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Could Trump lose Utah and Montana?

New York State Budget Deal Brings Congestion Pricing, Plastic Bag Ban and Mansion Tax

Rick Santorum desperately trying to sound like he's reasonable and a Trump supporter

What The Media Gets Wrong About Donald Trump's Wall

Wee Orange 'Pumpkin' Frogs Have Bones That Glow Through Their Skin

Poor People's Campaign Calls For 'Moral Revival' at Statehouse

The Federal Government Gave Up on Retirement Security

Kushner, Inc.: Vicky Ward on How Jared and Ivanka's Greed & Ambition Compromise U.S. Foreign Policy

It was such a great show! 🎶🎸🥁🎹🎤🤘😎

New Orleans mayor to apologize for 1891 lynching of 11 Italian Americans

Could someone break down and diagram this sentence?

Starquakes Rock Alien Sun, Revealing Details of a 'Hot Saturn'

Working my way through Abbey's The Monkey Wrench Gang

Ernst's Trump Trouble Politico

They might as well just give Trump a urinal for a headstone

Trump will put $100 billion into a slush fund so he doesn't have to deal with budget cuts: report

Senate re-introduces bill to help advanced nuclear technology

Letterkenny on Hulu

This Colorado sheriff is willing to go to jail rather than enforce a proposed gun law

Favorite Movie Tracks?

I know words, I have the best words...

Maxine Waters to white supremacists: If you come for me, I'm coming for you.

I think that this is a matter of different generations

I'm not going to be a part of the smear machine that happens here every primary.

Questions for DUers who have bleached their anus

Jemele Hill: Me walking past all these Duke fans 😂

''I just heard -- we're short of our fundraising goal for tonight's deadline.''

Someone needs to tell these RW lunatics that a democracy and theocracy

Trump promised!

Trump and the National Debt. Instead of Eliminating the Debt, Trump Will Add $8.3 Trillion

If Trump supporters want to attack Biden on being inappropriate with women they will lose

Missouri House advances plan for $100M for roads, bridges

Brazil opening 'diplomatic office' in Jerusalem as Bolsonaro visits Israel

My son playing guitar.

'I'm not sure what the heck this is': Unusual allegations arise in Carmel mayor's race

Are you in a "true love" relationship?

Thousands in Brazil protest 55th anniversary of military coup that Bolsonaro praised

Special prosecutor is sought in case of Hamilton County judge charged in meth bust

Thousands in Brazil protest 55th anniversary of military coup that Bolsonaro praised

Stephanie Carter Sets the Record Straight: That Viral Image With Joe Biden Was Not a #MeToo Moment

Don't get distracted

Cat + Mirror. Don't miss the end

Trump is waiting for Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg to die before he appoints a woman to the court

Mayor Pete's Strategy for Beating Trump: Target Vice President Mike Pence

Lucy Flores with Bernie Sanders' hand on her shoulder

Up to 40% of homeless teens are LGBTQ. Soon, Indianapolis will have a home for them.

Venezuelans: 'We want to resolve our problems by ourselves'

Want a piece of the 1969 Woodstock Festival stage ?

Rapper Nipsey Hussle shot to death at his clothing store in L.A.

Protests at Chinese copper mine in Peru continue after local leader freed

If I were a person running for President right now.. I would take a breath

Question: How great is the difference between this and what Biden is accused of?

I'm undecided. Convince me.

Good photograph of Bernie.

23rd horse dies at Santa Anita after racing accident

23rd horse dies at Santa Anita after racing accident

The Biden accusation

Pope defends decision to keep French cardinal after cover-up

2 pilots killed in Marine helicopter crash in Arizona

Casino boss treated Gov. Holcomb to private flights with lucrative gambling deal on the line

Nationwide blackouts become the norm in Venezuela


Workers find time capsule near entrance of Indiana zoo

Wife of Obama defense secretary calls photo of her with Biden misleading

Both the Marines and the US Air are in desperate needs of funds being diverted to the WALL...

Thank goodness it's almost midnight,

Schumer wants Boeing off FAA committee amid investigations

How Europe is faring on renewable energy targets

No AI in humor: R2-D2 walks into a bar, doesn't get the joke

I bought a pair of Memory Foam insoles. Never again will I walk into a

Huge Global Study Just Smashed One of The Last Major Arguments Against Renewables

Buttigieg to discuss millennials' role in American politics

MST3K / RiffTrax fans probably already know about the Pluto TV channels...

