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Archives: February 27, 2019

Rachel Maddow Dominates Fox News With Huge February Ratings

Speaker Pelosi responds to Matt Gaetz:

Media in a disgusting feeding frenzy over NK summit

Did anyone else here that trump is accompanied by...

my hope- our nominee is going to be decided by

When Air Force One landed, Trump apparently mistook Hanoi for a MAGAt rally.

2020 CO US Senate Election- Democratic Nominee's Performance in each 7 CO Congressional Districts.

My most sincere apologies for saying this, but it needs to be said...


Texans solidly against Trump's decision to declare a national emergency

Can Chairman Cummings freeze out Matt Gaetz tomorrow?

Jacob Wohl and Matt Gaetz today.

Rainy and Windy!

I got the Final Jeopardy! (SPOILER ALERT!)

I'm worried about Trump in Vietnam.

May I present: The person Mark Harris has endorsed for NC 9th as we go into a new election

Sanders Town Hall Finished Third in Ratings

This is where my feelings about Donald Trump

Congrats to my little brother...I'm reading posts by 20-something nephews on FB...

MAGA Personalities Launch Website About Themselves

Anybody else read Lies My Teacher Told Me?

White House Sours on Kris Kobach

5 better, healthier bowls of ramen to make tonight

Do You Feel Like We Do - Peter Frampton

Mr. Gaetz: notice please that I did not type the word "dear" before your name. Were I to even

Happy Birthday to the Man in Black!

Kristol: House Oversight Committee should vote on resolution condemning Gaetz before Cohen testfies

Laurence Tribe: Gaetz deserves to be indicted and tossed out of congress.

CNN's Toobin: Gaetz's tweet threatening Michael Cohen is "total gangster stuff" (VIDEO)

Sanders on anti-Abortion and Racist voters

The Onion: Trump Solemnly Lays Wreath At Site Where He Would Have Died During Vietnam War

Report: Women Robert Kraft received massages from likely not trafficked


Nolan Arenado just topped Manny Machado

I have no tears for,,,

Chaos turns to uncertainty at Venezuela border

Cohen "just a utility infielder" Former Trump aide on AC360

Two Miami-Dade cops charged after video catches sergeant slapping a handcuffed teen

Schumer says he'll act to 'defund' Trump's 'fake' climate panel

United Methodist Church rejects bid to ease bans on same-sex marriage and gay clergy

Fact Check: Do 83% of Trump's tax cut benefits go to the 1%?

Trojan Fart

Did CNN Stack the Audience Against Bernie Sanders at His Town Hall?

Border wall divides Texas: Lone Star voters evenly split on need for barrier, poll finds

Has Gloria Borger lost weight??? nt

Mitch McConnell unsure on legality of Trump's emergency declaration

Pelosi: Ethics panel should 'vigilantly monitor' social media after GOP lawmaker's Cohen tweet

wha Wha WHA: Al Gore is coming to D/FW

You know those retractable key devices that you hook on your belt

My 5 big questions for Michael Cohen - The Point

Biden's Family Is Urging Him to Run in 2020

Received an e-mail today pushing the edited Diane Feinstein/Green New Deal video

Top Democrats Mull Social Media Non-Aggression Pact

"Stand on your shared values with the party." - from dKos - quit letting repubs

White House pleads with Senate GOP on emergency declaration

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Here Come De Judge!

I believe trump flat-out rigged the election

Heroes swim to flooded house where a dog's been stranded for a week 👏

Why I Think the House and Senate Rebuke of the Emergency Declaration Helps in Court

Top Democrats want 2020 candidates to sign non-aggression pact

There really is so much going on that it is difficult to keep up but

Lori Lightfoot, Toni Preckwinkle and Bill Daley out to early lead in Chicago mayor's race


No worries, stiff winds(60 mph) didn't upend region's eagles (pgh,pa)

"people gaped at oddity of pro-Trump pro-wall rally in the heart of SF" - 4 people.

WSJ: Cohen to Testify That Trump Engaged in Criminal Conduct While in Office-has Receipts!!....

Rich Heiress Ivanka Thinks People Don't Want Free Money

Jumaane Williams wins NYC Public Advocate special election

I beat up MSNBC a lot, but Rachel Maddow just did a 25 minute opening, commercial free.

2020 CO US Senate Election- What the Dem. Nom. needs to get in each 7 C.D to win in 11/2020?

Whitaker Will Return to Clarify Testimony

Today: Yardbirds For Your Love.

"He's a machine...handsome and going places" says @realDonaldTrump [of Rep. Matt Gaetz}

Russia says this valley near Arlington is a nuclear target

Our Day Will Come -- Ruby and the Romantics -vs- Amy Winehouse

The $10 Million comma

"An American President can be indicted." Eric Holder

Here is the only question I have for all our great Dem POTUS candidates:

Stacey Abrams, WONDERFUL!

Grace Slick live at Woodstock

Watson Center Poll: Democrats could be in danger if an independent candidate gets in the ring

I just 43 of 43 (100%) achievements earned: DARK SOULS III Stats !

Tweet of the Day

A question for historians/economists: With income inequality so extreme today...

and egg #2 of the Decorah Eagles was laid at 6:44pm CST tonight......

Democrat Jumaane Williams wins special election for New York City public advocate

If the Special Council does not charge the Trump Campaign with Conspiracy, then they will lose

Cohen to testify in public wednesday

Lightfoot takes early lead in wide-open mayoral race (Chicago)

which channel should I dvr for the testimony tomorrow? I can't take the day off to watch

So twitler's up and tweeting, and here's one of his bigger fans, oh my!!:

India shelling 'kills civilians' in Pakistan-administered Kashmir

Idiot Jacob Wohl is trying to set up new accounts

Ex-UCF President Hitt won't talk with House investigators in spending probe

Bonus Tweet of the Day

It is happening - just like many of us here feared. the trump way of life is normalized.

"My friend Kim Jong Un"

See Jupiter with the Moon Before Dawn Wednesday (Venus and Saturn, Too!)

Robot 'Mole' on Mars Begins Digging Into Red Planet This Week

Why didn't trump give cohen a job in the WH after he won?

Pelosi sent Gaetz a warning

chicago's next mayor will be a black woman.

What are you expecting Cohen will say Tomorrow

Cohen still lives in Trump's building! Huh? 😝

Anybody see any Senators coming out to the meeting with Cohen?

