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No threats...If Democrats can't win, I will move to my birth country. Yes, I am an immigrant

I already see Democrats being disparaged in this forum

Cardinal George Pell: Vatican treasurer found guilty of child sexual assault

Trump Furious After Nobel Committee Gives Him Participation Trophy

Bernie Sanders Raises $10 Million in Less Than a Week

Graham explains his pro-Trump conversion

Liquor, Beer & Wine

58 ex-national security officials on emergency declaration

UN court rejects UK's claim of sovereignty over Chagos Islands

Hi everyone, I have decided to post these here since I love this group most.

Trump Org. asks Judiciary panel to cease investigations

Oh my! Bernie Sanders Raises $10 Million in Less Than a Week

Luckovich draws a very scary cartoon

Buzzfeed: Questions surround when Whitaker actually took over as acting AG

Alarming gullibility

Where is Chris Matthews this week?

Former Republican lawmakers urge Congress to block emergency declaration

Pete Buttigieg May Have Just Found a Way to Get Noticed in the Crowded Democratic Primary

2020 CO US Senate Election- DeGette-D, Neguse-D, Crow-D or Perlmutter-D.

Sorry kids I'm in a Rockabilly mood tonite. But the lyrics in this'n are phenomenal!

New bot that will tweet when 2020 Democrats vote differently.

Facebook restores previously suspended Russia-linked pages

Republicans face big test on Trump's 'national emergency'

The long and short of it...

Jeopardy Regulars

Carrie Ann Lucas Dies At Age 47, You Probably Haven't Heard Of Her and That's a Problem

Tweety on vacay?!1 Th'only thing worse is KORNACKI

Women loses baby during DHS custody - ICE: "a stillbirth is not considered an in-custody death"

Wait: Oranges Are Dyed to Look 'More Orange?!?'


How soon we forget. A thread here last night asked:

Meet the 16-year-old who went viral after asking Dianne Feinstein to support a Green New Deal

Domestic gag rule un-American

Looks like me and Glam are 'bout to throw a rockabilly hoedown

Jamelle Bouie: What can we accomplish without ending the filibuster?

Janet Yellen: Trump Is an Even Bigger Idiot Than He Looks

The Two Ronnies: Dr. Death

We are the RedQueen--we run to stay in place, have to run 2x as fast to make any progress

Glam, I'll see yer Galaxy 500 and raise ya a Coupe DeVille

Trump's Russian promoters

2020 CO US Senate Election- Kerry Donovan-D?

Univision says Jorge Ramoa and his crew members have been detained in Caracas, Venezuela:

Yellen Says Trump Doesn't Understand the Economy

Gov. Cooper, State of Our State

Happy Birthday George Harrison!

Labour Party Backs New Brexit Referendum

Rod Rosenstein says Justice Department should not release info on uncharged suspects

How I cut the cable (DISH) and learned to love ROKU. And YOUTUBE TV.

I've never seen anything like this before: substituted goalkeeper refuses to come off.

Pushing legal immigrants to Canada

OK, gotta get in on this; Pass That Bottle

"It's My Life" was my theme song in the 80's

Oral legal arguments Tuesday over Memphis Confederate statues

In recognition of the GOP two from Mark Knopfler

JMU names new dorm after slave

Social libertarianism: Why or why not?

Sen. John Cornyn: MUSSOLINI Quote & 'Fascism Is Socialism'?!

Iran's Foreign Minister Zarif, architect of nuclear deal, resigns

Stone's Proud Boys "volunteers"

Paul Manafort Gave Konstantin Kilimnik 75 Pages of Polling Data, Docs Suggest

Why is he in charge of anything...?

Appearing to contradict Trump, Pompeo calls North Korea a nuclear threat

US Navy dispatches destroyer, cargo ship through Taiwan Strait in message to China

*Eliz Warren coming up on Chris Hayes show.

My "asshole of the week." And it's NOT Trump!

Beverley Owen, the Original Marilyn From 'The Munsters,' Dies at 81

Re Warren's Pledge: If you were independently wealthy, would you be a high dollar donor?

Here are the companies poised to profit from the Trump border wall

My 80 year old uncle has a new girlfriend

House GOP leaders work to contain defections on Trump's emergency

U Washington College Republicans speaker draws protests

The originator, the source

Janet Mills won't join group that supports offshore drilling

The most important social issue our next Democratic president should tackle is...

Officials from 18 counties in Pa. get gifts from election equipment company.

Rosenstein seems to lower hopes for what public will see of Mueller report

Firearms legislation on 'gun day' in Annapolis MD

You can't Rockabilly without some Sun Records wax

Buffett: It would be a 'real mistake' for Schultz to run for president

great job liz warren. on chris hayes.

