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Archives: July 30, 2019

Re-branding time!1 Senator TURTLE is now Senator Moscow TURTLE!1

DOJ restricts asylum claims based on family relations

Bernie Sanders says Sen. Kamala Harris' healthcare plan, ... is not ''Medicare For All.''

Trump Can't Stop Calling People of Color Who Criticize Him Racist

Trump Escalates Baltimore Attacks With Rambling Press Conference Tearing Into Edgar Allan Poe

Ah well the Con 'done gone' and made folks dig up the stories about

How John Ratcliffe Nailed His Audition to Become Trump's New Intelligence Chief

Dear Special Princess Czarina Ivanka Trump Kusher, let me start at FUCK YOU

The Gilroy Garlic Fest Shooter Plugged a White Power Manifesto on Instagram

Sir Terry Pratchett: Shaking Hands with Death

Sanders says Kamala Harris' health care plan is 'not Medicare for All'

Mining company spills 10,000 gallons of oil into Chile's Patagonia

Warren is now polling ahead of Bernie in RCP national

Email from Yang Campaign

Email from Yang Campaign

NASA's TESS Telescope Spots 2 'Missing Link' Exoplanets (and a Super Earth, Too!)

Rand Paul Offers to Buy Ticket to Somalia for Omar

It Was Third Parties That Sunk Clinton

Glyphosate Banned In Austria As More Countries Become Aware Of Weed Killer Poison

Land, environmental activist killings surge in Guatemala: report

Intel officials worry Trump's pick for top spy will politicize the job

Philippines is deadliest country for defenders of environment

Getting Out of Jail After Dark Can Be Dangerous--and Sometimes Deadly

Do you know this man? Mysterious marble bust unearthed in Brownfield backyard (Maine)

Retrace the Apollo 11 moonwalks - without leaving Minnesota

Biden announces 29 Maryland endorsements.

Biden announces 29 Maryland endorsements.

Sarah Parcak: 'Imagine being able to zoom in from space to see a pottery shard!'

How do you learn Windows 10 quickly

Jeff Koterba's latest cartoon: Sticking point for diabetics

Ethiopia plants 350m trees in a day to help tackle climate crisis

At a fucking GARLIC festival. With inflatable bounce houses. Kid games. Fun. A LEGALLY purchased gun

Mitch McConnell Lashes Out At Critics Who Called Him A 'Russian Asset'

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Don

National Security Capital One says data breach affected 100 million credit card applications

OMG... I was overliked at dinner by the couple at the next table.

RATcliffe is another damn liar

China calls for Hong Kong to swiftly punish 'radical' protesters

Trump wants impeachment to seem like it's about race rather than collusion and obstruction.

Will Amy McGrath use the phrase Moscow Mitch?

Trumporn -- Better With Sound Off

Trucking School Owner and President Pleads Guilty in $4.2 Million Fraud for Collecting Tuition for

California has strict gun laws. Here's how the Gilroy gunman evaded them

Has to be over a million to get attention...and over several days

Trump billionaire friend Tom Barrack aimed to profit from Mideast nuclear deal: Democrats

Trump billionaire friend Tom Barrack aimed to profit from Mideast nuclear deal: Democrats

I like so much about Elizabeth Warren,

U.S. judge blocks Medicaid work requirements in New Hampshire

To my DU friends - people of color:

Little Known Black History Fact: Arturo Schomburg

Top Defector Tells of Spying, Stealing and Mutiny in Venezuela

Conservative Democratic Ringleader Josh Gottheimer Gets A Progressive Challenger

Information Technology Consultant Convicted Of Multimillion-Dollar Kickback Scheme

Stephen Miller....Stephen Miller....Stephen Miller

Company building Bowdoin's new dorms accused of illegal labor practices

Didja know "troika" came from "triumvirate"? - fitting for us today: Turtle, Rand PAUL, TheLindsey

I am considering converting an old Win 10 HP laptop to Linux. Opinions?

Automakers, Colorado reach deal on zero-emission vehicle mandate

Automakers, Colorado reach deal on zero-emission vehicle mandate

I feel for the rat.

A Wisconsin lawmaker who's paralyzed isn't allowed to call into meetings/

Losing Coats likely means losing the new appointee to oversee election security he created. nt

When is Trump going to start calling them untermenschen?

Japanese computer parts maker NHK Spring pleads guilty to price-fixing, agrees to fine

***J. Nadler on Lawrence show, coming up, MSNBC.

Goodyear plant conditions raise concerns about Mexican labor reforms - U.S. lawmakers

Goodyear plant conditions raise concerns about Mexican labor reforms - U.S. lawmakers

7/29 Morning Consult poll, NATIONAL: Biden 33%, Sanders 18%, Warren 13%, Harris 12%

7/29 Morning Consult poll, EARLY PRIMARY STATES: Biden 34%, Sanders 18%, Harris 13%, Warren 11%

Baltimore 7th Grader Now National Chess Champion.

Alan Dershowitz doubles down on...lowering the age of consent to 15

After Trump aced cognitive test, doctor who wrote it says it's being misused

I guess it's because I'm white!

