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What if they win!?

Trump Admits He 'Gets Along' Better With Dictators Than With U.S. Journalists

Pepsi's latest product: Water in a can

Mom of the year rescues son's snake from behind the fridge 😱🐍

World Leaders' Response to Ivanka...

Harris cleared the rape kit backlog for 8 counties

Were any MAGATs even fazed a little bit this weekend?

Now Trump is plagiarizing Teddy Roosevelt! Sort of...

Vietnam, European Union sign free trade agreement

If you missed 60 minutes interview with Ben Ferencz, at 99 the oldest living Nuremberg Prosecutor

A Navy Veteran Writes an Open Letter to His Trump Supporting Family

U.S. News & World Report's Best State Rankings, 2019: Alabama 49th of 50.

You Know We're Never Gonna Hear The End Of It From Trump's....

Otto Warmbier Trends on Twitter as Users Call Out Donald Trump for Friendly Meeting with North Korea

Just a serving suggestion ...

I'll be boycotting the 4th/45th this year.

One of my wife's MAGA siblings is giddy at the prospect that reparations will

nice interview with songwriter/singer Valerie Simpson, writer of the soundtrack of our lives

How Trump's 4th of July Hijacking Could Violate the Hatch Act

Fresh protests erupt as Hong Kong braces for annual rally to mark handover

There is no debating conservatives logically anymore, you *have* to out-absurd them or shut em down

Why Joe Biden had to work with segregationists

Democrats demand action on Republican who threatened police

Yikes, I just noticed on our DU poll Mayor Pete isn't tied with Bernie anymore......

Is anyone really tired of all this winning?

FBI warns of possible terrorism on July 4th -- domestic terrorism

Brett Kavanaugh is exactly who we thought he was

AOC scorches Piers Morgan and Ivanka in a single tweet



The 2020 issue that matters is democracy itself (WashPost)

Free kitty!

Why Bill Barr Is So Dangerous

Theresa May makes veiled attack on Boris Johnson's Brexit policy

Morning Musume - Sakura Mankai

Roland plays all the bars in the Lou

Low-Wage Workers Are Being Sued for Unpaid Medical Bills by a Nonprofit Christian Hospital That Empl

90 year old Home Depot founder to continue to support Trump

morning musume

How Lincoln's disdain for demagogues pricks Trump's Fourth of July pomposity

On the hike to Bench Lakes near Stanley, ID

'Hide the evidence': New Texas law may help GOP keep secrets about its redistricting strategy

Just Right

This Trump critic's cartoon went viral on social media. Within hours, he no longer had a contract.

Kamala Speaks at SF Pride!!! 2019

Indicting a pregnant woman for manslaughter when someone else shoots her fetus is next-level...

Don't let strutting spoil Independence Day


Why did Ivanka stick so close to Trump this trip?

Impeach balloon set to sail

Burlington College trustees express dismay at colleague's secret investment

The Working Families Party has narrowed its list of potential 2020 endorsements.

ICYMI: tweeter "Chunk"'s version of Ivanka's debut as a diplomat:

The Real Reason Republicans Don't Stand Up to Trump?

A reminder to be careful about what you post online

I will not be boycotting the 4th of July and here's why.

We Made 1886 Coca Cola Recipe Glen & Friends Cooking

Watching John Oliver on Amazon

Every Kind Of People

Reverend Irene Monroe: The story of Stonewall has been bleached. I know because I was there.

It looks like a home made prom dress!

NICE- PuffyAmiYumi

NICE- PuffyAmiYumi

Tweet of the Day

Virginia Republican Candidate Jokes "Install Your Very Own Concentration Camp"

Trump's Lawyers Argue That He Cannot Be Impeached Because He Was Never Actually Elected (Borowitz)

Team Trump's Game Plan to Destroy Mueller: Hound Him About 'FBI Lovers'

Dakota Miracle dies, National Buffalo Museum says

Have you seen the #UnwantedIvanka images? Dozens of them.