More to jacob Wohl getting banned

Michael Cohen's testimony tomorrow:

George Pell's lawyer says child abuse was 'plain vanilla' sex as cardinal heads to jail

Rohingya crisis: UN investigates its 'dysfunctional' conduct in Myanmar

My son just spoke to me and I didn't recognize his voice

Maasai farmers only kill lions when they attack livestock

Brain response to mom's voice differs in kids with autism, Stanford study finds

Making a Murderer: Steven Avery wins right to appeal

The Daily Show: So Much News, So Little Time: Trump's Trip, Cohen's Testimony & Ivanka's Interview

Lockheed expects F-35 flying costs will take time to come down: executive

Brian WILLIAMS showed Kim's sister holding ashtray for him - well, he doesn't *litter*!1

The Daily Show: Trevor's Night at the Oscars - Between the Scenes

Lindsey Graham finds a new place for the Russia scandal goalposts

Tourism Minister Tries To Censor Folha Concerning Money Embezzlement Scheme

I can't get adjusted to the phrase

Ministry of Education Requests Schools To Film Students Singing The National Anthem

Ministry of Education Requests Schools To Film Students Singing The National Anthem

First World Series when neither team had a

U.S. judge delays sentencing of admitted Russian agent Butina

Pension Reform Will Make Young People Take Jobs With Less Benefits

Seth Meyers - The Oscars, Trump's 2020 Strategy - Monologue - 2/25/19

Leaders of '9/11 Commission' recommend new U.S. approach to extremism

Cohen is going to say that STONE called Trump to describe a convo with Assange & TRUMP directed him

Black History day 26 - Amelia Boynton: taking a stand, risking her life

Don Lemon and panel are reading from the 20 page opening statement Cohen will make tomorrow

Read Michael Cohen's explosive opening statement as prepared for delivery tomorrow at 10 a.m.

U.S. House passes bill funding conservation via drilling royalties

Trump "knew that Roger Stone was talking with Julian Assange about a WikiLeaks - Michael Cohen

There is no excuse for this

Manhattan drivers may soon face congestion fee to pay for subway fix

Video shows jailer kneeing, punching handcuffed black man

Seth Meyers: Guest April Ryan Has a Strained Relationship with Press Secretary Sanders

Utah closer to raising alcohol limit in line with most of US

Georgia House approves new electronic voting machines

Judge grants charged officer's push to seal court documents

This selection stands alone tonite.

So, for tomorrow's Big Show . . . . . . .

Seth Meyers - The Check In: Prescription Drug Prices

Cohen going to open up his comments tomorrow calling Trump a racist, conman and cheat...

The Latest: Pompeo urges restraint in India, Pakistan

I flipped over to FOX News hoping to see Rudy's drunk ass

Trump called Black Americans 'stupid' and claimed US was a 'sh*thole' because it was run by Obama: C

Russia's ex-cybersecurity chief gets 22-year sentence in jail

It's delicious that Cohen's opening statement was released in time for Trump's lunch.

Senate confirms circuit court nominee Eric Miller over Dem objections

Senate confirms circuit court nominee Eric Miller over Dem objections

The Human League - (Keep Feeling) Fascination

Regulators fine Wynn Resorts $20 million for failing to investigate sexual misconduct claims

Hahah tweet from Seth Abramson regarding Gaetz "marketplace of ideas" excuse

US keeps air pollution standard established under Obama

D'yer Mak'er - led zeppelin

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Lie Witness News - North Korea Edition

Northeast's highest mountain records wind gust of 171 mph

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Donald Trump Knows How to Handle North Korea

Jimmy Kimmel Chats with Trump Party Planner

One of the strongest Arctic outbreaks of winter is ready to surge into the Lower 48 in early March

Cohen testimony on Trump: 'He is a racist. He is a conman. He is a cheat.'

Matt Gaetz Apologizes to Nancy Pelosi and Deletes Tweet Threatening Michael Cohen

Cohen to testify 'being in the room' when Trump, Jr. told his father about meeting with Russians: re

Maryland delegate Mary Ann Lisanti loses leadership post over racial slur

Michael Cohen will testify that Trump knew Roger Stone talked with WikiLeaks about DNC email dump

'Very foolish" if Ivanka and Junior think they're off the hook

Jr claims most hate crimes are hoaxes

The insulin story, a perfect example of corporations stealing the wealth of most of us


Let's have some pre-hearing music

Pakistan Downs Two Indian Jets, Pilot Arrested, Army Says

Supreme Court overturns equal-pay decision because of judge's death

GovGuam health insurance bill is heard on session floor

StarKist looks to Samoa for 200 workers -- local recruitment lags

Rautavaara: "Angel of Light-3." and "Apotheosis"/Hovhaness: "Artik"/two from Debussy

Kashmir escalation: Pakistan 'shoots down two Indian jets'

This grumpy-faced rescue cat attacked her new mom at first -- but look at her now

Hawaii Senators' Favorite Mafia Hitman Loses Home to Foreclosure

Kamala Harris: The Truth and Justice Campaign

Is this hearing going to have the frustrating five minute rule for members to ask questions?

Baby I Love Your Way- Peter Frampton

I need a loud, durable, Bluetooth speaker that sounds good.

Looks like the Right's defense of Trump is going to be...

Access to Arizona Memorial won't be restored for months

Wyoming district will open 1-student school next fall

German Shepherd and Tortoise Rescued After Getting Stuck in Tunnel Together

Lava tour operator hit with another lawsuit

Cohen Testimony

Potential Juror Shouts 'He is guilty!' -- And Judge Jails Him On $10,000 Bail

(Jewish Group) MN county Republican group shares post comparing Bernie Sanders to Hitler

(Jewish Group) Meet the Muslim family who looks after a Jewish synagogue in India

Lawyers cite Bundy, McVeigh in Santa Fe, Texas school shooting case

(Jewish Group) No, members of Congress don't have automatic dual citizenship with Israel

Cadet Bone Spurs is tweeting this morning from Vietnam.

Matt Bomer on Playing a Gay Superhero in DC Universe Show 'Doom Patrol'

Ex Reeves County official sentenced in bribery scheme also involving former state representative

Gay man wins discrimination case against Jerusalem pizzeria

Arkansas House approves tightening abortion ban to 18 weeks

More Twin Peaks cases dismissed by special prosecutors

Fima Shusterman, Cohen's criminal father-in-law that Gaetz and Trump are talking about

Indonesia: Dozens buried in gold mine collapse

Texas jury returns $33 million verdict against Goodyear

This 21-year-old tweeted lies about Robert Mueller and Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Now, he's eyeing 2020

Russia If You're Listening We Can Sure Use That....

Bernie Sanders staff shake-up: Top strategists leave his presidential campaign

San Patricio County approves tax incentives for Steel Dynamics mill

Sanders had hoped for Vermont kickoff, but weather sent him to New York

With the release of Cohen's statement, no sovereign leader of any country has to bow to Trump.

