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What a Pediatrician Saw Inside a Border Patrol Warehouse

GoodReads is giving away that Book:

David Barton: The Second Amendment Protects Your Right to Own a Tank

The Trump Campaign Is Duping People Into Thinking Models Support His Re-election

The rumours on Kawhi Leonard start to fly.

QAnon Followers Think JFK Jr. Is Coming Back on the 4th of July

Yet they don't like govmint....

Wow, I had no idea we owned the Army's Tanks!!!!

'Independence Day': How a Song About Domestic Violence Got Mistaken for a Patriotic Song

Men Spend 4 Hours Getting Deer Out Of Icy River

Trump remains underwater in most 2020 battleground states, according to Morning Consult

Embattled U.S. Olympic chief Scott Blackmun received $2.4 million severance

A tweet overruled a Supreme Court we go🤪😜😖🤡

'There was a swastika in the library' The truth about anti-Semitism at universities in the UK

Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II ‏Tonight I am announcing we have accepted an invitation from

Gun Manufacturers Sued Over Las Vegas Mass Shooting

Kamala Harris hires another 25 in NH after strong debate performance


Bernie Sanders Des Moines Independence Day Parade

Remember: When in the Course of human events

Pentagon tells troops to say 'I am proud of my job and my vehicle/tank' during Trump July 4 event

I asked this last night and got no replies... Re: Concentration Camps on Border

Fucking unbelievable. Folks, I think our democracy may be dead.

Trump administration ending in-person interpreters at immigrants' first hearings

EU Climatologists: June 2019 The Hottest Global June On Record; 2nd-Hottest Was June 2016

High-Profile Doctor To Be Planned Parenthood's First Medical Officer

There are 51 ways the state will take more of your money

News: Dr. ⁦@CornelWest⁩ will join ⁦@BernieSanders⁩ at West Las Vegas Town Hall ...

The extraordinary shield that protects you Brian Cox - BBC

There are a lot of VIPs around the world interested in these developments...

Ancient DNA Sheds New Light on the Biblical Philistines

USWNT star Julie Ertz on what gets her out of bed

Transcript of judge's conference call in Census case following Trump tweets.

Meghan McCain: ''You motherf***er, how could you let this happen to me?''

Obama's 2004 DNC keynote speech !

Were I a Congressperson Border Patrol were not getting my phone

Candidate Preference... hmmmm... What to declare?

Trump Makes Fool of Himself At G20

Republicans Are FREAKING OUT About A Pair Of Shoes

Det. Luis Alvarez was buried today.


Rachel Maddow: Governor Steve Bullock's proven record of progressive achievement (and other videos)

Luckovich-there are occasions when child separation is warranted

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Borders Without Doctors!

Sens. Kamala Harris and Amy Klobuchar, each former prosecutors, make their cases to Iowa voters

*Rep. Ted Lieu: "Are (parade) military personnel violating DoD Directive 1344.10?"

Congratulations On Taking Your Country Back. Good Lesson For The Rest Of Us.

Rachel Maddow is reading the transcript of the hearing

A 16-foot-tall Trump sitting on a golden toilet will accompany 'Baby Trump' balloon

**Breaking** Court Orders Release of Sealed Docs About Jeffrey Epstein's Alleged Sex Ring

Advice for Avoiding Deplorables While in DC for the July 4th Holiday

Boost for his ego is loss for national parks

Trump's 'natural law' human rights panel readies for launch

So this military parade shit idea came way before the trip to France

Indivisible Supporter Poll 42% NOT considering JB and 45% said they're NOT considering BS

Food Shows/ Cooking question.

C-SPAN experiences "swift backlash" after announcing it will air Trump's 4th of July MAGAt-fest

Is there going to be an actual parade in DC tomorrow??

7 Signs You Are Dealing With DONALD TRUMP

Happy 4th of july to all!

I love this night, this time of year.


Virginia State Senator: "It's those who are naive and unprepared that end up raped"

Our nation is being brutalized by the temper tantrums of a mad man-child.

Thunder storms are a potential in Washington, DC tomorrow night.

Remember when michael Cohen said this before congress? How many took him seriously?

Rebecca Traister on Dem Primaries and their Punditry

"If you tolerate this, then your children will be next"

I am Placing a bottle of water wrapped in batteries on a map of Washington DC

Boeing makes $100 million pledge for 737 MAX crash-related support

anyone else noticing rightwing FB posts claiming the hate for trump is being directed at them

It is time to celebrate America-In-Depends Day with Our Great President!

Hiked up to Sawtooth Lake, Idaho today

One of the great ironies of the Trump-a-palooza

Laurence Tribe disses Bill Barr big time

If Trump refuses to comply with what the Court orders on the Citizenship question...

Wise words from "Aunt Erma" (Bombeck)

People Are Skipping Fireworks This Year To Comfort Scared Shelter Dogs

Not that wheel!

