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2020 US Senate Election- Republican held Senate seats Democrats need to win.

Trump to NH MAGAts: "Whether you love me or hate me, you've gotta vote for me"

Lindsey Graham slams Dem colleagues for brazen warning to Supreme Court

Didn't Kim send Trump a beautiful letter saying he was sorry? NK fires 2 missiles into Sea of Japan.

Liberal objectives with conservative means

So Much for Putting Americans First

Rep. Matt Shea Promotes Group Training Child Soldiers for Holy War

When it's 114 degrees in Phoenix, and your idling in your car,

NASA scientists track Greenland's melting ice, and the findings are not good

'Trump is exporting his bigotry': AOC blasts Israel for banning Omar and Tlaib

Where all the 2020 candidates have lived

State IG: Trump Appointees Targeted Career Staff For 'Deep State' Disloyalty

A Nieson TV rep came a knockin tonight

State bonding gridlock stalls summer repaving funds

Jeff Koterba's latest cartoon: Cleanup crew

Ethyl Meatplow - Devils Johnson

How does a media company like CNN make this kind of mistake?

DCCC adds six more Trump districts to its 2020 target list

In Iowa, Joe met recent graduate, Katie, who said that he changed her life after meeting him in 2007

A Weather Station above the Arctic Circle hit 94.6F in July

Trump bots on Twitter $350 Billion is a great deal for Greenland

Biden 25, Warren 21, Sanders 18 in new SurveyUSA California poll

Hatch Show Print: 140 year old letterpress shop in Nashville, TN.

Biden leads with 28%, Warren second at 21% in Pennsylvania poll

Can Omar and Tlaib sue Trump for slander?

OMG! Lou Dobbs edits video to claim incident in RI was protestors attacking truck driver!

2020 MT US Senate Election- Bullock-D is the reason why Daines-R is US Senator.

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Dead Inside!

Call the cops. I don't give a shit.

Here Are The 8 Declared Senate Candidates in Texas

Newark Drinking Water Crisis

'In many ways, the work the The DLCC is doing is more important than the Presidential campaign.'

Just a reminder: Conspiracies happen

The Trump Administration Is Trying to Make It Easier to Fire Unmarried Pregnant Women

'Ecological grief': Greenland residents traumatised by climate emergency

Carding site operator sentenced to 90 months in prison

I'm a little embarrassed, but I was on receiving end of a good deed today.

An in-depth look at the citizens who rely on Medicaid

Governing Magazine to Close

PHOTO: Looks like Team Trump forgot to run that Craigslist ad for seat-fillers at the MAGAt rally.

ELCA Churchwide Assembly calls sexism and patriarchy sins, condemns white supremacy

'Let our voices be heard': Churches march against immigration raids

Trump to sell Alaska to buy Greenland

Trump Responds With Total Dementia When Asked About Recession

North Korea fires two projectiles into sea off eastern coast: South Korean military

Trump bashes NH protester: 'That guy's got a serious weight problem'

Claims For Foundation Repairs Quickly Approaching Maximum Funding Level, Insurer Says

Have Democrats Forgotten How to Do Oversight?

Trump blames mass shootings on mentally ill, calls for more mental institutions

New "Secret Service" duty: vetting the attire worn by attendees at Trump rallies

Is anyone other than Rachel Maddow pursuing the russian takeover on air?

Fox News cut away from Trump's NH rally for a panel discussion of the Biden campaign

Favorable ratings (with all registered voters) in new Fox poll: Biden +8, Trump -14

Minor league owner refuses to meet with Muslim rights group

EPA reverses approval for poison traps used by ranchers

What do you know about Greenland?

Warren urges NRC to delay transfer of Pilgrim license

Five Democratic senators just declared all-out war on the Supreme Court

When Republicans send us their people ...

I support Israel

The Case for a Trump Impeachment Inquiry

Five days and four slots left for you to enter that photo in this month's contest DU!

Beto NOT running for the Senate, stated on Lawrence show.

This says a lot for a Fox News poll that has Biden 31, Warren 20, Sanders 10, Harris 8...

Norwalk police and FBI say man who "showed interest" in mass killing arrested, guns and body armor

Long-vacant state office tower in Hartford ⁠-- once studied for 'sick building' syndrome ⁠-- has a

China Steps up Its Mining Interests in Greenland

And who will pay for Greenland? Russia!

Molecular Modeling of the Degradation of a Potential Direct Air CO2 Capture Resin.

There's no equivalence between Antifa and white supremacists.

