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So what % do we have to win by to actually win

and it's funny.....faux has stopped showing the POTUS....OH wait...fawker Carlson is on now....

Tweety words of wisdom.

Border agent in Clint accused of harassing mother of 12-year-old migrant who was in custody

Border agent in Clint accused of harassing mother of 12-year-old migrant who was in custody

What a sick and demented cretin he is

Foreign purchases of American homes plunge 36% as Chinese buyers flee the market

Many House Dems not happy with the Squad

The Rules Still Favor the Racists

This birthday card to a rescue dog is the BEST 😭 ❤️

Rand Paul: Tax Cuts For Corporations Can Add to the Deficit But 9/11 Victim Relief Shouldn't

9/11 victims bill stalls as Sens. Rand Paul, Mike Lee seek conditions for funding

It takes a real hero

More cartoons 7/17/19

Surprise, surprise. This GOP lawmaker gets the booby prize for moral imbecility.

Questions are a burden to others

I can not blame twitter . :)

Scott Kelly on PBS right now

Left Hand Black by Danzig / O'Keefe Music Foundation

BARR & ROSS write to Speaker Pelosi urging her to cancel the imminent vote to hold them in contempt

Massive, Human-Size Jellyfish Stuns Divers Off the Coast of England

Aging App applied to Trump.

Montana Governor Steve Bullock joins second 2020 Democratic debate, rest of candidates the same

Ok......Stephen Colbert is a big talk show star.....

Apollo 11 Rocket Projected onto Washington Monument

Dizzying Video Shows the Moment a Jellyfish Gets Caught in a Bubble Vortex

Cleaver: Walked out of debate because it was embarrassing

The 95 House Members Who Voted In Favor Of Impeachment Today

Lest we forget, the Unity Pledge.

Someone needs to do the job of President since Redacted is refusing.

U.S. plans different approach in leading G7 in 2020: White House official

"Jesus. He's going to get people killed."

The racist Trumpists are losing their minds on the Hill website tonight...

According to Limbaugh Deficits don't matter

Amnesty International calls for closure of migrant child detention center

If cats could talk... 😹

Geoengineering: Manmade Antarctic snowstorm 'could save coastal cities from rising seas'

A question for those who are still undecided.

Brazil must reveal investigations into journalist Glenn Greenwald, court says

Trump supporters chant 'send her back' as president accuses Congresswoman Omar of

Why don't we have the votes in the House to start impeachment?

Another Heat Wave May Be Hitting Europe Next Week - Projected Highs +/- 40C In Southern France

Jon Stewart: Rand Paul is trying to balance the budget on the backs of 9/11 first responders

Current Sea Ice At Record Lows In Both Arctic, Antarctic (Radio Broadcast - NSIDC Scientist)

Tomorrow I'm going to have to confront my boss.

Trump administration to continue deporting Venezuelans despite crisis

Trump administration to continue deporting Venezuelans despite crisis

Arctic Sea Ice Tracking Back Below 2012 Levels; At Record Low For This Date

Do BIG CATS Like Fish?

Current list of all House reps and where each stands on Impeach Inquiry...

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! A Hispanic From Harvard!

The loss of a beloved pet and kids...

Long, Interesting Article On Climate Despair - How It Effects Individuals, Generations

Cancer Town: He's a Gulf war vet who stepped up during Katrina. Now he's an environmental crusader

Peter Thiel and Steve Bannon fuel a new Yellow Peril over Google and China

Unlike tRump

Bald Dog Pulled From Shelter Turns Into The Happiest Little Girl

White people assume niceness is the answer to racial inequality. It's not

Senior Interior Official Gave Industry His Cell Phone #, Was Outed, Then Buried In Angry Calls

Completely insane! eom

Trump drilling leases could create more climate pollution than EU does in a year

Hey media: Is it finally time to ask if Republicans have moved too far right?

Researchers to quit USDA rather than leave Washington metro area

Regarding the various Trump rallies of the faithful,

Trump resurfaces degrading rumor about Ilhan Omar amid racism controversy

Quinnipiac CA poll: Harris has tiny lead (2 pts, 3.9 MOE), Biden w/WIDE lead on electability

Economist/YouGov: Biden leads field by 8 points, followed by Warren and Sanders

So I guess this is what we have to look forward to:

At rally, Trump says he has no regrets about spat with congresswomen as crowd roars, 'Send her back!

Did anything of interest occur today?

A different take on impeachment

ALDI: "I'm sorry. We don't have cameras in our parking lot. The quarters are to return the carts."

CBS News just did a segment about the camps

Did we do this ? huge archive of never-before-seen nuclear tests..

Biden asked about Trump saying he doesn't have a racist bone: "That means he has no bones."

Remains of 9,000-year-old Neolithic settlement unearthed outside Jerusalem

Peter Thiel's Palantir software has directly powered ICE's accelerating workplace raids

Capitol Police apologize after officer forced student to stand during Pledge

Tea Pain FTW

French flying solider Bastille day

Rand Paul stops unanimous passage of 9/11 first responders funding bill

'No Meaningful Oversight': ICE Contractor Overlooked Problems At Detention Centers

'No Meaningful Oversight': ICE Contractor Overlooked Problems At Detention Centers

House Votes to Repeal Obamacare Tax Once Seen as Key to Health Law

Ohio General Assembly passes bill to legalize hemp and CBD products

Sophie's choice. Rachel reported it.

So who else watched Rachel tonite?

