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Denver to vote on whether to decriminalize 'magic mushrooms'

Sojourner Truth's "Ain't I a Woman" is one of the greatest speeches in American rhetoric

Double standards

Thar's thangs goin' on that you don't know...

Bolsonaro ally wins Senate leadership, smoothing legislative path

I was a teenager in 1984

Jeff Koterba's latest cartoon: Not that wall

Progressives gather in Pittsburgh to cement gains

Karma for Northam to be forced to give his job to an African American man

Kamala Harris charges into a strong second place in iowa

European colonizers killed so many Native Americans that it changed the global climate, researchers

Omaha girl told police she was raped before taking her own life. Rapist says 'I am the victim.'

India protests at U.S. detention of several Indian students

Sierra Snow finally showed up...

Tweet of the Day

Nikki Haley is a Piece of Shit

What's up with Tiger Woods and Trump?

Hashtag stirs debate over role of Christian schools in US

Photo of McConnell:

Warner, Kaine, Scott call on Northam to resign

'Gas the Jews': Teens yell anti-Semitic abuse at boys on bus

US sees limitations on reuniting migrant families

US sees limitations on reuniting migrant families

The Devil We Know

Mott the Hoople - All the Young Dudes

How did I miss this?

Dem lawmaker nominates Christine Blasey Ford for JFK Profile in Courage Award

Central African Republic, 14 armed groups reach peace deal

Cat at Jurassic Park moment - Dare he pass?

Doug Wilder just tweeted that it's time for him to go.

Cat Photobomb

The day the music died...60 year remembrance thread....

Massive protests are taking place in Venezuela. Here's what they look like.

Do these people ever smile? Are they happy?

Ralph Northam is Governor of Virginia by promising VA voters he would expand Medicaid.

Powerful storm hits Southern California, flooding highways

Man allegedly threatened to kill Baltimore restaurant owner over anti-Trump poster, police say

Analysis: How Declaring a National Emergency Could Hurt Some Republicans

USDA's SNAP decision means there will be a gap in food assistance program

Photo from earlier today: Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods, and an unidentified asshole in the middle.

This band is pretty amazing - Please welcome The Hu

ICE confirms it is force-feeding detainees on hunger strike

ICE confirms it is force-feeding detainees on hunger strike

tRump's spokeswoman needs to get her story straight on the Turnberry money...

Why Trump Wants Us to Mock his Typos Daily Kos

Pope faces critics over Yemen on first papal visit to UAE

Pope faces critics over Yemen on first papal visit to UAE

So both of these assholes are in the HoF.

Kaine and Warner now calling for Northam to step down...

5 children killed in single-car crash in Maryland

Throat singing from Mongolia & Bagpipe and Drum music from Latvia

Meet the black Chicago woman who rented the hotel rooms for homeless people during the cold wave

Some old timey rock and roll...

Dolphin Quest terminates contract with Dolphinaris after dolphin death

Caught In A Mosh -- Anthrax

For Whom The Bell Tolls -- Metallica

Fast As A Shark -- Accept


You know what to do with a dead chemist, don't you?

Controversial YouTube Show Lands Portland Coffee Company in Hot Water

A sincere question to our African American posters.

Metal Command -- Exodus

Man catches fire after being tasered, tear-gassed by French police

Leonard Pitts Jr.: 'I'm closing the book on remorseful ex-Trumpers'

Black Metal -- Venom

Disposable Heroes -- Metallica

Donald Trump at half-speed.

Navy Capt. Rosemary Bryant Mariner, the service's first female jet pilot

You know who else is Orange?


Why you should root for New England in the Super Bowl

We should very wary of Trump's next steps, not Nothram's.

Website that published VA governor's racist yearbook photo has ties to (R) Corey Stewart campaign

Rollingstone: Mitch McConnell enemy of the vote

Baltimore to stop prosecuting marijuana possession cases.

I'm sure I have done this before.

Now I get why matcom left. nt.

Parkland dad Manuel Oliver

Some fine picking.

Ralph Northam or Candice Payne? Who is it going to be?

Mathangi Arulpragasam doesn't get a lot of respect.

Slow songs....