Orthodox Mother of God Joy of All Who Sorrow/ Iconography, Exposition, Hymns, Mt. Athos video

Mexican city struck by rare massive hail storm

Couple goes from flower girl, ring bearer to bride, groom

The Latest: 2 crew, 8 passengers killed in Texas plane crash

Doctors Allege Sanford Made Millions on Medicare/Medicaid Fraud with Implanting Unnecessary Bone

Black man walking with Swiss wife makes 'random white supremacist' wish he never used the N-word

Davison County Squelching Anti-CAFO Speech

All hail the hyperleaders - the bellicose insurgents using the web to seize control

Fascism and social media today is like fascism and broadcast in the 1930s

Republicans Abandon "Diversity", Demand Closure of Diversity Offices and Hiring of Conservative Prof

First ever Pride Day held in Lead

Comparing the Morning Consult results from 23 Jun to 27-28 Jun polling

Saudi-Arabia's existence threatened by climate-change. Yet they sabotage climate summit.

Fundraising Update, Pete Buttigieg, July 1, 2019

On edge: 2020 Dems face prospect of being cut from debates

Breakfast Monday July 1, 2019

Powerful Bomb Blast Rocks Afghan Capital, Scores Wounded

Former Microsoft Employee Gets 2 Years For Embezzlement

A ramble Field trip today checking out union trades with my boys

I am no longer confident Trump will be the 2020 GOP nominee

2020 Sturgis rally schedule has some bikers scrambling

3,000 Black Hills acres targeted for thinning to reduce wildfire risk

40 Years Ago Today; Sony introduces its "Walkman"

Here's some good news for Buttigieg supporters

Trump is obsessed with the past!

Sanford Health to pursue merger with Iowa's UnityPoint

Sanford Health to pursue merger with Iowa's UnityPoint

12 hours fishing Boog the chocolate lab is beat fatigued

Bam! Pete Buttigieg Raised 24.8 million in Second Quarter!

Nebraska measure could tip the number of states with casinos

Bill Clinton announced his 1992 campaign in October of 1991

Why So Dour Flower?

After Argus Leader Supreme Court loss, fight for public records moves to Congress

I wonder what would happen if our Allies drop us tomorrow, because of Trump's.....

RE: Junior

Harris lands 2020 endorsement from 2 Black Caucus members

Texas AG Paxton to high court: Block abortion providers from suing to overturn laws

When the primary silly season is over, we have THIS to look forward to...

Forecast Model Predicts Democratic Win In 2020

Trump & GOP has scxxxed 99% of us!

Conditions at El Paso Border Station So Bad Agents Are Drinking and Arming Themselves

Monday TOONs - Typesetting

Collins staffer may have violated Senate rules by campaigning


Black Lives Matter co-founder: Maine can be a leader in dismantling white nationalism

Trump asks for military tanks on the Mall as part of July Fourth MAGAt-palooza

The Finance 202: Trump's deal with China offers less than meets the eye

"David vs. Goliath": Lawyers struggle to help asylum seekers sent back to Mexico

Hong Kong descends into chaos as protesters storm legislature

Trump Campaign Staffer Behind Fake Joe Biden Site

Maine state workers' union says it has a contract deal with Janet Mills

VisionQuest, For-Profit Firm Tapped to House Migrant Kids in Philadelphia, Has Sordid History

The Rundown: June 28, 2019

Unwanted Ivanka on Twitter:

Trump Administration Reportedly Considering Acceptance of North Korea as a Nuclear Power

Kamala Harris Says She Prepped to Confront Biden at Debate: 'I Just Felt the Need to Talk About It'

Labour-supporting Momentum launches campaign to oust UK PM frontrunner Johnson

Welcome to the fastest-heating place on Earth

Birds of a feather...

Carbon Dividend Plan Loved By GOP (George Shultz, James Baker) Hires Ex-Boeing Lobbyist

Donations to 'religion' declined $2 billion in 2018 after years of growth: study

Dan Rather, "The President is praising almost any autocrat he can find."

DHS warned in May of border station conditions so bad agents feared riots

Oops, A "Typo"! EPA Left Alaska, Hawaii, Territories Out Of "Replacement" For Clean Power Plan

Janet Mills signs bill to allow recreational marijuana sales in Maine

I have an iMac how do I set up a block for emails?


