?

Italian Investigators Just Uncovered a Major Russian Election Meddling Plot

Treason-trial in Russia accidently exposes link between FSB and russian cybercriminals.

Support Planned Parenthood

What is the general impression of Trump's demeanor lately? Mrs. Atticus has concern

Every time a repub says Democrats were the party of slavery & racism just agree with them and ......

Kentucky Democrat 'enraged' by House resolution backing Trump's immigration emergency

House Democrats gear up for fight over Mueller report

Russia seems to be aiming for Balkanization in other countries

Reversible abortions? Bill could require Kentucky doctors to tell patients it can be done

Jackie Shane, transgender soul singer from the 60's, dies at 78:

Andrew Yang and the case for Universal Basic Income

A small point we should not overlook...

What age of men/women are you most attracted to?

Kentucky teacher came out as bisexual to stop a student's suicide. Then he got fired

It's over when Mueller says it's over:

2020 CO US Senate Election Democratic Nominee- Johnston-D or Romanoff-D?

Gov. Matt Bevin dismisses his low poll numbers, welcomes Trump's help

The New Motto of the GOP

Kentucky wants more secrecy for the public incentives it offers corporations

A state judge just threw out two constitutional amendments because the GOP legislature was 'illegall

What does a "rec" mean? Some of mine mean "I agree"; some mean "this is interesting";

9 things Kentucky teachers should know about the educator-proposed pension plan

Endless Arches

Green New Deal, Meet Old Red Scare

No way to make Mufasa's death any more sad

Insurance Not Enough To Offset Finanicial Risks Of Climate Change, Analysts Say

The only way we lose in 2020

Leaders devastated by Passport Health's plan to suspend Louisville HQ work

Where is the voting thread(s) for Feb?

Kamala Harris's record and character matter -- not the race of her father and husband

'OPERATION DIVIDE THE LEFT': Recent assault on Democratic candidates traced to 200 suspect accounts

Since every media outlet and lawyer is waiting for the Manafort filing where did tRump get his sick fantasy about "human trafficers duct taping women"?

Have you ever noticed?

This Guy LOVES Playing Piano For His Rescue Cats

NOAA Spring Flooding Outlook Getting Steadily Worse

Bernie Sanders Univision Interview w/ Jorge Ramos 2/22/19 on Border Security, Venezuela

Forget about all the other problems that go with prostitution but why were millionaires and ...

NRA Magazine features: "Target Practice" next to a photo of Nancy Pelosi with Gabby Giffords.

White evangelicals rationalizing Trump be like

Right-wing thinking. It burns!

Glowing Wounds at Shiloh, An Interesting Tale From the Westinghouse/Intel Science Awards.

Together -- Unofficial Bernie Sanders Ad Set to "This Land Is Your Land"

Sen. Lisa Murkowski says she's likely to back Trump disapproval

Why vote for Sanders when you can have Elizabeth Warren instead?

Small Arctic Island Of Perlamutrovy, 1.5 Km In Diameter, Disappears Beneath Barents Sea

David Corn on Trump vs Klobuchar

Norwegian Polar Institute - How Will Acidification Of Arctic Ocean Affect Zooplankton, Food Chain?

Bigger is not better. Small dollars online are gold for Democrats taking on Trump.

2020 Democrats' progressive gamble is about to get real

Mississippi Woman Pleads Guilty to Health Care Fraud, Money Laundering and Tax Evasion Charges for R

NC Shift From Hogs To Chickens Speeding Up; Poultry Yard Phosphorus Output 4X Hog CAFOs

Little Girl Has Sweetest Reaction To Her Surprise 'Valentine'

George Conway Names The Donald Trump Character Trait That Now Drives U.S. Foreign Policy

Kamala Harris - Between the Scenes Guest Edition - The Daily Show

Pittie Never Stopped Smiling All 4 Years She Was In The Shelter

Meet the Man Curbing Trump's Power Without Anyone Noticing

Qatar hired ex-Trump campaign staffer as D.C. lobbyist

Texas Doctor and Hospital Owner Convicted in $20 Million Healthcare Fraud Scheme

Warren: Native Americans should be 'part of the conversation' on reparations

So, we wait to see how many time Trump will screw up or embarrass the country next week....

Did Mueller submit the Manafort sentencing document?

Black woman replacing Alabama newspaper editor who endorsed KKK's return

Keeping it simple for the rightwingers to understand.

The Memo: Mueller report won't end Trump's legal woes

Hypothetical presidential eligibility question

Question concerning hotels....

