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Donald trump House of Wings

This CNN Intro is a reality show clip, right?....

Guatemala's shortcomings raise doubts about U.S. migration deal

Kamala shakes Joe's hand, says, 'We're good?"

Per Julia Davis: Putin praises Trump's offer to help fight wildfires in Siberia

First there was this sign I just had to pull over to photograph....🇺🇸

Newly unearthed Monkeys comment from Ronald Reagan

Cisco whistleblower gets first False Claims payout over cybersecurity

Ted Lieu: This is a shockingly bad poll for an incumbent Trump: does not clear 39% support in Texas

Harvard study reveals ancient Mesoamericans knowledge about Earth's magnetism

What were they just chanting during Booker's opening statement?

"bite red tomatoe?" - during Booker's opening? JK, but what was it?

What were they yelling from the audience?

someone fix her mic ffs!

Biden to Harris: "Go easy on me, kid"

Mario Lopez issues apology for his controversial remarks about transgender children after backlash

Trump offered Putin US assistance fighting wildfires in Siberia, Kremlin says

J. EPSTEIN. UK's Daily Mail files FIOA. Obtains multiple written phone messages from 2005.

Ten Years Is Too Long For A Phase In Period For....

Disagreeing and debating health care does NOT equal 'Repubican talking points.'

Arizona man finds out mother's body donated to science was sold to be used in IED blast test

BARACK OBAMA: Medicare for All is "a good idea."

Harris keeps going past her time limit, more than any other candidate there. Didn't the moderators

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Don!

May I suggest

CNN must have gotten the message. The moderators are

Joe Pop is giving a much better debate performance.

Robert Redford Told Russo Brothers 'Avengers: Endgame' Would Be His Last Film On Set

The disruption was immigrant advocacy group that came to target Biden for deportations under Obama.

I was tired of always losing my AirPods

Great to see the real winner on Heath Care tonight and last night!

Are they just going to let them do that?

NBC has an "attack-tracker" during the debate

OK, gawd damn it!

08/01 Mike Luckovich: Enjoy your stay

TAPPER ..... Shut the hell up about busing & SEGREGATION during the 60's. my husband has found the "decades" channel

Anyone who thinks that bashing President Obama will elevate their f**king standings, won't get my

wheeeeew.... Tulsi

(((((Debate continued ))))) nt

Am I the only one who is sad for Lindsay Graham?

Greenland Melt Area Already Off The Charts, And It's Only Day One Of The Heatwave

Why are Democrats signing on to this fucking debt ceiling/budget bill?

"In Even The Highest & Coldest Areas", Greenland Temps Above Freezing; Normal Is -10C

USDA Long-Term Study: As World Warms, Expect Up To 80% Declines In Corn/Soy Production w/i 60 Yrs

Ngũ Hanh Sơn 五行山

All this talk about immigration

Trump officially designates Brazil a non-NATO ally

Booker's is doing very good tonight.


Don't mock Marianne Williamson, Democrats need her spiritual politics in dark Trump era

The #1 issue for Dems (beyond defeating Trump) is health care. Does anyone think this debate

Jeffrey Epstein Hoped To Seed Human Race With His DNA, (NYT)

(((((((((((((Democratic Debate #3)))))))))))))

OK I fess up to not watching the debate, but

Excuse me, but who the fuck is Di Blasio to be posing questions to other candidates? No other...

Trump welcomes Mongolian president Battulga to White House

Yang is doing really well too.

what the heck is wrong with guillibrand?

Barron Trump is latest to get gift horse from Mongolia

TCM Schedule for Thursday, August 1, 2019 -- Summer Under the Stars: Henry Fonda

Dems need to say this "word for word" repeatedly

Democratic National Committee Rejects Proposal For Financial Review Board

Public Option is better than Medicare for all

Castro just called turtle Moscow Mitch!

Those Tiny Hotel Shampoo Bottles May Soon Be A Thing Of The Past

Best lines of the night: Biden's opening statement, especially the lines addressed to Trump

Castro: If the Democrats impeach Trump

My wrap-up of the moderators this week:

time to list your top 5

So you're right.. He's not shinning on the xmas Tree! Right Now!!

Tonight, everyone's getting their website into the close...

Question is CNN doing ALL the debates?

Microsoft: Protecting democratic elections through secure, verifiable voting

Adios to Donald Trump!!

Sen. Mitch McConnell's net worth: 2005: $2,962,015; 2015: $26,927,535; Increase: $23,965,520

NBC: Russia's propaganda machine discovers 2020 Democratic candidate Tulsi Gabbard

What's wrong with these pictures?

Gabbard with the upbeat closing statement there.

Gabbard rips into Harris for her record on marijuana prosecutions and death penalty

Seth Meyers - The Second Democratic Presidential Debate - Monologue - 7/30/19

Now OVER $16,000 raised to beat Trump in 2020

Nobody won the debate tonight.

