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Propublica:Company of Tom Barrack sought to profit from connections with administration, foreigners.

Trump's first 4 trips to Mar-a-Lago cost taxpayers $13.6 million, watchdog finds

Look, I know that oral rape DOES happen, but my question is . . .


I plan on watching the SOTU tonight

I wish the MSM would stop treating the SOTU as more than

** Harris to deliver prebuttal ahead of Trump's State of the Union**

EPA returns to bullying tactics against news organizations

How long into the SOTU address before Trump veers off script?

No need to watch SOTU tonight. It will all be hashed over on Morning Joe tomorrow...

Stacey Abrams wrote her own SOTU response

FLOW - Go!!!

Trump at SOTU tonight.

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Trump Inaugural Chair Sought to Profit from Event

A Writer Describes Palestinian Cuisine, and the World Around It.

What I'd love to hear someone shout tonight

Overheard two high schoolers talking at McDonald's today.

Dems: the biggest issue for fighting trump, GOP

I have a question about the screech tonight and all those invited guests...

Bonus Quote of the Day

Chinese student goes to prison for photographing Key West Naval Air Station

Secret Files Show How Trump Moscow Talks Unfolded

Man smashes NYC lingerie store window, destroys Obama mannequin

I don't give a Sweet Cherry about no Trump STFU speech

Kamala Harris bringing furloughed federal worker as State of the Union guest

Confidential Memo: Company of Trump Inaugural Chair Sought to Profit From Connections to Administrat

Aw.. the daughter/wife spawn of 45 has a sadI really don't care, do you?

School bus driver shot in a road rage incident. There was a student on the bus.

Madonna to be Honored at GLAAD Media Awards

My summary of the INF talks

"The Wall" not on WH talking points

Beto O'Rourke Is Leaning Toward Running For President

Bokurano OP Uninstall [Full]

Report Shows Taxpayers Paid at Least $13.6 Million for Just 4 of Trump's Trips to Mar-a-Lago

Top US general says Trump did not consult him on Syria announcement

No wall on White House talking points on State of the Union

Sanders Announces Winners of State of the Union Essay Contest

I've got this little dude that I admit I adore.

Beto O'Rourke leans into 2020, promises decision by end of February

For your viewing pleasure, try not to cry

Excerpts released. Abrams to punch hard.

The whole right wing noise machine is a giant gish gallop on the american

Rep @AOC walks to the House chamber with her #SOTU guest, Ana Maria Archila, who confronted...

Alternatives to the "Stain of the Union".

Elizabeth Warren apologizes for calling herself Native American

Tonight's clannish clapfest will be crass enough, but the clapping of the classless clapper

Animal rescues--much better than what's on teevee tonight.

We should be nice. What effing price did they pay for "you lie"?

'Colombia's power brokers also behind mass killings of social leaders'

CNN: WH sources saying speech will be much more aggressive against Dems than previously advertised

OJ Simpson warns his 'buddy' Donald Trump about impeachment -- and Roger Stone

Facebook Finally Removes Another 22 Alex Jones Accounts.

Five minutes into Trump's speech and you people will be begging for Adam Levine's nipples.

Larry Sabato: Yes, Virginia, This is Chaos


Randy Rainbow: Cell Block Tango (from Chicago)

So, I'm rewatching "The West Wing"

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Donald Trump on Football, Impeachment & Golf with Tiger Woods

Kaze-wa Mirai-ni Fuku (Trigun ending op) AKIMA & NEOS

nope rope

Kaze-wa Mirai-ni Fuku (Trigun ending op) AKIMA & NEOS

BREAKING: Kamala Harris Live Facebook Presentation in response to State of the Union Address

This won't be an accurate SOTU address

Democratic Donor Who Pivoted to Trump Draws Scrutiny in Inaugural Inquiry

Stacey Abrams 1993 Youth speaker at the 30th anniversary of the March on Washington

Fight to hike Oregon's tobacco tax resurfaces

Just a little plus to my day non-political. I was picking up my

What you wanna bet? SNIFF..SNIFF..SNORT..Lie..Lie..SNIFF..🙄

Medicare for All Costs Too Much, Pelosi Adviser Assures Health Insurance Executives

Follow along with The Post's live fact-checking and analysis as President Trump delivers...

Is CNN trolling trump with their breaking news!

Wow. Pence and Madam Speaker on that podium.

Think anyone will yell "YOU LIE" at the SOTU? Certainly would be appropriate!

Angelic Layer

How many republican Congresswomen will be wearing white. I'm calling

What is the word tonight that you have to take a drink on

OMG Rick Perry is the designated survivor tonight. CNN

Senate GOP Leaders Say They Want Border Deal Whether Or Not Trump Backs It

OH GOD!! CNN just reported on the Designated Survivor, a member of the government....

It makes me so damned angry

I'm curious to see if Rashida Tlaib goes apeshit tonight.

Pelosi--The House will be in order

Will there be live streaming? Where? nt

Here are Sen. Kamala Harris' pre-SOTU remarks

LOVE the ERA pins!

Text SOTU to 50409 (the Resist Number) to be notified when Trump is finished

State of the Union drinking game!

TinyKittens has a New HQ!!

Rick Perry is the designated survivor

Only four Supremes showed up

SOTU-cam just zoomed in on Kavanaugh, apparently scanning the room for the nearest keg

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! The KKKing's Speech!

Helpful advice for those subjecting themselves to the SOTU.

God help us, Rick Perry is the "Designated Survivor"

US Navy admits failure on $760 million weapon to protect its aircraft carriers from an age-old threa

Photo: Bernie at SOTU

Watching the SOTU, cause a trainwreck is always interesting.

Before Expected Call for Unity, Trump Laced Into Democrats at Lunch for TV Anchors

the buffoonery is starting!

****I'll start a thread. Your thoughts here****

How the neocons captured Donald Trump

Look at him - he's fucking HUGE! They just showed a profile behind the podium, it's scary.

Me. Not. Watching. That. Monster.

Standing Ovation for the WORLDS BIGGEST ASSHOLE

One or two lines into the SOTU and he is sniffing.

Fucker said Democrat agenda

anyone familiar with Kpers retirement?

He must have snorted a whole bottle of Adderall

Trump Has Decided Not to Declare Emergency in State of the Union, Sources Say

fucker is already sniffing

Nancy Pelosi's face is everything.

He's fucking tanked

I see Don and Melanie shared their tanning bed with Mittens....

