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Trolls.. wonder why they call them like that

When a crown falls off, replace or extraction?

Aww, Donald having a sad about Fox News.

Trump Plans Environmental Speech

New team of DOJ lawyers is taking over census case.

DOJ Lawyers Who Had Represented Government in Census Case are Being Replaced: An Ominous Development

Pope Francis claims US televangelist performed miracle

anyone know where Epstein is now?

He's a sex trafficker.

All 21 of Mississippi's beaches are closed because of toxic algae

Epstein will talk...unless there is a pardon.

Goalkeeper kitty:

What kind of man sends his teen daughter Ivanka to model for a known pedophile?

Trump attacks Fox News

Bathhurst Caribou Herd Mid-1980s - 470,000; Bathhurst Caribou Herd Today - 8,000

equal pay chant

Half Of 30 Resorts On Whitsunday Islands (Queensland Coast) Abandoned, Rotting Into The Sand

Flash Flood Watch for the DC metro area through late tonight!

Does anyone else think epstein could have a sudden accident before

When will Trump run to Russia when the case is laid out against Epstein and......

Epstein-Barr Syndrome

Trump just unloaded on Faux news in series of tweets

Nature Conservancy Woes Not Just Sexual Harassment; Corporate Rot, Arrogance Drove Internal Anger

Actor Kip Pardue fined for 'serious misconduct' over masturbation claims

Lenovo Computer sound problem

Lenovo sound problem

Morgan Freeman Converted His 124-Acre Ranch Into A Giant Honeybee Sanctuary To Save The Bees

"I Don't Know Why We'd Spend Any Time Talking About THEIR Issue" - WH Leak On Shitstain Green Speech

Thought experiment

Vintage Cadillac finally towed from Brooklyn neighborhood was a local eyesore for years

Marianne Williamson campaign uses fundraising email to help rival 2020 Democratic candidate

What GOP dreams are made of

Philadelphia's working-class hospital (Hahnemann) is being shut down by a private equity firm

Trump Ejects Protester Who Holds Up Picture Of Donald With Jeffrey Epstein

Beto O'Rourke draws hundreds in Nashville, slams Trump's immigration policies during two-day stop

"we just have no quit in us"

Deutsche Bank will exit global equities business and slash 18,000 jobs in sweeping overhaul

Jeffrey Epstein Raid video from ABC News

Tiny Jag pulls out of AfroFuture Fest after learning white people would be charged a different price

Michelle Obama: "And then we had to meet the Trumps..."

Jeffrey Epstein Is Accused of Luring Girls to His Manhattan Mansion and Abusing Them

CNN's been running promos tonight for the Mueller hearing!

"The reality is when you lift up the economic status of women..."

When People Ask If I Want[ed] Kids 😂😎

Jeff Lynne, Joe Walsh and Dhani Harrison perform The Beatles "Something"

FBI, ICE find state driver's license photos are a gold mine for facial-recognition searches

FBI, ICE find state driver's license photos are a gold mine for facial-recognition searches

How do we drive this down? Gallup poll

Women's Soccer Team to Get Ticker-Tape Parade in New York's Canyon of Heroes

Admiral to lead Navy instead will retire; bad judgment cited

Guess Whose Daughter Is Reportedly a Prosecutor in Jeffrey Epstein Case

Trump hits back over UK ambassador's leaked memos

Find out where your congressperson stands on impeachment here:

Elizabeth Warren coming to Milwaukee on July 11

Trump's angle here on the Epstein case ... who was Director of the FBI in 2008?

Trump administration set to deport 1 million targeted undocumented immigrants

In surprise move, admiral tapped to lead U.S. Navy declines job, retires instead

'Blacklisted' political consultants profit from Democrats' civil war

Amash doesn't rule out presidential bid, says 'big problem' if Pelosi won't start impeachment

How worried should Democrats be about Iowa's 2021 redistricting?

Couple Finds A Stray Puppy On Vacation & He Makes their House a Home.

James Clyburn on why so many black voters are still standing by Biden

Just when you think Trump supporters can't get any dumber...