Eugene Robinson is just so...damned...GOOD. He NAILS it every time.

Massive data breach hits Capital One affecting more than 100 million customers

8th CBC member backing Kamala Harris

Chairman Nadler coming up on Lawrence

Shitty Orwell Theatre Presents: We Have Always Been at War with Baltimore, and Other Tales (Ferret)

500,000 kids will lose free school lunch under Sadist Sick Fuck's administration plan

Comments due today - Help keep Commerce City neighborhoods from becoming an industrial zone

Trump's latest immigration move might be his most dangerous

Trump's latest immigration move might be his most dangerous

Former PA congressman Pat Murphy endorses Buttigieg for president

Moscow Mitch, say it far and wide, make it a hashtag on Twitter.

"You Know Where She Stands": Is Elizabeth Warren the One?

Time to Bind tRump tonight...

CBP is separating families on the basis of HIV status, even though it's against the law

Man sets alarm 30 min. early for more snuggle time

NYT Op Ed: The Real Problem With Trump's Rallies

When you pull back the curtain

Jury: Katy Perry's 'Dark Horse' copied Christian rap song

Wart (What is it good for?)

Trump: Billions of dollars given to Baltimore "stolen or wasted. Ask Elijah Cummings where it went."

At a restaurant. FOX was on. Muted with subtitles. Horrifying. I truly

Trump is pissed at Cummings for exposing his Saudi nuclear deals.

The issue of guns, NRA and NRA members really highlights the divide here

It isn't just tRump

Instagram account connected to Gilroy shooter pushed staple of white supremacist internet forums

Trump's Bronx golf course loses money

Report claims misconduct by Palestine refugee agency leaders

Lawrence O'Donnell reports the count for impeachment is 109.

GOP senator introduces resolution to formally condemn socialism

Warren Mood

Accused 9/11 mastermind open to role in victims' lawsuit if not executed

Chicago: 2 Moms Who Volunteered With Anti-Violence Group Shot Dead On Corner They Were Protecting

Utility: Flawed sensor wiring played key role in NYC blackout

Do liars like Trump come to believe their own lies?

Carlos Santana & Alice Coltrane - Angel Of Sunlight

Hiya, Congress People!

Hurry up and wait: Docs say insurers increasingly interfere

List of little things you can do to make yourself and everyone else feel better

Gillibrand's underhanded swipe at Elizabeth Warren

Can We Recover Carbon Dioxide From the Atmosphere Using Sargassum Seaweed?

Body camera footage of SC shooting contradicts police claims

Felons unable to pay fines, fees can vote in Miami under this first-of-its-kind plan

State admits it was wrong to resist federal crackdown on oil tank pollution

Senate fails to override Trump veto on Saudi arms sale

Thank God (literally). Pics of Twitler helping in NYC in 9/11 aftermath

Coalition of church leaders warn against 'Christian nationalism' and its connection to 'white suprem

The Daily Show: Trump Tells Congressman to "Go Back" to "Rat-Infested" Baltimore

Bucking trend, Golden opposes House impeachment inquiry

Conservative Right Wing Nut Job discussion site needs left wing views expressed...

Mikko Hypponen And the Cyber Arms Race

New federally funded clinics emphasize abstinence, natural family planning

Gavin Newsom blames Trump, Republicans for 'culture of gun violence' after Gilroy shooting

Green Candidate's Entry Pushes Maine Toward Ranked-Choice US Senate Race In 2020

'Looking for a reason to attack': How Trump seized on a Fox News broadcast to go after Cummings

Marvel Studios Searching for Transwoman Actress for Transgender Female Character

WaPo Editorial Board: After Gilroy, the question persists: Why?

Seth Meyers - Trump Tweets Racist Attacks on Elijah Cummings Amid Investigations: A Closer Look

Judge blocks New Hampshire Medicaid work requirements

Beto O'Rourke Policy/Plans webpage update

tRump tweeted 3 anti Baltimore/Cummings tweets in the last hour

"Let's Ditch, Moscow Mitch" -new Dem rally chant for Kentucky?

The biggest fight between AOC and party leaders isn't about what you think

YouTuber UNION: YouTube's End, or the Beginning?

Ahead of second debate, Warren touts she's 'always ready'

Jonesboro Westside school shooter dies in car crash. Killed 5 at age 11, released age 21

Haberman confirms Trump going after Cummings b/c of subpoenas for Ivanka, Jared

Uber lays off 400 people from its marketing team

Don't you just love Mrs. Betty Bowers?

Heads Up AZ Dems! Elizabeth Warren Townhall - Tempe, AZ , Thurs. Aug. 1st

Tweet of the night:


Has anyone seen "Once A Time In Hollywood"?

Collins again?

I'd Be SOOOOO Pissed-Off

Full Khanna: Trump 'Picked The Wrong Person' In Going After Cummings MTP Daily MSNBC

Eddy Grant - Romancing The Stone

Thomas Barrack pursued nuclear deal while also pursuing role in administration.

