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I've started two positive threads today about two candidates and they're both getting hijacked

Democratic presidential candidates take on climate change at Cedar Rapids forums

Controlling State Legislatures and Gov mansions is paramount to maintaining American democracy.

Need some advice tonight...

PAC backing Democrat Greenfield targets Ernst

US budget deficit jumps 23% through June

That was a massive win today


We have the biggest threat facing our country

Bernie, Elizabeth, Beto, and Julian are holding a town hall.......on Fusion TV

Louisiana DUers, please check in and tell us

Trump Accuser Has Video Of Him Forcibly Kissing Her

Human workers can listen to Google Assistant recordings

LULAC Presidential Townhall Live Stream NOW!!!

Advice from old Cookbook

Real-Life Heroes in Thai Cave Rescue Set to Play Themselves in Movie Version

Paul Ryan Lauded For Inspiring Millions Of Young Gutless Fucking Cowards To Take On Leadership Roles

A man got drunk and impaled his car on a giant saguaro cactus

Building the 'Arsenal of Democracy': Wartime Color Portraits of Women & Men in Industry

Yeah, you can't get any more 1980s than this:

just a personal report- ice is out in chicago.

Why should the commerce Dept have access to my passport application?

2020 CO US Senate Election- DeGette-D and/or Perlmutter-D should run.

Barr was in rose garden today to cover for our treasonous bastardo....

W. Antarctic Losing 35 Billion Tons Of Ice/Year, Doubling In Decade; FL-Sized Thwaites A Weak Spot

San Francisco: wealthy opponents of new shelter claim homeless are bad for environment

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Stranger Things!

Trump Reducing Interest Rates to be Re-elected (w/ Richard Wolff)

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 12 July 2019

Before caucus night, there may be 2,500 more presidential events in Iowa, a Register analysis of

Global climate change is moving jet streams around the world and

want some GOOD news regarding the effect of Trump's census fiasco??

The top Republican on the House Ethics committee just got nailed with major ethics complaint

State auditor: Former central Iowa chamber of commerce employee misused more than $200,000

Japan is fighting to keep its booming ivory market open.

Trump supporter tries to turn Toastmaster Table Topic into a pro-Trump statement, gets pounded

Nikitas Lulias of Tarpon Springs is the new archbishop of Great Britain

When will we learn....?


Screw the subpoenas!

Amazon reveals the truth on why it nixed New York and chose Virginia for its HQ2

Holy Hell - Give it up for the Sousaphone player on this cut - Kenneth Bentley

Who the hell is paying for this???

"...he was protected by a vision of the good life in which girls and women are objects of pleasure."

When You'd Rather Sleep Than Make Plans

So has the census question debacle totally pushed Acosta out of the hotseat? Will he "survive?"

Oh Look, a Double Shot of Gorka...Yeah, it's Been That Kind of Week. (Ferret/Shower Cap)

Kamala Harris is really taking it to Trump on Rachel Maddow

🐦 July 16 at 9AM - The Washington Post Live will host Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders

Cheddar the dog from Brooklyn 99. . .

Here's how he kept his underwear on.

"This guy in the White House has a continuous pattern of trying to beat people down."

Sen. Harris Live on the View Fri., July 12th

Enough with the effin polls!

5 Amazing Ocean Encounters

Something for tomorrow's vigils against detention camps.

Nancy Pelosi Doesn't Care What You Think of Her. And She Isn't Going Anywhere

If you find yourself in a war, you can maintain your opposition to violence if you choose to, but if

Anyone else have the Retrograde blues?

🐦 July 20 at 2PM CST - Sen. Bernie Sanders - AARP Forum Council Bluffs

Propaganda machine has begun:US government allows reporters to tour of a new facility for migrant mi

Bernie Sanders Breaks Down Targeted Policies For Black America - Black Coffee

Ben Shapiro Free Speech Hypocrisy: Exposed

Jeezus. Aside from grifting, this is what Twitler really focuses on. It DEFINES him...

Beto O'Rourke speaking with absolute authority on Section 1325 issue

Online polls vs online 'polls'

About the Pledge of Allegiance

Inflation may be creeping higher after all

Jim Bouton, one of my favorite Yankees pitchers in the 1960s, passed away yesterday....

Earth's Changing Colors Could Help Us Find Alien Life

Sista Sista ❤️❤️

The movement vs. the matriarch: "The lesson is that we are in a very different world right now."

Touchdown! Incredible Photos Show 2nd Asteroid Landing by Japan's Hayabusa2

Heavy rain causes major flooding across southwestern Pennsylvania

I really hate it when I accidentally click on....

Do you think the current Democratic internecine war is organic and as reported or . . . . .