KS-SEN: Kobach supporters expected to gather Monday amid speculation over Kansas Senate run

I need a company for roadside assistance. I have had AAA for many years

Mexico - USA ... spoiler

DU sound problem

Billionare Tom Steyer Is Telling Allies He's Running for President

The Devil Of Little St. James: The True Jeffrey Epstein Story

All Mississippi beaches closed as toxic algae bloom blankets state's coast

Testimony of mental health agency leader, whose leadership has frequently come under fire, raises

Jim Hood loss could position Mississippi Republicans for an era of long-time dominance

Gayle King Interviews Michelle Obama at Essence Festival [Full Interview]

Flu cases in South Australia set to hit 20,000 as SA Health reveals there have been 82 deaths

Swalwell rumored to be dropping out tomorrow.

Dalton grads--Anderson Cooper, Matt Yglesias, Samuel Delaney, Frances Fitzgerald

shopping while black

Democrats were the ones yelling for war against Iran????

mass deportation plan was to be kept secret but Trump blurted it out on Twitter

5th Circuit decision on ACA could create political havoc for GOP

House Democrats seek expansive probe into Casada's expenses

Methodist Le Bonheur suspending court collections

Report: Tennessee Taxpayers Pay for White Nationalists' Security

Tennessee's New Ban On Internet Ordinations Could Add Hurdles For LGBT Weddings

Protesters demonstrate outside McConnell's office to end ICE camps at the border

Bloomberg News:

How in tarnation could *'s job approval rating have increased 5 pts. since April?

I would never have expected something like this from David Brooks

Alcohol plume from bourbon fire out of Franklin County

Someone just jumped my patio wall and tried to open the door!

Republicans have spent big in the Kentucky governor race. Where are the Democrats?

Many Kentucky coal miners will go unpaid until bankrupt Blackjewel re-opens its mines

Privatization would only worsen Kentucky's ailing foster care system, report finds

Deutsche Bank staff 'sent home' as 18,000 job cuts begin

Rodrigo Duterte's drug war is 'large-scale murdering enterprise' says Amnesty

Iowa, Nevada to launch caucus voting by phone for 2020

These old houses: Learn history, architecture and more from these lesser-known house museums

These old houses: Learn history, architecture and more from these lesser-known house museums

John Delaney: Bernie Sanders "Hijacked The Good Name Of Medicare" With Medicare For All Proposal

Miami Herald Investigative Reporter: 'Quite A Few Powerful, Important People' May Be Named (Epstein)

LePage's final year in office included 39 days in Florida, $33,000 trip to Montenegro

Trump poll numbers prove one thing

Tiedrich tweet; "...and of course whoever Jeffrey Epstein brings along"

AP: Federal grand jury probing GOP fundraiser Elliott Broidy

The Ties That Bind Jeffrey Epstein, William Barr & Donald Trump

Turns Out Racing Down A Glacier On Bikes Is A REALLY Bad Idea

So the US Women won the World Cup - the US Men were beaten

Brazilian House speaker predicts pension reform vote on Tuesday

The 2020 Presidential Race Hits Portland This Week, With Visits From Two Democratic Primary Candidat

So how can Iran be violating the 2015 nuclear deal when it

Breakfast, Monday 8 July 2019


When The Ambassador Makes A Valid Point, BUT....

Michael Bennet: Trump is 'at war with American tradition'

90% Of Sri Lanka's Coral Reefs Are Now Dead: Warming, Pollution, Dynamite Fishing

Bend Bulletin Must Terminate Employees Before Paper's Sale, Documents State

Huh. God-Fearin' Trump-Votin' Utahns Don't Want Sand Mining Operation In Their Backyard

Ecuador Govt Approves Oil Drilling Beyond Last Development Barrier In Heart Of Yasuni NP

Monday TOONs - Winning With One Well-Placed Kick at a Time

The Miraculous "Just Plant Trees!!" Warming Solution That Probably Isn't

No Testing, Standards Or Inspections As 100s Of Small Dams Proliferate In Brazilian Amazon

Oregon restricts solar development on prime farmland

Fear And Loathing At The Supreme Court -- What Is Chief Justice John Roberts Up To?

After a year of close calls, last-minute bailouts, Special Olympics of Oregon survives financial

CNN will hold live draw for 2020 Democratic debate lineup

'It doesn't work out': Trump voter laments nothing president does helps save jobs


What is your Star Wars fate?

Moon Urges Withdrawing Export Curbs as Japan Voters Back Them

For Republicans, everything is about remaining in power in 2020.

DRC rebel chief 'the Terminator' convicted of war crimes

Wimbledon - spoiler

Who Will Jeffrey Epstein Take Down With Him?

