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"OK, thanks ..."

Update list:100 House Dems favor an Inquiry.

Looking for a boost, Beto O'Rourke to try new strategy in second debate

AFT President Randi Weingarten: I'm very impressed by Pete Buttigieg's new plan

Looking for a boost, Beto O'Rourke to try new strategy in second debate

The fucker is going to be impeached

From the House Judiciary Dems

the nation (world) needs us to get Rump's COMPLETE tax returns

"He's taking his ball and going home."

Hammer & Trunkle

Moscow Mitch Received Donations from Voting Machine Lobbyists Before Blocking Dem Voting Bills

We are African Americans, we are patriots, and we refuse to sit idly by

Fox News Legal Analyst Torches Trump For Unleashing 'Torrent Of Hatred'

This Newfound Alien Planet Has 3 Suns

17 People Who Struggle Under The Weight Of Their Own Genius

Video: Bernie Sanders full interview - Pod Save America

Emails Show DeVos Aides Pulled Strings for Failing For-Profit Colleges

Official: Arizona to resume executions after 5-year hiatus

Need to release some stress? Lightening Hopkins and Bill Bizor will Oblige!

We are African Americans, we are patriots, and we refuse to sit idly by

What could possibly go wrong?

Environmentalists, tribes blast Utah national monument plan

Biden campaign taunts Trump with recent Fox News poll

The IRS turned over Nixon's tax returns on the same day they were requested.

Former CVS Employee Pleads Guilty To Stealing Over $2 Million Dollars Worth Of Diabetic Test Strips

Diver Gets Super Excited When She Meets This Giant Jellyfish

Can we go to paper ballots in the next election? I hope the question isn't too ridiculous, but...nt the reason we must legislate control over SC and other federal judges.

Tribe at center of pipeline protests launches solar farm

People of color are embracing self-care, activism after Trump's latest racist tweets

United States Files $100 Million Civil Complaint Against Digital Currency Exchange BTC-e And Chief

Can States sue and investigate McConnell?

Georgia election officials accused of destroying evidence

I'm bawling and I need to vent.

Vaccines Make Adults

Mexican Americans faced racial terror from 1910-1920

Four Florida Men Sentenced In Connection With Multi-Million Dollar Fraud Against Xerox Corporation

If You Own a Cell Phone, You Should Worry About the T-Mobile-Sprint Deal

America's harshest immigration judge is a Clinton appointed Democrat

Vallejo Man Sentenced to 4 Years in Prison for Multimillion Dollar Mortgage and Foreclosure Rescue

Virginia's November 2019 Elections May Finally Cement Its Status As A Blue State

Cardinal Ortega, former archbishop of Havana, dies at 82

Equifax breach

Seth Abramson....

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! How I Learned to Stop Worrying and

Friday Talking Points -- #MoscowMitch

🔥 Rally with Bernie in Santa Monica - (Parts 1 and 2)

Francisco Erwin Galicia, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE.

Several Guatemalan boys were denied visas to attend a U-15 soccer championship in the US

Grumpy Susan Collins Gets OWNED By Hilarious New Ad

Bodybuilding sheriff's lieutenant pleads no contest to workers comp fraud

The Secret Redwood Forest a family guarded for 100 years

Protests to support Colombia's social leaders held in more than 100 cities worldwide

Welcome to Boris Johnson's government of all the lobbyists

NEVADA poll: Biden 29%, Sanders 23%, Warren 11.5%, Harris 10.5%, Buttigieg 6%

Queen Elizabeth snubs Boris Johnson's girlfriend for palace visit: She takes 'a dim view of adultery

When did the Republican Party become a wholly owned subsidiary of the Russian oligarchy?

Is Colombia cooking the books on mass killing of former paramilitaries?

At least 102 in congress support impeachment.

Haunting Photo Captures Guatemalan Mother Begging Soldier To Let Her Into U.S.

Is Trump trying to beef up his Wine sales?

I have a confession

Mr Winters

Supreme Court is illegitimate, either impeach them or increase the size.

Fox News' Shepard Smith Smacks Down Trump Tweets Trashing Fox: 'The Polls Were Accurate'

Charlie Parker

Nick Sandman's lawsuit against the Washington Post has been dismissed.

How Beto O'Rourke plans to turn things around in next week's Democratic debate

How Beto O'Rourke plans to turn things around in next week's Democratic debate

Phase III: The Republican Southern Strategy Goes National.


