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Archives: August 28, 2019

Stocks close lower as recession and trade worries rise

Remember when Dump bragged about being a vibrant young man?


Southern California grocery union gives supermarkets Sept. 9 deadline in hopes of averting a strike


No, it's not about "courage".. Many More People just like a Different Health Coverage

Inside Susan Collins' reelection fight in the age of Trump

Trump repeats false claim on aid to Puerto Rico as Dorian heads its way

Prince Andrew 'knows what he's done', claims Epstein accuser

Lawrence: The Presidency Is An Oral Exam That Trump Fails Every Day The Last Word MSNBC

A top Trump and McConnell ally was just revealed as a major player in Amazon deforestation

A top Trump and McConnell ally was just revealed as a major player in Amazon deforestation

Is AnyBody Doing AnyThing About The Amazon?

ok DU,,you have ALL the answers.

Macron must take back 'insults' for Brazil to accept G7 Amazon aid: Bolsonaro

BABYMETAL :Gimme chocolate!!

BABYMETAL: Gimme Chocolate!!

Never, ever use a debit card,' warns fraud expert and ex-con artist -- here's what to do instead

MPs pledge to form alternative parliament in case of prorogation

Because life is too short. 90-sec. cookie in a cup.

Trumpville's are springing up in cities all across this country.

Rep. Steve King jokes about forcing Muslims in China to eat pork

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! The Chosen One!

Beto O'Rourke responds to a Trump supporter at a Town Hall

WP: What does Trump see in Putin anyway?

Alabama Republicans approve resolution calling for Omar to be expelled from Congress

LIKELY VOTER Harris X, Aug. 24-27: Biden 37%, Warren 13%, Sanders 13%, Harris 6%, Buttigieg 4%,

Got My Apple Card Yesterday ... Ask Me Anything

Marvel reportedly working on Latina-led superhero series.

I had carrot cake cookies today with phili cream cheese dressing in the middle. Like an oreo.

#MAGA hat asks @BetoORourke a question: "Despite not having any evidence that Trump's a racist.."

Once The Amazon Is Gone, It's Gone - Think 10 Million Years To Regain Biodiversity

Orlando area teachers being gouged on rent.

More Environmental Comedy From Indonesia - New Borneo Capital Will Be A "Tree City"

The Next Recession Will Destroy Milennials - Citylab

When did the US become so cruel

I had to turn Rachel off

Arctic Sea Ice 26 August 2019 - Franz Josef Land Ice-Free @ 82 N; E. Siberian Ice Shredded Up To 85N

Democrats disavow Obama's creation of rival political group

Puerto Rico is about to be victimized by another hurricane and trump tweets 'when will it end?'

Cat fighting - Don't start what you can't finish.

The orange piece of garbage is deporting very seriously ill children

NHC - Dorian Heading For Puerto Rico; Island Now Under Hurricane Watch; 1005 Mb Max Sust 50 Mph

Bumper sticky idea... " Transactional Christians Piss me off"

KS-02: Former Kansas governor calls for primary challenge to Rep. Steve Watkins

JoeBiden on Gov Jay Inslee bringing an Important Voice to this race, argruing Powerfully

Trump told aides he will pardon them if they break laws to get border wall built (WP)

Marnie Stern - Year of the Glad


More political donations to Insurance Commissioner are linked to companies he regulates

18 Years Ago Tomorrow; A trip down the Hudson for what became a last look at WTC1 and WTC2

Deutsche Bank loans to Trump co-signed by Russian Oligarchs.

Greenland's Helheim Glacier Surrounded By Warm Ocean Water A Full 2,000 Feet Below The Surface

When Kamala Harris helped take over a Howard University building

Brown water: natural tannins or sign of looming red tide?

Election 2019: Virginia GOP Goes All-Out for Fear, Anger, Bigotry

Tweet of the Day

How many seats in the Senate would we have to flip

Trump Blames Puerto Rico for Inconveniencing Him With Another Potential Hurricane

The right, and the US corporate media, like to talk about "bad bad antifa".

Analysis: 2020's real Texas House prize fights are in the general election -- not the GOP primaries

Tucson couple accused of murder escapes from prison transport van

Bernie, like this

CO-SEN: Six women seeking Colorado Senate seat ask DSCC to reconsider endorsement of Hickenlooper

Spotted an amusing election sticker on a car today: "Any grownup 2020"

Photos indicate North Korea may be building submarine capable of launching nuclear missiles

North Korea's new warheads could penetrate missile shield, says Japan

Latter-day Saints Leaders change rules against guns in church

Immigration 'Take the land': President Trump wants a border wall. He wants it black. And he wants

Today settled it my cat is weird

Researchers studying Facebook's impact on democracy threaten to quit

Harvard bound Palestinian kid wanted to be a surgeon:

Trump could hand over all our nation's secrets to Russia and Congress would not even censure him

Popeyes chicken sandwich is officially sold out -- for now

San Juan mayor fires back after Trump tweet about aid to Puerto Rico

San Juan mayor fires back after Trump tweet about aid to Puerto Rico

Am I the ONLY one that really dislikes Kyrgios the Australian tennis player???