Nike-I Believe!

Steyer appears ready to enter presidential race: report

The Flettner-rotor: "How to build an airplane without wings."

Impeachment Very Unpopular In Key Swing Districts

He will promise a pardon...

Hickenlooper: Vast majority of campaign's problem 'was me'

Democratic field readies for the big shrink

I predict a riot...

The Purell presidency: Trump aides learn the president's real red line

This summer's weird weather is the death of predictability

Warren moves into lead in The Hill's Democratic presidential rankings

"In the end the Party would announce that two and two made five, and you would have to believe it."

Trump: I want reporters to go see migrant detention centers

The Rundown: July 5, 2019

Columbus TV Weather reporter body shamed for being pregnant

USGS Succumbs To Political Rot; CA Coastal Study Edited To Remove Climate Science At Its Heart

Carl Bernstein knocks media coverage of Mueller report: 'I think we've made a big mistake'

No bank or corporation or billionaire will create as much economic inequality...

The Trump administration has changed its story on the census citizenship question at least 10 times

Iowa, Nevada to launch caucus voting by phone for 2020

Nike's new ad re the USWNT on their World Cup victory

We're in an 'Age of Impunity.' It will have consequences for us

Epstein indictment to be released at 9AM, USAO-SDNY presser at 11AM - UPDATED

Trump Slams Fox News

What's wrong with this picture?

Jonathan Lucroy Hospitalized After Devastating Collision at Home Plate

30,000+ Evacuated In Siberian Flooding, In A Country That Will Never Move On Climate

Paying The Sedimentation Piper: MD Dam @ 92% Of Capacity For Toxic Mud Above Chesapeake Bay

Maxine Waters hits Trump over taxpayer cost of golf outings

William Barr's father hired Jeff Epstein to teach at a private school when Epstein was 20 yrs old

If the Supreme Court shows itself to be clearly partisan...?

Trump's Past Comment on Jeffrey Epstein Liking 'Beautiful Women' on the 'Younger Side' Surfaces


Trump Rips British Ambassador for Slamming Him in Leaked Memos: 'He Has Not Served the UK Well'

Political Analyst Larry Sabato: Biden is 'Rusty' But 'People Should Tune Out the Commentary'

Elizabeth Warren's Entire Speech at Town Hall at the University of Houston on July 5th, 2019

What Elizabeth Warren would tell her 25-year-old self

Tweet of the day!!

The Sunday Talking About Stuff Show - by Tom Tomorrow

An exotic-looking orange bird turned out to be a seagull covered in curry

Judge to make key decisions for indicted congressman Duncan Hunter's trial

"Berlin, I Love You." Very entertaining.


I'm feeling like being mean. I'm gonna destroy your brain.

Epstein! DOJ lawyers & Census! Rapinoe! Mueller, July 17! Fox News! PRESIDENTIAL HARASSMENT!

Epstein prosecutors formally announce press conference 11 Eastern

For shame, for shame...

Epstein is being charged with sex trafficking conspiracy 2002-2005

Is DU losing active participates? Seems that there is less discussion.

Another right-wing shill manufacturing outrage over the USWMT soccer victory.

Epstein Indictment-3 victims, the assistance of 3 employees and conspiracy charges

Hawk Lands On Moving Car -- And Decides He's Going For A Ride

DOJ Abruptly Replaces Lawyers Defending Trump Census Citizenship Question

Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein accused of paying girls as young as 14 for sex

Happy birthday, Glorious Leader's news presenter.

Thank you to Soph0571

Rescue Dog Finally Relaxes When She Gets A Toy Of Her Very Own

Epstein Indictment Here:

Cuomo Signs a Bill to Allow Release of Trump's State Tax Returns

Marianne Williamson campaign uses fundraising email to help rival 2020 Democratic candidate

16 votes Separate Katz and Cabn as Queens DA Primary Heads to Recount

Ebony, Jet fire remainder of staff, may close its doors for good

Read this Alexander Hamilton quote from 1792. You might want to sit down first.

SDNY Press conference at 11 a.m. to announce charges against Jeffrey Epstein

Man with a tank OR Woman with ball?

They're going for the headshot on Epstein

Stricken Russian Nuke Sub Crew Prevented 'Planetary Catastrophe'

Epstein question - why is this not double jeopardy?