PROOF Trump Is A Racist (VIDEO)

The Temptations - I Wish It Would Rain

'Apolitical' Trump Rally: Military Sits w Only Republicans, RNC Source of Tickets, None to DNC

Fareed Zakaria: Trump is right, America faces an asylum crisis and Dems must address it

here's something worth a pool bet:

Reporter Who Saw Trump Tax Returns: They Will Expose Him

How often do you think about what Obama

tRump "all we need is the fuel"

Relatively few will actually see Trump on the steps.

Anybody have to buy a washing machine lately?

Joaquin Castro to Ingraham: "You're a white supremacist, Laura"

No one really wants to ban all private insurance. Not even Bernie Sanders.

Martin Luther King -- The Three Evils Of Society

FDA enforcement actions plummet under Trump

An omen?

Court Blocks Trump's Border Wall Spending

"State of Hate: The Explosion of White Nationalism," with Fareed Zakaria

Warren, Harris surge into tie with Biden in new Iowa poll

Non-profits, startups and PACs seizing border wall business

No winners in Japan's tech trade restrictions on South Korea

Dem front-runner Biden trails Buttigieg in fundraising total

Husband and Wife Plead Guilty To Involvement In Multi-Million Dollar Investment Fraud Scheme Based

Happy 4th. Of July

South Florida Resident Sentenced to 30 Years For $100 Million International Fraud Scheme That Led To

Houston Area Physician Pleads Guilty to Health Care Fraud

Poll results to the question of "How Trump Makes You Feel?"

Guys, Can't We All Just Get Along?

This Little Brazilian Dinosaur Ran Across the Desert on One Toe

Direct Your Own Coverage of A Capitol Fourth

Reminder: the best way to avoid MAGA tourists in DC this holiday weekend is to enter a bookstore

Snakes under strain: Man charged in largest seizure of illegal reptiles in NY history

The Diaries Left Behind by Confederate Soldiers Reveal the True Role of Enslaved Labor at Gettysburg

YOUTUBE.COM Live Chat with Dr. Rob Bierregaard on re:

Irate New York City billionaire lashes out at Amherst, Erie County

Orange one is causing me to have chest pain.

Mayor Pete is proposing a program of national service to get one million....

Spot Coffee workers protest after union organizers are fired

Biden's rivals would've had to raise nearly $30 million 2nd quarter to match his per-day

FBI agents in Buffalo keeping tabs on people believed to pose mass-shooting threats

This is the America I celebrate

Will you be able to forgive?

Obviously, I am no fan of Reagan, but this was a brilliant, inspiring speech...

Why Republicans never quote Ronald Reagan anymore, his last speech as president

Mythical market excuse for CEO earning a thousand times worker pay exposed

CNN blowing out regular programming tomorrow to give live 4-hour special for Trump ode to himself!

Colombia's centrist opposition leader recovers senate seat

Very simple guide to asylum law, by Teri Kanefield, Attorney.

"Hey Baby, It's The 4th of July"...

People need to understand how loans work

Oregon governor prepared to use executive powers to pass climate legislation after GOP walkout

Metallica - Welcome Home (Sanitarium)

Polygamous town contractor must pay $1M to child workers

Netflix: Stranger Things is back! (Spoilers)

Trump administration loses bid to lift bar on funds for border wall

Romeo Void - Never Say Never

Hourly DC weather forecast:

Yellow jacket 'super nests' are back in Alabama

To spend weekend at Bedminster

Are immigrants paying the price for legal weed?

Drag show in Alabama shut down by police during Pride weekend; LGBTQ community questions real motive

Vancouver 'fruit importer' found burned, dead in Colombia

Fireworks companies donate $1.3M to Trump's Fourth of July party -- eye tariff break on China-made


The deforestation of Brazil's Amazon jumped by 88% last month: research agency

CBS News tonite:

Major Garrett on CBS Overnight News. Couldn't keep from laughing at the

South Florida Resident Sentenced to 30 Years for $100 Million International Fraud Scheme that Led to

CBS Morning News right now. Just showed an APC (I don't believe a tank)

Mayor de Blasio doesn't relish chance to oversee hot dog contest weigh-in, skipping ceremony for

New Order - Vanishing Point

Latest ballot count in Queens DA race puts Melinda Katz ahead of Tiffany Caban by just 20 votes

Pink tank - timely

number of children forcibly removed from their parents at southern border...

Some big farms collect big checks from Trump aid package

As Protests Rock Hong Kong, Xi Jinping's View of History Shows He Will Dig In

Executives of Staffing Companies Charged with Visa Fraud

'It truly can be any one of us': Missourians are food insecure all over the state

West Hollywood Doctor Taken into Custody in Health Care Fraud Case Involving Human Growth Hormone fo

Why the 'Bridgegate' Scandal Could Backfire on Prosecutors

Niagara Falls Man Sentenced For Involvement In Multi-Million Dollar Heroin, Cocaine, And Fentanyl Co

A reading of the Declaration of Independence.

Bolivia: Main Opposition Candidate Accused of Taking US Funds

Replacement for the cartoonist who drew Trump golfing over migrant bodies rejects job after backlash

Military hardware at Lincoln Memorial for Trump's big July 4

Teenager Accused of Rape Deserves Leniency Because He's From a 'Good Family,' Judge Says

Top military officials to join in on DC's Fourth of July celebration



Lagarde Departure Stirs Succession Speculation at I.M.F.