CNN...eviscerating Biden...I thought he did fine...but of course they want him gone.

Seth Meyers: Guest Wanda Sykes

Seth Meyers: Guest Jose Antonio Vargas Explains What Politicians Get Wrong About Immigration

Is there anyone worse than Brian Williams to host a post debate discussion?

Who got the farm welfare money? BIG AGRA! Small farmers got next to nothing

Nick Buonicanti RIP

The more Inslee shows up, the more electable he gets.

LOL! "DeBlasio was sort of the 4th moderator"

538: This is the kind of debate you wanted if you were Warren or Sanders

Joe Scarborough / Joy Reid

Gut debate reaction? Combination of what they said and

TCM Schedule for Friday, August 2, 2019 -- Summer Under the Stars: Ruth Hussey

VOX: Marianne Williamson isn't funny. She's scary.

Debate #3 - what are you hoping will happen?

Last night pundits said Biden won. Tonight they're saying Warren won this debate.

The Daily Show: LIVE Coverage of the July Democratic Debates, Night Two

The Winner Tonight: Elizabeth Warren

Lawrence is right, imo: No LEADER has appeared.

Senator Harris was running the stage

Scarborough: Democratic candidates, please read slowly: Hit Trump. Not Obama. Not that hard, folks.

After watching the 2 debates these are the candidates I think have a chance

Michael Steele

Epstein Envisioned Spreading His DNA by Impregnating Women at His Ranch (NYT)

Bashing Obama in the debates is a bad idea.

So what's Michael MOORE's point? Thinks SHITLER can happen again.

Night 2 in headlines from 538:

That debate, and last night's, was AWFUL. UNHELPFUL. BAD FOR DEMOCRATS.

Ha! Apple's trying to brick my phone!

How much time each candidate spoke over two nights of debates:

When and how will the next cull happen?

I don't like the attacks.

Last night Liz Warren ripped CNN, and tonight Cory is finishing off CNN Repub talking points!

This Mathematician's 'Mysterious' New Method Just Solved a 30-Year-Old Problem

From last year: this doctor dances with his patients - just delightful

wow. Joy Reid is saying Biden did fine

TCM Schedule for Saturday, August 3, 2019 -- Summer Under the Stars: Marlon Brando

Trump and his administration is a criminal enterprise. How long before democrats realize this?

MSNBC Just ran an add slamming Democrats as Socialists and bad for America.

This Gassy 'Preteen' Exoplanet With 2 Suns Is Losing Its Atmosphere. But Why?

538: 'Biden was Clearly Stronger Tonight'

I don't know what Joe Biden's campaign is about.

Could There Be Life? This Newfound 'Super-Earth' May Be Habitable

Booker makes the case for why discussion of Biden's '94 crime bill is relevant today.

Arctic Sea Ice Gone By September 2019?

Ok folks. Let me give it to you straight...

In case you were somehow impressed by Tulsi Gabbard in these debates

Jeffrey Epstein Dreamed of 'Improving' Humanity With a Baby-Making Ranch (and His DNA)

CNN Was Ill-Equipped for This

Chris. Can you please just call her before she destroys the whole city?

5 or 6 more debates before the Iowa Caucuses.

Michael Moore totally lost it.

What do y'all think about Michael Moore's post debate analysis (on MSNBC)?

Trump Revokes Awards to Military Lawyers

Tweet of the Day

(Jewish Group) Synagogue in Florida receives antisemitic, threatening package

Gen. John Hyten 'did something incredibly wrong to me,' says Col. Kathryn Spletstoser - PBS NewsHour

For those who need a reminder

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Bravo Sen. Gillibrand! Couldn't agree more about Biden!

Yellow Swallowtail....I big bluestem bloom

Video: Man who died during arrest cries, begs police to stop

When I signed up for Medicare I didn't realize it only covered 80%

Federal judge bars Rosemont Mine construction

John Pavlovitz nailed it!

Just on 'nightline'. Plant in Warren closing soon. One of five slated to close b4 year's end.

Federal judge bars Rosemont Mine construction

Castro's been listening to Mayor Pete

This health care debate offers an opportunity to extend a middle finger to Joe Lieberman.

When are the next debates and what channel will they be on?

I switched from Biden to Gabbard or Castro

Top law enforcement official in Texas accused of rape, fired

Court to rule in appeal of ex-Oklahoma cop convicted of rape

VP Biden did what he needed to do and fended off his opponents

Georgia election officials deny evidence destruction

CNN panel of nine Iowa voters weigh in on debate winner.

State Labor and Industries claims are way higher because of our system. That's something

I am on my fourth alarm clock in 3 months.

So...I said I'd pick a preference after the July debates.

Private prison company sued in death of migrant child, 1

US records nearly 20 mass killings for the year so far

Russian spaceship brings 3 tons of supplies to space station

Foreign dictators don't take meetings with house members unless there is something to gain.

