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Archives: August 27, 2019

Lizzo, Kacey Musgraves, Miley Cyrus Join Planned Parenthood's 'Band Together, Bans Off' Campaign

I did get my 9th. Cake Decorating championship ribbon this year.

Elizabeth Warren: Trump's Student-Loan Watchdog Pick Is 'Revolving Door Corruption'

Remember when President Obama blamed GWB when things went wrong?

California Supreme Court backs greater access to police misconduct cases

Brazil police say found evidence of corruption related to speaker Maia

Trump's Trade War Isn't Just a US-China Problem

Acid oceans are shrinking plankton, fuelling faster climate change

Memories of beaches.

Trump's helicopter left 'scorch marks' on the lawn of Buckingham Palace

Trump is carrying the flag of the Stupids wherever he goes.

Canadian election soon - Trudeau's great ad:

Macron says U.S. did not join charter against online hate speech

Trade war tariffs: These Chinese-made products could soon cost more

Australia to block internet domains hosting extremist content during terror attacks

19 states, District of Columbia, sue Trump administration over migrant detention

Political Polls: JB went up 3 points.. BS went down 1 point.. EW the same.. from last week.

Silicon Valley is building a Chinese-style social credit system In China, scoring citizens' behavior

Veggie burgers were living an idyllic little existence. Then they got caught in a war over the futur

56% Of Americans Believe Race Relations Have Worsened Since 2016

People have brought up the Monmouth poll. I hope you all read question 7

Trump Thinks He Knows A Lot About The Environment

You can grow hemp in Kansas. But this CBD store owner might go to jail for selling it

Uber And Lyft Take A Lot More From Drivers Than They Say

David Koch Still on Wrong Side of River Styx After Refusing to Pay One-Cent Ferry Tax

Next debate in October? Where and when

Atlantic: Warren's Radical Idea (coherence and compassion)

Belgian anti-racism activist forced to flee town in blackface row

New Monmouth poll shows primary voters confused about public option vs Medicare For All

Whiny Donny claims that Putin "played Obama," or something like that

Social Credit System Coming To China, With Citizens Scored On Behavior

Fight still on against modern-day slavery

Biden: "I want to be clear, I'm not going nuts"

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! The Chosen One!

Trump approval hits new low among Virginians in Roanoke College poll

My favorite Presidents.

Investigators scrutinizing video outside Epstein's cell find some footage unusable

One little boy showing kindness to another

Obama introduces new initiative in fight against gerrymandering

Because I'm not stupid.

30 Best Bird Photos Of 2019

Colombia Finances at Risk From Legal Challenge to 2019 Tax Hikes

What a Stupid Ass He Is

Alive and Kicking

Do DUers know that on their playlist the Obamas have

I Hereby Order You to Look at Just How Thirsty for That Canada Dry Melania Is (Ferret/Shower Cap)

Beto O'Rourke visits Iowa with new campaign focus: Trump and gun violence

Beto O'Rourke visits Iowa with new campaign focus: Trump and gun violence

BREAKING: Trump to send Stephen Miller to his Doral resort in Florida to eat all the bed bugs

Hooters has been contacted to serve cocktails....

Wow, just got around to watching some of the clips of Trump at G7

Biden on health care

The Faces - (I Know) I'm Losing You live

Coin Hoard Found By Metal Detecting Couple In England

8/26 Morning Consult poll, NATIONAL: Biden 33%, Sanders 20%, Warren 15%, Harris 8%,

8/26 Morning Consult poll, EARLY PRIMARY STATES: Biden 33%, Sanders 17%, Warren 12%, Harris 8%,

Trump Approval Slides to New Low In Virginia

Just got high watching this video..

Trump announced the next G7 will be at his property.