Why the Navy will deploy the Truman Carrier Strike Group (again)

Women's World Cup: Groenen the heroine as Netherlands outlast Sweden to reach final

Presidential candidate Cory Booker visits Juarez to help escort migrants seeking asylum

hey, baby, it's the 4th of July....

HIV completely removed from mice in groundbreaking study

Royal Marines and Gibraltar seize ship suspected of taking oil to Syria

Some big farms collect big checks from Trump aid package

We all scream: Blue Bell licker believed to have been identified in Lufkin

Tweet of the Day

Jim Beam warehouse filled with 45,000 barrels of bourbon catches fire

CBP announces plans for 19 miles of border wall in Cameron County in newspaper ad

Innocence Project director calls for Bell County DA's recusal, punishment for prosecutors

Trump critic Justin Amash quits Republican Party

This is hilarious

He is such a toxic loser!

CNN caved.

McClellan slaps Murphy on minimum wage hike

Predator Trump on Independence Day - Folderal

An architecture critic takes on Trump's desecration of the Lincoln Memorial

Murphy won't say if any Democrats shouldn't be re-elected this year

Ex-Defense Secretary Names 'Most Troubling' Aspect Of Donald Trump's July 4 Bash

Immoral, cowardly, sadistic, cruel, racist bullies..

Cops add murder charge against N.J. man accused of kidnapping councilman's grandson, who was

Dad favorite saying WTF Memories of Appalachia our first bonafide Vietnamese sighting

Murphy freezes $235M in spending, including $100M for distressed cities and millions for NJ colleges

It's the autumn of 2020 and no-deal Britain is on its knees...

CarePoint Health to lay off 44 hospital employees despite owners pocketing $157 million

The act of resistance that launched a nation - "When in the course of human events..."

193 Years Ago Today; Thomas Jefferson and John Adams die hours apart from each other

N.J. congressman was strong defender of firm now facing questions over $260M in tax breaks

So, Trump wants a Parade?

Capable confident cat.

I just spent two hours working on complete horseshit.

Former Schools Development Authority workers file lawsuit against Murphy administration

80 Years Ago Today; Lou Gehrig retires, states he's "The Luckiest Man on the Face of the Earth"

Star Spangled Banana

Chicago Can't Hold Impounded Vehicles After Drivers File for Bankruptcy, Court Says

Let this sink in

I am right in observing that he did not get his tanks parading in the streets

Hahnemann University Hospital owners file for bankruptcy protection

Happy tank day all. Im sure the founding fathers would be impressed with the dictatorial

General Assembly departs on time with business complete

Proposal would give Delaware private colleges access to capital funds

Nice moment today in West Des Moines, Iowa between @KamalaHarris and a future caucus goer.

Happy real 4th of July America

POS is tweeting about his bullshit salute to america

Breakfast Thursday July 4, the 243rd year of our Country

So, Ivanka and Jr. aren't attending the festivities today.

Pa.'s marketplace change, explained: Why a health insurance proposal easily won bipartisan support

Trump: My administration 'working very hard' to add citizenship question to census

What I'm actually doing when I tell people I'm too busy to go out.


NPR is rereading the of the Declaration of the Independence for the 20th time.

U.S. deports 37 Cambodian refugees after criminal convictions

Let's not forget: our rapist-in-chief lied and suborned perjury from a podiatrist to avoid military

Brazilian Amazon Deforestation Up 88% In June YOY

Maryland Democrats say Governor took $200K in illegal donations

Growing Movement In UK Pushing Galleries, Orchestras, Theaters To Reject Big Oil Funding

Kamala Harris: Donald Trump is a 'predator'

FULL: Bernie Sanders attends Des Moines office opening - July 3, 2019

OPEC Secretary General Whines That "Unscientific" Climate Activists "Greatest Threat" To Industry

What is your definition of "independence"?

WTF is Aircraft One?

On a busy Monday, Wolf signs bills benefiting Pa. National Guard families, farmers, and job hunters

Mad magazine to stop publishing issues with new content this fall

Thomas Jefferson Blasted Despotism. Trump's Holding a Celebration of It.

CA's Vicious Cycle; 2/3 Of All Carbon Released 2001-10 Came From The 6% Of The State That Burned

I've had 2 drivers run a red light/stop sign in a week

MAD Magazine Is Winding Down And Fans Are Devastated

Holy moly, this weather!

Putin says ready to step up dialogue with U.S over disarmament: paper

Board sues Puerto Rico governor amid economic crisis

U.S. Blocks UN Security Council Condemnation of Libya Migrant Camp Attack, Says Report

Senate Republicans issue stark rebuke of Fetterman one week after shouting match

The President just wished us all a happy 4th and its beautiful!

