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Archives: July 11, 2019

McConnell's Democratic challenger says she likely would have voted for Kavanaugh

Russia paid radio broadcaster $1.4 million to air Kremlin propaganda in DC

Barr is in a bind.

Analysts - US Not Even Close To Hitting Paris Targets; Outcome Range - 12-19% Cuts; Target - 26-28%

Nature Communications: 6% Chance Of Blue-Ocean Arctic Even If Paris Nations Hit 1.5C Target

A non original poem about Trump..

Mike Pompeo unveils new propaganda phrase: "Natural law".........

Guys Hike For Hours To Save Dog When Everyone Said It Couldn't Be Done

Strip Golf Tourney at Trump Club has been cancelled!

So-Tucker is trying to get Illian Omar killed or so it appears.

Chris Hayes is speaking truth to power right now!!!!

CO is likely to get 2 new US Senators by Jan. 2021


Trump uses every weapon in his arsenal....and more.

McConnell's Democratic challenger McGrath backtracks on Kavanaugh comments

Anatomical anomaly: The Con claims the kidney 'has a special place in the heart'

One Million Moms Protests 'Toy Story 4' Over 'Dangerous' Lesbian Scene

Amy McGrath is running to unseat Mitch McConnell as Senator from Kentucky. Here is her video:

Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance - another vile politician

Acosta presser today

Wisconsin State Fair food!

US launches inquiry into French plan to tax tech giants

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Stranger Things!

Nonprofit pulls out of golf event sponsored by strip club at Trump resort

Iran's release of Lebanese prisoner was failed overture to U.S.

Iran's release of Lebanese prisoner was failed overture to U.S.

Trump Hosted Private Party w/ Jeffrey Epstein & "28 Girls"

'Outright disrespectful': Four House women struggle as Pelosi isolates them

How the 2016 election, russian trolling, ruined all news for a friend.

About Michael Cohen in Prison.. CNN:

Rachel just said that Trump's coat of arms

Aww, Trump's Strip Club, Nude Dancer Golf Event to Benefit a "Children's Charity" Was Cancelled

2 More Post-Debate Democratic Primary 2020 Polls - Dem 2020 Polls - July 2019

VOIGHT continues to love him some SHITLER "greatest" prez

I have a question about military rules regarding politics.

Why is corporal punishment called "discipline"?

So now, the Rethugs want to take control of our kidneys?

New Orleans' Achilles Heel: A Hurricane Storm Surge During a Mississippi River Flood?

Siberian lake loved by Instagrammers is toxic, power plant says

Curious and curiouser.

Is Harris playing 3-d chess while others campaign as usual?

Rafael Nadal knows what to expect against Roger

Trump invites right-wing extremists to White House 'social media summit'

Billionaire Democratic donor: Bernie Sanders is a 'disaster zone'

Florence mayor endorses Sen. Bernie Sanders in 2020 presidential race

Jimmy Kimmel - Trump's Skin is Officially Too Thin

Expect cloudy with twitterstorms mid Mercury Retrograde

Just now YouTube ad for Spygate poster and Epoch Times newspaper

NASA veteran William Gerstenmaier was removed as head of the agency's human exploration office

The ESPY's are on, and when one or more person gets awarded for a sport

About the so called feud in the Democratic House

Stop Cruelty To Migrant Children Act

"Epstein listed 14 phone numbers for Trump; his wife, Melania; his longtime personal assistant, Norm

Amy McGrath has decided she would have voted NO--on Kavanaugh.................

Are Epstein's "recruiters" ever going to face justice?

Tom Steyer campaign ad ran during ABC Evening News

St. John officer faces possible termination after making unlawful arrest, falsifying report, records

Missing Texas man was eaten by his own dogs, police say

YouTube Exec Apologizes for Calling the Cops on Black Man

Why aren't we getting reports on what those under contract to the govt. are spending all that money

Nora the Rescue Dog Reunites with Her Daughter Remington After Seven Years Apart

Divisive telescope to restart building next week in Hawaii

Question about raids on immigrants and undocumented in Churches

This is disappointing

TCM Schedule for Thursday, July 11, 2019 -- What's On Tonight: Tab Hunter

Trump accuser has him on video forcibly kissing her: court documents

Dump on Trump and the GOP instead of...

Off-duty officer guns down black man after children playing with fireworks startle his dog

Beto O'Rourke gets Endorsement from Iowa (Video)

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Visibly Moved by an Immigrant Mother's Testimony

CLASSIC ROCK! Because Glamrock is too busy to share lately.

Chernobyl as a tourist site?

Fantastic Negrito deserves more attention

Acosta makes no sense

TCM Schedule for Friday, July 12, 2019 -- What's On Tonight: 1939: Hollywood's Golden Year

Rabbit rescued from river with rope, 5-pound weight tied around its neck

210,000-year-old skull in Greece is earliest sign of modern humans in Europe or Asia

Simple question: Did Trump attend a 1992 party* w/only Epstein and 28 underage girls @ Mar a Lag?