Chile Finance Minister Announces New Stimulus to Kickstart Sputtering Economy

Lawrence O'Donnell: "We know from public records he's had second thoughts about most of his wives"

IMF meets with Argentina opposition candidate

I just finished a long telephone poll and I can see where the Republicans are going

Argentina opposition candidate Fernandez meets with mining companies, governors

Sanders: Support coal country while combating climate change

'I'm Sure It Wasn't Cristina': Argentine Presidential Election Frontrunner Makes Bold Claim Over Mur

Trump is Seriously Disintegrating

Brazil officials failed to act after warning of 'fire day' in Amazon, prosecutors say

Brazil officials failed to act after warning of 'fire day' in Amazon, prosecutors say

Brexit: shutting down parliament 'gravest abuse of power in living memory'

Brexit: shutting down parliament 'gravest abuse of power in living memory'

FBI says it is aware of 'unspecified' threat against schools in Kentucky, Arkansas

Ruth Bader Ginsburg appears strong:

Candidate who wanted city as white 'as possible' withdraws from council race in Michigan

More fishiness with Epstein 'suicide'.

Heat Deaths Jump in Southwest United States, Puzzling Officials

I hate enabling apologists and CNN has 2 of the worst, this idiot and Santorum...

Bernie Sanders campaigned in Kentucky Sunday. Where was Andy Beshear?

Justice Department to seek death penalty against Pittsburgh synagogue shooting suspect

Justice Department to seek death penalty against Pittsburgh synagogue shooting suspect

8/26 Morning Consult poll: Biden's 2nd choice for 30% Sanders voters, 22% Warren, 24% Harris, 20%

Hurricane Irma: Florida nursing home employees charged in patient deaths

Democrat Rocky Adkins says he won't decide on U.S. Senate run until November

John Anzalone, pollster for both Obama and HRC, on outlier Monmouth poll vs Morning Consult today

Anyone else grossed out by the sound of people eating in commercials? OMFG I HATE IT!

The police are harassing my dogs!

Administration ends protection for migrant medical care

Kentucky pension official says worst-funded state plan may have finally turned around

Danish parliament message to Trump

Retired vice admiral hopes to unseat Iowa's Ernst

Andy Beshear and Bernie Sanders share same 'communist' ideology, Matt Bevin claims


Is the Amazon rain forest burning to produce soybeans for China?

When your best friend is a bear

The World of Incredible Coincidence

Holy Cow. Go see it.

"Aides Struggle To Stop Dozens Of Kerosene-Soaked Republicans From Lighting Selves Ablaze Atop

Joe Biden: Happy #InternationalDogDay from Major and camera-shy Champ!

Here are the five Iowans that attended the ALEC Annual Meeting.

Dear god. This thread about what happened to a deported immigrant.

Where the House stands on impeachment

Winning Democrat knows Trump is not the problem but the result of the problem

Navy quietly ends climate change task force, reversing Obama initiative

There's A Scientific Reason Why We Love Dogs So Much

(Jewish Group) Moldova's dwindling Jewish community reopens synagogue seized by Soviets

Does anyone remember singer Klaus Nomi?

New York Man Charged With Threats Against The President Of The United States

perhaps it's time to review some of Chosen Environmentalist's EIS documents

Apartment Complex Evicts Vietnam Veteran While He's In The Hospital

Rogersville Business Owner Indicted for $4 Million Fraud Scheme, Failure to Pay Taxes

Joe Biden Books 'Late Show With Stephen Colbert' For First Late-Night Gig Since Launching Campaign

Lying embellishment: "I got some calls...good calls...very, very good calls..". eom

Ex-Chairman for Christian Science Church in Los Angeles Arrested on Indictment Alleging $11.5M Bank

TRUMP'S G7 IN HIS HEAD: Randi Rhodes

Ann Nelson, Expert on Particle Physics, Is Dead at 61

Trump gives a stunning display of incoherence at the G-7

Joe Walsh is playing the foil.

If Maxwell was in LA, she was selling her story to the highest bidder...

Trump's Obama envy is getting even worse

The world is burning, but Trump's Doral resort is just tremendous

Trump's presser confirms it: He has no idea why he's losing the trade war

2020 US Senate Election- Democratic nominee in all seats up in 2020.

Trump's Latest Brilliant Plan: Nuke The Hurricanes All In With Chris Hayes

Austin Capital Metro talks batteries over electric bus contract

What can our great Democratic Party do to stop trump? Just wait for the election?

Bill Gates is okay with new higher taxes on the super wealthy .