In rare editorial statement, the NYRB publishes a photocritique of Trump's military propaganda rally

Alek Sigley: Australian student released from North Korea

Bad news for Bernie has his backers getting antsy

Imperial AT-ATs Begin Arriving In Capital For Military Parade

Trump considers executive order on citizenship question

Border agency knew about secret Facebook group for years

Reagan quote

Trump promises 'show of a lifetime!' with July 4th event

When are Dems going to just come out and call Trump and his supporters Fascists?

Former Clinton Defense Secretary's Takedown of Trump's July 4th: 'It Is Not His Military,...

We have forgotten the example of Lady Liberty

What happens if the citizenship question is on the census but the vast majority of people don't

Analysts say Philadelphia refinery, shut down after fire, unlikely to find a willing buyer

I was watching a garden show, and an ad came up saying that MF45 is a VICTIM of something called

Happy Independence Day! Here's OUR President:

So the president f*cking hates my girlfriend

#Russia's state TV condescendingly describes "our Trump's parade" as "re-election BS"

For all you Yankee Doodle Dandies out there

David Hogg: The epitome of modern Republican Party: Being more upset over a pair of sneakers than...

One Year After He Quittergetfired, No One Seems To Know What Scott Pruitt Is Doing

Trump Attacks 'Total Loser' Justin Amash For Leaving GOP: 'One of the Dumbest & Most Disloyal Men...

The Fourth of July is the quintessential Anti-Trump Holiday

One thing our president could do on July 4 -

Justin Amash quits the G.O.P. Good for him

Charles Blow: "There are tanks in the nation's capital and concentration camps at its border."

Trump mulling executive order on citizenship question in Census: Axios

Automakers Finally Caught The Deregulatory Car; Now They're Begging Shitstain To Reconsider

Booker visits Mexico to see asylum seekers

What It Would Really Take to Reverse Climate Change.

Am I wrong in assuming that, by now, Trump should have fired A.G. Barr?

HRC on Donnie's vanity parade

Trump administration ending in-person interpreters at immigrants' first hearings

Elizabeth Warren has snapped 35,000 'selfies' with voters: 'You can't buy advertising like this'

Oil tanker bound for Syria seized in Gibraltar for sanctions-busting

Justin Amash: Our politics is in a partisan death spiral. That's why I'm leaving the GOP.

Enough with the fireworks bashing.

July 4th fireworks donor lobbied President Trump on tariffs and won a reprieve

Reminder: Trump doesn't need to keep migrants in detention camps

If that citizenship question is on the census, I plan to put a big N/A over the box.

Happy 4th of July! Jimi Hendrix - Star Spangled Banner

Eclipse over the Andes

If I were the choreographer for tonight's festivities, Cheeto Von Tweeto's penultimate act......

Woman who accused congressman of sexual abuse drops lawsuit under mysterious circumstances

This is what authoritarians do:

Potential impact on 2020 if Justin Amash runs as Independent after leaving GOP

Independence Day TOON - One Toon to Speak for Them All

Hamilton: Yorktown (World Turned Upsidedown) Live

BTRTN: Trump, Tanks, and Migrants...What Does the Fourth of July Really Mean?

Trump administration lays broad legal grounds for military strike on Iran

BTRTN: Trump, Tanks, and Migrants...What Does the Fourth of July Really Mean?

Democrats Can't Be Afraid to Gerrymander Now

The newly crowned Miss Virginia did a science experiment for her talent performance

❤️To all y'all on this Fourth of July❤️

A truly inspiring speech about America from a real President.

Inside the effort to build suspense -- and crowds -- for Trump's Fourth of July

When Pence and Putin both cancelled their plans

Trump Tweets 'Aircraft One' Will Do a Flyover for His 4th of July Rally - Aircraft One Is Putin's...

July 4 Commemorates the Signing of the Declaration of Independence, when

I have my father's flag. He served over 24 years in the US Air Force. I will not display today.

'Illegals Aliens Living Far Better Now Than Where They Came From': Trump Accidentally Makes Case...

Yankee-Doodle-Dawdle . . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

Garry Kasparov schools Junior regarding the Nike controversy.

The Census question

This Fourth of July holiday will not be the same in America today.

WH staff forced to hand out VIP tickets to Trump's Fourth of July rally to anyone who will take them

Obama celebrates July 4: 'A great day in the Obama family'

Happy Fourth of July

It's the day you've waited for, The Trump Inauguration Part 2, Parked Tanks Edition.

What if Michelle Obama endorses someone during the Primaries?

I'm sorry, but the only way to end this shitstain on our country

Let America Be America Again

Strides made during legislative session would do founders proud (Nevada)

For the Fourth--Reluctant Revolutionary Poem

July 4, 2014: Obama's military naturalization ceremony video

Scheer Downright Trumpian In Describing His Climate Non-Plan: "Sixty Pages! 11,000 Words!"

''Wishing you and your loved ones a very safe and happy 4th of July.''

Trump commemorates Independence Day by calling Justin Amash "dumb, disloyal, a total loser"

Trump and his family should only be allowed to fly on Aircraft One from now on.

President Bone Spurs

Dawn's early light, or Twilight's last gleaming?

