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Bernie Sanders wins labor love -- and frustrates foes -- with Medicare for All play

Prince Andrew was seen getting foot massage from young woman at Epstein's apartment - report


Warren at 19% on DU

Byrne, CEO of Overstock: MA from Cambridge, PhD from Stanford--guess brains don't beat sex-stupid

Something a little different and for which I ask your indulgence.

Clark Atlanta tightens security after 4 students shot at block party

Chatmonchy - "Sekai Ga Owaru Yoru Ni"

Former US ambassador to Denmark: 'This is not the way you treat an ally'

Kamala Harris: "Fierce Prosecutor" vs the "Progressive Activist" & Lara Bazelon's Big Fail

Good for her.

If the USA is going to buy an island, shouldn't we first consider O'ahu?

UPDATED: Gary Ray Bowles: Florida executes killer who preyed on gay men

Impossible Whopper vs Whopper

Rut roh Trump is gonna be P-I-S-S-E-D mad - FB has banned Epoch Times from advertising

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 23 August 2019

Georgia's Not Meeting Terms Of Mental Health, Disabilities Agreement, Report Says

'Free College' a Tough Sell Even in State With Highest Student Debt


Breaking: pro-Trump Chinese cult paper The Epoch Times banned from advertising on Facebook

I know what the new GOP emblem should be

Nearly half of Trump voters would blame him for a recession, new poll says

Fireworks at San Francisco DNC meeting as committee votes down climate debate resolution

How to become a Fox contributor 🤢

🔥 Rally with Bernie in Sacramento

I listened to Sen. Sanders on Tweety about his climate change plans.

El Paso hospital forced to call out Trump's lie that surgeons left the operating room to see him

Green Berets killed in combat in Afghanistan identified

Democrats, citing GOP voting restrictions, aim to flip secretary of state offices in five states

Ethics staffer: Oxendine used campaign money for house, cars, daycare

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING is to take back the senate!!!

Majority of Americans don't want Trump to be impeached, new poll finds

MN-SEN: Former Republican congressman and inflammatory radio host Jason Lewis to run for Senate

BERN NOTICE: Biden's Response To Bernie's Green New Deal

(Jewish Group) As a Jewish teen in the Bible Belt, I face anti-Semitism all the time

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! The Chosen One!

Obamacare is closing the coverage gap between rich and poor, black and white

European officials draft radical plan to take on Trump and U.S. tech companies

On the trail: Two long-shot 2020 Dems vow to remain in the race

Trump issued a statement regarding the $15 Million estate President and First Lady Obama purchased

Downton Abbey film trailer

Everything For Everyone

Loudest Bird - Bellbirds of South America

Kamala: 'Enough meetings. We need a President who will take action.'

WTF is he talking about here?

I still can't believe Ford pardoned Nixon

McConnell offers fresh defense of Senate filibuster, warns Democrats could pass 'socialist policies'

Latest sign on Hwy 19, Token Creek, WI......🇺🇸

Uribe needs a miracle to stay out of prison

2019 Horse Racing - 2019 Yorkshire Oaks

The Legislature inserted groups tied to right-wing donors into Florida's new law on civics education

Did you watch this last night on Lawrence - the raving lunatic

Biden aide Symone Sanders did NOT say the climate debate would be "dangerous territory"

Macron calls Amazon rain forest fires an 'international crisis' to discuss at G-7 summit

Macron calls Amazon rain forest fires an 'international crisis' to discuss at G-7 summit

2020 US Senate Election- the 51st Democratic US Senator will be in:

Florida's biggest corporations got a half-billion-dollar present from the Legislature

Luckovich-Sean Spicer-I'm History Greatest dancer, Period

Butina's boyfriend confirms Don Jr. met with Kremlin agents. But what's going on with GREENLAND?

Justice Department says it mistakenly emailed link to white nationalist website

Oh, He's Developing a Messiah Complex & Questioning Jews' Loyalty? I'm Sure This Ends Well. (Ferret)

New images from asteroid probe offer clues on planet formation

When Trump's rubes are confronted with two "Chosen Ones", how do they know which one it really is

Meet Fox's newest favorite climate misinformer, Mandy Gunasekara

I say we arrest for attempted murder anyone who denies climate change

brad schneider il, comes out for impeachment. this is another purple dist.

is Proud Boys leader a person of color?

Impeachment is coming

"I can tell you this: As president, I won't be exchanging love letters with Kim Jong-un"

Florida House Democrats Force Vote for Special Session About Gun Violence

RACE SUICIDE: Eternal Fear That 'Higher Races Will Be Replaced By Lesser People'

130 Dems favor an impeachment inquiry now.

Al Gore on climate debate

When W. E. B. Du Bois Made a Laughingstock of a White Supremacist

Switzerland holds referendum to end fractional reserve banking

Another street name for Trump Tower:

"His farts smell like honeysuckle"

The term "existential issue"is often overused, but in the case of climate change...