Denny Sanford gives UCSD $100M for landmark studies of empathy, compassion

Early 70's jazz Watermelon man. herbie hancock

San Diego firefighter overtime exceeds $46 million

Question for our Legalists about SCotUS: How did this ruling about the wall happen today?!

PBS: Why House Democrats are choosing now to launch impeachment investigation

Trump calls for investigation into Obama's "book deal". Trump is scared. Very Scared!

Donald "I love Wikileaks" Trump

Laughs, screams, twirls: a Cory Booker selfie line

Judge cuts $2 billion award for couple with cancer to $86.7 million in Roundup lawsuit

I'm not an Andrew Yang supporter, but I love this tweet of his:

Debbie Harry with Blondie sings "From Russia With Love" in front of a certain graphic.

Fed assessment: LBJ facility & Infrastructure "is in a state of failure"

This is one of the cornerstones of our democracy: "Governments are instituted among men,

Sarah Huckabee Sanders did not stop lying for long:

Guatemala agrees to new migration measures to avoid Trump sanctions threat

Guatemala agrees to new migration measures to avoid Trump sanctions threat

Robert Reich: The Real Reason for Impeachment

Tweet of the night:

Factbox: Trump impeachment backed by 40% of U.S. House Democrats

Trump's whiny threat to "investigate Obama" is the political equivalent of

Pic Of The Moment: Trump Says It's Unfair That Democrats Aren't Investigating Obama's Book Deal

AZ Republican Warns the U.S. Will Soon 'Look Like South American Countries'

I love this photo. Al and Tipper dancing in Clinton, Iowa 1999

126 Verified Contacts Between Russians And Trump Campaign

Uh Oh

When did the House Authorize an Impeachment Investigation? A: June 11, 2019, HR 430.

And some know where Pluto is....

A Tale Of Two Vacations

WTF...shouldn't he be in isolation under suicide watch...??

Brexit explained by way of "Simon's Cat" gif:

Seth Meyers - Rudy Giuliani Is Serving as President Trump's Lawyer for Free - Monologue - 7/25/19

Brexit explained by way of "Simon's Cat" gif:

Tweet of the Day

Heard on tv tonite, dotard claims Mueller investigation was treason.

They aren't the party that's full of racists

Graphic - Woman gives birth in taxi/Uber and driver is a total pro - Graphic

Orthodox 'Feastday of the Transfiguration' lectionary from

Booker: 'These men got the best haircuts of their lives (maybe I'm biased!)'

Democrats Seek Mueller's Grand Jury Material

North Korea Has Ramped Up Its Nuclear Arsenal

Proud Dad here.

The Alan Parsons Project: 'Games People Play'

Juul's CEO and a Stanford researcher, under oath, disagree on a crucial conversation

Rep AOC opened up about her dad's battle with lung cancer in hearing on Affordable Healthcare

Orthodox Christianity: 'Psalm 102 (103)'' chanted in English

The Obama book scandal

Lena Park - Rain falling on Yongdong Bridge

Orthodox Christianity: 'Psalm 134' chanted by monastics of a Greek monastery

Jimmy Kimmel Live: We Need to Talk About Rudy Giuliani's Hair

I'm very serious about fitness.

Drownings Are On The Rise As Tourism Surges In Hawaii

Honolulu Sends Warning Letters To 5,000 Owners Of Suspected Illegal Rentals

Ige Veto Means Some Eligible Patients Still Can't Get Medical Cannabis Legally

Mitch McConnell is a Russian asset (WP)

Education Think Tank Sues The DOE For Financial Data

Stadium vendor hit with big fine for repeatedly selling alcohol to minors

Dozens of TMT supporters turn out for rally

How to stay high and dry...

'Taste of Malaysia' with Martin Yan, PBS

Hansen Helicopters attorneys ask to throw out warrants, evidence in helicopter fraud case

It is time, we need to go after the media

GovGuam could end up with $38M more in revenue than projected for 2019

Orthodox Christianity: "Lord, make haste to help me!"

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 7/26/19

Ferry workers strike continues; State says strike 'illegal'

wang chung - dancehall days - 12" remix version (studio-1984) so much better than the original ...

'Gut fish, not Alaska': Totem pole ridicules Trump and Dunleavy

House to meet on Monday for crucial vote

Puff, puff passed: Juneau Assembly OKs onsite pot smoking

I think I "heard it on the X"

Pelosi: Our Founders designed a democracy governed by the people -- not a monarchy.