Justin Amash officially quits the GOP

Frogs, beaches and plantain fritters...the BS in Georgia never stops

"Pro-Life" Republicans And The Climate Death Cult They Created And Continue To Lead

the marcus king band - how long (studio-2019) y'all gonna love this blue-eyed soul

This Trump/July 4 thing is one big troll

If Orwell were alive today....

OR "Grassroots" Timber Reps Invited To DC; It Seems Shistain's Doing A Big Environmental Speech 7/8

Ethiopian crash families criticize Boeing over donation plan

Issue convergence

Putin, After Three Days, Says Fire- Hit Russian Submarine Was Nuclear- Powered

If that traitor gets the citizenship question on the census,

Bernie Sanders Slater Independence Day Parade

Haters are always going to hate..

These German shepherds are so proud of the baby chicks they raised 🐥🐥🐥💚

July 4, 1954: How Pres. Eisenhower, a true war hero, celebrated the day.

A Trumper ruins something else

Shouted down: Voters give Indiana Republican an earful on Mueller and Medicare for All

The '70's were a long time ago

Just put up my 4th of July display

This is Trump's 200th day at a Trump golf club and 267th day at a Trump property as president

I have the perfect idea for the perfect campaign attack-ads against Trump.

My Fourth of July Pissed Off Rant

One Trump Tax Cut Was Said to Help the Poor. A Billionaire Ended Up Winning Big.

Trump Hotel in DC Charging Twice What Other Luxury Hotels Are Charging For July 3rd & 4th.

This Land Is Your Land, Pete Seeger: Obama Inauguration 2009

Tiniest Crying Baby Was Trapped Inside A Ceiling

"Hey." "Emailing again." "Can I explain?" "I hate doing this."

Breaking Dolphins' Kendrick Norton has left arm amputated after serious crash, in critical condition

WEATHER UPDATE- Tracking showers and storms on the 4th of July MD/VA/DC

Looks like Bette Midler is not a fan of Trump's extra-special July 4th MAGAt-fest.

Rescued Tiger Is So Happy He's Free From The Circus

Twilight Zone Marathon today

Gee - the EarthCam that views the National Mall is "temporarily unavailable" right now

Basic Egg Salad Recipe

About that citizenship question

True Dat

Can - Oh Yeah

completely fanciful question.

A Little Revisionist Song Re-Write, Here. . .

When they get up there and start singing,

The emperor is buck-ass naked': Nicolle Wallace explains how Ivanka accidentally revealed Trump's sc

GEO Group Donated to the Trump-Tied Turning Point USA, Then Got Rave Review

Wasn't there a 4th of July Lounge thread waaayyy back in early DU about

"Nomad" needed a solar eclipse, so they flew to Chile to use a real one

A Democratic Woman Candidate Will Beat Trump in 2020

Happy birthday America! This is a look at the National Fourth of July parade in Washington, D.C.

His Children Aren't Even Showing Up & .......

"Wave that flag..." 🎶🎶

Just learned there's a large number of ICE detainees in Tulsa

'Unprecedented' Wildfires Burned Across the Arctic Circle In June

He's golfing right now. Happy 4th

Latest DC Forecast for the rest of the 4th

***I Will Not Be Watching tRumps 4th Of July Tax Payer Funded Political Rally OFFICIAL THREAD***


Music for Our Independence Day

Oh no! There's a flash flood watch for DC and vicinity!:

For those curious, video of tanks being driven over planks to position in front of Lincoln Memorial

Dog Faced Hermans - Keep Your Laws Off My Body

Chump's Re-election Campaign Poll: who would you rather?

Here's Live Coverage of a Washington DC 4th of July Parade

God hates Trump and his enablers.


Willie Nelson and Paul Simon - American Tune

You raised $80.00 on July 3, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

Bernie Sanders Ames Independence Day Parade

Willie Nelson will live stream his 4th of July concert on Sirius

I love our country. I loathe Trumpass and all Trumpers and Trumpettes.

Lou Dobbs of Fox News attacks US Generals critical of Trump as snow-flakes.

Can democrats in red districts lessen red state power by declining to respond to the Census?

Did Trump jump the shark?

(Jewish Group) Antisemitic vandals target Jewish-owned cafe

Oh for a President that is confident in his own skin!

Schedule for the "Salute to Drumpf" debacle

Rev. Barber delivers July 4 sermon blasting Trump immigration policy

Trump will be challenged to make it to his rally (oops! I meant Salute to America) tonight.

If trumpapalooza is a bust at least his handlers

Hillary Clinton on July 4 event: Trump shouldn't need military next to him 'to show his patriotism'

Hi everyone...need some help here.

"The World Turned Upside Down"

The Power of Propaganda

Cliff Mass: Smoke from Alaska fires has reached the Northwest

A giant heat dome over Alaska is set to threaten all-time temperature records

National Mall Webcams Are Turned Off.

If The Devil (Trump) wants a big parade in his honor...

Harris Backs Away From Busing As A Federal Mandate After Biden Attack (Huffpost)

Kiyohiko Senba & The Haniwa All-Stars w/ Mishio Ogawa - Mizu

Trump's dream parade.