This Wealthy, Church-Affiliated Hospital Keeps Suing Poor Patients

Team Trump's Game Plan to Destroy Mueller: Hound Him About 'FBI Lovers'

Must . . . Have . . . PHOOONNNE!!! NPS Preparing 62 Miles Of Cable, 9 Towers In Grand Teton NP

Former Bernie Staffers Launch Consulting Firm to 'Primary the Consulting Class'

Hunter Biden Opens Up

Soros and Koch Team Up to End 'Forever War' Policy

Super Nests Of Yellow Jackets Now More Common In Southern States, Thanks To Warmer Winters

Ukraine Role Focuses New Attention on Giuliani's Foreign Work

The 2020 Democratic primary is suddenly wide open

Age Isn't Everything, Says Bernie Sanders. 'It Is What You Stand For'

Inside the Trump campaign's plan to re-energize evangelicals

Can Bernie Sanders revive his presidential prospects?

What Trump's North Korea Stunt Means

Exit Glacier Exits - 3 Feet/Year Had Been Average Since 1815 - 300 Feet In 2016 Alone

You may have heard that this post is tremendous.

NSIDC June extent finishes 5th lowest in satellite record

She worried her son with autism would bother his seatmate on the plane. Instead, they became friends

Sikh drivers are transforming U.S. trucking. Take a ride along the Punjabi American highway

'It is immoral': Former first lady Laura Bush criticizes the separation of migrant children

Shuttered college campuses hit the market

Just to prove there was "no collusion", Trump colludes with Putin.

I think the attacks on Biden and Harris (and other Dem candidates) are actually a good thing

Pete Buttigieg to headline Young Democrats of America convention this July in Indy

'Her ambition got it wrong about Joe': Harris faces debate backlash

Trump's House allies lie in wait for Mueller

Jesse Jackson opens up on 2020 and the changing Democratic Party

Dan Rather tweet; "I prefer the Boston Pops, hot dogs, and Uncle Sams on stilts."

Trump raises 2020 stakes by elevating North Korea, China on agenda

ESSENCE FESTIVAL 2019: Harris, Booker, Warren, O'Rourke And Buttigieg Added to Speaker Lineup

The Latest: Protesters break into Hong Kong legislature

But what about "what aboutism"?

Trump: "Most of many amazing things that happened over the last 3 days are great for the US!"

'The enigma of the entire Mueller probe': Focus on origins of Russian investigation puts...

Iran nuclear deal: Enriched uranium limit breached, IAEA confirms

How difficult would it be to obtain emails from Trump-supporting FBI agents threatening Hillary ?

Trump's Hawkish Foreign Policy is Decimating Iran's Reform Movement

PSA from The Onion: Tips For Staying Civil While Debating Child Prisons

Sen. Bernie Sanders delivers keynote at Black press event, labels Trump 'racist and worst President

T.E.B.: The boog is too pooped to participate this morning.

How southern white women drove the GOP to Donald Trump

Syrian state media claims Israeli airstrikes hit sites near Damascus

AP-NORC Poll: Trump not boosted by strong American economy

Buffalo breakfast time at Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

Japan resumes commercial whaling for first time in 30 years

As House Hearing Approaches, Gohmert Calls Mueller An 'Anal Opening'

#Unwantedivanka: awkward moment at G20 prompts slew of Trump parodies

Two cats in one carrier at the Vet's - Dreaded expectations

Kamala now has more CBC endorsements than any other candidate for POTUS

You raised $1,794.00 on June 30, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links (best day ever)

Political Cartoonist Fired After Illustration of Trump Golfing Over Dead Immigrants Goes Viral

Matthew Dowd tweet; "...something to keep in mind in 2020 general election"

Blue states with Rethug Reps that we need to Gerrymander out

PA Aud Gen DePasquale running for PA-10

A serious question about Kamala Harris, but alas, in a minefield...

Trump wants tanks at his Fourth of July shindig

BEST #unwantedivanka so far!

Get over it, folks. One minute in one debate isn't going to

What kind of woman?

Continuing the theme of I fucking hate Chuck Todd . . .

Pic Of The Moment: How To Denuclearize North Korea In 6 Easy Steps

2020 presidential candidates at risk of being cut from debates

Friends don't let friends assassinate their critics.

Happy Canada Day!

No matter what they try to tell us about the Detention Centers - The truth has now been FOIAed

Few Know About Trump's July 4th Celebration

Don Young Will Seek 25th Term In Congress

How convenient? FBI claims to have lost the file on the neo-nazi group Stormfront.

These USDA employees face a stark choice: Move to Kansas City or be fired

Last Week Tonight: Warehouses

Inside the Secret Border Patrol Facebook Group Where Agents Joke About Migrant Deaths and Post Sexis

If I can complain about something people do to married couples

Some perspective on early leads in the polls

Flashback: Donald Trump's Children Won't Have White House Roles

Trump scientist insists that 'carbon dioxide is good for you'

Former US attorney announces Senate bid in Kansas

Enjoying a gentle breeze and the scent of freshly hung laundry when........