Sununu Vetoes Bills Repealing GOP-Backed Voting Laws

Scarborough denounces 'Moscow Mitch' on Morning Joe

Christian group warns against rise of 'Christian nationalism'

Say, kids! "MoscowMitchMcTreason" is trending at #7!

Three Dog Night: 'One'

Inside Bernie Sanders' bid to retake New Hampshire

Ahead of F-35s, questions about who will foot the bill for soundproofing

Art Of Noise - Camilla

19 arrested as hundreds protest ICE in Williston

The Smothers Brothers mark their CBS firing 50 years ago

Chicago: '25 Or 6 To 4'

Government Housing Structure Infested with Criminals and Rats

'The Groove Line' cover by Alan Badia

State revenue surplus paints a pretty fiscal picture -- but with a catch

the wood brothers - luckiest man (live in a stairwell, year ?) so good it brings a tear to one's eye

More problems installing the Border Wall software.

The truth about what Dershowitz said in a 1997 editorial about lowering the age of consent.

reina del cid and toni - luckiest man (live-yesterday) a totally random surprise ...

goal keeper cat in slo mo

To McConnell, socialism is an election that represents the will of the people.

The two kids the Nazi killed in Gilroy both had Hispanic surnames.

Nevada Rep. Titus joins call for Trump impeachment inquiry

New Documents Show Corporate and Foreign Interests Seek to Influence U.S. Nuclear Policy

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 7/29/19

Report: Early Reaction Says Joaquin Phoenix 'Will Be Nominated' At Oscars For 'Joker'

When It Comes to Transportation Infrastructure, No Bill Is Better Than a Bad Bill

KY-GOV: GOP state lawmaker endorses Democrat for Kentucky governor

Parents Are Giving Up Custody of Their Kids to Get Need-Based College Financial Aid

Citi to Cut Hundreds of Trading Jobs in Bad Sign for Wall Street

Sweden's Economy Unexpectedly Contracts in Blow to Central Bank

Mitch McConnell Is Panicking As The 'Moscow Mitch' Label Sticks Because it's true!....


Bishop Defends Assertion That Gays are Created When a Pregnant Woman Enjoys Anal Sex

I actually prefer Democratic candidates that Trump disrespects by name.

2020 Democrats keep shifting left. Moderates fret they'll shift even further at next debate

74 Years Ago Today; USS Indianapolis is sunk by IJN Submarine I-58; 883 killed

Rand Paul is pushing a bourbon tax break - but how will he pay for it?

Warren's base are Hillary supporters?

54 Years Ago Today; LBJ signs Social Security Act of 1965, establishing Medicare and Medicaid

North Texas reps are pushing for a new Dallas-Fort Worth area VA hospital

Disability rights advocate launches campaign to unseat Rep. Sharice Davids in Kansas

"Moscow Mitch"

44 Years Ago Today; Jimmy Hoffa vanishes

Debate May Be Last-Ditch Effort For Struggling Democrats To Stay Alive

Daft Punk: 'Get Lucky', feat. Pharrell

16 Years Ago Today; The last "classic" VW Beetle rolls off assembly line after 65 yr production run

Layoffs mount as slump in world auto industry deepens

Square To Move Into St. Louis Post-Dispatch Building, Grow Local Workforce

Farmers struggle to find hay for animals as wet spring creates shortage

Starvation deaths of 200 reindeer in Arctic caused by climate crisis, say researchers

Our non-virtuous POTUS

Houston Becomes Candidate City for WorldPride 2023

Priests accused of sex abuse turned to Michigan-based under-the-radar group Opus Bono

Has Morning Joe avoided appearing on his show today because his

Former CIA intelligence officer on John Ratcliffe

Toby Walsh, A.I. Expert, Is Racing to Stop the Killer Robots (yes, killer robots)

More Than 400 Mumps Cases Confirmed In Texas Immigrant Facilities

Today @iamcardib and I finally met. We had a great conversation about the future of America.

Stephenville hospital just days away from suspending labor and delivery services

Are you concerned that Trump will take over the Courts the same way he has taken over the Senate?

Warren and Sanders could be targets of moderates instead of each other in debate

Rand Paul: "Stop complaining about the state of our country. At least we're not Somalia."

If you're looking for something creepy--"Dismissed".

"A lot of yelling" in President Stupid's meeting with US airline execs.

Trump friend tried to steer and profit off U.S. energy policy in Middle East, report finds

Massachusetts took in an additional $1.9 billion in taxes in last fiscal year


Wow, Mika went after Congressman Mark Meadows on Morning Joe!

Once considered a 'can't-miss' to be mayor of Providence, councilman resigns in disgrace

Columbia Gas Announces $143 Million Dollar Settlement In Class Action Lawsuit For Merrimack Booms

GM is halting production at a 78-year-old Detroit-area plant this week

Rich investors may have let a hospital go bankrupt. Now, they could profit from the land

@tedcruz getting his pasty white ass handed to him..

Trahan, Pressley back efforts to change state NDA policy

Breakfast Tuesday 30 July 2019

Sh-h-h... Don't tell the Trump supporters...