I think this #Moscow Mitch thing has gone too far, its not fair to


The theme for the August Photo Contest is "Portals."

Seems Like Every Time I Turn To MSNBC...

To my surprise, Michael Moore made some very interesting points...

Talk about commitment...

Former security chief sentenced for bugging Colombia's Supreme Court

Bolsonaro's Cancelation of Meeting with French Minister Could Have Negative Effects on EU Trade Agre

Brazilian Government Participates in Meeting with Climate Change Deniers

Seth Meyers LIVE - CNN's Democratic Debate, Night Two: A Closer Look

Bolsonaro Says That Slave Labor Rules Need to be "Adjusted"

My mind was blown while trolling a Trump supporter yesterday.

Former Financial Advisor Sentenced To 20 Years (Charges Related To $20 Million Ponzi Scheme)

Vivo's Mother Telefnica Brasil Suffers Blow to Reputation; Found Guilty of Slave Labor

CBS Overnight News feature: North Dakota's "Enchanted Highway".

Bevan Cooney Sentenced To 30 Months In Prison For The Fraudulent Issuance And Sale Of More Than $60

2 gunmen killed by state first lady's bodyguards in Mexico

Post Debate: Anderson: "Do you consider [Assad] a torturer or a murder?"

Holocaust survivors have home ransacked as antisemitic incidents hit new record in UK

Trump Orders Navy to Strip Medals From Prosecutors who tried that Navy Seal on war crimes

WATCH: Amazing time lapse of Mexico's Popocatepetl volcano erupting

Argentina Opposition Cries Fraud on New Voting System

Brazil police target brewery CEO in graft case

No authority convening a general, special, or summary court-martial

Stephen Colbert Post-Debate LIVE - Monologue and Opening - 7/31/19

Will You Support Governor Steve Bullock for the Next Debates ?

Stephen Colbert - Guest Rahm Emanuel: Democrats Fall In Love, Republicans Fall In Line

Stephen Colbert - Comedian/Author Michael Ian Black: I Have Strict Purity Tests For My Candidates

Where's The media outrage over the racist Reagan tapes.

Jeffrey Epstein Wanted to Impregnate 20 Women at a Time at His 'Baby Ranch'

Were the humans in Garden of Eden "human" or did they become human after the fruit-incident?

Injecting yourself with dog insulin? Just a normal day in America

Mobsters, fraudsters, thieves, drug-dealers, murderers... Trump Tower has all the best tenants.

Joe Biden called Kamala Harris a 'kid' and it has not gone down well

Just 10% of fossil fuel subsidy cash 'could pay for green transition'

Better from Biden but Democrats have yet to find 'the one' - which suits Trump

CNN's Democratic Debate, Night Two: A Closer Look - Late Night with Seth Meyers

Sam Bee: Kentucky wants to break up with Mitch McConnell

38 Years Ago Today; Video Kills Radio Star - Music Television begins broadcasting

Morning Joe giving the anti Obama candidates from last night, a right good kicking.

Al Franken podcast with Howard Fineman: All about Moscow Mitch.

📺 AUG 1 at 8AM - Sen. Sanders @CBSThisMorning

Confirmed: Spongebob is immortal... and saved planet Earth.

I think it was Willie Geist: "Democrats are be playing 4 dimensional chess... playing to the 3%...

Kamala Harris needs to get her sh!t together on Healthcare, otherwise it will badly damage her.

Everyone piling on Joe

I am pretty sure this is supposed to be a parody...

Lucky for the Democrats that President Obama doesn't take things personally.

Breakfast Thursday 1 August 2019

Bernie Sanders deserves much more credit than he gets for pushing all these bold progressive ideas -

There is "truth" in this statement!

There are only two possibilities..

@BernieSanders counter-messaging from off stage:

48 Years Ago Today; The Concert for Bangladesh is held at Madison Square Garden

I'm starting to feel like George Carlin was right. It's all a charade

Man suffering psychotic breakdown left alone near highway by South Carolina first responders

We must end the corruption of the ruling class by building a mass movement of people ...

While Gabbard had a strong debate, she is being propelled by RW efforts, possibly foreign actors...

Comedy Central tweet response to the Traitor Tot - For The Win!

August 1 - Happy Birthday Rep. Josh Harder (D) CA-10th, born in 1986

Thursday TOONs - Mitchovitch, Crazy Talk, and Debate Sketches

The Washington Post Mitch McConnell is a Russian asset

August birthdays - Offer birthday greetings to your favorite Democrats

Indonesian President Wants Giant Seawall Around Jakarta - Which Is Already Sinking 8" Per Year

The Rundown: July 31, 2019

Art of The Week: Week of 7/31/19

The Best Comics of 2019 So Far

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 7/31/2019

Morning after

No postings tomorrow August 2nd...