Portland's police chief calls for anti-mask law, different approach for violent protesters

Earthquake in Hollywood just now. Felt it.

fuck just had an earthquake - los angeles

I just felt tremors in Woodland Hills

Just felt a pretty solid earthquake in Central Valley California

Rolling earthquake!!

Earthquake in So Cal just now!

Posting this in middle of an earthquake!

USGS says it's a 6.6 earthquake.

This Needs yo be Featured at Rump's MAGA 4th of July Rally

6.6 magnitude

WestCoast DUers, check in please. NOAA called it a 6.6

Clouds gathering, thunder rumbling


Joss Stone deported from Iran on last stop of world tour

Warren: Trump's 4th of July Parade Is a Campaign Event

We are having big thunderstorms here, just north of DC.

Harris: Busing 'should be considered' by school districts (Article by The Hill)

McConnell trolls Twitter with Betsy Ross flag on Fourth of July

As we have tanks on the streets of Washington and concentration camps,

Tweet from Lis Smith, Mayor Pete's senior advisor for communications:

SOCAL check in. Is everyone ok?

"ThinkProgress" has a good article on Trump's "Bastille Day" travestry....

Buttigieg to CBS: Nothing about Fourth of July should be reduced to politics.

Sorry about the quake Cali folks

He doesn't realize he can't really win...

Tribe: No limit to how much shit Barr is willing to eat, dish out, or toss at public to please Trump

Sanders Ames campaign office opening has an overflow crowd.

Tanks and military equipment out of view of the public. In VIP area

6.4-Magnitude Earthquake Rattles Southern California.

And then some!

Earthquakes in California?

Did Biden just realize he has competition in the 2020 Democratic primary?

They started this too late': Trump officials and allies anxious about July 4 fest

Loves me some Texas Lady (Bird)

Cartoons 7/4/19

Just read that a warehouse fire in Kentucky has destroyed 45,000 barrels....

Italian Airline Alitalia Apologizes For Promo Video Featuring Obama 'Blackface' Portrayal

For those who prayed for rain on Donnie's parade

First official images from Donald Trump's July 4th MAGA rally released.

VIDEO of Biden jogging during the parade in Independence, Iowa

Colonel Blasts Draft-Dodging Trump For Military Parade Trappings

Reminder: the best way to avoid MAGA tourists in DC this holiday weekend is to enter a bookstore.

Pilgrimage Road

John Dean: "May it pour, may it pour, may it pour!"

Klobuchar in a parade in NH

ABC News tweet with 52-MINUTE VIDEO of Biden at the Independence, Iowa parade

I had just turn to MSNBC on the radio.

Chuck Todd gets his ass ripped again. . .

Does anyone know what's happening on the mall? Has "it" started?

Biden: The Fourth of July is about "we the people, not we the tanks."

Citing $69 Trill Price Tag by 2100, Moody's Warns Cntrl Banks of Economic Damage of Climate Change

David Axelrod: "It sounds here like @KamalaHarris is now taking something more like the @JoeBiden

When Routine Eye Surgery Leads to Debilitating Pain

Military vet drops the hammer on 'wannabe strongman' Trump's love of obsolete tanks

The Earthquake has knocked Trump's parade off the news

House Democratic Women's Caucus pushes for soccer to close 'indefensible' wage gap for female

Trump can't be happy?

Joe on C-SPAN right now!

Trump angry at God - says He is a "Never Trumper" and partial to the 'Democrat Party'...

People Are Skipping 4th Of July Fireworks To Comfort Scared Shelter Dogs

Prince - "America" (Live)



Does anyone have the QuakeFeed Earthquake Alert App?

Rat meat seized by US customs agents at O'Hare Airport

Anchorage cancels Fourth of July fireworks due to extreme heat wave

Biden's giving a good, heartfelt talk about America right now:

MSNBC will be re-running the Democratic candidate debates this evening ...

Don't all you Trump-pets have a Meltdown at once

Trump to God: "You're fired!"

Nancy Pelosi!!!

There are warnings now for another earthquake in 15 minutes.

When was the last time busing was a major talking point in a presidential election?

Trump Wants Tanks on the National Mall. What Could Go Wrong?

Undocumented former employees demand meeting to ask for deportation protection

Trump's Fourth of July Parade to Include Flyover by Russian Air Force

Climate scientist calls for 'world war type mobilization' to combat climate change

Let freedom ring!

When Hitler and Germany started sending political prisoners to camps,

Emergency and disaster information website here.

Colin Kaepernick tweet quoting Frederick Douglass

Jim Acosta's photos of the fenced-in MAGAts only area of Trump's shit show "for the American people"

So it's the 4th of July and I am out of the country.

Smokes, let's go.

Buttigieg: "Racism is not going to help."

Today a Tyrant is celebrating the epic fight against that "TYRONY"?

The Beexit Party in the EU

Awww--it's raining on the poor MAGAts:

Cali folks near the quake

The President of the United States is a ra_ist.

