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How would a person protect family heirlooms from spouse taking control inappropriately?

QAnon Loon in Next Town Updated His Sign, Now a WWG1WGA Mini Sign Hangs Underneath It.

Are Democrats Overlooking Their Most Electable Candidate?

North Korean soldier defects to South by crossing DMZ at night

Dictatorship fan Bolsonaro appoints military men to probe past Brazil junta's abuses

TX-23: Hurd is out

So... how'd Beto do?

So... how'd Beto do?

Tweet of the Day


Kristen Gillibrand on CNN with Anderson Cooper.

Trump rally: Thunderous applause for tariffs. They truly believe what Trump is telling them.

#LeningradLindsey trends after Graham forces asylum bill through Senate committee

Elijah Cummings house burglarized

Trump: We are going to win the house, we are going to win the senate, we are going to

Another Nuremberg rally...

Texas GOP lawmaker Will Hurd retiring

Curious about the web pages

Maybe Lindsey Graham was offered the 2020 GOP VP slot...?

Another bad hair day for Individual 1, as staffer mistakenly buys a bottle of "Neon Piss Yellow" dye

Let's talk about Grizzlies, Natives, and Liz Cheney....

After Trump cites Amazon concerns, Pentagon reexamines $10 billion JEDI cloud contract process

TX-23: Cook Political Report moves the seat to "Lean Democratic"

Ensemble Forecasts for Invest 96 - the system we're watching in the Atlantic

Internet Torches Marco Rubio Over Bible Tweet That Perfectly Describes Trump

About those 'minorities' Trump talks about ...

WSJ reporter: 70 minutes into Trump rally, his supporters are heading for the doors.

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Don!

This church says ...

Every book you ever read

Judge blocks New York from turning over Trump's tax information to Democrats

Did watch the orange piece of shit for as long as it was covered.......

BREAKING: Will Hurd (TX-23) GOPs only Black member, announces retirement

So the consensus seems to be: It was fine for Biden to say "Go easy on me, kid" to Harris.

Police lied about Tony Timpa's death

2020 US Senate Election- Likely Democratic and Republican nominee in all seats up in 2020.

Another installment of "The Loudest Voice" about Roger Ailes was just on...

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Three Senators stand in the way of Federal legalization

Tulsi says what?

MAGAts cheer as a dozen black supporters wave "TRUMP & Republicans Are Not RACIST" t-shirts.

Rasmussen post-Debate poll...

This Baby Opossum Has the Cutest Hands

Trump is an ignorant, incompetent moron...

07/03 Luckovich-Party pooper

Pointer Sisters - Automatic

Lib Dems win Brecon & Radnorshire by-election

Turns Out a Lot of Christians Are Against Trump's White Nationalist Pro-Christian Agenda

Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh won't face discipline over Senate confrontation

Is trump our own

another Kennedy has died

another asshole athlete......Kyrgios tennis player from Australia......

YES!! O'Donnell starts with a shout out to Amy Klobuchar!!

Protecting Russia

BREAKING: President Trump is caught on live camera, touching up his dye job.

Moscow Mitch welcomes Russian backed Aluminum Mill to Kentucky

The Second Democratic Debate In 5 Charts - FiveThirtyEight

Seen On FB - Hopefully Endangered

Harris's press secretary linked to CA article he thinks refutes Biden & Gabbard. It doesn't.

Seth Abramson: Why wasn't this front page news???

"I think you can show you're tough enough to take on Trump without going after fellow Democrats"

Tulsi Gabbard torches Karmala Harris

More of Alice in Wonderland from Scott Stedman.

and the NFL pre-season starts tonight on NBC. Hall of fame game......

A font created by gerrymandered district maps:

Just watched Season 3, Episode 11 of "The Handmaid's Tale".


With Biden's AA numbers you'd think MSNBC could find

Trump: Soviet Union fell because "they decided, 'we have to call ourselves Russia.'"

Your bed is like a shelf that you set your body on when you're not using it

Japan's cabinet approves removal of South Korea from favored trade list

Hayes: Time for the GOP to start fully freaking out about Texas.