CFTC says Kraft, Mondelez to pay $16 million in wheat price manipulation case

What is it about buns?

The Daily Show: Protests at Hong Kong's Airport & A Terrifying Open-Carry "Prank"

A tiny way to protest trump

Not-so-golden fleece: Australian wool prices plunge amid Sino-U.S. trade war

The Daily Show: Democratic Candidates Hit the Iowa State Fair

Good news tweet:

Seth Meyers - President Trump Spoke Publicly for 56 Total Minutes Last Week - Monologue - 8/14/19

Air Force member called 'distasteful' for speaking Spanish in uniform

Tai chi kitty

Key concepts for making informed choices

Get your message on, people:

RDAG, creditors in Lubbock court for updates on bankruptcy exit plan


Seth Meyers: Guest Michael Che Thinks Democrats Should Be Better Prepared to Take On Trump

If we are in recession during the Presidential election how bad will Trump get crushed?

Predict It now has Elizabeth Warren as the favorite to win the Dem nomination

Wtf?? Trump wants to buy Greenland?

Trump bashes NH protester: 'That guy's got a serious weight problem'

Biden Still Holds Solid Lead Nationally

A new Texas law criminalizes sending unwanted nudes. Lawyers say it might be difficult to enforce.

Seth Meyers - Trump Freaks Out About the Possibility of A Recession: A Closer Look

North Korea fires projectiles, rejects South Korea's 'senseless' dialogue pledge

Suggest a new name for Greenland if Trump buys it.

Pacific forum turns into row with Australia over climate goals

Sure fire to keep criminals from using your stolen credit card.

Jimmy Kimmel Live! fined $395,000 over presidential alert skit

Trump Aides Go Into Crisis Mode After President's Errant Remarks...

AOC on Bernie

Editorial from El Progreso Weekly, published in Miami for many years:

Double Horn residents petition to dissolve city

Mexico startup fights air pollution with artificial trees

Cuellar-Cisneros primary battle gets national spotlight on HBO show

Andrew Yang busts a move.

Santana, 'Soul Sacrifice': Woodstock 50th Anniversary, Aug. 15-18, 1969

Dance Battle continues!

Berbie Sanders 'Hotline Bling'

El Paso mayor says President Trump called him a RINO while visiting grieving city

Without rape and incest, there wouldn't be any Steve Kings around.

Dance battle! Booker salsa

River Authority Announces Four Texas Lakes Will Be Drained To Prevent Floodgate Failure

Argentina's Macri shelves sales taxes as he seeks to cut left's lead

I think we need to support the notion that Greenland should be given statehood.

'I see more clearly than I ever have': Beto O'Rourke reaffirms commitment to presidential run

'I see more clearly than I ever have': Beto O'Rourke reaffirms commitment to presidential run

Climate change forces Chile ski stations to make fake snow

Jimmy Kimmel Live: You Can't Have a Dildo Running Dildo!

Putin: "Hey Oleg, I bet you 50 rubles I can make him think Greenland is for sale."

'It can happen again': America's long history of attacks against Latinos

Precision conservation: High tech to the rescue in the Peruvian Amazon

Link Found Between Gun Violence and Cowardly Politicians (Borowitz)

Trump Fat-Shames Protester, Then Says His Movement Is 'Built On Love'

"So whether you love me or hate me, you gotta vote for me,"

Orthodox Christian Prayer to start a new day..

Russia Signs Deal to Send Navy to Venezuela After 'Unacceptable' U.S. Moves

Russia Signs Deal to Send Navy to Venezuela After 'Unacceptable' U.S. Moves

Orthodox Christian Prayer for the Departed:

Warren is great, but I fear she may get the Al Gore treatment from the press.

A Virginia teen saw a historic black cemetery in disrepair. He recruited his fellow Boy Scouts

Connecticut Boy, 10, Rescues Cat Who Was Thrown Off a Bridge in a Box

One-On-One with Senator Sanders - All In - MSNBC

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 8/15/19

I absolutely reject Trump's disgusting efforts to exploit fear of anti-Semitism to attack ...

Mass Shootings during each presidential term of office

Manhattan jurors hear closing arguments in Proud Boys gang assault case..

