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Democrats Continue Search For The Smoking Gun They Already Have

Why I support Sen. Harris for president by Brian Benjamin - July 13, 2019

I have been spiffed and I'm pissed.

Deflecting blame, Acosta pointed finger at others. Why they may have some explaining to do

Midtown and upper west side have power outages in NY City. Numerous transformers

Barneys New York explores options that include bankruptcy - sources

Republican Jesus Commandments

I've spotted my first caterpillar of 2019

This week's Gospel reading - Luke 10:25-37

Your Alcoholic Beverage of Choice?

UK police identify suspect behind leaked envoy memos: Sunday Times

UK police identify suspect behind leaked envoy memos: Sunday Times

NY power outage knocks out subways, businesses, elevators

UK to facilitate release of Iranian tanker if it gets Syria guarantees: Hunt

Former Manatee deputy slammed inmate on his face. He'll spend 4 months in jail for it

Snohomish County will inspect truss bridges after earthquake

Disabled veteran's home sold at auction over $236 tax bill

The Pros and Cons of Dating Smart People Drew Barth Dry Bar Comedy

Jeffrey Epstein Was a Sex Offender. The Powerful Welcomed Him Anyway.

CBS Boston: One On One With Mayor Pete Buttigieg 7/12/19

Researchers will install monitors to study Seattle earthquake fault zone

WSJ - ICE attempted 2 raids in NYC today. Agents rejected as they didn't have warrants!

Undocumented immigrant taking sanctuary in church pleads to stay in Seattle

Salter College to close over 'deceptive' practices, pay $1.6M in debt relief

Rep. Jayapal to U.S. Senate Democrats -- Fight!

Whistleblowers to sue Labour as antisemitism row deepens

Whistleblowers to sue Labour as antisemitism row deepens

Barry crawls ashore in Louisiana, weakens to tropical storm

🐦 SUNDAY JULY 14 - NBC's "Meet the Press" -- Sen. Bernie Sanders

TRUMP emptied the entire US Treasury into billionaire's pockets. Mnuchin is back for MORE.

Atlantic Union College, closed last year, is selling off parts of campus in Lancaster

Jeffrey Epstein Taught at Dalton. His Behavior Was Noticed.

Where's Bernie? Will Sanders be no-show at Netroots?

Pete Buttigieg's Prescriptions for an America Sick With Racism

Clashes as Hong Kong protesters vent at China border traders

Clashes erupt as Hong Kong protest targets Chinese traders

Ahead of ICE raids, Miami advocacy groups set up secret shelters for immigrants in fear

Planned ICE raids are putting the restaurant industry on edge

Massive power outage Times Square....


Class of 1994 Republican US Senators vs Class of 2014 Republican US Senators.

Top Puerto Rican officials resigns over profanity-laced chat

Top Puerto Rican officials resigns over profanity-laced chat

Anglican Church vote to approve same-sex marriage fails to pass

Venezuelan authorities arrest 2 Guaido security guards

Fossil of bone-crushing mammal a first in the Northwest

Shannon- Henry Gross

Leaked Memo Says Trump Killed Iran Deal to Spite Obama

Daily Beast - Manhattan Hit by Major Power Outage, Thousands Left in the Dark

NFL lineman wants access to dead Father's body to cut off head, threatens to shoot staff.

The Pro-Immigrant Bible-Belt Preachers Standing Up to Trump's Xenophobia

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Patriots owner Robert Kraft makes surprise donation of $100,000 to motorcyclists killed in New

Carmen Electra files lawsuit against Golden Banana strip club in Peabody

Am i wrong in my thinking?

I love coming home to see my kitty waiting for me. I wonder what he is thinking when he sees me...

Snack, candy sales on rise in states with legalized marijuana, study says

Does the New Underground Railroad have a signup page?

Question about an ad

DU redirects to "" - possible iOS malware?

More than 2,000 license suspensions issued as part of Massachusetts RMV review

60,000 now affected by NY City blackout. (Lights coming back on)

Trump's social media summit was a circus. Its aftermath was even worse.

LCV breaks sponsorship of New Republic climate debate, after New Republic anti-gay hate piece

NYC black out twitter post from my daughter.....

Found this in a local creek last Sunday...