Whole lot of privilege here. She got to live

I'm not the only one to see Biden as 'weak, fumbling'

Florida's "Chief Resilience Officer" Has Nearly Zero Environmental Background, But Hey, It's Florida

Jimmy Kimmel on Democratic Debate #2

Simulated dendrochronology of U.S. immigration (1830-2015)

Missouri Tax Returns Delayed, Auditor Galloway Calls For Action

12 Years Ago Today; I-35W Mississippi River bridge collapse kills 13 in rush hour traffic

Coming up on the 70th anniversary of the Mann Gulch Fire

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Kids Tell Us Who Should Be Next President

CNN was absolutely terrible & it was evident from the beginning with their WWE/Reality TV intro

Judge overturns IRS rule that shielded political donors' identities

She was feeding the stray cats that kept her company. Now the 79-year-old is going to jail.

July in Portland sets record: Hottest. Month. Ever. (Maine)

We do not have free will.

In 2008 and 2009 we didn't have the votes to pass a public option or Medicare for All

For Some Reason, Skepticism On Graves (R-LA) As New Green Face Of GOP - 3% Lifetime LCV Score, Maybe

White-nose syndrome has affected up to 97% of Maine's bat population

CBS This Morning: Bernie Sanders calls current health care policy an "irrational system"

Harris response to Gabbard

Most Intense Human Chain Ever Rescues Dog Stranded in Canal The Dodo

When do we spend more time attacking the Obama administration than the Trump debacle

Gunshot fired after alleged Bigfoot sighting

I love starting my day by laughing at Tomi Lahren

Harris on Gabbard criticism: I'm obviously a top tier candidate so I expect to take hits (The Hill)

Axios AM: "Kamala Harris has established herself as a frontrunner."

One of the best moments last night came from Bennet, imo:

Anyone watching Orange is the New Black?

Trump to Soon Present Peace Plan to Arab Leaders

Motown Sings the Debates LSSC

nobody spoke Spanish during the two nights of debate...did ya'll notice that?

The DNC needs to start advertising on FOX News...

Glenn Grothmann veers off into fairyland again...

Jay Inslee Calls Trump a White Nationalist

😃🇺🇸 🇮🇳🍺☀️❗️

Booker criticizes debate for pitting Democrats against one another

Trump sabotaged the nuclear deal with Iran. Now he wants Iran to sign a new nuclear deal.

Ecosia searches are now carbon negative

CNN's Debate Questions Were Embarrissing

"Vice President Biden..." "Mr Vice President..."

Biden tweet with video: "Mr. President -- this is America...."

John Legend: "Donald Trump is an evil fucking canker sore on America's whole landscape"

Steyer knocks Trump business record in new ad

BTRTN: Pinata Biden... VP Fights But Fails to Parry Onslaught. The Race is Opening Up.

Bernie & Warren DESTROY Dem Debate (Marianne Williamson Too!)

Trump Impeachment Movement Passes 50% Support from House Dems

British government steps up recruitment of border officials ahead of Brexit

Blackberry and Yellow Plum Jam Recipe

Fox News Stars Go After Tomi Lahren for Sexist Jab at Kamala Harris

Twitter Video: Sen. Bernie Sanders joins Morning Joe

Trump seems a lot more interested in helping Russia fight wildfires than California

Is there a place to look at the September debate qualifiers?

what I want to see the primary candidates do

The Impossible Whopper is coming to every Burger King in America next week

Kamala Harris brought the closing statement thunder

Only 7 Candidates Have Qualified for the Next Democratic Debate [so far]

Thank you, Tom Steyer, for everything you have done and everything you are doing

ADP says 156,000 private-sector jobs added created in July

Researchers, scared by their own work, hold back "deepfakes for text" AI

🐦 AUG 4 at 12PM - Town Hall on Jobs and Economic Security - North Las Vegas, NV

Kamala Harris's controversial record on criminal justice, explained

Medicare For All...nervous?

French's announces limited-edition mustard flavored ice cream

You raised $1,156.00 on July 31, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links (Now OVER $17,000 raised)

My Somewhat-Snarky Personal Group Rankings of Candidates

What a great story!

Warren has posted 10 years of her Income Tax Returns online.

Doctors urge probe of child migrant deaths: 'Poor conditions' at border increase risk of spreading f

Remember Peter and Gordon? That one with the really red hair,

School of Rock rant - "The Man"

#TrumpEulogies: "On June 29th, 1999, Trump gave a eulogy at his father's funeral ...."

Trump spoke to Putin this week and hardly anyone noticed

Word for the decade...Moscow Mitch. say it loud, say it proud. lol. He has the nerve to mad .lol

I was thinking the other night that "Medicare for All" could be rebranded

"How the hell is this not inciting violence?"

WaPo Editorial Board: A nuclear treaty is about to vanish. Its demise should teach a lesson.

WaPo Editorial Board: A nuclear treaty is about to vanish. Its demise should teach a lesson.