It Sure Seems Like the Trump Administration Is Suppressing Reports of Climate Change at USGS

Superorganism - Something For Your M.I.N.D.

Epstein Had His Own Lodge at Interlochen's Prestigious Arts Camp for Kids

What Are Black Holes?

Tesla Model S Beats Chevy, Toyota, and Cadillac for Ultimate Car of the Year Honors

please tell me meaning of a flag with blue stripes, white stripes, one red stripe in middle...

This Pet Shelter Only Hires Homeless People Who Love Animals

MAGA-themed wedding pays tribute to President Trump

Need to ask my DU friends,

Former VP Joe Biden delivers remarks on foreign policy ABC News (full video)

Meet the Ploonets! Runaway Moons with Delusions of Planethood Get Astronomy's Cutest Name Ever

We must get it back

U.K. Unable to Find Replacement Ambassador Who Does Not Think Trump Is an Idiot

CA lawmakers pass bill requiring Trump, presidential candidates to release tax returns

Chicago Welcomes Immigrants and His Hate

CNN's new power ranking poll

Class of 2020 US Senators if Democrats regain control of the US Senate.

The Daily Show - Your Moment of Them: The Best of Dulce Sloan Vol. 2

Why does the Fed need to lower rates again after the massive tax cut last year?

Good reporting here on a very bad situation in the House majority. I had not fully appreciated just

Good People On Work Visas Support This Country

R. Kelly arrested on federal child pornography charges, US attorney says

Mark Warner on social media threats:

Real Hedge-Fund Managers Have Some Thoughts on What Epstein Was Actually Doing

Why are people on the right sickened by Bill Cosby, but not Jeff Epstein?

Jimmy Kimmel Talks to People Buying Weed at Marijuana Drive-Thru

Julian Castro, So-Called Debate Stud, Folded in Dallas When He Was at HUD

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Donald Trump Would Never Boycott Anything... Right???

Attention American press and mainstream media

Detainees -- Got Charts?

Can I get some good vibes for tomorrow

Ben Rhodes and Michael McFaul on Biden's foreign policy speech

Trump Slams Paul Ryan's 'Atrocious' Record

Baked in the cake:

Julian Castro can't speak Spanish. Here's why that's so authentic. (WaPo)

TCM Schedule for Sunday July 14, 2019 - Mid-Century Computers

TCM Schedule for Monday July 15, 2019 - Star of the Month: Glenn Ford

Orthodox Christian Prayers from St. Gregory Palamas Outreach website:

Harvard's Laurence Tribe says the census fight is not over.

New Jersey Man Admits Role in $2 Million Fraudulent Check Scheme Targeting Home-Improvement Stores

Property Preservationist Pleads Guilty in $10 Million Fraud Scheme

Justice Department Obtains $1.4 Billion From Reckitt Benckiser Group in Largest Recovery in a Case

Chilean naval ship used as torture centre docks in Wellington

Former CEO Of Melrose Credit Union And Long Island Businessman Charged With Bribery Scheme In

Where is the Trump reporting?

Robert Finley: Blind War Veteran's Dream

United States Reaches $1,275,000 Settlement With Power Company For Beaver Fire

Trump Lost on the Census, but the Scandal Is Just Getting Started

Trump Praises Right-Wing Conspiracy Theorists at White House: 'The Crap You Think of Is Unbelievable

Former Hollywood Digital Marketing Executive and Professional Poker Player Charged with Embezzling

Trump is apparently still so angry about Sessions' recusal from Russia probe that ...

Angela Merkel has been shaking violently

Men are expected to be 'strong silent types' -- and it's breaking them, says Henry Rollins

I made the yummiest pork tenderloin for dinner

Texas Judge Convicted of Bribery and Obstruction

2020 ELECTION NBC/WSJ poll: Biden, Warren top 2020 Democratic field

James Jamerson Bass Sold at Auction

Back-to-back heatwaves killed 70% of Chagos Islands coral, study shows

Operation Blue Shirt

North Dakota clears way for pardons on marijuana offenses

Blue Cross Blue Shield fined for improperly denying claims

"How did Jeffrey Epstein become a billionaire without investors and without leaving a track-record?"

Organizer of Referendum Petition Campaigns Says They Don't Have Enough Signatures Yet

Ethics Commission Front-Runner Has Corporate Ties to Large State Government Contracts

First Western, BlackRidgeBANK sign acquisition agreement

(LGBT) Supreme Court sets Oct. 8 to hear whether workers can be fired for being LGBT

Supreme Court sets Oct. 8 to hear whether workers can be fired for being LGBT

Here are the 92 times the Trump administration has attacked the LGBTQ community (so far)

Poland declares itself 'free of LGBT ideology.' Rest of world declares Poland ridiculous.

