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44 countries with the lowest murder rate and their gun laws.

Tweet of the Day

Very intense, very adorable baby elephant rescue!

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, August 27: Summer Under the Stars: Walter Brennan

This guy took months to win a feral dog's heart 💜

The Cherokee Nation wants a representative in Congress

There is NO WAY I will vote for Gilibrand in the primary. Al Franken is why.

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, August 28: Summer Under the Stars: June Allyson

Dog Loves To Go Swimming With His Family

Justin Trudeau is SO cool!!

Are the Trump/Republican Party Tariffs behind the (extra) Amazon destruction?

'The chosen one': Now more than ever, the press needs to address Trump's manic instability

Business Groups Warn of Consequences as Trump's Trade War Spirals.

Business Groups Warn of Consequences as Trump's Trade War Spirals.

Hasbro now owns Death Row Records, thanks to deal for maker of Peppa Pig

I'm changing from "undecided" to Warren!

US Army commander suspended after using phrase 'Arbeit Macht Frie' in memo

St. Louis Federal Reserve Economist Predicts Slower Growth For The Region In 2020

Medical resident fired from 2 programs over anti-Semitic social media posts requests hearing

St. Louis Federal Reserve Economist Predicts Slower Growth For The Region In 2020

Connecticut synagogue building vandalized

Trump's Signature New York Hotel and the Art of the Compromise

Bonus Tweet of the Day

As Amazon Burns, Fires in Next-Door Bolivia Also Wreak Havoc

Call him King Trump

Amazon removes shirts with notorious photo of Nazi executing Jew

Trump goes off on Twitter rant about 'My Stock Market' at nearly 2 a.m. in France

For anti-corruption voters this ethics policy is a strong start

I changed from undecided to Pete Buttigieg

Warren says 15,000 attended her Seattle rally

See Amy Klobuchar at Minnesota State

Breaking Hate- Anyone watching?

U.S. Lobster Exports to China Freefalling Amid Trade Dispute

Shot my first concert

WOW! Trump SHARES "The question I was asked most today by fellow World Leaders" at G7! WOW!!!

O.K., at long last, is Barbra *evil*?!1 Sets up a fragile KRISTOFFERSON to fail at her concert.

Crisis and Openings: Introduction to Marxism - Richard D Wolff

Rachael Price - "Take It With Me" (Tom Waits cover)

A scathing new Pentagon report blames Trump for the return of ISIS in Syria and Iraq

Well he's back.

Thompson Twins - The Gap

It's time to play that Sesame Street "One of these things is not like the other" game, G7 Edition.

Heated exchange with EU council president when Trump suggested when

Good riddance to the Dog Days of summer (dies caniculares)!

Peter Gabriel - Sledgehammer

Why are establishment Dems afraid of the 'hard left'?

"The Farewell"

Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit (Official Music Video)

Lindsey Graham Says Americans Have to 'Accept the Pain' Caused by Trump's Trade War

BS on SOTU - SMH...

The Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots will not be visiting the White House

This tweet is exactly what I'm thinking about Trump

Postcard from France

Justin Trudeau on gender equality:

Puppy can't contain his excitement when owner comes home

United Flight 232 Captain Al Haynes dead at 87 years old

Ted Lieu wins the internet by tweeting the obvious

USVI still in 'Extremely Weak Economic, Financial and Liquidity Condition,' due to GERS

So wuddaya think . . . . will the media take the gloves off now that himself has declared . . . . .

Ex-sheriff Joe Arpaio, pardoned by Trump, wants his old job back

In calls and emails, Argentine executives seek jobs abroad to escape crisis

Trump Allies Target Journalists Over Coverage Deemed Hostile to White House

Stress Diversion: The Cats of Instagram

Trump says it's 'certainly possible' Putin will be invited to next year's G-7 summit

The Guardian (2018): Utoya massacre reenactment stuns Berlin audiences. (white nationalist again)

Presidential Lunacy of Trump reaches a new level; wants nuclear bombs dropped on hurricanes

Can anyone recommend unscented shampoo?

Trump Allies Move to Discredit Journalists

A photo of The Rock reading Elizabeth Warren

Are You Tired of Winning Yet?

Rep. Raul Grijalva Reaffirms Commitment to Puerto Rico

Trump at the G7 - say cheese (photo)

Heal the soul with a dose of Yo-Yo Ma on Bach

UTC files injunction against San Juan and SPT for false representation

Federal court denies dismissal of FOMB lawsuit

Limestone County sheriff indicted on 13 counts of theft, ethics charges.