Graham being an ass: @SenFeinstein : "Your breaking the rules of the committee...This is unprecedented

More than half of democratic caucus now openly support impeachment.

Kamala: We've been talking about the fact women aren't paid equally since '63. Done talking.

Senator Harris picks up 9th CBC endorsement (most of any candidate) after 2nd debate

LOL. Bezos cashes in $1.8 billion in stock, pays paltry 22% tax

Having fun with nicknames

ICE wants access to Missoula County radio facility.

Ohio. Yes, Ohio

Since the Repulicans know they are on the wrong side of history, they are now against democracy.

Police laughed and joked as he lost consciousness in handcuffs. Minutes later, he died.

Pompeo says US not asking Asia to take sides against China

Giffords and March For Our Lives Team Up to Host Nation's First Presidential Forum on Gun Safety

Matthew Yglesias, Vox: Get ready for a Booker boomlet, but Biden's still in command.

Why your Global Entry application may be taking forever

David Cay Johnston idea.

Couple Gets The Most Magical Visitor On Their Engagement Shoot

'There's just nothing left' 5 to 7 missing after massive explosion rocks Lincoln County, KY

Besides Marianne Williamson who shined the most in the latest round of debates?

S. Koreans shun Japanese beer, travel, cars as disputes grow

Some constructive criticism for Joe Biden or any other candidate who overdoes it

If ever a photo begged for a caption........

Second former GOP state senator found shot dead in two days, this time in Oklahoma

Profit Seeking Parasites

Ted Deutch!!!!

WP: Japan has weaponized its trade relationship with South Korea

Crime infested Trump Towers -

Kamala Harris gets her **9th** CBC member endorsement--the most of any candidate

Eric Holder to 2020 Democrats: 'Be wary of attacking the Obama record'

For Warren fans: what do you think of these possible veeps

Hong Kong protests: China releases dramatic army propaganda video

Gabbard in March: "Mueller reported Trump did not collude with Russia..."

A Russian Oligarch Bought Maryland's Election Vendor.

Dutch 'burqa ban' rendered largely unworkable on first day

US interest rate cut fails to impress Trump

Hearts behind kitten's ears - Ain't that cute?

Tulsi Gabbard Raised Negative $20 for Her House Campaign

Edward Snowden memoir to reveal whistleblower's secrets

Nate Silver: Where I Think The Candidates Stand After The Second Debate

'The selling of an election': how private firms compromised midterms security

Gerry is a font created by your congressional districts:

Puerto Rico's ousted governor names Pedro Pierluisi as next leader

Puerto Rico's ousted governor names Pedro Pierluisi as next leader

US urges Germany to reconsider Persian Gulf mission

Hmmmm.. how will some of those who spent 40 minutes attacking the most popular Democratic



Sanders Calls Out CNN for Airing Pharma Commercials During 2020 Debate

America's Favorite Fast Food Restaurant?

Dutch 'burqa ban' rendered largely unworkable on first day

Kentucky Democratic Party.."MOSCOW MITCH' merchandise for Sale....

For the second time in two years, they survived a mass shooting

Reuters: Biden steadies ship while setting up impending clash with Warren

Did Trey Gowdy and Paul Ryan leave office bc of a secret plea deal?

Red Sox Rick Porcello smashes TV monitors

The Day That Trump Rode Down the Escalator.

🐦 AUG 3 at 3PM - Ask Bernie: Economic Crisis Facing Working People - Las Vegas

Comedy Central shoots down Trump Jr. after he joked network should host Democratic debates

Edward Snowden memoir to reveal whistleblower's secrets

Australian farmer says human orthopedic plate found in croc.

🐦 AUG 4 at 2PM - Northwest Las Vegas Office Opening with Bernie Sanders

This is in my opinion a good read about the FTC and Equifax deal

Yang calls out 'reality TV show' style elections that resulted in Trump: 'We need to be laser-focuse

Preview of #AmericanSwamp (Sunday at 9pm on MSNBC)

Yang calls out 'reality TV show' style elections that resulted in Trump: 'We need to be laser-focuse

On the Border Wall, the Supreme Court Caves to Linda Greenhouse

Rick Scott claims Kamala Harris didn't stop detention center in 2014, 2 years before she was elected

Radical Republicans Want To Exterminate The Inflatable Union Rat

After escaping enclosure, dozens of goats get loose and run through neighborhood in Washington state

White House buried Trump's call to Putin in debate night frenzy

Goats escape into suburban Seattle neighborhood

Biden asks 8-year-old girl at a diner this morning if she's going to be president, tells her

I'm about to blow my lid. Phone calls for Medicare supplemental insurance are driving me insane.

White House Told Officials to Go Easy on China Over Hong Kong

Look: I said it about Biden last time, I'll say it about Harris this time...