Interesting speculation about the real reason Epstein and trump broke up:

Of course he's accused of sexual harassment (Joint Chiefs of Staff nominee)

Trump reanimates Bin Laden, resegregates baseball!

Mike Pence, aka Joseph Goebbels:

Favorite or most memorable field trip in grade school?

ICE sometimes detains and deports US citizens

BREAKING: Rush claims what you say about Tom Sawyer's company no longer adequately covers society

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, July 16: TCM Spotlight: Out of This World

Millenial Choir street performance during 2019 NYC Blackout

Tandori Chicken?

Feds Delay Decision On Offshore Wind Project

"Are We Underestimating Trump Yet Again?"

New York's power is coming back after Manhattan spent hours in the dark

This Republican says Trump is enough to fire up the Democrats and swing voters.

Twin River Casino blasts Rhode Island governor's proposed IGT deal

Who Donald reminds me of

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, July 17: On the Road

Sadie Roberts-Joseph, founder of an African American history museum, is found dead in the trunk of a

Lamont tells a Connecticut 'turnaround' story to Wall Street

Anthem, ConnectiCare seek premium increases for 2020 policies

CNN The Axe Files 7/13/19 w/ Pete (full video)

Prison employee sues Department of Correction in Confederate flag case

Democracy in Trumpistan

GOP threat ends Kansas governor's food assistance extension

Nancy Pelosi Emerges As Unexpected Villain At Netroots Nation

Dog on a paddleboard

I now have an Alexa device...

Bridgeport woman sentenced in Medicaid fraud scheme

Suspected leaker of Kim Darroch cables identified - report

tweet of the night

Whistleblowers to sue Labour as antisemitism row deepens

Boris Johnson has support of two thirds of Tory voters for leadership, says poll

Appellate Court rejects Sandy Hook parents' lawsuit against Newtown; families plan appeal to Supreme

*Principal Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley attempted to reiterate the same rhetoric

Gov. Lamont vetoes three bills

Obama presided over a nearly $1 trillion reduction in the budget deficit, from $1.4 trillion to $585

This 210,000-Year-Old Skull May Be the Oldest Human Fossil Found in Europe

Second credit rating agency upgrades Connecticut's bond outlook

rising chess star, chess grandmaster caught cheating in toilet during tournament

'The Lion King' is a lie that erases the female pride: scientist

With gerrymandering ruling,the Supreme Court could have saved democracy. It didn't. (Whitmire/

If I had a dollar for every ace I have drawn

K Appoints London Mayor Sadiq Khan As Ambassador To The United States (Satire)

From a Virginia operative: The top five legislative races to help out for 2019.


Pence viewing the caged men reminded me of this..

'The opportunity of a lifetime': Once-homeless UT student is back in class nearly 50 years later

A month after Dallas crane collapse, residents 'stuck in limbo' without property, clarity

Ezekiel Elliott's lawyers label complaint against the Cowboys RB concerning Las Vegas incident as

TX-21: Any word on Wendy Davis?

(King) David and with what 'power' he defeated the 'enemy' (Goliath).

Has this ever happened to you, my DU music fans?

Things about AZ that will never stop tripping me out ...

Ugh! I hate the heat!

Husband of president of Goodwill Industries in El Paso arrested on financial crime charges

New leak claims Trump scrapped Iran nuclear deal 'to spite Obama'

Review finds confusion, lack of planning in $1.17 billion Panther Island project--maybe nepotism too

Pelosi sets spending demands for two-year budget deal

If you are a white supremacist or Neo Nazi and you have done something like this...

Trump: I'm not going to be beholden to courts any more. (via spox Hogan Gidley)

2020 Democratic hopefuls: party needs to embrace progressive ideals, not Trump voters

Former banking regulator accuses CFO Patronis of influencing investigations, policy

Can MDX make payroll if it's abolished? Judge orders emergency hearing to find out

Homestead Camp Holds Too Many Kids to Safely Accommodate in a Hurricane

A tiny provision slipped into a new election law could block early voting sites on campuses

Kamala Harris Shuts Down Meghan McCain

Saverio Mercadante: 'Flute Concerto No. 2', Marriner conducting

Missouri's Insurance Department concerned about earthquake coverage

Gliere: 'Le pavot rouge'

Company settles lawsuits over Missouri duck boat that sank

Jean-Marie Leclair and Johann Baptist Vanhal selections

Trump Seeking to Effectively Outsource Asylum Seekers to Guatemala

Not Florida-- drunken woman crashes twice and slugs guy who tries to help...

de Boismortier: Flute Concertos

Missouri Gov. Parson signs GM tax break bill

Rep. Greg Razer understands rural Missouri much better than it understands him

Latest outrage-- animals tossed from cars...