Right-Wing Star Andy Ngo Exits Quillette After Damning Video Surfaces

Getting the gay $

Why do cats act so weird

Yang's full climate plan

We need to cancel the next G7. Let's resume them when Trump is gone

Unnecessarily controversial

HRC backs Johnson, Allred

Vox: Yang wants to bet big on nuclear power.

The Log Cabin is on fire

Petition Asks University Of Houston To Reconsider Choice Of Speakers For Student Event

Wow, just found this out ... RIP SF's legendary KFOG 104.5FM ... dying in a couple weeks ...

Wanted: Dog to be a family pet

As Texas Suburbs Diversify, Democrats See An Opportunity For 2020

San Antonio Employees Allege Paula Deen's Family Kitchen Owes Them Money After Abrupt Closing

Could Trump's Reelection Campaign Turn the Texas House Blue?

Puerto Rico NWS on Dorian

The August Photo Contest Winners Thread

The August Contest Winners Thread Is Posted In GD

World's Largest Nuclear Fusion Experimental Reactor Clears Milestone

2020 US Senate Election- Warren-MA is the 2020 Democratic Presidential Nominee.

Claims he never suggested to nuke hurricanes

Hate crimes in D.C. are skyrocketing & Trump's appointee isn't prosecuting them

The Untold Story of Japan's Oskar Schindler

We need to cancel the next G7. Let's resume them when Trump is gone

"it could have been stopped with the right... whatever"

Just so's ya know ...

Step 4: Suppression of a Free Press

Trump's Obama envy is getting even worse

The Amazon Cannot Be Recovered Once It's Gone

The David McWilliams Podcast : EP14: The next phase of Brexit

Undercover in Patriot Prayer: Insights From a Vancouver Democrat Who's Been Working Against the Far-

Trump's net approval rating sinks in every battleground state

Breakfast Tuesday 27 August 2019

😁 Wendy's Twitter is brutal 😄 (language)

Bernie Sanders Unveils Plan To Defend The News Media, Says Democracy Requires It

Some Senate Democrats Value Susan Collins's Friendship More Than Power

Furry bums and tail wags I made a new friend

'Hell, No!': Trump Finally Goes Too Far, Even For Rick Santorum

'Don't interfere with Brexit', Archbishop of Canterbury told

Beto O'Rourke calls for tighter gun control measures during stop in the Lowcountry

Amazon rainforest fires: Brazil to reject $20m pledged by G7

Amazon rainforest fires: Brazil to reject $20m pledged by G7

Brian Eno and Finn Williams: The Longer Now

FEC loses power to police elections after vice chairman resigns

Costs to build Portland drinking water reservoir soar past expectations

I think my painting has come a long way

US Diplomat Quits Publicly And Warns Of Exodus

Tuesday TOONs - That conference Trump has no use for except feeding his pockets next year

Painting has been very therapeutic for me

Bret Stephens, NYT writer has a melt down -Long about a privileged guy getting a smack down.

The Rundown: August 26, 2019

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 08/21/19

Oregon Democrats aim to change quorum after GOP walkouts

European rights court rules against Russia on Magnitsky death

Trump, "I'm an environmentalist." Then Trump demonstrates he knows nothing about the environment.

oh Denmark, let it be so 🤣

Oregon Senate leaders drop plan to collect fines from Republicans who walked out

Former Trump hotel partner charged with stealing luggage from airport

Senator Snowball Blocks Effort To Curb OK Flooding, 'Cuz He Likes High Water At His Vacation Home

Climate plan sets Sanders apart from the rest of the pack

Cherokee Nation Moves to Get Delegate in Congress

101 Years Ago Today; The Battle of Ambos Nogales

Carbon Offsets Already Opaque & Weak, And Now The Amazon Is Burning - Where Next?

Reading From A Prepared Text, Bolsonaro Expresses His "Profound Love" For Amazon Forests

Conservatives: Gateway Politics for Racist Homophobes

Why make a big deal out of straws hurting the environment

trump: nuke a hurricane -- general: no sir

Oregon GOP: Governor Brown recall on track to meet signature deadline

▶️ Hear the Bern: Episode 21 Best of Bernie: Winning the Class War, Green New Deal, Justice for All

MAGA hat led to assault outside Portland bar, police say

Drone Footage From An Amazon On Fire - This Is Your Planet On Trump

Talking to Trumpers: the woman dating a MAGA guy

Has anyone else noticed that Mad Dog PAC seems to be down?