El Paso's Caminos de Vida church helping 150 immigrants dropped off by ICE on Tuesday

Is there one GOP Senator or Representative who will take these words to heart and try to

Heidi Przybyla on MSNBC just announced the republican plan for the Cohen hearing.

Bribery scheme investigated by El Paso FBI office lands Presidio County officials in jail

Winter Contest Information: EDITED

transcript of Cohen's opening statement

Justice tells Division of Highways to fix Preston County roads

Happy Trump Playmate & Pornstar Hush Payments & Money-Laundering Shell Companies Day!

CNN just showed a check dotard wrote to Cohen for $35K while POtuS.

Images of Dotard and Li'l Kim coming in now

Chris Cuomo:@RepMattGaetz Wants to Be a Provocateur, 'Like a #BabyTrump in That Regard'

Spokesman: Dominion Energy to appeal Atlantic Coast Pipeline ruling

One particular reason why Trump should worry about ex-counsel Michael Cohen testifying

Papa John's reports fifth straight quarter of declining sales

Michael Cohen's full opening statement released and it's one bombshell after another


New Jersey Shore Towns Face Greatest Economic Damage From Rising Seas; $4.5 Billion (2nd To Florida)

Study: By 2050, Miami Can Expect The Number Of 105F Or Higher Heat Index Days To Rise Six-Fold

Lawyers take on breaking campaign finance laws.

The most interesting development today will be the extent to which

Expect A Lot Of Democratic "Present" Votes In Response To McConnell's Sham Proceeding On GND

trump to receive Hero of The Soviet Union medal, backdated to Soviet times

I can release 10 years of my tax returns this afternoon.

From Hanoi, about Cohen-"one of many lawyers"

PG&E Bankruptcy A Portent; Climate-Related Business Failures Wait In The Wings, Starting With FIRE

If Cohen is such a liar

W.Va. Senate Passes Bill to Change Campaign Finance Law, Opponents Say It Lacks Transparency

It appears wire reporters @JonLemire & @jeffmason1 were punished for asking questions --

American Wire Service Reporters BARRED from Trump-Kim dinner over "shouted questions"

Cohen got 11 checks from dotard/dotard jr for reimbursement while president.

Richard J Daley must be spinning in his grave

Senate Declines to Immediately Take Up Teacher Raises

What do you think the republicans will do to try and stop or interfere with the Cohen hearing?

Dems didn't choose Cohen to testify. Trump chose him.

Cohen testimony 'fireworks' expected: Republicans are '100 percent going to try and shut it down'

Trump Tries to Distance Himself: Michael Cohen 'Did Bad Things Unrelated to Trump'

West Virginia House passes bills to create $150 million PEIA reserve fund

Wednesday TOONs - Hey Kim, Can I Crash at Your Pad?

Cohen Upstages Trump on the World Stage

Michael Cohen will present check written by PRESIDENT TRUMP to pay back Stormy Daniels hush money

Scoop: Check signed by Trump to be displayed at Cohen hearing

Maddow: Cohen testimony could give prosecutors leverage to 'negotiate' a deal where Trump resigns

A scary thought.

Jessy Matador

Rudy Giuliani: Anyone who believes 'pathetic' Cohen testimony is a 'fool'

Southern West Virginia students, faculty share opposition to campus carry

I read the Cohen statement and I have 2 concerns.

Bernie Sanders Is Making a National Issue of This Strike

When trump and all his childen are sentenced to long prison terms

Google a pic of Matt Gaetz. It is totally uncool to admit it and most of us get past it,

Lieu makes excellent point, second paragraph

Topher Grace's Star Wars fan trailer.

The Rundown: February 26, 2019

The Webcomics Weekly #24: Can't Quite Rent-a-Car (2/26/19 Edition)

Hanoi: "His Reputation Precedes Him"

What a long, strange trip it's been...

Michael Cohen Is Trump's Worst Nightmare: A Loser With Nothing to Lose - by Rick Wilson

This ain't no Fitzmas... this is Cohenukkah!

ICE to Deport Brazilian Woman After Attack on Man in MAGA Hat in Mexican Restaurant

ActBlue Daily Updates (DU for Warren 2-26-19)

ActBlue Daily Updates (DU for Warren 2-26-19)

Cardinal Pell to spend first night behind bars after bail application withdrawn

Two Wisconsin congressmen vote against Trump's "emergency," my congressman voted no on the bill.

What's the best channel to watch the Cohen testimony? I hope to find...

Pence's Incoming Chief of Staff,...Disparaged People Living With AIDS for 'Repugnant' GaySex....

It looks like Trump needs a fixer this morning, he better call Cohen to make this go away

O'Rourke Would Have a Tougher Battle Against Cornyn

Lies, liars and lying liars. Every time a GOP'er calls Cohen a liar or questions his veracity just

White House limits journalists at Trump-Kim dinner over 'sensitivities' to shouted questions

One thing to bear in mind while Republicans roast Cohen for being an untrustworthy scumbag today

Which 2020 hopeful got the highest score from environmentalists last year? All of them.

How to make a Stormy Daniels .... Cohen Watch Party

Has Trump met with Lavrov while in Hanoi?

The documents Cohen's apparently going to provide

DISCUSSION THREAD: Michael Cohen's testimony before the House Oversight Committee

Good short thread on the legal implications of the Cohen testimony today

Trump Will Stay Up All Night to Watch Cohen Testimony

"Michael Cohen is a fine person with a wonderful family."

CNN - Cohen's opening statement

Charles Pierce: "Lawyer up, Sluggo"

Michael Cohen to Reportedly Produce Second Hush Money Check Signed by Donald Trump, Jr.

Michael Cohen: Trump sent letters to his schools threatening them not to release his test scores

Wondering what Trump might do while in Viet Nam to divert media attention away

Cohen's testimony re. $60k auctioned Trump portrait...there's always a tweet

The really bad things that would happen if a Hudson River rail tunnel closed

Jim Jordan is busy

BREAKING: Michael Cohen to Accuse Trump of Crimes Under Oath

The Growing Intellectual Divide Could Destroy America

Profiles in Crazy, LV. . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

Toobin says Dems need to focus hard on the checks. One area with Corroborating evidence. nt

Revealing line from Cohen's written testimony

At the start of the Cohen public testimony a promising visual for us

OK everybody!

It looks like the republicans had big posters made up to help attack Cohen.

Heads up !! Malcolm Nance on the Stephanie Miller's show

Today is history, the beginning of the end of Trump.

Already started. Pukes moves to adjourn


They are already trying to stop the hearing from going forward.