Noem Says Sales Tax Drop Due to Acts of God, Ignores Factors Within Her Control

A trans woman who was repeatedly raped in a men's prison just won a major settlement

This gay teen lost his asylum appeal & will be sent back to Iran where 'they will execute me'

Sioux Falls Activists Propose Automatic Voter Registration Initiative

Snopes; Did Google Remove Photos of Bill Clinton with Epstein from Search Results? FALSE!

Every member of Trump's new human rights commission is an anti-LGBTQ activist

South Dakota State Employees Allowed to Carry Guns at Work

40 Years Ago Today; Disco Demolition Night at Comiskey Park goes south on promoters

Throw $200K Away on Chance to Lose Even More Money Owning Huset's Speedway!

Opponents want hearing on Dakota Access pipeline expansion

How can the party connect with somewhat-richer-than-average voters? This is our big problem.

"This is a question that's been included in every census since 1965," 😄 a sadly funny LIE

South Dakota lawmakers ease regulations on nursing home beds

South Dakota regulators OK permit for wind farm construction

102 Years Ago Today; Bisbee AZ miner's strike results in mass deportation

Normalising the worst kind of hate..

Breakfast Friday 12 July 2019

Anyone else just feel the earthquake?

Looks like NOLA will be spared the worst of the water

Why the Rio Grande Valley deserves a Level 1 Trauma Center

Obama Sends Heartwarming Letter to Prisoner He Freed Who Turned Her Life Around

86-year-old Killeen man sentenced to 14 years for murdering 80-year-old neighbor

Chicago Mayor Permanently Bans ICE From Accessing Police Databases Ahead Of Raids

Biden promises to end 'forever wars' as president

President Trump Says Only Trump Supporters Deserve Free Speech

Twitter Critics Won't Let Paul Ryan Play Hero After Report He Blasted Trump

Al Sharpton criticizes 'progressives' - says they have an ivory tower view of the black vote

Derek Johnson tweet; "He is not your son. Sleep peacefully..."

Bill Barr's father hired Jeffrey Epstein, a 20yo college drop-out, as a school-teacher.

America should have a migraine headache from the moral dissonance...

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Alex Morgan & Megan Rapinoe on Winning the World Cup & Equal Pay

Since Voters Approved A $5 Cap On Gifts, Lobbyist Spending On Missouri Lawmakers Dropped 94%

Webster Groves' Chess Wiz Thalia Cervantes Seeks National Championship

The US-UK 'special relationship' isn't broken - it's just entering a dangerous new phase

Treating Kids' Peanut Allergies With Peanuts Might Work -- Or Cause More Reactions

Man caught driving stolen car filled with radioactive uranium, rattlesnake, whiskey, Guthrie police

Report: Marijuana legalization leads to increased snack sales

Beijing Signals Talks at Early Stage as Trump Vents Frustration

Amy, Donald and Mitch. McGrath signals a different tone -- and a moderate shift.

Why liberal South Carolina activists aren't mad at Joe Cunningham -- at least not yet

Yesterday I told over 2,000 people my opinion of our so-called President.


Betty Bowers tweet; Trump Properties: The Choice of Arrested Pedophiles!

Trump Lashes Out at Paul Ryan as 'Poor Leader' and 'Lame Duck Failure' Who 'Didn't Know How to Win'

Sham Hannity Invites Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for Hour Long Interview

Houston Police Chief Knocks Trump's Family Deportation Raids: 'We Should Be Chasing Crooks,Not Cooks

Russian navy officer: Fire on Russian nuclear submarine could have led to "planetary catastrophe"

Following the Money That Undermines Climate Science

CBC lawmakers rip Justice Democrats for targeting black lawmakers for primaries

Thousands of rape kits are currently untested. Kamala Harris has a plan to change that.

R. Kelly arrested in Chicago on federal sex crime charges

Daily F Trump

CO2 From Fires Above The Arctic Circle In 6/19 Greater Than All Such Fires 2010-18 Combined

Why Pence spiked a Trump judge

Sanders and Warren voters have astonishingly little in common

Trump blasts Bitcoin, Facebook's Libra, demands they face banking regulations

Shocked, Shocked!! Global Warming Means Tropical Storms Hold, Then Dump More Rain!!

Who has visited Epstein's house?

Harris takes fresh aim at Biden's debate remarks on busing, calls them 'revisionist history'

Record Midwestern Flooding Means MA-Sized GOM Dead Zone: Bonus - Lake Erie Algae Blooms

Colin Kaepernick's skin appears darkened in Republican campaign fundraiser ad

I think he might be overestimating their ability, just a jot....