2020 will be the most polluted and expensive Presidential campaign in history.

Jeremy Corbyn agrees to prioritise legislation to stop no-deal Brexit

Grocery workers authorize strike against Oregon and SW Washington stores if negotiations fail

"Sanity is highly overrated." . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

Tom Steyer says Warren and Sanders are the Establishment

40 Years Ago Today; The Troubles - Lord Mountbatten and 18 soldiers killed in separate incidents

Meanwhle, On The Only Road Connecting Anchorage To The Kenai Peninsula . . .

Trump is "The Empty Chair"

Meet this year's top military working dog

This Is Not A Piece Of Hard Candy - It's Arctic Sea Ice, Impregnated With Plastic Particles

This does not surprise me: Video from camera outside Epstein jail cell unusable: report

Clackamas County commissioner broke ethics rules; gets 2 'letters of education' instead of fine


Bernie Out-Raises Biden in Obama-Trump Swing Counties

Can We Survive Extreme Heat? Humans have never lived on a planet this hot.

New Joe Biden campaign ad: "Personal"

HORROR: Trump Suggests NUKING Hurricanes to Stop Them

Trump Crashes Stocks AGAIN with Fascist Tweets & Tariffs

It's all in the plan...

Brazil Says It Will Reject $22 Million in Amazon Aid Pledged at G7

New swings? The states both sides are targeting

We need to cancel the next G7. Let's resume them when Trump is gone

I've Got A Secret - witness to Lincoln assassination TV appearance

Some Articles to Bookmark if you so wish.

Why some lesbians don't want Pete Buttigieg to be president

Hehe. Point

China insists it is unaware of calls to Trump and says tariffs are 'extreme pressure' and 'not const

After 24 Hours, China Still Unaware of Calls Mentioned by Trump

Scorched Earth? "I don't think there's a limit on what (Tom Steyer) will do"

Article: Welcome to the Trump dictatorship

Kamala: "How could you not love Lizzo?"

Hey, guess what movie came out 25 years ago today?

Five Democratic senators throw a legal bombshell at the Supreme Court with unusual brief in gun case

SF restaurant owner says Bernie Sanders was 'cranky,' rude to staff

O'Rourke is back on the campaign trail reinvigorated

Trump's presence was tantamount to having Putin himself in the room

Park Slope Food Coop employees accuse management of meddling in union efforts

The Twit tweets: No bedbugs at Doral. The Radical Left Democrats, upon hearing that the perfectly...

The long political history of universal health care

Retiring Congressman Duffy to rely on pre-existing condition protections he voted to repeal

KFC To Test Plant-Based 'Meatless Chicken' In Atlanta

Zhuangzi (Chuang Tzu) and Perspectivism

1950s Car Commericals, Dodge, Chrysler, Mercury, and Edsel. (15 minutes)

A late Summer Monarch

He's whining about bedbugs on Twitter:

Trump: "No bedbugs at Doral. Radical Left Democrats spread that false and nasty rumor. Not nice!"

Venezuelan migrants flood into Ecuador ahead of new visa restrictions

Pic Of The Moment: Super-Smart Trump Explains How He Would Have Stopped Putin From Invading Crimea

The Almanac of American Politics Profiles Gov. Tom Wolf

Frame by Frame - Pete Souza on Photographing Presidents

She's baaaack!

Beto Smacks Down Anti-choicer's Gotcha Question at South Carolina Town Hall

Colombia Kindly Offers Free Health Care To Venezuelans -- Up To A Point

😃🇺🇸🍌💞☀️❗️ What's your favorite banana dish?

Venezuela's 'staggering' exodus reaches 4 million, UN refugee agency says

Be honest, are you a little bit racist?

Kamala: Happy International Dog Day to these four legged friends who've made my office brighter

A note from 2013

Log Cabin executive director resigns over Trump endorsement

Thailand releases rare photos of King's royal consort

i can't stand steve kornacki.