Detention center captain drove pickup truck through ICE protesters -- 5 taken to the hospital: report

Ed Smart, father of Elizabeth Smart, announces he is gay

Trump humiliates his press secretary by immediately contradicting her claims about Israel barring

Tlaib approved to visit grandmother

Arron Banks 'jokes' about Greta Thunberg being involved in a boating accident during her trip across

Rep. Tlaib says she will not go to Israel after the country initially rejected her request

Former CEO, CFO of South Florida Tech Support Scam Plead Guilty to Federal Charges in Southern Illin

Father and Son Sentenced in Multi-Million Dollar Hearing Aid Healthcare Fraud

Former Chief Financial Officer of 1 Global Capital LLC Charged with Conspiracy to Commit Securities

Disappointed in My Generation

Spot the Spineless Wankers...

Trump has asked aides if it's possible to buy Greenland, sources say

The police know what you'll do next summer

🐦 AUG 19 at 10:30AM - Labor Town Hall with Bernie Sanders - Davenport, IA

🐦 AUG 19 at 12PM - Davenport Office Barnstorm with Bernie Sanders

Should Dems avoid major purchases until after Nov 2020?

🐦 AUG 19 at 3PM - Cedar County Ice Cream Social with Bernie Sanders

🐦 AUG 20 at 10AM - Breakfast in Storm Lake IA with Bernie Sanders

Awww! Raccoon nabbed for his vending machine banditry!

🐦 AUG 20 at 1PM - Okoboji Ice Cream Social with Bernie Sanders

US Ambassador To Singapore Threw The Perfect Shade At Trump After Getting Fired, Wore Obama Shirt

🐦 AUG 20 at 5PM - Frank LaMere Native American Forum with Sen. Bernie Sanders

Who Remembers The 60s

🐦 AUG 20 at 7PM - Sioux City Office Rally with Bernie Sanders

AUG 21 at 12PM - Iowa AFL-CIO Convention with Sen. Bernie Sanders

Planned Parenthood Says Trump 'Gag Rule' Will Force It to Abandon Low-Income Reproductive Health

🐦 AUG 21 at 2:30PM - Des Moines Health Care Town Hall with Bernie Sanders

99 Years Ago Today; Ray Chapman of the Cleveland Indians killed by pitch to head

Dan "Bathroom Bill" Bishop (R) invested in White Supremacist website.

In these troubled times...

I'm considering buying Philadelphia with an eye towards

5 Stories from Europe You May Have Missed + 1

MMA-champion Conor McGregor punches old man in bar. Old man doesn't care.

One eye popping number, which suggest voter turnout in 2020 cld be highest in a century.

BREAKING: Trump to establish "Space Force" which will travel to

O'Rourke calls for mandatory gun buyback, licensing

Now OVER $25,000 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

ok but how about this penthouse pool with a glass bottom suspended 40 stories in the air

Native American advocates question 2020 Democrats' commitment

92 Years Ago Today; Dole Air Race from San Francisco to Honolulu - only 2 out of 8 planes finish

Friday TOONs - Beyond Living Memory

My two guys still sleeping as boog and I checked on them I smile

Citing Economy, Trump Says That 'You Have No Choice but to Vote for Me'

Fed may not have the firepower to save the economy if a recession is coming

No Sale!

Sunset at the cottage!

North Korea fires missiles, derides South Korea's Moon as 'impudent'

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Trump Losing $3-5 Billion as President

The Rundown: August 15, 2019

Pick of the Week: "Once & Future" #1

Rep. Emmer, NRCC: Wealthy Jewish donors 'bought' Congress

The origin of Super Villains: Crossfire

NRA Spent Tens of Thousands on Hair and Makeup for CEO's Wife

Christian Activist: God Speaks to Us. So Does Satan. But They Sound Different.

Chinese Mining Company Gets $61 Million For Arctic Road; Who Pays? Canadian Taxpayers

R.I. prison worker placed on leave after truck pushes through ICE protesters

59 Years Ago Today; Joe Kittinger's Giant Leap from 102,000 ft

That'll leave a mark, Miss M!

Trump's Oil Sanctions Leave Russian Exporters $1 Billion Richer

Trump criticizes a protester in NH as having a "serious weight problem."

What Rain Has Fallen Will Have No Impact On Chennai's Drought; Regional Tensions Growing

Man potus said has a "serious weight problem" was actually one of his supporters, not a protestor

I MISS....

'The president failed every criterion for rational and reality-based decision-making capacity.'

Soul Survivor The revival and hidden treasure of Aretha Franklin.

57 Years Ago Today; Best is replaced by a Starr

Kamala Harris launches Spanish version of her national organizing program, Camp Kamala!

Lump in my throat...

Elizabeth Warren tells the story of her first time meeting Obama back in 2002...

