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Archives: February 25, 2019

Listened to Pod Save America with Warren today...

An old Oscars tweet from someone we all detest that has actually aged well...

Trump Threatens a Second Embargo of Cuba

Trump Threatens a Second Embargo of Cuba

"I think the President needs to realize it's America's birthday, not his birthday."

Lawmakers stripped of committees amid workplace culture change

Cuba sees high turnout at polls for referendum on constitutional referendum

Cuba sees high turnout at polls for referendum on constitutional referendum

Iphone while in car hears echo when she talks to me on my Iphone

Period. End of Sentence. A documentary about how women EXIST.

Former senior national security officials to issue declaration on national emergency

I am rooting for knocked me so many ways....

I know UR, but what am I?

2020 CO US Senate Election- Between Johnston-D and Romanoff-D, who will be the Democratic nominee?

Anyone watching Shameless?

TV wasteland tonight. Nothing on. I think we have a few old MASH episodes to watch. nt.

Choose Your Muscle:

The GOP is quoting Mussolini now

Mike Pence is controlling Trump on Venezuela policy: Axios

Mike Pence is controlling Trump on Venezuela policy: Axios

documentary- end game.


Being positive about both Sen Feinstein AND the kids - a good way to look at it

AndMexico will not pay for the wall

*** February Finals Are In***

Yes, dammit, I love the Oscars.

VILE: Trump admin wants to cut veteran / retiree healthcare benefits (Tricare) to pay down deficit..

Clashes renewed at Venezuela border as aid stalled on Brazilian side

Congratulations to FREE SOLO for winning Best Documentary!

My day was just made. Queen played at the Oscars

Two quotes. Two People. To different.

For those of us who have viewed these live, as did me and my family:

Poetic Justice. 1993 Movie Janet Jackson & Tupac Shakur

Confederate flag incident at Virginia high school sparks concern of racist behavior

Jeremy Corbyn poll and discussion

Is there a more evil villain than the character 'Cheney' in 2018's 'Vice'?

Pence to announce "clear actions" on Venezuela after deadly weekend clashes

Marco Rubio Sends World Abuzz with Cryptic Gaddafi Tweet

As a teacher, I probably spend $1,000 through out the year on my classroom Taxes previously let us

Choose Your 3 Wheeler Micro Car

Former senior national security officials to issue declaration on national emergency

Rev Dr Barber: Dems need to talk about 140 million poor people in the country in 2020 run

Popular Vote Movement Gains Momentum In States

School district found out about farmer's controversial tweets. He sued when they canceled field trip

David Axelrod on trump's trip to Hanoi:

China has put 1 million Muslims in concentration camps. MBS had nothing to say.

Schiff Says Democrats May Subpoena Mueller

Joyce Alene translation tweet on Trump's tweet about "negotiations" with North Korea - it's on point

Markey Says Kim Wants Private Meeting with Trump

Elon Musk says the tech is 'mind-bogglingly stupid,' but hydrogen cars may yet threaten Tesla

Bald Dog Pulled From Shelter Turns Into The Happiest Little Girl

New refillable batteries could fuel an electric car revolution

In my 62 years

Senate reignites blue slip war over Trump court picks

DNC chair: GOP concerns over socialism are a 'trick' to distract from 'real' issues

Judge rules that Acosta broke the law

In Iowa, the field of Democratic presidential candidates splits into haves and have-nots

French boy suspected of reintroducing measles to Costa Rica

"Cinema Paradiso' fans - do you prefer the released 2 hour version or the original long version?

The Umbrella Academy

Seth Abramson's great idea: Turn 4th July rally into IMPEACHMENT RALLY!

Some of Oregon's most exclusive neighborhoods could dodge state's bid to ban single-family zoning

A truly stunning display of ignorance, Trump doesn't know what an MOU is

Spider Man: Into the Spider wins Oscar Best Animated Film

You need to see this. Trump doesn't know what an MOU is.

Could Congress Block Trump's Emergency Declaration?

"I can't believe a film about menstuation won an Oscar!"

Biden calls on all 2020 Democrats to refrain from using hacked information

Exxon begs Trump's regulators to block investor demands to help stop climate-change

Vermont governor declares state of emergency over loss of veto power

If you could pick from the current Democratic candidates and put them in the following postions...

Why does legalizing prostitution only seem to come up when prominent men are charged w/solicitation?