Supreme Court Orders Removal of North Shore Bridge

MVP's violations show 'complete absence of any and all meaningful regulation'

North Carolina House looks to define smokable hemp as marijuana

Liddle Bush won twice by skinny numbers. Obama won by big numbers. Clinton lost by skinny numbers.

Biden Twitter thread: "Here's what has always made America great"

Dingbat stopped outside the arena at *'s NC rally spewfest by reporter.

Vanity Fair on EPSTEIN: "It's going to be staggering, the amount of names."

Obama surprises teens in his Youth Jobs Corps with visit at Chicago foundation

Mitch "not a racist" McConnell

NASA's large SLS rocket unlikely to fly before at least late 2021

Omar response

07/18 Mike Luckovich: Suitable

Why was Melania allowed to come to the US and become a Citizen ?

Mitch McConnell's big donors are Wall Street firms -- and only 9% of his funds comes from Kentucky

I finally have air conditioning!

KAMALA on tonight's Trump rally

Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes faces fraud charges in court

President Biden or President Warren... I hate wishing my ever life away

You raised $20.00 on July 16, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

Police Chief built a secret force, armed them with weapons...

KKK flyers found in Waynesboro

How the myth of black Confederates was born

How the myth of black Confederates was born

Gov. Northam: I expected better of Virginia's legislators

APBio Un-Cancelled (!)

Royal Caribbean bypasses San Juan -- again -- because of ongoing protests

One on one with an Indigo Bunting

You Spent $1,500 on Virtual Bazookas? Kids Are Splurging on Digital Goods

French inventor whose flying board wowed the world

Have you been able to use the "Elizabethan Collar" or cone collar on your pet?


Stochastic Terrorism should be a mandatory vocabulary term.

Tweet of the Day

If Jeffrey Epstein

My heart is breaking for my town tonight.

SpaceX thinks it knows what went wrong aboard Crew Dragon

Jeffrey Epstein wasn't even a competent investor: report

SpaceX Test-Fires 'Starhopper' Starship Prototype, Creates Big Fireball

Well, you could have seen that coming from a Trump rally!

Brazil's Supreme Court President Suspends Investigations into Bolsonaro's Son Flvio

An infant in a Qanon onesie is held aloft at a Trump rally

A body shop in Brazil got busted for building knock-off Lamborghinis and Ferraris that look surprisi

The Daily Show: Chaos Ensues During House Vote on Condemning Trump's Racist Comment

Seth Meyers - President Trump Downplays His Racist Attack on Minority Congresswomen - Monologue 7/16

Seth Meyers: Guest Nicolle Wallace Refuses to Broadcast Trump Live

send her back chant????

The "send her back" chant at Trump's rally was a new low. It's not only chilling, it's depressing.

Seth Meyers - Republicans Pretend They Haven't Seen Trump's Racist Tweets: A Closer Look

TCM Schedule for Saturday, July 20, 2019 -- The Essentials: Extracurricular Activities

Former Fox News Contributor Monica Crowley Tapped to Be Assistant Treasury Secretary

This land is OUR land, Donald Trump!

Thousands march in Puerto Rico demanding governor's resignation

anyone have a good recipe for PLUM Jam ???

Voting Thread Number 1

Voting Thread Number 2

Voting Thread Number 3

Lyrics to Heaven 17's "We Don't Need This Fascist Grove Thing"

The July photos are posted!

Please explain to me


After Tonight, I'm Really Fearful About Rep. Omar's Safety

Text of Rep. Green's resolution and why it was properly tabled

Retweet for Rep Ilhan Omar and her safety:

If Trump manages to cheat his way into a win,

The Con holds his Wallace rally ....

How many legs...?

Randy Rainbow on Fresh Air with Terri Gross:

Crowd chants 'Send her back' at NC rally

Brazil Will Collect More Money Than All Governments Since 1990 if it Privatizes

New rallying cry

The biggest threat to our country today is the Republican Party

Philip Glass: 'Metamorphosis 2', Branka Parlic on piano

Telescope In Chile's Mountains Looks For Signals To Explain How The Universe Began

Telescope In Chile's Mountains Looks For Signals To Explain How The Universe Began

Cambridge Analytica and Brexit

Tabled because it would have gone straight to hell...

Top 10 US States with Drug Overdose Deaths

9.5 Not 95%...Eric is not good at math

Our chant ... "back to school"

Fake News?

This is a 5 day old photo of Epstein

New Jersey judge who cited alleged rapist's 'good family' in court ruling steps down

Trump accuses Dems of seeking the Nation's destruction...

trump rallies

Since Trump took office, his net approval in Wisconsin has decreased by 20 percentage points.

The "Send her back" chant has gone super viral. Will this be the event that defines Trump?

How Trump Is Weighing on 2020's Most Vulnerable Senators

ME-SEN: Democrat Sara Gideon Raised Way More Money From Mainers Than Susan Collins Last Quarter

The only thing that bothered evangelicals about trump's screed last night

How Can Women Or People Of Color Vote For Trump In 2020?......

Kyoto Animation fire: 12 feared dead after suspected arson attack on studio in Japan

Thomas Friedman On How Trump Is A Chump

Just Heard Tom Friedman On The 11th Hour Show On MSNBC.....