What3words: The app that can save your life

Greenland Answers Trump!

Did you ever watch Pro-Rasslin' ?

In Santa Barbara, underwater sound system tries to keep whales and ships apart

"By the time we got to Woodstock,,,,,

Happy 😃 National 🇺🇸 Bratwurst 🌭 Day ☀️❗️

Pentagon blames Trump for resurgence of ISIS in Iraq and Syria

Cropping out 'Immigrants Welcome, Cuccinelli takes selfie with replica Statue of Liberty before rem

CVS Is Reportedly a Major Donor to Trump's 2020 Campaign

Were Neanderthals Getting Surfer's Ear From Diving for Seafood?

Trump says he and Boris Johnson are 'very much aligned' and that's terrifying

Invade Greenland

Suspicious devices found in more than one location in New York City

The Media's Obsession with Democratic 'Gaffes' in the Age of Trump Insanity

Someone left fake pressure-cooker bombs on the subway...

RGV doing better than Texas for sales tax revenue growth

"Trumpgret" today:

Trump, banking on strong economy to win reelection, frets over a possible downturn

300,000 homes worth $117.5 Billion will be lost within 30 years.

greenland : why we fight

de Adder:

Children playing in Ohio creek encounter 7 foot crocodile

Greenland doesn't have a McDonald's. Not one. My God, they NEED us!!!

Why this Never Trump ex-Republican will vote for almost any 2020 Democratic nominee

Why Trump is cuddling up to Corey Lewandowski?

Trump has a dream team for mismanaging a recession

Insomnia/anxiety on steroids caused by vitamin b6 toxicity

Inspector general finds politically motivated harassment at State Department

India Hints It May Be Reconsidering Its Doctrine on Nuclear Weapons

Part of Border Wall in Brownsville to be relocated

Thank you Rashida Tlaib for canceling your visit

Wendy's manager reportedly suspended after claiming local area has 'no talent pool' to hire from:

Coachella woman who dumped puppies in trash pleads guilty, will serve jail time

That swab test could be a scam

This not the first time we tried to buy Greenland...

James Bond Aston Martin up for auction. Neat video for Bond fans

Trump is apparently afraid to even MENTION the Fox News poll this month

August 16 - Happy Birthday Gov. Phil Murphy (D) NJ

August 16 - Happy Birthday Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D) OR-3rd

I have a new meme for Moscow Mitch: Sell your soul to the Company Store.

The "flying Ginsu" - Slicing and dicing your enemies

Breakfast Friday 16 August 2019

'Final proof that he has gone mad': Denmark mocks Trump's reported desire to buy Greenland

Aug. 22 town hall in El Paso to condemn white supremacy

Why is Seth Moulton still running for president?

O'Rourke says he will campaign where Trump has caused the most pain

Millions of times later, 97 percent climate consensus still faces denial

Greenland says it is not for sale

This Toon Tells The Truth & I Am Pasting It Everywhere

UPS Has Been Delivering Cargo in Self-Driving Trucks for Months And No One Knew

BREAKING HONG KONG NEWS: Blessed are the peacemakers.

Would Greenland Be A Red Or Blue State?......

Trump appointees routinely bullied State Department staffers, IG reports

Climate Deniers Have Enjoyed Way More Media Coverage Than Scientists in Recent Decades

ME-SEN: Senate Race Is a Toss Up

PRINCE KIELSEN: Send a money order for $600,000,000 to my account and I will give you "Greenland."

Sanders Says If Israel Wants to Ban Members of Congress, It Should Not Receive Billions in

Trump, banking on strong economy to win reelection, frets over a possible downturn

Where are you now that we need you?

was the bowling green massacre just a trial balloon for the real assault on greenland?

Pot roast in a slow cooker? Any ideas?

Conflicting reports - Rep. Tlaib NOT going to Israel or not going to West Bank

The Reason Antarctica Is Melting: Shifting Winds, Driven by Global Warming

Trump Accidentally Fat Shames One Of His Own Supporters At Rally

Biden, Castro among 2020 hopefuls to attend Iowa LGBTQ forum

KRUGMAN: The smart money thinks Trumponomics is a flop.

Israel Now Says It Will Let Tlaib In, But Only To Visit Her 90-Year-Old Grandma

Memo to mainstream journalists: Can the phony outrage -- Bernie is right about media bias

No, Houston Chronicle, Beto shouldn't quit so he can run for Senate; This is why

No, Houston Chronicle, Beto shouldn't quit so he can run for Senate; This is why

Market CRASHES 800 Points As Trump Visibly Clueless

Ben Shapiro & Tucker Carlson Compete for Dumbest Take of Day

CNN to host presidential town halls with Steve Bullock, Bill de Blasio

NRA Lobbyist says Whaaaaat???