Umm, wasn't the Speaker supposed to gavel him in and introduce him?

Buzz Aldrin

Butterfly conservationists face off with excavators at border wall construction site


A college student thought she had a ghost in her closet. She found a man wearing her clothes.

I have had enough of this shit show!

Love that Nancy is reading from very large sheets of paper.

Poll: More than half will 'definitely vote' against Trump

Tulsi Gabbard rejects David Duke presidential endorsement

Wrap it up, asshole.

I Think All Democratic Candidates Should Give a Response Speech. Don't Give Bernie The Stage

Senate Democrats; President @realDonaldTrump's record in two years:...

Speaker Pelosi just visibly grimaced as Trump took a victory lap for his tax cuts.

every time the fucker turns, you know he badly wants to stare at Madam Speaker

I am so loving Nancy's expressions.

This tweet is hysterical! FYI, "IsleRacing" is a harness track in Florida:

A school board says no to Big Oil, and alarms sound in business-friendly Louisiana

Are these motherfuckers really chanting 'USA' 'USA' in the House of Representatives?

Who wrote this speech?

Lie to me! Tell me more lies!

Can someone start a Stacey Abrams thread when the Traitor finally shuts his rancid pie hole?

'Dumbfuck Dynasty' Star: I Don't Need Health Care Because I Have 'Immortality Given to Me by God'

Warning about M$NBC, though

Tasmania is burning. The climate disaster future has arrived while those in power laugh at us

Nancy Pelosi, the NEW flannel shirt kid behind Trump. She is AMAZING!

Donnie, you're dreamin again!

Rep. Pramila Jayapal: "Break decades of political stalemate." That's rich. Trump held the entire co

I would love for the House tomorrow to pass a special commendation to Nancy Pelosi

Here it come!

He's coming in for the BIG LIE on his Border Wall.....

Mrs. Betty Bowers reminds us

In an effort to get through the fucking blatant lies we are subjected to tonight...

Police: Pilot in fatal California crash had fake records

So he wasn't going to talk about the wall? Wow!

Kamala Harris and Sherrod Brown next to each other....hmmmm

This speech is vapid and full of bullshit.

Fox News Laments That Schoolchildren Are Being Taught Fairness

Quick, turn on the TV

Beto Is Running!

In case you're looking for something different: there's a State Senate race in Minnesota

Visiting San Francisco soon? COME to the Kagoshima fair!!

If you aren't watching, you can txt SOTU to either 33250 or 50409

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's tip to overcome her fear of speaking up in Congress is career advice

Trump Should (Probably) Be Worried About This Subpoena

Nancy is Owning His Ass!

I turned off the SOTU

The New York Times is live-fact checking Trump's SOTU speech

Blue-footed booby


"If there is going to be peace and legislation, there cannot be war and investigation." GOPers appl

Trump tears into Dems at private lunch hours before State of the Union

Boy, he is jumping all over the place!

"Our very dangerous southern border"

So Now It's a Rally for His Wall....nothing more

Lot Of Rolling Of Eyes In The House Chamber....

McConnell: Trump could 'win' on national emergency fight

I will never abolish our heroes from ICE

Trump Claims Greatest Threat Facing Nation: Toys Coming To Life While Owner Not In Room.

My 3 month

No wall!

is his tie crooked? Twitter says it is

Would you have let them in?

NM governor withdraws most National Guard troops from border

It Almost Looked Like AOC Was Getting Ready To Walk Out....

The SKORGE of international sex trafficking! "I WILL GET IT BUILT!"

Officials: Student posts racial slur after basketball loss

Tweet of the Day

wait, whut? 1500 human traffickers caught but only 300 women freed?

I can hear it now!

Trump says 'partisan' probes could endanger U.S. economy

El Paso Texas was our most dangerous city???

Aw, is Dumpy-Wumpy getting upstaged?

What Did You Come Up With to Do Instead of Watching?


In May 2016 Felix Sater promised Cohen a "mind blowing" "stream of business opportunities"

Spot 0n!

Warren Claimed Indian Heritage for the State of Texas Bar

U.S. lawmakers target China's ZTE with sanctions bill

Which idiot keeps,yelling "Yeah!" After everything dotard says?

U.S. lawmakers target China's ZTE with sanctions bill

Trump derides 'ridiculous partisan investigations' in State of the Union

Do you mean that Russia has to pay us back for putting you into office?

Texas' election chief denies mistakes over noncitizen list

Sunday Driver

Even the Turtle went orange tonight

Mitch looks unhappy

It occurred to me while listening to OrangeBuffoon

All time GREATEST Rude Pundit tweet - goes in the twitter hall of fame:

I think I mentioned this last Thanksgiving cactus is blooming again.....

Daniel Dale fact-checks Trump's biggest lie of the speech, about El Paso

Tapping out

Wow! Why did McConnell have a pus face?

Thank you Trump and the Republicans for showing us a true third world leadership based on lies and

Is it over yet? I'm tired of seeing his face when I flip it on to see if Stacy Abrams has started.

Mississippi considers abortion ban after fetal heartbeat

tRumpys nose growing at geometric rate.

Michigan ex-Uber driver who killed six is sentenced to life in prison

Weighing and measuring


Have I missed the parts on Gun Laws & Climate Change?

Now He's Just Saying Things That Get Him Standing Ovations....

DC is now Suffragette City

2020 Democratic Presidential/Vice Presidential Ticket.

Louise Mensch: Mueller's mystery case: Trump's worst news yet?

The Latest: Protesters burn flags after officer cleared

Nancy, please grab your gavel and shove it in his anus mouth!

Talk about a low energy speech

@TeamPelosi is fact-checking the SOTU on Twitter

I call bullshit on his family leave in the budget.

Ripped from the womb moments before birth.

omg, he's still yapping, now

Video Clip: The SOTU has Mitch ENERGIZED in a way I've never seen. He is POSITIVELY BEAMING.

Was That Eric With A Beard In The Gallery?....

My friend bob asked me if I missed the state of the union speech. I said,

All. Over. The. Place.

NYTimes: Trump warns House Democrats: Don't investigate me or my administration.

500 million for cancer 5.7 billion for a wall 700 billion on defence

Does It Sound Like Trump Wants To Pass Obamacare?....

SOTU: The Dem women were laughing at Trump, he thought they were laughing with him

George Conway: Unity!

I thought that Barnum and Bailey circus is gone out of business.

Jeez. Trump claims we'd be in a war with North Korea right now if he hadn't been elected.