The Trump Doctrine Is Sicker and More Terrifying Than Ever: It's whatever oozes out of his brain at

Richard Swann, 'godfather of Democratic fundraising in Florida,' dies at 79

UK rivers 'being used as open sewers' by water companies and agricultural industry, charity says

North Philly shootout left neighbors wondering: Why did police make a mess and leave us to clean up?

I believe tRump is having an old fashioned "nervous breakdown".

Uribe tells Congress 'guerrilla simulator' triggered criminal charges by Colombia's Supreme Court

Twins having fun with each other

*Lawrence about to discuss this:Mitch McConnell: The Filibuster Plays a Crucial Role in Our

Owner of Three Construction Companies Pleads Guilty to Scheme to Defraud a Customer of More Than

Wake up. Our planet is burning 🥵

Why not a debate solely devoted to gun control?

Any chance that Canada might invade us...

Gen. Clark: Trump's Denmark, EU Attacks 'Weakening NATO'

Elephant picking up trash

Hickenlooper for Senate

Why do we talk about candidates' policy positions?

TCM Schedule for Sunday August 25, 2019 - Summer Under the Stars: Dustin Hoffman

ALEC confab in Texas offers right-wing lawmakers advice on redistricting

TCM Schedule for Monday August 26, 2019 - Summer Under the Stars: Mary Astor

BTRTN 2020 Vision: Are We Headed Toward a Biden-Warren Showdown?

"the pressure to expand the number of single-issue debates would be intense and continuous"

Potential Republican primary challengers for Trump?

Great line to stop a right winger who's say fat donnie not a racist.

Real Time with Bill Maher guests - Friday, August 23, 2019

Mexican Protector of Macaws Found Murdered in Chiapas

A new Texas law orders a school board president to quit his job. But in defiance, he says, 'no'

The Daily Show: Crazy Rich Nation

Not experiencing enough happiness lately, but I'll fight it with this:

Charlie Trump in the Desert

Meet Alvaro Enciso, the Artist Placing Crosses in Sonoran Desert to Memorialize Migrant Deaths

I just wanted to say thank you to the board.

PBS⊙NEWSHOUR, Lisa Desjardins: 'GOP tax cuts not paying for themselves'.

Ireland will vote against Mercosur if Brazil fails to protect Amazon - Taoiseach

I'm the chosen one! Hmm... the answer seems to contradict 😊😇

Beto O'Rourke: As president, I'd institute a mandatory buyback of assault weapons

Beto O'Rourke: As president, I'd institute a mandatory buyback of assault weapons

Major League baseball bars playing in Venezuela

Elect-ability: Whoever wins the nomination is the most electable candidate.

Diagnosis: What if social media could save lives?

Patriot Act With Hasan Minhaj: Why Your Public Transportation Sucks

MIT sets review of donations, apologizes for Jeffrey Epstein ties

Deforestation to blame for wildfires ripping through the Amazon forest, environmentalist says

'Why Don't People Speak Up?' Joe Biden Questions Whether Ambassador Terry Branstad Should Resign

Florida scientists induce spawning of Atlantic coral in lab for first time

George Takei tweet -- LOL!

Former members of Trump's golf club may wait the rest of their lives for refunds from trump

Excessive heat

Why Did Trump EPA Approve Brain Damage Causing Pesticide?

Orthodox Christian Praying of Psalms When In Need

Democrats: AG's hire for elections integrity unit has fueled bogus election fraud claims

☦️Eastern Orthodox Christian Church: Daily Prayers and the Jesus Prayer☦️

Any Honda Civic experts here?

Magnetars Can Crack Themselves Open and Bombard Earth with Gamma-Ray Flares, New Theory Suggests

Donald deep shit

Ancient Skeletons with Alien-Like Heads Unearthed in Croatia

KS-02: Republican Watkins Ducks Questions About Resigning

We need the whole truth on Montgomery and Martinez

Rep. Lou Correa endorses Joe Biden for president

On single issues we should be debating Congressional

Fired Senate staffer who won $1M verdict wants job back

Trump BSing his way through questions about his favorite Bible verse

Bloomberg Anchor Tricks Trump Into Admitting He's Never Read The Bible

Photobomb with American Lady butterfly

Single polypill reduces risk of heart attacks and strokes, study finds

Court allows minor league players to sue for minimum wage violations

Who is behind Donald Trump?