Supreme Court vacates appeals court gender-neutral pay ruling written by a deceased judge

Sorry to see this: Pasco Sheriff's deputy commits suicide

Trump Accuser Alva Johnson Feels 'Responsible' for Putting 'Sexual Predator' in White House, Lawyer

Oh yes, we NEED Stacey!!!

What happens if Mueller finds Trump fingerprints in Russia conspiracy?

NFL unlikely to change review rules, but could crack down on players joining celebrations

The House Judiciary Committee believes it has evidence Trump asked Matt Whitaker...

Arizona's Sean Miller, LSU's Will Wade notified they will be subpoenaed in federal corruption trial

Elon Musk Faces U.S. Contempt Claim for Violating SEC Accord

Trump may have asked Whitaker in 2018 to meddle in New York investigations -- and congress thinks the

Warren shuts down donor dinners, insider access

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Here Come De Judge!

Dems set to challenge Trump during his foreign trip

GOP Sen. Tillis to vote for resolution blocking Trump's emergency declaration

Warren Buffett Joins the Tax-the-Rich Chorus

if senate rethuglicans could find 2 brain cells together amongst them,

The next two mornings the 3rd Quarter Moon will be sliding past the bright king

The Korean War Is Over

Sound Publishing plans to close Seattle Weekly and community papers on the Eastside

Giant Rabbit Couple Decides They're In Charge Of New Baby Sister

For me braddas. Polack Msgt and Docreed

Sharrod Brown: Trump's claims are 'a slap in the face' to auto workers

SDNY is coming at Trump like syphilis. It's gonna make him crazy, and it's never going away.

Stacey Abrams: 'I am considering' running for Senate

Help Needed with Blog (putting Clickable Pic link in Twitter)

du artists and friends of artists who are on twitter- please rt

NRA sparks outrage with 'Target Practice'

I went to see a hypnotherapist.

Young Climate Change Activists Swarm Mitch McConnell's Office

Young KY Climate Change Activists Swarm Mitch McConnell's Office

Paul Manafort Gave Konstantin Kilimnik 75 Pages of Polling Data, Docs Suggest

Can't get enough of this one. He thinks the girls here are pretty. He's right, I married one.

Confess your culinary sins.

When I talk about democratic socialism, what I talk about are human rights and economic rights.

John Kerry: Disband your climate denial panel, Mr. President

DU for Warren has not raised a dime today

John Kerry: Disband your climate denial panel, Mr. President

DU for Warren has not raised a dime today

Healthcare industry gears back up to keep system as crappy, and profitable for itself, as it can

Pssst ... GOP

On brink of defeat on border emergency

More often than not lately, I find myself very reluctant to even begin to

Michael Cohen's schedule on Capitol Hill...

If Trump got the Nobel Peace Prize, I'd eat shit on live TV

Sweet doggie waiting to eat his pizza

2020 US Senate Election- Democratic Wishlist.

Well, well it's Tillis now. Even a dead digital clock will be right at the end of time:

A trip to "Jupiter" or jail for who?

How Lindsey Graham Went From Trump Skeptic to Trump Sidekick

Climate Change Could Kill Off Clouds And Return Us To A 'Hothouse Earth'

john brennan agrees w me.

OSAKA ROCKER! Rockabilly Riot

Manafort's response to the Mueller sentencing memo: "What about all the crimes I DIDN'T commit?"

Trump, Kraft, Acosta...We Are Overrun by Monsters. Here are Some Jokes, I Guess. (Ferret/Shower Cap)

It's bed time for this old man

CNN Town Hall with Sen. Bernie Sanders 2/25/19 FULL

I am tired of pundits making the argument that, after all, Trump was elected; thus yadda, yadda.

senate dems should stand up and read the speeches that

My favorite part about the Democratic Party presidential primary season.


Young Millennials Saddled With $1,005, 000, 000, 000 in Student Debt: 'Crushing the Next Gen'

Man plans to live at Holiday Inn instead of nursing home because it's cheaper

Climate change: CO2 emissions fall in 18 countries with strong policies, study finds

Walmart Is Eliminating Greeters. Workers With Disabilities Feel Targeted

Students build woven pavilion to shade archaeologists in Peru's desert

Students build woven pavilion to shade archaeologists in Peru's desert

A Running List Of The Women Who've Accused Donald Trump Of Sexual Misconduct

When a member of the press asks awkward questions...

Now For Something Completely Different: Unprovoked Shark Attack Interactive Map

cohen wasnt selling access to the white house. no.

DoubleDumb, DoubleDespicable Donnie

What do the Beatles believe?