About 10 minutes in to Rachel.

Who should play Ariel comment by Bill Nye:

Democratic business exec enters 2020 Indiana governor's race

Scary Shit: Trump invites right-wing extremists to White House 'social media summit'

21 years before MeToo, a Kentucky native says Jeffrey Epstein sexually assaulted her

Dershowitz: 'I Kept My Underwear On' During Massage At Epstein's Mansion

Keith Emerson Band - Lucky Man

Jeffrey Epstein had 14 phone numbers connected to Trump in his contacts

Trump invites right-wing extremists to White House 'social media summit'

Pete Buttigieg In Provincetown - July 5, 2019

Indiana teacher fired for same-sex marriage sues archdiocese

Will today's candidates support the moon program from the 60s?

Virtual schools defrauded Indiana of $40M. Now the state says it will try clawing it back.

TCM Schedule for Saturday, July 13, 2019 -- What's On Tonight: The Essentials: Let's Go to India

IndyStar sues Attorney General Curtis Hill's office for email records

Mysterious Artificial Islands in Scotland Are Thousands of Years Older Than We Thought

US admits low-level radioactive waste was shipped to Nevada for years

Yankee pitcher/Ball Four author Jim Bouton has died.

Nancy Pelosi to join Pete Buttigieg as speaker at Indy's Young Democrats convention

Donors love Pete Buttigieg. Voters aren't sure.

Warren, Sanders, O'Rourke and Castro set for Milwaukee forum

U.S. launches probe of French plans to tax tech giants, a potential step to retaliation and a new

Sean hannity in Forbes Richest Celeb/people list

July 4th wingding bankrupted a fund...

Media Covered Biden Touching Women Stories more than Trump Raping a Woman

Pritzker defends decision to cancel Confederate Railroad performance

This is the quiz Trump put on his website. Not one democrat owes him any form of respect ever!

Computer problem delays Illinois unemployment checks

1,000 strong for Kamala in Brooklyn

Invisible People report- "Homelessness Causes a Lifetime of Trauma"

U.K. Unable to Find Replacement Ambassador Who Does Not Think Trump Is an Idiot

DOE may have mistakenly shipped dangerous nuclear materials to Nevada

A message to Trump Supporters

Governor Duncan Mansion in Jacksonville being renovated

Former Rockford Area Economic Development Council vice president sentenced to prison for fraud

British Ambassador Concealed Insults from Trump by Writing Messages in English (Borowitz)

Trumpco altered evidence in Alva Johnson trial?

Gov. Pritzker still looking at pension fix

Lawmaker pay freezes unconstitutional, judge rules

Illinois hiring hundreds to reduce Medicaid backlogs

Luther Center resident says building is infested with bed bugs

Legislators call for repeal of pro-abortion legislation, introduce 'Fetal Heartbeat' measure

Freshman Democratic Rep. Lauren Underwood gets another GOP challenger

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot blasts U.S. Attorney General William Barr on census citizenship

A container of screws spilled onto an interstate, causing flat tires for miles

Dallas prosecutors object to moving Amber Guyger's trial for shooting Botham Jean

The Daily Show - Your Moment of Them: The Best of Michael Kosta Vol. 2

VW Beetle goes extinct as last one rolls off assembly line

Student who left newborn to die in trash can at Texas dorm gets 5 years in prison

Walmart workers strike over retailer's robot push in Chile

Alaska Legislature fails to override vetoes that prompt cuts

Brazil pension overhaul bill wins by resounding margin in lower house

New York Times story about Longview draws mixed local reactions

Democratic Women of East Texas to host vigil for refugees

Bay City Vascular Surgeon Charged In Connection With $60 Million Health Care Fraud & Laundering More

Former Florida state attorney pushes back against Acosta account of Epstein case

Megan American Great Again.

Hidalgo County jurors deliberate charges against ex-judge

Owner And Principal Of Investment Firm Indicted For Insider Trading

Dershowitz defends plea agreement

Agents of Russia's intelligence service FSB arrested for bank-robbery, corruption.

China billionaire reportedly arrested over child molestation

Lana Del Rey - 4 songs

Abortions halted at clinic in Arkansas while new site sought

Burger King customers in Florida tell Puerto Rican manager to 'go back to Mexico' for speaking

(Jewish Group) Donald Trump has withdrawn cartoonist Ben Garrison's invitation to the White House

North Korea vows to respond to South's deployment of F-35 jets

Bernie Sanders Interview on Rachel Maddow Show

Tropical Storm Barry will become Hurricane Barry by Friday, forecasters say

Longroad Energy to build wind farm in Knox County

Falcon has landed: Japan's Hayabusa2 probe touches down on asteroid

Sciatica has anybody ever tried a chiropractic approach for treatment

Question about 25th Amendment

Ross Perot Pushed Texas To Put Education Ahead Of Football

The Epstein-Barr Virus..

