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Justice Dept. again sides with Trump over House in personal financial records fight

Media Expert Says Reporters Have No Idea What Happens In Trump White House

With Troop Buildup, China Sends a Stark Warning to Hong Kong

Conspiracy Theories Can Have Dangerous Consequences. Here's Why Experts Say We Can No Longer Ignore

5 injured after dump truck careens down street in Pioneer Square, smashes into a Subway

Amy Schumer only woman on Forbes' list of the highest-earning comedians

How much faith do you have in the polls?

Earth's inner core is doing something weird

cartoon: "Social media"

'It Was One Problem After Another': How Woodstock 50 Fell Apart

Have you been polled?

"Jeffrey Epstein was sent three 12-year-old French girls as 'birthday gift"

She may have once been a Republican...

Mike Pompeo, the Secretary of Trump

At the bottom of a glacier in Greenland, climate scientists find troubling signs

Epstein signed a will 2 days before hanging himself. 1 of the 2 lawyers listed as attorney El Chapo

Illinois State Sen. Martin Sandoval Apologizes for Photo of Man Pretending to Assassinate Trump

Japanese guy reacts to Foreigner's Tattoos

How HUD Could Dismantle a Pillar of Civil Rights Law

Sen. Chuck Grassley: Trump EPA 'Screwed' Farmers With Biofuels Exemptions

Proud Boys Dwarfed by Anti-Fascist Protesters at Portland Rally

Cheap hydrogen?

Biden tweet from ten minutes ago. You go Joe!!!!

Trump tweets photo of Trump Tower in Greenland: 'I promise not to do this'

Trump Just Gave a Giant Middle Finger to Student Borrowers Everywhere

Eastern Orthodox Christian 'Prayer of the Hours':

Trump Says a Recession Isn't Possible Because Everyone Is Rich

Farm-state Republican blasts Trump administration: 'They screwed us'

From Flint to Newark to Pittsburgh: Why do American Cities Fail to Protect Our Water?

A Tax Credit Fueled the Solar Energy Boom. Now It's in Limbo

I've invented a new food "Pizza Eggs"

"12k in the Twin Cities on a Monday night."

Anyone seen my glasses?

MI-11: Pro-Trump Republican immigrant to challenge Dem lawmaker who flipped Michigan seat

I just found out that I'm to be a grandfather.

I will be on an interesting vacation this fall

Trump stumbles onto a new justification for losing the popular vote: It's Google's fault

Inslee needs 663 donors to hit the 130,000 mark

Jay Inslee needs 663 donors to reach the 130,000 mark

1619: 400 years ago, a ship arrived in Virginia, bearing human cargo

Trump Orders Facebook and Twitter to Require Users Like and Follow Him


Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Dead Inside!

Has anyone heard the slowed down version of "Jolene" by Dolly Parton.

'A Quiet Army in Himself': Trump Judges are Giving Clarence Thomas the Judicial 'Troops'

Did your household get a $5000 raise last year? Mike Pence says you did.

something we need to hear from every Democrat.

Netanyahu's wife 'demands to enter cockpit' after pilot fails to welcome her over plane loudspeaker

Hong Kong's huge protests, explained

A young Indian couple married for love. Then the bride's father hired assassins.

Iran tanker heads to Greece, U.S. warns against helping vessel

G7 may end without communique due to gaps on trade, climate: NHK

Letterkenny vs Canadian Proud boys

UK's Johnson puts health service off limits in potential U.S. trade deal: report

UK's Johnson puts health service off limits in potential U.S. trade deal: report

The New York Times Launches The 1619 Project... The response to it has been predictably partisan and

Frequently asked questions about hate groups (SPLC article)

El Salvador: Evelyn Hernandez cleared over baby's death

El Salvador: Evelyn Hernandez cleared over baby's death

Jeffrey Epstein signed new will just two days before he died

Patrick Swayze fans - new documentary is streaming

California Governor Signs Law to Change When Police Can Use Lethal Force

Trump proves that he lacks the ability successfully pull off "self-effacing humor."

Caption This Photo

Election Commission Chair Tells Trump To Put Up Or Shut Up

How do math teachers scold their children?

Tweet: Even my dog can't stand him[trump].