Best friends with the same 'soul' insist they're twins. 💓 💓

Eastern Orthodoxy: 'The Jesus Prayer from Mount Athos' & 'The Jesus Prayer Chant in English'

Additional Eastern Orthodox (Greek) chants:

Reporter Brian Karem confronts Rapist45 re: Epstein and underage girls

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 7/17/19

"Doxa na einai o Iisous Hristos!" ☦️

Kyoto Animation studio fire: 12 dead after arson attack in Japan

Family that refused to pay tax because it was 'against God's will' ordered to pay $2.3m

India to launch second lunar mission on July 22 after delay

50 Years Ago Today; Chappaquiddick

I'm not interested in arguing with anybody about Mauna Kea.

House Votes to Repeal Obamacare Tax Once Seen as Key to Health Law (WTF)

Allies and lobbyists flock to DC hotel to peddle their interests

30 Years Ago Today; My Sister Sam star Rebecca Schaeffer murdered by stalker

Miami-Dade State Attorney Preparing Plan To Restore Voting Rights, Even If Money Is Owed

Trump supporters chanted 'send her back' about Ilhan Omar and people are disgusted

35 Years Ago Today; 21 dead at the San Ysidro McDonald's massacre

"Bull$..." is the exact words for how Trump is described!

No-deal Brexit would plunge Britain into a recession, says OBR

Second Fairfax County retirement community suffers respiratory illness outbreak

43 Years Ago Today; Something happy actually happened; Comăneci scores perfect 10 at Olympics!

Former IT contractor for Jeffrey Epstein says he quit over concerns about revealing pictures and top

The politics of distraction

Exactly 40 years ago a wise man saw the future. People did not listen...

Disabled residents bear the brunt of state cuts as services are scaled back on the Peninsula

Tiedrich strikes again; "...she should have called them a fucktangle of hateful racist shitweasels"

If you "send her back", you can go ahead and send me too

Amb McFaul tweet; "An Obama and Bush fireside chat... would be a terrific and much needed event..."

What's the difference between a Trump rally and a KKK rally?

Randy Rainbow on "Fresh Air" yesterday

A reminder from Aunt Crabby about why Trump's words are so dangerous.

IUCN Red List - From The Treetop To The Ocean Floor, 1/3 Of 105,000 Species Assessed At Risk

Nevada: Feds should restudy seismic risk at nuke dump site

An outstanding toon found on Twitter (Seth Abramson)

Breakfast, Thursday 17 July 2019

Iran seizes foreign oil tanker in Strait of Hormuz, state TV reports

Area Of CA Forest Fires Up 5X; "Ability Of Dry Fuels To Promote Large Fires Is Non-Linear"

POWERplex in Hazelwood

July 18 - Happy Birthday Rep. Terrance "TJ" Cox (D) CA-21st

Thursday TOONs - Trump's Re-Selection Strategy

Have watched a few episodes of Kidding with Jim Carrey

"It Is Time To Stop Suggesting A 'Nature-Based' Solution To Ongoing Fossil Fuel Use. There Isn't."

This is an outstanding letter

It's never too late to learn a new word.....

Remembering the "post racial" declarations after President Obama's election.......

It's illegal to call trump a racist?

The GOP's Demographic Decay

"That's the President from his Nuremberg Rally"

How many girls did Epstein rape? Did TrumpModels provide the victims?

Fascism is coming to America...

Trump's Face when Protestor holds up Pic of Trump with Epstein

The Rude Pundit: Let's Have This Goddamn Political Race War Already

I want to see Mayor Pete debate Pence

I usually give a book 50 pages before I give up. How about you?

Did The 'Send Her Back' Chant Break Out From The Crowd Spontaneously Or....

Trump tells Howard Stern that he regularly drops by (teen girls)pageant dressing rooms

IUCN red list reveals wildlife destruction from treetop to ocean floor

The Rundown: July 17, 2019

Art of the Week: Week of 7/17/19

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 7/17/2019

Are Puerto Ricans leading the way?

PGA should pull 2022 Championship from Racist45's Bedminster golf course

I saw a group of GOP "Walk Away" memes last year

Florida city constantly plays Baby Shark to deter homeless from civic building

It would be wonderful if we could look ahead to January 2021 and predict the future.

Gordon Brown: 'Boris Johnson could be UK's last prime minister'

I saw a sign in the window of a TCBY saying they deliver. Huh?

Epstein Bail hearing today at 11:30 EST, will he be granted bail?

Trump's Pick for Defense Secretary Is as Swampy as You'd Expect

Fire the Officer in the Eric Garner Case? De Blasio Falters

Trump might as well pardon El Chapo?

De Blasio's presidential campaign raised a third of its money from donors with city business

A live look at what's inside Area 51:

The GOP's demographic decay

Streets Of San Juan A 'War Zone' As Protesters Call For Governor To Resign

North Carolina House delays votes on veto override, Medicaid expansion bill

Trump Admits That He Is Not Doing His Job As President

Black 'Fox & Friends' fan reassures the president: 'African Americans love you!'

Big Dem fundraisers overwhelmingly favor 3 candidates

My Republican friends--and others--seem to think that Americans hate paying taxes but love premiums.

Ha ha Duncan Hunter!

UK politicians send message of solidarity to US congresswomen

😃🇺🇸🐟🥚🥚☀️❗️ 😋 or 🤮❓

Trump's attacks on congresswomen of color energize his supporters: "Just a bag of idiots"

Call On Trump To Resign......

Times Investigation: Homeland Security has gutted programs aimed at detecting weapons of mass...

We must be united.