In a Major Shift, South Korea Defies Its Alliance With Japan

Visibly Sweaty Trump Wants G7 Summit at His Golf Club

tRump's ties to Deutsche Bank will destroy that bank completely

Touch-Screen Voting Devices Are Automatically Changing Votes in Mississippi

Judge should review (tRump's) loan docs in chambers. - David Cay Johnston

In the increasingly likely event that none of the candidates gets 50% of delegates

Suspect in custody after social media threats lock down Sacramento-area high schools

TRMS - Court audio regarding Deutsche Bank Loans to tRump's businesses - 08/27/19

Trump says no BedBugs at Doral but Trump had to settle a lawsuit because of biting bedbugs!!.....

Midnight Oil - Beds Are Burning

Modern journalists.

California state workers are giving up a raise. New contract reflects pension debt concerns

Joe Biden took questions from black reporters for 90 minutes. He did not disappoint.

Hitler's Propaganda Machine: Building The Brand

Stevie Nicks - Edge of Seventeen

Trump complains about media coverage of Warren's crowd sizes

Russian oligarch bombshell would 'make impeachment proceedings absolutely inevitable': NBC analyst

More Californians are taking loans with 3-digit interest rates. Will state restrict them?

Dear Prudence

WE Will Take Our Country Back

California DMV employee gets nearly 2 years in federal prison for bribery, fraud

Court sides with Moreno Valley College prof who says he was fired for presenting conservative views

I got this email from the Republican party tonight, and I wanted all of you to see it!

A's closer said Golden State Warriors 'treated us like s-'

Nervous Republicans focus energy on protecting Senate 'firewall'

Trump pushes to allow new logging in Alaska's Tongass National Forest

MS-GOV: Officials confirm multiple cases of voting machines changing votes in GOP runof

Colombia's Guatavita Lake: how a suicide myth led to an endless gold rush

Insurers drop almost 350,000 California homeowners in high-fire risk areas

Orange County DA Whitewashed Neo-Nazi in Assault Trial from 2017 Trump MAGA Rally

Election 2019: Steven Reed, David Woods head to runoff for Montgomery, AL mayor

Can the Trump administration sink any lower than threatening to deport sick kids?

New cancer therapy with gold nanoparticles

Angie Harmon slammed by conservative fans over feminism shirt: 'You went to the dark side'

Respiratory ailments rise in Brazil as Amazon fires rage

Respiratory ailments rise in Brazil as Amazon fires rage

San Juan Mayor Slams Trump As Storm Approaches: 'Get Out Of The Way'

Bugged and storming: Trump lashes out about bedbugs and nuking hurricanes

Trump donor, Blackstone CEO Is Driving Force Behind Amazon Deforestation

Trump donor, Blackstone CEO Is Driving Force Behind Amazon Deforestation

MS Governor's mansion suddenly became possible

Albino lizards become world's first gene-edited reptiles

Now Metal Particles From Tattoo Needles Have Been Found in Human Lymph Nodes

Scientists Discover Microbial Life 2.4 Km Underground in Depths of a Canadian Mine

The Earth is about 4.5 billion years old. It took about a half billion years...

Are Iowa corn farmers having buyers remorse?

Stacey Abrams said earlier tonight with Don Lemon (CNN) that she would love to be offered VP

Which Animal Will Develop Human-Level Intelligence in the Future?

Beneath Saturn's stormy exterior, conductive liquids appear to flow like honey

Democracy Now! : "Kochland"

Peak Bed Bug Has Been Reached,,,

Noted Forest Management Expert Donald Trump Wants to Log World's Largest Intact Temperate Rainforest

Laser scarecrows helps keep cornfields clear of bird pests

MI-03: Amash's independence opens door for Dems in GOP stronghold

NASA telescopes reveal secrets of the dark sides of 'hot Jupiter' exoplanets

NASA switches on rugged Deep Space Atomic Clock

TX-24: This Texas candidate's one-minute take on gun violence is a master class for Democrats

New Zealand bans swimming with bottlenose dolphins after numbers plunge

In the name of Trump

Pulgasari (1985) North Korean Giant Monster film with english subtitle (FULL MOVIE)

When Google Translate decides to phone it in

Inside the surprisingly social lives of manta rays

FBI Arrests Manhattan Beach Man Facing Federal Charges Related to Movie Investment Scam that Cost

USA TODAY/Suffolk JB 32 (+2) EW 14 (+4) BS 12 (-3), Steyer and Gabbard less than 1% each

Boris Johnson 'will today ask the Queen to SUSPEND Parliament days after MPs return to work just...