AIDS and childhood cancer cured "very shortly" says tRump

I just passed my 4000th post; still fighting for paper ballots...

Anderson Cooper's interview with Marianne Williamson

Two of the least enforced traffic violations

Trump was just caught in another bogus smear about Baltimore

Saudi Arabia frees US citizen after nearly two years: report

I am at a truck stop in western South Dakota.....

The Daily Show: Cab Baby, Epstein Update, Instagram Addiction Bill & Racist Reagan Recording

The Daily Show: Andrew Yang - Bringing Bold and Unique Ideas to His 2020 White House Bid

Seth Meyers - Night Two of the Second 2020 Democratic Presidential Debate - Monologue - 7/31/19

Seth Meyers: Chris Hayes Wants to See Buttigieg, Warren, Harris, Sanders and Biden Debate Each Other

This is who Andrew Scheer is. He's ignorant.

My wife was in KY this weekend and saw a billboard that said

In anti-abortion El Salvador, woman faces second homicide trial after baby stillborn

In anti-abortion El Salvador, woman faces second homicide trial after baby stillborn

Buttigieg Debate # 2 Highlights

Joe Biden remains top choice for Black voters, according to new poll

U.S. retailers blast new China tariffs, say move will raise prices further, hurt jobs

"Hi. Russian embassy?"

WATCH: Shocking video shows man repeatedly punching a protester at Trump's Cincinnati rally

With Will Hurd's retirement from the House, there will be one (1) black Repub. member of Congress.

No Mr/Ms TV Pundit. Our Dem POTUS Candidates are Not "Fighting Each Other."

photo: What is Trump doing?

Picture is worth a thousand words. Whatya think?

The Pitchforks are Coming

North Korea launches were new ballistic missiles - South Korea

What the hell is a Democratic Cactus???

Report: Diamondbacks have considered moving to Vegas other news... Daily Show with Trevor Noah

Ben Carson Tries To Use A Black Church To Defend Trump's Racism And Gets Kicked Off The Property

Hamlin hospital closes; clinic, EMS continue operations

Trump supporter gets out of his truck and punches a protestor outside of the Trump Klan rally

Possum on a gum bush, Bo Duke is coming to Roscoe

08/02 Mike Luckovich: Conscience locked up

After Round 2, what's next for Texas candidates Beto O'Rourke and Julian Castro?

Stephen Colbert should have run for the Democratic nomination

New Hampshire Republicans tell Trump's ex-campaign manager to stay out of their Senate race

The Service Employees International Union has Beto O'Rourke Doing the work of Their Members

TCM Schedule for Sunday August 4, 2019 - Summer Under the Stars: Shirley Temple

TCM Schedule for Monday August 5, 2019 - Summer Under the Stars: Melvyn Douglas

Scary roaring glacier melt:

Puerto Rico, Hawaii and the Unravelling of US Empire

Storytime w/ Hasan Minhaj: Embarrassing Parents

Val Verde County eyeing purchase of controversial property

#MC5 Remastered Tartar Field - Ramblin Rose/Kick Out The Jams/Looking At You - July 1970

Soledad on Blacks for Trump

Texas school chief suspended after head-butting incident

Lawsuit: Brennan's of Houston waiter alleges drunk supervisor 'grabbed genitals', sues restaurant

Will Hurd Won't Seek Re-Election

EPIC exec says company will begin crude exports through South Texas by end of 2019

Friends, I present a snoring hummingbird.

How Texas subsidizes bad behavior

Here's What Texas Democrats Are Saying About O'Rourke And Castro After The July Debates

#LeningradLindsey trending #1! I've never had a hashtag hit like this. Where's my book deal & talk s

CBS Overnight News: Massive Pipeline Explosion in Kentucky.