Female genital mutilation bill clears state House

NAACP blasts MF45's judicial appointments/assault on voting rights

Devin Nunes' fundraising is off the charts for 2020. Who's giving to the congressman?

I just bought some survival supplies for the approaching heatwave

Democrats need to be prepared.

Trump's USDA buried sweeping climate change response plan

DNC Warns 2020 Candidates Not To Use Russian-Created FaceApp

Ocasio-Cortez offers encouragement to those 'scared for our future' after Trump rally

Obama and Clinton's bundlers are betting on these 3 candidates

How would Norman Rockwell paint the Donald Trump era?

Will Netanyahu Bar Ilhan Omar from Entering Israel?

Cartoon: Patriotic Americans send malcontent Trump back to where he's originally from

Senate Republicans pray Trump will take budget deal

Maddow shows lewd retro video of Trump bragging about planting open-mouth kiss on TV host --and then

If God is Everywhere. Why Didn't His Word Spread Without Missionaries?

Trump leans on issue of race in bid for a 2nd term in 2020

Rand Paul & Mike Lee: Dressed down for being 'bottom-feeders" and liars.

'Send her back!' chant shows Trump's ugly plan to get reelected

Susan Collins' disapproval rating spikes in new poll ahead of targeted 2020 re-election bid

Scaramucci: A Large Coalition of People -- Including Me -- Will Stop Supporting Trump Over Racism

Brexit vote: MPs pass amendment to block Boris Johnson from suspending parliament to force through..


Just a random group of 'Republicans'? CNN doesn't tell the whole story about a Trump-loving panel

What you see in this country is the logical conclusion to...

Mitch McConnell Reacts to Trump's Widely Condemned Rally: 'The President's Onto Something'

Morning Joe: 'Depraved, Disgusting and Totally Odious' That Trump is 'Inciting Violence' Against...

New LTE to my Local Paper....Trump's Racism on Display

The most interesting part of the rally crowd last night was that

PG&E Finds Nearly 10,000 Risks (Lines, Poles, Vegetation), Many Urgent, In Wake Of Camp Fire

Iran's Revolutionary Guard announces seizure of oil tanker accused of smuggling fuel...

Hey Tiger Woods

Indiana has paid $229k to defend this unconstitutional law; not worth appealing it

7 Dead Gray Whales Found On AK Shores Over July 4th Weekend; State Total In 2019 - 22

Scaramucci disinvited from Florida GOP fundraiser for bashing Trump's 'racially charged' attacks

July 18, 1951: flying saucer lands in DC on Ellipse; spaceman shot, escapes; APB for capture

Photo: Bernie Graffitist

Charles M. Blow at The New York Times writes--What Trump Is Teaching Our Children:

I just thought of the perfect song for the Dotard's 2020 campaign.

Morning Consult's Q2 senator ratings

McConnell stumped after reporter asks if it's OK to tell his immigrant wife to 'go back to your coun

Trump is working to destroy America from the inside in order to pay off Putin

Ayanna Pressley wants to get back to the issues, although ignoring the president isn't easy

Tiniest Puppy Transforms Into A GIANT Pit Bull


"Lock her up!" "Send her back!" Shut her down!" . . . Please come CAPTION Presidented Trump!!!

I'm 64 and I never expected to say THIS, but...

Sen. Isakson (R-GA) hospitalized with rib fractures after fall

Theo Moudakis and the Toronto Star, showing truth

1971 sign from NC county

Epstein, Cohen, & Mueller, a power trio of anxiety with Individual 1's name stamped all over it.

I have to laugh at those who think Trump isn't a racist and a bigoted person!

So the Trump Organization fix is in?

Trump: Tweet tweet tweet

House Republican campaign chair says there's no place for 'send her back' language

The Rubicon has been been crossed

You know MSNBC, maybe you should stop asking the GOPers about things Trump says or does?

PG&E Braces for Power Cuts; Tesla, Others See an Opening

George Will makes the conservative case against democracy

Mitch just LOVES that "Send Her Back" refrain..."I think the president's onto something"

"Silence is not an option."

Chai Feldblum out at Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Stewart-Cousins poised to lead national Democratic legislative efforts

If only someone had warned us.

'A picture is worth a thousand words'

A Black supporter of SHITLER wonders if still welcome in the base, Van JONES nods compassionately

I wish someone would send me back to a time before trump. n/t

Baffling question of the day...

Has America gone completely mad?

Trumpy Bear

Troubling Photo of Mitch McConnell surfaces.."Trump is not a racist." But I am.

VIDEO: Trump & Epstein Discuss "Hot" Women at Party

Kellyanne Conway to Reporter: What's Your Ethnicity?

It makes about as much sense as "Women for Trump"

"I reject your false premise!" We should all practice saying that and remember the reasoning as

"I've never been to Africa," the Negro replied and walked away.

Lest we forget....

Fraud conviction of 'pharma bro' Martin Shkreli upheld by federal appeals court

☎️ Scam Alert 🚨

Immigration Bill Could Change How Silicon Valley Sources Foreign Talent

Lonnnie Mack wa born on this date-

Today, @CrimeADay has tweeted one federal crime every day for five years.

Martha Reeves was born on this date.

Needed - Trump quotes bashing America

Ricky Skaggs was born on this date.

I tried that "faceApp"! Wow!

I wish the media would quit showing that awful photo of President Scumbag with his fists out.