Cash-strapped Hampshire College may develop some of its 800 acres for housing, commercial use

Good guy with a gun fails to prevent 3,374th successive US mass shooting

The White House Blocked My Report On Climate Change - That's Why I Resigned After 10 Yrs At State

Pre-debate interview: Pete with Chris Cuomo

538 on Warren v Sanders

Gov. Charlie Baker proposes tax break for companies that allow telecommuting

Axios-NewsWhip 2020 attention tracker: Dominant storyline for each candidate

Thank goodness for the union

What's driving the conversation since the first 2020 Democratic debates

"Just like the rooster in the morning, he thinks he made the sun come up."

Providence Teachers Union on schools takeover: We're ready to work with state

Tentative deal expected soon on restaurant wage bill

I really would not like to see candidates Harris and Biden, tearing at each other when

While looking at Moscow Mitch, don't forget the Moscow Seven

"Need to Impeach" latest 30 sec ad: (i.e., don't tell me Mueller did not provide us what we need)

MAPOC member at center of state lawsuit says she won't resign

Connecticut shoppers say they're ready for phase-out of plastic shopping bags

Mark Meadows...a profile in NOTHING.

"Pathetic", SEE: "MARK MEADOWS" nt

Bernie Sanders' campaign is creating it's own media channels

The Rundown: July 29, 2019

Are the Admins on vacation?

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 07/24/19

Secret texts cast light on UK's early role in Trump-Russia inquiry

Energy Fund Raids Have Stopped, But Industry Says The Damage Has Been Done

Inspiration of the Day!

Pink seesaws reach across the divide at US-Mexico border

Mika talking to Trump right now!

More Than 7 Million Acres Of Siberia Are Burning (Forest & Tundra); Toxic Mudflows At Lake Baikal

Magazine Says Lamont Is 'Surviving'

** NEW ** Emerson College (B+ Rated) Poll - Biden 33%; Sanders 20%; Warren 14%; Harris 11%

Arctic Ice Is Crashing, and That's Bad News For Everyone

Sad! Heartland Institute's Big Chicago Climate Lie-Fest Thinly Attended By Old White Men

State and County Fall fairs and festivals will be starting up soon-

Didn't you guys go to the Fourth of July fireworks when you were a kid?

Support for Medicare for All dips: poll

Lamont Administration, Unions Reach Deal To Extend Pension Payments to 2047

Looks like Diamond and Silk have competition...

Blumenthal: Bottled water containing hazardous PFAS chemicals sold throughout Connecticut in July

Tanzania to shut part of wildlife preserve to big game hunters

*****Texas G.E. Beto 49% Trump 39%. No other Dem beats him by more than two*****

What Mueller said

Massive breach compromises data at credit card giant Capital One

Suburban women recoil as Trump dives into racial politics

There is nothing wrong with an impeachment inquiry.

New Desert Refuge in Mexico to Provide Critical Habitat for Wildlife


RCP average now has Biden at 32%, back to pre-debate level

Everyone is expecting fireworks tomorrow. but tonight could be the most interesting of the debates..

Rename the Election Security bill to "Mitch is not a Traitor"

Sen. Rand Paul: I'd help fund ticket to send Omar to Somalia

Public sector employees contribute to the state's economy. They shouldn't be vilified.

UNHINGED: Trump Explodes in Incomprehensible Twitter Storm

"Racism" is WRONG Conversation About Trump "Infestation" Comment

Inside a Trump-era purge of military scientists at a legendary think tank

Twitter blows up on Alan Deshowitz ...

Trump Accused of Rape

Kushner Baltimore properties cited for code violations

Trump Tees Off

O'Rourke debate guests are black men who kneeled for anthem

O'Rourke debate guests are black men who kneeled for anthem

Why do some otherwise kind, decent people vote Republican?

How to watch the second Democratic presidential debate on CNN

Tuesday Debate predictions and pre-game analysis

Fishermen volunteer to become 2nd right whale rescue team (Canada)

Watching this lunatic shouting at the press with the helicopter noise

Manhunt Underway For Two Radicalized Canadian Teens Wanted For String Of Murders

Trump just called the Washington Post a russian asset.

House GOP fears retirement wave will lead to tsunami

Bernie (and Biden) make clumsy, false swipes at Kamala Harris' Medicare for All plan

Holy cow - Know this is superficial - but are you seeing President Stupid's copter presser?

FEMA confirms thousands of expired water bottles left on farmland in Puerto Rico

Trump's pick for intelligence director misrepresented role in anti-terror case

When you practice kissing by kissing your hand...

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos isn't bothering to protect LGBTQ students anymore

Who shot a man as he was waiting to pray? Community rallies around synagogue victim

I think Trump has had a psychotic break.

I forced a bot to watch over 1,000 hours of Queer Eye and then asked it to write an episode...

Moral Mondays Rev Dr. William Barber was in El Paso with Imam, Rabbi, hundreds of clergy ...and us

Opinion: Bernie Sanders: As a child, rent control kept a roof over my head

187 year old tortoise in 1886 and today

July 30 - Happy Birthday Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (D) NY-18th, born in Sherbrooke, Quebec in 1966


Joyce Alene (Vance) with some timely insight

A police department is handing out coupons, not tickets, to people who follow the law.