The Scott Tucker estate sale: lots of schadenfreude, lots of tributes to Scott Tucker

I am in this picture of last night's Lights for Liberty vigil...

Rare sea turtles smash nesting records in Georgia, Carolinas

Barr Throws Trump Under the Bus

Ferguson Again Sued Over Actions of Officer Eddie Boyd

Something good happened. Victory: Citizen groups vindicated in lawsuit to halt illegal pollution of

Parson vetoes bills regarding cremation (aka Jedi Disposal Act), healthcare, mining royalties

Tort reform legislation signed into law

Trump and Child Rape Case

There are 235 Democrats in Congress right ?

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Just Keep Meowing Edition

Pro-Confederate sympathizers plan rally in Kansas. Do they know it was a free state?

Missouri roads need estimated $29M in repairs after floods, transportation officials predict

Biden: 'Occupation is a real problem'

Jeremy Hutchinson surrenders law license

The New York blackout brought out the best in people:

Candidate O'Rourke joins protest aimed at treatment of immigrants

Candidate O'Rourke joins protest aimed at treatment of immigrants

This is NOT a drill

Britain 'facing highest risk of recession since 2007'

A note to Vice President Pence......Read your Bible

Inslee says he'll ask soccer player Megan Rapinoe to be secretary of state

South Dakota town unveils Barack Obama statue

I'm rambling Worried about our neighbors as they may get targeted by ice

Bid to enjoin I-30 project withdrawn for now

American ukulele artist rehearses 'Carmen' opera

UA Little Rock law professors decry loss of academic freedom in UA system

Trump Drags GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy Into Feud With Paul Ryan: 'Far Better Fundraiser'

Real Hedge-Fund Managers Have Some Thoughts on What Epstein Was Actually Doing

Republicans ready to dive off a cliff on Obamacare

S.E. Cupp Says Democratic Infighting Recalls Tea Party Insurgency: 'I Have Seen This Movie Before'

Mayor Pete Defends Big Fundraisers to David Axelrod: 'How Else Can We Fund Campaigns?'

Closing arguments set in Oklahoma's case against drugmakers

MLB hall of famer Bob Gibson diagnosed with pancreatic cancer

Biden on Iraq War Vote: 'Mistake I Made Was Trusting President Bush'

I have no hard facts to back this up, but believe it to be true, nonetheless.

Religious fanatics have hijacked America's Israel policy -- and its not just the evangelicals

Bush's Chief Ethics Lawyer Admonishes Trump Administration for Alan Dershowitz Consultations

Those who like international series--highly recommend "Trapped" on Amazon Prime

Brexit: Philip Hammond warns UK will lose control in no-deal scenario

Brexit: Philip Hammond warns UK will lose control in no-deal scenario

Republicans ready to dive off a cliff on Obamacare

Where candidates stand on Student Loans

Ever get that early morning, before you open your eyes feeling that you are being watched?

Little Rock senator won't run in 2020; former lawmaker plans bid

Trump's border patrol chief 'posted in secret Facebook group' featuring violent anti-migrant content

Burundi's Imbonerakure militia leader named head of state broadcaster RTNB

Amid 'race card' allegations, Pelosi teaches Ocasio-Cortez a math lesson

Help I'm getting hijacked by Win A Walmart Gift Card "Surveys"

As one who is calling for impeachment hearings.

Any reports of ICE raids?

Atlantic: The Activist Left Already Knows Who It Wants for President

Macron booed at Bastille Day celebrations

How a Criminal Justice Reform Became an Enrichment Scheme

Would you be for making a deal with Epstein IF

Meet the 19-year-old gun-control lobbyist who has lawmakers' ears

Obama Derangement Syndrome Reaches New Heights.