OMG: If I hadn't been elected...we'd be at war with North Korea!

Alternative video of Trump speaking

SOTU: Donald Trump wants to fight childhood cancer, yet he wants to destroy Obamacare

Kamala Harris tweet just now: Politicians should not tell women what to do with their bodies


HAHA! More than an hour into the speech, Nancy picked up the printed version and started....

Trump expectations Jan. 2017 vs reality

The income tax had a top marginal rate at or over 70% for 50 years...

Is there or will there be an annotated version of his speech showing the lies?

Try watching the most absurd thing you can watch on television

Don't forget Trump moved over 260 million from AIDS and Cancer research to jail children

Is he going to wrap this up in time for his bedtime story from Sean?

What does "Believe All Women" mean to you?

Gov. Grisham withdraws National Guard troops from New Mexico border

how the fuck long is going to talk?

10:17 EST. Pelosi is looking at the transcript again

I see a nation shorn of intellect, reason

This SOTU speech of his will most likely be his last one, ever. I can live with that..n/t

Will he just shut up?

Boy - He Paints An Interesting Picture Of The....

Where's "Low-Energy Jeb" when you need him...

When is he going to quit pontificating?

Oh so *NOW* he cares about the Pittsburgh shooting?

The joint chiefs haven't looked happy a single time the camera focused on them.

Some of us couldn't bear watching the SOTU.

This entire speech is BULLSHIT. He is looking for applause lines.

His entire speech is bullshit and crap.

" A prisoner at Dachau (Dah-kow)..."

Trump is doing his best Benito Mousilinni impression. ....

What do past wars have to do with the SOTU address?

Why is Neeson Getting Skewered?

So what is the hang up with WWII tonight?

****Second Thread because the MoFo won't shut up!***

David Corn: Trump's aides had to include the pronunciation of "Dachau" in his speech

Volcanic pizzas of Hawaii?

women in white

Is this the longest SOTU ever?

Mr Muller, please please please hurry up.

It would be great for someone to time

100 Guns

Whatever happened to the "scrolling names" of those who sent in their $5?

If MSM Says He Was Presidential....

Stark raving mad

Has Sanders photo bombed Abrams rebuttal yet?

What a photo!

He created the rocky rocks of Maine, the volcanic volcanoes of Hawaii, the green something of

Mr Scorpio wins the internet tonight..

Not only is he lying his ass off,

OMG - who wrote this ending part of the speech? Disney?

Picture to caption (Pelosi and Trump)

trump is selling Fear and Loathing in America

This speech is more boring than the Superbowl

Any Eddie Izzard fans? Want to see a tour? Now THIS is a tour!

Daniel Dale: Almost comical how different Trump sounds in his SOTUs than his other speeches

May the Goddess bless us.

Oh, he finally shut up!

Is he still going on and on? Is his goal to keep

Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

Turns out the plaid pants truthers may have been misguided

Tuesday Lamb

This really happened! trump was shaking the hand of the person standing next to McConnell....

cnn sucking up to trump

What is the most beautiful place you ever visited?

PBS Pundits Panning the Speech

MICHELE BACHMANN! I thought that she was gonna kiss him.

Seed Of Memory

Rachel Maddow and Brian Williams seem to be restraining themselves

MSNBC reporting that Trump started his speech to prevent Nancy from introducing him

"Nancy" is the #1 trend on twitter. "Pelosi" is #2

I bet Trump will be born again by the 2020 election.

Van Jones - bizarre schizo psycho speech that was combining "cookies and dog poop"

A speech of cookies and dog poop - you go, Van Jones!!

Ms. Abrams!

It's Mueller Time....

Stacey on.

MSNBD remarking that speech writers phonectically spell some of the words for DT. nt

Howard Fineman on Trump's weird, bizarro sampling of Ronald Reagan riffs


Picture to caption (Melania)

Fugelsang take +10

Trump talked about USA having most powerful military. It's scary when he does that

Never heard Stacey Abrams before. She is brilliant!

grade the speech

COLBERT's doing things live for this - (I don't know what "live" means rolling an hour later)

and here she is the future President of the United States......

Superlungs My Supergirl


Trump took aim at John McCain in pre-SOTU lunch with network anchors

She is bringing tears to my eyes!

Costa Rica ex-President scar Arias faces sex claim

#SOTU tweet from my new governor!

Costa Rica ex-President scar Arias faces sex claim

Links to 538 and NYT live blogs - both worth a review - lots of fact checking

When are pundits gonna stop trying to make sense out of the nonsensical, irrational

Just in case you can meme this.👏👏

Nancy's golf clap...

2020 Democratic US Presidential/Vice Presidential Ticket- A Double Female Ticket.

Little T & A

Whew! That was amazing, the best response I've ever seen!

Stacey nailed it...

Let's be honest about something...

"Probably the worst delivered speech I've heard Donald Trump give" -- Rick Santorum

Dump brought out Holocaust survivors to pimp his policy of hostility with Iran

"no attachment to anything he said" - Nicole WALLACE

Stacey Abrams gave a very good and authentic speech

Obama planted a lot of seeds. Abrams is one of them.

Exploding e-cigarette kills 24-year-old Texas man

Sweet Virginia

President Trump calls for investigations into him to end during State of the Union -- just like Nixon

Skewed Poll on SOTU Speech Approval

"The marginalized did not create identity politics: their identities have been forced on them

Pelosi checks the papers

Stacey knocked it out of the park!

Wooden Heart made me

Repost for JDC

Omg the sound!

Stacy: "Where voters pick their leaders not where politicians pick their voters"

I need to get some links off my chest and offer it up.

Conan is riffing on the "Trump" bullied kid

BREAKING: DFL just lost a Minnesota State Senate seat...

Amy Klobuchar Tells Rachel She'll Make an Announcement

Looks like Amy Klobuchar is going to announce her Presidential candidacy on Sunday

BREAKING: Klobuchar to announce Presidential plans on Sunday

and when is MSNBC going to get rid of Chris Matthews???

Minneapolis police ID man arrested after school bus driver shot in apparent road-rage incident

Trump's travel to Mar-a-Lago alone probably cost taxpayers more than $64 million

2020 US Senate Election- Democrats guide to a majority.

Relations Between Government and the Governed Reached a New Low When Multnomah County Commissioners

This photo of Nancy, SOTU

When did the kangaroo hop? Scientists have the answer

Trump Thinks that Nepal and Bhutan are Pronounced "Nipple" and "Button"

Bernie Sanders' response to Trump's SOTU

Nasa's InSight mission: Mars sensor gets its protective 'hat'

2020 Democratic Presidential/Vice Presidential Ticket- Harris/Klobuchar.

Total Beatles ripoff, but really good. Besides when was the last time the Beatles put out new stuff?