1990 HOF Class

No. 4 House Democrat Ben Ray Lujan issues call for impeachment inquiry

Pentagon conducts 1st test of previously banned missile

I Tried ONLY Speaking Cantonese in HONG KONG - Travel Vlog Before the Protests

'Codfather' settlement means magnate will never fish again

Authorities praised for handling of protests in Portland

8/19 Morning Consult NATIONAL poll: Biden 31%, Sanders 20%, Warren 15%, Harris 9%, Buttigieg 5%,

How Many White Supremacist Terrorists Does it Take to Screw in a Light Bulb (Ferret/Shower Cap)

8/19 Morning Consult EARLY PRIMARY STATES poll: Biden 32%, Sanders 20%, Warren 13%, Steyer 7%,

*Watch Lawrence show for his guest,

*Watch Lawrence show for his guest, EDITED

Is this trump doing his most naked projection - "Google manipulated millions of votes"

What life is worth living for:

*Cory Booker coming up on Lawrence show.

Network Lobby (aka Nuns On The Bus) Announce their 2020 Policy Vision

Americans overwhelmingly support free trade as concern grows about Trump's economy:

Just in case you thought the Epstein saga couldn't get more weird...

Susan Sarandon takes a swipe at Elizabeth Warren during Sanders event.

Looking at comparative recent president approvals on 538, trump's graph shows an immovable cult

Trailer for season 3 of "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel"

Germany's Seehofer warns refugees who take Syria vacations

Tweet of the Day

Trump impeachment push gets important new ally

Philadelphia hospital shuts down emergency department


Democrats set their sights on flipping the Ohio Supreme Court in time for 2020s redistricting

The U.S. must take Greenland by force!


So I'm binging Handmaid's tale. NO spoilers! She's still pregnant, barely.

A young Indian couple married for love. Then the bride's father hired assassins.

Iceland Holds Funeral Honoring Glacier That Melted Away

I just thought of something about the Eric Garner case. DU legal minds please chip in.

WaPo Ed. Board: Trump risks turning a chance for success in Afghanistan into a shameful failure

The Daily Show: Donsplaining

Joe Biden on $15 an hour minimum wage

Oh, Bernie

Man Allegedly Exposed Himself, Fell to His Death at Atlanta Hotel

Trump Retreats from New Gun Restrictions

Keeping Faith is coming back

Donald Trump and the Republican Party hate America: It's time to say it out loud

Rachel Bitecofer -- DNC, Listen To Her

Toxic Nostalgia Breeds Derangement

Photos: Bernie Sanders visits the Field of Dreams

Christoffel symbols anyone (related to tensors)?

Video: California high-school students sang Nazi song and gave Hitler salute

Wisconsin production workers logged fewest hours in July since 2009

Puppy hiccups

Order Middletown to pay us $1.7M, Suez asks federal judge

Ilhan Omar & Rashida Tlaib has a message for those wanting them to bow down

Rachel Bitecofer, who predicted 2018 blue wave, likes a Biden/Harris ticket for 2020

Leading Haruspex Certain of Democratic Victory

Recession fears are rising. Here's the status of economic bellwether Elkhart, Indiana.

CNN will host a Climate Town Hall on September 4th:

Clip just on BBC World News: 🦆 😆

Tuesday's special election in the Susquehanna River Valley will pit Democrat against Republican --

Elections have consequences-Harris County will have early voting at two colleges

just got

Ships That Don't Come In - What do you think?

Elizabeth Warren's First Campaign Event In Minnesota Draws Her Biggest Crowd Yet (12,000 people)

The Specials - Ghost Town (A fun song that you've probably heard before and forgotten)

Orthodox Christianity: On Animals

French couple faces prison time for taking 90 pounds of sand from Sardinia

California district to address 'hate' after video shows students giving Nazi salutes

Trump is having difficulty juggling so many lies

The Specials - A Message To You Rudy (Another forgotten gem)

Nice to see Elizabeth Warren Endorse Ed Markey for the Senate

State, union officials fear economic fallout from closure of centers serving Pennsylvanians with

We took a drive over to the coast yesterday

Australian shock jock Alan Jones condemned after calling for Jacinda Ardern to be 'backhanded'

Ok, it's not much, but it's still FUCKING HOPE

Is fluoride in water toxic to babies' brains? A rigorous study raises alarms.