Im Mississippi Delta, Catholic abuse cases are settled on the cheap

Guess what's for dinner?

Trump: I have German in my blood -- Merkel: Snort loudly. 🤣 🤣 😉

Big business is suddenly showing a conscience. But is that enough?

Sign of the day - Immigrants take all sort of unsavory jobs

Best Joke on the Internet this year: 'I don't care about money'

Everyone talks about the orange one and his tantrums.

Someone Adorable Was Abandoned In This Dog House

Whatever you do don't retweet this article...

Death and destruction: this is David Koch's sad legacy (Alex Kotch)

OMG I just discovered this group! Where the hell have I been?

Trump Proposed Cutting Rat Control for Baltimore

Rep. Sean Duffy plans to save his newborn's life using pre-existing conditions protections...

Biden Trails In Donors from Obama-Trump Swing Counties

LIKELY VOTER Harris X Aug.23-26: Biden 36%, Sanders 14%, Warren 14%, Harris 6%, Buttigieg 5%

Countdown to Mark Knopfler Concert 9-1-19

Steyer's Money Poised to Upend 2020 Strategies

2007: Senator Hillary Clinton Applauds Passage of Green Jobs Energy Amendment

Berlin Chechen shooting: Russian assassination suspected

Trump: "No bedbugs at Doral."

CNN Forecaster Craps All Over Poll Showing Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren Leading Biden

CNN's Toobin Dismisses 'Rinky-Dink' New Poll Showing Biden Down: It's 'Kind of a Joke'

Ag Sec'y Sonny Perdue addresses farmer's concerns in Minnesota:

.....THANKS to all for the birthday greetings...DUers are the I best.

**** B RATED EMERSON POLL**** Biden's back in the saddle again JB 31% BS 24% EW 15%

Is any one else exhausted by this President...?

Cadillac's Last Stand? Storied Brand Aims (Again) for Revival

History of Alabama

Eugene Robinson: Trump's "foreign policy" is "an abdication of the U.S. position in the world"

***Papa Joe Leads All Dems In Head To Heads against Mentally Disturbed Orange Man***

Russian hackers likely to target Florida again in 2020 election, experts warn

Where can I buy dress sewing patterns?

Biden's going after Trump on Twitter this morning

Question - did he cancel the trip to Poland?

Can the Trump administration sink any lower than threatening to deport sick kids?

Cannabis use highest in Halifax, while Edmonton had highest use of meth, wastewater samples show

Census taker?

Ok this IS Hilarious!

Tiedrich tweet; "cool story, you crazy bedbug" 🤣

Apparently, Puerto Rico controls the weather (Twit tweet):

If Trump mistaking Melania for Ivanka when he spoke about meeting Kim Jong-un doesn't creep you out

Our Constitutional democracy is still working

Why are Koch-funded activists trying to derail a US city's public transit?

A "psychic medium" was at a local church recently to do a group reading.

In case you missed it: The Federal Election Commission Is About to Partially Shut Down

Bernie Sanders out with Iowa endorsements today

Health care costs 43 years ago. I was emptying drawers in

Full Interview: Bernie Sanders sits down with Krystal Ball (28:55)

Second national poll in as many days that shows @BernieSanders closing the gap

Democrats' emerging tax idea: Look beyond income, target wealth

Two U.S. senators say Russia denied them visas for congressional delegation visit

Latest EMERSON Poll: Sanders gains on Biden. Steyer Stymied.

Face of U.S. diplomacy at the G-7

Brian Stelter: This topic on Trump is everywhere but Fox

Trump is lying in farmers' faces, and they're finally getting angry about it

Former Army Officer Says VA Leak Derailed His Congressional Bid

After football, Seahawks' Doug Baldwin turns passion to building family center

Article saying Biden trails w/donors from Obama-Trump counties covers 4 mos BEFORE Biden was running

Costco China's debut is rife with frenzy and 'crazy' lines

Oklahoma City anchor apologizes for comparing black co-host to gorilla

Indonesia will build its new capital city in Borneo as Jakarta sinks into the Java Sea

Top 15 countries with largest share of military spending in the world. Evolution from 1914 to 2018.