'Bullsh*t and gaslighting': Here is why Trump's rabid fans buy into his lies

Laurence Tribe asks why his former student Ted Cruz's campaign gave U.S. voter data to Russians.

Marco Rubio Sets World Abuzz with Cryptic Gaddafi Tweet

Serena Williams cartoon not racist, Australian media watchdog rules

Seth Abramson's calling for our candidates to take fierce attack straight toward GOP.

Raimondo predicts more wins for Democratic governors

And Spike Leeeeeeeeeeeee! Yes. About damn time!

Spike Lee: "The 2020 elections are right around the corner. Let's do the right thing!"

Former Rhode Island GOP candidate Taub arraigned in campaign fraud

Hey, Midwest friends!

Pompeo says North Korea still poses a nuclear threat despite Trump saying the opposite

It appears some of the most persistent opponents of Cuban autonomy ignore

Cicely Tyson gets an Honorary award, and we didn't get to see it?

It just took me 8 hours to hang a door.

Standing Ovation for C. John Lewis

Congressman John Lewis is getting a huge standing O at the Oscars.

I wanted Glen Close to win, but I am absolutely won-over

thank goodness VICE did not win. Dick Cheney is a monster

Spike Lee's Oscar Acceptance Speech (You know it's Political)

Oscars 2019: Green Book wins Best Picture

What 2018 tells us about 2020

Donald Trump Jr. just sparked outrage with horrendously offensive Oscars tweet

Sleepy bear and dawg.

Looks like they left Sondra Locke off the In Memoriam

Full disclosure a must

Schiff warns of subpoenas, lawsuit

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Work to move Confederate statue begins in Winston-Salem NC

I saw some drunk redneck armpit-farting at Red Robin today.

Your favorite Ig Nobel recipient?

Oregon bill would require Holocaust education

NYPD hate crimes task force investigating nazi drawings at school

Brown mulls cutting PERS costs

Report on my brief (few weeks, once in each week of the few) investigation of merlot

Chapel Hill NC removes Confederate highway marker

Nike debuted 'Crazy" commercial on women athletes at Oscar's tonight - it's a fantastic ad

Tennessee governor regrets wearing Confederate uniform

Making moly: Corvallis tech company aims to ease supply squeeze for medical isotope

Detroit grounds 'Smokey and the Bandit' Autorama jump stunt

Bill would redefine bike lanes as extending through intersections

At least 50 percent approval in 17 states with just 102 Electoral College votes

Jersey doesn't think very much of President

Demographics of the Electorate

Harassment suits, allegations of dismissiveness hang over Oregon Capitol

Lawsuit: Portland boss harassed employee after she had 'menstruation accident' at work

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, February 26: 31 Days of Oscar: Favorite Best Actress Win: Ingrid Bergman

Feds Foil Boatload of Asian Immigrants from Entering U.S. on Orange County Beach

Investment Seminar Con Artist Gets Prison for Ponzi Scheme

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, February 27: 31 Days of Oscar: Favorite Young Best Actor Nominee

On the occasion of my 100,000th post I'd just like to thank DU

###The February Finals Are IN###

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - Psychics

Eastern Orthodox Christianity: "Hymn of Love in the Orthodox Christian Way"/ Greek Orthodox Chant

This board used to collect billions in California taxes. Voters might get to kill it.

Oscars red carpet in pictures: Awkwafina, Amy Poehler and more defy gender norms

An error-free state payroll? It'll be at least four more years, controller says

(Jewish Group) Egyptian journalist: 'Jews fanned flames of Protestant-Catholic conflicts'

Tea Party supporter allegedly assaulted during protest outside 'Build the Wall' dinner

Meet the rabidly anti-gay HHS official behind Trump's plan to defund Planned Parenthood

This is America under @realDonaldTrump.

Alien from outer space unleashes ultimate weapon against mankind:

Kamala drops by Iowa campaign training seminar

Judge rules men-only military draft unconstitutional in court win for San Diego men's group

Are Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders headed for a collision?