The Republican Im(moral) Compass

Comeback Sauce musings

UN: More Civilians Killed By Afghan, NATO Forces Than Militants This Year


MSNBC - Biden takes huge lead with black and white voters

Republicans Fail In Attempt To Censure US House Rep For Having Officiated Same-Sex Wedding

President Donald Trump Says Antifascists Should Be Labeled A Domestic Terror Group

Northam at Jamestown: Virginia's story rooted in "simultaneous pursuit of liberty and enslavement"

Why is the Con getting free airtime to accuse the Chairman of

My own idea; People from age 50 and up vote. Those under 50

Sanders 3rd, Biden 4th in New, High-Quality California Poll

The President America Really Needs But May Not Deserve!

Heinz may leave Heinz Field

Elijah Cummings at Age 11 had Courage

Cat looks for his misplaced body

Maine marks 200th birthday since it split from Massachusetts

I normally give Kristol a hard time

Trump said African Americans "love the job" he's doing

Republican Challenge:

US Families Seek Answers to Rise in Childhood Cancers & Team Up with Scientists

What is the opposite of a Petri Dish?

Moscow Mitch KNEW "The Fix Was In"

UN says Afghan forces, allies killed most civilians in 2019

How Biden should respond to Trump calling him Sleepy Joe.

I grew up with crazy

What one or two things do you want to hear from our candidates tonight?

Hurricane Center now tracking two tropical waves in Atlantic Ocean

New Primary Poll Shows Texas is Beto Country

A$AP Rocky pleads not guilty as Sweden assault trial opens

10:00 a.m.: General John Hyten Testifies at Confirmation Hearing Amid Sexual Assault Allegations

VP Biden... talk about how the Obama/Biden administration brought back the economy

Mika Brzezinski: Trump offered to marry us and we turned down that offer

It's Now or Never for These Democratic Candidates

Burt Cohen @Alivedemocracy has announced his endorsement of Bernie Sanders as 'the strongest to win'

Chuck Grassley Accidentally Lies In State For Few Hours After Drifting Off In Capitol Rotunda

Flawed Elevators on $13 Billion Carrier Miss Another Deadline

Buffalo roaming after escape from New York farm

Not sure if I can watch the debates.....don't want to see them try to rip each other apart.....

Pic Of The Moment: Moscow Mitch Says He's Not Moscow Mitch

Majority of Trump's Trade Aid Went to Biggest Farms, Study Finds

Trump voters were always racist, and Trump set them free.

US Families Seek Answers to Rise in Childhood Cancers, (#2, South FL)

I don't believe Trump's poll numbers

Trump's 2016 "America First" speech was co-written by saudi-arabian and UAE lobbyists.

Am I the only one who had never even heard of Marianne Williamson before the

The range grate of shame!

When you see McTurtle on TV whining about "Moscow Mitch" on the Senate floor (!!!!)

TSA suspends two agents after noose found in Miami airport

Bernie Sanders joining the first-ever Native American political forum Sioux City, Iowa. Aug 19/20

Best use of the Border Wall ever.

Remember referring to your knees as left and right instead of

Bernie Sanders took Americans to Canada to prove a point

HE'S INFESTED! Trump gives a speech in Jamestown, VA while some sort of bug gets caught in his rug

Is Trump the Great White Hope?

Seen in public for the last time on this day, July 30, in 1975: Jimmy Hoffa

Canada man, key player in human smuggling at Peace Arch border crossing, pleads guilty

Frank Zappa - What's New In Baltimore - NYC (1981)

Republicans will never impeach. They insist on

There are 2 dozen 2020 Democratic presidential candidates, but it's really only a 5 person race

Democratic debate No. 2: What you need to know

No TOONs post today

Charting in the Billboard Hot 100 as No. One on this day, July 30, in 1966: The Troggs' "Wild Thing"

How Trump seized on a Fux Noise broadcast to go after Cummings

Trump Needs To Denounce More Cities Around The U.S. As He Has.....

Trump's Jamestown speech interrupted by protester: "you can't send us back, Virginia is our home!"

Indian farmers escalate civil disobedience campaign to sow GMO seeds

College Financial-Aid Loophole: Wealthy Parents Transfer Guardianship of Their Teens to Get Aid

shakey graves w/shovels & rope - unknown legend (studio-2015) cover of a great Harvest Moon track

Trump says people of Baltimore are "living in hell"

Slate: Kamala Harris' Health Care Plan Is to Make "Medicare for All" Look Cheap

(Abraham Lincoln could not be reached for comment.)

US envoy urges 'transparent' investigation of UNRWA over alleged misconduct

538 latest Polls

☎️Scam Alert🚨 ❗️

Trump Makes Clear What Black Voters Had to Lose

Heard Again This A.M.That Trump Doesn't Want Election Reform Because It Illegitimizes His 2016 Win..

An officer of Social Security office just called ...