Feds quietly close investigation into Trump Organization's role in hush money payments


Rachel Maddow Blasts Trump's All White Rally Crowd Chanting Send Her Back At Rep. Omar

Hey, you, yes you over there, in the delusion of the far-right corner in the land of no shame...

Ohio 2020 Presidential Primary Moved To St. Patrick's Day

BREAKING: Epstein Lawyer claims fake Passport was a gift from a friend...

Is Epstein on the way to a New York lock up yet? n/t

Feel good video - Obama surprises Chicago interns

Momma showing the kids how it's done

Marianne Williamson trying to explain reparations to an absolute moron.

America: "Love It Or Leave It".

"...a series of calls in October 2016 between Trump, Cohen, and Hope Hicks that the FBI says..."

Snopes says trump isn't addicted to penis enlargement drugs but here's a joke:

35th anniversary of San Ysidro McDonald's massacre

MSNBC: Bail denied for Epstein

Berman rejects Epstein's bail application

Marines' New Top Officer Wants to Give New Moms a Full Year Off

Jeffrey Epstein denied bail, will remain jailed pending trial on sex trafficking charges

Making Barack Obama Proud

Border agent in Clint accused of harassing mother of 12-year-old migrant who was in custody

Klasfeld reports for Courthouse News on EPSTEIN bail denial and MICHAEL COHEN unsealing.

Trump preparing to send hundreds of troops to Saudi Arabia

Michelle Obama is world's most admired woman!

The next time someone says to you that Trump

Prosecution of child sex trafficking plummeted under Rapist45

Mike Pence the Liar

It's time for drastic measures.

Does this look familiar?


Michael Cohen Files Implicate Trump, Hope Hicks and David Pecker

Meghan McCain: "Trump attacked Omar. Which makes me the real victim here."

Homemade Fried Oyster Recipe

Peaceful protestors being arrested in the capital rotunda right now for protesting

Scaramucci: A Large Coalition of People -- Including Me -- Will Stop Supporting Trump Over Racism

San Diego Comic-Con 2019 kicks into gear ...

Any Broward DUers?

Kamala Harris Blasts 'Predator' Trump

This man just asked me to "please stop speaking Spanish" on this plane to NYC...

I have lost confidence in our federal prosecutors' ability to do their jobs

Cory Booker Attacks Bernie Sanders For Taking Big Pharma Campaign Donations

Teeny Tiny Bulldog Won't Stop Talking

I am a tad bit confused about Trump's messaging:

9/11 First Responder Goes Off on GOP 'Assholes' Who Blocked Victims' Bill

Pentagon Contractor Threatened to Kill Congresswoman Over Vaccine Bill

House passes long-sought $15 minimum wage legislation

Newly released Cohen files implicate Trump, Hicks, and Pecker...

Buttigieg hires ex-DNC CEO as he continues hiring spree

Hope Hicks texted Michael Cohen to ask God to make the porn star payoff scandal go away

Thunder's Sam Presti, Billy Donovan receive death threats over recent moves

In message to evangelical base, Trump holds WH meeting with foreign victims of religious persecution

CNN Hosted a Panel of 'Women From Dallas' to Defend Trump's Racist Tweets -- They're All Trumpettes

Federal agency: "Go back to where you came from" is discrimination

Kevin McCarthy: It's wrong to criticize this president because the first lady is foreign born

Kevin McCarthy gaslighting the country on live tv.

America is an Idea (and It's the Right That Hates It)

Sincere question Re: Israel and The United States

Barry's 14.58" of Rain in Arkansas Breaks All-Time State Record

'Pharma Bro' Martin Shkreli to stay behind bars, loses appeal of conviction

Kamala Harris says Trump should be scared to debate her

How Seattle-based Boeing contributed to Apollo 11's 'one small step for man' 50 years ago

Booker says he felt disrespected in his verbal tussle with Biden

suggestion for new democratic theme; chant

Why is Hope Hicks not indicted?

#IStandWithIlhan trends after crowd at Trump rally chants 'Send her back'

'Send Her Back': The Bigoted Rallying Cry of Trump 2020

Uber mistakenly charges riders 100 times the price on their receipts

You raised $215.40 on July 17, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

Dear Fucking Lunatic..

The fix is in. Justice is dead in America.

Tesla? A thing of the past! Lotus Evija electric car, 0-186MPH in 8.6 sec., Bugatti Chiron 13.6 sec.

2020 Democrats react to 'send her back' chants at Trump rally

Fort Lauderdale Mayor Declares Local Emergency Over Water Outage

70+ Catholic priests, nuns, lay people arrested in DC solidarity protests for migrants

Governor Inslee's reponse to the attacks on Ilhan Omar

House passes $15 federal minimum wage bill, "unlikely to pass the Republican-led Senate"

The only thing scarier than the news is Years and Years on HBO

Friendly reminder.....

The Public and the M$M trying to keep up with the vomitus of lies by the Orange Blob

Thread: After CNN was rightly criticized by experts for platforming a literal white nationalist...

Epstein denied bail!

It's Ultimatum Time GOP - You're being called out!

Trump, asked why he didn't stop the "send her back" chants, claims he did

I have received the most interesting piece of spam

Republican congressman Mike Kelly defends Trump, says, 'I'm a person of color. I'm white.'

Jon Stewart Tees Off on Rand Paul for Blocking 9/11 Victim Bill

We need some new tricks?!?!

Justice Stevens' death reminds that what's gained can be lost

Universal Music Group Asks Court to Extinguish Backlot Fire Class Action

So...ready for the MSM pundits to begin telling us why the Jim Crow South and slavery were good?