On edge: 2020 Dems face prospect of being cut from debates

HBO's *Leaving Neverland* is worth seeing

Trump 2020 Campaign Uses Stock Photo Models in New Political Ads

Just listened to the most amazing podcast.

Holder - "it's going to be my job to make sure we don't lose sight of those other races."

Everett family terrorized by firework that destroys part of their home

Trump crosses the DMZ, but his diplomacy is on the road to nowhere

DC City Council says "Tanks but no tanks" concerning 4th of July

A question about seeds and growing

Freak summer hailstorm buries Guadalajara, Mexico, in up to 5 feet of ice - incredible photos

Sarah Sanders to write book about time in Trump admin

Pete's newest video on his campaign and fundraising results!

Rapper Lil Nas X Seemingly Comes Out as Gay

Driven from Paradise by fire, evacuees worry that gentrification will prevent them from coming home

Anyone here use Life360?

Never underestimate flatware

Major clash in Hong Kong

'Crypto' warning: CDC says fecal parasite can live for days in swimming pools

Besides being stupid, are "warning shots" de-facto reckless discharges?

Our sons Awesome field trip to ibew and carpenters unions training facilities

Some good advice for Dems from a WaPo column:

Breastfeeding mom asked to 'cover up' at pizzeria. She 'politely declined their offer'

It's Bobby Bonilla Day! July 1st $1.193 Million from the NY Mets

After Satanist's Invocation, Alaska Borough Officials Want to End the Practice

Robert Jeffress: Democrats Claiming to be Christian Don't Worship the "True God"

Scientists 'speechless' at Arctic fox's epic trek - up to 155km a day

Snowflake: Nigel Farage furious over TV show assassinating 'Neil Fromage'

Calling BS on the Gerrymandered Roberts court.

Bernie Takes A Page From Trump By Posting Doctored Vid Of Him Spooking POTUS

The Sheriff Lost Reelection. Then the Spending Spree Began.

Hong Kong police fire teargas at protesters - live updates

"You're American. Why not?"

Trump Praises Kim on Immigration: "No One Is Trying to Get Into Your Country"

Bette Midler Responds to Trump Calling Her 'Washed-Up Psycho' at World Pride

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez slams Ivanka Trump for interactions with foreign leaders

Environmentalists removed more than 40 tons of trash from the Pacific -- and it barely made a dent

Debra J. Saunders is a blithering idiot

Outlawing Health Insurance Companies is a Losing Argument

Arrival Date Of Tall Ship Providence Set In Alexandria

How nice to see that Dana Loesch has landed on her feet ...

Cartoons 7/1/19

My patience with the America is not ready for a woman meme has grown very thin.

Seattle Children's closes operating rooms because of mold

8.3m children of immigrant families risk losing health insurance under new rule

8.3m children of immigrant families risk losing health insurance under new rule

PROPAGAND-OFF! Fox News vs. North Korean State TV

New requirements for semi-automatic rifles take effect today

Took me the better part of 4 decades to figure this one out

India arrests after mob attacks female forest officer

U.N. watchdog confirms Iran has breached nuclear deal stockpile limit

Hong Kong police move to forcibly clear thousands of protesters occupying the area around and inside

'Brilliant' 'Compelling' 'Warrior': New Post-Debate Polls Say Dems Thrilled With Warren & Harris


President of the Association of Canadian Cartoonists statement.

Do nothing daddy's girl tags along for bring your daughter to work day

Top 10 Announcement: Technical Difficulties With Graphics

I don't care what any candidate's plan for health care is...

Former Gov. Rick Snyder named Harvard fellow

Remember when Obama went to Cuba?

Trump signals bad news coming out of New York in extended rant against state investigations

Buttigieg raises $24.8 million, tripling haul in previous quarter

Jaw-dropping scene from June 8th, 2019, of a supercell over Goodland, Kansas

Venezuela crisis: Outrage over navy captain's death in custody

Venezuela crisis: Outrage over navy captain's death in custody

Let me be blunt: I don't like Joe Biden...

The real reason Ivanka was there!