VIDEO: Trump "seems to genuinely believe that Elijah Cummings is mayor of Baltimore"

Here's what 'Moscow Mitch' really wants: An election overrun by trolls and plunged into chaos

Restrictions on $2 Million Drug Highlight Challenge for Gene Therapies

During Trump's speech, a bug crawls across his forehead and finds refuge in his hair.

What a beautiful language, says Boris Johnson as Welsh people loudly tell him to f*ck off

A couple of wonky analyses of Biden's health care plan

GOP senators led by Ted Cruz call on Trump to bypass Congress to give rich Americans another tax cut

People are editing Trump into historic scenes under the hashtag '#LostTrumpHistory' after he claimed

Majority of Trump's Trade Aid Went to Biggest Farms, Study Finds

#LostTrumpHistory: Trump's 9/11 claims become a George Conway-pushed meme

Watch Trump get shut down by protester: 'You can't send us back'

Rage Against the Trump Machine

Possible dissent hangs over Fed's first rate cut in a decade

When Trump likes a tweet, he has a staffer print it, then he signs it, ... sends the paper copy....

Trump: "The WaPo called Mitch McConnell WHAT?" (Claims he hadn't heard about #MoscowMitch)

Trump protests at Jamestown 400

State's 7 Dems in Congress now back impeachment proceedings

This bird was nearly extinct. Now, its population could double thanks to an 'epic' breeding season

White GOP senator: I could say I'm a 'victim of racism' because people joke about my state

Eugene Robinson: Trump is running scared, and he has good reason

Help, please help! Yahoo news has taken the place of Google Chrome on my computer.

David Ignatius: Can pick for intel chief speak truth to Trump?

CNN promoting debate like a UFC fight

Unlike previous runs, Biden is building out Iowa campaign team with 'robust' hiring, voter outreach

'He's the one who's infested': Internet dies of laughter after bug appears to get stuck in Trump's h

WSDOT struggles with tolling troubles in Seattle tunnel

Historical warning sign in a hotel

Hackers and Elections -- Why The Russians Tried and Failed (11:00 mark)

Trump's Racism Is a National Emergency

Ethiopia Says It Planted Over 350 Million Trees in a Day, a Record

GOP senators led by Ted Cruz call on Trump to bypass Congress to give rich Americans yet another tax

A rare bird spotted in England turned out to be a seagull covered in curry

Powdery mildew problem?

Are you able to ignore the the right-wing noise machine?

Cartoons 7/30/19

Who's watching The Swamp

Moscow Mitch the Kremlin Cur

#MoscowMitchMcTreason is trending on Twitter

Russian link between Trump and Brexit feared by FBI's McCabe and UK spy chief: report

Port Authority Will Not Cooperate With ICE Officials [PGH PA]

HUD Secretary Ben Carson echoes and defends Trump's racist attacks on his 'infested'

You raised $415.20 on July 29, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

Not my best day today. Stubbed my toe last night in the dark,

The company you keep

This Moscow Mitch thing is's also effective strategy

The obligatory, "no evidence that votes were changed"

Gun shop buys '4 Horsemen' billboard insulting congresswomen

A gerrymandered quilt:

'You Are Invited to a Debate Watch Party!'

Children evicted following their mother's ICE detention

Jessy Wilson - Clap Your Hands

The House Is Already Losing at Least 11 Republicans--And That Number Could Rise

Great Ezra Klein column on why so many voters fear giving up private insurance completely

Governor Newsom signs bill on presidential tax returns

Was Trump at Ground Zero Searching for Survivors Two Days After 9/11 with Workers He Paid For?

Has any journalist pointed out that it's the

Residents Near West Lake Landfill Demand Protection During Radioactive Waste Removal

Donald Trump's father was once arrested over deplorable conditions of Maryland apartment buildings

Residents Near West Lake Landfill Demand Protection During Radioactive Waste Removal

What is the number "e" (Euler's number) and where does it come from?

LA Times breaking news: Trump must release taxes to be on ballot.

Before Jimi there was Billy!

Meanwhile- As Deficit Explodes, GOP Demands Emergency Tax Cut for the Rich

Sexual misconduct allegations dominate Pentagon nominee confirmation hearing

The GOP supports Trump with their words, and with their silence.

Marie Newman vs. the Democratic Machine (Chicago: IL 3rd Dan Lipinski)

Change In Confidence Of US President Abroad

Trump's tax returns required under new California election law

TSA Agents Placed On Leave Following Racist Display At Miami Airport

Hey KCDC and all other mid day talking heads-the minute you put #fatdonnie on, I change the channel

Ilhan Omar shares tweet mocking Rand Paul's attack: 'No wonder he ripped his toupee off'

Sky News video of bug crawling around on Trump's hair and face during Jamestown speech

20 things you didn't know about the Democratic candidates debating this week

Democrats introduce constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United

Trump sends Kim photos from DMZ visit; nuclear talks stalled

Epstein had pics of his naked underage victims displayed throughout his Palm Beach home & would film

I just really hurt my back...