Is MLB Creating A Conflict Of Interest?

Acceptance of same-sex relationships slowing down in UK, report suggests

COMING UP: Senator and presidential candidate @BernieSanders is LIVE on @GMA.

Culture shock: Former Edgewood College students and staff complain of racist campus culture

Nancy Pelosi Has Power--She Just Doesn't Want to Use It

Rev. Scott Anderson: Pragmatism returns to the governor's office

Thursday TOONs - Epstein En(abler)tourage

Evers signs new 5G wireless infrastructure rules into law

'Acosta Enables Sex Trafficking' projected onto the Labor Department building

Evers: Foxconn will hire 1,500 workers

Acosta digs a deeper hole

..a rattlesnake, radioactive uranium, and an open bottle of Kentucky Deluxe.​

Governor Who?

Wisconsin GOP: Rewrite constitution to limit governor's veto

The 2020 front-runners are pulling away from the field

Democratic senators want candidates to take Swalwell's hint and drop out

Milwaukee Council adopts ordinance preventing landlords from evicting tenants seeking to address

William Happer Handed A Big Bag Of Dicks To Eat; WH Dumps "Red Team" Review Of Climate Science

U.S. Prepares to Arrest Thousands of Immigrant Family Members

We remainers got it wrong...

NOAA - Sea Level Rise Behind Record Number Of High-Tide Flooding Days Between 5/18 and 4/19

Trump expected to order citizenship question added to the census

Cargill 100% Against Moratorium On Clear-Cutting The Cerrado, But Here's $30 Million Of Greenwash

The state we're in...What is wrong with us?

Bernie. Don't go there. Just do not. Just STOP.

I'm so glad that the media is spending more time

Trump begins Thursday by calling himself "so great looking and smart, a true Stable Genius!"

Practice what you preach? Don't be ridiculous!

Trump's Social Media Summit Brings Fringe Voices to White House

Trump: "I didn't use many banks because I didn't (don't) need their money (old fashioned, isn't it)"

Bad Lip Reading does Trump's Asia trip

Illinois Police: Mom had kids ride in swimming pool on car roof

DeWine administration defends streamlining feds' access to millions of Ohio driver's license photos fundraising by lying that "Pelosi called AOC, Tlaib and Pressley irrelevant"

Trump Launches New Attacks on Dem Candidates, Dubs Himself 'So Great Looking and Smart, A True...

What Does Tie-Dye Taste Like? I Tried Starbucks' New Frappuccino So You Don't Have To

AOC Hammers Biden in Candid Interview: It's a 'Big Problem' When You Talk About Segregationists...

Remembering an architect of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame: A tribute to James Henke

Oh Lookie! The printed ad for the Buy-a-stripper golf tournament

Buttigieg details plan targeting systemic racism

AOC Fires Back at 'Outright Disrespectful' Pelosi for 'Explicit Singling Out of Newly-Elected...

In a lame attempt to troll Pete Buttigieg*, the Madman accidentally tags some random guy:

Tucker Carlson Goes After Rep. Omar in Wild, 22-Minute Show Opener: She's 'Trying to Take This...

A fine woman wants to hook me up with a boog baby

The Rundown: July 10, 2019

Limbaugh Loses it On Megan Rapinoe: 'This Babe' is 'Showing Nike She Can Be Just as Anti-American...

Art of the Week: Week of 7/10/19

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 7/10/2019

Trump Now Hiring For Sycophantic Poodle Number Two...

Trump's Salute to America cost DC, feds more than $5 million

Caffine, Cannabis

Mass immigration raids set to begin this Sunday

Famed Attorney David Boies representing Dershowitz accuser, now represents 7 Epstein accusers

Pelosi Not Impressed With Trump Aides

Buttigieg details plan targeting systemic racism

Trump Defined himself forever. Trump said this: "A big subject today at the White House..

Breakfast Thursday 11 July 2019

Iran's Revolutionary Guards deny trying to stop British tanker in Gulf - Fars news

Dictator trump expected to announce executive action on census

White House kills drug rebate rule

What we learned from Politico's report on Elizabeth Warren's unorthodox campaign

Thoughts on eating in restaurants & buying groceries in Germany

Amy McGrath backtracks on Kavanaugh: 'I would have voted no'

CNN Fact check: Trump wrong on all 3 claims in tweet on Iran deal

What caused the Trump-Epstein falling out 10-15 years ago?

Amy Kolbuchar always impresses me.