Joe Biden No Longer Has the Luxury of Just Running Against Trump

AMA - a short film by Julie Gautier

Desolation Row

I will say about our women POTUS candidates what I said about our AA president ...

How James Murdoch Uses Philanthropy to Distance Himself From the Taint of Fox News

The American Medical Association is no Longer Neutral on Abortion

Another pretty good series from the Aussies. Be warned, some of the soundtrack was apparently

My nephew has our family at the edge.

Democrats: Stop apologizing!

Regarding Trump's new press secretary; Stephanie Grisham

Willie Brown Blues

Do not accept any friend requests from Taco Bell. They are

Jesse Jackson says Warren will be in the 2020 race 'to the end'

Brian Isaack Clyde

Boeing's 737 Max Software Outsourced to $9-an-Hour Engineers

Elizabeth Warren:The @FCC should be working on behalf of American consumers, not giant telecom com

Trump asks for military tanks on the Mall as part of grandiose July Fourth event

Asks for military tanks on Mall July Fourth

AOC threatened and mocked on Facebook secret group for CBP

North Korean state media releases video of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un meeting with Pres. Trump

Ant stealing a diamond

Dog Found Without Fur Reunites With Her Rescuer A Year Later

Trump the paper tiger 😂

Why should North Korea or any country denuclearize?

Top recipients of for-profit prison industry cash - (all Republican)

The Courts Won't End Gerrymandering. Eric Holder Has a Plan to Fix It Without Them.

Border Patrol Union has thoughts on the FaceBook group..🤔

When we interview @BernieSanders he ... always has some thoughts about our audio production needs.

Monday's "Aww" video - puppy sleeping by a stream

LISTEN: The NPR Politics Podcast and @nhpr interview Sen. Bernie Sanders

Pierce: Somehow, the Statue of Liberty Hasn't Yet Been Fitted for a Straitjacket

AOC: Women at CBP facility told to drink from toilets

This is the Republican's most powerful weapon

What's the big deal with tanks on the Mall? You're acting as if this has never been done before.

Ivanka Trump Faces Criticism For G20 Involvement Morning Joe MSNBC

Harris lands 2020 endorsement from 2 Black Caucus members

Economic indicator has been pointing towards incoming recession for 3 months now.

Feel like having an adventure?

Profiles in Crazy, XCIII. . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump and his butt-buddy!!!

CNN: The hugely inappropriate weekend of Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr.

Russia paid a Florida radio broadcaster $1.4 million to air Kremlin propaganda in DC

A note of advice to our eventual candidate, concerning the debates with donald trump.

Do the Republicans Even Believe in Democracy Anymore?

Opinion: The trade war is over -- and China won

Happy Fourth of July, National Mall in Washington D.C.!

We keep hearing the line... People are saying that

Mini Bruce Lee

Pennsylvania state official launches Democratic challenge to GOP rep in district carried by Trump

Living in a red state makes being a loner so easy. .

"Kicking Gas" - Disguised Arnold Schwarzenegger tries to sell gas cars to prospective EV customers.

Only 5% of Palestinians and 6% of Lebanese accept gay relationships

(X-post) Only 5% of Palestinians and 6% of Lebanese accept gay relationships

the concentration camps are even worse than feared

Sarah Sanders is "reportedly writing a memoir." Let's help her come up with a title.

Scientists Change Light Bulbs At Truman State To Darken The Night Skies

Don't worry, its not a spaceship -- maybe

Scientists Change Light Bulbs At Truman State To Darken The Night Skies

Choir sings "Life In a Northern Town"

Reel Hoods: Post a Pic of a Greaser from TV or a Flick

There's just no stopping Ruth Bader Ginsburg!

Top Democrat Volinsky makes big move toward running for governor

Snark snark guffaw

Trump rails against Cuomo "using his Attorney General as a bludgeoning tool for his own purposes"

What's for Dinner, Mon., July 1, 2019

As expected, Sununu vetoes budget, saying it would kill jobs

Anyone care to explain what Biden meant by this?

Study suggests Russian social media trolls had impact on 2016 election

Nick Sandmann in court for first time in $250M defamation suit against Washington Post

Need to Impeach: Audition with Jon Cryer, Debra Messing et al

Dwight and Mamie Eisenhower were married July 1, 1916:

Biden 22% Harris 17% Warren 15% Sanders 14% - New CNN Poll n/t

French say oops on viral Ivanka moment

Why wealth gap has grown despite record-long economic growth

Another orgasm for the Chump...