Illinois Resident Convicted at Trial in South Florida for Carrying Out a $2 Million Fraud Scheme

Government to ask Queen to suspend Parliament

Former Financial Adviser Arrested on Fraud Charge for Allegedly Swindling Millions from Clients

Philadelphia Woman Arrested in $100 Million Securities Fraud Scheme

Twitter banned Ron Perlman for a tweet about the Koch death.

South Carolina Man Indicted for Running $1.1 Million Foreign Currency Ponzi Scheme

PG&E wants to gradually add $30 per month to the average residential bill

Male ballet dancer tries pole dancing.

unelected poundshop dictator

Reeves vs. Hood this November in Mississippi governor's race

I really want to see it come down to Biden and Warren

Los Angeles has lined up record-cheap solar power. But there's a problem

Ohio Republican Soybean Farmer Rips Trump's 'Hush Money,' Says China Markets 'Not Coming Back'

'Rosalind Franklin' Mars rover assembly completed

Muslim men sue L.A. Sheriff's Department, alleging religious discrimination in jail

Facebook to require buyers of political ads to provide more information about who paid for them

Right under our very noses all along...

Biggest 1MDB trial against Malaysia ex-PM Najib starts

Breaking in the WP: King Con of Israel has lost it - he is offering pardons to aides

'We're going to fight them all the way': Alaska union plans to fight legal ruling over dues

Hillary met with a Russian Agent! Oh My!

Johnson & Johnson Pledges To Push Uppers For Couple Decades To Even Things Out

The 31st is coming way to fast.

'This is too far': Juneau brewers, distillers say new regulations would limit their activities

Leslie Jones won't be returning to SNL this season

I think we can safely say that the Monmouth Poll was an outlier

Warren should call out Trump on party affiliation & loyalty.

"The 1975" and Greta

BTRTN: Suburban Snapshot...One Republican's Reason for Backing Trump Spells Trouble -- for Trump

BTRTN: Suburban Snapshot...One Republican's Reason for Backing Trump Spells Trouble -- for Trump

"Where the Crawdads Sing". ***SPOILERS***

The Stupid...IT BURNS

Washington man's pickup stolen while he was robbing store across the street, police say

Quinnipiac Poll drops in 25 minutes

Now is the time to ask questions about the retirement of Anthony Kennedy from SCOTUS.

The Truly Accurate Obituary of David Koch

Popeyes and Chic-fil-a meeting at the fence in the chicken wars

Motion filed asking the Court of Session to suspend the Prime Minister's request

Now we know ... Trump's tax returns contain more Russian names than Leo Tolstoy's War and Peace

Wednesday TOONs - President Chaos

The Rundown: August 27, 2019

Tom Pattison, Veteran DC Staff Member, Dead at 64

The Webcomics Weekly #50: Hot Tags, Immortal Notes, and Comic Strips (8/27/19 Edition)

Breakfast Wednesday 28 August 2019

The Mental Midget in the White House is again consumed by bedbugs

What's your favorite way to cook Mackrel?

Puppy Wednesday, everybody

Hope we can get rid of Pence as well ....

List of all current Medicare-for-all and Public Plan Proposals

Quinnipiac Poll: Dem Primary Stays Stable With Biden Holding The Lead

8/28 Quinnipiac poll: Biden 32%, Warren 19%, Sanders 15%, Harris 7%,

Drip, Drip, Drip, and Drip

Quinnipiac Poll: All Top Dems Beat Trump

***Joe Pop is on top again in B+ Rated Suffolk Poll*** JB 32% EW 14% BS 12%

8/28 Quinnipiac matchups against Trump: Biden +16, Sanders +14, Warren +12, Harris +11, Buttigieg +9

*** Another poll with Joe on the go*** A-rated quinnipiac poll JB 32% EW19% BS 15%

Biden maintains lead with black voters in new Quinnipiac poll: Biden 46%, Sanders & Warren 10%,

No, The Floating Pumice Raft Is Not Going To "Save" The Great Barrier Reef

'Literally deporting kids with cancer': Trump admin ends protections for some getting medical care

US Senator Marco Rubio Urges Key Deer Protection

Lena River No Longer Navigable; Summer Heat & Drought Mean Supply Problems Throughout Region

Mattis did an essay in the WSJ (behind paywall)

The Weekly Pull: Marvel Comics #1000, Spider-Man: Life Story, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and More

Steyer did not get 2%. He got zero in last poll. CNN

Quinnipiac, Dems' % of 18-34 yr old group vs Trump: Biden 61%, Sanders 64%, Warren 60%, Harris 58%,

Last Trainload Of Coal Arrives At Navajo Plant, Page AZ; 3rd-biggest Point Source Of Carbon In US

RCP Averages - Today, after latest Quinnipiac poll

So, why didn't Mueller mention the Deutsche Bank loan arrangements?