Climate disasters that can cause death, displacement and suffering--

Trump has reportedly asked aides to find a way to weaken the US dollar

Trump to hold news conference on census as he mulls executive action to add a citizenship question

Time for my daily comment

How To Make "Proto-Putty" (Modified Oogoo)

Taj Mahal's "Giant Step" is 50 years old!

5, Count 'Em 5, Climate Refugee Emergencies That Are Going On Right Now

To unlock the youth vote in 2020, Democrats wage legal fights against GOP-backed voting restrictions

Pelosi is NOT complicit.

Biden to rebuke Trump on international affairs

Connie Schultz: The Many Lessons of Megan Rapinoe

A Global Warming Bonus: Train Fires, Derailments, Warped And Collapsing Tracks, Shutdowns

NEW: @BernieSanders announces plans to lead a group of type1 diabetes patients into Canada ...

A Florida cop planted meth on random drivers, police say. One lost custody of his daughter.

Quelle Surprise!! Women Climate Scientists Routinely Threatened With Rape, Death

So to review:

FULL INTERVIEW: Sen. Sanders GMA one-on-one with @GStephanopoulos

215 Years Ago Today; The US Vice-President shoots and scores... a musical.

Dems seek to navigate Mueller landmines

Doctors At Indian Hospitals And Clinics Forced To Buy Water For Surgeries, Patient Needs

What is going on with the $4.6 BILLION congress just gave trump for the border?

WTF? A Russian messaging app?

How much damage has Donald Trump done to America ??

ACLU Census Case Litigator Dale Ho on Trump's plans to "Executive Action" the Question on the Census

Even Trump insiders admit that @SecretaryAcosta press Conf did little to help him......

Denise Nickerson, Violet in 'Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory,' has died

Broken Promises: Teachers Sue U.S. Over Student Loans That Weren't Forgiven

GOP frets over nightmare scenario for Senate primaries

Citizen Census Question. Who is going to stop him?

More assholes!

Trump Joint Chiefs vice chair nominee accused of sexual misconduct

12:35 p.m. A dog was chasing cats and rabbits. - Flathead Beacon Police Blotter

Wettest 12-Month Period In 48 States For 3rd Month Straight; 7/8 Wettest Periods In Past 5 Years

Bernie Sanders 2020 Expands Staff, Offices in New Hampshire

Joni Ernst Is a Harley-Riding, Gun-Shooting, Pig-Castrating Republican. Trump Is Dragging Her Down

DHS Admits It Doesn't Have to Reject Donations to Migrants

Republicans Scold Elizabeth Warren for Echoing Ariel Sharon on Israeli Occupation

Theresa May Emblematic Of A Dying Generation's Pathetic, Flailing Response To An Imploding Climate

Mississippi governor hopeful won't back down on barring female reporter from shadowing his campaign

Bernie Sanders to Skip Netroots Nation

NYPD let Epstein skip judge-mandated check-ins

If Trump can write an Executive Order to overrule the Supreme Court and also stack lawyers in

Trump's Social Media Summit Mortifies White House, Enrages Far-Right Allies

Trump revisits Pledge of Allegiance controversy: People are 'sick & tired' of 'stupidity and...

First modern Briton had 'dark to black' skin, DNA research reveals

20 Questions for 2020 With Bernie Sanders

Paul Ryan says he saw retirement as an 'escape hatch' from Trump: book

Trump's company cancels strip-club-sponsored golf tournament at his Florida resort

Fox Clowns Thrilled People Work Multiple Jobs

Trump Hosted Private Party w/ Jeffrey Epstein & "28 Girls"

Trump knocks Dems for tweeting Obama-era 'kids in cages' photo

House set to vote to subpoena 12 trump figures.....will any of them show up?

France adopts controversial tech tax, despite U.S. disapproval

Boy Caught Paying The Sweetest Visit To Neighbor's 'Misunderstood' Cat

How does the current lopsided justice system of the 1% compare to that of the Robber Baron days?

Anamorphic Art

Trump To Announce Executive Order On US Census

Navy to nominate three-star for CNO

The Democratic Frontrunners

Farm Crisis on the Horizon? - a "troubling echo" of the 1980s farm crisis

Study: Religious beliefs linked to poor understanding of physical world

Pit Bull Sees Mom Trying To Take A Cute Picture And Decides To Ruin It

Tucker Carlson guest: "Ilhan Omar would be perfect as a member of the KKK."

The True Enemy

Pete Buttigieg Wants to Eliminate Death Penalty, Legalize Weed

Bernie Sanders to Skip Netroots Nation

A good look at the Tropical Basin this morning

Former CIA Director and Republican Michael Hayden: America May Not Survive a Second Trump Term

A question from Jim Carrey:

What is it with guys and their shoes?

Rescue Cows Completely Charmed By Man Playing Music

Trump jokes about serving 14 more years ...