U.S. envoy offers farm visas to boost asylum deal with Guatemala

U.S. envoy offers farm visas to boost asylum deal with Guatemala

Bynum signs executive order adding gender identity, expression to [Tulsa]'s nondiscrimination policy

Delaware Businessman Sentenced to Federal Prison In Multi-Million Dollar Ponzi Scheme

Nigerian Man Sentenced to Prison for Role in $8.3 Million Medicare Fraud Scheme and Related Money

Hurricanes lead to more aggressive spiders, study says

Inslee Got 130,000! Thanks, DU!

Since New York City has a regulation against naming public entities after lving figures

British Diplomats Are Now Getting Ready For A No-Deal Brexit Dress Rehearsal

Orthodontist Indicted For Bribery And Fraud Scheme With Former Arkansas State Senator

Chandrayaan-2 successfully enters Moon's orbit, just days for landing

Oil Companies Persuade States to Make Pipeline Protests a Felony

Field of Schemes Fraud Results in Over a Decade in Federal Prison for Leader of Largest Organic

Florida leaders move to condemn white nationalism

The Rockets - Desire

Saudis paid $90 million to Sudan's ex-leader, officer says in al-Bashir trial

North Dakota officials reported a pipeline leak spilled 10 gallons, the real number was 10 million

Ex-ambulance service treasurer indicted on embezzlement counts

How Peter Fonda's LSD trip with the Beatles produced a classic John Lennon lyric

U.S. Steel plans to lay off hundreds of workers in Michigan

A McConnell-backed effort to lift Russian sanctions boosted a Kentucky project

Film Producers, Former Banker Charged in Movie Financing Fraud Scheme

Ryan: They're trying to shut out the more moderate voices of the party

Dear Trump Sycophants, can you honestly attribute to him even one virtue ?

Duque shuns Nobel Peace Prize laureate during visit to support Colombia's victims of sexual violence

Jay Inslee Is For Edwin Ngugi Wanji

Brazil: New Leaked Conversation Proves Further Conspiracy Against Lula

Those who use more emojis have more sex, study says

Georgia asks judge to dismiss lawsuit challenging 'heartbeat' law

Wherein Ben Shapiro tries to argue that no Republican ever attacked Obama's legitimacy as POTUS:

PA bans LGBTQ activities in West Bank

State fines asbestos firm, months after union protested demolition at shuttered GM plant

Memorial to gay victims of Nazis found vandalised

Persistent Partisan Breakdown on Higher Ed

Climate change: Iceland holds funeral for melted glacier

Delaware State University, donors step up to replace stolen historical lynching marker

A Brand New Type of Supernova Was Just Discovered

WANTED: Professional Hair Stylist to braid hair.

Pay Up or Hit the Road, Md. Transit Officials Tell West Virginia

Faced With Recession, Trump Turns to a Familiar Friend: Conspiracy

Gay man who fled Morocco says LGBT asylum seekers' claims are 'not being taken seriously'

Anyone interpret dreams I was hanging with the 3 stooges

Crowd Turns Partisan at Cardin's MACo Town Hall

Maryland Is Latest Testing Ground for Tech Aimed at Drunken Driving Republicans ever questioned Barack Obama's legitimacy says right wing simpleton...

I've heard the economy not being so hot was a factor in

State says private water access on Anne Arundel's Beverly Beach should have been open to the public

The trials and tribulations of day one of high school

"Fool's Errand" To Think You Can Change Fundamentals Of China's Economy With A Few Tariffs

Trump 2020 - LoL! Isn't it ironic...

Truth, Justice, and the American Way

Joe Biden's first campaign ad

I smile update on 06:27 post trials and tribulations of ninth grade

Instead Of Expanding, A Cattle Feedlot Near Powell Gardens Shut Its Doors

Wyandotte County Evicts The T-Bones After The Team Failed To Pay Rent For Nearly 4 Years

Recently rewatched the "Matrix"-trilogy and there is so much potential for a sequel.

Tuesday TOONs - Economic Cycle: First as tragedy, then as farce

My husband went to the laundromat and came home with..

The Misdirection of Donald Trump

The auto strap, for front-seat tots! (1961 Sears ad)

The Rundown: August 19, 2019

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 08/14/19

CNN Poll: Joe Biden regains double-digit lead over 2020 Democratic field

Florida Wildlife Comission asks public to help document disorder impacting panthers

Breakfast Tuesday 20 August 2019

ICE sued for failing to provide basic health care in detention centers

Web footed friend

Calif. HS Students Sang Nazi Song & Gave Nazi Salute: Video

Moose jumps off cliff in Newfoundland and swims away video

U.S. news Texas school staffers colored in black teen's haircut with a sharpie, lawsuit claims

Castro qualifies for September debate - now at 10.