AP: Suburban women recoil as Trump dives into racial politics

'A lot of yelling': President Donald Trump had a contentious meeting with airline CEOs, report says

justin townes earle - ahi esta mi nina (studio-2019) a duet of this song w/dad Steve would wreck me

Teetertotter Wall

Martha McSally calls John Hyten's accuser, flat out, a liar.

Email from Yang Campaign

Email from Yang Campaign

political cartoon: When hearts disagree

French Bulldog loses his mind over brand new pool

cartoon: Game of Thrones

Gavin Newsom OKs law forcing Trump to release tax returns to get on California's ballot

Virginia Delegate disrupts President Trump's Jamestown speech with 'deport hate' sign

Trump BS on interest rates

California governor signs bill on presidential tax returns

Administrative Leave

Is there any way

Lawfare blog: Who Will Be the Acting Director of National Intelligence.

"If We Don't Protect Nature We Can't Protect Ourselves" Harrison Ford Extinction Rebellion

Boris & Trump's Deadliest Trick, w Stephen Fry

First Paid AD for this ad tonight before and after debate

WH officials held frantic meeting to figure how to stop Trump's "overt racist rhetoric"

Ted Kennedy's '06 "Medicare for All" bill looks a lot more like Kamala Harris' Medicare for All plan

Speaking of tRump bugs. WARNING to those suffering from myrmecophobia.

For all of us who want the impeachment process to begin yesterday

women students were uncomfortable with Dershowitz's view of rape

If Trump Really Believes He Will Lose in 2020,

My dream

Lyle Lovett - Baltimore

Boston Police gang database made up mostly of young black, Latino men

Boston Police gang database made up mostly of young black, Latino men

Border Patrol detains adults with no end - until lawyers sue

Border Patrol detains adults with no end - until lawyers sue

I was just told CNN is going out of business.

Great Falls teen dies while cliff jumping near Helena

The military is kicking out foreign recruits it needs -- for having foreign ties

Lebanon festival drops popular band after Christian pressure

Lebanon festival drops popular band after Christian pressure

'Moscow Mitch' Tag Enrages McConnell and Squeezes G.O.P. on Election Security

Monopoly game meme FTW

Informational Picketing Begins Today at Some Washington Grocery Stores

Massachusetts RMV knew of backlog years before deadly N.H. crash

Massachusetts RMV knew of backlog years before deadly N.H. crash

Massachusetts RMV knew of backlog years before deadly N.H. crash

Trump Shares Twitter Accounts Linked to QAnon

"Oh, no. Howie was a ROCK!"

Putin Denies Mitch McConnell Is Russian Asset: "He Has Never Been an Asset to Any Country"

US can't find files on investigation into nuclear arms plant

What do you call a dominatrix from Bangkok?

Alabama sued in transgender driver's license case

Andrew Gillum looks really good on CNN

2 Proud Boys going on trial over 2018 clash in New York

One of the most mind-numbing videos from the Trumpers you will ever see.

Voter registration is up in Virginia -- and that could be bad news for the GOP

Nate Silver is way off base here

Speaking of rebellion....

Lawyer: Mauritanian blogger once sentenced to death for apostasy is freed

Led by Donald Trump and Boris Johnson, Disrupters Rise Globally - Gerald Seib, WSJ

JULY 30, 2019: Trump Arrival at the White House Following Trip to Jamestown

A Tale of Two Cities, Toronto and Buffalo

Deb Haaland: Elizabeth has been a great friend to me, and more importantly a great partner...

Bladen County political operative faces perjury, obstruction charges in ballot fraud case

Not making the cut: PGA Tour cut line to 65

Jail time for woman who feeds stray cats

You have got to be kidding me @TrumpStudents

CNN chyron....

Scumbag Dershowitz...

The difference between 'left' and 'liberal' and why voters need to know.

Rep. Wexton Calls for Impeachment Inquiry

Trump's North Korean best friend is having a field day.

Is tRump a racist?

What's for Dinner, Tues., July 30, 2019

Pizzagate account Trump retweeted today has been suspended for violating Twitter's rules

What time is the debate tonight?

Me after four years of a never-ending election cycle...

Republicans deploy a nasty bait-and-switch to save one of their worst gerrymanders

Bernie Sanders, Julin Castro Among 2020 Candidates Set to Attend First-Ever Presidential Forum on


STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 31 July 2019

@BernieSanders announces eight new Nevada hires, ...

DNC Suit Against Russia, WikiLeaks, Trump Campaign Dismissed

Johnson's visit to Scotland yesterday didn't go so well

Should anyone question if this is a weird tomato year

North Carolina strategist accused of rigging House election indicted for perjury and obstruction ...

Trump's attacks on Elijah Cummings are increasingly concerned with his committee's investigations

I can't get my AOL mail because I refused cookies...

A closer look at tonight's debate venue, the historic Fox Theater:

Federal contractor was reportedly misleading about conditions in ICE facilities

Request for the DU threads about the upcoming debates

The President is a f*cking nutjob

11-year-old reporter scores interview with Elizabeth Warren ahead of Democratic debates

US presidential envoy sent to Sweden for A$AP Rocky's trial

I'm in Detroit...10 rows from the stage. Asked me anything.