Dear Nancy, You have Your IRONCLAD Case. Trump is an Unindicted Co-Conspirator

Cartoons 7/18/19

Jared Kushner has been meeting with Trump campaign officials to discuss 2020 fundraising and spendin

NE Woman Demands Spiderman Sculpture Come Down Because She Thinks It's the Devil

Illinois gas station worker suspended after telling Latino customers 'ICE will come'

Trump says he disagrees with 'send her back' chant (UPDATED)

Many USDA workers to quit as research agencies move to Kansas City: 'The brain drain we all feared'

Did the US military cause Lyme disease? Were ticks developed as biological weapons?

Portraits of people who fled oppression exhibited in Edmonds

So, "Jews will not replace us" is not anti-semitic?

Senate Republicans accuse Google of bias after taking thousands from its PAC

Is this your $12 million? Winning lottrey ticket so far unclaimed

Does anyone here have experience in buying prescription glasses online?

The thing about impeachment is ...

Proposed high-speed rail not pie-in-the-sky idea, says WSDOT

Did extended tax break get Boeing to build 777X in Everett?

People we are in the fight of our lives

I fear the Epstein case will go away, at least in the SDNY

'That was no life': Survivor's org. helps Wash. human trafficking victims escape the 'hamster wheel'

Valvoline employee fired after using Pocahontas slur on invoice: 'This is not OK'

'You had the Nobel Prize?' Trump learns of Yazidi activist Murad

People attending KKK rallies should be identified as a public service

The orange tyrant won't go quietly

Andrew Zimmern smacks the MAGAts on Twitter

Raising their hands for Trump

Trump trying to stop the chants

Bank Repossesses 50 Alfa Romeos From Struggling Dealership

Well, that clearly went over like a lead ballon.

I'm a left leaning Jewish person. I can't stand Israeli policy.

Let's use this 'against' him:

The Electric Harley-Davidson LiveWire Is a Shockingly Fun Bid for the Future

Racists simply cannot stop demonstrating that they are, in fact, racists.

DU ers with photoshop skills

Let The Republicans vote against overwhelming evidence of election fraud.

200th firefighter dies of a 9/11-related illness: FDNY

Vegetation-covered towers create 20,000 square feet of forest.

This parrot jumps on her favorite cat's back whenever she wants to go for a walk with him 💚

Do you drive and text (or walk)?

Insurance claim denied after destructive Clearwater, FL, 11-foot gator break-in

Trump knows what he is doing

How can we be labeled socialists, but they not be labeled fascists?

Trump says that he'll try. What does "I'll try" even mean?

The real victims of the palm oil industry are orangutans.

Ticks as biological weapons - House of Representatives orders investigations

Trump's false claims about Rep. Ilhan Omar

Commentary from Columbus Councilwoman Liz Brown (Sherrod Brown's daughter):

So now the pensions for at least 10 million people are in trouble?? What the hell??

When we #FightFor15, we win. Congratulations to the House on this historic moment ...

Omar stops traffic with impromptu news conference blasting Trump

Retired Four Star General Stanley McChrystal endorses Representative Seth Moulton for President

Convenience Store Employee Fired After Telling Customers 'Go Back To Their Country'

Ilhan Omar has been in America longer than Melania.

Embattled GOP congressman ordered to stop using Marine Corps emblem after Islamophobic campaign ad

Pew: Democrats' Ratings of Party's 2020 Field: Better Than in 2016, Similar to 2008

🔥 The U.S. House of Representatives Just Passed a $15 Minimum Wage

TX-21: Wendy Davis to announce run for Congress

Trump skates on hush money payments

I'd like to see Dems in Senate put forth 2 resolutions: 1 to condemn McTurd for his obstructionism

#RacistTrump LIED about OMAR and OAC polls numbers, but they have good district poll numbers

China set to deorbit disused Tiangong 2 space lab

"Journalists must not get away with sugar coating this. This is the face of evil."

New Term: Republican Immigrants

The Longer We Delay Impeachment, the Worse This All Gets


Oh my! Trump wasn't happy about the chants from the crowd!

So.... if the Republicans claim socialism is so evil, are they ready to BAN

Senate Republican timesheet

When will the news media take the final step and tell the American people the truth about Trump?

Facebook and Google Trackers Are Showing Up on Porn Sites

Let's be very clear: he's trying to get Ilhan Omar killed

Lindsey Graham says the quiet part out loud

"And people are still arguing this was a win for Trump? Seriously?"

Donald Trump's Demagoguery Boils Over With "SEND HER BACK" Chants! #IStandWithIlhan

Remarks by Vice President Pence at the 2nd Annual Religious Freedom Ministerial

Religion is like a penis

For 59 cents, this is pretty damn good!

"They" will lie about anything .... Hey brad (parscale), the building only holds 8,000 people.

Look at this video from new challenger to McConnell! Farmer, veteran, DEMOCRAT.

Wall Street firms, not Kentuckians, are leading Mitch McConnell's campaign donations

LIMBOsevic verklempt that SHITLER "turned his back on" MAGGOTs - caved on chant

Pumpsie Green, 1st Black Player On The Boston Red Sox, Dies At 85

What on earth is wrong with people?

Bruce Laingen, Top U.S. Diplomat During Iran Hostage Crisis Dies At Age 96

Record Mid-June Greenland Heat Melted 80 Billion Tons Of Ice In Just Nine Days - NSIDC

Polish newspaper to issue 'LGBT-free zone' stickers

Kamala Harris plans 5-day Iowa bus tour

Trump's on the record attitude toward women, condensed.