Former Chief Operating Officer of Montgomery County Department of Economic Development Sentenced to

Trump's cronies are in secret talks to sell nuclear tech to Saudi. The risks are clear

Average tax refund down 17 percent, IRS reports

Conservative "journalists" in Minnesota faking news

Participants in $200 Million Workers' Comp Scheme Sentenced to Prison and More Than $2 Million in Fi

Serious question about Green New Deal.

Do Not Disturb: How I Ditched My Phone and Unbroke My Brain

Keep this in mind every time you hear that Mueller is wrapping up or there is an imminent arrest

Netflix raises price. I have not decided if I'll renew or not. I have watched the old shows that I

Republican Silent on Voter Fraud Scheme Tied to Party

Las Vegas Woman Sentenced And Ordered To Pay Nearly $14 Million in Restitution Related To Small Busi

Warren: Native Americans should be 'part of the conversation' on reparations

Schiff to Barr:

Mr. President, why do you surround yourself with criminals?

The Godlike mystique of Robert Mueller

The Black Radical You've Never Head Of - a TOON essay from The Nib

Her husband was not convicted of drugging and raping her - because it is still legal in Minnesota

Melissa McCarthy: Oscar-nominated actress wins a Golden Raspberry

Good point re Feinstein "scandal"

Weekend TOONs - If the shoe fits...

Kamikaze drones. What could possibly go wrong with this idea?

Okinawans set to vote on US military base relocation

Player whose "in Cycle" HR was a Grand Slam

Bolton cancels South Korea trip 'to focus on events in Venezuela'

Trump vows to veto move to block his emergency declaration if needed

Kushner Cos. Seeks Federal Loan in Biggest Deal in Decade

Court records reveal a Mueller report right in plain view

FBI set precedent by turning HRC case files over to Congress

Stanley Donen, Famed Director of Mirthful Movie Musicals, Dies at 94

Schiff said on Maher last nite that Rs stop him in the hall and say "Keep doing what you're doing"

Heard just now on Infowars - Green New Deal......

Right Wing Delusion of the Day

Anti-choice day of mourning

"Its so easy to screw with the Democrats"

Draggin the Line - Tommy James

Hey, Don't be too mad at Bob Kraft...

About Trump Winning The Election - I Say B.S. When You Hear Somebody Say.....

Yep, they screwed up

Border-town marshal faces backlash after First Amendment talk with kid reporter

This ones a trip... The Strawberry Alarm Clocks

Peter Frampton Announces Farewell Tour, Reveals Muscle Disease Diagnosis

Nevada governor to boycott Trump meeting

One movie that perplexes me, and another that should have had a sequel.

Republicans call everything they don't like 'socialism' -- #2

What the Buck?

Here is a shaky question to ask ourselves?

Brown, Rubio trade barbs over 'dignity of work' as Brown mulls presidential bid

The Nina Turner choice is so disappointing.

Venezuela soldiers abandon posts at Colombia border

Sanders has early lead over Warren in battle of the left

Major typos always amaze me

First trucks crossing into Venezuela from Brazil NOW

Trump won't condemn self-proclaimed White Nationalist "because those are his people"

FDR: The Four Freedoms

Causation? Correlation? Both?

If Cohen testifies publicly next week in the house (about RUMPS really bad shit)

Who edits and splices together a misleading video of children in order to advance an agenda?

They want to talk "socialism"?

If you think the country is going broke

Joe Kennedy hopes Mueller report turns up nothing (For 'sake of our democracy,' he says)

Connect the dots! Nothing shady AT ALL about the Kushner family's $1.15 billion federal loan request

Joe from the archives: "I had this impulse to hug him, so I did. And I cried. "

The SDNY investigation is Trumps worst nightmare. They would have indicted him along with Cohen.

Tax preparation day at this household/ Wish me luck.

The role of the Vice President

African-American remains awaken history of convict-leasing system

Why do so many people seem to fall for "opinion as news?"

For those here who support Amy Klobuchar first, I am interested

If the Mueller report is not explosive, the reaction of the American people will be.

WOOPEE! I have entered the world of no data cap internet

REPORT: Trump Admitted Venezuela Intervention Is To Steal Oil

Black Dog

I just read Senator Feinstein's Green New Deal draft Resolution and I must say

Nurse charged in fatal drug-swap error pleads not guilty

Does Cohen have police protection?