Erdogan loses hold over Turkish capital, Istanbul disputed

What time is it where you are? Here it's 8:40 AM Monday April 1.

National Enquirer: Bezos' girlfriend's brother 'single source' for reports

UPDATED: Kim Jong-nam trial: last suspect pleads guilty to lesser charge of 'causing hurt'

State blamed as teacher pay stalls

Indiana lawmakers back away from mandating citizenship test

What Can Fingerprints Tell Us About Ancient Artisans?

Florida labor bill could aid victims of domestic violence

Chesapeake throws support behind offshore wind, continuing push for clean energy

*** Lucy Flores left Our Revolution in May 2018 ***

Anti-corruption lawyer Zuzana Caputova wins election to become Slovakia's first female president

Kevin "Steve" McCarthy demands that Adam Schiff steps down, Internet replies, "Fuck off!"

Gusts of wind -- Energy industry growing in the northwest part of Oklahoma

Airplane Etiquette

5 More Democratic Primary Polls! End March 2019 - Democratic Presidential Candidates 2020

Surprise! Sun Bears, Like Dogs and Humans, Mimic Each Other's Faces

Etruscan tomb in Corsica may yield secrets on civilization's decline

Alaska judge blocks Trump's executive order, restores offshore drilling ban in Arctic Ocean

Jay Inslee Pisses off Trump and tells him to Tweet Less (from 2018)

Polish Academics Protest Abuse of Term 'Anthropology' in Antisemitic Newspaper's Headline

Courting rural voters

Between the lines: Trump privately thinks ACA lawsuit will fail in court

First-confirmed occurrence of a lambeosaurine dinosaur found on Alaska's North Slope

A conservative writer attacked a gay journalist on Twitter. This outlet just dropped her.

Faces of medieval Scots reconstructed after remains found

Devin Nunes cancelled his fundraising dinner because he's afraid people will come and moo at him. 😆

"Fast Food" Establishment Discovered in Pompeii

Migrants Moved Out of Holding Pen Under El Paso Bridge

Migrants Moved Out of Holding Pen Under El Paso Bridge

Saw the movie Apollo 11, and last fall "First Man"

After China's deadly chemical disaster, a shattered region weighs cost of the rush to 'get rich'

Trump's barometer for success following Russia investigation's end -- TV ratings - a book review

The Daily Show: The Rise of Snowplow Parenting

Kellyanne Conway says her husband changed his mind about administration job, contradicting Trump

The Daily Show: How the Pink Tax Is Ripping Off Women

A bracing op-ed from a recent vet: highly recommended

Please donate $1

Intergalactic shape-shifters have arrived on Earth to praise Our President as a genius!

Has everyone said "rabbit" yet...?

Illinois lawmakers consider taxing satellite, streaming services

Alleged fraudster Elizabeth Holmes is engaged to hotel heir

Illinois House votes to require woman, African American on all corporate boards

Bracing LATimes op-ed: I was an obsequious Army grunt. But no longer

Don Jr., even more stupid than his dad

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - WWE

This rescue dog has the smushiest face and literally looks like a big teddy bear 😍

Some skeptical as Democrats continue progressive tax push

No foolin'

The Polar Sea on Netflix, great 10 part documentary of

Rain adds to flooding problems in central, eastern Missouri

Illinois teacher pension stewards protest another pension holiday proposal

Lawmakers move to allow graduate research assistants to unionize

50 Years Ago Today; Hawker-Siddeley Harrier Enters Service with the RAF

Illinois Senate approves consolidation bill that could help cut property taxes

New Zealand outlines strict new gun controls

Japan to welcome 'Reiwa' era after Emperor Akihito steps down

Toni Preckwinkle's new ad about 2004 fatal fire draws ire from family at center of it

Venezuela: Nicolas Maduro introduces month-long electricity rationing

Study finds tax plan would narrow state's income gap

Pete Buttigieg Makes First Financial Report

Mayoral candidates rally voters, volunteers in Sunday sprint to the finish

Found: fossil 'mother lode' created by asteroid that wiped out dinosaurs


State finds more cancer than expected near Sterigenics plant

UK manufacturers buoyed by Brexit stockpiling as eurozone slumps

"There's two people I think Putin pays: Rohrabacher and Trump" Trump Derangement Syndrome?