Looking for a reliable free Android phone app that will:

From 60+ staffers: Open Letter to the Editors on the recent coverage of Amy Klobuchar

Former Berkeley Co. school board CFO Brantley Thomas sentenced to 63 months; owes $1.2M restitution

Unlicensed Moreno Valley insurance agent charged with stealing $174,000

'A desperate situation': Mat-Su hospital downsizes planned mental-health facility to bring it online

Harry Edwards on Social Rights Activism in Sports

Gov. Dunleavy abolishes Alaska climate-change commission, removes roadblock for Knik Arm bridge

Watching Morning Joe

Senate bill would require UA regents to keep Legislature up to date on program accreditation

Why a wilderness lodge in the middle of nowhere became a magnet for mushers

Alaska ferries freeze autumn ticket sales amid uncertain future

A 'Green Book' Best Picture Win Proves Hollywood's Still A Sucker For White Saviors

After Putin's warning, Russian TV lists nuclear targets in U.S.

Went for a 4 mile slow jog yesterday

Senator Warren swears off expensive campaign fundraisers

EPA regulator skirts the line between former clients and current job


Monday TOONs - Nobel Piece'a Woik Prize Edition

U.S. asked Russia for advice before Trump-Kim summit - Ifax

Oil and gas industry 'left harmless' in Dunleavy budget, Democrats say

"Inside the Atheist Mind: Unmasking the Religion of Those Who Say There Is No God"

Botswana elephant poaching 'no hoax'

Want a Green New Deal? Here's a better one.

Pro-Israel US group condemns Netanyahu pact with extremists

Billy Porter Won the Oscars Red Carpet Before It Even Began

Putin wants to stir up a 'crisis', all we should say is "Yawn"

Trump uses Oscars as an opportunity to condemn racism...against Trump. #ItsAllAboutMEEEE

Unions prep to push back against proposed ferry cuts

Wutip spares the Marianas

What is governor's plan to fix GovGuam?

Spain would 'roundly condemn' use of force in Venezuela

Trump Attacks Spike Lee: He Did a 'Racist Hit on Your President'

ill eagles

Kamala Harris Absolutely Torches Complaints About 'Identity Politics': Used to 'Shut You Up'

Audit: Guam Memorial Hospital not doing enough to collect delinquent hospital bills

Was Robert Kraft in the massage parlor at the time of the raid or was his name on the list....

Scarborough Mocks Trump for Fawning Over Kim Jong Un: 'Did They Send Each Other Valentine's Cards?'

"Dianne Feinstein Doesn't Need a Do-Over"

Drug pollution in rivers reaching damaging levels for animals and ecosystems, scientists warn

This Modern World: YOU ALONE Can Fix This!

Single mother goes from traffic stop to bench warrant to jail over unpaid medical bill

Russia: US asks for advice on North Korea talks

I don't want to say that wind storm disrupted my sleep, last night, but....

ActBlue Daily Updates (2-24-19)

ActBlue Daily Updates (2-24-19)

Bayer faces second trial over alleged Roundup cancer risk

Trump Tells His Lawyers: Stay for the Coming Legal Hellscape

Stories from the Road: Getting Old

The Rundown: February 22, 2019

Titan Comics Announces "Blade Runner 2019"

How the Saudis Made Jeff Bezos Public Enemy No. 1

Breaking: In just six days, 1 million people have already signed on to support our campaign

Texas Official on the Outs Due to Bogus Voter Fraud List

Harry Reid wishes for George W. Bush again 'every day'

Warren Buffett: I would support Mike Bloomberg for president if he announced tomorrow

The stakes could not be higher for Trump in extraordinary split screen week

NASA - Iceberg 2X Size Of New York City About To Drop From Brunt Ice Shelf

two interviews with Pete Buttigieg

GOP Donors Worry Trump Has No Strategy for 2020

Cardinal Admits the Catholic Church Destroyed Files to Cover Up Child Sex Abuse

Actual Climatologists On Shitstain's Pet Committee: "Like Assembling A Panel Of Gravity Skeptics"

Ex- Clinton Staffers Slam Sanders Over Private Jets

27.5 million tons of US soybeans expected to go unsold: direct consequence of Trump trade war

Tulsi Gabbard, Trump Tower Meeting, RW contacts, and Russia

Trump Calls For 'Complete Denuclearization' of North Korea: 'Kim Will Make a Wise Decision!'