The POS 'president' tweets about Puerto Rico & hurricane

As the climate shifts, Central America confronts a deadly dengue outbreak

Quinnipiac has the share of Americans saying the economy is "getting worse" at an all-time high...

"Say hello to your boy," Trump said, "Special guy."

Quinnipiac 18-34 yrs: BS 31, EW 25, JB 10, Yang 8.

Jennifer Rubin is wondering if there will be a mea culpa from the media for hyping the Monmouth poll

In August 2014, a scandal like no other rocked the Obama presidency to its core...

Did Russian Oligarchs co sign trumps Deutche Bank Loans?

Top Democrats all lead in head-to-head matchups with Trump in Michigan

This may be the tweet of the week, AFAIC.

August 28 - Happy Birthday Rep. Julia Brownley (D) CA-26th

Thought I might be able to go a day without bursting into tears. Guess not.

Goddamn Nazi's.

Is The GOP About to Cross the Rubicon?

Ring Doorbell is spying for the police now...

Trump lashes out at San Juan mayor as Puerto Rico braces for Dorian

Mattis Reflects on Serving as Trump's Defense Secretary

Dogs are more resilient than anyone ❤️

Disney Polynesian Resort tourists were served bugs in food and got sick, lawsuit says

Best news of the day is Biden beating Trump by 16 points in the new Quinnipiac poll

Why doesn't DT offer to sell Puerto Rico to Denmark?

Time to invoke the 25th Amendment, or have trump Forcefully Committed

Russian Direct Investment Fund (Repost for info)

NBC: The next debate will go to 10: What we learned from this week's polls.

Glacier Opens Astronomical Observatory at St. Mary

Exclusive: Monsanto used former top DOJ official involved in Epstein deal to quash felony case

Omar denies affair claim in D.C. doctor's divorce filing

I'm beginning to think there is no "fan".

France Cucks Trump, Invites Iran Back to Nuclear Deal

Visibly Sweaty Trump Wants G7 Summit at His Golf Club

New White House press secretary: Trump never lies, since he loves America.

What happened to all the Monmouth poll gloaters?

Dog Unexpectedly Joins Parents For First Dance At Their Wedding

With the Third Debate Set and Several Candidates Picking Up

Four years ago I drove over to South Bend to go on date with this handsome guy I met.

Lawyers: Evidence shows Epstein death 'far more consistent' with murder

*** Bernie falls to third in B rated yougov poll*** JB 24% EW 20% BS 14%

Polls: A reminder from 2007/08

BREAKING NEWS: DC Trump hotel suffering from an infestation of morally compromised Attorneys General

56 Years Ago Today; the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom - "I have a dream"

What really happens when you rescue a cat 😻💗

Monmouth's head pollster told NYT he hadn't met any IA voters excited about voting for Biden

August 28, 2014: America's most unspeakably horrifying day of shame

House candidate says women can be Republicans now because social issues no longer matter

Good Grief: trump fantasy porn 2020

While under the other deplorabe rock...............from yesterday......................

He is who they are

It's The Fifth Anniversary Of Obama's Tan Suit Day

Joined by Pete Buttigieg, Drivers Blockade Roadway Outside Uber Headquarters

31 Years Ago Today; Ramstein Airshow Disaster kills 70 spectators

Trump gives up on Fox News

White House rushes to help Kentucky governor as new poll has him down 9 points

How important is Vladimir Putin to Donald Trump?

ALL top Dems are whomping Trump in this new Quinnipiac Poll

AT&T workers end strike over 'unfair labor practices,' return to work

August 27, 1965: The Hollies' "Look Through Any Window" is released in the UK

Now, this takes the cake!

The day has arrived. Trump has begun ORDERING the DEATHS of CHILDREN!!

Pic Of The Moment: Wednesday Wingnuts

Mexico bar attack: fire leaves 25 dead and 13 injured

Mexico bar attack: fire leaves 25 dead and 13 injured

Ex-Defense Secretary Mattis says US at "Breaking Point"

***About that Monmouth Poll*** Director admits they screwed the pooch

Breaking: Georgia's Isakson to resign from Senate at end of 2019

Isakson retiring

Pete at grassroots fundraiser in Los Angeles

Suffolk poll out today Biden retains lead warren takes 2nd place over Sanders


As long as Queen and Parliament are in the news....

This is sick: "I'm the best thing that's ever happened to Puerto Rico!"

Healthcare can't wait...

As fires race through Amazon, Brazil's Bolsonaro weakens environment agency

The case against Gen. John Hyten

Welcome to the U.S., Greta Thunberg!

Senator Isakson (R - Ga) to Resign -- GO STACEY

Queen approves Boris Johnson request to suspend parliament

WSJ: Mattis says he 'did as well as I could for as long as I could' under Trump

Poll: Dem voters more likely to back candidate who supports "Medicare for All" than building on ACA

Virginia Beach official resigns over mass shooting response

SethAbramson reminds us of the Zembla (Dutch) documentary about a Deutsche Bank whistleblower...