Court denies AG's bid to sue Board of Regents

Tweet of the Day

2022 US Senate Election with a Democratic President..

Boris Johnson is playing politics with Northern Ireland's 'delicate balance'

Run to Win Campaigns Organization strives to help take Arizona Democrats to Victory in 2020.

Watchdog: White House staffer, ex-GSA official had sex on agency's rooftop

Arizona Regents Expand Tuition Rate Discount Paid By DACA Students

CNN interview with Butina's boyfriend about Don Jr

2020 US Senate Election- Maximum number of seats Democrats could win.

Planned Parenthood Whistleblower Awarded $3 Million By Arizona Court

Handy life hacks for old people. Add yours.

When opening a new bottle of vitamins, are you supposed to keep the cotton or chuck it?

Flemish politicians offer Trump Wallonia in exchange for 1 euro

Ducey says law deregulating short-term rentals didn't quite work out as planned

A new poll shows what really interests 'pro-lifers': controlling women

Spell 'Republican'

New law would make Arizona cities pay for raising the minimum wage

Ed Markey, Joe Kennedy, and Waiting-Your-Turn Politics in Massachusetts

Breakfast Friday 23 August 2019

2020 US Senate Election Prediction- Vulnerable Democratic and Republican held seats up in 2020.

Texas governor busted sending racist call-to-arms a day before El Paso attack: 'take matters into...

Jefferson Quote and gun new deal:

(Jewish Group) NJ state employee fired over anti-Semitic social media posts

(Jewish Group) Dozens of synagogues to open to public on 20th European Days of Jewish Culture

Justice Department says it mistakenly emailed link to white nationalist website

(Jewish Group) Al Jazeera anchor promotes anti-Semitic conspiracy theory on Twitter

(Jewish Group) Tree of Life to hold High Holiday services at local Episcopal church

Why is Moscow trying to justify Nazi pact?

(Jewish Group) Photos of Brandeis students and professors posted on white nationalist website

Former members of Trump's Doral golf club may wait the rest of their lives for refunds from the pres

Unbelievably Large Shelter Cat looking for a home, crashed website

I could drink today rambling I'm brand knew at sobriety

🐦 AUG 31 at 2PM - Houston Grassroots Fundraiser with Bernie Sanders

'It's devastating'. End of GM in Ohio town as Trump fails to bring back midwest jobs

Bernie Sanders Calls To Seize the Means of Electricity Production

Today is the European Day of Remembrance for Victims of Stalinism and Nazism / Black Ribbon Day

What could cable networks be without punditry?

He has always been an Anti-Semite...

''Bernie's right: It is time for a massive public takeover of the nation's electric grid.''

98 Years Ago Today; British zeppelin R38 aka US Navy ZR-2 crashes - 45 dead, 4 survive

The current state of the 13 flippable 2020 Senate seats (I was asked to make a reply an OP)

This campaign is not about middle ground solutions.

James Fallows: If Trump Were an Airline Pilot

How Trump's tax cuts and the trade war have set the stage for a self-inflicted recession

Surprise! Coal Mines That Are Repeatedly Sold, Gutted, Resold, Have Worst Safety Records

For some reason, I read "despite the strong economy" as "brace yourselves, the next one is coming!"

With primary's first winnowing at hand, candidates face tough choice:

Cycads (aka Japanese Sago Palm) Reproduce In UK For First Time In 60 Million Years

Invisible People report- Homeless and Disabled

Friday TOONs - I am The Chosen One. Kool-Aid for everyone!

Do you know how to tip in America? Take this quiz to test your knowledge.

92 Years Ago Today; Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti are executed

The month a shadow fell on Trump's economy

The Other Grown Baby Boris PUT HIS FEET ON TABLE while meeting with France's Macron.

Curious, Has the chosen one said anything about the Amazon

Brazil's Environment Minister Gets Roundly Booed At International Climate Conclave

Low Wages, Sexual Harassment and Unreliable Tips. This Is Life in America's Booming Service Industry

James Pindell (Boston Globe): another candidate expected to drop out today...

Oh, Yay, We're Saved - Politico Reports "Tonal Shift" Among GOP On Climate, Behind Closed Doors

Pritzker Signs Plan to Raise Minimum Teacher Salary to 40K

St. Louis Organization Asks Gov. Parson For State Support To Boost Urban Neighborhoods

2020 US Senate Election- Democratic Favored seats.

The Rundown: August 22, 2019

Pick of the Week: "Hellboy and the B.P.R.D.: Saturn Returns" #1

The origin of Superheroes: Flash (Barry Allen)

Suit Claims Feds Are Allowing Protected Desert to Be Trashed

When Your Luck Runs Out

Watching the world burn and loving it...

David Koch dead at 79!

How Mitch McConnell corrupted the United States Senate?