New Hampshire Lawmakers Approve Changes To Medicaid Work Requirement Rules

With 16 Months to go, Negative Partisanship Predicts the 2020 Presidential Election

"North by Northwest" was released 60 years ago this week:

CNN Poll - Biden 43%; Sanders 13%; Harris 12% ** Best Chance to Beat Trump **

NASA's TESS Mission Finds Its Tiniest Alien Planet Yet

Krugman on the democrats policy positions:

At around 7:30 AM, July 1, 1863, a small patrol of the 8th IL Cav led by Lieutenant Marcellus Jones

How can these both be true?

How many times are they going to run the clip on t.v. showing trump

Hey trump, did you ask your buddy Kim to return the USS Pueblo?

McCain's book "Faith of My Fathers: A Family Memoir"

Tropical Storm Barbara expected to be a major hurricane - lots of discussions in Hawaii but

California kindergarten vaccination rate drops below 95% as affluent parents get medical exemptions

"You simply can't comprehend the genius of Donald Trump."

The deadly poison sarin was detected in a mail bag at Facebook's offices in California

Gaslighters/Narcissists Can't Handle Rejection

Jackie Chan - How to Do Action Comedy

New CNN Poll: Biden 22%; Harris 17%

mother tried to drown child 11 years ago. same kid dies in water filled irrigation ditch on Saturday

A Whirlwind, Round-the-World Food Tour of Queens

Why does thw WaPo use so many words when a simple "DUH!" would suffice?

Massive wasp nests as big as a car are appearing in Alabama (again)

Do Republicans Even Believe in Democracy Anymore?

WaPo: The new GOP attacks on Mueller will backfire on Trump -- bigly

Putting a squirrel out of work

Bernie Sanders was the keynote speaker at Hillsborough County Democrats' Grassroots Awards Dinner

Record-smashing heat wave bakes Alaska, worsening wildfires

Texas Lawmakers Shield Emails

Wimbledon shocker - the youngest player in the tournament beats the oldest

More Than 700 Migrants Forced to Share 4 Showers at Texas Border Patrol Station

The Democrats' Radical Agenda

Constantly showing polls on the Democratic candidates is DIVIDING US

State seeks to protect investors as Salem man faces jail time for securities fraud

Judge rejects white nationalist's challenge to state's gun magazine limit

Anyone whose daddy is allowing immigrants to drink water from toilet bowls

The Dunning-Kruger-Godwin syndrome:

UN Report: Extreme Heat Could Burn Through 80 Mill Jobs, Globally: France, Germany Update

My Beautiful BB has crossed the Bridge

There's a Trump (staffer) tweet for everything.

The Devil Admin called "Twisted Monsters" for delaying Dr. visits to migrant children

Nice try, DJT jr.!

Why does Trump assert that Ivanka created 10 million jobs?

'Precipitous' fall in Antarctic sea ice since 2014 revealed


Eliabeth Warren FB post after a visit to a detention center on June 26, 2018

Sometimes it's easier to sell stuff than give it away.

Once upon a time there was a President, who...

Texas Republicans pass law to hide evidence of illegal power grabs

Does Congress have the power to prosecute Border Patrol Agents?

Robert Reich: Trump Is Quietly Hobbling Working People

ProPublica has the following article ................

When the Economy Crashes Will America Move to the Hard Right?

🔥 LIVE JULY 1 at 6PM: The 99: Episode 1 (Welcome to Bernie's Party)

When humongous insurers say no more....bye, bye

Nature (News): The Reality Behind Perovskite Solar Cells.

The Big Con administration....A criminal organization

The House Expands Investigation Into Ivanka Trump Email Crimes

Lock them up, lock them up...

Kamala moves into second place, 5 pts behind Biden

Trump says Kim asked him to cross the DMZ, but yet according those around the spoof.....

Beware of Trolls Pretending to Clutch Pearls!

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 2 July 2019

So I guess these human rights violations

No problem

Report from Iowa.. Biden still looking very good

Anyone for a geostorm....

Competing while civil

Pete the Peacock

Biden was correct: Homophobia was more prevelant five years ago

10 Medical Myths We Should Stop Believing. Doctors, Too.

Trump Lied About Giving Troops a Raise

Moving on up

Trump loses it because New York is investigating him and his family for so many crimes


Congrats to Harris and Warren supporters.