Two new polls show Biden with big edge on Warren, Sanders

Amazon fires: South American countries to meet to discuss response

Amazon fires: South American countries to meet to discuss response

What "real" Democrats could publicize at DU:

Monmouth Polling Institute: "Oops..."

United Airlines moving its Boeing 737 MAX jets to short-term storage in Arizona

Does anyone have the lowdown on the BLACK wall thing?

Trump criticizes Fox which 'isn't working for us anymore'

64 Years Ago Today; Emmett Till is murdered

Morning Consult Poll: Most popular Senators, Q2 2019

And just like that, the Dreaded "M" appears on NHC's latest Dorian forecast.

11.00am update:Dorian will be a major hurricane at landfall in Florida

Sick and dying workers demand help after cleaning coal ash

DNC Is About To Cut The 2020 Field In Half, And Spark Plenty Of Controversy

suggestion about presidential portrait

BREAKING: Stacey Abrams will NOT run for GA-SEN

A hurricane is headed towards Puerto Rico and Florida and Trump is tweeting loony shit.

Paul Ryan will now profit off his failures to strip healthcare from millions of Americans

Data Reveals Fox News Ad Inventory Plummeted During The Summer

US and Taliban 'close' to a peace deal

the following candidates got zero votes in the new Suffolk Poll (B+ Rated)

Explainer: U.S. dollar intervention: What would it take?

"Beyond Reality" or "Beyond Credibility" on the Radio

Gawd, I love the internet 😂

America needs more immigrants to keep economy growing (labor shortage)

This Cat and Human Have A Very Cute Special Bond

18-year-old man allegedly killed the wife and child of a Tampa Bay Rays prospect in triple homicide

Pound falls as Parliament to be suspended in September

Joe Biden says he'd prefer a running mate who is 'of color and/or a different gender'

Polls are important, campaigns are, primaries are, but NONE of it matters AT ALL

10 Democratic Candidates Likely to Square Off in One Debate Night

Trump bashes GOP primary challengers including Joe Walsh, Bill Weld

Trump's Unpardonable Admission About His Border Wall

Yep, love it, so we ALL agree VOTE BLUE NO MATTER WHO, whether that is

And Republicans Everywhere Say Ah-Men

Washington State Ferries down one of its largest vessels ahead of Labor Day weekend

Trump pulls FEMA$$ for wall, Dorian to hit FL. Result a la 92 Andrew destroyed Homestead ?

I don't think we have to wait for history to call this one.

Wildlife officers investigating 2 possible cougar sightings in Olympia

U.S. trade agency affirms Trump's extra 5% tariff hike on Chinese goods

Confirmational Bias versus the latest Mommouth Poll

Over 200 U.S. footwear companies urge Trump to scrap proposed tariff hike

Trump breaks with Fox News

First time at a canabis store

Over 200 US companies urge Trump to cancel proposed higher tariffs

Fearing violence, state of Washington cancels wolf meetings

BREAKING: Two Reported Shot in Crystal City Office

Mystery of missing votes deepens as Congress investigates Georgia

4 nursing home staffers charged in deadly Hurricane Irma horror

Mechanical bull champion signed up on a whim, but the contest was no bull


Epstein accuser says Prince Andrew should 'come clean'

Browse for future

808 State - Pacific State

You may be handsome....

I believe this is the appropriate forum and has relevance to our primary

I'll decide when you're allowed democracy, says Boris Johnson

Trump Announces Intent to Nominate Individual to a Key Administration Post

Per my DNC contacts...

If a friend threatens you during a political discussion do you forgive him?

USA TODAY/Suffolk poll: Americans dread the 2020 election; Biden maintains his lead

Maria Soto Was Born in the U.S., yet the Trump Administration Won't Give Her a Passport. We're Suing

Donald Trump announces huge border wall with Canada to prevent Melania pouncing on Justin Trudeau

Saw a RW cartoon mocking Biden (my daily paper likes to be "balanced")

Bernie Sanders won't kiss your baby, but he feels your pain

Missouri Teacher Pleads Guilty To Secretly Filming Teen Boys

An oldie but goodie.

New B rated Economist/YouGov Poll: Biden 24, Warren 20, Sanders 14, Harris 8, Buttigieg 5

WH Press Secretary lied about SS intervention that led to reporter Karem's suspension!

Prosperity comes from spending money.

I want Kamala first but hey, I will work on the BERNIE SANDERS CAMPAIGN

The US health care system is profit oriented.

Anyone else having trouble with earthcam??

Frank Luntz & Donald Trump work on Dem nicknames.

Roy Moore calls for Omar to go back from 'whence she came'

Democrats waiting for "Volume 1" offense--secret activity suggesting foreign compromise.

Shitler's Reich Wing Governing Philosophy

"...and who's gonna pay for it!"

Finally can post here ...