On Rape and Incest...

Elizabeth Warren releases plan to aid Native Americans (CNN)

The Lily White Movement.

And just what am I to do with this kitty you brought home?

Steel Plant Dumps Cyanide Into Little Calumet River, Killing Fish and Shutting Down Indiana Dunes

Pic Of The Moment: Wingnuts Of The Week (Friday Roundup)

Elizabeth Warren on John Hickenlooper's withdrawal

Marlin and mahi-mahi? Warmer waters bring unusual fish to Washington coast

My Response to Tennessee

Mark Sanford says he's 'growing ever closer' to launching a GOP primary challenge against Trump

The Campaign Press: Members of the 10 Percent, Reporting for the One Percent

So, if Trump goes to prison, will we get to know how much he weighs?

Bullock mocks Trump with online tool to determine if Greenland is for sale

Steve Bullock: Democrats on their way to losing the Election

So discouraged...

Gay Republican group endorses Trump in astonishing act of gaslighting

'Cyanide bombs' use reauthorized to kill wild animals

Trump Paper Towels

Intel committee working with Judicial on possible Impeachment

U.S. Park Police Targeting Gay Men in D.C. Sex Stings 'Reminiscent of the Stonewall Days'

Koch Brothers are coming after Social Security AGAIN!!!

Impeachment Charges

Shout Out to Public Libraries

A scathing new Pentagon report blames Trump for the return of ISIS in Syria and Iraq

MAGAt creeps aren't just shooting people...

We bear witness everyday...

Migraine headache drug (Relpax) recalled after company finds possible microbial contamination

Lou Dobbs says ICE employee 'is within his rights' to plow his car into peaceful protestors

@JulianCastro to bigot RW nutcase @RepSteveKingIA

Colorado's state fish resurrected after being declared extinct

Cory Booker wants a 'baby bond' for every U.S. child. Would it work?

Democrats: We're glad to have AOC. Republicans: We're glad to have AOR (Angry Old Racists)

Beto's plan to end the epidemic of gun violence includes:

Any gardening DUers in Eastern PA - near Longwood Gardens? I am speaking there on Sunday

The emoluments violations are a very serious breach of our Constitution.

U.S. Backs F-16 Sale to Taiwan in Move Likely to Anger China

The State With the Highest Suicide Rate Desperately Needs Shrinks

🐦 AUG 17 at 3PM - Bernie 2020 Hosts Basketball Tournament

Please help me

Solar power is now cheaper than the grid in hundreds of Chinese cities


A federal judge in D.C. hit "reply all," and now there's a formal question about his decorum

OK Today is World tell a joke day - have a laugh

Questions from our son that we adopted dad am I black or white

Jack Evans threatened Metro officials' jobs in an effort to conceal ethics violation, documents show

On Social Security's 84th Birthday, New Reports Show Importance of Expanding Benefits

Air Force member called 'distasteful' for speaking Spanish in uniform

You raised $585.37 on August 15, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

Log Cabin Republicans Endorse Donald Trump Re-Election

Amusing find in this old Warren running for a train video

NYPD releases photo of person who placed fake pressure-cooker bombs in the subway this morning

Ed Smart, father of Elizabeth Smart, comes out as gay

Pacific islands will survive climate crisis because they 'pick our fruit', Australia's deputy PM say

Two more women sue Jeffrey Epstein's estate for $100 million over alleged sex abuse

The Mooch cuts loose on trump.

Chaos in Harare as Zimbabwe riot police violently disperse protesters

Trump mocks appearance of rally protester: 'That guy's got a serious weight problem'

Will Trump's Plan B To Use Census For An Anti-Immigrant Power Grab Even Work?

I'm warming to Elizabeth Warren

🐦 AUG 17 at 7:30pm ET - Bernie Sanders - WFP2020 Live Q&A

Norway halts Amazon fund donation in dispute with Brazil

His supporters just snicker and giggle. It's a National Entertainment Game Show

It's SHOW DAY once again!

Israeli Decision on Omar and Tlaib Inflames Politics in Two Countries

El Paso's GOP mayor says Trump insulted him after visiting mass shooting victims

ICE notifies Morgantown PD it is operating in the city

New Hamphire Rally last night. Did it look a lot like this?