'We're gonna be out on the streets': Anchorage readies for a homeless crisis

Alaska House absences draw attention

Moody's sees negative outlook for Alaska's credit rating

Western Alaskans concerned about Graphite One project's impact on subsistence

University of Alaska regents vote to declare financial exigency

Galvin tries again to unseat Young

State warns striking ferry workers of loss of health coverage

'Unprecedented': more than 100 Arctic wildfires burn in worst ever season

Hundreds of Alaska children expected to lose access to pre-K under governor's budget veto

The hopper hops: Starship development hits milestone with brief flight

Talking with the grandson I knew you were coming so I stocked up cheese and shrimp

July 27 - Happy Birthday Rep. Lacy Clay (D) MO-1st, born in 1956

The official cocktail of the GOP

Tercero's $13.1M judgement against Texas Southmost College reduced to $1

Nadler challenger targets him on Trump impeachment

Steel Dynamics to build $1.9B mill in Sinton, Texas

Greta Van Susteren: ''Whether you are for/against @SenSanders ...this is just plain rude.''

Photo: Bernie with Santa Monica Rally Volunteers

Hong Kong protests: Police fire tear gas at Yuen Long rally

Officials work to finalize deal for $100M cruise terminal in Galveston

How much effort are you putting in to adapting to climate change?

Why We're Moving Forward With Impeachment

Clipboarding for Beto - Marion, Iowa

So far, my fishing line fence is keeping the deer out of the garden.

Louisiana detective sues Moody Gardens in Galveston over collapsed palm tree

South Korea balcony collapses, killing 2 and injuring 16, including 3 California water polo players

Dialysis Firm Cancels $524,600.17 Medical Bill After Journalists Investigate

Trump blames White House air conditioning on Obama

Federal Court Again Slams Texas Republicans for Intentional Discrimination

Kind, smart, determined, and tough as hell. That's Kamala Harris.

Now this asshole has gone too far

Where's the outrage??? The military is being plundered for political points.

Beer for Beto in Austin

Opera Star David Daniels Indicted For Sexual Assault In Texas

As Bob Murray Hosts Shitstain Fundraiser In WV, Mitch McConnell Blows Off KY Miners W. Black Lung

Unless Democrats wake up, history could repeat itself

The con man with the keys to the kingdom

Trump has already returned to his lie of "no collusion, no obstruction, no anything"...

Losing a Lifeline -- What Happened when Milam County's Two Hospitals Closed

''Ignorance and prejudice are the handmaidens of propaganda''

Arctic Fires Produced As Much Carbon In June As Sweden Does In A Year; Now Peat Fires Growing

Keep the pressure on.

Pelosi: "She'll cut your head off and you won't even know you're bleeding" - Daughter Alexandra

The Emmett Till memorial where the frat students posed is gone. A bulletproof sign will replace it s

Desperate for workers, aging Japan turns to robots for healthcare

Can you hear the Chants of 'Lock Him Up' 'Lock Him Up'...?

57 years ago Grandpop won this monopoly game and that's why you start with $220 million

Traffax report from the patio

Atlantic puffins stand among daisies on Skomer Island, Pembrokeshire, Wales

You raised $165.00 on July 26, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

Just gonna leave this here....

Hong Kong police fire tear gas after protesters defy ban

The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming!

Trump golf club in Bronx posts first loss since its opening

Are we getting closer to this point?

Campaign workers for WV gubernatorial candidate Stephen Smith unionize

Distraction politics is the name of the game...

Beware of the despair, distractions, and minimization

You cannot be President of the United States and do business with foreign countries and entities.

#RacistTrump is up early and is #cyberbullying Elijah Cummings ...........

Judge dismisses libel suit against Washington Post brought by Covington Catholic High School Student


Pit Bull and His Mom Go on a Road Trip to Meet Farm Animals

Fox News poll: AOC and Ilhan Omar have a higher favorable rating in the U.S. than Mitch McConnell.

Elephants in Meru National Park

Breakfast Saturday. 27 July 2019

Nadler, "Today we made clear to the court that we are considering impeachment ... "

Sad but brilliant - Seals of the President

There is another fart in the wind. Will the MSM chase it? BOOKGATE!