Joe Arpaio running for Maricopa County sheriff in 2020

Mobile MPO temporarily takes the Mobile River bridge project off Transportation Improvement Plan

Boeing's Minuteman III ICBM's near 50 years in service

Do you believe nuking hurricanes is an efficacious and safe way to halt them?

San Diego's Jewish leaders were asked about tRump's recent remarks.

An managing partner/advisor on MARKETWATCH:

racial tirade over parking

UK Prime Minister embarrasses Trump at G7 summit

Attorneys: Charges expected in Florida nursing home deaths

ME-SEN: Susan Collins wins glowing endorsement from racist fmr. governor Paul LePage.

DNC denies seats to Alabama party leaders

Former governor Robert Bentley opens dermatology office in Tuscaloosa

Sen. Doug Jones: Teacher shortage is 'very complicated'

David Yelland - The British Establishment doesn't care about Ireland Ireland Unfiltered #42

Trump on trade war: China wants to negotiate and we will be 'getting back to the table'

He confuses the way he thinks he is treated with the well-being of the country.

In Alabama, a new hospital for southwest Jefferson County

Ned Ludd may have had it right

Democrat Hood wants 3 debates in Mississippi governor's race

Hood proposes cutting Mississippi's grocery tax

Serious Question: Did The Founders Intend For The Senate Majority Leader To Have A VETO!?

Melania just doesn't care.

Strawberry Alarm Clock: 'Incense & Peppermints'/Ringo Starr, Montreux: 'No Time'

State auditor's office conducts investigation into former Monroe County Sheriff Cecil Cantrell

(Jewish Group) Jews in the news...and General Discussion...

How is MF45 going to make a quick $ off of the Miami 2020 G7 Summit?

(Jewish Group) Despite suspension, Labour activist continues spreading antisemitism

Meat processing companies targeted in ICE immigration raids awarded millions in state grants

How Mississippi, where chicken is a multi-billion dollar business, repeatedly balked at getting

Fishing yesterday with my 82nd brother he met a Boog I was told this to me is therapy

Pelahatchie city workforce stiffed on pay. Utilities owed. Who's to blame?

Trump supporters are stark raving mad!

Well, there weren't any phone calls from China about negotiating trade deal.

Breakfast Monday 26 August 2019

Meteorologists react to the raving lunatic's idea of nuking hurricanes

Trump says he's likely to hold next year's #G7 meeting at his own huge, struggling Doral resort.

This Tennessee doctor helped defraud the military out of $65M -- but he can keep his medical license

Rep. David Byrd, accused of sexual assault, tells Republicans he will not seek reelection

Monday TOONs - In Case of Recession, Break Glass

News from Barbados

The Rundown: August 23, 2019

Progressive Groups Eye Jim Cooper for Primary Challenge

G-7 leaders agree to $20 million fund to help Brazil fight Amazon fires and repair damage

How did all those seeking the Republican 2020 nomination for POTUS escape from

Time for another Monday's Kitten

Hail the imperial cult: ancient Rome is reborn !

first dotard wanted a wall, now he wants to send nuclear hurricanes into the gulf of Mexico.

Leaders discuss climate and oceans, but Trump's not there

Donald Trump's Danish diplomacy

"I got it. I got it. Why don't we nuke them?"

Joe Walsh is as contemptible as they come, and yet. . .

Anita O'Day - Sweet Georgia Brown & Tea for Two (Live @ Newport Jazz Festival 1958)

Kamala in NC: "Fight we will. Fight we must."

Nixon's's "Enemies List"...

How do you get donald trump to change a light bulb?

Trump is manipulating the market again...announced China called & wants trade meetings.

Trump Allies Target Journalists Over Coverage Deemed Hostile to White House

Two Kids Were Left Alone for Eight Days Following Mississippi ICE Raid

Trump was the only world leader not seen at a G7 meeting on climate and biodiversity.

'The Chosen One': Now More than Ever, the Press Needs to Address Trump's Manic Instability

The Amazon is burning: What you need to know

Tweeted while he is in the middle of a bilateral with Merkel.

Pic Of The Moment: Wakes Up, Checks News

From the Publisher of the NYT: A Campaign Targeting Our Staff

Only 2 more days to qualify for September debate.