Photo: Senator Sanders meeting with @Schools4Climate

Texas House Considers Free College For Students Experiencing Homelessness


Investigating Texas' Targeting of Naturalized Citizen Voters

Obama did what he thought was best. Progressives must accept no less than Medicare for All--and more

2014-18: Less Than 3% Of "Reclaimed" Oil/Gas Sites Visited By Alberta Regulator, Not 15% As Claimed

Monday TOONs - It's a Small Mexican World After All...

Klawock, AK Hits 70F; Earliest 70-degree Reading In AK Records; Many Parts Of State 50F Above Normal

State Rep. Barbara Gervin-Hawkins Urges Bexar County Democratic Party to End Feud

Venezuelans set up burning barricades over lack of power, water

Aftermath - Amazing Drone Video Of Spencer Dam, Destroyed Highways In Nebraska

Butcher of Baghdad, Erik Prince, cancels lecture after protest

We are going thru the process of a generational and cultural change.

All of Texas GOP's Fears About Migration Are Coming True, New Report Says

DEC Advises New Yorkers to Remove Bird Feeders to Prevent Attracting Bears (Really)

Never try to fool the wiser!

We are now in Day 10 of the treasonous cover up of the Mueller report.

New York State Budget: Congestion Pricing Coming To Manhattan

Kushner's Middle East Peace Deal Is Likely Dead

I no longer think Trump should spend the rest of his life in prison.

I had a dream last night

Why Warren Lags Her Rivals In Fundraising

Collins urges Barr not to work to kill Obamacare

The Atlantic: Beto has a way out of Trump's Immigration Trap

NY's attorney general is one of the most powerful in the nation. That should worry Trump.

Why does NPR obediently repeat obvious distractions from the president?

The Guilty on Hulu

So, when will Pete Buttigieg actually run for President?

You raised $236.00 on March 31, 2019

Is it still possible to either defend Joe Biden or point out inconsistencies in Ms Flores account

Pete Raised over $7,000,000 in Q1

'The only thing we had going for us, really, were the power plants,' says Ohio sheriff

A question about these fundraising reports and the debates

April Fools is all well & good, but this is just plain mean...

Question for DU: What would happen in Venezuela if the US would end its "economic war"?

The Rundown: March 29, 2019

Jon Snow apologises for highlighting the ethnicity of dimwits

Pete Buttigieg 'on fire' as he raises $7M in first quarter - MSNBC

2020 Democrats Love Small Donors. But Some Really Love Big Donors, Too.

PSC Sets Intervention Deadline In Ameren Missouri Electric Fuel And Purchased Power Adjustment Charg

"She's our DNA": How Kamala Harris' presidential bid is inspiring a network of immigrants

Gov. John Carney signs national popular vote bill

Pete Buttigieg just raised $7 million by calling out Mike Pence's 'breathtaking hypocrisy'

No 'battle' expected for Louisiana teacher pay hikes, but one is brewing over public school aid

I just saw Trump's imaginary healthcare plan on the back of a milk carton with an 800 number to call

President Trump has made 9,451 false or misleading claims over 801 days

Environmentalists, lobstermen back bill to ban oil and gas drilling in coastal Maine waters

Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax passed polygraph tests about sex assaults, his office says

This is not an April fool prank...

Notes from Beto's Campaign Rally

Donate to candidate of your choice, super delegates be damned.

April Fool from Mother Nature!

Feds Defy Judge on Syrian Asylum Seeker

I've heard people say woo is "harmless..."

President Trump has made 9,451 false or misleading claims over 801 days

AA flight makes emergency landing after experiencing bird strike during takeoff from Boston Logan

A brand new Marvin Gaye album released, You're The Man

The President as Adolescent Bully

House indicates it will pass Medicaid bill, with work requirements

Mika Brzezinski Defends Joe Biden: 'Extremely Affectionate, Extremely Flirtatious in a Completely...

Local activist Morgann Freeman jumps into 2nd Congressional District Democratic primary

With friends like this, who needs enemies? Lead Yahoo headline

Should veganism receive the same legal protection as a religion?

Flores: Biden Encounter Was A Personal Space Issue, Not Sexual Harassment

CNN panel: Trump is selling his supporters a 'racist fantasy land'

Candidates savor New Hampshire ... often for the food

Catholic priests in Poland burn Harry Potter and Twilight books

Morning Joe says Trump's not fooling anyone with Barr's distractions

Bills to curb violence against indigenous people, human trafficking sent to North Dakota governor

"Economic anxieties" strike again...