Trickle-down theory is a monstrous lie intended to justify the rich getting richer

Republicans use McConnell allies to try and force his hand on election security

The U.S. must take Greenland by force!

I would like to make an announcement today:

Scientists finally know how big earthquakes start: with many smaller ones

A Tweet from the Bible:

Operation Yellowhammer - It's not THAT bad...*rolls eyes*

Republicans use McConnell allies to try and force his hand on election security Read more here: htt

'some people voted many times'

The Nihilistic Euphoria of the Fish Tube

"We'll show movies outside and people can sit on air mattresses. What can possibly go wrong?"

Troops Who Deployed to the US-Mexico Border Are Getting a Medal

The Advertiser Embargo Against Tucker Carlson Is Working

Shitstain & CO Block MA Offshore Wind Project, Because They Care So Much About The Environment

Marco Rubio - Climate Change Real, But "Global Elites", "Alarmists", "Leftists" Blahblahblahblahblah

Is this a possible scenario after the election in November 2020?

Gravis NEVADA poll: Biden 25%, Warren 15%, Sanders 10%, Harris 9%, Steyer 6%, Buttigieg 5%,

Hot Vs. Cold Temp Records Set By Decade - Miami, Phoenix, Anchorage, Tucson And Many More

Exclusive: Fifth NRA Board Member Resigns Amid String of Recent Defections

NRA loses bid to listen as state attorney general questions its ex-president Oliver North

Does Trump really worry about his poll numbers?

Gravis NEVADA poll, matchups against Trump: Biden +6, Sanders +3, Harris tied, Warren -1,

Why Some White Liberals Will Probably Vote For Donald Trump. (HuffPo)

Lowest Sockeye Salmon Count On Record At Ballard Locks Fish Ladder In Seattle - 18,000

August 20 - Happy Birthday Rep. Brad Schneider (D) IL-10th

And they wonder why we say that they hate women

And they wonder why we say that they hate women

Emerson COLORADO poll, matchups againt Trump: Biden & Sanders & Buttigieg +10, Warren +7, Harris +3

Sounds on Bloomberg, trump and company are considering backing off on the tariffs

Isn't cutting the payroll tax, which funds Social Security, the modern equivalent of

Emerson COLORADO poll: Sanders 26%, Biden 25%, Warren 20%, Harris 13%, Buttigieg 5%

"Disorienting" Moisture, Rainfall Records In N. Alaska, Unprecedented Drought In SE Of State

The supreme court's pro-gun radicalism puts us all in the crosshairs

Loving the polls out today!! and the Biden Ad up in Iowa

'Joke or not, these types of comments are felonies': Police arrest Florida teen for online threat

The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., responds to criticism of the 1619 Project:

The Longer Trump Stays in Office, the More Americans Oppose His Views

"Ms. Harris is far and away the most hip-hop-minded of all the candidates"

James O'Brien Finds Brexit Policy Which Parliament Would Pass: Germany+

Orwell should have them for copyright infringement...

"Trump Could Win Again..." And my reponse

Death, blackouts, melting asphalt: ways the climate crisis will change how we live

Is the supreme court basically gone now?

Do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of Susan Sarandon?

Vote for the new license plates...

Here's who has qualified for the September debates so far

Williamson unveils plan to create cabinet-level Department of Peace

Four Mass Shootings Have Been Thwarted Since the El Paso Massacre, Authorities Say

While I'm not a Warren partisan I resent the shot Susan Sarandon took at her.

Iowa is DONE with Joni Ernst

CNN analyst Harry Enten is live-blogging their new poll - great topics/insights

Paul Ryan & family are moving to DC .

Democrats spending millions to try to take back statehouses

Julin Castro qualifies for September Democratic primary debates

US Steel plans to temporarily lay off up to 200 workers in Michigan

Is it "all about the base"? Two studies draw different conclusions.