Rent control: Senate Dems push Republicans aside to advance their first priority bill

Cosmic pile-up gives glimpse of how planets are made

The Women of the House

The Daily Show: State of the Union 2019: Uncancelled -- LIVE

The Daily Show: State of the Union 2019: Uncancelled -- LIVE

A drawing the sums up the SOTU

Seth Meyers - Super Bowl LIII, President Trump's Tan - Monologue - 2/4/19

Peace and Legislation or War and Investigation

Trump D-. Abrams B. Sanders A.

Seth Meyers: Guest Jake Tapper Thinks Virginia Governor Ralph Northam Has Done Everything Wrong

Some more Redwalls!

Nearly 2,000 migrants arrive at Texas-Mexico border, prompting 500 state troopers to respond

Women's brains are 'four years younger' than men's, study finds

Ivanka Trump hits back at art exhibit of lookalike vacuuming breadcrumbs

Working USB stick found in leopard seal's year-old frozen faeces

Some more Redwalls! 2

Trump confirms second summit with Kim Jong-un will be in Vietnam within weeks

Anyone see Sanders' rebuttal tonight?

Bad Boy

VE Day, May 8, 1945: WWII Victory Over Fascism In Europe

Baylor Scott & White Health and Memorial Hermann Health System merger called off

Read: Stacey Abrams rebuttal to Trump's State of the Union

This is knee-slapping hysterical - the poor kid. Bazinga!!!

Venezuela's funds transfer blocked, opposition lawmaker says

To the women in white.

Maduro issues threat to jail Venezuela's opposition leader

Cuellar aims to stop Border Wall going up next to SpaceX site

Sadly, Trump's approval will go up.

Xavier Becerra says he's ready to fight Trump's wall "the moment it touches the ground."

Kamala Harris prebuttal to SOTU

Trump's "Paid Family Leave" Plan, not so much paid

I believe most of the pundits are confused about "Peace and Legislation or War and Investigation"

Stacy Abrams response to SOTU

UNT alum donates $30 million to help students see 'possibilities of what they can achieve'

Bernie Sanders response to SOTU

Dan Rather on Trump's SOTU address: "This is who he is"

As mysterious BMW fires continue, calls for investigation into possible causes grow

Swastika scraped into gravel driveway of black church near Hallettsville

So was SHITLER chicken and coy about not copping to "emergency powers"?

Trump's State of the Union gave us the same old polarizing demagoguery -- at great length

Spike Lee is killing it on COLBERT: "He (SHITLER) had the chance to denounce

Anyone else notice Dump's weird body posture?

Bad Boy

My favorite Clapton number (w/Tina Turner)

I didn't watch. Does anyone know how long the SOTU speech was? I've read that it was

Are You A Beatle Or A Rolling Stone?

Great Nancy expression gif:

I asked on my face book page:

We are already in a position where a second shutdown is ENTIRELY in Trump's tiny hands.

When? When will it end? When will guys like Phil Robertson be tossed into the ashheap ...

Will the Democratic party have a brokered convention?

Things that have been investigated re trumpty dumpty

National Science Foundation Preparing for Another Government Shutdown

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez slams Trump's SOTU Address in the most effective manner (VIDEO)

NY Mag Intelligencer gets it: That was a threat.

Oh, gawd, just feel like dedicating this to Lounge. so much

Kamala's not having it

The End of Trump's State of the Union Was Just Really, Hilariously Poorly Written

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Authentic Chinese Sweet and Sour Pork

Who knew clapping could convey rage, disdain and threats of revenge...

Higher taxes on the rich polling well? Fox Business host blames 'the idea of fairness' that's being

The first dexterous and sentient hand prosthesis has been successfully implanted

Police charge Indonesian politician's brother in deforestation case

Brahms: "10 Intermezzi", Glenn Gould/Schumann: "Symphony No.3-Rhenish", Rozhdestvensky/Jean Baptiste


How seeing snakes in the grass helped primates to evolve

Airport construction threatens unexplored archaeological sites in Peru

Airport construction threatens unexplored archaeological sites in Peru


The Difference Between The Sexes Is Written Into Our Bones, Even After Cremation

Don't believe Trump when he says it's a "priority" to protect Americans with preexisting conditions

Poll: 56% of adults say they 'definitely would not' vote for Trump

You Can Now Look At The Faces Of Some Of Britain's Earliest Inhabitants

Homo sapiens or Denisovans? Who made stunning cave jewellery and artefacts up to 48,000 years ago?

Skeletons of elite members of mysterious ancient civilisation found

Skeletons of elite members of mysterious ancient civilisation found

pence viewing trump; help me understand

Stephen Colbert delivers a LIVE monologue following Trump's un-lively State of the Union Address

Would it not be poetic if the GOP put up with Trump to keep near the base

During Shrub's eight years, I had objected to about 80% of his SOTU content

CNN's Chris Cuomo RIPPED into Trump's "DUMB" Claims in in State of the Union Speech

'Diversity in the GOP' tweet:

Don't mean this to be catty, but Melania evidently has a disfiguring condition

Prehistoric bison among big finds of B.C. Hydro's Site C heritage preservation plan

The Structure of Molten Uranium Dioxide.

South Florida family wins court battle to drill for oil in Everglades

AOC vs Peggy Noonan

State of the Union: Donald Trump attacks Mueller and Democrats in divisive speech

The closed caption was on for SOTU and instead of "Melania" it said

(Jewish Group) Some students attend Women's March, others sit out to protest leadership

'I Hate Fucking Faggots' and '[Budish] is a Jew': County Inspector General Finds Former Jail Boss Ke

Dutch soccer fans arrested for chanting 'Jews burn best'

Seth Meyers - Trump's 2019 State of the Union Address: A Closer Look

Billie Holiday - God Bless The Child

(Jewish Group) After Long Delay White House Administration Appoints Envoy to Fight Anti-Semitism

'X-factor' golf swing linked to back pain

Dementia risk factors not known by half of population

Skilled Nursing Facility Management Company Agrees to Settle False Claims Act Allegations

U.S. Attorneys Issue Warnings to Opioid Prescribers

Berlin Memorial to Gay Victims of the Holocaust Vandalized for Second Time

Pete Buttigieg Explains Why America Is Ready for a Gay President

South Florida Resident Convicted of $100 Million International Fraud Scheme ((PR bank collapse))

Illinois Accountant Charged with Fraud for Allegedly Misappropriating More Than $65 Million from Ind

Kauai resort employees amend lawsuit over locker room videos

Bayard Rustin

Oh, the irony...