WARNING: EXTREMELY GRAPHIC! "on edit" w/ music

Report: Facebook Moderators Are Routinely High and Joke About Suicide to Cope With Job

"Pro-life ?" by Baltimore feminist punk band War On Women.

Robert Reich: "America Is A Socialist Country For The Rich"


These Apps Reportedly Shared Sensitive Personal Information With Facebook

Young KY Climate Change Activists Swarm Mitch McConnell's Office, ABC News

Wisconsin governor issues order pulling National Guard troops from border, citing no 'crisis'

The Daily Show: Sex Crime Roundup: Priests, Patriots, Politicians & Pop Stars

The Daily Show: Kamala Harris - Between the Scenes Guest Edition

Seth Meyers - Trump Wants to "Cause Chaos" in the Democratic Primary: A Closer Look

If You Started a Band, What Would It Be (Punk, Metal, Rockabilly) and What Would You Call It?

In Iowa City stop, Hawaii presidential hopeful pitches legal marijuana, Medicare for all

Rotten Tomatoes Removes 'Captain Marvel' Anticipation Score in Response to Anti-feminist Trolls

Russian interference denier to chair U.S. Election Assistance Commission

The Collected Schizophrenias: Essays, Book Review, New Release

Sanders was on Univision yesterday.

a 'president' of the usa actually put out this statement via twitter....

Jorge Ramos, Univision Crew Released

Dems block Senate GOP bill on infants surviving abortions

Whale beaching in Amazon jungle fits with recent pattern of whales behaving strangely

Trump OKs seismic testing, putting critically endangered right whale population at risk

Smoking cigarettes may lead to vision damage, study reveals

Ten legal barriers Barr may put around Mueller's report

Indian Jets Strike on Pakistani Side of Kashmir Line

How flipping crabs revealed a hidden food supply in the ocean ecosystem

The military wants to build a bullshit detector for social science studies

There's so much that bonobos and chimps can teach humans

Human Generosity Study Shows Altruistic Societies Better Survive Hard Times

Australia has a genocidal history but we won't learn while it's dominated by white men

Live versus Online interaction with Dems

Ming Dynasty Skeletons Reveal Secrets of Foot-Binding

Eastern Orthodox: Trisagion Hymns (Thrice Holy Hymns and more)

Americans' Perceptions of U.S. World Image

McCabe lawsuit over dismissal could question watchdog's independence

Astronomers Have Revealed The Biggest Meteor Shower Ever Recorded In The Solar System

DeGette's performance in all 7 CO CDs if she is the 2020 CO Dem US Sen Nominee and win in 11/2020.

Paradigm shift

"Symphony No. 2-Elegiac: Tears of Angel Israfel, 1. and The Sweetness of Epicurus, 5."/

Senate Democrats letter to DHS inquiring about protection of the vote

Venezuela: US increasingly isolated as allies warn against use of military force

Venezuela: US increasingly isolated as allies warn against use of military force

Gov. Jay Inslee to announce 2020 presidential intentions 'shortly'

up close video of Trump getting schooled.. About "MOU"

Goes thru me like a knife young teamsters brown nosing

Univision's Jorge Ramos Temporarily Detained In Venezuela During Nicols Maduro Interview

My 'posse' 💞 is awake in these wee hours! 😘

Argentina's chief rabbi hospitalised after men burst into his home in a midnight assault

Could we soon be able to detect cancer in 10 minutes?

Scientists spot mysterious 'sock' sea creature in Costa Rica

(Jewish Group) An Open Letter To The American Left: Don't Make The Mistakes We Did In Britain

(Jewish Group) U.N. Secretary-General: We're seeing a groundswell of antisemitism

(Jewish Group) Anti-Semitism spreads in Europe: New incidents in Poland, Spain, Greece

according to the New York Times, on 2/25/19, "Staffer claims Trump forcibly kissed her"

President Trump in starkly negative terms by NEW YORK TIMES

Anyone use Visio's WatchFree?

Monsanto: Judge Threatens To 'Shut Down' Cancer Patient's Lawyer

Jimmy Kimmel on Valentine's Day, Kanye & Kim, and Trump

Just How Exactly Does Kim Get To Hanoi By Train From NK?....

Can we show this family some DU love?

I think the house Democrats are going to end up doing their own investigation.

Does anyone think it's unfair for the IRS to charge interest?

Trump/ Epstein/ sex trafficking of young girls/ modeling agency/ sex parties on private islands.