Cartoon: Absence of evidence - by: Tom Tomorrow

April 2, 2019: The Future of War Powers symposium

So let me get this straight:

State board issues warning to Warwick mayor over car business

Simplifying tax policy...

Absence of evidence

Governor Parson: Basin States Need to Speak With Unified Voice on Missouri River Management

ACLU sues South Dakota over state's protest laws

Trump 'Very Bitter and Sensitive' About Puerto Rico, and Dems Say His Team Is Stonewalling...

Trump won because not enough Dem women boinked their hubbys and boyfriends!!

Trump Laid a Trap on Immigration--And Only O'Rourke Sees It

Intelligence Report Suggested Left-Wing Charlottesville Protesters Were 'Terrorists'

More Than 750,000 Could Lose Food Stamps Under Trump Administration Proposal

Sanders leads poll of young Democrats by double digits

Lucy Flores Coming up on MSNBC 10:05 est

Can We Please Stop the Infighting?

There's still a long way to go to defeat racism

White House whistleblower says 25 security clearance denials were reversed during Trump admin...

Pic Of The Moment: You'll Only Wish This Was An April Fool's Joke

May orders divided cabinet to boycott Brexit indicative votes

16-year-old Illinois boy commits suicide after police threatened him with lifetime sex registry

Netflix: The Highwaymen

NEW HARVARD YOUTH POLL: @BernieSanders (31%) leads among likely 18- to 29- year-old ...


After Years Of Blocking Obama's Nominees, McConnell Slams Dems' 'Historic Obstruction'

SCOTUS Rejects Appeal Of Group With Secret Planned Parenthood Recordings

They are desperate to protect their profits, so they are going to lie to Americans.

House Democrats To Vote This Week On Authorizing Subpoenas For Mueller Report

Pete Buttigieg announces $7 million fundraising in first quarter of campaign

Trump: Dems Pretending Their 'Former Hero' Mueller 'No Longer Exists!'

Nearly 2,500 employees in Wisconsin to lose jobs once all Shopko stores close, state says

Trump to down size Paw Patrol

Wall Art

If Lucy Flores isn't claiming #MeToo as she just says, Let it drop...

Justin Fairfax Accuser Calls For Virginia Lt. Gov to Resign; Details Alleged Assault:...

How not to pray in a statehouse

BREAKING: Whistleblower says WH Officials overruled security clearance concerns for 25 staffers

Crimson and Clover: Tommy James, Joan Jett, Dave Grohl and Miley Cyrus

Seth Moulton: Trump Is the Reason He Doesn't Want His Daughter 'Growing Up In This Country'

Robby Mook just on CNN

Antitrust is all the rage. Monopolies and mergers emerge as major issues in the Democratic primaries

Happy 74th Birthday, Eric Clapton!

Happy 74th Birthday, Mr. Slowhand, Eric Clapton!

Violation of Personal Space - Here's my Story

After the Mueller report comes out here is a conversation I hope happens:

April 1 at 11AM - Bernie Sanders - We The People Summit

Ben Ray Lujan announces candidacy for NM-SEN

Ronnie Lane

Ben Ray Lujn announces Senate campaign for Tom Udall's seat

Can anyone explain this Brexit Hypocrisy to me?

LIVE 11AM - 'We the People' Summit: Democratic presidential hopefuls to speak

MEANWHILE, in Houston...

Mayor Pete Buttigieg receives LGBT service award

"Jesus would have pulled the switch!" . . . Please come CAPTION Pastor Robert Jeffress!!!

Perspective: How the Mueller Report Can Still Threaten Trump's Legitimacy

U.S.-Mexico border shutdown would cause Americans to run out of avocados in three weeks

The war over the Mueller report is being waged on Facebook

NRA Wades Into Debate Over Violence Against Women Act A handful of disputes, including over VAWA, ha

NRA Wades Into Debate Over Violence Against Women Act A handful of disputes, including over VAWA,

NRA Wades Into Debate Over Violence Against Women Act A handful of disputes, including over VAWA,

This one of the problems I have with Ms Flores

The White House security question seems to be heating up.

** Brand Spanking New General Election Match Ups**

How will shutting down the border stop Trump from hiring people who overstayed their visas ...

solving homelessness

Nielsen orders Border Patrol agent 'surge' amid migrant influx

Donate to DU for Bernie here

AP mocked for report saying Beto O'Rourke spoke at rally 'in his native Spanish'

Fox News guest: "The US executes innocent people, but that's okay because Jesus."