Dude's gotta go.

Arkansas: tree honoring 1919 Elaine Massacre victims cut down

Arkansas: tree honoring 1919 Elaine Massacre victims cut down

Trump congratulates Little League champions: 'See you at the White House!'

Why skyrocketing federal debt will mean the next recession is harder to overcome

"Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker" trailer released

I, for one, welcome a Joe Walsh candidacy in 2020.

The Republican women running for office in 2020.

My Pulitzer Prize-winning friend just got back from two weeks in Greenland

#InternationalDogDay, from @TheGoldenRatio4

Why Nuking Hurricanes Is A Stupid Idea!

Right Place! Right time! #3

"School Shooting Season" opens!!!

US Open - The Althea Gibson statue will be unveiled later today

"For Love or Money." A fun British rom/com.

Hey, LOOK! They were ALL having FUN at G7! No tension! No pouting from Trump! Just FUN FUN FUN!

Long story short.

What if DU blocked any mention of Donald Trump for 24 hours?

Tomi Lahren "patriotic" yoga wear? Yeah. Made in China!

The usefulness of colouring books...

Photo of 8-year-old Wichita boy helping classmate with autism goes viral

Pittie Who Was Shot Lives Like A Princess Now

How does the futures market believe trumps bull?

How Amazon convinces police to join the Ring network

Macron and the Con presser just started n/t

Powerful summary in one single picture

Climate change has altered winter precipitation across Northern Hemisphere

Tweet that fully sums up the times...

Who wore their lust for Trudeau better? -- Melanie (sic) or Ivanka

Rational, highly intelligent and distinguished public figure issues public statement on hurricanes.

'Stop Your Cowardice': In Kentucky, Sanders Calls Out McConnell

Hill TV Exclusive: Bernie Sanders reveals filibuster plans for McConnell

Pic Of The Moment: Lindsey Graham's Two-Pronged Strategy For Certain Republican Victory In 2020

MF45 is a fucking idiot, and he knows it.

The Brazilian Government was warned before the Amazon was set ablaze

When he has nothing smart to say he will go after Obama, just wait. Or make a reference to his term.

Macron is ten feet taller than Trump.

Okay, forget nuking the hurricanes.

4 Years Ago Today; Alison Parker and Adam Ward are murdered on live TV

Caption this !!!

Dump looks like hell at the press conference

Who said "North Korea has tremendous potential"?

Trump claimed it will cost him between 3 to 5 $BILLION$ being 'president'

Trump just said being president will cost him $3 billion to $5 billion

Somewhere in the world there is a tree

Democratic field boils down to four-horse race

Young Afghan women barely remember Taliban but fear a return

Althea Gibson, Tennis Star Ahead of Her Time, Gets Her Due at Last.

I thought it could be Adderall. But I'm wrong.

Canadian Journalist refused entry to US

Seth Abramson: "You thought there was nothing worse than Trump colluding with foreign nationals...."

Count down to Mark Knopfler concert 9-1-2019

Asshole smearing Obama with lies in a foreign country on a world stage.

House Judiciary to subpoena Rob Porter.

GALERA from Compania de Danza Folklorica


The Chinese are not saying what the Chinese said

Today is Juju's Birthday! Otanjoubi Omedetou!

MF45 denies he suggested nuking hurricanes

That piece of shit is on my TV screen again

Did he just drop the F bomb? Nt

Wisconsin GOP Rep. Sean Duffy is resigning from Congress, per several sources.

Cardi B might be one of Bernie's most powerful 2020 allies. Seriously.

New: Wisconsin GOP Rep. Sean Duffy is resigning from Congress

What Elizabeth Warren Is Quietly Telling Democratic Insiders

Doral: from strip club golf tournament to G7

Any doubt that he is Putin's puppet ??

WTF: Trump sums up climate change as "dreams" and "windmills"

As they did in 2016, the United Electrical union today endorsed @BernieSanders for President

Foreign leaders are done taking Trump seriously-He's now just dotty old aunt you shove in corner

Which reporter at the Marcon-Trump presser asked this? I do not have cable/tv

I am humbled to receive the endorsement of my union brothers and sisters from @ueunion

So, after Macron finished the French press scooted out of there...