Indian airstrike targets suspected militant camps in Pakistan

Snake On A Plane, Flies 9K Miles From Australia To Scotland, In Woman's Shoe

White House press corps evicted from hotel ahead of North Korea summit

Paul Manafort seeks leniency from judge as he faces life in prison

EPA More Than Chummy W. Chemical Industry, To The Point Of Helping W. Job For Lobbyist's Husband

Shitstain's Efforts To Discredit Climate Science A Parade Of Shills & Clowns; Lindzen, Curry, Happer

Rep. Darryl "I"m A Heterosexual!!" Metcalf: Don't Cut CO2, Because It Will Hurt My Garden

Bernie Sanders fires back at Trump over socialism

Guardian Australia - The Government Still Thinks We're Idiots, And They Don't Care About Emissions

Cat 4 Typhoon In February; Only Recorded Storm Stronger This Early In The Year Was In 1958

House GOP demands more time to study one-sentence bill that would end Trump's emergency.

Activists Blast DNC for Even Considering a Fox News Debate

UPDATE: Amtrak train with 183 passengers stranded in Oregon since Sunday

Early Spring Rain Boosts Methane Release From Melting Permafrost By 30%

One place Mueller never comes up

WaPo Editorial Board: A peaceful ploy against Venezuela failed. That doesn't make force the answer.

WaPo Editorial Board: A peaceful ploy against Venezuela failed. That doesn't make force the answer.

Could Ivanka really be this out of touch?

Bump-stock ban enacted by Trump administration can stand, federal judge rules

Bernie: We'll bring a lie detector along ...

Tuesday TOONs - Kim & Donnie, Sittin' in a Tree...

John Kasich to fellow GOPers: Stop denying climate change

Breaking: Theresa May reportedly will drop consideration of a "No Deal" Brexit

Would-be Tesla customers wait, wait for their cash back

Cohen expected to tell senators about Trump Russia contacts

Breaking: Michael Cohen will provide evidence of "Criminal Conduct" by Trump while in Office...

Republicans call everything they don't like 'socialism' -- #5


That time a retired pope and his wife got into a knife-fight with his successor:

Trump inner circle might escape Mueller charges -- but still won't be safe

The Watergate indictment anniversary is this Friday

Amerians must vote out all the cultists.

I'm going to come out and say it... Ivanka is more disgusting than her father

Evidence for man-made global warming hits 'gold standard': scientists

Mueller has finished his most important job.

Venezuela crisis: Univision team 'briefly detained' after Maduro interview

Maduro stops Univision's Jorge Ramos 15m into interview, detains him and crew, confiscates gear

Taxes so simple they can be done on a postcard.

For McConnell, politics is about accruing political power for the sole purpose of accruing more

Theresa May to offer MPs no-deal Brexit vote

With Trump's Legal Jeopardy Increasing, Will He Be Planning an Exfil Strategy in Vietnam?

"The Breaker Upperers". Refreshingly funny movie

Brexit: MPs will get vote in March on extending article 50 if no deal agreed, PM says

Michael Cohen's appearance at Cogressional Hearing

Why is this long dead talking point still being propped up?

The Rundown: February 25, 2019

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 02/20/19

What's up with those tax returns?

Cohen plans to use documents to back up statements and memories, inclu. evidence of Trump crimes

I just switched from undecided to Kamala Harris

Romualdo Pacheco

Making beans!

I just stole this calendar that notes dates involving Cohen, Stone, Manafort, Ross etc. appearances

ActBlue Daily Updates (2-25-19)

ActBlue Daily Updates (2-25-19)


Why Hanoi??

A reductio ad absurdum about investigations of the POTUS.

BROKEN IRONY METER! Joe & Mika, who sucked up to Trump, rip GOP for sucking up to Trump.

What the federal government can actually do about anti-vaxxers

Univision journalists freed after being detained at Venezuelan presidential palace

How amazing is it at how Trump is able to control the media message every day of the week...?

"First time offender" Manafort requests sentence "significantly below the statutory maximum."

Eugene Gu, MD: "Never have we had a President of the United States who is so unashamedly cruel."

Video of Venezuelans Eating Out of a Garbage Truck Led Maduro to Walk Out of Jorge Ramos Interview

Today's Document: "File Copy of Letter from Eleanor Roosevelt to Mrs. Henry Roberts Resigning from..

Court hands down a stunningly aggressive attack on illegal gerrymandering

Amtrak Train With Nearly 200 Aboard Has Been Stranded In Oregon For Over 36 Hours

I'm looking forward to the democratic primary debates.

Massive Trump Facepalm. How Is This Man PRESIDENT???

....& the cats are going to pay for it.

Our Kindergarten leader in action

I'm predicting that Cohen's "explosive" testimony will result in jack squat.