Julian Castro and the Animal Rights Movement

Right-wing activist David Koch dead at 79: report

From Voodoo Economics to Evil-Eye Economics

Very early Johnny Cash

In celebration of Keith Moon's Birthday.

I didn't mean to do an alert. Anyway to undo. I hit wrong keys.

US justice department news email links to white nationalist website

China hits U.S. with tariffs on $75 billion worth of goods, reinstates auto levies

Bernie Sanders' Criminal Reform Plans Are Catching Up With His Radical Economic Platform

Women in senior leadership positions in 2020 Democratic campaigns

Just Breaking news!

Nevada won't tolerate underhanded election tricks used in other states

Woman stabbed man with fork after demanding payment for 'hanging out'

Do you report posts as False News in Facebook?

A truck loaded with thousands of copies of Roget's Thesaurus crashed yesterday as it left a New York

They go together like pernicious, harmful, malignant rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong.

If Trump were in any other positon.....

The Koch Brothers Are Trying to Rig Our Elections (2014)

Seth Moulton Ends 2020 Presidential Campaign With a Warning

So on 9-11 a buddy called me and

German ship captain who rescued migrants in the Mediterranean, as she refuses medal from the mayor

Bernie Sanders tells Sacramento rally he won't settle for defeating Donald Trump

China will retaliate with tariffs on $75 billion worth of US goods and resume auto duties

RIP David Koch

Master Fakes News Art for Dummies - Daddy Putin's Kremlin Team

PBS NewsHour: CEOs are saying they need to be more socially minded. Will anything change?

Qantas tests 20-hour nonstop flights to see if passengers can bear it

The GOP has a political and economic death-grip over Democrats

Dream Defenders Millennial Roundtable

BREAKING: Seth Moulton drops out

Anti-vaxxers can't traffic in violent language then claim ignorance when someone gets hurt

Rubin/WaPo: Trump's numbers should change the electability discussion

August 23 - Happy Birthday Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D) MI

Huawei Warns Trump: 'If You Want To Stop Us, You Need To Try Harder'

lol the QAnon conference was canceled, thoughts and prayers

Well, what do you know? Another racist patriarch named Fred who handed his kids "seed money."

The GOP talking about US Sen. Tina Smith: empty-headed pile of nothing / chopped into little pieces

How Wayne LaPierre Survived a Revolt at the N.R.A.

I Visited 47 Sites. Hundreds of Trackers Followed Me.

Powell: No 'rulebook' on trade, pledges the Fed will 'act as appropriate' to sustain the economy

US Open - the most beautiful article you'll read in a while -Did Venus Williams Ever Get Her Due

France tries to orchestrate a no-drama G-7 summit, but Trump is the X factor

U.S. Rep. Susan Wild (Lehigh Valley) responds to Trump's 'great disloyalty' comment

Trump is increasingly untethered from reality

Faithless electors: Trump's best hope

Most dramatic soccer shootout ever.

Trump's tendency to double down on bad ideas doesn't bode well for the economy

A Dead Cat, A Lawyer's Call And A 5-Figure Donation: How Media Fell Short On Epstein

Kamala Harris writes about domestic terrorism, White supremacy and the need for strict gun laws

What Bernie Sanders said at his Sacramento rally last night

Jeffrey Gundlach on Recession Odds, Jerome Powell's Stumbles, and Why Trump Might Bail in 2020

So Trump's G7 MASTER PLAN is to rub world leaders' noses in his brilliant, yuge economy.

David Koch has died

Summer Skies

So what has made Trump's approval #s go down?

Peak Season is approaching - the Atlantic is filling up - pay attention

Wonkette: Overstock Dude Says He Only Pretended To Bone Russian Spy Maria Butina For Love Of Country

Keystone XL Pipeline gets nod from Nebraska Supreme Court

Cat doing "More treats, please" prayer

Will the feds bust Nikki Fried for having a marijuana card and a concealed carry permit?

France and Ireland declare opposition to trade deal over Amazon fires

"My only question is, who is our bigger enemy, Jay Powel or Chairman Xi?"

Trump: ....My only question is, who is our bigger enemy, Jay Powel or Chairman Xi?

The Washington Post has been counting Trumps lies. Someone should start counting the deaths.

U.S. new home sales drop sharply, point to more housing weakness

"Who is our biggest enemy"?

China has kicked Trumps ass for this reason.

CA-16: Fresno Coucilwoman Esmeralda Soria Challenges Blue Dog Jim Costa for Nomination

The Treachery & Perfidy Of Republicans Over The Decades Knows No Bounds

Anybody remember the "9/11 timeline" site? We need one for Trump.

I followed this limping mother cat and found her whole family in the bushes!!