Feds raid home of UAW president

Law and Order President Said He Will Pardon Underlings Who Break the Law for Him

For Trump voters, it is always 1984.

Trump Wants the Fed to Put Money in His Pocket. His Trade War Is Helping

Found the window sticker from my 1976 Corvette. Thought you

Gillibrand is "pumping millions into ads"

Kellyanne Conway Belittles Taylor Swift, Fans Over Equality Act Support

I finally figured it out,

Kentucky principal who tried to ban books over 'homosexual content' busted for child porn

Trump won't release peace plan before Israel's election

Johnson & Johnson buys other governments as well, India is paying off as Opioid addiction rises

Column: Bret Stephens, Donald Trump and the epidemic of male fragility

Cartoons 8/28/19

OxyContin maker negotiating reported $12 billion settlement

Secretive U.S. Air Force Spaceplane Breaks Record With 719 Straight Days in Orbit

The moment that FOX News is forced to report a damaging story on Donald Trump...

Remnants of a supernova were found in Antarctic snow. The space dust could be 20 million years old.

Italian parties agree to new coalition without far-right Salvini

New Polls: Trump Disapproval Skyrockets In Key States

I made walnut "Parmesan" cheese today

🌎 SEPT 4 at 8:40PM - Senator Sanders - CNN Climate Crisis Town Hall

Trump demands retraction from O'Donnell.

Why are conservatives obsessed with the imagery of having something rammed down their throats?

We will create the strongest trade union movement in American history

Super Awkward for Right-Wing Blogger Andy Ngo to Make a Cameo in Video of Plot Against Antifa

Can't Devin just enjoy a peaceful dinner and take money from his rich sponsors without....

Isakson (GA) retiring at end of year

If Melania REALLY understood Kim, she'd know he's building a ballistic missile submarine. SAD!

I hope this Jamaican has a good lawyer

'Fastest Woman On Four Wheels' Jessi Combs Killed In Jet-Car Crash

* NEW * B+ Michigan Poll - Matchup vs Trump: Biden (+10); Warren (+6); Sanders (+4); Harris (+3)

Republican Senators up for re-election in 2020.

Today USCIS issued guidance that DHS "no longer considers children of U.S. government employees and

Triple-murderer resists arrest, attacks bystander, somehow doesn't get shot. Guess his skin-color.

Duck returns boys sandal

Chicken Sandwich Wars

Kansas City Considers Doing Away with Transit Fares Citywide

Tan suit kerfuffle.

Valiant, snowy-domed CRUSADER MIKE PENCE saves THE BIBLE from a policy which DOES NOT EXIST.

You raised $254.00 on August 27, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

Boris Johnson Is Planning A Series Of Extreme Measures In The Coming Weeks To Force Through Brexit

Delaney Makes Corny DNC-Thanos Comparison Over Debate Rules: 'Trying to Get Rid of Half the Field'

Hey Florida, Trump has diverted $247 million of disaster relief funds to build his wall.

0.13 % of England voted for this buffoon...and the Queen agrees with suspending parliament..?

The Onion: Poll Finds Sanders, Warren Now Tied With Biden

Trump's Lawyer demands retraction on Trump-Russia-Deutsche Bank allegation

Bi-State Development Board Changes Upset St. Louis County Executive

110' in Las Vegas

Rev. William Barber calls on Democrats to host debate on poverty, racism

Teen Climate Activist Greta Thunberg Arrives In New York After Sailing The Atlantic

Borror to buy Ohio Democratic Party's downtown headquarters

Trump lawyer demands MSNBC retract report alleging banking ties to Russian oligarchs

Do you ever get the feeling we are teetering on the edge of a cliff?

I've lost about 80 lbs with maybe another 50 to go. I wonder if my "strategy" would

My wife said that if I don't get off DU and clean the garage she'll smack me with the keyboard.

Black Friday in China...

Hugh Grant lashes out at Boris Johnson in viral tweet

Trump's lawyers demand MSNBC retract claim his Deutsche Bank loans were co-signed by Russian oligarc

Getting evidence from Deutsche Bank/Mazars has been the primary focus of House General Counsel

Say what you will about the miserable sonofabitch ... he knows his base.

Boris Suspends Democracy - Jonathan Pie

New B+ Emerson National Poll: Biden is the only Democrat who beats Trump (Aug 24-26, +/-2.5%)

We Aren't Seeing White Support for Trump for What It Is.

Trump thinks Fox News isn't doing enough to promote his presidency

BREAKING: Lawrence O'Donnell pulls back on Deutsche Bank-Russia story

Yet another trucking company shuts down with no notice to drivers

Wooden statue of Trump erected in Melania's home country of Slovenia (not delicately carved)

Beto Campaign Smacks Down Breitbart

Ferdinand Piech, auto exec who made VW the biggest carmarker in Europe, dies at 82

It Would Be Funny If This Hurricaine That's Gonna Hit Puerto Rico Continues On And......