It begins, Meadows and Jordan are attacking, they are in a complete panic.

Fuckers. Nt

Gym Jordan is steaming

Republicans are just evil.

I can smell the GOP fear and panic, all the way in Michigan

Right out of the gate and true to form . . . . Mark Meadows

Mark Meadows attempted to shut down Cohen testimony 30 seconds into opening statement

Could the talking heads at CNN just STFU and let us hear what is going on.

no official Cohen Thread? nt


Mark Meadows is shaking and red with rage...

Gym Jordan looks like he wants to put someone in an arm bar.

Now you fuckers want rules?????

Max Boot Tweet re: foreign policy dysfunction

Mr. Cummings isn't taking any shit from these clowns.

C-Span 3, no ticker, no talking heads and no Trump, lil Kim.

Watching Cohen hearing. Could it be any more apparent to even the casual

Democrats Unveil 'Medicare for All' Bill Favored by Liberal Base

I was a kid during Watergate

Elections have consequences

The GOP isn't there to create darkness; the GOP is there to preserve darkness.

I don't think this is minor when defining Cohen and his relationship with Trump.

Gym Jordan being a sycophant before Congress ngress

Cohen looks really beaten down,

Lanny Davis, I knew it was you.

Great quote to keep in mind today when we hear GOP howling about MC being a liar.

Can someone put Jim Jordan in a chokehold?

Aw, FUCK YOU, Jim Jordan

Who do you trust more?

Go ahead, Gym. Blame all the wingnut boogeymen!

WTF? Ohio's 4th congressional district, represented by Jim Jordan:

Jordan's hypocrisy is astounding

On behalf of the State of Ohio can I apologize for Jim Jordan.

Holy Christ Gym Jordan is a whiny fuck. nt

The titanic just hit the iceberg. The Republican rats are scurrying in a panic.

Jim Jordan (R) nut job

Why Are Sheriffs Refusing to Enforce the Law in Washington State?

The Border Wall We Really Need

Is it okay to have some sympathy for Michael Cohen?

THIS is genius:

I see a pattern developing here, these Republicans are trying

Cohen faces Jail for lying to Congress. No one is LESS likely to lie to Congress again than Cohen

Live streaming Cohen hearing?

Jim Jordan: "Democrats stick to the playbook."

Congratulations to Jumaane Williams

The one thing that about Jim Jordan that you really need to understand

The testimony is actually a smart move by Cohen.

LIVE: Cohen testimony and congressional hearing

If history had taken another turn - Canada builds a wall

"Shithole" part of Cohen's testimony

Famous birthdays today.....Feb 27th....

Man in viral photo buying $540 of Girl Scouts cookies arrested on drug dealing charges

For those following Cohen on Twitter/Facebook, hows it trending?

Labor union workers and King Soopers heading back to the bargaining table

Meanwhile, MF45 is tweeting video of his toe-licking of Chairman Kim

Roger Stone violated his gag order

Years From Now When This Trump Business Is Over.....

He is a cheat

What an indictment

Cats recused from a fire - One from Denmark, the other Russia

Attempts to minimize sexual abuse of children by lawyers for offending Priests

LOL, anyone see that brief interaction between Jordan and Cummings?

Elijah Cummings: "The days of this committee protecting the President at all costs are over"

Election fraud, bank fraud, tax fraud, it's all there in Cohens testimony.

Wow, he's letting it all out.

Micheal Cohen is a better man than the GOP lawmakers who defend Trump

Marijuana Legalization Bills Are Advancing In Several States

cohen describes donnie as, well, basically a sociopath:

Two things we know Trump has denied to Mueller in writing.

Wouldn't it be great if Obama tweeted a 10 million bet about releasing grades?

BREAKING: Gov. Roy Cooper announces dates for NC-09 revote

Trump to Cohen RE: fake bone spurs: "You think I'm stupid? I'm not going to Vietnam."

Trump Will Stay Up All Night to Watch Cohen Testimony

Cohen: Don Jr., "The meeting is all set." Trump, "Good let me know."

One Thing I Disagree With Cohen On Is Him Saying Trump Didn't Expect To Win.....

One question i would ask

Has anyone with a strong stomach ventured over to right Wing world to see how they are dealing

at this point, only the morally corrupt will believe anything the orange asshole says...

Elijah Cummings is hitting it outta the park!

Trump had always been wary of going to Vietnam, because he was afraid of getting fucked.

I believe tRump requested the help of another enemy of the state, Kim, in order to get

Matt Gaetz deletes tweet about Michael Cohen, apologizes to Nancy Pelosi

New York cannabis industry jonesing to get pot legalized before state gets left out of smoking

House Panel Wants to Question Trump's Tax, Ethics Lawyers: Report

Pic Of The Moment: Lest We Forget...

Gee, I guess this means the Jill Steins, Susan Sarandons, Cornell West, and others were wrong

Jim Jordan makes my skin crawl.

Vermont Senate Expected To Vote On Legal Marijuana Sales Bill This Week


I see why Trump was always afraid of going to Vietnam . . .

Jeb, Cruz, Rubio, et. al. ...have to be embarrassed.

John Fugelsang: Sean Hannity reminds you:

Most striking watching Cohen's extraordinary testimony about Trump's criminality

Sweet Jesus, DWS is going all in on being compromised by Russia and winning election at all costs

Yo, Rep Green, Trump has no honest friends or associates

Psssst, Rep. Green. "Mr. Trump" doesn't HAVE any honest people around him to testify.

The GOP committee members seem to be doing more pontificating than questioning

The ONLY thing Repubs are doing is attacking Dems and Cohen's credibility

As Don Lemon and panel were reading the Cohen release last night, one big comment was made -

Watch how the Republicans behave....Attack Cohen to not get to the truth.


Rep. Green: '1. Cohen isn't credible and 2. why can't we ask him certain questions?'

Republicans are still defending Trump

Exclusive: The Pentagon's Massive Accounting Fraud Exposed

Is there anything that can be done with guys like this?

Fordham confirms Cohen testimony: Trump campaign threatened legal action if school released his reco

Observation. Trump's told over 8000 lies. Suddenly GOP lawmakers care about (Cohen) lies.

Ted Lieu: NOTHING in the US Constitution says "the President can't be indicted."

Kushner makes little headway on Mideast peace plan in Gulf

It is weird that I'm rooting for Cohen

Cohen is much more skilled as a lawyer then the republicans

Today: Lies-- Thompson Twins

Did Putin tweet something about Cohen's testimony?

Lies Lies Lies.

Lawrence O'Donnell: "So far not one Republican questioner of Michael Cohen has found..."

George Conway: They are disgracing themselves forever on the pages of history. And for what?