GOP lawmaker flails wildly after Camerota corners him on Trump's fake national emergency

How GND Critics Keep Missing The Point; This Is A Fucking Emergency & There Is No "Center"

Tusk says EU would back extending article 50 if Brexit deal is not passed soon

What They Had...Amazon Prime

Free-Market Champion Exxon Asks For SEC Assistance To Swat Down Scary, Scary Shareholder Carbon Plan

'He's got documents': Michael Cohen will show 'detailed, sordid and chilling' evidence against Trump

Ocean Oxygen Content Down Up To 40% In Past 50 Years In Some Tropical Areas; Global Average Down 2%

JUST SAY NO!!! to the businessman concept for the Presidency..

Bernie Sanders: It's time to complete the revolution we started

Scarborough calls Trump 'most racist president in modern American history'

Trump rips Harry Reid for 'failed career' after ex-Dem leader slams him in interview

Trump on Jeffrey Epstein: "He likes beautiful women as much as I do, many are on the younger side"

2400 year old ship discovered intact...

Analyst: Cohen Will Provide 'Sordid and Chilling' Evidence Against Trump

Trump pressures GOP senators ahead of emergency declaration vote: 'Be strong and smart'

Don Jr. On Russia Probe: 'No Actual Crimes' Just 'Things People Did In Past Lives'

Morning TV - By Josh Marshall (video)

Britain to ban Lebanon's Hezbollah as terrorist group

Spike Lee called for people to vote for love, not hate. Trump says that's a racist attack on him.

Ex-Campaign Staffer Says Trump Tried to Kiss Her

I wonder what percentage of trump*'s Twitter followers are just there to confront and call him out

Just listened to Stephanie Miller, a real progressive.

I believe the Mueller report will end the downplaying/normalization of Trumps crimes.

Just watched the new Netflix documentary on Flat-Earthers.

One Hellava blizzard yesterday!!!

YouTube takes ads off 'anti-vax' video channels

You're in a room with people and your cellphone rings, but you don't want to answer. Do you

One million volunteers for Bernie signed up in one week

I just started a dream blog

Next Time Someone Brings up Collectivism: China Will Likely Corner the 5G Market, US No Plan

What Big Navy will do to fix its housing problem

Big GOP-donors getting nervous about Trump 2020, citing incoherent and chaotic campaign.

The Health 202: Drug executives may have to defend these expensive medicines to Congress

Way too early, of course, but I'm guessing it's going to be Kamala Harris.

Worry about US-South Korea alliance grows before Trump-Kim summit

Trump Organization reports small bump in foreign government profits in 2018

Cory Booker announces run for President

Yesterday Pompeo said the 'president' didn't say what the 'president' said....

Mika Brzezinski Burns Donald Trump With Barack Obama Border Wall Gag

Fifi Rong - Sin City (Official Video)

new from Fifi Rong, Sin City

Roger discovered a way to scratch his own belly:

Copy cat:

Drama queen!

Pup thinks the irrigation truck is his personal shower:

Mini pig and his Elvis impersonation:

"Let the baby eat first, you brute!"

"I thought she'd never leave!"

"I'm not playing your games, Fiona."

Trump calls on OPEC to 'relax,' says oil prices are too high

Jussie Smollett - "Police may have overstated."

First SC polling on primary - good news for Biden

Amy K should say, "did I grab him by the... ask them to carry my surrogate baby?"

Academy voters want their racism served warm and fuzzy

Player who holds the record for most consecutive seasons with at least 1 HR

World Court: British handling of Chagos Islands 'unlawful'

Jay Inslee is building his 2020 campaign around a more pragmatic approach to tackling climate change

Iraq President Salih says French Islamic State detainees transferred to Iraq will be tried there

Iraq President Salih says French Islamic State detainees transferred to Iraq will be tried there

The meaning of The Green Book win

Flood watches for Northern Californa in effect as another atmospheric river of rain approaches

Twitler Tantrums this morning

I think maybe I'd prefer "uncommitted" to "undecided", but I'm undecided about that.

Kitbull - Pixar SparkShorts

'Dying of whiteness'

Losing another friend....three in the past two weeks.

House dems target Trump's finances (especially re: Deutsche Bank).

GOP Donors Worry That Trump Has 'No Plan and No Strategy' for 2020

BBC: May under pressure to delay Brexit.

WTF is Twitler doing with his hands in this image (from Twitter)?

So how the fuck did this U.S. born marine end up in ICE custody?!