Bernie Sanders to rally at Hahnemann hospital Monday

Got the boys hooked up give them a taste if they go union trade

De Blasio leaves campaign trail as New York City blackout affects thousands

Pete Buttigieg's Life in the Closet

Seagull is the BOSS!

"Powerful stuff made from simple ingredients: plain facts, compassion and fluid articulation"

TiVo recorded the JFK Jr 20/20 special for me

Republicans ready to dive off a cliff on Obamacare

The president tells Ilhan Omar and unspecified other members of Congress to go back...

Woman discovers boyfriend of five years thinks women shouldn't have the vote

Advice from the Beatles..

Canicula de la Bastille (Nick) - July 14, 2001 to June 9, 2018

Donald Trump tells AOC & Ilhan Omar to "go back and help fix the totally broken and crime-infested..

Mike Pence's Version of Matthew 25:35-40:

Happy Birthday Woody Guthrie

Happy National Macaroni Day! What's your favorite?

Spending is not waste.

George Takei: THEY CALLED US ENEMY, the graphic memoir depicting my family's life in American...

Breakfast Sunday 14 July 2019

About that "being a cop"

A lot of posts lately about Buttigieg being gay

Let's not call each other names

Megan Rapinoe will be on MEET THE PRESS this morning...

Where Are All the Bob Ross Paintings? We Found Them.

Elizabeth Warren Confronted By Screaming Protester Demanding Legalization of All Undocumented

The Root Posts Vid of Dershowitz Calling Victimized Child a Prostitute. She "made her own decisions"

Fox News anchor and SiriusXM "Patriot" anchor insults Jewish man who lost family to Auschwitz

Trump trails Biden, other 2020 Democrats in new poll

Aren't we the lucky ones? *rolls eyes*

"Ooh, It's A Blackout!

We are many & they are few. And we will win

New NBC/WSJ poll: Breaking down a Trump-vs-Biden race (Biden +9, details on why)

Downtown Oshkosh...Saturday Afternoon

Not the sharpest image, but Butterflies aren't always cooperative

Buzzing Well nana and the man feeling no pain on Sunday morning

which dems are AGAINST impeachment?

Doonsbury - Treesonous


Seth Abramson Twitter Thread About Media Treatment of Beto O'Rourke

This is not hyperbole

Victim Shaming children? Paedophile Supporters

A rare 24 hours with no contributions DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

In Atlantic City speech, Kamala Harris outlines plan to close racial wealth gap

Maine ACA insurers seek modest rate increases

Have a seat. This is upsetting

Nancy Pelosi calls out Trump just now on his plan to "make America white again."

From Al Franken

Some of the most vile tweeting he has done

Maya Angelou for a Sunday morning:

Buttigieg makes new pitch to attract black voters

Nation braces with Trump set to begin ICE raids

Top Democrat blasts Trump's 'racist tweet' about progressive congresswomen

Cuccinelli mum on whether families will be separated in ICE raids

Farm owner: Without immigrants 'this town would die'

Is Sherrod Brown thinking of running for president?

Trump tells progressive Democrats to go back and fix 'broken and crime infested places' they came...

Simple Ways To Prevent Falls In Older Adults

Sweetest guy ever 💞

Class of 2020 US Senators if Democrats regain control of the US Senate.

Trump knocks New York Times for report on border facility

Instead of immigrants going back, conservatives should go back to WHEN they want America to emulate

Pelosi: Trump's attack on Dem lawmakers reaffirms his plan to make 'America white again'

Kellyanne Conway hits Biden's 'complicit' immigration record

Ted Lieu: "I will still be in Congress after your racist ass leaves."

Support for impeachment falls as 2020 heats up

Fallout over offensive Buttigieg article: Magazine's owner apologizes but a sponsor cuts ties

HIV Vaccine Trials on Gay, Bi Men to Begin in U.S., Europe

Is there a site where you can do searches based on

HIV Vaccine Trials on Gay, Bi Men to Begin in U.S., Europe

Heads up-AOC & New Yorker Radio Hour

This is Dump's holocaust

Any tabbed members help out pander0 on here in our vet community

Trump: "Great reviews!" on the "clean but crowded men" and the "clean children's detention centers"

#Republican @RobertFoster4MS needs to see a psychiatrist. He is paranoid** that a woman would attack

GOP Ready to Drive Off a Cliff on Obamacare

Elizabeth Warren Confronted By Screaming Protester Demanding Legalization of All Undocumented...