Kamala Harris unveils bill to federally decriminalize marijuana

July 31, 1969, fifty years ago yesterday: Gary Allen Hinman is found murdered in Topanga Canyon

August 1, 1966: Charles Whitman gains infamy as the Texas Tower Sniper

Beijing Bans Non-Patriotic TV Shows Ahead of 70th Anniversary...

Epic smack down!

When will fossil fuels be eliminated before more die. Not just from


Comedy Central BURNS junior ROFL

Dana Milbank: Joe Biden was brilliantly and gloriously adequate

A Majority of House Democrats Now Back Trump Impeachment Inquiry

AUG 3 at 9AM PDT - Presidential Candidates AFSCME Public Service Forum - University of Nevada

Army should remove Ft. Hood's Confederate namesake for a legendary Hispanic soldier, group says

Gillibrand: First thing I'll do if elected is 'Clorox the Oval Office'

I'm Voting for Blue, No Matter Who

Key Moments From Gov. Jay Inslee's Second Debate Performance

Body found in France's Loire River confirmed as music fan missing since police raid

'Impossible Whopper' goes nationwide at Burger King

After 'Send her back!' chant, Ohio rally a test for Trump

Exclusive: FBI document warns conspiracy theories are a new domestic terrorism threat

Majority of Trump's Trade Aid Went to Biggest Farms, Study Finds

Biden says he was surprised there was so much criticism of Obama in last night's debate

Tulsi Gabbard Cheered For Brutal Attack on Kamala Harris ...

Work will close westbound U.S. 2 trestle this weekend

Tweet of the day is already in. Joe Keenan.

Creepy: Someone who was in Rep. Steve King's office recently noticed a small plastic fetus behind

The Report concerning Navy Seals?

Criminal Justice in the age of climate change

Marianne Williamson isn't funny. She's scary.

Cartoons 8/01/19

Exclusive: Top US Navy SEAL tells commanders in letter: 'We have a problem'

In Brazil, tough-on-crime approach packs prisons

and then there's this.....James Comey won't be prosecuted over FBI memos.....

For those of you that depend on voting Trump out in 2020:

Colombia's Ecopetrol to start fracking in US

Please join me!

You think it's Elijah Cummings he's really after

Judge reinstates mayor implicated in social leader's murder that shook Colombia

Tiffany FitzHenry: Country Songs Contain Spells and Musical Scales 'Change Your DNA'

Colombia releases dynasty politician after vow to identify alleged criminals in congress

Fux Noise Calls Out 'Moscow Mitch' McConnell's Inaction on Russia

"In total, we raised $2 million from more than 100,000 donations on Tuesday and Wednesday combined."

The Number One Reason Food Delivery Drivers Should Not Be Allowed To Smoke Weed!

Trump Attacks Another Black Man After Being Called Racist

3 favorite geek movies pre-1984? A job at a video rental store is riding on your answers.

Alright, I have a beef about medical flexible spending accounts.

Kamala Harris advocates prosecuting Trump!

Ex-governor candidate charged in shooting of process server; defense releases video from incident

Trump Ratchets Up Trade War With New Tariffs on Chinese Imports

If you can't lift yourself up

Practical use found for Ivanpah hybrid gas/solar plant...

Four Survivors of Altamiras Prison Massacre Killed during Transfer

China is buying Africa. Is Russia buying US?

Hate to say it but there are some folks on the debate stage

No surprise: Roger Stone loses bid to have indictment dismissed.

Faiz Shakir: Bernie 2020 Q3 Outlook Following Second Debates

Judge Rules Roger Stone 'Has Not Identified Any Legal Grounds' to Dismiss Indictment

Trump implements new tariffs on China and market drops 500 points.

Car Charging Smart Roads--The future of transportation

Illinois Family Sues to End Law Threatening Them With Compulsory Eviction

Justice Department won't prosecute Comey over leak of his memos after referral from internal watchd

Biden does a post-mortem in Detroit

Researchers say firefly populations are dying out due to human development, pesticides

Is truthful, factual information disappearing? If data is now more valuable than oil, likely yes.

Reagan "Look Magazine" 1966

Sold something on eBay the other day

Joining in with thousands of others in thinking of Jerry Garcia today on his birthday, August 1

Daily Kos Post Debate Primary straw poll goes from 2 to 8pm est

Marianne Williamson & knocking on the Dressing Room Door

Seth Moulton is my congressman

Harris did not laugh about putting 1500 people in jail for MJ violations as Gabbard claimed

Astronomers Develop First 3-D Map of Milky Way August 1, 2019

Harris: Sept debate "needs to be fully focused on the problem of Donald Trump"

Saturday public sector forum

Working Families Party: Live Q&As with Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Julin Castro

FBI Uncovers Al-Qaeda Plot To Just Sit Back And Enjoy Collapse Of United States

Hailstorm here in Raleigh NC

Dumb Ass Marco Rubio Just Tweets Something Anti-Democratic Party and Performs a Self-Own

I think Tulsi Gabbard just committed political suicide today.