"American politics is experiencing two spacetime continua:"

trading places -- dan akyroyd in blackface

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: "Northam must resign..."

The dangerous ignorance of a false POTUS.

My Dad's obit ... some things are hard to do and this was one of them.

First two videos are out (SPOILER ALERT) - Endeavour, series 6

SPOILERS: Viewing/rating my 4 picks for Oscar: Star/Born, Roma, The FavoUrite, Bohemian R

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Stacey Abrams's new essay on identity politics reveals why she's a rising star

Over 60, and Crushed by Student Loan Debt

Circus Animals On Their Way To Their New Life

Hillary calls on Ralph Northam to resign.

Tuned in to the Lakers-Warriors game... LeBron wasn't playing... due to "load management issues"

Inside MIT's Nuclear Reactor

I am 52 have Crohn's which is severe. Recent lab tests showed off on some labs

Patrick Mahomes wins NFL MVP for 2018 season, his first as Chiefs' starting QB

PA Man Tries To Break Down Stranger's Door To Escape From Zombies And Snakes

How Fox News Pushes Trump to Make Every Bad Decision

End of the day NORTHAM. From a Virginian*

Cruel to be kind

Let the belly rubs begin

Where are my compliments?

Trump's "loser" comment about the Presidency really means the Presidency exposed him for what he is

For Iggo, Stevil, and the rest of you metalheads....

First tune I ever sang with a band....

Queen to be evacuated if Brexit turns ugly - reports

Please direct all negative comments to Iggo... He put me in a metal mood. Anthrax - Indians

The first band I was ever into

The Trooper

Model gave collusion evidence to Russian tycoon

I had no idea how scary Ann Coulter is

He's reappointed Jackson as his Doctor again

From the first album I ever owned

Sibelius: "Tapiola" and 6 additional selections by a variety of others


Sugar Ain't So Sweet

Blood Runs Red

"Willful ignorance". Inside trump's troubled intelligence briefings

Real Time With Bill Maher

My advice to Gov. Northam

Dallas doctor guilty of dealing countless painkillers to the homeless in 'pill mill'

Governor Ducey denies Trump tax cuts, vetoes Conformity Bill

International reporting re Northam:

Robert Kraft says President Trump is working to serve 'best interests of the country'

Chris Stapleton - Drunkard's Prayer

Ben Shapiro Blocked From Speaking at Grand Canyon University

(Jewish Group) 'Gas the Jews': Teens yell anti-Semitic abuse at boys on bus (Australia)

Theresa May 'stuck in a time loop', being forced to make the same Brexit offer over and over again

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) No Cupid For You Edition

Motel 6 Attorney: Info on 'Tens of Thousands' of Guests Given to ICE

World War One grenade among potatoes at Hong Kong crisp factory

New bill would more than double state gas tax for Arizona drivers

Jamming with miss K yesterday our sons eight grade guitar teacher

Marana cattle fraud case leads to new charges against family, claims of retaliation

Erik Prince opening a shady facility in China

What you do onto the least of them...

What makes the grass grow

Is Modesty Empowerment?

AK - Organizers Cancel Willow 300 Sled Dog Race: Too Warm, Too Much Rain

Rep. Gallego's office contacts U.S. Capitol Police after home was targeted by Patriot Movement AZ

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Atlantis)

I have never owned a cellphone..curious, what year did they become a necessity?

Queensland Flooding Worsens; 10.9" In Cairns In 1 Day; Daintree River Highest In 118 Yrs Of Records

Here are 9 things (some) Americans just don't understand -- compared to the rest of the world

Tulane Study: Sea Level Rise Likely Underestimated Because Of Mechanics Of Gauge Placement

Has a single ReTHUG condemned the kidnapping and incarceration

In 50 Yrs, 96% Of 244 US Cities Saw Average 6F Rise In Annual Coldest Temperatures

Ronny Jackson's back just in time to do the physical?!?!?

BTRTN: Trump Has a New Reality Show: "Lost"

January 2019 Atmospheric CO2 Concentration: 410.81; January 2018: 407.96; January 2017: 406.17

BTRTN: Trump Has a New Reality Show: "Lost"

NC State breaks record for fewest points(24) by a ranked team in the shot clock era

BP Will Boldly . . . Support Plan To Report On How It Might Respond On Climate Blahblahblah

I believe a Biden/Castro ticket would be formidable.