The "new normal"

Colorado governor will sign bill aimed at bypassing electoral college

🐦 MARCH 1 - FRIDAY: Sen. @BernieSanders joins @TheView co-hosts LIVE

'We should be outraged': Alabama congresswoman tackles voter suppression

The most Primo response to a 'Flat Earth Society' post, ever

Who--or What--Was the FBI's Mole at the Heart of the Trump Campaign? - latest from Schindler

It's 4 degrees .Dog supervising snow removal

Fareed Zakaria's laughable attack on Democratic candidates.

Global growth of companies

WOW! Don & Melanie make it OK to say "Happy Easter" again with their WH Egg Roll. #BeBestJesus

Pence announces new sanctions in effort to unseat Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro

More of the Horses. Scroll through and enjoy.

Transgender student athletes in South Dakota could face this restriction

Trump and Kellyanne Conway both "win" Razzies

Venezuela-Brazil border violence: Reports of at least 25 killed

Judges are 'appointed for life, not for eternity,' Supreme Court rules

Could an unwanted kiss bring the orange creature down?

McConnell's China Connection: Elaine Chao (DailyKos Community: Mopshell)

Russian state TV lists nuclear targets in US

Alright, who's got some time on their hands-Manafort filings

Does your cat spend too much time on his electronic devices?

Republicans call everything they don't like 'socialism' -- #4

50 years ago I went to a Love In

Okay, this time serious. Which actors would you choose for a movie about the Trump-administration?

Christians Who Rationalize God's Biblical Atrocities Can Justify Anything

Another prominent Russian found dead on 2-25-19

Democrats have momentum with Electoral College reform that wd guarantee presidency to popular-vote

Iceberg Twice the Size of NYC to Break from Antarctic Ice Shelf

How Lindsey Graham Went From Trump Skeptic to Trump Sidekick

Bone-chilling adventure trying to cover Kamala Harris in Iowa

Democracy Now: "The Green Book: Guide to Freedom:" How African Americans Safely Navigated Jim Crow

House Democrats press the U.S. military about how it is screening for white nationalism and other ex

CNN BREAKING NEWS (in print this time) on Cohen testimony

Send that to the lab for testing:

Looking for a discussion of white nationalist terrorist plot? Largely MIA on Sunday talk shows, MSM

Obviously A Graduate Of Trump University!

Huh? : Russian foreign minister Lavrov says Washington asking Kremlin for advice on

Texas Senator John Cornyn Quoted a Fascist on Twitter For Some Reason

Worst actor in a death scene (Meryl Snake)

Historical Ranking of Trump's pResidency

Happy 55th birthday, Lee Evans

Rep. John Lewis Introduces Green Book With Stirring Speech: That Time in History is 'Seared...

Hero Cat Comes To The Rescue After Owner Gets Locked Outside

Your preferred weather app? Website?

BREAKING: Former Campaign Staffer Sues Trump for Allegedly Kissing Her Without Her Consent

House Democrats press U.S. military about how it is screening for white nationalism and other extrem

Happy 50th anniversary, Tinker v. Des Moines

We all know Gov Abbott is filthy rich and if that isn't enough he is now the country's largest

Labour announce backing for a second Brexit referendum

Did Rahm Emmanuel inadvertedly endorse Sanders this AM on Morning Joe?

Wutip Hits 160 mph: First Category 5 Typhoon Ever Recorded in February

Tomorrow is Election Day...

Cory Booker, other Democratic presidential candidates shun corporate PAC money, but does it matter?

UH OH, Former campaign staffer alleges in lawsuit that Trump kissed her without her consent.

Raising Children Without the Concept of Sin

Google search responses to Presidential candidate events

Cloud Loss Could Add 8 Degrees to Global Warming

The internet has killed 2 through 9.

Evidence for man-made global warming hits 'gold standard': scientists

**Breaking** British Oppo Labour Party will support new Brexit referendum (NYT)

Bernie Sanders praising the Soviet system in 1988

Remarks by President Trump at the 2019 White House Business Session with our Nation's Governors

Hayabusa 2: Asteroid image shows touchdown marks

WTH? Flashing the white power handsign with both hands this morning?

You'll know you've got a winner when...

Couple Runs Into Oncoming Traffic -- To Save A Tiny Life

UK basks in warmest February day on record

The reason Drumpf is meeting with KIM is so that he will look like a peace maker.