O'Rourke to kick off New Hampshire swing with focus on immigration reform (1st candidate to commit)

Do you confront people who behave badly in public?

Trump can't win in 2020

Generational Racism is Southern Red States

Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter near record for longest-married presidential couple

CNN to conduct live draw for second Democratic debates

My wife says I have too many watches

Eleanor Clift: SUICIDE - Embracing Medicare for All Will Put the Democratic Party on Life Support

SDNY Epstein conference on youtube

Great again!

Trump Promotes Fake Quote Of Praise From Reagan

The Trial of a Navy SEAL Chief

The Erasure of Islam from the Poetry of Rumi

Trump May Have Revealed The Real Reason For Census Citizenship Question

5 Democratic presidential candidates will be in Milwaukee this week

Cold, Cold Heart: Hank Williams or Tony Bennett? (or ?)

Christina Wilkes leaves Speaker Pelosi press office to work for Beto O'Rourke

Epstein Clinton link?

Congrats to the US Women's National Team!

BREAKING: Nude photos of underage girls found in Epstein residence

Russia on the Ritz

Have you been cyber bullied here at DU?

Trump: "I have the best brain in the world"

"We must take urgent decisive action to prvent this from appearing on the EPA website."

Retro 2011: The Talented Mr. Epstein

I am not the Tolerant Left.

The Atlantic: The Progressive Nonargument Against Biden

Let's talk about partisanship and Epstein....

Jeffrey Epstein Met One Of His Underage Victims Via Trump's Mar-A-Lago

OMG! 😲 😱

OMG! 😲 😱

This is how Trump will get the Citizenship question in the Census.

Can't we normalize female and non-white candidates?

The new cover of Sports Illustrated:

Monday morning advice...

Melania Trump Receives Wooden Statue in Her Likeness in Slovenia-- and Locals Have Mixed Reviews

Breaking development: emergency measures put into effect to contain leaks at White House

Mueller's testimony

Good morning

Weird Facts About The World

Since Trump announced the tariffs 16 months ago, U.S. Steel has lost almost 70% of its market value

Thank you, Julie Brown.

LIVE NOW: Kamala Harris hosting Myrtle Beach, SC town hall 12:30 pm ET Monday (streaming link)

Louis Jordan was born on this date.

A very very low bar

Amtrak: Trains traveling south of Washington are now stopped due to severe weather conditions.

FBI, ICE, find drivers' license photos a gold mine for facial recognition searches

You had one job to do and you blew it twice! 🤦🏻‍♀️

We are discovering the RETHUGLICON party is a Cesspool of SEX MANIACS!!

Important "tidbit" about Epstein: no one knows how he made his money. He is not

'Protesters as terrorists': growing number of states turn anti-pipeline activism into a crime

Gov Inslee, The Doer, Signs Off On Voting Rights and Dark Money

WashPo: Gov. Cuomo approves new law approving release of Trump's state tax returns.

Epstein tried to "harass or tamper with witnesses," and hired private investigators who "'forc[ed]

Melania Congratulates the "U.S. Olympic Team" On Yesterday's Win

Trump Gloats Over 'Cute!' Reagan Quote That He Never Even Said

Swalwell to become first Dem to drop out of presidential primary

Florida principal to parent: 'Not everyone believes the Holocaust happened'

US Marshals capture one of ATF's 'most wanted' fugitives on remote Montana ranch

Trump officials tell one court Obamacare is failing and another it's thriving

What might be fun, USWNT edition

Things that upset Traitor don's supporters

OK, someone tell me what's up with Hass Avocados.

Trump Posts Fake Ronald Reagan Quote Predicting a Trump Presidency

Kamala Harris: Young people are 'stupid'

Florida Man and explosives...

Senator Says Trump Is Using 'Cruelty to Children' as Immigration Tool

The UK & The USA - Two sides of the same selfish populist coin right now

Concentration camps on the border: We're being lied to

Gabbard hits Harris for 'false accusation' that Biden is racist

Squirrel Trapped On Railroad Track Decides To Ask Random Human For Help

N.Y. Gov. Cuomo signs bill allowing Congress to access Trump's state tax returns

Former Fed. Prosecutor Renato Mariotti details charges incl areas of overlaps with prior FL conduct

Trump says Wharton shows he's a 'genius.' An admissions officer recalls it differently.