They have zero respect

trump's impassioned tweet on California earthquake....

Yui's home made Tomato and Mushroom Soup...

After all that, the general public can't see the tanks

A quick note about family pets and fireworks

Just put my Flag out.

America Ignores Trump And Wishes Obama A Happy 4th of July

Dump won't give a shit about California earthquakes

you can call this song the united states blues!

White House aides scramble to fill seats

Service doggo walks on glass floor for the first time

City just outside of Portland holding a laser light show instead of fireworks

Julian Castro talks about his debate strategy on the HACKS ON TAP podcast...

I find this a total WTF! California mom charged in son's death left parole in 2014

Rai-ai-ai-aia-ain... I don't mind OR care, do u?

'Lambeth Walk' with Hitler: Brit Parody Film of Nazi Troops at Nuremberg Rallies

America the Beautiful, America the Cruel

Friends Forever- PUFFY AMI YUMI

Let it Rain - Eric Clapton

So which Dem POTUS candidate will be the first to call Trump a Fascist?

Happy Fourth of July from San Francisco

IDK. Speaking as a heterosexual male...

Watch the weather/foot traffic via DDOT cameras

Jimmy Kimmel 'thanks' Mark Burnett for Donald Trump

Nothing like a cool, refreshing rainstorm on a hot summer day

It's raining in DC.

Why are so many black Americans Christians?

This LOL ketteh tweet just passed 1million views

Kevin effin' McCarthy

Guy McPherson

FIRST lightning strike seen in southern MD, may have been in P.G. County,

Union says new state law should end Tamaqua district's attempt to arm teachers

Florida man contracts flesh-eating bacteria without even touching water

Hi hi Puffy Ami Yumi!!

Oh my god the RAIN!!

I'm hearing that the weather in DC is deplorable

Tracking Heavy & Strong 4th of July Storms! DC/MD/VA

Mitch McConnell can't help but be a racist on the Fourth of July

everyone is soaked. Video from one hour ago

event delayed announcement

'Using us as props'

Nat'l Park Service: rain, thunder, winds "could delay or cancel" Trump's super patriotic clusterf*ck

New Penn. law ends snow days as we know them, enabling schools to have students work from home

Trump Hotel in DC charging double what other hotels are charging over the holiday

Tweet of the Day

Pennsylvania law reaping $11M in fireworks taxes and fees under scrutiny over unleashing 'war zone'

85 aftershocks regarding 6.4 Ridgecrest, California earthquake. Authorities

Odds on IQ45 flaking out totally on Trumpapalooza tonight?

Obama celebrates July 4: 'A great day in the Obama family'

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Why Shin Godzilla Won Best Picture in Japan In Depth Review (***spoilers warning)

This is the judge who condones rape if the rapist is "from a good family"

Harrisburg school district audit findings 'a clear indictment' of ousted administration: receiver

Harris, Gillibrand, Klobuchar call upon ORR to reform migrant children policies

DC: People are starting to leave.

Fox host Lou Dobbs calls American military generals 'snowflakes' on Independence Day

The moment Trump is anticipating: The jet flyover will happen as he enters the stage

Tonight's event is delayed, but Trump still plans on speaking at it

Biden-Harris debate over busing spills out onto campaign trail

Have you ever?!

U.S. men advance to Gold Cup final (U.S. 3 - Jamaica 1)

I love the 4th of July when it rains!!!

OMG - USCP order evacuation of West Front

Washington Monument webcam turned off:

Man strips naked in front of Pennsylvania courthouse; was his cause climate change?

Soooo, trump took a big amount of money

When will Trump issue an executive order

Earthquake Felt report

(Rainbow) Nija by Aqua Timez

I was wrong about the parade.

Protesters 'detained and cited' after trying to disrupt Fourth of July parade in Philadelphia

Dan Rather tweet;" Tomorrow's White House press release..."

We now know, beyond a shadow of doubt...

Trump Dropped Fireworks Tariff The Same Day Company Donated $750K In Fireworks For His Show

Trump can't stop name calling even on the 4th.

And we're off for Sanders' third parade of the day. This time in Windsor Heights

One more #unwanted Ivanka, and a good one!

Niji -Aqua Timez

$92 million for

MI US Congressman Justin Amash has left the Republican Party.

Joe Biden's politics can be explained by Delaware's shadowy past

More of the same: An exciting boost for solar cells!!!!!!!!

What's on tonight?

Why I'm leaving the GOP

trapped in homes that are too big to sell - tastes have shifted away from large elaborate homes

(Washington Post) Harris's views on busing come under question after her debate criticism of Biden's

Hahnemann University Hospital closure upends career paths for 570 doctors-in-training

Why Shin Godzilla Won Best Picture in Japan In Depth Review (***Major spoilers warning)

C-SPAN has coverage of trump's speech

Security is evacuating the Capitol Fourth Concert amid reports of lighting

An artistic montage of a July 4th swing through Iowa with @BernieSanders

Robert Costa: tRump Furious at Wilbur Ross

The National Mall webcam link has been removed from the site.