Tulsi Gabbard Officially Kicks Off 2020 Campaign

You know you are a criminal when....

Will Bunch On Davos: It's All About AI And Replacing Human Beings As Quickly As Possible

What the Kremlin thinks about the democratic presidential candidates:

UK Met Office Expects Record YOY Increases In Atmospheric CO2 In 2019

Trump: Northam's yearbook photo depicting men in blackface, KKK robes 'unforgivable'

Kellyanne Conway gripes over hypothetical sexism-charges against nobody in particular.

Northam: Why NO narrative NOW on racism?

Despite Pledges, China's Methane Output From Coal Mining Operations Up 1.5 Million Tons/Yr 2010-15

A rafter of turkey's at the salt lick!

Where is the nation wide call for Trump to resign?

The National Emergencies Act was never meant for something like Trump's wall

Trump Faces Mounting Threats from All Sides

Black History: day 3 Before there was Rosa Parks, there was Claudette Colvin.

S.E. Cupp Roasts Kellyanne Conway: It's 'Dumb Crap Like This' That Diminishes 'Real Sexism'

Oh, Snap! OSNAP Study Shaking Up Understanding Of Ocean Conveyer Current

Trump Describes Northam KKK Pic As 'Unforgivable' And Slams Virginia Governor For Abortion Comment

My only thread starter for the day about Ralph Northam. You must go.

UPDATED: Trump wants to keep troops in Iraq to 'watch' Iran

Brexistential Crisis

Bullshit, not lies, is the corrosive influence blighting our public life

Trump: People saying 'this is something very special what's happening' on race in US

43 confirmed measles cases in Clark Co. outbreak, including child who had one MMR vaccine

3X The Money, Far Lower Goals And Indonesia Still Can't Even Approach Reforestation Targets

What are you doing during the game?

Blackface is clearly offensive but my question

For those calling for Northems head, do you know Cory Stewart?

Schultz's reign as an NBA owner was a fiasco. Would a 2020 campaign be any different?

US fake university: India anger after students arrested

13% Of FL Manatees Died In 2018; 2nd-Worst Year For Mortality On Record

Corey Stewart got more votes for Senator than Ed Gillespie did for governor

Trump and most of the DU community agree on something, sadly

Arctic Summers Warmer Than At Any Point In Past 115,000 Years

Facebook, Google, Microsoft Among Sponsors For Libertarian Conference Featuring Climate Liars

Some in U.K. turn to 'Brexit Boxes' as threat of chaotic exit from the E.U. looms

Governor Northam needs to resign - I accept I could be wrong

The Queen to be evacuated in case of Brexit unrest - media

The only way a wall works is if it comes with armed guards.

Will Trump shut down our government again on the 15th?

Paul Krugman blows up the GOP myth that Americans don't want taxes raised on the 1%

When you tell black people that we're overreacting and Northam should stay for the good of the party

Ocasio-Cortez: Northam should resign, his defenders 'deserve scrutiny'

I have written Ralph Northam's resignation speech for him, and here it is:

What are you listening to now?

What happens to the pre-printed Super Bowl champion gear for the team that loses?

A White People's Guide to Black History Month

My Connecticut Reps Social Security forum last Friday......

Dem. Presidential Candidate Calls for $100B in Slavery Reparations

Giant fish washed up dead in Japan raise fears of earthquake or tsunami

FCC struggles to convince judge that broadband isn't "telecommunications"

jaco pastorius - opus pocus

The 2020 Democrat with a full-fledged Republican fan club

The MAGA Pooper Scooper

Abducted in Plain Sight...

Lock him up!

What should be the national anthem of the United States?

This Is So Good!!!!!

Republican Hypocrisy

"It's Dark, Therefore, There Is No Sun

I live in Central Texas so am able to drive (takes a while) to see this wall that is being built.

What do you do with phone numbers of dead people on your phone?

The Slippery Slope Of God Appointed Selection(s)..