Sinclair teams up with immigration official Ken Cuccinelli to defend ICE raids

House panel to return September 4 to consider gun measures

J.C. Penney is running out of time for a turnaround, analyst says

MMS: Group to tout bleach-based 'miracle cure' at upstate New York 'seminar'

Mormon church warning: Beware of those fancy coffee drinks

A story about the work of Ashleigh Brilliant

With Trump as President, the World Is Spiraling Into Chaos

Congressional Black Caucus Institute Takes CoreCivic Cash, Boosts Policies That Help Private Prisons

Elizabeth Warren Sells Populism to Professionals

Hundreds of Google employees urge company to resist support for Ice

What is it like in a two candidate family? Interesting to say the least

Trump can't break 40% against Democrats

Bernie Sanders Is As Frustrated as Ever With Corporate Media

August 16, 1966: The Monkees relase "Last Train to Clarksville"

Trump went from ridiculing a man's weight to saying "our movement is built on love" in 30 seconds

"Moscow Mitch"

Hugh Hewitt Tries to use Bobby Kennedy's Compassion to Insulate Trump, Joe III Calls B.S.

pass this one on from the protesters in Hong Kong...

More medication changes

Trump's VP

'Fattest president since Taft': Anthony Scaramucci's Twitter account suspended after he calls out

Obama Reportedly Tried to Talk Biden Out of 2020 Run: 'You Don't Have to Do This, Joe'

Cartoons 8/16/19

Century-old Port of Everett names its first female CEO

Would You Drink the First (New) Chernobyl Vodka?

Rep. Tlaib... Given rules that will allow her to visit Palestine ..

I almost didn't see this visitor

We have three good candidates

PollerCoaster 2020: How to Win Wisconsin

Comedians Bobcat Goldthwait, Dana Gould Injured in Car Crash

Trump wants to bring back mental institutions to address mass shootings

Harris and Hickenlooper have been buds on and off the campaign trail

A long time ago I read that when America sneezes, the whole world

Feeling alone, man invites world to El Paso victim's funeral

Two-thirds of Americans back an assault weapons ban, polls say

Woodstock Festival Aug. 1969: The Youngbloods *GET TOGETHER*

Fact check: No evidence for Trump's claim he was once named Michigan's 'Man of the Year'

Shitler's screaming "look at your 401ks" is the new

Petition to rename Fifth Avenue between 56th and 57th Streets "President Barack H. Obama"

Barr Investigating If Obama Administration Forced Trump to Be Lifelong Lying Conman and Racist Idiot

"Is this your daddy?"

Yang's got the moves in Beaufort!

The time has come, the Walrus said

Trump wants to permanently reauthorize NSA to access domestic calls

The Wall and Greenland have something in common

Poor Trump. He has no idea how to act like a

Flowers for Margie: Strangers from around nation send flowers for El Paso shooting victim's funeral

Turkish laser shoots down enemy drone in Libya, making military history

😃 🇺🇸 🎢 ☀️❗️

When Your Rapist Demands Custody

Anti-Semitism is not some abstract idea to me. It is very personal. It destroyed

Amazon Prime has a great doc, An Honest Liar. So relevant!

Trump administration seeks to reauthorise spying programme that records Americans' phone and text re

Publisher of anti-LGBTQ editorial inexplicably blames poor proofreading

"I moved on her like a....."

Just saw this, for info:

for info, Maryland, just saw this:

Voting with Conviction in 2020 - Between the Scenes The Daily Show

Pete Buttigieg comes out against the designated hitter

Name a pet peeve, go!

Kaspersky Antivirus Software Exposed Millions to Web Tracking

Pew Research (B-) National Primary Poll: Biden 26 (+10); Warren 16; Sanders 12

Democratic Candidates Hit the Iowa State Fair The Daily Show

08/18 Mike Luckovich: Unnatural

I wish Michael Bennet would gain some traction...

Maryland Court Rules Pot Smell Not Enough for Police to Search Person

Email from a local automobile dealership inviting me to come in and

Look at this little adoptable fella:

WHOOPSIE: The "Protester" Trump called fat is actually a Trump Supporter

Florida vacation home invaded by vomiting vultures

Denmark Offers to Buy U.S.

Global vegetation growth has stalled for the past 20 years

Black housekeeper says priest barred her from cleaning home, blames 'racist' dog

Real Clear Politics Average: Biden +13.2

Quote from N.K. Jemisin's "How Long 'til Black Future Month?"