James Baldwin

Oi, Rhiannon!

Spaceport meeting slated for Wednesday

New MAGA hat . . . I want to see someone make a new red hat with "Played" on it.

New state holiday proposed

The craziest line last night and there were many crazy lines

New Mexico governor pulls National Guard troops from border

NY Times fact checks SOTU speech.

Patton Oswalt congratulates Nancy Pelosi

State: Airbnb Acknowledges Rental Hosts Aren't Paying All Taxes

Flu cases in Alaska are way up

This Eerie Marshmallow Carcass Keeps Coming Back to Haunt Hawaii

Budget director's history of cutting with 'hatchet, not a scalpel' sparks concern

Bernie Sanders Uses Rebuttal To Fact-Check Trump's State Of The Union Speech

Bernie Sanders Uses Rebuttal To Fact-Check Trump's State Of The Union Speech

67(!) Years Ago Today; The King Is Dead. Long Live The Queen

Trump's four trips to Mar-a-Lago in early 2017 cost taxpayers nearly $14 million

It's not yet decided whether UAA will reapply for accreditation for its teacher preparation programs

If this has already been posted, I apologize, but it's good enough for a replay.

Oakland May Cut Weed Tax

"When a Woman Makes a Serious Allegation, it Ought to be Taken Seriously" -- Chuck Schumer

Stacey Abrams' entire Democratic response speech

Klobuchar to announce 2020 plans Sunday in Minnesota

Sweet Jane from Lou Reeds Rock and Roll Animal

Why every politician should stream their own State of the Union response

Why every politician should stream their own State of the Union response

Security expert destroys GOP congressman who tried to 'mansplain' border security to her

California Democrats blast Trump's State of the Union address

Most viewers approved of Trump's second State of the Union address

Van Jones: Trump's speech was"psychotically incoherent speech mixing cookies with dog poop"

Warren listed race as 'American Indian' on Texas bar registration

PG&E wants to spend $130 million on employee bonuses. Could it be any more tone deaf?

Wednesday TOONs - Stated disUnion Address

Nice Twitter video super-cut of Speaker Pelosi OWNING the chamber AND the "President."

The Rundown: February 5, 2019

This Month in Comics: January 2019

Seb Gorka Is a National Treasure

A Weird Vibe at the State of the Union

Maduro starts blocking border crossings to keep out humanitarian aid

Trump campaign adviser on Dems in white: 'The only thing . . . missing tonight is the matching hood'

Last night I watched the deranged rantings of a dangerous narcissistic psychopath

Democrats Laugh In Trump's Face As Whines About Investigations During SOTU

CalPERS and other big pension funds are getting more conservative, report says

Mostly Republicans Watched Trump Last Night

Looking out my kitchen window, at the ice storm

Trump's bone spurs have healed enough to go to Vietnam....

Stacey Abrams Breaks State of the Union Curse

Black History Month 2019 #3 - The Manhattan Project and Our African-American Scientists

College athletes could soon get paid in California, but not from the NCAA

Pence defends Trump on shutdown: "I never think it's a mistake to stand up for what you believe in"

Joshua Trump, 11, wakes up a celebrity after dozing off during presidential address

BTRTN: The State of Trump's Union... E Pluribus Donald

BTRTN: The State of Trump's Union... E Pluribus Donald

Unsurprisingly, Utter Silence From Shitstain On Warming; House Climate Hearings Start Today

Full text of Stacey Abrams' response to Trump's State of the Union

LA School District Says No To Continuing $3 Million Tax Break To ExxonMobil, Prompting Biz Freakout

Resourceful hermit crab finds an interesting home:

Andean Condor wants a treat:

Schumer on Trump's 'Investigations' Remark at SOTU: 'He's Scared. He's Got Something to Hide.'

Scientists Across The Globe Race To Study Five Specific Regions Before They Disappear

When cats start taking direction from robots, you know humans are doomed.

Stacy Abrams' rebuttal was the best I have ever seen.

Man stalked and attacked by vicious bears (he survived).

...Michael Cohen friend predicts Trump's 'criminal enterprise' will fall

Naughty list

Australia's Destabilizing Climate And The Road To Uninsurability

Mueller probe filings raise prospect of more indictments

Catiano Romiawldo

I Just Caught The End Of Morning Joe & Saw Tulsi Gabbard.....

Tasmania Burning As Its Oceans Warm @ 2-3X Global Rate; Meanwhile, Oz "Leaders" Caress Coal

Gillibrand jabs Trump: 'Female jobs he created were Democratic women in Congress'

Stephanie Ruhle is kicking some Republican clown's ass on MSNBC

State, medical school lay out plans for new Austin State Hospital

Hello. Would you mind if I come in?

CBS Should be REQURIED to take down that BS Poll and run a full retraction

Koch Parrot John Barasso (#3 In Koch Money Sweepstakes) Squwaks Anti-EV Talking Points

Neil Young (repost) - Cortez the Killer

The face you make when you're 12 hrs away from releasing transcript Mueller needs to indict Jr.

Trump's State of the Union address gives away the game: he fears investigations - By Steve Benen

After 3 Feet Of Rain In One Week, Townsville Police Issue Snake And Crocodile Warnings

My response every time I get into an argument about climate change

'Get out of Syria,' Iran tells U.S.

Link: Transcript of Senator Sanders 2019 SOTU Rebuttal

Democrats condemn Trump's 'shameful' attack on investigations

Hey, let's poke that sleepy turtle. What could go wrong?

Trump's SOTU attacks on investigations look like a desperate Hail Mary to escape political doom

Black History month day 6: Buxton, Louisiana

He'll never learn. The world's most prominent misogynist will never "win" against Speaker Pelosi

Trump's State of the Union Protection Racket: Either Mueller Gets It, or the American Economy Does

The meme of the night came from Speaker Nancy Pelosi: 'The queen of the condescending applause'

New Mexico governor pulls National Guard troops from border

Far-Right Texas Legislator Files Bill to Completely Outlaw Abortion

After a while, the lies absorb all credibility.