Townsville Australia Got More Than 3 Feet Of Rain In 1 Week - 20X Seasonal Average

I don't expect purity from our elected leaders

I told a fib. This is my second Northam post. Without African American votes he would have lost

Trump: Sending Troops To Venezuela Is An "Option"

Former GOP Colorado House candidate Joan Poston testifies against sex ed bill

39 Weather Disasters In 2018 Clocked In @ At Least $1 Billion

Go Pats? Kroenke Executive Paid Russian Spy Maria Butina To Create Pro-Putin TV Show

Antarctic Sea Ice Extent Challenging Record Lows In January - Usual Low February/March

Shock Poll: Trump Disapproval at 57% in Latest Rasmussen Poll

2022 US House Redistricting- Which seat is likely to get eliminated?

Trump rescues babies from evil two-left hands Hillary

Some lessons from the Northam mess - I am sure there are more...these came to mind this AM

Some Politicians are Democrats Only for Convenience

Went to pick up a new BBQ grill and found a parking space made for me

The fate of reproductive rights in the U.S. will be decided by five men this Thursday

On AM Joy now the Trump admin said it may be impossible to re-unit all children with their parents .

Help save London's Whitechapel Bell Foundry which dates to 1363.

After the superbowl

Parkland Dad Manuel Oliver Responds to Louis C.K. With a Brutal "Standup Set" About His Murdered Son

Posted for your entertainment--Coulter: Mo Brooks a 'terrific' GOP challenger to Trump

Lets Pile on... The Purity test continues

Howard DEAN just said: "Republicans *have* no morals at all!" on Reliable Sources

Just uploaded my latest show! Enjoy!

Trump Aides Fear Coming 'Subpoena Blizzard' From House Committees

Fox News' Jesse Watters Gets Schooled Over Nonsensical Winter Solar Panels Claim

THE FONZ asks: Is EVERY decision America makes and acts in complete compliance with Russia ?


WaPo: 'A watershed moment': Trump faces crossroads amid mounting threats on all sides

Billy Cobham "Stratus"

Northam story: An effective right-wing hit job

That pretty much explains it all...

Do we build walls, or bridges?

Annual Rainfall Records Tumbled In 2018 In US, Nearly All In Eastern, Midwest States

Gillibrand Going Downhill

Has Man's Dominion been good for the Planet?

Which story is true, Governor Northam?

Incoming US Senators in 2020 if Democrats regain control of the US Senate.

Mad Magazine had dotard's number in 1992.

"Fact Check That! "

I got one of these emails yesterday and just a few minutes ago, got another one

Deputy killed and another wounded after 12-hour stand off


2020 Democrats Agree: They're Very, Very Sorry.

World On Fire: What The Past Five Years Foreshadow For The Forseeable Future

Delayed, not saved: Foxconn's Wisconsin "factory" announcement is a bid to help Trump save face

Sherrod Brown comes right out with it: "We have a president who's a racist"

Trump on nuclear diplomacy: "North Korea...I'm in the real estate business. What a location!"

VA Governor Ralph Northam-D wants to remain as Governor for 3 more years. Why?

Pence makes it very difficult for me to watch the State of Union speech.

Trump: "Even the Mueller report said it had nothing to do with the campaign"

Counterprotesters Burn Klansman In Effigy As Georgia White Supremacist Rally Fizzles

I don't understand all the hand wringing and hesitation about Northam

What To Expect In ExxonMobil's Climate Report - Self-Serving Bullshit, Loud Silences

Trump is going to fail badly without a Republican controlled congress.

CNN's Bakari Sellers perfectly explain what white people don't get about blackface

Dan Coats Delivers Climate Reality During National Security Briefing To US Senate

Sen. Brown: "This country hasn't dealt well with issues of race. We have a president who's a racist"

....Large And Massive-Range EGO's

Introducing our new puppy: Hal

Is there some big game on this weekend?

Statement re: Northam from former Congressman Tom Perriello of Virginia

Russia Will Support Any Politician Who Is Anti-Trade Agreement and Anti-Treaty

Can you believe it's been five years since we lost MFM?

Decades After "Victory" In PG&E Hexavalent Chromium Settlement, Hinkley CA Just Hanging On

The American people have become so uptight their asses pucker.