Been thinking about merchandise my vlog...

Jeremy Hunt sparks business anger with no-deal Brexit comment

Tyler Skaggs, pitcher for the Los Angeles Angels, has died aged 27

78-year-old walks 2.2 miles everyday carrying sign defending DACA. Arrested by HS

Thank you God for people like this in my World....

Hundreds of Jewish Protesters Block Road to Migrant Detention Center in New Jersey

Vets To Give Out Thousands Of USS John McCain Shirts At Trump's July 4 Event

Germany Breaks All-Time June Temp 6/30 In Rheinland; 38.9C (102 F); 57 Distance Runners Hospitalized

Boeing's 737 Max software outsourced to $9-an-hour engineers

AOC DID NOT lie about touring the concentration camp

The Killers bring out the Pet Shop Boys and Johnny Marr at Glastonbury

How Trump "wins"

Trump says Iran 'playing with fire' with uranium enrichment

Tragic news: Angels pitcher Tyler Skaggs died today


The Biden - Harris conversation showing up in the poll aggregators

CBP investigating private Facebook group mocking lawmakers and immigrants

Kentucky court rules in favor of health department over teen who refused chickenpox vaccine

Susan Rice....This is horseshit...

Disaster For Republicans As Trump's Economy Approval Tanks

Alaska Is Hot and on Fire

'F*** You, Mr. President': Joe Biden's Son Hunter Brushes Off Donald Trump's Investigation Threats

#NeverAgainIsNow: 36 Arrested As Hundreds of Jewish Protesters Block Road To Immigrant Detention Ctr

Democrats investigating whistleblower claims Pompeo's security picked up Chinese food and his dog

Trump asks for tanks, Marine One and much more for grandiose July Fourth event

Fact check: Trump told troops he gave them first raise in years. He didn't.

No Mystery Why Trump Wants TANKS At His New 4th of July Parade.

Biden 23% Harris 17% Warren 15% per Tweety

Roger Ailes' Rise and Fall Makes Good TV

A Very Rare White Moose

Tee shirts don't cut it

Grand Rapids church pays off almost $2M in medical debt for Michigan families

A Whirlwind, Round-the-World Food Tour of Queens

79 Years Ago Today; Tacoma Narrows Bridge opens to traffic... for a little while

Homeland Security admits it's using abhorrent conditions at detention centers to deter migration

'Irresponsible': Cost of Donald Trump's July 4 Military Parade Blasted by National Park Advocacy Gro

'Irresponsible': Cost of Donald Trump's July 4 Military Parade Blasted by National Park Advocacy Gro

Trump Has Gotten Less From North Korea Than Any Previous President

Trump says there will be tanks at Fourth of July celebration

Columnist trashes Harvard for hiring ex-Michigan governor: 'Especially perverse' to hire toxic peopl

A soldier goes into a bar

New York Times writer's anti-white tweets cause outrage

Argument by analogy

Ted Cruz compares himself to Rosa Parks in insane lawsuit

Ending of "Three Days of Condor"

Fear, Confusion And Separation As Trump Administration Sends Migrants Back To Mexico

Fear, Confusion And Separation As Trump Administration Sends Migrants Back To Mexico

A look at debate impressions

I finally settled on someone to support.

Elizabeth Warren:Late Friday,@BetsyDeVosED declared open season for swindlers & crooks

Rothkopf: US politics has changed dramatically, even if some politicians & pundits don't realize it

Courts Order Delay Of Trump Administration's Health Care 'Conscience Rights' Rule

Two Georgia State politicians I'm watching: State Sen. Nikema Williams & Stacey Abrams.

Motion filed to dismiss charges against pregnant woman, a shooting victim indicted for death of her

Diplomat Barbie

Drumpt says his 4th of July Triumph of the Will Imitation parade will

Bring Your Daughter To Work Day was in April

156 years ago today was the first day of the Battle of Gettysburg

Washington, DC 10 Day Weather (for info!!!)

The Taliban has launched a major attack in Afghanistan's capital

From June 28,2019.............State Senator Persists As Republican Man Yells Over Her for 3 Minutes

This is my response to those saying Trump is working for free.

Prince - "Call My Name" (Official Music Video)

Judge: Rep. Duncan Hunter's trial can detail alleged affairs

Don't let a strutting Trump spoil Independence Day