Oh Happy Day -- Ryan Toby, Sister Act 2 (HD)

Former Senator Claire McCaskill To Morning Joe: Lindsey Graham Has Lost His Mind

I'm not a particular fan of either Sanders or Harris, but I couldn't help...

Trump and his MAGA C.H.U.D.'s to infest El Paso on Feb. 11

Best response to the SOTU hot mess (Joshua Trump, the bullied kid):

U.S. Attorney to act on supervised injection sites in Philadelphia

Today on MOJO Claire McCaskill "Roy Moore was similar to the Al Franken situation" IN WHAT WORLD?

One of life's little pleasures

Longest SOTU

Animal-attack so fast, you won't even see it.

North Carolina: no protections for same-sex domestic violence victims

Metaphors Are Like Similes, but Metaphors Are Not Similes

Boy named Trump who fell asleep during State of the Union hailed a hero

SO I'm listening to teh song posts in MA and it got me

DNC chairman: Fairfax accuser deserves 'due process'

Does anyone know what is going on with John Dingell?

Northam Mulled Party Switch In Aftermath Of Yearbook Picture

These gentlemen didn't like investigations either

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam 's blackface scandal puts ABC and NBC in very difficult positions.

Donald Tusk: Special place in hell for Brexiteers without a plan

I painstakingly created a list of the highights of Trump's SOTU address. For them click.

What's with Mitch McConnell ??

Trump's State of the Union address gives away the game: he fears investigations

"There is going to be a war within the party. We are going to lean into it"

You have come to the wrong neighborhood.

Get Happy -- Judy Garland, Summer Stock (HD)

From Rolled Eyes To Blank Stares: Dem Responses To SOTU Were Priceless

Netherlands puzzles over death of estimated 20,000 guillemots

Abrams Gains An Unlikely Fan: Laura Ingraham Praises Her SOTU Response

Netherlands puzzles over death of estimated 20,000 guillemots

Danny's Song -- Loggins & Messina vs Anne Murray (Which one is your favorite?)

Russia jails Dane for six years in Jehovah's Witnesses purge

Massachusetts top court upholds teen texting suicide verdict

The great Bob Marley was born on this day 74 years ago

Sabarimala Hindu temple board reverses opposition to women worshippers

Regarding the recent slipper-chewing incident:

Crash driver 'swerved to avoid octopus'

Connecticut state rep proposes 50% ammo tax increase

TIME's Christine Blasey Ford Cover Recognized as 2018 Cover of the Year

Cohen testimony delayed until Feb 28

"Who knew clapping could convey rage, disdain and threats of revenge...

"The State of the Union"

More "Terrorist Caravans" on the way!!!!

Can someone who suffered through the speech please tell me if he said this

A must see -

Facebook Pulls More Infowars Pages: Alex Jones Says He's 'Ready for War'

Boy, I didn't even drink last night and after listening to Trump's speech....

About the concept of "Race"

Hey kids! Remember Tim Canova? The bold anti-establishment primary challenger to DWS?

John Dingell in hospice care after cancer diagnosis

Schiff: In the interests of the investigation Cohen's testimony postponed until Feb 28.

This could pave the way for impeachment after all. (Op-Ed)

The economy boomed as House Republicans investigated, and impeached, Bill Clinton

They're coming for the Everglades

Apparently Facebook is down right now.

I had this thought when some Republican was dealing with youthful....

Does anyone now what Al Gore is doing these days?

That little voice inside Nancy Pelosi's head.......😂

Enraged Trump supporter attacked an Obama mannequin -- and he 'could have been killed' in the chaotic

El Paso

You know he was reading from a teleprompter

"íNo mames, guey!"

Ash is the Purest White

Trump's instincts are to promise $$ for health care, more taxes on the rich, and legal immigration.

Virginia Attorney General Herring says he wore blackface in college

*WTF*Virginia attorney general Mark Herring, third in line for governor, wore blackface in college

Hollow man - Empty words - Fucked America

when your man wants credit for changing the toilet paper roll

Why isn't M$Greedia covering Al Gore's comments on the SOTU last night

Something possibly happening with Mueller case.

The House just voted to send key Trump team transcripts to Mueller

Trump to Adopt Boy Named Trump

"THE GAMBLER" - Parody Don Caron

New filings by Mueller today.

They Really Are Threatened by AOC

Um, Did He Lie? A Parody Commentary on the SOTU Don Caron (from last year, but still a goodie)

Do we demand all these people resign ? Whats the answer?

Lt. Gov Justin Fairfax ranted about his accuser...

Pic Of The Moment: State Of The Union Address 2019: Joshua Trump Speaks For America

Whoa! Look who's at the salon this morning:

MPT Tonight: "Web Junkie"

THE BALLAD OF THE WALL - (Parody of) The Battle of New Orleans Don Caron

I didn't watch EVERY SECOND of the SOTU, so I can neither confirm nor deny this is Photoshopped.

They Call It The Clapback

A thought

Dame Edna Everage interview (Parkinson, 2004) (with Dame Judi Dench and Sharon Osbourne)

Guy And His Pig Have The Sweetest Bond

American lives are being lost because of pharma's greed.

With the 3rd threat of sexual misconduct in the VA executive branch, I think...

Melania. She brightens every room she enters.

Waiting in anticipation for the new release.


House Intelligence Committee votes to send Russia probe transcripts to Mueller

It's Official: 2018 Was the Fourth-Warmest Year on Record

When I was 19, I voted for Jesse Helms

Top Kremln propagandist gives SOTU 2 thumbs up because Trump failed to name Russia as an enemy

One Billion Rising flash mob

One Billion Rising flash mob

John Dingell in hospice care

John Brennan says congressional Republicans who stick with Trump are complicit in his crimes.

BHUTAN: We Are One - One Billion Rising

Sean Spicer was sloshed at Trump's hotel last night

BHUTAN: We Are One - One Billion Rising

Calling Trump's lies "another fact" is debasing the language.

Schumer on Trump: 'He's scared -- he's got something to hide'

David Corn sets an example of bi-partisan goodwill, sending words of encouragement to Don Jr.

Jose Andres wears 'Immigrants Feed America' shirt to Trump's State of the Union

Interesting Headlines

New Mexico Bill Would Treat Naturopaths Like Actual Doctors

My detailed analysis of the State of the Union Address

Trump's only reproductive health experience is avoiding arrest for grabbing women by the pussy #SOTU

Defining a "brokered convention."