Robert Smith- The Cure keeping it real?

"Common Market 2.0" about to get a plurality of MP votes?

No photos of Biden kissing Lucy Flores

Which are the world's 10 most dangerous countries for women? US is #10, only western country on list

On the UK, Brexit and...Norway

Which are the world's 10 most dangerous countries for women? US #10, only western country on list

Which are the world's 10 most dangerous countries for women? US #10, only western country on list

DU for Pete donation page is now live!

The best thing that could happen with the border issue

Washington State Democrats to decide on 2020 Presidential Candidate selection

Delays as major US airlines hit by computer outages

Sadopopulism - how oligarchy--those who seek to have both power and wealth--stay in power

UN joins Clooney in decrying 'inhuman' Brunei anti-gay law

UN joins Clooney in decrying 'inhuman' Brunei anti-gay law

Democrats to authorize subpoena for full Mueller report

Decorah Eagles North- DN9 HAS HATCHED!! 03.31.2019

Italy may scrap vaccine certificates for young children

I guess Chump doesn't need a wall, if he's closing the Mexican border

Arlington Already Planning to Forward FOIAs to Amazon

Venezuela: Maduro calls on armed groups (colectivos) to keep order amid electricity rationing

Does the 2019 legislative session have the makings of a state government shutdown?

Giant dog:

Bangladesh could take over workplace safety despite 'shocking unreadiness'

Bangladesh could take over workplace safety despite 'shocking unreadiness'

Lucy Flores.. the up side

Fox News guest: "Democrats want Mueller-report released bc they want to hide what's in it."

Poll- The charges against Joe Biden

Was April Fools ever funny?

Really good AP article fact-checking Trump's recent false claims to credit for himself

Howard Lee, Medal of Honor recipient who led long-odds defense, dies at 85

Can you purchase Vane' Vanilla in the US?

Divided Supreme Court rules against death row inmate with rare condition

Sea levels are rising and we don't have a Plan B

About the cherry trees, at Monumental Thoughts, an online DC tour guide

Why the DFL is taking on the carpet industry

Falling meteor lights up sky over Florida

After decades of silence about a long-ago Virginia lynching, one man pursues accountability

Measles count in US this year already more than all of 2018 (

Wait, a bunch of DFLers just voted to exempt some of Minnesota's lowest-paid workers from the

DU for Beto ActBlue donation link is now live

Free Parking Nature Bats Last

It's on! House Judiciary Votes on Wednesday to Subpoena Mueller Report

What's for Dinner, Mon., April 1, 2019

Free Parking Nature Bats Last

Missouri S&T to celebrate Philanthropy Month in April

Soul II Soul - Keep On Moving

Rick Scott's Company Committed Historic Medicare Fraud. He Will Now Lead Trump's Health-Care Push

Criterion's April Fools announcement of Kindergarten Cop will never be topped

Love me some Kamala!

Scripps Presents: Pete Buttigieg

Quick grassroots action saves Nashville cherry trees from NFL ax! Score one for activists!

Nate Bargatze!!! Wow it's so funny


Rep. Jerrrold Nadler: America Is Done Waiting for the Mueller Report

'Impossible' meatless patty gets Burger King Whopper test

Well, this is refreshing...a place to come and NOT see silliness so soon in the cycle!

I would like to volunteer to host this group.

WaPo op-ed: How Pete Buttigieg can vault into the top tier

I'm worried about so many candidates...

Whoopi Goldberg Defends Biden Over Lucy Flores Allegations: This 'Pisses Me Off'

Led Zeppelin Reunites

🐦 April 5 at 7PM - Rally in Davenport with Bernie Sanders

Warren rocks

Wow.. Trump is beyond Contempt... This link is all about..

Nadler Blasts Bill Barr in Scathing NY Times Opinion Letter

What about Virtual Reality political gatherings?

NEW HARVARD YOUTH POLL: @BernieSanders (31%) leads among likely 18- to 29- year-old ...

Our Dem Prez candidates and issues of war and peace...

Methane promising route for storage of renewable energy from sun and wind

Florida here repping Kamala Harris!