Baby Rump has been re-inflated, woot

After lobbying by for-profit colleges, Trump administration scraps rule on 'gainful employment'

Updates on Stubby's One-Fingered Salute to America

Huckabee was in Washington earlier today:

Monster Hunter World Soundtrack

A question about the census

What to the slave is the Fourth of July?

tRump Orders DOJ/Commerce To Declare Next Sunny Day to be July 4

Earthquakes and Flooding of Biblical Proportions

Hogan Blocks Funding for Legislature's 'Fenced Off' Priorities

The webcam at the National Mall was abruptly shut down without notice and...

Man bites dog! (Police K9)

Was that a SS person wearing a MAGA hat

Let me be the first to thank Pres. Obama

Breaking fake news!

I don't go to very many movies, but I'll be going to this one.

I'd bet a days pay that THIS is what Trump was hoping for;

Anybody been offered a huge amount of money

Trump making entrance

Local Fux News in Orlando showing Twitler speaking

Baltimore jury's record $229M malpractice verdict may change a life -- but likely not the system

god clearly hates trump and his deplorables...

Trump's speech isn't going over well...

Righteous American spirit

Tis the season when a lot of white folks

Hypocrisy so thick

How will we know the true number of people at the fiasco today???

Trump reads 8th grade term paper on America from behind a filthy barricade. USA! USA! USA!

America is at his storngest moment right now

O.K. Quickly. Check the anti- ballistic glass protectingTrump..

Haha the crowd doesnt when its suppose to applause

#RainOnTrumpsParade and on this deplorable mocking dead refugees at the military charade.

"Was this a moment for a real leader..." [apparently not]

Man Rips Down Pride Flag, Shouts Homophobic Slurs In DC

LOL! Aaron Rupar tweet w/ video of crowd reaction to Trump addressing "all Americans"

trump speaking in Washington:

Holocaust Survivor Who Preached Forgiveness, Despite Being Tortured Alongside Her Twin By The Nazis

Say what the???????

I have procured my Independence Day feast

The United States of America Is Crying

That was the BIG flyover? Are you kidding?

Well he's keeping on Script.. So far!

Did JFK Jr. show up?


'Happy hunting!' Immigration agents swapped cheery messages about raids, records reveal

What the hell for?!

Residents near Southern California earthquake's epicenter felt intense shaking and fear

"I have not yet begun to fight"

Great flyover!

See the military that is about to go to war

"Happy 4th Mr. President" trends on Twitter--for Barack Obama

"An embarrassingly small crowd," PERHAPS..but look at this photo and tell me you don't feel ENERGY.

Legal Experts: Potential Trump Executive Order on Census Lacks Constitutional Basis

Beatles one by one. Paul.

Manslaughter Charge Dropped Against Alabama Woman Who Was Shot While Pregnant

I hope everyone is having a meaningful Veterans Day

Texas may cost Trump 2020

This parade must be the laughing stock of leaders around the world.

This event is very amateurish.

Trump's 'Salute to America' Blocked Off by Fencing Dropped in Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool

Why on earth are we demonizing the Betsy Ross Flag?

TEB: Fishing for large mouth bass at boog lake.

My medium format camera is dead. Long live the new one.

Justin Amash, a Trump Critic on the Right, Leaves the G.O.P.

VIDEO: MAGAt in crowd is apparently playing some sort of drinking game during Trump's speech.

Adam Schiff: Celebrating Swamp Day in Washington DC.

Did he just say "The Battle Ham of the Republic"?

Donald Trump already has an excuse if he loses in 2020

Former Democratic U.S. Rep. Chris Bell running for Senate seat held by John Cornyn

Did they give out the USS McCain shirts?

So no fireworks?

Trump Refuses To Believe That Most Americans Can't Stand Him

So much for his military flyover

A Trump supporter at his rally today. Mocking a dead child.

Bernie Sanders Pella Independence Day Parade

Pentagon reporter Barbara Starr not having it!

Former Dallas Cowboy Josh Brent wanted on probation violation after arrest in Coppell

Mrs.Betty Bowers: D.C.'s Fyre Festival

I think I get bigger flyovers just living twenty miles from a regional airport

Clarence Henderson was NOT one of the original Greensboro 4 protestors.

Gee, were there protests at the sploogefest today?

Hope all the homeless vets living on the streets in DC got to see the flyovers.

Republican Frye Festival

One thing that bears noting in regards to busing

Interview with woman in DC with questionable protest sign

I was told he said "Washington on his decisive attack, shut down the airports."

For years Fort Worth officials knew of anti-racism commissioner's offensive posts

Ice cream truck to would-be Instagram "influencers": fuck off, pay double

I just fell in love with Ted Lieu all over again

Well, I learn something new everyday!

A great song for Independence Day

tRump and the Coast Guard-- Look. If I ME ME can watch this shit.. you can.. LOLOLOLOL

It's July 5th here. We survived

"Presidents poll numbers to explode" guess who

Alligator, crocodile, #ItTakesARealGenius to know the difference.

Good day to binge-watch 'Unforgotten' on the PBS (BBC) channel.