Many Oregonians consider their state an ecotopia. It's not. The reason? Oregon's leaders and....

Uber-wealthy 'Sidewalk Sally' assaults family in park over one-year old sitting on sidewalk

The story of the photo that won second place. Where it is, and more pictures

Cable TV news: A mere shadow of what it could and should be

Madoff Trustee's Court Win May Target $2 Billion for Victims

When I was young, maybe 16, I was a busboy at Paradise Park in Manoa Valley, Oahu.

Sad thoughts about death

NFL aims to handle Kraft case like any other conduct matter

Trump warns US-China trade deal might not happen

"The needs of Black folks are the needs of everyone." Sen. Harris tells theGrio.

Pippi DOGstocking:

'Bomb cyclone' strikes: 640,000 powerless from fierce winds

Trump departs US for Vietnam, summit with N.Korea's Kim

With yesterday's snow in Minnesota,

Trump warns GOP senators wavering on emergency declaration

So the billionaires enjoy the benefits of human trafficking

Opponents of Medicare for All are gearing up for a big fight.

When Sex Isn't Sex

Record rainfall causes flooding and mudslides in Northeast Tennessee, Southwest Virginia

Cohen is coming with documents. (re: upcoming testimony)

Trump Organization asks House committee to cease investigations, citing an alleged conflict of inter

Trump accuses Spike Lee of 'racist hit' against him in Oscars speech

So Ted Cruz gave voter data to a guy in Russia (2018 election)?

the Girls High School Athletic union is telecasting al tourney games on youtube

4th of July meme

How many of Richmond's biggest snowstorms do you remember?

Millennials are facing $1 trillion in debt

So, what would happen if men didn't patronize places where sex-trafficking happens?

Maduro opponents boost military rhetoric in Venezuela crisis

Today is my 1st day off since 10 Feb

Jared Kushner heads to Middle East to promote peace plan

State moving quickly on plan to buy up banned bump stocks

CHSRA was established 23 years ago. Since then, China has built 16,000 miles of high-speed rail.

Washington state to sues over Trump's abortion policy

So are Trump and Putin cooking up a distraction (from Cohen) with N. Korea?

Give Trump credit for skill in keeping us off-balance

Janet Yellen says Trump has a 'lack of understanding' of Fed policies and the economy

Trash bin cat says "NO"

Bernie: Who we're taking on ... Who's going to win ...

Bellevue School District nabs 107 drivers illegally passing school buses

Dodgers enter mix for Bryce Harper, who expects to make decision by the end of the week

Running out of room to put snow here in the U.P.

Texas gave anti-abortion group millions for women's health, despite warnings

So-Called 'Atheist' Doesn't Even Barge Into Churches Screaming 'You're All Brainwashed Fools'

Wisconsin's bad deal with Foxconn is a lesson for other states

Cartoons 2/25/19

Castro and others come out in favor reparations.

Who burned the trucks with US supplies for Venezuela?

Seth Abramson: "This is wrong is so many ways." Now I have some bad vibes about Rosenstein.

A Common Household Ingredient Might Sabotage Your Antibiotics

Falls Can Kill You. Here's How to Minimize the Risk.

Two of my favorite Texans - Getting together to make a cool groove

At least Feinstein showed. Dozens of climate protesters storm McConnell's office over Green New Deal

The letter from former national security officials protesting Trump's fake "emergency" declaration

Judge rules central Missouri clinic cannot resume abortions

Editorial: Deaths of black pioneers lend added meaning to month

Things my conservative relatives say

Trump ranks last in Presidential Greatness Suevey

EPA regulator skirts the line between former clients and current job

Cat With Rare Condition Changes Colors In Front Of Her Owner's Eyes

Brazil will not allow U.S. use its territory to invade Venezuela - vice president

Brazil will not allow U.S. use its territory to invade Venezuela - vice president

Trump might want to keep a closer eye on Texas

Smithsonian Channel will air its documentary on The Green Book tonight

Would it be possible to show the total number (N) for how many have indicated preference

US announces new Venezuela sanctions as Rubio shares 'snuff movie' pictures of Colonel Gaddafi in th

Read Affadavits in Robert Kraft Case (Warning; Explicit Language)

Black History day 25 - The Apollo Theater

Why Is U.S. Media Taking Trump's Word that There Is Only a "Humanitarian" Convoy in Venezuela?