Bernie Smeared for Obviously Correct Venezuela Tweets

Supreme Court to decide if giant cross is religious symbol or secular memorial to war dead

I think that the late Bartcop, may he rest in peace, had an explanation for the

Chinese Negotiator Literally Laughs In Trump's Face

No-deal Brexit panic after ministers realise the UK doesn't have the right pallets for exporting to

About my earlier post 03:29 this morning on union

Prediction Markets: Harris 22%, Sanders 17%, Biden 15%, O'Rourke 9%, Klobuchar 8%

Virginia General Assembly wraps up dismal session

After Cohen, who should the Congress call in for questioning?

Re Cohen - let me make this pellucidly clear

Dear Pot, thanks so much for your assessment of Kettle.

Singer Mark Hollis of 1980s band Talk Talk dies at 64

If you like reading 'westerns'

Dozens stranded for days aboard snowbound streamlined train headed for California

Bypassing the Electoral College State by State

Brown interview CNN, discusses his tax plan

Iowa lawmaker becomes first to endorse Booker

I Got my badge! Where's yours?

Young activists arrested at Mitch McConnell's office while demanding action on climate change

super pissed off with all these Never Trumpers

What are some of your favorite aromas?

The media hopes to get a glimpse of Dump

Just A Reminder:

IF Cohen has tapes of Trump telling him to lie or use false testimony before Congress can we say

Many animals have gay sex

Chicago voters head to polls to pick Rahm Emanuel successor

They're Meeting in Hanoi!

United Methodist Church on edge of breakup over LGBT stand

Why Democrats are not afraid of gun control anymore

United Methodist Church on edge of breakup over LGBT stand

Bernie Sanders explains Democratic Socialism and its not scary.

Venezuela: Please explain

DC circuit rejects Miller's challenge to Mueller's subpoena.

The DC Circuit Rules That Robert Mueller Was "Properly Appointed"

The perfect response to Ivanka

Noise-weary New York ponders a gentler, European-style siren

Appeals court backs AT&T acquisition of Time Warner

Md. lawmaker apologizes for allegedly using n-word with her colleagues

Arizona Students Plan School Walkout to Demand Action on Climate Change


Mural at LA Community Center Prompts Concern of Anti-Semitism (Grim Reaper, US Flag, Jewish stars)

Local officials spent thousands in campaign funds on restaurants and bars last year (pgh,pa.)

So Russian foreign minister Lavrov just happens to be in Vietnam too?

Baltimore police officer overdoses at motel, dies

Noam Chomsky - The 5 Filters of the Mass Media Machine

Watch out where the Russkies go, don't you eat no greenish snow ...

Home Prices in 20 U.S. Cities Rise by Least in Four Years

Pakistan vows retaliation after India's airstrikes on alleged militant camps

Jacob Wohl is touting this. Perhaps he should spend some time on reading comprehension.

Rick Wiles: Your Phone Company Is Creating the 'Mark of the Beast System'

The single most important thing I want to see today

Profiles in Crazy, LIV. . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

India and Pakistan on the verge of All Out War while Trump still hasn't named ambassador to Pakistan

Democratic hopefuls embrace new meaning of reparations for slave descendants

$arah $ander$ is calling Micheal cohen a liar,

Bottom line is this about Cohen!


Supreme Court Weighs Fate of 40-Foot Cross Built as War Memorial

Kamala Speaking Truth (Agrees Trump's a Racist)

Cohen prepared to say who signed his cover-up checks.

A must read Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, is now in Vietnam too.

Remember Cohen lied to protect Trump

OMG! Kamala Harris said Donald Trump's a racist! How DARE she ...

NEWS: Some of the top strategists behind Bernie Sanders' 2016 campaign are leaving ...

Interesting three party race results

"Hey, Girl..."

NEWS: The architects of @BernieSanders media campaign in '16 have split from him.

Hold the date! Jacob Wohl is having a presser Thursday at the Gaylord Center.

Cohen Regularly Briefed Trump on Moscow Project

Kepa Arrizabalaga Fined by Chelsea Amid Reports of Dressing-Room Split

On Senate floor, @senatemajldr McConnell shamelessly blames Dems for Mark Harris' election fraud...

What's for Dinner, Tues., Feb. 26, 2019

Talk about a teaser trailer - The Irishman

House Democrats will subpoena Trump admin over family separations

Quote of the Day (from Sec'y Clinton)

House oversight to subpoena Trump officials over family separations.

How GOP lawmakers plan to attack Trump ex-lawyer Michael Cohen's congressional testimony this week

Is the traitor going to pull our troops out of South Korea?

Hannity rides through Hanoi on scooter to make airtime

Mac Wiseman, May 23, 1925 - February 24, 2019

Another great response to Ivanka's BS

Pic Of The Moment: Oh The Irony

Why Harris over Warren?