She's such a bad Texas real estate agent that the state took her license and fined her $122k

Mental health officer was unable to arrive before fatal police shooting, Austin police say

'She Went Back With Me.' Ilhan Omar Trolls Trump by Posing With Pelosi in Ghana

'Are you a liar?' constituent asks U.S. Rep. Michael Burgess during testy town hall

Ronald Reagan's Daughter Says Audio of Her Dad Calling African Diplomats 'Monkeys' Made Her Cry

Patient Recruiter Found Guilty in $1.3 Million Medicare Kickback Scheme

CBS Overnight News: Boy born without hand meets his hero.

Long Island Man Pleads Guilty to $1 Million Bank Loan and Credit Card Fraud Schemes

Telemarketer And His Companies Agree To Pay $2.5 Million To Settle Allegations That They Operated

Trumps' campaign stiffed Lebanon Ohio in Oct 2018

California Couple Charged with Wire Fraud and Money Laundering in $7 Million Ponzi Scheme

This is personal. New NRA President lies about Aussie gun laws

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 8/1/19

Thailand: Multiple bomb blasts hit Bangkok

French National Indicted For Six Million Dollar Bank Fraud Scheme and for Lying In an Application

Alzheimer's blood test could predict onset up to 20 years in advance

Democrats Are Ignoring the Power of the Hospital Industry

Newsthump: Government to spend 2bn on fire extinguishers as Boris prepares to set country on fire

Japan won't contribute ships to U.S. Middle East maritime force: Mainichi

The fallout of uncertainty in nuclear test communities

Irish peace too precious to be squandered by Brexit ultras

Communist Berlin: Then And Now (pic heavy)

Tsunami Pool at Chinese water park lives up to name, injures dozens with bone-breaking giant wave

Climate change research threatened by University of Alaska budget cuts

Climate change research threatened by University of Alaska budget cuts

Breakfast 2 August 2019

Happy Birthday Jerry. Still miss you.

The Landmark U.S.-Russia Arms Control Treaty Is Dead

Illinois Lawmakers Call Hearing to "Demand Answers" and Find Ways to Close a Loophole in College

West Virginia Bets Big on Plastics, and on Backing of Trump Administration

WAPO: Why go to the trouble of running for president to promote ideas that can't work?

"Humbled": Nonprofit Christian Hospital Dials Back Aggressive Debt Collection and Raises Wages After

If Germany atoned for the Holocaust, the US can pay reparations for slavery

Follow-up: Cyprus Launches Hate Speech Probe of Bishop Who Said Gays Come from Pregnant Women Who

Fred Karger Launches 'Truth Squad 2020' Campaign to Ensure Public Knows He Was the First Gay

The Monster Raving Loony Party beat UKIP in the Brecon by-election...hahahaha

Climate change: July 'marginally' warmest month on record

Presidents don't really make policy decisions very often

Narrator: he'd never heard of "the Warsaw Uprising" so he talked about himself as always

N.C. shut down a group home last year. The US just gave it a contract to house migrant children

Joe Scarborough is working hard to help the Democratic candidates.

Amy Klobuchar has officially qualified for fall debates.

Robert F. Kennedy's 22-year-old granddaughter found dead at family compound

Elk Herd in Gearhart Oregon

Democrats rally to Obama's defense amid 2020 criticism

Viral Video Shows Men Playing With, Removing One of St. Louis' Huge Balls

Fake Twitter account stirs anti-immigrant hate in Maine

Man charged with assault after punching anti-Trump protester outside Cincinnati rally

Saudi Arabia allows women to travel without male guardian's approval

This graphic clearly shows which primaries are open, and which are not:

Friday TOONs - Zero in a Half Shell

WTH is Trump doing here?

Marvin, a 32 yr old man from El Salvador, died in front of his 8 yr old daughter this morning...

GOP plan to provide $1.5 billion bailout to Ohio nuclear and coal plants faces stiff opposition


Metaphor for Trump White Supremacist Rally:

Trump being an asshole on Twitter this morning:

Living in the US with Dotard as President is like living in

Wyoming Game and Fish to build two wildlife underpasses in western Wyoming

Hubble spots a football-shaped planet leaking heavy metals into space

Rocky Mountain Wolf Action Fund working to bring Gray Wolves back to Colorado

I didn't watch the debate last night...who went after Obama?