Cohen is losing his cool.

Fordham confirms Cohen testimony: Trump campaign threatened legal action...

DISCUSSION THREAD 2: Michael Cohen's testimony before the House Oversight Committee

Wow. Cohen threatened the university with a "loss of government aid and other funding"!

What if we take a shot every time someone says "Lie"?

Will our ancestors search for how we stood at this moment in history?

A 'Tradition' Omission: I Had Never Seen 'Fiddler' Until Now.

Trump Jr Tweets 'ImWithJim' After Jim Jordan's Blame-Game Opening Rant

Mark Meadows just slammed his little papers down when Cummings told him his time was up.

Eric Trump: Cohen Hearing During 'Historic Peace Talks' Is A 'National Disgrace'

Jim Jordan Paints Cohen Testimony As Part Of A Vast Anti-Trump Conspiracy

What is the federal or NY State statute of limitation on bank fraud? Thx in advance?

Cummings just obliterated Meadows

Repubs, it's in plain sight


The republicans don't have anything to say.

Thank you, Mr. Lynch.

Rep Lynch


Central figure in 9th District election probe indicted (NC)

I wish Cohen would bring up Jim Jordan's participation in the cover up

Ana Navarro

Rep Stephen Lynch: "Your side RAN AWAY FROM THE TRUTH..."

Mr. Cohen, they aren't afraid you're going to lie. They're afraid you're going to tell the truth.

"I don't think my colleagues on the other side of the aisle are afraid you're going to lie; they're

What bellicostic assholes the republicans are in questioning Cohen in the hearing today. -eom-

The republicans are making fools of themselves.

Rep. Paul Gosar: "A pathological liar!" Michael Cohen:

Wow, the US still has many racist town names

OMG. This Repub Rep calls Cohen a "pathological liar"!

Cohen just delivered a total haymaker

Rep Gosar. What an asshole.

Republicans are weak sauce.

Oh snap throwing back to the repugs face

Is Matt Gaetz trying out for the role of Michael Corleone in a remake of "The Godfather?"

Great Response By Cohen To Describe His Breaking Point From Trump.....

Republicans are defending Trump by claiming everyone he associates with is a criminal ... priceless

"Everybody who worked for Trump knew they were expected to lie for him."

Cohen to GOP lawmakers: "I did the same thing that you're doing now."


Nike - Dream Crazier

The GOP are trying to pin Lanny Davis working for free on Hilary.

Who are the people behind Cohen?

Cohen vs GOP Committee People

Cohen entirely gets the soundbite game. He is feeding the news cycle one quotable clip after another

"Are you talking about me or the President?...Cohen's laughing response

The Maria Butina Song (I Can Get A Man With A Gun) Sandy and Richard Riccardi

i thought Foxx was gone.

Virginia Foxx is still in Congress? She is proof that gerrymandering protects the worst

House Dems, Senate GOP, Impeachment and Indictment -- My Take

More reasons to detest some religion ...

Is Cohen testifying before the full oversight committee?

If u want to find out whats going on ,,,,,,

I knew this was going to happen...

Rep. Virginia Foxx spent her time asking Cohen about book & movie deals, then yielded to Jordan

Whenever they yield back to Rep. Jordan:

Calling Cohen a liar over and over and over and expecting different results is a sign of,

Republicans admit Cohen was lying when protecting Trump.

"Not one question so far from you and your colleauges has been asked about Pres Trump"

Going on about Cohen being a liar is not helpful to the GOPers, because he lied *for Trump*.

Connolly nailed the bastards about flawed wittnesses.

BOOM. Cohen had a mtg w/Trump BEFORE his House Intel Committee testimony in 2017.

We Seem to Have Found Our Contemporary John Dean

OH LORD. #MichaelCohen just delivered one of the most powerful smack-downs of craven, sycophantic Re

Mr. Hice throws his GOD under the bus

Kamala Harris pins, an extra Michelle Obama one, and a cute note

Trump is not brillant and lied about his grades and class standing

High Cost of Pharmaceuticals--Advertising

Congratulations to Donald J Trump on finding a new fixer - Jim Jordan. nt

'Centuries of entitlement': Emma Thompson on why she quit Lasseter film

'Centuries of entitlement': Emma Thompson on why she quit Lasseter film

Bernie Sanders was arguing against mass incarceration as early as 1991

HA HA HA! Rep. Clay Higgins, you are SO FRIGGING STUPID.

Enjoying the hearings. Glad to see shit on Trump. But keep in mind, please. Cohen is a scumbag.

A failure of discipleship

'Centuries of entitlement': Emma Thompson on why she quit Lasseter film

The Republicans are stupid. There are people who will back up what Cohen is saying under oath.

Boom! Obstruction continues

Interesting that Mueller doesn't think these revelations by Cohen are important to him

Wind farm proposal off New England wins key approval

Did anyone else hear Cohen say his last conversation with trump is under investigation by SDNY?

'Cohen DROPS ANOTHER BOMBSHELL: Trump Knew Wikileaks Would Release Hacked Clinton Camp Emails

YAY Jamie (Raskin.)

Republicans have a strategy.

The pug party has to be...

The Pukes are complaining about Cohen lying to the president?

Repubs Aren't Upset Cohen Lied To Congress For Potus-They're Upset that He Stopped Lying for Potus

You okay, Bills?

Decorated transgender troops to testify before Congress

Roger Stone Says Michael Cohen Is Lying, After Stone Was Ordered Not To Comment On Investigation

Stone just texted a reporter about Cohen testimony and may have violated gag order

Sekulow is now undadabus

Lindsey Graham accuses Democrats of 'undercutting' foreign policy with Michael Cohen 'stunt'

Has Anyone Eaten Nepalese food?

So Ben Stiller's gonna be booked for Saturday Night Live.

Is there any benefit to Michael Cohen for appearing before the House today?

I would seriously pay money for Cohen to ask Gym Jordan about child molestation

Meadows and Jordan are vile pieces of shit.

Russia presses case for greater control over its internet

One thing we know for sure

Did I hear that right? "Not all of them were women"?

Cohen hearing: anyone know if they are going to break for lunch?

Do Rs think that viewers will be impressed with their hissy fits?

No Deal: Providers Sound Off on Trump's Domestic Gag Rule (the WAR ON WOMEN conctinues)

Man, Mark Meadows' Lindsey Graham impression is spot on

No Deal: Providers Sound Off on Trump's Domestic Gag Rule (the WAR ON WOMEN conctinues)

Jim Jordan went on national TV and stated that Donald Trump has never lied ... so remind me again

No Deal: Providers Sound Off on Trump's Domestic Gag Rule (the WAR ON WOMEN conctinues)

No Deal: Providers Sound Off on Trump's Domestic Gag Rule (the WAR ON WOMEN conctinues)

India, Pakistan claim to down each other's jets as Kashmir conflict heats up

Wow - GOP Congressman Amash is being, well, adult in his questioning

Who is Justin Amash??