Jerry Nadler condemns 'vile' cartoon shared by Rashida Tlaib along with Trump's 'disloyal' Jews jibe

Court revives challenge to Minnesota same-sex marriage video law

This Maria Butina lady reminds me of the old joke about a lady

Stock market turns abruptly south in sharp nose dive: China announces US tariffs

Amazon rainforest fires: global leaders urged to divert Brazil from 'suicide' path

The Twit tweets: "Our great American companies are hereby ordered to immediately start looking..."

Russia says isotope in doctor's tissue caused by diet, not accident

Trump Asks Who's the Bigger U.S. 'Enemy': Fed's Powell or China's Xi

As Amazon burns, Brazil's Bolsonaro tells rest of world not to interfere

As Amazon burns, Brazil's Bolsonaro tells rest of world not to interfere

Trump ORDERS US companies to look for alternatives to China

Racist comment shocks Marysville forum amid message of growth, momentum

We are THAT wanker

Should I feel guilty about skipping this?

Thomas Kaine/Kane


Israel eases rules on cyber weapons exports despite criticism


The Chosen One issues decree: "Our great American companies are hereby ordered to..."

An argument in support of DNC's opposition to a Climate Change debate.

Mass shootings: In wake of El Paso and Dayton, threats are on the rise

'Kamala Harris is the presidential candidate who will uphold federal treaty and trust obligations'

Kids on grade school cheerleading team asked to sell assault rifle raffle tickets

The Dow is dropping as we speak.....Down 385 points already.....

What good are your billions to you now, David Koch?

Dear President China Killer Don . . . . .

UPS, Amazon, FedEx shares drop after Trump orders these companies to refuse deliveries from China

King vs Con

Thank you, Democratic Candidates

Russia has launched a floating nuclear power plant. Heading for the Arctic.

Command economy

Trump-Esptein Bombshell drops, Epstein trafficked girl using Trump's plane

Ignore It at Your Peril

Pic Of The Moment: Another Normal Day In The White House

Your heart's best friend: Dog ownership associated with better cardiovascular health

Russia floating nuclear power station sets sail across Arctic

Rob Reiner: "He is a liar. He is a racist. He is an idiot. He is unstable. He is a criminal."

Do you want to compare reports by Robert Mueller (R) and Ken Starr?

Man's wife catches him with leaf blower.

Fatboy Slim - Praise You

August Photo Contest preliminary voting ends TODAY!

Florida, my Florida - Evolution just a theory says Board of Ed chairman

The Demoralizing Reality of Life Under Trump: Every day is the same, but still awful.

Feds Issue Final Plan for Shrunken National Monument

BREAKING NEWS: Trump orders all delivery drivers deported to Greenland.

Ken Cuccinelli flat-out loses his shit when CNN's Alisyn Camerota shows him pics of kids in cages.

62% disapprove

Fox melt down happening now

Ever wonder how mushrooms are harvested?

Do not miss the complete unraveling

CNN: Trump 'is bringing more hope and change than Obama ever could'.

"Stress from Trump hating has taken a terrible till on so many."

Demagogues fall hard when they fall. It's just a matter of how much damage is done in the meantime.

Stocks tumble as Trump urges US companies out of China

Judge appoints ex-U.S. Attorney Dan Webb to investigate Jussie Smollett case

The Latest: France halts Brazil trade deal over Amazon fires

The Latest: France halts Brazil trade deal over Amazon fires

CNN hires former acting FBI chief Andrew McCabe, drawing fire from Trump's son, campaign and others

Trump Orders American Companies to 'Start Looking for an Alternative to China'

Trump said doctors left operating rooms to greet him after mass shootings. Hospitals deny it.

Four times the Madman was asked the question. Four fucking times.

TX Gov Abbott sent anti-immigrant letter before El Paso attack

Eric Reid Suggests Panthers Call Colin Kaepernick if Cam Newton's Injured

Bolsonaro Plans to Replace State Agency with Private Company for Amazon Rainforest Satellite Surveil

The search for screwpine oil

Tacoma councilmember proposes tax on guns and ammo

Bolsonaro Plans to Replace State Agency with Private Company for Amazon Rainforest Satellite Surveil

Trump team defends 2020 campaign manager's compensation

Happy Friday! Do your Happy Dance!

Congress Told ICE to Detain Fewer People. Instead It Keeps Adding Private Prisons.

Seth Moulton Ends 2020 Presidential Campaign With a Warning

THe DOJ Say's They Didn't Mean To Send Judges The Link To White Nationalists

Two Pulse shooting survivors have joined an antigay march & founded an antigay group

The FBI seized 25 guns from a teenager arrested for threatening to shoot up a gay bar

Another Hitler parallel...