Italy's Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte to resign

Joe Biden airs first TV ad in Iowa

Federal Charges Filed Against Chicago Man Who Allegedly Posted Online Threats Of Violence At Women's

Casey DeSantis to skip Women for Trump event due to planned execution

Joe Biden Wants To Make Donald Trump Deplorable Again

Khan Sheikhoun: Syria rebels pull out of key town after five years

"Harris plummets in new 2020 poll... out of the first and even second tier..." (CNN Frontpage News)


Democrats spending millions to try to take back statehouses

Democrats spending millions to try to take back statehouses

How corporate zillionaires could prove Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren wrong

You raised $1,094.20 on August 19, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

Poor women are losing as Planned Parenthood withdraws, due to Trump judges

Harris campaign faces crossroads

Take a pause and laugh - What are the Odds?

Get sugar amounts labeled on all food products

Nuclear monitoring stations went mysteriously quiet after Russian missile facility explosion

Trump, QAnon and an impending judgment day: Behind the Facebook-fueled rise of The Epoch Times

FBI: Truck driver threatened mass shooting at Memphis church

Sanders leads Democratic field in Colorado poll


The Twit tweets: Two incredible people. I can't believe they're not working (few work harder)!

New model agrees with old: Nuclear war between US and Russia would result in nuclear winter

Oregon officials request criminal investigation into newspaper reporters over after-hours phone call

It comes down to 77,000 votes in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

It first aired 30 years ago today, August 20, 1989: Saved by the Bell

Pic Of The Moment: Out Of Touch Much?

Truck driver arrested before carrying out mass shooting at Memphis church

I wonder if WE will eventually buy Rick Scott's manse?

Joe Biden: "We all know in our bones that this election is different"

Is delaying impeachment the same as delaying justice?

Mexican Man faces voter fraud charges in California

For Trump, appeals to white fears about race may be a tougher sell in 2020: Reuters/Ipsos poll

NBC: Epstein executed a new will just 2 days before his death.

Fed thermostat guidelines: Coolest 78 degrees daytime when home.

Mom, Dad and the kids (With a strange pillow for comfort)

Trump tweets "Thank you!" to some MAGAt goober who re-tweets Fox's Jesse Watters praising Trump

Russia and China blast US missile test

Pennsylvania Ave. in front of White House to close for seven months for security fence construction

I've got FOUR STD checks on my schedule for today!

Robot coffee tastes great, but at what cost ? (about $5)

Baltimore City Council passes new, tighter ethics rules after Pugh scandal

It Just Got Harder to Get Birth Control in America

99 Years Ago Today; The First commercial radio station, 8MK (now WWJ), begins operations in Detroit.

Jeffrey Epstein's Sick Birthday Gift: Three 12-Year-Old French Girls From Poor Families

Castro endorsements today-8/20 at Native American Presidential Forum in Sioux City

Biden's Polling Average down to 29%

Trump promises "great" health care, if "we get the House, hold the Senate, and keep the presidency"

Man flashes housekeeper, plunges to death while leaping hotel balconies in Atlanta

A night at the Ball Park, by The Polack MSgt. Or - How I spent my 1 night summer vacation. Ahem

23 Texas Towns Hit With Ransomware Attack In 'New Front' Of Cyberassault

CNN journalist April Ryan's bodyguard charged with assault for forcibly removing reporter from event

And a reply from Greenland

Was Woodstock too white?

We talked to experts on aging about the 2020 field. Here's what they told us. (Politico)

Eric Garner family, Daniel Pantaleo vow to fight as NYPD fires officer

So, we have to remove our shoes, not carry liquids onto a plane, and submit to full body scans all..

"Newt Gingrich, who'd own slaves today if he could..."

China could overwhelm US in military first strike, Australian report says

Warren offers plan to repeal 1994 crime law authored by Biden

House Democrats plan ammunition ban vote next month

What I did on my (1 night long) Summer Vacation. By The Polack MSgt

This is it folks

Ouch! Rasmussen Favorability Poll(LV): Trump 44%-54%(-10) (which projects to -17 on

A very happy announcement!

Banks Want Efficiency. Critics Warn of Backsliding.

Dog Reviews Food With Girlfriend

Joe Biden's lead isn't going away like Jeb Bush's did (CNN analysis by Harry Enten)

What's your preferred household daytime temperature and sleeping temp?

Newsweek: Mississippi church votes unanimously to kick out lesbian couple

Pompeo says North Korea talks have not resumed as quickly as hoped

Susan Sarandon Spring 2016 tweet about Sen Warren

It truly really does not matter who the Democrats nominate for president.

fifth Floridian charged with threatening a mass shooting this month

Pompeo: There are places where ISIS is more powerful today than they were three or four years ago

Florida bosses told Puerto Rican medical staffers: Speak English or be fired, workers say

What Do Rally Playlists Say About the Candidates?