Sous vide scrambled eggs

The Perils of Pelosi vs. The Squad

Bill Kristol: "Perhaps liberal democracy and a free society remain worth defending."

Kamala Harris defends Pelosi - the mark of a team-player

Feds warn UFO enthusiasts against storming Area 51: The military 'stands ready'

Church network opens first LGBT homeless shelter

Road trip to round up a baby Peregrine

Why I can't support Mayor Pete

Leave the US, Trump tells liberal Democratic congresswomen

Latest NBC/WSJ Head-to-Head Polling versus Trump

The Next James Bond Film Is Getting Its First Black & Female 007

Trump's planned deportations are mainly for show. That's all.

Kamala Harris using her email list to let people know what to do if they're targeted by ICE

Black Panther with scar under right eye

Pence's Detention Center Visit Exposes Depths of Trump Administration's Cruelty


France trumpets shared European defense on Bastille Day

Trump losing to Top Democratic Candidates in Election Matchup

"The Best and the Brightest" by David Halberstam

Video: Bernie Sanders On Jobs, Environment and Healthcare with People Chica

CBS News takes some chances with new anchor, Norah O'Donnell

Netroots Participants favor Warren, Harris a strong 2nd choice

🐦 JULY 15 at 2PM - Rally with Bernie Sanders in Philadelphia

"Iago was a whiny wanker." . . . Please come CAPTION Stephen Miller!!!

Jeff Koterba's latest cartoon: Taxpayer discretion advised

NOT the Onion, folks

The joke on us?

Aaaaand... the yellow vest scum are back in Paris

In Tijuana, a street studio attracts migrants and locals

I inherited my first cat last December

I'm quite certain that there are horrors at the border...

Mix equal parts John Cleese, Ricky Gervais, and Martin Clunes and you have Warren.

Anyone have experience with Canine Hospice....


Pittsburgh VA employees say supply shortages are impacting patient care

Sanders says Pelosi is being 'a little' too tough on progressives like Ocasio-Cortez

I'll be blunt. Democrats help "normalize" Trump if we wait for an election to hold him accountable

Filthy, Racist, Pile of Shit POTUS...Trump attacks 4 Dem House Women

Voting. Is. Not. Enough.

Michael de Adder: My editorial cartoon satirizing Trump and the border crisis went viral. Then...

So, What if the House of Representatives Decided to Proceed with Impeachment?

June 2019 is the third worst June recorded at the Mauna Loa CO2 observatory in 60 years.

We cannot fight each other and give the thugs an opening. Fight back Dems!

Biden says he was deceived by Bush on Iraq

Unknown devices on my Google account.

Every Democratic candidate should realize one thing above all else.

What Fiction are you reading this week, July 14, 2019

What's on your top ten list of movies? Your desert island favorites?

All Daniel Day-Lewis Voices and Accents. What an incredible artist.

We Might Finally Find Out What Elon Musk's Neuralink Has Been Up To

Customs & Border Patrol's Mark Morgan courageously condemns Trump's tweets (Sarcasm smiley here)

This is a piece of the reason I like AOC

WISN 12 News: Sit-down with Sanders


Is this "peddling right-wing talking points?"

CNN's news coverage appropriately calls the president's tweets racist:

Trump invited 200 right-wing internet figures to the White House for a 'social media summit.' Here's

All You Fascists performed by Billy Bragg and Wilco

(CNN) Even after first debates, Joe Biden still holds a 20-point lead with black voters

Pelosi rejects Rapist45's "xenophobic comments meant to divide our nation."

My Trump-humping Christian in-laws are actually praying for RBG to die!

Is there any chance that the power outage in NYC this weekend...

Unmistakable ugliness

India's Going to the Moon

The thin thread that holds our country together...

Wimbledon final - anyone watching this?