The repercussion of damage done by this man will take centuries to undo, if ever.

#LeningradLindsey trends after Graham forces asylum bill through Senate committee

You raised $1,761.65 on August 1, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links (Inslee $1,400.65)

The Nuns Who Bought and Sold Human Beings

Job growth slows (BLS July Jobs Report)

U.S. Added 164,000 Jobs in July; Unemployment Rate at 3.7 Percent

Issues vs Personality

August 2 - Happy Birthday Sen. Jacky Rosen (D) NV

This is what fascism looks like. The red face of a 29-year old Trump supporter trying to beat man 61

Be Like Sally

Trump mocking Rep. Cummings because his home was broken into.

August 2 - Happy Birthday Mayor Michael Tubbs (D) Stockton

This anxious dog didn't feel safe in his new house -- so his dad built him his own bedroom 😭 ❤️

You Can call me Ray. Or You Can Call Me Jay. Being Right.

August 2 - Happy Birthday Mayor Muriel Bowser (D) Washington-DC

Trump security detail punched out a white anti-immigration protester

List of people who should not support Trump

80 Years Ago Today; FDR receives Einstein-Szilrd letter warning of potential Nazi nuke

If I understand Obama, the person least upset by "criticisms" of Obama is Obama

Democracy Now! and The Intercept

Bevin-Beshear grudge match at Fancy Farm tomorrow (KY gubernatorial)

Coco Gauff meets her idol.......Michelle Obama

LATER THAT NIGHT ... Chris Matthews called Elizabeth Warren in her hotel room to continue...

Conservatives Are Hiding Their 'Loathing' Behind Our Flag

Watch The Beautiful Moment A Hero Brings A Drowning Kitten Back To Life

Charming but dishonest and duplicitous: Europe's verdict on Boris Johnson

What is he doing here!

These orphaned baby raccoons are learning how to survive -- with help from the sweetest mother dog

Pentagon testing mass surveillance balloons across the US

Alarm over voter purges as 17m Americans removed from rolls in two years

If you are the Democratic candidate for president and, during a presidential debate, Trump

Politically Speaking: Rep. David Wood Breaks Down The Big Drop In Missouri's Medicaid Rolls

Trump says it's up to China to deal with Hong Kong 'riots'

Kamala Harris fought hard to protect the ACA as Attorney General and as a US Senator.

😃 🇺🇸 🍨 🥪 ☀️❗️What's Your Favorite?

U.S. pulls out of Soviet-era nuclear missile pact with Russia

Trump's Hush Money Nightmare Ramps up as New Prosecutors Revive the Stormy Daniels Case

New statement from Chairman @RepCummings about the Saturday break in at his home

96 Years Ago Today; Warren G Harding dies suddenly - Calvin Coolidge becomes President

Bakari Sellers slaps down Chris Cuomo for playing up intraparty division: 'Joe Biden is not a racist

Giant Goliath Slept Here

Trump's Encouraging QAnon May Result in Violence--Just ask the FBI

Marty the grocery store robot is a glimpse into our hell-ish future

Of Course Americans Are Turning to Social Democracy

Klobucahr did it! Qualfied for the debate. Just posted on Facebook:

White House 'hung up' on Gold Star widow when she called to complain about Trump tax bill

So in addition to everything else Rep. Cummings appears to be a serious bad ass

Analysts say Trump's new tariffs on China cut could iPhone sales by 8 million

Jeff's favorite Bible story


McDonald's employee fired after telling paramedic they wouldn't serve 'his kind'

Qanon-Believing Proud Boy Accused of Murdering 'Lizard' Brother With Sword

Boeing to change 737 MAX flight-control software to address flaw: sources

Make Election Day A National Holiday.