Love Will Conquer Hate: Bernie Visits Islamic Center in California

We are all being held hostage by a madman

I Know Where I Came From

Collins asks Justice Dept. to not support strikedown of Affordable Care Act

Senator Sanders - Face the Nation Interview March 31, 2019

Khanna Floats Compromise After Flare-Up Over DCCC Stifling Primaries

A Jury May Have Sentenced a Man to Death Because He's Gay. Now, the Supreme Court Could Hear His App

The campaign

Twenty years for prank 911 call that led death of innocent man

ActBlue link for donations to Pete's campaign...

Alabama's science-hating GOP legislature mocked in one of the all-time great April Fools' pranks

Former Biden Aide Scolds Lucy Flores For Coming Forward 5 Years Later: 'It's Politicized Now'

J.D. SCHOLTEN: Democrats still need rural voters to defeat Trump

In series of high-stakes maneuvers, Sanders struck a deal to include $11 billion for health clinics

NonCompete -- The PewDiePipeline: how edgy humor leads to violence, parts 1 & 2

Do male candidates get more coverage than women? It's complicated.

SCOTUS: Painful executions are just fine


Happy All Fools" Day!

Bernie Holds Double-Digit Lead Over 2020 Rivals Among Young Democratic Voters: Poll

Recipe for "White Supremacist Salad"

Pete, what were you thinking?

LIVE 10AM March 28 - Sen. Sanders and Rep. Clyburn Introduce Bill to Expand Community Health ...

Reporters Group Asks Judge To OK Release Of Mueller Report's Grand Jury Materials

🐦 April 4 Thursday - Bernie Sanders - The Daily Show

The ACA gets worse each year

Saw Benicio del Toro in Che

Recipe for "Democratic Party Salad" - we got it all

Hello DU's finest. nt

Reporters Committee for freedom of the press asks court to authorize release of grand jury materials

Donate with the DU for Warren ActBlue page here

Chief Inspector Murphy says O hai

Huge Global Study Just Smashed One of The Last Major Arguments Against Renewables

Massachusetts here for Senator Harris, FOR THE PEOPLE !


Barr, Trump allies will gut the Mueller report before it gets to the public (Newsweek)

Trump's Acts Show the Urgent Need to Curb the Imperial Presidency

Israeli researchers - hundreds of fake Twitter accounts boost Netanyahu

WHOEVER has that thumb drive with the hidden copy of the Mueller report, PLEASE don't let anything

Who's Afraid of Amy Klobuchar?

Welcome to my fellow Bidenites !

BernieBag - Stay tuned for total amount of money

U.S. opens new probe into 3 million Kia, Hyundai vehicles for fire risks

U.S. opens new probe into 3 million Kia, Hyundai vehicles for fire risks

Elizabeth's financial director who opposed refusing big money

Talking about boundaries, have any of you mothers had ladies ask to pat your pregnant stomach?

Pence promoted the anti-abortion film Unplanned on Twitter

After Speech Goes Viral, Georgia Lawmaker Not Done Condemning Attack on Reproductive Rights: 'Women

Sen. Amy Klobuchar had a long interview on CNN couple of weeks ago

After Speech Goes Viral, Georgia Lawmaker Not Done Condemning Attack on Reproductive Rights: 'Women

After Speech Goes Viral, Georgia Lawmaker Not Done Condemning Attack on Reproductive Rights: 'Women

After Speech Goes Viral, Georgia Lawmaker Not Done Condemning Attack on Reproductive Rights: 'Women

Sen Klobuchar at the 2009 Correspondents dinner

America's Foreign Hackers: American Hackers Helped UAE Spy on Al Jazeera Chairman, BBC Host

America's Foreign Hackers: American Hackers Helped UAE Spy on Al Jazeera Chairman, BBC Host

"American patriots, if you're listening...."

Hostess on CNN: 'Barr said he would release report mid-month, why doesn't your party just wait?'

Kamala Harris DU ActBlue Link

George Will: Amy Klobuchar could be the Democrats' best bet in 2020

Bernie Sanders continues to dodge questions about releasing his tax returns, ...

World traveler kitty:

There'll always be an England...