Cohen delivers riveting warning to Trump's GOP enablers: You'll 'suffer the same consequences that

Again, Why is Kushner in charge of anything...?

Justin Amash was my rep before I moved and disagreed politically with almost everything he stands

WOW, one republican, Amash actually asked pertinent questions

India says expects safe return of pilot held by Pakistan

There is something odd about this Wikileaks Roger Stone thing.

I hear QUEEN is playing the half-time show.

Chris Christie's Devastating Point on Cohen Hearing: Republicans Haven't Defended Trump...

Congressman Gibbs is a fucking moron if he thinks Trump is a wonderful guy.

Nicaragua releases prisoners, national dialog starts

The NHL's Black Hockey History Tour mobile museum is coming to D.C.

GOP is really making themselves look bad.

Mr. Gibbs has oral diarrhea

FU Mr. Gibbs

Rep Bob Gibbs is pissed that Cohen is testifying while Trump is overseas making the world safe

WATCH: Cohen Hints That Prosecutors Are Probing Other Trump-Related Matters

x-post from LBN: McCrae Dowless, central figure in 9th District election probe, indicted

First Thoughts - By Josh Marshall

Liar, Liar Pants on Fire!

One good thing about committee hearings like this is....

I think Cohen is a credible witness. It is going to be interesting what the public take away is

Jim Jordan's going for an "Inherit The Wind" moment but so far he's just passing wind

Kellyanne Conway says House Republicans failed Trump on border wall funding

"They are angry that you stopped lying."

Chris Williamson* MP "too apologetic' about antisemitism" has been suspended *UK Labour party

Supreme Court seems to seek narrow way to uphold cross that memorializes war dead

Cohen talked of Trump's racism...

Clay Higgins seems to be having a dialog with himself.

Again with the book deals

Is Clay Higgins okay?

JESUS. Higgins is back and he's raving about the boxes and book & movie deals

BREAKING: Susan Collins will oppose approval of Andrew Wheeler as EPA Head

Thank you, Mr. Welch!

Michael Cohen shuts down Mark Meadows after he tries to defend Trump from racism charges

Computer reset cancels orbit-raising burn on Israel's moon lander

This bible thumping Higgins is so stupid it hurts to listen to him! nt

Laura Loomer: 'The Way Trump Supporters Are Being Treated in This Country Constitutes Human Rights

Why are so many Republicans in shirtsleeves without their jackets on?

Crass opportunists are incapable of imagining any other motivation than crass opportunism.

Text I Just Recieved From My 19 Year Old Son.

Cohen's beating trump like a rented mule,

Never been to Poland? (sorry, meant Prague).

Rembrandt in the Blood: An Obsessive Aristocrat, Rediscovered Paintings and an Art-World Feud

Rembrandt in the Blood: An Obsessive Aristocrat, Rediscovered Paintings and an Art-World Feud

I think Donny Jr. needs to take a reading comprehension refresher

Is Cohn's family there?

This Hearing Demonstrates One Thing Very, Very Well.

Who Is The Animated Blond Over Cohen's Left Shoulder?....

Love Child!

Mrs Miller... goofy?

Someone needs to check the bank account, foreign and domestic, of Mrs. Miller. nt

A vote coming up in 10 minutes, then recess.

Republicans in the Cohen hearing room are so frightened.

Who is that dumb @ss man that keeps asking about boxes

Rep. Miller R W.V. "The democrats are holding these hearing for their one goal the impeachment ....

Gosar v. Cohen

The voters of West Virginia certainly didn't do America any favor when they elected Carol Miller.

Why are they so concerned

The republicans conveniently forget that we have President Liar as president as they accuse Cohen...

Listened to the last 20 minutes of Cohen's opening statement.

'Executing Babies': Here Are the Facts Behind Trump's Misleading Abortion Tweet

If Cohen was just doing this all to get back at Trump and throw dirt on him....

'Executing Babies': Here Are the Facts Behind Trump's Misleading Abortion Tweet

Trumpism is a cult or a sect. never seen political loyalty like this

If Cohen does everything to benefit himself then he's telling the truth today.

Republicans can't defend Trump against the substance of Cohen's attacks

Lock up #theScumbags....

Rep. Kelly Armstrong is trembling... fear? nerves? anger?

Junior rampages against Cohen

Kelly Armstrong (R-kGOPb) is QUIVERING

"Was it exhausting keeping track of all the lies?"

Holy Crap I think cohen just admitted that Hannity is under investigation!!!

Trump buying fake Twitter accounts....

My favorite tweet so far:

"My friend Kim Jong Un"

Watching this motley crew of Republican miscreants soil themselves on national tv,

Would you like cake or pie? And what flavor?

Does Cohen have the same Mueller imposed subject limitations for the closed hearings?

Cohen: Other potential Trump crimes being investigated

Rep. Greg Steube (R-FL) sounds like a High School student trying to read a book report...

Cohen just made a fool out of Steube

Greg Steube is a "P" popper. Pops the letter 'P' into the mic.

Betty Bowers thoughts today....

"A bad deal for the United States": top South Korean official rejects tentative Trump-Kim pact

Cohen: Rudy Guiliani told Trump to reimburse me for hush money payments.

Wabtec provided some $60 million in payments to the company's 20 top executives ...

Decorah Eagle Mom lays second egg--feb 26

Government relents on rights of EU citizens after MP quits

Brexit: Government relents on rights of EU citizens after MP quits

If looks could kill....

I hope the house subpoenas

What's this I heard from someone at work that there may be a video tape of Donald Trump

You know, the outrage & self righteousness currently being displayed by the gop might be

Seattle tunnel project subcontractor cited for not paying workers $370,000 in prevailing wages

UPDATE: (pastemagazine) ''A @CNN spokesperson just got back to me with the following statement:''

This Exchange From the Michael Cohen Hearing Should Worry Donald Trump

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says GOP stuck in a 'hostage situation'

If you turn off the sound, when Chip Roy is talking, it looks like he's on fast-forward

Biden: 'The most important people in my life want me to run'

Jesus, Mary and Joseph! Chip Roy is another RWNJ!

Congressman Roy wins most sanctimonious prick of the day award

She went there!

Well..... GOP has Proved it,,,,,

Stacey Plaskett heehee

-Do you think there are enough folks interested to support a Hockey Forum?