Trump Administration Approves F-16 Fighter Jet Sales to Taiwan

Why Greenland? Contention: It's Trump's Ark...

A photo of the bride and groom when Trump crashed their wedding last weekend

A Dallas brewing company has come up with Nuclear Bomb-themed beer

Another look at the Trump protesters at his NH rally:

Lopez Obrador Reaffirms Mexico's Independence

Stephen Miller....Stephen Miller....Stephen Miller

Sanford Close to Launching Primary Challenge to Trump

School district takes heat after first graders accessed gun in unlocked case

Tension between South Korea and Japan could hurt US goals

Counties that hosted a 2016 Trump rally saw a 226 percent increase in hate crimes..

Death is forever

Fact check: No evidence for Trump's claim he was once named Michigan's 'Man of the Year'

I highly recommend watching 'The Family' on Netflix

Vaccine For Cat Allergies Developed By Swiss Scientists

For all the Dems whose ego won't let them run for Senate.

The 'physical part' is actually the most fun part of this Elizabeth Warren story

Schiff offers bill to make domestic terrorism a federal crime

I ask,,..Anyone know how the investigations....

SO, the guy Trump fat-shamed at last night's rally was actually a MAGAt.

Workers at Shell plant told they would not get paid unless they attended Trump's speech: report

Economic/Financial Essays


O'Rourke gun plan calls for mandatory buybacks, universal sale checks

O'Rourke gun plan calls for mandatory buybacks, universal sale checks

Real Time with Bill Maher guests - Friday, August 16, 2019

Virginia NAACP sues over schools with Confederate names

I was named Pennsylvania's Man of the Year!

There must be some way out of here...

Breaking: Jeffrey Epstein's autopsy showed that he died in a suicide by hanging in his jail cell

Gustaff Growlithe Gallifrey The Third's first time meeting a tennis ball

David Bowie, an archivist's best friend (paging @mehpatrol )

Epstein's Broken Hyoid Bone Doesn't Tell Us Much

Donald Trump said he's done more for African Americans than any president. Historians disagree

Should blocking US Congresswomen from entering Israel effect US foreign aid?

'I'm worried': Allies fear NRA has lost its power in Washington

Woman arrested for holding black teens at gunpoint

Jeffrey Epstein's autopsy concludes his death was a suicide by hanging

Four farmers face sentencing in U.S.' largest organic fraud case

Elderly Bankruptcy Is On The Rise -- Here's Why

What's for Dinner, Fri., Aug. 16, 2019

Hours after Trump threatens to "revive" the slur he's trying to use to define Elizabeth Warren

Scaramucci on the jackass

Kentucky surgeons operate on McConnell's broken shoulder

This video is a great commentary on how cells phones have preoccupied people in every aspect of

Why The Question Of What's Going To Happen To Jeffrey Epstein's Money Is So Complicated

BK's Impossible burger.

Customs & Border Protection has experienced a nationwide network crash

Residents baffled by creepy dolls left around Missouri county

Chimps Go Outdoors for the First Time!

After failed Greenland purchase, Trump eyes recently vacated Virgin Islands property (yes, satire)

The Pioneering Woman Of Science Whom DUers Are Going To Attack And Smear

Julian Castro campaign ad: "Sorry You're Failing"

I'd love to see what Moscow Mitch does with this:

Conservative activist rebukes Virginia Tech's 'leftist' freshman orientation

In the strange, strange, world of the anti-conspiracy theorists:

Harris/Rasmussen (C+) national Primary poll: Biden 27 (+11); Sanders 16; Warren 12

Getting shot by police is a leading cause of death for black men in America

Blackjewel miners in Kentucky vow to continue fight against coal operator

Cook Political Report moves Susan Collins Senate race to 'toss up'

Why do so many media people fail to remind America that

Woman calls cops to say her car is stolen -- as she speeds away from them, Iowa cops say

The maddeningly untraditional and modern faith of Abraham Lincoln

Customs and Border Protection computer outage leads to slowdown at international airports

Here comes the storm


Is Donald Trump a threat to our national security ?

Can Bernie Sanders Avoid A Sophomore Slump In 2020?

Robert Reich: The Myth of the Rugged Individual

How Much Aid Does The U.S. Send To Israel?

Good thing Woodstock happened when it did. I can't imagine something like that

One thing that is completely undeniable about Bernie Sanders is the enormous political courage he...

Some Utterly Fascinating Information

Wow. President Pumpkinhead Might Have Just Cost Bibi Netanyahu The Next Election.