Florida just declared a public health emergency over its ballooning Hepatitis A cases

Bank robber caught after handing teller note with his name and address

President Don Rickles

Rep. Frank Ryan (R) - Reduce PA property taxes by taxing pensions

Our U.N. Ambassador on the impending climate crisis

Kamala: "It's like the Wizard of Oz, you pull back the curtain and there's this real small guy there

Alaska governor takes aim at cruise ship monitoring program

North Korea Conducts 3rd Missile Test Since Last Week Amid Stalled Talks With U.S.

Robert F. Kennedy's granddaughter Saoirse Hill dies at 22

August 2, 1814: Declaration of Independence smuggled out of DC to keep it from being burned

Creedence Clearwater Revival's 'Green River' At 50

Radical Baptist church preaches LGBTQ hate just miles from California's Capitol

Convicted Florida child molester beaten by another inmate and drowned in jail toilet

The face(s) of voter fraud in this country

This is a roaring glacial melt, under the bridge to Kangerlussiauq, Greenland where it's 22C today

This is your national emergency. This is your border crisis. This is the attack on America

The usurper in the White House just gloated over an attempted burglary

The Non-Trump Wing of the GOP Wants Out

WH asks ODNI for list of top U.S. spies as Trump prepares to install loyalist sock puppet

New York Times map of donor concentration.

New Trump Rule Could Weaken A Civil Rights Era Housing Discrimination Law

At last night's MAGAt-fest, Trump points to the crowd, and the mushroom.

Trump: The USSR became Russia. Rus(sia) goes back 860 AD

John Legend: I want to apologize for calling POTUS a POS this week.


No longer have option to copy link to Tweet

Rep. Will Hurd's surprise retirement is big, bad news for the GOP

Moscow Mitch, now Leningrad Lindsay

For the last two weeks I have been experiencing the Traitors trade war

During the two debates, 100's of bots pushed divisive racial content targeted at Kamala Harris

CNN Should Be Embarrassed About Disgusting Debate

Dem Debate SHOCK: Andrew Yang...and Joe Biden

For just those of you who have already chosen your favorite candidate, who would be your 2nd choice?

Pentagon testing mass surveillance balloons across US

Coffee is on you political warriors.. Lets have a talk

Have Otto Warmbier's parents been reached for comment yet?

Some polar tipping points 'already passed', says top climate scientist

Then and Now. A review of Darkwater: Voices from Within the Veil by

Bernie & Warren DESTROY Dem Debate...and Marianne!

Sen. Sanders has a huge lead: Detailed Maps of the Donors Powering the 2020 Democratic Campaigns

Dump is excusing Kim Jong un on Twitter


Post-debate Morning Consult poll

Judge recommends Staten Island chokehold cop Daniel Pantaleo be fired: source

'Too bad!': Trump jokes about 3 a.m. break-in at Elijah Cummings's home

How Trump's Political Appointees Overruled Tougher Settlements with Big Banks

Oscar Mayer is releasing a hot dog-infused ice cream sandwich

California farmers are planting solar panels as water supplies dry up

Oh Nikki Haley, bless your heart:

Dump treats Putin and Kim Jong un better...

Depression Era billboards

TV Networks Stuff in More Commercials Despite Vows to Cut Back

They have Redefined Conservatism for an Era...

Civil rights shero endorses Harris because of her record as AG

See the reaction of this donkey to see the girl who raised him since he was little 😭 😍

Mark Sanford Explains How Trump's Racism Is Killing The GOP

Democrats Spend Little Time Courting Union Voters in Debate in Crucial Michigan

50 years ago: The Mets won the World Series

Can we stop with the pugilistic frames for debates and comebacks?

Sometimes You Wonder Who Named Something

If you ever want to die in Texas; just call 911

Top State Department adviser fired over 'abusive' management style

"This Country Was Formed By Immigrants": Delores Huerta Takes Down Joe Biden On Immigration

Our neighbor is having their trees "topped"

"ALERT: Kamala Harris refuses to accept donations from corporate PACS!"

Morning Consult POST-DEBATE poll: Biden 32%, Sanders 18%, Warren 15%, Harris 10%,

Three excellent books about immigration.