Religious Leaders In Cuba Outspoken And Critical Of Proposed Constitution

Top Sanders consultants leave 2020 campaign

Majority-white school districts received $23 billion more in funding than nonwhite ones: report

Meet Your New Security Guard, A 300 Lb. Robot

Our base may be shifting and we might need TX?! (Stipulating: based on Gallup and MF45 Approval)

Nikki Haley Starts Policy Group Amid 2024 Speculation

Bernie Sanders Praises Trump Summit with Kim Jong Un: 'That is a Very Good Thing'

Sealioning, no not the animal, the behavior on social media and a point

I can't decide. Help me

Chief Inspector Murphy says, "I'm resting on the chair with Dad"

U.S. Cyber Command operation disrupted Internet access of Russian troll factory on day of 2018 midte

Oh! U.S. Cyber Command disrupted Internet access of Russian troll factory day of 2018 midterms

New Cuban constitution gets 87 percent approval

New Cuban constitution gets 87 percent approval

Nominations Sent to the Senate, February 25, 2019

Joe's running?

Rest In Power, Mark Hollis of Talk Talk

Support for multiple candidates is a strength, not a weakness.

Our base may be shifting - the numbers (Stipulating using Gallup's MF45 last approval #s)

Theresa May Admits Brexit May Be Delayed

Why Democrats Are No Longer Afraid of Gun Control

Who have you ruled out?

Quote of the Day

Second Choices for Democrats

Trump and Kim Jong Un will meet alone tomorrow evening per NBC

10 Proven Benefits of Green Tea

Reminder: Cohen public testimony tomorrow at 10 am

Jenna Bush is going to be the co-host the Today show with Hoda Kota

Sanders' top strategists leave his campaign.

Trump bets it all on friendship with Kim

Dozens of Youth Activists Arrested After Green New Deal Protest in Mitch McConnell's Office

Ludwig van Beethoven Violin Concerto

Woman arrested over a Mc Donald's apple pie

FCA Will Spend $4.5 Billion in Michigan to Build Cars Like an Electrified Jeep Wagoneer and a Three-

Senator: McConnell is 'Just trying to screw with Democrats'

Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro accuses US government of fabricating a crisis to start war in Sou

Buttigieg won the 2000 JFK Profiles in Courage award, his subject Bernie Sanders...

UK hits record winter temperature for second day in a row


Federal Court Rules that Male-Only Draft Registration Is Unconstitutional

In 2000, an boy named Pete Buttigieg won a high school JFK essay contest. Subject: Bernie Sanders

LAVROV is also in Vietnam. Surprise, surprise, surprise!

The Beginning of the Fall

Breaking: Cohen was just disbarred

Harris Supports Decriminalizing Sex Work

I'm sorry

Michael Cohen reportedly plans to accuse Trump of crimes in House testimony

I see Trump's could you NOT trust someone who commits murder with anti-aircraft guns?

Women VIPs on Kim's Private Train

If Fox and Limbaugh weren't there, how would Trump govern?

Become a millionaire by picking trash In Norway

I'm not getting my hopes up about Cohen's testimony...

So what happens if North Korea refuses to give up its nuclear capibililty? Is there much we can

10 Proven Benefits of Green Tea

Bernie Sanders Asks the Right Question on Reparations: What Does It Mean?

The Hanoi summit will last two days. It took Kim longer than that just to get there.

Cohen plans scathing testimony about Trump, Russia and Stormy Daniels

A Top U.S. General Told Senators He Sees No Military Threat at Southern Border

Morning Consult Bernie Sanders Announcement Polling Boost - Democratic Primary National Poll

Biden team 'collecting resumes' as former VP decides on 2020

Bill targeting transgender athlete policy fails in South Dakota

Florida cop using 'stand your ground' defense in trial for killing stranded black motorist

John Legend on R. Kelly and the music industry: 'We looked away for too long'

"Move, kid. It's my turn."

Harris' answer on truancy.

Spike Lee reacts to Donald Trump calling his Oscar speech 'racist': 'No one's going for that'

Kitteh in a bow tie making his displeasure known:

64 percent say Democratic Party supports socialism, says poll

New: There has been a sealed document filed in the docket of Michael Cohen's SDNY case.

Turkey gotz some bad ass soccer moves:

The Pentagon Slams Its Own Humvee Replacement as Busted and Bug-Riddled

Hillary Clinton says she 'can't imagine' running for president again

When you're doing fuck-all at work, your boss walks in, and you try too hard to look busy:

Bernie Sanders staffs up for 2020

Psychics: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

"I meant to do that."