Farmers' frustration with Trump grows as U.S. escalates China fight

Death and destruction: this is David Koch's sad legacy

Exclusive: Log Cabin executive director resigns over Trump endorsement

Seth Abramson wants a major media investigation of the bedbugs at Doral

Biden edges higher atop field of 2020 Democrats: poll

A Palestinian Freshman Arrived in the U.S. to Study at Harvard. Immigration Officials Revoked His Vi

Ted Lieu to Trump: Please don't nuke a hurricane. "That's not what a bomb cyclone means."

Nervous Republicans focus energy on protecting Senate 'firewall'

Bear incidents increase at North Cascades National Park

Federal judge blocks restrictive Missouri abortion law

Seriously, why is Beto polling so low?

A solo adventurer rode a stand-up paddleboard from California to Hawaii. He saw plastic the whole wa

2-year/10-year U.S. Treasury yield curve inversion deepens, flashing 'red'

U.S. to states: School lunch changes none of your business

Echelon Insights poll: Biden vs only Sanders, or Warren, or Harris (two-candidate primary race)

Philip Morris in merger talks with Altria; e-cigs at stake

Steve King(Iowa) is still a freaking jerk

U.S. appeals court revives aluminum antitrust cases vs Goldman, JPMorgan, Glencore

Norway urges its companies in Brazil to be mindful of deforestation

I am Biden right now

Chances of October 2019 shutdown?

Sanders: China had done more to address extreme poverty 'than any country.....

Pentagon in talks with Australia on rare earths plant: official

Ode to trump's Doral Resort:

US officials fear ransomware attack against 2020 election

MPs pledge to form alternative parliament in case of prorogation

No-deal Brexit: MPs pledge to form alternative parliament in case of prorogation

Brazilian Amazon deforestation surges to break August records

Brazilian Amazon deforestation surges to break August records

What do you think about this domain name?

Surging temperatures mean Seattle area will approach 90s by Wednesday

Soldiers honored for heroic efforts in Amtrak crash

Emerge founder Andrea Steele endorsement is full circle moment from Kamala's historic '03 DA victory

Trump, for at Least the 14th Time, Says We're Close to a Deal With China

Federal appeals court sides with former Broward election supervisor on voter roll cleanup

Before Trump's Baltimore Tweets, Admin Tried To Cut Federal Rat Control Program

Cartoons 8/27/19

Mind your own f'ing business!

Pest was an univited guest and a first in the U.S.

Sixty-eight minutes in Biarritz: A glimpse into Trump's unorthodox mind

Will any big names get indicted over Epstein?

Insiders are selling stock like it's 2007

Two Senators Denied Entry by Russia

What's up with blog It lists mystery authors, their detectives

G-7 Countries Slammed Over $22 Million Pledge to Fight Amazon Wildfires: 'Netflix Paid $100 Million

Do Democrats focus too much on Trump and not enough on the Senate Republicans ?

Trump An Incoherent Spectacle At G7; W.H. Struggles To Clean Up Rachel Maddow

If its CEO @SteveEasterbrk gets paid $85 million over three years, @McDonalds can damn well

**Echelon Insights Poll* Scranton Joe 30% Brooklyn Bernie 19% Oklahoma Elizabeth 11% Cali Kamala 11%

Purdue Pharma offers $10-12 billion to settle opioid claims

The hardest Trump story for the press to cover: His fitness for the job

Absolutely funniest thing in Democratic politics today...

Drug humor on my mind

Trump and the Art of the Flail

Commercials. Hate 'em. But ---

A Palestinian Freshman Arrived in the U.S. to Study at Harvard. Immigration Officials Revoked His Vi

I know it's the Daily Mail but ... 'BOMBSHELL' Ilhan Omar hit piece.

Trump admin pulling millions from FEMA disaster relief to send to southern border

SC educator, Sariah's resignation letter went viral... Saturday, she launched Educators for Kamala

Sentencing hearing is underway for the last of DeAndre Harris' Aug. 12 attackers that were charged.

I heard Rachel will be in Tulsa soon. Anyone here plan to attend?