Too much weed? Oregon's got a marijuana surplus and officials aren't happy

Trump's cave on Census stuns allies

Trump Aborts Yet Another Plan

Happy National Pecan Pie Day! 😋

Pentagon in its longest-ever stretch of leadership limbo

A timely and heart touching piece of art

How Amy Klobuchar would improve care for seniors

The Fear Is The Point: Rachel Maddow Exposes The Reason Behind Trump's ICE Raids

How Trump Co-Opts His Critics

The Rundown: July 11, 2019

Pick of the Week: "Second Coming" #1

Jeffrey Epstein set up his lodge at Interlochen arts camp -- he tried to groom her teen daughter

The origin of Super Villains: Parallax

If you don't know me by now....

Russia starts delivery of S-400 missile system to Turkey, setting up standoff with US

This framed photo of Tomi Lahren hangs in US Border Patrol headquarters

Boris, Boris, WHO THE F*CK IS BORIS?

Maggie Haberman: Paul Ryan Criticizing Trump Shows Pattern of GOP Pols Only Speaking Out After...

Rep. Max Rose: Mitch McConnell's Unwillingness to Work With Dems Shows 'Unbelievable Sociopathic...

Border Patrol Chief Carla Provost Was a Member of Secret Facebook Group

Scarborough Ravages Paul Ryan: How Did He 'Justify Everything That He Overlooked' With Trump?

Mike Vrabel says he'd 'probably' cut off his genitals for a Titans Super Bowl victory

Trial runs for facism are in full swing

A hymn re: neighbors and refugees that the composer gives permission to freely share.

NYT: Don't make Acosta a political martyr

But that's another story, for another time.

Warren, Biden Campaigns Appear to Find Loophole Around Paid Internships

NEW: @AmyKlobuchar just unveiled a "Plan for Seniors," making her the 1st 2020 candidate to roll out

Puerto Rico Governor Blames Long Working Hours After Calling Former NYC Council Speaker a 'Whore'


I predict that if Congress passes anti gerrymandering laws

Fox News Hasn't Asked Paid Contributor Ken Starr About His Pedophile Client Jeffrey Epstein

This is what 'The Shining' would've looked like if Jim Carrey were the star

Burn of the Century

House report: At least 18 migrant children under the age of 2 were separated from parents for 20 day

An impeachment inquiry is risky. Not opening one is riskier.

Newly-Discovered 'Vibranium' Fish Named in Honor of Wakanda

The targeted destruction of democracy...

If you named your chicken after the last thing you ate, what would its name be?

NPR interview: Buttigieg Proposes Broad Plan To Counter Racial Inequality

California secretary of state: Trump not ruling out immigration arrests during Census events

Pete Buttigieg says Americans should have the right to hide personal details from the internet

So what exactly was Les Wexner 's connection with Epstein?

Trump lawyers set to battle House over financial records

Maybe when Hate Radio is hosted in the Rose Garden

Trump declares Gorka 'wins big' after clash with reporters in Rose Garden

4.6 magnitude earthquake hits Seattle

Acosta Resigns

CNN Breaking News: Acosta resigns

Acosta Resigns

A real estate developer and investment banker concluded

Breaking News.......Alex Acosta is OUT.......

FL mother arrested after filming viral video of daughter licking tongue depressor, putting back

China imports from US plunge 31% in June amid tariff war

Illinois shelters say rising number of children arriving from border patrol facilities sick,...

Buttigieg: Trump census reversal a 'face-saving' recognition that 'he's been on the wrong side'

I do say, anyone going to an ICE Raid "watch party" this weekend?

The Climate Connection with this year's Crazy Weather

The Four Candidate Tiers

Trump was going to challenge the Supreme Court.

Nearly half of voters less likely to support lawmakers who back ObamaCare repeal

Family Snuggles Up To Tiny Moose Babies They Helped Save

NY.T. Friday Briefing on Epstein & Census Question w/ CNN news on ICE raids

The original trailer of The Candidate

Trump: Ocasio-Cortez being 'very disrespectful' to Pelosi

Recovering with a friend after losing a leg

Alexander Acosta stepping down as Labor secretary

An "appeal to faith-based organizations" isn't going to prevent Trump's ICE deportations.

Pompeo grilled CIA analysts on Russia findings:'This wasn't just a briefing'

But the actual sex predator gets to stay?

The Republican mindset summarized in meme form.


Another resignation - where is Stinky the Clown?

So did Acosta resign on his own or did trump push him?

Who's idea was it to praise Oprah?

I don't care about plans, policies, or who can beat Trump...

Mueller testimony delayed by one week

Acosta resigns... the headline should read instead:

AOC's Chief-Of-Staff Wears T-Shirt Featuring Nazi Collaborator

Sheldon Whitehouse On "Green" GOP Caucus: 'Hiding Behind The Innovation Fairy? Place Your Bets."

When Should Dems Polling Under 2% Get Out?