Wells Fargo to pay Navajo Nation $6.5M to settle lawsuit

This couple used to run a conversion therapy camp. Now they've been charged with human trafficking.

The Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland "orders" people about & screams "off with their heads!"

Innocent man spent months in jail for bringing honey back to United States

Adam Schiff: "I hereby order the President..."

Children and other immigrants are being held in private, for-profit prisons

help.....where did I see someone use the words "final solution" yesterday I think?

CBP refuses to publicly reveal number of sick migrants

Proof Trump has "lost sanity." I order all companies"

Appropriate Toon For Today:

Amy McGrath (KY-SEN) campaign ad: "10 Hour Bus Ride"

'Jesus' sign removed from Hawkins, Texas

Deutsche Bank to pay $16m to settle US 'princelings' case

Deutsche Bank to pay $16m to settle US 'princelings' case

In May 1989, Trump took out a full page ad in the @NYTimes pushing the idea of the death penalty...

If Elizabeth Warren is 'Pocahontas,' then Donald Trump is 'Caligula,' Chicago Tribune

Oh FFS. Trump is trying to pull a Trump on China.

Twitter is manipulating markets

Trump's Remarks Before Marine One Departure, August 21, 2019

remarkable essay on our concentration camps vis a vis Germany

Nov. 2018: Ivanka gets approval from China for 16 new trademarks including 'voting machines'

So if Epstein was using Trump's plane to move girls around? If that is true then Epstein ...

So Trump has "ordered" American companies to pull out of China and break existing contracts.

When was the last time Trump was on FOX and Friends?

Trump meeting now with trade advisors

Taylor Swift Criticizes Trump, Says 'Obviously, I'm Pro-Choice' in New Interview

Automakers join Danes in telling Trump, 'No deal'

Reagan's white identity politics: Reagan lied about "welfare queens" intentionally (1976)

Trump's new 10 Commandments

After so much winning, what's a deity to do but quit?

M4A Comprehensive Benefits, Including Preventative Benefits and Long-Term Care

Two more ex-El Salvadorian military officers to face trial in '81 massacre

If Russia wants return to G-8, its hacking must end

MARKET SNAPSHOT: Dow Drops Over 500 Points After Trump Says U.S. Companies Must Look For 'alternativ

Dropkick Murphy's perform private concert for 3-year-old battling cancer in Weymouth

Speaking of Koch WARNING Strong Honest Fucking Language

The Rude Pundit: Focusing on the Amazon in a Time of Maximum Distraction

US names Nigerians in massive fraud investigation

To say Trump is not a deep thinker would be a gross understatement

Scaramucci Compares Trump to Rev. Jim Jones

Trump is completely melting down -- 6 craziest tweets this morning

Trump 'hereby orders' US companies to leave China after attacking Fed chair

Cartoons 8/23/19

I order all Americans to love me.

Survey: Most Americans Already Raiding Their Retirement Accounts

Inslee's bid for third term derails plans for other Democrats

Trump has it right. He's the "chosen one"

Koch Pumps Billions Into Campaign To Secure Antonin Scalia A Seat In The Holy Trinity

Europe to see third major heat wave this summer, as temperatures soar from France to Scandinavia

Marysville should be as white 'as possible,' says candidate in the Michigan city

Former top FBI official Andrew McCabe, who sparred with Trump, is joining CNN as a contributor

Four Black Men Were Freed From Death Row. Republicans Put Them Back.

Bury the medals of Wounded Knee -- Sen. Elizabeth Warren signs on

" need to resign the Presidency immediately."

Gabbard hits DNC over poll criteria for debates

Does violent crime decrase when there's an assault weapons ban?

"Trump's Trade War" with China is not a good idea.

Do you think he really is losing it?

French Prosecutor Launches Sex Abuse Investigation Over Epstein

Florida House Democrats Force Vote for Special Session About Gun Violence

The Amazon is burning because the world eats so much meat

Okay, now he's full on insane

Is trump about to snub the G7?


In pity to Mr. Koch and his entire family:

Bennet slams the DNC debate rules at the DNC: Says it favors celebrities and billionaires...

Democrat chairs need to immediately reconvene and impeach the motherfucker.

Is Bernie's Trade Policy More Extreme Then Trump's? Yes.

Seth Moulton farewell letter

If a Child Is Jailed and No One Is There to Hear Him Cry

Trump's banks won't tell court if they have his tax returns

Breaking on MSNBC: RBG has more cancer treatment a few weeks ago

Cartoons from Europe and elsewhere - Did you miss them?

The RNC paid Parscale Digital $7.3 million so far this year for its services."