NH Primary Source: Talk at RNC meeting of recruiting Lewandowski to run for US Senate

Gabbard was just on msnbc

Night 2 of Detroit Dem debates drew 10.7 million viewers, well below June ratings

Boost mobil..

Small plane's emergency landing on Pierce County (suburban Seattle) street caught on camera


FBI Report: Conspiracy Theorists Are Domestic Terrorist Threats (QAnon & Pizzagate)

Well hell...that's what I get...

Rick Scott stole Bill Nelson's Senate seat

There has got to be better ways

Two perspectives on the Gillibrand-Biden tussle

Any dog groomers here?

ICE Contracts Are Booming. See Which Vendors Are in Your State.

Amazon deforestation: Bolsonaro government accused of seeking to sow doubt over data

Amazon deforestation: Bolsonaro government accused of seeking to sow doubt over data

Sanders pledges to allow prescription drug imports on first day in office

Speaker Pelosi gives Jared Kushner appropriate name "Slumlord"

White supremacist gang leader, one other escape Arkansas jail

Hard-won budget, debt deal clears Senate, advances to Trump

The Apprentice

Federal judicial panel dismisses misconduct charges against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh...

Cummings subpoenas Ivanka

Pelosi: "Ask his son-in-law, who is a slumlord there, if he wants to talk about rodent infestations"

Kamala Spends Day After Debate on the Streets of Detroit With Security Workers Fighting to Unionize

The false dichotomy being promulgated

New: Congressman Elijah Cummings' house broken into

Saudi women can now travel without male guardian's approval - report

Saudi women can now travel without male guardian's approval - report

A little over a year ago I scored at a local auction house here in Los Angeles

Warren: My friend @AdyBarkan came to the Senate a few months ago to testify about why we need...

I just got kicked in the nuts,

Question: "Are you suggesting that Republicans in Congress, around the country, are enabling racism?

This might be a dumb question, but why is there an open enrollment period that closes for ACA?

Tulsi attacked Kamala with a claim made in the rightwing Free Beacon in February,

Huffpost: "Labor Puts Candidates On Notice: 'Let's Be Honest About The Democratic Party's Record' "

Revealed: Johnson ally's firm secretly ran Facebook propaganda network

CNN: How you know Tulsi Gabbard really got under Kamala Harris' skin

UK less able to cope with hard Brexit than it was in spring, say officials

UK less able to cope with hard Brexit than it was in spring, say officials

Virginia Sales Tax Holiday

It's official...Tomi Lahren's tweets are harmful to my blood pressure.

Exclusive: FBI document warns conspiracy theories are a new domestic terrorism threat

A Russian Oligarch Bought Maryland's Election Vendor.

Liz Cheney says Native Americans in grizzly lawsuit "intent on destroying Western way of life."

"If they do the chant, we'll have to see what happens...I don't know that you can stop people"

The Debate From a Slightly Different Perspective

Allan Lichtman's take on this week's Dem debates

Former assistant F.B.I. director likens trump rhetoric to cleric's radicalization of Muslims

Grab 'em by the....

Elijah Cumming's home was broken into the same day Trump launched his attacks on him

Former bank in San Antonio finds new worth as distillery

Trump is asked what he'll do if the "SEND THEM BACK" chants start at tonight's MAGAt rally.

In Second Democratic Debate, Julian Castro Maintained His Focus On Immigration

This California Town Wants To Be A Sanctuary City For The 2nd Amendment

Report: Driver in N.H. crash that killed bikers was high on drugs

Report: Driver in N.H. crash that killed bikers was high on drugs

Nancy Pelosi made arrangements to send Ilhan Omar back to Africa and went with her

Pelosi tells Trump to ask his 'slum lord' son-in-law Kushner about the 'rodent infestations' in his

Has anyone else got a Tom Steyer 2020 mailer?

CBS stands by 'Bull,' its star in wake of misconduct claim

RIP Harley Race

Texans' Donations To Democratic Presidential Candidates Top $6 Million

Presidential hopefuls invited to gun control forum in Vegas

From @IlhanMN 's Instagram: "They said 'send her back' but Speaker Pelosi...

US Rep. Mike Conaway Announces Retirement At The End of His Term In 2020

Puerto Ricans have no idea who will be new governor Friday

Puerto Ricans have no idea who will be new governor Friday

BREAKING: Mike Gravel drops out

You had one job...

File this under "they could all take a lesson from Warren..."

Gunmaker asks US Supreme Court to hear Sandy Hook appeal

Can't believe how convoluted the tax system is

Where's Obama? Here:

Filmmaker Michael Moore Wants America's Favorite Black Woman to Save America From Trump

Real Time with Bill Maher guests this Friday:

Jay Inslee for America Sees Massive Fundraising Surge Following 2nd Debate

From December 2016: "What's the difference between General Flynn's son and Anwar al-Awlaki?"