Trump only 'joking' about pardons if laws broken in pursuit of border wall: WH official


Lawrence O'Donnell: "Last night I made an error in judgment by reporting an item about..."

On Trump's watch, 3,000 Americans died after Hurricane Mara.

Ouch!! Carlos Santana on the cover of .....................AARP magazine.

When life offers you lemons...

Europe Is Warming Faster Than Even Climate Models Projected

Countdown to Mark Knopfler concert. 9-1-19

Beef Bourguignon

Y'ever notice how Democratic mistakes---whether by Joe Biden, Lawrence O'Donnell or whoever---

Eddie Claude on MSNBC just stated that tRump is corrupt and......(long pause) stupid...Kind of says

Trump Did Not Represent the U.S. at the G-7

Does anyone remember a Victorian short story about a

I thought Lawrence said Russians "may" have co-signed for tRumps loans. He also said it

The reason Lawrence O'Donnell retracted what he said last nite is due to MSNBC cowtowing to Trump et

Protestors pour onto streets in Westminster shouting 'Stop the Coup'

Tangerine Caligula Just Tweeted: "Fox Isn't Working For Us Anymore!"

➡️Watch Sanders' full interview on #VICENewsTonight at 7:30PM EDT on @HBO .

Here's a lesson from when "Trump demands a retraction".

Fox News Stars Push Back as Trump Demands Loyalty: We Don't 'Work for You'

Out candidate Pete Buttigieg would beat Donald Trump in presidential election

Jessi Combs Dies In Car Crash While Attempting New Land-Speed Record

The Latest: Brazil leader criticizes indigenous reserves

Of course Dave Chapelle cracks a bunch of pass gay jokes in his latest comedy special

The Latest: Brazil leader criticizes indigenous reserves

Ruth Davidson 'to quit as Scottish Conservative leader'

Johnson's shutdown is unconstitutional

It's funny. I have this "feeling" about Warren...

Hurricane Dorian is searching for Mar-a-lago. Notice the prediction of it edging up the

🐦 SEPT 1 at 3PM - Ice Cream Social & Town Hall with Bernie Sanders - Raymond, NH

A hope

What's for Dinner, Wed., Aug. 28, 2019

🐦 SEPT 1 at 5PM - Rally in Dover with Bernie Sanders

trump admin says children of US service members overseas will not get automatic citizenship

🐦 SEPT 1 at 7:30PM - Rally in Portland with Bernie Sanders

'Stop the coup': Protests across UK over Johnson's suspension of parliament

CNBC:. "The rich have stopped spending"


Turns Out My University Covers for Racists.

DCU almost avoided clu$ter****dom

Defense Secretary Mark Esper indicates there are no immediate plans to nuke Afghanistan

I hope all the candidates will consider Sally Yates as a possible running mate.

It smells of a dan-rathering of Lawrence.

Cute attack to get your mind off politics...

🐦 SEPT 2 at 8:30AM - Southern Maine Labor Council Labor Day Breakfast

Children of US troops born overseas will no longer get automatic American citizenship, Trump adminis

🐦 SEPT 2 at 12:30PM - Milford Labor Day Parade with Bernie Sanders

Trump Admin: Children Born To US Service Members Overseas Will No Longer Be Considered US Citizens

Gillibrand drops out

Kirsten Gillibrand Drops Out of Democratic Presidential Race

I'm having "one of those days"

🐦 SEPT 2 at 3PM - Ice Cream Social & Town Hall with Bernie Sanders - Peterborough, NH

Despite Coming O'Donnell Retraction, I Still Think It's True

U.S. Cyberattack Hurt Iran's Ability to Target Oil Tankers, Officials Say

2020 presidential primary candidates to appear in MSNBC climate forum

🐦 SEPT 2 at 5:30PM - Ice Cream Social & Town Hall with Bernie Sanders - Claremont, NH

While Wall St. Talks of Recession, Bond Investors Make a Killing

🐦 SEPT 3 at 9:30AM - Breakfast in Epsom with Bernie Sanders

Sen. Gillibrand ends presidential campaign

Gillibrand has dropped out of the race for president.

🐦 SEPT 3 at 12:30PM - Ice Cream Social & Town Hall with Bernie Sanders - Nashua, NH

House Judiciary Committee Will Launch Investigation Into Trump's Plan to Host G7 Next Year @ Doral

Dude Gotta Go!

O'Donnell has apologized on Twitter

Trump speaks with Polish president ahead of Warsaw trip

The Forbidden American Egg

I am going to drop this here

Report: Purdue Pharma Offered $10 to $12 Billion for Opioid Crisis Settlement

Trump officials say children of US service members overseas will not get automatic citizenship

MSNBC host admits story on Russian oligarch co-signers didn't 'go through rigorous verification'

The Joe Walsh Challenge

Prepare for a few days of "Spaghetti Models."