Long TSA checkpoint lines try patience of Minneapolis-St. Paul airport travelers

Trump fears cancellation of his reality show

Arizona and Nevada Face First-Ever Mandatory Water Cuts from the Colorado River

Trump demands election-year rate cut from the Federal Reserve

What's with these right-wingers appearing on TV drunk?

Bailey to resign from state Senate

MD Man Thanks God for Trump: "We are ready to kill Spanish People & Latin Peoples by the millions."

Newt Gingrich trying to sell Trump on a cheap moon plan

74% of economists in survey see US recession by end of 2021

Photos: "Breakfast with Bernie" at Better Day Cafe. Storm Lake, Iowa

Twitter Users Call Attention to 'International Emergency' of Fires Devastating Brazil's Rainforest

Gun sellers are sneaking onto Facebook's secondhand marketplace

'Shark!': Cape Cod Recoils in a Summer of Sightings, Real and Imagined

Maryland Man Arrested For Threatening To Exterminate Hispanics Thanks Trump For Race War

Well said Seth!

538: What's Driving Warren's Comeback?

California HS Students Sing NAZI SONG, Give NAZI SALUTE, Disturbing Video!

Warren Is Attracting More Supporters And More Media Attention

5 paper morning in Iowa.

Four hundred years after enslaved Africans were first brought to Virginia,

Newspaper Run By Chinese End Times Cult Places Thousands Of Facebook Ads Supporting Trump 2020

World's largest highway overpass for wildlife on track in California

Cartoons 8/20/19

Warren makes point on disparities in insurance coverage for physical and mental health

張惠妹 A-Mei - 來鬧的 Party Crashers (華納official官方完整版MV)

Plummeting Confidence In Broader U.S. Economy Drives Decline In Economic Sentiment Index

El Paso shooting widower receives new car after old one stolen following wife's funeral

Eugene Robinson: Trump Is 'Raving Like A Lunatic And Everyone Just Shrugs' The 11th Hour

DU science/weather buffs: Is sea water evaporate turned into fresh rain water, and how?

The Epoch Times is the biggest pro-Trump advertiser. And it's run by a rightwing Chinese cult.

Paul Ryan moving to Maryland, not selling Wisconsin home

Anti-gun violence organization endorses Kelly's Senate bid

This is the @ewarren selfie line at double speed.

Why George Takei Is Backing Pete Buttigieg for President

Pennsylvania Ave. in front of White House to close for seven months for security fence construction

Broken locks, poor lighting: Baltimore schools found to have 'significant security and safety issues


tRump will fold then claim victory

🔥 Okoboji Ice Cream Social with Bernie

No Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren. We need a moderate, South Florida Democrats tell their party.


Secret Democratic cloning Program to defeat tRump Revealed

A Florida Man Allegedly Castrated Another Florida Man He Met Online, But It All Went Wrong

Which candidate helps most in these 7 Senate races.

What Will It Take for Democrats to Flip the Senate in 2020?

It's almost labor day people. Let's get out there and make St Louis Style RIBS!

Greetings to my fellow Lounge Lizards from Portland

Photo Link: Bernie2020 photographer BreatheNewWinds posted FIELD OF DREAMS - 19 AUGUST, 2019

Flashback: Ellen's Tribute to the Obamas

Hurricane Camille (August 1969)

Gov. Jay Inslee hits the 130k donor threshold

The US won't provide flu vaccines to migrant families at border detention camps

'I Thank God Everyday Donald John Trump Is President'

EU slaps down Johnson's opening gambit to renegotiate Brexit

Feds prevent Trump-loving supremacist from carrying out mass

Can Dancing Prevent Dementia?

Update to animation based on George Lakoff's taxonomy of Trump tweets -- Weapons of Mass Distraction

Harry Reid Swipes at Progressives in 2020 Field: 'Of Course' Medicare for All, Decriminalizing

Kirsten Gillibrand campaign ad: "Impossible"

Concerns about Biden's age and mental fitness are likely overblown

El Paso mass shooter on suicide watch in jail, Sheriff's Office says

Seth Abramson discussion on Judge Sullivan's use of 'treason' in Flynn's case. It was treason. eos.