UK government policy: go faster stripes

Who are the Democrats running against Obama or Trump? Last night on the debates Biden was

Pulling Yourself Up By Your Bootstraps is Impossible

To M$Greedia - you might wish to tell us why Speaker Pelosi's address

Canada May Call An Emergency Session Of Parliament To Stop Trump's Latest Harebrained Scheme

Gang of Youths-The Heart Is a Muscle

Bernie Sanders' First 2016 Congressional Endorser Explains Why He's Backing Warren Now

Trump Dismisses Concerns About Russian Interference

Chump is Kim's bitch.

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Aug. 1, 2019

Politico's Marc Caputo just told Chuck Toad

Malcolm Van Buren strikes out FIVE in an inning.

Millions Removed from Voter Rolls

Alarm over voter purges as 17m Americans removed from rolls in two years

8 suspended as result of Pirates-Reds fracas

July was world's hottest month on record, World Meteorological Organization says

Trump Is Running Behind His Approval Rate

Biden: 'Bizarre' that Democrats attacked Obama's policies at debate

Post a line of cocaine and see if anyone snorts it without using Google.

Trump says he didn't raise election meddling in phone call with Putin

CBS And DirecTV/AT&T Are Blacked Out In My Area (Chicago) Does Anybody Know How Negotiations Are....

Video: Gabbard claims MSNBC is being fed talking points from Harris

Oklahoma court upholds sentence for ex-cop convicted of rape

I Went To A Cheese Theme Park In South Korea

The Madness of Democratic Candidates Trying to Cancel Obama

Idea for a tariff

Historical facts.

Horrifying step towards extinction: 2% of worlds North Atlantic right whales died in past 2 months

Chief apologizes over hiring of officer who shot black man

U.S. preparing to withdraw thousands of troops from Afghanistan in initial deal with Taliban

A piece of advice from someone at Costco.. stop saying

The Wonders - That Thing You Do!

Not Satire: Massive rats spotted at White House amid booming rodent infestation

Report: WV governor's companies owe $2M Virginia tax debt

Third round of short-range missiles fired by North Korea, says South

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 2 August 2019

Canadians worried by plan to let Americans import drugs

'I don't know that you can stop people,' Trump says of potential 'Send her back!' chants

Unless the "public option" is free or inexpensive it's snake oil.. and dangerous snake oil at that.

Capital One hacker threatened to 'shoot up' California Social Media Company

Latest trending on Twitter

Bernie Sanders and Republicans have a very different understanding of what 'freedom' means

Manhattan D.A. Subpoenas Trump Organization Over Stormy Daniels Hush Money

In the race for Congress, 3 former Democratic Governors have endorsed Tulsi's OPPONENT.

Hearing date set in fight over Trump's New York tax returns

I DO DECLARE: #LeningradLindsey Hits #1 Nationwide

Congress Finally Challenges the Cuba Travel Ban

Facebook bans 'Saudi Arabia-linked propaganda accounts'

Facebook bans 'Saudi Arabia-linked propaganda accounts'

So if no one is ever deported, is that open borders?

Top US Navy SEAL tells commanders in light of misconduct: 'We have a problem'

Pentagon puts $10 billion JEDI contract on hold after Trump suggests it favored Amazon

Congress Finally Challenges the Cuba Travel Ban

'Very standard': Trump says he's not worried about new N. Korea launch

Steelmaker that praised Trump tariffs now suing US for relief

Three NRA board members resign in latest sign of upheaval at gun rights group

Manhattan DA subpoenas Trump Org. over Stormy Daniels hush money

Lowe's lays off thousands of workers

Pence just stepped up to the stage with the song "All Right Now" blaring.

Ashley Moody, the NRA's attorney general

5 police officers face punishment for arresting Stormy Daniels at strip club

First, you have to have a lawful presidency...Second, you have to have a lawful majority 💥

Stocks close lower after Trump threatens more China tariffs

The Four Politicians Who Really Need to Go Back to Where They Came From (Part 1)

Pet Insurance saved our dog.

Belleville Priest Who Said He 'Never Hurt A Child' Accused For Second Time Of Sexually Abusing A Boy

Chihuahua daily El Monitor de Parral suspends print edition after firebombing

Gardner Says It's Her Duty To Ask For New Trial In 1995 Murder Case

Democratic Primary Debate: Final Grades for Every Candidate

Air Force chief orders stand down to combat rising number of suicides

Leaders of religious right balk at labeling Trump a racist

It's a lie that gun deaths are an acceptable sacrifice

I love the way non conservatives are framing every single conservative/republican meme. Bob Rae

Officials: El Salvador man dies in Border Patrol custody

Officials: El Salvador man dies in Border Patrol custody

Some Democrats are moving too far left!

Arkansas Speaker: Would be best if colleague Mickey Gates (R) resigns

20/20 vision and walking 'round blind

E-cigarette giant Juul's campaign donations favor Democrats