The Trumps

Fugelsang speaks the truth:

ICYMI: The cost of Trump's tariffs has fallen 'entirely' on US businesses and households: Goldman

Hallmark adds fall mysteries, more musical Christmas movies

Kamala has a message for Kyrah: You belong.

Democrats Need To Take The Gloves Off

Can we arrange to swap Trump for Boris?

Cook Political Report moves TX CD 22 from lean republican to toss up

America -- love it, leave it, or take a huge shit on large portions of it if they don't vote for you.

Joe Manchin questions China's promised $84 billion investment in Wv: 'Something doesn't make sense..

Russian Police Arrest Hundreds At Moscow Election Protest

Weekend TOONs - GOP Has A Plan For That

France Won't Scrap Tax On Tech Giants, Despite Trump Threats

How Fox News Covered Michelle Obama vs. Melania Trump NowThis

The Con's Entire Story About the Economy Fell Apart This Week

Republicans reject "socialist" policies to their own detriment

CT Uber driver ordered to stay away from teen

Epstein's "clients"

House Judiciary Dems: We've Already Begun Impeachment Probe Against Trump The 11th Hour

Bridgeport, CT, cop faces sex assault charges

Iran tanker standoff: Tehran releases nine crew of Mt Riah vessel

Teenagers' trail of mayhem across Canada leads to wilds of Manitoba

"Wikileaks is Like a Treasure Trove" Donald Trump 2016 MSNBC

So now we're shorting the military to shore up a bogus promise

Scottish rape suspect thought to have faked his death in California arrested

US-born teen in border custody for 23 days sues government

A timely quote from some "anonymous" source:

Doe at the salt lick.

Boris Johnson yet to make a phone call to Irish PM Leo Varadkar

Russian Hackers Could Access U.S. Voter Data MSNBC

Trump Republican aiming to unseat Ilhan Omar charged with felony theft..

Does anyone else think the whole toilet paper over thing is a myth created by cats?

I think the CONSERVATIVE PRESS tipped their hand

"Crime Infested" - Please Watch This

Cummings Responds

For Beto O'Rourke, will Tuesday be opportunity or calamity?

Read this. Read the whole thing.

Ratt - Round And Round

Trumper partners with illegal massage parlor, hits woman reporter

Soccer/football is descibed as "the beautiful game"

Tequila fans with Costco memberships

Does anyone use Bot Sentinel app to remove trolls/bots on your Twitter?

Sanders preps Canadian prescription drug run: Americans getting 'ripped off'

Racist Nasty Wanker Dissembling 101...

North Korean saber-rattling dims euphoria of Trump's DMZ meeting

When ready, the Democrats could START with the three articles of impeachment brought against Nixon.

Moscow Mitch cannot be allowed to install even one more reicht wing judge.

Trump will speak at Jamestown event marking 400 years of representative government

Kamala's campaign adopted Baltimore as it's home (Trump trash-tweeted Baltimore this morning)

Garden Visitor

This got lost in the news; had it hit; it would have triggered trump to end the world

De Lorians - Daytona

The Power Station - Communication

A question for those that support Sanders or Warren?

OMG! It just occurred to me that Moscow Mitch could...

MSNBC's Anti-Sanders Bias Makes It Forget How to Do Math

Ah, Amerika's utes

Kim Pil- Love too painful to have been love

The most crime, rat, and rodent infested place in the USA

"Flowers can hear buzzing bees--and it makes their nectar sweeter"

Climate Change reckoning in the Midwest - CBS News

Lena Park- Sweet 달아요

Hundreds arrested at Moscow election protest: "Russia will be free!"

So THAT'S how they do it so perfectly !!

Something is very wrong and very broken.

Lena Park- In a Dream 꿈에

'Mass brawl' breaks out on P&O cruise ship Britannia due to clown fancy dress

My guess is Trump's DC Hotel has a big problem with real Rodents too, and Trump just found out.

Why Trump needs foreign government electoral interference to be a possibility:

Pam Bondi, former Florida AG who dropped Trump U fraud case after receiving $25k is a foreign agent


Henry "family recital"

Wildfire worries for Western Washington this weekend


Trump sparks outrage with derogatory tweets about Rep. Elijah Cummings

Why We're Moving Forward With Impeachment

Want to fight climate change? Have fewer children.