The hosts of Fox & Friends Sunday were greatly amused by Trump's tweets, reading them aloud and lau

Biden, Buttigieg, Booker respond to IfNotNow question about occupation

Detention center also holds kids who've lived in US their whole lives

Beto O'Rourke calls Trump comments racist...

Ilhan Omar's response to Trump's racist tweet

Call for July submissions!

Permafrost thaw sparks fear of 'gold rush' for mammoth ivory


Just a few thousand of us friends supporting our next President #Kamala2020 #KHive

The frightening reality of a war with Iran

De Blasio says blackout was 'handled well' amid criticism he was away in Iowa

UK agencies played key role in Italian mistaken identity case

"GEO GROUP GAVE GENEROUSLY TO TRUMP" to run lucrative detention centers!

Let's call the president's racist attack exactly what it is: un-American.

'Just a matter of when': the $20bn plan to power Singapore with Australian solar

Trump wins by dominating the headlines

Unemployment is low, but that's only part of the story

A new drinking water crisis hits US military bases across the nation

Humor on this day of shit Easy boog there can be only one nana is Highlander and buzzing

Masai giraffes declared endangered

New Republic owner apologizes for 'inappropriate' op-ed about Pete Buttigieg

Just went to protest in Concord to oppose immigration policies and concentration camps.

Guatemala postpones Trump summit, says will not sign 'safe third country' deal

Guatemala postpones Trump summit, says will not sign 'safe third country' deal

Rashida Tlaib ‏responds

UN calls for Libyan migrant detention centres to be shut

Has anyone asked drumpf if his wife and in-laws will be going back to their

Long-threatened ICE raids set to begin amid questions and protests

Rick Wilson: "The only rules of the game are this: Win the Electoral College."

Crowd roars for Elizabeth Warren, Jay Inslee follows to tepid applause

Craziest Cricket World Cup final ever!!! England finally won their first and it went to a Super Over

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 15 July 2019

AOC responds to Trump: "You are absolutely right about the corruption laid at your feet."

Move over humans, this startup is making facial recognition for pets

Getting the farm: How an innovative effort is supporting artisanal agriculture in central Missouri

CNN reporter Andrew Kacynski is really taking the Buttigieg family to task:

Silent suicide: The fatal combination of old age, loneliness and loss

Silent suicide: The fatal combination of old age, loneliness and loss

Top Four Democrats All Lead Trump

Hello, ICE?

Scaling Wokeback Mountain

The coal mine that ate Hambacher forest

Ted Lieu Wins

Greens Are the New Hope for Europe's Center. For the Far Right, They're Enemy No. 1.

ICE has begun raids to round up undocumented immigrants, official says

Master of Horror Stephen King Says Trump is 'Scarier' Than His Novels

Stephen King: "The armbands come next, right?"

A good read.

Oliver Stone's Latest Piece of Pro-Putin Propaganda May Be His Most Shameless Move Yet

Honoring Bastille Day

Cartoons 7/14/19

State officials investigate 7 inmate deaths at Monroe prison

New Zealand Starts Gun Buyback Program In Response To Christchurch Mosque Shootings

Driving lesson for today:

Brief timeline of clashes with intelligence director Dan Coats

U.S. allies hold breakfast for departing British ambassador -- and 'the message is clear'

Oh dear Orville by Gibson mij Les paul

9th Circuit rules in DOJ's favor in sanctuary cities case

I should not have worried about what to charge for babysitting...

destroyer - poor in love (studio-2009) if you have a nice sound system or headphones

Full Senator Sanders Interview: Meet The Press - NBC News - July 14

I'd rather go blind at the White House.

Critiquing Trump was not the problem. Failing to use British doublespeak was.

Critiquing Trump was not the problem. Failing to use British doublespeak was.

Leaked Darroch emails

Mayor Keisha Bottoms: "This is exactly what this President wants....he wants us to be afraid"

Lindsey Graham Says 'I Don't Care' if Migrants are Detained for '400 Days': 'We're not Going to...

New Mexico AG wants new sex offender law

Wedge-Tailed Eagle takes down Drone - Australia

The utility of fake billions

Epstein scandal in Israel

Had to pop in to share. I've got tears rolling down my face!

JFK Jr & Carolyn Bessette, Unseen Wedding Tapes On TV: TLC Special, 20 Yr Anniv.