Why Trump WANTS Us to Mock his Typos

Trump on a resurgance of ISIS in Syria "We have very fast airplanes, we have very good cargo planes

Outside the arch, always there seemed another arch...

You guys have GOT to listen to these adorable Chinese women

Chakrabarti defends Jeremy Corbyn's Venezuela remarks

If someone does really racist stuff, not doing really racist stuff afterward does not absolve them

What Fiction are you reading this week, February 3, 2019?

60-foot tunnel found in Texas running under where border wall would go

Colombian rebel dissident leader Rodrigo Cadete killed in military operation

Israeli mosque prayer caller fired over photos in bodybuilder outfit

Ted Lieu: "This is exhibit 1 to the court when @realDonaldTrump declares a NATIONAL EMERGENCY."

France to recognize Guaido if Venezuela's Maduro does not call vote on Sunday

Inside a raid in Maduro's crackdown on critics in Venezuela slums

Has Northam ever explained why he voted for W, not just in 2000, but also in 2004,

Iraqi novelist gunned down in Kerbala

Egypt to consider longer presidential term: lawmaker

Netanyahu's Likud uses Trump photo in Israeli election billboard

Bruins on NBC - Celts on ABC - Pat's on CBS - great to be from Titletown.....Right?????? LOL

I don't know what it's like to be African American but I know what's it like to be Jewish.

Behind the Lion Air Crash, a Trail of Decisions Kept Pilots in the Dark

Nunberg: Mueller "has a strong case" that POTUS was part of a criminal conspiracy.

A tip from a 'concerned citizen' helps a reporter land the scoop of a lifetime


Venezuela crisis: US sending aid 'at Guaido's request'

Venezuela crisis: US sending aid 'at Guaido's request'

Trump's EPA Refuses To Limit Nasty Teflon Chemicals in Our Drinking Water

When your defense of a black face photo is

Morton Sobell, convicted in Rosenberg atomic bomb spy trial, dies at 101

Sorry, Republicans. You can't call out Northam for racism and give Trump a pass.

Iowa poll: Only Biden beats Trump in Iowa.

California spending billions to electrify the transportation sector

UC San Diego history prof's book on fall of Rome's democracy draws parallels to today

His first mistake was robbing a Texas bank - his second was allegedly fleeing on an electric scooter

Could three state leaders oust a governor under the Virginia Constitution?

So Are Christian Democrats Praying For Trump?

Hmm, The Northam thing might be like Franken after all. Original story by former Brietbarter

Watch her rise....

Couldn't Care less about the Super Bowl

a different perspective on a few special recipe ingredients

Patriots owner Kraft praises Trump and Rupert Murdoch in Fox interview

Trump: Nancy Pelosi "doesn't mind" human trafficking.

What are you serving for your Super Bowl feast?

Divide and Conquer at the New York Times Today

Why do I love Twitter sometimes? Because the son of this corporal saw this and sent his dad's obit.

Puppy Bowl 15?

Boy, 4, finds gun and shoots pregnant mom in the face

Jill Stein hired Paul Manafort's lawyer with election recount money.

Is that a streetcar or light rail? Here's how to tell the difference.

Superb Owl Sunday III

A Security Company Cashed In on America's Wars--And Then Disappeared

Trump declines to rule out another shutdown, hits NFL kneeling in Super Bowl interview

Democrats' tax plans reflect profound shift in public mood

Trump: Military intervention in Venezuela an 'option'

Trump's favorite compliment

Winter storm leaves 1 dead, shuts highways in Southern California

Slow cookers (crockpots) are evil.

Tidal Wave Of Out-Of-State Money For Collins' Campaign After Kavanaugh Vote

Scoop: Insider leaks Trump's "Executive Time"-filled private schedules

So what has Adam Levine got up his sleeve?