Trump Wants New DNI To 'Rein' In Intel Agencies That Have 'Run Amok'

'We no longer feel comfortable in our own shul'


A couple blocks from the Democratic debate venue, a pro-Trump demonstration.

A satire quote attributed to Jim Jordan is going around the internet

Rahm Emanuel's advice to this week's 2020 presidential debaters. Maybe he should run.

Dem Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton comes out in support of an impeachment inquiry against Trump.

A STAR IS BORN -- you gotta catch video of the Virginia rep just on The Beat with Ari Melber

Meet the-black-preacher-invited-to-the-white house to spread the MAGA gospel

This is dangerous

An answer to this question may help convince those skeptical of Medicare for all.

Heavens I hate cooking in hot, hot summertime. I just cooked up six pounds of ground beef

Scandal-plagued Border Patrol would be in charge of asylum interviews if Stephen Miller gets his way

My problem with the debates

GA -new details on the state actually destroying evidence --- including computer servers, databases

FEMA official: Americans need to start saving for a rainy day

Ronald Reagan's Long-Hidden Racist Conversation with Richard Nixon

With no formal announcement of impeachment

Take a moment to relax and watch this captivating video.

The key *or the letter a* ter "e" is not working on my keyboard

Shootings at 2 Wisconsin homes leave 5 people dead, including suspected gunman

The CNN I knew

** New ** Illinois Poll - Biden 36%; Sanders 15%; Warren 13%; Buttigieg 9%; Harris 9%

Y'all know what a great patriot Sen. Tom Cotton is, right?

Amtrak IG details Union Station security deficiencies

Which of the top five candidates on stage tonight needs a home run to stay in the hunt?

Trump says Mitch McConnell 'knows less about Russia' than Trump

Trump campaign hits Democrats on health care for immigrants in ad to air during debate

I hope this is a rhetorical question

Washington Declares Hepatitis A Outbreak With Cases In 4 Counties

Jason Bourne's nemesis, Ward Abbott, seems to resemble . . . w. barr?

This lovely evening...

Dubai ruler's wife seeks 'forced marriage protection order' in English court

North Korea fires multiple unidentified projectiles - South Korean military

Ari playing clips of Trump's many lies. Trump said he was down there with the first responders

North Korea fires multiple projectiles, South Korea says

Why the Capital One breach is unlike any other major hack

Enjoy the sheer freakin' MAJESTY of SRV & Johnny Copeland at Montreux, 1985.

Inside a Trump-era purge of military scientists at a legendary think tank

Report: Job openings increase in Seattle as median wage drops a few bucks

Eliot Engel: "I believe the House must pursue a formal impeachment inquiry."

In new attack, Trump says U.S. intelligence agencies 'run amok'

Does Trump believe that he can garner more white voters by attacking cities and

As Trump tells reporters how not-racist he is, a poll comes out showing that most Americans disagree

Journalist tracks Trump's tweets against Fox live broadcasts, he's just watching fox all waking hour

Senate leaders scramble to lift Republican support for budget deal

Special Princess Czarina Ivanke sends thoughts and prayers to Baltimore

U.S. Congress seeks to jump start stalled self-driving car bill

The 99: Debate Night Preview Show

'Five Eyes' nations discuss backdoor access to WhatsApp

What's the drink tonight?

Guatemalan villagers recognize viral photo of mother pleading at U.S. border

Saw my first yard sign today

Which is more important?

Fresh unrest in Hong Kong after 44 protesters charged with rioting

Anyone know how to watch the CNN debate tonight without having cable?

French Wine Could Be the Latest Trade War Target

Big Tobacco Is Back With A New Way to Addict Kids: Juul's Flavored E-Cigarettes

Democratic Primary Debate: Here Are Some Questions We Need Answered

Heard some good advice on how to watch the debates.

Trump racist poll has some interesting numbers.

CNN and Jeff Zucker plot 2020 election coverage and promise things will be different

Seth Abramon says Trump's foreign policy was bought beforehand (by Putin and the Middle East

How did your family beat the heat when you were a kid?

Baltimore's pride and joy.

Who are your favorite stand-up comedians?

Oh, yeah---let's be patient! (the rant light is on)

ACLU: U.S. has taken nearly 1,000 child migrants from their parents since judge ordered stop to bord

DAYMN Perez is awesome speaking

Ever notice how Donny Two-Scoops is always sitting in photos?

Tom Perez is on fire!

Jared Kushner - Slumlord

Here is Cumming's Oversight press release:

If You Really Want To See Trump Snap, And Go Completely Bats#!t Crazy...

This family was able to save $10,000 buying insulin for their son in Canada

Fewer than 19 vaquita porpoises left - study

Fewer than 19 vaquita porpoises left - study

Matt Gaetz (R, Stupidville) gets an endorsement from Dershowitz

Ronald Reagan's racist phone call to Richard Nixon released

We all fell into Trumps burning world of fire...

Baltimore's Project Jump Start