Amid Trump-Kim Summit in Hanoi, Anti-War Women Offer Blueprint for Lasting Peace on Korean Peninsula

This 2007 Bernie Sanders Video Is Still Tragically Relevant

Amid Trump-Kim Summit in Hanoi, Anti-War Women Offer Blueprint for Lasting Peace on Korean Peninsula

Amid Trump-Kim Summit in Hanoi, Anti-War Women Offer Blueprint for Lasting Peace on Korean Peninsula

Matt Gaetz Under Investigation By Florida State Bar Over Michael Cohen Threat

So... Cohen was a Democrat when his name was floated for RNC and when Steve Wynn found out...

Donald Trump Jr. signed checks for hush money related to affair - Cohen

Repunks have set a new standard for perjury and lying

Venezuela's opposition leader says he will begin exercising his 'duties as president'

one thing I like about MSNBC coverage

As I read about today's hearing, all I can do is

This must be a tough day for Melania. I'd send #ThoughtsAndPrayers, but you know, she IS a birther.

20 bucks says she changes her mind...

dt blindsided?

SCENE: Jay Sekulow's office, this morning.


Question for Cohen

As all this begins to unfold, I think it looks more and more like

Richard Painter: Matt Gaetz 'should be arrested' for witness tampering

We now know what sketch will be the cold open for SNL this Saturday. Calling Ben Stiller now....

Wait, Trump's lawyers instructed Cohen to lie to Congress?

I am following Wonkette's live feed of the Cohen hearings, and I'm dying....

Seattle picks team to study possible expansion of Interstate 5 lid

What a bunch of self-righteous scum these republicans are.

Not one fucking RETHUG was concerned at all about

The day isn't over, but I have to give today's Internet to Sam Seder for his Jim Jordan tweet.

What''s your single favorite exchange so far?

Got it! Doesn't Rep. Higgins bear a striking resemblance to "Uncle Fester"? nt

Does anyone understand the significance of the "foreign contacts" form that Cohen filled in?

Matt Gaetz Under Investigation By Florida State Bar Over Michael Cohen Threat

Hanover Bald Eagle has laid her 1st egg this season.

So Cohen apparently wasn't in Prague?

Detroit police officer fired for racially insensitive Snapchat video

I was looking at the lists of political and celebrity endorsements.

Nothing better than showing a rescue dog what love is ❤️

Can Biden secure enough of a team without announcing?

This Republican Senate will be considered the most corrupt, crony, inept Senate in history.

Gym Jordan would be a lot more credible

Take a moment to note

I'm out......thank you for your ❤️

??? Nick Confessore on MSNBC: Rs doing a good job keeping the hearing off kilter

I wonder how long trump* watched the hearing.

DISCUSSION THREAD 3: Michael Cohen's testimony before the House Oversight Committee

I'm hearing reruns from the gop.

Someone please ask Cohen about Trump paying for abortions!

Dan Pfeiffer with the tweet of the afternoon

I would like to ask a Rethuglican

Just woke up in NewZealand. Has Cohen produce audio/video evidence?

Emergency surgery for retired Military Working Dog

The Circle

Michael Cohen Warns Republicans: "I did the same thing you're doing now and look what happened."

3:27 AM in Hanoi.

This is what Roger Stone is prohibited from doing......

Anyone familiar with shopping for Children's/Youth Publishers?

No one has brought up that Cohen's previous lies were all supported by Trump.

Earlier, Gaetz had been spotted in the committee room even though he is not a member.....

Paulie Hated Phones

Florida Bar has opened an investigation into Rep Gaetz ethics

Just a strong hunch

Some Dem needs to ask Cohen if Don Jr. ever had one of his phones.

Washington Official Subpoenas Trump Inaugural Committee

Anyone else notice the "there's no there there" theme from Ken Dalainian?

The Doctor will see you now...

These shrieking Republicans caused me to take my blood pressure pill a few hours early.

In 1968, Donald Trump found himself walking into a seedy fortune teller's shop in Times Square.

Gun Background Check Passes House!!!

AOC Attacked in Public

Does it mean anything to "commit under oath" to do or not do something in the future?

Here are five felonies Trump committed -- if Cohen is telling the truth - By Max Boot

Chris Christie clip...what WH should be worried about

Don Jr with a big oops?

Cohen was Finance guy for the RNC, sooooo has anybody asked him about Russian GOP money?

House passes bill to require universal background checks on gun sales

Disbar this punk:

Johnny Manziel barred from the Canadian Football League


BREAKING NEWS: Cohen House testimony to recess to allow Donald Trump an opportunity to nap.

Was watching Cohen's lawyers and they were mostly stone faced until Repubs tried to say Cohen paid

Nicolle Wallace trashed Higgins box of documents questions

Do you think Trump has hit Melania?

I am going to abstain from all alcoholic beverages on

Phone Polling In Crisis

So, the very GOP committee say this is a waste of time?

"Who wants to be a millionaire" - question 1

Everyone loved me as Cosmo the Cougar, but would they love who I was behind the mask?

GOPers at the Cohen hearing

GOP Operative Charged In North Carolina

Jared Kushner quietly meets with Saudi Crown prince amid day of chaos on Capitol Hill

TWO things here

Roger Stone Says Michael Cohen Is Lying

What's Jared Kushner doing during the Cohen testimony? Meeting with the Saudi Crown Prince.

Favorite funny Cohen hearing tweet

So, after the break, will Meadows do an Emily Litella, i.e., "Never mind!"?

This one Cohen comment sums up the entire gop since 1/20/17:

ReTHUGs don't seem to remember that they are now the Minority

Cohen: I was just happy to get the check.

Please tell me Khanna is running for president

Mnuchin went to Paris, in a trip that wasn't disclosed to the U.S. press. Where he bumped into....

mango mussolini must be absolutely seething. I think the only person today who's mentioned that he's

LOL @ Fux News Website Coverage Of Cohen Hearing. For Most of the Day, The Top Headline Was...

That Blond Is Back Again Behind Cohen's Left Shoulder....

Maya Wiley....

Lest we forget about Donald Trump and College Records

AOC is on!

I know I'm not the smartest person in the world, so please help me out here...

Democrats Try Again For Tax Credit For Low-Income Ohioans

AOC on the Con's taxes

No More Oxycontin For Injured Workers In Ohio

Holy Shit! AOC is going for blood, setting up investigations into financial crimes.

Meanwhile our leader is kissing ass in Vietnam...

So have the ReTHUGs decided not to return to the hearing?

The worst-case scenario for global warming just got 14F worse"The Uninhabitable Earth" isn't just a

Seattle saw surge in number of homeless who found housing in 2018

Tlaib is on fire!