Mitch McConnell Challenger Raises RECORD $2.5 Million

A German Iranian father says he was barred from entering the U.S. to bury his son

BREAKING: Mueller Hearing Delayed By One Week To 7/24

Dog Whose Skin Turned To "Stone" Completely Transforms

Trump Is Completely Disavowing Epstein And Throwing Him Under The Bus.....

Air Conditioning

"I don't like flies. I don't like flies."

We knew it-- he's on the lawn now bragging about how it was his idea, and all the other...

MS13, gangs, criminals, crimes How many times can he say it re: the raids?

Border Patrol Agents Are Passing Around A Commemorative Coin Mocking Care for Migrant Kids

The 10 Senate seats most likely to flip in 2020

Any DUers planning on storming Area 51?

So now it's important that a strong man murderer smiles?

Florida reporter drops new bombshell on Epstein while blasting resigning Acosta

That is not a frigging news conference!

Breaking. Trump nominates Mister Epps from "12 Years a Slave"

Happy 50th anniversary, Easy Rider, on Sunday.

Former Baylor player's sex assault conviction overturned

So, you think you're good at peeing?

House Oversight Committee holds hearing on treatment of migrants at the border - live updates

44 years ago today.

Joe Biden, stand up for your past and your progress

Amended wildfire fund plan (California/PG&E) still has huge flaws (Opinion)

The Extreme Temperatures of the Universe

2020 presidential endorsements: Our latest list (Politico)

Visualizing the Wealth of Nations

I applaud the House of Representatives for voting to end

Sen. Kamala Harris is on the View today

Trump says he's never been to Epstein's island.

NYT Magazine: It Was Never About Busing

house oversight live

U.S. Energy Use in 2018

Politico: Sanders and Warren voters have astonishingly little in common

Here's Why A Former Conservative Republican...

Wild Dolphin Knew Exactly How To Ask People For Help

He's an hispanic man. He went to Harvard. Maybe it was difficult for him???

Did you miss Kamala on The Breakfast Club this morning?!

Sanders Lands 1st Iowa Legislative Endorsement With Ft. Madison's Kurtz

Trump unloads on Paul Ryan after 'American Carnage' book excerpts

🐦 July 24 - Sen. Sanders - Presidential Candidates Forum at 110th NAACPConvention.

You Cannot Call Me Inconsistent- Health Care Has Always Been A Human Right

Harris among top tier candidates with room to grow

Mueller Testimony possibly postponed

Just Listening To Trump's WH Lawn Press Conference With Acosta - This Popped Into My Mind.....

Pic Of The Moment: Wingnuts Of The Week (Friday Roundup)

Rep. Moulton: Democrats shouldn't go on 'moral crusade' against Trump

Why would Jeffrey Epstein want to structure his "modeling" agency for underage girls like Trump's

"it is not our thoughts that shape material reality, but material reality that shapes our thoughts"

"effectively no obstruction"??

Psychedelic Cat Paintings by Kim Haskins

The complaint in Johnson v. Epstein & Trump

Senator Klobuchar's Plan for Seniors

Warren Demands Answers From ICE About Its New Detention Centers in the South

Weren't the Ice Raids called off in exchange

There are undocumented migrants of all races

Trump bragged that dictators smile when they see him.

What We Know About Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein's Alleged Madam

Kris Kobach remains on board of veterans group that faced consumer warning

Woman Asking For Moana Cake Gets Marijuana Cake Instead

City Pages: Famous Dave's in Uptown just closed

RED ALERT! RED ALERT! Democrats are trying to defund Trump's golfing-spree!

At the moment, these are my top and bottom 5 candidates.

Trump: It's Not Free Speech if Journalists 'Write Bad' Stories About Me That Make Me 'Angry'

So what are the possibilities that Epstein pulled his vile shit in trump owned hotels

Over on the dating site... I FOUND MELANIA!!!!

Mayor DeBlasio should be ashamed of himself (while pumping himself up as a presidential contender.)

Fuck you Paul Ryan and your Trump isn't a good person act.

300 Californian Cities Secretly Have Access to Palantir

Trump tells confidants he's eager to remove Dan Coats

Where Are Jeffrey Epstein's Alleged Accomplices Now?

How effective will those ICE raids targeting people with final deportation orders be?

I hope Harris will explain her appointment to, and work for, the CA Medical Assistance Commission

Mike Pence heads to border to defend migrant facilities. Democrats decry 'unconscionable' conditions

I finished Season Three of Stranger Things yesterday! 📺

The Onion skewers lyin Ryan

Why Was 17-Year-Old Girl Shot By Police Officer on California Freeway?

Another one is out the door!