Sterling Tucker, civil rights leader and pioneering D.C. politician, dies at 95

Freddie and Queen sing Ricky Nelson!

How Trump's Reelection Could Spell the End of American Democracy

You don't count the impeachment votes before the impeachment hearings, you do it after the hearings.

Where We Are

Michael Cohen sends a statement from jail via his publicist -- response to Sekulow

Elizabeth Warren, in detailed attack on private equity, unveils plan to stop 'looting' of U.S. compa

'Sesame Street,' Sally Field & Linda Ronstadt are among this year's recipients of the Kennedy...

According to trump- The U.S. shot down an Iranian drone.

THE DRAW!!!!!!!

Jeff regarding Hope Hicks

Whatever Trump says, the MSM asks his base for their reaction. However whatever any Dem says....

New "plaid shirt" type guy in MAGA crowd holds up pics "child rapist"

Here's what we know about the Russian company behind FaceApp

What did Jake tapper say????

Trump says U.S. warship destroyed Iranian drone

Prosecutors bring rare criminal charges against Ohio opioid distributor Miami-Luken

WaPo op-ed: Warren's latest plan highlights the economic hypocrisy on both sides


Midnight Oil - Beds Are Burning

Hillary was wrong

Puerto Rico is in chaos, and some worry continued instability is a major threat

Puerto Rico is in chaos, and some worry continued instability is a major threat

Three tiers of candidates for CNN's debate drawing -- DRAWING RESULTS

Poll: 68% of Americans find the "Go back" tweets offensive. 57% of Repubs agree with the tweets.

Bernie Sanders Says Biden 'Is Sounding Like Donald Trump' on Medicare for All

Unauthorized immigrants face public backlash in Mexico, survey finds

Unauthorized immigrants face public backlash in Mexico, survey finds

Scaramucci disinvited from GOP fundraiser after criticism of Trump tweets

Rep. Ilhan Omar: "I believe he is a fascist"

Alan Dershowitz Touts His 'Sexual Probity' in War of Words with Accuser's Lawyer

Latinos for Trump

I'm sharing todays ear worm.

Yes he is.

Time to fight for democracy

I feel like letting my freak flag fly

Dershowitz writes panicky op-ed in anticipation of a New Yorker 'hit piece' about him & underage...

Puerto Rico knows how to stage a protest (photos)

Philadelphia Police Department to fire 13 officers over offensive Facebook posts

Rep Jackie Speier tells the Truth about #Trumps comments on Women........

word of the day appears to be "Socialist" and/or "Radical Socialist"


Racism.... unbelievable.

Paul McCartney writes first musical, stage version of It's a Wonderful Life

What? No Ping Pong Balls?

Just released: Surprise Trailer for upcoming Top Gun sequel (coming in 2020)

Some people that attended Trumps Rally, said Lara Trump even rehearsed the Send her back chant

this was interesting to me today,

Hillary was wrong to call Trump supporters a basket of deplorables...

(Jewish Group) Using Jews to shield against accusations of racism won't work when you're antisemitic

4 Key Moments When FBI Alleged Trump Was Aware Of Hush Money Scheme

Nicolle and guests calling Ds cowards for not attacking tRump on the Send Her Home chant

Last night, I was with @IlhanMN when we heard people at Trump's rally were chanting "send her back."

I don't think democrats make themselves clear on certain issuses. For example

Virginia church hangs 'America: Love it or Leave It' sign after Trump attacks on minority congresswo

Side-by-side video of the President's claim today, and the actual chanting last night:

Restaurant in Greenville...Donates 100% of Proceeds to Help Immigrants

Here's Who Else Is Implicated In Unsealed Trump Hush Money Probe Docs

Nicole Wallace on MSNBC keeps asking

Kamala Harris plans 5-day Iowa bus tour

Top Democrats Fear Violence Against Omar After Incendiary Trump Rally

Fahrenthold: I've asked the @pga today if anything has changed after the chants of "Send her back!"

Bernie Sanders to return donations that violate pledge on private insurance and pharma money

Trump Is No George Wallace. He's Worse.

GOP Worried About Fallout from 'Send Her Back' Chants

Another e scooter death in Atlanta...

House Dems warn Omar in 'imminent danger' after Trump rally chants

The slide to Fascism. Trump must be stopped now!

Brain-Damaging Pesticide Kept In Fruits & Vegetables By U.S. EPA

Last night, Bernie Sanders had dinner with Ilhan Omar

Who's afraid of Donald Trump?

O'Hare Standoff: Border Patrol Detaining Three Children Of Undocumented Parents

Pete Buttigieg hires former Goldman Sachs executive as national policy director

O'Hare Standoff: Border Patrol Detaining Three Children Of Undocumented Parents

Trump receives international award.

Stanford launches investigation after noose found on campus: 'I was just distraught'

What's for Dinner, Thurs., July 18, 2019

I was going to make a bitter joke about how Trump has finally gone too far!!!!

2016 was never about economic anxiety

Marc Lotter

I was pretty pessimistic about my veg garden, this year, but all was not lost

Four Pinocchios for Trump's claim he tried to stop 'Send her back!' chant about Omar

Neighbors call police on eleven year old kid selling Ice Cold Beer

Debate: Is Universal Healthcare Really Cheaper?