Mark Meadows just turned purple and objected to Rep. Tlaib's comments


wow! Rep Tlaib is going there....

Meadows and Jordan are the two biggest assholes on this committee

Michael Cohen's Scathing Opening Statement Is Littered With Bombshells

Fuck you Meadows-- You're protesting too much about Trump's Friend!

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #6-8: The Thing From Uranus Edition

'Heartbeat' Bill Returns to Ohio Legislature

Now they're making a woman of color apologize for her feelings.

McConnell rolls over Murray, Cantwell on Trump court appointment

Gee, maybe Democrats should request articles about trump* be added, too

Michael Cohen is a tragic figure

What good purpose does it serve to submit newspaper articles to be "part of the record"?

I love GOP entering into the record Cohen is the worst lawyer in the world and is

Cadet Bone Spurs finally goes to Vietnam

Is Cohen a Democrat again?

What an amazing closing statement!

I have a feeling that the lady behind Cohen's left shoulder with the Farrah hair will become a meme

Mr Cohen's final statement was stellar

In Cohen's closing statement, he carved Trump a new *

Cartoons 2/27/19

What's for Dinner, Wed., Feb. 27, 2019

Mark Meadows is from the most illegitimate gerrymandered district in America...

Jordan: "I hope we've learned some things today"

AOC Just Expertly Laid a Trap to Get Donald Trump's Tax Returns (Mother Jones)

Michael Cohen...I am in constant contact with SDNY...BOOM

2020 Primary & Caucus Schedule

Cummings has empathy and integrity.

THIS...there is not a better reason to begin impeachment.

Thank You Representative Cummings....

Wow! Both Cohen and Cummings have me in tears

Great climax Elijah Cummings

Cohen and his fate should serve as a warning to Trump's GOP apologists.

Elijah Cummings, you are a goddamned national treasure.

May I ask a question about the hearing?

Elijah Cummings appreciation thread.

The Supreme Court looks likely to break the wall of separation between church and state

Executive Time

If you were Elijiah Cummings anger translator-------your words

Why didn't trump back date the bribe checks?

David Corn congratulates the House Republicans from today's Cohen hearing.

It's amazing that Mark Meadows would have the temerity of using a black woman's body as a prop...

Can someone post a CliffsNotes summary of the hearings today?

jim jordan. Finally a politician more slimy than ted cruz.

These 43 Republicans blew up the deficit with tax cuts. Now they say debt is a security threat.

Looks like Donald Trump Jr. is in for it. Financial fraud, a felony.


Lisa Bloom: AOC laying the foundation for further investigation & possible criminal referral

Just love the way repubs send trumpers to liberal

So Pakistan just announced it shot down two Indian jets

Beto O'Rourke has reportedly decided not to run for Senate next year and likely Run for Pres instead

I'm actually a little disappointed today's hearing was televised.

Rep. Jim Jordan, Alleged Campus Sexual Abuse Ignorer, Attacks Michael Cohen's Character

Here's an example of Mark Meadows "not being a racist":

Elijah speaking now - short statement n/t

With everyone running for President, are we going to have anyone to run to take over Senate?

Who gave Rep. Matt Gaetz the information he is now using to threaten a federal witness?

Here is *racist* Mark Meadows saying that they're going to send Obama back to Kenya

Another day, another stellar set of performances from our freshman Dem reps in the House

The Mueller Report should not be the last word...

This Dog Spent His Entire Life Inside a Dark Box - We Had To Save Him

Fox News Legal Analyst: Cohen Has Painted Potentially Grave Picture, Four Possible Trump Felonies

An important point

Elijah Cummings is an extraordinary human being, and we are so fortunate to have him in Congress

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 28 February 2019

Elijah Cummings is the embodiment of all that is right and good for our country.

Cohen said he fears there won't be a peaceful transition if rump loses in 2020.

Robert Reich--- So far Cohen has confirmed that Trump:

Pierce: The Republican Party Completely and Utterly Disgraced Itself at Michael Cohen's Hearing

So should the next person subpoenaed by the House be

I wish I lived in Jim Jordan's district

Republicans: Fuck truth. We must protect our Fuhrer

Rep. Clay Higgins, let's review

Giant 'Glory Hole' sucks in rainwater as storms swell California lake

Giant 'Glory Hole' sucks in rainwater as storms swell California lake

Stella vs. Snowmen 😂

Pierce: The Republican Party Completely and Utterly Disgraced Itself at Michael Cohen's Hearing

Quite A Contrast Between A Repug Being Subjected To Testimony Versus .....

U.S. drops demand for full accounting of N. Korea nuclear program ahead of talks

Lawmaker promoting anti-vaxx bill suggests measles can be treated with antibiotics. (It can't.)

A simple point that we should all keep in mind about today.

Holy Shit -this ends with a RICO charge in the SDNY

How to get $10 'Hamilton' tickets in the Detroit ticket lottery

Michael D'Antonio: I was one of the 500 people Michael Cohen threatened

Elijah Cumming's (D-Maryland) closing statement at the Cohen Hearing.

Luckovich-Bed In

I don't get it, does the GOP have a maximum amount of liars they are OK with? Is that it?

Coast Guard officer accused of plotting terrorist attack charged with illegally possessing silencers

Cohen: if Trump loses in 2020 'there will never be a peaceful transition of power'

DU for Warren has not raised a dime today

DU for Warren has not raised a dime today

Jay Sekulow's carefully worded non-denial denial.

Here are five felonies Trump committed -- if Cohen is telling the truth

Edward Nixon, Youngest and Last Surviving Brother Of Richard Nixon, Dies at 88

The gop this evening:

Virginia's first lady gave cotton to black students and asked them to imagine being enslaved

Elderly Jewish Londoner punched in face for being Jewish.

Republican "witch hunt": Trump and the GOP need a scapegoat. Naturally, they attack women

There is no more Obamacare

This is very trivial, but after watching the Cohen show, Democrats DEFINITELY have better hair.

Judge orders Texas not to purge voters after botching list

Even more fun is that they're replaying "greatest hits" clips of Dump lying today


Trump had Cohen intimidate 500 people over 10 years

Malcolm Nance on Russia and Emails

When did this happen? HINT: Trump made it visible..

As of today, I think it is fine to question the very legitimacy of the GOP as a political entity

Sources: Beto O'Rourke won't challenge John Cornyn for Senate, paving way for presidential bid

David Frum: Uncontradicted


Vatican to open own investigation into accusations against Pell

Before we impeach RUMP (I know WON'T HAPPEN)

This dog's love for his foster puppies is SO pure

Stacey Plaskett looking at Jim Jordan