Schumer vows to defund 'fake climate panel'

HHS docs show thousands of alleged incidents of sexual abuse against unaccompanied minors in custody

House to vote on measure revoking Trump's emergency order

An unwanted big wet creepy kiss

Officials point fingers on family separations

Hi kids ....

Democratic House Rep. Katie Porter body slams Equifax CEO (video)

The Sane Progressive Has Left The Building

Herbalist gets four months in jail after 13-year-old boy who went without insulin dies

After Putin's warning, Russian TV lists nuclear targets in U.S.

Republicans' math problem on border emergency

ACLU says records show racial profiling, mocking of Marine detained by ICE

video tour of San Andreas Fault thru Cajon Pass in Southern California. been on this route

New York court officially disbars Michael Cohen

Vatican to await George Pell appeal before taking any action

AT&T defeats feds in merger fight to buy Time Warner

Mark Harris declines to run for "health" reasons

House Democrat files bill to make Mueller report public

Rhetorical question of the week (Russian hacking)

How would you answer Rothkopf's question?

Dutch customs seize 90,000 bottles of vodka believed to be for Kim Jong-un

Echoes of Watergate: ex-lawyer expected to tell all to committee

Clean-up in aisle three

Measles outbreaks lead states to reconsider vaccine exemptions

AOC was elected. Ivanka is a Trump crime-family leech.

Mark Harris will not run in NC:

"Soylent Green is People!" Today's Media reaction:

Lucky Charms-flavored beer to launch this weekend

Are you an employee or a contractor?

Saw a cat thumbing thru a book- now I'm worried

Hillary Clinton says 2020 female candidates unfairly have to avoid looking 'angry'

Just saw Peter Frampton play the elevator version of this song and now I need the real doctor ...

Eugene Robinson: Oscars showed how Trump's racial crusade is failing

DC Circuit Rules Mueller Appointment Was Lawful (Stone pal Miller -vs - Mr. Mueller & Co.)

Cane someone define the economic system where the State controls property, resources and...

Biden Is Hiring Staffers In Early States

Three lessons from North Carolina's tainted election

Subpoenas for sex abuse records are being served on Catholic parishes across Nebraska today

This is the guy Mark Harris just endorsed to be the Republican nominee in North Carolina's 9th...

An old man is sitting next to a kid in the park

Confession: I'm not that big of a Beto fan

Republicans push to block state data privacy laws

DC bars to open early, offer specials for Cohen testimony

Bucks County, PA: another family annihilation

For the dead in Bucks County, PA

Cartoons 2/26/19

1986: Republican-controlled Congress overrode Reagan's veto

How Jim Crow began: In the North, well before the Civil War

Anybody else just now see Republican on MSNBC promoting Bernie

His NK diplomacy? Still not working

Joe Scarborough Issues Stark Warning To Republicans Backing Trump's Emergency

Attacked and powerless, Venezuela soldiers choose desertion

Fake news you can use

Federal judge orders Elon Musk to prove he shouldn't be held in contempt

UDC criticized for inviting Josh Lopez, tarnished by anti-Semitism scandal, to speak

There are 540 billionaires in America.

HSN Tracfone offers -

This Puppy Was Determined To Prove Everyone Wrong

David Corn thinks that Joe Biden quoting Plato on CNN means "he's running."

Kamala Harris: 'Yes,' President Trump is racist

House targets family separations policy in first subpoena

Speaking of Intolerance...

North Carolina Republican in congressional race tainted by ballot fraud says he will not run in new

House resolution to block emergency

Don't know how everyone else feels but

E-Z time zone chart for viewing Cohen's testimony tomorrow:

The Intercept - AOC, Sanders, and Warren Are the Real Centrists

WALLS - they are a symbol - not a solution / found on facebook

Attack on Spike Lee can teach us about racial attitudes

Wait a Second--Ivanka F***ing Trump Says Americans 'Prefer to Earn Their Own Money'?!

He dyed his hair? This can't be real:

Michael Cohen 'stumbled across' new evidence 'in the last 48 hours' of Trump's criminal wrongdoing:

Fox "news" apparently has a replacement for their Hillary punching bag

I hope someone can help me.

Harvard Students Demand Dean Step Down Due To His Representations of Harvey Weinstein

Socialism is not the same as a MIXED Economy

Raymond Bonner says special envoy to Venezuela 'will lie when needed'

It seems like "re-elect President Pelosi" should be an option for "select a candidate."

Another one bites the dust....

ANDREW YANG 2020: Warns of Robots 'Coming For Your Jobs,' UBI Advocate

CO dem seeks to oust liberal dem incumbent

Environment Undercover footage of violence at dairy farm prompts RSPCA investigation

So now child rape isn't an impeachable act?

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Lovefest has begun...