Census battle not over: Ex-AG Holder warns of disinformation, undercount

Ilhan Omar: "If one-tenth of what they say about you is true, you shouldn't be in office... next"

Republican sex crimes.

Lights for Liberty immigration protests over border camps planned at 700 cities July 12

The Mystery Surrounding Jeffrey Epstein's Private Island

Just another gas explosion...

'I believe these women,' Ocasio-Cortez says of migrants in detention centers

New Yorker: Nancy Pelosi, Impeachment and Places in History

House votes to restrain Trump on war with Iran, setting up showdown with the Senate

Even When It Was Hard - 40 Years of Pride

Do Trump/ICE raids equal Kristallnacht?

For those who need some relaxation - Federer v Nadal at Wimbledon

Mueller offers to delay testimony one week to give lawmakers more time for questions

Over 50 Iowa moms took over Sen. Joni Ernst's office to protest U.S. treatment of migrant kids

Twitter thread of the year! "Why do some British people not like Donald Trump?"

Trump attorney argues Congress has ZERO oversight authority

Trump's lawyers just had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad morning

Main Street Media

Beijing to impose sanctions on US firms involved in US$2.2 billion Taiwan arms deal

Kamala Harris Calls Trump A Small Man Hiding Behind Big Tweets

.@PeteButtigieg delivering a little performance art at the @TeatotallerTea, an #LGBTQ-owned tea room

Judge sides with Pentagon and Amazon in cloud bidding case

Voice recognition software needs to be developed to take regional accents into account.

Memo to Robert Mueller:

Picnic later this summer?

One question that's missing (among many)

Mayor Pete Buttigieg: "Often more incarceration is associated with more crime. There are a lot of...

Governor pushes back at feds on protection for rare whales

Governor pushes back at feds on protection for rare whales

Trump Honors Brave Heroes Who Slept With Wives Of Deployed Soldiers

Thought for the day: People thought disco would never end, till it did. As will Trump...

This makes me so 🤬 angry!

R. Kelly Arrested on Federal Sex Trafficking Charges

Cartoons 7/12/19

So Acosta just walks away?

Boeing changes executive in charge of the 737 Max factory

Fun fact: Both Trump's Kentucky and Oklahoma campaign chairs are in jail for child's sex trafficking

is this NPR article about plastic bag bans accurate?

'I Am With Him': In Wild White House Lawn Diatribe Trump Hands Democrats the Win for Acosta Exit

Lights for Liberty

Bothell counselor was inappropriate with boys, charges say

Bad news: Harder-Charging Patrick Pizzella Takes Labor Reins From Acosta

Interactive for those keeping score. Good Gawd!

New Orleans' levees face a hard test as storm bears down

Every time.....

Giant manta ray 'asks snorkeller for help to save her life'

Blasting Trump, Biden pledges global summit on democracy

Kim Darroch isn't the undiplomatic one

Incoming acting Labor Sec Patrick Pizzella under scrutiny for work with disgraced lobbyist Abramoff

Kamala connects with cha-cha on The View

A 6-year-old Michelle Obama, 1970.

Gorka to Karem: 'You're not a journalist, you're a punk'

Are they separating European families here illegally?

Fox News SC Poll Looks Really Good for Joe Biden

Trump Honors Brave Heroes Who Slept With Wives Of Deployed Soldiers

When Does America Reckon with the Gravity of Donald Trump's Alleged Rapes?

Why I'm Endorsing Elizabeth Warren by Liuba Grechen Shirley

Jay Inslee on Twitter: Proud to stand with @AFTunion and protest the cruelty of family separation.

Congress Is Coming for Your IRA

'This Is Not a Find-a-Friend Contest': Bernie Sanders's Resolute Campaign Style

Michelle Obama calls on teachers to help students register to vote

In Detroit, Tiny Homes Are More Than a Lifestyle Trend

America responds to Paul Ryan's revisionist history


This Guy Dresses Up As Batman To Save Shelter Animals From Euthanasia And Find Them Loving Families

Jon Stewart for President 2028

Weed ban means no Rocky Mountain high for Canada's Calgary Stampede

NRA financial records subpoenaed

Paul Ryan Lauded For Inspiring Millions Of Young Gutless Fucking Cowards To Take On Leadership Roles

Is Trump wearing glitter, or is this something else?:

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Volunteers to Be Sworn In While Testifying on Migrant Detention Centers

What if Trump held a White House Job Fair

How do Sunday's scheduled mass deportations

Kamala Harris Says She is Being Targeted by Russian Bots: 'We Have to Know When We're Being Played'

Border Patrol Agents' Commemorative Coin Declares: 'Keep the Caravans Coming'

Raging White Man Mows Down Special-Needs Black Man Because He Spoke To His Girlfriend


June: Worker killed in cable car accident on Switzerland's Titlis mountain

"Donald Trump had specifically asked about me because I remind him of his daughter"

Sadly, this about sums it up

Fired ex-Mesa police Officer who killed unarmed man rehired to help him get a public-safety pension

Just putting this out there, by way of a reminder of facts

Who are to be picked up beginning Sunday?