Clockwork by Asian Kung Fu Generation

🐦 AUG 29 at 7PM - Bernie 2020 Town Hall: Climate Crisis - Myrtle Beach, SC

Elizabeth Warren calls out trump

🐦 AUG 30 at 9:30AM - Shrimp & Grits Breakfast with Bernie Sanders - Georgetown, SC

excellent essay: "The Trump Dictatorship"

🐦 AUG 30 at 5PM - Medicare for All Town Hall with Bernie Sanders - Florence, SC

There won't be a substantive debate, between Trump and our nominee, on policy...

Mistaken identity as a defense?????

The Scanty: I love you!


I'm old enough to remember going days, weeks, months, even years without someone taking a

9 ways you can help the Amazon rainforest during the fires and beyond

GOP Rep. Sean Duffy resigning to help care for child with 'complications'

Honey Pot Byrned

C-130 transport plane crashes and catches fire but 7 on board unharmed

Tropical Storm Dorian

Weinstein pleads not guilty to new indictment, trial delayed

How Elizabeth Warren Is Courting the Democratic Establishment

GOP Rep. Sean Duffy of Wisconsin resigning from Congress

Trump says Putin "outsmarted" Obama three times in one sentence, and tells Yamiche Alcindor...

Brazil's Bolsonaro endorses sexist post about French first lady

French President's great reply to Bolsonaro who has publicly insulted Brigitte Macron

CVS is polluting the world with their 10ft long receipts. We need to stop this.

Who needs nukes to stop a hurricane?

AP FACT CHECK: Trump's illusory claims of gains from tariffs

Fantasy Football time again

Iran says it has sold oil from tanker released by Gibraltar

Press Release: UE Endorses Bernie Sanders for President

When they go low? Dems navigating nasty race against Trump

GOP Rep. Sean Duffy resigning to spend more time with family..

Beekeeping, Day 110, "Finding And Marking The Green Queen"

CITES Votes to Ban Trade in Two Endangered Otter Species

Is Joe Walsh, who is running against Trump,

Troy Aikman rips into Doug Gottlieb over Andrew Luck tweet

Are robo-calls my punishment for making

So, does Walsh win the CA and MA GOP primaries by default?

Soaring student debt opens the door to relief scams

Bernie Sanders Could Be the Best Arts President in US History

I'm here for Hillary on Trump shade

I am so offended.

Office pool? When will Trump's trade war end?

Montana Men Get Writing Assignment for False Military Claims

Indonesia picks Borneo island as site of new capital

French man spent five days with head trapped in ladder

The Hill: Putin built a hypersonic arsenal, while the Pentagon slept

Can Trump get away with having the next G7 at his golf resort?

Even David Koch's Philanthropy Was Toxic

Vast 'pumice raft' found drifting through Pacific Ocean

New Monmouth national Dem poll (Steyer didn't hit the requisite 2%):

Andrew Yang's Climate Plan simplified in a single graphic

'You f*ckers are useless' declares David Attenborough as he arrives in the Amazon in stolen fire eng

Hillary The Donkey Finally Rescued After 2 Years Stranded Alone On Island

Boris Johnson reveals new haircut as he meets Donald Trump at G7

Roger Goodell Admits Job Would Be Easier If He Watched Football

Monmouth poll: Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren in three-way lead for Democratic bid

I find it interesting that so many people who think of themselves

Laurie Garrett: Greenland is the Center of the World

Trump Was the Only World Leader to Bail on a G7 Climate Session

Going, going . . .

The Memo: Democratic field boils down to four-horse race

Police searching for hit-and-run driver in deadly Federal Way crash

Trump's excuse for missing the G7 "climate session"

Trump is a Moronial: When I was a kid in the Fifties,

MNA Nurses Reach Contract Agreement with Essentia Health

If Trump's backers are unmoveable, do I stop pushing?

Rudy Tootie Fresh and Crazy wholeheartedly endorses Seth Rich conspiracy theories.