Pence says he'll bring TV cameras on tour of border facility as lawmakers voice alarm at conditions

Sanders to join diabetes patients on trip to Canada to buy cheaper insulin

2020 Slogan! "Your vote, your choice, Democracy or Dictatorship!" -eom-

For those who ask even rhetorically "What do we do if Trump issues an Executive Order

Kamala Harris isn't afraid to show anger. That's progress -- but is it good politics?

Cajun-inspired Egg Salad Recipe

ACLU Filed Motion To Block Trump Citizenship Question Executive Action

Some more bold, crusading lawyers doing good for humanity

Warren and Sanders Have Found a New Issue to Team Up On: Attacking Tom Steyer.

Breakfast meetings in Florida - Easily abused.

Drunk Heroes Save Baby Bird By Ordering An Uber Just For Him

Right-wing "intellectual" Ben Shapiro has important thoughts on "sporting" and lesbians.

Ro Khana's Take on the Closed Door Meeting of the Democratic Caucus

John Hickenlooper is used to being underestimated

Trump says China is 'letting us down' by not buying US agricultural products

So you want to overturn Obamacare ......

Wimbledon Spoiler

Some "tough love" from Rick Wilson

There's a big billboard on highway 101 in the bay area

Deaf Pittie Becomes Obsessed With Surfing

Sen. Cory Booker's Path Forward As A Presidential Candidate

At Minimum, the House should pass a bill limiting how Citizenship data, if gathered, could be used

New Petition Aims to Regulate Guns Like We Regulate Cars

Queens District Attorney: 16 Votes Still Separate Katz, Caban In Democratic Primary

#Trump's pal--'Acosta Enables Sex Trafficking' projected onto the Labor Department building:

Some of Putin's Top Cops Are Mobsters. Even KGB Vets Are Ashamed.

Happy National Mojito Day!

Republican Party caught darkening Colin Kaepernick's skin for disparaging graphic -- then lying about

Have we had a good knockdown drag-out about restaurant tipping lately?

Majority support Citizen Question

Air Force clears senior general of sexual misconduct allegations

ESPYs Jimmy V. Award recipient versus Loser Trump

Senator Bernie Sanders on Maddow last night

Interesting - another "Acting" head of something. Chaos is Trump's "leadership" style.

After a $14-Billion Upgrade, New Orleans' Levees Are Sinking

You are not crazy.

After British ambassador's downfall, diplomats fear putting Trump criticisms in writing

After British ambassador's downfall, diplomats fear putting Trump criticisms in writing

Has anyone asked how China, selling us cellphones, computers and now cars...

I want you to imagine the US without a Two-Party-system.

HGTV's Windy City Rehab Stars Have Work Permits Blocked Indefinitely, Licenses Suspended


Trump's Pentagon pick says won't be bullied into making 'stupid decisions'

Pelosi tells Dems to spread 'know your rights' campaign ahead of ICE raids

**There's a new sheriff in Iowa and his name is Pete Buttigieg** Pete 25% Elizabeth 18% Bernie 16%

GOP senator: US should 'reevaluate' long-term relationship with Saudis

AOC tweet: WE HAVE RIGHTS: In Our Communities, In Our Streets

**Is Joe Biden's South Carolina firewall shaky?** Joe 27% Kamala 21% Bernie 16%

I was comforted when my doctor said that my condition was normal for my age. Then I realized one

Mississippi gov candidate denies access to female reporter

He just called himself a stable genius again on Twitter!

World's major cities to face 'unknown' climate conditions by 2050

American Experience Chasing the Moon

Speaker Pelosi and the Democratic Party's "Know Your Rights" Campaign

AP Interview: Mayor Pete Buttigieg's straight talk on race

FBI makes arrests in Puerto Rico scandal, prompting calls for governor's ouster

After Miami charity pulls out of strip club golf tourney, Trump Doral cancels event

'People are desperate': Walz holds roundtable to discuss Minnesota's limited rural child care

Trump Swore at Christian Evangelicals to GOP Lawmakers - While Praising Himself...

Tropical Storm Barry forms in Gulf of Mexico and threatens to hit U.S. as a hurricane

Democrats acknowledge questioning Mueller 'will not be easy'

Database showing lower New Orleans levee heights incorrect, officials say; overtopping unlikely

Trump Didn't Appoint Chris Christie As AG Because He'd 'Prosecute My Own Kids'

Is Duncan Hunter beyond redemption?

Tropical Storm Barry forms, New Orleans in watch area

Pelosi Shrugs Off Trump's Efforts To Get Citizenship Question On Census

Ocasio-Cortez exposes Republicans with BRILLIANT speech

A beloved character gets a new companion

GOP congressman Michael Cloud claims without proof that 80% to 90% of asylum claims aren't legit

'My Rules, My Truck': MS GOPer, Reporter Spar Over Access For Female Journo

Meanwhile in Oklahoma...