Trump Is As Crazy As A Doral Bed-Bug

The restoration of an Emma Gaggiotti Portrait - Narrated Version

Sanders gains on Biden's lead in new poll


Bangladesh rules women need not say if virgins on marriage certificates

Why do we and the newspeople talk about Trump all the time ?

Voting Machine Removed After Forcing Vote for Reeves

A man's truck was stolen while he was robbing a store across the street, police say

Here's Why The Prior Jobs Report Numbers Were Wrong By Over Half A Million

Eugene Scalia

At the G-7, Trump Showed Again That He's a Terrible Negotiator

New species of bloodsucking leech with three jaws and 59 teeth found outside Washington

Trump to formally nominate Eugene Scalia as labor secretary

You raised $210.00 on August 26, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

Federal Judge Blocks Missouri's Eight-Week Abortion Law From Taking Effect

Federal Judge Blocks Missouri's Eight-Week Abortion Law From Taking Effect

Georgia's longest serving legislator endorses Joe Biden

I'm now booked for the Convention (through DNC)...

Video: An armed robbery last Sunday in NYC's Diamond District

Exclusive: Falwell steered Liberty University land deal benefiting his personal trainer

Tampa state Sen. Janet Cruz endorses Joe Biden for president

Paul cancels appearance citing complication from surgery

Deutsche Bank has all but confirmed the bank is in possession of tax returns for President Trump

Paul Ryan will now profit off his failures to strip healthcare from millions of Americans

Old joke: The key to success in life is to discover what it is you're not good at,

Breaking: Deutsche Bank has all but confirmed it has Trump's tax returns.

Private Japanese Hot Spring Hotel Tokyo Day Trip How to Use Onsen Public Bath

Trump repeats relief funding lie as Tropical Storm Dorian approaches Puerto Rico

Joe Biden Shares Touching Message with Young Man with a Stutter

And this goes for dotard as well....

Maxine Waters: 'If want to fight, I want to fight with the lions'

I came upon this today and thought I would share...

Brazil's president says he won't accept G-7 aide for wildfires unless French leader apologises

BP to quit Alaska after 60 years with $5.6 billion sale to Hilcorp

AmRev--Wilkes 45 referred to booklet saying king not above reproach. Tell it to the Evangelicsls!

Carli Lloyd 'seriously considering' NFL offer, report says

Onsen in Japan Japanology 温泉

The Amazon's 'weather engine' has impacts on rainfall globally

I WISH WE (USA) Had this...

The Amazon's 'weather engine' has impacts on rainfall globally

Quinnipiac and Suffolk will release two nationwide polls tomorrow-just before the DNC deadline

The 3 Worst Geo-political events of my lifetime.

Judge blocks Missouri 8-week abortion ban

Falwell Jr.'s skeleton comes running out of the closet.

That's never good...

Brazil farmers deforesting Amazon 'to survive'

Humor for the day

Brazil farmers deforesting Amazon 'to survive'

My research shows that only 1 World Series ended with a runner caught stealing

Just a reminder about David Gilmore of Pink Floyd........and ........ClientEarth...............

Biden gets 'personal' in new TV ad in Iowa focused on health care

Cheers! Barr books Trump's hotel for $30,000 holiday party

He is not losing his marbles after all!

The Best of Aqua Timez

College Board abandons SAT adversity score after public backlash

Warren gains on Sanders, Biden in new national poll

(Jewish Group) Florida man sentenced to jail, threatens Bernie Sanders with anti-Semitic voicemail

Steve King jokes about China forcing Muslims to eat pork

TS Dorian - 5.00pm update - pay attention PR, Bahamas, T&C and Florida folks

Willie Nelson & Sheryl Crow - "Jackson"

(Jewish Group) Fliers accusing Jews of being behind 9/11 attacks appear in San Francisco area

Executive director of Republican LGBT group resigns after Trump endorsement

Trump privately clashed with G7 leaders over reinviting Putin

Vandals deface buildings in East Arlington with swastikas and racial slurs

Barr books Trump's hotel for $30,000 holiday party

CNN announces details for climate crisis town hall CNN Digital Expansion 2017

What's for Dinner, Tues., Aug. 27, 2019

Man! Do I ever hate preseason.