"Erin Brockovich of Slovakia" Elected Nation's First Female President

Algeria's Bouteflika to resign before mandate ends April 28: state media

Algeria's Bouteflika to resign before mandate ends April 28: state media

"Erin Brockovich of Slovakia" Elected Nation's First Female President

Guy biking across the world finds a kitten he can't leave behind 😻

Klobuchar on ABC This Week with Jonathan Karl

"Erin Brockovich of Slovakia" Elected Nation's First Female President

Trump putting Rick Scott in charge of his healthcare push is a sick joke

Pence swapping promo tweet for qanon plug

I voted for Bernie in the primaries last year, and for Hillary

Warren's tax returns

Sen. Amy Klobuchar Proposes National Infrastructure Plan

Trump Comes Clean (Finally)

They're gonna get that guy in SC that killed the student.

BREAKING: Connecticut woman says then-Vice President Joe Biden touched her inappropriately

Warren, Cummings Look To Crack Down On Credit Bureaus

Warren, Cummings Look To Crack Down On Credit Bureaus

The Case for Amy Klobuchar - WSJ Editorial (Yes, so what?)

You know who is immune to allegations of inappropriate behavior?

Trump's Labor Department Does McDonald's Another Solid

Tesla boom lifts Norway's electric car sales to record market share

Sen. Amy Klobuchar Proposes National Infrastructure Plan

Let's say you're a support staffer at the DOJ and you have access to the full Mueller report

BREAKING: Parliament has begun voting on four new indicative Brexit motions

Hello Mayor Pete supporters!

Here is Joe Biden's real problem.....

Ted Cruz tries his best to mock Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez -- and hilariously fails

*****Get ready for the April contest +++++

Get ready **** start shooting photos for the April contest +++++ No, I'm not foolin'

What do you hope will be achieved if the full Mueller report is ever available to the American

Yes there is a double standard about behavior towards women by male politicians

Get ready *****The April contest is about to start+++++I'm not foolin'

Massachusetts Woman Charge with Filing False Report About Being Robbed by Black Man

Who wants to HOST?

Bernie Sanders: I'll fight for farmers against powerful agribusiness

Repression of natural, genuine, and casual expressions of affection.

Bernie Sanders: Decentralizing Agriculture (10/28/1993)

Bernie Is Not a Wind Sock

MEANWHILE, in New York...

US measles cases at second highest since disease was eliminated in 2000

Talking with other supporters of Mayor Pete is nice, but...

James Comey either just announced his candidacy for president, or he's pulling an April Fool's joke

John Coltrane "My Favorite Things"

Beto O'Rourke says his Cabinet secretaries would hold monthly town halls

.Two current senior White House officials got security cleances after being denied - NYTimes:

Rob Sand having a press conference about Medicaid privitization

The Supreme Court's Conservatives Just Legalized Torture

Cyclone Idai: First cholera death in Mozambique as cases double

POLL: What's your position on the Biden situation?

AP sources: Trump considers adding 'immigration czar'

Poll: Majority of Americans are comfortable with gay presidential candidate

Bernie Sanders Abroad: Is a Peace Presidency Possible?

Another Dead Whale Full of Plastic. This Time, in Italy.

Dog Abandoned At A Vet Clinic Barely Even Looked Like A Dog At All

It feels like April Fools' Day

I was talking to my therapist

FULL SPEECH: Bernie Sanders - The We The People Membership Summit

Wittes: Bill Barr Has Promised Transparency. He Deserves the Chance to Deliver.

Who gets the first "Barr pardons?"


John Hickenlooper visits with Reverend Al

In 2009, a World Airways DC-10 landed at BWI. It never left. Why?

Why would Lappos accuse Biden? In her own words...

Somali Chicken Soup

No one associates New York, a city in the eastern US, with good restaurants. That could change.

If Democrats blow up Joe Biden for THIS,

Beneath Solar Panels, the Seeds of Opportunity Sprout

What is your definition of "Frankened"?

America would run out of avocados in three weeks if Trump shuts down Mexico border

The GOP doesn't care about the Biden allegation

Bridge collapses on I-75 in Chattanooga; interstate closed in both directions

Baltimore Mayor Pugh to take leave of absence in midst of 'Healthy Holly' book controversy

Here we go again - Brexit vote for the nth time - live

Gov. Snyder back in as defendant in class action Flint water lawsuit, judge decides

Is there any objection to me remaining as a host in this new group?