Full Video: Sen. Sanders GMA July 11

Go West - We Close Our Eyes

Environmental group gives Cargill award for 'worst company in the world'

Maine Scientist: Climate Change Is Driving Corals To Cooler Waters. Will They Survive?

Kitty love

Bottom line: Health care should not be for profit.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Was Visibly Moved by an Immigrant Mom's Testimony

What the legislative auditor will -- and won't -- investigate about a key PolyMet permit

House Democrats Subpoena a Who's Who of Mueller Witnesses

One goal....

Trump's latest morning of tweets was off the rails, even by his standards (stable genius documented)

Beto O'Rourke plans 4 events in return to Northwest Iowa

Beto O'Rourke plans 4 events in return to Northwest Iowa

House Judiciary approves subpoenas for 12 key witnesses, including Jared Kushner

Bernie Sanders to join people with type 1 diabetes on Canada trip for cheaper insulin

Laurence Tribe & Bruce Ackerman: Why Trump's census Exectutive Action is DOA legally

A Republican Politician Says This Woman Can't Cover His Campaign Unless She's Accompanied by a Man

Megan Rapinoe would beat Trump in an election, poll shows.

Bernie Sanders Believes Gen Z Is "a Generation of Tolerance and Decency"

Ladies & Gentlemen - this is what a Brexiteer looks like...

Northwest AK Residents Report Miles Of Dead Krill Along Beaches, Mass Mussel Deaths, Seals, Whales

I've Pet That Dog: I pet Nigel. He is a 5 year old Basset Hound from CA. Nigel eats everything.

Pelosi: House will vote next week to hold Barr and Ross in criminal contempt over census

"So let it be written; so let it be done!"---Yul Brynner as Pharaoh in "The Ten Commandments".

If you support impeachment now and are voicing frustration with the Speaker.

Charities say they never received donations touted by Jeffrey Epstein: report

Nearly 120 report sickness after Lake Minnetonka boating on July 4th

House Democrats Subpoena a Who's Who of Mueller Witnesses

Former Navy officer, teacher enters race to unseat GOP senator in Montana

"It's important not to give a shit."

Duque asks Colombia's patron saint to help country overcome hatred incited by his own party

Paul Ryan Rips Trump, Says Retirement Was an Escape Hatch

PNHP : Health industry CEOs took home a whopping $2.6 BILLION in compensation last year.

FDA recalls Medtronic 600-series MiniMed insulin pumps

House panel votes to subpoena Kushner and former attorney general Sessions

Brain Bleach....STAT

This is the best summary of why we hate 45 I've ever seen.

Amal Clooney Criticizes World Leaders for 'Collective Shrug' Over Killing of Journalist Jamal...

Reel Animals: Post a Pic of a Critter from TV or a Flick

Wow, Mayor Pete out raises EVERYONE!

Warren's Immigration Plan Includes Pledge to Investigate Abuses Under Trump

Florida Man expected to announce his defiance of court order

End of Obamacare could be nightmare for Republicans

Italian fascist and coup plotter and his CIA backers

Peaches in the summer baby

Looks like he is ready to make a serious move against the media.

Cartoons 7/11/19

Senate to expedite confirmation hearing for Trump's defense secretary pick

Wall Street banks bailing on troubled U.S. farm sector

John Hudson: Germany's ambassador to the U.S. sends not so subtle message...

MSNBC: Epstein's attorneys think he deserves bail because of a "spotless record for 14 years"

Here is a US House seat we can turn DEM 2020 !!

The Way it looks At The Start, Is Not How It Ends.

Amazon to train third of its US workforce with technical skills

Really Nancy? No drama? What do you mean?

The Florida Legislature turned hard right. These 15 votes show how much.

One List Where Kirsten Gillibrand Is Winning and Kamala Harris Is Tied With Marianne Williamson

You raised $75.00 on July 10, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

Tom Steyer proposes national referendum, term limits on Congress

Costly academic turnaround takes St. Paul charter school from 'buckets of cash' to deep in debt

RE: Trump and Epstein / Funny and Ironic

Kellyanne is lunching with Rod Rosenstein

Family of 18-month-old girl killed in cruise ship fall to return home

Sanders facing tougher 2020 competition for liberal support

White House Kills Plan to Lower Drug Prices

Private Equity's Latest Scheme: Closing Urban Hospitals and Selling Off the Real Estate

Last Week Tonight - And Now This: The Weather Channel's Graphics Department Is Insane

BREAKING: Trump is going to force citizenship question into Census. Or not.

Epstein's lawyers propose 77M+ bail package, home detention with monitoring and guards.