Well Shit. Neal Casal has passed at the age of 50

Putin Shows Off Su-57 Stealth Fighter After Turkey Barred from Buying F-35

Texas Democrat cries foul at GOP registering voters at driver's license offices

Ayn Rand received federal arts subsidies for her play under FDR's New Deal Federal Theatre Project.

Falwell Steered University Land Deal to Personal Trainer

Oklahoma City anchor apologizes for comparing black co-host to gorilla

As GOP leaders call for release of secret meeting audio, activist says Texas Rangers already have it

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 28 August 2019

OMG, Sanders within 8.1% of Biden in RCP POLLS Tracker !

Has Trump's cheese finally slid off his cracker?

White bicyclist who called black motorist n-word before assaulting him sentenced to three years

Oops - true story

Washington Post-Opinion: Biden's heart-on-his-sleeve campaign

Trump tweeted 10 minutes ago: "Great job Mr. President!"

Trump Again Inflates Puerto Rico's Disaster Aid As Another Storm Nears

Susan Collins 'Sad' Voters Might Punish HER For Impending Loss Of Reproductive Rights, How Rude!

Of Course There Was Collusion

Purdue Pharma produces more than opioids.

Ancient 'Road Trip' Movie Poster Uncovered In Brooklyn Subway Station

Spot on with where we are at with climate change.

The 175-Year History of Speculating About President James Buchanan's Bachelorhood

Are we heading towards a global economic slowdown?

Fox News host SLAMS Trump for lying at G7 summit.

Trump pushes to allow new logging in Alaska's Tongass National Forest

Deutsche Bank tells court it has tax returns tied to Trump family businesses

Family vacay?

Trump complains about media coverage of Warren's crowd sizes

2020 CO US Senate Election- What if CO has a primary runnoff?

A new bridge close to Chesapeake Bay Bridge would provide the most traffic relief, study says.

Nuke You Like A Hurricane

Ex-Google engineer Anthony Levandowski is charged with trade secrets theft

WTF?! Some are saying that art lives! Who are playing these horns? Sonic Youth?

Insiders are selling stock like it's 2007

SpaceX Starhopper rocket takes a bigger hop as Elon Musk prepares for Mars

Paul Ryan will now profit off his failures to strip healthcare from millions of Americans

Renton Genetic Testing Firm Bribed Doctors, Feds Say

U.S. to states: School lunch changes none of your business

This week's The New Yorker cover: Kadir Nelson's "Heat Wave"

Maine Senate passes ranked-choice voting for March presidential primaries

Iowa corn farmers to Trump: The government put us in 'one hell of a bad situation'

Putin says building an unstoppable nuclear-powered missile -- it's probably just a really 'bad idea'

CEOs claim Biden's brother promised them 2020 candidate would help their companies

My favourite SNL cast member is not coming back.

Babysitter Heroics

Go after the farm vote

Why is Psilocin Orally Active?

Giants released Scooter Gennett today -- the guy they traded for at the deadline.

I'd like to see an end to the expression "That's just Trump being Trump"...

What Elizabeth Warren Is Quietly Telling Democratic Insiders (New York Times)

Joe Biden's Lead is Sizable (But Shrinking) in New National Poll

Someone requested I have a thread with all 9 of my winning cakes.

Gather found, folks! We're here to tell you about "The Right---Whatever", the new miracle

Last coal train rolls to Arizona power plant as closure looms for major polluter

Far be it from me to suggest unity and POSITIVE thinking, but how about from now

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Today's Internet? Don't even THINK of awarding it to ANYONE other than Mr. PATTON OSWALT.

Trump's Trade War Linked To Amazon Rainforest Destruction

Brazil congressional committee allows commercial farming on Indigenous reserves

A milestone today.

Amazon Deforestation Reveals Tribe Of Isolated Rich Sociopaths Completely Untouched By Consequence

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US Open Spoiler

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Sting Condemns Brazil's Handling of Amazon Fires: 'We Will All Suffer the Consequences'

Here's the level of bullshit America is living with.....

SpaceX Starhopper spaceship test - video

AMBER Alert issued after 5-year-old abducted in Ocean Shores

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