Trump: "Because Putin outsmarted Obama, Russia was out of G7. We'd like to see G8."

baseboard blues

Night & Day-The Winking Owl

Trump Inflated Scottish Resorts' Value By $165 Million

Should our primary candidates be asked if they would pardon Trump and

*facepalm* Space Force, newest branch of the military, will launch Aug. 29

U.S. Won't Provide Flu Vaccines for Migrant Families

Kamala Harris is up as speaker at the Native American Presidential Forum now, 2 pm cst

Trump: "A lot of the people who put me where I am are strong believers in the Second Amendment."

Trump's Base Is Not Enough to Carry Him to Re-Election

Tom's priorities to address the climate crisis

Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony #5

The Economist: Elizabeth Warren, saviour of capitalism

trump word salad from the white house today....

Another one of those "dogs playing poker" paintings of Trump has arrived, & Tony Posnanski responds.

BTRTN 2020 Vision: Are We Headed Toward a Biden-Warren Showdown?

St. Louis Scores Major League Soccer Expansion Team For 2022 Season

St. Louis Scores Major League Soccer Expansion Team For 2022 Season

I am Human - Native Americans for Bernie Sanders

Trump's son and daughter-in-law had a baby yesterday. No tweet or retweet from him

dogs are becoming the most destructive predator

An open letter to "the Mooch":

Political Party Identification Trends 1992-2017

What is a "Hidden Post" please?

Dick's Sporting Goods is testing if it should stop selling guns

Monster - Sungha Jung (Live)

Here we go-John Heilman and the Biden Bashers

Born, on this day, August 20, in 1934: Sneaky Pete Kleinow

New Yorker: Moderate Democrats' Surprising Embrace Of Elizabeth Warren

Watch a Man Be Surprised by a Room Full of People He Rescued During the Holocaust

Hikaru Utada Heart Station

Kamala Harris WILL attend CNN climate town hall on Sept 4

City sues to remove Confederate monument, citing free speech

Where have all the love bugs gone????

Arlington, Region Under Severe Thunderstorm Watch

Trump Accuses Jewish Americans Who Vote Democrat Of 'Disloyalty'

#DontMuteMyHealth Is Generating Noise About Food Insecurity In D.C.

Trump just cruelly insulted Rashida Tlaib for crying when talking about her grandmother

" Fix The Damage Joe"

Baby elephant wants to play!

I'm switching from Joe Biden to Elizabeth Warren

Presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke makes a stop at a Wichita coffee house

Presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke makes a stop at a Wichita coffee house

Colombia to pay for damages caused by Uribe's harassment of critic

What's for Dinner, Tues., Aug. 20, 2019

Paul 'I Just Work Here, I Don't Live Here' Ryan Is Moving Here

BREAKING: Severe thunderstorm warning for DC, Arlington, Montgomery and Prince George's Co.

Bernie Sanders got more small donations in Pa., N.J. than Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden combined

Check out this double rainbow pierced by lightning in Broadway, Va in the Shenandoah Valley

So my Sept September 2019 Grapevine comes today

Two of the photos in Biden's new TV ad have been posted in OPs here at DU in the last few weeks

Trump confirms he's considering a payroll tax cut amid mounting economic concerns

Kamala: "We must speak truth: The United States stole land from Tribes"

Officials: Armed intruder reported on Louisiana State campus

Trump's biggest Facebook supporter is a Chinese cult pulling for the apocalypse

Robert Reich: The 5-Step CEO Pay Scam

"The Biggest Little Farm" Movie (2019) Nature's Power of Self-Renewal!

Surprise! Rethug-fraudster-Duncan-Hunter fights dirty to keep seat in CA-50

"The plan is for people to die in cages" - Esquire

Tedeschi Trucks Band - "Signs/High Times"

Former CEO of Atlantic Diving Supply settles fraud allegations for $20 million

An Cafe 「Gokutama Rock Cafe」

Anyone have an email connect to the Biden Campaign?

A Weak Old Week Old OP

My take on the new vomit worthy Trump painitng.