GOP Fundraising Email Darkened Kaepernick's Skin

Castro takes aim at Biden on immigration

Just called my Congresswoman

Biden outlines plans to reset U.S. foreign policy after Trump

The Voters Have the Final Say

Eastern Orthodox St. Herman of Alaska, August 9/December 13

Census asks too many questions - it's just supposed to determine our population size

Can Beto O'Rourke Catch Up On Education Policy?

House to subpoena Kushner, Sessions in investigation of whether Trump obstructed justice

Looks like Italian RW party sought Russian funding; it's being investigated.

America First, Unless...

President's Thursday morning Twitter tirade set a new record for his most mistakes per 270 character

UPDATED - Trump expected to end his fight to add citizenship question to census, sources say

Counterprotester arrested, accused of wielding knife at Occupy ICE protest Tuesday

An hour before the Madman's social media summit, and Twitter appears to have crashed for me.

Any of y'all use CVS pharmacy? I'm going to switch.

The smoking gun

AOC Calls Out Pelosi's 'Pattern' of Singling Out Women of Color But Insists Speaker's not Racist

The Biden Plan for Leading the Democratic World to Meet the Challenges of the 21st Century

Tom Steyer Kicks Off Presidential Campaign with Two National TV Ads

When two race cars are battling for position, the car in front of them always

I think my post was deleted

Twitter having major outages.

Elizabeth Warren: A Fair and Welcoming Immigration System

do you have to return to home screen from Roku to stop streaming?

Twitter is down (3 PM)...

Polk County Iowa Steak Fry Update

''He was a fattish but active man of paralysing stupidity...''

ACLU: CBP Can't Detain Domestic Flight Passengers for Refusing Suspicionless ID Checks

Google As Landlord, The New 'Company Towns'? A Looming Feudal Nightmare

Biden's support plummets in SC

Broken News: Twitter Trips - Trump Throws Tantrum!

ABC News: Trump backing down on citizenship question.

Epstein Defense Pre-Trial Release Proposal

Not Normal: 40,000 Homeless Vets

7,000 Colleges & Universities Across the Globe Declared A Climate Emergency, New Plan

So if the Con gets his citizenship question....


My cash register total at Aldi today just happened to total $17.75

Perry Stone: God Will Strike America With Tsunamis as Punishment for Abortion

Mike Gravel Expected to Meet Donor Requirements by Friday, July 12, 2019

"I'm not a fan..." Did I miss any...?

Buttiegieg surges into the lead latest Iowa Poll

My twitter is back up. You? nt

Kamala Harris wants to bring her success in clearing rape kit backlogs to the rest of the nation

The Intercept Publishes First Audio of The Lava Jato Prosecutors

Can someone clarify this?

Great interview.. O'rouke touches on many issues from Exonerated-5 to running against the worst

Remember then?

Hilarious! I have only a link to an article which is not available to copy and paste. Bolsonaro!

Well, *I* had never thought of this. Never leave home WiFi on default / factory credentials.

Sanders leads in NH, Biden & Harris tie for 4th place

Quadruple Your Internet Speed for Free . OMG this is Hilarious.

Will a checkmark be sufficient?

'Renegade' White Dwarf Survived a Supernova. Now It's Warping the Little Dipper Before Our Eyes.

Bonus Quote of the Day (Pelosi)

Australia is still the "Florida" for the rest of the world

My E-Mail today to Speaker Pelosi Concerning Her Failure to Act

"The stresses of poverty are written in their skin, in their bones, and in their teeth"

"The stresses of poverty are written in their skin, in their bones, and in their teeth"

TN Governor Haslam will NOT run for Alexander's Senate seat

Biden made another gaffe today in his foreign policy remarks.

"Tropical Storm Barry" photos and maps

Nabbed at traffic stop with rattlesnake, radioactive uranium, and Kentucky Deluxe

Could this secluded temple on 'Pedophile Island' be where Jeffrey Epstein and his guests 'abused und

Some tweets from Trumps so-called Social media summit.............

Democratic lawmaker unloads on Ocasio-Cortez, chief of staff for 'using the race card'

Trump accuses social media companies of 'terrible bias' at White House summit decried by critics

Travel to Cuba; don't let the blockade stop you

Pelosi defends handling of 4 House women as Democrats fume about Ocasio-Cortez's top aide

This graph explains many conversations on DU

Write something with "Alan Dershowitz's underwear" inserted(sic!) into it...

Jeffrey Epstein's Fortune May Be More Illusion

NBC polls being announced on Chuck Todd show

***BRAND NEW A - RATED NBC WSJ POLL*** JB 26% EW 19% KH 13% BS 13%

Trump abandons citizenship question.