Coast Guard unloads 26,000 pounds of cocaine seized from Pacific

"Prince" Henry & Shin Ji Ho

Trump Dollar Declarations Show U.S. Currency Move Still in Play

Danny Glover campaigning for Bernie in lowcountry

Prosecutors in Roger Stone Case Ask to Show 'Godfather Part II' Clip

Seattle DOT to ask for $9 million to advance city's streetcar project

US manufacturing is in a 'technical recession.' How worried should we be?

CNN Anchor Victor Blackwell Breaks Down On Camera After Trump Attack On His Home District

UN Quietly becoming a public-private partnership.

Foreign actors fomenting distrust in our institutions via message boards

Hate-filled invective? No, it's an impassioned warning

As major changes come to Northgate, a look back at the country's (almost) first mall's history

Gravitational fields, silkworm excrement, and "putor" programs. In a peer-reviewed journal.

Beware the blitz of Social Security scam phonecalls

Profiles in Crazy, XCVII. . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

Science 1 Religion -1...

Cartoons 7/27/19

Anybody who lives in the IL 16th District:

Isolated And Struggling, Many Seniors Are Turning To Suicide

Kamala Harris offers blueprint for the presidency, wants relevant policy, not "a beautiful sonnet."

How could anyone be dumb enough to vote for Trump?

Malcolm Nance Warns Mitch McConnell Is Trying To End Free And Fair Elections In America

Why are ads to help build the Trump wall

Giuliani Says He Had to Borrow From Trump Lawyer to Pay Taxes

My new nickname for Trump: King Nothing

We Need A One Page Two Sided Bullet Pointed Description Of Trump's.....

Our little dog just died

Donald Trump represents the opposite of everything I was taught to value - by Republicans.

These North Carolina residents were successful at scaring some bear cubs from their dog's food bowl.

Trump MAGAts wanted for murder:

43 years ago today, on July 27th, 1976, John Lennon was issued a Green Card

An old 19th century textbook I have on mineralogy opens with this sentence:

Document Link: Former staffer files unfair labor practices charge against Sanders campaign

Pelosi slams Trump's 'racist attacks' on Cummings

Here's a dead simple, 100% foolproof way to fight climate change

Hungary's military summer youth camps

Epstein case: judge agrees to keep documents on 2008 plea deal secret

Cover story of TIME: What Do the Democrats Stand For? Inside a Fight Over America's Future

He's updating that.

A recent story about an old German boy choir sex abuse scandal

Black rag dolls designed to be slammed against walls to make owners 'feel better' are pulled

Federal court strikes down Fish and Wildlife permit for Atlantic Coast Pipeline.

From The Atlantic: Impeachment, But Without the Moral Clarity

Mayor of Baltimore responds

A good friend was just diagnosed

The MAGA voter revealed...

Since Mitch McConnell has

Trump administration rejects Utah request for partial Medicaid funding

ICE is arresting way more immigrants without criminal records -- especially in Florida

This is an amazing forum

Booker chases breakout moment by going after Biden

tRump, is absolutely King of the Assholes in the entire Universe. What a disgusting person.

Tim Ryan announces economic plan to boost manufacturing

ahem......About voting.......

Science or Religion - You Choose.

Orphaned Elephants Reunite With Friends

What's for Dinner, Sat., July 27, 2019

Democrat Bashers Last Week vs. This Week

Hopefully, this one statement will unify everyone against Trump.

Moscow Mitch

2 US Teenagers admit to killing Police Officer in Rome, Officials say

Moscow's youth are tired of Putin's corruption...

tweet of the hour

Michelle Obama with a hat tip to Baltimore:

Elijah Cummings Humiliates Trump With Class In Response To Racism

Woman Finds Rooster On Her Hike And Saves His Life

Macroscopic multicellular organisms from 1.56 billion years ago

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

2019 Horse Racing - 2019 King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Qipco Stakes

Joe Bonamassa "Asking Around For You" Royal Albert Hall 2009

None of our current dilemma would be possible without turtle in place

Italian middle school orchestra does Zappa

MARC, VRE say on-time performance has dropped, cite increase in CSX trains as one factor

Some West Virginia state employees to get pay raises under new schedule

Joe Bonamassa - Mountain Time - Royal Albert Hall Live 2009

Alabama in Space Discovering Alabama .

Andrew Yang Thinks It's "Ridiculous" How Some People Believe Atheists Are Less Moral

Federal court strikes down Fish and Wildlife permit for Atlantic Coast Pipeline

Truck Driver stopped for using red sports drink bottle in place of tail-light

2020 Democrats shine, offering plans to boost workers and end racial disparities

I'd really like to find/receive THIS birthday card...!