JFK Jr & Carolyn Bessette, Unseen Wedding Tapes On TV: TLC Special, 20 Yr Anniv.

Questions to ask Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee?

Election Systems Across Country Use Software Vulnerable To Hackers

If Trump gets away with his racist remarks

Time after time.

Leading Democrats rebuke Trump's racist tweets

If the conditions for the prisoners at the border are so good...

Tweet of the Day

While harvesting the raspberries growing all over my yard, I came to a radical conclusion.

Biden Delivers Barn-Burner Stump Speech in Londonderry (NH)

Best response to Donald being a racist wanker!

Left, Fox & Friends Sunday, 8:06 a.m. Right, Trump, 8:27 a.m.

Democrats mulling new ICE like agency To be implemented after Trump's 2020 defeat

Speaking of going back where you come from...

Turkey Calls Trump's Bluff

ICE attempt to arrest individuals in a vehicle - Hudson, NY. Thwarted by knowledge

"'Tweens and teens' Epstein told him."

how, indeed

Sick sick sick Queen vid

For Those Who Don't Think It's Time To Impeach

Trump Is a Racist. If You Still Support Him, So Are You.

Hysterical tweet about Obama/trump - some of the responses are even better!

Deceiving the Public

Well Done English Cricket Team!...

A big two thumbs up for AOC...

Trump Blasted Over Racist Tweets Targeting Congresswomen of Color where being poor is a criminal offense...

Todays Gratitude List

Dan Rather tweet; "Men and women in elected office shouldn't get a presumption of normalcy."


Trump under fire for racially-charged tweets against congresswomen

It is official, if you support Trump you are a racist.

WARREN/HARRIS 2020!!!!!!!!!

Where oh Where is Susan Collins? And the rest of the GOP for that matter...

And nothing but silence from Republicans.

This is crazy! Zeppelin/Iron Maiden mashup....

To be complacent about our election system is suicidal...

Someone needs to get onto this. Stat.

Just saw Glamrock was here.

Did Idiot really think Pelosi would support his racist tweets against the Squad

Campaign Warren: A report from Nevada

trump and the alter of Satan

Chandrayaan-2: India space launch delayed by technical problem (BBC) {lunar landing}

Having difficulty getting thru the Mueller report?? This is the answer

What's for Dinner, Sun., July 14, 2019

Roman Forum, Temple of Romulus

Pence and the rare time he went against the Big Con....

Pastor's Exit Exposes Cultural Rifts at a Leading Liberal Church

Republicans tomorrow and days after "trumps racist tweets"

Churches jump into action with threat of immigration sweeps

If CO is to get the 1st Female US Senator in 2020. Who will that be?

Political Spouses Stick Together

Egypt opens 2 ancient pyramids for first time since 1960s

Time to give Lindsey Graham his retirement ticket...Vote Harrison

900 in room + overflow for Kamala Harris at New Hampshire town hall in Somersworth

Fill in the blank: It would be awesome if ____________ made you lose weight!

Pentagon identifies Green Beret killed in Afghanistan

If you don't start drinking....


NRA faces probe that could cost it its nonprofit status

Trump makes US a hypocrite on human rights

Play that funky music Rammstein

CNN just had a Pence clip on where he blames Democrats, but...

'Stand up for what we believe in': Only Pete Buttigieg gets standing ovation from Corn Feed audience

In Pamela Brown's interview of Pence, it looks like he has something on his lip....

Democrats have plans that 'grim reaper' Mitch McConnell won't be able to block

Catholic Church Offers Cash to Settle Abuse Claims -- With a Catch

Chris Christie: Trump administration departures go back to 'how poorly the transition was run'

Ever had a near death experience?

John Bel Edwards rallies supporters in Lafayette as temperature rises in governor's race

Immigration activist who protested Obama/Biden's immigration policies benefitted greatly from DACA

June 18, 1971 Nixon declares the War on Drugs

Immigration chief can't guarantee parents and children won't be separated during ICE raids

ICE raids across major US cities fall short of expectations but fear remains

Years later, victims recount impact of Jeffrey Epstein abuse

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) lashed out at Donald Trump

FYI--- Personalized pet necklace:

Trump Retweets Commercial For His International Golf Courses