Met Office: global warming could exceed 1.5C within five years

Germany's cabinet approves revision to Nazi-era abortion law

Diffusing the methane bomb: We can still make a difference

Bet everything on electric: Inside Volkswagen's radical strategy shift

Virginia DU'ers - check in if you've never worn black face

Puppy calls his own time-out when confronting his basket confetti

New Mexico governor withdraws National Guard from the border, slams Trump's 'charade'

Key West To Ban Popular Sunscreen Ingredients To Protect Coral Reef

I don't expect my Democratic leaders to be perfect. That's a lame ass straw man.

I want to ride this guy's bus!

2018 Fourth Warmest Year in Continued Warming Trend, According to NASA, NOAA

Trump Held The Grenade And Threw The Pin

GOP rep: Trump needs to 'quit complimenting Kim Jong Un'

Germany's cabinet approves revision to Nazi-era abortion law

Consumer bureau proposes scrapping borrower safeguards from payday loan rule

So which Nancy meme wins? The Red Coat Shutdown Sunglasses Look or the SOTU Clap?

Next in line in VA after Northam, Fairfax, and Herring is guy whose name was picked out of a bowl.

The Dallas County Republican Party Has Some Thoughts About the Voter Purge Fiasco

Texas officers catch kitten falling from tree

Putin hates Hillary and has for many years

BHUTAN: We Are One - One Billion Rising

Cops vs. local youth gang in shoot out

Fourth in the line of succession for Virginia governor is statehouse speaker Kirk Cox.

Speaker Pelosi & you knew this was coming...

"When we said more black faces in government, we should have been specific."

Pope Francis offered $1m charity donation to go vegan for Lent

Fixation on immigrants does real damage

Pope Francis offered $1m charity donation to go vegan for Lent

We were rewarded for taking the high road.

NYT: Pelosi Declares House Will Not Be Intimidated From Its Trump Inquiries

Radio-controlled car at the dog park:

US Right WIng Propaganda Also Works In The UK

Waiting for the president to introduce Tiffany Trump, a law student he's invited because....

Paxton Launches Assault on Protections for Trans People and Women Seeking Abortions

I'll Be Glad When Today Is Over.....

OK. Everybody out of the closet who wore blackface in the 70's 80's and 90's. We need no more

Adam Schiff Announces Money Laundering Investigation Into Trump And His Family

Pelosi treated Trump like a misbehaving teenager last night. Just ask her daughter.

Can anyone tell me why...

Mueller prosecutor leaves team in latest sign investigation is winding down

House Intel votes to send witness transcripts to Mueller for possible perjury charges

Mind your own uterus

Tango della femminista

Tango della femminista

VA Lt. Gov Fairfax Reportedly Says 'F*ck That Bitch' in Private Meeting on Accuser; Staff Denies...

"Do. Not. Let. Them. Take. Our. Votes. Away. From. Us."

Okay, this Tom Arnold tweet made me laugh.

Are people coming into our country across the southern border really a problem?

VA Sen. Mark Warner: 'This Has Been an Awful Week For Virginia'

10 Signs You've Found Your BFF

UPDATED: House Intel Dems Rebuff Nunes' Flawed Russia Probe And Announce Do-Over

Hill Country Town Picks Up Pieces After Sand Plants Head West

Pelosi: 'The President Should Not Bring Threats To The Floor Of The House'

Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) shuts down Matt Gaetz's (R-FL) call to remove Parkland survivors

Whitaker Doesn't Invoke Executive Privilege By House Committee Deadline

Tyson, a professor, alleges that Virginia lieutenant governor Fairfax forced her to perform oral sex

Katy Tur Dressed in White N/T

Florida state GOP lawmaker says high school blackface photo is 'decontextualized'

NC: no protections for same-sex domestic violence victims NC's statute regarding domestic violence

NC: no protections for same-sex domestic violence victims NC's statute regarding domestic violence

NC: no protections for same-sex domestic violence victims NC's statute regarding domestic violence

State Rep. Bill Zedler Files Bill to Permit LGBTQ Discrimination

A friend of my daughters is on Jeopardy!

Trump blasts Schiff as 'political hack' over new investigation

So I discovered a new genre of music I didn't know existed.

Dr. Vanessa Tyson released a statement

BREAKING: Statement from Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax

Negotiators see deal within sight in talks to avert shutdown

One Reason Apple's Computers Are Mostly Made In China: A Tiny Screw

Watch this puppy go from tied to a pole to the love of his dad's life

Frank Rich: Trump's Big Speech Failed at Every Level

Netflix Posted Biggest-Ever Profit in 2018 and Paid $0 in Taxes

I have a confession; in my College days, for Halloween I once painted my face...

When should someone resign from an office they were elected to?

A hole opens up under Antarctic glacier -- big enough to fit two-thirds of Manhattan

OK who has the New Mexico Governor's ad going through

Beto's plan's....

Norman goldman is shutting down his show . . Very sad day .

They are runnin' GAME on us, plain and simple

Gubermint by definition is Socialism,,,,,

Being a member of a Native American Tribe is ,,,,,,,,

October 2017: A Trump Golf Course Said It Gave Millions To Charity. Here's What The Numbers Say.

The problem of inadequate fact-finding about candidates needs a solution.

2019 SOTU Mood

Trump: Schiff's investigation is "presidential reason to do that"

Why did I get my state refund before my federal?

Roofing scammers stole nearly $500K from Volusia-Flagler residents after hurricanes, officials say

Farmers nearing crisis push back on Trump trade policies

Yikes! Va AG Mark Herring Says He Wore Blackface At College Party

(New Mexico) Governor backs plan for outdoor recreation agency

My father told me there are Cherokee genes in our family background.

Virginia's various lines of succession for state office explained in one easy to understand video:

Florida lawmakers want tough stance on contractor that botched SunPass toll system

Note to Trump: You're Getting Your Political Terminology Mixed Up. Re: 'Political Hack'

Looks like Amy Klobuchar is in

Schumer on Trump's call to end investigations..."He's scared, he's got something to hide!"

Trump's in way over his head sparring with Schiff

Bill to end tenure at Iowa regent universities advances in the Iowa Legislature

It entered the British singles chart 60 years ago today: Lonnie Donegan's best-known hit

Venezuela hass done nothing - not one fucking thing to be seized by the

Nancy will rock you

Iowa officials propose payout change for first week of unemployment

Kushner, Parscale, Sessions, Bannon, Lewandowski among those whose HI testimony will go to FBI

Florida Rep. Anthony Sabatini also wore blackface, and he has yet to resign

"...intentional attempt to deceive.."