Stephanie Ruhle Clashes with GOP Strategist For Calling Kamala Far Left: 'Sounds Like it's More...

Order in the Court!

Maggie Habberman, her husband, & Epstein

Mayor Pete is headed to Seattle later this month for grassroots fundraising event

Epstein Detention Memo Link

Thousands of fish perish after fire at Jim Beam warehouse

The Blue Bell ice cream licker spawned copycats. One man has now been charged.

Unlike Trump, most Americans take care of business B-4 the 4th.

With Jeffrey Epstein locked up, these are nervous times for his friends, enablers

1 in 4 Americans say they'll never retire

Pompeo launches panel to review human rights in U.S. foreign policy

Mayor Pete Faces a Familiar and "Vicious" Enemy in South Carolina: Homophobia

How Hitler's Rise to Power Explains Why Republicans Accept Donald Trump

SunTrust to stop financing companies that manage private prisons

SunTrust to stop financing companies that manage private prisons

Alleged Islamic State fighter on trial in Netherlands for war crimes

Rental demand soars as more millennials hold off on buying

Finally relief for my leg pain and weakness.

A man pretending to be a police officer was arrested after he pulled over a deputy


Authorities find 'hundreds' of photos in Epsteins Manhattan apt.

What's for Dinner, Mon., July 8,2019

Vatican lifts immunity of Paris envoy: French foreign ministry

Feds Say Nude Photos Found During Jeffrey Epstein Sex Trafficking Raid

Trump speech to tout environment record; green groups scoff

Anyone else find it amusing/hopeful that Trump has started complaing about FOX "news"?

Elizabeth Warren says she raised $19 million in the second quarter of the year

The Latest: Kobach launching run for US Senate in Kansas

Judge reinstates Madrid's low emissions zone

Epstein to remain in jail thru Thursday!

I friended Breitbart on Facebook and...

Announced 2Q financials...

Trump speech to tout environment record; green groups scoff

Rule of law has crumbled in Venezuela: jurists' group

Has anyone noticed Epstein's close resemblance to Scott Bakula?

Calling all Liz Warren peeps! Cute tweet concerning her.

Donald Trump's five most dangerous attacks on the environment

Protect Montana's Wild Public Lands!

Has Acosta resigned yet?

Warren's presidential campaign announced today she raised $19.1 million

Presidential candidate misbehavior, campaign suspended

"The perfect time to hit the beach -- unless you live in Mississippi"

Bible shortage? Publishers say tariffs could cause it

British Ambassador Concealed Insults from Trump by Writing Messages in English

@jkbjournalist Appreciation Thread

The US is overflowing with natural gas, but not everyone can get it

Deutsche Bank slashes 18,000 jobs in $8.3 billion overhaul

Republican Governor is trying to destroy his state's university system

Barr Accuses Dems Of Creating 'Public Spectacle' With Mueller Testimony

Trump Blasts Theresa May on Brexit, Tweets 'We Will No Longer Deal With' British Ambassador After...

Ted Nugent: The Gun Humpers Hero

Mike Pompeo unveils new "Unalienable Rights" commission amid concerns over progressive rollbacks

PSA: Lock your car.

Cuomo Signs Bill Allowing Release of Trump Taxes

Trump has referred to his Wharton degree as 'super genius stuff.'

Sit Down Young Stranger

Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez move to declare climate crisis official emergency

The Guardian: Jeffrey Epstein sexual abuse case could push powerful friends into spotlight

Two of Jeffrey Epstein's victims/accusers came to Court today...

The Jolt: Warnings of a suicide spike among farmers in south Georgia

Denigrating West Coast cities, a Fox News-Trump production

So, all those underage victims of Epstein and his cohorts.

Trump says his administration won't deal with British ambassador.

USWNT invited to the Capital by Speaker Pelosi

Ali Velshi on MSNBC has former Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz on

Two Jeffrey Epstein accusers watch him plead not guilty, be ordered held without bail in kid sex tri

GOP ruled WI supreme court supported GOP post election destruction of governor power? Is this true?

Imagine there was a time machine for Ivanka...

Cartoons 7/8/19

Pierce: Jeffrey Epstein Allegedly Shows There's an Even Darker Side to the Masters-of-the-Universe M

WATCH Emma Vigeland From The Young Turks Try Her Best to Reason With Off-The-Rails MAGA Lady!