Trump: Jews Voting for Democrats Show Lack of Knowledge or Great Disloyalty

My all-time Favorite Picture of a Serious President Obama

Chocolate Chip Pan-Cookie

Live-stream Link: 5PM CT - Frank LaMere Native American Forum with Sen. Bernie Sanders

Chicago man who threatened women's health clinic says he was inspired by Ohio man


Trump and "...Great Disloyalty..." Well, we've heard this before

Measles outbreak grows to more than 1,200 cases reported in 30 states

Zeller Schwarze Katz

Space Command will launch Aug. 29, Mike(space cadet) Pence says

Trump asserts he could win Afghanistan war 'in a week' without 'using nuclear'

Equality or Extinction?

Couple expected to survive 450-foot plunge off mountain road

Yo, Oligarchs and Masters of the Universe! You have a VERY simple choice:

Jennifer Rubin on Pete

Biden edges Warren in Iowa state fair straw poll

Why Trump Thinks Democrats Will Sabotage the Economy

Republicans Sabotaged Obama's Economy and Assume Democrats Are Doing It to Them

Mar-a-Lago intruder pleads to be set free from jail. Judge says she's still playing games.

Truckers Say Trump Is 'Killing' Them

Trump Seeks to Allay Farm-State Uproar in Oval Office Meeting

🔥 Frank LaMere Native American Forum with Sen. Bernie Sanders

War on the Eastern Front: The Siege of Leningrad

Call the next one the 'Despite' Recession

Trump boasts about Log Cabin Republican endorsement as its members flee in protest

Don the Con has finally been publicly described

Carli Lloyd kicking field goals at Eagles training camp

Bwhahahaha ...The US just blocked Carrie Symonds visa...

Boys sentenced for trashing Stamford model railway show

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 21 August 2019


Sports radio host Matt Jones fired from TV show after announcing Mitch McConnell book

Canada election: Charities warned against climate change ads

The business model of Wells Fargo is fraud.

You can buy a copy of the #1619Project-Six Dollars/copy

Amazon fires: Brazilian rainforest burning at record rate, space agency warns

Bankers, Tech Execs Know The Collapse Of Society Is Coming And Are Feverishly Prepping

Kamala Harris earns endorsement of Mark Macarro, Tribal Chairman, Pechanga Band of Luiseo Indians.

Amazon fires: Brazilian rainforest burning at record rate, space agency warns

The Greatest Letter Ever Written about the Real Operations of

Need help planning a picnic menu!

Pompeo defends loyalty to Trump amid past comments, renewed scrutiny


Spiders are getting more aggressive thanks to hurricanes and other extreme weather

'Establishment' Democrats as Agents of Change

Trump Called Out For Deriding Most Jews in America as Ignorant or Disloyal: 'Blatantly Anti-Semitic'

List: The 126 House Democrats calling for an impeachment inquiry into Trump

Greenland's leader rips Trump: Idea of buying territory 'not something to joke about'

Nasa confirms ocean moon mission

Trump insists US now has 'strong background checks' for guns


We are going with the Indian Senator who respects the sovereignty of native people.

"Obama says black Americans who vote Republican are 'disloyal'"

More NRA leaders step down amid spending controversy

Because we need some levity - a karmic arrest in New York State

Gillibrand+8/20/20 NYT podcast "The Daily"

Gun safety lobby gives Republican lawmakers failing grades

Even classic rock stations play just a few songs

2 Washington universities get federal funding boost for earthquake early-warning systems

Trump's trade war comes for consumers: Tariffs could cost US families up to $1,000 a year, JPMorgan

Mural from 3,800 years ago unveiled by Peru archaeologists

Mural from 3,800 years ago unveiled by Peru archaeologists


Prez got his 'Do touched up

Labor leader Dolores Huerta arrested in worker demonstration

He's even in your dreams....

Three More Women Detail Epstein Abuse Allegations in New Lawsuits

12,000 at Warren Town Hall in St Paul MN-- PICTURE..............Selfies are a hit.........

Truckers voted for Donald Trump in droves. Now, they say his trade war is 'killing' their ability to

Trump called NRA chief to tell him universal background checks are off the table: report

Chase ends with driver doing yoga poses next to smashed car, officials say

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Trump admin moves ahead with new rules allowing longer detention for migrants with children

The Mooch: "I can take five points off him". It's WAR!

🔥 Rally with Bernie in Sioux City

Trump called Wayne Lapierre today to tell him universal background checks are off the table.

'It's basic, basic, basic': Liz Plank mocks Trump's reality show behavior as recession looms.

I wonder about Scaramucci and Trump's war of words?