Pierce County food banks see increase of fresh food due to trade war

Dear America: Pick A Torch

re: Immigrants taking your jobs

When trumps says "fake news" about the truth

Trump's pick to lead U.S. intelligence claims he arrested 300 illegal immigrants in a single day. He

I think Trump will continue on his path of racism and obnoxiousness.

Trump claims he'll 'end the AIDS epidemic,' 'cure childhood cancer' at Cincinnati rally

That Noise? It's the 1%, Helicoptering Over Your Traffic Jam (NYT)

A spectacular sunset dazzled D.C. Thursday evening. Here's how it happened.

Harris should have asked Gabbard

When claws just aren't enough -

A spectacular sunset dazzled D.C. Thursday evening. Here's how it happened.

NYPD suspends white police officer who used fatal chokehold in 2014 Eric Garner arrest

Hero of the Russian Federation

Impeachment August - put pressure on your reps!

What is "Joe 30330"? Biden stumble confuses internet

Trump downplays North Korea missile testing, vouches for Kim as a 'friend'

MAGAt--- We know his name: Dallas Frazier

Stop the Marianne Williamson bandwagon right now. Stop it. By Brian Boyle Los Angeles Times

Gun store billboard calling 'the squad' four horsemen of 'idiots' is coming down

Debating the Debates... (from The American Independent League)

Only 8 Candidates Have Qualified for the Next Democratic Debate

Kids, some as young as 11, now in NYPD's facial recognition database

"Moscow Mitch" - Ben Folds

Harris wants to undo Dems' favorite part of GOP tax law

Stocks slump on jitters over trade war and Fed's next move

Earth Under Siege II: Fighting a Far-Right Agenda (Harvard Political Review)

U.S. Ends Cold War Missile Treaty, With Aim of Countering China

New Analysis, 17 MILLION People Removed from Voter Rolls, 2016-2018: Brennan Ctr for Justice

Revived Sky River Rock Festival relives 1960s hippie dreams

daijoubu Dayo!!! (aqua timez-Niji)


Montana Man Charged with Beating Dog, Leaving it in Hot Car


I bet Moscow Mitch would hate to get a bunch of postcards addressed to:

Entrepreneur found success in California with wooden lacrosse sticks but wanted to be in Montana

Chris Cuomo on Late Night with Seth Meyers

Take a Virtual Reality tour of six REAL exoplanets (4K, 360 VR experience)

Any have experience with "unmountable boot volume"?

Trump signals he may choose a loyalist to run intelligence agencies after Dan Coats leaves

Climate Could Be an Electoral Time Bomb, Republican Strategists Fear

'Nones' most numerous in state's religious landscape, Pew Research Center survey says

The Nuns Who Bought and Sold Human Beings

Scotland is generating so much wind energy, it could power all of its homes -- twice over

The Iceman, at the peak of his powers, 1979 Montreux Jazz Festival

He's just like a "blue collar worker"

July Was the Hottest Month in Human History

'Lock him up!' -- This Trump supporter was arrested for assaulting a 61-year-old protester at a MAGA

I want to ask this again; "Why is there ONE SINGLE Hate Radio station in a Blue City

The happiest ...

CNN's Analyst uses polling data to show why it's a mistake for Dems to attack Obama's policies

Ezra Klein: The media amplifies Trump's racism. Should it stop?

Is it time to have an Academy Award for stunt performances?

★★<MV>★★Chu's day. 「Cycling」‐Music Video

Guys, I hate to break it to you, but Donald Trump just solved race relations in this country.

Trump Won't Let No. 2 Spy Chief Take Over When Coats Leaves

"Did Chris Cillizza write this about Lindsey Graham when he was screaming in hearings?"

They fell in love: Trump praises Kim's " great and beautiful vision for his country"

Every team's new Top 30 Prospects list

Democrats should stop freaking out

Baseball trying out "Steal 1st Base Rule"

"Job growth in Trump Land is dead in the water."