PUPPERS Act to End 'Barbaric' VA Dog Experiments Reintroduced to Congress

First truck carrying humanitarian aid enters Venezuela, skirmishes escalate on the Colombian border

Ed Krassenstein wins today's Internet for his response to Trump's latest book review.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi participates in a US-Mexico hug ceremony at border

Foster parent convicted of rape sentenced to probation

If you missed Bill Maher tirade against Amazon for not going where new jobs are needed

Brendan Buck on CNN

It's just a matter of time before some right wing neo-nazi nutbag kills a bunch of people.

My God.. I had no idea it was this bad..

A thoughtful article, however frightening: What if Donald Trump loses 2020 but tries to fight loss?

Washington, Lincoln, TR, FDR, Harry S., Ike, LBJ, WJC, McCain

Q the Press, I have finally hit the jackpot!

Mueller requested Manafort sentencing doc be sealed (granted), ordered to file redacted public view

For those of you that subscribe to multiple services,

After Manafort is sentenced he still has the right to tell all to get his sentence reduced.

Poll about tax return preparation.

If Bernie Sanders can run in 2020, so should Hillary Clinton

Kamala's Iowa hug

Vatican abuse summit: Cardinal says files were destroyed

Women vent their anger at Vatican child abuse conference

February 23rd. 86 degs. In N FL. This is insane.

U.S. 'gravely concerned' about reports of civil society indictments in Turkey: State Department

N.Korea's Kim begins long train trip to Vietnam for summit with Trump

Mueller filing could be held up pending indictments of Don Jr. and Jared Kushner for lying ?

The long knives really seem to be out for Amy Klobuchar.

United States charges man accused in leak of Singapore HIV data

Catch the 3 String Lightning - Heavy Leather Thunder...

Guaid and supporters prepare to defy Maduro's blockade of aid

Flip-flop thieves get time-out to ponder their ways

Is it fair to associate "Johns" as "human/sex traffickers"?

Washington state mulls bill to provide homeless with free ID cards

Our executive lacks Executive Functions

Trump says he'll '100 percent' veto measure blocking emergency declaration

Here are the major executives who were caught in Florida's massage parlor prostitution sting

CNN - Manafort sentencing memo filed under seal

Yahoo.....first Decorah egg laid last night.....

Microsoft workers protest use of HoloLens headsets for war

Is the Sunrise Movement really being honest with us??

When the total cost of the damage from Trump is added up.

R. Kelly's Lawyer Calls Singer 'Sacrificial Lamb' After Sex Abuse Charges

Trump border wall funding plan jeopardizes 911th Airlift Wing construction in Moon(pgh, pa.)

Peter Frampton Talks Degenerative Muscle Disease Diagnosis, Farewell Tour

Question on impeachment. If the house impeaches And senate does NOT convict.

Washington's Thybulle named semifinalist for Naismith Defensive Player of the Year

Anyone else see a pattern here?

What it's like in a white-collar prison

Eyman has filed for bankruptcy but has $465,615 in checking accounts

Canada's energy board: Build pipeline that hurts endangered killer whales

Questions swirl around Trump's North Korea summit

NC judge tosses voter ID and income tax amendments

No Federal refund for me this year due to the loss of the SALT deduction.

Re: Amy Klobuchar -- and men with female bosses.

We now have a DU for Warren Act Blue donation page

Venezuela humanitarian aid met with teargas and gunfire on borders

We now have a DU for Warren Act Blue donation page

The 6 essential cons that define Trump's success

Where the hunt for voter fraud is worse than the crime itself

Trying to install Discord.

Where the hunt for voter fraud is worse than the crime itself

I hope the NRA is taken down

Second Boston billionaire linked to Florida prostitution ring

Australia confirms Wikileaks' Assange has valid passport

Cartoons 2/23/19

Charges dropped in Kansas water slide death

Saudi sisters trapped in Hong Kong fear death penalty if deported

Today's very special episode, "My Skate Jams from High School That Time Forgot!"

Teacher strikes touching every part of America

Zero tolerence for sexism.

Hubert Sumlin was Buddy's and BB's hero

Parents of 13 plead guilty to torture, abuse

When do Democrats regain control of the US Senate-2020 or 2022?

WTF is the Sunrise Movement?

Polica Nacional Bolivariana sets trucks with humanitarian aid on fire

Faces legal issues for rest of his presidency, no matter what Mueller finds

Most U.S. Teens See Anxiety and Depression as a Major Problem Among Their Peers

800 page sentencing memo for Manafort.