Animal rescues

How Trump's schedule compares to past presidents

This whole blackface on Northam is really dividing and conquering us on DU and other progressive

Net neutrality advocates prepare to face FCC in court over what "internet was meant to be"

Pentagon says nearly 4,000 additional active-duty troops will deploy to the southern border

Sherrod Brown: 'We have a president who's a racist'

GOP Dude Points at CNN's Karen Finney and Snaps 'Don't Interrupt Me!' As He Lies About Abortion

Trump refuses to comment on whether Mueller report should be made public

How Donald Trump Plays Havoc With OPEC Policy

National Parks struggle with up to $11 million in revenue loss from shutdown

See the Whirlpool Galaxy Through the Eyes of the NASA's 'Great Observatories'

WaPo (2003) - Some Iraq Analysts Felt Pressure From Cheney Visits

Turkey rips countries supporting Venezuela's Guaid

Vet's comfort dog helps sick patients during treatment!

World's First Dolphin Spinal Tap Cranks Marine Medicine Up to 11

Howard Schultz viewed unfavorably by Dems, GOP and independents

Novel hypothesis goes underground to predict future of Greenland ice sheet

State plugs away at mapping landslide-prone areas

This Is the Purest Beam of Light in the World

Can we do a NFL athlete CTE pool (kinda like a celebrity pool)?

China Tests World's 1st Robot Ship for Launching Small Rockets

Palm Oil Not the Only Driver of Forest Loss in Indonesia

Sunday voices

NASA Watched This Baby Island Burst From the South Pacific. And It Seems to Be Here to Stay.

How is it better for Virginia, the country and the Democratic Party for Northam to stay in office

John Mayer - Waiting On The World To Change

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

Amazing Images: The Best Science Photos of the Week

Egg baked in avocado

Superb Owl Sunday III

Ok, Following up on Glam's "1st Band I was into" thread

FSU dismisses QB Deondre Francois from football team after domestic violence allegation

What Will It Take for Mike Pence to Respect LGBTQ Americans?

Cartoons 2/03/19

I love the finish from 4:40 on. Radio stations always use to cut it short. Pissed me off.

Ok, Following up on Glam's "1st Band I was into" thread PART 2

Opinion: Let Children Get Bored Again

Regeneracion: Three Generations of Revolutionary Ideology

Northam voted for George W Bush twice...

7-Year-Old Boy Killed While Being Punished For Failing To Memorize Bible Verses.

It gets old having to vote for a group just because they arent actively trying to disenfranchise you

Russia Bolsters Central Asia Buffer as U.S. Afghan Exit Looms

If Northam admitted on Friday to raping a woman 35 years ago, would you insist he not step down

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 4 February 2019

What's for Dinner, Sun., Feb. 3, 2019

US- ROK Military Cost Sharing Dispute Resolved for Now

Trump takes a break between rounds of golf to tweet "KEEP OUT!"

These chickens have a human gene that enables them to lay eggs containing useful drugs

Please, oh please let something big happen before the criminals's SOTU

Trump interrupts planning for NATIONAL EMERGENCY to tell you "how Tiger played yesterday."

Northam, Northam, Northam. Northam, Northam?

Oval Office Director rants about "hundreds of calls and meetings @realDonaldTrump takes everyday"

Who do you want to win the Super Bowl

Love is strange...

CBS Super Bowl pregame show had an extended segment on segregation

Erdogan says he cannot understand U.S. 'silence' over Jamal Khashoggi murder

If I were to start my own religion...

Think about the term "Trump getting an intelligence briefing" for a second.

Mitch McConnell reportedly linked to Putin, Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska and Russian companies

I celebrate Tom Brady and Bill Belichick and the NE Patriots as an Athlete and a Coach

Remember the Titans

Blackface, I want to apologise to the african american people

Belicheater deserves to lose.

Peyton out-acted John Malkovich

Yes, people are really this stupid

Real-time fact checking of Trump.

When does 'Heidi' start?


Israel releases report on links between BDS and militants

Trump..Argues It Could Be 'Traumatic' to Reunite Thousands of Migrant Children With Their Parents

I celebrate the Los Angelos Rams and the under dog *EVERYWHERE*

Pro-MMA fighter wanted in two murders captured after manhunt in Texas

I can't vote for you because you're Republican

GM disputes Canadian auto union's Super Bowl ad

Bus carrying Iranian pilgrims in Iraq comes under attack

This is amazing.... Hey, it's Super Bowl Sunday...I drew a picture.

A boy enjoying puddles

tRump's morning intelligence briefing.....