We should host the 2020 G7 in Puerto Rico

The History Guy; Military Honor Guards: Keepers of Tradition

U.S. exports to lobster-loving China fall off amid tariffs

You raised $130.00 on August 25, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

***UH OH PAPA JOE*** A + rated Monmouth Poll EW 20% BS 20% JB 19%

G-7 summit ends with little consensus amid Trump's mixed messaging on the trade war

Sailors Find Pumice 'Raft' Floating in Pacific that Could Help Restore Great Barrier Reef

The DEA just made a huge change to how the government treats medical marijuana

Biden PLUMMETS in A+ Rated Monmouth Poll

This is a pleasant surprise

Franken enters Iowa Senate Race for Ernst's seat. Not Al

Bernie Sanders picks up union endorsement during stop in Pittsburgh

Beware of 'Dangerous' Art

Cartoons 8/26/19

Elizabeth Warren tells Seattle Center crowd of about 15,000: Dumping Trump is 'not enough'

Undercover in Patriot Prayer: Working Against the Far-Right Group from the Inside

Good morning North Carolina! Love a great front page


Traveler: Bedbugs devoured me at Trump resort

Joe Kennedy confirms reports he's considering a Senate run

Sanders slams McConnell's 'do nothing' Senate

Last Day to Vote in the August Photo Contest!!1!

For National Dog Day, meet the 2020 hopefuls running for America's First Pooch

Mariachi Los Caballeros - La Bamba

Tree planted in honor of Elaine massacre victims cut down

The Power- has anyone read it?

Betty White celebrates 97th birthday: Her best quotes ever

Recently posted about being in a major Car accident...

Trump: The First Lady has gotten to know Kim Jong-un.

Ex-White House Aide Rob Porter Is Subpoenaed in House Impeachment Inquiry

People are listing Obama's accomplishments under #ObamaOutdidTrump hashtag.

Angela Merkel pissing herself laughing after sending new boy Boris on errand to get some elbow greas

Robots taking over

Newark Water Emergency: New Plan Revealed To Fast-Track Process Of Replacing Lead Pipes

Donald Trump announces plans to buy Narnia from Middle Earth

Playing around with acrylic paints

And, so it begins. It is difficult to draw the line between factual criticism of one of OUR

Trump Suggests His Miami Resort as 'Great Place' for Next G7 Meeting

PBS reporter calls Trump a liar to his face

CNN's Harry Enten's analysis of the new Monmouth Poll

Trump said he wanted to get us out of Middle East conflicts. He lied.

Tiny Texas Houses

All star line up for the 45 season of SNL.....

just a reminder, the tyrant-in-chief imposed a tax on chinese tea. hmm, what would our founders say?

G7 cash for Amazon fires is 'chump change', say campaigners

This is classic - today at G-7 our international embarrassment.

He did not show up at the #G7 session on climate, biodiversity and oceans.

AT&T workers strike in Southeast: More than 20,000 walk out

He is the president of the United States and nobody knows where he is making his money.

After Trump claims first lady has 'gotten to know' Kim Jong Un, White House clarifies they've never

Warren's rise started by looking at the bottom


Johnson & Johnson is responsible for fueling Oklahoma's opioid crisis, judge rules in landmark case

"8 years of suffering under Barack Obama"

Our economy stinks for most of Americans.

He is a moron walking out of the party!

JNJ Found Guilty in OK Opioid case. Ordered to pay $572 million.

Viola Davis to play Michelle Obama in series on first ladies

Police urge residents in Texas town to vacate homes during nearby SpaceX rocket launch

CNN town hall with de Blasio, Bullock marks ratings low for network

Jared Golden (ME-2) staying neutral in Maine Senate race

hazardous elevated surf advisory for DOWNTOWN Los Angeles!

Biden tells supporters: 'I'm not going nuts'

Can the U.S. be voted out of the G7?

It is absurd for John Heilemann to be lecturing people about racism.

An interesting exchange between John Heilemann & Nicolle Wallace on MSNBC RE: George W Bush

Senator Warren is getting some exposure in an unexpected place:

Yeah, but then there's the supreme court...

Tom Cotton: We Should Buy Greenland

Trump family crest

The Medgar and Myrlie Evers Home National Monument in Jackson, Mississippi

I thought Trump was 6'3"?

On campaign trail, man with cancer thanks Biden for helping in the fight. So touching...

Trump and Mnuchin won't elaborate on calls from China

Chief Inspector Murphy interviews witness

FEC vice-chair resigns!

Sarah Sanders eyes a possible bid for governor of Arkansas

Joe Walsh doesn't have to defeat Trump - he only has to wound him.

Advice needed: Cooking time with different measurements

Heilemann called Joe Walsh a racist to his face! 😱


Tourists alerted to mysterious rolling balls of poop in Great Smoky Mountains

The world's first solar road has turned out to be a colossal failure that's falling apart ...