In the end, everyone agreed it was election fraud

HERE THEY ARE: The Manafort sentencing documents

PBS Vermont - Beyond Bernie 4. Burlington's Socialist Mayor

Mueller files redacted Paul Manafort sentencing memo

Circa April 30th, 1981 - Vermont Report Special with Bernie Sanders - Blooper

2020/2022 NC US Senate Election- Dan McCready?

800 pages sentencing memo for Manafort lolololol

Here's my thesis on the Con aka the vile MAGAcretin and Manafort

I am in shock! A rabid tRump supporter friend on Facebook just posted:

Iceland to keep hunting up to 2,130 whales over 5 years

Trump administration directs 1,000 more troops to Mexican border-- concertina (RAZOR) wire --

This guy is talented - watch it with your sound on!

PBS Vermont - Beyond Bernie 1. It's the Person, not the Party

Your opinion sought. "The Searchers": why do people think it's so great?

Manaforts sentencing memo is like a "Gone with the Wind" novel.

Your opinion sought. "The Searchers": why do people think it's so great?

McCabe on Colbert: from the start case info had back up plan if Mueller fire

Health Care and Insurance Industries Mobilize to Kill 'Medicare for All'

Read the Manafort sentencing memo, here:

Lawyer thinks Cohens testimony could be Explosive

Prosecutors: CG Lt used work computers in planning attack

Saudi crown prince defends China's right to put Uighur Muslims in concentration camps

Atlas Air Boeing 767 (freighter) crashes while landing in Houston

Fashion for men of action

Ken Paxton's Next Power Grab?

Feds testify ex-Texas State student could have been next mass shooter or bomber but San Antonio

Australia approves dumping of 1 million tons of sludge near Great Barrier Reef

Let's decide to call the Republican Party the party of dirty tricks.

I'm just surprised an NFL owner would get a handjob in a pre-existing massage parlor rather than

Elizabeth Warren in the House in New Hampshire

'Dog' rescued from frozen river turns out to be wild wolf

Prostitution is NOT equivalent to drug use

Multiple crews responding to cargo jet crash in Chambers County

Republican Silent on Voter Fraud Scheme Tied to Party

With A Bernie Sanders Candidacy, Clean Energy Technology Is Central To Policy Discussions

Rain In December On Svalbard (@ 74-81 Degrees North); Glaciers Melting, Landslides Proliferating

Something to tell your 20 somethings

WTF Was Going On At CNN Last Night???

Any DU'ers using AT&T for internet only?

"Many aggravating sentencing factors and no warranted mitigating factors..."

Why Dems must end the filibuster - or cede permanent control of America to Republicans

Heterogenous Retreat And Ice Melt Of Thwaites Glacier, West Antarctica - Science Advances

Adam Schiff Takes Aim At Trump With Hearing On Authoritarianism

You know you're old when you can hurt yourself taking a

This morning Jacob Wohl--still in Minneapolis--posted on Periscope, asking for more money,...

I would support

If you had a Warning Label, what would it read?

Justice Democrats Helped Make Ocasio-Cortez. They're Already Eyeing Their Next Targets

Who's hungry?! 😅😍

Kraft's iconic American cheese is losing ground in today's America

"...I will find it necessary to adjust your enviroment..." -Judge Amy Berman Jackson

Personal recreation field? Loudoun's rural advocates pushing back against Hamilton dumping site

What if Trump refuses to accept defeat in 2020?

At a refugee detention camp,"Women and children 'endure rape, beatings and abuse"

Paul Lee Ticks cracks me up (Twitter videos RE: Trump)

Absence of evidence does not equal evidence of absence.

If one of these two don't make you smile, it's time to break out the Rocky Road Ice Cream

NRA ripped for 'Target Practice' magazine article accompanied by picture of Pelosi and Gabby Gifford

Anti-prostitution laws: legislating control over our bodies?

I wonder if Jussie Smollett has Ryan Lochte's face tattooed on his back..

The Liar's Labor Sec. orchestrates corrupt sentencing for Epstein. Do The Math.

For the record, Dianne Feinstein has a 90% lifetime score from the League of Conservation Voters

SINGAPORE AIRLINES website and app ...SUCK!! Useless...

Target Practice" next to a photo of Nancy Pelosi with Gabby Giffords. Maybe don't do this @NRA.

Amy using her comb to eat salad shows great ingenuity to me. Use what you have to make it work.

Sarah Brightman - I Lost My Heart to a Starship Trooper

Diosdado denies that anyone died at the Brazilian border due to GNB

Ole Miss Basketball players take a knee during national anthem.