Protesters Disrupted Terry McAuliffe's Book Talk At Politics And Prose

{crank it up!!} An Cafe - Escapism

Breaking news: Ratcliffe out as DNI replacement for Coats.

Ratcliffe is out for DNI

A weaker Gulf Stream may lead to rising seas and a hotter Florida (Sun Sentinel)

Trump says Ratcliffe is no longer his pick for director of national intelligence

Family of Idaho girl who fell out of tree 'preparing for her to die,' will donate organs

'The Republican Party 20 years ago ran away from [David Duke]. Today, they are supporting naked...

A song for dancing Mitch out the door

I'm thinking of making a minimal donation to Tom Steyer, the billionaire....

Joe Biden: Donald Trump is echoing his authoritarian heroes again

Marine Charged With Murder In January Shooting At Washington Barracks Hickenlooper Preparing to Run for Senate?

RATcliffe Withdraws.

Politico: Lawyers for Facebook trying to keep emails with CA secet.

Areas Around Dick's Sporting Goods Park Temporarily Closed Due to the Plague

"Fear and gloating in Cincinnati" - Trump brings the crazy.

How many Ratcliffes are in one Scaramucci?

Trump Threatens To Release Thousands Of ISIS Fighters Into Europe

This is the 'Trump' wall we want.

Just how bad are wildfires on our health? A high-tech lab will fly into smoke to find out

Trump is the first President ever to use the campaign slogan of his successor.

The Mueller investigation versus Golfing Vacations

This creature has killed thousands of Idaho trees. Here's what will happen to them

Hickenlooper won't consider Veep spot with Biden

A New Tool Can Help Mississippi River Cities Plan For Future Floods

A New Tool Can Help Mississippi River Cities Plan For Future Floods

Brazil space institute director sacked in Amazon deforestation row

Brazil space institute director sacked in Amazon deforestation row

Campaign to overturn Colorado's national popular vote law submits record number of signatures

A question for those who type "u" instead of "you", what in the world do you do with all that

Appearances by Grassley, Ernst during break

New Map Shows Bernie's Massive Lead From Coast To Coast

Millions of Black Holes Are Hiding in Our Galaxy. Here's How Astronomers Plan to Find Them.

When my wife says "what?", it's not because she didn't hear me. She's giving me

A federal court in Washington has invalidated a Trump administration asylum rule

N. Carolina governor moves to block conversion therapy funds

He is a very very fine man...

Forget The Oxford comma, we now have the Trump comma

Arkansas governor says lawmaker should resign or be ousted

The Irishman 🎬

Gravel and his campaign teens end presidential run

Did Hurd announce he wasn't running because trump picked Ratcliffe?

Trump "We could win Afghanistan in two days or three days or four days if we wanted. But..."

THIS is a progressive prosecutor.

Feds: Arkansas white supremacist jail fugitives captured

Kids get probation for throwing bananas at allergic teacher

New song about Moscow Mitch...

What Trump's Bright Yellow Hair Makes Him Look Like

Michigan man sentenced to 60 weekend days in jail for poisoning wife's coffee

Biden holds two-to-one lead over Sanders in post-debate poll (Harvard CAPS/Harris poll)

#NC09....jeeeeez peeeez

"As his hair tries to fly away from his head, Trump says he and Putin have discussed..."

CNN's Industry Spin Shows The Need For Independent Debates

Here's to you, Floyd get my 8,000th post for always being a fun read and a nice guy!

"Authoritarian Brotherhood"

Somebody had fun with the Wiki page for the nutty NC gun shop owner with the threatening billboards



What's for Dinner, Fri., Aug. 2, 2019

Baby skunks raised alongside kitten at Lyon Ranch in Sonoma

Moscow Mitch and his faithful St. Bernard, Leningrad Lindsey

When a just society arrives, will it be an end to humor?

Pit bull kills copperhead, saves owner in Tennessee

Ben & Jerry's Co-Founder Cheers On Bernie Sanders With Another Flavor

Two Top Staffers Leave Ocasio-Cortez

Damn! Homelander may very well be the biggest pr!ck of all time!