" Memory Eternal."

Bernie CNN Town Hall: Tune in at 8 p.m. ET and follow along here ⬇️ on Twitter.

Today in 1801, the town of Alexandria was designated as part of the District of Columbia

Colliding neutron stars shot a light-speed jet through space

Time to move to Bali and adopt all the dogs 💛💛💛

Shadow Selfie! Japanese Asteroid Probe Snaps Amazing Post-Landing Pic

If you don't have cable TV, CNN can be streamed and watched here ⬇️

Dense is replacing Dump's name with Maduro

Extortionist linked to pro-Macri prosecutor indicted, jailed

Extortionist linked to pro-Macri prosecutor indicted, jailed

Caption time

Donald Trump Claims Ivanka Has 'Created Millions of Jobs,' but Doesn't Explain How

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee: 'The Time For The Filibuster Has Come And Gone'

So Diane Feinstein was rude to Green New Deal kids, eh? Behold McConnell.

Anybody else ever observe that blue jays call a lot

Trump's Memo Appointing Matthew Whitaker Raises Questions About When He Actually Took Over DOJ

Does Chumpy actually enjoy being laughed at?

Pelosi, House Democrats resolution seeking to cancel Trump's national emergency declaration

Trump is on his way to Vietnam. Pence is in Venezuela.

U.K.'s Theresa May Is Said to Consider Delay to Brexit Date

Trump Organization calls on House Judiciary panel to stop investigating company

Steven Gaskin-The Farm- Hippie Commune -'Monday Night Class'

What are you giving up for Lent?

Democrats should buy time and have this aired everyday:

Stoned Soul Picnic -- The 5th Dimension

The Seekers -- Georgy Girl (1967) + Bonus Video of 50th Anniversary

Yosemite hiker killed after ignoring 'closed trail' signs

United Methodist Church on edge of breakup over LGBT stand

Iowa diocese identifies 28 Catholic priests accused of abusing more than 100 minors

FTC loses Shire appeal, losing round in fight against citizen petition abuse

'Tis Sweet to be Remembered - Mac Wiseman

China Will Likely Corner the 5G Market--and the US Has No Plan

Florida Mom Discovers Suicide Instructions in YouTube Videos For Children

So the Florida folks have Kraft getting a blow job


Can you imagine a foreign country doing to the US what the Con and Pence are

What's for Dinner, Mon., Feb. 25, 2019

Pivotal New Hampshire primary may come down to Sanders versus Warren

Daughter of Putin spokesman works for ally of Nigel Farage

'Speaking Loud' ...New York slang for 2 Wild and Crazy Guys...

Venezuela: US increasingly isolated as allies warn against use of military force

Venezuela: US increasingly isolated as allies warn against use of military force

Bernie Sanders plans Burlington rally for 'official' 2020 presidential campaign launch

Drinkin and smokin cigarettes

Pileup involving 131 vehicles closes I-41 SB south of Neenah; 1 killed, 71 hurt

Can These Activists Stop Nuclear Treaty Meltdown? (w/ Ro Khanna)

Galaxy 500

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Does N. Pelosi have the power to arrest trump using the Capital Police?

How a payday lending industry insider tilted academic research in its favor

It seems like a lifetime ago ... this was our President and his wife and they sponsored this:

2012/2014 CO-6cd US House Race- Coffman-R vs Miklosi-D/Romanoff-D.

Suicide Doors

SEC asks judge to hold Tesla's Elon Musk in contempt, saying he violated settlement deal

Some great quotes I've run across lately.

Greatest President ever! Fireworks! On the Fourth of July! On the Mall!

FDA takes fresh look at whether opioids are effective for chronic pain

John Kerry oped - Disband your climate change denial panel, Mr President

Several more reasons for legalization...

On August 2 2016, Manafort gave Kilimnik 75 pages of recent detailed polling data!

Gov. Evers withdraws Wisconsin National Guard troops from southern border

Nicolle Wallace Bombshell: Trump Only Running For Re-Election To Avoid Indictment

Costa Rica unveils plan to achieve zero emissions by 2050 in climate change fight

Costa Rica unveils plan to achieve zero emissions by 2050 in climate change fight

Democrats block abortion bill in Senate

Letter from 24 election security experts demanding hand counted paper ballots.

Did Ivanka create 'millions of jobs'?