Broken: Trump Begins Recycling Old Appointees to Fill New Positions

"Aunt Lidia".... Border Patrol chief was in secret Facebook group that mocked dead kids

Sen. Kamala Harris on Joe Biden Confrontation The View (She eats Megen McCain Alive here!)

I started harvesting the garlic, today. I was 'satisfied' with what I found, and then.......

"The Good Fight" with Christine Baranski is sooo good. Small spoilers.

Trump defends Pelosi, says she's 'not a racist'

"The Good Fight" with Christine Baranski is sooo good. Small spoilers.

Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Novak, and Serena Williams

When I was about nine, my mom and dad told me I was adopted. I said I always thought so and

Where Are All the Bob Ross Paintings? We Found Them. wonder the Con didn't want Acosta to leave...

London's climate 'will resemble Barcelona's by 2050,' study reveals

Fifth major trucking company of the year shut down

Swoosh! AZ Gov Walks Back Threat To Pull Nike Plant Over Betsy Ross Shoe Recall

I think my wife is trying to get rid of me....

Today - #lightsforliberty #closethecamps

Military experience

NASA shake-up leaves space program in confusion

12 Interesting Facts About Nikola Tesla You Probably Didn't Know

Pastor tells Fox News that immigrant detention center is okay because kids don't complain

Among African Americans, Biden still leads nationally at 46% followed distantly by Harris at 17%...

Of course he did...

Kamala Harris: People who are undocumented crossing the border shouldn't be treated as criminals

Deputy who resigned over anti-LGBTQ Facebook response to gay teen's suicide gets new police job

So now is Mueller stalling? Why are democrats negotiating??

State identifies cluster of Legionnaires' disease in Bangor area

You raised $25.00 on July 11, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links


Portland's minimum-wage workers got an 11-cent raise last week

Get The Funk Out (Extreme); drum cover by Sina

Incoming acting Labor Secretary Patrick Pizzella under scrutiny for work with disgraced lobbyist

Making Ghosts By Great Peacock feat. Steve'n'Seagulls (LIVE)

Meghan McCain challenges Kamala Harris on the view

The Hard-Luck Texas Town That Bet on Bitcoin--and Lost

Nancy Pelosi is failing her party

For all you history geeks out there - Some very cool quizzes.

Who doesn't love Funk Metal? Uhh, well it turns out most people do not. BUT I DO

Flashback. "CBS Poll: Majority Of Dems Back Clinton OCTOBER 25, 2007 / 3:51 PM / CBS"

The "Reluctant Activist": Being Outed as an Atheist in a Muslim-Majority Country

Van crashes into Minneapolis bus shelter; witnesses say it may have been intentional

US mayors group adopts resolution not to pay any more ransoms to hackers

'Fox & Friends' misleads Donald Trump on St. Louis Park, everything else

Border Patrol Agents Are Passing Around A Commemorative Coin Mocking Care for Migrant Kids

Trump's Concentration Camps are Designed for One Thing--Stimulate a RIOT!

Say, looks as if Flynn's new attorney is working out just fine! (although, not for HIM, apparently!)

Sen. Harris: Rape kit backlog can be cleared for the cost of 'Trump's golf trips'

Italy frees man wrongly extradited for people smuggling

Congressman Jim Hagedorn says kids in Trump camps 'can leave' anytime they want

Kamala Harris defends Nancy Pelosi

Put The Pressure On Trump And Call For His Resignation......

Jeff Merkley: "the House did not stand up for children the way the should have"

This Dessert Is Worthy of a Diva, or Two.

Popular things that, in fact, suck.

Acosta resigned

**It's anybody's ball in New Hampshire** EW 22% BS 20% JB 19% KH 15%**

SubaruTV ads - the car for bad drivers?

F.T.C. Approves Facebook Fine of About $5 Billion

trump is announcing the ICE raids because he wants bloodshed

Overheard in D.C.: Soccer

House Dem Explodes on Ex-Acting ICE Director at Hearing: 'I'm Not Calling on You, Sir!'

🐦 July 25 at 5:30PM Join Bernie in Los Angeles! Grassroots Fundraiser - The Montalban Theatre

Dem Congresswoman Says Talk of Pelosi Feud With Freshmen Dems Exaggerated: 'Maybe It's in the...

Draining the Cabinet: Acosta is Latest Official to Leave an Administration With Historic Turnover

When Was The Last Time You Used a Pay Phone?