If Julian is the 2020 Democratic VP nominee and Beto is the 2020 Democrat US Senate nominee or

I hate the Iowa Caucus

Families of top Venezuelan generals face being expelled from the United States

Boeing 767 cargo jet crashes near Houston airport with 3 people on board, the FAA says

Israel's Netanyahu defends partnership with far-right party

Biden's 2020 opening? Dem field missing foreign policy hand

Any old time San Franciscans out there who had a favorite Market Street theater, or 2, or 3?

As tax refunds shrink, Republicans scramble to defend Trump tax cut

Why I'm supporting the wildest, most radical left wing candidate:

Americans Don't Need the Mueller Report to Judge Trump

Train possibly taking Kim Jong Un to summit enters China

Ecuador agrees to $4.2 billion financing deal with IMF

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi discusses border security, immigration with TAMIU students in Laredo

Ecuador agrees to $4.2 billion financing deal with IMF

Jeff Koterba's latest cartoon: Can droids be drafted?

tweets from Stacey Abrams wrapping up Black History Months:

2020 CO US Senate Election- If Duran-D does not run? Who will EMILY's list support?

For those watching their weight (like me)-----

Laurence Tribe on Cohen's upcoming testimony.

UK Labour Party leads Tories WITHOUT Corbyn as leader, trail by 8% with him.

The 6 essential cons that define Trump's success (WaPo: paywall warning)

They start the journalist young in Pa. A surprise to Arizona marshal.

Damning Mueller Sentencing Doc Shows Trump Had A Career Criminal Running His Campaign

Tweet of the Day

Judge sets R. Kelly's bond at $1 million in sexual abuse case

Earth may be 140 years away from reaching carbon levels not seen in 56 million years

Bernie Takes Early Lead In New Hampshire Democratic Primary

Paul Manafort a 'hardened' and 'bold' criminal, Mueller prosecutors tell judge

Medellin razes Pablo Escobar's home in symbol of rebirth

What's for Dinner, Sat., Feb. 23, 2019

Jury votes to remove Brown from Justice of the Peace office

A Call to Halt an Illegal Invasion of Venezuela - Kevin Tillman

If info in a post is fake put ****** THIS IS FAKE ****** in your reply title with explanation the MT

Sarah Huckabee Sanders' final curtain call...

Two killed as Maduro sends troops to block Venezuela aid convoys

Bernie Takes Early Lead In New Hampshire Democratic Primary Poll

Very cool video of the making of a cutting board using an interesting and stunning pattern

I was walking across a street when my leather boots got stuck to the wet

Hiding in plain sight....Court Records Follow Mueller's Uncovering Of Russian Election Interference

Ocasio-Cortez announces staff starting salary of $52K to champion 'living wage'

This quote never gets old

Here's everything DOJ has cleared Cohen to testify about:

'Heirs of the Confederacy' protested in Chapel Hill: 'Go home racists'

As sleet turns to snow, NWS expects 3 inches per hour, 50 mph wind gusts (blizzard)

'Riders On the Storm,' The Doors (Driving with Jim)

In the 70's women had to bounce on a bench & wince to prove rape. 21st C digital version...

Pastry Chef a QAnon Believer

What do you call a girl in the middle of a tennis court?

Ex-RNC chair condemns silence on terror plot

Nominee for U.N. ambassador a big GOP donor

University of Mississippi basketball players kneel on the court during national anthem

Nevada governor to boycott meeting

Best (or most satisfying) TV series finales. Post a promo video if you can find one...

Secret talks to sell nuclear tech to Saudi

Post a brief description of a sit-com, old or new, and see if anyone knows the name of it.


Huawei and the mounting costs of his inconsistencies

BREAKING NEWS: Marijuana legalization bill headed to House floor

Patriot Front Member Joffre Cross Charged in Houston, Faces Gun, Body Armor Charges

After Days of Silence on Amazon Defeat, Governor Cuomo Vents About the Left

For anyone who followed April the Giraffe, in 2017, she might be in labor with her latest calf

Marijuana legalization bill headed to House floor

My French Grandmother's Shortbread Makes for Shamefully Addictive Cheese Crackers

67 year old woman here..long and varied work history...Most of my female bosses were horrid.

Why did CA move their primary ahead to Super Tuesday?

Where Jesus once preached, the holy waters are draining away

🔥 MARCH 2 at 11:30AM - Rally at Brooklyn College with Bernie Sanders