New NBC/WSJ national poll

I am very happy to be wrong about the Citizenship question

I wonder if "we had the power to stop Trump" will be a comforting memory

Lock Me Up in My New York Mansion, Jeffrey Epstein Says

Only sensible person fox? Judge Napolitano: Acosta won't be around by Friday. [Crooksandliars]

Miriam Adelson wants a 'Book of Trump' in the Bible

Biden leads Warren by +7 in first NBC/WSJ Poll

Only sensible person on fox? Judge Napalitano: Acosta will be gone by Friday! [Crooks&Liars/FoxNews]

Trump is about the back down on census citizenship question. Who will he blame?

Should Police be able to Use Facial Recognition Technology?

Oh, god, he's painting the citizenship question as a patriotic thing.

Wise words by Gandhi that apply to Trump

Barr: "Congratulations, Mr. President, on today's executive order."

Why am I watching these two shitbags talking about the Census?

AG Barr "applauds the President" for

On FB: SPLC Reports that I.C.E. will use hotels to house detainees. Wyndham, Marriott, Hilton, etc.

I have to break the news too the boog the chocolate lab

Time to use their strategy and push to the righties that they boycott the census!

Speaker Pelosi is right, trump wants to make America white again.

"How did a fly get into the White House?" a distracted Trump says at his social media event.

🔥 The 99: Bernie Announces His Anti-Endorsements

Good grief: Actual quote from the president...

Bedrich Smetana Ma Vlast: The Moldau

LOL-Bill Barr to Trump: "Congratulations again, Mr. President, on taking this effective action.

day 65 bee keeping

Follow barry's path with msn's hurricane tracker

**Does Joe Have His Mojo Back ? New SC poll suggests he does JB 35% BS 14% KH 12% **

Additional nefarious ulterior motives for compiling citizenship data

Shadows of the Evening

The case for a National Climate Emergency Orleans

Considering Drumpt loves being the maestro

Putin's plant causes chaos in rose garden....

So Trump is going find out the census citizenship question from old records?

WH Scuffle- You invite a bunch of neonazis to the WH & suddenly there goes the whole neighbor

Nazi Gorka puffs his chest against WH reporter Brian Karem

Amy McGrath raised 2.5 million in 24 hrs...Thanks DU

Hard Coral Cover On GBR Near Record Lows In North, Declining In South

What's for Dinner, Thurs., July 11, 2019

Winnowing the field

Stephen Miller, Stephen Miller, Stephen Miller....should be front page news everywhere

Biden dominates FoxNews South Carolina Poll

Sen. Michael Bennet on Education, Health Care, Wealth Gap (the View 7/11/19)

The Root's 2020 Presidential Black Power Rankings: Harris Throws Black Voters Under the Bus(ing?)

Trump Didn't Appoint Chris Christie As AG Because He'd 'Prosecute My Own Kids'

Biden and Warren Lead the Democratic Field

Outrageous hooligans in the Rose Garden, attacking members of the WH press corps today

ICE contacting 'human services' in cities and towns where they are going

Young artist preserving the 'quechua' tongue by merging it with trap music

Jeffrey Epstein frantically asks judge to seal his finances as NYT probes his shady dealings

Eastern Europe: A Wellspring of Liberalism?

At Last, AI beats professionals in six-player poker

Kim Reynolds keeps giving away the store to for-profit Medicaid managers

NYPD let convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein skip judge-ordered check-ins

Any idea what might be eating my bell pepper leaves?

Thinking of doing some upgrades on my Altima

Memo to law enforcement officers: Swearing at you is not a crime

Reading my old mans Vietnam diary I can imagine the feelings

Is Twitter down for...some??...of you?

AOC Tweet on Amazon.

Seb Gorka talks like someone who is absolutely convinced that he has

University of Iowa moving ahead with utilities-partnership inquiry

New Orleans area braces for first hurricane of the season

The Demise of the 'Young Guns'

Alabama senator says Trump opposed to Sessions Senate bid

U.S. will not blacklist Iran's foreign minister, for now

Cake decorator mis-hears request for Moana cake as Marijuana

China Poses Top Threat for Decades Ahead, Top U.S. General Says

180,000,000 times $600 ?

How on earth is info on securities fraud worth not prosecuting child rape! Of multiple defendents!?

Steve Bullock looking to introduce himself as someone who won in Trump country


Gay black woman classical singer upsetting evolutionary doctrine by discussing insects.

More than a dozen new accusers have come forward following Epstein's arrest Saturday

Trump retreats on adding citizenship question to 2020 Census

Coralville hotel owner furnished hotel with $100K in illegally obtained property, police say

Third group of Providence workers pickets for a new contract

Pelosi says she is seeking to finalize deal to raise debt ceiling and resolve budget before August

Ted Cruz tells Trump administration to 'follow the damn law' on foreign arms sales

Why are people so hostile towards President Donald Trump?

BREAKING: New victims come forward as accused child sex trafficker asks to be released from jail