Was that Peter Alexander (in for the Toad) absolutely grilling Trump campaign rep Marc Lotter?

GESTAPO TACTICs-CBP holding 3 American citizen children hostage at O'Hare Airport

☎️ Scam Alert 🚨

Send Him Back!!

Link to Judge Berman's order keeping Epstein in custody..

Assange, Cohen, GRU, and the Big Con...

McConnell Is Nation's Most Unpopular Senator

West Virginia residents using wasp spray as meth alternative

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 19 July 2019

DPRK Diplomat reportedly alive after South Korea said Kim Jong Un Killed Him- not the first time

Why Not Double Impeach?

Civil war, Race war...whatever you call it...Ugly And Dangerous

Trump's base includes the people who are *still* upset the Confederacy lost the civil war

I Think We Have Our Answer About Whether The SDNY Has Drunk The Cool-Aid or Not.

Last Month Was the Hottest June on Earth Ever Recorded

AOC Questions DHS Head Kevin McAleenan on Facebook 'Rape Memes'

Rep. Ilhan Omar calls Trump a 'fascist'

39% of independent voters support Trump's handling of migrant children in concentration camps

Want to watch Mayor Pete LIVE in Detroit?

🔥 The 99: Minimum Wage, Medicare for All and the Media

Just a friendly reminder.

I have no more tears left to cry.

Trump directly involved in talks that led to Stormy Daniels payment, FBI says

Jet2 sends big bill to passenger for flight return to London

Randi Rhodes if anyone is interested

Best news of the day...Judge Bermans decision

New Charges in Stormy Daniels Hush-Money Inquiry Are Unlikely, Prosecutors Signal

The Con answer to have you ever partied with JE...?

Rep Ilhan Omar returns to Minnesota...

David Corn: Donald Trump's Politics of Hate Began With a "Cynical and Evil" GOP Memo

McDonald's Worker Busted For Dousing Drive-Thru Customer With Large Soft Drink

DU investigators: Who is the man in video entering mar a lago with

You can choose six actors for the ultimate film noir. Whom do you select...?

It's time to treat Trump and the Republican Party like the cancer they have become

'It Makes Us Want to Support Him More'

Getting Dressed in the 18th Century - The Brunswick

Even by usual police standards, this is REALLY fuckin' shady...

This is an old article from The Guardian, but it says the NHS is doing some pretty extreme rationing

Elena Kagan Says She'll Never Accept Supreme Court's Partisan Gerrymandering Ruling

24 Democrats are running for president. Voters and donors like only five

7,800 police in Philippines punished for deadly drug raids

Trump Is Running Out of Time to Denuclearize North Korea

One 30 second clip that proves Trump is lying about his reaction to the "send her back!" chants

Philippine police file sedition case against vice president

'Smurfs' Director Raja Gosnell Takes On 'Santa: The Adventure Begins'

Census forms with a citizenship question are being mailed to residents

What it's gonna feel like in much of the USA in the next few days:

2020 US Senate Elections- US Senators likely to be defeated due to recent job approval ratings.

Good OP Ed "Trump Voters Are Not the Only Voters They are, in fact, in the minority -- so why....

Rep Welch's stance on Impeachment

Ted Danson To Star In L.A. Mayor Comedy Series From Tina Fey & Robert Carlock At NBC

It's Not A Racist Bone-It's A BoneSpur...

Dangerous heat wave blankets the country

Please somebody show this to him.

No Justice.

Mitch McConnell Is The Only Senator More Unpopular Than Susan Collins

Sam Greenfield has a question for Donald Trump

As soon as Trump said he doesn't agree with the chant

Top Biden Campaign Aide, Was a Health-Care Lobbyist

William Barr gave Senate GOP a ton of cash just months before they voted to confirm him

KyoAni fire: arson attack at Kyoto Animation studio in Japan

07/19 Mike Luckovich: Welcome back to Slovenia

GOP wants commitment that Trump will sign budget deal

Trump's Racist Attack on the Squad & A Raid on Area 51 The Daily Show

Kyoto Animation fire: Arson attack at Japan anime studio kills 33

Mitch McConnell Has Another Challenger

'Send Her Back' Is Trump's Most Honest Campaign Slogan

Whew! I sure had an arrogant sumbitch in my exam room just now.

Lindsey Graham claims 'send her back' chant isn't racist because Ilhan Omar is a Trump critic

Democratic U.S. Rep. Larsen: Time to impeach President Trump

Land Of Lincoln Goodwill Gives Workers with Disabilities Their Jobs Back

trump pals around with sex trafficking rapists

Teen Creates App To Track Ticks After Contracting Lyme Disease In Missouri

Teen Creates App To Track Ticks After Contracting Lyme Disease In Missouri

So Ask the Question Already!

Commentary: Trump's attacks warrant his impeachment

Did the crowd just organically just begin chanting

Trump Puts More GOP Money In His Own Pocket During Another Million-Dollar Golf Trip

Sanders campaign slams Harris over refusal to admit 'Medicare-for-all' means higher taxes

In case you missed the KKK rally last night in North Carolina, here are the highlights.

Tapper: The President told a demonstrable lie

There is a Barr on the door

Campaign Workers For Stephen Smith, In West Virginia, Vote To Unionize

At 8PM on CNN they do the draw of how the twenty democratic

Campaign Workers For Stephen Smith, In West Virginia, Vote To Unionize by NH Labor News

I just witnessed a Jeopardy blunder