Trump asylum ban is illegal, federal judge rules

Trump Directs Government to Punish Newspaper Owner

JAY INSLEE Just Wants To Save The World From Climate Change

I need a drink...

A note to Democrats and Republicans in Congress:

Gina Ortiz Jones....Texas 23rd

Ocasio-Cortez chief of staff to leave her office

A Birmingham Police officer faked a shooting for 'stolen valor,' his chief says

Texas police officer kills woman while firing at loose dog

Where did RandI Rhodes go?

Joe Biden Is Rolling As No One Gains Ground After Second Debate

'Charles Manson never murdered by his own hands' [either].

US headed for blockade of Venezuela, Trump official says

I know I have posted,

US government delays Puerto Rico disaster mitigation funds

What a difference one letter makes

Moscow Mitch - A Different Recording

You can be twenty on Sugar Mountain, though you think you're leaving there too soon.

The View this morning: Sunny Hostin explains why Biden is the candidate to energize voters

Who wore it better?

Robot Trump head spits out an ibuprofen every time the president tweets

Well I hate to say this.. it actually makes a little sick

The missing debate discussion of the ramp-up timeline for Medicare for All approaches

Get yer peanuts, get yer popcorn!!!

EPA Administrator Proves Carbon Emissions Not Harmful By Inhaling Directly From Truck's Tailpipe

Lavrov's Dog

IMPEACHMENT halls and rallies have begun!!!!!

How has climate change affected your climate this year and where are

I'm kinda liking the idea of a Warren/Booker ticket...

Trump's latest tariffs come at the worst possible time for shoppers: Holiday season

Luckovich-Why is rump is kicking US farmers to get back at China?

Only Black Republican Congressman Retires To Avoid Trump's Bigotry

Saikat Chakrabarti, AOC Chief of Staff is leaving

Fans who unfurled 'Trump 2020' banner at Baltimore Orioles game escorted out of ballpark

Trump is trying to kill electric cars but will kill jobs and the climate instead

Bernie Talks Like a Jewish Man from Brooklyn and You Need to Get Over It

Gaetz must be hitting the sauce again.

I'm gonna go out on a limb & say that it's quite possible this video was NOT manipulated in any way.

Impeachment proceedings being held hostage by USSR! FACTS!

Courtesy of Juanita Jean

i'm warming up to Mayor Pete as VP but wonder if his sexual orientation will hurt or help?

Lowe's layoffs, Siri snooping and other MoneyWatch headlines

Listen to @DrDooleyMD. Patients don't "love" their costly health insurance plans.

I love to see people's reaction to this American speaking their native language.

One out of every three donors who have given to any presidential campaign have donated to Bernie

Sorry if my posts are a bit off lately

Cartoons 8/02/19

2020 US Presidential and CO US Senate Election.

Newsweek: Warren Was Praised After Debates, But Biden Dominates Polling Among Democratic Voters

Newly stringent tests spur major software change for 737 Max

박재범 Jay Park - 'Me Like Yuh' [Official Music Video]

Jay Park: "Me like Yuh"

Bat on the plane

Old Man Yells at Windmills

How Lyft lost the trust of #DeleteUber women who thought it was 'woke'

The FBI Declared QAnon a Domestic Terrorism Threat -- and Conspiracy Theorists Are Psyched

Peter Thiel Makes a Nakedly Political Play in the New York Times

Pelosi Statement on the Progress of House Investigations

Bernie Sanders has Deepest and Broadest Fundraising

Scaramucci says Trump aides are scared to confront him over tweets

Tory rebels threaten Boris Johnson after majority cut to one

Red White and Blue - post contest

HAIL CTHULHU! Twitter Users Mock GOP Convention Logo's Weird Design

Bernie Sanders delivers smackdown of Liz Cheney over Warren criticism

10 Things to Do to Prepare for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

Half of Ebola cases in DR Congo 'unidentified'

Mike Trout 36th HR ties him for the MLB lead

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