You raised $60.00 on July 7, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

Epstein is cooked, fried, burnt to a crisp and in danger of a life sentence:

Trump's corruption is getting worse. He has a hidden enabler.

This is why I cringe when folks say "WE JUST GOTTA GET OUT THE VOTE!" tRump only needs to get out

How do you cook your weenies?

Oklahoma judge denies motion to end case against drugmaker Johnson & Johnson

Revealed: anti-nerve agent drug was used for first time in UK to save novichok victim

Treasury could breach debt ceiling in first half of September, much sooner than previously thought

They probably won't have to get Epstein to flip on Trump (thereby reducing his sentence.)

UPDATED Rep. Eric Swalwell ends presidential campaign, will seek reelection to House

'Protesters as terrorists': growing number of states turn anti-pipeline activism into a crime

'Protesters as terrorists': growing number of states turn anti-pipeline activism into a crime

The Labor Secretary is the person responsible for enforcing laws

Any chance that in the photos they took from Epstein..

Minimum wage bill could eliminate 1.3 million jobs, CBO says

"I know the best pedophiles, crooked lawyers and a man who lied to the government"!

First lady Melania Trump in West Virginia for opioid talk

The simple response would have been "Don't cry for me, Orangina" and I'm sad she missed that shot.

Warren puts Sanders on notice with $19 million fundraising haul

Federal judge refuses to dismiss campaign finance violation case against Rep. Duncan Hunter

SEC chair posed with financial-services lobbyist at Trump Bedminster

Republicans torch Kobach for Senate run

My spirit animal No Boog we're not gonna rumble with the corgis

The Trump administration is harassing those helping migrants. The hypocrisy is unmistakable.

Must Read: From 2015 The Really Big One

Do you agree with this climate change analogy?

BREAKING: Swalwell officially ends campaign

Former Arkansas lawmaker pleads guilty in corruption case

Who leaked the UK cables from Amb. Darroch

William Barr on Epstein: "I am recused from that matter. . . "

Georgia accused of discriminating against Puerto Ricans with bizarre driver-license quiz

Georgia accused of discriminating against Puerto Ricans with bizarre driver-license quiz

Democrat Eric Swalwell drops out of presidential race

Britain is getting humiliated. By having a cabinet minister apologise to Ivanka Fucking Trump

Drug and insurance companies are gearing up to protect their billions in profits ...

Oregon senator who threatened state police must give notice before returning to the Capitol

"Pretentious gits!" Had lunch with a former client today who is a Producer with one of the cable

The Battle Over the Census Citizenship Question Is Now About Civil Rights

From 2015: Here is Jeffrey Epstein's Little Black Book.

Student comes out as Bisexual in Valedictorian Speech

One of the choices for this forum

US Customs seizes ship where huge cocaine load was found

Saudi carrier cancels troubled Boeing 737 order for Airbus

Hey wait, tRump fired Preet Bharara and brought in Geoffrey Berman, right? Surely he

John Hickenlooper holds a meeting with the DES MOINES REGISTER (livestreamed)

Oregon Democrats preserve nation's only non-unanimous juries, wait on Supreme Court decision

Barr: the Dept. would seek to block any subpoena of members of Mueller's team.

Man who says Kevin Spacey groped him asserts Fifth Amendment right

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 9 July 2019


Andrew Yang on The View 7/8/19

Andrew Yang on The View 7/8/19

How and why the D.C. area was deluged by a month's worth of rain in an hour Monday

I wonder if Pence coming back to Washington had anything to do with Epstein?

What Is The Source Of Epstein's Money?

Just got a call in Chinese. The following is a translation provided by a robocall reporting agency.

Secretary of Labor Dept is responsible for monitoring human trafficking...

Comunity pendantic club meating 2pm.

Kris Kobach Enters U.S. Senate Race, Misspells Own First Name

Arctic sea ice volume anomaly just hit the lowest value ever

Castro hits crucial donor threshold for fall debates

Congressional Democrats subpoena Trump organization

Barr is preparing to reveal their plans re: the Census citizenship question.

Barr says Trump administration can legally add citizenship question to census

June 2019 Atmospheric CO2 Content 413.92 ppm; June 2018 410.79 ppm; June 2017 408.88 ppm

A little video reminder on Donald Trump:

Seriously injured naked truck jumper ID'd by police

Biden EXPOSED: He's back to his old habit.