Ex-Trump Affiliate Secretly Worked With Prosecutors, FBI and CIA for Years

The Terror: Infamy

New: Ruth Bader Ginsburg treated for pancreatic cancer.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg just finished treatment for tumor on pancreas. Tell me again why I should have

"Let them eat cake". It's one of the most famous quotes in history.

Bibles but Not Textbooks: Trump's Tariff Exemptions Pick Winners and Losers

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg underwent treatment for tumor on pancreas

Had to go eighteen rounds with a drug-seeker just now.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Treated Again For Cancer

David Koch is dead and I'm fucking happy!

I finally made a choice, Julian Castro, and this is why

Bernie Sanders Gets a D- for His Climate Plan

BREAKING: Trump jokes about the market crash he caused

He is bonkers: Now joking about the stock market fall today--blames it on Seth Moulton

Here's where we are.

AZ Senator McSally hit with yet another fine for another election law violation

Trump's bad day

What PBS "Masterpiece Theater" series did you really enjoy?

OK, this Fox News poll MIGHT be fake. Can't confirm it, don't have a link, but it looks legit to me.


What time is wheels up on Airforce One? Are we going to be subject to Ramblings from Lunatic One

Russia's first seaborne nuclear power plant sets sail across Arctic

Found on Facebook:Trump Admin. Quietly Awards Dozens of Lion Trophy Permits to Hunters, GOP Donors

British Journalist harassed at LAX by CPB agent for being part of the "fake news media"

Journalist stopped by US border agent 'for being part of fake news media'

Subterranean nothing Kid Rock makes horrible sexist comment against Taylor Swift.

The death of David Koch means nothing.

Wayne LaPierre lives a lavish lifestyle payed for by NRA members

You raised $65.00 on August 22, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

Beto doing God's work talking about our bothsidesist media.

LCV (League of Conservation Voters) Statement on Sanders' Climate Plan

Maine regulators finalize reduced Affordable Care Act insurance rates for 2020

Someone on D.U. referred to Trump as


Tropical disturbance continues slowly drifting toward South Florida

Beto O'Rourke drops off supplies at Des Moines public school

Kentucky must pay $225,000 legal bill from Kim Davis case, appeals court says

ROFL! Caligula Blames Stockmarket Crash On Seth Moulton Dropping Out Of Democratic Primary.

WH Has No Explanation For Why Trump Thinks He Can "Hereby Order" US Companies To Do Anything

Oh NO!!! Justice Ginsburg Treated Again For Cancer

World needs to end risky reliance on U.S. dollar - BoE's Carney

DOW as down -500, now down -600 20 minutes to close

Christian couple can sue over Minnesota same-sex marriage video law

One more from Point Reyes Beach North

Stanford University/ Yale University Pennsylvania Opinion Survey

News Corp is making a news service called... Knewz

Don't give Trump a stage.

Ron Reagan On Trump's Behavior: 'It's Only Going To Get Worse' Hardball MSNBC

Trump Orders 'a Lot' of Ketamine for Depressed Veterans

Omigod the parallels are

What sets Trump off

Erasing hate with a power washer

I can't bring myself to say... "My condolences to David Koch's family."

Bernie Sanders gets an A- for his climate plan

So are you winning now, MAGATs?

Developing news about FBI "Deep State" & "Men In Black"

Dow closes -623.34

Hurricane Season

Al Franken Seeks Return to Public Eye

My early prediction for our 2020 Presidential ticket:

Is Ragnarok the true prophecy of the apocalypse?

Pushing Daisies reboot?

What's for Dinner, Fri., Aug. 23, 2019

Given 45's recent behavior, would now be the time to short some stocks?

Trump's Get Out of Jail Free Card for a Convicted Scammer Is Full of Half-Truths and Omissions

I was going through my 1954 grammar school autograph book -

New Study Finds Over 2000 Ethical Conflicts For Trump Since 2017

This is the week when it became impossible for any rational person to deny that Trump is deranged.

Biden Slams 'Irrational' Foreign Policy as Trump Departs for G-7

I'll bet McConnell wishes Trump had been elected Pope.

Love this analogy for Brexit

Jared O'Mara: Sheffield MP arrested in fraud probe

You know Dump is getting ready to fuck up the G7

When Trump ordered all US companies out of China ...

Is MF 45 using distracting tweets to get attention off of Don Jr lying to Congress?

The best 1-star reviews of the Seven Wonders of the World

Memo to the media and America: his inane tweets ARE NOT jokes.

The Trump Administration Asked The Supreme Court To Legalize Firing Workers Simply For Being Gay

Gun-control mistakes

Republicans are salivating like dogs for this guy to run for senate...

The Second Coming

African American employee's office vandalized inside Education Department

Court upholds ruling KY must pay $224K for Kim Davis refusal to issue same-sex marriage licenses

Huh, intravenously???!