One of the most corrupt places on earth.

Andy Lack,corporate chairman at MSNBC is the one directing Lawrence's apology imo.

Did Putin send an agent to Berlin to KILL a Kremlin opponent?

The most "presidential" dog in the race...

Epstein's Island, 'Little St. Jeff's': A Hideaway Where Money Bought Influence

Donald Trump Has Worn Us All Out

Every time I close out of my browser on my iPhone,

The 'Fastest Woman on Four Wheels' dies in crash

Trump 2020. Swinging Nuts.

Rep. Omar decries hate after death threat in which writer vowed to shoot her at Minnesota State Fair

2020 GA US Senate Special Election- Who should be the Democratic Nominee?

Trump slams Puerto Rico as impending storm intensifies

New fossil reveals face of 'Lucy' ancestor who lived almost 4 million years ago

US officially launches joint maritime coalition to patrol Gulf waters

Dude Gotta Go!

Guatemala in grip of 'mafia coalition', says UN body in scathing corruption report

European model says "Dorian" headed straight for Mar-a-lago.

Hugh Grant on Boris Johnson

"We're embarrassed": US is close to losing measles-elimination status

"We're embarrassed": US is close to losing measles-elimination status

Kamala Harris on Gillibrand Dropping out of the Primary

Retailers howl as U.S. trade agency locks in 15% tariffs on September 1

Video - Major Ginger Tate tells Biden: "I hope and pray that you will be our next president."

if Stacey Abrams declines to run for Senate, how about Sally Yates?

Trump Is Suddenly Very Worried About Elizabeth Warren's Growing Crowds

Americans are googling the Dow -- here's why that could spell trouble

Gillibrand Drops Out of Presidential Race

Warren's On The Rise, But Can She Convince Democrats She Can Beat Trump?

Russians Targeted Maryland In 2016

Odebrecht bribed journalists in Colombia: former vice-minister

Nadler to probe Trump's G-7 resort pitch

'Worst of wildfires still to come' despite Brazil claiming crisis is under control

What Elizabeth Warren's massive crowds tell us

Dorian hits US Virgin Islands as Category 1 hurricane

Trump blasts Washington Post report that he offered pardons to aides over border wall orders

How a reporting mistake nearly derailed the Watergate investigation -- and how journalists recovered

Elizabeth Warren is the only candidate to consistently rise in the polls.

Colombia's 10 most corrupt political parties

Pete interviewed on beer, Iowa fair food, and Iowa farmers

A near-miss for Puerto Rico as Dorian strengthens into a hurricane

Colombia rejects Duque's first year as president and his proposals for year two

A near-miss for Puerto Rico as Dorian strengthens into a hurricane

Former Sen. Al Franken giving speech in Oregon in latest move to revamp public image

Pelosi Accuses Trump of 'Stealing' Relief Funds

SEPT 21 (12 - 5PM) Sen. Sanders - The Iowa People's Presidential Forum

Omar fires back after Alabama GOP calls for her expulsion

Supreme Court Overrules Car Wash Operation Conviction Imposed by Moro

Farmer on PBS⊙NEWSHOUR: "It's a big disappointment..."

Bernie Sanders Has a Plan -- But He's Also Building a Movement

Warren: Here's how we get broadband Internet to rural America

Heat triggers red flag wildfire warning for western slopes of Cascade mountains in Washington

Trump did not agree to G7 aid package for Amazon fires

FBI studies two broken cameras outside cell where Epstein died: source

Public Prosecutor's Office Requests The Federal Police to Protect Threatened Indians in Para

USDA to probe beef market after Tyson Foods slaughterhouse fire

GOP W.Va. senator arrested following prostitution sting

Suggested theme song for the Resistance: "Are They Going To Make Us Outlaws Again?"

Trump says no citizenship for children of Military serving overseas

Did Donald Trump Blackmail Justice Kennedy?

Trump pretends Gillibrand was candidate he was really scared of

08/29 Mike Luckovich: Darkness falls

Propaganda to get votes for billionaires: Beto boots Breitbart

Does Anyone Think That The Crazy Things That Trump Has Done Over The Last Couple Of Weeks......

Senator Gillibrand drops out of the Dems' presidential run.

Nine Tory ministers condemn prorogation of Parliament

NYT: Polling Picture Comes Into Focus: Biden Leads a 3-Way Race at the Top

JOE WALSH (YOU LIE) is lying on tweety. Says he was NEVER part of the birther crew

Ethics Watchdogs Have Counted More Than 2,300 Trump-Related Conflicts of Interest!

Let me get this right?

3.8-million-year-old skull discovered in Ethiopia identified as ancestor of 'Lucy'

2020 US Senate Election- Which US Senate seat will give Democrats majority control?

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 29 August 2019

Motel 6's immigration-data scandal leads to restitution

Sorry, not Biden. Too late.

A veto too far? Lawmakers may sue Inslee to figure it out