Update: swamp draining in progress

Lincoln's Bible starting new thread on source of Epstein's money

Remember that the Census is only mentioned in Article I and not in Article II nt

Elizabeth Warren's Fund-Raising: $19.1 Million in 3 Months, Outpacing Sanders

Kamala Harris has been pushing back on talk about 'electability.'

Due to advanced age, hubby and I are leasing a car, not owning one.

Ghost Ship trial: Man says he heard a fight and glass breaking before fire broke out defense's arson

A Quote From The Movie 'The Beach Bum' That Really Rubbed Me The Wrong Way When I Heard It......

Stanford "unjustly" punished a fraternity for unproven drugging, suit alleges

Just published on The Hill ** Gabbard hits Harris for 'false accusation that Joe Biden is a racist'

"Second Verse, Same As First" 1. Did Trump do illegal acts with Epstein or anyone connected with

Barr is discrediting Mueller again

That Old Gas Stove Is Not Your Friend

What is important to realize re Barr, Trump, repubs in general - this is a culture war and they must

Nearly a month's worth of rain in 1 hour triggers travel nightmare in DC area

"Misc. Nudes 1"..."Girl Pic Nudes"

Highway accident left worker paralyzed, 'locked in'. Caltrans will pay $37 million

A Floating Chernobyl - What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

News: President Clinton has issued a statement on Jeffrey Epstein

The Latest: Alaska State Senate ousts majority leader

Maurene Comey, the daughter of James Comey is a prosecutor in Epstein case

Judge rules against Rep. Duncan Hunter on motion to remove prosecutors in criminal case over alleged

AP-NORC Poll: Americans rarely seek guidance from clergy

The Russian ties To Epstein

$$$ So Elizabeth Warren outraised Bernie Sanders $$$

Man who says Spacey groped him invokes right not to testify

WOW! Epstein visited Sandringham, Balmoral and Windsor Castle as a guest of the Queen

Views on clergy vary by age, education, religious identity

Trump administration reviews human rights' role in US policy

Some Amazon warehouse workers are planning to strike on Prime Day

Some Amazon warehouse workers are planning to strike on Prime Day

Love Thy Neighbor: The Bible Belt Is Becoming a 'Dumping Ground'

Does Epstein Have Anything To Do With The Border Detention Centers And.....

AOC, Bernie Sanders to Introduce Resolution Calling 'Existential Threat'

I'm going to be sick.

Teen odds of using marijuana dip with recreational use laws


Too busy to read the Mueller report? Tom Patterson has abridged it for you

Mr. Mueller, betrayal

Former Harvard profs Tribe and Dershowitz on opposite sides on Epstein press coverage.

Re-post: Breitbart's White House correspondent joins White House

New Subpoenas from the Constitutional Accountability Center, led by Sen. Richard Blumenthal

Yup, still at it.

'This country was founded on white supremacy': Beto O'Rourke speaks with Tennessee immigrants

'This country was founded on white supremacy': Beto O'Rourke speaks with Tennessee immigrants

I am not perfect nor have I always done right.

Inslee Supports Democrats, Science, Progressivism, While He Slams Trump

Democrats want investigation into cost, legality of Trump's July 4th event

Jeff Koterba's latest cartoon: Uphill battle

Thousands Of Bicyclists Will Hit Area Roads For STP

Florida high school principal removed after comments about Holocaust

Well Willie Barr! That is just a little late to recuse yourself!

More than 160 patients sue doctors and hospitals as $1 billion medical-fraud investigation continues

Heres an Epstein thread on Twitter that will creep you out.

% who say the U.S. has a responsibility to accept refugees, by religious affiliation...

Fizzles on the sizzling pavement

2020 US Senate Election in AL and KS. If the R is Moore-AL and Kobach-KS.

Detectives investigating early morning homicide in Seattle's University District

Some days it is just good to be me... good to be us..

Democrats question absence of black or Hispanic nominee among Trump's 41 circuit court judges

There was a Fried Chicken thread in the lounge. I recommended a couple places -

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez embraces Trump's 'Evita' nickname for her

U.S. May Top Debt Limit Sooner Than Forecast, Forcing Congress's Hand

April 2019: Manhattan's DA office knew Epstein was a dangerous pedophile when arguing for leniency

It looks like Epstein's NYC mansion has interesting artwork.

House Republicans to strip Rep. Amash of committee assignment after he quits GOP