Congressman John Lewis' April Fools joke

#BeBest and #BeBest Part 2:

The Washington Post has a cool online tool to compare the Democratic primary candidates

Biden accuser Lucy Flores says she'd vote for him over Trump: 'That's not even a question'

Tony Tig's Song for the Political Revolution

Trump is a Blue Meanie

BREAKING: All four Indicative Votes on Brexit fail

Up to 200 UK Conservative lawmakers call for 'managed' no-deal Brexit: ITV's Peston

ONE OK ROCK 「Re:make」

Bernie Sanders Press Secretary Says Young Voters 'Want Daddy Bernie'

ONE OK ROCK 「Re:make」

Brexit votes: MPs fail to back proposals again

*Brand Spanking New Morning Consult Democratic Primary Poll* Biden 33% Sanders 25% Harris 8% Beto 8%

Black as midnight? Don't be frightened by this dark culinary trend

Senior U.S. House Republican questions Trump plan to cut Central American aid

Senior U.S. House Republican questions Trump plan to cut Central American aid

Seth Abramson's opinion piece makes NEWSWEEK.

DrNworb has a new Momma & Kittens!

Our Democratic Presidents and Their Sexual Peccadillos

As DeVos Eases Sexual Assault Rules, Her Old High School May Provide a Test Case

where's the money coming from?

Yes, this really happened today... @PeteButtigieg @CityofSouthBend

I've suffered most of my life with debilitating phobias. Here's some advice to those who haven't.

Trump is a Blue Meanie, Pence is the Flying Glove

Yes Minister -- Why Britain Joined the European Union

Yes Minister explains the EEC (EU)

Tick all that apply

Trump's Day Gets Even Worse As Adam Schiff's Intel Committee Joins Security Clearance Investigation

Navy SEAL accused of murder moved out of brig at Trump's direction, his attorney says

Thoughts from a middle-aged, female, former Bernie supporter...

Germany to prioritize women during UN Security Council presidency

Klobuchar released more then 10 years of tax return

Canada warming at twice the global rate, leaked report finds

Is the Barr cover-up of the Mueller Report the worst cover-up

Robert Smalls. Who's heard of this guy? I haven't till today!

Just getting things started ... a C & P of "The case for Jay Inslee"

Less discussion; more question about the "emergency."

Vatican official challenges the ethics of the free markets

Happy b-day... TO ME!

Buttigieg on Lawrence O'Donnell tonight:

Massive disaster relief bill stalls in Senate over Puerto Rico dispute

Cow Band gets down!

Easter fools

Photo of Biden when he thought no one was looking

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Bernie Sanders floats modified term limits for Supreme Court justices

MP quits the Conservative party for being 'incapable of compromise'

Orchids Exhibit, 'Amazing Adaptations' Smithsonian Amer Art, Thru April 28

Why Trump's Troubadour Has Turned Against Him NowThis

AG Eric Holder on Ari Melcher says PRESIDENT OBAMA. History will put Pres O in Top 5 Presidents ever

Khashoggi children have received houses in Saudi Arabia and monthly payments as compensation

The Mighty, Fearless John Kelly is 6'3" tall. He Just Got Schooled By a 4'2" Woman On What Bravery

Why are we paying for Tiffany Trump's vacation?

Mick Jagger set to undergo heart valve replacement surgery: report

Help me understand Brexit

Christ May Have Benefited From Father's Influential Position To Gain High-Powered Role.

Orchids Exhibit, 'Amazing Adaptations' Smithsonian Amer Art, Thru April 28 (WETA)

Judiciary Committee ranking member Doug Collins (R-GA) on "transparent" A.G. Barr


Four dead in shooting at property management company in Bismarck suburb

Peter Daou: I am appalled by the attacks on Lucy Flores

Trump wants to put Kris Kobach in charge of the border.

Drumpf suspends White House security clearance whistle blowerr Tricia Newbold

The cruelty of the Trump Administration toward this 18 year government employee (Whistle-blower)

Here are ALL the DU for President donation links

Be the change you want to see in the world: How individuals can help save the planet from climate c...

The utter STUPIDITY of "Always believe the woman"----

Tweety says Dems should be on the streets in the Capitol shouting

Stephen Moore: legal file on Trump Fed pick sealed after contempt revelations

UM Research Connects Big Data Marketing Tools, Land Conservation

Couldn't decide on Brexit plan. But did see naked butts

After Greitens, Missouri Senate votes to limit impeachment

Biden ripping into Reagan's SOS for standing by to South Africa's Apartheid regime brutality (1986)

White people's eating habits produce most greenhouse gases

Trump Got No Bump From Mueller. He Should Worry.

I am a big fan of Biden and I don't think he meant anything by any of these instances but

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