Since we're doing conspiracy theories, how about this one?

A message to Donald Trump from the people of Greenland

FEC Chair Says GOP Members Blocked Probe into Russian-NRA-Trump Money Funneling

2020 US Senate Election Rating in CO(Hickenlooper-D), MT(Bullock-D), and TX(O'Rourke-D).

Remembering when ethics mattered....

Pierce: The President* Has Slurs for Native Peoples. Elizabeth Warren Has a Plan.

Bizarre counterfeit bills targeting readers of Jewish authors alarm Brunswick library (Maine)

They Don't Care About Us

Reminder, while we decide who our candidate is and we have wonderful choices

8/16 Zogby polls of AK and WA: 5 Dems beat Trump in WA, lose in AK

Why It's Immigrants Who Pack Your Meat

Critical US computer system down, if you are travelling be forewarned.

Donald Trump has done something special: exposed the Republican party as, "The Selfish Party"

Bill Nye is on Ari now n/t

8/16 Pew Research poll: Biden 26%, Warren 16%, Sanders 12%, Harris 11%, Buttigieg 5%

PG&E to hold sole rights to bankruptcy exit plan: WSJ

2020 US Senate Election- seats Democrats are likely to win from landslide to narrow margin.

Peter Fonda Dead at 79 After Respiratory Failure from Lung Cancer

Trump held call with major bank CEOs as stocks plunged

Bill Nye is talking about the impending death of the world

Peter Fonda, 'Easy Rider' Architect and Counter-Cultural Icon, Dies at 79

MAYOR PETE BUTTIGIEG: We Shouldn't Fat Shame Anyone ... EVEN TRUMP!!!

This is the cake I'm entering in the county fair this year.

Donald Trump bullied a man as overweight, then didn't apologize

Just Wonderin' ...

So when does Barr resign?

I have to fill out a form for an upcoming Doctor's appointment. One of the questions is

Bernie Sanders Wants Americans To Fight Climate Change Not Each Other

RIP Peter Fonda

Tell me more about...

JUST IN: July 2019 now ranks #1 as the warmest month on record, according to the monthly Global Clim


US Kaiser Permanente workers vote overwhelmingly in favor of strike

Occam's Razor: If there are two explanations for an occurrence,

Do I trust the ME in the Epstein alleged suicide case?

Portland OR braces for dueling protests

Actor Peter Fonda has died aged 79

Are medical examiners "unpolitical"

Analysis: 2 troubling signs for Trump in this new Fox News poll

Ahhh.....that makes sense!

Dayton mayor provided security detail after Trump comments

Climate scientists drive stake through heart of skeptics' argument

She was in Easy Rider with Peter Fonda

538's Significant Digits: 26% of Democrats

California, other states sue over Trump plan to limit poor immigrants' access to green cards

Welcome to the Greenbrier, the Governor-Owned Luxury Resort Filled With Conflicts of Interest

Peter Fonda has passed away at 79.

Do you see a problem here?

Jamal Simmons just shared a truly accurate observation about Elizabeth Warren on "Hardball."

Maryland Court Rules Marijuana Odor Not Enough To Search A Person.

A teen walked out with a $2 beer. The store clerk shot him, went back inside & didn't call 911

WOW, just WOW! Trump "looking to make a deal" on Afghanistan..."if possible!" USA! USA! USA! USA!

Glass coffins...will they be popular?

Awww: See Group of Training Service Dogs take in performance of Billie Elliott at Stratford Theater

ANOTHER "lost album" from John Coltrane, "Blue World," coming Sept. 27

Farmers in Iowa are

I hope Trump is watching Chris Matthews on MSNBC right now.

Hey, is there still a National Emergency going?

Trump is having dinner tonight with Tim Apple...........

4 Candidates Scrambling to Make the Cut

Russia to establish naval base in Venezuela

Planet 10 times Earth's mass may have smacked Jupiter long ago

Why it's immigrants who pack your meat

Court: US can reject asylum along parts of Mexico border

Colombia's Supreme Court calls Uribe to trial for October 8

Serious US Open Question

Danish Politicians Mock Trump As Crazy Over His Idea To Buy Greenland

Argentina's Macri alleged to have allowed peso to plummet for political reasons

Argentina's Macri alleged to have allowed peso to plummet for political reasons

Colombia's president's office and leading newspaper exchange personnel

No-deal Brexit edges closer as key Tories refuse to back Corbyn

Despite candidates rising & falling - there's been one constant: Biden's led universally nationally