Jacob Wohl's Twitter account permanently suspended

Matt Gaetz----Witness tampering:

Target Practice

Of course, Lavrov is in Vietnam with Trump...

Mark Harris (R, Election Fraud NC 9th) endorses his Republican replacement: BOSS HOGG! LOL


The GOP attacks on AOC will be cruel, brutal and lies

Could this be construed as witness tampering?

McConnell blames Dems for Repub election fraud

She is Not Welcome in Russia...

Reporter's short conversation w/ Matt Gaetz after his tweet

Witness intimidation....

Traces of Weed Killer Roundup Glyphosate Found in Beer & Wine, Some Organic Brands

CNN'S David Urban prefers IT over AOC

Where is an Avenatti when you need one...?

Who said this?

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Republicans to declare debt a national security threat in House, Senate resolutions

Rep. Gaetz Threatens Michael Cohen With Info on Alleged Affair: Tonight a 'Good Time' to Talk to You

TCM Schedule for Thursday, February 28, 2019 -- 31 Days of Oscar - Favorite Boxing Biopic

TCM Schedule for Friday, March 1, 2019 -- 31 Days of Oscar - Softer Side of Scorsese

Republican Matt Gaetz threatens Cohen over 'girlfriends' on eve of testimony

TCM Schedule for Saturday, March 2, 2019 -- 31 Days of Oscar - Favorite Gender-Bending Role

The New Flipper cocktail....Russian influenced, a little bitter and 100 percent pardon free.

Leonard Cohen: The Traitor

Los Angeles - coldest febrauary in 60 years!

United Methodist delegates defeat bid to ease LGBT bans

United Methodist delegates defeat bid to ease LGBT bans

Twitter bans Trump-supporting hoaxster after USA TODAY expose

Jacob Wohl banned from Twitter for Life

When is the House voting on resolution to end the great national emergency?

MLB will use independent Atlantic League to experiment rules

I've been binging on reaction videos to young people listening to Pink Floyd for the first time.

Democratic Voters' Second Choices Show How Fluid The 2020 Primary Race Is

Matt Gertz is feeling the pain on Twitter

Where have all the hoards of people rushing the gone?

The U.S. Is Moving Closer To Military Intervention In Venezuela

I've been binging on reaction videos to young people listening to Pink Floyd for the first time.

This is like saying someone's a genius for responding to a Nigerian email offering free money.

Apparently, The NFL has missed the irony train...

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At a minimum, Rep. Matt Gaetz should be thrown out of Congress.

AOC responds to Ivanka

Republican endorses conspiracy theorist to take his place in North Carolina congressional redo

Fire on Saddleworth Moor

Joe Biden says family is on board with a 2020 run, he's 'very close' to decision

Merriam-Webster's tweets are fun . . .

Mr Trump, nobody gives a big crap whether you have a "great relationship" with Kim Jong Un, Putin..

United Methodist Denomination Votes to Expel LGBT Pastors and Pro-LGBT Churches

A perfect response to Matt Gaetz

'This is beyond a partisan issue': Teachers react to 5K salary raise bill advancing in Senate

Q: Do you understand irony?


Further proof that we may never fully appreciate "satire" again until Trump is out of office.

Well shit, house voting now and only 1 gop yes vote

Andy Anderson on drums with The Cure playing The Caterpillar

Exclusive: here's the tentative deal Trump and Kim Jong Un may strike in Vietnam

Gaetz Tweet reply:

Luckovich-That is Politician Speak for "Write me a bigger check"

Have any Dems come out against Gaetz's tweet yet?!

McConnell tries to pin NC-09 scandal on Democrats, confuses voter fraud with election fraud

Labour selects just six BME candidates across 99 target seats

The president was apparently signing Trump Org. checks while he was president.

Cohen's attorney, Lanny Davis, releases statement on Gaetz intimidation tweet:

Nigeria election: Muhammadu Buhari re-elected as president

Doing my best happy dance I can do.. VP Joe Biden looks to be running

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Top Democrats Mull Social Media Non-Aggression Pact

House Votes to Block Trump's Border Emergency Declaration

We Can Be - Bernie Sanders

Airline Sues Man Who Threw Coins into Plane Engine for Good Luck

Ari just had 4 defense attorneys representing Mueller witnesses.

Looks like Trump is 'ascared' as he would put it:

Climate protesters storm McConnell's office

Sylvia Jones Defends Doug Ford's Camper Van Request As 'Perfectly Reasonable'

How Vietnam Became Donald Trump's Forever War......

Washington Post-What we learned from Bernie Sanders's town hall

Trump pays Kim a "compliment." This is pretty effing pathetic, even by Trump's "standards."