The stuff of nightmares!

Photos of Melania Trump greeting prime minister Justin Trudeau at G7

Keep an eye on Dorian - it may become a problem

I know this freaked me out, ya'll?

This morning Trump fabricated a story about China calling him to negotiate a trade deal.

Speaking of nightmares! 😰

Meteorologist burns down Fox News host who is 'for' nuking hurricanes

The Dunkirk Spirit

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Watching this makes my feet sweat

Need a little Xanax!

Sutherland Springs pastor to run as Republican against longtime Democrat in Texas Senate

My sister just told me the good news! Greenland wants to buy Congress from the NRA!

Op-Ed: Bernie Sanders on his plan for journalism

Op-Ed: Bernie Sanders on his plan for journalism

What's for Dinner, Mon., Aug. 26, 2019

I'm Asking - How Much Money Did Trump Make Over This Last Weekend....

Senator Bennet raises concerns over implementation of new Veterans Health Care Law

Sidney Rittenberg, former American advisor to Mao, dies at age 98

We have shenanigans galore happening with Trump DOJ:

*NEW * HarrisX Poll (Aug 23-26) 1,341 Respondents: Biden 31%, Sanders 16%, Warren 10%, Harris 5%

"After Trump claims first lady has 'gotten to know' Kim Jong Un, White House clarifies..."

Hundreds arrested in sting targeting 'the worst of the worst' of West Tennessee

Removal of Transgender Women, Gay Man From DTLA Bar Being Investigated as Possible Hate Crime: Polic

Time to Bind tRump Tues PM, get your orange candle and Tower card out.

WA Post: Elizabethan. Elizabeth Warren has a way with words.

2020 CO US Senate Election- Salazar Brothers(Ken and John) endorsement in the Democratic primary.

Why do people dislike vegans?

China's "phone call to Trump" did...not...HAPPEN, per China's Foreign Ministry spokesman.

Would the Speaker support impeachment if Trump shot someone on Fifth Ave?

i need to ask this question about Impeachment inquiry hearings.

2019 Horse Racing - 2019 Travers Stakes and Personal Ensign Stakes

Thanks to Mitch McConnell, U.S. now has no functioning election commission

One poll does not tell the whole story.

Luckovich-Trump knows how to put out fires in the Amazon

Shep Smith fact-checks Trump for claiming Russia was barred from G8 because Putin 'outsmarted' Obama

H-e-l-l-o N-e-v-a-d-a !!

Trump Weighs In On Climate Change

Near the Amazon fires, residents are sick, worried, and angry

Marysville MI council candidate Jean Cramer withdraws after racist words

Watched my first YouTube live MLB game today and it was great!

Fallout from Russia's mysterious missile disaster suggests a nuclear reactor blew up

Today is Women's Equality Day - Billie Jean is speaking

Company of dump truck that lost control in Seattle's Pioneer Square had past violations.

angela merkel is all of us......

Democrats are likely to regain control of the US Senate in 2022 than 2020.

Brazilian women must be ashamed of Bolsonaro for mocking my wife, says Macron

And now I'm 78. Jeez. I didn't think I'd live this long.

Trump at G7: Nation's wealth won't be traded for dreams and windmills

Trump asks Supreme Court to allow full enforcement of asylum crackdown

The sun just set here in MA on my 85th birthday...I can't believe it.

Harris X GE poll vs Trump: Biden +7, Sanders +1, Warrren tie, Castro -2, Harris/Booker -4,

Today is our anniversary.

Joe Walsh is primarying Trump. He brings tons of very Trumpian baggage.

Trump's G7 performance shows how he's living in a totally different reality and isolating the US fro

Officials fear Ransomware attack in 2020 election: Hmmm.

If you're 47 then the world's population has doubled during your lifetime.

Nestle plan to take 1.1m gallons of water a day from natural springs sparks outcry

Change Research NJ poll: Biden 26%, Warren 23%, Sanders 21%, Buttigieg 12%, Harris 8%,

Judge expected to rule Tuesday on injunction of abortion law

Thanks to Mitch McConnell, U.S. now has no functioning election commission

The Guardian view on the threat of Bolsonaro: tropical disaster is man-made

Obama introduces new initiative in fight against gerrymandering

I saw a billboard today on I 79 in western

UK's Johnson gets Trump backing as he eyes Brexit endgame