N. Korea says missile test was warning to South 'warmongers'

Interesting question....

Lawmakers OK tax break for struggling coal-fired power plant

Bidding process set for bankrupt US coal operator Blackjewel

Another senate seat I am contributing to...

66 Nature and the Arts Discovering Alabama

Democratic governors sound alarm on Trump reelection

Poll: No impeachment bump after Mueller's testimony

Paddleboats, Whitewater Rafting and Scuba Diving -- in the Mountains? Yep -- Inside Appalachia

The Arctic's on fire and now it's going to be hit by a heat wave

Update: at least 105 congress members support impeachment.

In Douchebag News: Judge Dismisses $250 Million Lawsuit From MAGA Teen (Nick the Dick Sandmann)

Waste Only - How The Plastics Industry Is Fighting To Keep Polluting The World

Judge Approves Contura Proposal to Bid for 3 Blackjewel Mines

Judge Approves Contura Proposal to Bid for 3 Blackjewel Mines

My Uber Driver

Have any of our fearless Republican Congresspeople said anything to show disagreement with

Why the sudden vicious 'dogwhistle' attacks on Cummings?

Trump's Inhumanity Before a Victim of Rape

Man asks Trump critic if he knows Baltimore and has seen The Wire

100 years ago, white mobs across the country attacked black people. And they fought back

Wilmot Collins!

Robert Mueller's testimony was too dry, to lacking in "optics" for the US corporate media,

Is it only me, or do you do this too?

Newlywed swept away in Alaska trying to reach 'Into the Wild' bus

Judge weighs ordering switch to paper ballots in Georgia

Sources confirm multiple women accuse Sanders

Trump calls rep.'s Baltimore district a 'disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess'

Have we ever had a president so abusive to his fellow man?

One of my friends Great Rants.

Florida Court Rules Vertical Integration Is Unconstitutional - Are Big Changes Coming To The Sunshin

IRS is going after cryptocurrency users with warning letters about back taxes

Elijah Cummings Appreciation Thread

List of Repubublicans who have condemned Trump's racist attack on their colleague, Elijah Cummings

House Judiciary holds Dotard accountable!

Rep Schiff: Rep Cummings is a better man than Trump will ever be, & that's what threatens potus

DoorDash Is Proof of How Easy It Is to Exploit Workers When Their Boss Is an Algorithm

Former Clay High, UF swimmer Caeleb Dressel wins 3 more gold medals

The Election.. Why Mitch McConnell is doing nothing about the attempt

Likely Democratic Nominee for all US Senate seats up in 2020.

does the SCOTUS wall funding decision mean...........

Seth tweet - BREAKING NEWS: Trump Campaign Concedes Trump Voters Are Racist

Beekeeping, Day 81 "Nuc update and an old queen cell"

I have a HP Inspiron 15 3521 that, after years of steady use now

Get back...QUICK

Some excellent flat-top pickin'..

Gov. DeSantis signs off on new fossil-fuel power plant, despite environmental outcry

They're immigrants. Their kids are US citizens. And they're scared

Russia detains over 1,000 in opposition crackdown

Woman files $1 million lawsuit against Flower Mound megachurch, alleging neglect in sexual assault

Just an odd thought about my current feelings and an elevator

2019 Horse Racing - 2019 Jim Dandy Stakes

Trump is gradually losing what he has left of his impulse control.

Dear White House, this is because we stand with Rep. Elijah Cummings

"If a Democrat ever talked about rural (I mean REAL) America the way that ...

7 weeks after Dallas crane collapse, homes are still off-limits for fed-up apartment residents

Trump slams 'rat-infested' district - but his own restaurant had a rodent problem.

In 2018, Health Inspectors Found Evidence Of Vermin At Trump Tower's Restaurant

What's with Kappa Alpha fraternity?--IIRC it was called the Confederate fraternity yrs ago

After two decades of negotiations, Florida votes to buy land to protect Wakulla Springs

Supreme court is getting more like RUMP

If Donald Trump spanks Elaine Chao, Would Mitch McConnell turn on Trump?

We need to take off the "kid gloves" with the Republicans. We need to stand up to the bullies.

John Waters responds to Trump.

Beto O'Rourke makes Sioux Center stop

Sharon Tate's sister wept at Margot Robbie's Once Upon a Time in Hollywood portrayal