Rep. Greg Meeks lobs veiled primary threat against Ocasio-Cortez

The father of our country has told Donnie Dumpster Fire to shut up.

I believe that Trump wants ICE agents to be attacked amd hurt during Sunday raids

Latest picture of Charlotte and Raven...

Fox News Contributor Tyrus Sent Lewd Texts To Colleague: 'Pull Your Boobs Out'

Trump's latest press conference was a master class in gaslighting

Short-tempered Bagel Boss guy who ranted about dating says he's the 'modern-day Martin Luther King'

I wish Katie Porter was my Congressperson

Sen. Kamala Harris On Fellow Democrats Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez And Rashida Tlaib The View

More movement with Predictwise: Harris still on top.

Sen. Kamala Harris On Fellow Democrats Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez And Rashida Tlaib The View

Every planned raid is in a city controlled by Democrats

16,000 graduate from "Camp Kamala" training program

Michelle Obama calls on teachers to help students register to vote

It Won't Be Easy To Make The September Debate

A recap of all sexual assault allegations against Trump to date (PBS)

Welcome to Tennessee! Gov. Bill Lee signs Nathan Bedford Forrest Day proclamation

Man Ranting Inside Bagel Boss Store

Prosecutor: Epstein paid $350K to tamper with witnesses

Looks like Trump's July 17th NC MAGAt rally won't suck any oxygen out of the Mueller testimony

Oh. My. Gawd.

Payments to company owned by Ocasio-Cortez aide come under scrutiny

Kamala Harris snipes at Elizabeth Warren for "churning out plans like a factory"

The fallout over the murdering physician at Mt Carmel continues

Beto O'Rourke Talks With Newsy About His Plan For Voting Rights (VIDEO)

Making America Great Again .... today at the White House Joy Villa & S. Gorka

Ooh, Lyin' Ryan wanted to scold Dump all the time...

Nuns & Nones helps millennials find surprise soulmates in Catholic sisters

Has AOC made a statement on Saikat Chakrabarti yet?

Ladies Tell Burger King Manager To Go Back To Mexico For Speaking Spanish (Warning: Contains Bigots)

How can someone under subpoena, determine how much time they will appear before a House

House Votes to Check Trump's Authority to Strike Iran

What's for Dinner, Fri., July 12, 2019

Is it just me or does it seem more cordial between folks who have different candidates this cycle?

Ocasio-Cortez exposes Republicans with BRILLIANT speech

Americans rank Barack Obama as best president of their lifetimes: Poll

Yeah. Canada to have path to citizenship for migrant workers.

What is Trump's motive?

Is there a word for how quickly a substance gets hot or gets cold?

I Don't Know How Napolitano Called Acosta's Resignation To The Second, But Now That Acosta Is Gone..

Warning, beautiful tear jerker video link

Barr's Father wrote a '74 novel (when Epstein worked with him) about being sold into 'SEX SLAVERY'?

Advice, please!

Remember when Biden was taken to task for saying making fun of gays happened 5 years ago

Forgive me, I'm feeling a little clingy this evening...

President Trump raises cash in Milwaukee as he reignites feud with Wisconsin's Paul Ryan

Trump is passing information to Epstein the way he passed information to Manafort...

Is Tweety back next week?

Little help here... Rawstory...

Houston Police Chief Torches Donald Trump Over ICE Raids: Chase Crooks, Not Cooks

Acosta's resignation means Labor secretary added to list of Trump posts with 'acting' leaders

I'm seeing Monarch Butterflies, every day. Some are camera shy. Some are show offs

Trump administration asks for Supreme Court intervention over border wall construction

Take it for what it's worth!

Love these guys. Love this song. 43 years old and still so relevant.

2020 CO US Senate Election- Who is going to be the 1st Female CO US Senator?

What the ever loving f***? (Homophobic New Republic Article)

U.S. appeals court judges spar with Trump lawyer over bid to block House subpoena

What a lifeguarding job on the black side of Wilmington taught Joe Biden about race

Trump calls Ryan a 'baby' after the former speaker blasted him in a new book

U.S. House passes $733-billion defense policy bill after Trump threatens veto

July Birthdays - send birthday greetings to your favorite Democrats

Woman Tries To Rescue A Stray Dog Every Day For 3 Weeks

Swamp Dog Loves To Dunk His Head Pools Of Mud

Elizabeth Warren celebrating her wedding anniversary and a new dog called Bailey

What is it with Trump and human traffickers?

R. Kelly's GF Parents Demand to See Daughter During Press Conference

Tropical Storm Barry closes in with what could be epic rain

Beto O'Rourke Lights For Liberty Vigil Speech (Powerful Video)

These pension plans are at risk of going broke

For you Cat Lovers - meet this Persian cat trio who are partners in crime