Is the Biden Bubble About to Burst?

New game in how to mess with boog the chocolate labs mind

The G7 to the Gee Wouldn't it be a Great Summit

This is why I fly Southwest...

How anti-Semitic beliefs have taken hold among some evangelical Christians

"I Had To Go See The 28-Pound Chonky Cat For Myself"

Trump is Tweeting his new punishment for China right now

What is the dead line for our companies to

BREAKING: Trump threatens raised tariffs on China

Vice: Buttigieg has an ambitious plan to make you less lonely

NOT The Onion: BS' economic advisor says they can pay for his plan by just printing more money.

Two friends watching Rev. Dr. Barber preach truth at SF DNC Summer Meeting

What I would love to see happen at the G7....

Trump Says He Will Raise Existing Tariffs on Chinese Goods to 30%

Exposing How Capitalism Puts Working People Against Each Other!

In conference call today with House Dems, Pelosi says "the public isn't there on impeachment"

The Very Modest Carbon Capture Potential of the Massive Sargassum Blooms.

@BernieSanders at #dncsummermeeting

🔥 Town Hall on College Affordability and Student Debt

Trump Wants to Abolish Birthright Citizenship. Can He Do That?

Biden blasts Trump's 'embarrassing' actions heading into G-7 summit

The Freeway Blogger

Former Houston police officer charged with murder over raid

Trump tweets "Thank you for your attention to this matter!" to no one in particular

Rep. Steve King wants to make abortion point in 'softer way' (but stands by prior comments)

Touring San Francisco Chinatown

Pierce: The Koch Money Was a Primary Vector for the Prion Disease That's Infected the Republican Pa

Trivia....still help with these pics, please!

There are so many talented photographers in this group

Video of Bernie Sanders praising the Democratic Party today

Kamala and friends at DNC Summer Meeting

US to open Greenland consulate amid increased interest

2 crows are sitting on a tree overlooking a glorious cornfield.

Battle of the Japantowns: San Jose vs. San Francisco

Plan allows drilling, grazing near national monument in Utah

So will the Messiah be riding around in a golf cart at the G-7?

Illinois patient's death may be first in US tied to vaping

08/25 Mike Luckovich: The Chosen One.

Josh Mahoney running for Tom Cotton's seat just broke bad on him:

抜刀術①〜天心流兵法〜Tenshinryu Hyouho Battojutsu

Aides Struggle To Stop Kerosene-Soaked Republicans From Lighting Selves Ablaze Atop Koch's Body

When BS was criticized in the debate.. he said "I do, I wrote the damn bill."

The surprisingly great idea in Bernie Sanders's Green New Deal: electric school buses

*Sigh* I'm really going to miss "Elementary"

Trump is set to blow up the G-7. In so doing, he'll reveal the worst.


2020 US Senate Election- Republican Favored to Democratic Favored

Jeff Koterba's latest cartoon: Kids say the darnedest things

With Time Running Short, Patriots Unlikely to Make White House Visit

Steyer calls on DNC to expand polling criteria for debates

Mentally ill; unbalanced; deranged; nuts; coo-coo; a taco short of a combination plate;

Joe Walsh recruiting George Conway for primary challenge of Trump? That's some world class trolling!

'Monopoly: Socialism' packs a message tailored for capitalists

Trump calls on UPS, FedEx and Amazon to 'search for & refuse' fentanyl deliveries from China

Transcript - Bernie Sanders Speech to the DNC Summer Meeting

Scottish University To Pay 20 Million Pounds In Slavery Reparations

Kings conclude Luke Walton sexual assault investigation, citing insufficient evidence

News in Brief Crowd Roars In Approval As Makeup-Smeared Trump Begs Rally To Tell Him He's Beautiful

Trump challenges court ruling barring him from blocking Twitter users

China is going to win the trade war. Trump has already lost, and so has the American people.

Ex-Houston police officer charged with murder after deadly drug raid

In lieu of flowers...

About Those Fires In Brazil. Slash And Burn To Clear More Farmland For Soybeans?

Kids left without either parent at home for 8 days after Mississippi ICE raid

The Trump era could wind up like the 1930s

Trump walks into a 'nightmare' G-7

Dow closes down more than 600 points as China trade war escalates

Judges surprise attorneys for Trump's bankers by asking about his tax returns

If you take climate change seriously, get on the Bernie bus

The very definition of a concentration camp...

My advice to business owners.

Someone has been killing the wild burros of California's Mojave Desert, $10,000 reward

It wasn't a Chihuly but a good outing anyway

Far East Movement - Like A G6

God Says He's Getting a Lot of Prayers About Mitch McConnell Having a Stroke