It entered the British singles chart 60 years ago today: Lonnie Donegan's best-known hit

My God, you are cheap, Annette!

Think about Al Jolson, or ignore our history collectively.

Looks like Tulsi Gabbard may be lying about her crowd sizes. Sound familiar?

Were you planning on riding in the Worst Day of the Year ride? It's been postponed

Miami Drug Company CEO Guilty of Fraud So Large He Crashed a Puerto Rican Bank

Chavistas resort to homophobic "name calling" in latest salvo

The Con says Adam Schiff is a political hack

About the Virginia I grew up in

🌟 Idea: DU avatar!

For the good of the Democratic Party I forgive and give a second chance to

Another trumper meme. Don't look if you are easily upset.

John Duran -- Accused Of Sexual Misconduct At Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles -- Will Step Down

Time to Boycott CNN and Starbucks.

Maduro regime blocks international bridge to prevent aid from getting into Venezuela Read more her

JUST IN: Senate Judiciary Cmte. member Sasse says the US Justice Dept. has opened an investigation

Gay codebreaker Alan Turing has been named the greatest icon of the 20th century.

Caedmon's dream of God

Regarding blackface ...

Boom! Jeffrey Epstein case bombshell:

Presidential Harassment?

Tim Stewart, president of Greater New Britain Chamber of Commerce, placed on administrative leave

Chris Grayling not welcome in Calais, says port's chairman

Photo: Sen. Bernie Sanders looks at his notes as he watches the State of the Union address

Who was God first?

Historian, The Violent History of Blackface Amid Va. Gov. Scandal

Banks weigh whether to embrace or avoid progressive firebrand Ocasio-Cortez

Military Helicopters Conducting Covert Exercises Over Los Angeles

Piano Tuners callout...

Matt Miller: "there is a massive scandal waiting to explode"

Venezuela-Colombia Bridge Blocked to Keep Out Humanitarian Aid


Farm Belt bankruptcies are soaring

LOL! Me reading all of Adam Schiff's Russia updates (Twitter video):

Sears plans to unload pensions, close more stores

U.S. consumer watchdog revisits scaling back payday lending rules

New poll: Americans overwhelmingly support taxing the wealth of the very rich

March tariff increase would cost 934K jobs, advocacy group says

The cheapest Chinese electric cars are coming to the US and Europe--for as little as $9,000

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #6-5: Curb Your Kasich Edition

Trump's State of the Union Was a Masterwork of Division

David Lammy asks why 'black lives still matter less' in the UK in passionate speech to MPs

As border wall construction moves ahead in Texas, judge rules feds can survey church's land

As border wall construction moves ahead in Texas, judge rules feds can survey church's land

Ana Navarro comments on the Sea of White and trump last night:

Trump's Big Speech Failed at Every Level, by Frank Rich

Fuckie Todd - don't go there

Nearly a 1000 years old and still perplexed

i got a question for justin fairfax-

Jaime Harrison pitches South Carolina Democrats on possible US Senate run against Graham

This photo illlustrates how overwhelming the chaos is right now at Virginia's Capitol.

The State of the Union Is Delusion

Critters at the salt lick!

It's Starting To Happen Already - The MSM Is Setting Up A.....

This quote from Dr. King has a special resonance now

Conservative MP Ross Thomson accused of groping men in Commons bar

Fox renews 'The Simpsons' for two more seasons as it plots life post-Disney deal

Middlebourne, WV, woman indicted on allegations she threatened President Trump

What was Nancy really reading at the SOTU?

Finding Your Roots

Howard Schultz to be featured at CNN town hall in Texas next week

People are not truly free when they have no health care or can't afford to feed their families.

People are not truly free when they have no health care or can't afford to feed their families.

Avenatti's "The Fight" PAC Files 2018 Year-End Financials, Let's Have a Look-See

NY Times shares hit 13-year high as paper sees subscriptions spike

CNN poll: Most Democrats want Joe Biden in 2020

Re. Jennifer Wexton on the Justin Fairfax accusation

West Virginia doctor will pay $200K for health care fraud

Tim Wise on Northam, Herring and systemic and institutional racism

What's for Dinner, Wed., Feb. 6, 2019

NATIONAL ORGANIZATION OF WOMEN calls on Lt. Gov Fairfax to resign...

El Paso officials denounce Trump's claims that border fence lowered crime

2007: Clinton Applauds Passage of Green Jobs Energy Amendment

We apparently don't like women as much as we say

10-year-old Cub Scout takes a knee during Pledge of Allegiance at city council meeting

GOP congressman tries to have Parkland dad ejected from hearing on gun violence

Bill Cosby, Isolated No More, Joins Other Inmates in Prison

T-Mobile executives seeking merger approval booked more than 52 nights at Trump's hotel

John Dingell and his twitter feed....

I can hardly believe this! I've been depressed lately and a lot of it is watching my mom slowly

Trump says Islamic State could be deprived of all territory by next week

Socialism Is More Popular Than You Think, Mr. President

Just be kind....

What was the maker share of

Cohen was negotiating for Trump to meet with Putin in Dec., 2015.

What I hope all of our Democratic candidates for Pres. will do

Patron Saint of Shade

Joyce Vance: Now that Mueller has House Intelligence Committee docs, "he can do two things..."

Rep. Dan Crenshaw(Tx2nd) seems to have issues with women on twitter

Was Pelosi Clapping Or...

Memories are funny things. As absolutely certain as we might be about a memory,

Maybe we're beginning to see the end of "zero-tolerance" practices and the...

Jimmy Kimmel in black face

One fine day, not too long ago, in Norway......

A Lobbyist At The Trump Tower Meeting Received Half A Million Dollars In Suspicious Payments

Can Trump as President Pardon

A Very Short Story Of 3 Speeches.

What's different about Kavanaugh and Fairfax, so far....

Am i thinking right about Grand Jury sealed indictments?


I think both Northam and Fairfax should have lie detector tests

Melting ice sheets may cause 'climate chaos' according to new modelling

Stacey Abrams' Democratic Response

Why does Schultz want people to say "people of means" instead of "billionaires" when

Trump Delivers State Of The Union: What Do You Think?

Has anyone ever read this book called "To Kill a Mockingbird "?

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 7 February 2019

Texas Republicans Are Lying About Voter Fraud to Justify a Massive, Racist Voter Purge